The Identical (2014) Movie Script

Now every time
You hit one more bump in the road
Feel the burden
Of another heavy load
Hit by the curves
Life's unexpected twists and turns
You feel your world is upside down
And you're tumblin',
tumblin, tumblin'
So take a hold from deep within
And find your life once again
You better go down easy
You got a lot to learn
You better count your blessings
Or you're gonna crash and burn
It was another world,
Alabama in 1935.
A harder world for sure.
Middle of the Depression.
Not a job to be found for 100 miles
once the cotton was in.
William and Helen Hemsley would
have been better advised
to wait before marrying
and starting a family.
But as they usually do, love and passion
got in front of logic and patience.
And in obedience with the scripture,
the Hemsleys set about the business
of being fruitful and multiplying
and starting a whole new life
in the big city of Decatur.
Say, I was wondering
if maybe you got anymore work
a fellow could do around here...
No, we're done till seeding.
Sir, please.
We got a baby coming due
and there ain't no...
Son, I don't have anything.
There's nothing I can do for you.
William, honey.
Meet your sons.
They're perfect, just like you.
Mr. William,
y'all got two fine looking boys here.
Tent revivals
were a common occurrence
in the rural South in the Depression.
People needing healing, prayer,
and just some hope in a
poor and frightening time.
For William Hemsley,
all of these applied.
What should've been the
happiest day of his life
was quickly becoming
the most troublesome.
...we first begun
Reverend Reece Wade was
a traveling evangelist
out of middle Tennessee.
And his message this cold October night
would reach right into
William's troubled soul.
And it is here that our
story truly begins.
Blacks and whites, Jews and Gentiles,
all equal in the eyes of the Lord.
All equal in the eyes of the Lord!
And let us never forget.
Let us never forget the words
of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ,
who says it is truly more blessed
to give than to receive.
It is truly more blessed
to give than to receive.
That's my precious wife Louise,
sitting right over here.
We miscarried again over Thanksgiving.
The doctor over in Birmingham
told us to stop trying,
or it might be her that goes.
And all the gifts He's given us,
that's the one we wanted most.
All of our dreams were of having a baby.
Family of our own...
to take care of.
Maybe... maybe y'all could
pray for us tonight.
For our own miracle.
Now, I know this sounds...
Crazy? Absolutely insane?
Just listen to me.
No, William.
Just listen!
We can't do it.
We can't even feed ourselves.
Now we got two more?
I'm not giving away my babies!
I'll work two jobs.
I'll work three!
Having a job is my job!
And there ain't none!
There ain't no work anywhere.
We're drowning.
We got nothing and no way to get along.
They'll take them away from
us if we can't feed them.
What if they get sick or
something happens to me?
You're going to raise two
babies mending dresses?
So you just give them both up?
Now, we can make it with just one.
No, William Hemsley.
Nobody is taking my babies from me.
They're here.
All right.
Well, I'm sure you're all wondering
why I asked you out
here so urgent and all.
I heard you at the revival,
reverend, and...
it made me think.
And I was talking it
over here with my wife
and we want to ask you something.
Let me see if I can make
this a little easier.
The Bible says we're all
brothers and sisters in Christ.
Our job is to love and
look out for one another.
Now Louise and I prayed
and talked over this
and we want you to have a
love offering given to us.
Oh no.
Thank you but...
Please take it.
Take it.
No, thank you, but that's not
why we wanted to see you.
You see, Helen and I have
been praying ourselves
and we think God's give
us both some answers.
Now, we can give everything we got
to raise one child and that is it.
Maybe someone else,
like a man and woman of God,
could give the other
a life we never could.
No, no.
You're beautiful and blessed people
to even consider such a thing.
But you're just tired, honey,
and scared and emotional.
Times is hard for everybody.
No, we prayed on it like you say to do.
No, William. We can't.
You preached it, reverend.
It's better to give than receive.
You don't know this ain't
God answering your prayers.
Maybe He's got something special
in mind for one of our boys.
You see...
it's God we're really giving him to.
That's what the Lord wants.
We both know it.
And you both know it too.
The Lord will choose for you.
I'll love him good for both of us.
Thank you.
And God be with you, sister.
Dexter Ryan is not to know
until Helen and I pass.
Give me your word on that, pastor?
Yeah, you have my word.
I don't know what to say.
There's nothing to say.
He's God's now anyway.
Now, go.
It was not uncommon
in the 1930s to lose a baby.
There was a funeral for the child
they gave away the next day.
All William and Helen could afford
was a shoe box to bury him in.
Of course, only they
knew the box was empty.
And somewhere, on the road
to their new life as a family,
the Reverend Reece Wade
stole away with his new son
and dedicated him to
the creator of life itself,
the king of the universe.
Ryan Reece Wade,
welcome to your new life.
Christ the Lord is ris'n today
Raise your joys and triumphs high
You'd almost say
little Ryan Wade was
like any boy in the 1940s,
except for one thing.
When he sang a song,
he could bring the roof down.
Nehemiah, Esther, Psalms...
Job. Yeah, Job, Psalms...
How many books of the
Bible are there, Daddy?
You tell me. Sixty...
How many in the Old Testament?
You're on number 20 with Proverbs.
Now, come on.
And do not be conformed to this world,
but transformed by the
renewing of your mind.
That you may prove what
is good and acceptable,
the perfect will of God.
Jeremiah 29.
For I know the plans...
I have for you.
Declares the Lord.
Declares the Lord.
