The Hurricane Heist (2018) Movie Script

Dad, faster!
I'm pushing 80, son.
If we get caught, it's all your fault.
- Was not.
- Was so.
You just had to screw around
with that stupid kite.
- I'm glad it broke.
- Do you want me to punch you in the mouth?
Boys, knock it off.
Do something constructive.
Why don't you practice
your football plays?
Ouch. He hit me.
- Breeze.
- Yes, sir.
Here's a good one.
Red Dog, Omaha, 22.
I know that one.
It's the hook and ladder play.
We flank each other...
Watch out!
- You boys okay? You all right?
- Yes, sir.
We're high centered.
I gotta get you inside.
Come on, boys. Come on. Let's go.
It's coming!
Get up, Willie. Come on.
Come on, let's go.
Hello? Hello?
Come on.
I'm sure it's all right.
You boys stay in here.
I gotta get that truck back
on the road. You understand?
Let us help.
No, you're safer in here.
- Breeze, you're in charge.
- Yes, sir.
You got that, Willie?
This is all your fault.
He's... He's gonna be okay.
You know nothing can hurt Dad.
It's still all your fault.
- What's happening? Breeze!
- I don't know.
- Daddy!
- No!
- What's happening?
- Help!
Somebody, please help!
Looks like our projected
course for Tammy's on the money.
Upgrade it from a tropical storm
to a Category 1 hurricane.
Hurricane force wind's diameter
is up to 500 miles.
Looks like it's gonna hit
Alabama and Florida.
Get me the latest surface readings.
They're warm. Way too warm.
The gulf's at 91 degrees 200 miles out.
The NHC has 98 on the coastal buoys.
Plus the Azores-Bermuda
high-pressure system
is exceptionally weak.
Impressive, Miss Skooler.
Uh, Da Molino, get me Will Rutledge.
And, Miss Skooler,
I want you to run some numbers
on the spiral bands
- and get back to me ASAP.
- I'll have them in five.
Yeah, I need Will Rutledge.
Yes, it's important.
- Is this Dr. Rutledge?
- You got him.
Director Frobisher
would like to speak with you.
Sure enough. Put him on.
- I got Will.
- Hey, Will.
Hey, buddy.
Niles, my central pressure's
dropping like a stone.
What you got?
Satellite's got it at 999 millibars now.
So far your Dominator's in sync,
so, I need those drones airborne quick.
I'm on it. Trust me, I'm doing it.
I don't wanna stay out here
any longer than I have to.
25 years ago,
Hurricane Andrew laid waste to this town,
and now Tammy's here to do it
all over again.
- But this time no one's going to die.
- Yes, sir.
- That's why I've called a mandatory evac.
- We got this, chief.
Okay, now once every last car
makes it out of town,
the assigned officers are to make sure
them roadblocks are set up.
I don't want any looters
slipping back into town. Not on my watch.
- Yes, sir.
- Okay, now head out.
Excuse me there, Sheriff Dixon.
This here storm don't look like
it's gonna amount to much.
We gotta evacuate?
Now, Clayton, best to evacuate first
and then double-guess yourself later.
Now, be a good citizen and get a move on.
- Come on.
- Yes, sir.
"Braveness is the resistance to concern,
mastery of panic,
not absence of anxiety."
Mark Twain.
Spare me your poetry today, Connor.
I can't help it. It's in my Irish soul.
Your Irish soul left Ireland
two generations ago.
No. My parents brought me
over here when I was five.
I didn't know that.
There's a lot of things
that you don't know about me.
Still got two passports.
Gonna retire back there
when all this is over.
And here I've been stuck
on milk runs with you for a year
and I thought I knew
all there was to know.
What is the hurry?
We do have to bank this load
before the storm hits, so there's that.
- Here, move over.
- What?
Slide over.
This is Corbyn. Buckle up.
You know those bumps in the road
you hear about? Here they come.
You know, I think
you're a little psychotic.
I think you're a little bit right.
You're gonna ruin somebody's tobacco crop.
A little less cancer in the world.
Ask your brother if he's reading it.
You reading this, Clem?
Hold on, bro. It's shunting.
Keep trying, man.
All right, hold on.
All right, that should do it, bro.
Yeah, uplinked. Full strength. Good job.
Close her up.
Money is honey.
They're underestimating you.
- Morning, ma'am, sir.
- Morning.
Where are the two other trucks?
They couldn't keep up.
- I got a feeling not many can.
- Clear.
Welcome back, you two. Open it up.
Niles, you still there?
I got them launched. You get the readings?
Yeah. They're in sync.
Stick around. It's only gonna be a Cat 2.
Get some new measurements.
You're sitting in a tank,
for Christ's sakes.
No, thanks. You're underestimating her.
- I can smell it.
- Yeah.
