The Idolmaker (1980) Movie Script

Hey, move over, will you?
Come on, give me some room here!
How are you?
How's everything?
What you been doing?
Hey, Vinnie, what's happening, huh?
-Where'd you get those pants?
All right, all right, all right.
You ready? You ready?
-Let's go!
Okay, okay, very good, okay.
Okay, ten bucks.
I know, I know, I know all that.
-Okay. All right. Quattro!
Hey, Tommy, give me a chance
to break even, all right?
Hey, man, relax.
Like the good book says...
..."Never give a sucker
an even break."
Oh, come on, Tommy.
Hey, Vin, how you doing?
Still hustling babies, huh, Tommy?
Hey, it's like chicks, Vin. You
know what I mean? Hard to resist.
Besides, they don't have to
play if they don't want to.
Hey, when you coming to
Jersey to see us play?
All the way to Jersey,
what do I need that for?
Hey, so where is it, the North Pole?
I mean, it's been three years now,
you never heard me play before.
I'm looking for singers,
not saxophone players.
Hey, we got a singer, Vinnie.
A new kid, Jimmy Ryan.
Blonde hair, blue eyes.
Great kid. You gotta hear him.
-No thanks, Cuz.
What do you mean, 'no thanks'?
What are you gonna do, Vinnie,
sit home and read that... magazine s..t?
-Let me tell you something, okay?
I can learn a lot from this,
you know what I mean?
It doesn't matter whether it's
Tony C., Rock Hudson,...
...Elvis they all got it
right there.
Right in the windows,
know what I mean?
Your friend there,...
-Jimmy Ryan.
-Jimmy Ryan.
He's not gonna be a star.
-What do you mean?
I mean, women don't want,
blonde singing idols.
They want dark hair.
They like dark hair.
Take Frank Sinatra, Elvis...
You know what I mean?
They got it.
You better read up, kid.
In the windows.
-Ciao, everybody.
-Ciao, Vincente.
About time you got here.
Your brother's going potso.
He had to take the orders on
twelve and thirteen.
He's going crazy.
-It's about time he had to do...
...some work.
-You'd better get to work.
Hey, take it easy, Emilio.
Don't panic.
What do you think we got,
a wedding out there?
Let's see, what do we got here?
Twelve and thirteen.
-Twelve and thirteen.
-Hey, no movie magazines.
Oh, I'm sorry, Mario.
Listen, I had some real business
to do across the river.
You know, music business.
And, uh, I got hung up.
But I tell you what, you know what
I'm gonna do for you?
I'm gonna work all night for you.
Tonight you got me for the duration.
Vinnie, I'm running a business here.
When people come in for dinner
they got to have waiters... serve them.
-Mario, the food's getting cold.
I can't stand here talking to you
all night, you know what I mean?
I got customers waiting.
How are you, Carl?
Don't ask. Hi.
Linguini in white clam sauce?
-Right here, please.
Emilio, I got some people coming in
tonight just before closing.
Seventeen people.
I want everything fresh.
I don't want anybody going home,
Some veal... What?
-Mario, where's Vinnie?
He's busy.
Don't bother him, huh?
And, seem zabaglione for desert.
Don't' send anybody home
because they're coming in late.
But I want to keep the kitchen open.
Make sure they're open, okay?
People came all the way from
Brooklyn just to taste these.
They're really incredible, really.
They're the chef's specialty.
-Gino, what are you doing?
I'm working here.
-I gotta talk to you.
-Not now, Gino.
-Now. Now, Vinnie, now!
It's Jerry Martin.
He just called me.
Excuse me for a second.
What the hell are you doing?
-He's at the Annex studio.
He says if we want him
to record our song,...
...we gotta get ever there right
now and talk to his producers.
But he's not supposed to do
this till next week.
Yeah, tell that to your friend,
Jerry Martin.
I knew this was gonna happen.
-What are you doing?
Vinnie, l m running
a class place here.
You're turning it into
a bowling alley, huh?
I gotta go, Mario. We gotta go.
I'm very, very sorry, folks.
Frank, a bottle of wine
on the house here, huh?
Testing, one, two, three.
Test, one, two, three.
Baby oh, yeah.
-It's very good, kid, but step back.
Testing, test, one, two, three.
Now you got it.
-Baby, oh, yeah.
-Keep rolling.
What kind of s..t is this, hah?
I'm not gonna sign this
toilet paper. This is s..t.
-Up yours.
Yeah, up yours.
Jerry promised us
a fifty fifty split.
Jerry, thanks a lot, you know?
-Come on, Vinnie.
-Thanks for nothing!
-God damn it!
Come on, what am I, wood?
-Look, Vinnie, Vinnie, please.
Hell, look, what!
-This is the only shot we have.
You just can't walk away.
-I wanna... we can't talk.
Hey, Vinnie, Vinnie.
I wanna talk to you.
-Forget about it.
-He's talking to you.
Listen, kid.
I'm only gonna do right by you.
Your name's gonna be on the label.
You're gonna be in every jukebox
in the city.
Oh, hey, come on, man,
what are you talking about?
What good is it gonna do me, huh?
You guys own all the rights.
You get all the marbles,
and me and Gino we get,...
...stugazz, that's what we get.
Either you do it,
you do it, or you do it.
Get your hands off me.
Hey, spaghetti brain.
Who you kidding?
Why don't you smarten up.
Who's gonna record that s..t?
Now you wanna listen to me?
Either you take a chance and
go with me, or,... forget about it,
you take a walk.
You take that contract and shove it.
Get outta my way!
Hey, Pilato. Come here.
You know your partner's an a..shole.
Take him for a walk. Listen to me.
Take him for a walk...
...and talk some sense into him.
Started a fire
Wild and burning
But you
And I'll do anything
You'd ever want
Just to see that look
in your eyes
What was it?
It was beautiful!
It was nothin'.
I was just messin' around.
how long is this gonna go on?
You're twenty seven years old.
Just till somebody
gives us a break, Ma.
Till we can find somebody
to record our stuff.
Why don't you do it yourself?
You have a terrific voice.
Remember that,
that record you made with,...
...your friends after high school?
Oh, I really liked it.
I did.
-You and six other people liked it.
-Ma, l.
l don't know
how to sell an audience.
Ya gotta, ya gotta have
that kind of look, ya know?
I started going bald
when I was eighteen.
I mean, for me to get up
there now, it's a joke.
Listen, everything'
gonna be okay anyway, right?
Mario's doin' all right.
The restaurant's doin' great!
Sure. Thanks to your father.
For you,
your father does nothing.
It's okay. l don't need him
to do anything for me.
I don't want anything.
Why don't you call him?
He owes it to you.
What does he owe you, huh?
He owes you something, too.
No, no, no.
He owes me nothing.
With you it's different.
Better he should give it to you
than one of his w..res.
Listen to that!
Listen to you! Come on!
Forget about it!
I don't need anything from him.
We're gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be all right.
You'll see.
Oh, yeah!
Come and get it.
Everybody's feelin' here tonight
Everybody's feelin' all right
I know what you're waitin' for
Let's not wait no more
Yeah you know I ain't lyin'
Ladies and gentlemen,
the boy with the big blue eyes...
...Jimmy Ryan!
Thank you.
Thank you!
Hey, right!
Thinking about that.
Shelly, you got me rockin'
Shelly, you got me feelin'
You got me wanting you
You got me tossing
Shelly, you got me turning
Shelly, what else can I do?
Everytime the nighttime comes
Hey, Vinnie!
Wait up!
So what do ya think of
Jimmy Ryan? Pretty good, huh?
Well, it's like I said.
He's limited.
Why didn't you tell me
you could sing?
It's a joke, huh?
But don't laugh too hard, Vaccari.
You'd be surprised how many
chicks are turned on by it.
I do all right.
-I'll bet ya do.
Listen, I'm lookin' for somebody
good to record my stuff,...
...and I think you're it.
Ya gotta be kiddin'!
I ain't no singer!
Don't say ain't.
It's bad English.
-Aw, come on!
-Besides, you got it, Tommy.
I saw it in there.
You know somethin'?
With the right handling,
you can go all the way.
Is that right?
Hey, Vaccari, tu sei pots,
you know what I mean?
I ain't no rock'n roll star.
I'm Italian from Arthur Avenue,
like you.
Tomaso di LaRusso, capisce?
-Tomaso di LaRusso.
-That's right.
Just a fart in the breeze.
When you gonna wise up,
huh, Tommy?
What do you want to do? Play backup
sax in juke joints all your life?
Hustlin' dimes from the
neighborhood kids?
You could be somebody.
You could be Tommy Dee.
Tommy Dee!
Who the hell's Tommy Dee?
Okay, okay, be a jerk off.
That's right.
You want to know somethin',
You got the look.
You know the guys in the
fan magazines? That's it, Tommy.
They got it. I can make it
happen for ya, if ya want it.
What's it gonna be?
Pizza or caviar?
Sa what's caviar?
Hey, Vinnie, wait!
I'll do it!
I mean, I'll try it.
Be at my house tomorrow
morning at nine a.m. Sharp.
Vinnie, I don't get out of here
till five thirty!
Suit yourself. If you're five
minutes late, forget about it.
I'll be there.
What's your name again?
Tommy Dee.
Tommy Dee?
Nine a.m.
I been up, I been down
I been played with
and pushed around
I been in, I been out
-Oh, God.
