The House on Mansfield Street (2018) Movie Script

[Nick] So Jon's here helping me pack up and
clean. Doing a great job Jon
Looking good!
hang on
I think the van's here...
[Nick] Okay, this is it ,on my way.
Bye flat bye London see you soon
well we've been on the road about an hour and a half now probably another hour to go.
[Nick] Okay mate that's the one just down here
mate, just on the left...
That's it
That's the cottage there, thanks
[Nick] Right I'm in, vans just gone and I'm all
by myself now...
Just got to unpack...
Can't believe I've managed to fit it all in
[Nick] Well I'm in, I'm all unpacked...
I'm here this is a new place you a little
tour there yep everything is up and
running Internet there and new TV well
this is the living room and through here
we have the kitchen upstairs I'll share
that momentarily and yeah this is the
view outside if you can see that got
some lovely neighbors well I think so
haven't met them yet although the guy
next door did take my bin out for me...
very nice of him I think this is a lady
living on the other side haven't seen it
yet oh she leaves really early for work
every morning speaking of work stop my
new job in about two weeks... two weeks
yeah the plan is to go outside explore
the town tomorrow keep my filming skills
sharp stop myself from going rusty yeah
it's lovely here they're very quiet very
peaceful a little bit too quiet actually
hard to get used to it after living next
to a motorway for two years
So I'm just setting up my cameras I've
got my GoPro over on over here
idea is to just test my new editing
split screen okay...
There we go...
That's working, excellent
[Knocking at door]
[Nick] Hi...hello?
[Emma] Hi...I'm Em ma from next door...
[Nick] Ah right hello! Come in.
I can't stay long I just wanted to come and say hi and introduce myself...
That's lovely, next door you say?
Have you been here long?
About 5 years now...
I love these cottages they're so nice aren't they?
Yeah it's lovely round here so quiet and peaceful...
I'm from London you see so it's all change of scene here it's lovely...
Oh right so you've not been here...
Brand new, I've been here for about 2 days
Yeah you've just only just moved in..?
Can I get you a tea or a coffee or anything?
No, no I can't stay long..
So er...what do you do?
Well I work at the university I hear you work there as well?
Really? Small world yeah I do. I work in the Comms department
I heard from see I'm in Admissions I'm friends with Paul
Paul Adams, yeah he's my manager
He told me you were moving here actually
So a coincidence right?!
Yeah! And you live next door?
I know...I know!
It'll be nice to see a friendly face around the building...
That's strange isn't it?
Yeah, funny...
Well look I'm not met anybody around the area yet...
so how would you like to come
out for a drink or something?
Yeah that'd be really nice
I'm only next door and it'd be nice to get to know you a bit
Well I'll just I'll just knock on in a day or two?
That's be really great!
Better be going
oh actually as you're here...
[Emma] Oh yeah?
Very random question but I don't suppose you know the combination to my outhouse lock?
I didn't think you would but whoever was here last changed the combination and didn't tell the Landlord
[Emma] He didn't leave a note or anything? did you know them?
No.. hardly at all really I mean
I bumped into him once or twice but no
he kept himself to himself...
Fair enough...
Looks like you might have to get someone to cut it open or something...
Yeah, ah it's no big deal
Yeah ok alright...
alright well I better be off okay oh you
forgot this is for you it's just a
Well I had better be off...Ooh I nearly forgot, this is for you...
It's a little welcome gift really that's all...
Oh you shouldn't have thank you
No, no it's not problem...
It's silly really my sister makes them...
It's like a good luck charm kinda thing...
Thanks very much that's great!
No worries, see you soon...bye
There we go...
So that was nice I've just met Emma from
next door she apparently works in the
same building as me as well quite a
strange coincidence but I suppose that's
gonna happen now I'm in a smaller City
and she gave me this a good luck charm
apparently smells rather strange a
little bit musty can't open it seems to
be stitched together but I'm supposed to
hang this over the door so that's what
I'll do. I'll throw it away after she
comes with dinner...
[Footsteps upstairs]
I think, I think that was from upstairs
it's definitely a noise coming from
Just check it's not in here
This is upstairs...
