The Ice Rink Murders (2024) Movie Script

[ominous music]
[crickets chirping]
[soft music playing
over speakers]
[rhythmic music]
[music fades]
- Lyndsey?
[ominous music]
[suspenseful music]
[soft music]
[rhythmic music]
[kettle whistling]
- Oh!
[birds chirping]
[soft emotional music]
- Hi! Yes, I'm calling to see
if the waitress job
is still available?
Oh, okay. Yeah, no
worries. Thanks anyways.
T-Take care.
[light music]
- Wow.
You are working too hard.
- Ha. Did you catch
any of my routine?
- Beautiful as always.
- Thanks, Mama.
And nonsense. Dr. Keller
says a neurotropenic diet
is essential to a
proper recovery.
This is going to
be the tastiest,
cleanest cancer-be-gone
casserole ever, ever.
- I see that.
- So I am not sure
about this one.
- Can I help?
- Mm-mm! No, no. You rest.
I can do this.
[doorbell ringing]
Uh... I got it.
[crickets chirping]
Eight national champions,
six all elites.
Have you ever trained somebody
that was not a champion?
- Absolutely not.
- Oh, of course not. It
was just a... just a joke.
[stammering]: I mean,
you're a legend.
- Well, I wouldn't be sitting
here if I didn't think
you had the potential to
become a legend yourself.
The skating federation
has a scholarship
opening at my rink, Iceoplex.
- Oh, that's where regionals
were last year, right?
- Yes, I scouted your
performance at that competition.
- You did?
- Your performance
was nothing short
of exceptional.
- Thank you.
- With my current student
Lyndsey sidelined due to
a back injury this season,
this scholarship opening
is available immediately.
I'd like you to accept it.
- Wow. I have to be honest, I...
really thought I was
off of everyone's radar.
- No, you could
not be more wrong.
However, time is of the essence.
With nationals less
than six months away,
you would have to begin
training immediately.
As you yourself stated,
I do not settle for anything
less than a champion.
- Of course.
I am...
beyond grateful for
this opportunity, but...
[clear throats]
- Um, Ms. Taylor, uh,
Megan took just a small
amount of time off
to help me with my
recovery, but I'm at the end
of my chemotherapy now and...
she is more than ready
for this opportunity.
- Did you smell
something burning?
- I... can't say that I do.
- I... I think I
may have left...
I have left something
on in the oven.
Um, I'm gonna go
check. Can you help me?
Our oven has a mind
of its own sometimes.
- Be right back.
Just help yourself.
- Thank you.
[whispering]: Megan, this is
an incredible opportunity.
- I can't just... leave you,
Mom. That's not possible.
- You're not abandoning me.
I am so much stronger now.
Now it's your turn
to fly, right?
- I don't... I don't...
I don't think I'm
really ready for this.
- You are.
Do you think maybe
it's a little bit
of your perfectionism
holding you back
from taking this opportunity?
Let me ask you something.
Has my recovery been perfect?
- No. But you have made
extraordinary progress.
- Yeah.
You're gonna go out there,
and you're gonna fly.
[both clearing their throats]
- Sorry about that.
Let's get that title.
[upbeat music]
Life changes and
so do the rules
If everybody knew that
we had something to lose
Life changes with
the good and the bad
No accident, no
accident No accident
Life changes and
so do the rules
If everybody knew that
we had something to lose
Oh, my gosh!
- Need some help?
- Uh, yeah, thank you.
I can't find my keys.
- These affirmations are great.
- Oh, thank you. I like to...
uh, stick them on
my mirror, actually.
- Yeah. That's brilliant.
I'm Trevor.
- I'll take these. I am Megan.
- Megan.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
I gotta... I gotta
run. Literally.
- Well, enjoy your
run. Literally.
- Alright.
- Run, run fast!
Oh my gosh... Oh, okay.
[tense music]
- Impressions?
- Uh, yeah, not bad.
Footwork was a little sloppy.
Could have a little
more finesse.
- Here.
- Oh!
- For you. Every success,
every failure, I want
you to log in here.
And I don't expect just a report
of the elements completed.
I want evaluation of
their quality. Yes?
- Mm-hmm.
- Here's your schedule.
Pilates, ballet,
weight training,
mental conditioning.
No exceptions.
- Okay. This is
great. I'm actually...
I'm really old
school, I love stuff
that's pen and paper like
this. And the colors.
- In a few weeks, you will
have a private exhibition.
You will perform as if you
were skating at the nationals,
under the watchful eyes of
a select panel of judges.
This is your litmus test.
It will gauge how
you might perform
on the day that truly counts.
- Okay, that sounds great.
I'm not gonna let you down.
- Was there any
possibility that you would?
- No way!
- No way! I've gotta go.
- Alright, Coach.
I'm so thankful
for this opportunity, really.
- Hey. You've earned your
place. Don't forget that.
- Thanks.
[sighs] Okay...
- That worked.
- Uh... okay?
- Well, it got your
attention, right?
- Alright.
- That was on purpose.
I actually have great hands.
- What?
- I'm Max.
- Megan.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- You're actually
a great skater.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, no, seriously.
You skate with this... freedom.
It's captivating, really.
- Uh, well, I have
always considered the ice
to be my natural habitat.
- It shows.
- Uh, actually, maybe you
can help me with something.
- Mm-hmm?
- I'm in need
of a skate sharpening,
and my coach said there's
a good in-house guy?
- Oh yeah, Blades.
Yeah, he's my man.
He is good for everything cool
around here. Just like me.
He's over there in the pro-shop.
- Great. It was so
nice to meet you.
- And you. See you around.
[ominous music]
- Hello? Hi!
