The Humanity Bureau (2017) Movie Script

You are reaching...
You have left the security
perimeter of New America.
Your safety
is no longer guaranteed.
Agent Noah Kross.
Leaving security perimeter A57.
Please record
and confirm the following:
I'm aware of the danger.
I'm making this trip
of my own free will
and without coercion.
I'm aware of all Humanity
Bureau procedures
including subsection 2355.
Send all incoming messages
to my voicemail.
I will retrieve 'em
upon my safe return.
End communication.
Record and reference
the following:
Humanity Bureau
case file 56672941.
Chester Hills, white male, age 73.
This is my first visit
to Mr. Hills' home.
His motel room.
I'm 15 minutes early.
Mr. Hills' deportation is scheduled
for next Tuesday at 9:00 a.m.
Notes to follow. End recording.
Clean water and a clean start.
Agent Noah Kross, Humanity Bureau.
I'm looking for Chester Hills.
A new life awaits you
in New Eden.
Hey, buddy!
We have an appointment.
He's expecting me.
Yeah, I didn't think
you were here to rent a room.
Chester's across the parking lot.
Up the stairs to your right.
Room 223.
I'm obliged by management
to tell all city dwellers
not to drink from our taps.
But if you're interested,
I've got purified water.
Liter bottle seal's intact.
No detectable liquid waste.
It's a long ways
back to the city.
You know unlicensed sale
of clean water is a felony.
Yeah, well, we all do
what we have to. Don't we?
There's a loose board
on the stairs. Don't trip.
Or do.
How sweet just to be
Alone with our dreams
This is it? You're not employed.
These paystubs are 12 years old.
Is this why I drove 300 miles?
I have a right to an appeal.
Last time I checked
this is still America.
Land of the free,
home of the brave.
Well, it is, isn't it?
I am here to help you.
I am not your enemy.
I don't want your help.
You have no right to come in here
and tell me how to live.
None whatsoever.
Well, I'm very sorry
you feel that way.
But I do believe
New Eden will provide you
with the fresh start
you so rightly deserve.
Don't you want a better life?
You have no income.
You've exhausted all of your
government benefits.
How will you survive?
You must be a productive citizen.
It is the law.
It is a crime to do otherwise.
You're destitute.
A burden to society.
You have no grounds
for an appeal
under the rules
of the Humanity Act.
And if you don't
agree to resettlement,
I'll have no other choice
but to have you arrested.
I'm no fool.
I know the truth.
And what truth is that?
This is a waste of time.
Remember warm summer nights
Walks through the tide
Mr. Hills, are you all right?
I'm just jim-dandy, Mr. Kross!
I am a citizen
of the United States of America.
I dined at the White House.
It was a pretty good meal, too.
Chester, what in the hell is...
You little shit!
I got a look at the
coroner's report.
You fired three rounds.
One of which, caught that old man
right between the eyes.
He was the governor of Colorado
once upon a time. You know that?
How the mighty fall.
It was just
a lucky shot.
Well, look, good,
now management took notice.
You're getting promoted.
It doesn't bother you
that two men are dead?
It's a hostile environment,
you know.
What are you gonna do?
You looked after yourself.
People are desperate. Can't find
clean water. Soil won't grow food.
I've seen children
drink their own piss.
Which is why
I rarely leave the city.
It's a shame there are
no fish left in the ocean.
When I was a kid,
there were all kinds of fish.
My mother would take me
up north to Canada.
Jackfish Lake.
I believe the cabin's still there.
Know what, when you were a kid,
your mother starved to death.
Almost took you with her.
There's nothing
up there but desert.
You don't know
that it's all desert.
Yeah, I do.
Radiation contaminated
everything, Noah. Everything.
And that's restricted information.
Why do you insist
on livin' in the past?
- Monet?
- You like it?
I like the monetary value.
Where's your Dogs Playing Poker?
It's hangin' in my bathroom.
There's little enthusiasm
for New Eden.
There are rumors of
overcrowding and disease.
People would rather stay put.
But that's not an option.
Is it?
Chester Hills said
he knew the truth.
The truth?
He was determined to stay put.
He wasn't going anywhere.
Chester Hills was a sad old man
who probably drank his own piss.
There ain't no stars
in faded Gloryville
We've chased our dreams
into the ground
If disillusion has some
hope to kill
Here nobody wears a crown
The road can break you
coming down a hill
But going up is always fun
Case file 56672996.