Baby, this time there ain't no doubt
Here is my love
-Cut, cut.
Watt a minute! Where do you
think you're gonna be singing?
In a w..rehouse?
Hey, relax! I know what
you gotta give the chicks.
Ya gotta give 'em
a thrill every once in a while.
Ya gotta give it to 'em.
Okay, Pistolero,
this is a junior high school.
You do that, and you're gonna
scare them half to death.
They don't want a rapist. They want
Prince Channing, ya know?
Somebody cute and safe.
This time we're gonna lighten it up.
We'll do it from the top, all right?
Two, three, four!
I been up, I been down
-Yeah! Smile!
Lighten it up, baby.
There you go.
I been played with
and pushed around
Look- look at baby!
Take the hand movements away.
Smile, baby!
Hey, smile! Yeah!
Here comes the background vocals.
Here is my love
Here is my love
Here is my love
Yes, here is my love
It's in your hands now, baby
So take it to your heart
Yes, here is my love
Oh yeah
Here is my love
Come on in, come on.
Can we play it again, Thorn?
Don't play it again, Vinnie.
That's the one, man.
We're not gonna get
any better than that. It's a hit.
It's nothing yet, Gigi.
First we gotta get a record
company to put it out.
Then we see what happens.
Uncle Tony, come on.
Let's get out of here before
I burn this place down.
-Any luck?
-Son of a
He tried to rape me.
No advance, quarter cent royal ties.
If the record was a hit, I
would have had to owe him money.
On top of that, he wanted
to keep all the publishing.
Can you believe it?
At least that's more than
most of them, Vinnie.
He wanted to hear it, right?
It's far s..t, Tony.
Nobody's gonna listen to anything
unless I got something to sell.
If I could get my hands on
some dough, I could press,...
...a few hundred singles,
I could send Tommy out...
...on the road,
I could make a move.
Don't look at me, Vin.
I'm broke.
I know you didn't want to
hear this, but...
-Go ahead, set it up.
The meeting with my old man.
Set it up.
Just make sure it's at Mario's.
If I have to meet him,
it's gonna be on my turf.
Grazi, Carlo.
Take the rest of this wine to the
chef with my compliments, please.
Si, prego.
Your brother serves
a very adequate calamari.
The sauce could be hotter,
but very adequate.
If we talk, we talk alone.
...I'll see you later.
Sit. Come sta, Tony?
Bene, Frank.
Molto bene.
So drink a little wine, whiskey?
You look very good, Vincent.
It's a long time I haven't seen you.
What are you now?
Twenty eight? Twenty-nine?
-Twenty- seven.
-Twenty- seven.
That's a nice age, twenty seven.
When I was twenty- seven,
I was an old man, Tony?
Lots of grey hairs.
You tell him about the old days,
He told me you were a thief.
A thief?
Yeah, sure, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, me and your Uncle Tony,
yeah, we did sane bootlegging.
We stole.
We survived.
But you don't remember
'cause you were a baby.
I remember.
I remember how...
I remember.
I remember how. you dumped me
and Ma and I remember how you,...
...didn't give a damn about us.
That's right, I remember.
All you gave a damn about
was money and young tomatoes.
That's all you gave a
damn about and it still is.
I remember.
I remember.
Sure, now you're a big man.
Big union man.
Big deal.
You didn't do it for us. You didn't
do it for anybody but yourself.
So you know what I say?
I say so what?
You through?
He's a hard-a..s, huh?
That's good. I like that.
That's a nice surprise.
What I got to tell you.
The way you were sick
all the time...
...I never thought he'd be
around long enough to shave.
You're talking but you're
not saying anything.
Ten grand, that's what
I'm saying, yeah.
That's what I gave your
brother to open this room.
I pulled a few strings.
He pays all the rent, the overhead
and the rest he pockets.
Yeah. He plays his cards right,
he's set for life.
So that's what I got for you.
Ten grand.
It ain't much,
but things are a little tight.
Guilt money.
This kid's all balls
and no brains.
You want to be a waiter
all your life?
-I do all right.
On tips?
Come on, take the ten grand.
Success has no conscience, Vincent.
I'll take it as an investment.
You invest in my record company.
You know, your brother
offered me nothing.
Why are you so good to me,
Vin cent?
'Cause I'm better than you, Pop.
Let's shake on it.
You son of a
There was no way you were gonna
leave here without no money, hah?
Come on, come on.
Carlo, bring some wine.
Come on, we celebrate.
Nothing's changed.
Take it easy.
Let's go, Tony.
Come on.
Thanks for the dough.
If you're gonna be a businessman,
wear a tie.
All right.
When you get to Syracuse, you're
gonna see Dick Spense at WKOL.
In Buffalo, Larry Fugman at WBBS.
-I know all that.
Wait a minute!
Rochester, Walt Bennet...
...WQR, very nice guy.
Don't forget the cake.
Here's names and numbers.
I don't know, Vin,
everything's riding on this kid.
Don't worry about him.
All he's gotta do is look good.
I'll take care of the rest.
You know what I mean?
What about you? Who's gonna
take care of you, huh?
Hasta la vista.
This is crazy, Vinnie.
They're babies.
I'm not... l can't pretend to a
bunch of thirteen-year-olds.
I can't. I'm used to playing
in front of adults, you know that.
Will you just cut the crap,
okay, Tommy?
If these kids dig you, this guy
will play the record.
He's the number one D.J.
in Rochester.
We need him, Tommy. Huh?
I Can't Tell.
I can't tell if you love me, baby.
I can tell you love Walt Bennet.
Kids, you know we got a very
special surprise for you tonight.
You know that the Walt Bennet Show
on WQR always brings you the hits.
The fabulous top ten,...
...authenticated by actual
count in the record stores. Right?
Well, tonight we've got a young man
from New York City and...
...he's coming here just to do his
new record for you.
-I'm telling you, I feel sick.
-Don't worry about it.
Just do what we practiced, okay?
Come here.
You're cute, you're adorable.
You're the boy next door.
Boys, don't you get jealous
about that.
Let's give a big Rochester
welcome to Mister Tommy Dee.
Here Is My Love.
Why don't you watch
what you're doing.
Don't look at me. Don't look.
Look, look at the girl.
Look in her eyes,
right in her eyes.
Right in the front row.
Right there.
Smile at her. Wink at her.
Don't lose it.
You got it.
Turn around. Right.
Come on, turn around!
Do the routine! Come on, you got it.
They love you.
Okay kid, get them!
Come on, Tommy, you got it.
Don't worry about it.
Have a good time.
You got it!
You got that head turning walk
Just talking about it
Makes me want you again
But I am watching my step
I know my reputation
So you tell me when
You got everything I'd ever want
You got everything I'd ever need
So I'm coming to you honey,
with my love out in the lead
I been up, I been down
I been played with
and pushed around
I been played with
and pushed around
Baby this time there ain't no doubt
Here is my love
Here is my love
You got it!
Here is my love
Oh yeah!
-All right! They love you!
I got a feeling for you
I never knew existed
And I can't shake it loose
You know you started fire
you got me wired and ready
So turn on the juice
And I'll do anything you'd
ever want
Just to see that look in your eye
So let me love you,
let me love you till the day I die
I been up, I been down
I been played with
and pushed around
I been in, I been out
Baby, this time there ain't no doubt
Here is my love
All right!
Here is my love
Here is my love
Yeah, yeah, yeah
It's Tommy Dee.
With here is my love.
Take another bow, Tommy.
Take another bow.
Well, I'm so happy.
That you really liked that.
Tommy Dee!
What do you think?
Kid's great, isn't he?
He was okay, Vaccari, okay.
What do you mean he was okay?
They, they love him.
He's terrific.
I don't know about terrific.
He was okay.
Some of the boys out there
weren't so impressed.
Well, sure. Well, that's because
their girlfriends were...
...creaming in their pants.
Come on, Walt.
Hey, look, Vinnie. Rochester
is a very complicated market.
You know a lot of songs that are
hits in other towns...
...never make it here.
It took me years to build
my show to number one.
It's not just...
...that easy to break a new song
into my play list.
You know what I mean?
I know what you're ta...
That's right.
Sure. It takes a lot of work.
A lot of work, you know,
up here like that.
Must be pretty tough to even
get it played maybe three,...
...four times a day?
You're on the air, Vinnie.
Hey, I like that.
This is the fifth WQR dance
I've been to.
A lot of kids can't come.
Their parents are square.
Oh, yeah, what about yours?
Well, they're square, too, but...
I usually get what I want.
Hey, you know,
I wouldn't do this for just anybody.
But you seem nice.
I really appreciate, Tommy.
I really do.
That's great.
Quick, get in the car.
I don't want anybody seeing me
giving you the record you know?
They'll all want one.
It's great to stop for a minute,
I'll tell you.
Hey, you know you're the first girl
I had a chance to talk to...
...on this whole, tour?
Where's the records?
Hey, relax, Janet.
I have the record.
See? Here you go.
-Thanks, Tommy.
That's really nice of you.
Hey, is that all
I get is a simple thanks?
I mean, come on,
no one's got that record.
Not even out yet.
That was great.
Really, Janet, that was great, but
that was kind of sisterly; you know?
I was thinking of something more
you know, something like this.
You know a guy gets lonely on tour.
Strange towns.
You've got beautiful eyes, Janet.
-Tommy, don't, please.
You have beautiful eyes.
