The Hunting (2021) Movie Script

Oh, shit!
Get 'em up, get 'em
up! Move it, move it!
Move it, move it, move it!
Marine, what're you waiting for?
No, please, don't!
All right, move, move, move!
All right, Mags, car is
Time for your mother
and me to hit the road.
Come on, dear, let's go.
She can handle it, right, Mags?
Love ya, kiddo.
See you in a few days.
Make sure the wolves don't
kill each other, okay?
Just another day in paradise.
Don't worry, sir, we'll find
Follow me.
Yes, sir.
Please, shut the door.
Yes, sir.
Hey look, Connor, I'm just
gonna get right after it.
I got a call this morning
from Sarah Simmons
over there on Ridge road.
Sarah Simmons, Bobby's wife?
Yeah, Bobby didn't come home
last night.
She's worried sick about him.
Now, you know it takes
about 24 hours for us
to generate a missing person's
I think with everything
going on around here,
I need for you to get out there
if we have any chance
of finding him alive.
Yes, sir, me and Dave
will get right on it.
Hang on, there's more.
I need you to take care of
Dave while he's out there.
Now, Dave and Bobby were
old high school buddies.
I know my son.
This might shake him up a bit.
Yes, sir, anything you need.
Now I know Dave can
be kind of an asshole,
but you're doing a real good job
of taking him under your wing.
He doesn't have to know
while he's out there,
Yes, sir.
We have to get you a better
Why, I have a phone.
Nevermind, did you at
least check in this morning?
Oh, my God, no.
Hold up, it's fine.
I got you, it's fine.
All right, so what're we doing
I know this guy.
Are you gonna be all
right to handle this?
Yes, I'll be fine, damn.
Look he's out there.
They're all out there.
We'll find them.
I do have a serious question
Before we get started,
can we please get a coffee?
You gotta be kidding me,
Come on, buddy, come on.
That a boy, let's go, come on.
Come on, let's go,
buddy, come on, let's go!
Hey, hey, hey, come on, whoa,
How are they doing today?
Hungry as usual, very active.
I hung their breakfast so
they would work for it,
but they'd rather be hunting.
That's good.
Wolves will be wolves.
How are we doing on meat?
Um, we're okay with the red
Little light on the chicken.
Probably could use a
little bit more rabbit.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Anything else?
Yeah, see if you can check
into getting a mammoth for us.
That should last us about a
month or two.
Good idea.
Stop it, Todd.
Lighten up, Mags.
You're gonna wear yourself out.
Your parents enjoyed doing this
That's what you gotta do.
You know what?
It's been a whole year
since they've been gone.
I kinda had a feeling today
was gonna be a rough day.
Well, I finally had the
to start going through
some of their things.
You know, your parents,
they were good people.
Dad was a genius.
He knew so much about wolves,
what they needed and when.
How to take care of them.
It was like he was part of the
There's lots to live up to.
Give it time.
That's easy for you to say.
This burden hasn't passed on to
Hey, you're not in this alone,
I was there for your parents.
I'll be there for you.
I know, Todd, thank you.
Don't mess with
that, seriously, you're family.
Oh, that actually reminds me.
When I was going through Dad's
I finally got myself to look in
the bag
that they found at the scene
that night.
They gave you that stuff?
I thought that was evidence?
No, they let me have it.
Anyway, it's over there with
some of my dad's old stuff
if you want anything.
Anything good in there?
Just his camera and some
hunting gear.
Oh, actually, there was
something interesting,
this old book.
A book, what kind of book?
Well, it's gotta be
I mean hard to say really.
I don't know.
I didn't read it yet.
Why trouble yourself with that
It's a waste of time.
Geez, Todd, who needs to
lighten up now?
I'm sorry, Mags.
I'm just concerned about the
and what were going through now.
Can I show you something
out in the feeding pen?
Yeah, sure.
This better not be
Look, I know this case may
be a little bit rough on you.
Man, I'm fine, seriously.
Okay, the Chief is really
about you digging in on this
Yeah, telling you all this
while keeping me in the dark?
Dude, he doesn't have
any confidence in me.
Man, he's just a father
trying to protect his kid.
All right, he's trying to
protect everybody in this town.
We need to cut the guy a
little slack, don't you think?
If you say so, man.
Come on, Dave.