[Scratching noise]
I could have sworn I made the bed...
Absolutely convinced I made the bed this morning
There it is again...
It's moving... it's moving
[Scratching gets louder]
Jesus...don't say we've got mice again...!
Please not again...
Is it in here?
[Scratching even louder]
It's just like that pouch that Emma gave me
absolutely stinks only one place for this
In the bin
The noise has stopped now...
I've just had a very odd experience...
absolutely convinced there was somebody upstairs and
went to check but there was no one there
But the bed... convinced I made the bed this
morning it was arranged in a sort of
body shape I guess and then and there
was this noise coming from the attic
well I say the attic as you could see was
tiny so nobody can get up there but very
odd pouch thing you know like the one Emma gave me like this one I just
hope we don't have mice the last place
was absolutely infested and cost a
fortune to get an exterminator around
I don't know it's probably nothing...
I threw the thing away the noise stopped so
that's that
okay the weather is getting pretty cold
now but there's still a good opportunity
to go out and see some of the sights of
Nottingham...better do it now before I
start work right I'll be too busy so
let's go
I'm just off the bus just walking around
the streets of Nottingham
Here I am by the Left Lion, this is a famous Nottingham tradition
just in the centre of Nottingham now
[Indistinct tram announcement]
[Background chatter]
okay this is the famous Robin Hood statue!
I've been told to check out the caves under the city so that's where I'm going now...follow me
[Dark rising drone]
[Phone vibration]
Heading back home now just had a
notification to say that my parcel has arrived so going to pick that up
Left out in the rain bloody
Home sweet home
Okay so here it is
This was ordered a couple of days ago...if I can get it open...
basically this is the safe home camera
attachment this connects with my GoPro
here and it turns into a home
surveillance kit CCTV so it detects any
motion and I can check it when I'm
outside on my phone
Hi Jon how's it going?
yeah not bad thanks ok good all settled
in now really yeah I'll just pottering around...
yeah there it's nice...
thanks for help by the way yeah well you know...
don't! He would be jealous wouldn't he?
Yeah I met one of my neighbours actually..Emma
She seems very nice...
[Phone conversation cont] she works in the same
say building as me actually...
Small world isn't it?
What's this?
That's the cottage...
That's me!
Who's filming that?
That's weird...
So bizarre...
That's definitely me...
Who's filming it?
That was earlier on when I was outside
no I I found this file on my computer I
I clicked on it and it's got video
footage of the cottage... it's on my hard
no well who put it there then? I
don't know...
No! Do you think I should call the police?
yeah yeah I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm
holding up oh I'll call you later
just... I dunno. Ok..bye
[Footsteps upstairs]
okay I'm not imagining this definitely
sounded like somebody was walking around upstairs...
let's have a look...
It sounded like someone was walking across this floor...
I started this documentary project as a bit of fun
just a way to keep my skills from going
rusty until I start work but something's
definitely going on I heard footsteps
again upstairs but there was nothing
there I don't know....
[Noise next door]
It feels strange like there's somebody there
watching me I'm not sure and this video
file sent to my computer I have no idea
what's going on there it's like somebody
sent it to me and hid it. It's odd...
it's mysterious what I'm gonna do is
edit that footage into this documentary
see if we can get to the bottom of it
see what's going on
It's about 3 a.m. and I can hear... I can
hear something
tapping um I think it's coming from
[Faint tapping]
I think it's coming from the window...
[Louder tapping]
[Opens curtains]
I'm just checking outside
[Window opens sound of heavy rain]
It's not outside..
it's not coming from out there
it's definitely sleeting now...
I think...
maybe it's...maybe it's coming from
the front of the house...
Okay everything's fine....
I'm at the front house now...there is nothing there...
Okay I'm going to go...
I think I'm just going to go back to bed...
I've had a terrible night's sleep I just
want to just hope that I'm just
imagining all of this ...
[Knocking at front door]
hang on I'm coming...
Okay I'm coming hold on a sec...
There's someone at the door I think
The knocking seemed to have stopped
what? Someone was walking in their bare feet...
What's going on?
Somebody playing a joke on me...
