The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes (2023) Movie Script

There's some food over here! Quick!
Come on!
Why is he doing that?
He's starving.
Your father is dead, Coriolanus.
It was a rebel, they say.
A trap out in the forest in 12.
It's up to us now to make him proud.
Gem of Panem
Mighty city
Tigris, where's the shirt?
Through the ages You shine anew
We humbly kneel To your ideal
And pledge Our love to you
That's beautiful, Grandma'am.
-Perhaps a little sharp today.
Have you seen Tigris
with my father's dress shirt?
-I'm sorry. I know I'm late.
But look, I did it.
Or, I did something.
I think it's really gorgeous.
It's beautiful.
Best cousin ever.
Tell me everything.
Where do I start? I told Fabricia at work
that she needed to bleach her white curtains
and I slipped the shirt in when I did it.
The tesserae buttons I made from...
From the bathroom tiles.
Oh. Did you find the potatoes?
I boiled them for the starch
and you should really eat something today.
Save them for Grandma'am.
You look so handsome.
Grandma'am! Come see!
Coriolanus Snow.
Future president of Panem.
We salute you.
Just a moment.
Wait, Grandma'am.
I can grow plenty more. After today.
Got the grades, never missed class.
Ten years.
Even Dean Highbottom can't deny us this now.
Dean doesn't hate you.
He hates everyone.
He despises me.
What's the first thing you'll
spend the prize money on?
New dress?
It's the Plinth Prize, Tigris.
We'll be able to pay the rent.
Snow lands on top.
Why, Coriolanus Snow.
Are you sweating?
It's Reaping Day.
We gave driver the morning off.
Ugh! That ingrate should be begging
to chauffeur you around today.
Just don't forget. I was your class partner
while you're gloating over the Plinth Prize.
Prize? Please.
-I just want to serve Panem.
Cook served steak for breakfast.
We had to throw half out.
Shame on you, Coryo.
Don't you know that they're
starving in the districts?
Good luck.
Not that you'll need it.
Finally, the star pupil.
That's a snazzy shirt.
What are those buttons, tesserae?
That's why they remind
me of the maid's bathroom.
Have you tried this lamb? It's scandalous.
Ugh. Only the vulgar eat
with their fingers, Felix.
What, Daddy not teach you table manners?
Maybe he would have
if he wasn't so busy running the country.
Hey, they called us here
for the Plinth Prize, right?
Because I heard Dr. Gaul's in the building.
"Plinth." I mean, look at his spawn.
Who would have thought that you
could buy your way into the Capitol?
Well, you can't buy class.
Did you see his mother's outfit?
-Sorry, his "Ma's."
Dress a turnip in a ball gown,
and it'll still beg to be mashed.
Don't do that. We all know that you like him.
I don't like him, Arachne.
I tolerate him.
He's district.
Tolerate him.
-Just don't encourage him.
-Okay. Sure.
I hear one more time how
immoral these Hunger Games are,
I'll put him in the arena mys--
You made it to the Reaping for once.
And you made it to graduation, Festus.
We're both shocked.
Spill it. Who won the prize?
Oh, no, I'm not gonna
ruin my father's big day.
No one here actually likes
him, but they do love his money.
You know what that's
like, don't you, Arachne?
Hey, listen.
Um, I know you have high hopes for this.
But there is no prize today.
Not anymore.
-I'm so sorry.
How tantalizing to see all
your shining young faces
on this auspicious day.
I am Dr. Volumnia Gaul, your
humble Head Gamemaker,
in charge of the War Department
and all its affiliated concerns.
I've broken free of my laboratory today,
to examine you.
The leaders of the next generation.
I won't be around forever, after all.
And now to that end,
I am honored to introduce to you
the creator of the Hunger Games themselves.
Dean Casca Highbottom.
Select students,
and, of course, Dr. Gaul,
I have summoned you all here today
for the 10th annual Reaping Ceremony
in which we choose two
children from each district
to throw into the Capitol Arena to
fight to the death in the Hunger Games.
I can't believe they still
allow him to speak in public.
And here sit...
our own 24 top prospects
all waiting to hear the results of hard study
in this prestigious institution.
Eager to learn who's won
that Plinth Prize, no doubt.
And a golden future.
I am here to tell you that there
has been a change this year.
One final assignment to prove your worth.
Because... the esteemed
citizens of the Capitol
have grown bored of the Games
and simply aren't watching anymore.
And if the Games are to continue
at all, there must be an audience.
So, Head Gamemaker
Dr. Gaul has stepped in to...
incentivize patriotic values
with her own unique flair, starting with you.
The Plinth Prize will no longer be determined
by who has the best grades.
Excuse me?
But by who is the best
mentor in the Hunger Games.
This is a brand new role.
As the Reaping progresses live,
I will allocate each district tribute
a Capitol mentor behind the scenes,
one who must just persuade them
to perform for the cameras.
Obviously, the best mentor will be the one
whose tribute wins the Games.
What if I get a pathetic runt girl
from one of the poor districts, like 8 or 12?
They're just gonna die in two minutes
like they did last year and the year before.
Your role is to turn these children
into spectacles, Ms. Crane.
Not survivors.
Victory in the Games is only
one of our considerations.
Your entire future
rests on this last project.
Oh, and I must tell you
that anyone caught cheating
to give their tributes an unfair advantage...
will just have no future at all.
Oh! Here we go.
Let the Reaping ceremony begin.
District 1.
Boy goes to Livia Cardew.
Girl goes to Palmyra Monty.
District 2 boy...
How apt.
Boy goes to Sejanus Plinth.
You got the pick of the litter.
You forget. I'm part of that litter.
4, boy,
Persephone Price.
Girl, Festus Creed.
7, boy, Vipsania Sickle.
Girl, Pup Harrington.
8, boy, Juno Phipps.
Girl, Hilarius Heavensbee.
10, boy,
Domitia Whimsiwick.
Mmm. Girl, Arachne Crane.
11, boy, Clemensia Dovecote.
11, girl, Felix Ravinstill.
12, boy,
Lysistrata Vickers.
Oh. You'll be happy about this, Ms. Crane.
The "runt girl", from District 12,
she belongs to Coriolanus Snow.
Lucy Gray Baird.
Sing your way out of this one, Lucy Gray.
What is that dress?
Is she some sort of clown?
Lucy Gray.
I didn't know.
I didn't know. I'm sorry.
My daughter! Help her!
-Help her! Help her!
-Get it off! Get it off!
That's enough. Leave her be.
Just give me a minute, boys.
You can't take my past
You can't take my history
You could take my pa
But his name's a mystery
Nothing you can take from me
Was ever worth keepin'
Nothing you can take
Was ever worth keepin'
Is she out of her mind?
Can't take my charm
Can't take my humor
Can't take my wealth
Capitol says keep rolling.
'Cause it's just a rumor
Nothing you can take
Was ever worth keepin'
You can't take my sass
You can't take my talkin'
You can kiss my ass!
Come on, boys.
Well, she's mentally ill.
Proud, I see.
Like your father.
Yes. He and I were best friends.
Enlighten me, Mr. Snow.
What are your plans after these Games?
I hope to go on to the University, sir.
And if you fail to win the
Plinth Prize, what then?
We'd pay the tuition, of course.
Look at you.
Your makeshift shirt
and your too tight shoes.
Trying desperately to fit in
when I know the Snows
don't have a pot to piss in.
Good luck with that poor little songbird.
He's sabotaging us.
That girl's not gonna win these Games.
You saw her. She's underfed, unstable.
The Dean said it's not just about winning.
Everything is about winning.
If not the Games now, then the crowd.
Lucy Gray won't survive
a minute inside that arena.
So that means we have to make
every second before then count.
I'll get her to sing again.
I wouldn't sing a note for you if I was her.
