The House of Violent Desire (2017) Movie Script

- Miss Crimson Rose.
It is a pleasure to see you
again finally
and a warm welcome to
Black Rock Manor.
Sylus, take her things
to her room.
- That's a rather nice
suitcase for someone like you.
Is it borrowed?
- Ah, please excuse me, this
is the mistress of the house,
my charming wife Eliza.
- How do you do Lady Whipley?
- It's madam to you.
- My apologies madam.
- Eliza, this is the
fine young maid
we have been so
eagerly awaiting,
Miss Cordetta Crimson Rose.
- Yes I could see she
was the maid Harkin.
Besides, it's rather rare
to get visitors
all the way out here.
I trust your
journey was pleasant?
Well let's not waste my
time standing around.
I'll give her the tour.
- I'd very much like that.
- It's not for you to
like, it's a necessity.
I have many house rules
I don't wish to repeat
more than once.
- I'll show her around Eliza.
- You shall certainly
not Harkin.
You have matters to attend.
Come along Cordetta, darling.
The house has 32 rooms,
in time you will learn
your way around
but you are not to go exploring.
- What's on the top floor?
- That's the door to the attic.
The door's to remain
locked at all times
and is out of bounds to
you and the children.
Come along, I'll show you to
your room.
- My goodness, this room is
bigger than my father's house.
- I don't doubt it.
But it's not me you
have to thank.
My husband looks far too
kindly upon the servants
in this house, that wretched
grounds keeper Sylus included.
- I hadn't expected
this kindness from him.
- Harkin is stubborn
in his demands
but believe me,
he does not know kindness.
Listen to me closely Cordetta
my husband is a sick man
with an unhinged mind
and whilst he may seem
all the more welcoming
compared to me, my duty
is to run this house
and to raise our children,
tasks for which he
offers little help.
His charm is but a trail of
bread crumbs
which you'll be wise
not to follow.
Mind your business
while you're here.
You may enter Sylus.
You can start by
unpacking her things.
Put what clothes she
has in the wardrobe.
- Oh no, no please.
That's most kind but I'd
rather unpack myself.
- Nonsense girl, you
haven't got time to waste.
We've got a lot of
ground to cover
and I want you
started right away.
- Please be careful,
that's very precious to me.
- What's that?
- My pocket watch.
- A broken pocket watch,
one more fit to belong
to a rich man
rather than our young maid.
- Well what use is a broken
pocket watch?
- It belonged to my brother.
It's very special to me and
it's everything I have of him.
- Well as long as you have a
functional time keeping device
to accompany it.
I run a strict schedule
in this house
and I will not
tolerate lateness.
Be careful with the rest
of her clutter will you.
Children your father wishes me
to introduce you
to our new maid.
Her name is Cordetta
but you may call her
an english name if you prefer.
This is Agatha, Evelyn my
youngest and my son Adriel.
- Pleasure to meet you children.
- But Mother she's black.
- She's your father's
choice Agatha
and we must
respect his decision.
He has asked you to make her
feel welcome.
- Welcome?
But doesn't she know what
happened here?
- She soon will Hergdo still
walks the halls at night.
- That's quite enough
of your nonsense.
- Sorry Mother.
- Cordetta will serve
supper at seven o'clock.
I want you to be at the
table and waiting for prayer.
- Yes Mother.
- Now back to your studying.
Evelyn, I would like you
to show Cordetta
back to her room, she
has things to unpack.
- This is yours.
- Thank you Evelyn.
- It's not true you know,
about the ghost?
They like to tease.
- I don't believe in
ghosts Evelyn but if I did
they wouldn't scare me
half as much as the living.
- I recognize that watch.
- Well I imagine it's a
common make.
But to me it can't be replaced.
I apologize if I seemed
rude before.
- It's not a common make.
I knew a man,
a very wealthy nobleman,
who owned one
peculiarly similar.
May I ask where your brother
acquired it?
- No you may not.
Do not touch my things.
- You know the last
maid died in that room.
- It's an old house, I'm sure
lots of people died here.
- But how many were murdered?
- Murdered?
- It took a lot of hard
work to clean the blood
from those floorboards,
even the room below, when
the gore trickled through
drenched poor Adriel
in his sleep.
You'd do well to steer
clear of Lady Whipley
when she gets into a fit of
jealous rage,
armed with a straight
razor, she can be deadly.
- Get out.
- Of course.
The room's all yours.
Not long after my arrival
we were joined by a new
member of the house.
Damien DeHaan was to be
engaged to Agatha
at the stern request
of Lady Whipley
and I soon became a part
of this strange family
and a part of Black Rock Manor.
On the first day of every month
she would leave the house
to visit her twin sister
who lived in the
village far below
and she'd return with supplies,
everything the family
might need.
It was merely days before
my treasured pocket watch
went missing whilst I slept
and I suspected Sylus had
entered my room at night
and stolen it from me.
They mustn't uncover the true
reasons as to why I am here.