But when memorizing
proved to be a challenge,
Ryan knew instinctively
what every grade school teacher knows.
Turn it into a song.
I know the plans I have for you
Declares the Lord
Plans to prosper and not to harm you
And then shall call and pray to me
And I will listen to ya
And ye shall seek and ye shall find
When you seek with all of your heart
Louise was smitten
with the boy's gift.
Reece accepted it, but, in his view,
Ryan was set aside to follow in
his footsteps as a man of God.
...price to pay
She walks right in,
she walks right out
She sing and dance,
she jump and shout
Whoa, baby,
don't you just walk by me...
Am I the master of the fake ID or what?
Oh, no thank you.
Come on, man.
You can't be a PK forever.
PK. Preacher's Kid.
That's you.
"Please Lord,
never let me have any fun."
That's what I am, Dino. Besides...
I don't like beer.
More for me.
I like beer a lot.
Man! Are you listening to this?
I ain't never heard
anything like it before.
How come we can't do music
like this back home?
In Tennessee, in your daddy's church?
Cat, you crazy.
I ain't talking about church, Dino.
I'm just talking about music.
She walk right in,
she walk right out
A PK is always the wildest at heart.
Baby baby
Don't you just walk by me
it's 1:45 in the morning.
You been drinking, son?
No, sir.
Don't lie to me.
I ain't lying, Daddy.
You smell like smoke.
I wasn't smoking either.
Where you been?
At Dino's place.
Is that so?
I drove by Dino's when I
was out looking for you.
Must've just missed you.
I was at a roadhouse across County Line.
Daddy, it ain't what you think.
A honky-tonk?
Well, I knew if I told you,
you'd never let me go.
You're underage!
And you're going into the ministry.
I went to listen to some music, Daddy.
What did I do that's so wrong?
You didn't tell me the truth,
that's what.
Dance, dance, dance, everybody now
Dance, dance, dance
Everybody's doing it
It's boogie-woogie rock and roll
Yeah, that's a good song, cuz.
Yeah, man.
We need more guys though.
Well, we need more everything.
Man, we get some guys in here.
I'll sing the songs, write the songs.
You play the drums.
It's all I want to do.
Hey, you call the tune, I'll play it.
Let's do it.
Yeah, let's do it, oh!
Forty years.
Forty years wandering the desert.
Looking for a sign.
Praying for an answer,
a direction.
But sometimes...
God's answer to His children...
is wait.
Hey, what's the rush?
You're sure your daddy's okay with this?
Oh, yeah, man, I take
his car all the time.
Hey! What do you think you're doing?
Oh no, he looks mad!
Get out! Get back here!
Get back here! Get back here!
You gotta get up, come on
You gotta get up, come on
Put on your dancin' feet
You gotta get up, come on
I've never seen anyone move like that.
He just don't care.
Now I grant you,
it was a tad odd on a first date
to visit a honky-tonk across the tracks.
But Ryan was unlike any
boy I had ever met.
Sweet and gentle, a gentleman
through and through.
When that music started,
it was like a fire erupted
in that heart of his.
You're so pretty in your face.
I was wondering if
you'd ever ask me out.
What took you so long, anyway?
I was afraid you'd say no.
Well, I didn't, did I?
No, you didn't.
Hey, girl, you can really do this.
Well, I should say
the same thing of you.
Where did a preacher's kid learn
to dance the way that you do?
Oh, well I don't know.
Something just happens
to me when I hear music.
You know, whatever it is,
it's a good thing, Ryan Wade.
Hey. You better keep them pipes warm.
This party's just getting started.
That was nice.
Maybe we can do this again sometime.
I would like that, Ryan Wade.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I
please have your attention.
For our next number,
we'd like to bring up
a very special guest.
Now it appears we have a
very talented young man
in our midst tonight.
And the rumor is dude
can really bring it on home.
Well, let's just see.
Please welcome the man with
all those dance moves,
Mr. Ryan Wade.
There are many accounts
of how, when, and where
rock n' roll was actually born.
Now I'm not saying they're
wrong or anything,
But I believe part of that birth
happened on this very night in
little old Lebanon, Tennessee.
Is this you?
We've got the tune from
Little Drummer Boy.
You lead, we'll follow.
Give me a song, Mr. Music Man
Want to hear your rockin' band
Play it loud,
don't you play it sweet
I got a feelin' in my feet
Boogie-woogie rock 'n roll
Guitar picking with a lot of soul
Everybody's doing it
It's boogie-woogie rock 'n roll
Boogie-woogie rock 'n roll
Guitar picking with a lot of soul
Call it whatever you like
It's boogie-woogie rock 'n roll
Dance, dance, dance, everybody now
Dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, dance, everybody now
Dance, dance, dance
Everybody's doing it
It's boogie-woogie rock 'n roll
Boogie-woogie rock n' roll
Guitar pickin' with a lot of soul
Well, well, well, well.
Look at what we have here.
Wesley, I thought you said this was just
a grand theft auto call.
Son, you can either
go to jail or go home.
After talking to your daddy,
I'd choose jail.
Get that, punk.
This place is starting to match my mood.
Dark and stinky.
You smell that, Wesley?
That's hootie weed.
They're reefers.
Serving alcohol to minors...
and a preacher's boy,
bringing the devil music.
Get down off that stage, boy.
Get down off that stage!
Boy, you know we don't go
for that kind of music.
You understand me?
Do you understand me?
There ain't nothing
wrong with this music.
There ain't nothing wrong
with these people.
There seems to be a
little misunderstanding
of the law around here.
