The House of Usher (1989) Movie Script

Morning, gov.
Oh, excuse me.
Almost ran into her.
I said it would work out.
Let's hurry. I'm
dying of thirst.
Oh, that was great.
Oh, we've got to stop doing this.
Ryan, I love London.
I think we should really
consider coming back
for our honeymoon and really
check out the sights, you know?
Shopping and everything.
What do you think?
Yeah, it's not such a bad idea.
Okay, good.
Especially after spending
the last four days in bed.
But I'm not complaining.
Oh, Molly, come on. Champagne?
We've just run six miles.
I know. I lost
a lot of fluids.
Toast, come on.
To us. To London.
I love you.
I love you, honey.
I love you.
Hey, hey, we haven't
got time for this.
My uncle's expecting
us in two hours.
I want to be punctual, okay?
- Okay, okay.
- Why don't you just
take a shower or something?
Well, maybe I will
if you come with me.
I am wasted.
Come on, just a few minutes.
Okay, five minutes, that's all.
Make it 10.
I love you.
I love you.
This letter, I can't make
out his directions at all.
The famous Usher scrawl.
Probably some sort
of weirdo or something.
Come on, he can't be all that bad.
I mean, he did send us the
tickets to come here after all.
And you've never met him before?
I never have. All I know is
he used to be quite an artist.
What do you mean used to be?
Where the hell are we?
It's not on the map.
Let me see.
I think we're lost, navigator.
Lust keep going
straight. It's that way.
Female intuition.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
Ryan, what is it? What?
It's another migraine.
Want me to drive?
- No, it's okay.
- Okay.
Ryan, watch out!
Ryan, Ryan?
Shit. Shit!
You gotta help me.
You gotta help me.
The police have already
been called, Miss.
No, I gotta go.
Are you all right?
She's in shock.
My husband will take
care of everything, dear.
Mr. Ryan will be fine, trust me.
No, I can't leave him.
He's, he's...
Come along.
- No, he's hurt.
I can't leave him.
He's hurt. We had this accident.
There were these kids.
We can't leave him.
This will make you feel better.
Thank you.
You Americans never travel light.
Oh, I'm a hairdresser
in Los Angeles,
and I brought all my stuff.
Why don't you lie down, Miss?
Oh God, I hope he's okay.
Has the hospital called yet?
Everything will work out just fine.
She's resting, darling.
Any news on Ryan?
We've just had word
from the hospital, Miss.
Injuries are superficial. Lust
a few cuts cuts and bruises.
He's going to be fine, just fine.
Thank God. When can I see him?
He's been heavily sedated.
The doctor says he
shouldn't receive visitors
until tomorrow at the earliest.
No, I have to go now.
I want to go. I have to see him.
As soon as you feel better, dear,
my husband will be happy
to drive you into town.
Young Mr. Ryan's
uncle has asked
for your company at dinner, Miss.
If you'll sleep now,
my wife will call you
in an hour or two.
Look your finest, Miss.
Impress the in-laws, if
you know what I mean.
Thank you. You're
such nice people.
What's your name?
Is there something wrong?
Oh, I'm sorry. I
didn't realize you...
I'm sorry.
Dinner, Miss McNulty.
I'm sorry, Miss, but
what you're wearing
is simply not suitable
for dinner at the Ushers'.
Why not?
You see, Mr. Roderick has
an acute sensitivity to light.
Certain colors can bring
on vicious headaches.
Let me provide you with something a
little more tasteful.
Fine. Fine.
Are you wearing perfume?
Yes, why?
Odors. Mr. Roderick simply
cannot tolerate strong odors.
- This is pretty, isn't it?
I wonder who it belonged to.
Thank you.
You want to try some?
Here, sit.
Oh, this is a nice one.
Does Roderick live here alone?
Yes, although the
house has 24 bedrooms.
Those are the
kids I saw on the road
before the accident.
That's not possible. They've
been dead for 100 years.