I wouldn't do anything at all.
Unless I could trust you.
She's district, Tigris.
She knows we hate her, and she wants us dead.
How am I supposed to get her to trust me?
Imagine it was your name that they pulled
and you had been ripped from your home.
I'd just wanna know that somebody
still cared about me out here.
Don't discount her just
because she's district, Coryo.
You might have more in
common with her than you think.
Transfer team, up front!
Get off the train!
Move. Let's go.
Get out!
Come on out!
I said let's go!
No! No!
I will not...
Go! Keep moving!
-Come on.
I said let's go!
I won't go. I won't. No.
Come on, get her outta there.
Welcome to the Capitol.
When I was little, my mama used to
bathe me in buttermilk and rose petals.
Tastes like bedtime.
You look like you shouldn't be here.
Well, I shouldn't.
But I'm your mentor.
A rebel.
What does my mentor do
besides bring me roses?
I do my best to take care of you.
On your feet.
Good luck with that, gorgeous.
Come on, let's go.
Move it.
Excuse me, can I...
Excuse me, I'd like to escort my tribute...
Fall in.
In the truck. Hurry up!
You, come on!
Come on.
Get in!
What's the matter, pretty boy?
-You in the wrong cage?
This cage is delightful.
Get him, Reaper.
I will kill you right now.
He'll do it too.
Reaper killed a Peacekeeper back in 11.
Quiet, Dill.
-I say we all kill him.
-I'm in.
-Nothing left to lose now.
-Y'all got family back home?
They'll kill them if you hurt him. Then you.
Besides, he's my mentor.
I might need him.
How come you get a mender?
You each get one.
Oh, and we'll just trust you on that? Right?
I'm just here to help you.
Why does rainbow girl here
get special treatment, hmm?
Why aren't our menders here?
Just not inspired, I guess.
-All right, hold on!
-Get off me!
Oh! Ah!
Ouch. Well, we'll give them a chance
to stand up and catch their breath.
I'm jealous of that entrance.
I'm Lucretius "Lucky" Flickerman,
a man who needs no introduction.
You all know me as your favorite weatherman
and amateur magician.
But guess where I am today. Here's a hint.
That's right. The Capitol Zoo,
where this year's tributes
will be held here on display
behind these bars for your viewing pleasure.
That's right.
All 24 of them 'cause...
What in the gem of Panem?
You see, that's the Academy rouge, no?
Excuse me. Hello, sir.
Yes, you. In the red.
Who are you and why
are you in there with them?
We're live.
The Capitol is watching.
Own it.
Are you all right?
Sir? Who are you?
Lucy Gray Baird,
may I introduce you to my neighbors?
A response would be greatly appreciated,
but anything would be nice.
Can they not hear me in there?
Well, that's something
you don't see every day.
They're holding hands.
Yes, yes, yes.
Who are you, sir? What are
you doing in the cage here?
Hi. How do you do?
My name is Coriolanus Snow.
And this is my tribute.
Lucy Gray Baird from District 12.
Hi there.
-What's your name?
-My name is Pontius.
It's nice to meet you. Is this your sister?
That's Venus. She's only four.
Well, I think four is a very smart age to be.
Where'd you find that snake?
Well, he found me. Must
have been a music lover.
My singing calmed him right down.
Can I touch your dress?
Of course.
I like your dress too.
-Oh. And who might you be?
-You don't know who I am?
Don't laugh.
Not everyone has
televisions out in the districts.
I'm Lucretius "Lucky" Flickerman.
But more enticingly, who are you,
Lucy From District 12?
Oh. It's Lucy Gray.
And I'm not actually from 12.
No, my people are Covey.
We're like a family. We're musicians by trade
and we travel from place to
place as the fancy takes us.
At least we used to. Before the
Peacekeepers rounded us up.
I see. But now you're District 12.
-If you say so.
Your dress is far from gray
and it seems to be a
big hit with the children.
Oh, it is? Well, the Covey love
color, me more so than most.
But this dress was my mama's
so it's extra special to me.
Mmm-hmm. And she's in District 12?
Well, only her bones, darling.
Only her pearly white bones.
Do you know my mentor?
Says his name is Coriolanus Snow
and clearly, I got the cake with the cream
'cause nobody else has
even bothered to show up.
The Gamemakers did tell you
to jump in the cage with them?
They didn't tell me not to.
They just said that it was a mentor's job
to introduce our tributes
to the citizens of Panem.
And I thought, well, if Lucy
Gray is brave enough to be here,
-then why shouldn't I be, too?
For the record, I didn't have a choice.
For the record, I think you're about
to be whisked away, young man.
Let's go.
Oh. Hey...
Get us some food, please.
Jessup and I haven't eaten since the Reaping.
The 10th annual Hunger
Games are soon approaching.
So come down to the
zoo, and see these tributes
before it's too late. And I mean, too late.
For Capitol News, I'm Lucretius...
"Lucky" Flickerman.
Your little excursion was in violation
of about five different
Academy rules, Mr. Snow.
Chief amongst them,
endangering a Capitol student.
What? Who?
I'm moving for the Gamemakers
to disqualify you as mentor immediately.
You said we had to get
our tributes to perform,
not that we had to stay away.
I'll add insubordination as well.
Holding her hand, Coryo,
introducing her to people,
you make it look as if we're one
and the same as those animals.
Coriolanus didn't show those people
anything they didn't already know.
I don't need your help, Sejanus.
That the tributes are human beings.
Just like us.
That's why nobody wants to watch the Games.
It's because people know deep down
that winning a war 10 years ago
doesn't justify starving people's children,
taking away their freedoms, their rights.
Snow fell down in the cage.
It fell down in the cage but it landed...
On stage.
You're good at Games.
Maybe one day, you'll be a Gamemaker like me.
If the Games continue at all.
Oh, they'll continue.
With performances like
young Mr. Snow's in that zoo.
And I came here to ask
your star mentor a question.
What are the Hunger Games for?
They're to punish the
districts for their uprising,
to commemorate the end of the war...
"Commemorate the..." Dull, dull, dull.
Punishment can take myriad forms.
Why not drop bombs, cancel
food shipments, stage executions?
Why Games?
Shouldn't we be asking ourselves
whether or not they're right in the first place?
You have a problem with my Games?
Some of those kids were two
years old when the war ended!
The oldest of them were only eight!
The Capitol is supposed to
be everyone's government now.
It is supposed to protect all of us.
I don't see how making children
fight each other to the
death is protecting anyone.
That sort of sympathy might interfere
with your mentoring assignment.
Perhaps the Capitol students are
ill-suited to be mentoring tributes.
Perhaps the Game's time
has passed.
-Dean Highbottom is wrong.
My classmates, too.
Maybe Sejanus is onto something here.
Maybe we should be viewing
those tributes as human beings.
I mean, you saw those
kids in the zoo, they just...
they just wanted to get to know Lucy Gray.
If we need people to watch, we
should be letting them get closer
to the tributes before the Games.
To make the stakes personal.
Who will watch the Games if they
care what happens to the tributes?
If they thought the tribute they
cared about had a chance of winning.
People need someone to root
for and someone to root against.
We need them to invest.
And if we bend a few Capitol laws,
we could even have them place bets.
Look, I know Lucy Gray
may not win in the arena
but if you give her a chance,
I would bet the Plinth Prize that
she can win people's attention.
I'd like you to write up a proposal
of these thoughts tonight, Mr. Snow.
You mean you might actually use his ideas?
If it'll help the ratings, why not.
Coriolanus and I are
class partners, Dr. Gaul.
We do all of our assignments together.
It'll be an interesting test.
You trying to fatten that poor girl up
so you can finally start taking bets?
You think they'll give those kids a scrap
if we don't give them a reason to do it?
How do you think your tribute
will have a chance if he can't eat?
