The Huntresses (2014) Movie Script

Name Gan-nan.
Wanted on charges of kidnapping,
blackmail and murder.
Bounty expiration in ten days.
Bounty amount...
500 nyang!
Easy money!
What do you win for a correct guess?
How much...
Get this one right
and you won't need to plow next year.
Here we go. Place your bets!
Aren't you going to bet?
I should, shouldn't I?
Which one should I go for?
What do you think?
I can't tell you that!
What do you think?
Quit stalling and make your bets.
No, I shouldn't...
Right, Gan-nan?
You idiot, witch!
Let's not create a scene.
Hold it.
Long time no see, Jin-ok.
Don't bother with hello's.
How you been, darling?
You've got to be kidding me.
I don't want any trouble. Just go your way.
You got to share good things
or none of us can have it.
Think it over. 1,000
nyang is a lot of money.
It's not 500 nyang?
Do I look like a 500 to you?
Your beloved master
must have kept some for himself.
And not only 100 nyang or 200 nyang,
but a whole 500 nyang?
He's getting away.
Get him...
Hey, Gan-nan. Get him!
Hop on.
If you want to live, hop on.
What did you say?
What are you, a deaf?
What the heck is that?
Shall we start?
That's cute.
What the...
Get that witch...
All attack!
Surround her!
Over here.
Get her...
Don't panic.
Everybody, stay calm.
Get ready.
Here she comes.
Adios for now.
Have a good day.
Don't miss this one for the sake of Jin-ok.
...Nyob Zoo Os...
...Nyob Zoo Os...
...Nyob Zoo Os...
...Nyob Zoo Os...
...Nyob Zoo Os...
...Nyob Zoo Os...
...Nyob Zoo Os...
...Nyob Zoo Os...
Come here, you.
I said I was sorry.
It won't happen again, all right?
Well, it's happened too many time already.
Where's the other 500 nyang?
Ga-bi, will you calm her down?
She has the crazy eyes again.
It's not her eyes. She's
just plain psychotic.
Give her the money before she kills you.
Hey, you're not helping.
Give me the money, now!
Gather up, everyone...
This is something serious, isn't it?
Definitely something dangerous.
I'd better be going then.
It's nothing like that.
That's just a bearing ball.
A bearing ball?
Only that it isn't an any old bearing ball.
It's an any old bearing ball...
Oh, come on!
It's just a waterwheel.
Or is it?
Are you in trouble again?
Let go of this and tell me.
Where are you?
Turn the light back on.
Anyone tries to infiltrate,
and these walls will come down.
That can withstand arrows,
matchlocks and most artilleries.
That's my girl. Well done!
I feel so much safer now.
Stop it.
Okay... let's go out for lunch.
It feels quite claustrophobic in here.
Put them back up.
I need to go about an urgent matter.
To hit the can?
Come on. The girl says she has to go.
I haven't installed an
opening mechanism yet.
Does that mean we can't get out?
We could open it manually.
This will keep us safe?
You're the biggest hazard to us.
Come on, let's get us out of here.
One, two, three!
Can you make some effort?
Was it 'on' three?
No, it's after three.
But he says it's on three.
Nobody lifts on three!
Whether it's 'on' three or 'after'
you got to put in some muscle power.
It doesn't matter if you count till 100.
Come on, everyone! After three, then.
All right.
One, two...
Darn it!
Get out of the way.
This darn hole of a house!
Easy! You'll hurt yourself.
Yeah, just tear it all down this old house.
You must get to His Majesty...
There is another one.
Find him!
Yes, sir...
Did you retrieve the stauroscope?
It had already left him by
the time we got to him.
There was another secret envoy?
We chased the other one but...
Apologies, my lord.
I won't hear of it.
Bring me the stauroscope at all cost.
You must repay my kindness.
Isn't that right, Sa-hyeon?
The number of secret envoys
assassinated to date is seven.
They were all killed just a day before
they were due to meet His Majesty.
