The Howling: Reborn (2011) Movie Script

Hey hey.
Hey, look.
I need you to be strong
and stay with me
because you're the one
who's gonna have to kill me.
Wo Hey, honey.
I hate how we left things this morning.
Maybe I'm just nervous
about my new show.
I don't know.
I know. My work is so much darker
than what I usually do
and I don't know what people
are gonna think of it.
It's just ever since I've been pregnant
I have this feeling like I'm being
watched or followed.
Yeah, I know what the books say.
I don't know what it means.
Maybe I'm just not ready
to be a mom.
No, Jack, it's not
the hormones either.
It feels different. Real.
Like something's happening.
Look, I'm going to the gallery to work
on something I've been thinking about.
It's something I need
to get out of me.
No, not the baby.
I'll see you later.
Is that you?
Who's there?
Hello, Kathryn.
No. It's you.
- Yes.
- But...
I've come for you
and what's inside of you.
Oh my God
The real evolution is coming.
No, not my baby.
Not my baby.
And now,
18 years after the day I was born,
I'm here to convince you
that the monsters are real,
that they live among us,
within us.
And hopefully one day
you'll know who I was
and what I tried to do.
But for now...
Who am I?
I guess I don't really have a good
answer to that question.
Don't forget to take your pills.
I guess you already know
my mom died when I was born,
but it never seemed like the end
of the world or anything.
Is that weird?
But how can you miss something
you never had, right?
# The messages I left
weren't answered #
# But I stayed off till bed #
# These were the only
things I dreamt... #
I know how to take an exam,
I know the periodic elements,
I know how to do school.
Do I have any idea
how to survive the real world?
# So wake me when
the world's worth waking up for #
# When my dreams don't stop
at my door #
# When the world's worth... #
My whole life I never
really felt like I fit in.
I just watched people
who looked like they were
actually enjoying their lives.
Your final grades will be posted
tomorrow night
outside the administration office
after graduation.
Good luck. Your parents'
fading hopes and dreams
are hanging on the outcome.
And now graduation is almost here
and I'm a little scared
that everything is gonna change.
Or even worse,
that nothing's gonna change.
I just thought you should know that
before you waste any more
of your time on me.
When I asked who you were,
I was looking for a name.
Will Kidman.
How is it possible
that in four years
we haven't met until
your exit interview?
Well, that's a good thing, right?
That's one way to look at it.
Oh, you were a part of
the debate team
that brought home
the silver this year.
A little disappointing, isn't it?
You're obviously pretty bright
and you appear
perfectly adequate on paper.
It's just that there's
nothing special here.
Four years, each day more impossibly
monotonous than the last.
But after today, we'll never have to
walk down this awful hallway ever again.
That's true, but soon
we'll have a whole lifetime
of even longer and even more
depressing hallways after that.
So how many video yearbooks
have you sold so far?
I'm getting the impression that nobody
wants to relive high school
in this sort of actual detail.
But on a lighter note,
I was finally able to hack into
the city's broadcast master control.
I've got a computer loaded
and ready to go
in the chapel
under construction upstairs.
- Come here.
- Well...
- What do you mean?
- It means that tomorrow,
after my diploma is safely is hand,
a backup generator will kick in
and the regularly scheduled programming
of the greater metropolitan area
will be preempted
by the world premiere
of "Untitled Sachin
Horror Project. "
How do you even walk
with a pair that big?
Like this.
High school girls are like
history class...
completely fascinating
and utterly boring at the same time.
I mean, who even enrolls
their kids into a new school
a month before graduation?
Their parole officers.
It's been four years, man.
It means your last chance.
He who hesitates...
Too much trouble.
Yeah, Roland is kind of intimidating.
But purely in a physical way.
Not him. Her.
Besides, I've got to worry about
getting into a good college.
No time for distractions, right?
Uh, I... I've...
I should go.
Talk to you tomorrow!
How many times
do I have to tell you?
Elliana only dates within her species.
If you get suspended before
the last day of school,
who's gonna be my date
to the grad party?
Go wait with the rest of the pack.
I'll be right there.
You live for now.
No, I...
I had him right where I wanted him,
but thanks.
I'm Elliana.
- You're Will.
- Yeah yeah, I am.
So what do we have here?
May I?
Why are they all of me?
I guess there's nothing much else
interesting to draw around here.
And I am?
