The Housekeeper (2023) Movie Script

- Hi, I'm Sandra, the new housekeeper.
- So you're the new maid the agency sent.
Mm, a little young.
Well, whatever, you'll do.
Come in and I will show you around the house.
- Wow.
- Our house is fabulous.
It's 15,000 square feet, 26 rooms,
nine bathrooms, six-car garage.
And this is very special.
It's been in my husband's family for generations.
So I need you to make sure that you polish
all of this daily, okay?
Ah, here, come here.
My husband and I,
we have some very pressing weeks ahead of us.
We've been planning a party for months now,
and we need you to make sure
that this house is show ready at all times.
This hallway leads to the other side of the house,
which I hardly ever go down.
Here's our beautiful kitchen.
Ah, these are the servant stairs.
We usually love to have drinks in the grand room,
so please make sure there's always plenty of fresh ice.
Here, come upstairs.
So that's the garage.
My husband actually just got me a brand new Rolls.
Ah, dinner's at six. Preston, my husband, he's a vegetarian.
Well, he thinks he is. There's steaks in the fridge.
This door leads to the attic where my husband
keeps all of his memories.
My husband's a very private and powerful man
and with that comes certain complications.
Ah, and speaking of which, there he is now.
Hi, baby. - Hi.
- I want you to meet our new housekeeper. This is Sandra.
Sandra, this is my husband, Preston Ash.
- Hello, Sandra.
- And this is William, our family attorney and friend.
In that order. - Hmm, quite.
- More that things change around here,
more they just seem to stay the same.
- William, you know, I despise change.
Ah, gentlemen, I actually have a fabulous red,
if you wanna join me.
Ah, Sandra.
- Oh, let her get settled in, Kit.
I know my way around a bottle.
- Okay. I'll join you for a drink then.
- Expecting something? - Yeah,
I'm expecting something.
An invitation to Dorothy's wedding.
- Hmm. I thought you hated her.
I don't hate her, I actually despise her,
but I'm still expecting an invitation to her wedding.
- Thank you.
- Can I get some ketchup? - No, don't get him ketchup.
You're not having ketchup with that steak.
- I'd like some ketchup. - No, you're not.
- Oh, I see who she's listening to.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
Well, I thought we had friends at that station.
Dammit, William.
- No, I didn't. - Okay, yeah.
- Then you'll be on? - Yeah, go.
- Okay, I'm standing outside the home
of Kit and Preston Ash,
as new questions surface regarding the disappearance
of their former housekeeper, Deborah Jones.
Deborah Jones, age 27,
was first reported missing by her boyfriend.
Her whereabouts are still unknown.
- Okay, cut. Okay.
- I thought this was already dealt with.
- It's in motion. - William,
I pay you to fix things, not put them in motion.
- Didn't they bring the ex-boyfriend in for questioning?
Didn't, give me the phone.
William, you need to call Sheila Davis.
You got it, we will sue her
and the station for these accusations.
No, tell her that she's coming to our home
and we will give her an exclusive interview.
- Kit.
Kit. Oh, I'm sorry.
Thought I, ah...
Um, were you praying?
- I was.
- What do you pray for or to?
- I'm praying for myself, but I pray to God.
- Mm.
Well, we don't do much praying in this house.
No big surprise there.
- Well, every day's a surprise.
"If you put your trust in God, everything will work out."
As mother would say.
Sounds better in Spanish.
Well, if you don't need anything else, I'll go to bed.
Good night, Mr. Ash.
- Oh, Sandra.
- Yes.
- You should put that away.
I don't think Kit would approve.
- Yes, Mr. Ash.
No one told me you were getting a new maid.
- The city contracts.
You gotta get things moving
before the city's new budget is voted.
- Oh, I'd anticipate some resistance there.
- Well, we'll just invite the mayor to the party.
- Oh, so the party for The Foundation
is now a fundraiser?
So that's why you rushed the announcement of The Foundation.
You're running outta money.
You know I can walk at any time.
- Well it's gonna be pretty tough
practicing law without a license.
Now, do you wanna make that call or should I?
- Oh, you wanna dig up past mistakes?
I'm the only one being cautious here.
- Hey, hey. Keep your voice down.
Now you're gonna make a lot of money off of this.
Let's get a drink.
- Hey, have a seat.
It's most unusual for Preston and Kit
to bring someone on without my knowledge.
- Am I being fired? - No, no.