While you're smelling it, we're reading it
from carefully calibrated
scientific instruments.
The cumulus is spiraling
inward at a crazy rate.
Millibar's 985.
You ever seen a millibar dive that quick?
Not consistent with our projections.
Damn your projections.
I'm telling you, this one's
gonna be off the scale,
trust me.
Dinner at the Crab Shack
if it gets higher than a 2.
Niles, stop thinking about your stomach
and your government expense
account that's gonna pay for it.
You should get the National
Guard down here
- before it's too late.
- I respect you, Will.
You're a first-rate meteorologist.
But I can'tjust traipse
into the president's office
and offer up your gut, now, can I?
Well, you'll wish you had.
I've never met anyone so afraid
of the very thing they were fascinated by.
I got a few contradictions, but so do you,
like eating candy bars on a strict diet.
Yeah, now you mention it...
Wrap it up and come home, Will.
Yeah, I am home, buddy.
I am home.
Even after 11 years of this,
I never get used to that sight.
I hate old money. It's greasy. It smells.
It's been up a thousand noses
and buried in too many G-strings.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
Best part of this lame-ass job
is watching it turn into confetti.
- Sergeant Deering?
- Yes, ma'am.
What's with the backup?
Why haven't these been shredded?
Shredder's been down since you left.
- All right, let's get 'em in.
- Copy that.
All right.
It's working absolutely
perfect one second, next second: stops.
I got all my guys looking at it
and no one around here can figure out why,
so you got here not a minute
too soon, Miss...
Van Dietrich?
You can call me Sasha, Agent Moreno,
'cause you're the one paying the bills.
Sasha it is.
So how long's it gonna take
to get this thing back online?
We'll run some diagnostics
and get to the root of it.
We'll have you shredding
your hearts out by lunch.
That'd be great.
Hundreds of millions in a hurricane
are not exactly the best
cocktail on the menu.
And you know a thing or two
about cocktails, right, Randy?
Excuse me.
I'm not up for your jokes
right now, Corbyn.
Maybe the less you say to me the better.
All right, I'm in and out.
Let's just keep it professional, right?
- Thanks.
- Right this way.
Morris, Agent Corbyn reporting in.
Good time? Bad time?
Uh, I got a couple of minutes.
Is everything okay?
- Yeah.
- Cargo offloaded?
Yep, it's all here,
with about 300 million of its cousins.
- The shredder's down, though.
- Yeah, I know.
We've addressed it.
Look, don't forget, that 600
million is your responsibility
until it's destroyed, okay?
Got no problems with that.
Turns out I'm all right
at babysitting old money.
It's not the field, but...
Hey, I went to bat for you after Utah.
If it wasn't for me,
you wouldn't even have a job right now.
And I appreciate that.
It's not really a job.
I think we both know what this is.
Look, I...
I made a bad call.
But no one can punish me
like I already punish myself.
Casey, don't do this.
Listen, if the money's my responsibility,
I'd love to get a reset on the vault code.
Hurricanes give people bad ideas.
Okay. Consider it authorized.
- Thanks.
- And, Casey...
Take care of yourself, okay?
This is Breeze
from Rutledge Tow & Repair.
Leave a message and I probably won't
get back to you.
Hey, Breeze. It's Will.
Look, I'm in town.
Listen, you gotta get...
Damn it.
Darling, this ZBC stuff is so crufty.
Yeah, that's what made
shutting it down so easy.
Why do they always hire hacks
with so little talent
when they could have us?
Not enough money in it?
Yeah, make yourself at home.
- Better check your backup power.
- Yeah, don't tell me what to do.
I'm not saying. I'm just saying.
Oh, boy. It's failed.
Not good.
Now, the job's outsourced
to some local, Breeze Rutledge.
- It's 555...
- Phone's dead.
Shit. My cell doesn't have any bars.
Me neither. Right, where is he?
His shop is off of Balm and Garden.
It's called Rutledge Repairs.
All right, Master Sarge, rise and shine!
Come on, Breeze, on your feet.
Get dressed, buddy.
Oh, I was dreaming, Will.
Remember Miss Bishop,
10th-grade biology teacher?
Never did learn much,
but, boy, I was never late.
As I remember it, you had
a keen interest in her biology.
What you doing here, Willie?
There's a hurricane coming,
and it's gonna be a mother.
Some breakfast?
Yeah. They're not mine.
What was her name?
- Jaguar.
- Jaguar.
We are what we are, Willie.
Can't change people.
You sure as shit can't change hurricanes.
Well, this hurricane can change
people from alive to dead.
So we gotta go.
Yeah, I've seen them before, brother.
Not like this.
I'm telling you, this is worse than...
The one that killed Dad?
Red Dog, Omaha, 22.
You have good hands.
You always had good hands.
We gotta go.