He was my classmate.
Back in 2.
-It's not your fault it's him.
-See, I know.
I'm so blameless, I'm choking on it.
My father bought him for
me, you know, at the Reaping,
Just so he could show me
that I could never go back to 2.
But being Capitol is gonna kill me.
So do something about it.
-Quite the rebel.
-Oh, yeah.
I'm bad news.
Marcus! Hey!
It's me.
Marcus, look.
Here, I got some food for you.
Come on.
Is that for us?
I'm not hungry.
You think I can't hear your
stomach growling, Jessup Diggs?
Come on.
What happened to his neck?
A bat bite.
The first night on the train,
he didn't sleep a wink the whole journey
'cause he was keeping the bats
off me, so I would get some rest.
Can you take it?
Come on, try harder than that.
One thing I learned in 12
is that hunger is a weapon.
Your friend over there sure knows it.
She is not my friend.
She is poison with perfect teeth.
Are you gonna share everything
that I give you with Jessup?
Wh... Why?
You think I ought to build up my
strength so I can strangle him in the arena?
Not exactly my forte.
I might have a chance to help you.
To make some suggestions to the Gamemakers.
I might even be able to get the
audience to send you gifts in the arena.
Food and water to keep you going.
You just have to try singing
again to win people over.
I don't sing when I'm told.
I sing when I have something to say.
Besides, I've seen your
arena. There's nowhere to hide.
What's the point?
The guards say you get money
if you get more people to watch
and you say you wanna help me.
Which is it?
One more time.
I'm not playing this game.
Come on.
You shut up.
-Uh... No, thank you.
-I saw you staring.
Give me something.
I've been sitting here for 15 minutes!
Always thought there was
plenty of food in the Capitol.
You know, one time, during the war,
I ate a whole jar of paste just
to stop the pain in my stomach.
And how was it?
That little one.
She's so sweet.
So young.
Something about her reminds
me of my cousin Maude Ivory.
I can't stand to think of
them without me like this.
I'm sorry.
You seem like a good man, Coriolanus Snow.
Sure would've been nice to meet you
under different circumstances.
-One of your shows, maybe.
We could have had a drink. A dance or two.
Like we had all the time in the world.
Come on, just take it.
No, no, no!
It's okay. It's okay. Hold on. Hold on.
Hey, look at me.
Hey, hold on. It's okay. I'll get help.
Somebody help us, please!
-Let's go.
-Oh, no.
It's starting again.
This is how it begins.
-The war.
-It was my fault.
I suggested we get closer to the tributes.
You're just lucky that your songbird
didn't peck out your eyes too.
She's not a rebel,
Grandma'am. She's just a girl.
Trust me, that one hasn't
been a girl in a long time.
Outside this Capitol,
they're savages, one and all.
However, they may smile,
she will use you.
You must use her
or you'll end up dead in
the trees like your father.
This is for Dr. Gaul, please.
In spite of yesterday's tragic events,
our president has decided
that the Games must go on
to show everyone the Capitol
is unafraid of such acts of terror.
To which end, Dr. Gaul
wishes you to preview the arena
this afternoon with your tributes.
Later this evening, there will be
a special televised presentation
of each tribute to our audience
to, you know, get to know them.
You will have an hour to discuss strategy.
You may begin.
Marcus, come on.
You and I aren't gonna be friends,
but I'm gonna win, and for that to happen,
we need to make you more...
I'm a really good climber.
I used to climb in my
mama's factory all the time.
It's getting infected.
I'm fine.
Look at me, Lamina.
I want you to win.
It's Reaper, right?
Um, let me read you what...
I'm so sorry about your classmate.
Thank you.
Are you okay?
Wearing my mama's dress is the
only thing keeping me together here.
It's like she's wrapping her arms around me.
My mother, she used to smell like roses.
She died in childbirth.
I was going to have a little sister.
Both your parents gone?
So, you're an orphan, like me.
I need you to sing in these interviews later.
It's the night before the Games
and your last chance to win people over.
I can't send you gifts in the
arena without their money.
Maybe a guitar could persuade me. Maybe.
You really wanna take care of
me in that arena, Coriolanus?
Start by thinking I can actually win.
Snow. Dovecote.
She can't expect us to have written
that proposal last night, can she?
I was crying for hours.
We did... write it.
I turned it in this morning.
All right, give me the bullet points.
Mr. Snow.
Ms. Dovecote.
Come and see my new babies.
Is there a point to the color?
There's a point to everything,
Ms. Dovecote, or to nothing at all.
Which brings me neatly to your proposal.
Which one of you actually wrote it?
-Well, there was...
-I was inspired
by Coriolanus yesterday, of course.
His little betting idea.
But the sponsorships
and the gifts in the arena,
-those were all mine.
So it's your sweaty handwriting on that page.
Very impressive, Ms. Dovecote.
Unfortunately, my assistant mistook it
for trash this morning
and lined the shelf of
this very terrarium with it.
So, please, Ms. Dovecote,
retrieve it for us, won't you?
So we might all consider your inspired ideas.
Don't worry, my little
predators are perfectly docile
with those they can trust.
So if they're used to your scent,
if you've handled their food, for example,
or if they've inhaled the
sweat of your palm on a page,
they'll leave you alone.
A new scent, however...
you'd be on your own, little girl.
Retrieve it.
Clemmie, no! No!
You asked about the colors, Ms. Dovecote?
I want my enemies to see
a rainbow of destruction
engulfing the world.
I'm not above using
spectacle to create a little terror.
A strategy your classmate here
articulated very well in his proposal.
They're good, your suggestions.
I'm going to recommend my team
implement as many as possible tomorrow.
Will she die?
The pleasure in breaking ground in
one's research is one gets to find out.
You better keep Ms.
Dovecote's fate between us.
I don't think her mother
would be happy to learn
how she caught this sudden...
Now run along, you have an arena to promote
and it's time for my milk and crackers.
All right, let's go.
Enjoy the show.
Enjoy the show.
Enjoy the show.
Enjoy the show.
Enjoy the show.
Enjoy the show.
Come with me. Hey, you.
Get that camera on her. Coral.
Welcome to the arena for the
10th annual Hunger Games.
Tributes, mentors,
you have 15 minutes to survey
the space and discuss strategy.
Dill, you stick by me, understand?
Hey, lumberjack.
No, no, just you.
Just you.
Coriolanus, please don't
let me die in here tomorrow.
Oh, shit!
Help me!
The gate's out!
The gate's out.
The gate's blown open.
Come on, the gate's open.
Come on. He wouldn't save you.
We've got runners!
Lucy Gray?
-Is she...
-She's alive.
What happened?
It was a rebel bombing.
They must have been planning it for months.
Four tributes were killed.
Everyone's terrified, Coryo.
People are locking
themselves inside their houses.
Felix Ravinstill's on life support.
The rebels released a message.
They said they wanted to tear down the
symbol of the Hunger Games on live TV.
...savagely and cowardly attacked us...
Marcus got out.
...gravely injuring the president's...
SEJANUS: He's the only one.
Peacekeepers are hunting
him in the streets but
at least he has a better chance out there
-than he would tomorrow.
They're not still going ahead with the Games?
Oh, no, Lucy Gray.
Lucy Gray could've run.
-The show will go on.
-But she saved me.
And now our final tribute.
I first met this young lady
in the zoo not too long ago.
-From District 12...
...Lucy Gray Baird.
Come out here with that guitar, you songbird.
Good evening, Capitol. Districts.
I wrote this song about a boy back in 12,
and I hope he hears it.