I know he has high expectations
of you, but for good reason.
Dude, the only reason I'm
involved in any of this stuff
is because I'm your partner.
I'm just here for the ride.
Come on, you bring a lot to
the table.
Like what?
Okay, Bobby, you and
him were friends, right?
Where would he be going?
What would he be doing?
You mean besides drinking?
Yes, Dave, besides drinking.
I don't know.
I know he liked to fish.
Fishing, well, there you go.
Did a little detective work.
If he liked to fish,
he'd have to pass by Frank's
to pick up supplies, right?
Let's go by there and see
if Frank seen anything.
Hey, how's it going there,
Oh, hey, Connor.
What can I do for ya?
Frank, we got a call this
Oh, was it about all
those folks going crazy
and buying up all my inventory?
I mean look at that.
They bought up all the toilet
Of all the things you'd think.
No, Frank, it wasn't
about your toilet paper.
I mean, that is weird though.
Tell me about it.
Frank, we're looking for Bobby
We have reason to believe
that he might've been by here
buying some fishing supplies.
Have you seen him?
Bobby Simmons, no, I can't
say that I have, sorry.
Are you sure?
I keep an eye on everybody
that comes in this place, okay?
You never know if one
of those little fuckers
might be that killer that's on
the loose.
You know what I'm saying?
Frank, come on, there's no
killer, okay?
Just a few missing people,
that's all.
I suppose Bobby's the next on
that list?
Didn't say that either, Frank.
I don't know.
I've never seen people so
and they're buying up all this
and locking themselves in their
That's just not right.
Frank, we're gonna
get to the bottom of it.
You know, hearing you say
doesn't fill me with
one iota of confidence
that this situation is gonna
get taken care of anytime soon.
All right, Frank, let's calm
We have people working around
the clock on this, all right?
Can I help you, miss?
I'm looking for my
husband, Bobby Simmons.
Thought he might've stopped in
Well, I'll be.
So are these fine gentlemen
right here.
Hi, Sarah, I'm Detective Ryan.
You may know my partner, Dave.
Yeah, I know Dave.
What's going on?
We were actually on
our way to come see you.
Hey, Frank, can you give us a
Sure, go ahead, help yourself.
It's not like you don't have
an office about six doors down
where you can conduct your
Sarah, we were assigned
to your husband's case this
I don't understand.
They told me it had to
be at least 24 hours
before anyone could do
anything, what's wrong?
Well, that's usually
the case, all right,
but as you know, Dave and Bobby
were good friends in high
and he wanted to get a jump on
this one.
What can you tell us, Sarah,
that might help us find him?
Where would he be going?
What would he be doing?
His sorry ass is probably
passed out drunk somewhere in
the mud.
That does
sound like the Bobby I knew.
This one time we found him
passed out on the floor of the...
Now let's calm down here.
Take a deep breath.
What can you tell us, Sarah?
He might be the town drunk,
but he's a good man, a good man.
Yes, nobody said anything
What happened last night?
I already told the guy
on the phone earlier.
I understand, ma'am,
but it would really help me
if I could hear it again.
So, last night him and
well, we kinda got into a little
but then he stormed off in his
and said he needed to blow off
some steam.
Okay, it's okay, it's okay.
What made you think to look for
him here?
Well, if he's not out
drinking at the fuckin' bar,
he's usually fishing.
Okay, Sarah, that helps a lot.
All right, there's only
a few spots on that river
he can get to at night.
Won't you just go on home.
Me and Dave will go around
there and take a look.
If we find anything,
we'll give you a call.
Does that sound good?
Yeah, good idea.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Oh, shit, there's Bobby's
Oh, my God, that stinks.
What is that?
Oh, Jesus, nasty!
Yeah, he's not there either.
Let's go down this way.
Yeah, let's do that.
All right, listen.
There's two trails.
You're gonna go down that way.
I'm gonna go down this way.
All right.
Oh, shit, Connor, Connor,
Connor, Connor!
Son of a bitch.
What is that?
Christ, dude, he's been torn
Easy, calm down.
Assess the situation.
What's missing here?
His leg!
Yeah, Dave, I know his leg,
but look.
There's no flies, maggots,
Maggots, what does that
have to do with anything?
Bobby's truck, they were full
of them.
Look at this, there's nothing.