You wasted a trip, baby bro.
I ain't good at leaving.
And look around, man, 'cause this,
it's my entire life right here.
But you got the cash
and the airplane tickets I sent, right?
Yeah, I got it all right here.
Take your pity somewhere else, please.
You need a fresh start, bro.
I make a fresh start every day, Will.
It's just not so fresh by dark.
Then all's I got to do is
freshen it right back up again.
Breeze, if this storm
is what I think it is,
they ain't ever seen anything like it.
Okay, I'll bite.
But you gonna help me board up
the windows first, ain't you?
You... You got a hammer?
Heard you got phone trouble.
Got a call from a guy named Moreno.
There's no clearance for you here, sir.
Corporal, we placed a T20
for a transponder at Tower Six.
Got a line open.
Have to shift it over from the
source, which is here.
Sir, we're on lockdown due to the storm.
You need special clearance,
which you do not have.
Come on, man.
We're just doing our job here. Let us in.
Sir, this is a federal facility.
I need you to turn this vehicle around
and I need you to turn around now.
- Are we in any danger?
- There's been a breach.
You're safe in here.
All this glass is bulletproof.
So I need you to stay calm and stay put.
- What's going on?
- We're under attack!
Let's go!
- What should we do, Connor?
- Take a nap.
Fire on my fire.
- We got a situation.
- What's going on, Mr. Perkins?
Sir, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
And you said we couldn't do this
with zero casualties, huh?
You may not wanna face it now, Connor,
but eventually we may have to kill
some people to get what we want.
- Let's get these guys locked up.
- Yeah, let's break out the P90s.
- Let's get the money.
- Amen.
It's bulletproof, man.
You're wasting your time.
What if I say, "Open sesame"?
I have a thing about "open sesame,"
ever since I read Ali Baba as a kid.
Drop the gun, Moreno.
I should've known there was something
hinky about you two freaks.
We two freaks hacked your shredder
weeks ago so that the money would pile up.
'Course, we had to gamble on the storm,
but all of life has its little risks.
Now, we managed to take this place
without spilling a drop of blood.
I wanna keep it that way,
so I need your help.
Now, should you choose not to help us,
the no-blood rule will be revoked.
This is not your money.
The government's not gonna
give it to your widow Brenda,
if you fall on your sword
here, now, are they?
This is a federal facility, man.
You know what you're facing
when they catch you.
I'd rather be facing that than us.
The vault, how long?
We have to substitute an IO device
by loading a hungus driver routine
into one of the monitor's wormholes.
- English.
- 30 minutes.
Open Sesame in 30.
One of you Breeze Rutledge?
- Yeah, who's asking?
- Casey Corbyn, Treasury.
Our generator's down.
I understand you're responsible
for repairs?
Yeah. I'll go get my tools.
Breeze, what about the boards?
My government needs me, Will.
You've done this before.
You got swindled into a bunch
of free labor, huh?
- Apparently so.
- Yeah, I know that game.
This yours?
You one of those hurricane chasers?
No, I'm one of those meteorologists.
Anybody who chases hurricanes
has got a death wish.
Okay, let's go save the world.
Will. Willie.
You gonna be here when I get back?
- No.
- Okay.
See you in another five years.
You did real good, kid.
I'm really proud of you.
You done very well.
And tonight you're gonna be
the richest punk
to ever come out of Fell's Point.
So you're a hometown boy, huh?
I took a small detour
to Afghanistan and back,
but that was just to break up
the monotony.
- It'll do that.
- Now, you see that?
That right there was my last
official glory zone.
Yeah, you're looking
at the starting quarterback
of the Gulfport Gators,
from '99 to 2001.
All winning seasons, mind you.
I had six brothers.
They ate, slept and drank football.
- Six brothers?
- Yep.
Shit, lady, I got just one
and it's a damn minefield.
Open it.
It's all yours.
What the f...
Maybe we ran into a frobbotzim.
Try it again.
- Tell me what is going on.
- The code. It's not working.
You told us you hacked it solid.
We did. We ran it through this morning.
Then why can't you open it?
This was your only job.
Somebody changed the code.
It wasn't me.
That can only come from Washington.
Or the Washington liaison.
Casey Corbyn.
We can work from our dedicated
cell and do the hack all over.
Let's work on two fronts, Connor.
Frears and I will do the hack
all over again
while you find Miss Corbyn.
- Time frame?
- Three hours, minimum.
- You can do it in two.
- Yes, my love. Two will be fine.
All right, get to it.
Where is she?
If you tell me anything
other than the truth,
so help me, your brains are gonna spill
all over this stainless.
Where is she?
The gen... The backup generator failed.
She went to get the repair guy.
She should have been back by now.
This is not good.
Listen, if you want help,
just say the word.
Keep low and keep it running.