When I was a babe I fell down in the holler
When I was a girl I fell into your arms
We fell on hard times
and we lost our bright color
You went to the dogs
and I lived by my charms
It's sooner than later
that I'm six feet under
It's sooner than later that you'll be alone
So who will you turn to
Tomorrow, I wonder
For when the bell rings
Lover, you're on your own
I am the one who you let see you weeping
I know the soul that you struggle to save
Too bad I'm the bet
that you lost in the Reaping
Now what will you do
When I go to my grave
Ding, ding, ding. Look at that.
Record high for the evening.
The Capitol is definitely watching.
People sending in donations. See what happens
-when you do stuff?
Now, I don't love your odds,
but may they be in your favor.
Thank you for being here.
Ms. Lucy Gray, District 12.
Both of you.
It's what friends do.
How wonderful is this night
that we all get to be here for
someone's final performance.
Ms. Lucy Gray, thank you.
Go home, go to bed, get a good night's sleep.
You've got a big day tomorrow.
Lucy Gray.
Lucy Gray.
-You're alive.
Those bombs, they have changed everything.
They blew the walls out.
So that means you can
escape up into the stands.
There's a hole down in the floor.
Leads down to some tunnels. I've tried it
and you can disappear down there.
So the moment you hear that bell ring,
you ignore the weapons in the middle
and you run as fast as you can for that hole.
And you find a place to
hide down below. Alone.
-Alone? No.
-Jessup's my friend.
The moment that bell
rings, you can't trust anyone.
Not even Jessup.
Just lay low down there
until it's safe to come out.
Thank you for taking care of me.
I can't let you die.
You saved me.
You saved me, Lucy Gray.
-I'm sorry.
I'm more hopeful during the daytime,
but when it gets dark, I just...
It's okay.
It's okay.
I am gonna get you out of here.
I promise.
Back to the Covey, okay?
Is this real?
Just tell me.
If I'm gonna risk everything. That song...
That song was payback, that's all.
My old boyfriend, Billy Taupe,
he was cheating on me
with the mayor's daughter.
-The girl from the Reaping.
-Yeah, she got crazy jealous.
She had her pa read my name up on that stage
and now everyone will
know what they did to me.
You take this.
-No, no, it's too fine.
-No, it is not a gift.
It's a loan.
What's in here, don't touch it.
Don't even breathe it in because
small amounts can be deadly.
Look, I have seen what
war does to people, okay?
I've seen it.
And there will come a
time when you need this.
When you need to act.
We all do things we're
not proud of to survive.
We are gonna win this, Lucy Gray.
We're gonna win this together.
Wake up! On your feet!
That friend of yours. Plinth.
You might wanna find
him a seat near the door.
-How you doing? You all right?
-Over here, please.
Tell me this will be over quickly.
What is this? The mines?
I... I gotta get my tools. Pa said...
Here we go. Here we go, everyone.
Come on. Come on, let's go.
Sit down, Festus, come on.
Everyone, as you know,
we're about to go live.
Just because you're not hosting,
doesn't mean you're off the hook. Help me.
Don't get lost behind your screens.
No yawning, no gum chewing.
Keep your chins down,
heads up, shoulders back.
And smile.
It's why we have teeth.
Okay. Ready? We're gonna start, guys.
Five, four,
three, two...
Good morning, I'm
Lucretius "Lucky" Flickerman.
A man who needs no introduction.
Weatherman, amateur magician,
and today,
I'm honored to say...
first ever host of the Hunger Games.
In my hand, an envelope, sealed.
My prediction, the winner to be opened by me
upon the big show's end.
Well, well...
They're here. We're getting word...
All right, we're about to start.
We're starting, everyone, we're starting.
Happy Hunger Games. Happy Hunger...
Remember, when your
tribute dies, get out of here.
Enjoy the show.
Enjoy the show.
Enjoy the show.
Stand on your mark or you will be shot.
Ooh! Marcus.
Guess we can all sleep better
now knowing he's off the streets.
You're monsters! All of you!
Ten, nine...
... eight, seven, six,
What are you doing? Run.
Jessup! Jessup, we gotta go, come on.
We should get out of here.
We gotta go. We gotta go.
They've gone underground very
quickly, but we're prepared for this.
-Go, go, go.
-What you're seeing now
is a live feed of security cameras.
Come on!
Come on!
Go, go, go.
This way.
Hy and Sol from the other
side, pincering in on Lucy Gray.
Come on.
No! Please, no!
Here comes the Pack, surprising Hy and Sol.
Come on.
Hey, lumberjack, get
in there and get her out.
I'm not sticking my head in there.
She could be waiting with a brick.
I knew we should have
recruited that Reaper kid.
Do you think they're done?
Looks like it.
To the children watching, that
was violent, horrific, and disgusting.
Ms. Phipps,
please, if you're going
to vomit, do it off camera.
Thirteen tributes remain.
Reaper still looming
large on top of the charts
while Coral and her Pack try to make a play.
Six tributes gone in minutes.
If they keep it up at this pace,
we're gonna be outta here in no time.
Now, these record high temperatures
aren't doing that fire that continues
to burn out here in District 9 any favors.
I'll keep an eye on it.
In District 10,
this warm front is gonna
come down and collide here,
squeezing out some drizzle.
And finally, in District 12, a...
Cold pressure system's gonna swoop on in,
bringing cooler temperatures
and some much needed relief
to our coal miners out there,
at least until early evening.
That's the weather.
Was it mercy? Was it murder?
Either way, that's what
happens when you do stuff.
You get attention.
Citizens send you money.
Now, once they get your money,
the mentor can choose
to send in food or water
using our newly developed
drones from the war,
reprogrammed with facial recognition.
This ensures that your package
goes directly to your tribute.
Isn't that right, Pup Harrington?
I've got a hunch Pup is
gonna seize the opportunity.
Uh, we have a reservation
tonight. Flickerman.
Party of two and a high chair.
We will not be there, um, on time. I'm sorry.
I'm... I'm hosting the Hunger Games...
10th annual,
and it's going a little bit
longer than anticipated,
so I'm curious to know
if you have anything later tonight.
You do. Great. I will be there.
Because this...
If not... If you don't see me, I'm not there.
You can't save her by watching.
What do you want from that girl?
-Nothing. I want her to live.
And the Plinth Prize would
be a happy coincidence,
I suppose.
I believe I'd be entitled to it.
Of course you do. Of course you do.
The prize, the girl.
Hmm, how convenient. You
don't have to choose between them.
Who do you think makes that final decision
for the prize you so covet, Mr. Snow?
Wake up.
Even if Lucy Gray Baird somehow wins it all,
I will do everything in
my power to ensure that
you don't see a dime.
So, ask yourself,
how much do you care if she lives now?
We gotta be quiet down here, Jessup.
I just wanna sleep.
You want some water?
What have you done to it?
I didn't do anything, Jessup, I just...
Are you okay?
It's okay.
Jessup, come on.
Let's go back to sleep, okay?
I know, I know. It's okay. It's okay.
Mr. Snow.
What happened?
Is it Lucy Gray?
Unless you can put a leash
on your deluded classmate,
she might as well be dead
as far as you're concerned.
Bread crumbs. I believe
sustenance for a fallen comrade
on his final journey.
A District 2 superstition.
I'll work on finding the
Peacekeeper he bribed
to get him in, and cut out their tongue.
In the meantime,
I need someone to get him out right now.
You should send Peacekeepers in.
Only to have him bolt and hide like a rabbit?
Felix Ravinstill is fighting for his life
in the hospital, Mr. Snow.
I will not have these rebels
make a further mockery
of my Games.
Anyone sees us lose control of this arena,
it might as well be sounding
a horn to the districts
to revolt.
You choose to be friends with this radical.
You want him to end the Games tonight?
It'll look a lot worse if
the tributes kill two of us.
So don't let them.
Who knows? You get him out unscathed,
I'll whisper your name in his father's ear.
You still want that Plinth Prize, don't you?
I'll freeze the feed for an hour.