It's just a formality. I'm sure you're more than qualified.
The agency vetted you.
So what do you know about Preston and Kit?
- Not much, just what I've seen on the television.
Not that I'm watching.
- Well, are you concerned about the housekeeper
that's gone missing?
I'm sure you saw that on TV.
- Ah, well...
- Because there's nothing to be concerned about. Okay?
- Okay.
- So if anyone calls like a reporter, just say nothing.
Look, my job is to not only protect the estate,
but also to protect you, understand?
- What time will the reporters be arriving, William?
- Looks like they've already arrived.
- Hmm.
- Preston, look, you have to come across
as a genuine person, real, sincere, caring, all that.
- Everything I've done has always been dependent
on what I say and how I say it.
That's how we're judged.
- Look, Sheila Davis is gonna come in hard
to try and implicate you.
And she's gonna ask you some questions, leading questions,
ones that she already knows the answer to.
- Well, I had debate in high school, William.
- In five, four.
- This is a, a tragic and a very painful topic for me.
- For us. - For us,
for the community, Sheila.
- Of course.
- Deborah Jones was a loyal employee and we miss her.
But we have moved on.
- But the community hasn't moved on.
And although she had no family-
- Sheila, she was, oh, she was definitely,
she was a big part of our family.
- Her boyfriend first reported her missing.
- I, I think it's a little too soon
to perhaps blame the boyfriend.
- Deborah was a very private person.
- She was. - And we respected that.
- And my husband and I, you know,
we wanna use our success and of course,
my husband's name to help the community
get through this very, very dark time.
- Are you talking about a run for governor?
Preston, your name continues to make the rumor mill.
- Well, of course my husband would be a fabulous governor,
but I do think he is a little sensitive to be in politics.
- Well, my father was the politician, so no,
but we are announcing a nonprofit partnership
with city and religious leaders within the community.
- And, and we're hoping by funding community centers,
after school programs, low cost loans,
it'll help revitalize the city.
And we're calling this endeavor,
- The Foundation. - The Foundation.
The Foundation.
Well, to me, this has come as somewhat of a surprise.
- Well, every day is a surprise, really, isn't it?
So you just put your trust in God
and hope that everything works out.
- Preston and Kit Ash,
thank you so much for being pillars in our community.
- Thank you.
- When our government fails us,
we must turn inward for salvation and support.
I'm Preston Ash and as many of you know,
my father helped build this town.
To see it now, would break his heart.
- And that is why we here at The Foundation
wanna do our part and return this community
back to its legacy.
- But we can only do so much, so please contact
your mayor and representatives and find out
what they are doing to help our community.
Paid for by The Foundation,
a nonprofit organization.
All rights reserved.
- The TV ads are paying off,
which is very good for our image.
- Vanity.
- What'd you say?
Do you love me?
- I'm here, aren't I?
- Kit, do you love me?
- Where's this coming from?
- Well, I feel like we're working really well together.
We're connecting again, and it feels like...
- Like before?
Do you think the weather is gonna affect the party?
- I think it's gonna stop snowing.
- Well, we should be fine then.
My old man.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
The old man at home in England.
- England? - Mm-hmm.
- So you're the son of an immigrant?
- Ah, technically, but it's England, so.
- Ah, may I make some breakfast?
- Oh, I have a shake in the fridge.
Thank you.
- Mr. Ash.
You have something...
Ah. - Oh.
- No, may I?
- Oh. Cut myself.
- Just a second.
- I just wanted to let you know not to worry about dinner
because Preston's away working, okay?
Are you okay?
- Yes, Mrs. Ash.
- Okay.
- Oh, hello again.
- What are you doing? - Just, ah,
I wanted to know what kind of tree that was
'cause it's pretty.
- White ash. I planted it.
- You planted this?
Ah, because these hands don't look like
they've ever seen an honest day's work.
- Honest?
- In Spanish, we say honest.
In English, you'd say hard.
Um, can Mrs. Ash get mad?
- Oh yeah, she has a temper.
- Ah, I need a favor.
I broke one of her plates.
- What are you doing here?
The laundry room is downstairs.
- I'm sorry, Mrs. Ash.
I'll go there now. - Thank you.
- Yes.
- You hungry?
I could eat.
- How you doing, Bubba?
Hmm, let's see
where we were.
"I keep telling her that I'm not married
and do not explain to her why.