This is how it's done.
Agent Corbyn, we've got you scoped.
Drop the gun. Give yourself up.
We don't wanna hurt you.
We just wanna talk.
Give yourself up. Don't be stupid.
Let's go!
Not so fast, Corbyn.
- Go, go, go!
- Get her!
- Don't you move!
- Easy!
I'm just the repair man doing house calls.
- I'll get the girl.
- You got a tail!
Hell of a day, ain't it? Hell of a day.
Got her pinned. War monument.
Get in!
- Thank you.
- What the hell was that about?
The Treasury's being robbed.
You left with my brother.
I didn't see him. Where is he?
- I think they have him.
- Think who has him?
The crew that somehow managed
to knock over a maximum-security facility.
- We gotta go back.
- Wait.
These guys must be pretty heavy
hitters to pull this off.
They're not just gonna hand him over
'cause we ask. They need him.
- Need him for what?
- The backup generator's down.
He's the only one that can fix it.
They're gonna need power
to get in that vault.
So once he's through with that,
they're through with him.
- I gotta call D.C.
- You have sat?
Damn. He shot my satellite link.
Shit, shit, shit!
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
We gotta stay focused, okay?
We're gonna get help.
Just... let's stay calm.
Listen, lady, we're about to be crushed
by the biggest storm of the century.
I don't think you know what that means.
It means no one's gonna come down here
and volunteer to help until it's all over,
and at that point it's gonna
be too late for my brother.
Look, I'm with you.
You know any local cops?
Yeah, I guess.
It's not like anything changes round here.
Okay. Best play we got.
Here's the generator guy.
Yeah. Breeze Rutledge. That's him.
How's it going, Randy?
- Well, you know where it is. Get to it.
- Try a zigamorph.
I already called the dummy
procedure there to force a flush
of the optimizer's register coloring.
That's getting us somewhere.
Eyes front. Eyes front.
What are you people doing here?
The town's under mandatory evacuation.
I'm sure glad you don't listen
to your own orders.
- Jimmy, it's me.
- Willie? Willie Rutledge, is that you?
Jimmy, listen.
They got my brother
tied up in the Treasury.
- Whoa. Who's got him?
- The Treasury's being robbed.
Casey Corbyn, ATF.
How many men can you round up?
I knew today was going to be a shit show.
Come on into my office,
tell me all about it.
- How many of them are there?
- I only had eyes on two.
But they took out 14 guards,
high-tech security.
There's bound to be more.
So they're highly organized.
I can't confirm casualties,
but there was no blood,
so hoping there's more than one hostage.
We're going to have to
do something about that.
You, missy, throw down your weapon now.
Oh, no, Jimmy, you ain't in on it?
Well, I'm afraid so, Willie.
You watch those semis
rolling through this shithole
day after day
filled with money.
You know it's just going to the shredder.
Kind of gets you thinking,
Willie, you know?
Gives a man ideas.
Gun down now.
Very good.
I like a gal who follows orders.
- Dixon here. You read me?
- You got her?
Yeah. Pretty little thing.
All wrapped up in a red ribbon.
We need her alive.
Do what you want with the Good Samaritan.
Xander's on his way.
Yeah, well, you tell him
not to dawdle, you hear? Over.
Connor Perkins is the inside man.
Not bad, huh?
For two old guys they were
gonna put out to pasture.
$600 million sure puts
a whole different complexion
on retirement, I'd say.
Go, go, go, go!
- Red ribbon my ass.
- Shut up and drive.
They're on our tail.
- Come on. Can't you go any faster?
- Got my foot to the floor, man.
She's going as fast as she can.
Give me your gun.
That thing is built like a tank.
Holy shit.
- I'm tapped.
- What?
- I'm out of bullets.
- Well, how did that happen?
I shot them all.
- How far back are they?
- 100 yards and closing.
Help me with my harness.
- Good.
- Okay, now you.
Do you trust me? I need you to trust me.
- What?
- Do you trust me?
Yeah. What the hell, Will?
'Cause this is gonna be harsh.
Brake, brake, brake!
Here comes the harsh part.
You okay?
Never... do that to me... again.
I had to do something.
And I guess it worked.
Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
Ain't you out of bullets?
They don't know that.
Mmm. Drink?
I am not naturally a violent man.
If this thing is not working soon,
I'm gonna show you another side of me.
Well, I'm not naturally a worried man.
But how do I know
when I do fix this thing,
you won't just kill me?
You don't,
but I would not
make me think about ultimatums.
Just fix it.
Just do it.
I am sick of waiting for people.
Well, we can't keep running like this.
Surviving's gonna kill us.
Well, we can't leave
and we can't call for help.
The lines are down, cell phones are dead.
When I left,
all the cell phones were down,
but those hackers were still working.
- How's that?