- Mother, it's Evelyn!
She's locked the door!
- It is Evelyn,
the door won't open!
There's somebody in
there with her!
- Out of my way!
Evelyn open the door!
Stop it!
- Evelyn you must tell me where
all this bloods come from!
- There was a man and he was in
my room!
- Who?
Oh Evelyn what man?
- I don't know!
- Where's Sylus?
Where's your father?
- Get your sister out of
that bloody nightdress
and take her into the bathroom!
Lock your doors!
- Sh, sh, sh.
- Harkin! Harkin!
Where is Master Whipley?
- I haven't seen
him since supper.
- Agatha.
- Who was he?
What did he say?
- I can't, I
can't remember.
- Blood.
- Sylus what the
devil is going on?
- A most mysterious
occurrence ma'am.
I haven't a clue
- Get up!
My husband is gone you're going
out to search the hillside.
Hurry girl!
You are to head out into the
hills and find my husband.
Do not return without
him is that understood?
- Finding Master Whipley
on this dark winter's night
seems an impossible task ma'am.
We'd fare better to begin
this search at daybreak.
- We'll freeze out there.
- You will not be welcomed
back into this house
empty handed.
Evelyn, Evelyn, Evelyn.
Evelyn, you must tell me
what happened.
- I don't remember.
I can't see his face.
- Who Evelyn?
Who bound you to the bed?
You must remember who's blood
covered you.
- I said I don't.
- Then what was it that
made you scream?
- I had a most
frightening dream.
- A dream?
- That is all I know.
- You can tell me.
You know you can tell
your mother anything.
- I just want to sleep.
I want to forget.
- You mustn't forget, tell me.
- I was small.
It was as if I were dreaming
through the eyes of a child
wandering the halls
of this house.
Except it wasn't this
house, it was different.
- Evelyn, Evelyn you've
gone silent.
- I'm sorry Mother.
I'm just so tired.
- Fine, you'll stay in
your sister's room tonight.
You're not to be left alone.
- Lady Whipley, we've
searched through the night
and found no trace
of your husband.
It's as if he's
completely vanished.
- A person cannot simply vanish.
- Please we are tired
and need rest.
- And this house
needs it's master.
- Perhaps he's fled ma'am.
Perhaps he doesn't
wish to return.
- Then perhaps he can take
his useless servants with him!
- What do you think
has happened to Father?
- Perhaps he saw something
that scared him so much
he had to run away.
- Or he saw a ghost.
- What are you?
- I know you've heard
it too Agatha.
The girl crying in the night.
- Footsteps awake me from my
sleep when nobody's there.
- What footsteps?
- In the room next to mine.
- That room is locked Adriel.
- Well I'm telling you
what I know.
It's a ghost.
It's the maid, she's come back
for us all.
- You don't really think it
was Sylus who killed her.
- Why don't you ask him?
- But this isn't the
first time that one of us
have woken covered in blood.
It's a little strange
don't you think?
- Evelyn wait.
- Who let you in there?
- The door was open.
- This door is always locked.
- I swear it was open.
- You know it's forbidden
for you to enter the attic.
- I just thought maybe
it was Father.
- Well it isn't.
- There's nothing up there but
spiders and cobwebs Agatha.
Just a dusty old attic that
is unsafe for you to enter.
I simply don't want you
getting hurt.
Who is it?
Has he returned?
- It's not your
husband ma'am.
- He hasn't said
a word, just keeps knocking.
- Well open the door,
he'll wake the whole house.
Let's see what he wants.
- Pardon my intrusion
at this late hour
but I find myself stranded
by this deathly storm
which has claimed my horse.
I seek shelter before it
claims me too.
- Who are you?
How did you find this house?
- I will explain everything
if you'll just save me
from this hellish downpour.
Wait, if your servants
would bring in
my trunk from the rain?
It's heavy but the
contents are most fragile.
- Bring it inside.
- I'm very grateful for your
kind hospitality Miss...
- You may stay here
for tonight only.
When the storm has
passed you must leave.
- Of course.
- Frankly you're
misfortune is not a problem
my family or I wish to be
burdened with.
Believe me, we have
enough of our own.
Leave that dirty old thing in
the lobby.
I don't want it dripping
all over the house.
- I think the stairs
would kill us.
- Don't make me change
my mind Sylus.
- I'm sure we can provide
all he needs
for a comfortable night.
- Take a seat at the table.
Cordetta will provide you
something warm to drink.
- Most kind.
- Your coat sir.
Wonderful to see you again sir.
It's been a long, long time.
- I apologize for my
alarming appearance.
My white mare Abraxis
was sadly decapitated
by a bolt of lightening.
- Decapitated?
- She rode on headless for
about another 100 yards
blood spewing from the
severed stump of her neck
before collapsing in
a muddy ditch
and leaving me for the storm.
I can still taste her warm,
salty blood in my throat.
I had hoped the rain
would've washed it clean
by the time I arrived
at Black Rock.