Rachel Weller,
single mother, age 30.
Son Lucas, age 11. This is
my first visit to the Weller home.
A two-story farmhouse.
Display photo of mother and son.
Do I have to wear these shoes?
They hurt my feet.
They're too tight.
Lucas, it's just for today.
And don't get those dirty.
I have to return them
in the morning.
- But mom!
- Lucas!
If you want to stay on this farm,
we have to prove
that we can take care of ourselves.
So, best behavior, please.
Mrs. Weller.
I'm Agent Noah Kross,
Humanity Bureau.
We have an appointment.
It's Miss.
This is my son.
So, please come in, Mr. Kross.
So, how do we begin?
I assume you've done this before.
Many times. Relax and
don't worry. It's painless.
Mom, these shoes
are pinching my feet.
He's a growing boy.
They won't be
a factor in my review.
He's free to take them off.
I'm taking them off.
Well, don't get the laces in a knot.
You received the registered letter
listing the documents I require?
Yes, I did, they're
in the living room.
No worries then.
What kind of gun do you have?
It's a Beretta PX4.
- You like it?
- Yeah.
It won't make you sick.
It's boiled and filtered.
We don't want you
dying at our table.
That's most considerate.
Thank you.
Why are you writing
all those numbers?
I'm attempting to verify
your mother's productivity rating.
As citizens of this great nation,
it's our duty to contribute
more than we take.
- You sound like my teacher.
- Mm-hmm.
We all must pull our weight.
She says that too.
Shouldn't people with more
help those with less?
In theory, yes.
But in practice, it's a
difficult concept to sustain.
Is that why we have to move?
Our score is too low?
We don't contribute enough?
You look thirsty.
My friend Bobby Sloan
moved to New Eden.
He promised to write, but he didn't
Not to me anyway.
I bet has new friends.
I bet he's forgotten
all about me.
I bet he drinks
lemonade every day.
I wouldn't be so hard on him.
Where is he now?
According to his itinerary,
Kross is reviewing a deportation
order in the town of Oliver.
Oh, she's a pretty woman.
The appointment was
scheduled for noon, so, uh...
Yeah, he should've returned
and filed his report by now.
Why the sudden interest in Kross?
He's up for a promotion.
Standard procedure.
Standard procedure.
Uh, since when, sir?
Send me his report
as soon as he's filed it.
And he's not to know
he's being investigated.
Yes, sir.
I can't remember the last time
we used the good silverware.
Lucas, I will glue your
mouth shut. I swear.
Please speak
when you're spoken to.
What'd you eat
for lunch today, Lucas?
We didn't eat lunch.
Just breakfast.
No one goes hungry
in this house.
You asked for this review.
I have to know
you can feed your son.
Well, I do my best.
My mom's pretty,
don't you think?
She's never been married.
Mr. Kross already knows that.
He knows everything about us.
Isn't that right, Mr. Kross?
Do you know how old I am?
You're eleven.
What is my middle name?
You don't have one.
You're done.
How'd I do?
Why do you want to stay here?
Nothing grows.
There's no hope.
I think you just have
to look a little closer.
This is where
my son and I belong.
We're happy here.
The Bureau rarely makes mistakes.
And I have little say
in these matters.
According to subsection 16
of the Humanity Act,
you and your son
are to be transferred to the
resettlement colony of New Eden.
You have 12 hours to pack your
belongings and be ready to leave.
Essentials only. Toiletries.
A change of clothing.
That kind of thing.
This pamphlet...
This pamphlet explains everything.
He has a recital
tomorrow afternoon.
And he's been
practicing for months.
So, what am I
supposed to tell him?
Tell him
it's for the best.
Oh, my God!
He's all I have.
You used all our clean water.
It's okay.
You need to promise me that you
will never scare me like that again.
I promise.
You're a lucky boy, Lucas.
Such a lucky boy.
Agent Noah Kross.
Access case file 56672996.
Implement under my authority
the following instructions:
Delay the deportation
by Rachel and Lucas Weller.
Take no further action
without my consent.
No notes at this time.
Lock file.
Report to follow.
How'd you get in here?
Key was under the mat.
I don't have a mat.
What's goin' on, Noah?
You're up for a promotion.