The house is very old.
It's still settling.
Excuse me?
This was all marshland
hundreds of years ago.
Everything is sinking,
including the house.
We meet at last.
Uncle Roderick.
No, no, just Roderick will suffice.
Roderick. Have you
spoken to the hospital?
Yes, I did, just a few moments ago.
His arm is going to
be a little bit sore,
but it should heal
in a few weeks' time.
I'm just worried about him.
I'll tell you what, you
don't have to be worried.
Because he's an Usher.
He's very strong, you see.
And besides that, he's
asked me to treat you
like one of the family.
May I show you something?
Of course.
That's my mother.
She's beautiful.
My nephew has very good taste.
Thank you.
Shall we eat?
Where's the salt, please?
Sorry, I'm just not used to
such British cooking, I guess.
Well, that's all very
well for you, young lady,
but I prefer my food this way.
Matter of fact, I
insist on it this way.
Strong odors, they can bring
on the most severe headaches.
Clive, will you tell your wife
I do not expect horse meat
to be served at my table.
How's yours?
It's fine, really.
Would you like to try some of mine?
- No, thank you very much.
I have lost my appetite.
But enough about food.
Tell me about yourself.
What's a beautiful woman like you
doing wanting to become a barber?
Hair stylist, not a barber.
And it's an honorable profession.
Tell me, what about your
people? What about your parents?
My dad's an electrician,
and my mom sells Avon.
Avon, you know, like the perfume.
That wasn't exactly
what I had in mind.
What do you mean?
I mean, are they healthy?
My great-grandmother
lived to be 98.
My family had a less
fortunate history.
The English side of the Ushers,
I'm afraid their fortunes
have diminished along
with their numbers.
You sound like Ryan. I don't
believe in bad luck myself.
You stupid girl.
It was an accident.
Molly, I'm very sorry
about the scene at dinner.
It's just that...
We're all on edge.
I want to visit Ryan first
thing in the morning.
Do you think Mr. Derrick could
give me a ride into town?
Please, let me do
the honors, would you?
Oh, I see. The young romantics.
You probably haven't
spent a night apart
for weeks, have you?
Almost since the
first day that we met.
I can't wait till we get married.
Molly, good night.
Please forgive me. I can't
tolerate perfumes and odors.
Must you be such a slob?
I've had it, Clive.
First, the plate's dirty,
then the meat tastes
like horse flesh.
Gwendolyn's clumsy.
I told you, you need to
be patient a little longer.
For what? A bonus?
He promised you a bonus at
Christmas. What did you get?
A leather-bound history
of the Usher family.
I don't like this business
with the American girl.
- Get another job.
Won't be easy.
Can't cook. You're a
terrible housekeeper.
Shut up, Clive. What do you
expect, Buckingham Palace?
The place is sinking into a marsh.
Let the goddamn Ushers eat
frozen dinners for all I care.
Hold your tongue, woman.
Next time.
Mrs. Derrick? Mrs. Derrick?
Who's there?
No, come back.
Over here. Come on.
What are you doing here?
You lied to me. You said
he was in the hospital.
When they finally
released him from the car,
he had lost so much
blood, it was hopeless.
No, you're wrong. He
was alive when I left him.
It was too late to
telephone the hospital.
You see, it's a
long trip into town.
They are drastically
short of staff.
My God, you're
crazy. You're crazy.
- You must understand.
We did the best for Ryan.
It is important for the family
that the family
takes care of itself.
He was the last of all my
family, and he was my nephew.
Do you think that
I do not miss him?
Do you?
Take her to her room.
No, no, no. I don't
want to leave him.
No, no, Ryan.
It has been a difficult time
for us all. We are all tired.
I will see you tomorrow. We
will have a memorial service.
Good night, Molly.
Good night.
Lust a little more, Miss.
Come along.
No, wait. Wait, wait, no!
Please, don't leave
me here! Please!
Breakfast, Miss Molly.
I'm not hungry.