You don't have anything
stronger by chance?
- Drinking is forbidden
in this house.
- My mistake.
This is Black Rock Manor
is it not?
- Where were you headed?
- A long time ago as your,
elderly servant may recall,
there was a very exclusive
perlue high up in this valley.
It's location was
somewhat secret
and only a select
few would visit
and by invitation only,
of course.
I'd heard stories in the
valley below where to find it
but Abraxis and I...
Well you know the rest.
I must have traveled
three miles on foot
in that treacherous rain.
- You may stay in my
son Adriel's room tonight.
He can share with Damien.
- Indeed.
- What are you doing?
- I need something from my
room, it's too cold in here.
- Don't let your mother
catch you on your own.
- I'll be quick.
Sorry sir, I, I didn't
realize you were in here.
- No trouble, the warm
glow of the fire is very
enticing on this cold night.
You must be Adriel.
- I'll leave you in private.
I'm sorry.
- Don't be sorry Adriel.
I am the intruder here not you.
The manor's not much warmer
than the biting wind outside.
You must be chilly in
those bed clothes.
Warm yourself with me,
it's hot by the fire.
I don't mean to frighten you.
- I'm not frightened.
- But you can't take
your eyes off the blood.
- What happened?
- I had a run in with a
pair of thieves
as I journeyed up the hillside.
They saw me approaching and
waited to attack, two of them.
One had a long, thin knife
and the other had a crossbow.
Neither knew that I
had spotted them.
- What did you do?
- Well I took a big hard rock
and when they leapt out I
cracked it against one's skull
and thrust it again into
the other one's shin
until I heard the bone break.
When he collapsed and I knew
he wouldn't follow after me.
The first man I fear he was
already dead.
It was his blood that exploded
from his soft, pink brain
and covered me.
- He's locked in
my trunk downstairs.
- You, you can't leave
him in there.
What if he escapes?
- It's locked.
- Well what if he suffocates?
What if you kill him?
- What if he had robbed
the clothes from my back
and left me to freeze
in the storm?
- Well you might have
died anyway
if you hadn't found this manor.
- Indeed.
I'm quite in your debt
young sir.
Here, would you help me?
I can't reach over.
- You better hope Mother
doesn't find out
what you've got in that trunk.
- And we both better
hope she doesn't find you
in here with me, correct?
- Damien will begin to worry.
In case I don't see you in
the morning when I leave.
- Goodbye.
- Why did no one wake me?
- I knocked ma'am but
you were fast asleep.
- You look tired Mother.
- The storm has passed
has it not?
Then I assume
you're ready to leave.
- Oh can't he stay for dinner?
- No he cannot.
- I sent for a carriage
to pick him up
so that he may return
safely to the village.
- Then where is it?
- Unfortunately ma'am I've been
told the road is obstructed
by a fallen tree but
they will have it clear
in a day or two.
- Surely you cannot expect
him to journey on foot
with that heavy trunk?
- Out!
Pack your things now.
I wish to speak to
my family alone.
Does anyone recognize this?
It doesn't belong to me
and it certainly hasn't
been hidden by my children.
Save the performance
the pair of you.
Who's knife is this?
Speak up!
- It does belong to me ma'am.
- Correct!
And the blood I suspect belongs
to Harkin.
What in God's name am I supposed
to think?
- That knife has been
missing for months ma'am.
In a house this size
things go missing.
- And people too so it seems.
One of you has used this knife.
One of you has hidden it.
And one of you knows exactly
what has happened to my husband
and you will tell me at once.
- Madam, neither one of us
has a clue.
Do you think we would be
out all night searching
if we knew where he was?
- Do not try to pull the
wool over my eyes Cordetta.
- I am not, I'm only trying
to help solve this mystery.
- Then perhaps you
can solve this,
blood on your nightdress.
- This blood is my own.
- Speak up girl!
Cover that disgusting thing up.
Children, to your rooms now.
If I do not get an answer
soon I will be forced
to use extreme methods
to uncover the truth.
- Whatever Mother's
hiding in the attic
is driving her completely mad.
I swear to you Evelyn
I saw something,
a person, a creature,
hiding amongst the cobwebs
and the dust beneath
the rafters.
We have to find a way up there,
- You would go up there in
the middle of the night?
- Not alone.
- Don't look at me Agatha.
I most certainly won't be
venturing up there with you.
- But what's up there Evelyn?
What's behind that door
that's so terrible
that Mother doesn't
want us to see?
- I don't want to find out.
- But we must, whatever it is,
whatever happened to Father,
why that stranger's here.
I have a bad feeling it's
all coming from up there.
- Oh God, oh God, I am so sorry.
I didn't know you were here.
- Yes you did, I stayed here
last night.
- I mean I thought you
were elsewhere.
I'll go.
- I don't mind.
- I can see I've disturbed
you at a inappropriate moment.
- I said I don't mind.
You'd have left by now if you
didn't want to stay right?
Does he mind you creeping
into other men's rooms?
