The Hunters (2013) Movie Script

You move well for a pregnant woman.
And how's the baby?
It's a girl.
I saw a couple running towards there.
Gotta go.
I'm worried.
Don't be.
We'll lose them in 15 seconds. Time me.
No, I mean about Paxton.
Nah. Paxton's a big boy.
He wants to sail around
the world by himself.
At his age, we were in a cave.
Face down, back want 'em.
And highly did some pretty
heavily armed Peruvian monks.
The Golden Egg of Montupet.
Our first job together.
11 seconds!
Pack some a trip for great kids.
But they're not kids anymore.
We hardly see them 'cuz we're always away!
Okay, okay.
After this job, we'll take some time off.
I promise.
You say that everytime.
Hang on, honey.
16 seconds, you lied to me.
There's a first time for everything.
Come on.
Hey, you sure you don't want some?
No. Thank you.
She is late and that is not like her.
Maybe, we hardly know her.
I could say the same about you.
I had to make sure I wasn't being followed.
And were you?
Good. Neither were we.
Is that it?
I acquired it three days ago.
It's useless without the
key and we don't have it.
We acquired this two days ago.
The light will show you the way.
Is it supposed to do something?
The Light of Naga.
I'm very attracted to you right now.
The Nia falls.
It's too far across.
We'll never make it.
You've a lot to learn
about this business, Mai.
So there's a passage
on the other side of that water. uh...
Well that would be fun
for you since I did the last one.
I know.
I know.
Is he okay?
Get ready to run!
Run from what?
Sometimes there are booby
traps that triggers.
Just a stick!
Sure! Scared the new guy.
Ladies first.
What a gentleman.
If I didn't know any better,
I think you are flirting with Mai.
Well, I guess it's good you know better.
Carter don't!
Uh. Mai?
Guess you knew me even
less than you thought.
You already have the vz.
Why don't you just let us go?
And spend the rest of my life
looking over my shoulder?
You guys are hunters after all.
By the way, Mason says hello.
Didn't you hear me say don't?
No. I don't like following orders.
That's exactly where the kids get it from.
Are we done?
We're done.
I told you not to harm them.
What does it matter.
You have what you wanted.
Do I?
There are four shards in total.
This, is just one of them.
That's why I needed them
alive to find the others.
Who else knows what they knew?
No one.
Actually, that may not be true.
What do you want?
I wanna know if you have any spray cheese?
What are you doing home?
Looking for the spray cheese.
I just said that.
Found it.
You ran away from school again?
A, I don't call it school. I
call it juvenile detention.
Emphasis on the juvenile part.
And B, I came here 'cuz
you told me to. Look!
Come to me.
Hugs and kisses.
Why would I possibly wanna see you?
And when's the last time
we hugged and kissed?
Sorry that came out
nastier than I imagined.
Well, If you didn't send it. Who did?
You did.
Why would I do that?
Because this is a classic
tripp-flynn-get-out-of-the-school ploy.
Just like the time you convinced
your headmaster you have vibrissae?
You had to come home for treatment?
It's not my fault he didn't know
what the latin word for nose hair was.
I didn't send the text.
I don't care.
I'm taking you back to school tomorrow.
Don't you think we should
at least wait 'til Monday?
I mean, it's Thursday.
Maybe we could actually have a weekend?
You still planning on sailing
around the world on your own?
I'm leaving next week as long as I don't
get delayed by anymore little brothers.
Well, I want you to know that if anything would've
happened to you, I'd take good care of your car.
Paxton Flynn?
I'm Agent Valtis.
And this is Agent Lahtasi.
We're with Interpol.
They're missing?
Right after stealing an
artifact from a museum.
Our parents are thieves?
They're researchers.
You think your parents can
afford all this on researchers' salaries?
I'm a kid.
I don't know the value of things.
Your parents are international thieves.
Interpol has been following them for years.
Did they ever say anything
to you about missing shards?
What, like pieces of pottery?
Uh, no.
From a mirror.
No. Not to me.
They're not thieves.
I always knew they were up to something.
Who? Mom and Dad?
Dr. Dollan? Professor Dellar?
Come on!
Do you remember that golden kettle they
brought back from the orient last year?
Yes and they returned it a museum.
No. They didn't.
Okay, I caught them talking
about hiding it in some secret room.
And when they saw that I caught them,
you know what mom told me?
I wouldn't understand.
They stole it.
Okay. Well, there must be a valid reason.
Tripp, think! All of this.
All of our wealth.
Why do you think they stuck
us on boarding schools?
Too little hard to be international thieves
while your dragging your kids along.
No, you're wrong and you know it.
I'm right and we all know it.
