The Hows of Us (2018) Movie Script

GEORGE: Yes! This is it.
Our first buy.
PRIMO: Choose whatever you want.
- I will buy it for you.
There, I found one. This?
PRIMO: No, too feminine.
How about this?
GEORGE: That looks like
it belongs to Tita Lola. This?
PRIMO: Seriously? It looks
like it's for a talk show.
- How about this?
- GEORGE: No comment. (CHUCKLES)
(SQUEALS) I know!
This one. This is the one.
- There.
- PRIMO: Perfect.
We'll fill this house up.
I will put a table here
and then a TV there.
We can just relax here.
Watch on our 65 inches TV...
- GEORGE: Once we have money.
- PRIMO: ...surround sound.
GEORGE: Amsterdam.
Sprawling, endless tulips.
TITA LOLA: Promise me
you'll take care of this house.
PRIMO: I will take
care of you, George,
and this house.
What's wrong
with musicians nowadays?
GEORGE: We still need an agent.
You might want to sideline.
PRIMO: I would rather die than
do something I don't want to do!
GEORGE: Damn that passion!
That passion
- won't be able to feed us!
- PRIMO: Are you tired?
- Are you giving up?
- GEORGE: Yes!
- I'm very, very tired!
I missed you, my friend.
Get up, George.
- You're here?
- Why are you here?
- Duh, this is my house!
- This is my house, too!
GEORGE: What's our story?
Exes in war mode. (CHUCKLES)
Excuse me! This is my house!
Which, technically,
is my house, too.
The nerve of you to say that.
You're not needed here!
George, George. I bought that.
Which you gave to me as a present.
So, technically, this is mine.
GEORGE: Truth is, our love
story started with a fight.
- And that is also the reason
why women are poor leaders
compared to us men.
You make things complicated.
I am both offended and amused
that you have the nerve,
the temerity,
- to say that we women...
- "Temerity."
are ineffective leaders
because we are "complicated."
Men have forced women
to be complicated.
Because we have to think
for you men, too.
While cooking, cleaning,
washing your clothes for you,
just so you and your simple
brains can function.
You cannot survive without us.
I beg to disagree.
We can survive without you.
You can't survive without us men.
- MAN: Yep!
PRIMO: Because we are the ones
who make the tough calls.
Because we know
when to cut our losses.
Because we don't let our emotions
or our moral scruples prevent us
from taking a win.
And unlike you,
we think more objectively.
We see the bigger picture,
while you obsess
with small details like food,
hygiene and laundry.
- Which we never told you to do.
- But you expect us to do anyway.
You women expect it of yourselves
more than we expect it of you.
You are just as responsible
for upholding those gender
expectations you hate.
CROWD: Primo! Primo! Primo!
But why are we debating about this?
One sex
is not better than the other.
Men and women are complementary.
WOMAN: True! I agree!
We should not be going up
against each other.
In fact,
we should be together.
I agree.
We should be working together.
AXEL AND HIRO: Smoother.
But that's not the point
of this debate.
You really don't want to lose,
do you?
I just don't want to lose to you.
AXEL AND HIRO: Smoothest.
GEORGE: But our first fight
was a good fight.
I felt as if I met my match.
Tita Lola, look at George.
She's throwing me out
and hurting me as well.
It's Primo's fault.
How dare he even show up here.
I came back because, first,
I didn't know you were here.
- Tita Lola, I just want to...
- You can't come back here.
You don't have the right anymore.
You left, remember?
Whoa. Do not revise history.
I didn't just leave.
You told me to leave.
That's different.
But you still left.
So, that's one and the same.
Now leave.
- Leave!
- No!
GEORGE: Primo knew how to fight
for something he wants.
He doesn't give up.
I loved that about him.
I wasn't one to say yes easily,
but Primo also doesn't accept a no.
Amygdala, Cerebrum, brainstem...
- Amygdala, Cerebrum
Brainstem, Midbrain
Frontal lobe
Go away.
This is effective. Mnemonic.
BOTH: Amygdala, Cerebrum
Brainstem, Midbrain
Frontal Lobe
GEORGE: Primo was brave.
He was willing to face anything.
George, there's no rush.
Yohan is still young.
Mom, no.
We'll have Yohan checked up.
Oh, I will find a side job.
I will even apply
for student assistant.
Do what you want.
When are you coming home?
TITA LOLA: Not anymore!
You can't fool me again!
- If you say so.
- BABY: What's going on?
- What are you doing?
- I bought this, remember?
- Ah. So, this is mine.
- What is?
I bought this pair of shorts,
so this is mine, too. Hey, hey!
- Give it back!
- GEORGE: Go, Tita Lola!
TITA LOLA: Stop him!
- You jerk! Don't you come back!
- Fine! I'll leave!
TITA LOLA: Ugh! High five.
Wait, who are you?
I'm Primo, George's suitor.
GEORGE: He was willing
to face my family,
even the weather.
He was always there
when I needed him.
Give me that.
You're a bit late.
The rain came early.
TITA LOLA: Isn't it fun here?
Hey, come inside! Come on!
BABY: Don't go yet.
We prepared a lot of food.
Tita Lola,
- would you like some dessert?
- Wow!
- Yohan boy, you want some?
Same as Tita Lola.
Let's just give it to your dad.
He's dead.
Sorry, auntie.
BABY: Yohan, it's time to move on.
It's been 10 years
since your father died.
YOHAN: I'm only 9, Mom.
BABY: Fine, 9 then.
GEORGE: In him, I saw a good man.
But he doesn't stop there.
He had dreams.
JESSICA: Hi, babe!
Dude, sorry, you really have
to roll with the tempo.
- Pick up your pace a bit.
- But it sounded fine.
- Sounded fine to me.
- No, I hear something off.
Let's try again one more time.
Wait. There, that's it.
Dude, make sure
the bass flows with the beat,
so you're not lost.
- I thought it was okay.
- It was.
No, our music is scattered.
We have to sound good together.
- Let's try again.
- One more time.
GEORGE: I saw a man with passion,
a man who works hard to be better.
Failures and doubts
clouding up your mind
These are all but trials
Don't give up the fight
I'll give it to Primo. It seems
he sees people we don't.
Face it without fear
One more time!
Failures and doubts
GEORGE: I saw a man
who, while never giving up,
still gives his all, all the time.
At that moment, I believed.
Yes, someday, he will be great.
And I want to be there
when that day happens.
I want to be by his side.
So I decided that the fight's over.
Okay, fine, you win.
I already love you.
I was already falling,
so I decided to take the leap.
And why not?
We took the leap together.
Days turned into weeks,
weeks into months,
months into years.
TITA LOLA: Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday Happy birthday
Happy birthday to you
- Thank you, Tita Lola.
- Happy birthday, George.
I love you. Thank you.
You're welcome. But...
He's officially your cake
supplier from now on.
- Mm.
- Hmm.
That's right, George.
I will be with you
on all occasions.
Thank you. Mm?
Those flowers will last forever.
I promise you.
Whether it be New Year,
Valentine's Day, Easter Sunday,
even the Roman Holiday.
- Okay.
