The House of Tomorrow (2018) Movie Script

Hey, there!
If you go around the the back,
I'll be down in a minute.
All right, everybody,
let's stay together.
Hi, I'm Alan...
and this is the St. Peder's
Lutheran Youth Group.
I'm Sebastian.
Welcome to the future!
That's my nana.
Thank you for visiting...
the House of Tomorrow, here in
North Branch, Minnesota.
You'll be touring this
incredible space shortly...
but first, it's important
for you to understand...
how it came to be.
That all begins with a man
named Buckminster Fuller.
You want to rotate one of them
like this...
and bring it in like this.
And then, stick it together,
it becomes a tetrahedron.
designed three-wheeled...
fuel-efficient cars...
energy-saving homes that use
aviation technology.
And perhaps his best known
achievement, the geodesic dome.
The geodesic dome can enclose
the same space...
as a regular building,
using far fewer materials.
It's a shining example of
Fuller's design philosophy...
of doing more... less.
Fuller believed the world's
could be distributed to
everyone fairly.
This is where I go to school.
So it's just you and that lady
all the time?
The tour culminates here...
so you can follow me back
upstairs and finish the film.
NARRATOR (OVER TV): His radical
ideas were embraced...
by the counter-culture.
And no one took to these
beliefs more passionately...
than his prized pupil...
architect Josephine
This place could be sick
for an overnight...
with a bunch of people.
What is an overnight?
You know, like a sleepover?
A slumber party?
It's like a party where people
sleep over?
That would be fun.
I can tell you if there's one
in your future. I read palms.
We're all so privileged...
to live on what Bucky called
Spaceship Earth.
But you know, we're destroying
our beautiful planet...
with pollution and wars and
ignorance, and arrogance.
Do you have a boner?
I barely touched you.
But it's not too late
to fix things.
A question?
Uh, yeah, just a quick
follow-up. Um, are you crazy?
Jared! Apologize.
No... it's all right. Now why do
you think that?
Well, because you live
in this thing.
And you actually think that the
world can be fixed.
I don't think it can be fixed.
I know...
Oh, god! Are you all right?
Oh, god.
We need to call an ambulance!
- Nana?
- Lady?
Sebastian, right?
This is fucked.
Yes, I need an ambulance.
I'm at the geodesic dome, Bridge
Road, the House of Tomorrow.
Did you want something else?
No, this is... fine.
Why couldn't I just go home
with Meredith?
Because you'll forget to take
your pills if I'm not with you.
Come on. Come on.
You're a good boy.
This one... this one gives me
Jared, come on.
What? It's a bodily function.
Your boy, God, created it.
He created loose stool.
They must know something by now.
Thank you for your
Of course.
Thank you for your
You're not some kind of asshole
genius, are you?
I don't think so, no.
So that old lady is like your
She's my guardian.
What do you mean, your guardian?
Ever since my parents died...
Nana made sure I stayed
on the right path.
She says there's the traditional
way to live...
and then there's the dynamic,
independent way to live...
the way Buckminster Fuller did.
Which means what exactly?
Well, like Fuller...
my life will be one of
experiment and higher ideals.
A life of constant question
and risk.
Did you know, Bucky once called
himself Guinea Pig B?
He said his life was just
an experiment.
When I was just a boy, my nana
would sometimes...
call me Guinea Pig S. She said I
was a living experiment, too.
She said I would serve humanity,
just like Bucky did.
What, with like volunteering
and shit?
No, not exactly.
Well, then what?
Well, I'm gonna change
the world.
What is it that you listen
to on those?
On this? Uh, well, today,
The Germs.
Why, what do you listen to?
Well, Nana has her classical
and she also has this incredible
tape of whale calls...
she listens to, to aid her
Well, you better prepare
yourself, dude.
Put 'em in your ears.
Okay, you ready?
It's Sunday and the streets
aren't clear
The traffic's screaming
but we can't hear
The sounds the metals
driving us mad
The sounds the metals
driving us mad
The sounds the metals
driving us mad
The sounds the metals
driving us mad
We must bleed we must bleed
we must bleed
We must bleed
The crash as the bottle
Flashes it will through
my veins
The pain the colors
making me sane
The pain the colors
making me sane
The pain the colors
making me sane
Well, that is a very
accomplished song.
Oh, that's smart.
What the heck is the matter
with you?
Have you lost your mind?
Sebastian, your grandma's
had a stroke.