- Maybe they got a dedicated line.
You know, one with a satellite uplink,
like I used to have.
And if they were smart, they'd
have installed it ahead of time.
The only way they can get the new code
is to hack back into the D.C. mainframe.
If they have a dedicated line
and we could find it,
we could cut it,
hole up and wait for help.
Anything on here that could pick that up?
Know what, this one,
this reads non-ionized energy,
which is basically radio.
- Really?
- Mmm.
Great. So we just search Gulfport.
Mm-hmm. And this town just
woke up from the 1940s,
so there can't be but three of those
cell phone towers in this whole place,
and this one's gonna tell us
which one of those is active.
- Mr. Rutledge, you are my...
- Ah. Dr. Rutledge.
I have a PhD in synoptic meteorology.
Dr. Rutledge, you're my kind of expert.
- Why, thank you.
- Xander, come in.
Do you copy?
Xander, pick up the walkie. Where are you?
Oh, God.
There was an accident. Car's totaled.
Are you all right?
- Oh, boy.
- God, my arm's busted.
I'm a bit shook up, man, but I'm fine.
The sheriff has broken his arm.
- It looks pretty bad.
- Cut the shit. Where's the girl?
Have you got the girl?
She got away, Connor.
You screwed up the easiest chance we had.
We're outside the Atlantic Hotel.
It's getting savage out here.
You've gotta come get us.
Hey, Xander,
they're coming to get you.
I don't understand,
if you've always been
so afraid of these storms,
how the hell you ended up
with this job.
You could at least be
in some nice, dry TV studio.
Up next we have weatherman, Willie
bringing you news of a big
storm across the gulf.
Right, thank you, Casey.
Yeah, that's right,
we got 500 miles of Armageddon on its way
to crush your house and destroy your life.
All joking aside,
that is case number one for man-made
climate change, the ocean warming.
It just gives more and more
energy to these hurricanes.
Right now the limit's Cat 5.
Pretty soon it's gonna be Cat 6 and 7
and so on and so forth.
By that time you're killing
hundreds of thousands of people.
If we can just figure out
their secrets, you know,
me and my colleagues, people like us,
we could mitigate how these storms occur,
maybe even stop them altogether.
It seems...
It seems real personal for you.
Yeah, I just hope you never have to watch
someone you love die
right in front of your eyes.
I have.
Back in Utah.
I made a bad decision, got someone killed.
I'm sorry to hear that, Casey.
It's like a weight you never
really put down, do you?
No, you do not.
They're here, come on!
Oh, God.
Come on, man. Come on. Come on.
That tower's definitely active.
Has to be them.
Probably, but we got winds of 143.
That's a Cat 4. No way we can
work on it up there.
What if we bring it down to us?
There's a pretty serious winch
on this thing.
You think it could do the job?
That's one idea.
- Okay.
- Hey, where are you going?
I can handle a cable,
but I can't handle that peashooter
in case we get company.
I need you to stay here
and watch my back for me.
- All right.
- This is the winch.
- Out, in.
- Copy.
- Be careful.
- You too.
Oh, my God.
Casey, kill the lights!
- What?
- Kill the lights!
Oh, no! Kill the lights!
Wait. Go back.
Somebody's up there.
Jaqi, stay back.
The numbers are coming in.
- How many numbers to the code?
- 33.
Here they come. Six...
Okay, this'll take
a little bit of time,
- so just be patient.
- I can be patient for $600 million.
- Jaqi.
- Connor, wait.
She's gone, man. She's gone.
We gotta move. Now!
Go get that woman. I'll cover you. Go on.
Can't you make it go any faster?
It's a computer.
It's working at the speed
of light, thank you, Rice.
The spikes! The spikes!
- What?
- Shoot the spikes!
- Thirty-six...
- Four more.
- Sixteen...
- Okay, we've got three more to go.
We've got one more...
Yes! Yeah, hell, yeah!
Oh, jeez...
I'm out of ammo. We gotta go.
We're still tethered to the tower.
- We're sitting ducks.
- Watch out!
You work here. Get us unhooked.
I'll hold them off.
With what?
- It froze.
- I can see that, shithead.
The line's been cut.
- Way to go, Casey.
- What'd you say?
I said, "Way to go, Casey."
- Rice, let him go.
- Let him go!
Stop it!
Rice, stop!
Oh, jeez.
Come on.
Got it.
Perkins, let's get out of here
or I'm going to die!
We're unhooked.
God damn that hick.
Lucky timing, I guess.
It's here in my notes.
The vault's a Pollock Ajax.
One wrong entry and it shuts
down for 48 hours.
Yep, that's what I thought.
Now grok this...
It's a two-integer number...
So after the initialization,
I analyzed the previous numbers.
It's a partial Fibonacci sequence. See?