- Okay. Go.
Tita Lola is giving us
background music.
When we get older
Promise me
you won't leave my grandchild.
Promise me
you'll grow old together.
Promise me
you'll take care of my house.
This is the only possession
I can leave you once I'm gone.
When we get older
Promise me, Primo.
All I'm asking
is will you still love me?
I promise you, Tita Lola,
that I will take care of you,
George, and this house.
GEORGE: Primo stayed true
to his promise.
We were growing old together.
Are we going? Hey.
- This is it. Make or break.
- PRIMO: Hello, George?
George? George, where are you?
- Are you on your way?
- GEORGE: Lock the doors!
Hello, Primo?
Sorry, I can't come to your gig.
Something happened to Tita Lola.
Stay back.
What happened?
MAN: What happened here?
GEORGE: He stayed
even if people I love
had to leave.
I'm leaving the house to your care.
Take care of it.
Tita Lola, stop it. How morbid.
Yes, Tita Lola. It's as if
you're giving your last will.
Why, is this how a dying person
looks like?
Give me lipstick.
GEORGE: Together, we faced endings.
Love you, Tita Lola.
I love you, Tita Lola. We miss you.
George, is your father
also buried here?
Let's visit him.
I'll pay my respects.
No, my father isn't actually dead.
That's just what my mother says
when someone asks her
so she doesn't have to explain
why they separated.
So why did they separate?
Kidding. (LAUGHS)
I won't ask, I promise.
I won't. Mm?
GEORGE: And together,
we welcomed new beginnings.
We became a team.
- A great team.
- PRIMO: And this one.
GEORGE: I knew we
could go through anything
as long as we're together.
So this is how it feels like
when you've already invested
in something, Jo.
Jo? "Jo," as in "George"?
No. "Jo," meaning
darling, beloved, sweetheart.
Dictionary, Jo.
- Jo.
- Dictionary.
I like that, "Jo."
We'll fill this house up.
I will put a table here
and then a TV there.
Don't put your feet up.
You'll get the table dirty.
- Jo.
Hmm. Huh? Why?
Jo, see this?
We can just relax here.
Watch on our 65 inches TV,
surround sound.
Then we will watch
your performances
all over the world.
That's mighty proud of you.
Your Jo is a world-class artist
who brought OPM to the world.
And who's that? That's me, Jo.
Of course I will.
I will be very, very proud.
But I think you will be prouder.
Huh? Why?
Because the president
of your fan club
- is a doctor...
- Mm.
...who found cures
for rare diseases. Oh.
Thank you, thank you.
But what about Yohan and the others
when they're already here?
They will live here?
Yes. I will even make my family
come back home.
What about our kids?
Jo, with us alone,
you'll get worn out.
And I don't want my queen
getting tired.
That's why I will be the one
to work, Jo.
But your queen is not lazy.
So let me help you.
We'll be the ones to fetch
your family from Italy.
We'll go to them.
Just go back
to your family in Italy.
- Leave! Leave!
- Ouch, George!
- Get out! Get lost!
- Ouch!
- Tita Lola, she's just like you!
- Leave! Get out!
George, I'm gonna fall. Ouch!
Then just leave! Get out of here!
I don't have a place
to stay, George.
Find one.
Because you can't stay here.
Is this because
we're not together anymore?
And because this house
is now for sale.
Why are you selling the house?
None of your business. Just go.
No. Never again.
GEORGE: As years passed,
everything that made me
fall in love with him
turned out to be the same things
I hated about him.
BOWIE: That's why I'm telling you.
You accepted it without asking us.
You'll leave your friends
to play for another band?
My family needs to eat, Primo.
And I'm doing something about it.
I've been talking to people.
We'll have a regular gig soon.
You've been saying that for two
years, and nothing's happening.
Bowie, this will be it. I feel it.
Just wait a little more.
Can I tell that to my kid?
"Baby, just wait, okay?
you will have milk to drink,
or maybe next week,
or maybe next month."
Is that what you want me to say?
What about our dreams?
We'll just throw it away?
If you want to quit,
I can do it on my own.
MIKKO: What about your dream?
Goodbye review? Goodbye NMAT?
I can review here at home.
MIKKO: As if you have time to
review there, Nanny George.
I just haven't reached my quota
this month.
MIKKO: Why not make him work?
Besides, he's not making
progress with his band, is he?
How many bandmates came and went?
Why can't he just help you
find buyers?
Make him go from house to house.
Make him help you.
PRIMO: I'm not
belittling what you do.
That's just really not my passion.
I would rather starve
than go there.
I would rather die than
do something I don't want to do!
- George, it's your turn.
- Okay.
Hi, sir! Try Primavera!
Sir, zero down payment,
close location.
Sir, please, this won't take long.
Hi, sir, Primavera.
Nearby location.
Zero down payment, ma'am.
Aw. Thank you.
How much do I owe you?
Consider it as a donation.
do you still have time to study?
What do you plan to answer
in your NMAT exam?
No down payment?
Pre-selling? Primo-Vera?
Mikko, this is temporary.
We're just waiting
for Primo's big break.
What if it doesn't come?
- You're such a pessimist.
- And you're naive.
Sorry, sorry.
Dude, let's go. They already left.
Good evening.
We'll just call
for the next rehearsal.
I'll be the one to call.
MAN: Hurry up.
All looks and no skill.
What's the matter with musicians
How about Tony and Edgar's group?
Aren't they hardworking?
What's their hard work
gonna do, Jo?
Do they play well?
Jo, I can't get just anyone.
They need to understand
what I want.
Isn't that how it should be, Jo?
- Yes.
- See? I'm right.
Of course you are.
I'll try asking around.
Maybe there...
Jo, don't. I'll do that myself.
Okay? Leave that to me.
I'll just do this on my own.
Jo, I'm sorry.
Things are just hard lately.
It's okay.
Running out of patience
CUSTOMER 1: We don't want that!
CUSTOMER 2: We want another song.
Getting more restless
Our request has been sitting here.
But, sir,
I told you I'd sing anything
except English, right?
CUSTOMER 1: But that's what we want.
- CUSTOMER 2: Right!
- Fine, I can sing English
as long as it's sung by an OPM
artist or a Filipino artist.
- Okay. No problem.
- MAN 3: We want foreign songs.
Primo, come here.
The customer is always right!
Sing whatever they want.
It's so easy
to sing their requests.
- Easy?
- Yes.
Then go play for them!
- MANAGER: You're rude!
- Let's go, George!
MANAGER: Don't ever come back.
Where are you?
George, this is the NMAT.
You can only be late
for 30 minutes.
Get here on time.
- Yes, I'll be there.
- GUARD: Pay for all this!
- Let's go. My exam's today.
- Get the bill.
Make them pay everything.
Ma'am, here's the total damages.
- BAR STAFF: Including bottles.
- GUARD: Pay for everything!
BAR STAFF: He also broke a chair.
BAR STAFF: He damaged
our gas stove also.
Primo, please.
Let's go. Please, Primo.
- Sorry, George.
- It's okay, it's okay. (SOBBING)
Let's go. Get up, come on.
Come on.
