The Householder (1963) Movie Script

{ Man Chanting Prayer ]
{ Man Continues ]
- [ Sighs ]
- Fine time for sleeping. Get up.
- Huh?
- Get up.
[ Moans ]
Oh, I forgot.
I have something for you.
It's in my pocket.
Go and see.
It's only a card. Go and see.
In my black jacket.
- For a wedding.
- Hmm.
Mr. Sohanlal gave it to me yesterday.
It's for his brother's wedding at Mehrauli.
- We're going?
- Mmm. Of course.
We will sit in a bus and go.
- What will I wear?
- Hmm?
What will I wear?
- This looks very nice.
- Ha!
My pink sari or my blue?
And my gold earrings.
Here you are.
It's so nice.
Indu, would you like to live here?
It's so peaceful and beautiful.
I think rents must be very low.
It would be economical for us.
- And also dull.
- So you're a big city girl now?
I've seen enough
of cows and fields and wells.
I like to see many people
and cars and buses.
[ Chuckles ] Come.
{ Man Yelling ]
{ Man Singing In Hindi ]
{ Continues ]
I think you don't feel so well.
When I was married last year,
I also did not feel so well.
You know, I thought - I thought,
''What should I do with a wife?''
I was quite angry.
{ Singing Continues ]
But, you know, it's not like that at all.
Not like you think.
Only in the beginning...
when you're first alone together...
and there's never enough money.
So much worry.
And then when you come home
and there's your wife...
and you don't even like her.
You don't know her.
How can you like her?
My mother used to
cook this dal quite differently.
You must learn from her
when she comes.
What is the matter?
What is the use of sighing like that?
You have nothing to sigh for.
Sitting all day.
No work.
And you have a servant -
not that he's much use.
Only think of my position.
It is I who should be sighing, not you.
Do you think teaching at a college
is a joke for me? Hmph.
So many boys in every class,
and every day 9:00 to 5:00.
And when you come home,
there's more work.
You see all those papers
lying on the table?
I have to see to them also.
You are thinking of your home?
Is that it?
You're homesick?
Homesick. I'm also homesick.
You think I'm happy in this place?
At least clear away all this.
The home must be kept tidy.
At least this much you must learn.
You think my mother would have
left these things lying about like this?
Please remember.
Spick-and-span. Hmm.
{ Water Running ]
{ Woman On Radio ]
This is India Radio.
Here is the news,
read by Pamela Simms.
{ Continues, Indistinct ]
Twenty-six Afro-Asian countries
have conveyed their full support to us...
in the border conflict with China.
Both governments have been asked
to divert as much money as possible--
{ Continues, Indistinct ]
The president, Dr. Radhakrishnan...
is now back in the capital
after a day's visit to Calcutta.
Both houses of Parliament
reassembled in New Delhi this morning...
after an interval of six weeks.
We consider the history
of the Mughal Empire...
from the year 1526
to the year 1857...
there is one salient fact
which strikes us forcibly.
What is that salient fact?
Consider Akbar, Jahan-gir,
Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb.
Now we must consider
some tatsama words.
That is, uh, words uncorrupted
from, uh, Sanskrit.
For instance -
[ Speaking Sanskrit Words ]
Uh, Kartar Singh, what do you know
of tatsama words?
- Nothing, sir.
- [ All Laughing Uproariously ]
- Uh, you please give us some words.
- [ Sanskrit ]
Very good. Very good.
Uh, where are you looking?
Huh? Me, sir?
Listening to your lecture, sir.
- What is that you're hiding?
- Oh, this?
- Notes on your lecture, sir.
- [ All Laughing ]
Please listen.
All tatsama words appear in Hindi
without the Sanskrit case termination.
Uh, thus, these words
appear in Hindi...
- under the form in which they-
- [ All Laughing ]
Who threw it?
- There was a lot of noise coming from somewhere.
- My boys made no noise, sir.
We were considering the glories
of the Mughal Empire.
- Mr. Prem Sagar?
- Mr. Khanna, sir.
We are working on tatsama words.
I was telling them about tatsama words
as distinct from tadbhava words.
I will not have indiscipline in my college.
Is that understood?
No indiscipline.
Attention to our studies,
our thoughts always on examinations ahead...
that is the rule of our college.
Very good.
This is how a college
should be conducted.
- Yes, sir. Quite right, sir.
- If any student is found guilty of indiscipline...
severe measures will be taken
against him.
Severe measures must be taken.
Work is worship.
That is our guiding principle.
Sit down.
Copybooks open.
Pencils out.
The Sanskrit root of our word mata
is taken from matri.
Who -Who threw it?
Huh? You.
- Threw what, sir?
- Sit down.
Didn't you hear what our principal said?
Work is worship.
- { Bell Ringing ]
- If you - If you spend all your time in games...
how will you pass examinations, hmm?
- [ Boys Chattering ]
- { Ringing Continues ]
Thank you. I've eaten and come.
I have to bring my food with me.
I live so far.
Yes. Mehrauli is a long way.
I have to leave home at 6:00...
and then cycle and cycle
to get here at 9:00.
Perhaps there's a college
nearer to Mehrauli.
It's not so easy to get jobs in colleges.
No. I was very lucky
to get a job in this college.
You see, it was through a friend
of my father's.
My father was himself
principal of a college.
- Mmm.
- In Ankhpur. Principal of a government college.
''Of all wretched men,
surely the idle are most so.
''Those whose life is barren of utility...
''who have nothing to do
except to gratify their senses -
''Are not such men the most querulous,
miserable and dissatisfied of all...
''constantly in a state of ennui?
''Alike useless to themselves
and to others.
''Mere cumberers of Earth...
''who, when they are removed,
are missed by none and whom none regret.
Most wretched and ignoble lot indeed
is the lot of idlers.''
It's on very fast.
Perhaps electricity comes free...
so that we can run our fan
at such a speed.
The staff of this college
has all the facilities.
Mr. Khanna is too generous.
I often tell him.
We are very grateful, Mrs. Khanna.
You do so much for us.
Advantage must not be taken
of people's goodness.
Tailor, I want pleats here. Here.
Like this.
When my father was alive,
Mr. Sohanlal...
I had no worries at all.
I was just a student.
Now they've married me to a girl.
It's not easy to be a married man
and support a wife and pay rent.
And I miss my home very much.
My mother and my sisters...
and all my friends.
- And my wife doesn't cook very well.
- { Mrs. Khanna ] That's all.
I want the curtains up by next week
when my guests come.