Yeah, we know what Pax?
When you cut off mom and
dad, you cut me off too.
Are they okay?
We don't know.
We're hoping that you could help us.
You said something about a secret room?
What did they steal this time?
A vz.
Very old.
T'was, hidden in a secret cave in Thailand but it
was stolen from the island of Tuvalu years ago.
And Inspector Latassi's governement
is obviously very keen to have it returned.
Would you mind if I took a look
at your badges, just one more time, please?
Agent Lahtasi from Tuvalu.
That's right.
Pax, would you mind if I
talk to you for a second?
About what?
In private?
We can talk here. We're all just
trying to help each other, right?
Ah wait, no. It's just...
Brother stuff how to talk to girls and put on
deodorant, that kind of thing. Right, Pax?
Enough games!
Something tells me those aren't
Interpol standard issue.
How'd you know they were lying?
Tuvalu's not a member of Interpol.
Smart kid!
Now where's the three missing shards?
I don't know anything. I swear.
It's true. I've known my
whole life, he knows nothing.
Perhaps in the secret room
we've been hearing so much about.
Wait a minute, you wouldn't...
Oh no. Now I have your crossbow.
Pax, look out!
So do I.
You know each other?
Move, move!
Let's go Lahtasi.
Way to go.
I cannot shoot a stranger with a crossbow.
I will.
Where'd you learn to fight like that?
Remember those karate
classes mom and dad made me take?
Where'd you learn to move like that?
Remember those gymnastics
class that mom made me take?
Who were those guys?
Murderers thugs.
Disguised as interpol agents.
But don't worry, I took care of 'em.
Name's Flynn.
Tripp Flynn.
Wait. How exactly do you
guys know each other again?
Uh. We are, acquaintances.
It's one word for it.
Didn't you say you dated
a girl named Dylan?
You said that we dated?
I said we went out few times.
Few times too many.
I'd take it, it didn't work out.
What are you even doing here?
It's complicated.
As am I.
I'm here because your parents are overdue.
For what? Fencing their stolen artifacts?
Wait. Mom and Dad are not thieves alright.
Technically, that's not true.
That are thieves?
Technically, that's not true either.
Let's get inside.
I'll explain it all in there.
Come on!
Stop cleaning.
It makes me feel better.
An ancient society called The Hunters.
That's right.
Warrior scientist who
find fairy tale objects?
I told you it's complicated.
It's not complicated.
It's insane.
It's kinda cool.
It's simple.
Hunters find, acquire and they
conceal and protect legendary items.
These items end up in the wrong hands.
It can endanger the entire world.
Aladdin's lamp.
The Golden Fleece of the Argonauts.
All stories.
All very real.
All very powerful and all
kept safe from evil by your parents.
Because that's what hunters do.
I believe you.
This is ridiculous.
You know all this just from working
from my mom and dad?
I know all this because I'm a hunter.
Just like my mother and father were.
Does it mean we're hunters too.
Is there a secret handshake?
Please say yes.
Am I the only sane one in the room?
Before they left, your parents said that they
should miss a contact time to give you this.
Thanks anyway.
Already have one.
It doesn't work. It never has.
So does the story of me and my parents.
Neither do this one.
They gave us identical broken watches.
What time does your say?
1:13. Yours?
How come I didn't get a watch?
A text! I got a text.
That weird one you sent me.
What's up with your phone?
It's been cranked up to awesome.
Come to me. X-O-X-O.
You sent your brother a message
saying 'Come to me. Hugs and Kisses'?
I didn't send it.
It's from mom and dad.
It must've been a time-delayed message.
Set to go off if they went missing.
A time-delayed message?
Okay, fine. Then what-d's it mean?
I think I know.
Come to me, xoxo.
Mom and Dad were always showing me how this
pattern on this rag looks like X's and O's.
Come to me secret room.
What is that?
It pricked me.
What's the code?
Welcome to The Hub.
My parents used to talk about a place called
The Hub where they did their research.
I just figured it out in the university.
This is awesome.
That's the symbol of the hunters.
You still don't believe do you?
Your parents aren't just hunters,
they're two of the best.
How many hunters are there?
Nobody knows really.
It's kinda what keeps us safe.
Most hunters know a few
others but not all others.
And I'm supposed to believe you because?
Voice recognition engaged.
Welcome, Paxton Flynn.
Pax? What did you do?
Welcome, Tripp Flynn.
Your parents must've preprogrammed
the computers to recognize your voices.
From when you would both become hunters.
What makes you think I wanna be a hunter?
I don't.
The defining quality of a hunter is heart.
Quite frankly...
You don't have it.
I've got heart. Okay, I'm all heart.