MIKKO: Where are you?
It's almost starting. Hurry up!
Yes. Wait, wai...
MIKKO: Oh, no, the proctor's here.
George, leave Primo. Okay?
Are you thinking
of sacrificing med school?
George, I beg you, do not throw
away your future for that idiot.
For once,
try putting yourself first.
I'm sorry. I just need to do this.
Give me this one time.
Just this once.
DRIVER: There's still space.
Stop! Please stop!
Happy birthday, Jo.
Here, Jo.
George, we have so much cake.
A lot of gifts, too.
Jo, what's wrong?
Are you mad?
Jo, talk to me.
Give me that. Give it.
Jo, what's the matter?
What's the problem? Tell me. Jo.
Jo, what's the problem?
If you're mad, tell me.
Talk to me, Jo.
I feel like a fool here.
If you're mad, curse me!
If you want, you can hit me!
Here, here. Jo, what's wrong?
Do you want out?
Are you tired?
Jo, are you giving up?
Are you tired?
I'm very, very, very, very tired!
I'm tired of cleaning up
your messes,
I'm tired of studying,
I'm tired of working,
I'm tired of wondering
how you can watch me work hard
just to pay our damn bills
while you continuously pursue
your passion.
Damn that passion. That passion
won't be able to feed us!
You don't have money
to even buy me a cupcake.
But you have money for this.
For your fucking passion!
You have money for this!
Always this!
This! This! This!
Everything's about you,
your dreams!
You! You! Always about you!
Is that really how you feel,
GEORGE: I'm tired.
I'm tired of telling my mom
I'm okay.
I'm tired of hoping
that when I wake up,
the Primo I once loved
would come back.
I'm tired of waiting for you
to fulfill your promises.
I'm tired of defending you
against everyone.
Why, George?
Don't you trust me anymore?
Don't you believe in me anymore?
I believed in you.
And that was my biggest mistake.
I'm tired of looking dumb.
I'm tired of being left behind.
Am I weighing you down, George?
I'm tired of carrying your burdens.
You can't do this anymore?
I feel as if I'm wasting my life
on this relationship.
Will your life be better
without me?
Do you want me to go, George?
Just leave, please. Just leave.
Primo? Primo?
Not only are you late,
you come in with a bad attitude.
Sorry. My day just got ruined.
Traffic or NMAT?
Take it easy. You still have
two months left to review.
- Um, ma'am, someone texted.
- I'm done.
- There's a pest in my house.
- Ew!
Kill it.
If you don't do anything
about it, it's gonna get worse.
The house will get damaged.
What a waste.
It's been a long time since it
was last inhabited, right?
- Two years.
- See? As in that long.
No word from him for two years
and now he suddenly shows up
to ruin my life again.
I don't think we're talking
about cockroaches or rats.
Or termites.
Does this pest have a name?
(SCREAMS) I thought so.
I want to meet him!
No, don't. Bad idea.
So let's do all we can
to boost our sales
so we can transfer projects,
and you can finally leave
that house.
That's why I'm selling it,
Oh, right. Sorry.
Patient is 17 years old,
diagnosed with type 1 diabetes
since 8 years old.
Patient has been reported
to be taking his insulin
injections irregularly.
Is this true?
- Yes, doc.
- Sorry, doc.
- Goodness. Hi.
- Hi, doc.
- Hello.
- Oh, no.
Mikko, are you now
our junior intern?
Ah, yes, doc. My post is at the ER.
(CHUCKLES) Okay, do well. Let's go.
What about you, George?
How was your NMAT?
I'm currently attending reviews,
- You might replace me soon.
Not in the immediate future,
doc. I have a long way to go.
Really? That's good.
The other one.
I see dot hemorrhages
in your retinas.
What does that mean, doc?
Those are blood vessels
that have ruptured.
Nurse. Yohan, come on.
Is my son going blind?
Uh, no. It's still mild.
But if he continues
to miss his insulin injections,
it will lead to blindness.
Okay, what we need to do
right now is
to consistently maintain
his blood sugar level.
Mm, Yohan,
stop being so hardheaded.
Maybe he wants to go
after your Tita Lola.
Mm. I will not let that happen.
When are we going to Amsterdam?
That's blackmail.
Don't listen to your brother.
Save your money for med school.
I can handle both, Mom.
I just need to sell the house.
Promise, George?
Once the house is sold,
we'll go to Amsterdam?
Promise. As long as you
take your shots every day.
One minute.
How can she sell the house
if someone's making a comeback?
- Primo's back?
- Have some respect.
See? He knows
who I'm talking about.
He's her only ex-boyfriend.
When did he arrive?
Earlier today, Mom.
What does he want?
I don't know.
But whatever his intention is,
I don't care.
I'm still selling the house.
Let's just hope he agrees to sell,
especially since you're both
legal owners of the house.
Why did your Tita Lola believe that
your relationship
will last forever?
Hey, Georgina.
- What, Mom?
- George,
your ex-boyfriend
of almost seven years came back.
Mom, if dad came back, would you
get back together with him?
- Of course not.
Hmm. You see?
That's how I feel too.
Really though?
Don't worry. Mom, I can do this.
I can handle him this time.
I will sell the house
no matter what happens.
- Okay, fine.
- Okay.
- Bye, auntie.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
- Good luck, George.
I hope you don't find him there
when you get back.
- Bye!
- Let's learn from our mistakes.
- Bye!
- Bye-bye.
- AXEL: Bowie!
- HIRO: Bowie!
Hey, long time no see! Come inside!
Wait, dude. Someone's
got a question for you.
He wants to know
if you're still mad.
Huh? Mad at who?
Of course. I hate his guts.
- Why didn't you show up sooner?
- Ouch, Bo.
Where have you been?
- Come here.
- Group hug!
- Bye.
- Of course.
Dude, sorry. I'm just living
with my wife's parents.
Even our business came from them.
It's fine, Bowie. Thank you.
How about your place?
We have too many boarders already.
I'm good with any side job.
I'm fine with that.
These guys work at call centers.
Don't you have openings?
If you know a foreign language,
there's a language premium.
Yes, that could be.
Oh, you know Italian, right?
I'm not fluent in Italian.
That's the problem.
Dude, if only you had capital,
I was thinking of a new
business, our own record label.
Uh, uh, uh, uh.
There you go again.
Primo, why not try networking?
Love, Primo won't go
for a job like that.
What's wrong with it?
Primo, this is what made
our life better.
No, it's okay, Bowie.
I'll try it, Ana.
- Really? Okay, thank you.
- Yes.
I'll count on that Primo.
I'll call you.
- Okay, Ana.
- I'll go ahead.
Primo, is that you?
Is that what you got out of Italy?
Or is that what you got out
of leaving George?
He's right, Primo.
Why are you back?
To right all the wrongs.
In my life,
in my circle of friends,
and with George.
- Boom!
- I knew it.
You came back for George. Hmm-hmm.
What if she doesn't take you back?
I have nothing to lose.
There's no harm in trying.
How will you do that?
BOTH: How?
Mm. It's quiet.
Good evening, Jo-orge.
Did you change my door lock?
How dare you!