Mr. Sohanlal,
if you must eat your food here...
please spread something underneath.
Excuse me, Mrs. Khanna.
I am very careful.
We can never be careful enough.
- Mrs. Khanna's very house-proud.
- Yes.
My wife is not house-proud at all.
Only yesterday
I had occasion to tell her.
I think she's not very intelligent.
She must be very young.
What's her name?
- Indu.
- Indu?
- Indu's a nice name.
- Do you think so?
Hmm. I like a name
like Nandita or Nimmi.
That is beautiful.
There is a film star called Nimmi.
Perhaps you've heard of her?
I admire her very much.
In Ankhpur my friends and I
would go see all her films.
We even sometimes went
three or four times.
We knew all the lyrics by heart.
[ Singing In Hindi ]
[ Singing In Hindi ]
{ Bell Ringing ]
Nowadays I can't afford
so much to go to the cinema.
''And then the lover...
''sighing like furnace...
''with a woeful ballad...
made to his mistress's eyebrow.''
{ Fan Rattling ]
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
{ Fan Rattling ]
- Good morning, gentlemen.
- [ All Reply ]
Sit down, sit down.
Today I have a very pleasant duty
to perform.
To invite you to a tea party.
- Excellent! Tea party. Very good.
- [ Chattering ]
Sunday, at 4:00 in the evening.
4:00 p.m. Sharp.
Oh, yes. Of course,
the ladies are invited, too.
I shall certainly convey this good news
to Mrs. Chaddha as speedily as possible.
- She will be delighted.
- He means we must bring our wives?
But my wife may feel
very shy to come.
It'll be very difficult for her
to make conversation.
- Ladies are usually shy.
- Hmm.
{ Mr. Khanna ]
An hour's relaxation, now and again...
braces the muscles of the mind.
No, no, no.
Not there. Here. Here.
An hour's entertainment
in the midst of a busy schedule...
is like a refreshing bath on a hot day.
Excellent image, sir.
Excellent image.
''A refreshing bath on a hot day.''
A very striking image, sir.
- Very striking.
- { Mr. Khanna ] And so we return to our labors...
revived, refreshed, relaxed.
Mehar Singh, bring the tea.
Ah, yes. I think
we are all ready now for...
the tasty dishes Mrs. Khanna
has prepared for us.
The whole morning
I was in the kitchen.
It's no good leaving things
to servants.
What are you waiting for?
Hand them round. Take.
Eat. No, no, no. Eat, eat.
What else did I make everything for?
I use only the best ghee
for all my preparations.
You will just taste the difference.
{ Mr. Khanna ] I am particularly happy today
to welcome the ladies among us.
Now our women stand
side by side with us...
to aid in shouldering the burden
of national development.
We must all, men and women alike,
contribute to this national development.
- India awake.
- [ Men ] India awake.
- [ Prem Clears Throat ]
- People with colds should be careful
to cover their mouths when they cough.
- Go on, eat.
- We must not forget the cultural side, too.
Our 5,000-year-old tradition
of sculpture, dance and song.
How pleasant it would be to hear
one of our beautiful Indian songs...
from the lips
of one of these fair ladies.
- You sing.
- You sing.
No, no. You. Please, you sing.
Come on.
What is there to be shy?
No, sorry. I have cold today.
No, no. No excuses.
Come on.
[ Clears Throat ]
{ Chaddha ]
Now, now. What's there to be shy of?.
[ Singing In Hindi ]
[ Chuckles ]
[ Continues ]
[ Stops ]
Um, uh -
[ Resumes ]
[ Stops ]
Oh. Oh, I have forgotten.
- { Mr. Khanna ] Excellent.
- { Chaddha ] The music we have in our country...
it flows from the heart.
The earth is colored with the light
of the young dawn...
and the eyes of the skies are red.
Oh, brothers!
The eyes of the skies are red.
[ Vocalizing ]
[ Singing In Hindi ]
{ Continues ]
Get up.
Is this a time to sleep?
What is all this mess?
Go. Put on the fire.
{ Children Chattering In Distance ]
- Can I come in?
- { Woman ] Yes,yes. Come in.
{ Woman Singing In Hindi On Radio ]
Sit down.
Be quite comfortable.
- What a pretty color.
- Oh, it's a pullover for my Romesh for the winter.
I think this color will be
very suitable for him.
- You are also fond of knitting?
- I like it very much.
At home, in my father's house,
my sisters and my cousins and I...
we used to knit so much.
Here I've done no knitting.
Wool is so costly to buy.
Your husband doesn't give you
sufficient money for your household?
- Romesh, get up.
- He gives...
but what does he understand
of what things cost?
Men are like that.
They don't understand.
Give me money for the pictures
this afternoon, Ma.
What a fine back.
Every day you grow bigger and stronger.
- God bless you.
- One rupee, Ma.
Yes. Oh.
Where is my money?
Here. Can we deny anything
to our children?
- One more rupee, Ma.
- Look.
My mother just the same.
Anything I wanted -
bangles, saris, sandals -
everything she gave.
- But my husband, he never does.
- That is the way it is.
When a girl is married,
she thinks and thinks of her father's house...
and tears come to her eyes.
Oh, no.
No, no. No.
Why must Mrs. Khanna's guests
stay in our staff room?
Oh. It's very hot.
My house is also very hot.
The fan's broken.
Repairing it will cost 1 0 rupees.
How to manage that in our salary?
1 80 rupees a month. Hmm.
What is that these days?
I think we must all go
and ask Mr. Khanna for increment.
- With families to support.
- I have my own family to support...
and also my brother's.
He died of fever three years ago.
Four little children.
Oh, it's terrible.
I will go and ask for raise in salary.
Mr. Khanna must be made to understand
our positions also.
Is it right for one man
to have everything and another nothing?
It's not right. I-It's wrong.
{ Saucers Rattling ]
Ah. Come in, come in.
You see me enjoying my breakfast.
Very important to start the day
with a good breakfast.
Stomach juices must be
encouraged to flow...
or else the system gets clogged
and nasty indigestions follow.
Please, be careful of my carpet.
It's just come back
from the dry cleaners.
There are certain rules
of physical hygiene...
that we must all strictly follow.
Only then can we develop
a healthy mind in a healthy body.
It's bad for too many people
to walk over a carpet.
A healthy mind in a healthy body.
That is the ideal
that we must hold before us.
Mr. Khanna, sir-
Mr. Sohanlal lives in Mehrauli.
You eat.
