The Huntress of Auschwitz (2022) Movie Script

All I ask is a tall ship
and a star to sail her by.
All I ask is a tall ship
and a star to sail her by.
All I ask is a tall ship
and a star to sail her by.
Is that enough?
[man] Yes.
Can I keep this because
this is written by Richard?
I could frame this.
[man] Yeah, let's have him
moving in.
[man] Hello Princess.
Good afternoon, Miss.
A table or a seat at the bar?
I'm joining someone.
-Amelia Kaminska?
-Of course. This way.
Oh, it's okay. I see her.
I'll find my own way.
Sure. I'll get someone
to get your order.
You can get us started
with two vodka martinis,
just how she likes them.
-Sure. Right away.
-Thank you.
-Hello, darling.
Come. Sit.
Let me look at you.
So beautiful.
You look just like
your grandmother.
You know, it never ceases
to amaze me whenever I see you.
It's like looking back in time.
You look just like her.
How are you?
I'm good, my love. I'm good.
-How's Maria?
-Oh. Much better.
Her sister Gabriela
is helping me in the house
while Maria is resting.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You met her a few times.
She had a little boy, and...
what was his name, Miguel.
With the baseball glove?
That's the one.
And how is Liam Neeson,
your sweet puppy?
He misses you.
Well, I'm not driving
all the way over there.
I don't even like you
being there.
It's not safe and it's so dirty.
Yeah, fair point.
Touch, my darling.
You found him.
I found him.
Sixty years
we've been hunting him.
-How on Earth--
Another hunter in the same
chat room on the dark web.
The dark web.
Oh, what a tangled web we weave
when first we practice
to deceive.
Listen to me, krlewna.
Do not let him inside your head.
You do your job,
but you never forget what he is.
He's a monster and a psychopath,
so rare to find one alive.
You clever, clever girl.
I assume you have
contacted McShane?
All sorted. I'm seeing
him tomorrow morning
and then I fly out tomorrow.
Muchas gracias, Jose.
-Na Zdrowie.
-Na Zdrowie.
["Dead Man Walking" by Cody Fry]
I am a dead man walking
I see the light coming
And it feels warm on my face
But I can't tell
It's gonna burn me down
They say I killed a man
That's what they say
But you still seem
To like me
Babe, I couldn't hold you
Every night
And tell you
It's gonna be all right
Dead man walking
Yeah, I got problems
But these chains of mine
But you, you've got
Your freedom
Yeah, you still got time
Well, how you doing, cover girl?
I'm doing good, McShane.
How about you?
Well, you know me, baby.
All better after seeing you.
I like you.
Always on time. No mess.
Speaking of...
[McShane] Passport and papers
as requested, my lady.
Speaking of ladies,
how's she doing lately?
-She's well.
-She sends her regards.
-Good. Good.
Now, you need anything else,
some little extras,
something to make you
chill out on the flight?
I'm not a nervous flyer.
You ain't nervous at all,
cover girl.
You never flinch.
Not even for a moment.
See you around, McShane.
Safe travels, my darling.
-Be lucky.
-Yeah, motherfucker.
That's what I'm saying.
Badass woman.
-I like it.
-It's our time, motherfucker.
[The Huntress]
Hey, Tiff. It's me.
I'm heading off
to the airport now
and I just wanted
to thank you again
for looking after
Liam Neeson while I'm away.
I've already fed him
and I'll leave the key
in the usual place and text you
the gate code again now.
All right.
I'll see you in a week.
And say hey to Alfie
for me, okay?
Okay. Be lucky.
I've been dreaming
For a long time
Don't you let me go
I've been drifting
For a long time
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Let's dream of California
Do you ever dream?
I've been dreaming
For a long time
-Don't you let me go
-[phone rings]
Hey, girl.
It's me, Margot.
Oh. Hey, Margot.
Oh my God.
Did you see the photo
of the two of them?
I told her you have got
to get rid of him.
He's just toxic.
If I see him
this side of Abbot Kinney,
he'll have to deal with me.
Ooh. Rather him than me.
I know you know how to fight.
I'll never forget you
taking down Claire Chandler
in ninth grade
and you can totally tell
that's not a real tooth now.
Any time.
In the gym, no pads.
-You're on.
