The Hunted (2024) Movie Script

It's okay.
Get down.
Tell me your name.
Please, tell me your name.
You speak English?
Where are you from?
You're not very sure?
Maybe you go think about it
and you tell me later, yes?
And you two...
Love birds?
She's my sister.
We're from Tripoli.
You're from Tripoli?
Oh yes, sure...
And me,
I'm Sven from Sweden.
Yes, born and bred in Stockholm.
What are you doing?
Oh, sorry. Did we wake you?
Mediterranean telecom.
Very good 4G.
What are you talking about?
The kid needs water!
We have to save the water, okay?
No water now!
Stop! Stop!
Water! Water!
You're going to rock
the boat! Stop!
Come over here! Here!
Over here!
They're turning!
I've always
been a lucky man!
Salam Alaikum. Do you
speak English?
Yes! Yes!
I'll throw you a line!
Yes, thank you! Thank you!
How many?
Six and one child.
Take my hand. Great.
Yeah, I mean...
They're pretty dehydrated.
Get everyone on board.
Make sure everybody is safe.
And take them on shore
as soon as you can.
- All right. Yep.
- Thank you very much.
Listen, that was the
Italian coastguard.
They're really
pretty far away from here.
We don't have enough fuel
to get there and back.
They said it would be safer
if you'd come with us. Okay?
-You want to speak to them?
-No. Okay, thank you.
-I'm Vlad.
Thank you.
This is Marie and
this is Victoria.
Nice to meet you.
have some water.
Have a seat, rest, relax.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
Do you want some help?
Just here.
Chris, darling,
you'll never believe
what happened!
- Are you okay?
- -It's your lucky day, folks.
You poor souls!
- Choukran.
Welcome to my island!
You have to drink,
you have to eat and
you have to sleep.
We've been in touch
with the Italian coastguard
and they should be here
by tomorrow, hopefully.
Imagine if Marie hadn't
spotted you
out there...
You all would be dead by now.
And Europe is still
a long way to go.
You are my guests,
and I'll make sure
you're well looked after
until the next part
of your journey.
Madame, excuse me...
Thank you very much
for saving us.
But why not go to Italy now?
The Italians don't
usually appreciate
boats full of migrants
appearing at their ports.
They prefer to come
and pick you up themselves.
I will show you to your rooms.
Come. My staff will help
you get cleaned
and change your clothes.
That's right.
Come on up!
I am Benito.
Nice to meet you.
When I bought this island
30 years ago,
there was nothing here.
This tree is as old
as the house itself.
It took me about ten years
to build this home.
You are safe now.
Here are some fresh clothes.
And you can take a shower
in the room next door.
How are you bearing up?
No, sorry, eat.
Please, eat.
You've been through
hell and back.
You deserve it.
Have you ever tried caviar?
Where are you from?
South Sudan.
Yeah, I get it.
I probably wouldn't want
to talk about it either.
Can I say something?
Maybe it's a sign that
we found you.
I mean, someone like you,
someone like me,
we never should have never met.
But who knows?
Maybe we'll learn something
from this experience.
And you might get used
to the taste of caviar, right?
First, let's make sure
he doesn't abuse the sweets.
Oh my God, of course!
And I've never liked caviar.
So, you grew
up in Tripoli?
- Yes, I did.
Born and bred.
- Me too.
What was it like?
Must have been a nightmare,
Old times... very nice.
- Okay.
- Good work, safe.
But after 2011...
All changed...
Well, let me
tell you something.
In Europe, you can make it.
We need people like you.
Our economies need people
who are still hungry, you know?
No hungry people in Europe?
It's a bit like Mexicans
in the US,
you know?
Mexicans, you know,
the ones that are trying
to make it,
are a constant reminder
to Americans
who have already made it
that they can lose it all.
Economical migration
makes perfect sense.
- We need it.
- No.
I'm for it!
you are getting it
completely wrong!
Libya is hell on earth.
May I ask who you supported
during the civil war?
Which one?
The second one.
Me, National...
Congress. With National
With tradition.