-Tommy, don't, please.
-Relax, Janet, relax.
Tommy, please?
-Relax, Janet, relax.
Tommy. Please.
Please, Tommy. Please.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
What are you doing here
young lady?
You know you're not
supposed to be here.
Do your parents know that
you're here? Tell me something.
Don't they know that you're here?
-l just wanted a record.
He promised me a record.
-He did? Look at your sweater.
-I'm sorry.
Please button your sweater.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Don't cry.
Come on, don't start crying now.
This is all.
He promised you a...
He promised you a record?
I'll get you a record.
You'd better hope this works,
you dumb son of a!
Now here's the record.
Go ahead.
Did you come here with friends?
Did you come here?
Did you have a group of girls
that you were hanging out with?
I'll tell you what. No, no, no,
don't start crying, please.
I'll tell you what I'll do.
I'll tell you what I...
Here's, here's a few more records.
Why don't you pass them out
to your friends and...
...and they'll think
you're very special.
Cause the record hasn't been
released in the stores yet.
Listen, we won't have to mention
This to anybody, okay?
No. No.
We'd better get out of here
before somebody catches us, okay?
Bye, Tommy.
Come on,
let's go back inside, okay? Huh?
-Now take care of yourself.
-Dry up before you go in there.
I don't want them to see you crying.
Your father's been looking for you.
You! What's the matter with you?
You're an idiot!
You know that? You're an idiot!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Let me get something one
thing straight. Okay, Tommy?
Huh? I am not gonna break my hump,
spend all my money,...
...just to have you flush it down
the toilet over some...
...fourteen-year-old jailbait.
You wanna get laid, from now on
you come to me and...
...I'll set you straight, okay?
-I didn't ask...
Shut up!
I don't ever, ever want to catch
you with an underage broad again.
-Yeah! Capisce.
What am I doing here?
Chop, chop.
Let's go Prince Channing.
You think you could put some
clothes on your back...
...before the sun goes down?
-Five more minutes.
No, this next number we've had
over two hundred requests for.
That makes it the number one
most requested record...
...on WQR Rochester.
This one's a smash.
Tommy Dee's Here Is My Love.
Vinnie, did you hear that?
It's on the radio. We got a hit!
We got a hit!
I'm telling you!
-Hey, hey, cane on, come on!
-We got a hit!
What's the matter with you? We're
not even a tenth of the way there.
But it's a beginning.
Hey, no!
Are these for me?
Oh, they're beautiful, but are you
sure you have the right person?
Brenda Roberts. Right?
Got the right person.
My name is Vinnie Vaccari.
Well, this is quite a way of
introducing yourself, Mr. Vaccari.
I can't take all the credit for
that. I stole it from Clark Gable.
See, in an old movie I saw with
Claudette Colbert, she was like...
...a high powered magazine editor
and old Clark needed a favor.
Oh, right, how can I be so stupid?
You guys are unbelievable.
Oh, come on, it worked for
Claudette Colbert.
Just leave your client's picture at
reception and we'll look at it... our weekly editorial meeting.
That's all I can promise.
If you don't mind,
I'd like some privacy, please.
It's Tommy Dee.
He's very cute.
What does he do?
Singer? Actor?
He's a singer.
Got the number one song in
Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester.
Great. Just drop the picture and
a copy of his record at reception.
And if I like it, I'll give him
a mention in our next issue.
That's not good enough,
I want the cover.
-I want the cover.
-What? You want the cover.
I must have a hearing problem.
Just listen to me for a second,
I got a two-sided it in three
upstate cities and I don't have...
...a national distributor yet.
Now you know as well as I do
that some label's gonna...
...come along and they're gonna
cover us with a name artist and...
...I lose out on everything.
-I don't believe this.
Unless I could do something
big to break Tommy.
Now, I gotta get him on
National Bandstand, right?
Now you know as well as I do
that Ed Sharp is not gonna... an unknown.
But if I can get Tommy on the
cover of Teen Scene, marone,...
He can't help but notice.
-It's a great idea, Mr...
-Call me Vince.
It's just that we're not in the
habit of putting a total...
...unknown on the cover of the
number one teen magazine... the country.
But you need me
as much as I need you.
Oh, stop it.
You're being dumb.
Hey, I'm not dumb, eh?
You don't even know me,
you call me dumb.
You wanna know what's dumb?
The last eight covers in a row
that you did on Elvis... the army with the badges.
That's dumb. And that's boring.
And you know why you did that?
Because there's nobody else around.
There's nobody else left to use.
The business needs a new teen
idol and Tommy's the one.
Look at that puss, will ya?
Look at that smile, they love him.
I mean this kid's got class.
Look at those teeth, huh?
What a face! This kid's
really got it, I'm tell in' you.
And you wanna know what else?
He can sing!
This kid can sing!
You're a pro.
You know what I'm talkin' about.
Are you always this pushy?
Is this the way you normally act?
Well, listen, if I had to go through
the proper channels I'd be...
...sittin' out on my thumbs, right?
-You bet you would.
I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.
I'll meet with your Tommy Dee and
I'll decide for myself...
...if he's got what you say
he's got.
But I meet with him alone.
With you there, I don't think he's
gonna get a word in edgewise.
Hey, wait a minute.
He doesn't do interviews alone.
You don't have any choice,
Mr. Vaccari.
Shall we say tomorrow
at my office about four o'clock?
Four o'clock.
So the more you cooperate with us,
Tommy, the more we can do for you.
Sure, anything, Miss Roberts,
I want this really bad.
You understand
what I'm talking about?
Mr. Vaccari, I must be
out of my mind, but...
...I've decided to go
along with you.
I'm gonna put Tommy on the
next cover of Teen Scene magazine.
-Oh, wow.
-Hey, yeah.
-Thank you, Brenda.
Miss Roberts.
l knew you'd see it my way.
Ah, there's just a few things
that I'm gonna need to...
...cement the deal. I want,
one year's total exclusivity...
...on Tommy. And, of course,
we want fifty per cent of...
...Tommy's merchandising.
The pictures, the posters,
the souvenirs, the works.
Is that all?
Come on, this is business.
You're a pro.
You know what I mean.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Hello again.
And welcome to another edition
of Saturday Night Bandstand,...
...brought to you by Dannon yogurt.
This week, strawberry.
-Ease in on Ed.
-I'm sitting here with,...
-Margaret Kelly.
-That's it.
-Where are you from, Margaret?
-Hold it right there.
-Paramus, New Jersey.
-The great city of Paramus.
Well, Margaret, the first group
we're gonna see tonight...
...happens to hail from your
home state.
From Camden, New Jersey,
The Boys and The Girls singing.
A Boy and A Girl.
Camera one,
get me a full shot of the group.
That's it. Hold it right there.
Camera two,...
...close up of the lead singer.
We're just a boy and a girl
Living in a world of boys and girls
And it ain't easy
We're just a boy and a girl
Living in a world of boys and girls
That ain't easy
There are poor ones and rich ones
Diggin a ditch ones
Some that just can't get it straight
Shy ones bold ones,
Hot ones cold ones
Some that just can't get a data
But don't you wanna hold
one tight tonight?
Yes, we wanna hold
one tight tonight?
We're just a boy and a girl
Living in a world of boys and girls
Okay, remember,
forget the rehearsals.
We're gonna do it my way.
How d'ya feel?
I don't know.
Let's see how you look.
Come here.
Hey, Vinnie,
how come we're not doin'...
...Here Is My Love?
That's national television.
-'Cause you're doin' the flip side.
-Two minutes, Mr. Dee.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Gotta take this tie off. Come on.
Take your jacket off, too.
-What about Ed Sharp's dress code?
Don't worry about the dress code.
Just, do it like I said.
Are you sure, Vinnie?
Hey, trust me, will ya?
Three, two, one.
Okay, camera two, camera three
set up for the, for this song.
-Our next guest is a new comer.
-Squeeze on the lever.
You got it.
Okay, audio stand by in playback.
There's gonna be a pause cross
over here.
A little wider, two.
-From New York City.
-Here we go.
And applause,...
-Mr. Tommy Dee.
...with playback and take two.
You got it.
Widen out
just a little bit on two.
Very nice. Ready, three, on your
first close- up, and take three.
Yeah, come on
Hey, all right
Sweet little lover
Where are you going?
Where are you going tonight?
Come dance on the ceiling
high on the feeling
I see me holding you tight
Sweet little lover be mine
Wait, what's happening?
Where is he going?
Where's he go- what
the hell is happening?
I don't know.
He just walked past me.
He's at the edge of the stage.
-He can't go out there.
It's not l it.
Get the house lights on, quick.
-That's it. Stay with him.
-Don't worry.
Stan, give me a shot
give me a shot of him.
-Cliff, what the hell i s going on?
I don't know what's going on.
This isn't the way we rehearsed it.
Sweet little lover be mine
Little lover let your light shine
Sweet little lover
Now he's off the stage.
Get ready to go to a commercial.
stand by to roll light spot, please.
Watch what he's doing
with the girls.
You put your camera on him,
that'll make your shot.
Telecine. No, l know it's not ready,
but get it ready fast.
Thank you.
-Watch the girls.
Put your camera on him, that'll make
your shot. Just watch the girls.
Look at the reactions of those
girls. Look at that.
Look, they're lovin' him,
they're goin' I crazy.
Look at look at that girl.
-Okay, camera two,...
