The Image of You (2024) Movie Script

They were monochorionic,
monoamniotic twins.
The rarest kind,
only occurring in one percent
of all twin pregnancies.
They shared
the same amniotic sac,
the same placenta.
The only way
they could have been closer
is if they were conjoined.
They were quite premature.
They had to spend time
in the NICU.
Whenever little Anna
was taken away
for feeding or care...
...Zoe would
just cry her lungs out.
Science can't explain that.
That's what
David always said.
My babies
weren't even 24 hours old
when I realized that...
they would never need me
as much as other babies
need their mothers.
See, a... a mother should be
the most important person
in the world
to a baby,
I wasn't.
They always needed each other
more than they needed me,
more than anything.
Jesus, Anna.
You can't say this shit.
No fucking way.
Say what?
"My friends say I'm fun,
romantic, and honest"?
Can't say
"horny and ambitious,"
that'd be your profile.
If I was desperate enough
to do this shit, then yeah,
maybe that's what it would say.
Oh, come on, Zoe.
What's wrong
with "fun and romantic"?
Well, it's boring as fuck.
The real problem
is that "my friends say"
it's weak.
You should know yourself
better than anyone.
And you should say you're 29.
I'm 31.
We're 31.
Men like younger women, Anna.
I don't like lying, Zoe.
Will two years really make
that big of a difference?
When you're on
the wrong side of 30,
emphatic "yes."
Why are you wearing that?
You always
make fun of my clothes.
I have an audition tomorrow
and I need to look
sort of dull.
You really think
I should lie about my age?
You wanna be completely honest?
As a matter of fact, I do.
Well, then I guess
you better 'fess up
that you're on the hunt
for a husband.
Obviously, I wouldn't say that.
It would just scare guys away.
Exactly. Hence, lying,
the foundation
of every relationship.
Maybe we could make
a profile for you too,
just for fun.
Or maybe
I could blow my brains out.
Zoe, don't say that.
Don't you ever get lonely?
Why would I?
I have you.
So, your first foray
into dating sites.
How are you finding it?
Not so great.
- No?
- No.
This one guy
wanted to bring his mother
on our first date.
And this other guy wanted me
to brush my hair
with the brush
that belonged to his mother.
She was dead.
I'm so sorry! What--
What are these guys after?
Looking to turn you
into their mothers?
Yeah, mother or minx.
Which one are you looking for?
I absolutely adore my mom,
but, uh...
no, not that.
I know everyone
meets online these days,
but you know what I miss?
That feeling of being
in a crowded place
and your eyes
just happen to collide
with someone across the room.
Everything else
just disappears,
and it's just the two of you.
What about you, Gus?
Do you ever think
of that sort of thing?
I have a little bit
of a confession.
my name's not Gus.
I... I mean, it's...
it's... it's...
it sort of is Gus. It's my--
Gus is my middle name,
but my name's Nick.
So why does it say "Gus"
on your profile?
I don't know. I'm--
I guess I didn't really want
people who might know me
to know that I'm--
Looking for love online?
Yeah, something like that.
Are you married?
No! No, no, no.
No, no, no, I'm not married.
No matter what happens
or doesn't happen between us,
I just have one request.
I need you
to be 100% honest with me.
I mean it.
Can you do that?
How about a nightcap?
We are not sleeping together,
at least, not anytime soon.
Hey, who said anything
about sleeping together?
Geez, is sex
all you think about?
My goodness!
Come on. One drink?
All right.
Come here.
I was starting to wonder
if you were ever
gonna turn around.
Let's get outta here.
Why do you never come inside?
You know all those crazies
give me the creeps.
They're not crazy, Zoe.
You're looking at me
like I'm the weirdo,
and you're friends
with the fucking pigeons?
She's not normally like that.
I'm so sorry.
Your pigeons are adorable.
Why are you ignoring my texts?
I'm not.
I just had a busy morning.
For all I knew, you could've
been raped and murdered
by your date.
What was his name? Gus?
Actually, it's Nick.
Who's Nick?
Gus is Nick.
Not that Gus is a fake name.
It's not.
It's his middle name.
He just-- He's--
What's he hiding?
Nothing, Zoe.
I actually really liked him.
He did the most romantic thing
after dinner.
What? Try to fuck you?
No. It was a first date.
Why? Is he gay?
Did you follow me yesterday?
When have
I ever followed you, sis?
I saw you at the bar
last night, Zoe.
I was at lots of bars
last night.
Come on.
Let me buy you some lunch.
I want to hear all about...
Nick, right.
The guy whose name
rhymes with--
Be nice.
I'll be the nicest bitch
you ever met.
Hi, Daddy.
Can I make you a drink?
Guess not.
Is that my Zoe?
You always did
prefer Anna's bedroom,
even when you were little.
We used to try
and switch places,
trick you.
That never worked on me.
I could tell my girls apart,
We got you once or twice.
Yeah. Dad was easier.
You know, he wouldn't even
look me in the eye?
Honey, you can't let that
get to you.
He's just obsessed
with his work right now.
Very stressed.
So what's going on, darling?
Anna met someone.
Really? Who?
Nick Hudson.
He's rich and handsome.
Well, that sounds
promising, hmm?
I don't trust him.
Why not?
I spied on them a teensy bit
on their first date.
Darling, I don't think
you should do that.
He's way too hot not to be
a complete asshole.
Maybe this one is different.
They're all the same.
Anna's just too sweet
to know the difference.
Slow down there, cowgirl.
I can't keep up.
You should try.