I estimate that's all we
have until the people notice.
Enjoy the show.
I thought they'd send my ma.
Yeah, I wish they had.
You need to go, Coryo.
I'd like to. I really would.
But I promised I'd get you out.
Because you're my friend.
I have to do this. I had to
go where the cameras are.
You think anyone's watching this?
Gaul cut the feed.
Tributes kill you in here, she's
just gonna say you died of the flu.
You need to decide right now.
Do you wanna fight these tributes,
or fight for them?
Because if you wanna make real change,
you need to stay alive to do it.
How can I make any change from out there?
You're rich.
Smart. You care.
You're the only one who stood up to Gaul
in that class, right?
We're dead if we don't leave right now.
Come with me.
Spend your father's money, do some real good.
Or just be another dead body in Gaul's war.
Trust me.
Go! Go!
Come on, get up! To the gate!
I don't wanna hurt you!
Enjoy the show.
Come on, get up.
-Move it!
Open the gate! Open the gate!
Watch those screens, gorgeous.
'Cause I may have missed you tonight,
but your songbird's next on my list.
Let's go.
I'm... I'm sorry.
Coryo, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
For all of it.
My father.
Let the buying begin.
I had to do something.
Snow stormed down,
down on his head.
It stormed down on his head,
and now the boy is...
You've had enough of
the Games tonight, I see.
Come, sit.
I'll stitch you up.
Who could imagine Crassus Snow's baby boy
fighting for his life in the arena one day?
What happened in there,
that's humanity undressed.
Fueled with the terror of becoming prey,
see how quickly we become predator.
See how quickly civilization disappears.
Those tributes don't have a choice.
I was talking about you.
All your fine manners, education, background,
stripped away in the blink of an eye,
leaving a boy with a club
who beats another boy to death
to stay alive.
You wanna protect people, Mr. Snow?
To govern them like your father?
Then it's essential you
accept what human beings are
and what it takes to control them.
They sent me into the arena tonight, Tigris.
To get Sejanus out.
What happened? Are you okay?
I killed one of the tributes.
A boy.
It must have been awful.
It was.
Then it felt...
I know you wanna be like your father
but what I remember the most about him
was that in his eyes,
it was just hate.
You don't have to pay the same price
just to survive.
People can be good.
You can be good. You are good.
Just believe in that.
Wakey wakey, my Capitol friends.
I'm Lucky Flickerman and
welcome to day number two
of the 10th annual Hunger Games.
Now, while most of you were
getting your beauty sleep last night,
something scintillating occurred.
Bobbin from District 8,
Which of these beasts slayed
Bobbin from District 8?
Either way, it doesn't matter.
10 tributes remain.
Reaper still at the top of the boards.
They aren't showing us
what happened to that little boy.
He clearly was killed right there.
There's cameras everywhere.
It doesn't make sense.
They said they were old cameras, Lyssie.
Probably just another one of Coral's.
Festus, sit down.
Same seats.
-What'd you do to me?
Lyssie, what is he doing?
Something's wrong. He
wouldn't turn on her like this.
Jessup going after Lucy Gray.
Go to the stands, go to the stands.
Stop running! What did you...
-What did you do to me?
-I didn't do anything.
Both tributes from District 12.
The same district folding in on itself.
Wait, look.
The foam.
I didn't do anything to
you! I think it's rabies.
That bite. From that train.
Send him water.
Wait, what?
You remember the posters in the war?
Rabies. It makes you afraid
of water. Send him a drone.
-That'll scare him.
Away from her.
Jessup is done.
Lyssie, you're the only one
that can get it right to him.
Ms. Vickers going for her communipad early.
Thank you.
Sending a drone.
Nothing to be proud of.
Please, please, please!
What's wrong with me?
What did you do to me?
I'm not going anywhere.
You watched over me,
now I'm watching over you.
Sleep now, Jessup, sleep.
Here we go.
Oh, no!
Lucy Gray.
You stay right there.
Oh, look at this.
The Pack doing what
they do best. Packing it in.
Lucy Gray is swarmed, cornered.
Mizzen, propellering his net.
Mr. Snow going for his communipad.
Hey, Coral, do you mind if I take this one?
Not a chance.
These drones are not very good.
Hey! You can't attack the tributes.
I'm just sending water.
You idiots.
-How did you possibly let her get away?
-I couldn't see a thing.
Get this water into a pile, lumberjack.
And then when you're done,
you two can watch that beam
while we get your little friend
from back home up there at least.
Do it now.
Again, a fall...
...ending a tribute's game.
Wake up.
Lucy Gray on the move.
And so is Pup Harrington. Thank you, Pup.
You're useless.
Now, I wish we had a
camera inside of the duct,
but we don't.
But we will next year.
You really think you deserve
that water now, Tanner?
Look, you just said watch the beam.
It's Wovey.
The little one from 8.
This should be easy.
Seven tributes remain.
Merciless Mizzen, Cunning Coral,
Treacherous Treech, Dill, Reaper, of course,
and the lone wolves,
little Wovey and Lucy Gray.
And who do we have here?
Ah! It's ill Dill.
Tuberculosis on legs.
Dill, wake up.
What happened?
Dill, hey, wake up.
I'm so sorry.
He just tore down the flag.
Are you gonna punish me now?
Are you going to punish me n...
Capitol citizens,
I'm afraid I must interrupt our Games
to announce a tragic loss,
one that affects us all.
Felix Ravinstill, son of
our beloved president...
...has, this morning,
succumbed to his injuries
sustained in the rebel bombing.
Out there in the districts,
they will be celebrating
this young boy's death
as a triumph.
I will not allow my Games
to give our enemy such a victory.
I swear to you, here and now,
before the sun goes down tonight,
a rainbow of destruction
will engulf our arena.
Even if it means there's to
be no victor in these Games.
Get me a drink. Get me a drink right now.
I need to see Dr. Gaul immediately.
Hey. Go get a spear. Go up there.
Push her back as much as possible. Trust me.
Come to beg for her life?
No, my stitches,
they broke loose.
I didn't want the doctors asking questions.
Come, sit.
Pull down your shirt.
Shh. Quiet.
She's up here somewhere.
This might hurt.
Jabberjays we call them.
We sent them out during the war
to pick up rebel conversations,
squawk it back to us word for word.
A failed experiment, but an instructive one.
I'm rounding them up district by district now
to see what better purposes they might serve.
A failed experiment,
but an instructive one.
Here, birdy, birdy, birdy.
Don't be scared.
Don't run away.
I'll see you in the auditorium
for the finale, Mr. Snow.
You should be proud of yourself.
Your songbird, Lucy Gray,
put on a wonderful show.
Shh. Quiet, quiet. Listen.
Lucy Gray, is she okay?
She won't be for long.
I've got you now, songbird.
What's wrong with Treech?
Did Coral do something to Treech?
Run. Run.
What did she do to him?
Dissension in the ranks. Treech is down.
Good afternoon, Ms. Sickle.
That is not gonna be good.
Work, please.
Wouldn't it be fun if it was candy?
Is it over?
-Can we go home now?
Not candy! Down goes Wovey.
-say goodbye!
Lucy Gray, wait!
Lucy, I'm begging you!
It's not fair.
It's not.
I can't have killed them all for nothing.
And that is good-bye
to Festus Creed.
Have a nice summer.
Now, all colors lead to Gray.
She's... She's won.
It's over, she's won.
She's won, let her out.
Afraid that's not your
call to make, Mr. Snow.
You're headed for heaven
The sweet old hereafter
And I've got one foot in the door
But before I can fly up
I've loose ends to tie up
Right here in the old therebefore
I'll be along...
Dr. Gaul, she won.
When I've finished my song
When I've shut down the band
It's over, let her out.
When I've played out my hand
Why aren't they attacking her?