Now, why would you delay
a deportation order, huh?
What's so special
about this file?
The boy sings.
He has a recital.
He's been practicing for weeks.
A what?
A recital.
You getting soft?
It's a good memory
for a boy to have.
No matter what
happens to him next.
Just let him keep it.
Noah, you can't help these people.
Deportation orders are final.
You know that.
And their fate is sealed.
You had a heart once, Adam.
They've got 24 hours.
And you need
to get your lock fixed.
Going up?
I had to be sure
we weren't being followed.
We only have a few minutes.
Why should I trust you?
We both have a lot to lose
if this is a trap.
What is it you know,
Mr. Ravetch?
'Never surrender'?
What does that mean?
What is 'the truth'?
My brother and his wife
were deported to New Eden
three years ago.
I haven't heard from them since.
- I can't help you.
- No.
But you can help others.
This will answer
all of your questions.
And I am not in this alone.
We could use your help.
You know where to find me.
What am I lookin' at?
New Eden.
What have we done?
Amazing Grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch
Like me
I once was lost
But now am found
Was blind
But now I see
I pledge allegiance to the Flag
of the United States of America,
and to the Republic
for which it stands,
one Nation under God, indivisible,
with liberty, and justice for all.
Stay close, please.
What are you doing here?
Thought you could use a ride.
To where?
Hey, you were good!
I mean, you were really good.
- You think so?
- Absolutely!
Wouldn't you say so?
I don't like to brag,
but yeah, you were very good.
Come on.
You can buy a house around here
for what this coffee costs.
It was a gift.
Coffee is hard to find
even in the city.
I was saving it for a...
a very special occasion.
- Would you like a cup?
- Yes, please.
I really appreciate
what you did for me and Lucas.
I have a confession.
Are you certain I should hear it?
Well, I tried to bribe you
with a glass of lemonade.
And his shoes were borrowed.
And I have no idea
how to make coffee.
Let me show you.
Do you have a coffee pot?
It makes the process
a little easier.
You aren't what I expected.
You know, the flowers on that dress
are Mexican asters.
They don't grow anymore.
No, that's nonsense,
they must grow somewhere.
No, they don't.
You can't stay here.
They won't let you.
They'll come for you.
They always do.
And I won't be able
to stop them.
I must have a coffee pot
around here somewhere.
We have to leave,
the three of us. Now!
Pack your bag. We're leaving.
Take only what you can carry.
- What about my books?
- Take one.
Put the gun down or
I'll shoot her in the head, Noah.
And you know I will.
And the sidearm.
- Call the boy.
- He's not here.
I said call the boy.
You don't have to do this, Adam.
Hey, mister!
Ah, fuck!
Fuel tank puncture.
Fuel tank puncture.
Switch to reserve.
Reserve tank empty.
Transfer remaining fuel
from primary to reserve.
Pinpoint location using GPS.
Satellite unavailable.
Present location unknown.
Good. The link's down.
They can't track us for a while.
Way to go, Porter.
You're late.
I'm sorry, sir.
I'm sorry. Um...
The key is in the cookie jar.
Are you deaf, Porter?
It's the bear with a hat on it.
Got it.
Access denied.
Access denied.
Not good.
There's a tool kit
behind the seat. Get it.
- Keep your eyes open.
- For what?
Anything that moves.
Noah, there's a big,
sweaty guy with a crutch.
What's he doin'?
Just watching.
If he moves, shoot him.
Unauthorized removal of GPS.
Disarm voice response.
This is crazy.
What are we doing?
Just go inside. See if you can
find some food and water.
I don't like this.
We haven't go much time.
I don't either.
I need some gasoline.
And I need it now.
It's best you remain
calm until help arrives.
Unless you have another crutch
hidden around here somewhere,
I suggest you help us.
I was saving this
for a rainy day.
But I feel a storm
coming on.
How did a man like you
end up in this situation?
I had a little help.
Noah, there's a dust cloud
in the horizon.
Someone's coming.
You won't get far.
No one ever does.
Help me with these gas cans.
Mister, are you a good
family man?
I'm trying to be.
You'll need a good
head start.
Amazing Grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch
Like me
Come on!
Would you have hurt that man?
He had gasoline.
We needed it.
I did what I had to do.
Would you have killed him?
He thought so.
Son of a.
