The Imaginary (2023) Movie Script

A bird not ever seen.
A flower not ever seen.
A breeze not ever seen.
A night not ever seen.
Ever seen anything so wonderful?
My name's Rudger.
I'm 3 months, 3 weeks,
and 3 days old.
I was born here.
Amanda's imaginary world.
Amanda imagines
the most splendid worlds.
The hard-working giant.
The chatty squirrel.
The ocean whale.
And sometimes,
terrifying things too.
This is Amanda!
She imagined me,
and I was born.
She and I made a promise here.
Whatever happens,
never disappear,
protect each other,
and never cry.
Do you have one?
A secret friend like me,
who nobody can see.
Grown-ups, who were once kids,
have a name for friends like me:
Is there a country where
it never rains?
A rainbow might appear.
A promise rainbow.
"Promise"? Why's that?
A rainbow after rain
reminds us of important promises.
Oh, my mum. Mum!
My parents prefer auroras
to rainbows.
Especially my dad.
Ballet in the holidays?
Yeah, but forget that.
You know what? My dad's the worst.
One morning the other day,
he said, "What's today?
Something important?
Your ballet recital?"
Come on!
That day was my birthday!
Why do adults always forget
what's most important?
Julia, it's time!
Okay, see ya!
Bye Julia!
Hurry. You'll be late for your lesson.
Yep. Sit there.
I'll say it first.
You're welcome.
Thanks. . .
"Wild Things"
Wild things are everywhere.
"Closing Sale"
Yes. Today? Sure.
5 p.m.
- Hi, Princess Amanda.
- Hi!
I'll be there.
Yes! Goldie, I got it!
- I got an interview!
- Congratulations!
Your new life is beginning.
Is it? I've only run the book shop
since I got married.
Don't worry. You're Lizzie,
Shuffleup Book Shop boss.
You'll be fine.
I hope so. . .
It's our last day.
Lizzie, it's been tough
on your own, but you've got me.
Thanks, Goldie.
Well, since I've got you,
about tonight. . .
Amanda? Okay.
I'm on it.
Thank you!
Can I talk now?!
Test test, mic test!
Houston, do you copy?
Hey, why can't I talk at school?
I only took you today
because you insisted.
Only I can see you.
Me talking to you
would shock everybody.
If they could see me,
I'd nail my intro.
"To Rudger: Never open this.
From Amanda"
"Yo yo hey hey,
I'm Rudger!" Like that.
"To Rudger: Never open this.
From Amanda"
Our date's off?!
Lizzie needs my help.
You know she's raising
Amanda alone.
Rudger! I thought up
a superb adventure!
Meteors raining down?
Not another attack by the Leeks Lady?
That was rubbish.
It was! Getting boiled
in a pot with sausages.
I hated that!
Even if it's not real. . .
You don't want to be soup, right?
Don't worry, I know.
This looks good!
Rudger, the sacred attic promise!
Never disappear,
protect each other,
and never cry!
Let's go, Rudger!
Onward, Bessie!
W-Wait! Stop!
- "Bessie"?
- It's a cow, no?
You've got no imagination at all.
Oh, sorry, sorry.
Just joking!
Okay, what would
Princess Amanda call it?
Onward, Green Lager!
Huh? That beer Mum likes?!
Amanda. . .
Hey, Amanda.
From now on, could you imagine me
passing through walls and doors?
No way.
That's like a ghost.
But I got stuck
in the closet for 2 hours.
You shut the door and left.
So what?
It's practically your room too.
You can go anywhere with me.
I love being with you. Still,
I'd like to play with other kids. . .
Sure, they can't see me,
so I can't join in,
but it's fun just to watch.
That was cold!
What was it?
Rudger! Look at that!
That's. . .
A Christmas tree!
We're gonna crash!
Amanda Shuffleup!
What is that?
Hi Mum.
I'm asking you,
what is that?
Mum, don't say "that".
Asking "who" would be more polite.
Amanda, umbrellas go downstairs.
I keep telling you!
Your clothes and the floor are soaked.