Ah there we go
[Heating comes on]
It has started snowing...there's some
footprints in the snow I don't know I
know somebody's playing a joke on me somebody's taking the piss...
I had this really vivid dream last night
when I did get to sleep...
I felt like there was somebody in my room with me...watching me...
I could see this white face...floating
[Nick] So this is my local park, lots of people
out today gosh it's freezing
[Wind rises]
Yeah...still snowing I've been out to get
stocked up on food and drink but...
isn't really much point in going out. All the
roads blocked there's no buses or trams
running so I'm pretty much just stuck
here for now
[Wind and leaves rustle]
[Wind whistles]
[Dark rising drone]
It's about 3AM
I've just been woken up by a noise...
coming from...I dunno...the stairs or directly outside the
bedroom door, I'm not quite sure it's it
could be the snow is still snowing quite
heavily I'm gonna go check ...come with me
Okay there we go
Okay that's fine that's just the that's
just the nightlight, motion-sensitive
it's okay
okay it's just...come on get a grip
I think it's just my imagination...
[Low drone]
Well it has stopped snowing now but it's still
about minus five outside so looks like
I'm stuck in here...
Not that I'm complaining
yeah the snow is great but gives me an
opportunity to catch up with my editing
so that's what I'm gonna do now so I'll
check in with you later on
It's 3AM again and I've just
I've just had the same dream...
the house is sinking again, strange
whistling noise exactly the same...
I don't really know what to make of it...
[Door creaks]
[Digital glitch]
[Dark drone]
It's definitely something there
it's definitely something in the digital
Looks like a figure
White...white face or something...
This cameras too good.
What's going on?
This is very strange...this is very strange now
What's going on?
[Dark drone]
[Tapping on window]
[Louder tapping]
[Tapping gets louder]
[Loud bang]
I don't know what's happening...
I dunno, I dunno I dunno....
The chair was upright...
The lamp was upright, I came back they were
on the floor
something had knocked them over I've
filmed it I am not imagining this
[Dark Drone]
Okay so I've just set up my
night-vision camera in the corner of my
room here we go, yeah and I'll keep that
on low resolution all night so hopefully
it can I can record anything anything
that might happen in my room any
I'm off to bed
[Footsteps in the house]
[Footsteps in room]
[Rasping breath]
I was just having the dream again the
same dream um sinking
[Low drone]
Very strange...very strange dream. My heads all over the place very foggy...
I'm just going to go out I think...
Get some fresh air...
Clear my head
See what...
I don't know what to make of this...
This is the...nightlight
Must have fallen down the stairs I dunno...
I don't know what to think I'm just
just gonna go, I'm just gonna go I think...
[Tapping at window]
Ah feels good!
Breath of fresh air...
Outside of the house today...
going around my local area
Local park
It's lovely
THere we's quite nice!
Thought I'd get some footage for the documentary
I think that's Emma...
Yeah, my neighbour
Hi! Emma...
Yeah Nick...alright?
How are you doing?
Yeah good thanks...
Just getting a breath of fresh air before I get stuck into some work...
Right okay...
I need to finish for tomorrow you're filming...?
It's second nature, I don't know if I mentioned I'm a filmmaker...
Oh right okay
I'm getting some footage for this project I'm doing before I start the day job
Okay, good idea! Am I going to be in it?!
Er...yeah I should ask your permission shouldn't I?!
If you don't mind, if that's okay?
Yeah! I mean I don't have to sign my life away do I?
Tonight, are you doing anything?
Do you want to have drinks perhaps?
Yeah okay why not
Excellent...7 O'Clock?
7 sounds good...
I can get this work finished, left it all to the last minute as usual but...
Yeah, 7 could work I reckon
Brilliant that's good
Ooh I could bring my cards
Yeah Tarot cards!
just a bit of fun of course but you could film it for your documentary!
It'd be lots of fun
Pretty strange actually...tarot cards...
yeah I mean...
Go on! It'll be fun
I've not done it for ages
Lots of weird things happening at the cottage at the minute...