Seer Green Taxi Company.
I need a taxi at the Usher mansion.
How soon can you be here?
We'll send
a taxi by in about an hour.
What do you mean an
hour? This is an emergency.
That'll take some doing, mam.
I don't care what it takes.
Just get here immediately.
We'll do our best, mam.
Do better than your
best, do you understand?
A breakfast snack, Miss.
No, thank you. I'm not hungry.
But you must keep up your strength.
At least try some hot tea.
Okay. Could you just put
it on the chair, please?
I know you've got
a lot on your mind.
But while you're here, could
you do something with my hair?
Here's some mousse.
Why don't you try
spiking it? It's nice.
Men love spiked hair.
Your tea, Miss. I need
to take your tray back.
Good girl.
To Heathrow Airport.
Let's go.
Keep exercising those joints,
and I'll come and see you tomorrow.
- Goodbye, Doctor.
- Goodbye.
Do you have a car?
So you must be
Molly. I'm Dr. Bailey.
I'm sorry about your fiance.
Roderick said it was hopeless.
I don't believe him for a minute.
I'm afraid he's right.
These rural surgeons
are just butchers.
But to do nothing? I mean,
to just let Ryan die like that?
His own nephew?
I'm certain that he
tried to do something.
- I gotta get out of here.
This place is full of lunatics.
- They're evil.
- Oh, come now.
My father was the Ushers'
family physician for 55 years.
They may be a bit
eccentric, but not evil.
What about Roderick?
You sound just like
one of the town folk.
They claim the family
has a rare blood disorder
through centuries of inbreeding.
I wouldn't be surprised.
And that the disease
strikes them down
in the prime of their lives.
And Roderick?
He has an advanced condition
of arthritis, nothing more.
Rare blood disorders.
It's hogwash.
Please just get me
out of here. Please.
All right, but you're
making a big mistake.
This way.
Who lives upstairs?
Hide in there.
- Oh, there you are, Doctor.
How is everything today?
Going somewhere, Molly?
Dr. Bailey is loyal only to
the Usher family, I assure you.
Only to the Usher family.
Molly, this is going to be a
simple physical examination.
Nothing to worry about.
For God's sake, Roderick,
give the girl some privacy.
Oh yes. I shall be outside
if you should meet me.
Take your clothes off, please.
Go to hell.
You've just been involved
in a major accident.
I'm fine.
I can always get
Roderick to do it for you.
Could you leave the room?
I am a doctor.
You're in very good shape.
You Americans are so athletic.
Everything. Take off everything.
Everything's in working
order. She's even ovulating.
Molly, I'm so very sorry it
had to be done like this,
but there's so little time.
My family is dying out.
And now that Ryan is gone,
I'm the last of the line.
So I have to find a bride.
That is why I've chosen you.
- Don't touch me.
You make me sick.
I don't wish to hurt her.
Why won't she accept me?
Women. What can I say?
She's a beautiful girl.
Those firm legs,
absolutely beautiful.
Perhaps she needs someone
younger, a bit healthier.
What are you suggesting?
Oh, nothing really.
But if you need a stand-in,
you can always call on me.
The doctor is a problem,
not like his father.
No tact.
I am fearful that he is going
to develop a loose tongue.
Clive, will you deal
with the problem?
I always wanted to be a doctor,
but I was born to the wrong family.
Be a butler, my mother would say.
Your grandfather was a butler.
Your father was a butler.
It's an honorable profession.
But I aspired to different things.
I thought I was born for
greatness. Apparently not.
Strip, Doctor.
I said strip, Doctor. It's
time now for your physical.
I won't be needing
a stand-in, Doctor,
if you get my drift.
But you might.
I have a story to tell you, Doctor.
It's about a street
urchin that nobody loved.
It's about the rat in this cage.
He hasn't been fed for
days, and I mean days.
He's so hungry, he's almost mad.
As easy as carving a turkey, sir.
No doubt our little
friend is looking forward
to stuffing it.