This kill is just a few hours
And this, does that look
like a coyote print to you?
No, dude, that would
be a big ass coyote!
Hey, Dave, do you remember
that girl last summer.
You mean the wolf girl?
Yeah, Dave, the wolf girl.
I think we should call
her and get her up here.
Oh, Jesus.
Are you okay?
No, dude, before we had
just a bunch of missing person
I figured eventually they
would just turn back up,
and now we have this,
and you're talking about wolves?
Calm the fuck down!
This is the job you signed up
Now, do me a favor!
Go back there and call Dr.
Dr. Keely?
The fuckin' coroner, Dave!
Maggie Talbot.
Miss Talbot, this is Detective
at Mantua Police Department.
You remember?
What can I do for you?
Maggie, it seems that we
have another animal attack.
And you're calling me?
You must think it's a wolf.
I don't know to be honest with
There's a lot about this
case I don't understand.
I could really use your
insight on this one.
Well, wolves haven't
been seen in the wild
in this part of the country for
I'll leave out the details for
but it's pretty violent.
Okay, you know wolves are
highly misunderstood creatures,
and very rarely attack
humans, I mean.
Yes, ma'am, I understand,
but there's really something
off about this one.
You could have coywolves.
What's a coywolf?
It's a crossbreed between
a coyote and a wolf.
You know wolves have been known
to cross with other species.
That can actually happen?
Yeah, of course.
I mean I'd have to see the
evidence to know for sure, but.
Well, listen, this
is out of my skill set.
Are you available to come take a
How soon could you get here?
Um, not long.
I just have to pack a few
things and I'll be on my way.
Sounds good, thank you.
Hold it, hold up!
- What's going on?
- The police down in Mantua
think that someone was attacked
by a wolf.
A wolf in that area, bullshit.
That's what the man said.
You want me to come with you?
No, it's probably just a
but just in case I'm gonna check
it out.
I should come with you, hold
Let me get a few things, all
No, no, Todd, don't worry
about it.
I got this.
You stay here with the wolves.
Don't go chasing that legend.
Legend, what're you talking
Nothing, just be careful.
In fact, take this.
Come on, I don't need a gun.
No, seriously, please, take
I'll be back in a day or two,
Oh, man.
Hey, Connor!
What the fuck is wrong with
You look good on
camera, man.
You could be one of
those outdoorsy models.
You know what?
One minute you're pissing your
Next you're a fuckin' paparazzi.
I swear you have multi
I knew it.
I'm so sorry.
Check this out.
I know, right?
What do you think they're
Something messy, that's for
Definitely, and she's all
"You have to leave before my
loser husband comes home."
Yeah, and he's like,
"You're totally right, babe.
"That dude totally sucks."
"We can't keep doing this.
"It's just , too much."
"Fine, if you want it that
"I'll take this fine ass
somewhere else."
Oh, shit, I think he heard us.
Relax, can't hear us from
all the way over there.
Ah, could he?
Fuck, he did.
That dude has incredible
And an incredible ass.
Oh, please, he's so out of our
Speak for yourself, sister.
Look, look, watch.
Can I help you, miss?
Yes, I'm here to see Detective
He's expecting me.
And who should I say is here?
Maggie Talbot.
Okay, ah, just take a seat,
Miss Talbot.
He'll be out in just a few
You have a Maggie Talbot here to
see you.
Miss Talbot.
Please call me Maggie.
Of course, thank you for
coming by.
Come on back.
So Maggie how is it you
have so much knowledge
in this field?
I mean, to be completely honest
with you,
a lot of people thought
you were crazy last year
looking for wolves in Ohio.
Well, it's
in the family business.
My parents raised me in this
So they help you with this?
Ah, not anymore, no.
Off the better things, I
Ah, not exactly.
Last year, we lost on an
expedition in Alaska, so.
Oh, Maggie, I...
No, I mean, it's not your
They were actually up there
looking for wolf pack territory
when they both went missing.
I am so sorry, really.
It seems like you have a lot
of resilience carrying on.
Well, the conservation
what keeps their legacy alive
for me.
Of course, I understand.
Well, I don't wanna take
up too much of your time,
but here's some of the tufts of
that we found around the body.
The body?
I didn't mention it?
No, you said there was an
animal attack.