The only one surviving is Gong-gu.
I'm afraid the stauroscope
will be lost forever.
We can't just sit around
and wait for him to show.
We mush look for him ourselves.
But since we cannot ascertain
who's colluding with the enemies,
the risk is far too great to use our men.
I have a proposition.
Have you heard of a man called Mu Myeong?
I hear that you are responsible
for 60% of all successful bounties.
You heard wrong, sir. It's 70%.
His name is Gong-gu. A bandit leader.
What are you doing?
Having fun eavesdropping?
This is how you do it.
He has tattooed 'Number 9'
in Chinese character of the neck.
So, you want me to find this man?
He also has an article in his possession,
a thing called stauroscope.
I want the stauroscope, too.
I expect utmost discretion.
The bounty at stake is 10,000 nyang.
I won't take the job.
Why not?
Sorry about that.
Come out, Constable Song...
What the heck?
They'll soon be out looking for Gong-gu.
Follow their every move.
Sir, I shall fulfill my duties
as a honorable constable.
Now, return to your post.
Yes, sir.
Great! I'm out for some air,
and it starts to rain.
I think it's quite lovely.
You obviously never had
your washing soaked in rain before.
You brought it upon yourself
when you got married early.
I know!
You girls stick it out as
long as you can. You hear?
By the way, hasn't your husband
enter into the society yet?
Thanks to his incompetence,
I'm getting all the scolding
from my mother-in-law.
Why don't you make sure
she doesn't say another word?
I could beat her up for you, if you'd like.
My goodness, the way you talk...
Reminds you of her?
Makes me want to puke.
Oh, Lord!
What? Book of Secret Recipes?
So, you'll restore the family fortune
with lowly cooking skills?
You wicked witch!
How can you drag your husband
into doing lowly women's job?
Mother, I never did such a thing.
And, whether lowly or not,
it's what he chooses to do.
Isn't that what matters?
Stop, madam.
You mustn't talk like that.
How dare you talk back to me,
you silly lowly girl!
A lowly girl?
Aren't you a woman yourself?
What about your mother and her mother?
And guess what?
Your dearly treasured son,
was given birth by you, a woman!
Good heavens...
This is why they say you must
find a wife from good roots.
Get out of my house now!
Who are you calling a mother?
Leave this house at once!
Good afternoon, madam.
I'm a friend Hong-dan's.
This mirror is from Qing China.
And this hairpin...
Let me guess. From Vietnam?
Or Samra?
Samra is the correct answer.
What did you want to see
my daughter-in-law for?
You haven't told your mother yet?
Tell her what?
First of all, show her the hairpins.
My hairpins?
What are you trying to do?
It's okay. Just show her.
Oh, dear...
What in God's name are you doing?
Here. Have a drink.
Now, this is your
daughter-in-law's specialty.
Isn't it delightful to see
what she is capable of?
I ask of you
to give her good guidance.
Please don't...
One poster per person
and one bundle of coins each.
Now listen carefully.
As you see in the poster,
the wanted man's name is Gong-gu.
That's right.
He has a tattoo on the back of the neck.
'Gu' like number 9, not like mouth.
Gu like number 9.
Number 9 in the back of the neck, it is.
Did you really find out
where Gong-gu is hiding out?
That's right.
Way to go, girl!
You're better off
without the master who rips us off.
Where did they go?
Who are you?
Why are you following us?
You could see me?
Who are you?
Who the heck?
Your identity.
I can't be visible.
You've been following us.
Why did you follow us?
The reason!
Do you practice that?
Taking turns to talk like that?
Fine! I'll tell you.
Where do I start...
Have you heard of the Department of Seoul?
In that department, my duty is to...
Take care of him, will ya?
We got to move on.
Just bury him somewhere. I'm hungry.
All right. Order a beef stew for me.
Who do you think you are?
You asked me a question...
Why are you looking at me like that?
What a curious joker!
You clueless witches!
How dare you, in presence of a man...