Hey... it's me.
You drank so-da.
Alan gave me an RC.
You're going away.
No, no, I'm here... right here
with you.
They said I should stay here
for the night.
I can take her home in the
Well, that's good.
It could have been a lot worse.
Jared wanted me to give
you his info.
In case you ever feel like a day
away from your... your home.
Jared wanted you to give
me this?
Mm-hm, well, he didn't
actually say it.
He's in the van right now,
thinking about his behavior.
But I could tell he really
wanted to hear from you again.
Take care, Sebastian.
Here you go.
Dear Jared...
SEBASTIAN (V.O.): Your father
handed me this web address...
and a bag of pretzels.
You were in the car at the
ruminating about your behavior.
I don't believe you witnessed
I wondered today, did you
really want me to contact you?
JARED (V.O.): Sebastian, your
writing is worse...
than your talking. It makes me
wanna cock punch you.
One thing to know about my dad:
he's ignorant plus a liar.
Call tomorrow.
I will.
Who are you talking to?
Nana... has your health
Did you finish your homework?
I wasn't sure if I should
complete it...
without the accompanying
Well, what have you been
Well, I was doing some
investigating on the web.
Stanford has archived some newly
discovered documents on Bucky.
I need you to go to the pharmacy
to get my prescription.
Of course.
Sebastian! Jared will be
Is he here?
Oh, yes... where else
would he be?
Everyone's at home,
except my wife.
She's always flying somewhere.
Sales. How's your grandma?
She's improved, thank you.
Good to hear. Jared's upstairs.
You can keep your shoes on.
We're a shoes-on house.
Just give 'em a good wipe!
Who let you in?
Your father... I want to know
more about punk.
What is that smell?
It's vinegary.
You know, I never really said
you could come over here.
Sebastian, you're not going?
Thank you, Mr. Whitcomb,
but I have a lengthy bike ride.
Don't you like grilled cheese?
Dad, he's gotta go.
He should stay for sandwiches.
How are you feeling, any better?
Yeah, I'm feeling great.
ALAN: How's your stomach?
JARED: Dad, I'm feeling fine.
Please drop it.
What's the verdict?
Have you ever played guitar
All right, now strum. Strum.
What are those for?
I peed my pants earlier.
That's what stinks in here.
It's my pee pants in the closet.
I, um, I'm taking this new med
that makes me pee...
all the time, and I just got
tired of going...
so I tried to hold it, and I
guess I just couldn't...
I couldn't do it.
My dad is trying to get me to go
back to school, and I'm like...
"Dad, I can't go back to school,
I'm fucking peeing my pants."
Why do you take so much
JARED: You wanna see?
I have someone else's heart.
I've only had it
for about six months.
So what, you want to learn
about punk or what?
It's 20 bucks a class.
I have to pay?
Come on, I thought you were like
this furry, little guinea pig?
Isn't your life like an
Well, that's what this is,
this is an experiment.
BUCKY: Every time man makes
a new experiment...
he always learns more,
you cannot learn less.
- Okay.
- JARED: Okay?
Okay, yes... I accept.
JARED (V.O.): Bring your first
payment Sunday at 10:00.
And wear dress pants.
What does this mean to you?
The Dymaxion map?
NANA: Yeah.
Is this a pop quiz?
Well, Fuller's Dymaxion map
depicts things more accurately.
Revealing that the earth's
land mass...
resembles one contiguous island.
The Dymaxion map shows that
we're all united!
And yesterday, while you
were out...
I had this moment of clarity
and I realized that...
I had to make it public
right away.
So I called The North Branch
and granted them an interview.
About what?
The Buckminster Fuller
Institute of Minnesota.
Mm-hm, we're gonna expand your
garden operation...
and sell organic produce.
Our study is going to be a
lending library stocked with...
All of this begins with the
Dymaxion map...
painted beneath our feet,
to remind people...
that we're all in this together.
Well, when I was out, I saw
some signs for a sale...
at the hardware store on Sunday,
I could get paint then.
MEREDITH: Someone gonna get
the door? No?
Hey, Sebastian, this is my
sister Meredith.
You can probably guess,
she totally sucks.
It's just my brother's
Be right there!
Check it out. What Would
Jared Do.
What? I don't know.
No, it's not a fucking question.
It's What Would Jared Do.
I'm giving you the initials.
Do you have my money?
Yes... $20.
Oh, glad you're joining us
today, Sebastian!
This your first time going
to church group?