Maybe Rudger did it.
Don't say that!
When are you ever going to learn?
I learn at school.
That's not what I'm saying.
Mum, the floor's wet.
you really are unbelievable.
I'll make cocoa,
so come down.
For Rudger too!
I'm sorry, we're closed. . .
Actually, I'm taking
a survey of this area.
Ms. . . Shuffleup?
A survey? Of what?
The world today.
And children today, you see.
May I see some kind of ID?
Yes, so I can see who you are.
I'm Bunting.
Mr Bunting.
Like the little bird.
You know it.
Seen a lot around here.
The cute little one. . .
I know it's raining,
but I have plans,
so leave your survey,
and I'll post it to you.
No no, no need.
My survey's done.
It is. . .?
"The old world is dying,
and the new struggles to be born,
between light and darkness. . ."
What is it that is born?
Er. . .
I'm sorry. My husband
chose the books.
No no, excuse me.
Never mind that.
This book shop
has an exquisite scent. . .
What a strange man.
Surveying children?
Strange girl too.
The one with him.
What girl?
Rudger, know what I'm thinking?
I'm not the only invisible friend. . .
Yes, the interview's only a start.
Hoping won't make
bread fall from the sky.
Amanda? She's fine.
Playing with Rudger now.
No no!
Not Roger, Rudger.
Well, I guess you could say
she made a friend. . .
Listen Mum, don't laugh.
Rudger isn't real.
Only Amanda can see him.
He's made-up. Pretend.
Don't laugh, I said!
Amanda thinks she can see him. . .
Sorry, sorry.
That just brings back memories.
Don't you remember?
What was his name. . .
I know!
Refrigerator! Refrigerator.
Fridge was his name.
When on earth was that?
He got rid of a snake.
You hated them.
You were inseparable.
I think he was a dog?
A dog?
Right. Ask your brother.
Fridge was trouble for him.
Mum, Oven!
Hey, Oven!
Amanda! Don't let Oven
eat those marbles!
Yeah, I know!
Fridge. . .
Oh! I forgot to buy eggs!
Hello, Lizzie?
What's wrong? Hello?
- Goldie, thanks!
- Good luck!
Ready or not?
Not ready!
I'll hide under the counter.
Sir Rudger, go there!
Must I?
I doubt she'll find me. . .
We both have to hide!
Roger that! We shall survive until
Mum gets home, Major!
Ready or not?
Not ready!
Amanda! Hey, Amanda!
What are you imagining?
Oh, nothing.
Come on,
hurry or she'll find us.
I shall hide over there.
Turning off the lights
was genius, Major.
I didn't turn them off. . .
Princess Amanda, found you!
No need to be afraid.
Good, it's not ruined.
Repairing it would cost a fortune.
This place is old and rickety,
so it's no wonder.
- It was that girl!
- That girl?
All went dark, lightning
flashed, and then a girl!
- The power did go out.
- I saw her!
That long-haired girl.
She was terrifying,
and tried to take Rudger!
She really was here!
Amanda. From time to time,
you get a little too carried away.
In your head.
No! Not in my head!
She was really here!
She tends to create
playmates like that, herself.
Mum. . .
Head on home now. Thanks.
See you, Princess Amanda.
Mum, believe me. It's true.
She tried to take Rudger. . .
Enough of that!
There was no girl here.
Please, don't get worked up
over things that don't exist.
I'm worn out. . .
It was a hard day for me.
My interview didn't go well.
If Dad were here. . .
Yes, if it were him,
it would've gone well.
He would've believed me!
She's mean! Too mean!
Why not believe you?!
I've never seen anything so scary!
That rotten smell. . .
That icy touch. . .
I know it's hard for Mum.
- But sometimes. . .
- Rudger, shut up.
Sometimes, it's hard for us too!
Dad would've believed. Yeah!
And he'd keep the book shop going!
Shut up! You don't know
what it's like at all!
Amanda. . .
Because. . .
even you'll disappear too.
If I stop imagining you, you'll disappear.
How. . . How can you say that?!
I'm. . .