Fuck off!
Hey! Hey!
Fuck off!
What the hell's
wrong with you, man?
Wait, Nick!
You stay the hell away
from her, you hear me?
No! Stop, stop, stop.
It's okay, it's okay.
Ivan, you know what to do.
It's okay. I promise.
You have... Tourette's?
- I'm so sorry.
- It really
fucking sucks!
What happened?
Another fucking rejection.
Sorry that I... Cock-sucking!
Ivan's been job hunting,
and it hasn't been easy.
Ivan, this is, um, my--
My boyfriend. Nick.
Anna's the, uh, nicest person
I've ever met.
You're pretty... F--
Hey, it's a pleasure
to meet you, Ivan.
I'm sorry to hear
you're having a rough time.
Hey, why don't we go
get some coffee?
I was just closing up,
but you know I always
have time for my friends.
Yeah? Let's do it.
Hey, Nick?
I'm sorry if this makes us
miss the movie.
You have no idea
how wonderful you are, do you?
Oh, wow!
Anna, this is incredible.
Thank you.
Is it, uh,
too rude to ask
how you can afford this place?
I mean, I imagine the reward
of working at shelters
is helping people,
not a big paycheck.
It's not rude.
I may have
a bit of a trust fund.
I was born very lucky, so...
I always try and give back.
I love you, Anna.
I love you too, Gus.
Hey, you.
They do this
in all of my favorite movies.
Oh, ho...
Oh, my God, Nick.
I just realized
we haven't had "the talk."
Do you like rom-coms?
I mean...
yeah, of course I do.
I'm not a sociopath.
Okay. Phew!
Just making sure.
Hey, you didn't tell me
you have a twin.
I didn't?
Are you sure?
Yeah! I'm pretty sure
I would remember that.
Well, that's Zoe.
Wow. Zoe.
It's crazy.
She looks just like you.
That's how identical twins
work, Nick.
Oh, got you.
She, uh...
she lives here with you?
Oh, um, sometimes.
She's... been through a lot.
Breakdowns, addiction, rehab.
I just try and take care
of the people I love.
Speaking of...
- Come and eat.
- Ooh, hoo, hoo!
Are you sure I can't help you?
Heart-shaped pancakes?
These look incredible.
They're my favorite.
I really hope you like them.
Thank you.
Now pass me the syrup.
Let me know what you think.
I'm unstoppable today, buddy!
Maybe she's the one.
Yo, would you cut it out?
I'm trying to make
some money over here.
Life on this side of the fence
is quite nice.
You should join us, Nick.
I'm way too hung over
for all that happy bullshit.
You finally fucked him?
Tell you what, man.
She is always on my mind.
You're talking
in song titles now.
Leave me alone.
Accept it. Come on.
Who was in my room?
It was just Nick,
looking at
that cute photo of us.
You know I don't like people
messing with my stuff.
He wasn't messing with anything.
I promise.
Hey, Rebecca. Can I call you
in, like, five minutes?
Mom broke her hip, Nick.
Aw, shit.
What happened? Is she okay?
No cell phones allowed in here.
Oh, my God.
are you at the hospital?
She already had surgery,
and, uh,
they found something bad.
Okay, what hospital?
Is that him?
I wanna answer it.
Hey, you!
Hey, Anna. Uh...
What's wrong?
Uh, it's my mom.
She broke her hip.
Oh, no, Nick. I'm so sorry.
Yeah, it's not just that.
They, uh,
they think they found cancer,
and it's pretty advanced.
Oh, my God.
Nick, I'm so sorry.
Yeah, I gotta go
to the hospital.
Okay. Um...
well, I'm coming with you.
Okay, thanks.
I'll see you soon.
Dr. Wong, phone call, please.
Dr. Wong, phone call, please.
Hi, sweetie.
Hi, Mom.
I think I finally understand
why people do drugs.
so, Mom--
It's okay, sweetheart.
The doctor told me everything.
You know, whatever happens,
I'm a lucky woman.
I had the best kids
in the whole world.
Who's this?
I'm Anna, Mrs. Hudson.
A friend of Nick's.
A special friend, I hope?
Are your feet cold?
Oh, I can find you some socks.
Oh, uh--
That's very sweet of you,
but you don't have to do that.
I don't mind.
Did your daughter
bring you anything?
Got 'em.
How did you know?
I just wanna make sure
you are cozy.
Why don't we get some dinner?
You still have time with her.
We're gonna help her
fight this, okay?
Will you marry me?
I... I... I already
fucked this up.
I don't even have a ring,
but we'll go
pick one out together.
Life is too short
and I wanna spend
the rest of mine with you.
- Yes.
- Yes?
- Yes?
- Yes! Oh, my God!
I love you.
Mm. I love you.
Oh! Becs!
Uh, Anna,
this is my sister, Rebecca.
Uh, Rebecca, this is Anna,
my, uh...
Fiance, apparently?
Yeah. Yeah.
It's so nice
to meet you, Rebecca.
How long have
you guys known each other?
How long has it been?
Six weeks.
Six weeks.
Well... congrats! I guess.
How's Mom?
Yeah, you know--
She's doing so well, mentally.
- Yeah.
- I mean, obviously,
there's a tough road ahead,
but Pamela's a fighter.
Okay, then.
I'm gonna go see the fighter.
Excuse me.
It was really nice
to meet you, Becs.
Yeah. Yeah.
Was I too much?
No, you're never too much.
You were perfect.
Becca just takes some time
to warm up to people,
that's all.
Are we crazy?