Um, my Nana and I don't attend
What is it that you believe
in then?
If you don't mind my asking.
We believe in synergy.
Oh... then you are gonna
love this.
What I want you to do is write
down something...
that's holding you back.
Something keeping you from
committing entirely to God...
and to yourself. We'll call it
an idol.
Write it down and we'll cast
them into the flames.
What does this have to do
with punk?
Listen carefully.
Take this.
What's this?
In a second, I'm gonna cause
a diversion.
- JARED: He's gonna fall for it.
- There's your idol.
You'll run down to the closet,
open it and grab the bass.
It's like a guitar, but it's got
four strings on it...
so it's a lot bigger. So grab it
and hide it somewhere safe.
Listen to me, either you do this
and you help a friend...
or you deny a young, sick man
the gift of music.
We're friends?
No, not if you don't do this
for me. Come on.
I bet I know what this is.
Don't make me do this
for nothing.
Dad! I'm having a rejection!
Um, okay, I can get some towels!
Dedicated emancipated
Claims she waited her life
for her man
Loves to pray every day
I'm feeling a little bit better
now, actually.
Well, you must have cured it.
Hang on, take it easy.
It must be your connection
with God.
Take it slow. Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
She's a non stop nun
She's a non stop nun
She's a non stop nun and
she's running running running
Enlisted sister knows her
Never two times with the rest
of the clan
In her eyes you sympathise
The afterlife holds
a better plan
She's a non stop nun
ALAN: Jared, you know the
doctors treat any symptoms...
as a possible rejection.
I'm supposed to take you
to the hospital.
JARED: It was your meat loaf!
I can't eat the goddamn green
I've told you that.
Like, I can't digest it,
so that's what happened.
Sebastian, I'm sorry you had
to experience this.
I was hoping that you would have
a good time...
and want to come back.
Nothing ever seems to go right
around here.
I know you saw me.
But I saw what you did,
and I'll tell if you tell.
Are we clear, you perv?
It's because I'm damaged goods.
ALAN: Don't you ever say that
about yourself.
There's nothin' for us
in Belfast
The Pound's old
and that's a pity
OK so there's the Trident
in Bangor
And then you walk back
to the city
We ain't got nothin'
but they don't really care
They don't even know
you know
They just want money
we can take it or leave it
What we need
Is an Alternative Ulster
Grab it and change it
it's yours
Get an Alternative Ulster
Ignore the bores and their
Get an Alternative Ulster
Be an anti-security force
Alter your native Ulster
Sebastian, what are you
It's... it's nothing. Sorry,
Is this the kind of place
you want to live
Is this where you want to be
Is this the only life
we're gonna have
What we need
Is an Alternative Ulster
How did you practice
with your other bands?
When the hell did I say I had
other bands?
Well, I just assumed.
Don't assume things. You don't
know anything.
I know how to... I know how
to do this.
I went searching on the web.
It's a G... take this,
use a pick.
Yeah, do it like... be like
So, watch me.
I'm going. Duh-duh-duh-duh.
Can you do it that fast to me?
And then go to the second
string. C. You can sing that.
Move up in it!
Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh. D-D-D.
Up a step. D-D-D-D-D-D-D.
Now back to G-G-G-G-G-G-G,
every single time.
- G-G-G-G.
- G-G-G-G...
You okay? What's wrong?
I'm actually supposed
to warm-up...
before I do any physical
That was probably just too fast.
We'll take a break.
Yeah. Let's brainstorm band
Hey, what about Dangerous
Is that a real suggestion?
No... no cutlery.
Is he here to mop up your piss?
Shut up, why don't you have your
period somewhere else?
Oh, God, I could smell it
through the floorboards.
Just stop!
Why? He's always a dick!
I don't care.
- Yeah, fuck off, Meredith.
- Fuck you.
You stop it, too.
Jesus Christ!
Do not take the name
of the Lord in vain!
Oh, my god, cut the religious
shit, Dad, seriously.
The only reason you took the
church job...
and suddenly believe in God, is
because you want me hanging...
out with a bunch of losers who
don't drink or smoke or fuck.
See? Why do you let him walk
all over you?
Because I'm gonna die first.
Shit, Jared.
Can we still be futurists...
even if we think about the past
Where's this coming from?
Well, why don't we ever talk
about my parents?
What are we supposed to do?
Torture ourselves every day
with memories from the past?
Only positive thoughts.