Open the door.
Don't push me away.
And let's talk seriously.
Come in.
George, I just cleaned up a bit
because it was so messy here.
It was the way I left it when...
The cockroaches and rats
looked like they were playing.
I couldn't breathe 'cause of the
dust. Glad you're fine.
I have only been here
for two days. And I have work.
No, George. I know
that you keep your place clean.
That's why I cleared out
some of the stuff here.
Don't worry, George.
I didn't touch your things.
So, what do you want to talk about?
Where do you want to talk? Here?
How about here?
It's more comfortable here.
I cleaned this.
It's not dusty anymore.
Primo, Primo,
let's stop this timid politeness.
We both know we can be savagely
honest with each other.
I don't want to sell the house.
(SCOFFS) I wasn't asking
for permission earlier.
I was informing you.
But I also have the right
to decide.
- I own 50 percent of this house.
- Yes, I know.
Is that it?
Okay. Done.
Let's split the profit equally
once the house gets sold.
George, I don't want money.
I want this house to stay with us.
The house is being sold,
and there is no us.
I'm sorry, George.
I'm sorry for everything.
Apology accepted.
But I'm still selling the house.
George, why do you want
to sell the house?
I'm going to Amsterdam.
Amsterdam? Tulips? That's it?
Aren't you ashamed of your reason?
What will Tita Lola say?
I'm sure my Tita Lola
will understand.
How about you?
Why don't you want to sell this?
Truth is,
I wanna be with you again.
I want you back, George.
Still, no.
George, are you okay?
Of course I'm okay.
I have been for years.
What did you say, George?
What were you asking?
You seem weak.
Just because you said
you want me back?
Mm, no.
You have crossed the line
this time.
I don't see any lines.
George, what is this?
Isn't this
what you were looking for?
'Cause I realized
you're actually right.
Both our names are in the title,
so that means
you're legally entitled
to half of this property.
- Even this?
- Mm-hmm.
Where will I sleep?
- Get out.
- Why?
We're dividing it 50-50, aren't we?
Here's my 50, here's your 50.
- Primo.
Since I'm generous,
I'm giving you 60 percent.
make it 80 percent
because we both know how you sleep.
I stay here and
I just keep moving back.
While you take on
different positions.
You punch me, kick me.
I don't understand
if you're dreaming about karate,
because you keep pushing me,
until boom!
I've fallen out of the bed.
Do you remember?
Keep the sofa.
No. I'm fine with this set-up.
Fifty there, 50 here.
You get the sofa
and the whole living room
as long as this stays with me.
Are you sure
you don't want me here?
Fair and square.
You get the living room,
I get the dining room.
- Stop. Mm.
- Mm.
No one crosses the line.
No one steps over.
And we keep to our own lives.
(SIGHS) Okay.
How about this common area?
We bought almost everything here.
This microwave, this fridge,
this gas stove.
How will you divide this?
The microwave oven
stays with me. Okay?
How about the stove, can I have it?
How about the water heater?
Then the bathroom has a schedule.
How about the refrigerator?
Can I have the lower portion
while you have the freezer?
Oh, okay.
Stop. That's mine.
The freezer's yours.
How will I drink cold water then?
- You agreed.
- I did?
Yes, you did.
This one's also mine.
And this one, and this one,
and this one. (GIGGLES)
My schedule.
That's what you get for staring.
George. You came right on time.
I have a favor to ask you.
Can we not have a schedule
for the bathroom anymore?
It's a bit cold to shower here.
The lot area is 750 square meters,
and floor area
is 300 square meters.
This is actually
our ancestral house.
First owned
by my great grandparents,
built in the 1930s.
In short, sir, the house is old.
More like historical, valuable.
No matter how old this house is,
it can easily be renovated.
But it will cost double, sir.
See the ceiling? You need to get
the whole thing fixed.
This house doesn't have any value.
It only looks good in pictures.
- Sir, it really is beautiful.
- Mm.
- Look.
- Oh, no, sir!
Sorry, sir.
Our floor is so weak,
it's about to break.
You are intentionally sabotaging
the sale of this house.
I'm not, George.
I'm just saying, his money
will be a waste if he buys this.
That is why I'm selling it
at a very friendly price.
Without even asking me
if I'm fine with it.
How about this, George?
You sell your 50 percent,
my 50 percent stays with me.
- Is that fine with you, sir?
- Sir, don't listen to him.
- Do you want me to stay here?
- I will make sure
that once the house gets sold,
My goodness.
Can you please discuss this
as a married couple
before selling this house?
- We're not married.
- Whatever!
Take care, sir. Thank you.
And you can afford to smile?
That man thought we're married.
I hate your smile.
I miss your smile, George.
George, eat while it's still hot.
It's to complete your morning.
No, thanks.
George, this is just
my basic offering to you.
What am I, a spirit?
George, I was just going
to ask permission.
Can I invite my friends over?
You know Bowie
and my other friends, right?
They're good people.
Do you see me
inviting my friends over?
AWEE: George!
Oh, my God. The line is real!
- My side is the other one.
- I'm so sorry. How strict.
- Mikko, how are you?
- That's Doc Mikko.
- Doc Mikko. Congrats.
- Hi! I'm Awee.
It's so nice to finally meet you.
- I'm George's officemate.
- Ah, okay.
- Hi. Hi.
- Hello. Nice to meet you.
What a handsome pest.
So, can they come over, George?
Pest? I mean, please?
Come in.
- I'll leave this here.
- Don't cross the line.
No, they're fine.
We miss you, George!
That's enough. Did you miss
each other too much?
We're phone pals.
And what did you guys talk about?
You talk about me, George?
We backstab you.
- We're gossipers.
- Of course, we're bashers.
Yes, that was the time
when you suddenly left.
You guys are so harsh.
Let's go through the songs.
You might hear
a potential hit, bro.
There are also new songs
we can release
and debut in our label.
- I also included...
- Thank you.
...our old band songs.
I had it rearranged.
Listen to it, bro.
PRIMO: Okay, okay.
George, focus. Focus. Okay.
What happens
when you suffer a heart attack?
Your heart becomes starved
with oxygen rich blood,
and your nervous system
immediately sends...
George, do you remember this song?
- (WHISPERS) You're a jerk.
MIKKO: Hold on, friend.
That's just a test.
What's with the song?
During a heart attack,
you'll start sweating, and
your heart rate will speed up.
Why, what's up?
I personally won't forget this.
We were playing this song
when George suddenly stood up
from her seat.
Then what happened?
You'll also feel nauseous and weak.
Then she suddenly ran up the stage.
And then?
You'll start feeling
an immense chest pain
that slowly crawls
into your neck, jaw, ears, arms,
wrists, shoulder blades,
and even in your abdomen.
AXEL: Then she held Primo's face.
Your heart stops beating.
- HIRO: Then she suddenly kiss...
- Stop!
You guys are too loud.
I can't memorize.
We're just making noise here
in Primo's side.
Even so. We still hear you.
We'll just go down, George. Sorry.
You don't know when to shut up.
Let's go.
What a miracle.
Primo admitted he lost.