Sign it?
There are two types
of people in the world:
Those who take what they want,
and those who get taken.
Which are you, Will?
Will's voice:
Fun science fact...
what really separates humans
from other animals?
2% of our DNA.
That's it.
You okay?
You're bleeding.
Oh yeah.
I'm fine, thanks.
Hi, I'm Kay.
Let me guess,
your first fight.
Yeah, but you should
see the other guy.
He's perfectly fine.
Don't worry.
You'll have your revenge
in the real world.
Guys like you eat guys
like him for lunch.
I've got to go.
That one's mine.
- Okay.
- Hang in there.
Life gets better after high school.
I promise.
Looking back, it's funny how days
just kind of blend together.
One little unexpected moment
can pretty much change everything.
What a shame.
We didn't have to lock everything
down like that back in my day.
Happy birthday, Will.
This used to be my favorite room
in the world.
When your mom
was pregnant with you
she'd come through that door,
walk straight over here
and join me on this couch.
She'd lay down,
put her head on my lap
and just talk,
you know, about what
you might turn out like.
Would you laugh like your mom
or sigh like your old man?
Or be some strange new combination
of the both of us?
Used to be my favorite
room in the world.
Now it's just a room.
Your mom spent all the money
she had at the time to buy me this.
A silver wedding band.
I can't believe you finally took it off.
Wills voice:
I think it all comes down to this:
The things we suppress
very deep down in places
nobody can find them,
they come back
and get us in the end...
with a vengeance.
It's funny, we take for granted
that we have free will,
but we have so many rules
and expectations to live by.
And if we didn't, we would all
probably just blindly follow
our strongest desires,
good or bad, right?
So where exactly is the free will?
You can do this.
Welcome to the party, Will.
I didn't even know
anything was down here.
Where is everybody?
Don't worry.
It's a very exclusive guest list.
Who are these people?
They aren't students.
There are all kinds
of graduations, Will.
Consider yourself special for being
the youngest guest invited.
Stick out your tongue.
Now say hello
like I taught you, pet.
What... what was that?
We got something else for you.
She's yours, brother.
Happy birthday.
My plus one is here.
Me, here.
I had a hunch there was something
behind that civilized exterior.
- Let's dance.
- Oh no, I really don't do that.
I have a feeling you're gonna be doing
all sorts of new things tonight.
Can I ask you something?
Why Roland?
Why not?
Maybe because he has everything you
look for in a high school boyfriend...
yummy face, nice ass,
cool car,
chateau in the south of France.
Oh, so it's a spiritual thing.
He's a distraction.
Something for now.
Besides, he's the one
who asked me out.
I think most boys
are scared of me.
So you've never been serious
about anyone?
You mean in love.
It's not like
I'm incapable of love, Will.
I love the way this dress
hugs my ass.
But commitment?
Well, let's just say
it's more fun being free
and a danger to myself
and others.
Okay, my turn.
You've drawn enough pictures
of me to fill a gallery.
So why is it we've never had
a real conversation until this moment?
The accepted social order
of high school, I guess.
Where do you fit into
the accepted social order?
I don't know.
I just kind of blend into my
environment, avoid the predators.
What are you so scared of?
- You, mostly.
- Well, don't worry.
I don't bite...
What's wrong?
I don't know.
I feel weird.
Someone gave me a pill earlier.
Just roll with it.
Where's my glasses?
What's going on?
Come on, Will.
Let go. Let it happen.
We've got to go.
We've got to go.
- No, it's just getting good.
- Come on.
I think I'm seeing things.
Well, like...
Let's just get some fresh air.
Do you remember
where the exit was?
Elliana, is that you?
What is that?
What is that?
Elliana, can you hear me?
Where's the door?
Whoa whoa whoa.
What the hell are you doing?
There's something down there, okay?
There's something down there.
Something, huh?
It's attacking people
and it's not human.
Not human, huh?
Fill that out and under
"Perpetrator ethnicity"
put "Other. "
Are you okay?
How did you...
how did...
Jesus, kid.
You're high as a kite, aren't you?
You with him?
Wills voice:
Today was not at all what I expected
when I woke up this morning.
But the days that change
your life forever rarely are.
This is gonna be really awkward,
but I need to talk to you
about something.
Okay, please don't tell me
that you've secretly been
in love with me all these years.
- No.
- Oh.