Leave me alone!
Amanda! I was attacked!
By that ghostly thing.
I could've been kidnapped,
but you. . .
What am I doing?
Why? What's up with her?
I could've been kidnapped.
By that. . . black-haired. . .
Excuse me. . .
You can see me?
Yeah, I can.
Only faintly though.
You're somebody's friend too?
You know. . . Made-up. . .
Until recently.
Until recently?
Yes. My friend
can't see me anymore.
I'm not needed anymore.
So you'll. . . disappear?
It seems so.
What'll happen to you?
I don't know.
Does it hurt?
Are you scared?
Me too. I've never disappeared,
but I'm scared of it.
Amanda. I'm sorry about yesterday.
I behaved badly.
Want to go to the pool tomorrow?
Or shall we go stay at
Granny Downbeat's?
We'll bake biscuits.
And Rudger can come too.
I'll pay for parking.
Wait here.
Not gonna apologize?
For what?
I'm not gonna disappear!
Why are you mad?
Never disappear,
protect each other,
and never cry!
Our sacred promise!
Rudger, we're not in the attic anymore.
Where are you going?
See? I don't disappear!
Rudger! Be careful!
Even if we're apart.
What a discovery!
Even if you can't see me,
I won't disappear.
Okay! I get it, just come back!
I was wrong!
I'm sorry!
Hello there, little girl.
Sorry to startle you.
Little girl,
I'm not interested in you.
I want to talk to your friend.
The pay station queue is long.
Seems you'll be here a while.
Amanda, run!
Imaginaries as exceptional as you
are rare.
Mmm, what a delectable aroma!
- Amanda!
- Is she okay?
Amanda. . .
Young man,
I can see you.
I know many of your kind.
And I know what you are.
It's hard to accept,
being forgotten.
Even so, sooner or later,
it'll happen.
I won't be forgotten!
There was an accident!
Amanda was hit by a car, and. . .
All the same.
You're starting to disappear.
There is but little time for you.
So, follow me.
Amanda. . . Amanda died.
Right? That's why you're here.
You're a reaper.
I am no reaper.
My name is Zinzan.
I will tell you again.
Your time is limited.
Either you simply disappear,
or come with me.
I'll. . . go to where Amanda is. . .
The choice is yours.
I don't. . .
want to disappear. . .
Can't you walk faster?
To where?
Don't worry.
It's somewhere safe.
Where exactly?
Find the right place,
and the right door.
I don't understand.
Let me be.
You ask too many questions.
Sorry. I always asked
Amanda questions.
And did your Amanda
always have the answer?
Not always.
And when she didn't?
Amanda created her own answers.
I see.
That is why she created you.
You were her answer.
I'm Amanda's answer?
Yes. You have fulfilled your role
as an Imaginary.
Focus on what is ahead.
- A dead end?
- Look closely.
This door leads to your new life.
Do not think. Go.
Forget the one who forgot you.
Zinzan. . .
I have more watching to do.
Enjoy your new life.
Um, excuse me.
I was brought here by Zinzan. . .
Why are you talking to that lady?
She's a real human.
She can't see you.
Oh, right. . .
Mind moving aside?
It's concert time!
Oh, Emily!
Everybody! Having fun?
How about you humans?
What day is tomorrow?
And after that?
What kinds of days are those?
Special days!
Our long-awaited. . .
We'll all work
by playing a lot,
and afterwards,
we share what we got!
I don't know you.
New here?
Um, yeah.
How'd you find us?
That Zinzan. . .
Your name?
Rudge. What color eyes?
- "Rudge"?
- What color are they?
Not yours.
What color are Zinzan's eyes?
Oh. Well. . .
His right eye's blue,
and his left is. . . red.
You passed.
I knew that too! I did!
I knew that too!
I knew that too!
I knew the answer!
Rudge, you look human.
So does Emily.
Crunch crunch!
Rudge, this is Snowflake.
I'm Snowflake!
Guess what? I'm a hippo!
Cruncher-of-Bones here
says "Nice to meet you."
Nice to meet you. . .