Okay, yeah, maybe a little.
Are you fucking crazy?
You just met him!
I mean, what the fuck, Anna?
I didn't just meet him.
Yes, you did.
You haven't even
introduced me to him yet.
You haven't asked.
It's because you know I'll see
right through his bullshit.
He's a player, isn't he?
You always trust so easily.
He's not a player, Zoe.
Bet he's got
a kid hidden away somewhere.
No! It's nothing like that.
Why'd he split up
with his last ex?
Think, Anna. Think.
I don't know.
We haven't talked
about any serious exes.
There you go.
He's afraid of commitment.
Afraid of commitment?
He proposed to me, Zoe!
Where's the ring?
Oh, my God, Anna.
It was
a spur-of-the-moment thing.
That's what made it
so romantic.
Don't you get that?
What is wrong with you?
Are you just so damaged
that you can't
believe in anyone?
I love my ring.
I love you.
Are you nervous?
Yeah, just a bit nervous.
You'll be great.
So you grew up in a mansion?
I wouldn't call it a mansion.
Well, everyone else would.
You ready?
They're gonna love you,
I know it.
Let's do it.
Let's do it!
Anna! Hi, sweetie!
Oh, it's so good
to have you home.
This is the guy I've been
telling you about, Nick.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
It's great to meet you.
Oh... oh, okay.
You too.
Beautiful home.
Dad, is that you?
- Yes. Hey, honey.
- Hi!
Oh, my God,
you look beautiful, Anna.
Oh, thank you.
You look great.
This... is Nick.
- Pleasure to meet you, sir.
- Oh, no.
It's David. It's David.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, my God. Champagne? Wow.
We're celebrating, huh?
Thank you.
We're getting married!
Wow. Uh--
Isn't it so pretty?
Wow, I guess
we really are celebrating.
It's extraordinary.
What do you think?
It's beautiful. Congratulations.
Um, so, uh,
we'll get this on some ice,
and we've got some
hors d'oeuvres on the island.
Come on.
Yeah. All right.
We'll get that
on some ice.
So tell me
about yourself, Nick.
So, where are you from?
I'm from Westdale.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, born and raised.
And... and how long have, uh,
you and Anna known each other?
Oh, gosh, only about two months.
Um, I know that this
must seem impulsive,
but I'm very serious
about your daughter.
I've never met anyone like her.
Under normal circumstances,
we would've taken more time,
and I would've asked
for your permission.
I apologize for that, but...
And... and what else
has Anna told you
about, uh, her past?
I guess just the basics.
Why do you ask?
Aw! Look at my two men
getting to know each other.
Dinner's ready.
- Great.
- All right.
Bon apptit.
Wow, this looks delicious.
Thank you.
No plate for Zoe?
Oh, uh...
Zo... Zoe won't be joining us.
Why not? She said she'd come.
Oh, she told me she was busy.
Busy with what?
I don't know, Anna.
You'll have to ask her.
Oh, well, looking forward
to meeting her,
at some point.
So, uh...
when were you two thinking
of having the wedding?
There's no need to pressure them
into some kind of
arbitrary date, I think.
I'm... I'm sure you wanna take
your time, right?
No, that's not what I'm--
I was actually thinking
sooner than later.
Well... how soon?
Maybe in, like, six weeks or so?
darling, tha... that's way
too short a time
to plan a proper wedding.
Yeah, but...
we're not sure how much time
we have left with Nick's mom,
so I just wanna make sure
that she's healthy enough
to enjoy the day.
Oh, I... I'm sorry.
I didn't know. I'm...
Please. It's okay.
What if we have it here?
The ceremony, out back?
It'd be perfect.
What do you think, Nick?
Oh, gosh, I mean,
it's a beautiful home, but...
we don't want to impose.
Oh, don't be silly.
It's settled.
Yeah. Cheers.
Thanks, Daddy.
This really is delicious.
Told you.
Mom, thanks for having us.
Oh, ho, ho.
Okay, I honestly don't think
you should have any, Mom.
Oh, Rebecca! Of course I should.
Moments like this
need to be celebrated properly.
Here's to the future
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Hudson.
Okay, not too much, Mom.
You're on way too many meds.
Calm down! She's fine.
why don't you sit next to me?
And I wanna hear all about
what you're thinking
for the wedding.
Oh, I love that.
scoot over so Anna can sit down.
- Come on.
- Excuse me, Becs.
Well, I don't have
all the details planned out yet.
Oh, come on.
Be honest with me, Anna.
You've been planning this
since you were a little girl,
haven't you?
Maybe a little.
Every girl does.
Not me.
Mom wants
to leave you everything?
You've gotta be fucking kidding.
Don't look at me!
It was her decision.
I'm sure it was.
Yeah, it was!
Are you guys okay?
Okay. Yeah.
Yup. I was just leaving.
Hey, Rebecca?
I just have a quick question.
Would you be a bridesmaid?
I know it's a lot,
and it's crazy right now,
and there's a lot going on,
I would really, really love it
if you were in the wedding.
I'll make it easy.
It's just you and Zoe,
the ceremony is small,
and I'm rambling now, but...
I would really love it.
It would mean so much to me.
What do you think?
- Okay, sure. Why not, yeah.
- Really?
Yay! I'm so excited!
Yay. Ow!
- That was my toe.
- Sorry, sorry.
I'm so excited! Thank you!
I'm so excited!
Okay. Can you--
It's gonna be so fun!
All right.
So you're just gonna let her
marry this complete stranger?
What would you have me do?