You're all talk.
You know what I think?
I think you're still hung up on me.
If by hung up you mean
completely nauseated by, then yes!
I am very hung up on you.
Kids! Please.
We still don't know where our parents are.
Tripp is right.
See? Heart.
Maybe the computer knows where they are.
Where are my parents?
Hunters: Carter and Jordyn Flynn.
Listed as 'Missing in Action'
during their covert mission.
Last known location: Khang Sobra, Thailand.
What exactly were they recovering?
The four shards to the mirror.
So fake cops were talking about a mirror.
Computer, what's so
important about the mirror?
Drawing sheet of Mirror: Unknown.
You know what I think?
I think It's time to call Mason.
Who's Mason?
Oh look! Something she doesn't know.
Mason Fuller is our parents' oldest friend.
He might know where
they are or what we can do.
Hey, Mason. Did my parents ever mention anything to you
about a super secret organization of warrior scientists?
Okay, thanks anyway.
He's filthy stinking rich.
And people who are filthy stinking rich
have things like planes and connections.
He might know what to do.
Yeah. Maybe.
But I don't trust him.
It's not that you don't trust him,
you don't trust anyone.
I don't trust him because
he's friends with my parents.
Do you seriously still not
believe they're hunters? Come on.
I have someone who can prove it to you.
How long did you date?
We didn't date.
Mom and Dad thought we'd like
each other, so we went out a few times.
Mom and Dad set you guys up?
Ooh. 'Cuz I liked her.
Heh. Yeah.
This car was not made for three people.
Ah. Paxton's life is designed for one.
Another good one Tripp.
Would you rather walk?
We should have gone back inside the house.
Force them to tell us where the shards are.
Yes, because that worked
so well for you before.
Yeah, but now that I know...
Don't hurt yourself thinking.
Besides, I don't believe those kids
know where the remaining shards are.
But I do believe...
They are leading us to someone who does.
Just a little warning,
Dr. Kramer's a bit eccentric.
Dr. Kramer!?
Dr. Kramer?
Is he?
A decoy?
Yes, he is a decoy.
Hello, Dylan!
Hi, Doctor.
Now who are your young friends?
Oh, these are the Flynn's,
Paxton and Tripp.
Of course!
Carter and Jordyn's boys.
My how you've grown!
Have you, seen us before?
No. Never.
I was stating a biological fact.
I assume you're not born this size.
A bit eccentric?
We need your help.
Ah, yes. I know.
Carter and Jordyn went after
the shards and now they are missing.
Okay. Just 'cuz some crazy
professor, no offense.
Knows the same story doesn't make it true.
So you know about the mirror?
Uh, yes. Do you know the
mirror from Snow White?
Yeah. It's a, there's a certain
evil gentleman inside.
Uh, well! That is just
one of the legends, yes.
The mirror has been around for generations.
Usually held in secrets.
Ah-ooh! Yes, here we are.
Now, right.
About a thousand years ago, an evil army,
called the Krugen, found the mirror.
The Krugen?
Yes, it's a terrible name, I agree.
I would've come up with something far better
like The Vuldani or The League of Contagion.
Oh! That was spot on there dear. I would...
Dr. Kramer.
Well, the leader of the
Krugen used the mirror.
And the result was the little something
we'd come to know as The Dark Ages.
So, what's the mirror used for?
It grants whoever looks into it
their absolute deepest desire.
And the only thing that someone
who wants the mirror ever desires?
Is power.
Okay, are you guys hearing
how crazy this sounds?
Pax we live in a house, there's secret lab full
of fabled artifacts and the talking computer.
You still don't believe this? That's crazy.
I like this young man. You, hmm.
So the mirror is broken?
Well. Now come on ya'll. It's tea time.
Now. In the 13th century, a group of knights, known
as the hunters, attempted to destroy the mirror.
The evil in the mirror fought back.
The best that the hunters could do
was to break off four shards.
Now, four of the hunters, each took a shard, concealed
them in vessels and rode off in different directions.
A fifth hunter took the mirror itself.
And all would've been concealed ever since.
So, why did our parents go after it?
Well, word has come, that
the Krugen is strong again.
And they desire to make the mirror whole.
The fake interpol cops said they were
looking for three shards, not four.
That means that the
Krugen already have one.
It is your destiny.
Youmuststop, the Krugen!
No, we have to find mom and dad.
And then, we can recover
the shards and stop the Krugen.
Well, the order in which you do
this is your choice of course.
Dr. Kramer do you know where
the other three shards are?
You've been storing a shard?
We are all just vessels, dear boy.
How do we find the others?
Mmm. You start by believing what you hear.
This is a very special crystal.