Why let yourself be disturbed?
It is a long way, sir.
He brings his lunch with him.
He has to leave his home
at 6:00 in the morning on his bicycle.
Cycling is very good
for the development of the leg muscles.
Fine exercise.
I always enjoy it.
Mr. Khanna, sir...
in the shastras it is written...
''It is better to be dead than poor.''
Life is a hard struggle, sir...
and it is the duty of those
whose struggle is lighter...
to give a helping hand to those
for whom it is very hard.
Very good thought. I like to hear people
engage in such philosophical questions.
I, too, am interested in these questions.
Given them a lot of deep thought.
Hand me my shoes.
Why are people encouraged
to come in here?
The principal's living quarters
should be kept separate from the college.
- Some peace there must be.
- It is good for a young man...
to engage himself
in philosophical questions.
Keeps the mind fresh and active
for his work.
You can take this towel
to my guest room.
You can hang it on the rail
near the window.
Thank you.
I sit alone up there all day...
and then he comes.
You must visit us often.
I also feel ill.
I don't know why.
- You feel ill?
- Yes. In my head.
I feel very dizzy.
Everything goes round and round like this.
Oh, Romesh, just go.
Just go and see if the windows
are shut in the bedroom.
Go, son.
Um, it looks like rain is coming.
I'm in a hurry, Ma.
Go, son. You are my good son.
God bless you.
Um, listen.
- [ Whispering ]
- Mm-hmm.
I think, child, I'll have to take you
to a lady doctor.
Doctor? Oh, no.
It would cost money.
- My husband, he -
- { Romesh ] The windows are shut.
Why did you send me for nothing?
{ Men Laughing ]
{ Hindi Song On Radio ]
[ Laughing Continues ]
{ Man On Radio Speaking Hindi ]
Today I took your wife
to a lady doctor.
Uh, just go upstairs.
She has something very nice to tell you.
Hey, what's the secret?
Let us also hear.
Shh! God willing,
soon there will be three of you.
- Go. Go to her.
- { Man On Radio Continues ]
Um - I -
Is it true what Mrs. Sehgal said?
Uh, well, say something.
Uh -
But -
But how can I support a baby?
It is difficult enough for me.
For you it is easy.
No worries.
- You don't care.
- It's not my fault.
- Then whose fault is it?
- Yours. Who else?
Don't talk like that.
Tsk, tsk.
It is very indelicate.
Ladies should never talk like that.
Where are you going? Huh?
Where are you going?
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
Get water.
And this boy,
he was again playing in the streets.
- Is there no work for him in the house?
- We don't need a servant.
Huh? What are you saying?
Don't need a servant?
How will it look
if you were to do the sweeping?
The wife of a college lecturer.
- Oh.
- And you're very disrespectful.
Is this the way
to talk to your husband?
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
What are you doing?
Don't leave these on my table.
- I'll call my mother. She will teach you.
- Yes, yes. You send for her.
Then she can cook your food
the way you like when I'm gone.
- Gone? Where?
- Gone home. Of course I'm going home.
Every girl in my condition
goes home to her mother.
- At the end. Not in the beginning.
- At the beginning also!
What do you know about it?
- You're not going.
- Of course I'm going!
- I forbid it!
- He forbids it!
At once I will send a telegram
to my mother.
At once. I'm going.
Let her come.
- Then we will see how you talk to me.
- Yes, yes. Go and send your telegram.
- She will teach you how to talk to your husband.
- Go and call her.
She and you can be
very happy together here.
I'm going alone to the station.
Please forbid me.
Just forbid me!
Go on. Say it!
Say it! ''I forbid you.''
{ Horn In Distance ]
I think she must have got
the telegram by now.
She'll be packing her things.
When Mother comes,
it'll be much easier for you.
I'm going now to see Raj.
You know Raj.
He's the boy who was in college
with me in Ankhpur.
Uh, I've told you about him.
He's the one whom I see every Wednesday
evening outside the Golcha Cinema.
You know.
Raj will be able to advise me.
He's been married for three years
and he already has a child.
So he knows everything.
But - But you must
take something at least.
You've eaten nothing all day.
At least a cup of tea? Huh?
I'll make it for you.
I'll just bring it.
Don't you touch anything
in my kitchen.
You must eat something at least...
and especially in your condition...
you must drink a lot of milk.
I'm going now.
Will you eat when I'm gone?
The food's lying there,
and it's still hot.
Shall I bring anything
from the bazaar for you?
I'm going.
What was so important
that you couldn't wait till Wednesday?
Now that you've come,
you can sit down.
Babli, don't eat that.
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
- Chi, chi, chi, chi, chi.
- Babli, don't cry.
Come to Uncle. Come, come.
She's a very naughty girl.
All day you have to be after her. Come.
Have you got no work in the house?
Going, ''Quack, quack, quack,''
when we want to be alone.
- Quack, quack.
- Take her inside.
What does he think?
Women can be very troublesome.
You have to keep them in check-
and the children, too.
You will learn
when you'll have one of your own.
That is exactly what I've come
to talk to you about.
The milkman is here
asking for his money.
Tell him to come another day.
Hmph. Why bother me?
He says he's waited long enough.
That is all it is in married life - money.
For your pan and cigarettes,
there's always enough.
Money's my problem also.
You see...
now, my wife,
she's expecting a baby...
and my salary is very low.
Only 1 80 rupees a month.
Why don't you ask for a raise?
That would be
very embarrassing for me.
In government service,
every year we get five rupees increment.
I wish I could get a job
in government service.
It's not so easy
to become a government officer.
You could take Babli for a nice walk.
Am I her ayah? Hmph.
They come like lambs, and before long,
they are tigers at your throat.
My wife won't even speak to me.
He's taking you now, my sweetie.
Don't cry.
Do you think, you know, only to
make my wife feel better with me -
do you think I should buy her a present?
Certainly not.
There is no use spoiling women.
Oh. Tsk, tsk. Come.
it's very hot.
- Why don't you put the fan on?
- Makes too much noise.
Don't you feel hot with so much hair?
- What do I do? Cut it off?
- No, no.
Look. I've got this for you.
- I don't want.
- Only just look.
- Ladoo?
- Mmm. Very good ones.
Made with pure ghee.
I don't want.
Just taste. Only once, huh?
[ Chuckles ]
You're very hungry.
- Why are you so hungry?
- I'm not hungry.
Only for sweets.
Only sweets.
Please take it away.
I'll be ill.
No, no. Only one more, huh?