I've long since lost
after I let George go.
AXEL AND HIRO: Smoothest.
- Move it.
- Wow.
George, tell me the truth.
What are these lines for?
- Hmm?
- For Primo.
To remind him
that he has boundaries.
Hmm. Maybe it's for you.
It's not to stop Primo
from coming into your life again.
It's to stop you
from falling for him again.
Because absence
makes the heart grow fonder,
but presence
puts the heart in danger.
I won't fall in love
with him again. (CHUCKLES)
AWEE: Hmm, really?
Even if he's all
you think about at night?
AWEE: And in a rainy, cold night,
can you sleep
without his warm embrace?
Even if you know
he's on the other side, alone,
also cold, feeling lonely?
And his smell that used to be
your favorite scent.
Can you stop yourself
from wanting more?
Can you also refuse
to eat your favorite
grilled meal together
with tomatoes and spicy vinegar
on the side?
Tastes good, huh?
AWEE: And as the night
grows deeper,
can you look at him
without wanting to be with him?
Be honest with yourself.
I just want you
to be comfortable, George.
AWEE: And because
his thoughtfulness overload
is hard to resist,
can you really ignore the spark
between both of you?
AWEE: A spark that flows
from your fingers
to your entire body.
Oh. I got scared, George. Sorry.
- I'm sleepy.
- You are?
Good night.
George, the lights
might go out again.
Put everything back in place.
Good night, George.
AWEE: If your answer is yes,
then you're right.
You're not going
to fall for him again.
- George, can we talk?
- No.
Please, George.
Even just for five minutes.
Please, please, George.
This is important.
Five minutes.
George, I've been thinking
about how to tell you this
because I'm scared you'd say no
and ask me to leave.
I'm sorry, George,
but this can't wait.
This is for us both.
You might want to buy
from me, George.
I'm on the networking business.
In fact, Ana's here.
- ANA: Hi, George.
- Ana!
Buy one.
This matches your skin tone.
But I think it's too light.
- Um, Primo.
- Hmm?
Thank you, George.
Hmm. Here.
Mm, what's that for?
My share for our water
and electricity bills.
- Primo.
- Hmm?
You can get water
from the refrigerator.
This color suits you, George.
Thank you.
But you're even more beautiful
without it.
It looks nice, friend.
Peppermint will suit you.
He said clear looks better on me.
Says who?
Oh, my God.
George, there you go again.
Stop that, I'm telling you.
Hey, but it looks good.
Why are you listening to him?
I'm the gay friend here.
- I know that story all too well.
- Miss, I'll get this. Thank you.
You're listening again,
you're believing again,
you're agreeing again,
he's fooling you again,
you're back to being naive.
Listen to me.
Do not repeat the same mistake.
I'm afraid
you'll fall for it again.
Are we still talking
about contact lenses?
You're too harsh
on that handsome pest.
Of course.
No matter how handsome a pest is,
it's still a pest.
AWEE: Why does Primo have to
take the blame for everything?
If he doesn't want to leave,
then why doesn't George leave
Because if it was me, and I had
a pest who wouldn't leave,
I won't draw a line.
I would leave.
Unless I really want to be
around him because I missed him.
(CHUCKLES) But then again,
that's just me.
And I'm not you, George.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Running out of patience
Getting more restless
With each passing moment
Your eyes really look beautiful
when it's natural.
It really suits you, George.
Whenever I remember you
There's nothing
I can do
Cross the line, baby
I'm not used
to having divisions lately
It's hard to be alone
And at night
I longingly search for you
How long must I wait
Until I can be with you again?
In my life that's full
Of troubles
Only you are the one
Who can take away the tears
And put a smile
On my lips
I miss you.
PRIMO: George, come on.
You'll get sick. Let's go home.
Stay there. Don't move.
George, you'll get sick.
Damn it!
There you go again.
You're taking advantage of the fact
that you know how to get me.
Just one smile, one song,
one hug, one sorry from you,
and my world starts turning again.
Fuck, Primo!
I'm a smart person.
But when it comes to you,
I don't know why I become stupid.
What will be the consequence
if I get back with you again?
My world will stop again for you?
How many years of my life
will I waste again?
Do you remember Mikko?
He's about to become a doctor.
And Jessica?
She's happily married.
Look at me.
Still trying to put my life back
and regain everything I lost
when you left me.
George, I'm sorry.
And what makes that sorry different
from all your other sorrys before?
I gave you almost 7 years
of my life, Primo.
And in those 7 years,
it was just that one time
I told you I was tired.
Only once did I ask myself
if I could still fight.
Only once did I have the courage
to tell you how I felt.
That I was hurting,
that I was losing myself.
Just one time,
in the many times
I could have given up,
but I didn't.
But then you only needed one time
to give up on us.
To leave
and not come back.
I needed you
to fight for us that night.
Because I was so tired
fighting alone.
To fight, that even if
I tell you to leave,
you wouldn't.
Because you know me.
I just said all that
because I was tired.
But I love you.
Jo, I love you, too.
I still love you, Jo.
But that one time I got tired,
you chose to leave me.
Is that how you love, Primo? Hmm?
How could you give up so easily?
How did you not find
a reason to stay?
I will never allow you
to consume me again.
Once the rain stops
and I come back,
I want you gone.
I will just get in touch with you
if I need you to sign papers
when the house gets sold.
What if it takes a year
for the rain to stop?
Then he's lucky.
But admit it, you're proud of me.
I'm not stupid anymore.
But you're not happy.
You know, I don't get you.
If I use my heart,
you'll tell me I'm stupid.
If I use my mind, I'm unhappy.
You really can't be happy.
So we're a tie, okay?
That way, I won't get jealous
of you anymore.
- What?
It's me who's jealous of you.
- You're a doctor now.
- Hmm.
And I'm still a nobody.
Well, I don't get a hug
from my diploma at night.
I've always been jealous of you.
Because every time
I'd see you hurting,
I'd feel I was missing out on
something that matters more.
(LAUGHS) Because I don't have that.
I guess the grass is always greener
on the other side, isn't it?
It all depends
where you choose to look.
George, where were you?
Why did you leave your phone?
Good thing Primo was there.
Uh, George,
sorry I answered the call.
Auntie's call felt like
it was an emergency,
She called really late.
Yohan wouldn't stop crying,
and he panicked.
I couldn't help but panic, too.
What happened?
He said he woke up
with dark vision.
He also sees ribbons of blood.
It only means the blood vessels
in his retina has burst.
And it is caused
by his fluctuating
blood sugar level.
So, what's next, doc?
We have to take a series of tests
so we can assess what kind
of treatments we can give
to delay his loss of vision.
Not cure?
Because diabetic retinopathy
is incurable.
We can just go here
from time to time, George.
Mom, it's better if you're
closer to the hospital.
I don't want a repeat
of what happened earlier.
What's this?
North and South Korea? What?
I see.
All right.
Oh, gosh. Hi, auntie.
Yohan, change your clothes!
This kid.
Thank you.
No problem, George.
Uh, George, I know that...
I should be gone
once the rain stops.
But can I extend?
I wanna stay.
Just until the house gets sold.