You know how to punch for a girl.
Hey, come back here.
Hey! Slow down.
I knew it. You're not a woman.
Go home.
If you follow us again,
I'll kill you for real.
It feels different to hit this one.
How curious!
There you are.
Who are you people?
Where are the girls?
What you doing in my house
without my permission?
I hear you're looking for this man.
Where is the girls now?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Where did the girls go?
What... what if I don't tell you?
Are you going to kill me?
Not until you tell me.
Who are you to talk to me this way?
You see the wick burning?
It never goes off once it's lit.
So, unless you want to
meet your fate here...
That's not supposed to happen.
I ask for the last time.
Where are the girls?
They went to the market
because it's a market day.
Girls like markets, don't they all?
So? Is he there?
They all look alike. It's
hard to tell from a poster.
It's not easy to single out
someone you've never met.
What do we do now?
What do you mean, what?
Gather around.
Attention, please!
His name is Gong-gu.
Gu, not like 'mouth'
but like 'number 9' tattooed
in the back of the neck.
Raise your hand, if you think
you're the man I'm looking for.
Come on, a little cooperation here?
You're Mr. Gong-gu, right?
Follow us quietly.
Who sent you?
Was it Kim Ja-heon?
It doesn't matter who.
If you want to take me away,
you'll have to kill me.
Hello, you sneaky rat!
You were lucky to get away last time
but not today.
Who the heck are you?
Hello, pretty-face!
Which house you from?
Which whorehouse you work for?
What the...
I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
Walk away.
What the heck?
What's wrong with that one-eye?
What did you call me,
you clueless little witch?
Hey, we can always talk things out.
You weren't sent by Kim Ja-heon?
We're here at the request
of the Chief of Police.
The Chief of Police?
Why didn't you say so?
What the...
Gosh, I'm missing a tooth.
Why are you doing?
Get that man!
Get those witches!
You heard him.
This is going to be a mess.
Mr. Gong-gu, you must stay close to me.
Don't stand behind me.
This isn't going to work.
Let's split and meet back.
Meet back where?
Just split first!
Bring it on, scumbags!
Stay behind me! Behind me!
Back off! Didn't you hear me?
What are you doing there?
Do something.
What could I do? Jump!
I can make it.
I can make the jump.
I made it...
Darn it, I broke it.
Ga-bi! Hong-dan...
Search for them.
Don't make a move
or I'll blow your head off.
I said not a move.
Tell me.
Why did you kill Gong-gu?
Turn around and face me.
Look at me.
Let me go!
Go, miss! Hurry!
The King is such a reckless man.
He tried to build the military map
of the Great Qing Emperor's army?
All I have to do is to hand over
this stauroscope to the Qing envoy
and this kingdom will be mine.
Has it been 10 years?
No, it's been more.
Stay alive a little longer.
Nothing can go happen
until the Qing envoys arrive.
Yes, my lord.
The only worry is
that he might try to kill himself again.
Keep reminding him that
we're holding his daughter hostage.
That's the only way to keep him alive.
You can never let him die.
It all happened because of me, master.
Please punish me.
She's right. If it wasn't for her...
But it's true.
I'll take any punishment you give me.
But before that, tell me who Gong-gu was.
How am I supposed to know that?
I don't know him.
You've been tracking his trail.
I was there that day.
You were?
How I come I never saw you?
You weren't trying to keep
whole 10,000 nyang to yourself?
I don't think so.
It's not like that at all.
It really doesn't concern you.
You got to believe me.
It's a habit.
Like he always has done.
How dare you rebel against
your honored master?
We tried to do good
and ended up losing all the money.
I know nothing about it.
He leaves me with no choice.
Get me my sword.
Your sword?
I really wasn't going to tell you
but I will just once.
So, listen carefully. And no questions.
You remember about
the war between this country
and the Qing Dynasty.
As the result of defeat,
our Crown Prince was taken hostage by Qing.
This country! The humiliation!