-When I return.
-Oh my God.
Where are you now?
I thought I heard
a different ringtone
but I was so busy talking and...
I just landed in Bali.
No way! Seriously?
Don't worry.
I've got to work here.
Oh, my heart bleeds.
No, seriously. My friend, Noel.
You know her, with the pink hair
from Detroit?
Lived in that loft
downtown on Pico.
Yeah. She's been out here
for like a year
working for this
real estate firm.
And they're like really
behind on getting websites,
so she's been working on that
and needs a photographer.
Wow. Shit, girl.
Cheers to you.
Oh, you gotta remind me
how to say it.
It always sounds so classy.
-Na Zdrowie.
-"Nass trovie."
No. No. Na Zdrowie.
Na Zdrowie.
There you go, girl.
You got this.
Well, you go have fun.
It's very cold outside.
May I come in?
Can I help you?
I've got a room reserved.
-Oh, the American.
We've been expecting you.
You're late.
-Oh, I'm sorry. I--
-[waitress] Follow me.
Plaisir d'amour
Ne dure qu'un moment
Chagrin d'amour
[waitress] That's from
John Lennon over there.
Dure toute la vie
[The Huntress]
What are the chances?
"Plaisir d'amour"
"The Pleasure of Love."
Plaisir d'amour,
ne dure qu'un moment,
chagrin d'amour
dure toute la vie.
That was my great grandparent''
favorite song.
They danced to it
at their wedding.
-I'm John.
-Nice to meet you, John.
You'll have
to excuse the stares.
We're somewhere off
the beaten track around here.
Not really used to strangers.
And you, that accent
it's so distinctive.
Liverpool. Born and bred.
That's why they call me
John around here.
[chuckles] That's cute.
I'd have to put you down
as more of a George.
So, what brings you halfway
across the Earth,
all the way to this
little corner of the world?
[crickets chirping]
-[chickens clucking]
-[classical music
playing on radio]
Who's there?
This is private property.
Please, I'm sorry, I'm lost.
[Terry] Goodness, are you okay?
You're American?
What on Earth
have you done?
I was hiking and I slipped,
my ankle, I can barely...
[Terry] Here, lean on me,
although I'm not sure
what good I'll be,
come on, this way.
Oh my God. You're frozen,
let's get you in the house.
Uh, sit right there,
like that. Yeah.
I'm gonna go fetch you something
to warm you up a bit.
I'm gonna make you some
hot cocoa
but while the water's boiling,
get that down you,
it'll do you a world of good.
Thank you, you're very kind,
I'm so sorry.
No bother.
Now then, first things first,
what's your name?
[Terry coughing]
Are you okay?
I'll survive.
That sounds nasty.
Ugh, smoking.
What doesn't kill you
makes you stronger, right?
Well, Lucy?
That's a beautiful name.
Well, Lucy,
it's a pleasure to meet you.
I'm Terry.
Now then, second thing's second,
let's have a look at this,
shall we?
Oh, yeah. Oh.
-Does this hurt?
-[Terry] How about this?
Oh, okay. Okay.
I think you've rolled it,
nothing too serious,
but you should have it
checked out,
you can't walk on it.
The doctor he'll be closed now,
I don't have a phone up here,
so, yeah, I'll run--
I'll run into town,
uh, he should be
at the pub by now anyway,
if not, I'll call him
from there.
Oh, I don't wanna be any more
bother than I already am.
No, it's no bother at all.
Now then, about that cocoa.
Here you go.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
I'm gonna run out for a bit.
I don't wanna miss Dr. Wilson
in case by chance
he's still there.
Will you be okay on your own?
If you're sure
you don't mind me staying.
No, us Yanks have
to stick together, right?
Thank you, really.
I don't know
what I would've done
if I hadn't have come across.
Get some rest.
You're safe now.
-[waitress] There you go, Terry.
- Oh, thank you.
Do me a favor and write
that one down for me will you?
No problem at all.
How are you today?
Nothing new today, you?
No, nothing new here.
Just another day, isn't it?
-Hello, John.
-Hi, Terry. What you know?
Nothing new today, you?
Yeah, you in here last night?
Popped in for a half, why?
You should've seen it.
Beautiful American girl,
hair, tan, legs.