Negativity just clogs us up
and weighs us down.
I think we're gonna need some
different brushes...
for all our fine detail work.
All right.
How about the Exploding Faces?
Well, how does a face explode?
Like from a missile.
I don't know, dude!
There's no wrong answers
in brainstorming.
The Bandits?
No. Pissy Cargo Pants?
No, that's dumb.
The Sins? The Deathly Sins?
No. What about Stool Samples?
Hey, have you ever tasted
Me? What? No, I don't...
If you can't say it, then you
are one. You're welcome.
Jared, how did you get this?
Well, while you were staring
at slushies...
I showed the guy my scar and
gave him the whole sob story.
And he gave you this?
Everyone is so scared that I'm
gonna die...
before I get to drink beer or
touch a tit, it's pity swag.
Are you worried about dying?
Hell, no.
Where are we going?
A show in St. Paul, it's some
really shitty band from Iowa...
but it's live. You need to see
I'm trying to poach their
drummer, too.
You know, my Nana is getting
I'll have to tell her...
...that your bike got stolen...
and you were looking for it
Yeah, that's a good idea.
Fake tears won't hurt, either.
All of them say no
Roll around the room
Falling down victorious
And now we take what we like
Falling in to the night
On our way to the grave
Don't spread the lies
I'm fully mystified
Don't spread the lies
I'm fully mystified
I'm fully mystified
Fully mystified
I'm fully mystified
You can wash your shit here.
Hey, Mom. This is Sebastian.
He's taking a long time there,
Jare Bear?
Give me a few minutes!
What sort of a saleswoman
are you?
I'm not a saleswoman.
Alan told me you were
a saleswoman.
No, Alan just hasn't learned
to say divorce.
I haven't met a divorced person
Your parents are still together,
My parents died in a plane
For real?
Do you get to visit them
very often?
I used to... sometimes.
But it wasn't good for Jared,
so I stopped.
Why wouldn't it be good for
Jared's mother to visit him?
You know, Jared vilifies his
dad, but the truth is...
my husband just had to pick
a patient.
Don't go in there for a while.
Thanks a lot.
What are you watching?
I don't care.
The Rash?
For a band name.
Wait. Say it again.
The Rash.
It's not horrible.
Yeah, I mean, it's gross, but
it's not too gross.
It's like you can almost feel
it. The Rash.
You can feel it start to itch
on your skin.
Is that a good thing?
Yeah! People break out when
they hear us.
They won't be able to handle it.
Because we're The Rash,
Don't get all cocky now just
because you came up...
with the name. I'm the one who
realized it was good.
Besides, that's the easy part.
The hard part is getting ready
for our first gig.
What's a gig?
A gig is a show.
So, in a couple weeks...
we're gonna play the church
talent show.
We can't perform in a couple
of weeks.
Of course, we can.
I can't learn a song that fast.
Yeah, you can, after we write
one, just come to my house...
tomorrow and we'll do like
a serious rehearsal.
I don't think I can.
Instead of worrying and being a
pussy, why don't you just say...
"Shit yeah, Jared, I'll see you
at practice tomorrow at 1:00."
Jared, I just don't...
Come on, say it.
Say "Shit yeah, Jared."
Come on.
Say it for real.
Shit yeah, Jared.
That was good.
Please forgive me, Nana.
Someone stole my bike.
I had to return the paint
and the paint brushes.
I needed money for a taxi
to aid my pursuit.
There, there, it'll be all
Um, but I do have some
unfortunate news.
The Dymaxion map is costing more
than was projected.
So, we'll give it a break?
No, not exactly.
Welcome to the future.
Dear Jared, unfortunately...
I will be unable to attend
rehearsal tomorrow.
Nana has decided to expand my
role at the dome...
to include guiding tours.
of hope for the future...
called the House of Tomorrow.
Josephine and her grandson
keep Fuller's ideas alive
with their home.
And believe that if mankind
is to survive...
we must all learn to live
and share what Spaceship Earth
She says that guiding tours...
might be how I'm going
to change the world.
And that one day, I'll be
the Buckminster Fuller
Institute of Minnesota.
I'm not so sure about that.
I know this impedes our work
as The Rash...
but I hope to see you soon.
Regards, Sebastian Prendergast.
JARED (V.O.): Sebastian, if you
prefer being some...
Stockholm Syndrome case that
listens to fucking...
whale sounds for the
rest of your life...
instead of playing in an
awesome band, then be my guest.