And 10 years on...
The Prince! The King!
The expedition to conquer the north!
Sir Gong-gu was at the center of it all.
And that stauroscope was the vital basis.
So, the King tried... but failed.
And it all ended up like this.
Do you understand?
You don't understand?
Should I explain again?
Long time ago...
So, Gong-gu was King's secret envoy
and his mission was to pass
the stauroscope to the King.
But we had no idea what was going on.
We just had to find the man
and get the reward from
the Chief of Police.
Then, the one-eye's men attacked us
and the man from the reeds field
showed up from out of nowhere
and Gong-gu was killed in
the middle of all that.
They took the stauroscope from me.
So, we can't get our reward
and ended up in this situation.
That's it?
Murderers, surrender now.
Come out to be bound.
Murderers? Us?
They're accusing us of killing Sir Gong-gu.
But it wasn't us!
It was the man that fought with Jin-ok.
Who would believe that?
Looks like we're going down for it.
What's that?
This tunnel connects to the river.
That's wonderful!
Please stay behind for us.
Let us get away first.
What are you talking about?
We should stick together.
Think about it.
If we run away together,
the troops will come right after us.
If we get caught by chance,
then, we'll be hanged
without a chance to clear our names.
We can't let that happen...
Yes, Ga-bi.
I think I should go.
Hey, Jin-ok...
It doesn't feel right to let
you go by yourselves...
Why don't we just go together?
Don't even think about it.
Come on! How can you do this to me?
Wait for us.
I'll do right, I promise.
You're sure?
Long and happy life, master.
Long and happy life...
You ungrateful witches!
Here comes Mu Myeong, the fearless warrior!
Bring it on if you dare.
Keep shooting at me. I won't blink an eye.
Keep shooting.
Bring it on, jerks.
Aim for the head!
With arrows like these?
I told you! It wasn't me but the girls.
Who do you report to?
I'll make you pay
when I get out of here, scumbags!
Is that you, Master Mu Myeong?
Do I know you?
What's wrong with you?
You're asking us?
I'll skin you alive.
Ask Jin-ok. She'll tell you.
Jin-ok! Hong-dan!
Keep an eye on Jo Yu-sik.
He'll come useful very soon.
Yes, my lord.
Why are you keeping him alive
when all the other envoys are taken out?
The stauroscope the King
had the secret envoys made
contains the military map of Qing.
Even if we take the stauroscope
to the Qing Emperor,
there is nothing the Emperor can do
if we can't prove that our
King commissioned it.
That's why I'm keeping
Jo Yu-sik alive because he lead
and executed the King's secret mission.
What made you curious about it?
He's been kept in custody
for over 10 years.
I wondered if he is worth all
that trouble, that's all.
Just out of curiosity?
Who's there?
Secret warehouse.
I think we found it.
You can't have imagined
that I would follow you here.
Wherever you go, you're
on the palm of my hand.
Where are they hiding it?
Ga-bi, I found it.
It looks as precious as it's worth.
Let's get out of here.
Hong-dan, we got it.
What are you doing? Let's go.
Put it back.
Where it was.
Who the heck is that?
Who are you?
Where do you think you're going?
What happened was...
You're really begging to
have your life taken away.
If that's what you want...
I'll take off. Don't be too long.
Excuse me...
What the heck?
Tell me.
Where is it?
How dare you?
Get her!
Yes, sir...
What's wrong with you?
Let's get out of here.
Get them!
You can never let them get away.
Get them...
They're coming straight this way.
What are you going to do?
What choice do we have?
Over there.
I know I'll die early because of her.
Get going. We'll meet back at home.
I'm sorry.
Cut the crap and go.
Be careful, okay?
Hey, you jerks!
Here I am.
You didn't take off?
That's curious.
I don't take off just any time.
Now might be a good time.
Darn it.
Get them.
Tell me the truth if you wish to live.
Was it Kim Ja-heon that
ordered Gong-gu killed?
