The House of Rothschild (1934) Movie Script

Thank You excellency August register.
Johann get inside this is six
you're lucky uptime money doesn't come
yet long rolled from Hamburg it's a big
year in the morning yes but if anything
should happen all that money
ten thousand golden yeah so much this
journey seven thousand and one lump from.
Prince Louis ties agent
I'll then all the small sums ten
thousand at least roads are dangerous
tomorrow morning it'll be here we should
be thankful my business is dirty nearly
a thousand Godin since morning mama that
agent did you notice him well there he
said sly and smiling planning to rob
this poor old Jew Rothschild and here I
was so innocent a little child a baby in
fact and there was that fine old clock
that his master had sent into bombing
far yeah and when at last I let him have
it for less money than it cost me I
could see in his eyes how pleased he was
that he got the better of this little
baby so what it under cost aspect to
catch a macro mama you think she's so
clever and I'm so stupid
always make them think they're clever
I've been robbed
bad a whole garden a dead less thank you
sometimes they're only cracked right now
give it you could it be that their agent
and I gave him some wine to some of the
good wine man you come again yeah you'd
come again and then my mom I catch my
well no one can ever say you don't deal
fairly with your customers moment it
pays in the end very long now
roasted although smells good tax
collector he's down the street that's
gone the texture boys run away what do
you know take those hats off hey mama
comes up James over the fattest remember
no deal for the last five days
understand are you hungry
not so very and look hungry I'm sure.
Sullivan you remain below mama
mama did you Serena yeah Nathan by me
please take your hands out of your
pocket oh who is it Nathan palette Rosco
why it's my good friend the tax
collector bring out your account book
certainly sir
here it is I was just looking over it
things are very bad I was saying to my
poor wife your daughter this is our
friend the tax collector
never have I known such a bad month now
for five days not one garden have I seen
customers come yes but they don't by
then no one's traveling these days so my
exchange businesses worse than nothing
shall soon starve starve a but something
smells good hmm one of our neighbors
must be having a roast that close the
window mama what are you take Nepal now
bring out the real books real books for
excellency I don't understand what you
mean Rostow you're doing more business
than any Jew in do Street you're going
to pay twenty thousand golden twenty
thousand four accounts of the big much
is in the city doesn't pay as much is
there that's another matter he's outside
the ghetto he's not a Jew who you're
going to kill me this instant
I could barely raise the thousand go to
upstairs that's the house former badger
well I might perhaps raise a two
thousand garden sure very interesting oh
that Nathan lifts up the trip door for
the gentlemen they're just some old
stock we have a little wine down there
not very good one I'm afraid
good wine costs money but our account
books no gold no jewels I suppose I'd
have to give up dating enjoys long ago
it needs capital should I lead the way
you follow at a distance stand up Dubois
ha wine fill up a cup put that screen
excellence your essay oh it had wine in
it after all ha ha slop yes sir that's
what we drink but there's some here that.
Baalak you for a spatial customer won't
your excellency try it huh
huh you old Fox it's good your
excellency does asana Roth Jarrell
apparently you've been telling me the
truth so do you know what I'm going to
do now is I'm going to charge you 20
thousand golden just the same which I
can't do it there's not that much money
in the whole ghetto Rosco you'd like to
pay only two thousand golden again
wouldn't you it six
now what would it be worth to me if I
put you down for 2,000 this time
very handsome prison for your excellency
say a thousand got a dark sensual child
I want ten thousand would you leave me
and my family pin with a great deal of
come now well perhaps a three thousand
golden but that's the limit the actual
limit I'll take six thousand I will
they'll make it five thousand ha ha ha
ha alright have it ready tomorrow our
call and if any of you breathe a word
I'll have your house burned to the
ground boys you did well I miss it
you're a smart lad that wine mama mr.
The seen him an after all a five
thousand golden isn't as bad as it might
appear now but it is bad to have to pare
away five thousand garden not as bad as
having to pay away twenty thousand
father all jeweled inside
my classroom I let him go mr. Chow mr.
mr. Maddock what's happened the man who
was believed your money from Hamburg has
been waylaid by the tax agents outside
the city ax the honey was bringing the
money they do Street we might have
killed him but I got away you got away
with the money no they got it mr. Ross
child they got the money
I love it yes oh here we go
yeah right over here ten thousand golden
our money that we work for where doesn't
your magistrate them dead don't get
excited this bad for you mister you are
young your life so before you you've got
to fight fight yourselves fight for our
mama I have to cheat the tax collector
before my own children do you think I
want to do that I live honestly I trade
honestly I want to be honest with them
but they will let us we are Jews texts
to death forbidden to learn a trade
forbidden to land they keep us in.
