The House of Murderers (2019) Movie Script

Let's start from the beginning, will you?
Oh, well... I didn't ask, do you want something to drink?
You are very kind but don't worry.
Can you look at me?
Yes of course
Erika told me about her arrival, that night...
Turn right and then turn on the left
Fuck you!
Go on for three kilometers
Take the second exit at the roundabout
Why?! He was a cheat and he used to beat me
dont you think that was enough?
And so you just left... so typical of you!
Yeah, and as a punishment I have ended up in Draculas mansion
fighting against rats!
To tell you the truth, that house has always made me anxious
thats why Ive always kept away from there
It's been virtually uninhabited since my parents died.
Come on, in a couple of days its gonna be like new again
Until a few years ago, my aunt still used to pay the electricity bill
I never figured out why. But she was like 80...
Okay. I gotta get to work now...
And, joking aside, thanks
you saved my life
For such a small thing?
Wait! Look at this, what do you think about it?
Its for the new shooting.
Same old Jenny! Anyway, its very sexy.
Say hi to your gorgeous husband
if he wants me back to Chicago for a fashion show... Im here!
I really need a change in my life.
Lol! Kisses bad chick!
come on, get out... show yourself
Come on, this way, you're the best
Yeah, come on ... take off everything...
So you're telling me that Erika was a prostitute?
This was not in the police reports
Well, I wouldn't say that
She was a model and an actress.
But sometimes she also used that method to raise some money.
Ok, ok. Let's go on, will you?
Hello... who is it...?
So at first she had no problems.
No. She was settling down.
She was a strong person, who reacted well in every situation.
She desperately tried to get rid of her old life.
She told me she had also met someone in the village.
They were not very hospitable people, you know, anyway better than nothing...
May help you, miss?
Thank you
I don't know how to thank you. You are very kind.
I could be even more advanced now.
Who is it?!
Hey! Are you still here?
What did you forget?
Who the hell is it?!
What happened?!
Why are you still here?
I forgot my cigarettes... And I also
wanted to say goodbye...
Dont you ever just get tired?
Go get your cigarettes.
Good night.
Wake up, bitch
You know, you'll burn in Hell for this
You gave me so much pleasure
Now die
You've finally arrived
We all was waiting for you
I'm gonna call the police!
I dont know what to say, sweetheart. Really.
So, youve never heard any weird story about this house?
What do you mean by weird?!
You know, voices, visions... You said it scared you.
Oh, come on! I was scared as a little girl just because it was isolated.
No weird story.
Youre just being influenced by loneliness and silence
But I receive phone calls from unknown numbers. I see ghostly shadows
and I keep having nightmares
Are you sure its not your ex boyfriend?
Often men that are violent are also vengeful, you know?
Listen, how come its so difficult for you to find someone to spend the night with you?
That way, you would at least deal with the nightmares problem!
Oh... thats not really an issue.
One thing I liked as a kid was swinging in the patio. Is the swing still there?
It was many years ago. Then they did some renovation work
but I had already stopped going by that time
Do you actually get better instead of aging?
Do you prefer more slender types?
More slender? Everythings perfect there
it almost stimulates my male part!
Were ready here. Bye, oldie!
So you ended up in this shithole because of a man, right?
Yes, but let's not talk about it...
Id rather live the present.
The old women in town say
this house is evil.
How can a house be evil?
Youre right.
You know what small towns are like
There are old stories, rumors dating back to when I was a child.
Then rumors kind of escalate and...
What kind of stories?
I do not know, I can't remember.
Some fool had died in here or
Some fool had died in here or
had killed someone, maybe
had killed someone, maybe
They called it the house of murderers or something like that
Seems like a lot of murderers
Seems the house draws them
Impressive, isnt it?
You didnt know anything about it?
Look, this is the house of a friend of mine
she may be crazy, but shes not a murderer
Besides, she lives in Chicago and when you were a child she had not even been born!
I had always wondered what it felt like with someone like you
but here, in town
we dont even have whores
can you imagine?
If you only knew what those boors down there say behind your back
And yet I know most of them would be happy to fuck you
Youre better than any woman in town!
I see that wine makes you garrulous
Why don't you stay here for the night?
Are you married?
No, no family. No, nothing
So, what?
Are you afraid of the old people in town?
You are a bitch, you shuold do it professionally
You could live like a queen here!
What the hell...!
It doesn't end here
Amy listen, you have to come here right now
There's something wrong
Just a moment
Before moving on to Amy, I would like to know something more about this man
He suddenly falls into Erika's life
and then seems to disappear into nothingness
Indeed. But I've never seen him.
The cops asked me too
I think they found traces
Yes, we'll get there later. Well, let's go back to Amy?