Yeah, chairs falling over lamps falling
over that kind of thing I know it sounds
ridiculous it's just you know
I'm in a new place...strange
Not strange but I mean I've been there for
years and I've never seen or heard anything...
Hmmmn, yeah very odd...
I think it's probably just me being silly...
You know?
Alright, tarot cards and drinks!
Yeah it'll be fun!
Cool okay
I'll see you soon
I'll see you then...bye
That's Emma...
Okay tarot cards...just what I need
[Phone vibration]
I think I'm a little bit lost...
[Phone alerts]
Ah...hang on
[Phone vibration]
Somebody in the house...
Fuck, fuck there's somebody in the house!
There's somebody in the house, I'm going home!
There was definitely a figure behind the curtain
but I thought the door was locked...
Still locked...
I definitely picked something up
somebody was here ...I dunno
Definitely being filmed...
Nothing...I'm just going to check upstairs
[Low drone]
[Dark drone]
okay okay
It's definitely a figure...behind the curtain...definitely
That's impossible...
I've just double-check everything, the doors are locked
It's like somebody's...
let themselves in...
[Low drone]
It doesn't make any sense okay now my
rational mind is telling me this is
impossible there is there is no way that
can be a figure but there's a figure
standing behind the curtain
[Phone vibration]
Hello, hi... yes Sarah hello thanks for
calling back, everything's fine, I just had a
question about keys
yeah...does anybody else have a set
of keys apart from me and the landlord?
no no no nothing's happened...
yeah and what about the landlord, is he
is he about? Is he coming in to do some checks?
Ah... he's out of the
country, okay
no everything's fine thank you um thanks
okay, bye.
[Knocking at front door]
[Nick] Hi! Come in....
[Emma] Hi...
[Nick] Hello let me take your coat
[Emma] Thank you...there you go
[Nick] Just through there
[Emma] Thanks...ooh
you've been filming, is that a camera?
Oh yes this is my home security system
its voice and motion activated, there we
basically I can keep an eye on the house
when I'm not in
Oh right!
How clever
Yeah well as I was saying a few strange
occurrences recently furniture moving around...
things turning up in the wrong
place, perhaps the previous tenant was
letting himself in...
Oh my God! Was anything stolen? Perhaps you should call the Police?
No no, nothing was stolen...
But you're worried. Worried enough to get CCTV
Look sorry I'll turn it off
No, no don't be silly honestly...
it doesn't bother me it's fine
You're sure?
[Emma] Yeah yeah it's fine
I mean...lived here ages and well the cottages are really quiet we never had any trouble
honestly it's just...
You're probably just letting your imagination run wild...
Yeah...I guess you're right
Did you know much about the previous
No not really...He was about your age...
He hasn't been here very
long it was maybe here about two months
I think and then then the cottage was
empty for about five months before youmoved in
Five months?! The landlord said it had been empty only a week!
He was probably just saying that so you wouldn't ask for lower rent...or something
Heh, yeah...
You know what they're like
Oh absolutely
Anyway you've been through a lot of change I mean move to a new city...
new job new house I mean it's
it's all very stressfull.
Look, I've brought my tarot cards let's have some fun
You get the dinks, I'll get the Tarot cards out
Sounds like a plan!
[Nick] Drinks and Tarot...
[Emma] Uh huh
Well I've never really...
done Tarot cards before..
Oh you are in for a treat I have to say!
Yeah, Tarot is magical!
[Nick] Are you into all this spiritualist stuff then?
Yep I think we're recording... these are my cards...
Beautiful aren't they?
Very nice, how long have you had them?
Oh along time, about 15 years I think... okay
you have to shuffle
So if I give those to you...
I have to shuffle?
Yeah I'll, take the camera you take the cards... swap over for a bit
So...there we go...
I'm not very good, how long do I shuffle for?
As long as you like the cards will tell you when to stop
The cards will tell me when to stop?
You'll know.
I can stop.
Yes let's swap
Okay there we go...
There we are...
[Emma] Right...
okay so I am going to lay the cards out
into a pattern and this will give me
your past, your present and your
future events okay?
all right so we're gonna start with your
past, let's say we have the four of swords...
the eight of swords and the
hanged man.