Okay, looking good, buddy.
JARED (V.O.): Just don't expect
me to be there for you...
when you realize you missed out
on something great.
P.S. Don't e-mail me anymore.
I won't write back.
P.P.S. Fuck you.
You know, I can tell you've
really been studying...
those talking points I gave you.
Five visitors and they were
all very impressed.
You have a marvelous way with
people, just like Bucky did.
Thank you.
Jared? Jared?
I just wanted to know if you got
some good sleep last night.
Yeah, it was fine.
Uh, how many hours?
Um, I was sleeping,
so I didn't count.
You got me. You have an idea?
No, can we just not talk
about this now?
Okay, I just want to be sure
to log it.
It's important that we remember
these things.
Jesus fucking Christ!
How many hours?
Probably seven... okay?
Thank you.
NANA: Hope for the future
is on the horizon...
an endorsement from the North
Branch Courier would mean a lot.
She didn't come right out
and say it...
but I think we're gonna have
a cover story.
What's this?
It's grilled cheese...
and ketchup.
But why are we having this?
To try something different.
But it's white bread. Are we all
out of the sprouted flax?
And that's not cashew cheese?
It's real, Nana. It has protein.
You can give it a try.
That's all chemicals, Sebastian,
that's not food.
Let me whip you up some quinoa
and carrots.
What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with you, Nana?!
Why can't you just eat
a sandwich?
Why do you have to be
so fucking crazy?
Sebastian! Sebastian!
NANA: Come back here!
Where are you going?
There's thunder in the air
I could waste myself
I don't feel too concerned
about my state of health
It's too bloody hot
for self-denial
Hey, Sebastian. Come on in.
Jared's upstairs.
Talkin' to the best of what
the telephones
I can't think of a reason
I could ring
I've got this funny feeling
that I can't put my finger on
Not now.
Not now.
Naw, come on.
She said, not now!
What the fuck?
Who's this guy?
Is this your little punk rock
brother? The sick one?
Stop it.
Do you know what your sister
does in here?
She's not my sister!
- Come here!
- No!
Stop it!
Agh! Get off me!
Jared, get out!
- JARED: Kick him in the dick!
- ALEC: No.
JARED: Kick him in the dick!
Help me, motherfucker! Help me.
Stop it!
- Hey!
What are you guys doing?
We're kicking your ass!
Agh, shit.
You assholes stretched my shirt.
I want to reunite the band.
What band? We're done.
What the heck is going on up
here!? Who are you?
I'm Alec.
Hold on a minute.
JARED: I think I'm having
a rejection.
I haven't been taking
my medicine.
What? What do you mean?
Can I help?
Fuck off!
Why are you so mean to him?
What did you just ask me?
Why are you so mean
to your brother?
He's your family.
I know you think you're king
of the universe...
because you live this oddball
life and my brother finds you...
amusing, but I've known him
for 16 years...
and you've known him for weeks.
What are you saying?
I piss him off, because that's
what he likes.
I piss him off, because that's
how it's always been...
and if I started being his best
friend now...
he would know it was because
of the operation.
I play my part in making him
think that something is still...
normal, so don't tell me I'm
making things worse for him.
My dad treats him like
a five-year-old...
and I know that's not right.
My mom isn't here, and I know
that's not right.
So I'm trying something
I'm treating him like
the irritating...
little shit that he is.
What'd they say?
We'll know more in a couple
I'm sorry, Mr. Whitcomb.
I didn't intend for any
of this to happen.
Of course, just like you never
intended to steal...
an instrument from the church.
Here's some cab fare, son.
Jared just needs family here.
We've been... slandered.
Nana, what are you doing?
What do you mean slandered?
Here... read this.
No, I can get up myself.
I don't need help.
Read it.
'When this planet is too
normal for you...
'why not move to your own?
'Area eccentric Josephine
Prendergast is doing just that''
All of our work reduced
to a joke.
Where did you run off to?
I was with my friends.
Friends... okay.
Your friends.
What are you doing?
We need to talk about this.
You're inebriated.
And you're a liar.
I'm sorry.
Just leave me alone!
Please, Nana!
I said leave me alone!
Good morning. Do you want
to come inside?
What is this?
It was supposed to be
an omelet.