they send men here to rob us so work and
strive for money money is power money is
the only weapon that you have to do
most people follow you
we have my sons
when I go I leave you in your mother's
she's wise how wiser than I and good do
always as she says and you will grow
couse much money is lost for sending
gold by coach from one country to
another in times of war to cease by the
enemy in times of peace by fevers you
are five brothers I want you each to
start a banking business in a different
country one to go and open the house in
Paris one into the enter one in London
choose the most important cities so that
when money is to be sent from here to
London ever say you won't have to risk
life and gold and shell here in
Frankfurt we'll just send a letter to
Nathan in London saying he saw himself
and that will be offset by loans from
London Frankfurt understand in your day
there will be many wars in Europe a
nation that have managed transport will
come to the Rothschilds because it will
be safe visit don't anymore the doctor
giving advice to our sons mama and that
the doctor cannot give
remember unity strength all your lives
you must stand by one another no one
brother must be allowed to fail while
another brother succeeds now five
banking houses may cover Europe but you
will be one firm one family Rothschilds
welcome always together that would be
your power and when that power comes the
ghetto I shall be here I shall never
leave the house where they were all born
remember this before all neither
business of power of all the door in
Europe real happiness shall we our
people have equality respect
trend with dignity live with dignity
what a world
in the Polian is to be beaten in the
east we must have 15 million florins
immediately and more later I think it
can be done princ maddening but I shall
have to consult with my father Nathan.
come come Solomon can't you decide now
your highness is aware that the.
Rothschilds work as a family and we've
made Nathan our head
there can be no peace in Europe as long
as Napoleon controls Italy 16 million
dollars as soon as possible your
highness will keep the utmost secrecy I
will endeavor to obtain the consent of
my brothers
you must realize miss yet to dally wrong
how difficult it is for the Paris House
of Rothschild to help the Allies against
Napoleon my dear mr. James I will be a
secret as the grave but we must have
fifty million francs
rigid honors our house count allegiance
quite aware of an anvil rock child but
no one to hear only necessity brings me
here the armies of Napoleon are already
in Russia we've gotta have five million
golden rifle mount I will consult my
breath talk that's not it is an
unbreakable rule your excellency
the House of Rothschild never
participates in the deal of this
importance without the approval of all
the time that is impossible
- my brother Nathan in London is permitted
- to make a decision
Nathan it may be the just one more loan
will carry us to victory you've been
most generous you and your brothers -
and I can assure you sir that His.
Majesty fully realizes that the House of.
Rothschild has already contributed ten
times as much as any other banking house
in Europe captain Fitzroy arrived this
morning from Wellington's headquarters
and he's told me how much the general
appreciates what you've done Lord
willing his language on the battlefield
can't be repeated sir but I've heard him
declare that he wouldn't swap any one of
those five - - Rothschilds for any five
of Napoleon's - - - Brigade I tell the.
Prime Minister you agree to one more
loan you realize gentlemen that the.
Allies are drying on us throughout.
Europe it's money that wins Wars it's
money that makes war there's five
million pounds we can hold Napoleon at
bay that is tell the Prime Minister I
declined to raise five million pounds to
keep the Allies fighting Napoleon I'm
sorry but you can tell Lord Wellington
but the fame
that's just Rothschilds will let him
have 10 million if your guarantee
dismissed Napoleon oh excuse me
and gentlemen once more England is
indebted to her greatest soldier
tis my privilege as Prime Minister to
thank you on behalf of England for his
glorious achievement we rejoice that
your safe return
my Lords and gentlemen charger glasses I
give you a toast.
His grace did you a wedding
well that's over ah empty we got some
stuff here inglis hold on man sit your
hands your briefs thank you thank you
boy wasn't Rothschild here
now some feeling was me asked well no
your grace
some of these people wasn't the man who
paid for these - Wars important enough
it wasn't a question of importance if he
can't come here I suppose we can still
go there if it's yes sir just as soon as
I can get away we're going to call on
Nathan Rothschild the order been here
yes like I call it Mac more stuff you
know where the old boy lives very well
it needs this oh yeah god I'd forgotten
about that daughter he's
no I'm not sorry not in the least
not my just up I've been trying to tell
you for a long time I've wanted to kiss
you yes I know that but when the game is
so sudden it brother fragment frightened
the captain of the guards to protect you
for digging hell captain the guard is
very dangerous person only do we rival
you know you're very conceited young man
you haven't even asked me if I loved you
what don't you yes I do
I love you more than anything else in
the world
and then tonight after I talk to Duke in
the vein I'll call on your father
my speech to him is already I rehearsed
it not less than a thousand times the
trees at night the guns even the horses
I haven't gotten recusal yeah
great it's not as simple as that some of
those horses are pretty difficult
it's no use darling you're just dodging
the real reason you're being sweet and
thoughtful again but you're not making
you forget that you're gentle and I'm a.
Jewess think of the shock to our
families there's no longer family matter.
Spitz and Julie
us us us
I've had that clouded me heels all day
if they had any sense it's you lead me
following around not me
oh we Rothschilds and had just as big
crowds following at our heels and.