Is everybody here not real?
Yes, we are all Imaginaries.
That's what human grown-ups call us.
Wait, you don't know anything?
Listen, Rudge.
Kids with rich imaginations
conjure us in their minds, right?
We become best friends with them,
and life is wonderful and great!
But they grow up,
eventually lose interest in us,
and we are forgotten.
That's usually the end.
We fade and disappear.
But Zinzan and others bring us
to this library before we disappear.
Books are born from imagination too.
For us, imagination is like
what oxygen is to humans.
Here, there's plenty of it.
Oh! Look!
She's Lady Cubie,
a famous artist's Imaginary.
Yes! My Picasso once said,
"I'll paint you one day."
I swooned!
He's Baron Metronome.
He made many masterpieces
with a great deaf composer.
Fate truly brings us together.
That shaking old gent
is a legend among legends.
One of the most noble
and revered Imaginaries.
To be, or not to be.
That is the question.
We're born from kids' imaginations,
become their best friends,
and brighten up their world.
Isn't that wonderful?
The last human's leaving!
Now the library's all ours!
Rudge! The fun's just starting!
Yes! Now you know
how great we are, don't you think,
we deserve to be
somewhere even lovelier?
Welcome to. . .
. . .the Town of Imaginaries!
No scent. When a human dies,
their Imaginary vanishes.
What a shame.
I won't find another like that.
One matcha latte,
and a glass.
I need to eat soon.
For me, and for you.
Something delicious,
and exceptionally fresh.
It'll happen. I have
an extremely sensitive nose.
- Here!
- Grazie.
Emily, please.
I need to know something.
The Town of Imaginaries
is made by
the imagination in books.
It's different every day,
day after day.
Machu Picchu yesterday!
Whangdoodle before that!
The library's like a home
for Imaginaries like us.
We can go anywhere,
and always come back here.
Rudge. We couldn't ever
build this town ourselves.
Creating things with imagination
is a human ability.
An ability we don't have.
Then again, there are jobs
that only we can do.
Yes. On adventures in
kids' imaginations. We play together.
That sandwich,
and that marshmallow,
were earned from the jobs
we've done, in kids' imaginations.
From tomorrow,
you'll work hard too, Rudge.
Emily, but. . .
I have to leave.
Today, my friend,
because of Bunting. . .
Rudge! Did you say B-Bunting?!
I did.
You know about him?
He attacked us!
It's his fault my friend
got hit by a car.
Bunting. Mr Bunting!
That ghastly knave.
Bunting eats we Imaginaries
to extend his own life.
Many of us. Many years!
We and our human friends
must part someday,
but Bunting refuses to do so.
He wants to hold on
to his imagination.
One day, he stole and ate
another child's Imaginary!
You never know where he will appear.
He sniffs us out,
and waits in ambush. . .
He eats Imaginaries to live longer.
And to preserve his imagination.
Even now, somewhere. . .
Everybody, calm down!
We are safe in the library,
in the Town of Imaginaries.
Excuse me, Rudge. Everybody here
knows about Mr Bunting.
He's like an urban legend.
You mustn't lie about meeting him.
None of us have ever
met Mr Bunting for real.
We did! He attacked Amanda
and tried to eat me!
Rudge, sorry to interrupt,
but that's enough.
It's true, Emily!
Because of Bunting. . .
Rudge, I don't know what happened,
but I get it. It's sad.
I know you're worried
about your friend.
Rudge, where are you going?
To find Amanda.
You won't find her!
Don't you understand? If you leave
the library, you'll disappear.
Let me say this clearly.
You'll never see her again.
That's just how things are.
I didn't make the rules,
but those rules still exist.
She's forgotten you.
That can't be undone.
No! Amanda won't forget me!
If your friend didn't forget you,
you'd be called back,
and not here.
That's not it.
She died.
Rudge, listen.
Your answer was wrong.
Zinzan's right eye's red.
Left's blue.
What you see
isn't always the truth.
Okay, everybody!
Time to tidy up and go to sleep.
Emily, wait!