We have a Humanity
Bureau agent on the run
with woman and child
we know nothing about.
Why would a rising star in the
Bureau throw away his career?
What does he get in return?
Well, it's possible that
Kross knew Rachel Weller
before his time
with the Bureau.
Find out for certain.
I wanna know who she is.
If they share a past,
I wanna know why
they've ran off into the desert.
I'm told Kross was your friend.
A good friend.
As good as friends get.
And yet he didn't confide in you?
What are you insinuating?
There are those
subversives hiding among us
who would destroy
what we left.
They don't believe this
government is a democracy anymore.
And whatever Kross is planning,
it's your responsibility to
make sure he doesn't succeed.
Those we've deemed expendable
need to believe there's
a better life waiting for them.
They need hope.
And we can't allow
that illusion to be destroyed.
I had these brought here
so I could make a point.
What is that?
Is that tooth or bone?
I believe that's a child's tooth.
Yeah. You're right, it is.
So, you take a good
look at that, Westinghouse.
And you find Kross,
and you find him quickly.
Or you may find yourself
in New Eden as well.
Is it yours?
But it's yours now.
I want you to have it.
For keeps?
Why do you look so sad?
Have we run out of luck?
No. We've got plenty left.
Check that out.
Jackfish Lake?
Is that where we're going?
Canada. That's your plan?
There are no lakes anymore.
Not there or anywhere else.
It looks really nice.
Lucas, let's get back in the car.
- You can't...
- Don't disappoint him.
Next stop: Jackfish Lake.
Second place,
National Fly Fishing Competition.
It's in great shape for its age.
Its age?
They stopped making vehicles
30 years ago.
This is an El Camino.
The last of its kind.
You won't find anything better.
Can you open the hood?
It smells, Mom.
Yeah, but it has four wheels,
and that's what counts.
And if I get caught
with your vehicle?
That battery alone is worth $1,000.
Straight swap.
Your El Camino for the station wagon.
I need some food and water.
Twenty bottles of water
and a case of baked beans.
Clean water.
Clean enough.
And I'll need that
fancy watch on your wrist.
I need directions.
There are no roads north.
Not anymore.
You won't get across the border.
Says who?
Says those who tried
and came back.
You're not the first.
There's a man I met years ago.
He might be able
to you help you.
If he's still alive.
Thank you.
- Floor?
- Uh, Three, please.
Well, isn't that so very odd.
The key that I found
in your bedroom
fits the control panel
of this elevator.
Who are you?
What did you give Noah Kross?
I don't know that name.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Listen to me Irving Ravetch.
You're a subcontractor
for the Department
of National Defense.
You were given
very sensitive information.
And you were sworn to secrecy.
This is your son.
This is your wife.
Would you like
to see them again?
They are not involved.
What did you give him?
How much does he know?
You have ten seconds
to save your family, Irving.
Nine, eight, seven,
- Six, five, four...
- Project Eden.
- Three, two, one...
- I gave him Eden.
Did he
come to you
for this information,
All he wanted was the truth.
Pick up the pictures
of your wife and son, Irving.
Do it now.
Pick 'em up!
Go home, Irving.
To your family.
They're waiting for you.
Hey, you wear
those shoes out,
you're walking
barefoot in the snow.
Damn it, where is he?
He's gone!
What is your business here, stranger?
I am sorry for your
welcoming committee
but we can't be too careful.
My wife was murdered
by scavengers last year.
And my
daughter raped.
Adolf Schroder.
I am German.
I came here on vacation
with my parents as a boy.
Things did not go well.
And as you can see,
they didn't get much better.
It's not wise
to mess with Mother Nature.
You can only spew so much
shit into the air and water
before she starts to fight back.
Well, we were told
you could help us.
Who told you this lie?
A farmer.
I know no farmer.
That's you in the picture,
isn't it?
Ah, yes.
I remember her now.
We were very young.
Her father sold us a car.
We didn't get very far in it.
You can keep it.
What do you need?
A way north.
Across the border.
Through to Canada.
The land of 1,000 lakes.
When did you last visit?
When I was seven
with my mother. Why?
Like the farmer,
your lakes may have changed.
Then again, they might
not be there at all.
But you're going to find out
when you get there.
That is certain.
Yes, it is done.
Just now.
Where was I?
Oh, yes.
There is only one way north.