Well, then please carry on.
And here, make yourself useful.
What can you tell me about...
what can you tell me
about werewolves?
Well, considering that three
of my 12 unproduced screenplays
involve lycanthropes of some variety,
I can tell you a lot.
Okay, they don't like
silver bullets, right?
No, they don't like any silver
in their bloodstream
to the point of dying from it.
And the only other way a human can kill
a run-of-the-mill werewolf is by fire.
Have you never seen
a werewolf flick?
Eh, can't blame you.
That's what studios get for casting
geezers in their lead roles.
I mean, if I want to see
people in their 40s
I would just go home
and look at my parents.
Okay, this is just gonna
sound crazy,
but I maybe saw one
at the party last night.
Okay, the party where I assume
it was wild and dark
and you were high on drugs?
So silver and fire, that's it?
Will, these aren't your
makeup-wearing, skin-glistening
pansy-ass vampires, okay?
There's not some grocery list
of items that you can just get
to cripple them
or scare them off like,
"Oh, garlic.
Oh, some holy water. "
You know, two fingers
perpendicular to each other.
Okay, look. Real lycanthropes
are hard-frickin'- core.
Okay? They're doomed to struggle
between their humanity
and their animal natures.
And once they kill a human,
which they like always do,
there's no going back.
They become vicious killers for life.
So hypothetically, there wouldn't
be anything to worry about
'cause there's already a full moon
this month, right?
There's a full moon tonight.
A blue moon, actually.
So if they were really out there,
that should certainly kick things
up a notch, wouldn't it?
Why would they be after me?
Either you pose a threat
to their existence
or you're food.
In your case,
I'm guessing they've already
picked out the best wine
to bring out your flavor.
What are they doing in here?
Well, nobody goes
to church anymore,
so this is gonna be
the new computer lab.
You know, when somebody had
a question they couldn't answer,
they used to ask God.
Now they ask Wikipedia.
The god with answers.
# When he moves I watch him
from behind #
# He turns and laughter
flickers in his eyes #
# Intent and direct
when he speaks #
# I watch his lips #
# And when he drives
I love to watch his hands #
# White and smooth,
almost feminine #
# Almost American #
# I have to watch him... #
# In his face age descends on youth #
# Exaggeration on the truth #
# He caught me looking in then,
but soon his eyes forgot me #
# And everything he seems to do
reflects just another shade of blue #
# I saw him searching into you
and ached a while #
# I watch his lips caress the glass #
# His fingers stroke
its stem and pass #
# To lift a cigarette at last #
# He dries his eyes
from a shadow by the stair #
# I watch as he weeps unaware #
# That I'm in awe of his despair #
# In his face
age descends on youth #
# Exaggeration on the truth #
# He caught me looking in then,
but soon his eyes forgot me #
# And everything he seems to do #
# Reflects just another
shade of blue #
# I saw him searching into you
and ached a while #
# In his face age descends on youth #
# Exaggeration on the truth #
# He caught me looking in then,
but soon his eyes forgot me #
# And everything he seems to do #
# Reflects just another
shade of blue #
# I saw him searching into you
and ached a while... #
Woman on P. A:
Last ever school lunch
now being served, seniors.
Was I not clear with you, man?
Were you seriously with
Elliana last night?
School's almost over.
Just leave me alone.
- I'm never gonna see her again.
- That's not good enough, man.
Hey, what do you think
you're doing?
Right now, looking at an asshole.
Well, there must be something
wrong with your glasses.
Oh, that's it.
They're broken.
This is where you die, man.
And nobody's around to save
your sorry ass this time.
I'm gonna tear you up, Kidman.
Where are you, Kidman?
Hey, I just want to talk.
You're dead.
Oh crap.
Hey, what the hell are you?
Hey, I'm not an asshole, man.
I'm just misunderstood.
Okay okay, I am an asshole.
Please don't hurt me.
Wills voice:
You know what we do?
We let moments pass,
opportunities pass,
our lives pass,
day after day
until before we know it,
without even realizing it,
the best versions of ourselves
have become a distant memory.
Look, I've been going
through life on autopilot
with nothing really required of me...
stop, go, do this,
don't do that,
moving along being polite,
just surviving.
I don't want to be one
of the herd anymore.
What do you want, Will?
# Nothing you do can stop me
from living today #
# Nothing you say
can keep me down #
# I'm on my way #
# What will you scream... #
I want you.