Was it Kim Ja-heon?
Answer me.
Master knows nothing of it.
I killed Gong-gu out of my free will.
Since when was he your master?
Do you know me?
Don't move!
For 10 years,
not a day went by
without remembering that night.
How you stabbed my father over and over...
I remember clearly.
But I never held grudge against you.
Because I know that's
how you saved my life.
I appreciate your forgiveness.
I don't know what you're forgiving me for.
Jin-ok, wake up!
What happened to her?
How does it look?
It's a deep cut.
How deep?
How deep?
Very... very deep.
Boil some water
and grind some salt to fine grains.
Light up some charcoal.
Get plenty pine nuts.
Before that, mix some red lay with water.
You need the clear water on top.
So, don't shake the bowl.
Also, look for some dandelion and...
Slow down, will you?
Especially at a time like this.
What was it again?
Grind some salt, pine nuts...
I solemnly pledge under these clouds,
that we shall die together on the same day.
No, this isn't right.
It has to be more soppy and sweet.
Hey, $a-hyeon!
He's getting more perfect by day.
Let's die on the same day.
No, this isn't it.
I solemnly pledge under these clouds
that my heart for you will never change.
Even after the clouds drift
away and rocks roll,
I will never forget this promise.
Did you write it all down?
Yes, miss.
Write your name at the bottom.
And this is for you.
It's a dagger.
I asked my father to have it
made by the top sword maker.
From now, you must use
this beautiful dagger
to protect this beautiful girl that is me.
You don't want to?
Give me the names of the envoys
dispatched to Qing.
Will you really have me cut off
your little girl's fingers?
Tell me! Where's the list?
Run, miss!
You sneaky little rat!
The sworn enemy that killed my father
and took everything from me
was Kim Ja-heon.
I swore to myself everyday
to have my revenge one day
but when I saw him again,
I froze.
I wasn't able to draw my sword.
Let's go.
And I wondered just when
you would say that.
I can't stand it anymore.
Let's go crush that jerk to pieces.
Crushing or ripping him
apart, go by yourself.
What are you saying?
It's late. Enough for now.
You're the youngest of us.
Yet, you have grown so much.
There must have been times
that you wanted to lean on us.
But we never gave you the
chance to be the baby.
After we finish this job,
I'll be a good big sister.
I'm sorry, Ga-bi.
My poor baby...
Your feet are swollen so badly.
What are you mumbling about?
Who are you?
It's Ga-bi.
Then who the heck is this?
Can I get some water?
What's this jerk doing lying next to me?
You son of a witch!
Have you lost your mind?
Who are you throwing rocks at?
Just go back to sleep.
Are you all right?
That must've hurt.
No biggie. That's just life.
What a sight!
It's my husband's exam day.
I can't believe I totally
forgot about that.
Ga-bi, tell Jin-ok that I had to go home.
She is really something, isn't she?
Weird witch...
What about me?
What about you?
What do you think of me?
What do you mean what? You're just pretty.
This isn't...
You know...
You've never done it before?
Come on, do you know how old I am?
No, I've never done it.
What about you?
That felt awesome.
Then, I'll do it again.
Isn't this little too fast?
Who killed Gong-gu, then?
It was Kim Ja-heon.
It was Kim's men that chased Sir Gong-gu
and assassinated him.
I know because I suffered
under their swords, too.
It's merely a statement, not an evidence.
If I offer you Gong-gu's
stauroscope as evidence,
will you believe me?
Did you find it?
Without a doubt.
It's not something that should be
kept in anyone's possession.
Hand it over to me.
I will,
under one condition.
Is he practicing levitation?
You! Come out.
Mama, I didn't eat it, I swear.
What a character!
Wipe the saliva off your face.
Is this the day that my
head drops to the ground?
How meaningless life is!
Come on! I'm busy.
How can you be so heartless
to someone who is about to die?
Still, I hold no grudge for you.
I have forgiven everyone.