Are we clear?
Wesley, shut this place down!
Get out of here!
I had to give him the
taste of the back of my hand.
Did you now?
Yeah, I did.
He didn't like it too much either.
He almost came after me.
He did what?
He almost came after me.
Sir, this will be taken
care of, I promise you.
I don't know what he thinks about
bringing minors into a honky-tonk.
Just make sure it don't happen again.
I am truly sorry.
Sorry, buddy.
Get out of the car.
I said get out of the car.
Thank you, sheriff.
Y'all take care.
What do you think I should
preach on tomorrow?
Turn the other cheek?
Eye for an eye?
Why don't you preach the sermon for me?
Maybe sing a little song.
I didn't do anything...
You're lucky he didn't
throw you in jail, boy.
I didn't do anything wrong, Daddy.
Come on. You didn't do anything right!
I told you never to step
foot in that place again.
How's that for starters?
And you're dragging two
underage girls with you?
Mouthing off to the sheriff?
He's a redneck. And he's
picking on these people, Daddy.
I do know that!
But that's not your fight.
Not yet.
This little musical tour
of yours, it's over.
It's time for an apology tour,
starting with your mother
who's worried sick.
And tomorrow,
you're apologizing to the church,
most of whom have called
the house already tonight.
And on Monday, you and I
are driving to Nashville
and you're joining the army, boy.
You are my son, Ryan Wade,
and I love you more than
you will ever know.
But it's time for you to
grow up and be a man.
I wasn't sure if I would
ever see Ryan Wade again.
His daddy thought it was time for Ryan
to grow up and be a man.
And Uncle Sam set about the task
of turning Ryan Wade into that man.
She's lookin' so fine
in her high heel shoes
You better look out,
she'll give you the blues
You better think twice
when she walks your way
To be with her
there's a price to pay
I don't believe what I'm seeing!
I have five vehicles down,
one trailer that needs an axle,
and a jeep that needs an oil change,
and you knuckleheads decide to
do a private concert in my motor pool!
Lock it up.
Private Wade, this is your new job,
serenading my motor pool?
Sir, no, sir.
Well, while we're on the subject,
I got a question for you.
Where'd you learn to
sing like that, boy?
Let's hear another one.
As you were!
Only fate, DNA,
or the good Lord Himself
seemed to have other plans
for Private Ryan Wade.
All right boys, let's do it.
Ryan sang his way
through two years in the army,
developing his raw talents into
a world class singing voice,
having not a clue
that over in Nashville,
a young man by the name of Drexel Hemsley
was on a similar,
if less structured, path.
Beboppin' baby,
you know she can go, go, go
Beboppin' baby,
shake, a rock 'n roll
You can ask her to dance,
but she don't wanna dance slow
Beboppin' baby, girl,
you got me in a spin...
Ryan, Ryan, Ryan.
This is Dr. Ralph Jennings,
president of the
Southeastern Bible College.
Your father tells me you got a mind
to follow in his footsteps someday.
And if you perceive the
same call that he did,
there's always a spot for you there.
See, what did I tell you, son?
And the Lord told Jonah to go to Nineveh
and warn them of impending judgment.
The problem is, Jonah wasn't listening,
and a certain fish was waiting
when he decided to run away from God.
Honey, what is it?
It's a good thing you're sitting down.
Okay, so?
Beboppin' baby,
you know she can go, go, go
Drexel Hemsley.
Drexel Hemsley!
Oh, Ryan cannot hear this.
I don't think that's possible.
It's in every storefront in town.
How it do?
Girl, slow down,
I want to get to know ya
I know that I can show ya
Who is this?
Beboppin' baby,
you know she can go, go, go
Beboppin' baby, shake, rock 'n roll
How many times can that
boy play the same song?
Apparently as many times as
Jesus taught Peter we are to forgive.
It's a fad.
These things never last.
Oh my Lord!
What's that?
That there is the carb, Daddy.
A what? A carb?
A valve shot.
On the carb?
Yeah, you need...
you need a new one.
It ain't the first time.
What's it do?
Feeds fuel to the engine.
You got some bad jets.
You learned about cars in the army?
No, sir, always messed
with 'em. You know that.
I've never seen you take
one of these thingies out.
That's something new.
How you doing, son?
I'm okay.
Figuring it out, I guess.
I don't think we ever
really do figure it out.
That's God's job.
Our job is to be who He made us to be
and to do what He calls us to do.
That's the preacher talking.
Your dad here,
I'm mighty proud of you, son.
For hearing the calling
and staying obedient to it.
Come on, let's get something to eat.
Hello there!
Hello. Can you hold on a sec?
I just got this bolt.
Oh, boy.
Does that boy have 24
carat pipes or what!
Oh, man!
You're a fan, I see.
Oh yeah.
Are you guys related or something?
You're a dead ringer for him.
I know. I hear it all the time but no.
Not related, nothing.
Avi Hirshberg of the
Brooklyn Hirshbergs.
Don't let the cowboy accent fool you.
It's just good for business.
Gotcha. Ryan Wade.
Well, how do you do, Mr. Wade.
How can I help you?
Valve shot on this carb.
I think it's past rebuilding.
Oh no, I'm gonna have to
order a new one, I think.
Where... where'd you pull this out of?
Flat Head Six.
All right. Sounds like you
know your way around cars.
I know enough to know when I
need to go to a real mechanic.
Want a job?
No, thanks.
No, really.
I got one.
I go to school too.
Oh come on, work with me.
We'll be hanging around
fixing carburetors,
singing along with Drexel.