I forget she knows nothing of the character
of that woman or of the circumstances
attending my infernal union with her.
Oh, I am certain Jane will agree with me in that opinion
when she knows all that I know."
Shouldn't you be sleeping?
Is there something that you need?
- I heard someone.
- Well that was just me reading.
Come in.
- Did you kill all these?
- I did.
- Why?
- It keeps me feeling connected to their spirits.
And it serves as a sad reminder
of the transitory nature of life.
You should go to bed
before we wake, ah, you know.
And Sandra,
I'm glad you're here.
You make the house feel bright again.
"Just put your hand in mine, Jane,
that I may have the evidence of touch
as well as sight to prove that you are near me.
And I will in a few words show you
the real state of the case."
- Sandra.
- Hi.
- You gonna eat that for dinner?
- I was thinking about it.
- Well I got takeout. Would you like to join me?
And we're sitting there
and we're trying to feed him
and he throws it across the room.
And he said, he says, "I don't eat no brown rice.
I only eat white rice."
That's how he said it. Really happened.
You're funny, Mr. Ash.
- Hmm.
So, ah, what's, what's your story?
- My story? - Mm-hmm.
Do you have a family?
- Well, my mom died when I was very young.
- Hmm. I'm sorry.
What happened to her?
- She drowned.
- That's a rough start.
You miss her?
- Yeah, but I talk to her all the time.
- What do you mean? - I keep her photo
and I talk to her.
I tell her about you, Mrs. Ash, William, the house.
Don't you talk to your father?
- No.
- You should. You'd feel better.
Come with me.
- Where?
- Come with me.
- I have a bad feeling about this.
- Introduce me.
- What? - Come on.
Introduce me.
Ah, this is Sandra,
our housekeeper.
I'm terrible at this.
I feel ridiculous.
- Try something else.
Try to think about a memory.
A time you shared together.
- A memory.
Hey dad,
it's me, Preston, your son.
Remember that time
when I was riding in the truck
and then you were driving
and I fell out and hit my head
and then you kept going?
And I still got that scar.
Just in case you were wondering.
- Keep going.
- I know that you didn't think
that I was smart enough for college,
but I could have been a lawyer or a doctor or, um,
oh, you remember that time
when I wanted to be in the school play
and then you said that I'd embarrassed myself?
I could have been great.
I'd be a professional actor now.
I'd be a famous actor now.
No doubt in my mind.
I had dreams.
I had aspirations.
And you didn't believe in me.
But I did it.
Yeah, I did it. I'm on TV now.
When I walk down the street,
people smile and they wave and they say,
"Hey, you're doing great things.
You're important."
So, you know,
I thought I'd just say hi
and tell you that I'm not the loser that you thought I'd be.
And anyway, you're dead and I'm not.
Oh, that felt, that felt pretty good.
Thank you, Sandra,
You want some scotch?
- No. Thank you.
- More for me.
- Excuse me.
Yes, Mrs. Ash?
- Is this today's mail? - Yes, Mrs. Ash.
- Did you see an invitation in there?
- No, Mrs. Ash. - No invitation?
- No. - Okay.
Um, I want you to be aware that the committee planners
will be in and out all week long
prepping for this weekend's fundraiser.
So you understand, right?
- Yes. - Okay, good.
I want this house absolutely spotless.
And not one thing out of place.
- Yes.
- And that's exactly what I'm talking about.
Didn't I tell you never to wear that?
- Yes, Mrs. Ash.
- And I'm not gonna tell you again.
I have a present for you.
- You're young, but you're not that young.
And you're pretty, but you're not that pretty.
Eventually, both of those things fade away.
- Hi, Preston. How do I look?
Do you like it?
What are you doing here?
- Dropping off some compliments.
Do you always clean in that dress?
- Would you just like wait in the kitchen?
- Yeah, sure.
What happened to the dress?
- Please don't say anything.
- Well, what's wrong?
- I don't know.
Kit makes me feel like I'm nothing,
an insignificant nothing, and it just feels like
- You know, people can make you feel bad
and people can say things about you your whole life.
I didn't go to a fancy college
and I barely graduated from law school.
But I remained true, I pushed myself.
And Kit and Preston, they saw something in me too,
which reminds me.
- Thank you. You've been such a big help.
- I should go. See you tonight.
- Sandra.
Ah. - Yes, Mrs. Ash?
Oh, I have your invitation.