You thought it was wolves.
Well, technically you said
Semantics, I think we're
getting off track here.
Yeah, you're right.
Is there anything else to show
me here?
Yes, actually I found
some interesting remains.
This doesn't make any sense.
Wolves don't really attack
Not to mention they've all been
from the lower 48.
It's just hard to believe a
pack large enough to do this
would go undetected.
Am I interrupting anything?
Maggie, I think you
know my partner, Dave.
Yeah, of course.
Nice to see you again.
Likewise, so what do
you make of all this?
I'm not sure yet.
I mean, I have to see
more evidence of wolves
to make a determination.
Dave, did you process
the photos of Bobby yet?
No, no, but you can
take her
to go see the body in person,
can't you?
That's a good idea.
Would you be up to that, Maggie?
I think I'll stay here and
finish processing the evidence.
I'll drive.
Oh, hello, Connor.
Hi, Dr. Keely.
This is Maggie Talbot
from the Wolf sanctuary.
Oh, yes, nice to meet you,
Forgive me for not shaking your
Oh, no problem.
Well, since we're all
here, brace yourself.
It's not pretty.
You can clearly see the teeth
marks here,
but not on the leg where you
might expect.
It's more of a tear than a bite
Are you okay, Maggie?
Yeah, I'm
There's just something
really strange about this.
It looks like a straight kill.
What do you mean straight
I was thinking the same thing.
What she's saying is that it
doesn't look
as though anything was
consumed, not much anyway.
It's obvious this animal
didn't kill for food.
I mean this type of aggression
could be a possible territorial
Like protecting a den of pups?
I mean that's possible, but
It still would've consumed the
There's a lot here that
doesn't make sense yet.
We still have a lot more
investigating to do.
Have you had a chance to
check out the other remains yet?
Not yet, I kind of got my
hands full with this one.
Of course, ma'am.
I'll let you know as soon
as I find anything new.
Thanks, Doc, appreciate it.
Skee, Skee, damn it, Skee, no!
God damn, Skee, look at me!
Skee, look at me!
Hold on, hold on!
Don't, Skee, God, no!
Ryan, your pickup is ready
at the pharmacy counter.
Ryan, the pharmacy counter.
Maggie, you should know
that people have gone missing
around here.
We have this case.
Really it's all these cases
and it's got me stumped.
And until today, I thought all
these cases were unrelated.
Wait, so Bobby isn't the
only one you're working on?
Really, it's not safe around
You know, we should go get your
and I'll follow you to the
and we'll just pick this
back up in the morning.
You got a second, Chief?
Yeah, come on in.
Need to give my eyes a rest
from these reports anyhow.
Anything new to report?
I mean, yeah.
I just got a bad feeling about
all this.
Hey there, boss.
Hey, find any wolves?
Well, we found something,
although I don't think it's
Coyotes then, just like you
Not unless a coyote can
tear the legs off a man.
Wait a minute.
What did you say?
They found a body out
here that was torn apart.
It's got slashes and teeth
but nothing like I've ever seen,
Hold up, are you safe?
Yeah, Todd, I'm fine.
Have you heard of anything like
Listen, Maggie, stay where you
Don't go out.
I'm on my way to you.
Wait, what aren't you telling
I'll explain when I get there.
Just stay safe.
I'll call when I'm close.
So, if what you're telling me
is true,
we have a killer on the loose.
Well, yeah, we have
to tell people, right?
Have you looked around
when you've been out there?
People are already hiding
Last thing we wanna do is
create any sort of panic.
Yea, come on in, Connor.
What do you think of all this?
To be honest, sir, I'm not
but I do know we don't need
walking on the streets at night.
Seems to be when all the action
Hmm, that's a good idea.
Maybe we need to issue a
temporary curfew.
Yes, sir.
I think I'll give a mayor
I just said that.
Call Detective Ryan.
Dr. Keely, what've you got?
Some information for you
on those skeletal remains.
I'm listening.
We ran some tests,
and determined that some
of the bones were broken.
Based on how you found them,
this would indicate a heavy
impact or a blunt trauma.
That's not good.
Exactly, but that's not all.
We found multiple stress
fractures on the skull.
How could that have happened?
Well, the fracture patterns
equal pressure from
both sides of the skull.
Perhaps the vic's head
was squeezed or crushed.