Eventually, it all comes down
to forgiveness and love.
Sure. Be a good man and hurry up.
What's the time anyway?
I'm feeling peckish. It
must be almost meal time.
Get out of there. Come on.
My girls should be visiting me soon.
I'm sorry but can we postpone for tomorrow?
It's freezing.
Are you kidding me?
Come on, we haven't got all day.
What's that over there?
It wasn't me, okay? I didn't kill that man.
My girls will clear my name.
Are you trying to get
yourself in a big trouble?
Open this up now.
You'll kill me if I open it, won't you?
I'm going to...
A royal decree was issued
ordering your release.
Royal decree?
You mean from the King?
Of course, royal decree is from King.
Who else could issue a royal decree?
Open this up, now...
Get moving.
It won't be a breeze, this one.
What shall I take this time?
What will you do when you meet Kim Ja-heon?
I don't know.
I'm thinking.
Still thinking?
Jin-ok, what's this?
What is it?
It's soft.
And mushy.
Byeokrando, Joseon's
only international port.
It's an international trade capital
where Chinese, Japanese,
Westerners even the Moors come.
It's the only territory
outside of Joseon's jurisdiction.
Master, we'll soon be
arriving in Byeokrando.
Please ready yourself.
Can you stop fidgeting for crying out loud?
You see that? That's my girls!
What's that on your back?
Aren't you a curious, old chap?
It's a messenger pigeon.
I thought they used falcons for messengers.
Falcons are used by the army.
We, the police force use pigeons, okay?
What's your business here?
We are here to fight in the game.
You're a contender?
What do you mean by that?
What's talking about?
Something doesn't feel right with you.
I'm the warrior.
I'm a fighter of...
That's right!
I'm a Taekkeyon player.
You see?
All right.
Name, Maeong Gyo-gak.
He is the architect
who designed Kim Ja-heon's pavilion.
We must find out
if he had the blue print of the pavilion.
What the...
Look where you're going.
Once Jin-ok confirms the blueprint,
Ga-bi, you got to distract his men.
Excuse me...
What about the blueprint?
I will take care of that!
You concentrate on your job.
I feel dizzy...
on, I'm dizzy...
There he comes.
Dizzy... darn it!
Ga-bi? Ga-bi!
There are two secret rooms.
One is located on 7th floor of the pavilion
and the other is in the basement.
Wait... where and where again?
Focus, please?
It's because I have water in my ears.
There are two ways to get to
the secret room on the 7th.
Through the central stairway
and the ventilation shaft.
Ventilation shaft?
Ga-bi, you should take the vent to the top.
I'll infiltrate through the iron mill
to the secret room in the basement.
What about me?
You take the stairs up to the 7th floor.
Hey, you!
Good heavens! You scared me.
Come here.
Are you the only boys here?
Yes. Who are you?
I'm Hong-dan.
Enemy alert!
Shut up...
I said shut up.
How many times did I tell you?
Meeting you made this journey worthwhile.
Is it true that you have in custody
the man who stole our military map?
That's right.
If you can prove
Joseon King's treacherous
plans to the Emperor,
I'll give you Joseon as I promised.
The gunpowder and weaponry I brought
will be the gift of proof.
I shall be looking forward to it.
So, where is the man?
Qing's envoy has finally come for you.
Don't you wish to live?
Stauroscope, where are you?
How do you open this?
Good heavens!
This is how my life takes a new turn.
Are you going to throw that at me?
You scared me.
Ga-bi, I'm rich now.
Look at all these.
I've really become rich.
Okay, pass...
Who the heck are you?
Where did the fatty go?
You must win this round.
Because of the darn fatty!
What are you doing?
I scattered the gunpowder.
So, I'm going to light up the place.
Who are you trying to fry?
Stop it! Don't do it until I've evacuated.
Send it up in flames.
Let's light it up and go together.
Won't you listen to me?
This is my expertise.
Don't you trust me?
I don't.
Then, that's the end of the story.