- Ah! Hello, there.
- Hi. I'm new here. Megan Ryder.
- Oh.
- Blades. Pleasure to
meet you, Ms. Ryder.
- Nice to meet you.
Okay, I'm gonna show
you what I got here.
- Well, let's have a
look at those edges.
- Okay, this is one.
- Cross grinding on the toe pick
and... hallow at three eights.
- Yeah, that's... that's usually
what I get. That's great.
- Look what came in!
- Carly!
- Oh, wow... wow!
- Hi, by the way.
- This is my new
friend, Megan Ryder.
- Carly Johnson,
nice to meet you.
I'm more of a hugger.
- Oh, cool.
Ah! Ah... [camera
shutter clicking]
I was not ready for that.
- Oh, these are... these
are not cute, anyways.
Not you, it's me. I'm sorry,
it's just, I'm a huge
perfectionist, so...
it was just the angle.
- Oh, yeah, no,
I can totally relate to that.
What is this?
- Oh! Yeah.
- Wow.
- I already signed it.
- You look fabulous.
- Oh, stop!
Don't you think
Trevor looks so tense?
I keep telling him to loosen up.
Tense is not on brand!
- Is... Ah!
- Oh...
- Is that the same...?
- Yeah, no, that's my, um...
my old ice dance partner, Brian.
We recently parted ways.
Different paths and all that.
- Oh.
- That jerk.
You're too gracious
about it, Carly.
He left her high and dry
for some European partner.
Off in some other
country training now.
- It was amicable. Honestly,
it's so much more fun
getting to skate
with my brother now.
- This one is a class act here.
- Aw.
Hey, are you... are you busy?
Do you wanna go grab lunch
and celebrate your arrival?
- I would... I would love
that. Let's... let's do it.
- Yay! Okay.
- Yeah!
- I hope you like it.
- I'll have it up
before you get back!
Your skates will
be ready then too.
- Thank you. So,
where are we going?
- Okay, let's go. This
is my favourite spot.
[upbeat music playing]
- Oh. This is awesome.
- Right?
- Oh. Is this a...
a triple lutz shake?
That sounds so yummy!
Is it any good?
- Oh, my gosh, yes,
it's one of my faves.
Brian and I used to come
here three times a day.
We'd uh, sit here, actually.
- Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
I mean, I don't really have
a lot of details on it,
but he sounds like
a piece of work.
- Oh, no, no, no.
It's all good. I mean,
it was strictly professional.
We just... we just
had different training
styles, and after three years,
it just wasn't a
good fit anymore.
- Three years is
still a long time.
- Yeah. It is.
I mean, we were close
at one time, but...
you know. People change.
[ominous music]
- I'll be... I'll be right back.
- Okay.
- Hey.
Lyndsey, right?
I thought I saw you watching
my practice earlier.
I'm Megan Ryder.
- I know who you are.
- Oh, that's great.
- And I know you
better watch your back.
I mean, nice to meet
you too, of course.
- Okay, yikes.
- Oh, don't...
don't let Lyndsey get to you,
okay? She's... complicated.
- I get it, though. I'd
be a little mad too.
I mean, these scholarships
are competitive,
and I did kinda of...
come in out of nowhere.
- Hey, there is nothing
wrong with taking advantage
of an opportunity, okay?
And look...
I don't like talking
bad about people...
- What? You can tell me,
I won't say anything.
- Okay, she was in this super
volatile on-and-off-again
romantic relationship
with Brian.
- Oh...
- Yeah. And let's just say
she added her fair share
of drama to the mix.
And she's bitter at
me because Brian left,
but really I think her
antics had a lot to do
with his decision to go.
- Wow.
That must've put a big strain
on your and Brian's
skating partnership.
I know you said it was amicable.
Do you guys ever still talk?
- He completely ghosted
me. Radio silence.
You ready?
- What?
- Keep up, Ryder.
We're ready to order!
- Oh, right.
Triple lutz shake time.
- Two of those.
- Oh my, they look so good.
[glass breaking]
[ominous music]
[door creaking]
[pipes hissing, clanging]
- I told you to watch your back.
[breathing heavily]
- Ah, sleep!
Sleep is good, kid.
You might not be getting enough
if you're dozing off in my shop.
- No, um... I'm... I'm fine.
- Well, here they are.
Bright and beautiful
just like their owner.
- Aww.
Wow, these are so shiny
I might need sunglasses.
What do I owe you?
- These ones are on the house.
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
- I'm gonna test these out.
See if they, uh...
skate as good as they
look. [Blades laughs]
Thank again.
- You're welcome.
[upbeat ambient music]
- Megan!
[loud buzzing]
Impressive work.
- I had no idea you were...
- I always have an eye out.
- Yeah, well I'm really
glad you're here.
That new arm technique
on my take-off,
it's... it's really
working on the triple toe.
I'd love to... I'd love
to go for the quad.
- Of course.
- Great.
[struggling grunts]
- There's something
I want to address.
There is a policy I maintain
with all my students.
No dating.
- Uh... Yeah, that's fine.
I... I don't have a boyfriend.
- Good.
- I'm all about
this. I'm all in.
- Excellent.
Now, let's do that
quad toe again.
- Right.
- Hey, pretty girl.
- Hey, Max.
- Hey!
- Thank you for
the recommendation.
Blades did a great job.
- Well, I'm glad it worked out.
- Have a good practice.
- Well, hold on.
I didn't get to ask you
for your number yet.
- Max!
- Hey!
- You know Megan?
- Yes, I just met her today.
- Hmm... yeah. Max
introduced me to Blades.
- That's so nice.
- You guys doing a double today?
- Well, I wouldn't have to
if we had you on the team.
