The House In Between: Part 2 (2022) Movie Script

I think the house is alive.
There's a consciousness here.
You just know
you're being watched.
I started seeing
light formations,
bizarre light formations.
It scared me so bad
that when I close my eyes,
I still see it.
I can't stay here
at night by myself.
My name is Alice Jackson.
I've had this house...
I owned this house
in Florence since 1990.
In the last two years,
there's been a lot of
interest in the house.
For one thing, it just
makes it more comfortable a...
Around my neighborhood.
I mean, now everybody
knows about the house
and it's very well accepted.
People are very supportive.
They'll tell you their
own stories about things.
They understand your experience
and it's very positive.
It resonates
with people because obviously
it's a universal experience
to some degree.
I mean, it's throughout...
You know, throughout history,
there's always been
ghost stories,
always been strange stories.
People can relate
to the experience.
I love my house.
It feels peaceful
in the daytime.
I like to come in
and read a book.
I like to have my friends over.
But it's just
different at night.
I mean,
it really is just different.
I think a lot of people who
think somebody deals
with a haunted house,
especially nowadays,
they think
it's kind of cool, you know?
They're kind of like,
"It's awesome." You know?
"Everybody wants
a haunted house."
But when you live in one,
it's not quite that way,
you know?
So, there must have been
a bit of a path of emotions
that have happened
over the years.
For... for 20 years
we had things moving,
ghost activity, doors opening.
And I accepted that.
Okay, one more time.
Loud enough
for everybody to hear.
Can you please
whistle one more time?
- That's upstairs.
- Yup. You hear that?
It hasn't happen again, though.
- Ask again, can you...
Can you whistle one more time?
That's bullshit.
That's upstairs.
- It's in that, um...
- It's only at...
It's in that room, um...
It's in the crawlspace.
Can you whistle
one more time for me?
Come on,.
One more time, loud.
Oh, my God!
In the last, uh,
11 years, 12 years,
uh, I started seeing
light formations,
bizarre light formation.
I remember that
one primary time that th...
I just said,
"That's it."
And that was, uh,
an area of, um,
a cylinder of daylight
in a pitch black room,
light that didn't diffuse,
that was it.
I didn't know
if it was just a fluke
that it happened
when I was in that room
or if it happened
because I was in that room.
So uh...
And then also
I did at the same time
have a strong feeling
that I was being observed.
So, I didn't know if
there was a conscious presence
observing that room
for some reason
or if, uh, I was the target.
It happened because
I was in that room.
- So, uh... And then also I did...
Alice's house,
I do feel like it's still
learning to communicate.
I still feel like
we are teaching the spirits
in a... in a weird way.
Do I think the house
is still learning?
It... it appears to be
responding to our requests.
So, we have a baseball,
I believe,
we have on the stairs...
I'm gonna put
our sweet little doll
here on the stairs.
We put a doll in
a blue dress on the stairwell.
We focus solely on this object.
I see the doll for sure.
- That's fine. That's...
- Yeah, we're good.
That's mainly
what I want right there.
Yeah. That's good.
All right,
so you have John, Alice,
Brad in the house
investigating tonight.
We would love some
kind of visual representation
that you can hear our voices
and you can communicate with us.
And we continue
to ask over and over again
that any
intelligent entity that's here,
push that doll down.
There's been objects
that have moved off the stairs.
They've been pushed.
Can you do that again?
Is that possible?
Push that little doll.
That little doll on the stairs,
just push it backwards for us.
So, we are verbally asking you
to focus your energy
on that blue doll.
And eventually...
the doll fell.
Every time I come,
I ask that doll to fall.
- I do, too...
- I'd say that.
And I was reinforcin' it
and I said,
"John, we'd love
for you to have it fall
even now or even ."
Oh, my God..
Oh, wow.
The ball's come down
the steps several times still.
And more recently,
it's actually seems like
the ball
has gotten more aggressive
when it comes off the stairs,
even to the fact where
it will actually pivot almost
before it actually
just falls straight off.
- Oh, shit!
Yeah, shit!
Oh, baby, oh, my God.
Look at that... Look at my arms.
- So, which one?
- So, it's-57...
Oh, look.
Let's come over here and look.
Uh, the keyboards play
by itself on command.
The organ, uh,
the piano playing on command,
responding with deep burst.
Uh, that... that's been
something that's been new.
So, if you wanna walk over here
and play that keyboard,
or play that piano,
play it for us.
Just give us some kind of
sign that you're here,
you can hear our voice
and, uh,
you want to communicate with us
for a little bit of time.
So, if you could light that up,
that'd be fantastic.
Obviously, you know, you can
always turn the chandelier off
to get our attention.
Put a ball in this
little chair right here,
by doll and you know...
- Un... Unbelievable.
What the...
Dude, tell me what the odds are.
It's clearly Sabrina.
- Oh, shit.
- Holy shit. Yeah.
My music box is playing
- It is!
- Oh.
- Did you hear music?
- Yes, certainly.
It faded out.
But what is it?
Oh, look at this,
look at this, look at this!
Did you hear that?
Dude, that frickin' piano
just played by itself!
One of the major differences
with the chandelier is not only
does it turn off now,
but we've actually captured
the chandelier
turning on by itself.
We've been asking the...
The... whatever's
shutting that light off
to turn back on.
And that hasn't happened
ever until recently.
All of a sudden
it starts happening.
Hey, what'll be?
Be back tomorrow.
So, if you want to do something,
we... we'll still be
able to see it.
If you want to
turn that light on,
we'll be able to see it.
I think that when we put
our energy into it
and we can express
the emotions that we have
and how important it is,
there's something
in this house
and these four walls
in this land
that's reacting to us,
and it wants to
help tell its story.
How does it make you feel
knowing that you have
this beautiful house,
um, but you literally
have to live somewhere else?
Yeah, I remember thinking,
you know,
before that I might
probably need to sell it
because I'm doing
the upkeep and, you know,
and, um...
But I can't because I feel
emotionally attached to it.
Actually, my daughter
died September of 2020.
But I think
I've processed it pretty well
because she was
very ill and I knew that,
I knew that she was dying.
And, you know, and we had time...
We even talked about it.
We had time to express
ourselves and, you know,
we had this... she said,
"I'm... I hope I die
before you do because,"
she said,
"I think you could handle it
better than I could."
You are the best mom ever.
She had a lot of experiences,
and so did I,
and I really kind of hate
that they're gone
except just in my own memory.
Oh, look.
We really have this thing.
- Looks good!
- All right.
This is roll A02 clip four,
this is
Ashley Pevey's interview.
- On marker.
I'm Ashley Pevey.
I grew up in this house
and my mom is Alice Jackson.
Do you believe in ghosts?
Oh, yeah,
I do believe in ghosts.
But I'm... I'm real conflicted.
I can't decide if I am
wanting to embrace this,
or wanting to totally
reject it 'cause it's scary.
You know, it is scary.
All these things are.
They're just not normal.
I'm not really scared
because I grew up here.
I mean, I'm not really scared.
But if something happens,
then I get scared.
What's my mom's name?
Oh, my God.
It's okay.
When I had
John Joseph, my child,
he was six months old
and we were sleeping
in that bed by ourselves.
This is the weirdest thing.
Then he started crying.
And so I came in this kitchen
to get him some milk.