Nick seems like a nice man.
Anna is very set on him.
Anna doesn't know her own mind.
What do you mean by that, Zoe?
Please don't do anything rash.
When have I ever
done anything rash?
This is Nick.
Nick. It's Zoe.
- Zoe?
- Anna's sister.
Come on, man, you should
know this shit by now.
Oh, Zoe!
Yeah, of course. Sorry.
We've just never,
uh, talked before.
Time to change that.
Let's meet for dinner. Tonight.
Uh, okay.
Yeah, I'll see if Anna's free.
No Anna. She doesn't
need to know about this.
If you're really
gonna marry her,
we need to talk. Alone.
Talk about what?
I'll text the details.
You must be Nick.
And this must be my drink.
Two more, please.
Do you talk?
Yes, I talk.
Sorry, uh, it's just...
I look just like her?
Yeah. Uh...
it takes some getting used to,
is all.
you're marrying my sister?
Yes. Yes, I am.
Do you love her?
Oh, more than anything.
Well, you still have
multiple dating profiles up.
This isn't you?
Thank you.
Yeah, but, I mean,
I don't use that anymore.
Then why is it still up?
I honestly just forgot about it.
Well, you took down the one
that you met Anna through,
so you're not a total idiot,
I'll give you that.
Yeah, thank you.
Uh, Zoe, we can take that--
we can delete it, right now.
Let's see what Gus has to say.
"I'm a glass-half-full
kind of guy,
and I love laughing."
No shit, dude.
Who doesn't love laughing?
"I like going out
and staying in."
Wow! Congratulations, Nick.
You like existing.
I'm starving. Feed me.
So what do you do?
Anna hasn't told you?
No, I don't believe
she's mentioned it.
Mm. Probably not.
She doesn't totally approve.
I'm an actress and a model.
Had a gig today.
Oh. That's cool.
What was it?
Modeling slutty underwear.
The usual bullshit.
They point a fan at you
to make your hair billow
and your nipples pop.
Oh, sorry.
What about you, Nick?
Please tell me more.
Uh, I'm an investment banker.
I work
in equity capital markets--
I know all that shit.
Anna's told me.
Tell me something new,
something I don't know.
Uh, well, what would
you like to know?
You know what I mean.
Tell me something else
you've kept hidden from Anna.
Zoe, I honestly forgot
about those dating profiles.
I have not been logging on.
I can prove it to you
right now, if you want.
Are you saying
you never lie to her?
Did you tell her about tonight?
You told me not to.
You didn't have
to listen to me, Nick.
Thank you.
What'd you think of our family?
Your parents are very nice.
Oh? Are they?
Yeah, I mean,
they were a bit surprised
about the engagement,
I've been protecting Anna
my whole life.
I'm not gonna stop now.
Mm. I appreciate that.
Anna is delicate.
She's had some tough times
in her life.
She deserves to be happy.
What sort of tough times?
I'm not gonna
let you hurt her, Nick.
She's already had
one terrible marriage.
Nearly broke her heart.
I'm sorry.
Sh... she was married?
Is that a problem?
I mean, she just never told me.
Well, you haven't been
exactly upfront with her,
either, have you?
It's okay.
I'm not judging her.
It's just 29's a little young
to already be married
and divorced, that's all.
Hm. Is that how old
you think we are?
How old are you?
I'm not here
to spill Anna's secrets, Nick.
Yeah, why are you here?
I don't know yet.
At first, I thought I was just
gonna be able to tell you
that you're such
an obvious fuckboy,
and to leave my sister alone.
But I'm a little intrigued
by you, Nick.
Did you know that twins
are technically genetic clones?
It's kinda freaky, right?
I guess, yeah.
It's a little freaky.
Are you?
A little freaky?
I'm going to my room.
You're staying here?
Yeah. Gig today paid cash.
Someone hands me cash,
I blow it immediately.
Can't help it.
Don't even want to.
Put this on room 101.
No, come on.
Don't be silly. I got it.
I've never needed a man
to buy me dinner, Nick.
Please, finish your meal,
have dessert, if you want.
Don't forget to stop by
for a nightcap on your way out.
What the fuck?
Did you know that twins
are technically genetic clones?
It's kinda freaky, right?
I guess, yeah.
It's a little freaky.
Are you?
A little freaky?
Guess again.
Oh, fuck me.
I gotta got to work.
Oh, fuck.
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
Have a good day
at work, sweetie.
Hey, you.
Hey, you!
I was starting to get worried.
Did you get my texts?
Yeah, I did. Sorry.
Me and the guys
kind of overdid it last night.
Oh, did you have fun?
That stuff's
getting kind of old.
You know, I'd...
rather be with you.
Well, maybe you should hang out
with your friends more often.
You seem so cute
and vulnerable.
I just miss you, that's all.
Well, it just so happens
that this catering company
I'm considering
can squeeze in a tasting
this evening.
You know...
I'm actually not really
feeling that well.
I'm afraid it might be
a bit more than that.
Oh, baby!
Well, I'll just come over
and take care of you.
No, no, no, no.
I... I don't think so.
I mean, the last thing
you need right now
is a cold, right?
You need to stay on top
of this wedding stuff.
You should go tonight.
But I wanna know what you think.
What I think is,
I will love
whatever you pick.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm positive.
but if I'm having
trouble deciding,
I'm gonna FaceTime you.
All right.
I'll be standing by.
Oh, don't forget
to call your mom.
I spoke to her today
and she seemed a little lonely.
I will.
Love you.
I love you too.