And yet, you're not
an extreme Islamist
out to behead infidels, right?
That's exactly what
I mean about Libya.
There are so many factions,
so many ambiguous
forces at play.
I'm a geopolitical consultant.
At work, we had this
case two years ago,
some guy from Benghazi
who led a group of militia...
We asked him if he
was religious.
He said yes, but not too much.
We asked him if he was
pro-women's rights.
He said yes, but not too much.
Eventually we realized
he was like everyone in Libya:
well-intentioned but
confused and angry.
Libya is a right mess.
What was the man's name?
Farid Shaki or Shaku... I think.
You're talking about
Faraj Shaku.
He was an Islamist warlord
who tried to gain power
in Eastern Libya.
He wasn't confused
or well-intentioned or angry.
He was a bloodthirsty cynic
who killed hundreds.
Yeah, well...
Of course that's how
you would see it
because you're right
in the middle of it,
but it's much more complicated
than that.
Look at the Kurds in Iraq.
We see them a certain way
because we need--
Why would I care
how you see my country?
How about you?
You're not from Libya,
I take it.
We are from South Sudan.
I read an article
about South Sudan in Elle .
- It's horrible.
- I read it too.
It's illuminating... Yeah.
Our parents were killed
when we were twelve.
We grew up in refugee camps
around Libya.
God, that's awful!
You have to come to the UK.
It's the best place to
start a new life.
Today, being black in the UK
is way easier than being white.
You have many more opportunities
than most white people.
You'll see.
Fucking hell!
I'm sorry!
That's amazing!
Thank you, Victoria.
That's a really good one.
It is Victoria, right?
Are you guys Nuer or Dinka?
We're Nuer.
And you?
Us too.
Thank God! Bloody hell,
what a relief!
I mean, imagine if you
had been Dinka.
Don't worry about it.
It all evens out in the end.
Nuer or Dinka...
Hutu or Tutsi.
Protestant or Catholic...
Everyone gets a shot
at being either innocent or...
guilty at some point
throughout history.
It's meaningless.
It isn't meaningless
when you're in it.
Getting upset about
politics or ethics
never did anyone any
good, did it?
- What about morals?
- Morals?
-Oh my God, morals?
Anything can be moral
as long as you can summon
up the strength
to actually do it.
We should be leading people
towards the idea of freedom.
People should be living
their lives
according to their desires.
Let their impulse drive them...
What if their desires clash?
Well, there's conflict.
Conflict is a normal
part of life.
Of course, people's desires
can be opposed by others, right?
And if their desires
overpower the others?
then they can pray.
Are you okay?
- What's happening to him?
- I'm a doctor.
I'm a doctor.
Jack, bring him to
the corner room.
He was badly dehydrated.
He needs to rest.
Too many sweets
and not enough water.
I was like you
when I was your age.
What's your name, mate?
He hasn't spoken since we left.
Can I stay with him?
I think he needs a good sleep.
And so do you...
Or you can just continue...
Come on.
Rest, my friend.
No, nothing.
Nothing since we left home.
It's pointless.
It's hot like a fucking
oven in here.
Better here
than in the middle of
the Mediterranean
or at dinner with those
fucking idiots.
-How is he?
-He's okay.
He'll sleep in one of
the rooms upstairs.
He needs rest.
Lucky him.
I'll never sleep with this heat.
Here's some
water for you.
God, I am so dry!
- Choukran .
- Choukran .
Thank you. Thank you.
Good night.
Sleep well everyone.
Tomorrow is Europe.
What's happened?
Good morning,
So, let's get out of the truck.
- What are we doing here?
- -What is this?
It's just a little
stop. Come on.
Yep, over there, over there.
Let's go.
Where is the child?
see him very soon.
Let's go.
What is going on?
- Head west. I'll
protect the boy.
- Everyone ready?
Everyone's good?
we all learned a lot
about each other
and gained a new perspective
about the cosmos.
And for that,
I want to thank you
with all my heart.
you all want to reach Europe
and we understand
that very well.
But Europe is a tough place
and only the strongest of you
will make it there.