...give me a two shot, the singer
and the gal in front of him.
Widen out a little bit on one.
Oh, look at that.
She's crying.
I'd hold your hand
I'd take a flower from your hair
Sweet little lover be mine
Little lover let your light shine
Sweet little lover
Don't you know love is ripe tonight?
Sweet little lover
Let it be the night of nights
Lover a roller coaster
once you get it to the top
Wind down a little bit on one,
that's it, that's workin'.
Ready, one, take one.
Close- up of that girl, two,
That's magic. Beautiful.
-Look at that kid.
All right, ready two, take two.
Sweet little lover be mine
Little lover let your light shine
Sweet little lover
Don't you know love is ripe tonight?
Sweet little lover
Let it be the night of nights
Sweet little lover
Sweet little lover be mine
-All right!
-They're going crazy out there.
Get some shots of the audience.
This is fantastic!
How about that?
Tommy Dee!
Let's hear it for him!
We'll be right back!
Tommy, that was terrific!
Terrific! Come on,
let's hear it for him!
All right!
Brother! This is fantastic!
Good morning, Jane.
"Dear Tommy, you're the most
handsome guy on earth.
I've got your picture
up in my room... those dreamy eyes are
always looking down on me.
My mother says I'm crazy to
play your record so much...
...but I don't care, 'cause
I'll just buy a new one...
...when it wears out.
Just stay as sweet as you are,
and I'll always be stuck on you.
Love, Wendy."
Dear Tommy. You're the most warm,
sincere person...
...not stuck up, like
a lot of the other stars.
My friend Ellen and I sat in the
fifth row at your concert.
You were fantastic.
It felt like you were singing
just to me.
I'm gonna get tickets when
you're here again,...
...because seeing you once
means wanting to see you twice.
Love you forever, Kristy."
"I waited to get your autograph
after the concert.
I was the girl carrying hat sign
that said: 'I love you, Tommy Dee.'
You were so nice, though.
You even stopped to talk
with one of the girls.
Boy, was I jealous.
I bet she'll never forget that day.
I'll always be devoted to
you. Linda."
-Wake-up-call Mister Dee.
It's seven a.m.
Hey, this is it, Ma.
Easy street.
Cultured trees.
Birds singin' in the mornin'.
Ah, beautiful, baby, beautiful!
They just did the street.
Brand new street.
Brand new development company.
What do you think?
Great, eh?
I don't know, I.
I didn't even see a grocery store.
But it's what you always wanted, Ma.
Look at that door.
Real mahogany, huh?
This is it!
This place is fantastic!
Is it okay, Ma?
Great, huh?
Where'd you get this stuff?
A decorator.
A decorator, huh?
Naked women?
Well, Ma, I'm a songwriter.
I don't know nothin'
about decorating stuff.
Put the chairs down over there.
Hey, Carlo!
Hey, Carlo, another bottle of
champagne, huh?
No, no, Vincent, please,
not for me.
Come on, come on.
When you celebrate,... gotta have more than
one bottle. There you go.
All right, Carlo, baby.
-No, no, no.
-There you go.
-Thank you.
-Okay. Do me a favor, Carlo.
Give this to the chef with my
Tell him, tutti cosi e. Huh?
Si, prego, prego, Signor Vaccari.
Sure, all right.
Let's make a toast, huh?
To you and me.
-And to Tommy Dee.
So are you gonna tell me
how the tour was or not, huh?
Come on!
How was it?
-Um, it was okay.
It was all right. It was okay.
-It was okay?
-It was all right.
-Four months, thirty cities.
That's all you've got to say?
It was okay?
We grossed a 150 grand.
What do you want me to tell you?
How does Tommy feel about that?
He must feel great.
-Oh, the Pistolero! Yeah!
He's having a ball!
To him it's one big party!
What the hell's the matter
with you? What you tryin' to do?
Carry so many
dishes in your hand like that!
-I'm sorry.
-What the hell's goin' on?
What are you, a klutz somethin'?
Look what you're doin' here!
-It's all right, Vinnie. Relax.
-What do you mean, 'relax'?
This capo de cizzo is tryin'
to ruin our dinner, here!
Hey, don't call me names, huh?
I said I was sorry.
Vinnie, Vinnie,
what's the problem.
No problem, Mario.
Uh, just a little accident.
get this stuff in the kitchen.
Don't try to carry so much, huh?
Hiring them pretty young, Mario?
Yeah, he's sixteen. I'm tryin' to
help out his, his grandmother.
It's only a part time job.
My kid brother's
seen too many movies.
Thinks he's Jimmy Cagney.
Hey, Jimmy Cagney.
What's the matter?
Why are you so unhappy, huh?
-Nothing's the matter.
-Nothing's the matter.
Tommy's a star, Vincent.
You did it!
Come on! Cheer up!
He's not the kind of star I want.
What are you talking about?
The kid's a gold mine!
His album just went
through the roof!
Brenda, think
I'm in this for the money?
Well, I thought that
had somethin to do with it, sure.
It's not enough.
I need a real star.
Tommy's a saxophone player.
He's playing at being a star.
He's a golf ball.
I mean, you know, last week...
...I enrolled him in acting
classes and he turned it down.
He told me, he told me,
acting was for pansies.
Can you imagine that?
-All right. All right, all right.
Vincent, give him time.
You know artists.
Artists are like children.
He'll come around.
You watch.
I'm not worried so much about
I'm worried a little bit about you.
You gonna give yourself time?
Yeah, yeah. Maybe in a few months.
I got a...
I got a, I got a follow-up album.
Then I got a tour.
Oh, and then you got another album.
Then I got another tour?
Then another album,
then another tour.
Brenda, I got obligations.
That's the way it is.
-You got obligations to yourself.
To work.
If I want professional help,
I'll go see a shrink.
In the meantime,
mind your business, okay?
Fine, Mister Vaccari.
That's just fine.
Thank you very much for the dinner.
-Now, now. Come on!
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
Come on, I'll, I'll take you home.
No, that's all right.
Cabs are easy to find.
Good night, Vinnie.
This place stinks.
Hey; you got a sensitive nose.
Yeah, well,
it's not bottled in Paris.
Hey, Tony, take care of this.
You know, I'd hate to work here.
That's for sure.
My first job was in this market.
Hosing down the stalls.
I was thirteen.
l was like you. Hot shot.
I wanted to be somebody.
And now I like coming here.
I pick out your brother's seafood.
l m here at the docks, anyway.
You called me?
Hey, what's this?
Nothin'. Just, first dividends
on our investment.
Not bad.
When you got what they want,...
...they gotta pay through
the nose, you know?
I figure maybe the first year our
end should be about a...
...quarter million.
Alfredo, you call these calamari's?
Oh, they're delicious, Signor.
Then you eat them.
That's a nice suit.
You almost look successful.
What's the matter?
It's hard for you to swallow?
I am successful, Pop.
Almost, Vincent.
When you do something once,
like write a great novel,...
...paint a great picture,
that's luck.
But when you do it twice, three
times four times, that's success.
And besides it's best not to have
everything tied up into one guy.
What do you mean?
What are you talkin' about?
You got a contract on this kid?
A contract! I don't need that.
It's a personal thing.
Nothing's personal.
Get a contract.
What's a?
Talk to me, will ya?
There's some big entertainment
people interested in...
...this kid's career.
He already talked to somebody.
How do you know about this?
It pays to stay on top of things,
The name's Delano.
You're giving me weekly rates.
Do you know what
Tommy gets per night now?
Don't you read the trades?
Listen, put a few zeros on the
end of that and... me back, will ya?
Hey, kid.
Take it easy.
I'm not gonna bite ya.
Just wanted to apologize for
actin' like an a..shole...
...the other night.
That's okay.
Hey, thanks for not saying
anything to your brother.
No problem.
You like, uh, Tommy Dee?
Send you a couple of albums, huh?
Vinnie Vaccari?
Phil Delano with IAA.
How are you, Phil? Sit down.
Make yourself comfortable.
Hey, you got some office here.
Yah, well, you know,
business is business.
Doesn't matter where you do it.
I had a talk this week
with Tommy Dee.
I heard.
Yeah, he's a good kid.
I like him.
Yeah, got lots of integrity.
Look, Vinnie, we got a big agency.
We could take the pressure off you.
Do the groundwork,
open negotiations, set up deals.
Wherever you want to go,
we're all over.
Not interested.
But, Vinnie, tu sei pots?
IA gets telephone numbers
for deals, top dollar.
I'm sorry, I just don't like,...
...doing business with people who
try to hustle my artists...
...behind my back.
-Look, Vinnie, you got it wrong.
I swear to God. I looked at
Tommy for three seconds.
We said hello.
We didn't talk any business.
I wouldn't do that to you.
Look, Vin,
I want to level with you.
I've been trying to break in at the
agency, but I can't make a dent.
Nobody gives me a top client.
I've been booking a trained dog
act in Canada.
I'm Italian.
Everyone else is a Jew,
you know what I mean?
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Think I better get myself
a Jewish agent.
-Come on, Vin.
-Let's cut the song and dance, Phil.
Forget the tours, the concerts,
the record deals.
I got that covered.
I'm looking for something a little
bigger for Tommy and I.
I wanna get into the movie business.
-We can do it.
We got a big agency on the coast.
And we can...
Okay, okay. Well, that's where you
fit in maybe, you know what I mean?
I want you to try and get
him a good part in a film.