If you go,
you cannot come back.
Chances are highly likely
you won't make it at all.
You need this.
It's uh...
It's old.
But it still works.
It measures radiation.
Yeah, I-I know what it's for.
What's-what's this?
It's a rabbit's foot.
You know, for luck.
Not for the rabbit.
I'm sure it was delicious.
The border is heavily fortified
from sea to sea.
There is no way over,
under or through it.
No one knows what's on
the other side for sure, but
if you are determined,
first, you must go west
then north.
There will be no food or water.
Do not eat the snow,
as it will make you sick.
Now, anyone who
approaches you will be hostile.
So, don't be fooled by false smiles.
They will rape you and the boy.
You will go where
no one dares to go.
Now here, you will see the
Collingwood nuclear power station.
There was a meltdown
in reactors three and four.
The government tried to hush it up,
but was unsuccessful.
As a result, the area
is highly contaminated
with radioactive isotopes.
Nobody dares go near it.
Oh, yes.
You will need this.
Iodine tablets.
The directions are on the label.
You start taking them
as soon as you see the
reactor's cooling towers.
Thank you.
Glock 18.
Nine millimeter.
Have you killed anyone?
Not yet.
But I will if I have to.
Amanda Douglas.
Will the real Rachel Weller
please stand up?
We'll die if we head north.
It's suicide.
We die if we stay here.
I'll tell them it was all my fault.
I'll tell them whatever they want.
There's no going back.
What you had
doesn't exist anymore.
You said New Eden
was a beginning.
Forget what I said.
Well, it can't be
worse than this.
W-why don't you just
try and get some sleep.
We got a long
journey ahead of us.
Mexican asters
don't grow anymore.
Hey, Lucas?
Where's your rabbit's foot?
My pocket.
- Don't lose it.
- I won't.
I come here once a month, Porter.
Whether I want to or not.
It's a timeshare.
You'll hate me if you
knew how much it cost.
Um, so I ran the
ration card you gave me.
And according to our records,
Amanda Douglas
died nine years ago.
The coroner's report?
Oh, uh, no, sir,
it was a famine year.
Mass burials were quite common.
Many deaths
weren't reported at all.
Well, she's still alive, Porter.
We know it.
Amanda Douglas assumed
the identity of Rachel Weller.
I'm guessing she's just
lying in a mass grave somewhere.
But why assume the
identity of a dead woman?
I don't know, Porter.
You should come in for a swim.
No, sir, I-I'll...
I'm afraid I-I'll drown, sir.
It's a very real possibility.
This is a lost art, Porter.
The trick is to hold your breath
before you go under.
How long was I asleep?
A few hours.
Where are we?
Somewhere west of North Dakota
on what's left of the I-94.
He talks in his sleep.
When he twitches like that,
means he's dreaming
What was his father like?
He came. He stayed a week.
He left.
He was some city dweller.
Lucas never knew him.
But lately, he's been
asking a lot of questions.
What do you tell him?
I make things up.
Fill in the blanks and...
I mean, he wants to hear
that he's a knight in shining armor.
What about you?
What's your story?
I assume you have one.
I mean, we all do.
My mother died when I was 12.
I was shipped off
to a state orphanage.
It wasn't a very nice place.
I don't remember my father.
But there was a man.
A friend of my mother's.
He taught me how to fish.
I wonder what the world's
gonna be like when he grows up.
If he makes it that far.
When I was a boy, I couldn't
wait for summer vacation.
Lucas Weller, six pounds,
eight ounces.
Hello, Rachel.
Father: Unknown.
In lieu of kin: Amanda Douglas.
Relationship: Neighbor.
Your impostor is your neighbor.
I tell you to run,
you run for your life.
You run and you don't look back.
You hear me?
Is it looking for us?
It's military.
I think it's replenishing
its solar cells.
It could stay up there for days.
What are we gonna do?
Stay put.
That's all we can do.
If you know a long story,
now would be the time to tell it.
It is circling.
It has teeth. I can see 'em.
Yeah, and a 20 mm minigun
capable of firing
40 rounds per second.
- I have to pee.
- Hold it.
I don't think it knows
we're down here.
If it did,
we'd be dead by now.
What have you got?
Um, sir, a military drone
has picked up on some
movement in a sector
that hasn't seen
vehicle traffic in months.