Can't sleep, young man?
Zinzan. . .
This is a good place.
Work, and you'll never be hungry.
You told me,
that I'm Amanda's answer.
But I can't be with her anymore.
Is that the answer?
Amanda's answer?
Parting is part of life.
My friend was my ideal partner.
Nevertheless, it was
hardly a happy home.
Each day ended with the same wish.
"Zinzan, stay up beside me,
and watch over me."
I kept watch.
I kept watching.
Until I was forgotten.
So I never sleep.
That's how I was imagined.
Imaginaries are born for a reason.
Young man, rest assured.
I will watch over you.
I don't cry. . . because Amanda
imagined me not to.
Rudge! Rudge, come on!
It's morning! Get up!
Emily's waiting!
Rudge, you're late.
You'll miss the good jobs.
'Morning, Emily.
'Morning, Rudge.
Now, let's get to work!
Rudge, the most basic of basics
is to scour this noticeboard.
Until you find a job that suits you.
These are jobs?
Rudge, look closely.
"Community Notices"
"Real Friends Introduction Agency"
Photos. Emily, I see photos.
Yes. These are kids
who want to play with us.
Take one that's right for you.
Your choice of friend
is always important.
- He imagines yummy food!
- I want ice cream!
Oh no! The rough kid!
Listen, don't think. Feel.
"Captain John"
John? "Captain John"
"Captain John"
This way! This way!
Let's play again!
Go for it! Rudge!
Rudge! A photo's like
a train ticket. Don't lose it!
Now! Grab it!
Crew, your training is complete.
Full speed ahead!
Have you extracted
the moon rock?
The rock?
It's your mission! A rare item.
Bring it back quickly.
Return to ship!
Enemies approaching!
Rudge! Hurry back!
Crew! Prepare the beam!
Aye aye, Captain!
Rudge! This is work, not play!
Playing is work!
This is his imagination at play,
but our lives are at risk.
If we die in here,
we disappear.
Huh? Rudge,
where's Cruncher-of-Bones?
Not with me.
Where'd he go?
Rudge, maybe you chose badly?!
Oh no! If only
he were here right now. . .
Galactic Super Hero Wobbles!
It's Cruncher-of-Bones!
Go, Wobbles!
- He did it!
- Wobbles!
Thank you. . .
Wobbles. . .
It's ending.
Wild things are everywhere.
Rudge! The photo!
This isn't the library.
Rudge, I told you
the photo's our ticket.
We're one-day Imaginaries.
After work,
we have to go back. . .
No good! It's shut.
Emily! That window's open!
I can fit through too!
Rudge, if we get stuck,
we'll end up disappearing.
Sorry, everybody.
No worries!
It's your first time!
It is. Well, that's that.
Everybody, let's go
before we disappear.
Crunch crunch!
Huh? No way!
Is he. . .
What's wrong?
Wobbles, let's play again tomorrow. . .
He's Wobbles now!
Wobble! Wobble wobble!
Good for you!
isn't a one-day Imaginary anymore.
He's an every-day friend.
That rarely happens.
Let's all celebrate today!
With space food.
I wonder if it's yummy. . .
Hey, Emily.
Did it happen to you too?
Did your human friend. . .
Forget me?
Well, something like that.
Emily, were you able to
forget that friend?
I guess. . .
It was a long time ago now.
You know, I loved
Amanda's imagination.
When she enters a room,
everything comes to life.
The desk lamp becomes a tropical tree.
The chest fills with pirate treasure.
The sleeping cat
becomes a ticking bomb.
In Amanda's mind,
the world is sparkling,
and I sparkled too.
I want Amanda to live.
Even if we can't meet,
I want that.
Rudge, one day you'll find
another friend like Amanda.
Wait! Not before me!
I'll find one first!
Yeah, you might be first.
First, first! I'm first!
Thanks to your mistake,
I'm seeing the real sky.
Come on, time to go!
Right place, right door!
What is it, Rudge?
- Let's go back!
- Wobble!
Emily, what if, what if,
we're not forgotten,
but we get eaten. . .