I picked this one particularly because...
Tell me.
Who is the leader of the Krugen?
You must go and find
the other shards before the Krugen.
We're not gonna leave you.
Just go. I can handle this one.
Go, go. We gotta go. Come on.
Come in.
Here's the plan.
Find my folks. Save the world.
Save the world and find your folks.
If we do the other way
around, it may be too late.
Do you guys hear anything?
This sucker's vibrating.
I don't hear anything.
Me neither.
That's 'cuz you're old.
Excuse me?
Not old, old. Just... old.
You know, the younger you are,
the more frequencies you can hear.
That's just the way it is.
So what?
So? Remember what Kramer said?
He said we could find the other
shards If I believe what I was hearing.
I'm telling you.
I'm hearing this sucker vibrate!
What are those numbers?
It's the frequency on which's vibrating in.
Those are map coordinates.
That's why Kramer chose this
specific crystal to leave with the shard.
Rocky Mountains.
That's where the next shard is.
We can't go there.
Our parents are in Thailand.
We have to go there, we have to save them.
No. We have to go get the shard.
That's what a true hunter would do.
Well maybe we're not
true hunters, right Pax?
Tripp, as much as it pains
me to agree with her.
Dylan's right.
If the Krugen get those shards...
Mom and Dad may be the
least of our problems.
I remember what they always said.
Sometimes you have to what?
Sometimes you have to make the hard choice.
Exactly. Now, I wanna see them
again just as badly as you do.
But going after the shards instead
of Mom and Dad, that is the hard choice.
That's what they want us to do.
Give me your wallet.
For what?
Just do it.
I'm getting us tickets
on the next flight to Denver.
Listen very closely.
Because this next part is very important.
I don't care what you have to do.
Who you have to hurt.
Those Flynn boys now have a shard.
I want it.
You must be hungry
I've been hungrier.
Is Carter with you? I can order more food.
Carter's missing. Where are my boys?
Last I heard, on a plane to Colorado.
They're fine.
By the way, I'm very
impressed with your boys.
Always have been.
Oh please! I'm unarmed.
There's nobody else here, just
you and me, two old friends talking.
Eat something.
You took an oath.
Same day Carter and I did.
Oh yes. The famous hunter's oath.
Find and protect.
Never use.
When I was a boy, my father
repeated that oath over and over.
We find and protect these items.
He told me we never use them.
He gave everything to the hunters.
I know what happened to your father.
Did you know what he was
hunting on his last mission?
The Grail Cup.
A cup that heals.
The very end when he
was wounded and laying
on the ground he was
holding it in his hands.
The one thing in the world
that could've saved him.
I begged him to drink from it.
Do you know what he said to me?
Find and protect, never use.
Those were his last words.
That was the day I told you and
Carter I was no longer a hunter.
Then we've respected your
decision, didn't we?
We wiped you clear on the records.
Nobody remembers what you used to be.
But your father was right. These
objects do not belong to us.
They belong to all of us.
You're insane.
Friends don't call friends names.
I know what the mirror does Jordyn.
Look into it and gain your deepest desire.
Yes it's drugged.
We're talking about a magic mirror and the
one thing you decided to eat is that apple.
Am I the only one who sees the irony here?
My deepest desire is to have
ultimate power because only then
will I be able to make sure the hunters
vanish into history where they belong.
All of them.
Load her under the plane.
Wheels up in 30 minutes.
Yes, sir.
What are you surprised about?
Your parents never told
you you were hunters?
Being a hunter is your birth right.
Powers are passed down
from parents to children.
Powers? What kind of powers?
Not literal powers, Tripp.
We're not that special.
Well, speak for yourself.
A hunter's strength comes
from his or her family.
Each family is known for
a particular quality.
Mine, the Savinni Clan, is
known for their loyalty.
Um, you have the Bannami Clan,
they're known for resourcefulness
and the Hesters, for secrecy.
And what about the Flynns?
Perseverance. Flynns never give up.
Knew it.
Sorry if I refuse to be classified
by some people who've never met me.
Paxton doesn't believe
in the power of family.
Okay, that's not true.
How is sailing across the
ocean alone about family?
I call that running away.
It's about doing something awesome.
Okay, yeah but it's something ground
breaking you're not helping anybody.
Okay but yeah, you are awesome,
you're cool, yadda-yadda-yadda.
You think it's easy. I'd
like to see you try it.
I would.
I would if I was invited.
But you're always too cool for me.
Guys, heads up.
Turn here.
Wait. Tripp.
Uh. Now what?
Now we climb.
We'll let them find the
shard, then move in.
No sense in getting our hands
dirty if we don't have to.
It's around here somewhere.