Just one. Look.
I will eat half,
and you eat half, huh?
You eat half.
[ Chuckles ]
You don't know
how I long for sweets.
I want to eat them all the time.
Why didn't you tell me?
I would bring it.
I think when women are,
you know, like I am...
they want to eat these things.
- I've heard like this.
- Mm-hmm. It's biological.
It happens to women.
{ Mrs. Sehgal ]
Prem bhaiyya?
There is a telegram for you.
- No bad news, I hope?
- No. It's from my mother.
- She's coming by tomorrow's train.
- Oh, then it's good news.
At such times,
the mother is needed.
- Is this a tonga or a bullet car?
- [ Prem ] Chokra.
If anything breaks,
you better take care.
Fifteen hours I've sat in the train.
[ Groans ]
It's no joke at my age.
Now, you be careful with that.
Look, look, look what he's doing.
It's your favorite pickle, my son.
The mango pickle.
I made it with my own hands.
It took me two days.
And I have brought some of
your favorite apple biscuits.
The very best.
Four rupees a seer.
See that you eat them.
- How much did you give him?
- One, four.
[ Gasps ]
One rupee, four annas?
It's robbery. You should have
given him only eight annas.
You don't show.
- Ma, she's only three months.
- Huh.
When we were young and a woman was
expecting three months, the whole world knew.
We were so healthy.
You don't have much furniture.
- Didn't they give you anything?
- They gave us this bed.
Huh. One bed.
Don't you remember what we gave
your sisters when they were married? Hmph.
One bed.
She's tired after the journey.
That's why.
Keep it there.
Who's this? Your servant?
I don't suppose
he's been trained for anything.
Can he cook? Hey.
How do you make muli ki roti?
Say. Quick. Huh?
I thought as much.
[ Sighs ]
He Ram, he Ram.
Well, son,
it's good that I've come.
I'll put everything in order.
I'm afraid her people
haven't taught her well.
I can see what sort of
a housekeeper she is.
I suppose she's a modern girl.
When they can't keep house,
they call them modern.
But you look weak. Tsk.
My poor son.
[ Sighs ]
My poor son.
I did my best.
If your poor father
had been with us...
it would have been different.
But God's will -
[ Yawning ]
Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram.
- It's very late.
- Go.
Go and sleep, my son.
Go, child.
Hari Om. Hari Om. Hari Om.
- Son.
- Yes, Ma.
What time will she make my tea
in the morning?
At 6:00.
I want my tea at 5:00.
Before my puja.
- Sharp 5:00.
- { Dog Howls ]
6:00. That's time for
a married woman to get up?
Where does she think she is?
In a paradise?
You see, I didn't have an opportunity
to ask him for an increment.
We talked of so many other things.
- I told him you lived in Mehrauli.
- You talked about me?
Yes. I told him it was
very hard for you to manage.
But I will ask.
My father always said...
''Do what you have to do...
and do it with a will.''
- May I come in, sir?
- Yes.
- What is it?
- Mr. Khanna, sir.
S-Sir, I was thinking, sir, whether
the Hindi class will start at 2:30 or 3:30, sir?
It's all written up in the timetable.
M-Mr. Khanna, sir.
Thank you, sir.
See? My son.
When he was two years old.
Never was there such a lovely boy.
His hair all curly.
All day he would be crying out for me...
''Ma, Ma,'' day and night.
And when I heard his voice,
I used to leave everything and run.
''You'll be spoiling him,''
his father used to say.
Here he is
when he was nine years old.
My only boy after three girls.
I would comb his hair
and rub it with oil.
I would buy new clothes for him.
Such pretty shirts with embroidery.
How nice he looked.
How you are holding it?
Give it back to me.
You're spoiling the picture.
{ Woman Singing In Hindi On Radio ]
You must be practical in matters.
Is this all the pakoras we get?
But I'm thinking of them all the time.
You must ask for a reduction
in the rent.
Eighty rupees a month is too much.
- I know.
- [ Speaking Hindi ]
How these people pester you.
But if I ask him,
he will only say no.
[ Hindi ]
Go away!
Perhaps I can try.
You know, my landlord, Mr. Sehgal,
he's not such a bad man.
And Mrs. Sehgal also.
They're very kind people.
What? You have paid?
Why encourage them?
When you'll have a baby of your own...
you will learn not to be
so easy with your money.
Now I must go.
I've got to get the medicine.
But j-just a minute.
I want to talk to you.
- How much?
-{ Man ] Twelve annas, sir.
- I'm paying.
- No, it's all right.
- Mm-hmm.
- No. I'll pay.
{ Continues ]
Again you have paid.
This is very bad.
- Let's go.
- B-But perhaps...
if we could talk
a little while longer.
- You see -
- I have told you before.
I've got to get the medicine
and go to the dry cleaners.
Sometimes you are
very troublesome. Come.
{ Clacking ]
Hi. You know what I'm doing?
I'm becoming.
I'm merging.
See? This is the sky,
and this is the earth.
And this is I.
I'm in all things, and all things are in me.
Feel me. Just feel. Here.
Get it? That's cosmic energy.
Terrific! I mean,
where are such ideas born?
Only in India.
Fabulous! What a place!
Look. What do you see?
It's a finger pointing up
from the earth, out, into eternity.
India's always pointing a finger
into eternity.
Sort of.
What a country.
What wisdom. What patience.
It is true. We have taken
great strides in our national development.
Development of the soul.
That's the important thing.
- And you've known it all along.
- We have our five-year plans...
which will greatly enhance
our material progress.
''Material.'' You've said the word.
Materialism. That's what's wrong
with the world today.
- That's what we've got in the West.
- We have our steel projects...
which will rapidly increase
the growth of our country.
Hmph. Sleeping again.
It's time for my son to come home.
- Have you got his food ready?
- Everything is ready.
You should have seen me
when Prem's father came home from college.
I used to have everything ready.
Hmm. A clean sari,
my hair nicely oiled with flowers.
Every day.
I used to be like a new bride again
waiting for him to come home.
I should run here and there
and look out the window.
''Has he come?''
The least bit of noise - ''Is it he?''
''He has come.''
Go and put the water for the tea.
Sleeping all the time.
[ Man ] I started reading all of this
a long time ago.
It's really great.
And I love it here.
Of course, it took me a long time
to get here, but still.
[ Prem ] In our country,
the agriculture is blossoming forth.
Yeah, but every- I don't know.
Everything seems to be growing here.