One day see a strange little
girl look at you
One day see a strange little
girl feeling blue
I'm going out. Don't break
She'd run to the town
one day
Leaving home and that country
Just be aware
When you're there
Strange little girl
She didn't know not to live
in a town that was rough
It didn't take long before
she knew she'd had enough
Walking home in her
wrapped up world
She survived but she's
feeling old
As she found all things
Strange little girl
where are you going
Strange little girl
where are you going?
Do you know where you
could be going
Don't go to sleep yet.
Good morning.
Let's get in, I'll get your
shoes off.
Hey, guys, look who it is.
It's a real party vibe in here.
He's on just a little morphine.
I'm on a lot of morphine.
Could one of you guys give me
a hand, please?
Not it.
Fuck you, Meredith.
Just take him upstairs,
Hey, bud, yeah.
ALAN: No, I'm not mad. I just
don't like talking to you...
when you're drinking.
Okay, I'll tell him.
Yeah, I promise.
I'll let you know how he's
feeling tomorrow.
Do whatever you want.
Hey, uh, I just wanted to thank
you for letting me stay here.
It's okay.
I'm really sorry about stealing
the bass guitar from church.
It's a dad's destiny to be
lied to.
I didn't know you smoked.
They're Jared's. I confiscated
What's that?
That's a dad bomb, you're gonna
start studying one hour per day.
Next week it goes up
to two hours.
But, I just got home
from the hospital.
Do you really want to fall back
an entire grade...
after everything you've been
Is this geometry?
Very good, Discovering Geometry,
an Investigative Approach.
Dad, I don't know how
to do this.
You already started.
No, I don't know how to do this.
That's what the book is for.
No, but in school you have
they teach you this stuff.
I can't just learn from a book.
Okay, well...
I could teach him.
Geodesic domes, they're wonders
of geometry.
They're based on a shape called
an icosahedron.
It's actually a 20-sided
each side being made up
of an equilateral triangle.
I've solved all the questions
in that book.
Iconohedrons, they're super fun,
I remember this.
You can't do the work for him.
You teach, but he has to solve
the problems.
And you need to stay focused.
We'll get through all of it...
but we'll need something
from you.
(CHUCKLES) Is that right?
Yeah, we're gonna need time
to rehearse.
ALAN: For what?
For the youth group talent show.
You can practice, but I can't
promise I'll let you play.
And studying comes first.
What are we pissed about?
Well, I'm not pissed.
Yes, you are! You don't have a
house. Your Nana dogged you.
I know, but I'm hurt,
I'm not pissed.
Well, punk isn't about hurt,
that's for country.
Punk is about not giving a shit,
and being angry...
and doing what you want, and
living your own life...
and being a shit-head, but like,
you know, a great shit-head.
All right, then, um,
what about school...
the school your dad wants
you to go to?
What about it? It sucks hard.
SEBASTIAN: Then let's inform
people why it sucks.
Bucky had this process
he called sorting.
He used it to corral relevant
information in order to make...
a more pointed statement.
In our case, about school.
Okay, so what would we do?
We need relevant, kind
of specific thoughts only.
Specifically? School is really,
really, really stupid.
Stupid... stupid school,
stupid school.
That's it. That's the title.
That's perfect.
How do you know a good title?
Well, I did some research, and
it's just like that song...
by the Replacements. You know,
'Fuck School'?
But obviously we can't utter
that word at your church.
It's simple, precise.
Okay, well, we can try it,
if you want.
Do you remember the beginning
we wrote, that intro thing?
Dad's taking me to stupid
Dad's taking me to stupid
Dad's taking me to stupid
And I want to die
And then, B-flat.
Teacher teacher teacher
I want to die
Everybody goes to stupid
And the stupid rule
the world
No no no no no no no
No no no no no no no
Sing with me.
No no no no no no no
No, then whatever...
and then we'll just figure
something out from there.
You know how to do this...
how to compose songs.
Well, it's not even a real
song yet.
Jared, you have an immense
musical talent.
Hi, Mrs. Prendergast, Alan
calling again, Alan Whitcomb.
Uh, trying to reach you about
your grandson Sebastian...
who's living on my couch.
Call me anytime.
- Bye. Bye.
- Bye-bye.
- Stop looking at my sister.
- Stop it.
Proprietary patended
it provides this fine mist
There's no waiting for water
to boil. No mess, no fuss.
You'll see the steam is there
in one second.
You place the mask over your
nose and mouth...
And breathe...
and you get 100 percent
humidity that you need...
right where you need it.
Why are you watching this?
Um, I don't know... it's TV.
You're so weird.