We miss you, bro.
- Max and I used
to be teammates.
- Oh.
- Yeah. Anyway, I'll
catch you later, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Alright, cheers.
And I'll keep trying
for that number, you.
Can't skate too far.
- Oh.
[nervous chuckling]
- I should get my skates
son. It was nice seeing you.
- You too.
- Yeah.
- Do you mind just helping me
out with something really quick?
- Oh, uh, sure...
- Just...
- Okay... Ready?
- Hey, guys! First dry
run of the day complete.
I can't wait to
use my Cheetah Balm
for my aching shoulder
Use my code Carly30 for
30% off your next purchase.
- That's a lot of percent off.
Uh, I'm gonna be
late for ballet.
- Okay. I'll see in five.
- Okay.
[tense music]
- It's Max, correct?
- Yeah. Hey, Coach T.
How can I help you?
Do you need some help
converting your figure skaters
into real athletes?
- Not quite.
She's really quite
charming, isn't she?
Megan Ryder.
- Oh. Yeah, absolutely.
She's stunning. She's one
of your proteges, right?
- Indeed, she is.
And I would appreciate
it if you respected
my athlete's boundaries.
- What?
- Sorry, is there
something amusing?
- What is she, your pet?
- I would recommend
treading carefully.
- If you'll excuse me.
[soft piano music]
- You're in my spot!
- Hi.
- My spot.
- Okay.
Looks, Lyndsey. I would
like for us to have
a clear understanding
of each other.
- There's nothing to understand.
- Okay, well I think
there might be.
I don't see any reason why
you and I can't both train
under Coach and
support each other.
I mean, this sport
can be very isolating,
and in a way skaters,
we're... we're kind of family.
- Family? Quite the
hypocrite, aren't you?
- What are you implying?
- Megan Ryder.
Self-proclaimed family girl.
Didn't you abandon your
sick mother to be here?
- Okay Lyndsey, I really think
you're crossing a line there.
- I think it's
pretty distasteful
exploiting your mother's
illness for pity points.
I'm sure it will play nicely
with the judges, though.
- I can assure you
I am not doing that.
I am legitimately sorry if
you're threatened by me being...
- Let me be clear. I am
not threatened by you.
I'm recovering quickly.
And soon, everything will
return to the way that it was,
with me in control.
And you'll go back to
your dinky little rink.
[Carly screams]
- Carly!
What happened?
- I don't know, I just...
I tried to put my pointe shoe
on and there were something
sharp in there.
- What?
It's glass!
- What?
Why would some... who put...
Why would somebody do this?
- Lyndsey?
[door closes]
- When I finish this last
round of chemotherapy, I
get my very own fighter's belt.
- The belt ceremony is
on the... 27th, right?
- Yeah.
- I wish I could make that.
- You're gonna see
it soon enough.
Okay, enough about me.
Tell me everything
that's happening
at the arena with your
training. I want to know it all.
- It's... it's been a
little... A little tough.
[Rachel coughs]
- Sorry, sweetheart.
Say that one more time,
I just missed that.
- Yeah, no, it's been
a little challenging,
but it's... it's the dream, Mom.
Thank you again
for believing in me
and for pushing me to do this.
- Always.
You know, I've sort of, um...
just hit a little bit of a wall.
I think I'm gonna go to bed
for the night. But I'll
talk to you tomorrow?
- Yeah. I love you so much.
- I love you too. Bye.
- Goodnight, Mama.
[disconnection chime]
[crickets chirping]
[shower running]
[sinister music]
[door closing]
- Hey.
What are you doing?
[pained grunt]
[footsteps pattering away]
[indistinct chatter]
[ominous music]
- Max!
- Megan.
- What... what happened?
Are you okay?
- Yeah. Uh, can you move?
- Can I...? Uh, yeah.
[gasps] Ah, jeez!
I'm so sorry.
I'm a little out of it.
I'm just so... Well,
I'm a little tired.
- Is everything alright?
- Yes. Yes.
I think I just need
to go out and defrost
before my next session.
Get some sunshine.
- Sunhine's good.
- Yeah.
Well, I'll be back in a bit.
- Okay.
[breathing deeply]
- You got this, girl.
[exhales] Okay.
- Megan!
Did you lose something?
- Ah...
Thank you so much.
- Of course.
- Uh...
My mom has been
battling cancer, and...
Well, that's why I'm...
I'm just a little tired.
- You'll get through this.
- Thank you.
- Hey, friends!
- Hi!
- Oh, hi. How's the foot?
- Oh, I'm doing a lot better,
thank you so much for asking.
The doc says I was really lucky.
The damage was minimal
and they were able
to pull the glass out, so...
- Oh, that's such a relief.
- Sweetest thing, though.
Look at all of these
get well messages.
- Aw, that is sweet.
- I know.
And I can't believe
it, but I got three DMs
from new sponsors
in the last hour.
- Congratulations!
Excuse me.
- Uh, sponsors?
- Yeah. Oh my gosh, I can't even
remember the last time I
paid for training expenses.
- Wow. I almost never even
check my social media.
I had no idea there was that
kind of potential there.
- Oh, yeah. I...
I can help revamp your
account for you if you want.
- Yeah. That would be...
that would be amazing.
- Yeah, let's see.
- Uh...
- Okay.
Ah. So right away, your last
post is a few months old.
The most important thing
is to stay consistent
with your audience.
Basically, if I'm not
actively training, I'm here.
- That's a really
serious commitment.
- Yeah, for real.
It's worth it, though.
Okay, let's go over
monetizing your account.
- Okay, yeah, that'll be great.
- We'll start there.
[soft music]
- Check the frame... Oh, Megan.