You're agreeing to sell the house?
Yohan needs it.
Don't worry, George.
I won't ask for an us anymore.
And I'll give you the space
you want.
But now, George,
I just really want to help.
I promise, once this is all over,
I will be gone from your life.
BABY: Yohan,
you're getting on my nerves.
All you talk about is Amsterdam.
Amsterdam here, Amsterdam there.
Damn that Amsterdam!
I'm about to go blind and
I still haven't seen my father.
George, you promised
you'd bring me to dad, right?
See, George?
You keep promising things
to your brother.
We don't even know
if he's really there.
I already told you that he's dead!
He's dead. He's gone!
Now you're acting as if
you'll die if you don't see him.
Mom, what's wrong
with wanting to see dad?
Why do you have to go
see that fool?
He left us!
Why do you have to insist
on being part of his life?
Mom. Mom.
Mom, we're not gonna leave you.
We're not gonna stay there.
It's just frustrating to not know
what your father looks like
when you're about to go blind.
That's why we're going
to get you treated.
But we're not sure if
it will be successful, right?
I'm gonna keep my promise.
But I don't have enough savings
right now.
The money we'll get
from this house,
we'll use that for your treatment.
Hmm? I hope you understand.
WOMAN: How old is this house?
Not many people know this,
but this house
is almost a hundred years old.
It's one of the first houses
that was built here.
But why did Bowie say
that this house is still sturdy?
Yes, ma'am.
Sir, as you can see,
the house is not too big,
but it's spacious.
It's also open and cozy.
- There's a lot to be fixed.
- Hey! Son! My God!
- Hey!
MAN: It's not safe here.
There are no grills.
Your grandkids are too frisky.
We have two...
two rooms.
Don't mind the mess.
We made it into a storage room.
Wow. Are these included?
- Um...
- That's not for sale.
- Here's Incredible Prime.
- Oops.
- And this is our dining.
Kinda like the vibe, dude.
Where did you find these people,
They walked in at the site.
They're looking for an old house.
The windows are too big.
I know. This is not it.
This house may be old,
but it still looks beautiful,
just like you.
Does it flood here?
Is this earthquake-proof?
Does it have a firewall?
When was the last
inspection report?
I mean, the roof, the ceiling.
I mean, it might get flooded
inside even with little rain.
Is this house even insured?
What I mean is,
if anything happens...
Hi, ma'am. Good morning.
I'm George,
also the owner of this house.
Actually, this house was built
on solid grounds and...
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
You're not answering my questions.
Mrs. Abellera,
honestly, this house has nothing.
This house doesn't have those.
The only thing our house has
is history.
And that's priceless.
When you get to the point
where you have nothing,
you're left with just the memories
that won't ever...
get replaced,
that won't ever get erased.
I like this house.
Thank you.
Mrs. Abellera, do you mean...?
You want me to give you
the earnest money right now?
- Yes.
- Woo-hoo! Yes!
- Thank you. Thank you, ma'am.
- Oh, sorry. (LAUGHING)
Thank you.
- Mom?
- BABY: Yes?
- Move! Let me through!
- Mom, get off.
- I tried looking...
- Let's play this first, Yohan.
Yohan, Mom!
We're not included
in your lines deal.
No, Mom, that might be Primo's.
He'll get mad.
No, this is your grandmother's.
Primo got all his records
when you left.
Where is he bringing them?
Ask him yourself.
There, let's play this first.
- PRIMO: Auntie, Yohan.
- BABY: Hmm?
- I bought them!
- YOHAN: Yes!
- You did it, Primo. Thank you.
- No problem. No problem, Yohan.
- Awesome. Wow.
What's going on here?
Primo bought us tickets.
Where did you...?
What about Incredible Prime?
he didn't transform anymore.
He's now a normal citizen
who wants you and Yohan
to see your father.
(GEORGE SOBS) Thank you.
George, you crossed the line.
I don't see any lines.
- Oh, right.
What? Visa time?
- Visa time! Let's go!
- Okay.
Mom, are you ready
to see dad again?
Ready? Yes, I was ready
15 years ago.
But now, I might bang this
onto his head.
So, it's just me and Yohan?
And Primo.
He knows someone there, right?
Yes, auntie.
Amsterdam, here we come!
- Dude!
- How are you?
- Give me a kiss.
- Hey!
- Doctor, how are you?
- Not yet. Almost a doctor.
Oh, right.
Let's go, almost cousin.
HOUSE OWNER: Enjoy your stay here.
- Thank you very much.
- Okay, bye-bye. Time to go.
Thank you. Bye.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Let's go?
- Let's go.
- Hey, Primo.
- Hmm?
Our friends are asking
if you can pass by Rome
before you go back home.
They miss you and they miss
playing music with you.
Tell them no.
I'll be there soon anyway.
Uh, I thought...
Let's go to bed.
Uh, George, good night.
Yohan, you should go to bed.
I'll wake you up early tomorrow.
- Okay. Thanks, Primo.
- All right.
Are you and Primo
really breaking up after this?
We've been broken up, remember?
Yohan, it looks like
we're almost there.
- Are you excited?
- I really am. This is it.
George, if you see dad,
would you recognize him?
- Uh, maybe. I hope so.
I was just a kid then.
He left after you were born.
Then mom ruined
all of his pictures.
But I'm sure
he's about your height.
- Okay.
- His stance is like a soldier.
His complexion's pale to rosy.
- And his hair is...
- YOHAN: It's black, right?
Not blonde, right?
Yes, it's black,
with a military cut.
His eyes has color. It's like...
- YOHAN: Are they blue?
- GEORGE: Yes.
That for sure we didn't inherit.
This is the house.
We're looking
for Mr. Gregory Silva.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Uh, and you are?
We're your children.
Wait. I'm not Gregory.
Oh, sorry.
Um, he said your father moved
to his wife's place.
George, dad has another family?
Okay. Uh, yeah,
can I give you my number,
uh, just in case
you hear back from him?
MAN: Yes.
YOHAN: Maybe that's
why he left us.
Because he has another family.
Do you think mom knows?
I don't know.
We shouldn't have gone here
in the first place.
But I still want to see him.
What's the point?
They might think
we're causing trouble.
They might hate us.
Whether or not he has a family,
whether or not they hate us,
I still wanna see him,
even just for a little while,
before I go...
Shh! Shh! Shh!
Okay. Okay, okay, okay.
We'll find him.
Thank you, George.
George, I'll ask over there.
- Hello, sir. Good day.
- Hi.
- Excuse me, are you Filipino?
- Yeah, can I ask you a question?
- Would you know a Gregory Silva?
- Gregory Silva? No.
- George, Primo! Primo!
- Thank you.
- Yes?
- My boss called me.
He has a contact who can help us,
but I need to go to see him
in the office.
No, no, we're coming with you.
No need. This might not work again.
It's better if we separate
so we can accomplish more.
- And here.
- He's right.
- Here. Text me.
- Okay. Thank you.
- All right, Dar. Take care.
- Thank you.
- So, let's find him?
- Let's go.
GEORGE: Excuse me.
Um, do you know anyone
named Gregory Silva?