There's somethin' down there.
Zoom in.
Um, we can't, sir.
We're borrowing the feed
from the military
so we have no control
over the drone's functions.
Do they not know how
important this is, Porter?
I don't think they care, sir.
It's Kross. He's down there.
And I know it.
This car smells.
You think something died in here?
It's possible.
What's it doing?
It's just making another
long, lazy circle, okay?
Hey, don't.
Stop that, Lucas.
Um... okay.
Once upon a time,
there was,
in a land far, far away,
a giant.
And this giant...
Come on, this giant?
It's a stupid game, Mom.
I'm not a little kid anymore.
I hate giants.
He died of sunstroke, okay?
The only thing worse right now
would be I spy
with my little eye.
I spy with my little eye
something white.
Do that again,
and I'll break your little arm.
Lucas, put that out!
You know what braves
at the Indian camp told me?
They're not real Indians, Lucas.
New Eden is a death camp.
It's where millions of people
are burnt and turned into ash.
That's why they promise
to write but never do.
because they don't
have any fingers or arms.
They're burned to a crisp.
Well, that is
a horrible thing to say.
It's true. First, they force you
into a gas chamber.
And then they burn you in an oven.
Happy endings only
happen in story books.
The giants always stomp
on the little people.
Noah, look at me.
Tell my son he's mistaken.
What am I lookin' at?
New Eden.
What is this?
Crematorium 6.
What have we done?
There isn't enough food or water.
He's telling the truth.
Mom, look, the drone's gone.
That is a hell
of a secret to keep.
"Here's a pamphlet
that explains everything"?
How do you sleep at night?
I don't sleep.
Why me? Why my son?
Why save us?
This is the Rachel Weller I knew.
Who are you?
So you finally came
to look for your son.
What took you so long?
Is he everything you imagined?
Don't worry, kid.
Keep your heads down.
Get down, stay down.
Hey, you got your flashlight?
Yes, mom, okay.
I gotta go, okay?
Be careful.
I said, hello.
You let him go in
a washroom on his own?
You think that's wise?
I... It was number two.
He insisted. He's not
a little kid anymore.
All right.
She's running hot.
There's gotta be some water
in those toilet tanks.
I'll check on Lucas
while I'm there.
It's all fun and games
till someone loses an eye.
The world can be a very
dangerous place, my little friend.
We can't leave without Lucas.
We're getting him back
right now.
Three's a crowd.
The sooner you figure that out,
the better off you're gonna be.
You must think you're real tough,
picking on a little kid.
So why don't you take a picture.
You can show all your friends.
You little pickpocket.
Where is it?
It looks so real.
Give me that.
I'll get it.
Little brat.
What is the plan?
The plan is to get him
through the back door.
Oh, boy. Okay.
Um, sir.
What is it?
We found this.
Thank you, Porter.
No problem, sir.
These instructions
were printed in 1951.
A rem is a unit
of ionizing radiation.
According to the
government of the day,
exposure should not exceed
5,000 millirems per year.
Exposure of 600,000
millirems is fatal.
You know, Rachel and I were...
we were friends.
We lived up the road
from each other.
Lucas was two,
and Rachel wanted to sell him.
She wanted to sell her little boy.
You need to understand
that people were eating
their neighbors then.
But you know,
Lucas was...
He was just so beautiful.
I couldn't let that happen.
And we fought and...
You know, there was an accident.
Lucas thinks you're his mother.
I am his mother.
I am his mother.
I love him. I protect him.
I-I would do anything for him.
You know, I worry every single day
what this world
is gonna do to him.
But what about...
Are you gonna tell him
you're his father?
What-what am I gonna do?
I'm gonna say I'm his dad.
That you're not his real mom, or...
Or-or we did know each other,
but we were just
acting like we didn't?
Do you think he's
ready for the truth?
That lake had better be there.
Two thousand
- How bad is that?
- It's not good.
All right, uh,
go back to the car.
Make sure Lucas doesn't get out.
How you doing back there, champ?
I'll let you know
if my hair falls out.
Tell me about the lake.
Tell me how you learned to fish.
You've heard it a hundred times.
I-I wanna hear it again.
There's nothing left to tell.
Why don't you tell me a story.
I haven't done anything
worth telling.
Will you teach me
how to fish?
Let's get there first.
I have a nosebleed.