- Sorry to scare you.
- Trevor.
Casual Friday? What is this?
- Actually, it's Thursday.
- Indeed. Yeah.
- Uh, Blades gave me an
extra copy of his key,
so sometimes I come in
at off hours to skate.
Like hockey skate, skate.
- Oh, yeah. Well,
that makes sense
why a delinquent such as myself
was able to get in
here extra early.
I didn't realize this was
your slot. I'll head out.
- No, no. It's all
good. It's all good.
Um, my time's almost up,
but... what are you working on?
- Oh, this.
I'm trying to build a library
of better social media content,
trying to get a sponsor.
- Wow.
- I'm not very good at it,
and... to be honest,
I just want to focus on
skating and real skating,
you know, training, but...
[sighs] Must be done.
- Do you want some help? I can
help you film some of the stuff.
- Uh, y-yeah, that
would be great.
- Yeah? Cool. Let's do it.
- Oh, gloves are coming off!
- Oh, yeah.
- Woo!
- Alright.
- Okay. You think
you can keep up?
- I'll try my best.
- Okay.
- Here we go.
- Haha!
- Wow.
[Megan giggles]
That's cool.
- Right?
- Yeah.
[water stops]
[toothbrush taps]
- What?
"From the sharpest guy in town."
Haha. Blades!
[classical music]
- Strech out, don't
truncate the line.
Take your time on the footwork.
Not a single flat edge
on the turn.
I secured the first slot
of the exhibition for you.
- Okay.
- Judges will be sharp.
Attentive. Be here, geared up,
Wednesday morning, 4:30 AM.
You perform at 5:30 AM sharp.
- I won't let you down.
- I believe in you.
[exhales deeply]
- It is much more
sparkly in person.
- Mom, that looks
amazing! That is so cool!
[giggles] Wow.
[tense music]
Uh... Sorry about
that, Mom... Mama.
Uh, I gotta finish up
some training rewrites,
but I love you.
- Okay, yeah. Bye! Bye-bye!
- Bye.
[disconnection chime]
[tense music]
[phone buzzing]
[Blades yawns]
[sinister music]
- Feeling alright?
[Blades sighs]
I'm Detective James Baker.
Mind telling me what happened?
- I think... I think
I was attacked.
- Can you give us a
description of your attacker?
- They were behind
me. They had a...
a hockey glove over my mouth.
- We found this close by.
Can you tell me
what that smell is?
- Yeah, it's a... it's
a special chemical
we use to help with the ice.
- Where do you
keep this chemical?
- I keep it in the
resurfacing room,
but I'm the only
one who has access.
[door opening]
All the chemicals we use for
the ice are kept in here.
Uh, just go over this way.
This is the one I
think was on the glove.
- Get forensics in here.
[ominous music]
Alright, I'll wrap up
here, then I'll meet you
back at the station.
- Hey, just breathe, okay? Okay.
- We'll need to
collect statements
from everybody who knew Brian.
- Blades?
This is so twisted.
- Well, he is the one
who cleans the ice.
- How does that
explain the intruder
that broke it into
Blades' shop, though?
- We're still
investigating that.
But it could be a cover
story that Blades concocted
to divert suspicion.
- Uh...
Blades was... is...
protective of me.
- What makes you say that?
- Well, he was really upset
when Brian left me
for another partner.
He was...
overly concerned, I guess.
He's really invested in my life,
and, I mean, I don't want to...
[sighs] I don't want to say
he was obsessed,
but... he's always
the very first person to view
every single one of my stories.
- Okay, so you think he may
have murdered the victim
out of some sense
of heroism to you?
- The CharityCloud account...
- What was that?
- There's no way that
Blades is a killer.
My mom has cancer,
and Blades actually
set up a CharityCloud
account to raise money for her
treatments and my training.
I-I just... I don't see
how someone could be
that kind and supportive,
and also have such ill intent.
- Well, at the same time,
it fits with the pattern
of obsessive behaviour.
You may have had
a very close call.
We've got to gather
some further questions,
but at the same time, if
anything else comes to mind,
please, just give me a call.
- Yeah.
[phone buzzing]
- I have to take this.
- Okay.
- Hi.
- This is...
- Now, I'm gonna make sure
this doesn't interfere
with our exhibition.
Yeah? Are you good?
If you are not good,
you need to see Dr. Carter,
the sports psychologist, ASAP.
But you're good. Yes?
- I'm good.
- You are good.
- Yeah, I'm good.
[suspenseful music]
- I... I really can't...
I can't even believe
this right now.
I'm sorry guys. Brian,
he was just like...
- Enough!
- Okay, well, um...
That was weird. Uh, sorry guys.
[breathing heavily]
- Come on Lyndsey,
get it together.
[breathing heavily]
[gate buzzing]
[keys rattling]
- I can't express how grateful
I feel that you believe me.
- Are you sure that you don't
remember anything else
about what happened?
- It was a...
a woman's voice.
- A...
A woman's voice?
- Yes.
Yes, a woman called the police.
The voice was higher.
[automated voice]:
Visitor time has expired.
[call disconnecting]
[Rachel]: Hi, sweetie!
How are you feeling
about the exhibition tomorrow?
- I think I'm
prepared. It's just...
Things at the rink have been...
odd lately, to say the least.
- Oh?
- Well, it's...
[phone buzzing]
Oh. I'm sorry Mom, I
have... I gotta take this.
- Okay, yeah, yeah. Um,
we'll talk tomorrow.
I love you.
- I love you too.
[disconnection chime]
Trevor, hi.
- Hey, Megan?
Carly is...
she's really upset right now.
Is there any chance
you can come over?