It doesn't have to be the lead,
mind you. Just some.
I can do it, Vin.
If it's got some meat to it... can do this for me,
maybe you got a deal.
Mr. Vaccari,
this is my grandmother.
-Oh, piacere, senora.
Guido, do me a favor will you?
Would you excuse us for a
couple of minutes?
I want to talk to your
grandmother alone.
Grazie, senora.
Mi nome; Vincenzo Vaccari.
Grazie, senora, grazie.
Si, si.
Ah, I don't believe it.
I can't believe it,
the green ones and everything.
Push it, push it.
Come here, kid.
All right, you made it
past the first hurdle.
You got a voice.
Now we gotta figure out
how to help you with it.
Teach you what to do with it.
So why don't you go upstairs and
get some rest and, uh,...
...Gino and I
will talk a little bit.
Thanks Guido.
Thank you, Mr. Pilato.
Suck on some lemons, will you?
Don't call him Guido.
I want you to call him Caesare.
I want him to get used to
hearing that.
What are you, kidding me, Vinnie?
Try and turn a bus boy
into a singer?
I mean, it's a full time job.
We got our hands full
trying to keep Tommy straight.
That's just it.
We could use a backup.
All right, fine, terrific, great.
But, why not somebody
with some experience?
I mean, there must be
a hundred guys out there...
-I like him.
-I like him, too, but he's got... experience Vinnie.
-He's got a good look.
Trust me, will you?
Look, you go on the road with
Tommy and I'll take care of Chez.
What am I, a babysitter?
Keep it low, Chez. Down low.
Keep it in your bones.
You know the routine,
let's go now. Heel, toe.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
Come on, Chez. Come on, man.
Put some sex in it, goddamn it.
You're moving like a choirboy.
Two, three, four.
Oh, well, forget it then, huh?
Nothing's happening
inside your head, kid.
True sex comes from between
your ears, not from...
...between your legs, okay?
Now you just.
Just do what I do.
Just watch me, okay?
All right?
Now we got it.
Just do what I do.
It's very simple.
You hear it, you feel it.
You deliver it. Three, four.
One, two, three, four.
Heel, toe, heel, toe.
Heel, toe, heel, toe.
One, add it, two and a one,
two, three, four.
One, down, one, dum.
We ought to change places, man.
You l re the one with the talent.
That's not enough.
It's the looks that count.
You gotta look the part, kid.
I don't, you do.
That's why I'm the manager
and you're the artist.
Come on, kid, you got it.
You got it, I'm telling you.
You were born with it.
It's like a gift, you know?
I mean,
either you got it or you don't.
You got it.
I know it, I see it, I feel it.
It's right here.
All we gotta do is loosen it up,...
...and bring the talent
up to match your face.
Vinnie, please, huh?
I write the music, you're
supposed to manage the kid.
-Hey, come on. Don't take it easy.
-Vinnie talk to him, I can't handle.
The kid's standing right there.
Listen, I want you to change...
...the encores
in every other scene.
Will you take it easy, please?
Just take care of the kid for me.
All right, huh? Huh?
You got the maps?
You got the double set of keys?
-I don't want you to lose anything.
Please, God. Thanks.
Okay, Tommy, this is...
...what's gonna happen now.
Gino's gonna take you around,...'ll do the shows,
he'll introduce you to the D.J.'s.
You know the routine. Same stuff.
Gino doesn't know
what he's doing.
He doesn't know what he's doing!
-Will you please take it easy?
Shut up. He's standing right there.
I took care of everything myself.
Tommy, what is the big deal?
We got seven days left on this tour.
Yeah, seven days, Vinnie.
Seven days for that busboy kid, too.
You got a short memory Cousin.
You know?
Huh? I'm only doing for Chez
what I did for you, remember?
Vinnie, there's a
telephone call for you.
Come here for a second,
will you, kid?
Will you stop this, please?
I'm not forgetting about you, huh?
You're in this... I mean, I'm...
I can't believe you.
Caesare, I want to introduce
you to Tommy Dee.
Tommy Dee, this is Caesare.
It's a real pleasure
to meet you, Tommy.
Yeah, l likewise.
Yeah, I want you guys
to be friends, huh?
I wanna be like one,
big, happy family.
My kids, my guys.
Take a message from
whoever's on the phone.
Tell 'em I'll call 'em right back.
-Sure, Vinnie.
-All right?
-It was nice to meet you, Tommy.
-Hey, you look great kid.
-Hey, thanks.
Yeah. Keep practicing those splits.
You gotta be kidding.
So that's the kid. That skank?
Now I see why you spend
most of your time with him.
You're unbelievable.
-Oh, look at you.
The Pistolero's jealous.
-l ain't jealous, Vinnie.
Don't give me that s..t.
-Okay, okay.
Let's just go up there and
knock 'em dead, okay? Please?
All right? Let's not l don't want...
-I don't know.
Hey, I don't wanna have to...
Why don't you guys just kiss
and make up so I don't go crazy.
Please? You're driving me to drink.
I'm gonna be an alcoholic... the time I'm thirty. You need
me, kid, I'll be on a plane.
I'll be there!
Vinnie, he called all the way
from Chicago.
Tommy really looks like a star.
The easiest part, kid.
When I get through with you,
you're gonna stop traffic.
Just stand here a minute.
You're somebody special.
Somebody people are gonna
want to look at.
And what if they recognize
me as the busboy?
Not a chance.
Best table in the house, please.
-I don't believe it.
This can't be the same Guido.
The name is Caesare.
It's incredible.
-Si, signor.
See to the other gentlemen,
Carlo, I'll have a, vodka martini
straight up with a twist, and...
...a ginger ale for the kid.
-Si, signor.
It's just the beginning, kid.
Wow. Was this your band?
Yeah. They're the King Bees.
Tommy. Great to have you back.
How's everything?
Ma'am, how are ya?
-Good evening.
-Hey, picture on the wall now.
-All right.
And a table reserved for you.
-Great, man.
-Sit down, enjoy yourself.
Tommy, I can't believe it.
This is where you started!
Yeah, this and a hundred dives
just like it. Depressing, isn't it?
-No, it was a beginning.
-Drinks are on me.
Listen, don't worry about tonight.
-We sitting here?
It's a dry run- through.
Just take care of everything
the way we practiced, huh? Nice.
Hey, Tommy.
How you doin'?
-Hey, Phil, how ya doin'?
-All right.
Vinnie, how ya doin'?
What the hell you doin' here,
I wouldn't miss the debut
of your new boy.
Hi, I'm Phil Delano with IAA.
Listen, why don't you guys go up
to the dressing room?
I'll be there
in a couple of minutes?
-Good luck, Caesare.
-Thanks, Ma'am.
Listen, Phil, this ain't no debut.
How'd you find out about this?
Word gets around, Vin.
Look, you got a minute?
I gotta talk to you.
l see ya at the bar.
Wait for me.
Vinnie lets you smoke
in public, huh?
He always...
-I know, I know, Chez.
He says the same s..t to me.
It's bad for the image.
Hey, with him standing guard...
...over me all the time, I'm lucky
if I can jack off once in a while.
Hey, you know who's at that
table tonight, don't ya?
That's Phil Delano from IAA.
Big agency, Chez.
There's a lot riding on you tonight.
Pull it off, and you're gonna
have movies, television, records...
...and the whole nine yards.
But Vinnie said this was
just a try-out tonight. He said...
...this wasn't important at all.
-I know, Chez.
He didn't want to get you
nervous. Don't worry about it.
He does it to me all the time, too.
Hey, Chez, you look terrible!
I know, it's the jitters.
I get 'em before a show, too.
Hey, you know what to do?
The best thing.
Smoke one of these.
I do 'em all the time before a show.
Relaxes me totally.
I don't know.
I don't, I don't smoke much.
Well, suit yourself, buddy.
Does wonders for me.
Not like that Chez. Not like that.
Hey, watch me. Watch me.
Let it go in your lungs.
Relaxes the body.
You gotta let it go in.
Inhale it.
Relax. Take it easy.
Hey, relax, relax.
Relax! Come here, come here,
come here. You're all right.
-Beam on the rocks.
-What's up, Phil?
-Vin, have a drink.
-No, I don't have time. Thanks.
It's Hollywood, Vin.
I did it.
I got Tommy a TV series.
He'll be a regular.
Great exposure.
-What's the series about?
-What's it about?
What's the difference?
It's a Western.
Cavalry against the Indians.
Great stuff.
It's no good, Phil.
Tommy in a cavalry uniform
just would be wrong, you know?
Well, why don't we ask Tommy
what he thinks?
I make the business decisions, okay?
It seems to me you're spending
too much time on this new kid.
Letting Tommy career go down.
It's a big break
you're turning away.
Look, Cuz, I don't need anybody
to help me make decisions, okay?
I told you I wanted movies
for Tommy, not television.
You got that?
You do that for me,
and we got a deal. Maybe.
Shelley, baby Shelley
Let's go, Pistolero, you're on!
Come on, let's go!
-All the way, baby, all the way.
-Come on!
Hey, what's the matter with Chez?
What's going on?
He's all right.
Bad case of the jitters, that's all.
You all right? Hey, come on!
Get out of here, will ya?
Get out of here!
-Yeah, I this one.
Come on! Come here.
Look at me. Take a deep breath.
Oh, God!
S..t! Come on!
Take a deep breath.