Most fantastic set
of hiking boots,
beautiful hiking boots.
[Terry] I must've missed her.
But I caught the end
of that song you did,
"I think it's time to leave?"
Uh, called "Life," written by
a really good friend of mine.
-Great song.
-I loved it.
-Should be in a movie.
-Ah, cheers, Terry.
You ought to get Dr. Wilson
to look at that, Terry,
it sounds like
it's turning into something.
I'll be fine, my friend.
You ought to take it easy
on the farm all day, Terry.
I'll tell you what, tomorrow,
I'm passing your place
on the way through to Coniston.
I'll drop you off some
of my world famous chicken soup,
if you like,
that'll sort you out.
Oh, I don't want you
to go to any trouble.
It's no trouble.
It's the same.
I'm going that way anyway.
Well, I maybe out myself,
I have to pick up
some things from the vet,
if so, just leave it
there on the door.
Stop in for another?
I don't see why not,
not got anyone to be
rushing home for, have I?
Two more when you're ready
please, Alison.
Ah. There she is,
sleeping beauty.
I'm so sorry,
I was exhausted last night. I...
You were dead to the world.
But alas, here you are.
How's the patient?
You know,
it's feeling a little better.
Good. Good.
Well go sit down,
breakfast is nearly ready.
Take a load off.
That's for me?
You'd better believe it.
We're cooking with gas here!
[Terry] Laid fresh
for you this morning.
[The Huntress]
Wow, thank you.
Must keep you healthy,
living off the land like this.
I try.
Now I can't quite place you.
I wanna say Los Angeles, but...
your manners are
much better than that.
Actually, Orlando, Florida.
The other Sunshine State.
We moved there when
I was still in high school
for my dad's work.
What did he do?
You need something?
I could really do
with some coffee, you want some?
I'll fetch us some.
Oh, it's okay, I'll get it.
-Are you sure?
-I'm sure,
please, you've done enough,
stay here and eat,
don't let it go cold.
So how about you?
Where do you hail from?
I'm thinking bagels and coffee.
[Terry] New York.
Born and bred
moved here 20 years ago
after I retired.
This place
belonged to my wife's folks,
we were supposed
to take it over together
but it wasn't meant to be.
Soon after I retired, she...
took her own life.
No note.
I came home one day and...
We were so happy.
It only felt right
that I should still
come for her.
It's what she would've wanted.
You know what I miss?
Real American coffee in a diner,
you know what I mean?
It's an American institution
like pancakes.
Oh God, pancakes.
I can't tell you the last time.
They're just not the same here.
You've not been back there?
Oh, there was nothing
to go back for and...
the past is... past.
And everything else is just--
Excuse me.
Oh, that reminds me,
did you speak
to Dr. Watson, was it?
[clears throat]
Oh, close. Wilson.
Yes, um, yes,
as a matter of fact, I did.
He, uh-- I bumped into him,
you know,
when he was coming out
and I was arriving.
He said he'd stop by
when he's out doing his rounds,
so there's no need
for you to rush on.
Thank you again,
I really appreciate
your hospitality like this.
Oh, it's no problem.
I don't often get company
so I'm sorry if
I'm a bit rusty.
I'll definitely be leaving
a great review.
So you want to, uh,
take a shower or a bath,
if you can't stand yet properly?
-That would be awesome.
-Oh, good. Well, all right.
Well, finish that and
we'll fetch you some towels
from the linen closet.
["Quand Je Te Vois"
by Cyril Giroux plays]
[song continues on radio]
Terry, it's John.
Are you in, Terry?
[chicken clucking]
It's John. I brought your soup.
Are you all right, mate?
Are you in?
Terry? Terry?
You here, mate?
[birds chirping]
Terry, are you okay?
You don't look so good.
I'm sorry.
I just figured I'd use yours
instead of mine.
[clears throat]
Because, I mean,
like, it obviously works,
it worked when you drugged me
last night,
but it's different to mine
so I just wasn't sure
how much to use.
Still, I guess
that's a lesson to us both.
Never drink anything
you didn't fix yourself.
Don't talk.
There'll be plenty
of time for that.
You're okay.
You're safe.
You're in good hands.
You're in great hands.
What did you...
You were out for a lot longer
than I thought.