- I was not creeping.
- Would he mind if you were?
- Who? Damien?
- The pair of you
seem quite taken.
- Well of course we're
engaged to be married.
- Married?
- I like the idea very much
if that's what you're asking.
- Of course, we're
getting married aren't we?
- That's not what I asked.
When you go near him
and touch him
do your bones shiver?
Does hot blood shoot
though your body?
Do you feel his eyes on
you even when they're not?
Does you mouth turn dry?
- Of course not.
Not unless love
shares it's symptoms
with a very unpleasant fever.
- Some might say that it does.
- Well then, love sounds
no fun at all.
- He's a handsome gent.
Surely it doesn't make
you this uncomfortable
to gaze upon a man's body?
- I wasn't gazing upon...
- When you've had as
many as I sweet Agatha,
you learn how to read
a woman's eyes.
You know a gaze from a glance
and a stare from a look
and a lust from a longing.
- It must be all the
dust in here.
- Did he say anything about me?
- Why should he?
You're nobody.
You've arrived from nowhere
and you've nowhere to go.
What was there to say about you?
- He didn't recognize me?
- Should he?
- I recognize him.
- Oh really?
- From the village at
the bottom of the valley.
How much do you truly
know about him I wonder,
before he came here?
- Everything Mother has told me.
- Mother, I've seen
her in the village too.
- She has a sister there,
a twin.
- Of course she does.
- How dare you, how dare
you come into this house
with your cryptic words and
saying such vulgar things.
- You came into my room Agatha.
- Who are you?
You're no stranger
to this house.
- No.
You're all glorious butterflies
living caterpillar lives.
Perhaps I'm the metamorphosis
you've been waiting for.
- Shh, she'll hear us.
- I can't do this any quieter.
After you.
- You've got to be
bloody joking.
- Fine just stay
close behind me.
- Don't worry I will.
Can't we come back and
do this in the morning?
- What, when Mother's
watching over us like a hawk?
Christ Evelyn you'll wake the
whole house.
- What have you found?
- I don't know.
What was that?
Play it again.
- Mercury.
- That was on the back
of one of the photos.
- Eliza and Mercury, Black Rock.
- Well that's been taken
about 20 or 30 years ago.
- Agatha!
I saw it, it went in there!
Agatha don't go near it.
- Be quiet Evelyn.
It could be Father.
- It wasn't Father,
it was some sort of
creature like you said.
- Father?
- Help let us out!
- Damien.
- Look Adriel,
look at the pictures.
That's Mother pregnant and
look there she is again.
- Yes.
- Look at the dates.
- So?
- So, they were both
taken in the same month
according to the hand writing.
One moment she's pregnant
and the next she's wearing
these weird clothes
with no sign of
expecting a child.
- So what are you trying to say?
Somebody could have
mixed up the dates.
- I think it must be her sister,
a twin.
It's possible that
she stayed here
while she was expecting us.
- She never mentioned that.
- But when has she ever
mentioned her past?
- Don't forget the little girl.
- Right, there's a photo of
Mother here
with a girl, a young girl
named Mercury.
- Well what a strange name.
- Children.
- Jesus Cordetta don't you
ever knock?
- Where did you find
these photographs?
- They're private.
- In the attic.
- Evelyn.
She's not going to tell Mother
are you?
- Not if they're private.
I'm very sorry I disturbed you.
- Sylus.
Last night Evelyn and I
found some photographs
and tape recordings
from years ago.
- Your mother keeps the attic
locked for a reason child.
What more did you find?
- That was it.
But I wanted to ask
you about it.
Well you were around when
these were taken were you not?
- That was a long time
ago Miss Whipley
the manor's nothing
how it once was.
- No you're wrong Sylus.
Something, some sinister
thing from the past
still walks the halls.
- Father is missing
because of it.
And that stranger is
here because of it too.
- There's somethings you're
better off not knowing.
The past is much better buried.
- Well then answer me one thing.
Who's Mercury?
- Where did you hear that name?
- It's here on this picture.
And look, that's Mother
there too.
Lady Whipley and Mercury.
- We didn't see it at
first and then we noticed,
a little girl hiding
in the back.
- Who is she?
- There was a child
in this house.
You are not the only
Whipley children.
The child is dead.
I'm sorry, I've said
far too much.
Leave these things alone, girls.
Don't go looking any further.
- That carriage that
you said that you called
the other night, when
exactly will it arrive?
- The one that you called
to take our peculiar visitor
far away from this house.
- Oh, that carriage.
When the road is clear,
I'm sure one will come.
- You asked to see me Eliza?
- Close the door behind you.
- That's Agatha's
private journal.
What are you doing
reading those pages?
- Sit.
Forgive me Damien but I found
it left open upon her bed.
I could not help buy
spy the detestable words
written upon the page.
I was glad to take it from her.
- Detestable words?
She doesn't leave
her journal out.
We must return it immediately
before she notices.
- Just look Damien,
it concerns you.
