The Hydra (2019) Movie Script

[ominous noise]
[ominous noise increasing]
I arrived there
on August 24th , 1 992 ,
which is also
the Ukrainian Independence Day.
Independence came unexpected .
Countries themselves
were not ready for this.
They had to start from zero.
[choir singing]
My assignment was to
make contact with the entities that
were responsible for drug control .
[choir singing]
So the first year or two
I found myself
constantly in airplanes.
You had to have
face to face relationships.
We received information
about a 9000 kilogram order
of a chemical transfer,
this shipment
through Ukraine, and it was then
supposed to end up in Holland .
[choir singing]
This sounded very,
very, very interesting .
[upbeat music]
So, after receiving this
I sent a fax
to General Tymoshenko.
My name is Bohdan Mizak
from the Vienna Country Office.
I'm representing DEA here.
They didn't even know
what DEA was at that point.
I explained that we are the
premier agency for drug trafficking ,
worldwide, actually.
And we're here to help.
But everything was very serious.
Very reserved .
I believe neither party knew
how to accept the other party.
The suspicion was there.
They were probably saying :
"Well , here's this American ,
a representative
of the evil empire,
with a diplomatic passport
in ou r country,
and he speaks fluent Ukrainian ."
It could have
been methamphetamine,
could have been amphetamine,
could have been
a number of things.
Or it could have been perfume.
Which was claimed
by the company in Holland .
[dramatic music]
If there was suspicion because of
politics, because of the cold war,
we never discussed
any of that, ever.
We have to develop
a trust for each other.
And that trust is developed
through communicating
with each other constantly
and cooperating
with each other constantly.
[wheels screeching]
[wheels screeching]
[choir song]
[Bohdan] That was
a closed society,
so you knew nothing or very
little of what was happening .
Insisted that they hard ly
had any addicts whatsoever
It was a well-kept secret
and it was on purpose.
They didn't
want anybody else to know.
[Bohdan] The agencies in the former
Soviet Republics had almost nothing .
No infrastructure,
no organized units,
They had to
reorganize everything .
[annoying electronic noise]
[dramatic music]
You have to understand the information
was not coming on a daily basis.
Sometimes months would go by
without any information .
Information also came
through different avenues.
[Bohdan] That's what
an investigation is.
I always looked at
an investigation as a puzzle.
500 pieces or something.
Or a thousand pieces.
Or two thousand pieces.
And you're getting
only one piece at a time.
[Bohdan] And then you try to
put this-- all these pieces together
to come up with
one huge, clear pictu re
that you can then prosecute on .
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[phone ringing]
[carapproachi ng]
[dramatic music]
[electronic beeping]
[film reel fast forward]
[dog barks]
[fast paced action music]
[action music intensifyi ng]
[phone ringing]
[cell phone buzzing]
[upbeat didgeridoo music]
[phone ringing]
[both laughing]

[choir song]