That stuff is strong, huh?
Well, maybe you should've added
a teeny bit more
to that cocoa last night
and then I wouldn't have
had to have pretended
to be asleep while you were--
what was that you were doing?
Were you masturbating? [scoffs]
Gee, I don't know
whether I should be
more flattered or impressed.
I mean, you're like old.
Really old.
No, no,
don't go to sleep on me.
It's time to get up.
It's time to wake up.
I don't understand,
what's going on?
Are you part of some gang?
It's okay.
Nice shower,
no time for a bath.
I probably used
all the hot water anyway.
There he is.
I don't know what this is.
I don't know what you want.
Untie me.
Please, I...
You? No.
That's not how this goes.
I, I...
I say no.
Ask me again
and see what happens.
Untie me.
-There you go.
You're learning.
We're making progress.
This is good.
I'll be right back,
but don't you go anywhere now.
There's no one around,
and you know it.
There's not another
house for miles
and you know that too,
but there is a hiking trail
across your land
so shut the fuck up.
What's the matter?
You don't like
the taste of that?
There you go,
that's what you like, isn't it?
Don't. Don't embarrass yourself
by fucking with me.
Don't fuck with me.
I don't know what you want.
I took you in,
I gave you shelter,
I thought you were hurt.
Do I look fucking hurt to you?
[hay rustling]
How'd you cope
with the cold out here?
You don't miss that sunshine?
And the smell here,
it stinks of piss and shit.
I'm from New York,
we have seasons there.
Oh, yeah, New York.
I remember you said.
Were you, though?
Like, were you really?
And well, me, you know, Florida,
Sunshine State and all.
Look, I don't know
what you want,
if you're here to rob me--
I'm not here to rob you.
-Then why am I tied up?
You, like, really need to
check your attitude.
Untie me!
Help! Please!
-I'll untie you when I'm ready.
When will that be?
When I've found
what I'm looking for!
Well, what the fuck
are you looking for?
The truth!
The truth.
[birds chirping]
[car approaching]
Uh, all right there, John.
How are you, Secret Pete?
What do you know?
Not much. You?
Oh. Um, not much.
Yeah. You've not seen Terry,
have you?
Terry, the Yank
down at Cowley Farm.
Oh, him. Uh, no, not today.
-Everything all right?
-Yeah, yeah.
He had a bit of a cough
the other night, that's all.
I said I'd drop him off
some me chicken soup.
Good stuff that,
that'll put him right.
All right. Well...
Anyway, I'm just off on
the way through to Coniston.
I'll see you in the pub later
for a drink if you're out.
-Yeah, I'll be in.
-Oh, good.
Keep your eye
off them sheep, you.
Course he will.
I wasn't talking to the dog,
I was talking to you,
you randy git.
-See you, mate.
-Get away. You lie.
[no audio]
[no audio]
[no audio]
You have the wrong person.
-Do you know what I want?
So how do you know
I have the wrong person?
-What's the combination?
-For that?
No, no, that's her jewelry.
That's my Cathy, no, no way.
You said you
weren't here to rob me.
Take whatever you want
from the house.
But please leave that.
There's some money upstairs,
it's not much.
-I'm not here to rob you.
Now, give me the combination.
Please, you have the wrong man.
Again with that. How do you know
I have the wrong man
if you don't know what I want?
Well, what do you want?
The combination.
We have time.
You don't have time
to go through 720 combinations.
Oh, you're wrong.
Don't be so goddamn stupid!
No, I mean your math.
Your math is wrong.
There are 999 combinations
on a three-combination lock.
You could save us both
a lot of time.
I know you like me and all
but I can see
you're getting frustrated.
So imagine how you'll be
waiting for me to crack this.
You'd be like, "Gee,
get out of my house, girl."
You're not well.
Excuse me?
Whatever this is,
whatever you want,
whatever you're after,
it's just-- it's not normal.
Well, maybe
you should have fetched
the fucking doctor after all.
Don't-- don't you
put that on me.
What are you, you sick fuck?
You're sick.
What are you gonna do now,
waterboard me?
You're probably into that too,
aren't you?
Water sports,
golden showers does it for you,
does it?
What's the combination?
Very well, then.
Here we go.
Tell me!
What's the combination?