MAN: Gregory Silva? No. I'm sorry.
GEORGE, PRIMO: Thank you.
- GEORGE: Yohan.
- Are you okay? Tired?
- George. I'm fine, Primo.
But can we sit first?
You wanna sit first? Okay.
- You want to see dad, right?
- Yes, badly.
Should we call it a day?
- No, I'm okay. I'm okay.
- Sure?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
GEORGE: It's so beautiful here
in Amsterdam.
YOHAN: You're not
together anymore.
What? It's true.
Why do you have to put
a period to it?
Why not put a comma or an ellipsis?
Hello, Dar.
Okay, okay.
Okay, Dar. Thank you. Bye-bye.
What did he say?
- He has good news.
- What?
- Yohan, let's go.
- YOHAN: Okay.
- There he is! Guys.
- Where?
- Dar!
- Yo, guys.
Did you find our dad?
- Are we going to him now?
- Are you sure?
It's just that...
- What's wrong?
- I'm sure. (CHUCKLES)
- Thank you, Dar! Thank you!
- No problem!
- Let's go then!
- Wait. We'll go to him tomorrow.
We should go now.
Let's not waste the day.
Then we won't. Let's go around.
- All right.
- What do you want to do?
I wanna ride a boat,
I wanna ride a bike,
I wanna go to a museum,
but first things first, let's eat.
- Mm. He's hungry. Okay.
Since Yohan
has many activities in mind,
- it's best if we start now.
- Come on.
- Let's go.
- Ready? Okay? Go, go.
- Come on, George.
- Hurry up.
- YOHAN: It's so beautiful here.
- DARWIN: This is a museum.
Uh, it's called Rijksmuseum,
dedicated to history and arts.
This place was made for Primo.
Anyone can sing here.
Come here, take a look.
- Someone's playing.
- Musicians play here.
Lights, diamonds, roses
Diamond home
It's open jam tonight, guys.
Who wants to jam with...?
My cousin! He's a great musician.
- Dar, I don't wanna do it.
- Don't be shy. Do it.
I don't want to.
Go, Primo. This is your chance.
Bring OPM to the world.
- YOHAN: Whoo!
- Hey.
- What do you play?
PRIMO: Uh, I play the guitar.
All right.
(CHUCKLES) Okay, um...
I'm going to sing
an original Filipino song.
Is that okay?
- DARWIN: Yeah, sounds great.
- WOMAN: Yeah, yeah.
Well, I hope you like it.
Sometimes life
Is it really colorful?
It brings joy
It also brings sadness
- He really missed it.
- Mm?
Primo obviously missed playing.
But we cannot see it
He hasn't played
every since you guys broke up.
He got caught up
with all his responsibilities.
His dad also suffered a stroke.
Did you know that?
- How is he?
- He's fine.
Good thing he's still alive.
If you saw what Primo went through,
you'd be surprised, George.
He took over
his dad's responsibilities.
From gardener, to house cleaner,
to bathroom cleaner.
He even picked up dog poop.
He also helped his mom
take care of his dad.
He threw away his pride.
I can bring back yesterday
(SIGHS) But if you really
love something,
nothing will change.
He just can't let go
of that love for music.
Do you know that he wrote that?
It's an original.
Every time I close my eyes
It's still you I see
- Listen to it, George.
- Your embrace
Feel the lyrics.
Who do you think
those words are for?
I wonder
Why my feelings
Are constantly changing
My life became a mess
Since I left you
- Yohan.
- Thank you.
Primo, he's had enough sugar
for today.
This one's for you.
Why do you think
people love biking here?
Why not?
I see them. Let's go faster.
Where are they?
- Let's check them here.
- All right.
- Go, go, go.
- Go!
George, what instrument
do the people of Amsterdam
love to play?
Mm. What?
Amsterdrums. (LAUGHS)
What is Amsterdam's national pet?
Um, I guess lion.
In the royal coat of arms...
George, that's not it.
It's Hamsterdam! (LAUGHS)
My God, Primo.
What do the people
in Amsterdam love to eat?
Hamsterdam and cheese. (LAUGHS)
- Where do hamsters live?
- Hamsterdam.
In a cage. (LAUGHS)
- GEORGE: Look at that.
- Hey, the bridge is over there.
- It looks nice.
- Thank you.
- DARWIN: Stand up, stand up.
- GEORGE: Why?
- What's in there?
- You'll love this.
Legend has it,
if you pass under this bridge,
you have to kiss your loved one.
If you do, you guys
are gonna stay forever.
- YOHAN: Forever together?
- DARWIN: Forever together.
Primo, kiss George!
They're about to kiss. (SQUEALS)
DARWIN: Come on, kiss!
I hope there's a tomorrow
I look forward to your love
And to finally
Kiss your lips again
I will wait
'Til your heart beats
- George, good night.
- Good night.
I'll never
I'll never leave you again
Guys, I think we're here.
Good morning.
WOMAN: Oh, hello.
Can I help you?
George, do you think
that's his wife?
Is Gregory Silva home?
Oh, yes. He's home. Come in.
- George.
- Thank you.
WOMAN: Gregory?
- Make yourselves at home.
- Thank you.
Come on.
- DARWIN: Hey.
- Hello.
Oh. Uh...
You're looking for his father?
I will bring you to him.
Your father and my daughter,
they had an accident two years ago.
We really wanted to tell you,
but we didn't know
how to reach you.
My gosh.
You really have your father's nose.
You lost all your baby fat.
He used to tell us
that you were the most big baby
he had ever seen.
- He talked about us?
- Yes, he did.
WOMAN: Yeah, yes.
He said when we have enough money,
we'll go to the Philippines.
Then I'll meet there
my smartest sister
and my cutest brother.
WOMAN: Yeah.
It's so sad that
he couldn't fulfill his promise.
I hope you both
can forgive him for that.
Are you okay?
No, wrong question.
Are you okay now?
(CHUCKLES) No, George.
Just very, very, very okay.
- Do you know that feeling?
- Okay!
That's an overreaction.
Of course, I saw my dad.
Even if only in a picture.
- Plus, we saw our brother also.
- Mm-hmm.
How about you, George?
Are you okay?
Mm-hmm. I'm very, very, okay, too.
Primo, Darwin, are you guys okay?
- Of course.
- Yes, we are.
Hold on.
I'm actually not that okay.
- Oh?
- Darwin, I wanna see tulips.
What? You wanna see tulips?
(CHUCKLES) Not for me
but for my sister.
No need. I'm okay.
Don't worry about me, Yohan.
No, George. You showed me
everything I wanted to see.
There's only one thing left
I want to see.
To see you happy.
I am happy.
We saw our brother.
You can be happier than that. Okay?
Darwin, it's her favorite flower.
Then let's go find some.
We might get home late.
DARWIN: It's not far, George.
Great. Let's go.
But my feet hurts.
- Um, Darwin?
- DARWIN: Yes?
YOHAN: Your feet hurt, too, right?
Oh, right. My feet hurt, too.
- Even my waist hurts.
- Right.
You two can go. Primo, promise.
- YOHAN: You guys go.