I even do barbecue Fridays.
I'll tell you what,
I'll give you $10 a week
and all you can eat.
That sounds tempting but no, thanks.
All right, it's too bad.
All right, tell you what,
you come around Wednesday,
I should have it done.
All right.
I'll see you then.
Thank you.
I can't get over how
much you look like him.
Good morning, Mrs. Carter.
Good morning.
There you go.
Sign here for me.
Thank you.
Your love's keeping me tonight
Even when we're far away
Your love's keeping me tonight
Until the morning brings another day
Ladies and gentlemen,
I just want everyone to know
this is a fine young man,
and that song he just sang,
that's his mother's favorite.
Yes sir, it is.
How about that everybody?
That was nice.
That's our show.
We'll see you next week.
You know, I can see right inside of him.
I know what he's thinking.
I know what he's going to say.
I even know what his next
dance move is going to be.
I may just be crazy.
Mama, I can't do this anymore.
Do what?
I don't hear this call
Daddy wants me to hear.
It ain't there.
Took you long enough to figure that out.
So, Mama, what's the point
of me going to school
for a call I don't hear?
I still go out to Nashville,
places y'all wouldn't approve of.
Just to hear real music getting played.
I hurt so bad Mama because...
it's the only call I hear.
When do you plan to tell your daddy?
Maybe you can tell him for me.
Reece Ryan Wade, no chance.
It's a man's job learning
to stand in his truth.
I hope if we have taught you anything
it's that the love of God seeks us
in every situation and desires our good.
If He is in your dreams,
nothing can stand against 'em.
This ain't the call for me.
But you got the gift.
Everyone, your teacher says so.
But not me, Daddy.
Ryan, the worst mistakes we make
are the decisions that
are made in haste,
you understand?
Let's just slow it down here
and finish the school year...
Daddy, Daddy.
I've already withdrawn.
Ryan, you dropped out of school?
I dropped out yesterday.
Daddy, I...
I don't know what to say.
Well, this is your life.
You're a man now, I guess.
What... what's your plan?
What are you going to do?
Want to live for a while,
be me for once.
And you haven't been yourself,
is that what you're saying?
I'm not going to subsidize this.
You understand that, right?
I didn't expect you to.
I found an apartment off the square.
Okay, I guess you
got it all figured out.
I'm sorry.
I'm just trying to be
what He made me to be,
not something else.
You're breaking my heart, boy.
Sign here please.
Anybody ever tell you you look
just like Drexel Hemsley?
Uh, yes, Miss.
I have heard that before.
I thought you was him.
His mama right upstairs...
Cheryl! You didn't hear that, okay?
It's supposed to be a secret,
for obvious reasons.
Hello, Ryan.
So you're a nurse.
Yeah, I am.
How was the army?
It was fine.
Hey, uh...
would you maybe want to
get together sometime,
grab a cup of coffee or something?
Oh I...
Sorry, I'm kind of seeing somebody.
Well, it's okay.
It's good to see you, Ryan.
It's really good to see you, Jenny.
You look great.
bless this dear lady.
Your son, his music means a lot to me,
and I just wanted to see you,
say a little prayer.
I'll just go. It's okay.
I can see your picture in my mind
A vision that seems so very real
I miss you every night in my dreams
Time and space never keep us apart
Your love's keeping me tonight
Even when we're far away
I didn't know then.
But I know now.
That something inside
of Ryan died that day.
I can see your picture in my mind
A vision that seems so very real
I miss you every night in my dreams
You still hiring?
I thought you had a job?
I think I'd rather work here.
Well, thinking is what got you here.
Why don't you go in the
car and start her up.
You started five minutes ago.
They're beautiful, Ryan.
Thank you.
It was great to see you too.
But like I said, I'm seeing someone.
I mean, I'm... sorry.
You take care though, okay?
Yeah. Bye.
Okay, bye.
The boy that sent you the flowers?
The one who looked as good
as Drexel Hemsley himself
just asked you out?
And he's your old boyfriend?
Mm-hmm. Well, we went out once.
Six years ago, but it was a doozy.
How you going to get to know him again
if you don't go out on a date?
Well, who says I want to
get to know him again?
Your eyes, girl, that's who.
Oh, why so verklempt, man?
She said no.
Ah, man. You sent her flowers, right?
Just like you told me.
And the card.
What'd the card say?
From me.
No man. You got to say
stuff like, "I miss you.
"Give me a second chance.
Roses are red. I love you.
I long to be with you."
She's got a boyfriend.
It don't matter. You need to
make her laugh, make her smile.
Girls don't get the
attention they deserve.
You've got to pump up
the volume, or walk away.
It's not time to lower your standards.
It's time to up them.
What am I supposed to do?
Angel of my life
My loving angel
You're all I need
You came into my life
when I was alone
Made me believe I wasn't low
I wasn't low
Made me believe
Angel of my life
My loving angel
You're like a dream
Just like a dream
But here you are, and you are real
I'm loving you
Loving you
Loving me
How did you find me?
Your friend...
Cheryl helped a little bit.
I'm going to kill her.
Coffee. Just a cup of coffee.
Look. I know a lot of songs,
and I'll sing every one
of them, until you say yes.
Kid the jig's up.
Here comes the heat.
Might this be the
disturbing the peace call?
You called the cops on me?
Oh, I didn't call them.
And why are there always police
involved with you and me?
Officer, look.
I ain't going anywhere,
until this girl agrees to
go out on a date with me
or you arrest me.