Oh, shit, any more on the
The lab reports indicate the
is consistent with the
first missing person.
So, it's related?
I'm still waiting on reports
of the second set for
Okay, thanks, Doc.
Hey, Connor, wait.
Be careful out there.
I've never seen anything like
this before.
Did you have trouble finding
the place?
You know me, Mags.
I can track anything down,
especially you.
Let's just get to it.
What aren't you telling me,
What'd you bring that for?
I promised your dad,
I wouldn't get you involved in this,
and now I gotta break that
promise, Mag.
Involved with what?
Look, I lied to you earlier.
I know exactly what this
is and what it's all about.
This is your dad's hunting guide
of sort.
All his information, what
he's done, et cetera.
What are you talking about?
He was a hunter,
and he hunted werewolves.
Todd, are
you having a stroke?
I mean, what do you mean
like shape-shifting, eat your
in the middle of the night
werewolves, I mean?
No, no, no, no, no, that
can't be true.
This, this can't be true.
It is, all of it is.
So when Mom
and Dad went missing,
they were hunting werewolves.
Yes, I, I had a vision.
I told your dad, don't go on
I've got a bad feeling,
but he insisted on wanting to
He says, stay back, take care of
in case something happens to us
and I did.
Are they dead?
I don't, I don't know.
I, I don't know, Mags, I
honestly don't.
Tell me everything you
know, and start with that.
Okay, I will.
Wolves haven't been seen in
the wild
in this part of the country for
Wolves are highly misunderstood
and very rarely attack humans.
It's obvious this animal
didn't kill for food.
There's just something really
about this type of aggression.
This is really tough to
We realize the languages
here aren't all the same.
Some go back centuries, even
from all over the world.
Most from which we don't have
record of.
So, whoever assembled this
must have been a hunter.
As long as werewolves have
been around,
there've been people hunting
You sound like you're on
the side of the werewolves.
You have to understand
werewolves are people too.
They are literally tortured
with this condition.
It's not their fault they're
like this.
They've experienced great
trauma and they're cursed.
We only kill werewolves if
we have to to protect others.
Well, the people of this town
need protecting from
what's out there, Todd.
Look here, we know the
werewolves emerge at night,
but during the day they're
and almost always
demonstrates these symptoms.
Have you encountered anyone here
in this town with these
No, but Connor might know
I got it.
Connor, it's Maggie.
I got something here you need to
You're still at the hotel,
Okay, give me an hour or so.
I'm just finishing up at
around here, hang tight.
Hey, Connor, thanks for
Of course.
This is my friend,
Todd, from the sanctuary.
Nice to meet you.
Likewise, please have a seat.
So, Connor, I noticed on my way
the town's pretty dead, nobody
Yeah, well, empty street
make my job a lot easier.
I bet.
Todd can be very
I bet.
So ah, what've we got here?
Do you wanna tell him, or
should I?
Tell me what?
Ugh, whatever, Karen!
I see a little bit of
a carcass or something.
A carcass?
I fuckin' told you.
Get me out of here.
Why, more lame suburban crime?
No, dude, my mom is
driving me fucking crazy.
I need to go out.
What are you doing later?
We interrupt this program
for a special report.
Hold on.
We're asking all the residents
to stay off the streets tonight.
We will be issuing a curfew
just as a precaution.
Jer, are you watching
the news right now?
Ah, ew, no.
Our main objective is
to keep everyone safe.
Please just stay calm
and comply to this order.
Well, apparently we're
not doing anything later.
The Chief has ordered us
to stay off the streets,
and we have some sort of curfew
It's not a problem.
We'll just go to our spot in the
See, I follow rules, no streets.
You're so clever.
I know, grab Jessica
and meet me there later.
Okay, whatever.
Follow these orders,
and that is how we will all stay
Thank you for your cooperation,
and we will plan to
keep the public informed
of any new developments as they
Jesus, this is a lot to take
And you believe this.
Honestly, I do.
I mean everything I
saw, everything I know,
it just points to this being
Well then I
guess I have no choice
but to believe it too,
even though I don't want to.
Then you and I need to get out
and hunt this thing down
before it kills somebody else,
Wait, like now?
That's not a good idea.
Look, I've been doing
this for a while now.
We need to hunt this thing down
That's not safe.