She could really use
a friend right now.
- Yeah, yeah, I'll
be right there.
[exhales deeply]
- Thank you.
- I mean... that's the thing,
right, I mean, Trevor and
I, we lost our parents
when we were so young,
so skating has always
been my family, you know?
Blades. Blades was my family.
- Wow, I, uh...
I had no idea that you
and Blades were so close.
I can't even... fathom
the thought of going
through life without my mom.
- Yeah.
He really was like
a father to me.
[gasping] He even taught me
how to make the ice
when I was little.
- Carly.
I'm so sorry.
- And I know...
I know I downplayed my
partnership with Brian,
but... the truth is
that we were really...
we were really, really close.
And, you know, of course
I'm mad that he left me
for another skating partner,
but I mean, whatever,
that doesn't even matter
anymore, I just...
I can't believe he's dead.
And killed by Blades? I mean...
- We don't... we don't know.
We don't know that
Blades did this, okay?
- I feel like I'm gonna be sick.
- I'll get you some...
[phone ringing]
Some water, or um...
- Ugh!
It never ends.
- Okay. I think your...
your fans will respect that you
need time for you right now.
- Yeah... No, I wish...
I wish that were the case.
The truth is, I just...
I just feel so
lonely. [crying]
- Carly.
How is that even possible?
Carly, everybody adores you.
You have so many fans
that look up to you
that think you are incredible.
You are incredible.
- I doubt you get it.
I mean, look at you.
Everyone is so drawn to you
in real life. I doubt you've
ever felt truly alone.
- Are you kidding me?
I am...
I am heartbreakingly...
I am heartbreakingly
homesick right now.
And I...
I'm lonely too.
- Thank you.
I'm so lucky to have
a friend like you.
- It's gonna be okay.
- Thank you for that.
- Of course.
I mean, she has really, really
been through the wringer.
- You're a good friend.
- And by the looks of it,
you're a pretty good brother.
I am curious to know...
Why are you not on the
hockey team with Max?
[Trevor clears his throat]
You know... I'm sorry,
that is none of my business.
We do not have to go there.
- No, it's... it's pretty
straight forward, really.
The National Championship
game last year...
Yeah, I was blindsided,
trapped in the boards.
The other team's defenceman
came and took a cheap shot.
- Hmm.
- Big one.
Gave me a concession.
Doc says I can't play
hockey again. Too risky.
- I-I can't imagine
how difficult
that must be to have this
sport you love just...
just taken from you like that.
But that's very brave
just diving into a new sport
and skating with Carly?
Doing ice dance? That
is... that is so cool.
- Well, I couldn't just
let her dream shatter.
But really, thank you
for being so kind to her.
I know she can be a lot.
But... she talks
about you constantly.
- Well, she's been a
great friend to me too.
- So... Exhibition tomorrow?
- I am so nervous.
I am not gonna feel
remotely like myself again
until I'm back out on the ice.
Back in my body, you know?
- I do.
- Yeah.
Oh, I'm... I'll get...
I'm gonna get going.
[Trevor chuckles]
- You're really not gonna sleep?
- Not a wink.
- Wanna skate?
[upbeat music]
I think you're underthinking
it. You should try over.
- Haha. Very funny.
You have to
overthink it, though.
I mean, you have to be
so focused off the top,
because once that routine
starts, you only have
a few minutes to prove yourself.
- I get that. Same here.
- Oh really, same here?
- Yeah.
- No way. Okay, in hockey,
you have like 20 minutes
and a period to prove yourself.
- No, actually,
we play in shifts
and we average less than
40 seconds per shift.
With a three minute routine,
you've got a lifetime
to show what you got.
- Well... honestly I never...
I never thought of it that way.
- Yeah. Don't think. Just skate.
- Okay, philosopher skater man.
- Get behind the boards.
- What?
- Do you trust me?
- Okay.
Coming behind the board.
Coming right over.
Oh, don't laugh. I
got it, I got it.
Okay, now what?
- Perfect.
- There's no place like
home? Click, click.
- Great movie, but no.
Jump back over the boards, go
straight into your routine.
- What?
- Without all the, uh...
- What?!
That is not what I do out there!
- Mm-hmm.
Close your eyes.
Do I need to get a whistle?
I'm gonna get a whistle.
- No! Eyes closed.
[breathes deeply]
- Okay. You heard Coach.
You're in.
- Help me up or something.
I'm in. Go. I'm going.
I'm going. I'm in. I'm in.
[upbeat music]
- Wow.
- Oh, gotcha.
[laughing] That was a rush.
- Uh-huh.
- Well, you heard
Coach. Now you're in.
Am I doing it right?
- Yeah!
Yeah? Yeah?
- You're pretty good.
- My puck!
- Wow.
- Woo! Alright.
- Alright.
[indistinct playful exchange]
[music stops]
[camera shutter clicking]
[ominous music]
- Uh... Ugh!
[laughing] Uh, ha!
This thing, right?
Just gets away from ya.
[exhales deeply]
[breathes deeply]
Let's do this.
[rain falling]
[rumbling thunder]
[ominous music]
[intense suspenseful music]
[loud banging]
[phone dialling]
[operator]: 911, what
is your emergency?
- Hi...
[breathing heavily]
- Can I get your
location, please?
Miss? Are you still there?
Miss, is everything alright?
[breathing heavily]
We have officers on the way.
- I went out to my car,
and I saw this person.
It was intentional,
they looked at me,
and then they just...
they just came at me
and they charged
me with this thing.
- See? It's fake.
It's just a toy.
- Why would somebody do this?
- Well, looks like
it was just a prank.
- No...