I have a boyfriend!
Then where is he?
Because he ain't here,
and he ain't the one singing
you love songs tonight.
Miss, just a cup of joe with the boy.
What would it hurt?
Sorry, pal, let's go!
Okay! Coffee. One cup.
But only if your backup singer
agrees to go with us.
Ha ha.
Son, kiss the bride!
Well, let's just say that
was one good cup of coffee.
In August of 1960,
our lives began as
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Wade.
And time marched on.
Ryan and I settled into a nice,
little small town routine,
and built our life together.
Ryan fixing cars with Avi,
pretending he'd found his calling.
Fun, fun, fun in the sun
Good vibrations everywhere
Dance, dance, dance in the sand
Sun's reflections, ocean tan
Girls and boys are everywhere
Sunrise surfin'
Love is floating in the air
Sunrise surfin'
It's 8:55 and 70 degrees.
The weather after the news.
The big news? War broke out in
the Middle East this morning.
It has spread now through
the Israeli port city of Haifa
on the Mediterranean.
Syria sent its planes to bomb
the Haifa oil refinery,
leaving it in flames.
Three Israeli planes were shot down
in a dogfight with Jordanian jets.
Three Syrian MiGs attacked
the city of Magneto.
In other news...
What does that have to do
with the Christian church
in the state of Tennessee?
It has to do with everything!
We are commanded by the word of God,
to give him no rest from our prayers.
For who? Today, for Israel.
Our precious Lord and savior
was himself a Jew!
If we love God,
we must love what God loves.
And God loves his chosen people!
I've symbolically lit
the eight candles of
the Hanukkah menorah.
God's people need that
Hanukkah miracle again.
Israel won the war.
A modern day miracle.
But our miracle,
to have a family of our own,
apparently wasn't meant to be.
The doctors said Ryan
and I would never have
one of these precious gifts.
He just seems so directionless.
He needs something beyond
just making a living.
A calling perhaps?
It's time.
It's time to tell him the truth.
Every night, I see that man's face,
making me give my word
not to say anything
until they're both gone.
It's been a thorn in my
side for 31 years, mother.
I think about it.
Every day.
The truth shall set you free.
He has a right to know who he is.
Girls and boys are everywhere
Sunrise surfin'
Love is floating in the air
Sunrise surfin'
Are you sure about this?
I have never been so sure in my life.
I got a great, big love for you
You're one of a kind,
You're gonna be mine
It's the last thing
I'm ever gonna do
I don't believe this.
Ryan, my main man!
Pots and pans!
What is shakin' bacon?
Man, how are you?
I'm good man! And Jenny.
Aw man, if I only had me a Jenny,
I wouldn't be spending so
much money on alimony, huh?
How you been man?
Ah man I'm fine. I'm fine.
Is this your gig now?
Oh no. I just play where they pay.
I've been all over.
Florida, New Orleans. California.
Psychedelic sound's where it's at.
This is cool.
You're going to be backing
me up in a minute.
Son, that's going to be
like shooting fish in a barrel.
You serious?
Just for fun man.
You know it's all her idea.
I'll lay you down a beat, right?
You just do what you do.
Ugh! Just like old times.
Beboppin' baby,
you know she can go, go, go
Beboppin' baby,
shake, a rock 'n roll
You can ask her to dance,
but she don't wanna dance slow
Beboppin' baby, girl,
you got me in a spin
Beboppin' baby, let the party begin
She's movin' so fast
You're gonna think that she's a twin
Hey, girl, slow down
I want to get to know ya
I know that I can show ya
You're the girl for me,
yeah, yeah, yeah
Beboppin' baby,
you know she can go, go, go
So let's not do "Bee-bopping Baby."
That's what the Georgia
guy's going to do.
You know what,
everybody's talking about him.
He's like really good.
Oh but he's not as good as you.
Now they'll probably go
in alphabetical order.
And that puts Ryan Wade last,
which is perfect!
Uh. I get the feeling,
you think that I can
actually win this thing.
I do, and you will.
Hey Ho!
Come on!
Hello, Nashville!
Are you ready to rock?
I said are you ready to rock?
Well, grab onto your britches,
boys and girls. Ha!
We're going to rock this place
like a hurricane. Come on!
Come on!
Hey. Hey, man.
Can I get a bourbon?
In a...
You know what, why don't you throw
me down a Shirley Temple instead.
How much is ginger ale?
15 cents ma'am.
Thank you. We'll share one.
I'll have what he was going
to have, but make it a double.
A gypsy man, I'll always be
It is just a part of me
They say that I should settle down
There's only once place...
Oh, yeah
I was born for a reason,
not just breathing air
Born for a reason,
got something to share
I'll make no bones about it,
sure as I'm sittin' here
I was born for a reason
That was... out of Mobile,
bringing everything
with the Drexel smash.
Slap the dog and spit in the fire,
that boy looks like our child.
Beboppin' baby,
you know she can go, go, go
Beboppin' baby,
shake, a rock 'n roll
You can ask her to dance
But she don't want to dance slow
Beboppin' baby,
girl you got me in a spin
Beboppin' baby, let the party begin
Who are you?
The Volunteer state of
Tennessee put your hands
and screams together for Mr. Ryan Wade!
I can see your picture in my mind
A vision that seems so very real
I miss you every night in my dreams
Time and space never keep us apart
Your love's keeping me tonight
Even when we're far away
Your love's keeping me tonight
Until the morning brings another day
Brings another day
Ooh, it's a brand new day
I can feel your touch
like you are here
A perfect love
will cast away my fears
I can hear your voice
blowin' in the wind
Your love will turn
the darkness into light
Your love's keeping me tonight
Even when we're far away
Your love's keeping me tonight
Until the morning brings another day
That's your winner.