- Of course it does, we're
engaged to one another.
- Not if one were to believe
these words.
She's known this stranger
barely a day
and already she fantasizes
about running off with him
and leaving you and I behind.
Can you believe that?
A handsome young
gentleman like you
and she'd see you cast aside.
- I'll talk to her, Eliza.
- Nonsense Damien,
you can see the passion
with which she writes.
How long has she been thinking
of leaving you behind?
What other men might have
engaged her lust
after you were wed?
- Then, what do I do?
- You do still wish to marry
into this family don't you?
You plan to stay here with me.
- You know I do.
- Then we must separate
them before this silliness
can go any further.
It's for the girl's own good.
- How?
- I have a simple plan
but I need a brave, strong man
to help me.
- I don't want to
hurt her Eliza.
- Not her Damien, him.
Dearest Agatha,
I'm leaving Black Rock tonight
and I wish to take you with me.
- Are you coming
to get ready for bed Agatha?
And I will come for you
at the strike of midnight.
Tell no one.
- Just one minute.
- Love,
your visitor.
- Come in Adriel.
It is you.
- I found something of
yours outside.
- Something of mine you say?
Do you know what it is?
Of course you don't.
Would you like to
find out I wonder.
Of course you do.
I can see the way you're
breathing Adriel.
Your heart's beating fast,
I don't mind.
You've been thinking about me
haven't you?
Say it.
- Yes.
- Look at me, and say it.
- What?
- Slower.
Do you trust me?
Open your mouth wide and close
your eyes.
- Meet me
in the cellar at midnight.
I've urgent news, Agatha.
- I'm not done with
you yet handsome.
I'll be back, shortly.
- You got my note.
- I got a note from Agatha.
- Not Agatha.
- I know why you've come
to this house.
And what you want
from this family.
- Do tell me.
Tell me what I want Damien.
- I don't want you in this
house a moment longer.
- You know what?
I think I'll stay a while.
- Agatha already seems
taken with you.
- And Adriel, just you
watch the rest will follow.
But if you like I can leave
that cold, stiff, old woman
you're so fond of, she's
all yours to play with.
- What is it that so strongly
attracts them to you I wonder?
- You don't have to wonder.
- You're right, I could have
you right here if I wanted to.
Nobody would know.
I could chain you to the wall
and tell them you'd left.
- And there was me thinking
I was about
30 years to young for you.
- It would be years before they
found you
and then night after
night I could return here
and we could do horrible,
pleasurable things.
- You know Damien, you're
making me very hard.
- Can I feel?
No that's good.
You'll bleed out far quicker.
Violent desires wreak
violent rewards.
- Evelyn you scared me.
- You know where he
is don't you?
You know what's going on.
I know that was your knife.
It belongs to Sylus yes
but I've seen you with it
these past weeks.
Are you trying to frame
him for some ungodly act?
- I'm afraid my aim is...
It's far more complicated
than that.
- So you do know
about the knife.
- I'm not going to lie to
you Evelyn, not to you.
I'm only trying to protect you.
- From what?
Tell me what's going on.
Tell me who the stranger is.
- Then at the very least tell
me where I can find my father.
- I can tell you he's
indeed left this house.
I'm doubtful he'll ever return.
- How can you say that
to me so cold?
I'm his daughter.
- Believe me when I say
it's better he is gone.
- Better for who exactly?
- For you Evelyn.
Things happen in this
house that you do not see.
Things you would
rather not know.
- Tell me.
- I wish I could.
- I will not leave
until you tell me.
I can keep a secret.
If you don't I will tell
Mother and she'll punish you.
I see the scars she
leaves on your back.
- That was not a punishment.
That was done in pleasure by
your father.
You are too sweet to
understand these things.
- He beat you for fun?
Is that what you're telling me?
- No Evelyn, it is a
fetish for him.
A sexual desire.
He strips me down, ties me to
the bedpost,
cuts me, burns me,
and when he's hard and drooling
at the mouth like a hound
he has me.
I was hired for that
purpose and nothing more.
- I, I didn't realize the
extent of his cruelty.
- I'm not finished.
You asked for the truth
and now you will hear it.
I can handle his sick pleasures,
I could leave here
anytime I wanted
and believe me I've so
often thought about running,
running before your
mother finds out
and has me sliced
open at the veins
but if I left Evelyn,
how would I ever see you?
- What does that matter?
- It matters because,
my heart has grown so
very fond of you.
I had not expected it but,
I've uncovered a kind of desire
I never knew I could feel.
Your father over time
could see my love for you
and how I despised
him so greatly.
There were no boundaries
to what that man will do
even to his own daughter, all
just to spite and control me
- Stop.
I've heard enough.
- I've only tried to
keep you safe.
I can't help the way
I feel for you.
It's put you in great danger.
Please Evelyn,
please understand me.
- Evelyn.
What are you doing out of bed?
- She said she loves me.
And she tell me horrible
things about her and Father.
- Get upstairs now.