I've wanted to say that
for a really long time.
Nice ass.
What smells so good?
Graduation dogs.
You want me to hook you up?
Yeah, I really do,
but no thanks.
I don't eat meat.
You have any idea what
they put in these things?
I wouldn't exactly call it meat.
Come on, live a little.
Why not?
Yeah, give me one with everything.
So, did you have fun
at the party last night?
How does Roland taste?
Oh my... oh my God.
Have you been experiencing any
other unusual symptoms lately?
You wouldn't believe me.
Some really crazy shit's been going on.
Well, you're at
the tail end of puberty
and you're under
the stress of final exams,
worried about going to college.
It's perfectly normal.
District requires us to draw blood
just to verify that it's not a virus
or drugs.
But I'm sure you
and your blood are just fine.
Damn it!
I saw the whole thing.
That Javamatic had it coming.
Do I know you from somewhere?
I don't think so.
My name is Kay.
I'd shake, but I think I might
have broke my hand.
So what brings you here?
My boy.
Me too.
Must be the full moon or something.
I just... it's getting
so hard, you know?
You just want to protect them.
I had him strapped in a car seat
till he was eight.
Today you got child-proof cabinets,
flame-retardant pajamas,
- bicycle helmets.
- Hmm.
The closest thing I had
to a bicycle helmet
was when I grew my hair out
in the eighth grade.
There's some things
you can't protect them from
no matter how hard you try.
Yeah, like from girls.
End up breaking their heart.
Well, you know
my philosophy on that is
kill the first one who does
and hope that the word gets around.
Hey, what's the emergency?
How do you become a werewolf?
All right, what is going on with you?
Now I'm glad that you've become a fan.
I really am.
But you're verging on
major geekdom here.
Humor me, please.
Okay. If a werewolf
drew blood from you
and you survive,
then you would become one.
- Did that happen?
- I don't know.
How would I find out?
You know, like hypothetically?
- Dude, have you been working out?
- Dude!
Sorry. Yeah, no,
um, you could use one of these
and try and kill yourself.
Your wounds would heal.
Remember, only fire and silver
can kill a garden variety
Garden variety lycanthrope?
Yeah, as opposed to the alpha,
the leader,
the uberwolf.
No one really knows how
you become one,
but if you are one,
only another wolf can kill you.
But no other wolf would have the balls.
What do you say
we test your theory?
Well, I guess I should go
check on mine.
would you like to get lunch
or maybe drinks this afternoon?
I could really use one.
But I think I've had enough excitement
for one day.
Well, I'll be at Bradner's Pub
in case you change your mind.
Maybe I will.
What are you, insane?
Look, you're not a werewolf, okay?
Your wounds will not heal.
Okay, wait wait.
What are you...
Okay, what if something
goes wrong?
What am I supposed to tell
the authorities?
Okay, wait wait.
You know, just in case.
Sachin: Oh oh shit.
Oh shit.
Um, okay.
Uh, oh man.
When you play a practical joke
you really commit.
Okay, I'm gonna go get the nurse.
What the hell
is happening to me?!
Four years of high school
finally over
and you celebrate
by coming to the library.
You look yummy.
I'm pretty sure all of the E
from last night
is out of my system by now,
so why?
This is gonna sound
so stupid.
I think that I might be...
a werewolf.
Wills voice:
Vampires, they've got it easy.
They're all about wish fulfillment.
Me? I can't read minds.
I'm not really older and wiser
and more mature than I look.
Well, we do have half an hour
before they lock down campus.
You want to find out?
Wills voice:
I'm just a guy
who wants to do
really bad things to a girl.
I knew you'd join me
for a drink, or five.
You did, huh?
Aw. A cutie.
Look, I know that there's this
whole courtship ritual thing
I'm supposed to follow, but...
Well, how about we skip
the clumsy first date
where you don't even know
if it's okay to kiss me
because really you're not even sure
we're actually on a date?
And while we're at it,
why don't we skip the more
promising second date
where I've proven to you
what a good listener I am,
but really all I'm thinking about
is what sex with you
would be like?
Okay. While we're at it
maybe we should
just skip the third date too
where we have really bad sex.
Well, in that case,
let's pretend
this is the fourth date.
And if we don't have sex again soon,
and if it's not really good this time,
things are gonna get awkward
between us.