I'm going to go talk to Mama okay?
All right!
All right. Have fun.
I'll stay here.
I've never seen so much
money in my whole life.
Much less at once.
Oh man, that was great.
Wasn't that great?
That was so great.
You did it.
You did great.
Mr. Wade.
Great show tonight, sir.
Thank you, sir.
"Mr. Tony Nash, Management."
I can have you play in
every major state fair
in the region next month
if you're interested.
Oh, he's interested!
Good. Look, Ryan, why don't you
come by my office Monday, okay?
Thank you, sir. Monday?
All right, I'll see you there.
I've never seen anything
like that tonight.
It was absolutely incredible.
Be good.
Have a nice night.
Thank you.
What just happened?
I think he got a job.
Look, it's not rocket science.
I get you booked.
Get you paid.
You give me 15%.
You can fire me any time you like.
Has anyone ever? Fired you.
It's kind of an
occupational hazard, ma'am.
Yeah, well, I'm just trying to get my head
wrapped around people paying good money
to see someone act like somebody else.
Well, they do.
People love this guy.
They can't get enough of him.
And you're about as
close to the real thing
as I've ever seen.
So you can get me booked places?
Tennessee state fair is already
holding a spot for you.
Arkansas and Texas after that.
I haven't heard back yet from
Kansas City but it'll be a yes.
Just like that.
Just like that.
You will not believe your eyes
or your ears when I tell you
who this isn't,
but you are going to love him anyway.
Ladies and gentlemen,
put your hands together
for The identical!
Well, thank you very much, Nashville!
Right now we'd like to do a
song I think ya'll might know.
It goes like this.
It's a long way to Nashville
To the Vegas neon lights
I had to give my heart and soul
You know, it's been an uphill fight
Headed to dreamland...
Oh, come on people, don't be stupid.
We got a job to do here.
Hey, what's going on?
Ah, it's closing weekend.
Final judging of the livestock.
Looks like either that
or Wayne Newton, right?
Oh, man.
I think this boy's a star.
To Nashville tonight
To Nashville tonight
Ooh, to Nashville tonight
To Nashville tonight
To Nashville tonight
Ooh, Nashville tonight
A gypsy man, that's who I am
I do things my own way
I might be here for a little while
But I know that I won't stay
I'm a gypsy man
A gypsy man, I'll always be
It is just a part of me
They say that I should settle down
But there are so many places,
so many towns, yeah
Something 'bout ya that I feel
It makes me want to stay
Girl, when you put your love on me
I just got to stay, I'm a gypsy man
Yes, I am
A gypsy man, I'll always be
It is just a part of me
They say that I should settle down
But there are so many places,
so many towns
Oh, I got a lot of places to see
I want you to be proud of me, Daddy.
I am proud of you, Ryan.
I am proud of you.
Was this what you really wanted, really?
I don't know.
Ryan took his act
as far as it could go.
Doing 200 dates a year
was beginning to feel
like a man running on a hamster wheel.
But still, it wasn't
without its rewards.
I feel I know you
I wish that I could show you
There's something that I'm feeling
That it's real,
I feel like I know you
I wish that I could show you
That was great.
That was great.
You know you missed three cues tonight.
You'll leave one off
the set list entirely,
but we've got time to
rehearse other songs.
So what was that anyway?
It's one of mine.
It's an original.
Oh, an original.
I want to work it into one of our sets.
Forget it.
Forget that?
That's right, forget it.
These people are paying
to hear Drexel "The Dream,"
not Ryan the Dream.
Oh, I see, uh, creative discretion.
No, it's we're booked two years out
doing Drexel and Drexel only.
I mean, you're printing money.
You're making enough money to support
five of Dino's ex-wives on top
of the two he's already got.
And all of you, you just
want to walk off a cliff
and kill this golden goose.
You know, it ain't always
about the money, Tony.
Grow up, Ryan.
You know what,
this is what you guys have been doing
instead of rehearsing the show?
You know what, it shows.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about you all
getting fat and lazy,
that's what I'm talking about.
You're not hungry anymore.
Look, Tony, I'm sick and tired
of doing the same songs
the same way 200 shows a year.
Being somebody I'm not.
Well, unfortunately that's
what you signed on for,
and that's what you are.
What is the big deal?
I just want to work some of my songs in.
Nobody wants to hear your songs, Ryan!
You don't know that.
All right.
Shall I spell it out for you, Ryan?
I didn't sign Ryan Wade the artist.
I signed Ryan Wade
"The identical."
The best Drexel impersonator
I'd ever heard or seen.
And I've worked too hard
to let you destroy it.
You want to work on your own
songs on your own time,
that's your business.
This right here,
this is my business, son.
You can't talk to me like that.
You were a rich turner singing in
the church choir when I found you.
Back off, Tony.
Hey, I made you, Ryan Wade,
and don't you ever forget it.
You didn't make anything.
It's over, Tony.
I quit.
You quit?
Well, go on and quit.
Ryan, there's only one Elvis.
There's one Drexel and
there's one Beatles,
and you're a pretender, buddy.
You're a nothing!
Nobody's ever going to sign you.
I'm home.
It was like starting all over again
and falling in love for the first time.
For just a little while,
we were both living our dream, together.