When I've shut down the band
-Must be the singing.
-I have no regrets...
-...right here -It's calming them.
-In the old therebefore
-She can't sing forever.
I'll catch you up
When I've emptied my cup
When I've worn out my friends
When I've burned out both ends
When I've cried all my tears
When I've conquered my fears
Right here in the old therebefore
When nothing is left anymore
I'll bring the news
When I've danced off my shoes
When my body's closed down
When my folks run aground
When I've tallied the score
And I'm flat on the floor
Right here in the old therebefore
When nothing is left anymore
When I'm pure like a dove
When I've learned how to love
Right here in the old therebefore
When nothing is left anymore
Dr. Gaul, please.
Get her out.
-Get her out!
-Get her out!
Get her out!
Get her out!
Get her out! Get her out!
Get her out! Get her out!
Get her out! Get her out! Get her out!
Who will watch the
Games if there's no victor?
Get her out! Get her out!
Get her out.
She's won! Lucy Gray!
Coriolanus Snow is the winner
of the 10th Annual Hunger Games.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
The Games...
that I had...
predicted! Whoo!
-Yeah! Give it up!
Snow! Snow! Snow!
Snow! Snow! Snow!
Snow! Snow! Snow!
Lucy Gray?
Lucy Gray?
I warned you, Mr. Snow.
Cheating will be punished.
More poetically than even I could have hoped.
Lucy Gray, where is she?
I would be more concerned
with your own survival if I were you.
It's fitting that both your parents
could be here for your big moment.
That compact.
How many times did I see
your mother use it, I wonder...
to powder her beautiful face?
Come now,
we both know that child from 11
didn't die of disease.
Or that lumberjack from 7.
And that old handkerchief,
we found it in the snake
tank, appropriately...
condemning you with
your father's own initials.
Your family won't ever see
that prize money now of course.
President Ravinstill has left
your form of punishment to me,
and I've decided banishment to the districts
where you'll serve your Capitol
in exile for the next 20 years
as an anonymous, peacekeeping grunt.
Do you hear that, boy?
The sound of snow falling.
Send me to 12.
You know, I thought I might find you here
sitting all by yourself.
Sejanus, what are you doing...
What do you think?
After what I did in the arena,
my father had to buy the
Academy a brand-new gym
just so I could get my diploma.
He begged me to stay.
But once I found out where
they were sending you,
I couldn't get out fast enough.
Barely made the train
because of this stupid knee.
But it's okay.
They gave me some morphling for the pain.
You volunteered for this?
I figure I get through basic
and then maybe I become a medic.
Make a real difference out here.
Just like you said.
They never told us what you did.
I cheated.
To save Lucy Gray from the snakes.
Do you think they killed her?
Why would they risk it?
She was a big hit.
If there is a Games next year,
they're probably gonna invite her
to sing at the opening ceremony.
You know, when you came in,
I was weighing the merits of suicide.
When we're about to be free?
When the girl you risked everything for
might be waiting for you
at the end of this track?
My friend, don't give them the satisfaction.
Your life has just begun.
You're gonna do great.
We're both gonna do great.
Just be careful.
It's a different world out here.
Move it out!
Welcome to 12.
We're proud to have every one of you
serving your country out here.
For the next 20 years,
brothers and sisters in your immediate squad
will become your family.
You will train together,
sleep together, eat together.
You will rise together
and you will fall together.
You will be our eyes and ears
out here on my base as well as off it.
And it will be your duty
to report anything suspicious you see,
because if you do not,
you are as good as a rebel yourself.
Last month, a Peacekeeper and two mine bosses
were shot dead in the pits.
We retrieved the murder weapon.
We swabbed it for DNA.
And the results proved
beyond doubt that this man,
Arlo Chance...
is guilty.
So, watch, all of you.
This is what happens
when you challenge the Capitol's rule of law.
-He's innocent!
-No, no, no!
No, no, no!
-He's innocent!
-Lil, Lil, Lil!
-No, Lil!
-He's innocent!
Run, Lil, run!
Run, Lil! Run, Lil!
-No, no, no!
-No! No!
-No, no, no!
-No! Arlo!
-No, no, no!
Run, Lil!
You're murderers!
No! No!
Run, Lil, run! You're murderers!
Run, Lil, run!
Run, Lil, run!
He didn't do it!
You're all murderers! Let me out!
Let me out!
Let me out!
What were you thinking back there?
She didn't do anything,
Coryo. What is she guilty of?
Being directly associated with rebels.
What more do they need?
If she had gotten through the crowd...
He didn't do it! I swear he didn't do it!
...I don't think I would
have been able to shoot her.
Would you?
He didn't do anything!
You need to find a way to make
peace with our life here now.
Or have your father buy you a
discharge and do something else.
Hoff's given us all leave
passes for the weekend.
Boost morale.
Boost morale.
Please help.
Hey, uh, I'm gonna go get a drink.
Is it hot in here?
'Cause we're plannin' on
heating it up a set more.
The one, the only, Lucy Gray Baird!
Well, hey there, District
12, did you miss me?
I bet you never expected
to lay eyes on me again.
And, let me tell you, that goes both ways.
But I am back.
I sure am back!
Oh! Is that bottle there for me?
Oh, come on, y'all.
You know, I gave up drinking when I was 12.
It's to clear my pipes,
y'all. To clear my pipes.
Now, how about a song, huh?
Can't take my past
Can't take my history
You could take my pa
But his name's a mystery
Nothing you could take from me
Was ever worth keepin'
Oh, nothing you can take
Was ever worth keepin'
Come on!
Can't take my charm
Can't take my humor
You could take my wealth
'Cause it's just a rumor
Nothing you can take was ever worth keepin'
Oh, nothing you can
take was ever worth keepin'
Thinkin' you're so fine
Thinkin' you're in control
Thinkin' you'll change
me Maybe rearrange me
Think again if that's your goal
Lucy Gray!
-Lucy Gray!
-Billy Taupe!
You're sounding kind of thin, Lucy Gray.
Billy! Billy!
You're all sounding thin without me. No?
-I've got it.
You swore you wouldn't play
with them again, Billy Taupe.
Come on.
Settle down, settle down.
I know you miss me, Lucy Gray.
Get your hands off me right now.
Get your hands off me, Billy.
Get your hands off me, Billy Taupe.
After what you did to me,
you get your hands off me right now.
Or I swear I will take a snake and I will...
Don't touch her!
Coryo, stop!
-Get off me, get off me!
-What are you, crazy?
Come on. We gotta get out of here.
Who'd have thought I'd have to save you?
She's here.
She's alive.
Are you
Are you
Coming to the tree?
Where they strung up a man
They say who murdered three
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met up at midnight
In the hanging tree
They said I might find you out here.
Sorry, I...
I still got one foot in the arena.
Your hair,
that uniform...
I thought you were dead.
Yeah, I thought I was too.
But your dean, Highbottom,
he had them send me home.
Highbottom did?
Put me on a train himself,
gave me some money.
He said they'd sent you to 8.
For breaking their rules.
Saving your life.
But I gave them my last cent
so that I could come here to 12.
Because I had to try to find you.
Your dean, he...
he told me the strangest thing. He...
He said he was glad that I survived you.
He told you what I did
to that boy in the arena?
I didn't have a choice.
-That little girl, Dill...
-I know.
I thought it'd be one of the others...
-maybe Coral...
You are not a killer, Lucy Gray.
Yes, I am.
Both of us are now.
You're safe.
Your Peacekeeper friends.
I'll handle this.
They'll be here about the fight last night.
Hey, they can't see us together.
There's a lake out in the woods.
Nobody knows much of it except us Covey.
Meet me here tomorrow, we'll go.
We can be free out there.
Maude Ivory, you got my guitar?
-Thanks, honey.