Life begins and ends
in this very room
for every member of my family.
Let us prepare ourselves
for our last words.
Let us pray.
Ryan, I've missed you so much.
How can this be happening?
I don't understand.
Molly, it's time.
No, no, wait, wait.
It is time to join
our hands in prayer.
We pray for the deliverance
of Ryan's soul into the hands
of the Lord where he may
join other generations
who stood before him,
generations who have suffered
the inhumanity, the injustice,
of a slow and painful death.
May his journey into
freedom be a swift one.
No, wait. One
more minute please.
I want him to have my
engagement ring. Please.
Very well. Make it brief.
Thank you.
For God's sake, Clive, give
the poor girl a moment alone.
Come, come, come.
No, wait. Ryan, Ryan!
He's alive! I told you!
A present for my reluctant bride.
Get this thing off of me!
Please let him out.
He's gonna die in there.
He'll suffocate if you don't.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Ryan. Ryan.
No, wait. Come back, please.
- My name is Walter.
I'm Roderick's brother.
You must be Molly.
I saw you arrive.
I'm sorry to hear
about your young man.
The boy's better off dead.
How can you say that?
I hardly call this a life.
But he was
your own flesh and blood.
We can none of us
escape from the cloud
that hangs over our life.
Ryan was a good boy.
I think he's still alive.
He's dead, Molly.
Ryan is dead.
Roderick spent months
preparing for your arrival,
or so they tell me.
I don't understand.
I haven't seen my
brother in 15 years,
even though we only
live one floor apart.
We were inseparable as boys.
Now he's afraid to
look me in the eye.
I'm a mirror, dear young lady.
I am a mirror into
Roderick's future.
His brain will start
to disintegrate.
Will you pass me that box?
My mother, Genevieve Usher,
once the most beautiful
woman in Europe,
died a morphine addict.
Look, look, this is me.
I gotta go. I...
We could help each other.
I must get away from here.
I refuse to spend the
last days of my life
as Roderick's prisoner.
I can't help you.
You can drive a car. I can't
get anywhere in this thing.
I'll look for you in the morning. We
could escape together.
I'm sorry, I can't.
If you don't trust
me, don't trust me.
I don't know who to trust anymore.
Roderick had Ryan killed.
It's true.
I saw it when Derrick
dragged the boy from the car.
He was still alive.
I saw him talking.
Why? Why would he
want to kill Ryan?
- Why?
- Because of you.
Because of you.
Roderick wants to sire
the last of the Ushers.
He has chosen you as his vessel.
That invitation to Ryan was
just an excuse to get you here.
I would never let
him touch me, ever.
He has his ways.
I want the Usher line to stop...
but Roderick doesn't.
I would never inflict
this pain on anyone.
I am your friend, Molly...
I am your friend.
You must trust me.
Okay. Okay, then let's go.
I have just one thing to do first,
then we'll escape in the morning.
Okay, as soon as possible.
I'll start the shower, Miss.
You're lucky. We've got
hot water for a change.
Drink up, Miss.
Ryan's alive, isn't he?
You've had a long day, Miss,
full of emotional ups and downs.
He never died in the
accident, did he? Did he?
Did he? Goddamn it, tell
me what is going on!
Lust take the drink. Make
it easy on yourself, Molly.
Right, and live like you do?
You can't fight them.
Well, I'm sure as hell gonna try.
I love Ryan more than
anything in the world,
but you wouldn't know
about that, would you?
I used to feel
that way about Clive.
We were married when I was 15.
He was a dashing older man.
He used to make me feel so special.
I was swept off my feet.
And now look at you.
It's too late.
It's not too late for me.
It's full of narcotics,
herbal remedies my
mother taught me.
It's about all I do really well.
Roderick wanted you sedated.
I can't help you
escape, Molly, I can't.
They might try to hurt Gwendolyn.
Is there a problem, ladies?
Will you excuse us, my dear?