I have seen the way
you look at her.
As if my own flesh and
blood could muster up pity
let alone love for an
ugly dog like you.
You're done with this family.
Do you hear me?
With those beastly black ears.
You're out!
You'll never lay eyes on
my daughter again Cordetta.
- I'm sorry Eliza
I didn't mean to.
- Drag that heap of waste out to
the road
and leave it for the wolves.
- What has she done to you?
- Get away!
Get away from me!
She's lucky she's your mother
or I'd stab her
in her cold heart
and watch her bleed.
- Leave her Evelyn.
- Is it done Damien?
What is this?
- No bigger than mine after all.
- I'm sorry Adriel.
I've let a devil into this house
and he has tempted you and
stained your innocence.
He has given you an illness.
You're to stay in this room
until I see fit for
you to leave.
Stay in this bed and pray child,
pray for God's forgiveness.
You put it on darling,
and I'm not going
to take it off.
You can wear this shame
on your face Adriel
for all of us to see.
I've brought you this,
you must be very hungry.
It's to remind you
that you've made
a terrible, terrible mistake.
It's all very touching
and romantic sweetheart
but I'm afraid you've
scared our house guest away.
- He's gone?
- Not before he stole
the key to your room.
- No he would never...
- I know the rejection will hurt
but nobody can love a woman who
commits her heart to one man
yet writes pathetic poetry
about another.
That was on his bedside, he
must have crept into your room.
I fear to imagine
what he was after.
- I have committed my
heart to no one.
You have done with
it what you desire
and offered me to a
man I care nothing for.
- You will stay locked
in this room
until you have
learned to be grateful.
- No Mother--
- I wanted to check
how you were doing.
I'm so, so sorry Cordetta.
- It's not your fault.
If you had no
interest in me then
you'll find me disgusting now.
I look like a monster.
- You of all people
are not a monster.
You're brave and kind
and I realize I probably
owe you a great deal,
at the very least an apology.
I'm sorry.
You ought to be more
careful around your mother.
You don't understand
these pleasures.
She does.
She'd have me starve to death
wearing that torture device.
- Then why did you put it on?
- Because he asked me to.
- Hm, I'm sure he did.
And did you enjoy
wearing it for him?
It's alright, you can tell me.
- Mother says I have an illness.
- So what?
I have an illness too then.
If that's what she calls it.
But you stay away
from this stuff.
You don't want to venture
so far, you lose your way.
- Have you...?
- There's nothing to be
scared of.
I found you tied to his bed,
I cut you free.
- What is that Sylus?
- Something of mine
I found in the attic.
Locked up with their
whole dirty past.
It's where I found this,
it belonged to your
father you know.
Let's say we had an agreement,
that benefited both
our greatest fantasies.
Oh I was older of course,
which he enjoyed
but more handsome back then
and he was the prettiest
boy, just like you really,
looking for someone to make
him a slave to their most
lustful and primal urges.
He and your mother settled down
but the temptations were all
still there.
- No child, your mother
would never have kept me
in this house if she
suspected we'd ever repeat
the things we did.
She proposed a simple remedy
and I agreed.
One way to guarantee
I'd stay away.
But I would have given even more
to ensure I didn't leave him.
You stay in this room Adriel.
It's safer to stay
out of her way.
I will bring you
everything you need.
- Sylus, do you know where my
father is?
- Yes.
He's either in a lot of trouble
or a lot of pleasure that
will get him into trouble.
Old habits do die hard.
- Sylus!
Sylus Scorpius!
Bring my children to me.
- Eliza get up.
It's Harkin he's returned.
- Ma'am, he has requested to
speak only to his children.
- Get off me!
Get off me!
- Don't make me Eliza!
- Let me speak to him,
let me talk to my husband.
Damn you.
- Stay back Mother.
He doesn't want you here.
- What has happened?
Where have you been Father?
Father speak to us please.
Tell us something, anything.
- You don't know this my son.
But in returning to this house
I have condemned myself to a
certain and rightful death.
- What are you talking about?
- I had to come back, I had to.
I couldn't go without
telling you one last thing.
She knows.
Only her and Sylus.
- My God can't you see he's
returned completely insane.
- Silence woman!
- Let him speak.
- There is an imposter
in this house.
That woman is not your mother.
We made an oath,
an oath never to tell.
But your mother, your real
mother died in this house
long ago and she would
have you believe her lies
even when I'm dead.
- The man doesn't know
what he's talking about.
Surely you can see these
are the lies of a madman.
- Enough Eliza!
- We've seen the
pictures Mother.
They must have been taken many
years ago
back when we were only children.
That leads me to believe that
Father is telling the truth.
- Pictures?
Of what?
- I don't know,
some perverted sex cult.
- Damien take them
back to their rooms.
Just do it Damien,
I don't care whether you have to
drag them
kicking and screaming just
get them away from him
before he poisons
their minds anymore.
- Poisons their minds?
You would know a thing or two
about poisoning their minds.