And when I got to the kitchen
to get him some milk,
I heard this ballroom music
in this living room.
And it was like, very loud
and it was
just playin' and playin'.
And my mother-in-law
had come here
and she was upstairs.
And I thought,
"When she wakes up,"
I'm goin' fuss at her
for having that ringtone
"that plays
all night long."
But the whole time
I was down here getting milk,
there was ballroom music.
When I got up in the morning,
she'd not left
her phone down here.
Her phone was upstairs.
But I heard that music.
I mean.
I wish somebody
could find an answer
but, um, I'm afraid of
what that answer might be.
You know?
Ashley's passing.
We lost her quickly.
And Alice is so unique.
She processes some things
differently than
anybody that I know.
I'm actually fine
because I think
I've processed
all that ahead of time.
But I still think
that life continues.
And I really...
When I visualize her,
my natural sense is that, um,
she's perfectly fine,
she's perfectly happy.
One of the reasons
why we decided
to start
calling out Ashley's name
is because she knows
what we do here
as far as investigating.
Ashley did grow up here.
She loved Alice.
And, I mean, it makes sense.
She knows what we did.
- She liked what we did.
- And of course,
we did this
with Alice's consent,
which is very important.
And the night we did that,
we did get some strange,
direct responses
from the organ
over in the corner.
We were respectful, obviously.
And we said,
"Ashley, are you here?"
You know,
"Can you give us a sign?"
You know, "We would love
to communicate with you",
talk to you, let you know
Alice misses you."
And all of a sudden,
the organ piano started booming
a deep bass hit.
This is John.
- Oh my... Oh my...
Sounds like a heartbeat.
'Cause every time we say Ashley.
Every time.
Ashley, is... is this you?
This is an ab...
Absolute direct responses,
I mean, it's unbelievable.
It wasn't a keystroke.
It was a thumping sound
coming from the organ.
Thank you.
Keep doing that for us.
That's a direct response.
Thank you.
Turn it off. Or like...
Power off.
Yeah. There's only...
I'm just curious
because whenever
we all go back there, it stops.
It's off.
My phone's down. Off.
- Lights off...
- Chandelier shut off.
Later on we found out,
or I found out,
that Ashley is who gave Alice
that piano, organ.
We got an organ in the house.
And, uh, we had heard, you know,
my daughter gave it to me
because she had heard of
a lady in town was selling it
because she said it was haunted.
And she was trying to
sell it for $150.
Well, nobody bought it.
And so then she said
she'd sell it for $75.
I told Ashley
I would take it, you know.
And so, uh, I went up there
and got it
and it didn't do anything.
But when John and Brad tried
to get the organ to play,
they called her name
and that's when it played.
There was two right there.
It did, "Dum-dum."
You... 'Cause you went...
Do I think it's Ashley?
Again, it's speculation.
But I think it's possible
because of the amount
of direct responses that I got.
It's not crazy to think
that this would be a place
if Ashley was to come and visit.
Now, I'm not saying
that I necessarily
think that was her.
But I know that
she would do that if she could.
Obviously, we know that
the land is probably
the heartbeat
of the supernatural things
that are happening here.
Say hello, John Bullard.
What's happenin'?
John Bullard's in the house.
Sabrina, all you need
is a beach and this.
Amy Bullard's in the house.
Seeing the research tent
pop up is cool
because it's nice
to have a base camp.
It makes it easier for us
to help document things
in the house.
So to see this tent,
that's things we dream
of being able to have access to
as paranormal investigators.
- In here.
- This is awesome.
This is awesome.
One of the most exciting things
is the ground-penetrating radar.
Alice has been wanting
to do that for forever.
I'm Benton Smith
with Century Mapping.
We combine ground-penetrating
radar with GPS.
We map
underground infrastructure
from cemeteries
to municipalities,
anything that's underground.
If there was a burial, like,
let's say a body
was buried in a shroud.
Um, body decomposes
really quickly...
leaving basically
a pocket of air.
Yeah, so. All right.
So you see this?
This could be just
a change in the type of soil.
I mean, it could be from...
Obviously we have
a lot of clay here.
But in your estimation,
it would probably
just be soil related
and not like
a man-made structure
or burial, that sort of thing?
- Not a burial.
- Okay.
Not a burial,
but I mean, could it be
something that
was man-made, yeah.
So these are...
These are potential burials.
It's not a lot to see.
But you can see here
there's a beginning and an end.
- Yes.
- This is about
four to five feet.
And so everywhere
that I have a red flag,
it's very similar.
There's something there.
Is that typically
what you would see
if you were doing
that sort of work...
Yeah, in a...
For an unmarked grave? Yeah.
- Okay.
- There's certainly...
I mean, so far I've found
10 areas that...
some of them
could be unmarked graves.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Could be.
Ten, huh? Whoo.
- Alice? Hey.
- Hey.
Alice, this is Carolyn.
Uh, Carolyn. Uh, Alice.
- How are you?
- Nice to meet you.
So I brought in a geophysicist
named Carolyn
with background
in astrophysics to really
look into what could be
creating that light phenomena.
Because a lot of things
can be explained
by what's happening
and not something paranormal.
I'm delighted to have
somebody to tell that story to
who would understand possibly.
My name is Carolyn Streiff
and I am a geophysicist
that specializes in near-surface
geophysics acquisition
and analysis.
The ERI is a very useful tool
because we already have known
value ranges
for different
sediment and rock units.
I could give some
information now for Alice
to hopefully be able
to start coming to some sort of
of what is happening here.
She gave us a lot of theories
as to what
could be creating the phenomena
Alice is experiencing.
It has to do with earthquakes
and maybe even volcanoes
and fault lines and blue shale
that's underneath
the ground here.
There are
different types of rocks
that when
you heat them or cool them,
they will have a voltage.
If you compress them,
if you get a charge on to them.
Also, when you do different
mechanical processes,
they will illuminate.
There is
an actual scientific effect
that creates light
from rubbing quartz.
And because we know
that Alice has sand
and shale underneath her home,
there is quartz
in sand and shale.
So, could something be causing
some of these light effects
that Alice is seeing?
What if something
is affecting Alice's house
momentarily because of
charges in the ground
that could be occurring?
Having a geophysicist
come do research here
on the land is... is huge.
I think it's very
exciting anytime you have
a person of science background
that's willing to reach out
to the paranormal
side of things.
You don't see that.
I... At least I haven't.
I haven't seen much of that
at all in this field.
- Hey, Carolyn.
- Hey.
You said you had
some information to share.
This line we did
that passed by the tree
that the dog hit at.
So, there's something else
in the ground there.
That is not soil,
that is something.
And it's not a tree root.
It's too big to be a tree root.
So, what you're saying
basically is the electricity
goes through the soil.
- Mm-hmm.
- And here
it is not conducting
because there is a void there.
Yeah, it's having a hard...
It's having a harder time
going through the soil.
- Wow.
- I'll tell you something.
This is extremely similar
to when I did
an old section of a cemetery
and the body
was no longer decomposing
so there was no longer
any signature of the body.
But the fill
that was above the body
was still
resistive enough to be shown,
which is what
we're exactly seeing here.
And there's
now fresh soil on top.
So, that's a loose sort of fill,
as if somebody
had a shovel or something.
It would be.
It would be, yeah,
where somebody dug something
and then filled
the hole back up.