- Oh, finally.
So glad it finally arrived.
Atlanta in June?
Oh, that's not gonna happen.
My gosh. Forget it.
How are you feeling about the party?
You know what? I have something very special for you.
Come upstairs.
Okay, let's do some blush.
This fundraiser that my husband and I
are having is gonna be so big.
There's so many important people coming.
- Mrs. Ash.
- Yeah?
- Ah, I know this isn't the right time,
but I have heard strange sounds around the house.
- Oh, Sandra, this house is so old.
I mean, huh, it's got a long history.
One day, I'll tell you. - I don't know,
it, it's like a thumping, I guess.
Or sometimes scratching.
- Mm, I've never heard that sound.
- It's not just a sound though,
it's just like, it feels like-
- Ghosts?
Oh, it's probably just, you know,
the floor creaking or old pipes or something.
That happens with old houses.
All right, there we go, I, this is a good practice run.
Let's take a look.
What do you think of the dress?
I like the pockets.
- I, I do too.
- P.L.A, December 14th, 2014.
Ash residence. This is Sandra.
- Sandra. What the hell is that smell?
- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.
Sorry, Mr. Ash, I...
- Hey. Hey. Have a seat.
What's on your mind?
This is a big house. It can feel isolating at times.
As an only child, it could be really great
if you didn't wanna be found.
But, um, when I got older,
I thought it'd be great to fill it with children.
Bring some life back into the place
'cause that's what it's missing, life.
But then I found out that I couldn't have children.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- Yeah, me too.
See, I have this, ah, medical condition.
Turns out I was born without a lick of patience.
- Ha-ha. That's a good dad joke.
- Better take it easy, Mr. Ash.
Drinking like that, you could kill yourself.
- Or die trying.
Hey, you know, Kit went into town for the day.
Wanna watch a movie?
- I mustn't forget my place.
- Your place is what you make it.
Eventually we all have to face our demons.
- Wow.
"December 14th.
Preston Junior Jones."
- Were you praying? - I was.
I've heard strange sounds around the house.
- My old man.
I had dreams.
And anyway, you're dead and I'm not.
You're gonna have to face your demons.
- He's okay. He's okay.
Sandra, everything's okay.
Listen, baby, come on.
- No! - It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.
- Rain and snow. - Los Angeles.
Said you ain't no friend
- What the hell do you think you're doing?
- I, I'm, I'm sorry, Mrs. Ash.
It was an accident.
- An accident?
You're a liar. - I'm, I'm sorry.
- Get back to work.
- Hey, what's wrong?
- I don't know.
I just don't think I belong here.
Maybe I should go.
- Hey, it's just a job.
Then again, maybe you should go.
Have you thought about school?
- Are you trying to get rid of me?
- No, I mean, maybe you don't wanna
just be a maid your whole life.
- I'm not just a maid.
- That's not what I meant.
- Dark clouds.
I hope they pass.
- This door leads to the attic
where my husband keeps all his memories.
"P.L.A, December 14th.
December 14th."
"December 14th. Preston Junior Jones."
- Your city taxes are supposed to pay for local projects,
but where do they really go?
We here at The Foundation believe your tax dollars
should go to you, the community.
And that's why we have partnered with the city
to stop wasteful spending.
- Call your mayor and ask him
to stop flushing money down the drain.
Paid for by The Foundation.
A nonprofit organization. All rights reserved.
How does your wife look?
- Absolutely ravishing.
- I wore it for you.
And depending on how tonight goes...
Oh, my husband looks so handsome.
- Really?
So you've got the donors?
- And you?
- Take care of the mayor.
- And then we can put all this behind us, baby.
- Really?
- I promise.
- Are you denying free will and consciousness?
Because Einstein once said that if the moon
were given a conscience, he'd be convinced
that he could travel around the world on his own accord.
- It's cognitive dissonance.
- What was that? - Oh, I said
that's interesting, Mayor Clark.
- Thank you. - Hmm.
Can I get another one?
- We actually have really big plans
for the symphony this summer.
We're just waiting for the right contractor
to knock on our door. - Henry,
imagine how shifting the national interest
will impact your agricultural products.
Instead of talking about increased salaries
for your workers, now we're talking about
increased demand for your products.
- Interesting. - We'd like to donate,
but with all this talk of missing maids,
has us hesitating. - Oh, please.
- Interesting ain't gonna cut it.