Do you trust me?
I'll take that as a yes.
You see, in the movies
the concerned friend always handcuffs
the possible werewolf
to keep him from harming anyone
in case he turns.
This will have to do.
Where did you come from?
The better question is,
where have I been?
What are you talking about?
let's see if you made
the right choice.
Because if you're a werewolf,
then I may have just saved
some innocent lives.
But if I'm a werewolf,
then you just made
a very very bad mistake.
You're completely at my mercy.
Now I think you should just stay
there and cool down a bit
'cause it looks like
you're going through
a little transformation right now.
- So you're not...
- A monster?
No. Not literally anyway.
I'm gonna go out on a limb
and say that neither are you.
Aren't you even a little curious
why this is happening?
Why I'm here with you?
Oh, come on, Jack.
I know I'm bigger, stronger,
cut off that wispy red hair.
I stayed young and beautiful
while you just grew old.
But you wore my ring
for 20 years
till last night, baby.
What's the matter?
You look like you've seen a ghost.
What's happening?
You were so worried
about keeping our boy safe,
you didn't even give him the tools
to take care of himself.
Now I have to do it.
Don't you remember?
Till death do us part.
Man on P. A: Enjoy your summer.
Good luck, graduates.
Who did that to you?
I don't know.
When they killed my mom
they got me too.
# You don't need to change #
# A thing about you, babe #
# I'm telling you,
from where I sit #
# You're one of a kind... #
When I was 12
my mom and I came home
from this day of shopping
to find half of our stuff gone...
furniture, TVs... whatever.
I thought we'd been robbed.
You weren't?
My dad left us.
No warning.
He left a note saying
he hadn't signed up for this
and we were holding him back.
So you decided to date guys who
disappointed you at the start.
Something like that.
I so could have been that guy.
Oh man, you must think I'm crazy.
Why are you still here?
What is it about me?
You're kind of like a good book
I can't put down yet.
"It was one of those
rare smiles.
It understood you just as you
wanted to be understood,
and believed in you just as you
would like to believe in yourself
and assured you
just the impression of yourself
that you'd hope to convey. "
Or something like that.
So do you quote "Gatsby"
to all the girls?
# Well, I've been lost
and I need direction #
# And I could use
a little love protection #
# What do you say, honey?
Come to my... #
I have to go.
After graduation my mom and I
are going to Europe for the summer.
# I can take a punch,
I don't mind it bleeding #
# As long as afterwards
you feel bad for me... #
So do you think you'll be able
to live without me?
I hope so.
# I've got a deep desire
and it needs quenching #
# And I think that's pretty plain
for you to see #
# Well, enough about me
and more about you #
# Would that be the gentlemanly
thing to do? #
# I hope you like your men
sweet and polite... #
So what is it about me?
I don't know.
It's kind of hard to explain.
It's like the rest of the world
is in black and white,
you're in color.
# Relationships, I don't know why #
# They never work out,
they make you cry #
# But the guy that says goodbye
to you is out of his mind. #
Just overrode the system.
There's no way in hell
anyone or anything
is getting in or out
of here before tonight.
Just leave my money on the desk.
Selling out your own species.
How weak.
Elliana, is that you?
Oh, it's you.
What are you doing here?
I came here for you, Will.
Holy shit.
I've waited 18 years for this.
It's time for us to go.
What? Us?
Us go where?
You're one of them, aren't you?
One of us.
Hi, it's Sara Winter.
Leave me a message
and I'll call you right back.
Hey, Mom.
I know you're probably on your way,
but I was hoping we could
just meet after the ceremony.
It's just there's this boy.
And no, it's not Roland.
I'd just really like to stay.
I'm graduating today.
I can't believe it.
All right, I love you, Mom.
You survived an attack
while you were still
in the womb.
My womb.
No, you died.
How are you even here?
It's okay, honey.
At first I was scared too.
But just imagine
having the power over all the things
you feel you can't control.
It's amazing.
Why did you wait so long?
I was watching you,
waiting until you were ready.
And the blue moon.
Tonight is gonna be so special.
Wait wait. If I'm one of you, then why
are the other ones trying to kill me?
We weren't trying to kill you.
We were trying to welcome you.
So this curse...
- Has been inside me my whole life.
You call this a life?
Forget your books...
and your technology.
That's not life.
It's a series of distractions
from life.