I can put something together.
-All right.
Your boy is coming.
See you later.
Hey, you're back.
How's Lucy Gray?
Figured you'd be a while,
so I decided to explore town.
With Billy Taupe?
And who's the other guy with him?
I remember that from the Academy.
Watching you watch everyone.
Carefully choosing when to weigh in.
Are you trying to help these people?
Don't you think they need help?
They lost the war, Sejanus.
A war they started that
made your family rich.
I am not about to throw away
any chance I might have
of getting home someday
just because you feel a bit guilty.
You understand?
Oft I'd heard
Of Lucy Gray
And when I cross the wild
A chance to see at break of day
The solitary child
And then an open field they crossed
The marks were still the same
They tracked them on
Not ever lost
And to the bridge they came
They followed from the snowy bank
Those footmarks one by one
Into the middle of the plank
And further there were none
Yet some maintain that to this day
She is a living child
That you may see sweet Lucy Gray
Upon the lonesome wild
I've never seen those birds before.
Mockingjays, we call 'em.
Does she survive?
Lucy Gray, in the song? The footprints?
Maybe she flew away.
I'm sure she's out there somewhere.
She's a survivor.
But it's a mystery, sweetheart.
Just like me.
I brought you something.
It was my mother's.
I'd like for you to have it.
It still smells like roses.
Thank you.
I'll take good care of it, I promise.
You must miss your family so much out here.
I do.
I worry about them all the time.
Would you really go back, though?
If you could?
To the Capitol?
I have to.
It's where I belong.
But I hope you'll come back with me.
Capitol's not for me.
At least it's civilized. Has order.
The Hunger Games are order?
No, of course not.
What if this was our life, Coriolanus?
Out here.
Waking up whenever.
Catching our own food, living out by a lake.
I mean, would you still feel a
need for the Capitol even then?
-Did you two just pick this?
Thank you.
Well, it's a little early yet, Maude Ivory.
Early for what?
To eat the roots.
Pretty little thing, but it's determined.
Some people call it "swamp potato."
But I think "katniss" has a
much nicer ring, don't you?
Hey, grab the rods, CC?
We could use some more fish at home.
He misses Billy Taupe.
Do you?
Not since the Reaping, no.
I can't trust him anymore.
Trust is everything.
It's everything to me.
More important even than love.
Without trust, you might
as well be dead to me.
You can trust me. I promise you that.
If you can trust anyone in this world,
you can trust me.
You can trust me too.
Private Snow?
Come with us.
I received the results
from your aptitude tests this morning.
Looked over your training records too.
Your performance is exemplary.
Well, half the other
recruits can't read, sir.
You're General Crassus Snow's boy.
What did you do to end up here?
I made an enemy, sir.
In the Capitol.
I've made a career out of
ruining my enemies' plans.
I'm gonna reassign you
to officer training in District 2.
You'll earn a real wage.
Maybe even have another
shot at the Capitol one day.
Train leaves in 10 days.
Keep a clean record,
you'll never see anyone
from District 12 again.
Is there a problem?
This is an honor, Private. Not an option.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Your curls!
Yeah, I know.
Where are you?
Coryo, we're fine.
Tigris, where are you?
We had to move out.
We're renting this place just for right now.
They evicted you?
Listen. I'm fine.
Grandma'am is fine.
I really don't want you to worry, okay?
I think I found a way out of here.
I just have to make it
through Officer Training in 2.
And then I can make my
way back to the Capitol.
-I will fix this.
I'm gonna be home soon.
I promise.
Don't make me hope.
Secure! Good to go!
Whatever it is you're
doing, you need to stop it.
-What are you...
I saw you talking to that woman in the jail.
If I don't report you now...
You don't know anything to report.
They know we're friends, Sejanus.
You're gonna get us both killed.
You told me I could do something.
You told me I could make a difference.
There's a group of locals that are getting
-out of District 12 for good.
-Don't. Stop talking.
-I can't hear this.
-Listen to me.
They're going up north
to start a new life far away from Panem.
They need money for supplies.
They told me I could go if I got it for them.
You could come with us.
You're giving money to the locals.
Are you out of your mind? They're all rebels.
I can't stay here. I won't.
They're not planning on doing
anything dangerous, okay?
It's all dangerous.
They're just doing what
anybody else would do, Coryo.
The leader, Spruce, he
wants to get his sister, Lil,
out of jail on base.
Hoff is going to execute her
just because she knows
the man that they killed.
It's wrong.
I'm gonna help them get her out.
-It's treason, Sejanus.
-Nobody's gonna get hurt.
I'm just doing what you
told me to do at the arena.
I was just trying to save you
the first time you did
something stupid enough
to ruin my life.
What if they catch you
bringing this woman off base?
It's worth the risk to do the right thing.
For you.
Your father will just buy your way out of it
like he always does,
while I'll be hung just for knowing you.
Don't make me rescue you again.
I don't need you to rescue me, Coryo.
They're just doing
what anybody else would do, Coryo.
The leader, Spruce,
he wants to get his
sister, Lil, out of jail...
Everyone's born as clean as a whistle
As fresh as a daisy
And not a bit crazy
Staying that way's a hard row for hoeing
As rough as a briar
Like walking through fire
This world, it's dark
This world, it's scary
I've taken some hits
So no wonder I'm wary
It's why I need you
You're as pure as the driven
Cold and clean
Swirling over my skin
You clothe me
You soak right in
This world, it's cruel
with troubles aplenty
You asked me two
reasons I got three and twenty
For why I trust you
Billy, what the hell are you doing?
You're as pure as the driven
You said that money was
for supplies to get north.
These are supplies.
What, did you think this was a game?
You said that nobody was gonna get hurt.
-That isn't part of the deal.
Hey, stop!
What are you doing? Guns, Sejanus?
I didn't know there was gonna be
weapons, Coryo. They lied to me.
You thought they'd be honest?
Are you crazy? There are
Peacekeepers right out there.
There's another one in here now, too.
Okay, wait.
And the mayor's daughter?
Hey, it's okay, Spruce. He's with me.
I told him to come in here. He's gonna help.
-Hey, where'd...
-Wait, wait, wait.
You invite the whole town, Plinth?
She's okay, Spruce.
She's joining us too. She's with me.
She what?
Quiet down, Mayfair. I'll explain later.
I think I'm done listening
to your explanations.
She's not going anywhere.
And neither are you.
My pa's gonna string y'all up for this.
Stop! She'll tell everyone, you idiot.
-She'll get us all hung.
-He's right.
No, she won't, Spruce.
She's all talk, no action.
What do you think, Lucy Gray?
Am I all talk, no action?
Hey, how'd you enjoy the Capitol, by the way?
See y'all at the Hanging Tree.
No, no!
Keep on the sunny side of life...
Coriolanus, what did you just do?
Well, you just shot the
mayor's daughter, son.
What did you just do?
If you weren't a rebel before, you are now.
-You killed her.
-Quiet, Billy Taupe.
You're all right. You and
me, we're gonna be all right.
No one is gonna think this was us.
You reckon you're just
gonna walk out of here free?
-Dump this on me, maybe?
-I said, pipe down.
You got a surprise coming, Capitol boy.
If I'm gonna swing for
this, you swing with me.
-I didn't trust him anyway.
-Billy Taupe!
Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me. Look at me.
You're gonna go back out on
that stage and you're gonna sing.
You're gonna sing like nothing is wrong.
And I'm gonna find us
a way out of this, okay?
-Okay. Okay.
-Okay? I swear. I swear.
Go. Go.
Get rid of these guns. Go.
Go, Spruce, go.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.
Nobody was supposed to get hurt.
-For once, shut up.
-It's all my fault!
All of this is your fault.
It's only gonna get worse if
you don't pull yourself together.
If you breathe a word now,
both of us, we're finished.