Its weird that youve seen strange things here after three days
I would have run away the very first day, even without seeing anything!
Good morning to you!
Looking at your face, I would say youve had yet another terrible night
You can say that again
In a way, this place does have its own charm!
Its a shame that I had no chance to really enjoy it
But I'm lucky to have so many good friends
one gave me this house and the other one has come to save me from the house!
So, won't you tell me what happened?
By the way, you offended me: why didnt you tell me anything.
I should never forgive you for that, you know?
Youre right... Its only that sometimes things happen so suddenly.
All right, I'll forgive.
Now, tell me, then maybe the ghosts will disappear
As long as everything was fine, he was able to restrain himself
Then... he started beating me regularly.
I have always told you that he was raving mad!
Besides, he was a security guard...
He started having drinking problems after his fathers death
The more weapons they carry, the weaker they are!
They need a big phallic symbol to compensate!
What happened the night you left him?
Would you believe me if I told you I do not remember anything?
Of course, I understand you prefer to forget about it
No, its not that. Its strange
I have been thinking about it
he was raising his hands once again
I remember the stench of alcohol coming from his mouth
a moment later I was outside, getting into my car
And then I got here. It was
I felt like I was trapped
I accumulated so many dreams, too many
and now I want to start modelling again
Look at this
Do you think it looks like that because of the dust?
And who the fuck is that
it was just you and me
I didnt notice that on the camera screen
Are you sure you haven't edited them just to scare me?
I swear I haven't!
Okay, enough with that. I want to get to the bottom of this!
Thats my girl!
Right, but where do we start?
I know what to do. A friend of mine, who is a real geek
can't wait to do some shooting of paranormal activities
instead of wedding ceremonies
ust let me make a couple of phone calls.
Dont worry, hes raving mad, but hes not dangerous!
come in, dear
Is this the first time youve been asked to record ghosts?
Id say so, unless you want me to consider certain guests at wedding ceremonies!
I have watched all the scary movies though
and I know what real ghostbusters do in these cases, you know?
Come here, girls
Have a look at this and tell me what you think about it
Thats scary
Is this some kind of technical problem?
If a videocamera did that
teach me how to do recreate that effect
Should I take it as a no?
How can you still stay in the house after that?
Come on, dude, shouldnt you be reassuring us?
Youre right. Its just that I'm a hungry, and when I'm hungry...
All right, I got it.
Camera "a"
And what would that be?
A k2
a detector for magnetic fields
specifically made for paranormal investigations
All tv series have it
Do I need to teach you everything?!
When do you enter the story?
Well, just after...
Are you ok?
Do you want us to interrupt?
Yes ... I've a bad headache.
Ok. We resume later. Stop.
So, you are a more comfortable here, isn't it?
Tell me, what happened before?
Nothing ... a headache, I told you. I suffer from it.
Well. So we arrived at your entry into story
Yes. Amy called me because of what happened the night before
I dont know what that is exactly, but I swear its all edible
So, what about the outcome of your investigations?
I still have to watch the shootings carefully
The instruments recorded some peaks, especially in your bedroom
but what impressed me most was the tour of the place
that was really some crazy shit
the house of the devil
What kind of a place is this one?
Well, there are a variety of opinions
What the fuck
Can you understand what it says?
Wait, maybe if I...
This place is not peaceful.
Theres... hate... and pain
which have accumulated for a long, long time. And...
which have accumulated for a long, long time. And...
I dont know. I need more time to understand these feelings I have
There are some ancient ruins nearby, arent there?
How do you know that? Have you ever been here?
The ancient places are one of the things I perceive more distinctly.
This place reminds me of my village in the South.
Do you still have all your family there?
And why did you decide to move to the city?
I left Sicily because of my gift...
The people of my village treated me like some kind of witch.
The daughter of a witch, and the granddaughter of a witch
And what your gift be exactly?
You can imagine
I feel the presence of those who are no longer among us
And... well, sometimes they talk through me
I know its hard to believe
I dont know what to believe since I came into this house!
So, what have you felt inside?
A lot of cruelty, sorrow
and suffering. Also of children
I can still feel their frightened voices
It must be terrible
your gift I mean
Can I ask you how you ended up here?
Love affair with a bad ending
And where is he now?
I really dont know. I have erased him for good
Over the years, I have learned to do so
in order not to carry the burden over my shoulders, you know
We all wear a mask to survive, dont we?
And how do you find it here?
I share a room with a female student and I work in a call center
It feels great, like being born again!
Whats up?
Let's get back inside
I feel a little bit dizzy
Therese! What's going on?
Help! Help me, please!
Therese! What are you doing?
What happens?
What happened?