Hey guys, look!
Pictographs! Petroglyphs
were carved, not painted.
Don't know the difference between
pictographs and petroglyphs.
Okay. Keep movin'. They go that way.
It looks safe.
I got this.
Tripp, think!
How was I supposed to
think that would happen?
At least he deactivated the trap.
Seems that way
You guys coming?
Women right?
Not all women. Just her.
What is that?
It's the story of the mirror.
It's a warning.
Telling people not to look into the mirror.
This way.
We'll need this.
Nice work.
Yeah, no problem.
Yeah, nice work.
What is that light?
Okay, this has to be it.
There's no codex, no writing.
It's a native-american water sign.
Uh. It's broken.
On purpose.
Yeah, broken water.
But you can't break water.
No, but you can stop it.
We need to find the source.
Perhaps you're smarter than you look.
Might be booby-trapped.
Okay, get ready to run.
That's it?
No spike thing or crashing wall?
Okay, let's get moving.
I wanted to escape from
something you know of.
Big rock!
We see them.
They're coming out now.
Yes, they have the shard vase.
Remember, they are
not to be harmed.
The hunters need to feel hunted.
But I can get rid of them.
Stick to the plan.
It's vz, not vase.
If you hurt them...
Hurt them?
You kidding?
They're brilliant.
With almost no training, they've tracked
down two of the shards already.
I would hire them to find the last shard
and the mirror for me but there's no need.
They're gonna do it for free.
I know my boys.
They will not help you.
An hour a few now, they'll be
on the phone begging for help.
Feels good?
As good as it could be.
I thought the plan was
only to scare them.
Yes, well. Accidents happen.
Gun it.
Guys. Heads up.
Still wanna escape from something?
I take it back.
We gotta go. Now, go. Hurry up.
Down here!
Fast, run faster!
We lost them
Let's see them follow us now.
You are welcome
They followed us.
Okay, okay, go, go, go go go Go!
Come on Dylan. Move it!
That was your brilliant plan?
What? You got a better one?
Down here.
I got a plan but you're not gonna like it.
Does it matter?
Good point.
He's not gonna like that.
Move on!
You okay?
So that was your brilliant plan?
Get them!
Come on. Come on!
Is this one of those accidents
you were talking about? Hmm?
Gotta keep moving.
Good plan.
Still gonna have to push me.
You okay Tripp?
Besides may probably going
prematurely graft to this.
Yeah, I think I'm fine.
The Krugen found us here they'll
probably find us again.
We need away to move, a way to travel.
Now I think It's time to call Mason.
Perfect timing.
Mason! It's Paxton.
Paxton! What a delightful surprise.
How are you? How are your folks?
Uh. Tripp and I need your help.
Well, of course anything.
Just tell me where you are.
39, 62, 107, 40.
Thank you for coming.
Flynn brothers are in trouble, I'm here.
No questions asked.
Mason Fuller, this is Dylan.
How do you do?
Mason is one of our
family's oldest friends.
You're still filthy,
stinking rich?
More than ever!
Mason, mom and dad are missing.
Tell me everything.
I find this hard to believe.
Yeah, so did we.
Trust me.
My parents never told you
anything about the hunters?
Never. I thought I knew
everything about them.
Any idea where your parents are?
They were in Thailand.
We're gonna find them.
Yeah, but first we have to find
the other shard and the mirror.
And the what? Hide them? Destroy them?
Well, here's my plan so far.
One, we find the shard.
Two, we find the mirror.
And three?
I said so far.
Okay, everything we thought
was a fairy tale, it's real.
The mirror, the hunters, the Krugen.
The other shards that you have...
May I see them?
I don't know. We've
said too much already.
Of course, I understand that.
I just wish I knew more so
that I could help you better.
Dylan, it's okay.
You can show him the shards.
Not that much to look at, right?
That's them.
Can you feel the power?
The other shard, the one
that the Krugen don't have.
Where do you suppose that is?
We don't know. Or the mirror itself.
The first shard.
It led to the second one, we're thinking
maybe they all lead to each other.
Are those letters?
There, there, those. They
are not just designs.
They are greek letters
written backwards.
Yes, Dylan they are.
Let's get to my office.
I think I can help.
I tell you those kids are amazing!
You should be very proud.
In fact, listen in for yourself. They're
just on the other side of that door.
So close and yet, impossible to help.
That must be torture for a mother.
Tripp can you read that?
It's true. I'm the
smartest one in the room.
I can't read ancient greek.
I can.
'Rhodopis'. Benefits of
a Classical Education.
What's Rhodopis?
Rhodopis wasn't a what.
She was a who.