Next is the Joseon's best Taekkyeon artist.
What did you say your name was?
It's Dawn Song.
Dawn? As in morning, afternoon and evening?
Show some respect. It's my name!
Dawn Song!
Place your bets.
They recognize me? I can't blow my cover.
You got to be kidding me!
How old are you?
This is no place for a
pretty girl like you.
Do you know how dangerous this place is?
Where are your parents?
Over there.
Don't be a pussy.
Get back on your feet.
Oh, man!
What's he doing there?
Are you enjoying the game?
Yes, it's entertaining.
But I would rather be meeting
that man right now.
There's no rush.
Just sit back and relax.
I said bring him to me.
Right now!
Why isn't Jo Yu-sik here yet?
I'll find out, my lord.
Just do as you're told, okay?
Tell the Qing envoy everything you know.
And I'll take you to your daughter.
Let me see my daughter.
Let me see her first.
Damned stubborn man!
Do you want me to bring her here
and have her head chopped off?
Is that what you want?
You'll have your wish then, Jo Yu-sik!
Jo Yu-sik.
What's it going to be?
Will you confess to the Qing envoy?
I'll do anything you say.
Please don't hurt my daughter.
I beg of you, please.
Who are you?
I asked you a question.
What the...
Jin-ok, is that really you?
Yes, father.
It's your daughter, Jin-ok.
Yes, father.
You filthy monster!
How can you do this to a man?
I'll do exactly the same to you.
I see that you're not dead.
I had no reason to be.
You don't need a particular reason to die.
I need to know why you changed like this
and what happened to my father.
That man is your father?
I don't understand and
neither does my father.
What happened to you?
I said I didn't know
because I don't know you.
You deny me and yourself to the end.
Even so, how is that a
reason that you can't die.
Why aren't you attacking me?
Man, this is hard.
Did you light up the wick?
It'll give us some time?
Then, when does it blow?
I swear I'll kill you.
My girls caused trouble again.
Didn't I tell you be careful?
Do you want us get killed?
Well, we're alive.
I swear I'll kill you with these hands.
What's going on?
It's probably nothing.
Please don't be alarmed.
Where is Sa-hyeon?
She says she is Jo Yu-sik's daughter.
So, that little girl survived.
Yes, after enduring all these years,
I finally get to see you again.
This truly is an ill-fated relationship.
Don't be so sure.
Because I'll show what
ill-fated really means.
You really are the child of Jo Yu-sik.
But I just don't have time for you.
Come over here.
I offer a reward of 1,000
gold coins on her head.
Kill her!
Kill her...
Why did you keep her alive?
You did it on purpose?
I don't understand what you mean, sir.
Did the old memories come back?
I'll keep a eye on you
see whose dog you really are.
I almost forgot.
I've been meaning to give this to you.
Stolen dogs will bite its new owner,
when it's reunited with its old master.
I've had a good use of you
now go back you old master.
Did you get the dagger?
Should Jin-ok ever be in
danger because of me,
you shall stab me with that dagger.
I remember you stabbing
my father over and over.
That will be the only way to save her.
I don't understand neither does my father.
Come on, miss. Hurry!
I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect you.
Look up at the front.
That's only way you save yourself.
Don't try anything.
Stand back.
I said stand back!
If the walls collapse, we'll all die.
We must leave at once.
What happened to you?
Are you going to kill your father?
We got to go now!
Come on out.
Stop trying. Get out now.
I said that's enough.
Get out of here.
Do you want us both to die here?
We can both live.
We'll make it out together.
Listen to me carefully.
I don't know you.
I don't know how you know me from the past
but I don't know you.
I remember clearly.
I can tell when I look into your eyes.
So, don't you give up.
Pull yourself up.
Get up here.
Hold my hand.
Hold my hand!
Come on!
You must protect me with
this pretty dagger, okay?
You must keep this promise.
Hurry LIP-
What are you doing?
You promised me.
You promised that you'd protect me.
