The Human Shield (1992) Movie Script

Dallal, what's going on here?
What are you doing?
Testing the combat techniques
that you and your military colleagues
so kindly shared with us.
You should very feel proud of this.
This is the village of Gardena.
Anything that helps to hurt Kohmeni
is good for the Americans.
From your lips.
I wasn't sent here by the US government
to help you annihilate
the innocent people.
They're not innocent people.
We don't annihilate innocent people.
They collaborate with Kohmeni,
we're teaching them a lesson.
This is not your problem, Douglass,
this is my problem.
What the hell are you taking about?
You murdered innocent people here.
One more word out of you
and I will turn you
in for insubordination.
Leave him alone!
How dare you challenge my authority.
Don't kill him. I want him alive.
Here at Baghdad International Airport,
the first foreign nationalists
have evacuated from Kuwait
are now finally being allowed
to be in the country.
Hang in there, OK?
We're almost out of here
just a few more minutes.
OK. All right here we go. I know.
Thank you.
Wait, wait a minute. What's going on?
I'm an American citizen.
Bastard, they're taking away an American.
Get that on tape.
Answer my question.
I've done nothing wrong here,
my papers are all in order.
What is going on here?
Do you understand what I am saying?
I am an American citizen.
American Embassy, what's going on here?
They're taking my husband. My husband!
I demand to know
why you're detaining this man.
-I'm from the American Embassy.
-This is not your business.
Stop them!
My husband Ben! Oh, my God!
Laura, don't worry,
it's going to be all right.
Here's my husbands medicine,
he's a diabetic, he'll die without it.
Laura, don't worry.
It's going to be all right.
-Everything's going to be all right.
-Ben! Ben!
Help! Somebody, they're taking my husband.
How ore you feeling, Mr Matthews?
I'm glad you speak English.
Listen, whoever you are,
somebody has made a terrible mistake.
There is no mistake,
we know your identity, Mr Matthews.
Than how can you say
that there's been no mistake.
I say that because there is nothing
that can't be rectified in a few days.
What about my wife and daughter?
Don't worry, they're leaving on schedule.
Why can't I leave with them?
I was cleared to leave.
You are the only one we're interested in.
Me? Why me? Have I done something wrong?
I'm the one to ask the questions,
Mr Matthews.
You're in my country, not yours.
In my country,
this wouldn't be happening to me.
I understand your anxiety.
These are difficult times,
the rules have changed.
What rules? We're not at war.
I'm not a soldier, I'm a teacher.
What's happening here seems
to defy all reason.
There are reasons, Mr Matthews,
and they are not to be questioned.
I'm in control here not you.
Look, I'm just merely looking
for some common ground,
some logic.
Why are all you people in such a rush
to go home?
We've only been here six hours.
-Who are you?
-Only your host.
Are you frightened, Mr Matthews?
Yes, I am frightened because I don't know
why you are holding me here.
Don't worry,
nothing is going to happen to you.
You are my guest of honor.
Your brother and I are old friends.
-Doug? You know Doug?
-Oh, yes.
He is very special to me.
On his last trip, you might say
he left an indelible impression.
Than why are you holding me here?
Because you're special also
to Douglass, to me.
I don't want you to leave Iraq
without experiencing more
of our culture and traditions.
You enjoy your stay, Mr Matthews. Salaam.
What kind of questions
did the Iraqis ask you?
They wanted to know
if anyone in our family
had ever visited Iraq before.
What did you say?
That you had once served
with the military unit
attached to the American Embassy.
Did they ask you any other questions?
Yeah, they wanted to know exactly
when you were there.
Was anyone else signaled out of the line
besides Ben?
Hi, Sidney, how you doing?
-Hi, Doug.
-How's the leg?
Oh, it's been a bitch.
I hope I don't have to go
on that table again.
Two times are enough.
I need your help.
Doug, I know about it.
It's, uh, it's gonna be tough for me
to help you.
This is my brother
we're talking about, Sidney.
He's a hostage with diabetes
whose gonna die
if he doesn't get out soon.
Now as a friend, you get me into Iraq.