Another headache?
No. I just said it. These things happen to me, they happened to my mother and my grandmother
I can't help it.
Are you a seer?
A medium, I would say
That is, I don't foresee the future or similar things
simply I feel the presences that are always around us
It's like an instinct, that's it
But in that case you didn't just "hear", I think
As you say, you were about to act
you threatened physically, then you had a failure
you threatened physically, then you had a failure
It would be useless
It would be useless
What is it? A kind of possession?
It would be useless
It would be useless
I believe so
It would be useless
It would be useless
A temporary possession by a spirit, not demonic possession
It would be useless
It would be useless
I become a ... sort of channel
It would be useless
It would be useless
And I think it's because of the ancient ruins too
It would be useless
It would be useless
There was something wrong in there.
It would be useless
It would be useless
I see
It would be useless
It would be useless
So if you have been threatening with Erika it means that the spirit that was stalking her had bad intentions?
It would be useless
It would be useless
That was frightening
It would be useless
It would be useless
I can't believe someone could deliberately change her voice so much
It would be useless
It would be useless
Did it remind you of someone?
It would be useless
It would be useless
Maybe... but I couldnt really say
It would be useless
It would be useless
Why are you asking me?
It would be useless
It would be useless
I was possessed for a few minutes
It would be useless
It would be useless
Is that the same figure of the picture?
It would be useless
It would be useless
I think so
It would be useless
It would be useless
The same of the room that becomes cold?
It would be useless
It would be useless
I dont think so
It would be useless
It would be useless
This house is full of entities
It would be useless
It would be useless
And Ive had different feelings
It would be useless
It would be useless
And who would be this... person or whatever it is?
It would be useless
It would be useless
I dont think its a spirit which is close to you
It would be useless
It would be useless
I believe its a parasite
It would be useless
I believe its a parasite
an evil spirit
It would be useless
an evil spirit
It would be useless
You mean, dangerous?
It would be useless
It would be useless
Okay. Weve seen and heard a lot these days
It would be useless
It would be useless
What do we do now?
It would be useless
It would be useless
We have to go back to the origins
It would be useless
It would be useless
we need to understand what these entities are, in order to decide what to do
It would be useless
It would be useless
Tomorrow I'll do some research, on the Internet and at the town hall
It would be useless
It would be useless
ven if you knew every single minute of their lives
now they are different
they are something else
Then you tell us what to do!
A sance
Its the only way to communicate with the entities without any veil
You mean a... sance? One of those sances?
Therese, are you sure?
I am no expert, but isnt it dangerous?
Could the spirits completely possess the house and maybe us, once and for all?
Ive already dealt with this kind of entities
If I can communicate with them without being overwhelmed
I will make them go away.
But listen, I'm not sure I want to do this anymore
I mean, this is not even my place
wouldnt it be enough to just go aware...
If a parasite nurses a grievance against you
you will take it along with you, wherever you go
Theyre not bound to the place, but to the person
If the spirit haunted the person and not the house
it means that Erika was lost, right? Is that what you meant?
No, I didn't say this
One also defends oneself from the spirits, the solution is not always to succumb
But that way ...
sorry, but I think that Erika was very influenced by what you were saying
What do you mean?
What I said. Was Erika scared...?
She had several things to frighten over what I told you
Apparently the house has collected a series of uninvited guests over the years
people who arrived here accidentally and who then committed violent crimes
or murderers who took shelter here after killing someone
They all died here
Thats why they call it the house of murderers
Who told you that?
When do we start?
Where are you?
Where are you?
I cant believe that
Has that little bitch really kept that secret from me?
Her parents were Satan worshippers?
Maybe she doesnt know anything about that
I dont think many parents would nonchalantly tell their children
that theyre Satan worshippers!
Theres something I dont understand though
She says the house has always belonged to her family
but from what youve told me, I would say there have been many owners
and it seems its been abandoned for more than twenty years!
Hey! I paid money!
Do you understand?
What the hell are you doing?
You bitch...!
Hey, whats the matter now?
Come on, dont do that
Youll see, in a few days everything will be over
You will use this story while flirting with someone!
Nobody will believe me!
Joking aside, I dont think Ive ever been frightened by anything in my life
Youre absolutely right
It would have been the perfect scene for a film, right
The medium in a trance, doors slamming
No. Thats not what scares me...
I am scared of myself now.
So someone else leaves the scene. The videomaker
Yes. I don't blame her, everyone has their own way of thinking
She also refused to be interviewed
I can imagine
And then it is known that seances can be dangerous
There was nothing else to do. I was there to help out as I could
In any case I was not new to seances
I knew I could handle them
But the reason why the seances are not recommended
is once again the great power of suggestion, right?