Oh, my God.
What the fuck are we doing?
I don't know. You tell me.
You called me.
You got the room this time.
Oh, my God.
I've just been kind of a mess.
with my mom and everything
that's been going on lately...
don't ruin it by being needy.
Save that shit for Anna.
She can never find out
about this.
I wasn't planning
on telling her.
I'm serious, Zoe.
This would kill her.
Don't you care about her?
Are you fucking kidding me?
It's your cum between my legs.
Which one of us
is the bad guy here, Nick?
Oh, no. Hey.
I'm not trying to blame you.
She's my sister.
I'd murder somebody for her.
Would you?
Would I murder someone for Anna?
I mean, to save her life
or something,
sure, of course.
That's not murder, Nick.
Doesn't sound
a lot like love, either.
We can't do this anymore.
All right.
Wow. Those are beautiful.
Aw. Thank you.
This was such a nice surprise.
Red roses?
Could mean two things,
it's Valentine's Day,
or a man screwed up.
And it ain't Valentine's Day.
Love the sunglasses!
Isn't she hilarious?
Vera, this is Nick.
Nick, this is Vera.
Hi, Vera.
You know you hit the lottery
with Anna here, right?
Oh, my goodness!
Absolutely. Yeah.
Oh, um, your sister called
while you were at lunch.
I can tell by your face
that she said something bad.
Not bad. She wanted to know
if you were mad at her
for not helping more
with the wedding.
That's actually kind of sweet.
Yeah, she told me
she's been too busy,
in her words,
"Smashing the hottest dude."
Oh, my God.
Gave me lots of details.
- I'm so sorry, Vera.
- Are you kidding me?
It's the most fun
I've had all day.
Good meeting you.
Yeah, it's great to meet you.
Isn't she the best?
Yeah, she's funny.
What do you think?
Do you think
you can you fit it in?
Will Wednesday work
for the taste testing or not?
Oh, didn't you already do that?
That was for catering.
This is for the cake.
Are you even
listening to me at all?
Yeah, of course. Sorry.
Hey, I wanna see your eyes.
Are you sure
there's nothing else?
I feel like we still never
talked about certain things.
Oh, like what?
Like significant exes.
Well, I thought
that was just because
we're about the future,
not the past.
Yeah, but...
I was married.
You were?
Yeah. Um...
We broke up
because he slept with Zoe.
Oh, fuck.
But you forgave her?
She was using at the time.
She was vulnerable,
and he took advantage of her.
He was the one
I couldn't forgive.
Uh, yeah.
Then I met you.
God, I'm so sorry. Come here.
Mm! Whoa, silly!
I work around here.
Save that for later.
Right. I'm sorry.
So are you
thinking something maybe
a little more this style,
ball gown, mermaid?
- Would you excuse me a moment?
- Mm-hmm.
Miss Mercer?
Can I call you Anna?
Yes, you can.
Yay! Anna, I'm Isabelle.
First things first,
let me see your rock.
Oh, um...
Oh, my God, Anna.
Okay, I see a lot
of engagement rings,
but this is breathtaking.
Thank you.
Oh, it's too perfect!
When's the date?
August 19th.
Anna, you are so smart
to get a relatively early
start on things.
I mean,
you are gonna have
an entire year
to make things perfect.
it's actually, uh, this August.
Of this year?
Yeah. Is that a problem?
So like, um... month?
Oh, my God. Anna.
You can forget about
all of these gorgeous gowns.
The lead time on alterations
is eight months.
Didn't your friends warn you?
You don't have anything
that'll work for me?
I mean, you might be able
to fit into one of our samples,
but I can't promise anything.
Lookin' good, sis.
You came!
You know I don't
turn down free fizz.
Do you like it?
It's... pretty.
I think it's gorgeous.
Makes me feel like a princess.
What's that?
My only other option.
I didn't realize
it takes these designers forever
to get a dress ready.
My apologies, Anna.
It's just the way
this business works.
I totally understand.
My God.
You look stunning, though!
I know just the veil for this.
You're gonna trip in that skirt.
Do you think
the front is too long?
Luckily, that is something
we have time to alter.
We are going to make sure
that everything is perfect
for your big day.
Look at that.
Nothing like a veil
to hide a fragile woman
away from the world.
It's tradition.
It matters to me.
I think we may have
found your dress.
- We have.
Are you sure?
once we make alterations,
there are no returns.
I'm sure.
Oh, my God. Yay!
I'm so happy this worked!
Okay, I am going to go talk
to the seamstress,
because we have
no time to waste.
Have you even tried this on?
It's not really me.
Put it on.
it doesn't have a back.
I couldn't wear a bra.
I'd be noticed
for all the wrong reasons.
God forbid
people know you have tits.
God forbid
you're actually seen, Anna.
Please don't do this.
Can't you just be happy
for me, for once?
Oh! Anna.
Not Anna.
You're the sister.
Hmm, you're quick!
Gonna invite me in?
Oh, no, thanks.
Tight on time.
I'm gonna go see this guy
that I'm having an affair with.
I'm sure you've been there.
Anyway, this isn't about me.
Why didn't you go
to the stupid dress thing?
I have a job,
and my mother's dying,
I don't know if you heard.
Anna said it was no big deal.
Of course,
it's a big deal to her!
Combine every fairytale princess
with some psychotic monster,
and that's Anna.
I know her obsession
with happily-ever-after
is pathetic,
but you agreed to be
in the wedding, didn't you?
Well, then you're gonna go
to this dress fitting,
because I'm not going back.