So rather than letting nature
or governments
decide your fate,
we will start the selection
right here.
Vlad, would you please?
Please, help yourselves.
There's one for each of you.
It is now 8 a.m.
and for the next 24 hours,
we are going to hunt you.
Those of you who survive
will be safely taken to Europe,
the others...
You're crazy.
It's not funny.
Please, take one.
You will need it.
We will give you a
ten minute lead,
They always struggle
to understand at first.
What have you done?
Nine minutes!
Get on the ground!
-Run! Run!
-Shut up!
Stay down.
What the fuck is that?
Where are they?
Are they gone?
Let's go.
Do it. Now!
- You can walk?
- No!
You hear that?
Chris, out of the way!
Oh my God! Oh my God!
Come on, faster! Faster!
Please, stop!
We can't stay here.
They are close.
Is it bad?
Thank you, for saving me.
Run! Run!
going to be okay.
It's going to be okay.
Chris, Jack, Victoria.
- Yep?
- Have you found it?
Got it.
Confirmed kill.
Okay, everyone.
We have our first confirmed kill.
- It really hurts.
- Outstanding!
Well done!
Marie, Benito.
If you keep heading west
of your position,
you are likely to encounter
a group of two.
Copy that.
Are you
okay, little guy?
Banging on things won't
solve anything.
You have to speak up.
What do you want?
It probably wasn't
that bad then.
Bye-bye, little guy!
Are you a soldier?
-Where do we go now?
Come, I'll show you.
Over here!
Come on.
There's no point.
They're too far.
You see that church?
Vlad told me he'll
bring the boy.
You trust him?
My boy,
was the same age as your boy.
And the same look in the eye.
Let's go.
I got the girl.
And the two lads?
I gave them a bit of leeway.
I'd rather make it fun.
You should head back.
This could get infected.
No way. I want that lad.
Chris, you have to go back.
Darling, we can leave now
and put all of this
behind us, okay?
Shut up!
Give me some more!
Oh, I see... Captagon.
That's a bit irresponsible.
But it might give you
a little push.
How did I miss him?
This is Marie and Benito.
Benito hit one
but didn't kill him.
The others must
be heading west,
otherwise we would have
seen them by now.
At least, if we make it alive,
we will have seen...
Let me see your arm.
The bullet came out.
You'll be fine.
You all right?
Let's go.
We are two hours away.
It's me! It's me! It's Malek!
The others?
Everybody is dead.
I saw the two women die.
And I lost the other guy.
You're heading west
to find the kid?
How do you know he's
still alive?
Get down!
Maybe I missed that Libyan
for a reason.
Maybe I'm not... a killer.
Maybe my instinct kicked in
and made me miss the shot.
Your taxes kill people
every day.
When you buy a new pair
of Nike shoes,
that kills people.
You've been killing people
for a long time.
It's just up to you
to finally get some
fun out of it.
You're getting close to them.
They should be about
45 yards somewhere.
Holy shit!
They're more clever
than we thought.
Go this way. I'll go that way.
Will you stay quiet?
Please don't kill me!
-Please don't kill me.
-You pig!
You thought you could
hunt us like animals
and get away with it?
I didn't realize
it was going to be like
I have a family.
Please don't kill me.
I don't want to die. I'm
sorry! I'm sorry!
I have a family. I
don't want to die!
- Kill him.
- Please.
Kill him!
We're gonna let you live.
You're gonna go straight back
to the villa.
You're gonna tell that woman...
all I want is the boy,
you understand?
Don't do this.
And don't stop!
This is fucking stupid.
I'm not killing anyone.
You do it.
If you don't like it,
you can go your own way.
I'm going to the church.
It's Marie.
I almost got killed
but I got one of the Libyans.
And Benito?
I don't know... I will check.
Hello, hello, dear hunters.
It is now 6 p.m. sharp
and after ten hours of hunting,
we have four confirmed dead
and two still alive.
I'll be meeting you
in the clearing shortly
to refill you in supplies.
Hey, kid.
So, how is
everybody feeling?