Hello! Mrs. Prendergast?
It's Alan Whitcomb!
That's close enough.
Ms. Prendergast?
Speak into the panel to the left
of the window.
I'll be able to hear you.
NANA: If the tour had gone
on a little longer...
I'd have taught the kids about
our echo spots where you can...
practically whisper and be heard
all over the dome.
Sebastian and I have always used
them for an intercom.
That's really something.
So did you come to tell me what
an awful person I am?
I leave the judgment to God.
NANA: Oh, yeah, I forgot, you
talk to him every day, right?
Hey, I'm the one taking care
of your kid.
Or corrupting him.
I'm sorry, but you can't keep
him locked up from the world.
It's just so... when I'm gone,
he'll have no one.
Or maybe you're just worried
about what you'd do without him.
You got all of these right.
Damn straight, I did.
Come in.
Where've you been all day?
Errands, and I visited
Sebastian's grandmother.
You went to my house?
I did. She wants you
to come home.
I think you need to talk
with her.
But we have the show Friday.
I said you could practice. I
never promised you could play.
Okay, but, we've been studying.
I've been doing exactly
what you asked.
You have to understand...
I'm making the decisions
of a doctor, not just a father.
Okay, Dad, we just want to play
one song, that's it.
JARED: Only one song, right?
You could get overworked.
Your heart may not be able
to take it.
Why don't you let me decide what
my heart can handle?!
Let's breathe. Let's talk
about this.
Yeah, let's talk about this!
Let's talk about the fact that
I might just have ten years...
left on this thing and you won't
even let me play...
a lame-ass church talent show!
I know this means a lot to you,
but the answer is no.
Get the fuck out of my room!
Fuck you!
We could always just sneak out.
No, he'd know we were going
to the talent show.
We're fucked.
There's always next time.
Yeah, but what if there isn't?
Dude, you think I want to play
at a church?
No, of course not, I want to
play at fucking CBGB...
but it's not 1985, I can't
do that.
You can never change things...
by fighting the existing
To change something, build
a new model...
that makes the existing model
No, it's not gone.
What do you mean?
We'll just change venues.
Dear Ms. Prendergast, my name..
is Lawrence Lewis and I head
the Environmental Studies...
program here at Macalester
I'm sorry, Nana.
SEBASTIAN (V.O.): I'm writing in
hopes that you may be able...
to grace us with your wisdom
and experience...
of all things
Buckminster Fuller.
We're hosting a panel
discussion on environmental...
sustainability tomorrow,
and unfortunately...
we had a speaker cancel
at the last minute.
We're in need of a
and would sincerely appreciate
your participation.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Professor Lewis.
I'm sorry you didn't get
to perform tonight...
but the talent show's loss
is our gain.
Sebastian, it's been real nice
having you here.
We want you to come back any
time. I just wanted to say that.
I will.
- You got picks?
- Yeah.
- Quarter-inch cables?
- Yeah.
What are you guys doing?
Please don't tell Dad.
We're playing a gag.
A gig.
Right... a gig... at the dome.
MEREDITH: Won't your grandma
totally lose it?
Well, how are you guys
gonna get there?
How many people are you
expecting to show up?
I don't know. I just posted it
on a few message boards.
Great, so like three punk nerds
are gonna be there?
Sounds awesome.
Let me out of here
Before I was even born
It's such a gamble when you
get a face
It's fascinating to observe
what the mirror does
But when I dine it's for the
wall that I set a place
I belong to the blank
And I can take it or leave it
each time
I belong to the generation
I'm getting drinks.
Hurry up!
SEBASTIAN: All right.
Triangles were fallin' at the
window as the doctor cursed
He was a cartoon long
forsaken by the public eye
The nurse adjusted her garters
as I breathed my first
The doctor grabbed my
And yelled God's consolation
I belong to the blank
And I can take it or leave it
each time
I belong to the generation
But I can take it or leave it
each time
Where are you going
with all this?
To a party. Jared's playing.
Dad's letting him do that?
Not exactly.
Tell Jared have a good show.
They're not in there.
Whoa, nice hair.
Have you seen how many people
are out there?
We've never had this many
visitors before.
Yeah, my post must have really
paid off.
You'll also notice some normal
people out there.
I invited a bunch of my friends.
It's whatever. Have a good show.
Try not to suck.
Okay, I wrote a new song,
a better one.
What's it called?
I Wanna Fondle Your Tits.
That's a bit disrespectful.