No, the way they were
coming at me, this person,
they... it felt like they
actually wanted to kill me.
[phone buzzing]
I have to go.
This is real.
- Of course.
- Coach!
- Uh, of course. I understand.
Again, I am so sorry for
having wasted your time.
- You're never gonna
believe what happened.
- I know why you were
late this morning.
- Okay. It came
out of nowhere...
- I've already seen the
picture of you and Trevor
kissing online.
- How...
- Just stop!
- No, no, no! It's not why
I was late this morning!
- Megan, stop. No,
you cannot comprehend
the damage you have done.
Needless to say, this
does not make you look
like the nation's best.
You are in with Dr. Carter
at 9 AM this morning.
I will fix this,
and you fix you.
[Megan sighs]
- Lyndsey. Look, I'm
so sorry about Brian.
- Sure you are.
[ominous music]
[struggling grunts]
- Hey, guys.
I wanna talk about something.
Life is not always perfect.
We have good days
and we have bad days, right?
Well, why is it that
our skating journey
is somehow an exception to that?
We are just so...
obsessed with perfection,
when really...
really, it should
be about progress.
today, I'm going to
post my entire practice,
falls and all,
completely unedited,
to show you that it's okay...
it's okay not to be perfect.
Hashtag, ride through the storm.
Let's do this.
[breathes deeply]
[soft music]
[phone buzzing]
- I'm so glad you're okay.
That's just
terrifying. And weird.
- Yeah.
- But the machete was fake?
- Yeah, but even so...
You know what? I don't want
to think about it anymore.
- Hey, I've been meaning
to ask, how's the...
how's the social
media makeover going?
- Oh, right. I wanted
to show you this.
I'm super excited.
- Oh, wow.
- Right?
I mean, it's a lot of views.
Do you think it's enough
to... to get a sponsor?
- Yeah, I mean, that's even...
more than I've
gotten in a while.
- You know what? It
might just be a fluke.
The algorithm knows
I'm new and...
- Yeah, maybe.
- Well, I couldn't do any of it
without you, I mean, come on.
- This is amazing.
I mean, look at...
look at all of these comments.
"I'm so glad you posted this,
Megan. I needed this reminder."
"You are my idol."
"It's so nice to see
someone be so real."
"Sometimes it feels like
everyone is perfect,
and I get depressed thinking
I can never come close."
"Thank you for being vulnerable,
Megan. You are my hero."
Girl, this is so inspiring!
- It's all thanks to you!
I mean, really.
I'm so grateful.
You know what? We should
make a video together next.
They'd love that.
- I would love that too, yes!
Let's... that's a great plan.
- Okay.
Listen, I...
I didn't want to bring
this up, but I...
I did go to visit Blades.
And I really think you
should hear him out.
- Honestly, uh...
I'm finally in a positive
headspace about that right now,
so I just, um...
I just need to protect that.
- Yeah, yeah. Forget
I said anything.
- So, are you excited
about press day tomorrow?
- Oh... how is
that already here?
- It's my favourite
day, and honestly,
I just really need the
distraction right now.
Let me give you the 411
on how to prep, okay?
- Okay.
- So you're gonna want to wear
something that complements
your skin tone on camera.
Personally, I think
jewel tones are...
[upbeat music]
- The energy in the
air is palpable,
as these young stars
walk the red carpet.
Let's see who we can find.
Megan! Megan Ryder. Over here.
- Hello.
- What is it like
being so far from home?
- Oh, um... Well, it's
definitely not easy,
that's for sure.
- But right now,
the juiciest story here.
- Um...
I don't really feel comfortable
talking about Blades right now.
- Who?
- I'm sorry, am I
misunderstanding the big story?
- You and Trevor Johnson!
I mean, was it love
at first ice or what?
- Love? N-No... I think...
We just have a lot of respect
for each other as athletes.
- Oh, could this be
any more serendipitous?
Trevor! Trevor Johnson!
Trevor, what a story you
have! Such an amazing brother.
- Oh, I know, he's the best.
- Well, Carly is the real MVP.
- Of course. We do so
love our Johnson twins.
But right now,
we've heard from Megan, and
now I want to hear it from you.
Two million likes in 24 hours?
I mean, clearly you guys
have some chemistry.
Are you two an item?
- Thank you.
Uh, we just love skating,
and I think the
passion shows in that.
- Have you ever thought
about ice dance, Megan?
Skating with a partner?
- No, no. No. I am very
committed to my single's career.
[camera shutters clicking]
- Just saying. The
camera doesn't lie.
Seems very natural for you two.
Oh, cute! Cute!
Get a picture of these two.
[clears throat]
- There he is!
- Thanks for coming.
- Of course, man.
Anything for you.
Um, listen, I gotta go. Yeah?
- Right...
- Max.
Hey, I... I don't know
why you won't talk to me.
Did something happen?
Did I do something?
- You're not gonna believe this.
- Try me.
- I'm pretty sure that
the coach hired someone
to beat the living
crap out of me.
- What?
- Yeah.
She gave me a warning
to stay away from you,
and I didn't listen, so...
I just hope Trevor
watches his back.
- Uh...
- It's good to see you.
- Yeah...
[tense music]
- Looks good. Very good.
I'm happy with all these
clean run-throughs.
- Good, I'm glad.
Hey, I've been
meaning to ask you.
Have the judges forgiven
my... misstep yet?
- That's my job. Your
job, keep performing
at your peak,
and to stay focused.
Keep bringing your A-game
out there. No more missteps.
- Absolutely.
- And Trevor Johnson?
- Yeah, I...
I really think he's actually
a great support system for us.
He's not... He's
not a distraction.
- No.
- N... No?
- End it.