Your father tried
to suppress you
with drugs.
He tried to domesticate you
like a yellow Lab.
He taught you useless facts
and called it knowledge.
He made you soft...
and called it civilized.
You have so much to learn.
Life as you know it is over.
You know, I thought about it,
and I don't think you can
live without me.
Who's that?
It's time for us to go, son.
Wait, I don't understand.
I thought your mom was dead.
Listen, I thought about it
and I can definitely live without you.
So what? I'm never gonna
see you again?
What is going on here?
Our use for you is over, pet.
But you and me
can have a little fun
before I put you out
of your misery.
He's not coming.
Lesson number one,
Survival of the pack over all.
Besides, we can't have anyone
knowing about us yet.
It'd spoil the surprise.
Let me do it.
Let him come to us.
No, Will.
Wills voice: You know what they say
about the white light?
It's bullshit.
Or maybe they just didn't
turn it on for me.
What I did see
was why the lure of immortality
is so strong.
So you're...
A monster.
Let's go.
Let's go before campus locks down.
No! No!
Now what?
After tonight
I will only return to this campus
to promote my films
and to autograph
women's breasts.
Oh hi.
I didn't see you there.
My name is Sachin.
And you, ladies and gentlemen,
are about to witness
the rebirth of American cinema.
"Untitled Sachin Horror Project. "
Who's there?
Sorry, Sachin.
But this is where you fade to black.
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
Please be there, security.
Keys. Where's his keys?
Where's his keys?
Phones are dead.
Okay, the school won't unlock
until after graduation.
There has to be some sort
of override switch.
Is there a chance anyone
is still on campus?
It's Sachin.
Werewolfs on steroids!
And they're so much more jacked up
than in the movies.
They're not hiding in the woods, okay?
They're here.
Will, I'm so sorry
for not believing you, man.
Look, whatever you do,
don't kill a human, okay?
Once you do
there's no turning back.
I'm about to die,
oh my God.
Whoever finds this tape, please post it
on YouTube so I don't die in vain.
- What are you doing?
- Protecting ourselves,
assuming everything they taught us
in chemistry wasn't complete bullshit.
Last night at the party there was
a hatch to the street.
Maybe we can find it again from
the basement and get out of here.
Thank you, Will,
for before.
You would have done
the same for me.
I'd like to think you'd have
done the same for me.
Look, in case something happens,
you think I never saw you,
but I did.
I saw you drawing those pictures.
You made me feel beautiful
on days that weren't.
I could have said something
but I didn't
because I thought whatever image
you had of me was better than who I was.
What are we supposed
to do with that?
This can't be real.
What are they doing
with all these people?
How long have they been
collecting them?
Where's my light?
Where's my light? Where's my light?
Hello, son.
Dad? What is this?
What's going on?
He's outgrown his usefulness
to you, my boy.
It's my turn.
You're one of us now.
Kill him.
Do it!
I'd rather die
than become one of you.
Nothing and no one
can hold you back anymore.
I'll never kill a human.
But you already have.
You killed Roland.
I was there.
It was impressive.
The only question is was it because
he was trying to kill you
or because he had
something you wanted?
What have I done?
You are your impulses now.
No need to distinguish,
no need for control or guilt.
Just let go.
Get out of here now.
What about you?
Just go!
Wait for the campus
to unlock without me.
- You can't stay here with them.
- It's none of your concern!
Go. Go.
Run away, little girl.
Welcome to the family.
What do you want to do first?
Kill you.
Kill all of you.
Wills voice: Remember that mere 2%
that separates us from the animals?
It's everything.
No. No!
I guess it's a good thing
you didn't win the gold.
Get away from me.
They killed my dad.
They turned me into this.
- You're not like them.
- Yes I am!
- You have a choice.
- No I don't.
You don't understand.
Every second I'm with you
is about restraint, reining myself
in because the more I want you.
Come on.
Wills voice: I've always been
scared of letting anyone in.
Or maybe I've really been
scared of letting me out.
Do what you want to do.
Whatever it is, come on.
Do it.
Come on.
You don't know what you're saying.
Come on, Will.
Let's go.
Let it happen.
# Come on, baby #
# Don't fear the reaper #
# Take my hand #
# Don't fear the reaper... #
Are you sure?