There's something
going on there.
This is great.
Thank you
for all this hard work.
I think we may have to dig there
and just see what...
What is there.
Somebody what?
Copy that. Copy that.
Can you get your camera up?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
Can you po...
Can you start rolling?
- Yeah.
- Hey, Steve?
Yeah, we're comin' out front.
Well... wha... what happened?
Why... why are you...
I was like, kind of looking
over here the entire time.
All of a sudden,
out of...
Out of nowhere, I just saw
So if I'm standing over here.
I'll show you exactly
where the person walked.
But they were definitely
not heading into the tent.
So, I expected to see somebody
walk out the other side.
And there is nobody over here.
There's nobody here,
nobody turned around.
- Okay.
- So, you were...
I'm just having a...
This is just too wild.
Sorry. Yes. Okay.
So, during your, just research
on your lines,
you thought you saw
somebody walking over here?
And you came over
and there's nobody here?
And I just happened to see
as I'm facing towards
this area of the yard,
I saw somebody walking,
uh, toward... I saw somebody
walking towards the tent.
I mean, I don't want to
put any more sort of...
Not fear,
but I guess maybe anxiety
into the situation for you.
But there are many, many reports
of an apparition
being seen back here.
Uh, the neighbor has claimed
to see an apparition back here.
We did have a psychic named,
uh, Jill come here
and she drew
the image of a gentleman
that she saw
in the backyard here.
Uh, so, the gentleman I saw,
without like... I...
The thing that drew me
to seeing this person walking
for just a brief second
was the fact that
he was wearing white.
- But...
- Carolyn came here
as a total nonbeliever
of the paranormal
and had an experience
that changed her mind.
And she's honestly
a little bit concerned
that the science community
is going to look down on her.
They're going to
raise their eyebrow.
But, you know,
that's scary for me
because I wanted to
completely explain
a lot of the phenomena
so I could tell Alice, like,
what you're experiencing
is actually A, B, C and D.
But the geophysicist
had an experience.
Uh, we've had
another person, Erin,
who lived next door,
grew up next door,
who said she saw
a full body apparition
not only in the same location
as the geophysicist
but also the description
was pretty close.
A male in a white shirt.
The man I saw at the door,
he seemed to be about my height.
Very young.
Early twenties. Late teens.
He was wearing a white shirt
and he had dark hair
and it was slicked back
and real strong eyes.
I didn't feel like a presence
or anything when I was here,
cutting grass, it was
completely sprung up on me.
And he looked so real.
He was looking this direction.
And I came around the corner
and he turned his head
and looked right at me,
and I looked at him.
And his...
His eyes were so intense.
It wasn't anything li...
The ghostly,
fuzzy, foggy look that you
think you see in movies and TV.
He was completely solid.
Erin told us the story about
seeing the full body apparition
on the back land.
Yes, I remember that
because I was at work
and she called me and I mean,
you could tell she was...
She was so nervous, excited.
And she told me,
you know, such detail.
I mean,
there's things that I think
draw us
out there a lot, you know?
Whether it's the door opening
or the EVP,
we got one time that said,
"I'm in the woods."
I think that
we really should focus a lot
on the uh... on the backyard.
And I think that's the
heartbeat of what's going on.
- Hello.
- Jill.
- It's good to see you.
- Hey,
good to see you too.
I'm excited that,
uh, Jill Morris,
who came last time,
is coming back
because she did have a lot of
accurate statements
and intuitive things
that were borne out
by things that happened.
There is a female
that I'm not familiar with
that has been coming here
and she brings
with her a lot of music.
Does that mean anything to you?
It does.
And I kept hearing music
that almost
sounded like a music box.
That's exactly what we hear.
She was standing...
Like I was here
and she was standing
more towards the door,
so whatever this area
where the table is over there...
And she was just
twirling around,
pulling all of these
beautiful lights in
with this beautiful music
playing in the background.
What I did
is the name Rich came up,
then Richardson, and I'm like,
"What does this mean?"
There is a waltz that goes back
to the state of South Carolina.
Do you have any community...
Anything to do
with South Carolina?
Yes, that's where they're from.
We have a genealogy book
that traces the family back...
This, for crying out loud.
Then we have this spirit.
And I call him the Reverend.
I wouldn't say
he was evil by any means.
He's just a dark person.
He just seemed to be
when he was alive,
which carries over...
They were... this area,
this land may have been his
or he had something to do
with this land at one time.
I'm just going to say it.
It's almost like,
don't find out about me.
Like, it's because
it's an exposure.
He was not a nice person
and I do think
he had a hand in
what happened in the backyard.
So, this is the general area.
Just going to be honest.
He was taken here.
I think he was hung here.
There was a debt to be paid
and he... he was killed.
It's not that
he stole something.
And that's kind of
what his message is right now
speaking with you,
is to know he's not
going to disrespect you.
It's... he wants people to
understand he was a good man.
But I think the reason
he is really strong here
is because
this is where he passed.
That's my opinion.
But he tends to hang out here.
You know,
I don't work with psychics,
you know, that much.
But my job here is
to service the investigation,
to service what Alice wants,
to facilitate that.
So if the team
wants another psychic here,
you know, we're going to
bring one in for them.
And I thought
it was important to make sure
that is a psychic
who has never been
to the house before.
- Oh. Hello.
- Hello.
- How are you? I'm Alice.
- Hey, I'm Sam.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hey, nice to meet you.
Come in.
So, here we are.
so, I'll tell you, like, I...
Like, as soon as
I came on the property,
I definitely started
having anxiety issues.
So when it comes to my abilities
as a clairvoyant and as
a light of trance medium,
I've learned to kind of
separate my emotions
from the emotions of the spirits
that I'm communicating with.
So, I came in with my guard up.
I... I did feel not welcomed
when I first walked up
to the property.
So, I was feeling sort of the...
The energy, the chaos.
So, what I've been picking up
on for the past few days
is there's an older gentleman,
uh, who wants to communicate.
And he definitely
is the type of person that,
uh, very cranky.
So when I was coming in,
he was like,
basically telling me to get out.
Uh, and... like,
"This is my land.
This is my land!"
And, um,
I think that we're going to
see on the property
that there is definitely, uh,
signs that
he was on the property.
This was not his house.
His house was out back.
Now he has stuff
in the back there...
He has secrets in the back.
Um, and I hope that we can
maybe uncover those secrets.
But he's hiding something.
Well, I can see if... if anybody
has tried to stay in this room,
like, why they wouldn't
want to stay here.
All right.
I'm going to go there.
All right.
What do you want from Alice?
All right, I'm seeing, um...
He wants you to dig.
Uh, dig out in the back.
Okay, um, he's showing me
that he wants you to dig.
Um, you... there's something
hidden down there.
I'm getting chills.
My back and my neck
is being touched right now.
Well, when I was connecting
with the spirit
of the older man,
he kept saying,
"Dig, dig, dig."
All right, sir, so I want you
to tell me where to dig.
Give me a sign.
All right,
can you show me where...
Uh, where you want to dig?
I guess give me
some animal indication
or some sort.
All right.
So I'm going to keep walking.
Okay, that's interesting.
All right, so I'm gett...
I'm getting...
I'm getting a flashback
to someone getting,
like, an attack over here.
So there was some kind of...
All right,
so just so you... I mean,
I'm going...