Rhodopis was an ancient greek slave girl
who married the Egyptian Pharoah, Amos II
after he discovered one of
her glass slippers falling
in the celebration in the
Ancient City of Memphis.
Sounds like Cinderalla.
Bingo. It says here that
the story of Rhodopis is
actually the earliest version
of Cinderalla story.
But it is of a pre-school education.
So the shard is somewhere in Egypt.
Nope. Boston.
Recently added to the museum's permanent
fairy tales and meaning collection
The Glass Slipper, allegedly
worn by Cinderella.
The shard is in the slipper.
Nice work, Tripp.
We take the jet to Logan International.
Mr. Fuller.
Mason. All do respect,
you are not a hunter.
This is our sworn task not yours.
I've been a family friend to
these boys for many years.
With their parents missing, I
feel certain responsibility.
Besides, having some who's filthy,
stinking rich as a travelling companion
can't be the worst thing
in the world, can it?
Say yes or I'll cry.
It's black tie.
And we definitely are not.
How are we gonna get in dressed like this?
I have an idea.
Hey, Pax.
Here you go.
Thank You.
What do you think?
You know what? I think
you can use these.
Okay. How?
Wow, you look great.
Uh. I mean, If that's
what you're going for.
I could get used to this.
What do we do with our clothes?
I'll have my driver take
them back to the jet.
What about the shards?
Maybe we should keep those with us.
Oh. Trust me.
My private jet is more
secure than Fort Knox.
They'll be just fine there.
Looking good.
Invitations, please.
We're with him.
Mr. Fuller of Fuller Industries.
I'm sorry you don't
appear to be on our list.
Excuse me?
Get me the curator? Please.
I am terribly sorry Mr. Fuller.
Please accept my apology.
It's quite alright.
We are so grateful for
your contribution and
we are surprised to see
you here this evening.
Life is more fun on the last
minute, don't you think?
Please, enjoy.
Now this is what I call a party. Ladies?
Up there.
Glass slipper.
That doesn't belong to you.
Paxton, keep an eye
on the crowd.
Dylan wait here.
I'm gonna bypass on the alarm.
And if it's a vending
video game education.
How's it coming Tripp?
Not yet.
Such power.
I can feel it from here.
Reperio qua adservum nunquam utor deid
Who are you?
Excuse me?
Tripp stop.
Mason's a hunter.
Reperio qua adservum nunquam utor
'Find and Protect. Never Use'.
The hunter's oath.
Mason what's she talking about?
She's wrong.
I'm not a hunter.
Not anymore.
You were the Krugen.
I am the Krugen.
Disable the alarm now.
Do it Tripp he's not bluffing.
Pretty and smart.
This one's a keeper, Paxton
Alright. It's off.
The alarm, it's disabled.
Properly motivated.
We can achieve anything.
Boys, you and Dylan, join me.
All due respect to mom and dad,
but you three are the real deal.
Where are my mom and dad?
I regret to inform you that
your father is missing.
Likely, forever.
Let's find the mirror, together.
Then afterwards, I will make sure that you
will have what you most dearly desired.
Dylan, you'll have family.
Tripp, respect.
Paxton, you will finally
be able to sail off
alone leaving every earthly
burden behind you.
You will finally be at peace.
We will never join you, right Pax?
Oh well. In that case...
You little...
Do not test my aim.
Pax, here!
To me!
I just realized I don't need
all three of you alive.
You want it?
Catch it.
Tripp, run!
They're getting away.
When did Cinderella
lost her slipper?
Come on, come on!
Get in! Come on!
Nice timing.
Mom, we thought you were...
Why aren't you in school?
Seriously? We're going to do this now?
I'm just glad you're okay baby.
Pax. Dylan.
So you're back together.
Hmm? What? Uh. No. No. Nope.
Mom. What about dad?
Mason said that...
I don't know Pax.
But it's your father, and
he's a survivor, so.
Mason has the shards. All of them.
But he doesn't have the mirror.
And he doesn't know where it is.
Guess what?
I do.
Mr. Fuller, sir. We are so
lucky you're not hurt.
Shame about the slipper.
We must find those thieves.
We will.
If I don't find them, the authorities will.
We don't need them.
We have the shards, but we don't
know where the mirror is.
You don't, but I do.
I forgot how much you
love your little secrets.
Who gave this to you?
I never even seen that before.
Is that what the Krugen are after?
What is it, stone?
It's the key to the Wolf's tomb.
That sounds promising.
We're going to Germany kids.
Mrs. Flynn after what
happened at the museum
the police are gonna be
checking every plane for us.
Not this plane, Dylan.
We're out of U.S. Airspace.
This plane will get you
where you need to go.