Please. Please.
One, two, three.
One, one, one, all the ones?
I can do this all day.
Six, six, six,
the number of the beast.
Please. Please.
Help me.
Can't we just talk?
We cannot.
Oh, but you know who can?
I better put this
on speakerphone.
I wouldn't want you
to miss anything.
[line ringing out]
[phone ringing]
State your name.
-[Amelia] No.
[Terry] Terrence Hendricks.
Permit me to introduce myself.
My name is Amelia Kaminska.
And you, sir,
are Rudolf Tannhauser of the SS.
You, Mr. Tannhauser,
were a guard at Auschwitz
and you are solely
responsible for the murder
of some 100,000 innocent people.
[Terry] What the fuck?
You're both insane.
Hold your tongue
or she will cut it out,
do you understand me?
I mean,
you have the wrong person.
Well, unfortunately for you,
Mr. Tannhauser,
you are not the first
guilty person
to utter those words.
My name is Terry!
What do I have to do
to prove it to you?
Let me prove it to you.
Untie me and I'll--
and I'll--um, just...
[clattering on phone]
[speaking Polish]
[speaking Polish]
No more foreplay.
[Amelia] Did Maria make up
the guestroom for you?
Yes, thank you.
The man you are looking for
is a monster.
His evil is unspeakable
and undeniable.
Rudolf Tannhauser,
he fled the camp two days
before it was liberated
by the Red Army.
I remember it
as if it was yesterday.
The 27th of January 1945.
Nearly all the guards
didn't go to trial.
Well, how could they?
Since most of the judges were
part of the same war crimes.
In 1945,
there were approximately
800,000 members of the SS,
including this monster
and other people
that we have hunted.
Between now and then,
only 100,000 of them
were ever investigated
and of those,
only 6,000 were sentenced.
124 received life sentences.
Over 800,000 members
and only 124
were sentenced for life.
The Ulm Einsatzkommando trial
in 1958,
ten defendants, most of them
were given three years.
Sobibor trial 1965,
12 defendants,
only half were sentenced.
Treblinka trial in 1964,
11 defendants,
of the four that actually
received a sentence,
three were released early.
And the Frankfurt Auschwitz
trial in 1965,
22 defendants,
16 were released
within five years.
Almost all who were sentenced
for the shooting, the gassing,
and the torture rarely received
more than three years.
Three years.
This is him, isn't it?
This is the man who--
Killed them.
Your parents.
It wasn't just my parents,
I had a little sister once.
Her name was Hanna.
She was about seven months old
when we reached Auschwitz.
My parents had put her
in a suitcase
so that we could all
stay together
and they gave me
the suitcase to hold,
thinking it looked
less suspicious,
that they wouldn't think
that a little girl
had anything worth taking.
As we reached the top
of the line,
Hanna started to cry.
Up until then,
she hadn't made a sound.
Not a squeak.
She never cried, not like me.
she was as good as gold.
she let out
this God almighty scream
as if she could sense the evil,
as if she could feel it
in her little bones,
as if she could smell it
in the air.
The guard approached me
and asked me
to open the suitcase.
He punched me in the face,
I dropped the suitcase.
I remember looking
at my parents,
the sheer terror on their face.
He opened the case
and he took little Hanna out.
He held her by her ankles
and she was screaming,
and screaming, and screaming,
and screaming.
He held her by the ankles
and smashed her against the wall
over and over and over again.
She stopped crying.
Well, of course
she died instantly.
He swung her like a ragdoll
and she broke like a China one.
I think that was
the only moment of silence
I remember
in that infernal place.
I couldn't look at my parents.
Then the guard
cut out my mother's tongue
and he cut off my father's ears.
I remember the blood.
I had to turn away.
And then behind the line,
I saw this little girl
about the same age as me.
Her name was Ingeborg
and she was your grandmother.
We held each other
tight all night.
We were five years old.
Five years.
I haven't told that
to anyone before.
So you see,
he didn't just murder
my parents,
he didn't just murder
your great grandparents,
and he didn't just murder Hanna.
Rudolf Tannhauser
was solely responsible
for the torture and death
of 100,000
innocent people in Auschwitz.
Though much is taken,
much abides.