Jesus, Doug, you're persona non grata
or have you forgotten
about all the embarrassment
and trouble you've caused us?
That was five years ago.
Not long enough to heal a scar.
We went through a lot of bother
to save your neck from that noose.
-Stay away from Iraq.
-No way, Sid.
This is my brother.
If he's in any kind of danger.
I'm going to get him home anyway I can,
whether you like it or not.
Take care of that leg.
Jeez, I like that guy.
What are you doing?
I need some water.
No water, your medicine.
My medicine. Is it my insulin?
-Are you sure it's my insulin?
-I think so.
-What does it look like?
-You hit bone.
-May I show you how to do it?
-No, you can't take this off.
-Can I have some water now?
-Not now.
You can pull it out now.
How much further is it
to the Iraqi border?
I'm only taking you
as far as the refugee camp
and we're almost there.
Why are you in such a rush to get to Iraq?
When most Americans are trying to get out?
Sounds like you drive there often.
Is that true?
No. Just my family
and good American dollars.
How far is it from the refugee camp
to the Iraqi border?
Not too far they come and stop.
-Why do you
-What happens to the trucks
and cars after they've arrived?
Turn around and go back.
Why do you ask so many questions?
Are you a spy?
Just curious.
You must be a writing person, huh?
How did you guess?
My business to know such things.
Here we are.
This is as far as I go.
It will be 24 American dollars.
I wait tor you?
Not unless your wife has a sense of humor.
Hey, American.
Want hash, coke.
A woman?
What else you got?
What do you need?
A gun.
Follow me.
I'll take this, what else you got?
-Many grenades.
-Show me.
These are duds,
the pins have been changed.
I'll take this one, this one.
I'll take these. How much?
One hundred fifty dollars, American,
and in cash.
-I'll give you a hundred.
-One hundred twenty.
Thank you. Thank you very much, man.
-How have you been?
What are you doing here?
Just doing my bit
for the American Red Cross.
Oh, strange I haven't run into you before.
I'm here almost every day. Excuse me.
Give these pills to him twice a day,
morning and night.
-OK, he'll be fine.
Thank you.
So you did it.
You got your medical degree.
Yes, I did.
That's great.
How's your son?
He's fine.
-How old is he now?
You didn't waste any time, did you?
Do your house calls
usually take you this far from Baghdad?
I go where I'm needed.
You didn't go far enough, Lila.
-Thank you, Sager.
I'll be out in a minute.
-It was good seeing you again.
Good luck.
Thank you.
The last truck. Right here.
I don't believe it.
You're not supposed to be here
in this country.
I know.
Well, you must be here on business.
For who?
-For me, they have my brother.
They took him hostage at the airport,
singled him out of line just before
he was about to board the plane.
-No one's seen him since.
Pity you didn't kill him five years ago.
I need your help.
I am a Kurd remember?
And anytime a Kurd can piss on Dallal,
it's a holiday.
My friend, insults here
can only be washed away with blood.
Doug, does anyone else know
you're here in Baghdad?
-I did run into someone.
-You saw Lila?
Yeah, we met accidentally
at the refugee camp
on the other side of the border.
It's dangerous.
You know she married Ali Dallal.
She knows nothing.
How she married him, I still don't know.
Oh, different worlds, my friend.
Wash up, you look like hell.
Thank you.
According to our latest report,
there are approximately 200 British
and American foreigners
within Baghdad who remain
unregistered and unaccounted for.
I expect with our added patrols
and increased wire taps
that that number will decrease rapidly.
However, it is important to remember
that anyone found is to be interrogated
with the utmost courtesy,
respect and Iraqi hospitality.
Urgent sir.
Bring it in.
Careful with their faces,
no marks should be seen
on television, huh.
-When did this happen?
-This morning, sir.
Escaped with a jeep,
killed all the guards.
Colonel Bashir.
I'm very disappointed.
It seems that your men permitted
a foreign intruder
to penetrate a vital line of our defenses
it's the line
that leads directly to Baghdad.
I'll take care of them at once.
A little late for that
don't you think Major?
Your men should have been better prepared.