We have lots of time, We can
take all night if you like.
Drink up.
Please just let me go.
Drink up!
Stop it!
Stop it!
You're hurting me.
Oh, Molly, I've missed you.
Ryan, I knew you were alive.
So you don't like
perfume, Roderick?
This is for you,
you son of a bitch.
I've got your favorite,
Mr. Walter. New potatoes.
Oh my God.
Oh God.
Oh my God!
It's Walter. He's escaped.
We must find him... immediately.
You see, he's a lunatic.
I've come to take you home.
Roderick's gone mad.
You can walk.
I've made a miraculous
recovery. Come on.
No, I've been all
through the house.
Trust me.
I can't find a way out.
Come on, we haven't got much time.
What about Ryan?
It's too late for him.
I know that he's still alive.
I'm not leaving
this house without...
It's impossible.
How could you?
The same way
That I can do this.
Molly, I'm coming?
I know you're there.
Oh, what have you done, baby doll?
Come along.
Come along, little girl.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Gwen? Gwen?
Come along.
Walter, let her go!
Come along.
Come along, little girl.
Come along, little girl.
No more wax figures.
No more child's play.
Smile. Let me see you smile.
I want to see you smile.
Don't touch me.
What happened?
No, Clive, wait.
Oh my God!
Walter! He must die!
Walter must die!
I'm not letting
you out of my sight.
- Get away from me.
Get away from me!
We're leaving this
house immediately.
Get your things together.
Why? Where are we
gonna go, to London?
You can always get that
studio you always wanted.
You could paint to your
heart's content there.
I'm sorry.
Oh, I'm so.
You smell like a hooker!
Like a prostitute!
Why do you want me to do
die with the rest of you?
You are part of my family now.
You see, you are bearing my child.
The thought of sex
with you makes me sick.
I would never let you in my bed.
What about your shower?
My seed is growing inside of you.
That was Ryan.
Together, we can create a
whole new generation of Ushers.
You killed Ryan, didn't you?
A slow and painful death
seemed to be in order.
We drugged him, and then
we buried him alive.
You're as insane as
Walter. You're crazy.
Do you really think
that I ever thought
that you really loved him, hm?
You came flouncing
into this house here
seeking your proper
English fortune.
You want the Usher fortune, do you?
Here it is!
You savor it, you little bitch.
Do you know what you are, huh?
You're a nothing,
a nobody, a pauper!
No title, no family,
no social status.
Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!
Shut up!
How kind of you to
invite me down here
after all this time.
Is it like looking into
a time machine, hm?
It isn't often that a
man has the privilege
of contemplating his own mortality.
I have left an heir.
You've left nothing.
I did leave something.
I had a son. You
had him slaughtered.
Oh yes, I'm Ryan's father.
And I say there shall
be no more Ushers,
and that goes for
your unborn child.
The Ushers die tonight.
I'm going to kill you.
- No, Walter!
- She's got to die, Roderick.
Ryan, Ryan, Ryan!
I feel so weak.
You're gonna be fine.
Stand up, Ryan. We have
to get out of here.
What are you doing?
Ryan, come on.
- He's not leaving!
He's Walter's son!
What are you talking about?
Your father, your murderer father!
My father's dead.
Your father destroyed
everything I ever loved!
The sins of the fathers, Ryan.
You and your family have to pay!
Ryan, get up!
Let him go!
I baptize you you in
the name of the father and...
Ryan, are you okay?
Oh God.
Come on, Ryan, let's go.
- Let's get out of here.
Let's get out of here.
Ryan, come on.
Got you, Ryan!
You belong in this house
with your family, boy!
You're not my family.
- Your father is dead!
Now it is your turn!
Get out of here. Go!
Go on!
Get out of here, Molly!
Get out of here!
I love you, Molly.
Where the hell are we?
It's not on the map.
- Let me see.
- Look.
I think we're lost, navigator.
Turn around, it's back
the other way. Turn around.
Female intuition.