And though we are not now
that strength
which in old days
moved Earth and heaven,
that which we are,
we are one equal temper
of heroic hearts,
made weak by time and fate,
but strong in will to strive,
to seek, to find,
and not to yield.
Someone, please help me!
If you keep shouting,
I'll drill both your kneecaps
to the chair.
Why did your wife
commit suicide, Rudolf?
Was it because she
found out who you were?
Did she find out
your true identity?
She couldn't have known
from the beginning,
for who could ever learn
to love a beast?
I loved her.
I don't think even you
believe that.
I loved her.
You're not capable.
You said she
didn't leave a note.
You know how I can tell
when you're lying?
You move your mouth.
She couldn't live with it,
could she?
Your Cathy.
Another innocent life
snuffed out.
What did she ever do
but love you?
Love you blindly.
I don't think you've
said an honest word
since I've been here.
It's all--
it's all a lie.
It has to be.
How else could you live
with what you did?
And now, here you are,
in your very own
gingerbread house,
your very own fairytale.
Only in this tale,
you're not the Big Bad Wolf, no.
Not now.
In Auschwitz, you were gods.
Do you feel like a god?
Do you know what
you look like to me?
A sad, empty husk.
And not of a man, no.
You're not a man.
There's not even a word
to describe what you are.
It's the children
that get to me.
All those innocent children.
Imagine someone comes
and tells you
you must leave your home.
Your parents are taken away
and you don't know
if you'll ever see them again.
And then you're left all alone.
You're all alone.
We're all alone in the end,
but it shouldn't ever be
like that.
Not like that.
Children, babies.
I knew I'd find these.
You always keep them.
It's like some distorted,
disturbing nostalgia.
is your undoing.
The last guard that I--
he insisted
you were all brainwashed.
You can't brainwash someone
to commit these atrocities.
You must be born evil.
A precedent must be set.
You will be punished
whether you repent or not.
[car approaching]
I found this in your things.
Let me guess,
looking after it for a friend?
[birds chirping]
Hi, I'm here to see Terry.
I'm sorry, uh,
I don't think we've met.
-Who are you?
-I'm sorry.
My name is Michael Grantham.
I'm with the local police.
-And you are?
-Oh, uh, Emma.
Emma. I'm Terry's niece.
Ah, joining us
from across the pond?
Yeah. I just had
to get away from things.
Like all that sunshine.
Well, you know what they say,
you can have too much
of a good thing.
So I'm told.
You know,
one of my friends used to say,
everything in moderation,
except moderation.
I'm sorry, can I--
Yeah, yeah. Of course.
I just wanted to speak to Terry.
Is he in?
-No, he popped out.
-That's fine.
I wanted to see him
about the car.
He's probably being sensible
-not driving it around.
-How's that?
When he was leaving
the pub last night,
I noticed his MO was out of date.
I didn't want him to get
in any trouble and, uh,
I just thought I'd give him
a friendly word of warning.
The locals get looked
after and all that.
Yeah, it's an annual inspection,
checks the car's
all above board.
It's out of date.
Still, walking
will probably do him
the world of good,
clears the mind.
Pays to keep a clear head.
Anyway, if you could
just let him know.
No problem.
[muffled] Help! [grunts]
[muffled screaming]
[Michael] Are you okay?
[The Huntress] Excuse me?
[Michael] I don't know.
You just look
a little bothered, hot.
Oh, yeah. Don't worry about me.
I was--I was just working out,
you know, yoga and all.
Hmm. Okay.
You have a good day now.
[birds chirping]
[Rudolf muffled shouting]
Here we go.
I'm sure you remember
this formality.
You do remember, don't you?
I read a statement by a survivor
who encountered you.
She had asked if you
wouldn't remove her ponytail.
You told her as long as there
was hair on her head,
hair would grow.
But if she no longer had
her head,
what use would she have for it?
[Rudolf muffled] Help!
[breathes heavily]
You're scaring me.
I'm scaring you?
Good. You should be scared.
Zyklon B.
Good old faithful, right?
Do you know who Jimmy Lee
Gray was, Mr. Tannhauser?
Rudolf, it's okay.
You can speak now.
Very well then.
He was a child rapist
and murderer, much like you.
He was executed in the
good state of Mississippi.