City lights keep on shining
Reminds me of the love we knew
City lights keep on shining
I see your smilin' eyes a'blue
City lights keep on shining
Reminds me of a love we knew
City lights keep on shining
I see your smilin' eyes a'blue
Country boy, city girl
We were like night and day
I took her to the country
But she just wouldn't stay
Yes, sir.
Yeah, absolutely, I'll be there.
Thank you, sir. Bye.
City of Peace Records wants
to meet with me tomorrow.
We believe City Lights is a smash hit.
Now, Ryan,
I want you to hear me, brother.
I'm prepared to give you $25,000
right now for your song.
Take it in the studio
and cut it on The Dream himself.
Drexel Hemsley.
Now how does that sound to you.
It's a mighty generous offer,
but I just want to record my own music.
It's not about the money.
It never was.
Okay, $50,000!
Some dreams maybe
just aren't meant to be.
But dreams take a backseat
to just plain health.
It all came to a head
one September morning.
Actually, everything came
to a head that day.
I'm here, Dexter. I'm here.
Why you and not me?
I don't get it, man.
Listen, I don't care what they say,
you're still the greatest
singer I ever heard.
Two months after
Drexel Hemsley's untimely death,
the investigation of the cause
of the fatal crash continues.
Thousands still gather outside the gates
of his former home, Dreamland.
Letters and cards overrun
the Nashville residence
on a daily basis.
You rain down from heaven above
Now I'm clear to see
what's happened to me
Oh, it's so good to have you kids here.
That is the sweetest dress on you.
Why, thank you.
And, honey, you look better.
Thank you, Mama.
Are you back work yet?
Not yet, Mama.
Not yet.
Brother Wade, what's new at church?
Not much, really.
Except the board asked
me to resign on Monday.
Forty years.
Forty years.
Practically built that place
with my own two hands.
He used to go in his short
pants and start the coal fire
at five o'clock in the
morning before worship.
That's right.
Now I can't even change the light bulb
without getting dizzy.
Heh. Jenny, last month
I preached the best sermon
of my whole career.
Oh, it was outstanding.
And Ed Nichols reminds me,
I preached the same one a year ago.
And I said,
"Brother Nichols, what's wrong with that?
You just got blessed twice."
Oh yeah. It's time.
You ready for him to
be home all the time?
Oh, I been waiting many a year.
But I finished the race.
Wasn't always pretty,
sometimes it wasn't much fun.
But I got there.
There isn't a better feeling
this side of heaven.
Congratulations, Daddy.
I want you to have that
same feeling, son.
It's not too late.
Oh, Daddy!
This isn't the time.
Let's just have a calm
family supper without any...
No, now is the time!
He may be all grown up,
but we're his parents.
What are you going to do, Ryan? Hmm?
You going to sit inside the house
and mourn for the rest of your life?
You know what, y'all?
You will honor your father by listening.
Whether you want to hear this or not.
I have heard it, Daddy.
A hundred times.
Why do you keep running from this, son?
God set you apart, son.
No, He didn't!
Oh, I know the story, Daddy.
I know it real well.
You dedicated me to God.
I know you have a vision for my life.
Well, you know what?
It's not my vision, Daddy.
The call you heard was for
your life, not mine, not for me.
I'm trying to help you, son.
Please, will you, contain yourself!
I'm trying to help the boy.
Daddy, what's wrong?
Daddy? What is it, honey?
Oh dear!
Oh, Jenny!
Okay, I'm coming.
Daddy, what's wrong?
I think he's having a heart attack.
Mom, you call an ambulance.
Call an ambulance, Mom.
My pills!
I'll get them, Daddy, I'll get them.
It's all right.
Get my pills.
It's all right.
We're gettin' you help, honey.
We'll ride with y'all.
We're right here, honey.
We're right here.
I'll follow, Mama.
I'm right behind you.
In the name of God
Almighty and Jesus Christ,
I command the Holy Spirit...
I'm sorry, Daddy. I'm sorry.
Our dear son.
If you are reading these words
it means your mother and I
have passed from this life.
Time has come for you
to know who you are
and where you come from.
You were born to a mama
and daddy who love you
but can't give you the life we want.
We believe God has put you
here for something special
and we asked a man of God
to raise you up proper like.
You have an identical twin brother
who is reading a letter
just like yours right now.
So forgive us and understand
this is what we had to do.
We love you and will see you in heaven.
Your daddy, your momma,
William and Helen Hemsley.
It was a mild heart attack.
He's going to be okay.
Think of coming down?
No. Not right now.
Ryan, your father wants to see you.
Tell him I'm glad he's all right.
Tell Mama...
tell her I know now, and I understand.
Understand what?
She'll know.
Now, what can I get for you?
I, ah...
How about a whiskey?
That will cure your ills, my friend.
Ryan? Ryan Wade?
Down here.
I can't believe this.
Darling, darling,
do you know who this is?
No, baby.
I told you I knew people.
Maybe now you'll be nicer to me.
This is none other than The identical.
What are you doing here?
You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
Name's Damon.
Ha ha. I saw you once in Atlanta.
Man, I about died. I thought
you was The Dream himself.
How did you get so dang good anyway?
Born to it I guess.
Miss, if you don't mind
I'm going to trade this
in for something else.
A Dr. Pepper or something.
Oh, yeah.
Put it on my tab, darling.
Gave it up, huh?
Man, that's a shame.
How did you get into this?
I was pouring drinks at his hotel once.
He stopped and talked to me.
Treated me like a real human being.
Like he cared what I had to say.