Frankfurt but not with cheers or a lot
of cheer for you gladly
and I hope one day Europe will realize
she owes you something more than money
well my father was a man of peace
he told us never to loan money to make.
Wars always to end them and that's been
our principle everybody knows that and
respect you for it no your grace they
don't know it and they don't respect us
our bankers are jealous of us the man in
the street thinks we're just Sherlock's
and Europe hides its head for shame
because it borrows from the Jews I
supposed you know is that Russian fellow
current later on suits responsible for
that rot I know he hates me and all my
race he's a proper jackass Rothschild
and he ought to be hanged I must admit
that the same happy thought has occurred
to me more than once you know it's a
danger having a man like that in
authority always making enemies whereas
that's the danger as they may need us
again what do you mean well perhaps
you're not out of the woods yet
why Napoleon scotched Napoleon's in
exile but he's not dead hmm was good as
dead Rothschild as good as dead
perhaps another brandy agree ah I often
thought it would have saved a lot of
trouble if Napoleon had been born an.
Englishman oh where would I be then
right his commanding officer of Gus oh
thank you
sound brandy you've got here roster
hello to the Peace of Europe well I'm a
soldier from Adana drink to that
I see a roster
a little secret mind you I orden to tell
you this but I just heard this morning
that they are going to float a - big
loan to put France on her feet an
enormous wrong the biggest thing ever
yes well they've got to do something.
France that had 20 years of war the
whole country's torn up but now they've
got peace they're going to get together
the five Allied powers and help her out
and the banking house that floats this
loan will it once become the most
powerful Europe its prestige will be
enormous sachet now's your chance.
Oh grace I can't sufficient to thank you
for this information mind you it's a -
dark secret but it serves the
chuckleheads right for telling me they
ought to know by now I can't keep a
send a message to mr. Roth and ask him
to come to be here what yes sir
we'll bring to the house that floats the
new French load to the House of.
Rothschild and its greatest matter huh
ah there you are Miss Julie okay this is
rough child you've got to watch this
young rooster I'm beginning to
understand now why you are always asking
for leave to return to London now that
you do understand I trust you let him
come more often it's against the
I only saw Julie five times her once
when you sent him the dispatches the.
Prime Minister Judy was waiting for him
the corner of Downing Street then I hope
isn't against the regulation show grace
not if he didn't speak to you we didn't
think you knew about that Nathan ah I'm
afraid it's time to go your grace all
right you can fuck this man he's a
magician no question about that
oh I she was tired I've been told you
knew about Napoleon's abdication two
days before the War Office did is that
true yes but then the War Office never
knows anything for two days after
everybody else knows it has and then
they take two more days taking it over
but how did you do it they say Indians
get things by putting their ears to the
ground he are not an Indian are you no
just plain Jerusalem with a heart of
gold well I know something about sending
dispatches my man Fitzroy here is the
best of that but if I had 20 pitches I
couldn't do it in that time you will
knew about Napoleon's abdication almost
soon as it happened how the deuce did
you do it
a little bird whispered in my ear oh you
don't intend to tell me I don't blame
you which we better go before he makes
us disappear like a rabbit in a hat this
is your child give a charming home and a
charming daughter okay hope that yes
cross-scar ah thank you are they still
there and this is the man who faced the
grand Amish oh fuck yeah Detroit is it
Randy before the charge always aha
there's military tactics for you there
young man who'll be a general someday
hanging on the back wall child and
remember it's a - dark secret
thousand-point service Mario's longing
the peace and the crash the battlefield
yes sir
mom mom I have to be very happy of it
I'm not quite what is it here fit says
there's nobody's business but ours
just hears in mind but is this wretched
family I'm thinking of you know mother
nearly all of his answer duchesses and
countesses and oh I'm so afraid they'll
turn up their noses and doesn't it dick
to our money I hope no he says he's
violent open up there oh I'm glad to
hear that father please don't think it
fits like that you don't you're hurting
her needs them
isn't that rather cruel oh no it's my
fault I never told father I really care
as much as I do
and you didn't either of you think I'm
you we businessmen and not supposed to
notice unimportant things like daughters
- and wives you should know better than
- that huh well and you she loved him but.
We thought we'd tell you when you got to
know him better.
Julie you know the tradition of our
family a Rothschild to marry a.
Rothschild but I wasn't a Rothschild
Nathan no but you were Hannah and you
were one of our races that's what
frightens me mom these dreadful
could we bear it fifth parent I won't
pretend Julie that I wouldn't rather you
married one of your own people the crow
barrier yeah
but the world's changed it especially in.
England there's no Jew Street here and
they're lifting other chains from us too
so no no don't say perhaps say yes what
do you think Hannah I think girls should
be allowed to make their own choice ah
I'm not sure that I agree with you but
this girl father well it's about the
first time that I've known a Rothschild
to make a bad bargain you are a.