You have three weeks
'til Nationals.
- It's true...
- Pardon me?
- Um...
- Huh?
- Did you...
hire someone to beat up Max
because you thought h-he
could be a distraction?
- I don't have time for this.
- That's not a no!
- Everything I do
is for the benefit
of my students.
- How is physically
assaulting someone
for the betterment
of me and my skating?
- You have drug
testing this afternoon.
And please, just be punctual.
We're done here.
[breathing shakily]
[Carly laughs]
- Look at this
video I just posted.
- Mm-hmm.
- Look at all the views it got.
- Yes... Understood.
- Look at it!
I can't believe it
went viral. [laughing]
That one's cute
too. [laughing]
- Megan!
Can you come here, please?
- Yeah, Coach. What's up?
- You failed your drug test.
- I... I what?
- What's happening?
- No, you stay out of this.
- That is not...
that is not possible.
I... There's no way. I'm
not taking any drugs.
Please, um...
Respectfully, I would like
to do an immediate retest.
I'll test... I'll test
anywhere, anytime.
Just tell me.
You gotta believe me, Coach.
- You test 5 PM this afternoon.
Outside facility,
Northern Heights.
- Thank you.
- Hey, that's a long trip.
Do you want company?
- Oh, I'm so sorry, Megan,
but Trevor and I really can't
skip our practice today.
- That's okay. Um...
I can handle this.
- Poor thing.
[ominous music]
- Boo!
[Trevor laughs]
- Oh my God, Trevor.
- I'm coming with you.
- Trevor.
No. I'm not gonna have you
miss your practice with Carly.
- We're not practising until
later. It's fine, okay?
She's fine, she's just
being dramatic. Please?
- Okay.
I'm so... confused.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to
involve you in all of this.
- No problem. We're gonna
get this cleared up.
- Ugh! I hated the
look on Coach's face.
I mean, it just
doesn't make any sense.
I'm literally not on anything.
- I know, I believe you, okay?
We're gonna figure this out.
- Can I be honest with you?
- Of course.
- I think somebody
is setting me up.
I think somebody is
doing this to me.
- What's wrong?
- Something is wrong with
my brakes! I can't stop!
- Hold on! Hold on! Look out!
[soft eerie music]
- Trevor.
Oh my God.
Trevor, wake up! Trevor!
[whistle blowing]
- Earth to Megan, hello?!
- Sorry.
- He's going to be
fine. You are fine.
Can we get through practice
without your theatrics?
- Theatrics?
- Come on, Megan.
Let's run it again.
- Coach, I...
I really think I need to be
done with practice for today.
- Practice is done
when I say it is done.
- I'm just asking for a
little bit of a breather.
- Rest is for those
who lack commitment.
- Okay. I don't think
you're getting it.
There is something
real happening here.
There is something...
there is something going on
that is so much bigger than
skating, than Nationals,
th-than... any of this!
- I...
- And people are getting hurt,
and you don't seem to care!
- Here I thought you had
the grit to handle this.
- I do! This is not...
This is not about skating.
- Then let's run it again!
- I am not your
puppet! Just stop!
Carly! Oh my gosh, I'm
so glad I found you.
You haven't been responding
to any of my texts.
Is... is Trevor okay?
- He's fine.
- Thank goodness.
- He's resting.
- Okay. I was... Actually, I was
just gonna go to the hospital.
- It's family only.
- Carly, what is going on?
Why are you so mad
at me? What can I do?
- What... what can you do?
Megan I think
you've done enough.
- I...
I'm so confused. I don't know
why you're mad at me right now.
- How do I know that
you weren't high
and that's why you crashed?
- Car... it was... It was
my brakes. Somebody...
Somebody... You know this!
Somebody is sabotaging me.
I don't... I don't do
drugs. I wasn't high.
- How do I know that, Megan?
I mean, honestly, I don't...
I don't even really
know you at all.
And ever since you've come
here, everything has just...
I think you should leave.
- What...
- No!
- See? This is why
I shifted my focus
to another athlete.
- Seriously?
- You keep proving my point,
Lyndsey. Posting that photo
of Megan and Trevor...
- No, I didn't post that!
- You lack the mental fortitude
required for this sport. I've
seen it building for years.
Your back injury will
heal, yes. But this?
This, I'm not so certain.
- I am done.
- No, everything's okay, um...
I just, I think I need
to come home for a day.
I just need my mom.
[breathes deeply]
Okay. I'll get on
the next train.
I love you too.
[clears throat]
[door creaking]
[door slamming]
[ominous music]
[crickets chirping]
What... what am I even doing?
That's your daughter.
- Mm-hmm.
- Look at your face.
- Oh!
- You were always so serious,
right from the start.
- It's a serious sport, man.
Oh... Was I always just this...
big perfectionist? Look at it.
- Yeah.
- Yeah...
- Even back then.
- But still, I look so...
I look so happy. I look like...
I just belong there, so free.
- Hey,
I know what we need.
Come on.
Come on!
Watch the tent.
- I'm drowning
in a sea of
pillows! [laughing]
- Thank you.
No matter how cold it gets...
- there is nothing a cup of
Holly's hot cocoa can't fix.
- You know I'm
getting better, right?
I'm taking care of myself?
- Good.
- And...
I started an Instagram account.
And now I get to follow all
the ways you're inspiring
all those young skaters.
- You know, I...
I started it because...
I want to prove to them
that they don't have to be
perfect to be great.
And the funny thing is, it's...
it's been just as much an
exercise in that for myself.
- I love that.
You know,
I don't think this
dream is done with you.
And I definitely don't think you
are done with this dream, right?
- Hashtag, ride
through the storm.