-Thank you, thank you.
-That's it.
Come on. They love you.
They're gonna love you.
Just remember that.
You all right?
They're gonna love you.
They're out there!
We have a singer with us tonight
who started off in this club,...
...right on this stage.
-Whoo hoo!
Now I want to hear a warm
welcome for Tommy Dee!
Thank you. Thank you.
Okay, okay, okay!
Thank you!
Here's My Love for Tommy!
All right!
-Excuse me, honey.
-Thank you!
You all right kid? You okay?
What 's the matter with you?
If you ain't, we can
forget about this. I'm serious.
-l can do it, Vinnie.
-We can get another...
-I can do it.
-A kid with a lot of promise.
Let's have a warm
welcome for Caesare.
Okay, come on.
You got it, baby. Go ahead.
Is he all right?
I don't know. He's sweatin'.
He's nervous. He'll be okay.
Never been tonight before
Never been tonight before
I can't remember
What I'm trying to forget
Come on. Come on.
I only know
I know
This is embarrassing.
Miss you, need you
Since you've been gone
Come on, Chez.
It's never been tonight before
-Hey, Gino!
-Vinnie, what'll we do?
Come here! Get a cab for Brenda.
Get the car and meet me outside.
-C'mon, Brenda. Let's go.
-That's all right, Gino.
I'll get the cab. You go ahead.
Get the car.
You, Tommy coming with me?
-No, go ahead, Brenda.
I'll catch a ride with Delano.
Hey, kid!
Is that you, kid?
Come on, now. Take it easy, huh?
-I'm sorry.
-Take it easy.
-I'm sorry, Vinnie.
I screwed up.
-Don't be sorry. It's all right.
It's your first time
out of the gate. Come on.
-I couldn't do it.
-Hey, don't worry about it.
Come on! You'll perform again!
We're gonna get 'em!
We're gonna...
-Hey, Vinnie, would you give up?
I don't have it!
I couldn't do it!
Don't you ever let me hear you
talk like that again!
You understand?
I never told you this was
gonna be easy, god damn it!
It's gonna be a lot of pain, and
a lot of work, but it's worth it!
You'll be a star, okay?
You're gonna be a star.
Those people in there are gonna be
fightin' for your autograph.
Come on! Gigi!
I'm not gonna let you fail.
Please, believe me.
I'm not gonna let you fail.
Now, you go home.
You go to my mother's.
Take it easy.
We'll start again on Monday.
Don't worry about it.
Come on.
Please don't worry. Now, get
in the car. Don't worry about it.
Drink some milk.
Gigi, make sure he gets some milk.
Don't drive fast.
-I ruined your handkerchief.
-Don't worry about it. Please!
Believe me,
I'm not gonna let you fail!
Field goal, Vaccari.
Come on.
You need a ride?
I gotta take care of Tommy.
Tommy thought you went home
with Chez, so he left with Delano.
-S..t! That's all I need.
-Come on, let me take you home.
Come on, Vinnie.
Over the bridge, please.
I'm sorry about what
happened tonight, Vinnie.
You want to talk about it?
Tell me what you're feeling?
It might help.
Vincent, I know it's hard to think
about, but, maybe...
...Caesare just doesn't have it.
-He's got it.
-Well, even you can't help him...
...up in front of an audience.
-He just had a bad night.
That's all. That's all.
-Maybe not, Vinnie.
Is it so hard to admit that
you might be wrong?
Let's forget about it, okay?
That the great Vincent
Vaccari made a mistake.
What's the big...
-Shut up! Goddamn broads!
You don't know when
to keep your mouth shut!
Don't you talk to me like that!
I'm trying to help you!
Boy, you say you don't need
a shrink, huh?
Well, here's some free advice.
You can't play God with...
-Shut up! Shut up!
Jesus, Vincent!
What are you gonna do to me?
Are you gonna hit me?
Is this the only way you
can show your feelings?
What are you doing?
Help me with the kid.
Don't be embarrassed.
Come on.
I'm not embarrassed.
I remember going to dances at
Pope Plus the Tenth School.
And if we danced too close
to the boys...
...the nuns would come running up,
..."Make sure you leave room
for the Holy Ghost".
I was a virgin till I was nineteen.
Is that late for an Italian?
Are you kiddin'?
It's like over the hill.
The Italian girls,
they don't put out at all.
Just, some quick feels
and wet pants. That's it.
I finally went to a pro.
-Did you?
Told her I was thirty.
-Oh, Vinnie.
I don't know how we got
through it all.
Angel face. What a face.
You're wonderful.
I tell ya,
I could lie here forever.
You know, Brenda.
I really think
the kid he's gonna make it.
-I really think he's got it.
I'm serious. He's got it.
Vincent, after tonight
all you've got to sell is a...
...pretty face.
That's it!
That's what I'll sell!
I'll sell his face!
I'll plaster his face all over town!
The industry won't even
know what hit them.
I'll make this kid a star
before he sings a note!
Vincent, it's too dangerous!
It's dangerous, it's dangerous.
I know it's dangerous.
lf he doesn't deliver,
it's dangerous. But he'll deliver.
lf I have to work with him
24 hours a day, he'll deliver.
I know he'll deliver.
Murray, this kid's gonna be
bigger than Elvis. I'm telling you.
No, we don't have a record
on him yet, but we're.
Did you see those pictures
I dropped off on your desk?
What a face! I'm telling.
What a face!
We're gonna debut him
next month at the Paramount.
I was just wonderin' if you can,
give us a plug on your show.
You would?
That's great!
One, two, three, four.
I just want to take you
where I'm
No, no, no, no, no.
Chez, you're missing the
quarter notes, okay?
Quarter notes.
That's one, two, three, four!
-Okay. Okay, well, let's do it.
-All right.
One, two, three, four.
I just want to take you
No, no, no, no. Chez,
your quarter notes, you know?
I just want to take you
where I'm going
Know what I'm sayin'?
-Okay, okay, I got it this time.
-Get it, then! Do it!
-I got it. I got it.
Okay, okay. Here we go.
Ready! One, two, three, four.
I just want to take you
where I'm going
It's easy' kid
when you got rhythm.
Keep working on it.
I'll be right back, okay?
Okay, wise guy, why aren't you
at rehearsal?
-I could ask you the same thing.
-Why aren't you at my rehearsal?
I was there four nights last week.
Everything sounded great,
you got it together.
Let's not go through this again.
Chez needs me here.
Hey, what are you smoking for?
-Why didn't you tell me Phil... me a TV series?
Because I didn't think
it was important enough... disturb your rehearsal.
Besides, it's not right.
It's not right, huh?
Well, you always said you wanted
Hollywood for us, right?
That's right, and I still do.
But I want movies, not television.
Well, Phil says it's great exposure.
Phil's thinking about
his ten per cent, not your career.
Hey, what you think you are,
Gene Autry?
That's bulls..t, Vinnie!
You're so caught up in that
god damn busboy kid...'re not thinking
what's best for me.
I'm taking that TV series.
Get it out of your head,
'cause it's not right.
And I make the business decisions.
Well, not anymore.
Not anymore. I'm going with Phil.
You're not on top of things.
I'm going with Phil.
Hey, hey, wait.
Tommy, take it easy, will ya?
Hey, everything's going great.
The album hit the ceiling,
you're making tons of money.
I'm not forgetting about you.
Hey, I ain't gonna let you blow
this Hollywood deal for me.
Tommy. Hey, take it easy. We gotta
take things nice and slow, huh?
Make sure that you're right.
Why I'm the one who suggested
you take acting lessons, remember?
Yeah, acting lessons.
I don't need that crap, Vinnie.
I'm an actor, you said it yourself.
Not like that punk in there.
You see him on stage.
He stinks.
-Oh yeah?
-Thanks to you, Di LaRusso.
-Chez, what are you doing?
-There you go.
You take a nice little mama's boy
like that, try to make...
...something out of him,
what do you got?
-Come on, big man, come on.
-You got a mama' s boy!
What the hell's going on over here?
Take it easy!
What 's it gonna be, Vinnie?
Him, or me?
Hey, I can't choose! I'm not...
I got enough for the both of you.
We'll work it out.
Great. That's it, huh? That's it.
All right, kid. Keep on working.
Maybe in six or eight months
you might have the opening...
...act in Jersey, but I doubt it.
-Hey, take it easy.
Will you go inside and cool off?
God damn it!
Hey, Tommy!
Tommy! Hey, Tommy, wait, will you?
-Come on, Delano.
-Come on, wait!
-Get the hell out of here.
Come on, go!
-Hey, come on.
Okay, okay.
That's it, that's it. Okay.
One time through without
Gino, all right?
Okay, one, two, three, four.
I just want to
Okay, okay, okay.
I think we're getting it,
we're getting it.
All right, just, uh,
more excitement, more strength.
I don't know,
punch it or something, all right?
Gino, we gotta give you
four, right?
Right. One, two, three, four.
I just want to take you
where I'm going
All right, all right!
That's it, kid, come on.
Use that anger, baby, come on!
You got it!
Take you where I'm going
-Come on!
We want Caesare!
You hear that, Harmon.
I'm not gonna let Chez
out on that stage unless...
...there's a dozen more security
guards between him and the mob.
You got it?
Hey, I put a show
on here every week.
The security men out there,
they handle crowds bigger than this.
Now come on, let's do a show.
Come on.