First average size person ever did that.
Changed my life.
I see you've still got your chai though,
just like his.
Yeah, why did he wear one?
He was Jewish.
On his mother's side.
Look it up.
A Christian and a Jew.
Same guy. Heh.
He used to say he was
covering his bases.
You believe that?
Isn't that great?
You're looking for
something, aren't you?
Let me give you a
little hint, Ryan Wade.
It ain't here, but keep looking.
You'll find it eventually.
Well, I'm up next.
Stick around. You might
learn something, identical.
Got to go.
I got a great, big love for you
I never been small,
I've always been tall
I got a great, big love for you
Yeah, yeah, yeah, baby
Come on now!
Give it to me
Oh, the hands are tied
Oh, I cannot see what's
right in front of me
Where in the world will I
be with my next step I take
Time, it keeps playing
its tricks on me
As I move along, feel me get closer
'Cause I know this there's
something about ya
I can take a trip to see
all there is to see
I can be in jail then set free
Getting trashed by a queen,
laid out at her feet
But in the end,
there's something about ya
I'm sorry, baby.
I just thought it was some
kind of answer to prayer.
We'll figure something out.
Willie, I'll pray too.
William Hemsley's health
deteriorated after Helen died.
Now with the passing of Drexel
he was a frail and broken
man well beyond his years.
I'm sorry, sir.
We're closing.
He had a brother.
Dexter Ryan?
He only made it one day.
Where is he buried?
Out back, up the hill.
Thank you, ma'am.
Ryan knew the car instantly
that was parked by the
private Hemsley cemetery
and there's only one person
that would possibly take that limo
to visit those graves on this day.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Nobody really know'd him.
All the papers talk about
his mistakes, his weaknesses.
Hell, like we ain't all got them.
Most people don't know this.
He was born with an identical twin.
It was...
it was a hard day.
It was a hard day.
My boy.
My perfect boy.
My sweet boy.
Forgive me.
You're already forgiven.
You know that.
No. No, I ain't forgiven.
I ain't forgiven.
I ain't forgiven.
Mr. Hemsley...
I know it was a hard day.
I was there.
It's me, Daddy.
Dexter Ryan Hemsley.
My son.
My son.
My son.
Angel of my life
You're all I need
You came into my life
When I was alone
Made me believe, I was alone
Made me believe
You, working on the car?
Oh, praise Jesus.
It's supposed to be good for me.
It's supposed to keep my...
to keep my mind active,
but... I think it's just a
complete waste of time.
I mean, you know me with this...
I'll do it, Daddy.
I always told you I'd
wrestle you to the ground
before I let you ride
one of them things.
You're too big for that now.
I wanted to tell you
so many times, Ryan... I...
I know, Daddy.
I just...
I know.
There's something I've got to tell you.
Thank you.
And I mean thank you...
for everything.
And I mean everything, Daddy.
You are my son.
And you are more
than I ever dared pray for.
I want you to follow your dream,
your calling, not mine.
Because you blessed me boy.
You blessed me, Ryan.
And I'm sorry, son.
I'm sorry, son.
Ryan never let on
to anyone but his family
who he really was and
came to walk the path
of singing both his and
his brother's songs.
City lights keep on shining
Reminds me of the love we knew
City lights keep on shining
I see your smilin' eyes a'blue
City lights keep on shining
Reminds me of the love we knew
City lights keep on shining
I see your smilin' eyes a'blue
Country boy, city girl
We were like night and day
I took her to the country
But she just wouldn't stay
City lights keep on shining
She was a dancer
on the stage of life
City lights keep on shining
All I wanted was a wife
Shining, shining
Shining on you and me
Shining, shining
Shining like it used to be
I guess it's true.
If He is in our dreams,
no one can stand against them.
It don't come easy
You know it don't come easy
It don't come easy
You know it don't come easy
Got to pay your dues
if you wanna sing the blues
You know it don't come easy
You don't have to shout
or leap about
You can even play them easy
Forget about the past
and all your sorrows
The future won't last
It will soon be over tomorrow
It don't come easy
You know it don't come easy
It don't come easy
You know it don't come easy
I don't ask for much
I only want trust
And you know it don't come easy
And this love of mine
keeps growing all the time
And you know it just ain't easy
Open up your heart,
let's come together
Use a little love
And we will make it work out better
Ooh, easy
It don't come easy
You know it don't come easy
Ooh It don't come easy
You know it don't come easy
It don't come easy
You know it don't come easy
Peace, remember peace
Is how we make it
Here within your reach
If you're big enough to take it
It don't come easy
You know it don't come easy
I wanted to let you know
What you mean to me
So I wrote a little song
What I'm trying
to say to you, darling
Is that I miss you
Now that you are gone
I know I let love slip away
It's like trying to hold onto
a runaway train
Seems like I've been walking
down lonely road
Like a blind man,
I can't find my way back home
Everybody knows it
Everybody wants it
Everybody needs to know
they have somebody to love
Everybody feels it
Everybody sees it
Everybody needs to know
they have somebody to love
The clock upon the wall
Reads 2:00 am
And I'm still hoping
that you'll call
The minutes turn to hours
And hours in to days
Slow down, I'm gonna ride that pony
And put the music back in our song
I want you to know I'm feeling...
Now we can...
Everybody knows it
Everybody wants it
Everybody needs to know
they have somebody to love
Everybody feels it
Everybody sees it
Everybody needs to know
they have somebody to love
Everybody knows it
Everybody wants it
Everybody needs to know...