Rothschild and the Duke of Wellington
has told me that the Rothschilds did a
great year for Europe during the war now
what are your feet strides dad nothing
beyond repeatedly getting leave of
absence from duty and showing an
unaccountable interesting audience a
remarkable taste in women that doesn't
show strength of character any fool
could fall in love with you but not any
fool could get your consent he hasn't
tried any girl money does your steam oh
you dog here's relative he positively
shop don't go shooting on again where
are you going Julie and going out to the
ogre house look at the orchid right I
sent for you because I have tremendous
news this message let's go to each of my
brothers at once by His grace calls our
magic great news yes indeed
let me have the earliest possible dates
on which all private loans can be
recalled give instructions to bronze no
- more private loans until further notice
- I must know it once the exact extent of.
Our available character the most
important deal the House of Rothschild
has ever attempted
oh you really look so very nice I'm sure
I don't know how they can refuse you
anything you asked I'm not depending
entirely on my profile where's my hair
well the catch hasn't come yet
I'll take a hook that's what I like to
do you know what makes me feel so
independent sure you won't admit with a
little perfume on your head still a
question you're so calm I'm so excited
at all about getting this great loan
holder they're representatives of all
the big banking houses in Europe bearing
we'll be there of course under the
ministers of the countries interested I
suppose I suppose so later on
representing pressure magic from Austria
and the rest of the still you feel
British your sir don't you sure have
half of it anyhow I have private
information that ours was the best
so now just loan in history you know
it's the proudest day of your life the
proudest day of my life happened 30
years ago I shall do an easy breath
don't worry when I say that no other
banking house in Europe can match our
bid I'm not guessing
I know and now where's my hand your head
where it should be well it shouldn't be
in the latest present I bigger to.
Downing Street and victory goodbye
thank you but amid the Rothschild even
your daughter Miss Julie pays me more
than it sure it has a very rich father I
have this Kimura mr. Archer how do you
do very well sir boils down to the hook
am I too early or too late early they're
still in the conference room he loves a
your hat thank you is very the meeting
is called to order
gentlemen bids for a French loan for 450
million francs have been received and
recorded offers to take all or part of
the issue of bonds the greatest single
issue in the history of European finance
we received from the following banking
houses J Lafitte and company Paris
game allows Vienna Hope London they're
totally Madrid banning and company
London it is the decision of the
conference that the highest
authoritative bid is that of bearing and
company London they will be awarded
three quarters of the issue all at 71
there being no further matter which are
mystique mr. Harris there is mr. Nathan.
I'm compelled my knowledge and judgment
to draw your attention to what was
certainly the Innova I regret to say mr.
Our style the decision must stand but my
house sending its bid to take the entire
issue and our price was a quite better
than mr. Barriers why is that not
perhaps count later ons would like to
explain the situation to mr. Rothschild
your excellency your bid was received
mr. Rothschild but to put it as
delicately as possible it was thrown out
shall we say on a technicality a
what am I to understand by that you are
at liberty to give my statement any
interpretation you choose you mean in
brief I am a Jew likewise in brief I do
gentlemen I must accept your decision
but since code later on has been frank
enough to admit the reason for our
exclusion I ventured to advise him that
these attacks on my race are ignorant
and futile he may strike and strike
again a Jew Falls of thousand of
but the race lives on but unfortunately
they find excellence' we are evidently
mr. Hayes you say that bearings take 3/4
of the load may ask who takes the other
form that is being taken up by car
clearance Prince Metternich count teller
all I see a family party good day
gentlemen your luck is out mr.
father well father what news house turns
the House of Rothschild well they've
been throwing stones at it and I'm
afraid some of the stones went wild and
it's usually what do you mean I just
come from a meeting of men in society
the kind sad it which fits driver lungs
and they stone me because I'm a Jew yes
Roy isn't that so Julie you must give
him a keep him up I can't I know but you
don't love him I do he continued to love
you oh this isn't like you you've always
fought for what you wanted and got it
but perhaps I'm a fighter too fights
been going on for 2,000 years changing
- you said so yourself I was a fool I
- thought we'd swept away these prejudices.
But I was a failure it knows what he's
we've talked this thing all over were
ready to face the consequences well
you're young but what are the years to
come there's no one else in the world
for me but Vincent I won't give him up
well Nathan what is it
they didn't outbid you yes my bid was
thrown out on a technicality a
technicality because I'm a Jew but they
did me a great service they showed me
just how they were going to behave as
you lay if she married into their set
you'll do as I bid you
try father
Nathan what have you said to her you
can't ruin their life no I'm going to
save them Hannah she mustn't continue to
see this man you must get her away but
we're taking a frank version taker wets
excuse me sir
I heard the result of the meeting and
came to offer my sympathy I think you
have any spare sympathy you might keep a
little to me reserved for burying laid
ransom company I don't think they need
it sir
no they may later you realize that later
an smitten ik Tara and the rest of the
party are taking a fourth of this loan
without a penny between them but they'll
make millions on the rise he's time
perhaps I'd better call again later.