Chris, looks like you
lost something.
This bunch is wild!
- Where the fuck is Vlad?
- -He always goes solo.
Have you tried
to use grenades
for the second part?
No, it kills
all the fun.
I'm so thirsty.
I can't do this.
I can't do this.
I can't do this...
I wanna go home!
I'm not going back there!
We've already talked
about this, okay?
What do you want?
I can't do this, Chris.
What we're doing is wrong.
You know it is.
Vic, listen to me, yeah?
Why are we here?
Why the fuck are we here?
For us.
Remember what Dr. Murray said.
It might be wrong for them
but it's right for us.
I'm not going back.
I'm not going back!
Fine. Suit yourself,
you fucking stupid cow!
You've got less willpower
than a fucking goldfish,
you know that?
What are you gonna do?
Go back home?
And then book a detox-spa
in a five-star hotel
in Scotland?
Then smuggle in some Xanax
and some champagne
and then post on social
media about...
I don't know... Mental health
and world fucking peace!
Stop it, Chris.
Hey man, take it easy.
She's a human being.
I can't believe
I wasted my fucking
time with you.
Fuck off!
- Chris...
- Fuck off!
That's okay, dear.
Don't worry.
You can drive back
to the villa now
or wait here with me
until the hunt is over.
What would you rather do?
I'm going to drive back, okay?
-I want to be alone.
-Okay. Okay.
I'll stay and wait for you.
Let's meet here once you're done
and then we'll drive
back together.
Now... Eh, eh, eh!
Remember, remember, remember...
To get to the villa,
you have to make a right
at the concrete blocks, okay?
-Look at me. A right.
You like that?
Over there! Look! Look!
Come. It's safe.
Where did you get that?
I went to get it back
from where you spared the guy.
Got any cartridges?
He said sundown.
We have an hour.
Why are they doing this to us?
They are no different
from the people in my
country or yours.
We also kill each other
for no reason.
My wife, she
owned a restaurant.
I was the cook.
You were a good cook?
You see these hands?
They make wonders.
I make delicious things
that even you would like.
We had a nice life...
until they bombed our building.
From one minute to the next,
she was gone.
I can't remember
the last time
I went to a restaurant.
They took me from my family
when I was eleven.
I remember that day.
I was strong. I didn't cry.
So they decided to
keep training me.
I was trained by mercenaries.
South African. Russians.
They taught me how to survive.
How to kill.
I did horrible things...
until one night...
They sent us to clean a village.
We killed everyone.
Then I saw him...
They asked me to kill the boy.
I couldn't do it.
It had to stop.
I had to save him.
One person.
Just once in my life.
But one day,
I'll have to tell
him the truth...
That I'm the one
who killed his parents.
It's him!
He's got the boy.
I'm in front of a church.
I told you
to go right at the
concrete blocks.
Now, go back on your steps.
and now Vlad is there
with the child.
What do you mean,
"with the child"?
They're in front of the church.
I think they're talking
to someone.
I don't know what the
fuck is going on!
Just get me back to the villa!
Look, I'm here! I
kept my promise!
Come on, we don't
have much time.
Are you in there?
He's with me. He's safe.
Where are the others?
No one knows we're here.
I'm not armed!
I have the speedboat keys.
I can help you escape.
You have the shotgun?
Yes, but no bullets.
Come on, open up!
-What's going on?
-They're in there.
Stay here, yeah?
Keep the doors locked please,
all right?
Fuck you, Chris!
I'll wait here...
Hands first!
Any sudden move and I'll shoot.
Put your hands over your head.
Come here.
Are you okay?
What now?
Put the boat
keys on the floor
and slide them over to Malek.
No! No!
No, they were the
quad bike keys.
The boat keys never
left the boat.
Finally, it's just you and me.
Now, why aren't you shooting?
I knew
there was something
special about you.
- Fuck sake, such a shame.
- Vlad?
I hope you make it.
We can pick up where we left.
- Move, Vlad!
- -The boy went through a window.
Marie, the kid is outside!
I can't see him!
Fucking cunt!
Where is he?