# We'll be able to fly #
# Don't fear the reaper #
# Baby, I'm your man #
# Don't fear the reaper #
# Baby, I'm your man #
# La la la #
# La la... #
Get away from me.
Did you ever think maybe if I was
like you that I could help you?
- Maybe we could be a team.
- You think you could save me?
Is that what you want to do?
If you don't want
to be with me, just say it.
That's not what I'm saying.
I just can't. You don't want this.
Don't tell me what I want.
What are you so afraid of?
Or maybe the better question is
what aren't you afraid of?
You've been living
in your safe little world
where everybody
tells you what to do
and you're too scared
to do anything about it.
Yeah well, you're afraid
that you're gonna die
so I'm just another guy who's safe
to be with for the moment
because it has zero chances
of working out.
I'm asking you
to make me like you.
How much more of a commitment
do you need?
I think you're afraid that if you
love me, I won't love you back.
Yeah well, maybe you're afraid
that I will.
Try me.
# We can be like they are #
# So come on, baby #
# Don't fear the reaper... #
# La la la #
# La la... #
# La la la #
# La la... #
# Take my hand #
# Don't fear the reaper #
# We'll be able to fly... #
Leave me alone!
# Baby, I'm your man #
# Baby, I'm your man... #
I'm so sorry.
I won't be the one who hurts you.
I told you, you have a choice.
You don't have to kill again.
You know that, right?
Wills voice:
My generation,
we're not about commitments
and relationships.
We're about hooking up.
It's like somewhere along the way
we were led to believe
that knowing too much about a partner
somehow makes love less exciting.
We were led to believe wrong.
Kathryn on P. A:
Attention please.
Would Will Kidman
and the campus whore
please report
to the principal's office?
Thank you.
Come on, we have
to get to the chapel.
You came from inside of me, my son.
That's a fact and you'd better start
learning how to deal with it.
We have to throw off their scent.
There's no use fighting it.
Push me away,
I'll tighten my grip.
It's what mothers do.
The world as you know it
is about to change.
500 years ago
people knew the Earth was flat.
This morning everybody knew
that humans were at
the top of the food chain.
My boy, that isn't food below.
It's an army.
It's coming to life as we speak.
And tonight
when the blue moon rises,
we will lead this world
into a new era.
Roland's gun.
Hollow points. Perfect.
Argentum nitricum?
AKA silver nitrate.
We have to warn people what's
happening before it's too late.
We can use the broadcast hack
Sachin set up.
They won't believe us.
They'll think it's just a couple
of kids playing a joke.
That's why we have to
make them believe.
I'm gonna turn into one.
You might need this
in case I'm not strong enough
to come back.
Let's do this.
I don't want to lose you,
even though I feel like I've been
seriously damaged
by this relationship.
It's graduation time.
Hey hey.
Hey, look.
I need you to be strong
and stay with me
because you're the one
who's gonna have to kill me.
# I will keep the bad things
from you #
# I will love you
like no other #
# I will be your dad and mother #
# I will give you older brothers #
# I will keep your smile
from falling #
# I will keep the price
below cost #
# I will lead the way
when all is lost #
# Catch it while you can #
# It's the feel-good hit
of the summer #
# Catch it while you can #
# 'Cause there won't be another #
# Won't be another #
# I will keep the bad things
from you. #
Sorry, Will.
The evolution will not be televised.
Who the hell are you
to warn people about us?
Fellow graduates,
let's not let it rain on our parade.
I want to love you.
Really, I do.
But you're making it so
incredibly difficult.
We admit it, we're scared.
We always hear how there's still
so many things that we don't know,
but I'd like to think that we know
more than you think.
We just haven't summoned it yet.
Why would you even try
to save those people?
Those people that have made your life
nothing but miserable all these years?
Because I'm not like you.
Imagine how disappointed I am
after 18 years to find out you're...
so ordinary.
Imagine how disappointed
I am to find out that you're not.
Certainly there are lessons
yet to be learned
as we leave high school behind.
But let me share with you
a few I've learned already.
Clearly the girl has clouded
your judgment.
You might not thank me now
for getting rid of her,
but trust me,
one day you will.
Never look back.
Behind you!
That which doesn't kill us
makes us stronger.
At the end of every dark tunnel
is a light.
When one door closes,
another opens.
Come on.
Elliana, come on.
Come on, Elliana.
We've come this far.
Come on, Elliana, come on!