To who?
To females.
No, we're guys in a band...
we're supposed to be
disrespectful to girls.
That's part of our charm.
I saw you on the sidewalk
Looking pretty cute
Oh how I wish
You were in your birthday suit
If I had a machine that zapped
Off clothes I would use on you
From head to toe yes I would
I'm going mad in my room
Your bass line is exactly the
same, just a step above.
I wrote it.
I'm going mad up in my room
I'm going mad up in my room.
I like it.
You do?
Yeah. It's... it's kind of sad.
What? No!
It's about girls ripping off
their shirts. It's awesome.
Yeah, but, I'm picturing you up
in your bedroom, going crazy...
imagining all these things that
you can never accomplish.
I try to write a song about
hooters and it turns out sad.
A lot of times these kids
are just smoking weed...
in a parking lot or a back
Is that supposed to be
noise disturbance, some party.
This is unit 12. Where?
Bridge Road, that dome thing.
I know... I know where that is.
Get on 35 North... go!
Pl... please.
Hello, everybody. Uh, now
for something very interesting.
Everybody brace yourselves
for "The Rash"!
Let's go.
Jared, we're up.
Come on, we're performing.
The Rash!
You know when you asked
if I was afraid of dying?
Well, I am, every day.
Th... The Rash.
You can't go on looking like
that, take it off.
Take it off!
You guys coming?
What are you gonna wear?
I'm going out like Iggy.
Good evening! We are The Rash!
One, two, one, two, three, four!
Saw you on the sidewalk
Lookin' pretty cute
Oh how I wish
You were in your birthday suit
If I had a machine
That zapped off clothes
Zap zap zap zap zap
I would use it on you
From head to toe
Oh yes I would
Yes I would
I'd zap off your shirt
And I'd zap off your skirt
Zap zap zap zap
'Cause I'm going mad
Up in my room
'Cause I'm going mad
Up in my room
I saw you on the sidewalk
Looking pretty cute
Oh how I wish
You were in your birthday suit
If I had a machine
That zapped off clothes
Zap zap zap zap
I would use it on you
from head to toe
Oh yes I would
Yes I would
I'd zap off your shirt
And I'd zap off your skirt
Zap zap zap zap
'Cause I'm going mad
Up in my room
'Cause I'm going mad
Up in my room
He's going mad
He's going mad
He's going mad
I'm going mad up in my room
He's going mad
He's going mad
He's going mad
Keep going, keep going,
keep going.
I'm going mad up in my room
He's going mad
He's going mad
I'm going mad
I'm going mad
I'm going mad
I'm a chronic masturbator
I'm a chronic masturbator
I'm a chronic masturbator
Thank you.
Yeah! The Rash! Beer!
North Branch Police,
party is over.
Y'all can grab your stuff and
leave, there'll be no hassle.
- Hey, we're not done.
- Yes, you are.
Hey! Take it easy!
Get down! You cannot assault
an officer!
This little shit your son?
No, he's my chronic masturbator.
Let's go! Clear out!
Fuck the police!
Hey. That was fun.
I'll see you later.
BUCKY (OVER TV): Something
hit me very hard once...
something about what one
little man can do.
Imagine a ship, it has
a rudder.
And on the edge of that big
rudder is a miniature rudder...
called a trim tab.
Just moving the little trim tab
builds a little pressure...
pulls the big rudder around.
The little individual can
be a trim tab, too.
You just put your foot out
like a miniature rudder...
and the whole big ship
is going to go.
So I said, "Call me Trim Tab".
He was the greatest man
I ever met.
Then I made the mistake of
trying to make your dad...
be just like him.
That didn't work.
He was... rebellious just like
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry I hit you.
I don't want to do tours
Does that mean you don't believe
in Bucky's work any more?
No, I feel even more connected
to him.
Bucky's career was spent
fighting the establishment.
And in fighting you, I was doing
exactly what he taught.
Bucky was a punk.
Well, I must say, I think he'd
like that.
Well, Bucky, if you steered us
into the future...
what would the future be?
Thanks, Nana.
Have a great day at school.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Dad's taking me to stupid
Dad's taking me to stupid
Dad's taking me to school
and I want to die
Teacher teacher teacher
I want to die
Teacher teacher teacher
She teaches me lies
Why teacher why
Everybody goes to stupid
And the stupid rule
the world
No no no no no no
Everybody goes to stupid
And the stupid rule
the world
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah