The Huntress: Rune of the Dead (2019) Movie Script

Come on
I am here
Time to sleep
I can not
I keep thinking of him
I know, I know
I haven't slept well lately
Are you ill?
I had a bad dream
Almost every night
You're afraid to go back to sleep
I'm awake
Think what that means
You sound like your father
Your grandfather
He also often dreams
That's no good
This will pass
Oh, calm down
Remember you breathe
Feel the forest calm
I am indeed
I heard that
I know
Dad is much better when he's my age
Is that what he told you?
When he was your age
He doesn't like anything except the one he loves
Bows and arrows
He even kept it in bed
with him at night
But does that make him better
No bow
Do something else
for the time being
Something you really enjoy
I enjoy it
You sound like him
I can hear you
Did I ever tell father
frighten angry reindeer
Hm, no, not as I recall
Dad and I are looking for honey bees
When the wildebeest comes
Right in front of us
And I think the reindeer is also afraid
When he saw us
He was angry and butting
us with the horns
Do you know what happens next?
No, what happens next?
Dad stretched his arms
And scream, and scare him
And he stood very very tall
And looked him in the eyes
Take it away
Do you think dad is dead?
No, I don't
But many died during the attack
And many returned
He was just late, that's all
Many returned
Remember, he did this for us
It's been two years
Maybe he won't come back
When I think of him
Like I saw him in the water
Or mist
I also joined the attack
when I was young
I just want to come back with
Name and wealth
And me indeed
But one treasure that I brought home
It did not last long
I have good eyes
And my aim is right
And when I show it
myself to the chieftain
She gave your grandmother to me as her husband
My good eyes give me that
But I later settled
And we have you and your sister
And my eyes began to fade
The moon makes me do it
That's a real gift for my happiness
And I will be happy
sacrifice it again
If I'm given a choice
Come on in
Don't throw away your love for horses
that, we have to sell it
But you can't sell it
Go fishing. Mother
Maybe we can all go fishing
Come on, Bothild.Bothild lives with me
I fall
Into the lake? How?
I just fell, no more
Dont worry
I want my father to survive this trip
He promised to bring something to me
Eat your food
I knew he would bring it
something for you dear
I miss him
Yes I know
We all do it
Obviously he doesn't miss us
If yes, he has found it
way home now
Or maybe he doesn't want to talk about it
Where's mother
You do it again
What? Standing there
Not doing anything
I can not do anything
in my own house
Without you complaining
Not doing anything
Stop it
What happened
You're not alone in this matter know
We are here too, suffering just like you
You don't know my mind, son
Because you're quiet. Don't you
dare to talk to me like that
You think of me, right?
Do you have work to do?
They are done, how is yours?
Back inside
Take care of your sister
I want to talk about dad
Go to your sister!
Because you don't do it anymore!
What do you want me to say?
I miss him?
I still love him?
You want me to say
I believe he will come back
with a black stallion?
When he won't, he won't!
He has left us
He has left us
here to rot
Can't you see, that
you who left us
At least dad tried, but
Maybe you want to go too
Also, then just leave
Take your bow and go
And leave me here
Where are you going? Hunting
Sometimes I think I can see him again
I imagined it in my head
Sound in the forest
Aroma ...
Leaves and flowers
Grow and rot
Born and rot
This is very real to me, very
Close and strong
I've lived a long time
Soon I will rot, become soil
I wish there was green moss growing above me
Sweet green moss
And maybe you can bring some home
talk to my grave and
sing to my bones
I can't see anything
But I refuse to die before talking
to my son one last time
You are upset?
I saw something today
What do you see?
and he fell into the water like
I dreamed
But I know I'm awake
You believe what you see is a woman
Yes. - Tell me
I see mother
You and Bothild
In the hole
Maybe it's nothing, it's getting more
hard to remember when I tried it
You sure are nothing
There is something else
After that, in the distance
I saw a flock of birds
lying dead on the ground
Do not know why
Bad sign with a dead bird
Sounds like you're banging
your head when it falls
Don't start looking
a sign in everything you see
It will only lead
sadness and worry
Who is there?
I meant no harm
It is okay
What happened? Who is he?
Go call mom, hurry
Bothild, stay
Where did you find him?
In the far forest
We have to save him
He can barely move,
we have to help him
You should have left him in the forest there
Bring him back before he wakes up
Your father will be ashamed of you if you know
The fever is very high,
He might die tonight
Or in a few days
There isn't much we can do
There is a possibility he will live
I'm not sure, this flower can help
Thank you
Hide her
We put him in a goat pen
He won't survive either
I don't want him at home
Who is she?
We do not know
What did he say
He talked about gold when he came here
I hope he will be safe
But the fever is a threat
He was forced to sleep outside
He looks sick mom
Maybe he knows something about dad
Or he will slit
our neck in sleep
Bothild can you please bring him water
No, that's enough, you
don't approach him anymore
God of greatness
A horse that falls and breaks its bones
God beside him
Blood cleanses it
From bone to bone
Bless him
What's the matter? That guy
He was in pain
Do not be afraid
I think we should bring the man inside
Make sure you drink water
Where are you going?
I have to go to the market. Without us?
You have to take care of your sister,
he can't be alone
Good boy
I wish you a healthy friend
You too
so indeed
I'm not sure you will come
I haven't seen you in the market lately
People miss your skin and fur
I'm starting to believe the forest swallowed up your family
I'm busy
It must have been hard with my husband away
Is Ragnvald still alive? Yes
Strong old goat
Obviously you will lose everything, right
I guess your daughter will come along
No, not this time
This is your husband's horse, right? Yes indeed
I know you are sad
But I sell the skin
I brought this for you
I can bring it
Beautiful, thanks mom
You remember
What you remember
Thank you
Are you blind, sir?
Are you thirsty? Yes
Thank you
I'm Torulf from Gelstie
I'm Ragnvald
And this poop hole
I traveled with your son
Were you with him in the attack? Yes
Is he still alive?
Last time I saw
he, he is still alive
And that's about
a week ago, more or less
You're done with this, right
can use a man too
You must be Runa
That's Runa
who brought you here and treated your wounds
I owe you one
Who did that to you?
That's my friend
I've escaped them
Your shipmate?
We were 24 people when leaving
Agre two years ago
First we sailed past the east coast
To Quland
But we have no luck there
We went all the way to Garderich
We fought with local residents
With strong defense
When winter comes
We serve one
sir as his bodyguard
And he pays with
silver, but that's not enough
And ... we decided to leave
Try our luck
in the south, on the land of Islavic
But there were others there before us
We continue south
And we found a market
And we attack like
starving wolf
We are stupid, poor
They have never seen
like that before,
So we lost our mind
We forgot to watch
We were attacked by French people
they are 3 times more than us
And they are well armed
We fight to save
ourselves on the coast of France
And when we escaped, we
barely have enough people
To run the ship
We lost half the people
us, and our booty
We will die
If not for Joar
And the arrow
And we sailed north
And we returned to the mainland
We buried
Those who died of wounds at sea
That night
One of the crew found a fallen tree
Root soars into the air
Like a finger reaching to the sky
At the root of it,
There is a big gold ring
Like a gift from God
We dug down the tree
And we found an old graveyard
Full of treasure
We were told
We were told to leave
That's a bad thing to
steal from the dead
What we do
We divide the treasure between us
And finally
he took part
We slept that night
And in the morning
Everything changes
What happened
Some of our people
start attacking each other
Want gold for themselves
Joar and I split
But I'm still injured from war with people
France, so he told me to run first
And I do
That bastard is chasing me too
But I brought gold and
my silver and I ran away
To the mud
It makes them forget me
for the time being
What happened to our father? Then
I see Joar
And he is still not hurt
He is still far away guarding
distance with her pursuer
Before we separated, he shouted at me
And he told me
to meet him here
Only he and I know how to come here
He hasn't returned yet
Runa, what are you doing?
I will look for him
You're not going anywhere
Your father knows the forest here
He might just want to be sure of him
not followed before returning home
How do we know
You're telling the truth
You will not betray
us and Joar when we return
with the gold, you're not the chaser
You are right
That's wise for you
ask me that
But when he returns he will
tell you, I can be trusted
There is one thing you can say
Swear it
On your ring
In the name of Thor
I swear
That my words are true
You have to sleep and rest
Bragging about yesterday,
joke about today and
Forget about tomorrow
What are you doing?
The man is not a fool
I have to find a tree
But I don't want to wake the sleeping one
You don't have to do that
If you were my age, you would find out
Parents have to pee at night
This blind parent
Not much different
Sleeping with women
Follow me
I will save you
Do you feel better?
Yes, thanks to you, and your family
We have little to share
If you can walk, you
can work for your food
I will, with pleasure
Good, you have to help me with my work
You work hard for your family
You are strong
You are great
Your mother
You do your best
He tried to keep you safe
and congratulations, I can say
Yes, she's a sweet woman
Kind, polite, generous
It makes me laugh
Sometimes I feel like an orphan
Bothild continues
playing and singing, but
He is as lonely as me
It's just that he doesn't realize it
Mother changes when father leaves
Sometimes when we talk, he daydreams
Say nothing,
hear nothing
Do you think he stopped thinking about you?
No, he was just sad, and worried, and
he was afraid he could not
provide for us and
He was afraid I would leave him
You want?
Have you said anything to him?
He knows I need him
to be a mother
Your father tells a lot about you
But he also said you
very good with arrows
You're kind
If you want to teach me
later, I will ...
Will teach you how to use this
Maybe too early, I mean
You lay a few days ago
I'm not too weak to work for you
I will rust like
old equipment if not exercise
Long grip
Yes, you don't want it to hit
your finger, and now it's ready
The view, there
You have the right mind for that
Let go
You have to be faster. Okay, fine. Again
Come on
Mother! Grandfather! Mom! What's wrong?
Runa.What's up? Runa!
What happened?
What's wrong? - Can someone
say something? Bothild
My son is back
My son
I feel you in my heart
I know that we are back
My brother
Come on, come on
Joar is back
My love
You are okay
Don't feel shy
We do what we have to do
You are rich You deserve it
More than ever will
It should feel like relief
For you and your family
And you saved my life
When the arrows fly
I've never seen archery like
that, you should be proud of it
I believe he needs
calmness and peace
How do you feel? You look pale
You're alone
Something seemed to frighten the animal
Dad seems different
You feel?
Something is bothering him.
He just returned home
He went through a lot
thing, he's very tired
There are others. How do you know
I do not know yet
You have to talk
You can't help you, if you are
don't tell me what's wrong
Why do you want to be alone?
When your family misses you so much
Thank you
best defense
Is to know your enemy's weapons
Now you try, hold my leg
Look, you're open, you need to be faster
Not done yet, come on
OK, come on
You have to defend yourself.
Come on, come on
How is your wound?
Getting better every day
We want you to pay us now
You understand we have to
united as a family
And you need to rest
And forget your adventures
I hope you understand brother
I understand
You lost your shadow of treasure
But you have not lost your friend
I haven't told you
Yes, fine, my friend
You will return this winter
For good drinks and old stories
I have no doubt that
My friend
Can't believe he kicked you out
You haven't fully recovered yet
worry about me
I hope we meet soon
You teach me to master the arrows
You need two good hands for that
In due time, in due time
Brother, you're back
Runa, is it not?
Is your family here too? Yes
Yes, they exist
I have not heard from
who travels
Your father? Is he back?
Is she alright?
Yes, he's back. That's good news
It must be good not to be alone
in the forest anymore
I heard that the forest supports your family
Maybe things will change now
Is Joar lucky?
with this trip?
No, not really
At least he returned
There is what I want you
meet, you remember my son
Has grown into a handsome young man
He will get her before another woman
Take this again
They die
In the whole plant
But the worst is the smell
Like stomach contents and vomit
Rotten meat
I almost threw up
I also saw that
strange too, far north
Like there is someone on
the trees are watching us
He has a husband with him, at
arm a good spear
Don't make the smell go away
Say nothing,
still there watching
That must be one of those Christian priests
They are indeed strange
And they rarely make love, I hear
That is not a priest
Both sister and her husband are scared,
they are not easily frightened
Suddenly her husband stood directing
spear and frighten them
But he slowly slowly
turn his back
What happened?
It is still there
That's crazy
and smells like this
Like he rot
Like he rot
Who is there?
Want to dance
The fire is extinguished
Someone has been here
They are back
You're talking about Ragnvald
Can it be a criminal or a thief
try to steal the gold
They smell bad, I almost threw up
They are silent
They didn't try to break in
I was drunk when I was
pissed in my pants
Is she alone?
I didn't even know that
man or not.
Maybe not human at all
Don't talk like that Ragnvald,
it's unlucky, it's gotta be an animal
No, no
I already know
We have to look around
Why don't you eat
I have to get out
My strong daughter
I have something you
don't tell us
Why don't you live with us?
I want my father back
- Not a stupid bag of gold. - not gold
I need to take this risk Runa
There is no future here for you or
your sister, roaming in this forest like
Wolf and bear. Now
we have a bag of gold
But you say so
I know you
I knew something was up
you didn't tell me
I am wrong
Take from the grave
Maybe it's only in my head
Like this
Feel better with it
We have time
He is gone
Father gave me
Don't lose it
It will return
Where Bothild
I do not know
Isn't Runa here? I don't know
Bothild! are you hurt?
What happened? What happened?
They are close
Your ship friend? / My ship friend
We have to go. Go? Where is Joar?
He left
us. Go? With that gold
He will give them
I gave them my gold,
they don't care
There. Bring it here. What?
They will get it
I killed one of
them. There are more
Now they will leave
will take everything you have
But this ... Won't stop them,
that's why you have to go
before they gather together
They have a bad odor
You two go inside now
I think they came
This is crazy
I want to defend and fight,
but now we must be wise
Bring a spear
This is like this
We must prepare the weapons
We all need to get drunk
many them? A dozen?
- What should you mean?
We cannot win
We can survive this
We can make them leave
We have nothing left
I think they already know us
no more treasure
They want revenge
revenge for what?
Thank you
He took care of me for almost 2 years
She's a friend
Fuck them! They never stop!
Can't hear anything
Why? - Talk. - No!
- Don't say it. - I saw him dead Runa
On the mountain, in the morning after
we found the treasure
He was cut, and he
no way to live
They are not good
They are creatures
They are undead
I can not hear them
Are they gone? Dad. They are not
Maybe he's still alive. Maybe
he saw what they were, and ran
How can he find
walk here. That's the treasure
They feel it
What can save us
What happened
Please help
If they are human, they are
it's burning now
They don't want us to get away easily
Don't talk about it in front of Bothild
We can put the ring outside the door
Close your eyes and don't get far from me
Soon you will wake up near God
Your father will be there
Waiting for us
Sit at Odin's table
It will enjoy it
They will be many
There is nothing to be afraid of
It will be over soon
They want to
You know that
And with God, there is music
It will sing a good song
And there is more
didn't solve it
You will know I love you
You have to get out through
back door now
I cannot leave you
- my brother. - Go with him
I'll save a nice seat for you
In the name of god I will die fighting
- Grandfather. - He wants to divert for everyone
Hurry up, where is the gold? Where is it?
I am sorry
This is harder for you
Where did you get it?
Father gave me
Hide Bothild
Run! Bothild! Run! Run!
Bothild run!
Back off!
Come on
Bothild run!
Go with him, we will
hold it in! I can't lose you
I will be fine
Mother, we will face
they are, and we will follow
But we will be like father
I will be there
Bring this spear. - Don't leave it
he is out of control
Don't let him get out of control
I coming
We will get you out
He knows that, but you know what it means
Wonder Woman