I'm just going to go there.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Um, so there was
definitely tensions going on.
Um, I think that there was...
There was an attack,
maybe even, uh, something
like a lynching of some sort
that could have
happened back here too.
The animals
responding to me is...
Means that that's the truth.
- Jill.
- Nice to meet you, Sam.
It's nice to meet you, Sam.
So, you've had
a chance to kind of
get your own vibe,
what's going on?
I feel like that the land
is stained with blood.
There's something out there
that we should
probably investigate.
I am hearing
a really
super pitch high frequency.
- Oh, me too. Yeah.
- Okay.
So, have you
ever heard that before?
I know you said static and
I've heard that here before.
Yeah, I heard...
When you said you heard it
in that back room, I did, too.
You want to go check it out?
- Yeah.
- Be careful
because this is new for me.
And see, it picks up in here.
So, this is new.
And I was trying to
get my bearings.
It does seem over the bed.
- Yeah, it's over here.
- It's over the be...
It's like super loud over here.
Over there. Yeah.
I will say this thing
wants to attach to one of us.
There is a male
and that's
what he is trying to do.
And it's odd you say that
because I get it
right outside the house,
the last time I was here,
he was in the house
and he was very unpleasant.
Was he the murderer?
Do you think that he's the one...
I think he had
something to do with it.
And it's spending, what,
a couple hours out in the back.
It really gave me
a good chance to pick up on...
There is a spirit
of an enslaved person.
Oh, my gosh.
Okay, you're right.
That's what
I was picking up too.
So it is something...
You actually said lynching.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
And that's...
That's what I picked up on.
And there's a...
I'll show you that.
You got... You did?
Okay, this is giving me chills.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Do you want to take a moment?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I just...
I sort of trusted myself
because I did see that,
but I was just like,
I didn't
want to go there, you know?
Because it's so horrific.
Like, who would do that
to somebody else, you know?
Working with Jill
on this collaboration
was awesome for me
because I was able to
get a confirmation
for the things
that I was picking up.
He... he is...
His spirit is very grateful.
So just know that.
And I...
I want him to know and I want...
I want you to know that
his story has been heard
and he's no longer
a man without a voice.
He now has a voice
and he can speak freely
and hopefully
he can move on to Heaven.
- This is good, Alice.
- Yeah, yeah,
it feels so whole...
- Healing?
- Healing, that's it.
I wanna do the full spectrum.
- Yup.
- I'm gonna go in there?
Oh, my God.
- Where?
- Just on that chair.
And then just do some...
Just ask a question,
see if you can
get the to go off.
So, my name's Amy.
And you know me.
I've been coming
to this house for years.
Oh, my God.
Can you do that again?
You know I don't like this room.
What's that noise?
Sounds like.
Which one?
It's this one.
Are you the spirit who made
all that light
happen with Alice
when she was in this room?
- Put this one there.
I know it's a lot
we're asking of you
and it takes a lot of energy
to be able to communicate.
But I really want you
to try really hard.
All right.
We're going to walk out.
So, Alice
is here with us tonight.
And I know y'all really
like having Alice come in.
Can you all do something to show
that you're happy Alice is here?
What we want to do tonight
is engage with you
and understand who you are,
what your name is
and why you're attached
to the house and the property.
Is anyone here
a victim of the fire?
Are you buried on this property?
Do you remember
the fire in this town?
Do you understand
that this house,
this... this property,
where we're
standing at right now,
this is Alice's home.
You're not supposed to be here.
- What was that?
- Did... What happened?
Did the light dim?
I mean, something dimmed.
Oh, I just thought
something dimmed.
I thought the room dimmed.
Alice, they know
your voice better than anybody.
So, any...
Any, anything you have.
Ask. Just...
Okay, is there anybody here
who's never been here before?
Can you speak
so that we can hear you?
- There you go. Ooh!
That's pretty interesting.
That was a pretty big hit, too.
Three of the lights lit up.
We appreciate
any form of communication
that you do.-.
- Like that.
- That's crazy.
We're trying
to uncover who you are...
and how we can help you.
So weird.
Should probably all sit down.
And it's interesting
that it's not going off
now with Amy right next to it.
Walk over there again.
Walk towards the back door, Amy.
You want her to go outside?
- If you want her to go outsi...
- Oh, look.
- Look how
far away she is.
Look how far away she is.
'Kay, that's weird.
All right, let's...
Let's... let's transition.
Let's leave this here.
Let's leave this room pot
here in this chair,
and we'll take
the full spectrum camera.
And we'll sit out
in the backyard.
That's a very old tree.
It is.
I thought I was...
Right there.
We're trying to figure out
if there is a body
buried in the ground...
If you're buried here
on the property,
can you come up to this device
and make it light up?
Why is that cat digging?
It's interesting.
All right, y'all,
let's wrap it up
and let's head back
into the house.
That does not include
the kitty cat.
No, cats stay here.
Sure that cat's not hungry.
So, guys,
all of these red flags, right?
That red flag,
the red flags, see 'em?
Those are all spots that
the ground-penetrating radar
detected that there could be
individual bodies or burials.
- Really?
- Yeah. Yep.
Um, and even there,
that red flag right there.
Now, the geophysicist
found spots right here.
She said that
there could be a body.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Right here.
Just when it hits me,
the bodies is the most
intriguing thing to me.
But it's... so it's crazy,
so you're telling me that
each red flag
is a potential body?
Yeah. Yeah.
We had a geophysicist come here
and she marked
some places that she thought
were possible burial sites.
We had ground-penetrating
radar come
and he marked places
that he thought
were possible unmarked graves.
You know, doing research
with Mary Alice,
it does seem that
this property could have been
part of all
of these properties, honestly,
part of the original graveyard.
And that everything
else was moved
but they just left the bodies.
You know, that...
That is a possible scenario.
So I wanted to see
if Alice and the team
wanted to dig there.
And that, ethically, you know,
that's a bit of a gray area.
You know,
should you shouldn't you?
But I thought
it would be important
for a few different reasons.
One, if we found something,
we could offer proper burial.
We could do things
that could possibly get Alice
to feel better in terms of
the phenomena happening here.
And maybe show Alice
that it is something
that is human in nature,
that it could have been
a person that was once alive.
And it's not
as scary as it could be
if it was something that
she couldn't put a face to.
If we did find any bodies
or any remnants of
an old foundation or anything,
that there was
a structure there at one point,
it would make her
feel a little bit better.
If it's bodies
that's more modern.
There's a chance there may be
buried with personal items...
and a metal detector
could possibly pick up
buttons or rings.
- It's just an idea.
- No, it's a good idea.
Actually, that's a great idea.
Because if you
do find artifacts, right?
Like anything that looks like
it belonged to a family...
we can use those items
as trigger objects.
Here's what we need to do
is get the excavator over here
so we can start
getting it into the ground.
And Alice, I can probably
use your metal detector.
Yeah, you can.
I still have it.
Okay. Beautiful.
Brad, we'll get you
metal detecting
and I'll go
get shovels and gloves.
- Let's get it!
- Yeah. Let... let's get started.
I Just think there's
no other location in the world
that investigates
this hard, man.
Hold on tight. All right.
Even though I've lost
the house to my personal use,
I do feel like
I've done the right thing
by just
opening it up to investigators.
I feel like at least,
you know, someone's getting
some benefit out of it,
which will be justified
in that something
really will be found.