Can we count on you for your donation?
- I, I'm, I'm just not convinced.
- What about the China man that mysteriously died
at your husband's construction site last year?
- Construction is dangerous,
but not as dangerous as working for you, Kit.
- It's a party. You're supposed to have fun.
I'm sure Kit wouldn't mind.
- What does Mrs. Ash do for work?
- What? - Yeah, what does she do?
- She takes care of the estate.
- If she takes care of the estate, then what do you do?
'Cause you once told me that was your responsibility.
You asked me if I was happy just being a maid,
to be a mother is what I want in life.
You don't see the potential in yourself
because there isn't any.
You're the one being used.
You're the help, not me.
And just so you know, I've always believed in myself.
- All Kidding aside, girlfriend, you can count on me.
- Thank you. The Foundation will really appreciate it.
You know, speaking of missing maids, where is Sandra?
Well that's what I thought.
- You got somewhere else you need to be, Preston?
- It's a secret.
- You know, I can't seem to find that new maid of yours.
Has she gone missing too?
- Well, what do you want with her?
- I just wanted to introduce myself.
- Yeah. - Oh, but hey,
don't let me interrupt whatever you're doing.
- Thank you.
- Just about our entire workforce out there
picking tobacco, Spanish speakers.
- Would it put your mind at ease to know that Preston
has a Spanish speaker working in his household?
And Henry, with your donation,
you can rest assured The Foundation
will be very influential in policy-making.
- That's what I like to hear.
- Well, all right.
- Sandra.
Oh, there you are.
Oh, you don't look very good.
What's wrong?
- Ah, I'm just nervous.
- That is so cute. You are just a little fish outta water.
You're keeping our guests waiting though.
Come on. - Yes, Mrs. Ash.
- We were worried about you Preston.
Thought we'd have to send out a search party.
- Well, as long as they were packing brandy.
- Let me get you a drink, Mrs. Ash.
- Thank you.
- Well that was odd.
Lover's tiff?
- Was just doing my due diligence,
- Mm-hmm. - Which I wouldn't have had
to be doing had you not consulted me
before hiring a new housekeeper.
- And what's your assessment?
- She's smarter than you think.
- Well then get rid of her.
- You can't get rid of the new maid
when the old maid's still missing.
We have an image to protect.
- Exactly.
Now you know why I hired her.
- Glass of Chardonnay, please
To life.
- This is our housekeeper, Sandra.
She is young, determined, bright, pretty.
And fate brought her here to my home, not free will.
And she will have to play out her part,
whatever that may be.
However, if there is such a thing as free will,
and we do have the ability to make those tough choices
that better all of our futures,
well then, I hope that everyone here
will join me in utilizing our free will
to reelect Mayor Clark.
I got your back.
I do believe tonight was a success.
- Stop. - Why?
You humiliated me.
- But I did what you asked me to do.
- I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about how you were with Sandra.
It's like, here we go again.
You cannot help yourself.
- So what? That was just a big lie?
- What's a big lie? - That I do the thing
that you asked me to do, this one final thing.
You promised that if I did the thing
that you would forgive me and then we'd be married again.
- We are married! - No, this is not a marriage!
- So what is it? - It's not,
you don't know what this is, I don't know
what this is, but it's not a marriage!
It's a lie.
And I believed every word of it.
- And there you go.
- Uh, uh, uh. Mm-mm.
You can't touch. - Ah.
You're teasing.
- That's the point.
Ah, don't touch.
- Come on, just a little.
- What's wrong?
- I love having you here.
You make the house feel bright.
- Who does she think she is?
Oh, she has no idea.
Do you really think you could take my place?
- Hello?
Don't be afraid.
I'm here to help you.
Don't be afraid.
I see you've met my son, Junior.
Are you trying to take him away from me?
Kit never wanted children,
but I thought I could change her mind
and then she'd respect me
and love me again.
But Deborah.
- Did you kill him? - No.
I saved him.
Junior got sick and I saved him.
He's all better now.
Isn't he beautiful?
Isn't he?
Kit will never let you leave.
- What?
- Run.
- Sandra?
Would you be a doll and meet me in the foyer
so I can bash your face in?
Come out, come out wherever you are.
You're gonna make a nice addition.
We have to go.
- Hi, I'm Natalie, the new housekeeper.
- Hmm.
"Sheila, I'm not sure if I will make it,
but I need you to know the truth."