- Yeah. Hashtag, ride
through the storm.
- I love you.
- I love you, my girl.
And I'm proud of you.
[crickets chirping]
- Ms. Ryder.
- Detective. What happened?
- Can I ask where
you were last night,
let's say between the hours
of seven PM and this morning?
- Where I was? I was...
I was with my mom.
- Hmm.
- Why are you asking me that?
- Coach Dianne Taylor.
They found her
body this morning.
- Coach?
- Now we're leaving
all possibilities open.
When was the last time
you saw Coach Taylor?
- Um...
I saw her yesterday.
Yesterday morning.
We had a... we had a lesson.
- Anything unusual
about that lesson?
- Why are you asking me this?
- We have information to suggest
that you had a disagreement
with Coach Taylor.
We also have footage of you
leaving the rink visibly upset.
- Okay. Yes, we had a
disagreement. But it was...
- Were you recently tested
positive for drug use?
- Yes, but technically... N-No!
- Well, you failed a drug test
three days ago, is that correct?
- Correct. But I just...
[radio beeping]
- Oh, Hold on a second.
Yeah, go for Baker.
Yeah, copy that.
Listen, I have a few more
questions to ask you, Ms. Ryder.
Can you come to the station
first thing tomorrow morning?
- Yes.
- Great.
[Megan sighs]
[indistinct chatter]
[breathing heavily]
[ominous music]
- Oh! Lyndsey!
I can see that you're in...
you're in a lot of pain,
okay? But if you...
if you killed our coach...
you need to turn yourself in.
- You stay away from me!
I've been watching you.
You're not going to get
away with any of it!
- Get away with what?
- You're a monster.
You tear my coach away
from me, and then...
Why did you have to kill her?
- No... no, Lyndsey.
I... I would never.
- I'm not going to be next.
- Lyndsey, wait,
wait. It's not safe.
It's not safe, okay?
There is someone else...
- Hi, Megan.
[suspenseful music]
[door rattling]
[door creaking]
[pipes hissing]
[door creaking]
I know you're in here.
You just had to come here
and you just had to take
the spotlight, didn't ya?
I thought everything
was gonna be fine
once I got Lyndsey off the ice.
I did you a favour when
I loosened the screws
off of her skates!
[Megan gasps]
There you are.
I thought getting her
out of the picture,
that would make Brian stay.
But no!
[Megan screams]
He was gonna leave anyway,
because I was too much.
- Carly. I am not your enemy.
- Shut up!
[Megan screams]
[sizzling] Ahh!
[enraged scream]
[struggling grunts]
It's the end of the
line, Megan Ryder.
- Carly, I... I know
you are so upset
with Brian, and Blades, so...
- Are you kidding?
I killed Brian.
- What?
- I wrote love notes,
"From Lyndsey" to lure him in.
It's only a matter of time
before they find those
and that bitch gets
what's coming for her.
In the meantime,
though, I don't care
that Blades is
rotting away in jail
to take the blame for it.
[Carly laughing]
- What?
- Oh you wipe that innocent
look off your face!
You are the reason
that he betrayed me!
He was supposed to
be my loyal fan,
and then you came in and
you took him away from me!
- Carly...
I'm sorry.
- You know what, though?
I managed to even the score.
- What do you mean?
- A fan for a fan, really.
You took Blades away from
me, and... I took your coach.
- Carly...
[Megan screams]
- There you are!
[Megan grunts]
[heavy breathing]
- Carly...
- You see? You see?
Everybody loves me in here!
Everybody loves me!
But in real life...
everybody leaves me!
- Carly.
I'm not gonna leave you. Look...
- But they all stay
for Megan Ryder!
And you! You tried to take
Trevor away from me too!
And I'm gonna make sure
that that doesn't happen.
[phone chiming]
- Don't move.
- What?
What... what?
What are you doing? You!
[both breathing heavily]
[police sirens wailing]
[indistinct police
radio chatter]
- Are you okay?
- Yeah. I'm okay.
You okay?
- Yeah... I'm okay.
[soft emotional music]
[announcer]: Ladies
and gentlemen,
take your seats. The
Nationals' next event
will be taking place
in just a few minutes.
[excited squealing]
- Mama!
- Hi!
Okay. I brought
it for good luck.
- Absolutely! How can it not be?
- Right?
You know that no matter what
happens out there today,
I could not be prouder of you.
- And I couldn't be
prouder of you either, Mom.
We did it!
- Hi.
[giggles of excitement]
- I'm here!
[exhales deeply]
I'm a little nervous.
- Don't be.
- Don't think...
[both]: Just skate!
- Got the snacks!
- Oh!
Hey, you better save
some of that for me!
- No promises.
- Okay, fine.
- Go get them, kiddo.
- Thanks, Blades.
[announcer]: Competitors, the
event for the long program
will begin in five minutes.
Please make your way
to the ice entrance.
- Okay.
- You've got this.
- We'll be here after.
- Okay. Uh... Right!
- Go!
- Um...
Hashtag, ride through the storm?
- Hashtag, ride
through the storm!
- Okay. Love you.
- I love you more!
You guys, come on. Come on.
[camera shutters clicking]
[soft music]
- First place, that's my spot.
- Oh, oh, is it?
- Mm-hmm. Well, it
will be. Next year.
- Okay.
- Will you take care
of it for me? For now!
- Yeah, I think I
can pull that off.
- I know you can.
- Thanks, Lynds.
- Hashtag, ride through
the storm, right?
- Always.
[breathes deeply]
[announcer]: And next to
compete, from Mission,
Washington State,
please welcome Megan Ryder!
[crowd cheering]
[upbeat music]
[crowd cheering]
[upbeat music]