The stupid bitch
at the dress shop
won't even look me in the eye,
so get over yourself
and do your part.
So lovely meeting you.
We're gonna be besties.
Move, or I'll slit
your pretty little throat.
What'd you say to her?
Told her that you're my fianc.
What do you think?
What do you think of the band?
I mean, wouldn't it be easier
to just get a DJ?
We talked about this.
I really like
the energy of a live band.
I mean, Zoe might hook up
with the lead singer,
but everyone's supposed
to have fun at a wedding, right?
It's crazy
that you haven't met her.
We need to change that, Nick.
She's my sister.
So, your numbers
are way down, mate.
Probably not the best time
for Bob
or one of the old-timers
catching you banging away
in the elevator, you know?
You saw that?
Yeah, you weren't exactly
being discreet.
Hey, Anna winked at me.
I'm so glad that you came.
I know that wedding dresses
aren't exactly your thing,
but I think
you're gonna love this one.
Isabelle, this is my soon-to-be
sister-in-law, Rebecca.
There's no coffee
allowed in here,
for obvious reasons,
especially considering
what happened last time,
Miss Mercer.
Last time? I don't understand.
I think you do.
As I'm sure you realize,
we're not going to be able
to make alterations
to the lace gown now.
Why not?
Are you kidding me?
It's ruined!
It... it looks like somebody
cut it on purpose.
It wasn't like that
when I tried it on.
You saw me in it.
I did, but I wasn't with you
when you took it off.
Y... you think that I did this?
Somebody must've
tried it on after me.
No. No, I brought it
right back here after you left.
We thought maybe you split it
when you took it off.
By accident, I mean.
Maybe that's what happened.
I'll pay for it, of course,
and, uh...
well, I'm gonna be needing
another dress, so, uh...
do you still have that backless
one that you showed me?
I do. Great!
I will go grab that for you.
Are you okay?
Oh, I'm fine.
Yeah, um...
the other one is stunning too.
It's the one
that Zoe wanted me to get.
Alexia? Is that you?
Hey, I thought
I heard someone in here.
You okay?
All I ever wrote about
in my diaries was Zoe.
It's like I didn't even exist
without her.
I'm... I'm worried
that this wedding is causing you
too much stress.
Dad, I'm serious, don't.
It's not the wedding.
Nick is the best thing
that's ever happened to me.
No, I'm sure he is.
It's not the wedding. It's Zoe.
I love her so much,
you know that.
That'll never change.
But I think it's finally
time for me
to come out
from under her shadow.
Come here, baby. Come here.
That's really great.
That's really,
really great, honey.
Ice cream and rom-coms?
Can you be
any more of a clich, Anna?
Why'd you do it?
I did you a favor.
You'll look hot
in the skimpy dress.
I was just trying to help you.
That's what I always do.
That's what you tell yourself,
but you just use it
as an excuse to be cruel to me,
even though I love you
more than
anyone else in the world.
Maybe because I love you more
than anyone else in the world.
Nothing more boring
than amateur therapy.
I'll be in my room...
It's not working anymore,
all those things that you say
to make me feel uncomfortable.
I'm starting to not care, Zoe.
I don't even care
if you come to the wedding.
Maybe I won't.
I didn't know you smoked.
Oral fixation.
No, thank you.
Talked to Anna
about her last marriage.
She said that you were
the cause of the breakup.
His dishonesty was the cause.
He failed the test.
Is that what all this has been?
A test that I've failed?
But I fuckin' love you.
You love me?
I mean, I love fucking you.
Don't be weird.
We could go away right now...
just disappear.
Are you just... are you just
fucking messing with me?
Or are you asking me to choose
between you and Anna?
You know you have to,
Do you want me
to choose for you?
I could walk away right now,
or I could tell her,
and she'd fucking run away.
Do you want me to end it?
Fucking pathetic.
A mother should be
the most important person
in the world to a baby.
I wasn't.
They needed each other
more than anyone...
more than anything.
The only way
they could have been closer
is if they were conjoined.
Zoe was always
a little bit more like me,
impulsive and a little wild.
Of course my own rebellion
was small fry
in comparison,
but Anna was always
Daddy's little girl.
The world sometimes
seemed too tough for her.
I can't tell you
how many times she's fallen
for some womanizing bastard.
She puts up with their nonsense.
Sometimes, she even expects it!
- Hi.
- Hi, David.
This is Rebecca, Nick's sister.
Oh, hi, hi.
Nice to meet you, Rebecca. Hi.
Uh, everything all right?
Yes, David. People...
people visit each other.
Rebecca just wanted to meet us
and... and hear some old stories
about Anna.
Ah, okay. I see.
I see, I see.
Okay. Well, I... I actually
have a few stories
that I'd like to share.
I don't think
there's anything more
you could possibly add. I mean,
I've just been
talking your ear off.
I'm so sorry.
Okay, well, maybe then
we can speak
for just a few moments
before you leave?
Is that all right, Rebecca?
- Sure.
- Okay, great.
Is there something wrong?
It's not Zoe's fault.
What's not Zoe's fault?
You know, this...
this whole thing,
with Zoe and your brother.
Oh, Rebecca?
Is everything okay?
We need to talk.
Hey, Anna.
I know everything!
Anna, listen to me. I'm gonna...
I'm gonna come
talk to you, okay?
I don't wanna
see you ever again!
No, baby, hey.
I... I... I can explain this.
Okay, I can--
Anna? Anna. Anna!
You okay, mate?