Trust me, I'll meet up
with you guys tomorrow morning,
No, you're not going out there
Maggie's right, we
should wait till morning.
Okay, first light, all right?
Come dawn, we break.
So we're in agreement.
Don't you stick around here
Agreed, right, Todd?
Right, all right, well,
I'll be back in the morning.
I think we need to watch
yourselves around him.
Who, Connor, why?
I don't know.
There's something about him and
I can't put my finger on it.
Well, come on.
Let's find you a room in
this place, I'm exhausted.
Hey, Chief, you working late?
Yeah, and the work's never
Come on in.
So anything new?
No Connor's out on
a couple of leads now,
and I've been going through
these crime scene photos
trying to figure out if there's
we possibly could have missed.
Divide and conquer.
Something like that.
You look fried, Dad.
Didn't Connor tell you to
call me Chief around here?
Right, but I'm talking as your
son now.
You can't help anybody like
Yeah, maybe you're right.
So much for easing out of
this job and into retirement.
Stop, that's what quitters
You raised me better than that,
I mean, don't get me wrong.
There's a lot going on
for an old guy like you to try
to conquer.
You're still a sharpshooter,
and it's what this town needs
right now.
Well, I'll drink to that.
That's what I'm talking about.
You fucking asshole!
Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
Are you okay?
Way to go, Jer!
You jumped out in front of
me. What was I supposed to do?
Hey, there's only one thing
that'll make this better.
- What?
- What?
Never come to a party
empty handed!
Seriously, Amanda?
Oh, relax, Jer.
Come on, let's go.
Woo hoo hoo!
Do you remember that one
when we sent you away for camp?
Not really, why?
Well, I don't think your
mom and I ever told you this.
We sent you away because we
wanted you
to have some structure in your
And you were a pretty big
when you were a little kid.
Some things
never change, right?
Yeah, you know,
we thought we had it all figured
Send you away for a couple of
Enjoy the peace and quiet.
Thought everything would turn
out great.
And did it?
No, no, Dave, it didn't.
You see, ah, we thought
we had it all figured out,
but your little brother,
he was destroyed when you
weren't there.
He would just sit, look
out the window for hours
just waiting for you to come
We'd tell him,
"Go on out, go play,
have some fun, be a kid."
He wouldn't do it.
He just sat there waiting for
I know the bond between
brothers can be special.
It was like you two were
because when you weren't
there, part of him was missing.
Why are you telling me this?
You know, it's not easy for
me to admit that I'm wrong.
Dad, it was just camp.
I'm not talking about camp.
You know, parents do all
sorts of strange things
to ah, protect their kids,
and I've been keeping
things from you around here.
I've been doing it for your own
Like what?
Well, nothing major, but
ah, some little things.
But those little things
can add up to big things,
especially for the cases
that we're working on.
I guess what I'm trying to say
time for me to take off
the training wheels,
because I can't protect you
I think I just need to
get out of your way,
and let you do your job.
I've never heard you
talk like this before.
To be honest,
I had no idea you had it in you.
Well, don't get
used to it,
because tomorrow I'm never
gonna be wrong again.
Ugh, guys, I just don't
why we are being punished
with this curfew.
Like, it's our civil right to go
This is an injustice.
That's exactly what this is.
You know I don't drink.
Come on.
Yeah, don't be such a puss,
Give me that.
Bitches, please, I have my
They just happen to be
different than yours.
You mean trashier than ours.
The irony, my sweet tart.
Jess, help me up, bitches!
Guys, shut up for a second.
No, you shut it.
No, guys, seriously, shut the
fuck up!
I think I just saw
something move behind you.
Do you see anything?
Guys, what it is?
Come on!
Come on, come on, where is
Maggie, go back.
No, I'm, I'm not gonna leave
Maggie, go!
Oh, oh, Dad!
Todd, wake up, it's Maggie!
I'm up.
I need to show you
something. Look at these shots.
What does that mean?
- Where did you get this?
- That's Dad's camera?
I found the card hidden in the
Look, why does my father have
a picture of Connor in Alaska?
Is it possible?
What, what do you mean?
Well, the last time I
talked with your father,
he was tracking a lead on a
He was suspicious of a young man
in town.
Good looking kid, had
a scar on his shoulder.