[Nick] Right...
what do they mean?
Now I know I know this already but...
You were in a stagnant place am I right?
[Nick] Uh huh...
And something happened, some kind of change took place
that has put you on the path to where
you are now...
Well you could say that yeah
okay right next we have your present so
we have see the fool are very good yeah
the Ace of swords and the Ace of Cups
okay you are going to be using your
talents and you're going to come into
your own and I think that's with your
job okay there's something that's going
to be seen by a lot of people...
but for some reason you're not going to be a
part of it
Okay, the future...
Right let's see we have...
The Tower okay.... the Devil, the ten of swords ...and finally Death...
[Nick] Oh God!
No, don't be scared the death card rarely means
actual death but....
[Nick] But what?
I don't know...there's going to be...something's gonna
happen a shock maybe
or some kind of betrayal...?
Okay look this doesn't sound very fun...
I think we should just stop now
Hey I'm sorry I scared you. Look
they're just cards that's all
I'm not scared just I don't really believe in any of this stuff... no offense
No, none taken
look it's been a long time I haven't
done this for ages
I'm very rusty okay look it's getting
late I should be going anyway
It's been a fun evening...
[Nick] Yeah it has thanks for coming over...
Thanks for the drinks
I'll, I'll show you out...
[Dark drone rises]
[Footsteps walk around the room]
Okay...I definitely heard something downstairs
definitely heard whistling
It's the same whistling from my dream...
Oh Christ...
Oh fuck...oh fuck
[Door handle]
[Nick breathes heavily]
Oh fuck there's somebody...somebody here
[Panicked breathing]
Hi Jon...hi yeah... things are getting worse
Very odd, very strange I don't know
Look, can I send you some of the footage over?
oh yeah I don't know if you could just
look at it tell me what you think I
don't know I think it's my neighborhood
she's playing a joke on me or something
yeah okay thanks though I'll send it over
the cloud, yeah I hope so
okay okay thanks Jon bye
Should still be in here
I'm going to open these two pouches now so
this is the one Emma gave me...
This is the one I found in the attic space...
Okay so this is the one from Emma...
Some herbs and...
This is the second one
again more herbs...
This one stinks.,..
[Dark drone rises]
[Nick] Okay...
Emma, it's Nick from next door
are you there Emma?
She's not in
maybe she doesn't even live there who
Emma...Emma King?
Maybe I'm getting the wrong name but
basically I'm her neighbor my name is
Nick Greene, I'm supposed to start working
the in the Comms Department next week
yeah my boss is Paul Adams...
I dunno, maybe I've got the wrong name...
Emma...Emma King..Admissions..?
Okay, I'm just trying to keep my mind off
everything do the household chores...
This morning...
this is me making my bed
Excellent ...okay
I'll take 5 downstairs
[Footsteps upstairs]
There's definitely...
okay that's definitely coming from
It's the middle of the day and there's something...
[Unearthly growl]
I don't know if I'm losing my mind or seeing things or if something's actually here...
It's there, it's on film
It's there you can't argue with that...
There's something going on...
I'm going to go to London for a few days
I think I need to get a new place I
don't know I need to check my contract
there's erm... I think there's a train
leaving in about 45 minutes
that's one I'm just gonna I'm gonna get
some stuff into a bag I'm gonna go to London
[Sounds in house]
[Traffic and sirens]
[Nick] I don't know what's happening....I'm losing my mind or something's happening
I'm getting on the train and I'm just gonna...[Knocking]
[Nick] There is definitely a noise again
[Whispers] I think it is in the bathroom
[Nick] Oh fuck!
[Nick] What....what the fuck?!
[Heavy breathing]
There is definitely something in the house I'm not coming, I'm not going upstairs...
I need to get on to the Train.
They're running now...
I think the best thing to do is to just get on the train and go and see Jon
stay on Jon's sofa for a few days...
[Nick] Okay...okay...
[Looks for light switch]
[Footsteps in the house]
[Door creaks]
[Digital noise]
[Digital noise]
[Digital noise]
[Digital noise and a Demonic voice growls]
[Digital noise]
[Digital noise]
[Digital noise]