And -And I know I'll find
what I'm looking for because...
well, you grow souls here.
The way we grow skyscrapers
or- or sweet potatoes...
you grow souls.
Our steel output will be the basis of-
of great industrial expansion.
You've got the soul,
and we've got the flesh.
By the way, I'm Ernest Krampf...
from Philadelphia, P.A.,
the City of Brotherly Love.
- I'll tell you something else.
- Where exactly is Philadelphia?
Look at the beauty you have in India.
The sunsets, the tigers...
the women, the songs.
[ Vocalizing ]
You know?
You've got it all here.
And what do you do with it?
You mortify it.
Mortify the flesh and grow souls.
It is written in our shastras that -
You know what?
I like your face.
No. I see something there
in your eyes.
An inner light.
Oh, I could tell it a mile away.
Just look at this.
What does she think this is? Tea?
- Where is she?
- She's downstairs.
Somebody comes to sell bangles,
and she must run off to waste my son's money.
And the mother-in-law is left
sitting here alone.
She's buying bangles?
I didn't see her.
My poor son.
He works so hard...
and all that she does
is spend, spend, spend.
She must be taught
to be more careful with money...
and not to waste it
on toys and trifles.
{ Men On Radio Speaking Hindi ]
{ Men On Radio Singing In Hindi ]
Why'd you leave my mother
sitting alone upstairs?
- Have you had a quarrel?
- I don't quarrel.
- What do I do? It's she -
- Shh.
Quick. Get her some more tea.
Broken pieces of bread
and harsh words.
That's the lot of a mother-in-law.
No more tea. Finished.
She must be getting some more.
When we were young,
what respect we paid to a mother-in-law.
We danced on her words.
Hai, hai. Those days are no more.
Ma, can I get you some samosas
from the bazaar?
Bring them for your wife.
I don't want.
See how she shouts?
Indu? What are you doing?
Please come out. Indu.
- Indu.
- { Knocking ]
Don't bother, son.
It's all right.
I know it. She grudges me
the use of the bathroom.
- This morning when I was in there, she banged -
- But I didn't know she was in there.
She didn't know that you were there.
Uh, it was a mistake.
Never mind, son. After all, I'm only the mother.
[ Sniffles ]
Ma, don't cry.
W-Why should you cry?
Tonight I pack my bags.
Tomorrow I sit in the train and go home.
- My daughter-in-law doesn't want me here.
- Of course she wants you here.
Y-You don't know how much
she loves and respects you.
Indu, please come out.
She wants to leave.
Say something nice to her.
{ Indu's Voice ]
I'm going home tomorrow.
{ Mother's Voice ] I come to serve my children,
but if they don't want me, it's all right.
- I go.
- { Prem's Voice ] Indu.
{ Indu's Voice ]
My family will be happy to see me home.
[ Chattering, Yelling In Hindi ]
During the 200 years of British raj -
{ Chattering, Yelling Continue ]
During the 200 years of British raj...
they taught us their tongue
and in turn made us forget our own.
This class is being disturbed.
Is this a classroom or a playground?
- Can't you keep your students in order?
- [ Chattering Stops ]
Mr. Chaddha, I've given them
an exercise to do.
You may have given them an exercise,
but they don't seem to be doing it.
The first duty of a teacher
is to enforce discipline -
discipline and silence.
Pin-drop silence.
Uh, further, in our consideration
of the achievements and blemishes-
Uh, repeat.
Uh, blemishes of the British raj...
there are certain points
which I now wish to clarify.
Why did you talk to me like that in class?
How can you scold me like a schoolboy?
I am a teacher.
I'm the same as you.
How dare you talk to me
in this impudent manner.
I'm the same as you.
You can't scold me.
How dare you, sir,
raise your voice to me.
In front of my whole class.
How can it look? What respect -
Your insolence shall be reported
to the principal of this college.
Mr. Khanna shall hear of this matter.
Mr. Khanna will know it is not right for one
teacher to scold another in front of his class.
He shall also hear of the lack
of discipline in your class.
I will tell him
that you're not fit to be a teacher!
Mr. Chaddha, you -you could have
told me afterwards...
here in private in the staff room.
I would have welcomed a word of advice
from an older colleague.
- I would have been grateful.
- I'll lay this whole matter before the principal.
I will have justice.
What is the need
of disturbing the principal?
Mr. Khanna shall hear
of this whole matter.
Justice shall be done to the full.
Mr. Chaddha, if you think
that I've offended you, I'm ready to beg pardon.
I insist on an immediate apology.
Sir, I am apologizing.
Otherwise, I'll go straight down
to the principal this very minute.
There is a misunderstanding.
Mr. Chaddha has misunderstood me.
Mr. Sohanlal, please explain to Mr. Chaddha
that I meant nothing...
that I have the very highest regard for him,
that I respect him like a father.
I insist on an immediate
and abject apology.
Yes, sir. I apologize.
I'm - I'm sorry
for what has been said.
I beg your pardon.
I'm entirely at fault.
{ Bell Ringing ]
{ Ernest ]
Kitty, I've brought a visitor.
Oh, isn't he nice?
Isn't he a nice boy?
What lovely eyes.
- What's your name, dear?
- Prem Sagar, madam.
Isn't that a nice name?
Prem. Lovely name.
It means ''love,'' doesn't it?
Love. That's what we all need.
Divine love, spiritual love...
every kind of love.
Don't make him shy, Kitty.
He's a sweet guy.
Make him shy? Me?
Ernest. You're not shy
with me, are you, dear?
Never be shy. Always remember
we're all part of one another...
all part of the eternal essence.
Isn't it a lovely thought?
- Do you want a room, dear?
- Come and live with us, Prem.
''Come live with me and be my love,
and we will all the -''
A quotation, dear,
from English literature.
Won't you come in?
English literature is so rich.
I wish you would stay here with us, Prem.
This holy man said just three words
to me - just three.
He said, ''Ernest Krampf, come.''
Just that. ''Ernest Krampf, come.''
It was fantastic.
I have some funny dreams sometimes.
I must tell you about them.
Perhaps they mean something.
It's better not to know, Bobo.
You might get a few surprises.
What sort of yoga do you do, dear?
Uh, please, madam?
What sort of yoga do you go in for?
Hatha yoga, bhakti yoga, sati yoga?
This yoga, that yoga,
one of the many yogas.
- I don't think I -
- Oh, but you should, my dear.
We all should.
Listen, Prem.
When I had that dream, I didn't think twice.
I knew. I packed my bags.