Hey, buddy.
- What's up, man?
- Hey, man.
How's it going?
I've known Dustin
for many, many years.
And he's a great investigator.
He's a good friend.
He's one of the most kind people
I've ever met and worked with.
I'm Dustin Perry.
I'm a paranormal researcher.
I've been investigating
for about 24 years.
I've traveled internationally.
I've had opportunity
to investigate
in 27 different countries.
The first impression
of arriving at Alice's house
is it's very unassuming.
But I've learned over the years,
the places that look
very unassuming often have
some interesting
activity going on.
- Dustin Perry.
- Hey Alice.
- How are you?
- Hey! How are you?
I'm very well.
I like to hug people.
Yeah, well this...
Yeah this is Mississippi.
- We do too.
- Alice's house
is very unique in the fact that
there's no other place like it
in terms of the amount of time
it's been allowed
to be investigated.
For me, the paranormal
is really a spiritual journey.
However, I try to look
at things scientifically
to disprove
and also to offer evidence
so people can understand.
My name is Elizabeth Saint.
I have a background
in electrical engineering.
I've been investigating
the paranormal 10 years?
But it's always been
a part of my life.
- Hey, how's it going?
- Good. How are you?
- Good. I'm good.
- Oh, man! Thank you.
I've known for quite some time.
I've actually
never worked with her
but I know her background
in electrical engineering.
I know that she
likes to build equipment.
So, I thought it was
really important to have
somebody come in
that can build equipment
and tailor it
to certain experiences,
to certain types of phenomena.
Having a background
in electrical engineering
has actually been
really advantageous
when I go on my investigations.
- Hi!
- I'm Alice.
- I'm Elizabeth.
- It's nice to meet you.
- It's great to meet you, too.
- Yeah, come on in.
You know, I look
at things a little differently.
Like, it's exciting
when you have an experience
but there's
always this side of me
that is looking
for another explanation.
I don't know a lot about you,
of your equipment
and electrical stuff
and all that.
But I think it's fascinating.
I would like to see
how it works
and see what you get.
I think it's great
that Alice is open
to the possibilities here
of what could be going on.
You know, a lot of times you go
to a residential location
and they already
have it in their mind
what they think is going on.
It doesn't leave a lot of room
for finding out real answers.
They're so
wrapped up in the idea
that this is the haunted place
and this happens
and that happens.
And you can't possibly
show them anything else.
Where here, Miss Alice
and the team just want to know
what's causing these things.
Is it natural?
Is it some
supernatural phenomenon?
Or... It's nice
that it's not like, "This is..."
"There's a portal,
there's a demon," and like,
you know,
it goes down that... that road.
Here, it's not like that.
People are just so excited
to get the evidence.
And I am with you 100% on that.
Like, I am also very excited
but let's have it be real
so that we feel
better about the work
that we're doing in this field.
So this has
an accelerometer inside
that pretty much is a center
that monitors any movement.
Do any of these balls ever move?
The ones that are back here?
Not from back there.
Yeah, when they're...
Just the stairwell?
Other balls have moved, too?
Well, if... if... Whatever
we asked, those...
- Hello!
- Hey, man!
- How's it going?
- Hey, hey!
- How you doing? Dustin.
- Man.
- Good to see you.
- Good to see you, man.
- What's up?
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you as well...
- Hey!
- Hey!
- How are you?
- Elizabeth.
- I know who you are.
- So nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.
Great to see you guys.
Something I love
about Brad and John
is, honestly,
they're so compelled
to find Alice answers.
When it comes to the equipment
in the paranormal community,
it's very, very limited.
You have to understand, like,
these are items that are
being mass produced for sale.
You know?
They're not sent data sheets
on what kind of sensors
are involved
inside the equipment.
You know, I kind of feel
one of the biggest problems
with paranormal research
is that everyone's always,
as I say,
singing from the same hymnal.
You know,
we get all these devices
and what do we do
to make new ones?
We just put a new light on it.
You see some lights go off,
you hear an alarm go off.
And you're like, "Ooh, ah,"
like, "There's something here."
But that's not the case.
You know, like,
there's so many other factors
to take into consideration.
Or we combined, you know...
"Now it has
two features in one."
It's like,
but it's really nothing new.
It's the same thing.
And I think that...
there has to be expansion
outside of the community
to kind of understand
the tools that they're using.
And to also understand
all the false positives
that they are getting
in the process.
Coming to the house,
I did want to create
and... and kind of customize
things that made sense
to what you guys
experience here, you know?
And everything
that you documented before.
And, you know, I...
I like to sometimes do things
that other people
wouldn't necessarily do
just because if we don't try it,
we won't know
what's going to work.
I have great respect
for Elizabeth Saint,
having known her over the years,
having traveled from, you know,
conventions and things together
and knowing that Elizabeth
goes out of her way
to make specific equipment
like the light anomaly
that's here.
This is the... the light sensor
I told you about.
So maybe if we do see
any light anomalies,
we might be able to...
It'll let us know
by the color
that it shines, essentially.
She developed something
to look for those lights
and then to try to figure out
which color lights it is.
And it lights up responsively.
And the most famous thing,
the ball moving down the stairs.
So she makes a ball that she can
measure any slight movement.
So, what's
unique about this is, um,
I call it the comm sphere.
And it actually
communicates with my phone.
The Y x or Z axis and it
goes right to her software.
And it sends her an alert.
So it'll show me values
in the X, Y, Z direction,
if it moves.
To have the passion to say,
"I'm doing this case."
What's the type of activity?
What can I make
specifically that will speak
"to trying to measure
that type of activity?"
I mean, that's... I have trouble
getting on the Wi-Fi sometimes.
She's like,
light years above that.
So, I've known Dustin Perry
for a few years now.
And we've
always seen each other like,
on the road or, you know,
the... the paranormal community
is very, like,
tight knit community,
so we've always
run into each other.
But I've never
had the opportunity
to actually work with him,
so I'm really excited
that I'll be
able to do that here.
Um, Alice.
She seems to really
embrace what's going on here,
which is odd because she also
seems to be afraid of it.
And all I want to do
is go upstairs and to the left.
Ever since
I've walked in the house.
- Really?
- Yeah.
When I first
walked into the house,
I even told her that.
When I first walked in,
I was immediately
drawn to that door frame.
Yeah, yeah, for sure.
Just based on
years of experience
and feeling drawn to places
like that seems to be the place.
- Me too. Yeah.
- So.
Just a couple
of trip hazards here.
It's interesting too,
because we have
the three mirrors
like you said here.
And then,
there's another right there.
I was just trying to think
for light purposes too
but if the door's closed,
she does have this... What?
Is this is a balcony area?
But there's no road there.
So, you're
not getting any, like,
car light
coming in through there?
Because I was just trying
to think for bouncing light.
We are close
to the road in the front.
Watch that wire.
It's just a... a walk-in?
What's with all the mirrors?
There's one on the floor.
I don't know.
There is a crawlspace.
- Oh, is there?
- Yeah.
I... I can't really open it.
Stay right there.
Do you know
if anyone's ever been?
No one's gone in the crawlspace?
We have to go in the crawlspace.
Yeah, we definitely
have to go in the crawlspace.
- Is there asbestos?
- Uh, no. That's uh...
It was put in the 90s.