Why weren't they?
I don't know.
I'll get to the bottom of it.
No. We can't afford mistakes like this,
I assure you
there will be no more mistakes.
You've disappointed me.
There is only one way
to make certain it never happens again.
Ali, are you in there?
It's Lila?
Yes dear.
-Oh, I'm sorry I was looking for Daud.
-Oh no, it's quite all right.
Colonel Bashir
was just concluding his report.
-General Dallal.
-It's all right my friend,
you pass the message along to your men.
Thank you, sir.
-To what do I owe this pleasant surprise?
-You know well enough.
I've asked you a dozen times
not to bring Daud to these meetings.
He should be at home right now, sleeping.
It's harmless.
The boy's perfectly at ease here.
It's not harmless for a 4-year-old
to play with live bullets.
Please Ali,
don't disrupt the schedule again.
May I say that you look
particularly radiant today, Lila.
I repeat, Ali,
don't disrupt this schedule again.
Must be all that fresh air you get
when you visit the refugee camps, huh?
Poor people.
Fresh air is about the only thing left
for them.
Yeah. Guess it's all that fresh air,
huh, Lila?
The jeep the foreigner used
was found in the Surabaya district,
on the other side of town.
Double every sentry post in the area,
arrest anyone found without proper ID.
I want every sewer, every alley searched.
Whoever he is,
he's in Baghdad for a reason
and I want him caught
before he does any more damage.
Any Iraqi helping him
is to be shot dead on the spot.
I want that foreigner caught
and bring my car.
I want to visit my special quest.
We're going home, Ali.
-Have a pleasant evening, Lila.
-Thank you.
Asha, you take Daud home.
I've got work to do at hospital.
-I'll see you at the house, OK?
Goodnight. Be a good boy.
I made a contact
with the American Embassy.
-We have a meeting in half an hour.
-Great with who?
Joe Allbalo. He is an undersecretary
I know. A good friend.
And we are leaving soon.
-I'll be ready.
-Why don't you eat?
-I'm not hungry.
Eat this, good stuff.
I'll be back.
-It will take a while.
-I'll walk.
Hello Tanzi!
Can I speak to you?
Of course.
Where is he, Tanzi? I'm looking for Doug.
I'm afraid you have made a mistake,
Mrs Dallal...
Please, Tanzi, no games.
I'm sorry, but I must get back to work.
-He could be in grave danger.
-Tanzi, it's OK, I 'II talk to her.
I knew I'd find you here.
Still reading my mind.
I thought we'd never meet again.
-Does he know?
-He's very suspicious.
He has his entire army
looking for an American.
What are you doing here?
Thanks for the warning. I'll be OK.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I've got some things to do.
You're still hurt, aren't you?
Why should I be?
Doug, I couldn't answer your letters.
Dallal is a very jealous
and dangerous man.
You shouldn't be here now either,
should you?
-I'm here because your life is in danger.
-Thanks, I'll manage.
-Doug, I couldn't...
Doug, it's time to go.
Everything is OK?
Let's go.
As-Salaam-Alaikum, Mr Matthews.
Whose there?
Have you already forgotten your friend,
your host?
Ali Dallal at your service.
Why are you holding me?
Is there anything wrong, Mr Matthews?
Do you have any complaints
about your treatment
you are getting your shots.
Any complaints about our menu?
Are you punishing me
because of something that my brother did?
Speaking of your brother,
when did you see him last?
A long time ago.
You must miss him very much.
-Yes, I do.
-Me too, Mr Matthews, me too.
But I have a strange feeling
that he will come visit you very soon.
Are you using me as bait?
You dumb son of a bitch.
My brother will never come back
to Iraq again.
Relax, Mr Matthews.
Anger is very bad for diabetes.
Your brother loves you very much
he will come.
He will come.
Let's make his stay more pleasant.
Move him to the hotel.
Sure it's safe?
It's a deserted shopping place.
No one out here.
See that we're not interrupted.
If I'm not back in 30 minutes,
you're outta here.
Mr Matthews?
Tanzi, said you saw my brother
being abducted.
-Is that true?