Is my hair falling out?
No. You look
as handsome as ever.
I get nosebleeds sometimes.
He'll be fine.
- You promise?
- Yeah, I promise.
When you're ready, sir.
Kross seems to have adapted well
to life outside the city.
He's running towards his past.
The idea of something better.
It'll lead him nowhere, sir.
But if we all ran,
who would keep our secret?
Well, it's possible some are
too big to keep, sir.
I agree.
You can't kill seven million people
and get away with it.
Eventually, you'll be found out.
We're on the wrong side
of history, Porter.
Hey, the last page is missing.
Yeah, it's in my pocket.
It's got my nuclear
submarine on it.
As soon as I save six bucks,
I'm gonna order one.
You know this is
80 years old, right?
- I know.
- Yeah? Okay.
You need some water?
Uh, no thanks.
Two millirems.
That's standard
background radiation.
We could see
the cooling towers.
This needle should be posted
to the top of the meter.
You wanna hand me
that lantern?
It's two millirems.
We're safe.
Why would they say there's radiation
when there's none?
Mom, why would they
scare us like that?
Because it's easier to build fear
than build a wall.
Let's go.
I spy with my little eye
something green.
A tree.
I've never seen so many.
Maybe we're dead
and we don't know it.
Maybe the afterlife
is stuffed full of trees.
Uh, what does that
red light mean?
Forget it,
I think I know.
Run! Run!
He thinks he's home free.
That was close.
Help us, please.
Help us.
Come on, please.
I will shoot you in the back!
You have no jurisdiction here.
You know, this place just looks
more impressive on a map.
It's a nice spot.
How'd you know
there's no radiation?
I didn't.
It takes balls, Noah.
This road leads nowhere.
Never did.
You should've known that.
I will take that.
All right, look,
Nobody needs to know
what you've done here.
Just return what you've stolen.
We'll redeem your reputation.
You can start over.
You know, unfortunately, I-I...
I only have
the one return ticket.
You are not a hero, Noah.
And you will never be.
Give me the memory card.
You want the memory card?
Let the boy go free.
Let him go, Adam.
He's a child.
This isn't his fight.
He's not a child.
He's a monster.
And I should take your eye out.
All right, run.
Go, before I change my mind.
Give me the memory card.
Go! Get out of here. Go!
- Come here.
- Get out, run!
He doesn't know you're his father.
Probably for the better.
It's empty.
It's blank!
It's empty!
He told you to run.
Do you not listen?
That'll do, that'll do.
That'll do,
you little monster.
Yes, I'm certain it's Kross.
There's trouble.
You can find me.
I've been waiting
almost a week for Noah.
And that memory card
he gave Agent Westinghouse
was blank?
Did Noah give you anything?
New Eden is a death factory.
A 20-square-acre gas chamber
containing six crematories.
These are the
faces of the innocent.
The seven million victims
of state-sanctioned genocide.
Be scared.
Be very scared.
You may be next.
Let the revolution begin.
Where are you going?
To the city. All of us.
There is a revolution.
Haven't you heard?
What the hell is goin' on?
Oh, shit!
When I was a boy, I couldn't
wait for summer vacation.
I've done the math
calibrated the imperfections
I got my slide rule
from school
You add it up
And it don't add up
I could shed
some light on it too
And I'm just inches
Close to the finish
'Cause sittin' vigil would do
I calculated every
combination, every
misdirection, every
subtle deception
Kickstart my thinkin' I was
lost in space
Starin' at the
spot on the moon
Negotiating the anticipation
of reentering the atmosphere
too soon
I actually laughed
at the math
and the observations
Maybe it's me
who's come unglued
A careful study
of the situation
No one here
has been fooled
'Cause I'm just inches
Close to the finish
'Cause sittin' vigil would do
I've calculated every
combination, every
misdirection, every
social deception
Kickstart my thinkin' I was
lost in space
Starin' at the door
to my room
Negotiating the anticipation
of reentering the atmosphere
too soon
I've done the math
I've done the math
And anytime
I feel
It's just one day
to the next
The best I can do
Well, anytime
I feel
Well, I won't just
hold my breath
And try to
make it through
Well, every day
I feel consumed
From one day
to the next
The best I can do
And every day
I feel unglued
Well, I won't just
hold my breath
And try to
make it through
I've done the math
I've done the math