That's pink.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah. Oh.
What is it?
All my hair's
just standing up there.
It is.
Like, it just felt like
something, like, grazed me
and I just
looked down and everything...
That's so weird.
It still
feels like more is going.
It's like you're about
to get electrocuted.
- Right.
- But right before,
you know,
you get struck by lightning
- a lot of times your...
- Yeah.
- Hair will...
- Yeah, it all did.
Hair will stand up.
- That's odd.
- It's weird
that no one's been in there.
I know, right?
For sure.
Jeez. I'm breaking things.
It doesn't go
too far back but I mean,
we could definitely
sit in there and do,
like an EVP session
or something.
- Yeah, I think we should.
- Yeah.
If there's anybody here
that could hear our voice,
are you able to communicate
by just knocking for us?
Can you do something like that?
How 'bout in here?
Well, you heard that, right?
It sounded like it was in this...
- It sounded inside.
- Yeah.
Is that a woman's voice?
- I... I heard a...
- I heard a knock.
It sounded like it was
maybe like, a woman's voice
or something right before it.
This happens quick.
I think we get some good
starting points of ideas
in terms of trying to do
a focused investigation.
This area
has already been pretty hot.
- Yeah.
- We've had knocks and response.
So, if we do
a session in the crawlspace.
- Uh-huh.
- Use your ion charger,
throw that in there for a while
and then repeat the session.
And see if there's a change.
- Yeah.
- I think that's smart.
I used to have an ion generator
in my bedroom when I was a kid.
It was like an air purifier
and ion generator.
I don't know.
My mom bought it on QVC.
- Okay.
- But it was... it was nice.
With ion motors,
it's very interesting.
Like the one I have,
you can make it
so it's producing positive
but you can also make it so
it's producing negative ions.
And it's going to have
a different feeling
and a different effect.
I did bring an ion motor,
but, um, the one I have
is pretty serious.
Yeah? I love it!
"I don't want to brag
but the ion motor I have..."
It's little
but it packs a punch.
You're going to go out that way?
- Yes.
- Or not.
Which one will go to the garage?
I don't know which door's which.
It's like a labyrinth.
Show already.
I go here, there.
What's all this?
You guys digging out here?
Wait, stop for a second.
- Do you hear that?
- What was it?
- Someone's whistling.
Oh, whistling? Yeah.
That's what I heard.
- Well, let me get...
- There, there, there.
- You don't hear that?
- I heard it.
- You did?
- It was the same tune.
- Yeah.
That's so weird.
- Why that tune?
- I know, right?
- Frre Jacques.
- It is Frre Jacques.
Is there
something moving back there?
Totally noise to my right...
It sounds
like someone's walking.
There's something
just ran across there.
I... I saw something go
like straight across.
It's a real person or what?
Oh, man.
I heard a woman's voice
over there a couple times.
You know, Alice,
one thing I will say, though,
despite all the kind of
touch and go, little bits of,
of activity even inside.
Like, I don't know,
for me personally,
I don't feel
anything that feels like,
threatening or... or...
Or angry in any way.
My neighbor said...
She said all these
they like thinking
she sees people.
She gets out there,
there's nobody there.
There's no reading's,
like, out here,
but out here
we had this strange whistling.
- Yeah.
- Sounded like people were
having conversation back there.
Also a female voice.
Um, we heard,
like, footsteps, it seems like.
You know, coming back tomorrow
with more equipment,
I will be curious to see
if it responds the same.
I'm thrilled that you came,
both of you.
Thank you for having us.
Thank you very much.
We appreciate it.
Oh, yeah.
It was our... our pleasure.
And we get to meet Jacques.
We have a new person
on the team.
Your little mascot.
Helps us dig holes and stuff.
That's right.
Dig and fill them.
Yes. Yes.
At least he's courteous.
Yeah, that's very nice.
a small town
in central Mississippi.
Maybe you've never heard of it.
It has history.
Some dark history as well.
There were outlaws here.
Bad men, charlatans,
those who would
steal your money.
Those who would take your life.
And like most good stories,
this story happens
long ago in a place far away.
Western South Carolina.
A ma'am named Nancy Lusk.
Her middle name was Agnes.
And I believe
she actually went by Agnes.
She was born in a time of war.
She came of age in the events
leading up
to the American Revolution.
She was 19 years old.
She warred... married
a man named William Steen.
William Steen
will actually fight
in the American Revolution
at the Battle of Kings Mountain.
So about 1810, William decides
to take his family West
into the new
Mississippi territory,
where the land
is rich and fertile.
During this interval,
one of these mules
comes up missing.
So he goes out
looking for his mule
and he never returns.
It was believed
that he might have been killed
by the Native Americans
who still claim
this land as their own.
But nobody
really knows for certain.
But nonetheless,
he never returns.
And so Agnes is now
the matriarch of the family
and she and the rest
for grown children
push on
and complete the journey.
And they settle here.
And since they settle,
first settlers,
it becomes known
as Steen's Creek.
Uh, by the turn
of the 20th century,
this area has been known
as Steen Creek for a while.
And there's
a new rail line coming through.
They're going
to build a railroad track
from the Gulf Coast up into
the capital city of Jackson,
a few miles north of here.
Uh, one gentleman,
Mr. Ellis,
will donate
the land for the depot
on one condition.
He wants that depot
named after his wife.
Willing to take the free land,
whatever they can,
the depot is actually named
Florence Depot
rather than Steen's Creek.
Most of American
history and again,
the history
of the world is made...
It's been a man's world.
The men take the credit
and are the kings.
They're the soldiers,
they're the ones that go off
and everybody raves about them.
But back there in...
Behind them in the shadows
have always been the women
making sure
the farm is still running,
making sure there's food
still heading out to the front,
making sure the hard
decisions are being made.
The hand that rocks
the cradle rules the world.
And now it's 1905.
We're going to build a city.
What are we going to call it?
And I suspect,
I don't know for certain,
but I suspect
by this time a lot of people
had started referring to it
by the name of the Depot,
And the City
of Florence was born.
Founded by a woman
and named for a woman.
Mary Alice? Hi.
I, uh... I have these for you.
Um, thank you for making time
to meet with us again.
We've had
really incredible researchers
do a deep dive
with some of the Steen history.
Florence husband, C Ellis...
And, um, they found
some old photographs.
Gave the land
to the railroad company.
The Steen family is a very...
Well, the Steen name
is a very, very well known name
in the Florence area.
In fact,
there's a lot of streets named
Steen this, Steen that,
Steen Creek.
Do you think Mr. Steen
or Mrs. Steen
has anything to do
with the haunting here?
I don't know if the Steens
have anything to do
with the haunting here.
We have had
some EVP's with Henry.
Henry Steen is somebody
that I've called out,
uh, to several times.
We've captured
an EVP voice recording
that did say Henry, obviously.
And Henry Steen
is one Steen families.
Can you tell us
what your name is?
You know,
there is definitely a...
A pattern of the male,
whether it's the apparition,
whether it's the voice.
Hearing Henry kind of validates
and kind of puts
things in perspective.
So that's possible.
There is a lot of Henrys
in the world, though.
That's interesting.
It's not metal
but it's fabric of some kind.
I found this while the detector
picked up the metal.
What's interesting
even more to me,
this looks like
it's some kind of fabric.
It's really kind...
It's really sensitive.
