The Housemaid (2016) Movie Script

I'm Officer Guy Baron.
This is Officer Bao.
Do we need a interpreter?
I can understand you.
We know you discovered
the captain's body
and you're shaken up.
We need your help.
Can you answer
some questions?
How long have you been
in Sa-Cat?
Who are you?
Why are you here?
Get out of my home!
Get out!
I'm sorry.
Were you here last night?
Yes, captain.
I just saw flashes
of what happened.
Thought I saw your face.
Mrs. Ngo is the one
you should thank.
You speak well.
Not really.
How did you learn?
My aunt
was a school teacher.
She taught me
and my brother.
It's nice to have
someone else in the house
who understands me.
We need to clean
your wound..
...from the infection.
I need to bathe you.
How long have you
been here?
Just a couple of weeks,
Do you like it so far?
Yes, captain.
Pass me my scotch.
I'm sorry.
Those damn
Got me in an ambush
on my way home.
I'm glad you survived it.
I have feeling
that Giap will want
to confront us
should we go
into Dien Vien Phu.
And they will be prepared.
How do you know this?
They almost got me
on my way home.
I just think
we shouldn't get
too confident.
Tides of war
are turning against us.
What do you mean, Laurent?
I mean they've
become wise to us.
We didn't think
that a small group
of rubber workers
were going to make
much of a difference
in 30's.
And it resulted
in a revolution
that forced us
plantation owners
to make concessions.
Let's not
underestimate them.
I've been watching you.
I see you looking
at me too, right?
No, I don't.
No, I don't.
I know you want a big
French man like me, yeah?
- Come on.
- No, no, please.
Leave me alone. No!
- You will like it.
- No!
Please! No! Please.
Leave me alone.
You think
you can hurt me?
You deserve it, you god..
Get off of her.
Sebastien, wait, wait!
- Wait!
- Get the hell out of my house.
Are you okay?
You have
the whole week off.
I know.
I'm looking
for my schedule.
I'll get it for you.
- Oh.
- I'm sorry.
No. Don't worry.
It's just old files.
Who are these people?
All the workers.
Every single one of them.
From the very beginning
of the plantation.
Your schedule.
Happy day to you too.
What's wrong?
Holidays are difficult
for me sometimes.
Me too.
It's me. It's just me.
Good morning.
How did I get here?
I put you there.
I slept on the couch.
But, captain..
You don't need
to call me captain.
You can call me Sebastien.
I'm going out for a drive.
Would you care to join me?
Get in.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Keep going. Keep going.
I'm breaking your car.
- It's okay.
- I'm sorry.
Ong Chau will fix it.
- Let me.
- Okay.
How's your family,
Aunt Ngo?
Did you see your children?
I didn't know that.
After all these years.
Yes. There is.
Sit and eat with me.
I invite you to eat
with me.
Please eat.
Have her take them up
to the bedroom.
Why didn't you write to me
to let me know
you were coming?
I wanted to surprise you.
But what if
I weren't here?
You would have traveled
all this way
for nothing.
I wouldn't say
for nothing.
I'd have just stayed here
until you returned.
I've missed it here.
I distinctly remember
you calling Vietnam
You ran back to France
as quickly as possible
after your family
sold their plantation.
It's no secret
I was homesick.
I missed Paris as much as
I missed you, my darling.
Didn't you miss me?
Of course.
You could have given me
some notice.
Can't I come
and see my fianc
whenever I please?
you're Sebastien's maid?
Yes, mademoiselle.
Has he been faithful?
Has Sebastien
been faithful to me?
I wouldn't know,
Yes, you would.
You're here
the whole time.
I don't know.
I don't think
he'd cheat on me.
I can't imagine him
falling for a crude local.
I guess you'll do.
Pardon me?
You are to be
my chambermaid
when I live here.
I don't understand.
Well, Sebastien
is obviously
not coming back to Paris
with my family fortune
I'm gonna have to live
in this horrible place.
But I thought that the Laurent
family was the one...
You were eavesdropping.
It's okay.
You were in the same room.
Besides, we're gonna
have to get to know
each other if you
are gonna be my servant.
A woman needs to do things
to secure
her future sometimes.
Take my advice.
You'll need to learn
that to survive.