Fuck, man! I'm a fucking idiot.
Are you okay?
What happened?
No, no. Are you k--
Pick up the phone.
It's Zoe.
No rambling.
What happened?
I fucked up, man!
What the fuck
have I been thinking?
I can't let her go, man.
I have to get over there.
You've reached Anna Mercer.
Please leave a message.
You've reached Anna Mercer.
Please leave a--
Oh, my God.
Anna? Anna, baby.
Anna? Anna!
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Help! Somebody, help me!
Anna... Anna!
Anna. Oh...
Anna. Oh.
Enough, Nick.
I don't wanna have
to use this again,
but I will,
if you don't shut the fuck up.
What have you done?
What the fuck have you done?
You wanted me to end it.
No. No!
You said you wanted me
to choose for you, Nick.
No. No, no, no, no!
That's what you said to me.
You wanted it over.
when I told her about us,
I thought she might
save us the effort...
but she put up a fight.
It's sad.
How could you do this to her?
How could you do this?
You broke her heart, Nick.
She was too good
for this world.
We both know that.
It was mercy.
You're insane!
Don't call me that.
I don't like it.
Stay the fuck away from me.
Stay the fuck away from me!
We're in this together, Nick.
No, we're fucking not!
I'm calling the police.
You sure you wanna do that?
Even though your fingerprints
are on the knife
that stabbed your fiance?
Fuck you!
No, they're not.
Yeah, they are, Nick.
It was easy enough to do
when you were unconscious.
I have it somewhere safe.
Just in case.
Look at your sleeves, Nick.
That's her blood.
I took the liberty
of scratching you
with her fingernails.
Can't argue with DNA, Nick.
I knew it was wrong, Officer!
But I loved him.
I tried to break it off.
I did! I tried.
I had to tell Anna.
I just couldn't do it anymore.
I told her,
and then he went crazy!
He stabbed her.
He stabbed her
right in front of me!
Oh, my sweet sister!
It's my fault!
I loved Anna...
more than anyone else
in the world...
but I gave her up, Nick.
For us.
You know that she could
never satisfy you
the way that I can.
We're meant to be together.
Here, baby.
I have it
all figured out, Nick.
There's a building
on the east side
that has an incinerator.
You can pull up to it
right through the garage.
I know the code.
I used to fuck the security guy.
He had great pecs.
There's no cameras.
Wouldn't be the first time
someone used this place
to make a problem disappear.
It's Anna.
Not anymore, Nick.
She's gone.
I need you to focus.
Don't stop anywhere else,
no matter what.
We don't need you being seen.
Tomorrow, this is just gonna
seem like a really bad dream.
I promise.
I can't do this!
Yes, you can.
Think about
your poor mother dying
while you rot in prison
for murdering sweet, sweet Anna.
You and I
are connected, Nick...
more than you and Anna
ever were.
Hey, sleepyhead.
Come and eat.
You must be starving.
Will you start eating already?
You're making me
feel self-conscious.
So, I was thinking.
Would it be too much
to serve heart-shaped pancakes
at the wedding?
The wedding?
I mean, it is sort of our thing.
I mean, it is sort of our thing.
You broke her heart, Nick.
Nick? Hey.
Is ever... is everything okay?
Um, no, sir.
No, um...
nothing's okay.
Um, come... come with me.
Yeah. Let's just go
into the office.
All right, have...
have a seat over here.
Here you go, Nick. Here.
I'm sorry.
What is it?
Your daughter's dead.
No, no.
Anna? No! How? No.
I'm not even sure
which one of 'em--
No. What happened?
What happened?
Tell me what happened.
Zoe killed Anna.
What are you talking about?
Or maybe it was Anna
who killed Zoe.
No. What? No.
It sounds crazy.
All I know
is that one of them's dead.
It's my fault. I was...
I was having an affair
with Zoe...
and I... I know
there's no excuse.
I'm going to the police,
but I just--
I needed to tell you first.
I'm so, so sorry.
Oh, my God. All right, Nick.
I, um...
now, I don't exactly know
what happened here,
but I... I think I understand.
Zoe died three years ago.
She did, Nick.
She... she stabbed herself
after a very bad breakup.
The girl had-- She had a flair
for the dramatic, okay?
All the way to the bitter end.
And Anna? Anna was the one
who found her.
Just like Zoe intended.
They call it
as aggressive retaliation."
Retaliation for what,
I have no fucking idea,
because Anna was...
was completely devoted
to her sister.
She... she would've
done anything for her.
No. No, I don't...
I don't believe you.
it's not just my truth.
It's the truth.
No, it's not the truth, okay?
I know Zoe!
What you're saying,
it's... it's impossible.
A little, uh, over I'd say
about two years ago,
I asked the police for...
a copy of this...
of this photo right here.
Now, having the... the photo
of your child's body
in your own desk,
let me tell you something,
it... it weighs on you, Nick.
I mean, how could it not?
But having it, it's become
a grim necessity for me,
because any time
that... that Anna--
that she'd become Zoe around me,
I'd take it out,
I'd show it to her.
It would be brutal,
but it would do the trick.
She'd stop, okay?
At least around me.
Alexia, unfortunately,
still indulges her.
What do you mean,
"Anna would become Zoe"?
I mean exactly that.
It's weak.
You should know yourself
better than anyone.
You just met him.
I mean, what the fuck, Anna?
I can't--
Anna, she couldn't--
she wouldn't let Zoe stay dead,
Nick, and--
and it all started simply,
Stop, stop!
She wanted to sleep
in Zoe's bed, yes.