Oh Arthur if you could buy government 4%
bonds of 60 would you pay Sedna for
father no sir would you Hannah goodness
me no I thought not Nathan what's in
your mind
murder Hannah I'll tell you exactly
what's in my mind and this may interest
you to her
bearing and those others has ballet
grants of taking this new load at 71 on
the first of the month they're going to
offer to the public at 74 it pays 4% but
there is already in existence a previous
government bond which also pays 4% of
which we have a large holding this bond
is now sitting at 73 henesys I'm tired
but I'm not too tired realized that if
the public and by one government bond
for 73 they won't buy a new issue
bearing the same interest for 74 that's
true sir but barring all the other
bankers will run up the old bonds and
when they rise to about Senator our
children say I'm if the old ones rise
and then launched the new ones a point
lower and the public rush is in white
salsa but suppose there is no rise
suppose somebody pricks the balloon and
it doesn't go up suppose before they can
run it up somebody else begins to run it
down suppose for the first of the month
these old.
Barmes now sending a 73 should fall down
to 63 then they couldn't possibly launch
the new load assembly far because nobody
would bangles and bearing and later on
sand is it a band of bankrupt big uns
we'll wait for it to go up but suppose
instead of going up it stair goes down
the 55 to 50 to fortify at the 40 where
they'll never be able to last alone at
all and Baghdad that's where it's going
look at Rothschild you think he was
selling air force instead of government
bonds runs an hour 53 all right
I'll keep on saying that today - stop
you're creating something like a panic
on the exchange sir I know the North.
Tower is that Hannah gave me this mind I
don't know to dip it in smells nice too
mr. Rothschild do you know what you're
doing to the market what have you heard
I hear things I just imagine them know
what kind of flowers is know
52:52 that means I got about 25 million
plans and you the same address caught
something be done to stop him bearing
you're the biggest banker in England are
we old to be rowing but a gymnastics of
a - frylock I've thrown the entire
resources of bearings back into the pool
but I can't stop it
he's got us on the run I bet your copper
crown the bearing makes straight for
this post within two minutes I'll take
you sir
I'm tired of losing money I'd like to
win some
you are a magician sir here he is
mr. Rostov I don't have to tell you this
is nothing less than soft you know my
position I'm responsible for this new
issue it's 71 D and you are making it
impossible for me to put it on the
they're both bankers you knew I out have
had a share of this load why'd you shut
me up certain pressure was brought to
bear on me huh laid ass well yes net
lead and speak for himself
all right mr. Barry I come
about how much has this thing cost us up
to now about five million pounds will
make ten
who having kept you waiting gentlemen
because I know you must all be very busy
we send for you Rothschild to make you
an offer
you resent being left out of this low
mister bearings you know who three
quarters of it is prepared part with
half of that to you
will that satisfy you what about the
other quarter that as you know is held
by us oh yes you boys have 70 well don't
be responsible for it
you bought a 71 it was allotted to us
not against your where I hope certainly
not so your boss is 70 what do you mean
40 your people in 71 you know perfectly
well that no one is prepared to pay in
full for an entire issue we're prepared
to pay anything could use to the
10-point drop no you look at your rise
you're financially irresponsible the
whole lot of you said mr. berry I know
just how much money you've got each one
and if I like to hold down the market
till after the first of the month and I
can you're all right and dishonored
including bearings Bank no rescue you on
one condition
but you pass me the entire issue at 68
that's impossible
but what excuse can we offer to the
public just say it was found necessary
on what grounds Oh on a technicality no
well wait please we have to deal with
mr. Rothschild
under the circumstances I consider his
offer a generous one and as the head of
the house forbearing I insist on mr.
Rothschilds terms being accepted what
are you going to take it over her hands
roster that's uncommon good of you by
countless a road are you also on the
preferred list yes but I much prefer to
be off of it well we've no choice I
I say yes without hesitation don't leave
ants very well to save time I had this
little contract draw
which I shall ask you gentlemen at sack
you seem to have been very sure of
I was quite were you saying fast
can I
you won your fight with me you remember
victory may be bought too dearly
laid rats what are you going to do sir
I'm going to Frankfurt I leave within an
get out you doctors you can't even cure
a bellyache take your pills and oh good
come come mama you know the doctors
doing everything he can for ya
your weapon in my goodness is that our
child you are 88 years old and I can't
make you any younger
I'm asking you to make me any younger
I'm asking you to make me old
she's better here she's insulting Peter
there's nothing tonight with her trust
noise Deb's do you think I'm afraid of
that rattle I've had 88 years of this
I'm not dead yet but we want you to come
away with us for a few months you're not
safe here
I was born here and I'll die that won't
be soon either I live a dozen years yet
Nathan you ought to know enough about
bargains to know the Lord isn't gonna
take me at 88 when he can get me at a
hundred maybe what Virginia officer
James he's right and family been doing
that Darryl yours she goes kneeling
about like a cat that's lost like
kittens she needs a change
he needs a husband that's what's the
matter with her what about one the
gooseneck boys I'm afraid Julie has
ideas of her own and leave it alone
she's no fool
can you tell me which is the Rothschild
house yeah that's it
what's the use of our pretending I don't
pretend to father he knows exactly how I
feel Justin darling he's determined to
did you know we can't give each other up
sending you away from me only makes
matters worse did you tell him you
didn't yet I told him I'm trying I don't
seem to be trying very hard do I
let me look at you how long to take you
to get here how long have you been
riding I left yesterday morning how'd
you manage a snows II believe this noisy
that's we call the Duke behind you back
oh I think he guessed where I was bound
for anyhow he said yes of course had no
idea your father was here
what are we going to do I'm going to see
even have it out oh darling oh just lead
us through with me somehow I've got you
and I'm gonna keep you
then we can be very brave a soldier and
wear this ring yes it's one of those
family things my mother wore oh it's
what's the meaning of this father gets
his only just arrived I saw him brought
him in here your mother no oh no nobody
knows with us why are you here you knew
my wishes I came here for the same
- reason you did sir I heard there was
- trouble and Julie was in danger who to.