Where is he?
Where is he?
Where is he?
Where are you?
Vlad! Marie!
Who's that? Marie?
Marie, I'm down here. Vlad?
That fucking bitch
has got me down here. Please.
Marie, please! Someone!
Please! Please!
I'm sorry--
Besides the arrow,
she's in perfect condition.
Well, have fun!
Please start
dinner without me.
This one is going
to take a while.
You were a really good prey,
weren't you?
You were incredible.
You have exceeded
our expectations.
A real killer.
But Vlad is a twisted
fuck, isn't he?
His games are always
a bit weird.
It was an experience...
You certainly both are
amazing fighters.
Jack just started.
He said he might be a while.
Very well.
So here we are.
This hunt is over
and we can finally feast
and celebrate.
But before we do that,
I would like to
raise a glass
to those of us who
didn't survive.
It's unfair but
I have to say it.
It wasn't meant to be
so dangerous for us.
Do you realize how
much you charge?
I don't mind a scratch
or two. But dying?
How about a ten percent
Why not make it 15?
Fifteen it is.
That's much appreciated.
To Chris and Victoria.
Chris and Victoria.
They were a lovely couple.
And I think I might have...
another little treat for you.
Will you excuse me?
I've given you
a little anesthetic.
I hope it works!
It's just like
opening an oyster.
I know what you're thinking.
You think I'm a monster.
But in my line of work,
I've saved hundreds of people.
Car accidents,
suicide attempts, stabbings.
Old people, young people.
I even saved murderers
and rapists.
And equally, hundreds
of people died
on my operating table.
Some of them were probably
good people.
People who didn't
deserve to die.
I'm not sure what to think.
Every time I've saved someone,
it's felt important to them,
to their family.
It's felt like what I did
mattered a lot.
And then someone dies...
and the world keeps spinning.
Life goes on.
There will be soon eight
billion of us.
Life isn't worth as
much as we think.
It's fragile but
it's also banal.
But enough of my babbling.
What you told
me on the hunt
opened my eyes.
Geopolitics will taste
differently now.
Turned out it was
just a scratch.
Wasn't it, little guy?
He's my special
treat for you.
What? We can hunt him?
He's all yours.
What's your
name, darling?
Do you speak English?
He doesn't look
like the sharpest knife
of the drawer.
-Kitchen knives?
-Sounds great.
I'll... I'll pass on that one.
One favor I have to ask, please.
No blood on the piano.
It means a lot to me.
Have fun.
We're going to play a
little game, okay?
It's called hide-and-seek.
I'll go get the knives.
You can go.
Come on, little shit. Go.
One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven...
eight, nine, ten...
sixteen, seventeen,
eighteen, nineteen,
twenty-two, twenty-three,
twenty-four, twenty-five,
People you have coming here
for the hunt now... Jesus!
Nothing is a surprise anymore.
That woman
almost killed you.
Yes, but she didn't.
And that's my point.
How can I help?
You can't.
It has to come from me.
I need to find a way to...
make the pleasure last longer.
It's always over too quickly.
As long as you don't
have that problem
in the bedroom...
What you need is...
a drink.
one hundred.
I'm coming!
Oh, shit.
I'm coming.
Where are you?
We have a big, big problem.
Come with me.
The woman escaped.
Benito is dead.
And so is Jack, I imagine.
-What about the kid?
-Playing hide-and-seek.
You both take the ground floor.
I'll check upstairs.
- We have to find the
kid before she does.
I'll check the garage.
You look around the pool.
We meet back on the terrace.
Guys, do you see her?
Hey, stop!
Little guy!
I'm not going to hurt you.
You want me to sing
you a little song?
Ring around the rosies
A pocket full of posies
Ashes, ashes,
We all fall down.
Oh, oh, oh, oh!
No, no, no, no, no.
Not the piano, little guy.
Not the piano!
Come on.
Come on.
I won't hurt you.
So you want to play?
Very well.
Where are you?
Are you here?
Are you...
Okay, I've had enough now.
I'll come and get you.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
My name is Atem.