Good-bye, America. India, here I come.
I don't know why
anyone should want to come to India.
We are so backward.
- Let's get some life in here.
- Who is she?
Is she really Indian?
{ Ernest ]
She lives next door.
I wanted to teach her discipline,
but I don't think she's ready.
She's just a little mixed up.
That's all.
But why is she wearing trousers?
Look. She's smoking.
She's smoking a cigarette.
You know something, Prem...
I've been thinking
I'd take a vow of silence.
I know someone who did it once,
and he didn't speak a word for six months.
It's a good way, that,
if you can do it.
It seals everything in.
Excuse me.
A visitor.
Splendid. Splendid.
A very interesting head formation.
Ajanta, I would say.
Or perhaps even Gupta.
Sixth century A.D.
Are you sure you wouldn't like
a cup of tea, dear?
Very interesting.
Pure Gupta. Extraordinary.
- { Kitty ] Don't mind him, dear.
- Not at all.
{ Kitty ]
We're such a cozy group here.
We're all united in our quest.
We find the same heads,
the same features...
the same formations
over and over and over again.
Men die and sink back into the ocean...
and then are born again.
The drone of continuity.
Like the drone of the tanpura.
Look, everybody.
Look at me.
I can do the twist.
I can do the twist.
I can.
- Where is Ma?
- She's gone to the temple.
- Where is Ma?
- She's gone to the temple.
Indu, I met some funny people.
An American and a man
who said I was like a statue.
I think you've drunk something
out of a bottle.
There was a girl and a memsahib, too.
If you'd only seen them.
And this girl,
she was like in a funny film.
She was dancing round and round...
and smoking a cigarette.
Yes. She was blowing smoke...
and dancing and shaking herself.
And her feet were going up and down
and up and down and up and down.
- Like this?
- No. Not like that.
Yes. Like that.
Going round and round.
A-And blowing smoke.
Hmm. So this is how you behave
when I go to the temple to pray.
Today I had offered
special prayers for you -
to bring blessings to this house,
for your service.
Hmm. Here are the fruits and flowers.
What is all this giggling
and laughing about?
Is this the way
for a married woman to behave?
I thought you came
from a good, respectable family.
You mustn't encourage her
in all these things.
You must be strict.
She's now the wife of a college lecturer.
Her father-in-law was the principal
of a government college.
You must teach her respect.
She must remember all these things.
Indu, what are you doing?
Why are you taking these things out?
Are you packing something?
Where are you going?
But you can't go.
Can't go? You will see tomorrow.
1 1 :00 train.
Indu, please listen to me.
I've listened enough
to you... and to your mother.
I-Indu, please, l-look.
Mother is old, and old people are
sometimes difficult in the temper.
- Y-You must not mind her.
- Oh, let her be.
Let her sulk and cry.
You come here.
Go. Go to her.
Best quality, cheapest price.
- How much?
- Rupees 30.
Uh, see this. Rupees 25 only.
You can take this blouse piece.
- This is rupees four a yard.
- Four rupees?
Really, you shop people are all the same.
Only swindle money
out of people's pockets.
Are you buying for your sister?
No. For my wife.
Why do you show such stuff?
- Bring down that.
- This red one?
What color will suit your wife?
- I don't know.
- He doesn't know.
Is she dark or fair?
He doesn't know
if his wife is dark or fair.
He knows,
only he won't tell us.
Show him the best you have.
For a pretty, fair girl,
pink is best.
Or lilac.
Yes, pink. Like this.
- Have you been married long?
- Any children?
- Four rupees, four annas.
- What four rupees, four annas?
The correct price is three rupees a yard,
not four rupees, four annas.
- But I'm selling at cost.
- You pay him three rupees.
Because you are such a good customer.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You come, my son.
See what I've prepared for you.
Today you'll have a meal
which you'll remember for a long time.
- Ma, where is Indu?
- Gone away.
Do your work.
Finish off the biscuits in the middle.
[ Speaking Hindi ]
All your favorites.
Wait till you taste them.
[ Thinking ]
Why did you go away?
What hurt did I do
that you had to go away from me?
When are you coming back?
Already you have been gone three weeks.
I called you.
Didn't you hear me?
I've made something
wonderful for you.
A surprise. You'll see.
Thank you, Ma.
You see, in the beginning,
I didn't care for her.
Now I miss her very much.
I know it's bad
to think of anyone so much...
but I can't help it.
All the time I see her before my eyes.
When I speak,
it is to her I'm speaking.
Perhaps you'd like to come with me
to a place where I sometimes go.
- Where?
- Someday soon I'll take you there.
It's for her.
See how it shines.
{ Mother ]
is there no work for you
in the house?
Standing there like
uncle of the family.
- Here, son. Have your tea.
- I'm going out, Ma.
- But you've just come.
- It's very urgent.
But at least drink your tea.
I have to see a friend of mine.
An American friend.
His name is Ernest.
Go, my son. Go.
Who am I to come in your way?
{ Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
On Speakers ]
{ Man Singing ''Ode To Joy''
On Speakers ]
Ah. My Gupta.
- Prem Sagar.
- [ Chuckles ]
You have no name, my dear friend.
You're not an individual.
You're part of the ocean
of eternal continuity.
- What is this ocean?
- The absolute.
[ Chuckles ]
The absolute, the infinite...
the eternal.
You see this splendid monument?
- It is indeed very nice.
- Uh - Uh -
Pure Jaipuri, of course...
but I have a theory.
Yes. A little theory.
Uh, come this side, please.
Come over here.
Look. You see how
the world mountain...
heaves itself into forms
comprehensible to man?
Five thousand years
of man and nature.
Dig. Dig deep into this ancient,
rocky heart.
[ Vocalizing In Unison
With ''Ode To Joy'' On Recording ]
Excuse me.
I came to see my friend Ernest.
[ Vocalizing Continues ]
{ Continues ]
Oh, hello. It's you.
Have you come about the room? I could
let you have it a bit cheaper if you're short.
Uh, is Ernest here?
I've come to see him.
He's meditating.
That's always the first step, isn't it?
Meditate. Concentrate the mind.
Allow the eternal essence
to knock at the door.
I don't suppose he'd mind, though,
if you went in.
He's in there. Do go in.
Thank you.
Are you, uh, sure
you wouldn't like to see the room?
Uh, no, thank you, please.
[ Inhales, Exhales ]
Guess what happened to me.
I had an experience.
A light came - a radiant light.