Come on, what do you do
a show what do you mean?
Come on, Vinnie, come on.
We want Caesare!
We're recording, Vinnie.
I hope it works.
Well, how does it look out there,
So far, so good.
The security guys are out there.
All right?
Come on, let's do a show.
-Okay, I'm gonna go with you.
But you better be right, Harmon.
Good luck, kid.
See ya out there, Gigi.
Uncle Tony, let's get him out.
Let's get him going, okay.
Get him goin', ah?
Come on, we'll do it.
We want Caesare.
All right,
you'll do all right, okay.
I got a story to tell
It just might break your heart
Heaven knows it's breakin' mine
I got a story to tell
Hold it. Hold it, hold it, hold it.
Let him through, let him through,
let him through.
Tony, hold the door.
Are you all right, kid?
It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, don't panic.
Don't panic. You sick?
-Chez, you gonna be all right baby?
-You wanna go to the bathroom?
We're going to the bathroom.
We're going to the bathroom.
There you are. Okay, go.
Ahead, go ahead.
Go ahead. Where is he?
Where is he?
Get him in here!
Get him in here!
What the hell happened out there?
-I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
-What are ya talkin' about!
You're sorry!
I told you this was gonna happen!
-Vinnie, I never figured...
-Goddamn it, I told you!
-I'm sorry.
-Okay, okay, okay, okay.
You gotta guarantee me you
guarantee me that...'ll be safe out there.
I want that kid safe.
I don't want those girls
comin' up there anymore!
I'll get the outside
security guards.
-Do it! Do it!
-I'll get the guys from out... the audience.
I'll get the I'll do it, I'll do it.
Big guys, okay, okay.
Vincent, you can't take him
out there again.
-You can't take him out there.
You're talkin' about, Brenda, okay!
Listen, we didn't come
this for to get shut out, okay?
Now, come on.
Come on. Come on.
You know, there are a couple of
people out there...
...who want to see us lose.
But they're not, you know why?
You know why? Because that kid's
gonna go back on again.
And I'm gonna be
right there with you.
I'm not gonna let you fail, baby.
You understand?
Come on, we go. We go.
No, no, no, no.
We go with the shirt.
It looks great. Looks great.
Just trust me, baby, we got it,
baby, come on. We got it.
-Vincent, please. Please, Vincent!
Brenda, trust me, Brenda.
I just want to take you
where I'm going
I just want to take you
to the sky
Tell me why
Why are we not close together
Has love been cruel did someone
break your heart
I'll make you feel good, baby
I'll make you feel good, baby
I'll make you feel
like you wanna feel
I'll make you feel love, baby
I'll make you feel love, baby
I'll make you know my love is real
I just want to hold you
close forever
I just want to make you smile again
I believe that love can
last and girl, I love you
And one by one
I'll kiss your tears away
Yeah, yeah
I'll make you feel good, baby
I'll make you feel good, baby
I'll make you feel like
you want to feel
Yeah, yeah
I'll make you feel love, baby
I'll make you feel my love, baby
I'll make you know my love is real
I got a story to tell
You hear that?
You hear that? They love him.
They're going crazy over him.
I did it.
You hear that, I did it, Brenda.
l did it.
I hear you, Vinnie.
Hey, Carlo, wine.
Quiet down, everybody,
quiet down, quiet down.
All right. To Caesare.
Tonight he was the best folks.
Tonight he became a man.
Mario, l wanna make a toast.
To all my friends here Gino.
Mario and especially to Vinnie,...
...'cause without him
none of this could've happened.
To Vinnie!
-Ellen, Ellen.
Come here. Come on.
-Chez, I'm Ellen Fields...
...from Teen Scene.
How about a shot of you and
Vinnie toasting your success.
Well, sure, sure. Hey, Vinnie.
How about it?
A shot of us toasting.
No. No photographs with the
drinks in your hands.
You never do that,
it's bad for your image.
-Come on, it's a celebration.
-You heard me.
Well, how about a shot of the
two of you shaking hands then?
Sure, fine.
Let's, let's, let's do this.
Ready? Eddie.
-Big smile.
No more drinks, okay.
Emilio, how about some lasagna?
-Hey, Guido!
-How are you?
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
Thank you.
Your manager is a real grouch.
Yeah. Sometimes.
He should treat you nicer.
You were wonderful tonight.
Well, thank you.
Listen, are you busy right now?
No. Not really.
Well, I'd like to ask you
a few questions, if that's okay.
Well, sure.
You know, you have no idea
how girl s all over the country... are gonna want to know
absolutely everything about you.
Good, good,
good to see you, baby.
Listen, I have a very important
question to ask you.
What one thing
attracts you to a woman?
-Hi, Gino.
-Millie, how are you?
-Good to see you.
-Nice to see you.
-Hi, Roxanne, how are you?
Give me a drink,
Mario, give me a drink.
How are you?
Kid' s gonna be a big star.
He's wonderful.
Carlo, give this kid a drink.
-All right, Gino.
-Gino. Where's Vinnie?
Vinnie's over there.
Vinnie. Vinnie, Vinnie, Vinnie,
Vinnie, Vinnie.
Gino. Bravo, bravo.
-We gotta talk.
-I'll see you, Emilio.
How are the tapes, Gigi?
Vinnie, the tapes are fantastic.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
We couldn't believe it.
Nobody ever recorded...
...their first al bum live before.
-That's right.
Wait till we get this kid
on the road, man.
They're gonna eat him up.
-We're not going on the road.
-We're not gonna tour, Gigi.
Vinnie, what are you talkin' about?
Everybody tours.
Not Chez.
Everything he does
has gotta be special.
First we keep him outta sight
for a while, and then, pow!
We do something magical.
But, Vinnie, the kid's been
counting on...
I'm building a myth, Gigi.
I'm tell in' ya, the kid and l,
we've been talkin'...
...for months about a big tour.
He'll get over it.
-You hear your album went Gold?
-Still goin' great.
Gino, when are we gonna
perform again, huh?
It's been five months
since the Paramount.
You did the Sullivan show,
that was performing.
Yeah, that was great,
but it was one song.
I want to do my whole show
for people.
Maybe put together a tour, huh?
Vinnie says wait.
Vinnie always says wait.
He's the boss.
-Gino, let me borrow your car, huh?
-Get outta here.
Come on.
Last time you weren't home
till two in the morning.
Come on, I gotta get outta here.
I gotta get outta here.
I'll be careful.
Come on, where are the keys?
You got the keys somewhere.
Come on. Come on, Gino.
-Get outta here, I...
Look, where are they?
-Well, I know where they are.
Did you lose 'em?
All right, now you promise
to be home early?
-Yeah. Yeah.
-Promise to be careful?
I'll see ya soon, huh?
-Be home by midnight.
-I'll see ya soon.
Wake up, New York.
It's five AM.
We're gonna start you off
with the record that's been...
...number one for twenty five
Big Apple weeks.
You know what it is
Caesare "Baby".
Thank you, Officer, and, thank the
commander for me again, will ya?
Tell him he's definitely got
six tickets for the next concert.
-All right, sir.
-Hey, Gino, why'd you have to... him, huh?
I asked you not to on the phone.
-He's your legal guardian, Chez.
They wouldn't release you to me.
I'm sorry.
What are you doing,
apologizing to him?
He's the one who should be
apologizing to us!
Out screwing around!
Trying to ruin everything I built!
I wasn't doin' nothin'.
I was just drivin' around!
What do you think I am, huh?
Don't bulls..t me!
I know where you were!
So what?
So what?
So it's gonna stop, that's what!
It's over, finished!
Do ya understand?
From now on
you don't go nowhere!
You don't leave this house,
you don't do nothing! Capisce?
No! No capisce!
-You're not gonna keep me...
...cooped up here!
I'm gonna go out
when I want to go out!
Oh, really?
See what I mean?
Okay. Fine. Okay. Fine.
Seventeen years old!
Seventeen years old, and I'm legally
responsible for what you do!
The cops, they come here,
they bring ya here,...'s my a..s, kid!
Gigi, I, I can't deal with this
s..t! You know what I'm sayin'?
You know what I'll?
I'll just, I'll just...
I'll just call your grandmother,
that's all.
Send you back to your grandmother.
Let her deal with your s..t.
-You would call my grandmother.
You would!
-That's right, that's right.
Tell her what her little
grandson's been up to, huh?
-Okay, Vin.
-Doing ninety miles an hour.
Drinkin' liquor in the car.
Gettin 'picked up by the cops.
Hey Vinnie, the joke's over, huh?
Just don't call my grandmother.
-Shut up!
-Please, don't call, huh?
-Shut up!
-Don't call her.
-Shut up!
No, no, no.
Hold on second, will you.
l, l can't go back there!
What's the matter?
Too embarrassed?
Gonna listen to me?
You promise?
I promise you, all right?
I promise.
Swear on your grandmother.
Swear on your grandmother
you'll listen to me.
l swear.
Signora. No! No,
nothing's wrong with the phone.
No, no, no. Guido just wanted to,
to talk to you.
Si. Ciao.
Oh, no. No, no!
No, no! Nothing's wrong.
Everything's fine.
He's taking great...
He's, he's taking great care of me.
Bye, now.
Let me have a cigarette, Gige.
I don't believe you.
It's been going on for months.
Vincent, if you knew it
was going on for months,...
...why didn't you put a
stop to it before?
Because I thought it might
help Chez.