I repeat, everyone is free to think the way he wants
Are you ready?
Let's make a chain
lease dont break it for any reason whatsoever
or it could be dangerous for me and for all of us
I just wanted to ask Therese...
why would it be dangerous?
I heard that in a lot of films as well, of course
but this is not a movie...
You would break the flowing of the energy
something could be trapped in this dimension
And it could be dangerous for me too, if I'm in a trance
I'm not sure I completely understand...
Something wrong, Erika?
Let's keep quiet now
Is she in a trance?
Therese? Can you hear me?
I'm cold
Im so... cold
Its dark
its... cold
Im... alone
Therese... tell what you can see?
What the fuck are you doing, you bloody whore!
What do you think youre doing...?
Whats happening, Therese?
Oh my God! Therese!
Therese, are you all right?
Therese, are you all right?
Therese. You scared the...
Oh my God
Hey! Whats your problem?! Why did you break the chain?
I just couldnt do it
I couldnt control it!
Dont you remember what she told us? You could have killed her!
I'm so sorry!
Jenny, I'm not blaming you, I'm just saying that it seems absurd to me
this place is famous for the terrible things that happened here
and you, the owner, hide everything from me
Maybe I shouldnt have invited you to stay at my place, you know?
I should have known you would create troubles.
What the hell do you mean?
Do you think I'm having fun?
And what do you care?
Youre thousands of miles away from here and youve never been interested in this place
I'm sorry... Listen, do what you think is right
but do not get into any trouble, okay?
Anyway, they must have told you a lot of bullshit!
Nothing of what youve just said corresponds to the story of my family and my house
Thats what I though. But how can this be?
I dont know. I really dont know.
It seems like a fools game
I gotta go now... Erika... Take care.
Fuck off!
"Turn right and proceed for ten kilometers to the south-west"
They called it the house of murderers
Seems like a lot of murderers. Seems the house draws them
What's happening?... Erika!
Stop! I can't bear it! Stop, please!
Dont worry, dont worry. Its all over now.
So again it seems that you had a strong ascendancy on Erika
Are you insinuating something?
No, just it seems clear to me that...
No, just it seems clear to me that...
Look, if you want to stop the interview here, it's okay to me
Look, if you want to stop the interview here, it's okay to me
You wanted my story of the facts, I didn't think I was under accusation
I'm not accusing you of anything, Therese
The police carried out their investigations and as far as I know there is nothing against me
Let's finish it here, okay?
Do I have to remind you that we paid you in advance?
I do not accept blackmail!
Ok, ok. Calm down
Ok, ok. Calm down
I'm putting you under stress
I'm putting you under stress
We interrupt
We'll finish tomorrow, ok? Stop
Here we are
You look tired today
You look tired today
I didn't sleep well
I didn't sleep well
I hope not because of me
I still apologize for ...
Do not worry. The important thing is that we get to the end as soon as possible
There is not much left, I think
Erika accepts the second seance...
Youve killed me!
Youve killed me!
you whore!
Therese, do you feel better?
What is this?
Where is Erika?
She run away
We have to find her!
And you didn't find her
Just vanished
I see it's painful for you to talk about it
But we're done
everyone knows the rest
the police arrived, and they told us they were already looking for Erika
she was suspected of killing her boyfriend
And you? Did you believe it?
At the moment it seemed absurd
She didn't have the attitude of a person who had just killed someone
I mean, she certainly was not a professional murderer, she killed in a rap
I don't understand what you mean
I mean she was not a bandit used to doing crimes and then pretend nothing happened
he was a person like me and you, even more sensitive
So for you she had like ... removed her crime
she really believed she was innocent
Yes. Yes there is no other explanation
But then that name ... The house of murderers, the people of the village given to that place...
I don't know. I really do not know
The police reported that the house in the 70s had been the scene of orgiastic rites
that included sacrifices of children
I don't know. I really ...
I don't know. I really ...
So, Therese! You know we went back to you for the powers you say you have
So, Therese! You know we went back to you for the powers you say you have
You conducted Erika to make seances
you told her you hear voices, to see things
and now you can only tell us "I don't know"?!
What do you want me to say?
The house attracted murderers for more than a century and brought them to death?
And so also Erika found the house for the same reason?
She had no escape?
Yes. This is what I think
And apparently the blood story of the house dated back to World War II
but I think the Evil of the house is more and more ancient
it dates back to the ancient riuns
and someway those riuns are the key
I knew the spirit that infested her would bring her to death
Are you happy?
However, there is no trace of Erika's death
Her footsteps, like those of that man, disappear into air
She's missing, not dead
I told you what you wanted. That's enough
Therese! oh... stop!