She wanted to drive her car
and wear her clothes. Okay?
She even bought this dress,
this one here, that...
that Zoe
killed herself in, okay?
And then she started talking
to Zoe.
It's not really me.
Zoe, there's no back.
I couldn't wear a bra.
I'd be noticed
for all the wrong reasons.
It wasn't until
she started talking as Zoe,
that's when I realized
how unhealthy she'd become.
You're friends
with the fucking pigeons,
and you're looking at me
like I'm the asshole?
I'm so sorry.
She's not normally like that.
Your pigeons are adorable.
By then--
What are you...
What are you trying to say?
She's... she's schizophrenic?
No, I... I'm saying she's still
grieving, Nick, okay?
I'm not sure
if the label matters.
No, no, no. No, man!
It's more than that,
what she's done, it's vicious!
Unless I'm misunderstanding,
you thought you were cheating
on your fiance
with her sister, right?
David, why? Why...
why didn't you tell me this?
I genuinely hoped
that... that your relationship,
that it would snap her
out of all of this
and then put--
Yeah, but it didn't,
and now your daughter
has murdered someone!
- No, she hasn't, Nick.
- I walked in
to this same thing.
She recreated it exactly,
then someone hit me from behind
and knocked me out.
Help! Somebody, help me!
When I came to,
there was a body
rolled up in the rug.
I thought that it was Anna's.
Nick, she... she tricked you.
Okay. But there's
still a real body!
How do you know that?
Because I held the hand!
Maybe that was... that was
a friend who's in on the prank,
probably the same person
who knocked you out.
It's okay, Ivan.
He's a very bad man.
We're just teaching him
a lesson.
Whoever it was is dead!
How can you be sure of that?
Because I dumped
the fucking body!
She's duped us all
at any one point--
David, I dumped her body
into an incinerator.
Okay? I know it's insane.
I still can't believe
that I did it,
but I... I did it, and now s...
someone is dead.
Jesus Christ.
I guess... I guess your sister,
I guess... I guess
she had every right
- to be worried about you.
- What?
My sister?
Yeah, sh... she came here,
and Alexia wasn't
straightforward with her,
but I told her everything.
I even showed her the photo.
Daddy has told
Nick's sister everything.
She's coming over to see you.
Is everything okay?
Uh, we need to talk.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God.
Look at my two men...
getting to know each other.
Anna, Anna--
No, w-- Nick, wait, wait.
No, no, stop. Stop.
Get out of my way.
Okay, no, Nick, no, wait!
Stop! Stop, stop!
Let me talk to her.
She murdered my sister!
Don't listen to him, Daddy.
He murdered his sister.
They were fighting
over their mom's money!
It was really her in the rug?
Is Rebecca really dead?
Anna, tell me--
Don't listen to him.
The police showed me
security footage of him
getting rid
of his sister's body.
I came here to warn you and Mom!
He's crazy!
Why? Rebecca didn't do
anything to you!
Oh, my God. Think of my mom!
I am the one that checked in
on your mom the most.
She's lucky to have me, Nick.
No, Nick. No, Nick, stop!
No, no, no.
Let go of me!
No, stop. Nick, no! Nick!
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay. I'm okay.
What's happened?
Are you all right?
Everything's gonna be all right.
What happened? Did you get hurt?
Even when you were little, Zoe,
you were always afraid
of the thunderstorms.
That's Anna.
She is Anna with you.
She can be Zoe with me.
She is whoever she wants to be!
Why, Anna?
Why'd you do any of this?
All I did... was love you.
You cheated on me.
I cheated... with you!
Don't you get that?
Are you fucking insane?
Don't call me that!
Are you-- I only cheated--
David, do something!
It's all right. Anna. Anna?
Can you... you tell me
what happened right now.
Okay? Right now.
When you're in love
with somebody
and they cheat on you,
it's the worst feeling
in the world.
What are you talking about here?
You know exactly
what I'm talking about!
None of this is about me.
It's all about you!
When Zoe and I were little,
she caught you
with one of your mistresses.
It damaged her.
She was never the same
after that.
has consequences.
That's... that's in the past.
Baby, we... we've worked
through this, okay?
Oh, we have. Yes, we have.
And Zoe-- honey, Zoe...
Zoe, she was a lost cause, okay?
She was, but you're not, okay?
And we can help you, honey.
We can.
I love you.
Baby, come here.
Come here, honey.
I love you so much, baby.
You shouldn't have favorites.
No! What have you done?
No, no! No, no, no! No!
Call somebody!
Please call someone! Please!
Stop. Stop. Stop.
Anna, please put down the knife.
Stop. Stop!
Come on! Come on!
He stabbed his sister!
Then he...
That's him!
He killed my husband!
Drop the weapon!
Drop it now!
Hands in the air!
Lie face down on the ground.
Keep your hands
where I can see 'em.
Lie down! Now!
Cuff him.
Anna Mercer confirmed
the knife is from her kitchen.
Both the mother
and the daughter saw him
kill the father.
He's going away for murder one.
Officer, you can take him.
Yes, darling?
Do you think
Zoe will ever forgive me?
Forgive you for what?
I don't think
I can say it.
It's really bad.
Sure you can, honey.
It's my fault.
I'm the reason that Zoe
hurt herself with the knife.
What do you mean?
I slept with her boyfriend.
You remember Scott?
The only one she ever loved?
I wish I could take it back.
It's okay.
I'll talk to her.
You're her twin sister.
There's no greater bond
than that.
It can never be broken.