I thought it might alleviate
some tension, and...
Just fire her.
I can't do that.
She's the best reporter I've got.
Brenda do you know what would
happen if it got out that... of your star reporters was
having an affair with one of the...
...idols she was supposed to be
Brenda, she took advantage of a
professional relationship.
She's lying to you.
And besides, this isn't the
first time she's done this.
She's, she's made it
with other kids before.
Had her checked out.
Sorry, baby.
What about Chez?
He's going to hate you
when he finds out.
Don't worry about it.
He won't.
Oh, really?
He won't have time.
Why is that?
'Cause we're gonna perform again.
l see.
Somethin' special.
We're gonna' make history.
You know what?
I'm gonna give the exclusive
to Teen Scene.
Did you see that?
Live catfish.
I mean, this is nuts, Vinnie.
Who ever heard of a bunch of
Italians from the Bronx...
...playing Memphis?
-That's right.
It's the ultimate surprise.
We're gonna knock 'em
dead in Elvis' own home town.
-They'll see something tonight...
...they're never gonna forget.
They've never seen
a show like this down here.
We're gonna
knock their eyes out!
Well take a look at the papers...
...'cause they already got us
buried ten feet under.
I don't want to see that s..t,
If I want your opinion,
I'll ask for it!
Stick to the arrangements.
You got your hands full as it is.
Where you goin'?
To rehearsal!
Does it matter?
They already hate me!
Yeah, you better rehearse,... you don't fall down
those steps I built for ya.
-It's his big night.
-Him? What about me?
Somebody knows how to spell!
Why don't they give me a
goddamn break?!
Go and get one of those Southern
belles for the kid.
-Vinnie, talk to him.
-Make sure they're good looking.
-Vincent what was that all about?
You and Tony.
A little relaxation
present for Chez, that's all.
My way of saying I'm sorry.
All right?
-What's happening to you?
You're hurting everybody, Vincent.
What you did just now to
Gino in the car was horrible.
Brenda, he was shootin'
off his mouth in front of the kid!
I don't want him listening
to all that negative s..t.
I was just tryin t to protect him.
That's all.
That's not protecting people,
that's pushing them around.
Gotta be tough.
He's not gonna get
there unless I push.
You mean you're not gonna
get there unless you push.
This has nothing to do with Caesare.
This has to do with you using
Caesare to get where you want.
You even used me to get rid of
Ellen Fields...
...when she got in your way.
-Hey, you just wait a minute!
Wait a minute!
l had a lot of magazines...
...lookin' for the inside story
to this tour, but l said no!
l gave you the exclusive,
sweetheart, so you tell me,...
...who's using who huh?
You know, there's no use
trying to reason with you,...
...because you can't hear me!
Where are you, Vincent?
I'm looking for the human being,
and I can't find him anywhere.
You know, from now on,
don't do me any special favors.
I'll just cover Chez
like the rest of the press.
Come on!
You're a half hour late!
-Come on!
-This is crazy!
Come on!
Come on!
Get out here or go home!
Where's that pretty boy?
When are you
gonna start this show?
-Is he coming out?
-Just give him five minutes.
Five minutes!
Vinnie, Vinnie,
what are we gonna do?
We can't keep them
waitin' all night.
What do you want me to do?
You want me to send him
out in front of a bunch of...
...hicks out there?
-No, no. But think of something..., okay?
Go out there! Get ready!
Don't worry about it, will ya?
You want a show?
We'll give ya a show!
I'll give ya a show.
I didn't pay six bucks to sit
on my a..s. Let's go!
Let's go!
Come on!
Come on!
-Give me my money back.
-Ladies and gentlemen.
We are very honored
to be here in Memphis.
Tonight, Caesare would like to
dedicate this concert to his idol.
The one and only Elvis Presley.
All right. Elvis.
It's one of those nights
Another one of those nights
You can't keep from cryin'
And you're dyin'
for someone to hold you
But you gotta
You gotta hold on
'Hold on till the dawn
And believe it'll be all right
However dark the night
When love comes along
You can't believe
how good you're feelin'
Your heart is poundin'
your head is reelin'
You couldn't dream a better day
But when love lets you down
It hurts enough to last forever
You both swore that you would never
Never let it slip away
But don 't you let me see you cryin'
Don't you let me see you cry
There will be a bright tomorrow
However dark the night
There will come the morning light
However dark the night
Let there be the morning light
However dark the night
When love's burnin' bright
You can 't remember pain and sorrow
You have no past
there's no tomorrow
Not when love is hot today
But when love starts to cool
The icy pain is so surprising
But you can't stop the sun
from rising
And it will melt the ice away
So don't you let me see you
cryin' now
Don't you let me see you cry
There will be a bright tomorrow
However dark the night
There will come the morning light
However dark the night
Let there be the morning light
However dark the night
I did it! I did it! I did it!
Gino, I did it!
They thought I was a nothin'.
And I showed 'em!
They loved me!
What are you gonna do now?
Are you finally gonna tour?
Oh, yeah! Yeah!
We're gonna go on the road!
I'd like to, I'd like to repay
all my fans for supportin' me.
-That mean you're gonna end your...
-No, Chez! No!
...seclusion and be more visible?
-No! No more hidin'!
Look, Tony, get him inside!
Tony, get him inside!
No more hidin I'm gonna do T.V.
T.V., radio, public appearances!
Hey, come on! We'll give you
an interview tomorrow!
Give me a break. The kid's had
a rough night! Please!
Hey, come on!
We're not gonna tour!
Not after tonight!
Let go of me!
This is my night tonight!
You're not taking it away from me!
-I'm not taking it away from you!
You were great tonight!
Just don't forget whose material... were doin' out there,
and don't forget who built the set!
It was my idea to have you come
from behind the theatre!
Don't you... Come on, Gig!
Tell him, will ya?
I was the one out on that
stage, right?
I was the one out on that stage!
I had to prove I could do it,
and I did it!
I did it! From now on,
you listen to me!
You do what I say, huh?
Wait a minute!
Who do you think you are, huh?
You are nothing!
You are nothing without me!
When you were up on that
stage tonight, it wasn't you... was me, kid!
Every note you sing is me!
Every move you make is me!
Everything you do is me, goddamn it!
Even that face is nothing!
It's nothing!
Hit me!
Come on, hit me!
Come on, hit me!
Hit me! Come on, hit me!
-Get out of here! Get out!
-Hit me! Come on, you're nothing!
-Stop it, Vinnie!
-You're nothing!
-Chez! Chez! Enough!
-You're nothing!
You're nothing!
Vinnie, please!
Good morning.
How's the eye?
How's Chez?
Well, he, flew back to New York
this morning with Brenda.
What's the damage, Gee-Gee?
Give it to me straight.
Well, he said he's,
he's through with you.
He doesn't need a manager anymore.
He, he called Phil Delano in
New York, and they're gonna...
...have the relationship severed.
They're taking you to court.
Phil works fast, huh?
How about you?
What are you gonna do?
Well, they, they asked me to,
to come along, but I told them no.
We're partners, Vin.
You better go, 'cause he needs ya.
Vinnie, I can't leave you.
Look, Chez needs you.
And without you,
the whole thing will fall apart.
I want to be alone for a while,
Gino, you know?
Go, will ya?
It'll be better for everybody.
Just go.
I got a cab waitin' downstairs.
I gotta go. I gotta get out of here.
You've got to stop this.
You've got to pick up and
have your life again.
I was smothering' that kid,
you know, Mom?
I really hurt him.
-You did him some good.
You brought out his talent.
I did it for myself, not for him.
So maybe you learned something.
But don't cut out the people
who love you, Vincent.
It don't do you no good.
I know that.
It's been a long time.
I called to...
...let you know that Friday night
I'm breaking in a new singer... the club.
I thought maybe you could make it.
Vinnie, I would love to, but...
Yeah, maybe some other time, huh?
No problem.
Take care of yourself, huh?
Okay, I'll see you.
Not bad.
Okay, Vinnie, you guys are up next.
You know the routine.
I'll make the introduction.
Same spiel,
like I'm spotlighting new talent.
No problem, Jess, we're ready.
Hey, thanks a lot, I appreciate it.
Anytime, Vinnie.
Ladies and gentlemen,
for a long time we've had a...
...policy at the Club Palisade of
introducing talented... artists on our stage.
Tonight we're presenting a debut
of a new singer songwriter.
So let's have a warm welcome
for Vinnie Vaccari.
Thank you.
You know, for a long time
I've, written a lot of songs.
All of them for other people.
So this is kind of new for me,
you know.
One way or another,
I always wind up writing about...
....the same subject, love.
Which is the thing I probably
know most and least about.
But, we're going to give it a try
with a little help from,... partner best and only
friend in the whole world.
Gino Pilato.
Ready, Gigi?
We've been trying forever
Ever since time began
Trying to make heads or
tails of love
Trying to find the dream
we're dreamin' of
Trying to find that one and only one
And I believe it can be done
I believe it can be done
Love is a life-long puzzle
But isn't love why we're here?
You got to make a million pieces fit
If you want to make some sense of it
And I'll never quit, oh no
I've just begun
'Cause I believe it can be done
I believe it can be done
And maybe when it hurts the most
Maybe that means
you're getting close
And when you think you can't
get through it
Maybe all you got to do
is just do it
And believe it can be done
I believe it can be done
I believe it can be bone
That's it.