-Yes, and that's the last time I saw him.
In the last 48 hours
the Iraqis have shot down
every inquiry we have made.
It's like it never happened.
-Well, it did.
-Please let me tell you where we're at.
Right now, our orders are to back peddle,
not to make waves.
To do everything possible
to keep the lid on tight.
We don't want to be the excuse
to set off the whale powder keg.
So what are you telling me?
That you're in the wrong place
at the wrong time,
you can't expect any help from us,
and as far as you're concerned,
we're closed down until further notice.
Listen, Mr Matthews, for what its worth.
I heard a rumor that they're keeping
a bunch of detainees
at a chemical plant on Husson Street.
A few miles south of here.
Good luck.
Let's go.
Look at that,
they're waiting outside your factory.
Don't stop, keep going.
I hope they didn't see us.
What's next? The electric plant?
It's too dangerous.
I gotta get some rest.
I know where to go.
-What's the occasion?
-Celebrating my new nephew.
I didn't think I'd make it.
Attention all Kurdish Iraqi citizens.
You are not in danger
if you obey our instructions.
We know the American is with you.
Surrender him in the next five minutes
and we will go in peace.
It's Dallal.
You've got to make a break for it.
Come on.
No. Put the gun away.
I'm going out there.
No Doug, don't do this.
There's too many of them.
We don't have a choice.
We do have a choice.
There is only one choice.
I said no!
2 minutes, 10 seconds.
Most cooperative of you Mr Matthews.
OK, I'm here now.
-Don't harm these people.
Today is the happiest day of my life
no one will be harmed today.
I have waited a very long time
for this moment.
I can't wait to tell Lila you're back.
She'll be so pleased.
Where's my brother? Is he still alive?
Oh, he is my special guest.
He's enjoying Iraqi hospitality
to the fullest.
I want to see him.
I want to see him now...
There's an old Arab saying,
"Things done in a hurry
are done in the ways of Satan."
But things done with patience
are done in the ways of God.
You two haven't seen each other
for a long, long time.
A brothers reunion
needs a special preparation.
Patience my friend.
It's everything in life.
Take him away.
What are you doing?!
No, Tanzi!! Tanzi!
Dallal,stop it.
You butcher, you go to hell!
No Dallal!
You butcher, you go to hell!
Do you hear me?
You go to hell!
-Hello my darling, Lila.
I have a great idea.
How about dining out tonight?
Oh, what's the happy occasion?
Let's say I'm celebrating
a successful hunt.
I caught a rare prey
two wild American Eagles,
first time in captivity.
Calls for a real feast.
So, shall I have you picked up?
Oh, I'm sorry, but I'm working late.
Oh Lila, you're such a dedicated Doctor.
Good night.
Colonel Bashir, please.
Stay here, let me see
what Miss Lila wants.
What happened Lila?
I need your help.
I've an order to release you.
Wait, General Dallal wants him.
Doug! There you are.
Hi, they took your brother
to Hotel Sertan. Room 1124.
You didn't tell me he's a diabetic.
I'll wait for you at my friends house,
here's the address,
and please be careful. Bye.
He what?
He escaped?
You're all dead men.
I want his brother removed
from that hotel immediately.
-Time to eat now.
-What is it?
-I can't have grapes right now.
Grapes is good. Healthy.
What else do you have?
Try this.
-What is it?
Ah, it's too sweet.
Do you have any bread?
Bread, yes.
-We have to take him now.
Where are we going?
We are waiting for you.
Drop it! Drop it!
Get up! Get up!
I want to see my brother.
-You're bleeding.
-Never mind.
Got to find my brother
before Dallal kills him.
Like he did Tanzi!
-Tanzi's dead?
-Yes. Tanzi's dead.
How could you have married him?
I had to.
-What do you mean you had to?
-I just had to, that's all...
I did it for you.
What are you talking about?
Doug... marriage to Dallal was a deal.
If I didn't marry him
you would have been killed.
And I couldn't live with it.
I was educated
to accept everything in life as fate.
But in my world,
fate is controlled by men.
And to my husband, revenge is sacred.