Come on, don't go.
Don't go.
Don't go!
Wake up!
Come on!
Come on, fight.
Come on, Elliana.
Breathe. Breathe!
Come on.
Come on.
You'd never let go.
Don't you dare let go.
I can't live without you, Elliana.
Come on.
Come on, Elliana.
- Hi.
- You're alive.
Will Kidman.
Will Kidman?
Elliana Winter.
Elliana Winter?
Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you
this year's graduating class.
Bravo, Will.
You've got more potential
than I thought.
You're alive. How?
Oh, honey,
it's gonna take a lot more
than a little fire to get rid of me.
It's a cruel world
and the only morality in a cruel world
is every being for themselves.
Even if you win this battle,
you lose the war.
There are thousands of other armies
out there just like ours.
So why resist?
There's nothing you can do.
I know it's hard to swallow.
Swallow this!
You're the alpha.
You're damn right I am.
And now I'm gonna do to you what
I should have done 18 years ago...
abort you.
'Cause your boy likes his girlfriend
better than Mommy?
What, you jealous?
You pissed off?
Hell, that makes you
the most human one here.
Go ahead.
Put me out of your misery.
What have I done?
You're in there somewhere.
It's hard.
I know what you're feeling.
So if you can't come back,
then kill me.
Because the only way I'm walking
out of here is together.
But you have a choice.
You know that, right?
Come on.
# The book of love #
# Is long and boring #
# No one can lift #
# The damn thing #
# It's full of charts #
# And facts and figures #
# And instructions
for dancing #
# But I #
# I love it #
# When you read to me #
# And you #
# You can read me anything #
# The book of love
has music in it #
# In fact, that's where
music comes from... #
Will's voice:
Most of us don't have the option
of waking to eternal life
or experiencing undying romance.
Our lives and loves
are painfully finite.
But maybe that's how it should be.
Because the parts of the human
condition that we suffer from most
are the very things
that make us what we are.
# And you... #
Wills voice: We appreciate time
because of our lack of it.
# You can sing me anything #
# The book of love... #
Wills voice: We're sensitive
because of our vulnerability.
We're compassionate
because of our dependence.
# It's full of flowers... #
Wills voice:
And while we can all be monsters...
# And things we're all
too young to know... #
Wills voice:
... we're always at our most monstrous
when we ignore our humanity.
Wills voice:
Our teachers and parents like to say
we're witnessing the decline
of Western civilization.
Sure, these are trying times.
But when we begin to lose ourselves
in routine or fear or tragedy,
I think we can always
find our way back.
We just need to remember
that our obligations to one another,
our relationships to one another,
these things don't exist
only to fill up our days.
They exist to save our lives.
And these things
are worth fighting for.
"It's a whole new world. "
"The future begins here. "
You people have no fucking idea.
# You are to give me #
# A wedding ring. #
Two three four.
I need you to be strong
and stay with me...
Hey, man, do you think this is real?
...because you're the one
who's going to have to kill me.
Nah, it looks like viral marketing
for some movie.
# It never really costs that much #
# If you consider the return... #
Will on TV: And now, 18 years
after the day I was born,
I'm here to convince you
that the monsters are real,
that they live among us,
within us.
And hopefully one day
you'll know who I was
and what I tried to do.
# And it's my favorite revolution #
# It's my favorite revolution #
# It's my favorite #
# Favorite #
# Favorite revolution... #
Will on TV:
Please listen to me.
I need you to gather
all the silver and fire...
...and kill them
before it's too late.
# Revolution #
# Now it's all updated #
# Plastic and laser beams... #
Police stations and authorities
are being flooded with werewolf...
yes, werewolf... sightings
on four continents.
Officials are currently
assessing the situation
and asking people to stay indoors
until further notice.
# I'll make you famous,
sweet revenge #
# Will come in time #
# Where would we be without them? #
# Thank God we'll never know #
# We're safe and sound
as angels #
# When it's loud we dance slow #
# And it's my favorite revolution... #
People are panicking,
gathering silver and firearms
as military troops around the globe
are mobilizing.
...attacks leaving thousands of victims.
# Favorite revolution... #
# It's my favorite revolution #
# It's my favorite #
# Favorite #
# Favorite... #
Do you believe us now?
# Drop the needle,
there's a song to be sung #
# When the tables turn, baby #
# It's my favorite revolution. #