Connor's always rubbing his
shoulder like he injured it.
I thought there was something
about him.
So, what do we do?
Look, Maggie, I promised
your father I'd keep you safe,
so we aren't going to do
anything tonight.
Stay in your room, lock the
and don't go anywhere, okay?
Todd, he might know about my
I can't just sit here and wait.
You have to.
I tried to warn your parents.
They didn't listen to me.
I'm not gonna let this happen
Look, Maggie, I promised
your father I'd keep you safe,
so we aren't gonna do anything
Oh, God.
You're not in this alone,
I was there for your parents.
I'll be there for you.
I know, Todd.
Don't mess with that, I mean
seriously, you're family.
Fuck this, I can't wait anymore.
Todd, it's time to go!
Todd, get up!
Oh good, you're here.
Didn't you go home last night?
No, sir.
Well, get yourself together.
We've got another dead body in
Come on, we better get
going. I need you on the scene.
Where's your partner?
Don't know, sir.
All right, well, let's
go. I'll fill him in later.
Hello, anyone here, hello?
Sorry, it's been crazy around
How can I help?
I'm looking for Detective
He just left.
Can I leave a message?
Shit, no, no message.
Where did he go?
I'm sorry, I can't give
you that information.
I've been working with
him on this investigation.
What did you say your name
Maggie, Maggie Talbot.
Please, I really need to talk
to him. This is important.
Okay, let me try.
10-100 to 10-04.
10-100 to 10-04.
10-100 to 10-04.
10-100 to 10-04.
I'm sorry, he's not responding.
Great, just great.
Where are you, Todd?
I had a vision.
I told your dad don't go on this
I got a bad feeling.
Are they dead?
I don't know, Mags.
Jesus Christ.
Stop, sorry, ma'am.
You can't go any farther.
I need to find Detective Ryan,
I'm sorry, you can't go any
This is really important.
He went that way.
No, God, no, shit!
You know the old man's
got bourbon in his office?
No, serious, me and him
had a moment last night.
Maggie, what are you doing
It was you all this time?
No, Maggie, no, it wasn't me.
Jesus, you look like hell.
Where's my brother?
Maggie, just relax.
Put the gun down!
Matt, relax, Connor went out
on a case.
He'll be back in just a little
Is there something I can help
you this?
Nobody can help me.
You need to go get my dad.
Maggie, whatever you're
thinking, it isn't true, okay?
You killed them.
I know that it was you!
You took everything from
me , my parents!
No, no, Maggie.
You can't just sit there
and lie to me!
Maggie, look, it's me, it's
Chief, we need you.
Connor's brother's here.
Something's not right.
Matt, what's going on?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, let him go
Look, Maggie, I know
you're scared, okay,
but this isn't you.
You don't know anything!
You can't, it's just too much.
You're the strongest person I
But you gotta think about
what you're doing here.
Drop your weapon.
I can't, it has to be this
No, it doesn't!
You don't have to do this!
Yes, I do!
It's the only thing I can do!
Damn it, trust me!
I can help you!
It's too late for that!
It's too late for me, I've
Everything I've done!
Everywhere I've gone, it stays
with me!
It's better this way.
I beg of you, don't do this,
I'm sorry.
I know there's a special
bond between brothers.
It's like you guys are
connected in some way.
It's okay, get up.
And part of him was missing
when you weren't there.
Sorry, I'm so sorry.
It's okay, it's okay.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Family and friends,
we thank you for allowing us
this honor.
We, the members of this Honor
Guard assembled here today
didn't personally know Matt
but we do recognize him
as a comrade in arms.
Honor Guard, 10-hut, port
We understand his commitment
and service to his country
as a member of the Marines
during tours of duty in
Ready, aim, fire!
We know the loneliness,
fatigue, boredom,
and terror of combat service.
Aim, fire!
When the call of our country
was heard
Comrade Ryan answered.
Self was forgotten in the
cause of greater good.
Aim, fire!
When someone you love is so
a memory is the byproduct.
That memory surely becomes a
Let us now remember what this
soldier's life was and is.
On behalf of the
United States of America,
United States Marine Corps,
and a grateful nation,
we present this to you in behalf
of your sibling's great
honorable service to his country.
Connor , hi, it's
been awhile.
Is everything all right?
Wait, what?
Copy that.