Thank you.
Do you have marmalade?
She couldn't find any
at the market.
And she has no time
to make it, mademoiselle.
Well, I suppose
the service here
isn't as good as it is
in Paris.
Thank you, Mrs. Ngo.
Perhaps this afternoon,
you can show me
the new rose garden.
What are you doing
in here?
I was just cleaning.
Why are you crying?
I'm not crying.
I'm missing my bracelet.
What have you done
with it?
I haven't seen
your brace...
It was here
on the night stand
and now it's disappeared.
I'm sorry but...
I distinctly remember
seeing it there
before we went down
to breakfast.
I'm sorry
but I do not know
where your bracelet is.
Sebastien, you're not
listening to me.
But it doesn't mean
that she stole it.
I've seen this before.
My maid was stealing
from us for years
and by the time
we found out
it was too late,
she'd sold everything.
You are jumping
to conclusions.
She's the only one that
could've been in my room.
I know it was her.
- Please, mademoiselle.
- What are you doing?
I know she has it.
Madeleine, stop!
Now do you believe me?
But I didn't take it.
These servants steal
from us all the time.
You need to punish her.
Make an example of her.
Whip her.
I can't whip her.
Then she needs
to leave this house.
I'm not staying in our
future home with a thief.
- Madeleine, let's just..
- We have proof.
She needs to leave.
You won't regret that,
I have to do it
with our servants
all the time.
It's not a nice thing
to do
but it's
a necessary burden.
And it's
my favorite bracelet.
You said that you
put your bracelets
on the night stand
before you went
to breakfast.
That's right.
Then how were you
wearing it this morning?
What do you mean?
I remember you wearing
the bracelet
at breakfast.
I specifically
took note of it.
How was it
supposedly taken
from your night stand
when you already had it?
What are you saying...
You planted that bracelet
in Linh's room.
- Didn't you?
- Of course I didn't.
Why would you do
such a thing?
Because I know.
What do you know?
Don't try to deny it.
How could you?
With a lowly housemaid?
- I'm not ashamed.
- You're not ashamed?
You're cheating
on your fianc
with a primitive, common whore
and you're not ashamed!
She's not a whore!
You love her, don't you?
Sebastien, you're sick.
You're becoming
one of them.
- I won't stand for this..
- No, this is..
This is proof why you
need to leave here.
I'm not leaving.
You are.
I mean it.
Just you wait till I tell
your family about this.
That you've risked
their good family name
on a common harlot.
Yeah. Go tell them.
Go tell all of Paris.
See if I care.
Linh, listen..
How could you
believe her?
I told her to leave.
She's gone.
I'm sorry.
Hit me.
Hit me again.
Harder. Harder.
I want you to hurt me.
What was that?
Oh, God!
Oh, no.
Oh, God! Hello?
Oh, God!
I, uh..
I couldn't see you there.
What are you doing?
Oh, God.
You don't need
to be upset, Mrs. Han.
Linh has only been here
for a few months.
She doesn't know.
Nobody knows
Sa-Cat like you do.
But I think it'd be best
to have... a new vision
for the house.
No, thank you, captain.
Please, take it.
Mrs. Han..
...Linh has displayed
the hard work
and dedication
I want for the future
of the Sa-Cat.
Do you have a problem
with taking
her instruction?
I do, Captain Laurent.
Then perhaps
it might be best
to return to your home
to take care
of your mother.
She needs you more
than Sa-Cat
does right now.
Can I take you
to the train station?
No, thanks.
I can go by myself.
The war has escalated
and the French army
is worried about losing
the Gulf of Tonkin.
I have to return
to battle.
I've recovered
from my injuries.
I must return to my post.
You mustn't go back.
You'll be killed.
They're ordering me back.
I have to fulfill my duty.
I'm leaving
in the morning.
Where did you bury them?
I promise I'll return.
This has happened before.
You leaving someone
here in Sa-Cat
while you were away
at war.
It's like..
is repeating itself.
I'll come back to you.
You are mine!
You are mine!
Stop haunting me!
You are mine!
Stop haunting me!
Stop haunting me!
But why would the ghost
of his dead wife
want to kill him?
We don't have enough
to keep you here
so we're letting you go.
Forgive me.