Rotting Christ, she has let
the devil into this house!
- Just leave your father.
He is sick.
- Agatha, Agatha.
- Is it true?
What he said or has my
father gone completely mad?
- I cannot deny that the
man may well have gone mad
but presently he
speaks the truth.
- But you told me that a
child had died in this house,
Mercury, the girl
from the photographs.
- No.
- No?
Well then who was it?
- The little girl in the
photograph is you Agatha.
Mercury is the serpent.
- But you told me
a child had died.
- Your unborn sibling still
growing inside the womb
of Eliza's twin, your mother.
We can only suspect how the
creature got into her locked
room at night but the beast
ventured in all the same.
That vile serpent slithered
up inside her in the night
curled up with the baby
growing in her womb
and feasted on it's half
developed fetus,
poisoning her sister from the
inside out.
She died before they could
even uncover where the snake
had gone but when the blood
soaked creature wriggled out
from between the legs of
her cold, stiff corpse
everybody knew what
had happened.
A tragic accident they said,
though some suspected murder.
We locked her body in
your father's old trunk
and hid the damn thing
in the attic
along with the rest of
her sinful possessions
and prayed we could forget.
It took quite a toll on
Eliza the devil of a sister
can be a most painful thing,
especially when the creature
was her own.
- It came into my room.
A snake, a horrible snake!
- There's nothing there Evelyn.
There's no snake.
We have to leave this house.
It's not safe for us here.
- Mother would never let me.
- She's not your mother Evelyn.
Your father has returned
with a malefic revelations.
I have no time to explain.
You must pack your
things tonight.
We'll live, just the two of
us, far away from this place,
somewhere she'll never find us.
You must do as I say.
There's just one more thing I
have to do.
- Almost two decades of living
a lie, as you had wished
all ruined.
Have you entirely
lost your mind?
- I must have to return
to these oppressive walls.
- Where have you been?
- Running but you can't
run from your sins Eliza.
- We made an oath.
Do you care nothing for
the sacrifices I have made.
- They have grown up Eliza,
they are old enough to
understand what we did
and who we were.
- And you don't think
they'll despise us for it,
you most of all?
- That is for them to decide.
I grow weary of your
reign over this family.
It is the old dominatrix
in you trying to break out.
- That's just what you want
isn't it?
This whole facade to come
crashing down
so you can return to your
diabolical ways.
- I already have, long ago.
Where do you think I find
all these beautiful maids?
- You're an old man now Harkin.
We have long past our prime
while living this dull pretense,
raising her children.
- And it was the very least
you owed her.
- I'd rather be in the ground
with her
than stay here a moment longer.
- That is easily
remedied my love.
- Perhaps I can take you
with me Harkin,
perhaps we can dive
into the flames and burn
like the devils we are!
- Get your hands off him!
Let him go.
- Don't tell me you've
fallen in love with him too.
I know what the pair of you
have been up to behind my back.
You and all the countless
maids before.
Those scars on your back
proved everything Cordetta
I have them too.
They may be old and faded
but the memories are,
are still as vivid
as if it were,
as if it were only yesterday.
- I despise him and everything
he's done.
But he is mine to kill.
- So it was you.
- Get away from her!
You may do these
vile things to me
but you will not lay
a hand on Evelyn.
Now you will leave this
house Master Whipley
and if I ever see your
face here again
I will spill your guts across
this floor.
- Go on then Harkin, fuck off
with your black whore of Satan.
- I made a promise to
Evelyn not to kill you,
not her mother.
Stay out of my way.
- Eliza.
- Already you have
stopped calling me mother?
Have you so swiftly forgotten
the years I mothered you
and raised you?
It's true you know, every damn
word of it.
Everybody looked to my
sister like she was some kind
of pure saint.
We weren't all
that angelic.
When we were just girls
we'd go out on the street
and offer ourselves for money.
The only difference being
I always enjoyed it.
Even when they left me, bruised.
I loved the touch of their
tough hands
all over my young silk skin
right up until
the warm wet slit
between my thighs.
Oh I was never going to
be one to settle down
with a husband I could love.
What I held onto in
my heart was variety.
A lady with my desires
gets bored, so easily.
Then I found Black Rock Manor.
A tranquil, grand paradise so
typically boring of my sister.
She was obsessed with money,
anything to better herself.
She was a smart girl, far
smarter than me.
But she must've been tortured
by lust right up until
the day she died.
And Harkin, the man
she grew to love,
he was different though.
I could see that the
moment he laid eyes on me.
I could see what he was
thinking even with my sister
stood right beside him.
For when darkness fell outside
this manor
an age old tradition,
a burden passed down
by his father I think,
ran riot in these walls.
If only they could tell of
all the wonderful perversity's
that happened here.
I suppose that's why
I always liked it.
I felt at home here.
With the help of my diamond
back rattlesnake, Mercury.
Mercury I called it.