I was sitting here in this very room
in a lotus pose...
when suddenly, just here,
it uncoiled, up and up.
And when it got to here, wham!
Ernest, I wanted to speak to you.
You see, I also have a problem.
- A spiritual problem?
- N-No. Not quite spiritual.
You see...
my wife has gone away.
And I miss her very much.
Nonattachment, Prem.
That's the answer to your problem.
to the things of the world.
I know.
- But I miss her-
- What is the world?
I'll tell you. The world is maya.
The world is illusion.
- I know. But she's so -
- The world is a shadow.
How can you attach yourself
to a shadow?
Only the infinite is real.
Only the eternal, the essence.
That's the answer. The essence.
Just to catch a drop of it.
Just a little drop.
Any letters?
She doesn't write.
Your shirt's torn.
When she comes,
she'll make one for you.
[ Sniffles ]
[ Sniffles ]
- Ma?
- When you're old and nobody wants you,
you're better to die.
- Ma, please.
- When you're young, it is so different.
You have your husband,
your children, your home.
But, Ma, you still have us -
all of us.
Ushi, Kanta, Mohini and I.
Your sisters, God bless them,
they're all married.
They have their homes,
their husband, their children.
What need have they of me?
Of course they have
great need of you.
And I also.
You have your wife, son.
What wife can ever
take the place of a mother?
No, no, no.
Your heart is with your wife now, son.
So be it. God's will.
When you're old,
you must expect this.
I bought it yesterday.
I wanted it to be a surprise for you.
Why spend money
on an old woman like me?
What should I do with such finery?
Is it for some young girl?
- Some young, happy bride?
- It suits you very well.
You should bring such things
for your wife, not for me.
I bought it for you.
[ Singing In Hindi ]
{ Singing Continues ]
{ Ends ]
Eat, boys. Eat.
Enjoy all the good things given us.
If you bring sweets like this,
you can come every day.
- Scoundrels.
- [ Laughs ]
But these scoundrels are here day after day
just to hear the name of God.
I, too, would like to hear
the name of God...
day and night.
Often I think I could start
from the beginning.
I, too, would devote my whole life.
- And what's stopping you now?
- What can I tell you?
What do you understand of duties
which eat up a man's life...
so that it's no longer his own?
Sethji, I am aware of those duties.
They do lie heavy on a man's soul.
But let God touch you
once with his love-
just once and you'll be free
of all your duties...
and all your world.
I shall leave everything.
Tomorrow I will come to you.
I think you're making me a declaration.
My boy, you're married.
You have a wife
and children also perhaps?
What do I care about all that?
You are a householder.
You have still work to do in the world.
- Tomorrow I will come to you.
- We shall see.
Hello, Prem. Where have you been?
I've been to see a swami.
- Now - Now I know the true way.
- Gently.
There is only one way:
to - to give up everything...
and turn to God.
And -And to pray.
It's true. Nowadays people neglect
their religious duties.
We leave it to our wives
to go to the temples for us.
We'll get holy through their prayers.
No. We must all pray.
We must all chant his name.
Only then will he come to us.
You must take Indu to the temple.
You must both go and make offering
for a safe delivery.
Prayer can be said everywhere -
not only in the temple.
The heart must always be full
and overflowing with prayer.
As soon as Indu
came home this morning...
I said to her, ''Indu, did your mother
take you to the temple?''{ Chuckles ]
Did you have a good journey?
The train was a little bit crowded.
Sometimes it's better
to be in a crowded train...
than alone in an empty one.
Was it hot?
Has my son had his tea?
Thank you, Ma. I don't want any.
Indu, did you eat
many sweets at home?
Do you remember the day
I brought those ladoos?
See what my son has brought for me.
It's a very pretty color.
He's a good son.
He has great love for his mother.
Yes, Ma?
I'm asking God to give you
health and wealth.
Thank you, Ma.
I hope you are well.
And your family also.
And your family also.
I think...
is not liking the heat here.
I think you must call for her...
to come there.
Tell her you need her.
Please send a telegram.
No, no. Mother would be
very frightened if she received a telegram.
But it just has to say
it's for something nice.
And did you hear?
I'm asking him to give you a son.
A good boy like you
must have nothing but sons.
Is it hurting you very much?
He moves sometimes.
[ Prem Chuckles ]
You look pulled down.
You're not well?
I'm okay.
But I think I failed.
I mean in the spiritual life.
I just can't seem to find
what I'm looking for.
For the spiritual life,
one has to give up everything.
But that's what
I've come to India for-
to give up everything.
There is a swami.
He's a very good man...
and a sincere man.
Everybody's sincere...
but not many seem to get anywhere.
Do you want to come with me
and see him?
All those people are fakes.
Sure, I'll come. Why not?
- I'll try anything once.
- No. Not like that.
You know, once there lived a man...
a simple good man.
He was a householder
with a wife and children.
He was fond of them, too.
But he had to work very hard
to provide for them.
One day he said,
''Oh, I'm so tired.
''Always work, work.
Such hard work only to eat. ''
So he was tired...
and he said,
''I will leave the world.''
He went into a forest.
It was dark
and wild animals were there.
He went further in,
and he was afraid.
But he thought,
''If I go a little further...
I shall find what I am searching for.''
So he went deeper and deeper
into the forest...
till he saw light in the distance...
and he knew...
that what he was
searching for was near.
But he was afraid...
and said to himself...
''Not yet. Not yet.''
He thought of his wife and children...
and was suddenly overcome
with a great longing for them.
He turned round -
turned his back on the light
and went home.
Went home to his wife and children...
and carried on with his work as before.
Sometimes he still thinks of the light.
He knows it is there
and will always be there.
One day, perhaps, he will go out
and search for it again.
[ Singing In Hindi ]
Ah. I see a new visitor.
He's from America.
My friend.
I'm going, swami.
I'm going to look for it - for the light.
I'll give up everything.
- Everything?
- Everything.
Everything, swami.
I'm going to look for it.
All right. Then go and look.
And you, my boy,
when are you leaving the world?
{ Chuckles ]
Not yet. Not yet.
Never mind.
Don't look like that.
You're a householder now.
When those days are finished for you...
perhaps you'll think of me again.
I shall always be here
waiting for you.
I'll be just like that man in the story.
Only I won't turn back.
When I get to the light,
I'll walk right into it.
I think my wife will be
waiting for me at home.
I'll find it.
I'll find the light.
- It's come.
- What?
- The telegram, of course.
- The telegram's come?
- Ooh.
- Why?