Your mother I'd rather stay in here what
you have to say to Fitz please go Julie
it's no use father.
I had a good reason for keeping you in
my daughter apart I desire to respect my
Julie weren't agreeable I wouldn't be
here sir but her happiness is involved
as well as mine
unfortunately we differ as to where her
happiness lies what does change your
attitude toward me sir captain Fitzroy I
doubt whether there's a single man in.
London today who would suspect me of
being a sentimental fool which
apparently I had been the first layer
has certain amount of common sense we
sometimes comes to my rescue you'll
please understand that your attentions
to my daughter are objectionable to me
what is your objection
you're not of our race that's an
objection I think you might have raised
a great deal earlier have a sentimental
fool walk through this ghetto going to
the Jewish quarter of any towering
pressure today as you'll see men lying
dead Jewish people killed by your people
for but one crime the favored Jews now
you understand I'm sorry sir but I still
love Julie Julie as a Rothschild and
she'll not marry without her father's
consent good day
no matter what happens no matter even of
what father says is true I love you
Jews it's Prussia know that this
uprising is the direct result of your
quarrel with later and that has made
them bitter against you it was nathan
has done more for the Jews in England
than any man who ever lived human isn't
pressure laid reg has his agents
everywhere they spread lies and
propaganda got to put the screws on many
is the onus crews we have and now when
the Polian in exile laid ransom the
allies need us no more squares did we
fight for the Peace of Europe and with
peace we lose our power you've got to do
something they burned down the lady's
house last night they burned down this
one if they did but they're afraid of me
you tell all those kings and ministers
you feed that if they don't stop this
outrage you will stop their pocket money
if I thought they'd rants would listen
if I thought I could make him call off
his dogs I'd go to him but how don't
worry Nathan and make yourself sick the.
Lord isn't going to desert us so take a
rest leave the work to him if there was
only some way you could handle a dress
for the sake of our Jewish people I
think you should go to him Nathan gravel
at his feet all right if you think so I
go he must have his price whatever it is
our pit I've make you gentlemen pay for
your wine a card seem to favor you
denied your actions thankful they
sharpen their my cockerel any news good
news your excellency Dresden target are
reduced to ashes by fire
it is estimated that 5000 Jewish
refugees crossed the border into the.
Netherland every scratch three ancients
to the Hague to stir up the populace
their Frankfurt the citizens formed the
ghetto and fired two houses serious
pogroms prevented by the arrival of the.
Civic God poured out the Civic God at
the burgomaster but he won't interfere
again we've explained your Excellencies
campaign well that's splendid news
colonel I have still better news for
your excellency yes Nathan Rothschild is
in Frankfurt he arrived from London last
night if he tries to leave I want him
arrested at the border and walk to me
here yes your excellency upon what
grounds make your own grounds yes your
the House of Rothschild the house with
the red shield I'll make it red
that's the one individual crimes and I
promise you I won't come back without an
agreement from lead runners to stop this.
Pope whatever the cost may be may God be
with you soon were to stop his carriers
as it starts to pass through the city
gate seize him and place him under
arrest quick
mr. Ruff sad mr. Rock child what is this
you month dismiss just arrived the
so mr. nathen me yes sir
but his Napoleon has escaped from Elba.