So we go back out there
and we act like nothing is wrong.
-I don't know...
Hey, look at me.
You have to pull yourself
together. You have to pull it together.
You came here for me, right?
We're brothers?
So whatever you've done,
I swear I will keep you safe.
Those guns were the only
loose end besides the four of us.
So we're gonna be okay.
Okay? Not a word.
-Hey, Beanie.
Who's that girl you were dancing with, man?
I think her name was Josie.
Come on, everybody, up! Everybody up!
-Let's go!
-Smiley, what's going on?
Hoff is losing his mind.
The mayor's daughter got
shot, and her boyfriend, too.
He's sending out every grunt we've got,
to find the guns that did it.
It is our duty to keep
peace in this district.
So these murderers
shall be brought to justice.
We shall find their murder weapons.
If the killers are still in Panem's grasp,
they will hang before the week is out.
Right there. Don't move, all right?
Check the other one.
I didn't do anything!
Backs to the wall!
These are children, please!
Are you okay?
The mayor's going to
get me killed, Coriolanus.
He already thinks it was me.
Billy Taupe, Mayfair, both dead.
If they catch Spruce now, or Sejanus talks...
-Sejanus won't talk.
-How do you know that?
They torture the people they catch
for information here.
Even Peacekeepers.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I should have dealt with those guns myself.
And Mayfair...
I just wasn't thinking
straight. I have to run. North.
Like Billy Taupe and the others talked about.
Away from the districts.
If I stay here now, I'm as good as dead, too.
What about the Covey?
They can look after each other.
I just wanted to say goodbye.
I'll come with you.
-What about your family?
I just learned Hoff is sending
me to 2 for Officer Training
-but none of that matters now.
-You were gonna leave.
It's all Panem.
As soon as they find
that gun, they'll hang me.
No matter which district I'm in.
When can you go?
Meet me at the Hanging Tree. First light.
We got one. I think we got one.
They say his name is Spruce.
Three years...
I fought for the Capitol during the war.
I've been angry.
But this is the first time I've felt ashamed.
Get the other one up here.
Coryo. Coryo.
The Capitol has received word via jabberjay
that these two men conspired
to break into our base's jail
and flee north
to release this terrorist from captivity.
I'd expect this of a rebel
but not from one of our own.
This is treason, plain and simple.
Play the recording!
The leader, Spruce,
he wants to get his sister, Lil,
out of jail on base. Hoff
is going to execute her...
No, Coryo. Coryo, help!
...just because she knows the man
-that they killed. It's wrong.
- No, no, no! Ma! Help! Ma!
Ma! Ma!
No, no!
Ma! Ma! Ma!
Help! Ma! Help!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Are you
Are you
Coming to the tree
Where they strung up a man
They say who murdered three
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met up at midnight
In the Hanging Tree
Are you
Are you
Coming to the tree
Where the dead man called out
For his love to flee?
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met up at midnight
In the Hanging Tree
Are you thinkin' about Sejanus?
I just wish there was more I could've done.
I'm sorry you have to leave this place.
Yeah, I'll miss the Covey.
Hope they'll follow me someday, though.
You know what I won't miss?
People aren't so bad.
Not really.
It's what the world does to them.
Like all of us in the arena.
I think there's a natural goodness
born into us all.
No, really.
You can either cross that line into evil...
or not.
And it's our life's work
to stay on the right side of that line.
-It's not always that simple.
I know.
I'm a victor.
Sure will be nice not to
have to kill anyone else
up north, though, huh?
Three's enough for me.
I'm gonna make a walking stick.
You want one?
You killed three?
Who's the third?
Person you killed, Coriolanus.
You said you killed three people.
I only know about two. Do not lie to me.
-Can you help me get this out?
-There was Bobbin in the arena
and Mayfair. And who's the third?
My old self.
I killed him so I could come with you.
Come on.
Why don't we stop here at the cabin?
-Wait out the storm?
-We should really keep going.
We're gonna need food, Lucy Gray.
Let's catch some fish while we're here.
If you want to fish,
there's rods under the floorboards.
These ones?
What is it?
It's the gun.
The one you fired at Mayfair.
Spruce must have known about this
place. If we destroy that gun, you're free.
You can go back home.
Will you?
No more loose ends.
Besides me.
Besides you?
You wouldn't tell anyone.
'Course not.
I'm just gonna go dig up some katniss.
There's a good patch down by the lake.
I thought it was too early for that.
Well, the world changes awful fast.
Lucy Gray.
It's still raining.
Well, I'm not made out of sugar.
Lucy Gray?
Lucy Gray?
Lucy Gray, where are you?
Hey, did something happen?
Because if something's
happened, we can talk about it.
Are you hiding from me?
Is that poisonous?
Are you trying to kill me?
Lucy Gray?
Lucy Gray!
I said, are you trying to kill me?
After everything I've done for you!
Are you
Are you
Coming to the tree
Wear a necklace of rope -
-Lucy Gray?
-Side by side
-With me -That's enough.
Strange things did happen here
Lucy Gray, I said...
No stranger would it be
If we met up at midnight
Shut up!
In the Hanging Tree
How's the arm, Private?
The medic said you took quite a bite.
Nothing that I won't have forgotten
about by the time I reach 2, sir.
There's been a change of plan, Private Snow.
Congratulations, Mr. Snow.
You've passed all my tests.
I've asked President Ravinstill
to grant you a full pardon,
effective immediately.
I also told him that you are too promising
to waste in the military.
So you'll be studying under me now
at the Capitol University.
I can't afford University.
A certain Mr. Strabo Plinth has offered
to pay for everything you need
while you're there.
All for being such a good friend
to his Sejanus.
He doesn't know quite how
good a friend you were, of course.
I never mentioned your little recording.
Quite impressive,
how you sent your only friend to the noose
just to get my attention.
-That's not what I did.
-Are you sure?
Because I think that won
you the Plinth Prize, after all.
The President has agreed
to another year of the Games.
People watched.
And I have you to thank for that.
But before I take you under my wing,
after everything you've seen
out there in the real world,
let me ask you one final time.
What are the Hunger Games for?
I used to think that the Hunger Games
were punishment for the districts.
Then I thought they served as a warning
to us here in the Capitol
about the threat the districts posed.
Now I know the whole world is an arena.
And we need the Hunger Games.
Every year.
To remind us all who we truly are.
And who are you, do you determine?
The victor.
Welcome home, Mr. Snow.
You look so handsome.
What do you think?
I think you look just like
your father, Coriolanus.
Sejanus Plinth's personal effects
from District 12.
I was going to return
this to his parents tonight.
As a gift.
It would have been his 19th birthday.
But I think...
they would prefer just this.
Best friends.
You grew a heart in the districts.
No, not in the districts.
In the Hunger Games.
I should be thanking you.
The credit for the Hunger Games
goes to your father.
Half of it, at least.
I only dreamt them up as an assignment.
A joke.
I was drunk.
Devise a punishment for
our enemies so extreme,
they will never forget how
badly they've wronged us.
When I sobered up, I wanted to destroy it.
But your father, my best friend,
he'd stolen it from me.
Put both our names on it,
taken it to Gaul to rise up himself.
I tried morphling...
the night that first child fell.
I hoped the Games might die out.
I tried to stop them however I could.
But then you came along.
Now the blood of so many more generations
will be on my hands.
Because you've shown us the price
people are willing to pay for a good show.
Tell me...
was she sad when you left 12?
Your little songbird?
I expect it made us both sad.
My contacts inform me that she's disappeared.
That the mayor might
have killed her out there.
But there's no proof.
It's a mystery.
And mysteries have a
way of driving people mad.
Look at you.
Heir to the Plinth fortune,
nothing in your way.
Snow lands on top.
It's the things we love most
that destroy us.