Apply it forward and it'll narrow
the probability of the 33rd number.
All right, we got
two civilians, possibly armed.
We got at least three hostiles,
all with P90s.
And they got Moreno.
- Get us out of here. We'll take them.
- Yes, sir.
Holy shit.
He's trying to free the soldiers.
I've had to go for two hours.
All this water.
Good idea.
Let me get this straight.
You're the only one with the code
and that's why they need you?
- Why don't you do it?
- Why don't I what?
Open the safe. It's not your money.
I can't.
"Can't" is not an answer.
I just can't. That's the job
right now, as shitty as it is.
- You don't understand.
- I think I do.
You can't just walk
into a hostage negotiation...
You wanna beat them at their own game,
but they need you alive,
so it's a safe game for you.
I can't say the same for me and Breeze.
He could lose his life 'cause
you want your old job back.
I'd say that's right on the money.
Will, listen, as long as I have the code,
they don't have the money.
As long as they don't have
the money, the hostages live.
If they get it,
they kill all the witnesses.
- Follow me.
- Wha...
- What?
- Come on.
- I'm following a damn weatherman.
- You'll learn to love it.
- You okay, boss?
- No way am I okay.
Arm's busted. Get me some Vicodin.
Get him in! Get him in!
You all right?
What happened? Where's the fed?
We couldn't bring her in.
The storm was the other side of hell.
Where's Xander? Where's my brother?
He didn't make it.
- What do you mean?
- He's dead, man.
Jaqi, too. Both of them.
Who did it?
The fed. That bitch.
No, no, don't, don't.
Listen to me, Rice. Listen.
If we don't get the money,
they both died for nothing
and we're left with nothing.
That's all we got left, me and you,
the money, okay? Come on.
You know, there's a strange
irony in all this.
It was us who planned
to use the hurricane,
and by some crazy twist of fate,
we collide with somebody
who knows it better than us.
What the hell?
Simple. The sheriff had a plan
within a plan all along.
It's like I said,
fate works in crazy ways.
Like when I was sitting
in a bar on my own,
bitching about my lot in life,
and right next to me was another man
doing the same thing.
What are you telling me this for?
I was there, you idiot.
Well, not such an idiot.
Everything was planned perfectly.
All we needed was one little hurricane.
But you screwed it up,
'cause you didn't have the balls
to pull this off in the right way,
so everything went sideways.
Well, I'm taking over now.
Boys, we gonna get that gal
and cattle-prod her privates
until she gives us the code.
And after that,
the money's all mine.
You hear?
You hear me loud and clear, boy?
- No! No! Hold your fire!
- Don't move!
Well, that was loud and very clear.
I have a proposal.
Speak your piece.
Stick with me...
and I'll bonus you all
at 20 million apiece.
I don't mind partners,
but I do hate witnesses.
What's it gonna be?
Well, I think we can work with that.
But there will be no money to split...
unless we can get that woman
in here to open that vault.
It sounds insane.
You really think this could work, this...
- Pressure inversion.
- Right.
It's risky, but it's
the best chance we've got.
- Those are some slim odds.
- Make the call.
Come in. This is Agent Corbyn.
Do you read me? Over.
Nice of you to check in.
Didn't peg you for a traitor, Connor.
Guess you can forget about
that retirement in Ireland.
Just a nice supermax for you.
I doubt that's why you called.
I'm tired of running.
I'm ready to make a deal, a trade.
What kind of trade?
You release all the hostages
and I will come in and open the vault.
You can have it all.
That sounds too good to be true
coming from an ambitious gal like you.
I don't want anyone else to die.
Money or garbage, it's not mine.
I will give you one hostage, one for one.
- No deal.
- Then people start to die.
Starting with your friend Moreno here.
Two hostages.
Release Moreno and the repair
guy and I will come in.
After you get the money,
release all of the army guys.
Do we have a deal?
Deal. Where are you?
- Get proof of life.
- Casey...
- Where are you?
- Not so fast.
First you have to prove
they're still alive.
Gonna need to talk to Breeze Rutledge.
Get the repair guy on.
And put Agent Moreno on.
Let me talk to him.
It's me, Casey.
Thank you.
No need to thank me, Randy.
We're on the same team.
Will. Here.
Someone wants to talk to you.
Breeze. Red Dog, Omaha, 22.
Hey, kid.
Breeze, you in one piece?
I'm still breathing.
I thought you left.
No, I got to missing you too much.
Now, Willie...
Listen, brother, save yourself, man.
They're gonna kill me anyway.
Just be cool.
All right?
Everything's gonna be okay. You'll see.
I love you.
I love you, too. In fact, everybody
loves everybody around here.
Now, where are you?
We're at the mall.
Which mall?
There's only one mall in Gulfport.
Figure it out.
Of course there is.