Oh. Oh, yeah.
It's hard to tell.
Be very gentle.
Oh! Oh!
But what's intriguing about,
about what this object is
is the fact that it was so deep.
Well, does it feel like?
Oh, it's even got a...
Oh, my goodness. What's it say?
Oh, it's got
something fancy on it.
Oh, it's got letters on it.
Because it is.
Right there underneath.
There you go, Sabrina.
It's almost like a fake.
That's weird.
- It's definitely metal.
- Yeah.
Oh, boy.
Is that jewelry?
I think so, it might be a ring.
Silver usually rings around 70.
I'm not saying
it's silver, but...
It's an odd shape.
We didn't find
any evidence of bodies
in the ground or old structures.
So, that makes sense
that at one time
there were graves back there
but the bodies
have been removed.
And that's
what the ERI survey said,
that there are
unmarked graves there
but the bodies
just aren't there anymore.
I... I set up some
environmental sensors for us.
And I'm going to be monitoring
temperature, pressure.
And also, I...
I do have a magnetic coil
that I've wired up
to an amplifier,
and I just
put it on the walking stick.
I felt like there was...
Atmospheric data has always
been really important to me
on any investigation I do
because I have
found correlations
between a change
in the environment
with paranormal
activity happening.
I'm not saying that
that's a ghost.
But what I am saying
is that there are weird,
interesting things
that sometimes take place
when you see a dip in the data.
And I always find
that to be fascinating.
- Nice.
- Ta-da.
We look great.
Oh, my gosh.
- I look crazed.
All right,
so I brought a Theremin,
um, which is
an old school instrument.
So, if we could wire the door.
But we're going to extend
the range of it, right?
Yeah, so I think by, like,
extending the antenna out.
- Uh-huh.
- And since the...
We both
when we first arrived here,
we were drawn
to this door frame.
- Yeah.
- So I think that
by creating a threshold.
So, if any, like,
subtle energy comes in,
the hope is that
it sets off the Theremin.
That would be great.
So, we're just
wrapping the copper wire
around the, uh, pitch antenna
of the Theremin, here.
So, this would be
normally how you control
the, uh... the pitch sound
by moving your hand closer.
Completely experimental.
Not sure if it's going to work.
But if it does, that would be
really interesting.
It's just good
to continue to try new things.
Now we'll see.
- Yeah?
So now it's working
because normally
you have to be touching that.
Go, go in the door.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
That time it worked.
Yeah. That time it worked.
- That worked.
- So it is...
It's building up
and getting the whole thing.
- Yeah.
- Yeah...
- Oh, see! Can you hear it?
- Yup.
- That's a lot of fun.
Oh, that's so fun.
I love science.
I like it.
That's great.
The science community isn't open
to the idea of the paranormal.
And unfortunately,
the paranormal community
isn't viewed as...
It's not taken seriously.
Like, that's a problem.
We're just not taken seriously.
I've always thought
it was interesting
that for some reason
people think science
and spirituality
have to butt heads.
You know, the fact
that research scientists
would be afraid to speak
to somebody about something
of a spiritual nature
or paranormal nature,
I think shows that divide.
And that divide is...
Is a problem.
I would love to get
to a place where the field's
taken more seriously,
because not only do I think
the paranormal community
is missing out
but I also feel
like the science community
is missing out.
Do the initial run in here.
Yeah, I think yesterday... What?
I got too close to it.
- Okay.
But this is interesting
because if something...
This doorway
seems to be an active spot
so if something decides
to walk through here,
we should be able to hear it.
So we're going
to do an experiment.
All right.
Very good.
So first we're going
to do an initial session.
Everything's beeping.
Did you touch the door?
I have to keep an ear
out for both these things.
I'm just going
to baseline this meter.
This is Elizabeth and Dustin.
If you're able
to communicate with us
or maybe let us hear your voice.
Try to speak
into this device here.
We may be able to hear you.
Dustin to, uh,
the team out in the tech tent.
Can you see
if anybody is walking
in the DVR cameras downstairs?
- Nobody's walking.
Okay, so... timestamp.
You hear that?
Can you tell us
what road the house is on?
Is there a name
you like to go by?
What's the object
on the stairs that you move?
- Out here.
- All right.
Pardon me, young lady.
Is there a name
you like to go by?
What's the object on the stairs
that you move?
- Oh! Did you hear that?
- I did!
Oh, that's awesome!
What's the object on the stairs
that you move?
Oh! That's so good.
I think he says "Baseball".
Yeah, right?
Crazy that baseball was said.
Right. For sure.
How much is that collectively us
- knowing?
- Right.
Maybe after we charge it up,
we ask those questions again.
- The same exact ones.
- Yeah.
And see if there's a change.
And then maybe we should
throw in another question
that we don't know
the answer to.
I did bring an ion motor
that actually
creates and generates
its own positive force field.
But it's a...
It's a pretty serious one.
Could be potentially dangerous.
I don't know,
but I want to change
the environment.
I want to see
what it's like before.
And I want to see
if you induce anything else
in the environment,
if that also creates a change.
If activity increases.
I can smell it.
Can you tell me
what street this house is on?
Can you tell us the name
of the woman that lives here?
The woman that built this house?
Can you tell us what's going on
with the lights
inside this house?
What is the object
on the stairs that you move?
Two gentlemen
that have investigated here
for 12, 13, 14 years.
Do you know
either of their names?
Can you tell me what street
this house is on?
Could you tell us the name...
I think
he says "White Road."
Can you tell me what street
this house is on?
It says, "White Road."
what street
this house is on?
- White Road.
The name
of the woman that lives here?
- The woman that built house?
- What?
Can you tell us the name of the
woman that lives here?
The woman that built this house?
you tell us what's going on...
What is the object
on the stairs that you move?
He just said,
"Ball" that time, yeah.
He just said, "Ball."
Two gentlemen that have
investigated here
for 12, 13, 14 years.
Do you know
either of their names?
Did he say, "Jack?"
So now we're going to do
something a little different
and we're going to
show you some cards.
Here is the first card.
Can you tell us what you see?
We're going to show you
the second card.
Tell us what you see.
Is it a number
or is it a face card?
Here's the third card.
What color is it?
What number?
Putting down card three.
I'm going to show you
card four, now.
Can you tell me
what card Dustin is holding?
Putting down card four.
Here is the first card.
Can you tell us what you see?
We're going to show you
the second card.
Tell us what you see.
I think he says it's four.
What color is it?
- What number?
- It literally said, "Six."
- It's crazy.
I'm going to show you
card four, now.
Can you tell me
what card Dustin is holding?
Red ten?
But we got
to play this again because...
- This is ridiculous.
- Bizarre.
I've never had
a communication response like,
with this blind study thing
that seemed to go that well.
No, but let's
back off for a second
because it wasn't just that.
Like at the end,
we re-asked the same questions
- and we got clearer responses.
- Clearer answers.
Oh, crap.
White Road. Alice.
Said something
about their names.
I couldn't pick it up.
I thought it said, "Jack."
Heard, "White Road."
I heard, "Alice."
- Oh, they did?
- I heard white...
They got "White Road,"
they got, "Alice."
White Road, damn.
That's where I live.
I mean, damn,
that's getting personal.
Here's the third card.
What color is it?
- What number?
That you hear very clearly.
- Six, six.