I would put on a seductive
display of domination
and sadomasochistic pleasure
that would drive men wild
by the dozen, they'd
come from miles just to
watch me and have me all
under Harkin's jealous nose.
The curse of twins is that
he'd never be able to hide
the fact that he
found me irresistible.
I was my sister
but with all the benefits
a man could lust for.
She wanted children, a house,
a dull life
and I wanted men, as many as I
could have.
And I wanted their breath and
their sweat
and every orgasmic fluid
they could pump into my body.
And I wanted Harkin,
him most of all
because he belonged to her.
And even with everybody
at my feet I,
I needed him to want me.
And he did.
Despite the three
pretty children
and the fourth growing
in your mother's womb
we gave each other every
kind of pleasure we wanted.
Right up until the day she died.
If your father ever had a
heart it was truly broken
and he grew to hate me for it.
I began to miss her.
And no matter how much
fucking I managed
and no matter how many times
he'd beat me
in a violent rage I was numb.
- I think it's sad,
you have three children
and this is what
you think about.
- You're not my children.
You'll always be hers.
Wretched little orphans scuttling
about like lost insects.
Waiting to be stamped on
by the cruel realities
of this world.
- No one wants to listen
to your sick fantasies
you twisted witch.
You're just a used up
old piece of furniture
that this house has claimed.
Fallen from sight underneath
the gathering dust.
- A few too many possessions
in my wife's bedroom
for a man engaged
to my daughter.
- Listen Master Whipley,
I'm leaving this house
immediately I want no
part of this trouble.
- Seems that marrying
into my family's fortune
comes at a much higher
price than you thought.
But nowhere near as high
the price of playing the
accomplice to my wife's
desperate pleasures.
Oh I know she can be
quite the seductress
when she wants to be.
You've crawled into the
wrong spider's web Damien.
- Just stay back.
- Can we agree on a fair
punishment my greasy little fly?
Perhaps I could, stab you in
your throat
and throw your body down a well?
It's like a man once told me,
violent desires reap
violent rewards.
- You came back.
- I wouldn't leave you
here alone now would I?
Agatha my love.
Come to me.
- Young Master Whipley does
not wish to see you ma'am.
- I have come to
make things right.
What I did was very unkind.
I want to ensure
that he gets better.
- I'm making sure of that.
- Well then, I've prepared
a cold jug of water for him,
I will at least keep the
pair of you hydrated.
- She's either realized
the errors of her ways
or she's deranged.
Either way you need to stay
hydrated for your wound to heal.
- But I'm not thirsty Sylus,
- You should drink Adriel.
- I want to thank you for
what you're doing for me.
For all these years we've
been made to fear you.
- Like a muddied spring
or a polluted fountain
is a righteous man that
gives way before the wicked.
- Evelyn.
Evelyn my love.
Come and see your father.
Just one last wish before
hell invites me in.
Evelyn my sweetness.
- I warned you what I
would do if you returned.
- I am ready.
- Not until I have told you why.
Why I came here from
the very beginning.
See, when I was a little
girl I had an older brother
and he was hired by some
wealthy family to leave our home
and work for them, far away.
One day, we simply
stopped hearing from him.
Nobody knew where he
was, nobody dared to ask.
He'd never leave his little
sister without a word.
I knew something terrible
had happened.
So when I reached
an appropriate age
I went looking for this remote
manor house
where he'd served.
The word among the
other young girls spread
of your strange,
secretive rituals.
I had to rub the hairs I
clipped from a dead mouse
between my thighs to finally
get that snake to come to me.
There was no way I wasn't
going to be the one
to get into this family.
You do remember my brother.
- The boy was too
curious for his own good.
Saw too much,
and he was a thief.
So whether he liked it or
not we made him take part.
Seven white men, Sylus
and I, all going at him
like a rag doll, that's
what ended the boy.
I recall the eyes rolling
in the back of his skull
after about three hours of it.
- And that Harkin Ripley is
why I came to see you die.
- I remember when I had a
fine young body like yours.
I'd envy anyone who got
more attention than me.
That wasn't many though.
Soft, smooth, unwrinkled skin.
It soon fades away darling,
like a wilted flower,
irreversibly rotting over time.
What a foul disease is age.
But all the more foul when
youth fades prematurely.
That's something I've helped
you with over the years
raising you girls whether
you thank me for it or not.
You still have so much to enjoy.
Such pristine untouched
bodies to explore with.
And what thanks do I get?
You throw it back in my face.
Well I'm still the
one raising you,
you're still under my control
and I say you don't
deserve men or love
or any of the things I've
sacrificed to help you
resentful creatures.
We'll leave this shut,
and if any man tries to have you
he'll tear one awful
hole of flesh
right between your thighs
that no man will ever want.
It's my gift to you darling
the gift of eternal innocence
so you'll never have to become
like your wicked old whore
of an illegitimate mother.
Evelyn, you come to me now.
- Stay away from me.
- Get out of our way.
We're leaving this house.
- You give me back my daughter!
- Mother get off me,
you're hurting me!