Put this on. It's a safety harness.
I've tried everything.
There's no word. He's...
He's just gone.
You gotta hand it
to him, he was right.
Tammy is going off the chart.
I used to shop here with my dad.
We had a small Catalina,
a 60 and a half footer.
We used to take it out on
the gulf in the summer times.
It was fun.
Now you're armed.
Well, go on! Get in there!
Show yourselves.
We got the place surrounded.
Come on now.
Come out wherever you are.
Okay, hold it.
Show yourselves.
That's far enough.
We don't want no trouble, man.
Him for the Treasury woman, right?
This is the deal.
Now, where is she?
She's around here somewhere.
She just loves shopping.
Next joke
will cost you, asshole.
The girl or he dies.
How you doing down there, Breeze?
Well, I'm just waiting for my
quarterback to call the play.
This play is just a little flea flicker.
On my signal, go long.
Shut your yap up and send her out now.
Okay, okay.
Where's Moreno?
Oh, he's safe and sound.
You can trust us. We're the police.
- Look out!
- Run!
Breeze! Breeze, come out.
It's me and Casey.
Guess he figured this would be
the first place they'd look.
I got you a gift. It was my daddy's.
Beauty. Browning.
Wow. Eight rounds is better than nothing.
Thank you.
How long do you think we have
before it passes?
I mean, it's moving real quick.
I think the eye of the storm's
gonna be over us real soon.
It's confusing how in songs
they always say,
"Into the eye of the storm,"
and that's the calm part.
Yeah, it can be the most beautiful place.
Twenty to 40 miles wide.
It can be like a warm summer's day.
Now, the eye wall,
that's a different story.
That's the real killer.
You know, it's the layer around the ring.
That's fueled by thunderstorms
on an atomic bomb level.
I mean, you get trapped in that,
sure enough it's death.
Ain't nothing in there but poison.
I got what you want,
if what you want's peanut
butter and jelly sandwiches.
Yes. Really?
I freaking love Monday, you weirdo.
Is this Jif?
No, I'm a Skippy guy, so Skippy.
It's Smucker's strawberry, though.
They're gonna use the eye
to escape, aren't they?
It's what I'd do.
Roll out in the middle, let it dissipate,
which it's gonna do when it gets inland.
We should take the fight to them.
- How do you mean?
- Car bomb.
We detonate it at a safe
distance, but... car bomb.
We just need ammonia, fertilizer, diesel,
things we can get
at a garden supply store.
How the hell do you know that?
When you're a fed,
they teach you this shit.
Timothy McVeigh took out
the federal building with that.
We just load up a car,
plant it at the gate, when they
convoy out, blow it.
Okay, so we're gonna need a car,
one that's not on its roof.
We need it to be watertight.
Have a decent electrical system.
Where we gonna find a car like that?
The Dominator? No.
No. Are you kidding?
This is a federal vehicle.
Federal property? So's the $600 million.
They would buy you a fleet
of these things for that, Will.
I need your help.
Found it.
Just add a little gas,
get more bang for your buck.
They must have seen the Dominator.
We'll look for a way out the back.
Listen to me, Casey.
I know you're in here.
There's four of us, all with automatics,
against whatever you got.
You need me. I'm the
only one with the code.
The protection's only for you.
It doesn't apply to your boyfriend.
Tell you what.
If you let him drive away unharmed,
then I will come in and open the safe.
No, no, no, no.
Call him out.
Call him out!
Help us! Somebody, help!
We're here! Help us!
Hey, Will!
Here. Come here, buddy.
Come on. Give me your arm.
I got you. I got you.
I lost Casey.
Yeah, I saw them. They got her.
First things first, buddy.
First things first.
- You're alive.
- No, no, no, no.
- The money.
- We had a deal.
You let him go and I'll open it.
You are in a piss-poor
position to negotiate, lady.
Frears, turn the shredder on.
What are you gonna shred, me?
Oh, not you. Him.
- No, no.
- Hey.
- No!
- Wait!
- I've got a kid, man! Please!
- Wait. You win.
You win.
You... You win.
It was here all the time.
Boy! Come to Papa.
A priest once said to me,
"Money won't get you to heaven, Connor."
Clearly he never saw this.
That is what you get
for causing us so much trouble.
That is for Xander. That is for Jaqi.
I will kill you for this.
Everybody else has tried.
Why not you?
Let's load up. Bring her.
I'm not done with her just yet.
Put that round you, Willie.
Right, let's suit up, man.
Here's your vitamins.
Something warm.
- Definitely need some of this.
- What in the hell?
Well, I am a citizen of Alabama.
Here, man.
Go on, Willie, take your pick.
No. I'd only wind up shooting you or me.
That's the eye of the storm.
About forty miles wide.
It can be like a bright, sunny
day in the middle of hell.