Frenchie rallying with camera by posing
now you can go to Layton's now he means
you transfer come here
my goal in my daddy's back
first Wellington I'm Prime Minister but
you're the idol of the people my dear
fella I'm going to retire quietly to the
country surrounded by me dogs and me
books and yes for His grace huh
for me excuse me where is it that
blasted it'll Costigan is back what I
gave orders not to be disturbed it's
important sir word has just reached us
Napoleon has escaped and he said France
mobilizing his army walking just like a
young girl yeah let's have another look
at you're all growing up aren't you hey
I think you're getting your father would
have been 92 today ours is the richest
banking house in Europe and we're still
being kicked it looks as though we
haven't played our cards very well
doesn't it perhaps we haven't
criticising I think we're open to
criticism mama and that's what has
brought us all together here today
oh is it I thought you came here to see
it seems it takes a war and the Jewish
pilgrim to get us all together nowadays
that's not fair mama you know we're
waste Island complements what James
Nathan you run the English house and so
you have the sea between you and trouble
but we've Karl and Solomon and Hansel
and I are here in the furnace I know and
with an opponent on the map again our
position is intolerable Napoleon will be
in Paris in a week with a whole army
rallying to his banner and deserting
Louis Napoleon's soldiers must be paid
and if he can't follow money he'll he'll
take it as he suggested a load yes he
sent for me as head of the Paris house I
went to see him in Leo and he made a
definite proposal now listen mate him
before you give an opinion we've issued
450 million francs for the buns for a
government which started packing at the
first blast of a bugle.
Napoleon guarantees the payment of these
buns down to the last son team and on
future loans he agrees to double the
interest offered by his enemies what of
the Allies to offer us from the simple
standpoint of business we shouldn't
hesitate a day longer but refusal to
support Napoleon means not only the
probable loss of a murderous sum but.
James's Paris business my labels
business will be wiped out like that and
and shells and Solomon's are in great
danger it's no longer a question with me
we should support Napoleon as far as I
can see the Allies seem to be under the
thumb of a tyrant from Austria and a
scandal from Prussia.
Metin I can't lay dress mother has said
we are still being kicked and she's
right but a part of a century we have
stood with the Allies and apart from
what we've got out of it personally
houses fine clothes carriages as Jews we
are just where we started in the Jew.
Street waiting for the change to be put
up I agree with the others we've got to
transfer our support a Napoleon and
start over again with him well you're
right oh and a word you said is true but
still we must fight the podium why well
because we are with the Rothschilds the
time being anyway there's something more
than five rich Jews looking for the main
chance we know the world knows the
maternal podium is gone forever
there can be no peace in Europe for Jew
or Gentile
you can't deny any of you we've got to
take the risk
you've got to swallow our pride the
systemic how is it we've got to go
against every normal selfish impasse.
Eunice and do what is right for the
world we can go hand in hand with.
Napoleon and spread this war over years
we can pave a fire and blood till all
Europe is a slaughterhouse and the Jew
would stand as a pawnbroker in life you
can to understand but we've always stood
not for war but the peace and if we all
go down we'll go down with honor
leave no shame anyway
son that is what your father would have
said you're right I agree.
House of the red shield your excellency
but Philistines are squishing metalic.
Toledo and later on could that be the
tax collector something very like it
if mr. Nathan Rothschild here your
excellency will enter nah this is a
great pleasure but how did you find your
way the Duke of Wellington was kind
enough to supply us with a guide Captain.
Fitzroy who has I believe been here
how won't you come in and my brothers
and I was speaking of you only this
moment Prince McGonagall hello Don I
won't burden you with introductions
except perhaps to my mother who is
startled by your arrival she taught you
with the tax collector I can't lead rats
welcome to our ghetto you will forgive
this unexpected visit Mina certainly we
were expecting it then we may assume you
know precisely why we are here and not
the precise amount but approximately may
I congratulate you on your brilliant son
mother Rothschild I'm told I'm the
mother of hats and loans in Europe I am
here at the request of the Duke of
Wellington and the allied governments in
that case my brother's too are
interested I won't you sit down
we will not intrude very long they're
chained in at 6 speaking for myself I
admit that I come as a penitent we've
not always treated you quite fairly
Nathan and now frankly we need you you
should join Wellington on the field of
battle he once told me that the test of
a great general is to know when to
retreat and to have the courage to do it
the Allies need money and we're not
asking you to give anything you're
moneylenders and you get your interests
then don't you trust the power no
austria's bankrupt France is already in
the hands of Napoleon and so is Italy
why don't you go to the other bankers
your own bankers not sufficient cat you
mean they won't take the chance
what if Napoleon whims I suppose there
must be a certain amount of risk in your
business no we asked security what
security can you offer us then don't say
you aren't asking is to give anything
you're asking us to give a great deal I
see no reason for prolonging this
meeting as you say we are moneylenders
not philanthropists we do it for profit
you may as well know that Napoleon has
offered us twice as much as you
compromises and we've decided to take
his up call over to the enemy a I must
submit I'm a main how will Napoleon get
the money to pay you steal it there's
not our business I always thought you
stood for peace for 20 years we've been
supporting the Peace of Europe now we
are thinking of the Peace of our own
people the Jew yes Napoleon will give us
our freedom that's why we are for
Napoleon is that your only reason for
deserting the Allies and isn't being
trust questioned by you counted ransom
I think his excellency was about to make
a proposition well if we gave you all
the freedom that Napoleon could give you
would you then be willing to sacrifice
the financial advantage of his offer
simply dance
we are money lenders come come days and
after all these years but he'll offer
what do you want brothers may I speak
for you your circles we require an
agreement a treaty signed and guaranteed
by our governments giving to our people
absolute freedom in this agreement they
would lose their chains they would have
the right to follow any trade to own
land to live with respect
and remember what our father said mama
to walk the world with dignity sure we
will have to lay that before our
respective governments your I our
respective governments and you know it
the Davis agreement is signed the
resources of the House of Rothschild
will be a chock amount and not before
very well we accept pre excuse this.