Thanks, Skoon.
Wait, Skoon? As in the
Skooner family of Hunters?
Round here, I'm just a regular
army captain working cargo.
Your family is legendary for
their backup and support.
They never leave a man behind.
Oh, it's all about being a good wingman.
Besides, Carter and Jordyn have saved
my hide more than a few times.
My pleasure.
Follow me.
You've been a little quiet
since we all got back together.
Doing alright?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
Just uh...
Do you think Dad's alright?
Your dad is one of the toughest people I have
ever met and I have to believe he's okay.
Look. I want you to know we were
gonna come for you and dad.
As soon as we had the shards.
Pax, you did exactly the right thing.
Recovering those shards are so much
more important than anyone of us.
Why didn't you tell us about the hunters?
Do you ever recall your father
and I fighting 'bout anything?
Because we never did.
Except for one thing.
Whether to tell you and Tripp
that you were both hunters.
He wanted to tell you
but I would'nt let him.
Becoming hunters was something
that was decided for
your father and me long
before we were even born.
But being the hunter also means
that sometimes you are the hunted
And I wanted something
more for you and Tripp.
I wanted something your
Dad and I never had
which was our
childhood, the peace.
But what you got was a whole part of
your life that didn't include us.
I, I just, I can't believe that you
told Dylan everything and not me.
But Pax you have to understand.
Both Dylan's parents were hunters and
they both died when she was so young.
She didn't have any family.
So the hunters took her in.
We've just tried to give her a way
out of her loneliness, you know?
Just because we had parents, doesn't
mean we weren't lonely for them.
Yeah, I know that now.
Pax. Thank you for
not coming for us.
Come on.
Wait, here are my favorite parts.
You're right.
You're right it's the Wolf's tooth.
It's oddly appropriate
that the mirror has been
hidden all this time practically
on my own backyard.
Just promise me that
when it's time,
you'll let me deal with
Joydyn Flynn in my own way.
Of course. I'm gonna
watch this again.
Great! Graveyards.
Your afraid of ghosts?
No. Guess you are,
remember that holloween?
Oh. You'd be quiet alright
or I'll tell a story
about a certain someone
who slept with a night
light when he's 17.
Okay, okay.
No! No, no no.
In wanna hear this.
Nope. Moving on.
So funny mom.
I'll tell you later Dylan.
The Wolf's tomb wouldn't happen to have a
carving of a Wolf's head on it, would it?
It's made of solid granite.
The tooth is missing.
The Wolf's tooth.
It's a three-button sequence.
That's, a thousand possible combinations.
Another puzzle.
But if we hit the buttons in the wrong
order, the whole thing could collapse.
Or explode!
Or turn into a large spikey thing
near you, we know the drill.
It's the Wolf. It's the Wolf
of Little Red Riding Hood.
Meaning what?
My what big eyes you have.
My what big ears you have.
My what big teeth you have.
Always loved that story.
We did it.
You certainly did.
Nice trick.
Pretending to deactivate the alarm.
I don't know If I should shake your
hand or send you to your room.
Well, neither sounds appealing.
Hm. I love this kid.
Mason, do not make this
mirror whole again.
Why not? I would be bad?
Bu-hoo. Scary.
Jordyn, the world is divided
into two types of people.
Those, who are slaves to ancient traditions
and tired superstitions, and me.
Long before we were hunters my family
descended from the Gorgos of Greece.
As to the Krugen. The ancient
Gorgos ruled over man for millenia.
That! Is my true birth right.
People need leadership.
They don't need some ancient order of
warrior scientists protecting them
from things that go bump in the night.
The world needs me! Not the hunters.
You'll have to go through
us to get to the mirror.
I would've been so disappointed
had you not said that.
Did you mean what you
said at the museum?
If I help you get the mirror,
you'd give me everything I want.
Yes, Pax.
You can finally set out on your journey.
Free of your family.
Pax! You don't know
what you're doing.
I do, Mom.
Maybe for the first time.
Shit. It's rigged.
The tomb is sealing we are
running out of time.
Here take it.
We gotta get out of here.
We are but you're staying.
That's not what you said.
Generations far back from the Flynn
Family had died in this tomb.
Take comfor on that. Bring little girl.
She's been so helpful.
No, NO!
No! No!
If you don't mind a bit faster.
I've got a world that needs me.
Okay. Gotta find a way out of here.
Is that a snake?
No. It's a viper.
It's the most venomous on Europe.
Thank you for that I feel so much better.
And, she's got a friend!
Hunter keeps all have safety zones.
We just have to find a way out.
You sold us out.
I knew what I was doing, okay.
I had a plan.
Yeah. It clearly works so well.