- DARWIN: You guys go ahead.
DARWIN: Go. Hurry up.
Don't just stand there. Go!
- Excuse me, sir.
- Yes?
Where are the tulips?
Well, there are no tulips now.
You're out of season.
It's summer flower season
at the moment.
In April, we have
a beautiful field of tulips.
It's really not meant to be.
George, look at this.
Oh, see?
They may not be tulips but
they're beautiful nevertheless.
Sometimes, even if you
don't get what you dreamed of,
it will still be given to you
in another way.
You wouldn't have said that before.
Mm-hmm. Tell me I'm wrong.
you get everything you want.
Getting it is the only option.
How proud, huh?
Uh, yes. (CHUCKLES)
- Even my fart was proud.
- Mm-hmm.
- And, you know, George,
those were the only things
in my pocket
when I went to Italy.
Arrogance and anger.
I wanted to show you
what you've lost.
Good thing you let me go.
It's gone anyway.
Nothing happened.
I became no one.
I lost everything.
And I couldn't go home because...
I didn't have the guts to face you.
You know, George,
I was so ashamed of myself then
that one day,
I thought of ending everything.
And then I saw the sunset.
Damn that sunset, George.
I was moved.
Because that was me.
Slowly sinking,
slowly disappearing,
slowly ending.
But when I woke up,
the sun was there again,
shining bright as ever.
Then, dang, I realized something.
The sun might set now,
but tomorrow, it'll rise again.
Wait for it. Be patient.
Just ride the tide
until the sun rises again.
Because it always does.
And when it does,
and you're still open
to everything,
you're in for a lot of surprises.
Like, you weren't able to sing,
but you know how to write songs.
I had a hard time at work,
but I was able to get past it.
I even nearly got promoted.
From cleaning bathrooms,
to cleaning bedrooms.
We broke up,
but at least you were able
to be with your family.
You had time to take care
of your dad.
But I lost you.
But we became better persons,
didn't we?
George, I may not have found
a reason to stay,
but I found a reason to come back.
Mrs. Abellera had to ruin
the moment.
George, they will move in
once we get back.
Great! At least we'll be able
to get the full payment.
Yohan finally has money
for treatment.
You can also start med school.
You can also start
whatever business you want.
PRIMO: Our time's up as well.
Sometimes I think,
what if we held on
and rode the tide together?
Will we also get
to where we are now?
George, how much is this?
Thanks, dude.
MAN: It's okay.
Hmm. Can you come back later?
We still haven't decided
on the prices.
How much is this worth, George?
Me and you
WOMAN: (ON TV) Will you forget
why he loves you?
We crossed paths
Got infatuated by you
Or is it just a dream?
The two of us
- Jo, I finished it.
- Is it done?
- It's finally done.
- Let me see it!
Against the world
Why am I not in the painting?
Why, Jo? It's you.
I didn't move.
I thought you were painting me.
Careful, the paint is still wet.
Time stands still
I don't wanna be
Away from you
I'm yours wholeheartedly
Then we'll have a side trip.
- That's a good idea.
- Where will we go?
Of course we'll go
to your dream destination, Jo.
- Right? Paris!
- Where?
- Jo, of course I know where.
Amsterdam. See?
Yes, Amsterdam. We'll go there.
- We'll go see the tulips.
- Hmm.
Me and you
Sprawling, endless tulips.
A farm that's filled
with only tulips.
Tulips even beyond
what the eye can see.
Are you looking for me?
We'll start saving now.
(CLICKS TONGUE) No need, Jo.
- Are you smitten too?
- Leave it to me.
I will bring you to Amsterdam.
(GRUNTS) Mwah, mwah, mwah!
Okay. Okay, okay. I agree on that.
- My surprise doesn't stop there.
- What?
My heart
- For you, Jo.
Wow. Thank you.
I don't wanna be
I love you, Jo.
Away from you
- I'm terribly confused
- Love you, too, Jo.
Actually, I love you more.
George, they're coming
to get the refrigerator.
Okay. Allan, bring this, too.
- Sure.
- Thank you.
I don't wanna be
Away from you
We'll bring down the refrigerator.
Go ahead.
I'm yours wholeheartedly
- Thank you.
- MAN: You're welcome.
PRIMO: Happy birthday, Jo.
I'm sorry that I can only
give you Tita Lola's old record.
Sorry, this is all I can afford.
No rush.
It's okay. I hope you can save
your relationship.
- Thank you.
- If you need anything, tell us.
PRIMO: I know that lately,
I've been falling short of the man
I promised I'd become,
the man you deserve.
Dad, I'm not belittling
what you do.
That's just really not my passion.
Will that passion feed you?
Your engineer brother,
he works as a gardener
and waiter here.
Your mom and I are domestic
helpers, but we're fine.
At least we're earning money.
And George still feeds you
up until now.
PRIMO: You know what, Dad?
I would rather starve
than go there.
I would rather die than
do something I don't want to do!
PRIMO: George, I see
how much you're suffering,
how much you're hurting,
and it crushes me.
Primo, I'm sorry.
PRIMO: But I can't do anything.
Because the truth is,
I don't know how anymore.
How do I start all over again?
How do I fulfill all of our dreams?
George, no. Don't.
PRIMO: How do I keep
my promises to you?
Jo, don't give up on us.
Don't let go.
Help me in finding out
the answers to all the hows
until we win this fight.
I can't imagine my life
without you.
I didn't know you kept that.
Two years too late.
George, I'm sorry.
Your hair
Will turn white too
We will dream together
Of our past
Primo, Primo, I'm sorry.
We'll reminisce the past
I will remind you
My promise
That my love is yours
Even if my hair
Has turned white
PRIMO: Just when I thought
the war was lost,
we became stronger and won.
Although, Jo,
thinking about it now,
we have only won a battle,
not the war.
MAN: Ma'am,
where do you want to put this?
Wherever. Just make sure
to take care of my plants.
Wait. I'm confused.
No, auntie.
My Tita Lola told me
that forever is like a war.
It will take a long time,
it will hurt.
Full of little battles.
Like when George and I broke up.
We might have lost a battle,
but we emerged victorious,
because we became better people.
Right, George?
Because in order to win a war...
You have to stay together.
You don't win a war
by fighting each other,
you win by fighting together.
But in the first place,
there should be no war to win,
only a journey to go through.
It's easier to give up
when it hurts,
to leave when it gets tiring,
but what you really need
is patience.
If you only held on,
you would still learn those things.
You would still grow together.
Oh, look at my plants.
Some plants,
they need space to grow.
And some,
they grow better together.
PRIMO: Take care of our house.
Yes. Yes, promise.
I'll take care of this house.
Our house. I promise.
I promise you that.
You're every letter I write
You're every melody I hear
With every blink
you're all I see
My chorus wouldn't be complete
Without you
There's emptiness inside
When you're not by my side
You're the beat of my heart
My chorus wouldn't be complete
Without you
Your love is my music
You're the life of this song
Your love is my music
It wouldn't be complete
without you
Flowing through every note
Is every letter in your name
What would I do
with all this glory
If you're not part
Of my story
Your love is my music