Milan's some Gentile has ever entered
straight into our quarter goodbye my
goodbye idea oh yeah father I brought of
the carriage of Michael alright James
it's a vital importance that we should
have first hand news from field of
battle some is it to be close to.
Wellington's troops who can be trusted
in time of war nobody what about you
will you do it yes I'll get word to you
every day to every move they make the
instant they make it and always by the
usual method I'll come to the door with
you home
let it be a long wall will you it should
be just as shocked as our many convicted
good luck
it's a whole step
this time I am hereby command of the
Duke of Wellington Sir
give me the ring quickly
well I must say I hope the entire wall
isn't going to be conducted on this
romantic basis
settings it's right
I give Napoleon a hundred days no longer
give at the end of that time you are
still alive and you seem to be the type
of young man that can't be killed you
can come and talk to me in London thank
you sir
I shall tell today
even the time says as a rumor that the
stock exchange won't open today there
was you were true but it isn't
and a stem
when people become rich very rich they
have grave responsibilities no I mean
more responsibilities that come with
money the poor people never know yes
could you bear to be poor really poor
I'm asking you now because tonight may
be too late tell me what you need
I'm buying on the stock exchange when
everyone else is Terry I'm risking
everything we have to save the credit.
England I'm sticking to the bargain I
made things look bad far as heaven very
bad are you doing what you feel you
should do yes
don't you think is wrong and if you fail
I love you all
and whatever happened with your love and
your flower in my buttonhole I'll still
be the richest man
mr. wrong small message may we hear it
it just came from I thought you should
have it before going to the exchange
Napoleon has thrown entire grand army
against Wellington James worse than West
foolish you mean these are hard times
for young lovers father you said you
gave me pulling on the dais this is the
hundredth day citizen conviction.
I am a magician my day may be open but I
know there's a message of love and hope
on its way.
I might continue to buy yes but its
sheer suicide sir I support the market
but we can't possibly keep it up sir
how long it's two hours to closing time
hold on for two hours then stop this
insane buying no I made a deal with
later than the rest and I won't go back
and rework buy it away brick do you
realize that you're holding more than
anyone ever held in the history of the
stock exchange picked our horse we'll
back Utley drops but there are messages
from your brothers begging you to hold
back you're alone in your judgment hi
all blind where will your Abbey of.
England is Beckett and if I can't hold
the market England squared is gone but
no one man can hold the nation's credit
single-handed mr. Rothschild one man can
try I'm fighting the only way I can
fight with money I'm giving all it got
together for the Peace of Europe and
whatever other English would go tomorrow
I buy dad a straw child forgive me but
while rumors reach the exchange that.
Wellington has been defeated
they can't be true I still have other we
owe so much to you will you do one thing
more come and show yourself on the
they say you're ruined and down on face
the music oh there's a wild panic your
presence may steady the market how come
Julie Rothschild you back there on the
roof this time drop child you've lost
your luck.
Yes by have you had any news what do you
think about this rumor I don't listen to
rumors with today you hear what I say.
Wellington defeated you might tell me
what you're going to do I have no
objection to although I am fine
this ross giant offsprings of eating
she come here to the exchange
look at rocks
you ever see such a cold-blooded fish
it's a flower on his coat as he stands
on the scaffold without rope around him.
News just arrived
and connects
wedington victorious possible
we're gonna
oh yeah his beat.
Oh wedding Kiner smilin one
to get the new television by pigeon post
from the battlefield now you know our
now we'll abide by whatever security I
would have to go
mr. Rothschild do tell me how he feels
to be the richest man in the world one
has to be very clever to make a fortune
these days perhaps better far more
clever to keep it really well I wish you
tell me how to make money on the stock
exchange what's the recipe Oh Sims for
cold back quick in and pick out
take your hands out of your pockets
strange isn't it young people like that
should be just as interested in romance
as you and I
I congratulate you young people thank
you your grace.
Nathan yeah run into town sir yes ma'am
I'm confoundedly wedding what is it well
mr. Ross child my congratulations you're
just the marijuana see I'm very worried
- which me do I need out when I go before
- his right hand.
England is deeply grateful to her
adopted son by his generosity and
courage made some larger part in
bringing victory and peace to your
loyalty never waver estate in England
never fall to England he has brought
nothing but honor and for England we
thank you Baron Nathan Rothschild.
I used the wrong name
portrayed with dignity to live with
dignity walk the world with dignity