We have to save Dylan.
Okay, that's all that matters.
Yeah, well news flash.
We're kinda trapped in here.
Maybe not. Hunter keeps
are usually designed
with darkness in mind.
Turn your lights.
We can't see without the light.
No, we can't see because of the light.
And, what about our creepy-crawly
friends who like the dark?
Trust me on this one, Tripp.
Watch, Tripp!
What, what?
Get off my foot.
Pax, I'm nowhere near you.
Just don't move.
Oh. Thank you so much. Mom!?
Hang on!
Where the Wolf is...
This is it, this is it.
We just have to get this... Pax?
Move, now. Move!
Okay, okay, okay.
I hate snakes!
Okay. This is it.
This is the way out.
Through here?
No problem.
Okay, It's that way.
How do we know we
can trust Paxton?
Did you betray us?
You got a plan?
Yes and I still think it can work.
That's good enough for me.
Come on, Tripp.
We're family.
I go where you go.
That's it. That's Mason's castle.
Let's go.
What is this place?
If I told you it's where the seven dwarves
use to live, would you believe me?
I stopped being surprised days ago.
So if that's the seven dwarves' cottage
that must mean there's a jewel mine nearby.
This is the way into Mason's castle.
Can we take some?
Find and protect. Never use.
Is that a rule or just
a general guideline?
Come on. Let's go, let's go!
Put it back.
What are you doing?
Ensuring all my boarding
school tuiton money's gone.
Wait there's a dead
spot at the rear.
It's a shielded area, no readings.
Mason's hub.
That's where he's got
the mirror and Dylan.
Okay, how do we get in there?
Working on it.
Infrared imaging.
Can you find an entry way
without the henchman?
Oh, come on. I was just starting
to like those henchman.
Alright, up here. This
should be a way in.
Hi-ho little bro.
Precious shield.
That wasn't an easy
acquisition was it, Mai?
More valuable ones never are.
Mason, don't do this.
You're smart enough to know
that you'll never win.
I'm sure on your little circle of
friends, you're considered very clever.
However, this is exactly
what winning looks like.
It's the gate.
Stay with mom.
Ah. Didn't leave any for me?
Remind me not to upset you.
I know you feel betrayed by the hunters
and maybe by the world but don't do this.
Ha. You really are adorable.
After I am granted ultimate power,
remind me not to destroy you.
It is complete.
I knew you were a coward.
Well, well, well, Flynn boys.
Where's mommy?
She didn't make it.
Oh. That's too bad.
Oh well.
Don't take it too hard.
Being orphaned did wonders for me.
What are you waiting for?
Do it.
Pax, we don't want him to look into it.
Trust me. He won't.
All your talk about the
power of the Gorgos
how the Krugen are their descendants,
that's all it was. Talk.
If you're truly a hunter, you
would know not to push me.
I am a hunter of the Flynn Clan
and your ancestors
are laughing at you.
Mirror, mirror, restore to
me, the power of Gorgos.
Make me the most powerful Krugen of all.
Yes, yes!
No, wait! No, no.
You knew this was gonna
happen all along?
Ever since Mason started bragging about
being a descendant of the Gorgos.
The Gorgos? The Gorgans?
Medussa's gaze? They could
turn people to stone.
So you wanted them to have the mirror
so he'd wish on it to be a Gorgon.
So if he was looking into the mirror...
Turn himself into stone.
I'm sorry. I don't even know.
No problem.
What are you guys talking about?
You realize we could use the
mirror to wish your father back.
Mom! That's the curse
of the mirror.
Never know how it'll turn
your wish back on you.
Mom. Listen, we want dad back
just as much as you, believe me.
It has to be done.
Mirror, mirror...
My fondest wish is...
is that you destroy yourself.
We gotta get out here, now go.
Sometimes, I have to
make the hard choices.
Come on.
Let's go home.
Tripp, you sure these are
the right coordinates?
Hundred percent!
Satellite passes directly over this
spot, right at noon, everyday.
So if your father's looking for us,
this is exactly where we need to be.
What time is it?
11:59 and 50 seconds.
We have 10 seconds to go.
Oh, Carter.
Thanks for coming.
Thanks for inviting me.
Mom! What does this mean?
It's encrypted. An old code.
What's sort of code?
Last time I use this code,
your father and I were...
That's dad. It has to be.
What's the position?
The Golden Egg of Montupet.
It's your father.
Come on
I'm getting us tickets on
the next flight to Peru.
Here. I'll put a list of
supplies here, right.
Pax. Get this boat back to shore.
Wheels up in 90 minutes everybody.
Roger that!
Peru, huh?
Sounds lovely this time of year.