The officer in charge
of the execution stated he died
within two minutes
of being gassed,
but witnesses said
he was still alive,
writhing in agony,
repeatedly banging his head
against a metal pipe
when the viewing gallery
was cleared
eight minutes
into the proceedings.
No danger of that with you, hey?
Any last words?
Very well.
Goodbye, Mr. Tannhauser.
[gas hissing]
[line rings out]
[phone rings]
[Rudolf] Hello?
[gas hissing]
[Rudolf] Anybody there?
Help. Please. Please, someone.
Help me, please.
-How do?
-All right, John.
-What you know?
-I'm looking for Terry.
-Cowley Farm.
I've not seen him
since last night
in the commercial inn.
Everything okay, mate?
You know our Alex, don't you?
She the older one
or younger one?
Younger, 15.
She was out running
the other day
around the back of his place,
and he only bloody
exposed himself to her,
the dirty bastard.
Moved here for a quiet life,
to get away from scum like that.
I thought this was
a decent community.
I'm gonna kill him.
I'm gonna fucking kill him.
He's dead.
[Rudolf] No.
[gas hissing]
I'm not like you.
Now what?
Now we go for a walk.
Dead man walking.
[birds chirping]
This is it.
Turn around and face me.
You pissed yourself.
Look at you,
you pissed yourself.
I'm gonna give you the gun
and you're gonna shoot yourself
in the head,
do you understand me?
Why don't you
just shoot me yourself?
I told you, I'm not like you.
On your knees.
You think this is
a noble thing you're doing?
You think this
is something good?
It's not about doing
what's good or bad,
it's about doing what's right.
I remember her, Amelia.
Sweet Amelia.
One morning,
a couple arrived, a husband,
and a wife, and a daughter.
Amelia, flame red hair.
I could tell
by the look on her face,
she wasn't just terrified,
she was guilty.
She was hiding something.
And I was right
because seconds later,
this noise came
from the suitcase
that she was holding
on to for dear life.
It was a baby screaming.
She opened the suitcase
and took out the child,
who couldn't have been
more than two months old.
I took the child but--
and it kept on screaming,
and she sobbed, and the--
and the noise of them both
howling and wailing
was unbearable.
I couldn't hear myself think.
So I took the child
by its ankles and swung it up
against the wall
as hard as I could.
That stopped the screaming.
For the child at least,
the mother kept
continuing screaming,
so I cut out her tongue.
I felt bad-- I felt bad
for the father
having to listen to her
scream like a banshee,
so I cut his ears off.
I should have shot
the child too,
it would have been more humane,
both of them.
So you remember her?
Of course I don't.
They all meant nothing.
Every one of them,
a stain on human history.
I do think the
children were the enemy?
The children
were never the enemy,
it was that evil, dirty,
vile Jew blood
that coursed
through their veins.
Every moment since is borrowed.
Your name
isn't even Lucy, is it?
Who are you?
The Huntress of Auschwitz.
Every moment...
Belongs to them.
The six million Jews
killed during the Holocaust,
your life belongs to them.
Every minute since is borrowed.
[Amelia] Sixty years we've been
hunting him, how on Earth--
Happenstance. Another hunter
in the same chat room
on the dark web.
Oh, what a tangled web we weave,
when first we practice
to deceive.
[John] What brings you
halfway across the Earth,
all the way to this
little corner of the world?
Are you all right, mate?
Are you in?
[John] Strong in will to strive,
to seek, to find,
and not to yield.
Fuck you, Rudolf,
you piece of shit.
I'm gonna
fuckin' kill him.
Let's me and you
have a conversation.
How does it feel?
Does it feel like justice?
It feels like liberation.
I'm glad you found
what you were looking for.
I couldn't have done it
without you.
Thank you, John.
Who are you, I mean, really?
If you knew that,
you'd already be dead.
Hmm. Ditto.
What happened here today,
your secret's safe with me.
It's safe here.
This is an old village
and old villages
have lots of secrets.
[Amelia] Though much is taken,
much abides,
and though we are
not now that strength
which in old days
moved Earth and heaven,
that which we are,
we are one equal temper
of heroic hearts,
made weak by time and fate,
but strong in will to strive,
to seek,
to find,
and not to yield.
[dramatic music playing]