Please, Sa-hyeon. Hold my hand.
Please! Hold my hand.
It's not in my memories
but that promise I made you...
I may be able to keep it.
You're one persistent witch!
He's getting away.
Come back here!
Stop right there, you jerk!
Come back here.
Catch me if you can.
What are you going to do?
What are they trying to do?
What the...
Come on, girls! Turn the wheel.
Turn it...
What are you doing?
Shut up and give us a hand.
Do something or she'll get killed.
I know that, too.
Move, fatty! Is there anything you can do?
Shoot her.
What are you doing? Shoot them.
Come on, turn it.
It's this way!
Hong-dan, hurry...
All right...
Come on. Do something.
Get her!
I said get her.
Ga-bi! You did great.
What did I tell you?
I said I'd never let you get away.
A lowly stupid girl
acting fearless relying on her sword.
Relying on my sword, did you say?
All right then.
How dare you trying to toy with me?
You're begging to be killed.
Should I crush you under my feet
or shred you to pieces...
Keep babbling away.
Suddenly, you're out of things to say?
Conniving lying wretch like you
doesn't need a mouth.
From this day, you shall
shut that filthy mouth
and live quietly.
You who liaised with the enemies
and harmed King's faithful servants.
Threatened a father with
the life of his child,
tainted precious memories!
Lower than lowest of beasts!
I shall break the hand
that committed terrible deeds.
I shall crush the leg
that sold out your own country.
The eyes that look down
on people like animals...
Save me!
Show mercy!
Save me, please...
Please, I beg you.
How dare you do this to me?
I shall do exactly the same to you.
How does it feel to hold an empty gun?
Futile, isn't it?
That's what the power you
thought you had was like.
You'd calculate and calculate again,
kill or save people as you see fit
but it all comes down to an empty barrel.
I'll return the stauroscope
to its rightful owner.
What is this?
Where did it go? I must make report.
The chief will kill me if
he doesn't hear from me.
What do I do now?
Hey, wake up!
Wakey, pigeon!
Come on, open your eyes.
Please! My life depends on you.
Wake up, please!
I hear that you performed
a brilliant exploit in Byeokrando.
I only did what my duties commanded.
Faithful servants,
you have saved this country from harm.
His Majesty wishes to recognize you
for your service.
Jo Yu-sik, is hereby appointed to
Minister of Defense
to be in charge of
defending this kingdom from enemies.
I will fulfill my duties
with honor, Your Majesty.
As for Mu Myeong...
Please have my master reinstated
upon completion of this mission.
I hereby restore you to
Chief of Investigation.
Next is Ahn Hong-dan...
Write off her family's debt
and gift her with a shop for
the family's livelihood.
Thank you!
I mean, Your grace is
immeasurable, Your Majesty.
As for Park Ga-bi...
She has an exceptional talent in
martial arts and military strategy.
If you train her academically, too,
she'll be a great service to this kingdom.
That was so uncomfortable.
His Majesty is such a
handsome man, isn't he?
How dare you!
Who's the leader here?
Take this.
What is it?
Do you know a man called 'Chick'?
Name, Chick.
Reward 1,000 nyang.
If you get 1,000 nyang, 500 is mine.
You became greedy ever
since you started dating.
Dating who? Tell me.
It's not Constable Song, is it?
Of all the men out there,
you had to pick him?
What's wrong with that?
It's between a man and a woman.
How did you get in here?
Are you crazy? Don't hit him!
Whose side are you on?
What's the matter with you two?
I found Chick.
Here we go on three. One, two...
I knew you'd come.
You're looking to get your life cut short.
We'll have to see about that.
You scumbags!
I, Mu Myeong is here!
Bring it on if you dare.
I'll crush you with the fist of justice.
Bring it on! Come on...
What's he doing?
Come on, get him!
Show me what you got...
Whoever catches him gets the reward.
No complaints about your shares, okay?
Fine by me.
Just follow me.
You follow me.