- Did he say, "Six?"
Getting direct
responses to the card...
Here's the third card.
- What color is it?
- What number?
- Red six.
I'm going to show you
card four now.
- That's so wild.
- This is insane.
Can you tell me what card
- Dustin is holding?
Red ten.
But you don't really
get the impact of it
because it's like... you know,
there's a conscious being,
invisible... invisible,
conscious being in your room.
I mean, really,
that's a little unnerving.
I mean, really,
you just go take a shower.
You think, "Who is
watching me take a shower?"
I mean, really, you do,
because something's there.
Some... something's there.
Last time we got baseball,
which was great by itself.
- Right.
- But now it was
every question pretty much
had an answer, every card...
Even if we couldn't make it out.
- The cards are wild, though.
- Yeah.
Yeah, like, it just...
It just blows my mind.
Of all the years doing this,
like I've never had...
I mean,
you're lucky if you get an EVP.
It's still pretty good.
So much more could be found out,
explored, experimented with.
You know, if we were
just open to the idea
of incorporating
science into the mix.
I think one of the nice things
about the Mississippi house
of Alice's house is
it allows for that to happen.
Because it's been
documented long enough
where it's not just
some crazy story.
I think that's the...
The nice thing about it.
My name's Laurie McDonald.
I'm a certified
clinical hypnotherapist
at True You Hypnotherapy
in Sacramento, California.
So, you tell me
where you want me.
So my purpose in coming here
is to facilitate a process
that will allow Alice
to feel that sense of ease
and to be able to take
possession of her own home.
We'll begin
the way I always begin
by just having you
take some long, deep
rhythmic breaths
in through the nose
and out through the mouth.
And in a moment,
I'm going to count backwards.
Ten, seven.
Twice as deep now.
On five, on three...
and one.
We're going to go back to a time
when you awoke
and saw a very specific light.
See that now.
It... it... it came on with a...
With a flash in an instant.
I just, totally unexpected.
Everything else
in the room was black.
Total black.
Very black.
What if it turns toward me?
What happens?
I mean, it... it...
And what is its purpose?
That... I just
happened to be there.
I don't think it...
Its intent was to appear to me.
Do you sense in this light...
- intelligence?
- Uh-huh.
Not that the light's conscious
but that the...
governing of the light is.
So, the light's
coming from a source?
Just, uh...
Just intelligence, like...
Like intelligent, um...
beings, maybe a group.
Or something they're...
They're intently interested in.
Sense into the light
and try to sense
their intent.
Whatever they were doing,
it seemed very important.
It's like they were
all gathered around.
Observing something
beneath the earth.
Who's the outcome important to?
- To them.
- To them.
And is there anything else
about this particular light
that we need
to know about or you're...
pretty comfortable?
I'm... I'm... I'm...
Yeah, I think
the light was just a means,
that there was
no particular meaning.
I'm very,
very happy to hear that.
Because you are removed from it
from this moment forward
and for the rest of your life...
removed from it.
Through eliminating fear,
we're opening up
other avenues of energy,
like curiosity.
And that's much healthier
and puts her in a place
of personal empowerment.
So, I want you to take
a really deep breath now.
- Just really exhale.
And I want you to really feel
how good it is to know
that you don't have to be
afraid of that anymore.
And let it all go.
And how does that feel?
I... I do feel, um,
separated more from it.
So, coming back now on one,
two, taking a deep
breath on three.
Wiggling the toes on four.
- Uh-huh.
- Eyes open five.
- Okay.
- Very good.
I mean, the ultimate goal here
is to get Alice
comfortable in the house,
to get her to stay here.
It would be awesome
if she could
live here full time.
But right now,
she's not living here full time.
Obviously, she won't even
sleep here alone at night.
But I want to take it
in steps, if I can.
If we can get her
in the house for a night
and then maybe that one night
will turn into a few nights.
And maybe the few nights
will turn into a week.
That week becomes a month
and now
she's in the house full time.
Tonight, anyway,
I wanted to get your feeling...
uh, on... on, uh... on the house
and on where we're sort of at.
Well, we spoke to the team
and they're,
you know, on standby
in case you're okay with this.
But we are wondering
if maybe tonight
might be a night you might be
willing to sleep in the house.
You know, I've actually
been thinking about that
since the hypnosis
because for some reason,
you know,
it wasn't what I expected.
I expected that I would
have to relive that experience
but it wasn't that at all.
You know, it was actually
getting out of that experience.
And so I feel like
I can watch it
from a distance.
- That's interesting.
- Yeah.
You know,
I'll sleep with my flashlight
and, um, I'm good.
- I'll... I'll try to do it.
- You're thinking...
- Uh-huh.
- Really?
I think that
she knows that this is
the first step for her
to be able to live in the house
and be able
to be here full time.
I don't necessarily
think that, you know,
the activity
is going to fully stop.
And if we weren't
able to ever get her
back inside the house,
I wouldn't
consider that a failure.
She has so much more confidence
and I think that
that's a major stepping stone.
I'm on speed dial.
Oh, you're so sweet.
Thank you.
I'll see you all
hopefully in the morning.
Oh, yeah.
You know,
she slept in the house.
She slept in the house.
In a decade,
she hadn't done that.
The thing I remember
is the next morning,
walking in the door
and just smelling coffee.
She was waking up,
making coffee in her house.
That just hit me
in a different way.
It was neat.
I think it's a natural
response sometimes
to be afraid
of what you can't explain.
You have a right to have
your feelings validated.
But you also,
if you truly want to
understand that fear,
you have to explore it.
You have to
walk through that fear.
You have to confront your fear.
Because something to remember
and I think
that's very important,
is sometimes
we don't acknowledge
our own personal power.
It's not easy
to change the way we see things.
It's not easy
to change our perspective.
It takes practice,
it takes time, it takes work.
And this is our duty,
our responsibilities
and obligation of being human.
This is what we do best.
We learn.
Uh, you know, Shakespeare said,
"To thine own self be true."
And then
that can't speak thoughts
to any man...
To your own self be true.
And it would have been
against my own truth
to have moved out or to sell it.
What Kendall and I set out to do
was to get Alice
back into her house.
And that happened.
She spent a night here.
And she woke up happy.
And Alice has turned
this whole thing...
to work for her.
And I just think
that is remarkable.
I think her attitude is perfect.
And the fact that she's already
making steps
to staying back in her home.
She's taking that fear away
and she's
replacing it with courage
and dedication
to getting answers.
She says she wants to further
the field and I think she has.
And I don't think
that's ever been done before.
So I'm kind of feeling like
this is the most thorough,
paranormal investigation
that has ever been documented.
And I say 'when," not "if,"
because that carriage
will come down.
You can mark my words.
I've been saying it before
you guys even got here
and you're going to hear it now.
I have no reason
to have the full confidence
but I do have
the full confidence.
The carriage
is coming down the stairs.
Any intelligent spirits
that are in the house.
Focus your energy
on that carriage
that I placed at the top
of the stairs and you have
our full permission
to push it down the stairs.
So, please focus your energy.
I know you can without a doubt,
and push that carriage
down the stairs.
- Good?
- Great job.
- All right.
- Wonderful job.
Carriage is coming down.
Let's, uh... let's just hold on,
All right,
I'm going to arm it so...
30 on here.
- All right.
Away. Exit now.
Far away.