- Son.
- Just see what your son is doing.
Ma, what are you doing?
Where are you going?
See what your sister has said.
I must leave by tomorrow morning's train.
''Please come immediately.
''Nanda's betrothal to be made.
Presence urgently required.''
- So you have to go?
- What can I do, my son?
You read what she said.
''Presence urgently required.''
What do they know of these things?
- A child's betrothal.
- But if she needs you, you must go.
Forgive me, my son.
I know you also need me.
I've seen with my own eyes
what great need you have of me in this house.
But if her need is greater.
- Tomorrow I'll take you to the station.
- No, son. I can go by myself.
No, Ma. Tomorrow I've got a holiday.
Why should you trouble yourself?
I can go.
No, Mother. How will it look?
- How much have you paid him?
- Uh, four annas.
Hmph. Two annas
would have been enough.
It's no good spoiling these people.
My son.
I've been staying with him.
He's only been married a few months.
- You're good to him.
- Mm-hmm.
- I think the train is starting.
- Yesterday I got a telegram from this boy's sister.
Her daughter is getting engaged.
She's written to say,
''Your presence urgently required.''
It's starting.
I leave him with a heavy heart.
I think this man wants his cups.
Good-bye, son.
God bless you.
Take care of yourself.
- Don't worry, Ma.
- I'll pray for your happiness.
- Good-bye, Ma.
- As soon as I can, I will come back.
- Yes.
- I'll bring food.
See that she cooks your food properly,
and ask her to prepare the dal like I showed her.
{ Prem ]
- Kakeda Hotel and did the same thing there.
- [ All Laughing ]
Uh, is this the time
you come from college every day?
Yes. We have late classes nowadays.
Come and join us.
Have a hand.
No, thank you very much.
I've never learned how to play cards.
Oh, no. No playing cards, no drinking.
How do you spend your time, huh?
So, the proprietor of Kakeda Hotel
said to him, ''Is this the way to behave?
What if you went to Gaylord
and did that there?''
Mr. Sehgal,
I would like to talk to you.
Lalaji said to him,
''I have been to Gaylord.
''You know what they said?
They said, 'If this is what you want to do...
then go to Kakeda!'''
''If this is what you want to do,
go to Kakeda!''
Whenever I try to ask them,
they always talk of something else.
- [ Humming ]
- Mr. Khanna tells me how to keep healthy.
Mr. Sehgal slaps me on the back
and says, ''Come and play cards.''
If only I could get a chance
to talk to them, I might -
- Must you do that now?
- Then when?
- You must write them a petition.
- How can I write a petition?
It will look bad.
I'm only giving you advice.
You can take it or not.
As if I haven't got enough
troubles of my own.
- You have a nice place?
- For 80 rupees a month, it must be a nice place.
Please come and visit us.
Perhaps you'll have a meal with us someday.
- Is your wife a good cook?
- Let us talk.
Who asked you to speak in the middle?
What should I say in that petition?
You must start...
uh, ''Gracious sir...
I wish to submit
for your kind attention -''
''Gracious sir, I wish to submit
for your kind attention -''
That, uh...
though I've been living
in your house -
But this also you wrote
in the other letter.
That letter was for Mr. Khanna.
This is for Mr. Sehgal.
Now, please don't disturb me.
- Tsk. These flies.
- Hmm. They're very bad.
We must get some D.D.T.
''I tender you
all the respect and honor...
''which is due our elders.
Your obedient servant -''
Prem Sagar.
Why do you write ''obedient servant''?
- You're not his servant.
- It is the way of writing.
How stupid you are.
Only you are very clever.
Quick, get me two envelopes.
Every afternoon,
when her husband was in office -
Chi, chi, chi.
And every day
between 2:00 and 4:00 -
And the children
were in the house all the time.
Chi, chi.
And what's more -
- What do you want?
- I've got this letter.
- Put it here.
- It's for Mr. Khanna.
This is what you have to
put up with in a college.
All the time these people
coming here to bother you. Give it to me.
But it's only for Mr. Khanna. Uh -
Please don't read it.
Very fine.
Always to take advantage
of Mr. Khanna's generous heart.
''Rupees 1 80 a month
is a very small salary.
Therefore I beg for increment.''
[ Chuckles ]
Mr. Khanna is too good to them,
but still they ask for more.
Chi, chi.
Greed is a black sin.
Take what God has sent you,
and don't anger him by looking always for more.
Whatever you do for them,
it's never enough.
Go now.
[ Sighs ]
{ Prem ]
Uh, Mr. Sehgal.
- I've brought a letter for you.
- Huh?
- A letter for you, Mr. Sehgal.
- A letter for me?
- Whom is it from?
- It is from me to you.
From you to me?
Nice, nice.
[ Chuckles ]
Sit down.
Is it an invitation?
Perhaps to a nice party.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Humming ]
You see this bottle?
Sixty rupees it cost me.
Sixty rupees for one bottle.
[ Sighs ]
In the olden days it used to be just 1 5 or 20.
- No more.
- Mr. Sehgal, my salary's only 1 80 rupees a month.
Sixty rupees for a bottle.
It is so with everything.
The cost of living has gone up terribly.
That's exactly my point.
- It's very difficult for me to make ends meet.
- It is so with everyone.
Everyone has his troubles and hardships.
Sixty rupees for a bottle.
If you could reduce the rent
by 1 0 rupees -
- Do you know what I pay for ghee?
- My friend pays only 25 rupees.
Sugar, one-two a seer.
Rice, one-four a seer.
Terrible, terrible.
If I could only have a place
for 50 rupees a month -
[ Chuckles ]
Eggs, two rupees for a dozen.
Oranges, three rupees a dozen.
Apples, four rupees a pound.
Scandalous. Simply scandalous.
Milk, 1 2 annas a seer.
Bread, 1 0 annas.
Tea, four rupees a pound.
Meat, two rupees,
eight annas a seer.
Two rupees, eight annas.
It's too much. Hmph.
No one cares.
You'd think people
would want to help you...
if you're young
and have only just started out in life.
- But no one cares.
- What does it matter?
The world has a very hard heart.
So let them.
What does it matter?
We will manage.
You're crying.
What is there to cry?
So let them all go.
I am here, you are here.
Don't do it.
Just once let me see you smile.
Only once.
You are happy.
Say it. Say, ''I am happy.''
- I -
- Of course you are...
and I also.
{ Band ]
{ Man ]
Come on, everybody. Let's go.
Why are you waiting?
Let's go.