Well, then,
it's time for the Rutledge
boys to go to work.
They sure as shit got the money.
And they sure as shit got her, too.
Let me ask you a question, Willie.
We could just let the whole pack
of them go, money and all.
What did they teach you in the army?
- Leave no man behind. You forget that?
- I was just testing.
Nice to see you grow a pair
since this morning.
Let's take the shortcut,
pick them up at Shelly's farm.
I need to tell you something.
No, you don't. Everything's fine.
Just leave it.
No, I want to apologize
for some of the things I said.
We all say things we don't mean.
Forget it.
I can't.
Look, I know you know
I was just a little kid,
but I said some stuff to try and hurt you.
I get it. I get it.
And I'm well and truly sorry.
Well, shit, I'm sorry, too.
I ain't been the best older brother
I could have been either.
Lord knows I've tried, man.
Just not hard enough.
All right, now that we've put
all that shit out there,
you gotta promise me something.
Name it.
I gave you this once. Once, Willie.
But you gotta promise me
this is the last time
we ever share our deep,
personal feelings again.
Hell, yes, sir. You got yourself a deal.
Jesus, Perkins, speed up.
That thing wants to swallow us whole.
Now you know why I put you last.
You can't drive this thing for shit.
You wanna try? It ain't easy.
My brother-in-law drove on long haul,
and he was an angry son of a gun.
- Now I know why.
- Just keep it on the road.
And you, nobody asked to hear from you.
Keep it zipped, hear me?
You are so, so hot.
Come here.
All right, you ready?
Get your ass out of here.
Stand up, Willie.
Come on. Come on, come on.
- Jump!
- It's too far.
Come on, jump.
- Grab my leg.
- Come on, Willie!
I got you.
Come on. Grab my hand.
- Thanks, man.
- You got it.
It was too far.
We did it.
We're on the top of a truck.
We ain't done shit.
Hey, one thing I learned in the war, man.
You gotta take your victories
where you find them.
Let's do this.
You go right, I'll go left.
Oh, my God!
- You shot him! You bastard!
- Shut up.
Get in the back before
you get one in the head.
I'm gonna kill you!
Don't even think about it, sweet cheeks.
- Ready?
- Oh, yeah.
- Here goes nothing.
- Well, you'd better hope not.
It's okay.
It's okay, baby.
You killed my brother,
and I'm gonna kill you,
no matter what Perkins says,
and I'm gonna make it hurt.
I know I'm not the first one
to tell you this, Rice.
You got anger issues with women.
See what I mean?
Get off of me! I can't keep it straight.
Get off of me.
Get off! You gotta get off.
Get... I can't...
Damn it. Get off.
God damn it, lady, don't make me.
I'm in, Casey.
Oh, shit.
Get ready, Casey.
How the...?
Take a look outside. Tell me how
far back the eye wall is.
Half mile at most.
Damn you to hell.
Okay, get down low, lovers.
It's gonna get hot.
Breeze is in trouble.
Let's go give him some help.
Son of a...
You see what's behind us?
- Yeah, it's nothing good.
- Red Dog, Omaha, 22.
Red Dog, Omaha, 22. Hut, hut.
You got it.
Get ready.
Ah, you...
Red Dog, Omaha, 22. Hut, hut.
One more.
That's an Alabama slam, baby.
Oh, God.
No, no.
You're blocking the runner
but forcing him backwards
into the eye wall?
He must have figured it out by now,
but I sure wish I could have
seen his face when he did.
What? No, no. No, no.
My money!
Damn you! Damn you!
Damn you!
We're not gonna make it.
We're not gonna make it.
- I'm gonna drop back.
- I'll grab him.
- Give me your hand.
- All right.
All right, we're gonna
transfer over, okay?
Come here. I want you to take the wheel.
Now put your foot on the gas, right there.
- Can we get closer?
- You're gonna come over next, okay?
Come on, Breeze.
Get me closer.
Will, closer!
- Let's go.
- Come on.
- Steady.
- Come on.
- Take the wheel.
- Let's go, let's go.
Come on.
- Come on, punch it, Willie, punch it.
- I'm going.
Got it. Got it.
Well, Breeze, you were right.
What? Come again?
Take your victories where you can get 'em.
- That was a mouthful.
- Yes, sir.
We got $200 million.
That's some kind of victory.
And our lives.
- That's some kind of victory.
- Yeah. Yeah.
Listen, I've got you two partners,
$200 million in cash. No one knows shit.
What do you say we turn this
truck around and head to Mexico?
Mexico. Yeah, I like the sound of that.
- Yeah, we could get into a shit load of...
- Dangerous.
But, you know...
I was messing with you, you degenerates.
Oh, mercy.
Red sky at night.
They teach you that in PhD school?
Yes, ma'am.