And hatred, noble.
I'm sorry.
I have got to go.
I want you to stay here.
I'll be back in two hours
with the information about Ben.
I don't want you to go again. Not again.
No, Doug it's too late.
It's not too late. I love you, Lila.
I love you.
I'll be back.
You're home early.
You missed a wonderful party
this evening, my dear.
Unfortunately it was interrupted
in a most unpleasant way.
So I thought I'd come visit you
in your room for some comfort.
Sorry, but my day was hectic too.
And it's not over yet.
I just came to freshen up
and check on Daud.
-Daud is fine, he's fast asleep.
We have an emergency at the hospital
and I've got to go back there.
My busy, busy wife.
Always being so responsible, so efficient.
I believe in America they call that,
what Women's Lib.
-But we're not in American, are we, Lila?
-No, we're not.
But I'm still a Doctor.
And I've got to get back to the hospital.
You were with him tonight weren't you?
Who are you taking about?
The American.
Douglass Matthews escaped
from my prison a few hours ago.
I was wondering who would be so stupid
to try to help him.
-Now I know.
-This is ridiculous.
I haven't seen anybody.
Don't lie to me.
You were always a bad liar.
You never spoke of him directly
in my presence
but you always knew when he was around.
And afterwards you'd always glow.
You'd glow the same way you glowed
when you came home this evening.
-I'd give anything to make you feel
that way about me.
Please Ali, I've got to go.
It's true isn't it?
All these years,
he's been the one
to know all your secrets.
Your desires
when I couldn't even hold you.
Well, tonight it's my turn
to make you glow.
-Is this isn't it?
Your scar?
Your scar is the most
beautiful part of your body.
Why is that? Because you think I'm weak.
I didn't kill him
because I let my desire for you blind me?
-Is that why you love my scar?
I love your scar because it reminds me
of the man who did it.
You know there's a lesson
in all this my dear.
Go ahead ask me what it is.
OK, I'll tell you anyway.
Independence for a woman is a gift.
It comes on a silver platter.
Once you forget who gave it to you,
you lose all rights to it.
Oh, by the way, if you should happen
to bump into your boyfriend... can tell him from me
that he'll never get out of Iraq alive.
I've posted a reward for any soldier
that cuts out his heart.
What's going to happen to his brother?
He's going to be executed very soon.
And my son, your beloved Daud
is going to watch him die.
A good son must always stand
at his fathers side
in his proudest moments.
You do that and I'll kill you.
One final note.
I've decided you're not fit
to be his mother.
From now on you're no longer to see him
or call yourself his mother.
-A cheap whore is a better name for you.
-Damn you!
Wake the boy and get him dressed.
-But Sir...
-Do it that's an order.
Daud. Daud. Wake up.
You have to get dressed.
Your daddy's taking us someplace.
-To Abaddon, Sir?
General Dallal.
Yes Sir. Yes Sir.
Turn the car around.
The Prime Minister wants
to see me right away.
Yes, Sir.
Where were you?
I'm sorry, Doug.
What happened?
He took my son.
You didn't answer my question.
Who did this to you?
...he raped me.
What is it Sager.?
I'm sorry, Madam.
-You're going to take us to Dallal.
-I don't know...
Where 's my son?
-I don't know.
-Where is my son?
Abaddon! The chemical roofers factory?
Stop, I know where it is.
It's the Abaddon chemical factory,
it's about half an hour driving.
You're taking us there.
Open it!
The Prime Minister wants you
to release all the hostages.
I authorize you to do it,
except for Ben Matthews.
It's out there, buddy.
You get your son.
It's the first door on the left.
I'll get Ben.
-Are you frightened, Mr Matthews?
-Yes, I am.
You have every right to be...
-You OK, Ben?
-I'll manage.
Yeah, sure you will.
-We're in here.
The insulin.
OK, take this and get out
as fast as you can.
If I'm not out within five minutes,
go without me.
OK, hold it! Everybody stop
what they're doing and get over here!
Get up!
Get up! Out the door!
Out the door! Drop it!
Come on! Move! Move it! Don't touch it!