Not that again.
I told you. . .
Well? If we're eaten,
what about our human friend?
Their spirit will die, I guess.
A hole will open in it.
Emily, please trust me!
What? Rudge! Hey!
I'll be back!
Our bus!
Our bus is here!
Ah, that's it, that's it!
That aroma!
Mmm, a familiar fragrance.
You didn't disappear.
How did you survive?
Does this mean the little girl's alive?
Hmm, it seems not.
Your scent's changed, Roger.
It's you!
Because of you. . .
I have done nothing. It was you.
Because you ran,
the little girl was hurt.
Am I wrong?
You're wrong!
I'm not wrong.
There's what you saw, and what I saw.
It's a matter of perspective.
People see what they want.
People don't see
what they don't want to see.
Don't you see?
Roger, sorry to tell you this,
but nobody can see you.
Or hear you. Which means,
nobody wants to see you.
Still want to stick around?
In a world where
nobody sees the tears you shed?
You're wrong, Bunting!
We'll see about that!
I don't cry.
I never cry!
Somebody's with him!
- Goldie, thanks.
- Keep me posted, okay?
Let's go home.
- Take care.
- Good night.
Mum. . .
Best you get some rest.
No, I'm fine.
Can't you stay with her
at the hospital?
No, seems not.
When she comes to,
give her a big hug.
Don't worry, she'll come to.
I'm sure she will.
Amanda came running straight at me.
She spotted me and tried to
say something. And get to me.
Don't you dare blame yourself.
Will you be alright?
Sorry Mum. I'll pack some things
to take to hospital tomorrow.
Yes. You do that.
"To Rudger: never open this.
From Amanda"
I'm not Rudger.
I know. Your father, who you
loved very much, bought you this.
"Never forget Dad. Protect Mum.
Never cry."
How is it there?
Settled in yet?
You'll open a book shop
there too? Good idea.
Serious books are okay,
but sell fun books too.
Then you'll be a hit.
Mum? Mum drinks beer
late at night and cries.
Yeah, Green Lager.
But I'll make sure I protect her.
Me? I miss you,
but I don't cry.
If I cry,
I'll only worry you, Dad.
Dad, you better
make lots of friends there.
And. . . sometimes. . .
or even more often. . .
. . .please write to me.
Dad, why did you die?
Never forget Dad.
Protect Mum.
And. . .
Never ever cry.
Rudger. . .
That was the day I was born.
Darling. . .
Darling, please. . .
I'm begging you. . .
Amanda. . .
Please protect her!
Fascinating. No wonder
you're so exceptional.
You have a secret ingredient.
The spice of deep sadness.
All the more reason why you
deserve to be eaten by me.
When you disappear,
so will the little girl's sadness.
Am I wrong, Roger?
Your kind always disappears.
If I eat you here,
how is that any different?
That's Bunting!
I know!
Emily! She's alive!
Amanda! She's alive!
Amanda is. . .
alive in the hospital!
Just run!
When work is done,
hurry back!
- Where's Snowflake?
- Crying and waiting.
Snowflake says,
"Hurry back."
We'll go back, everyone!
Zinzan, here?
It should be. . .
Where's the door?
It's so dark, Zinzan. . .
You sure about that?
For me, the sun
is shining all over the place.
Zinzan, not yet?!
Strange. Something's wrong.
I care for neither
the girl nor the cat.
I consume only the freshest cuisine.
Fading Imaginaries give off
a mouth-watering aroma.
Roger, before I eat you,
there is something you must know.
Your kind and I are different.
You were imagined.
However, I am the opposite.
Do you understand?
I am the one that imagines.
I've traveled worlds you cannot know,
and seen countless sights.
I've seen all creations,
in every possible place.
While eating you invisibles.
You cannot escape me.
Surrender yourself.
Rudge. . .
Rudge, listen. . .
Why not accept your fate?
My friend was in hospital
all her life.
I wasn't forgotten.
My friend died
before she could grow up.
Forgetting is
different than being taken!
You can still see Amanda!
Young man!
Find the door!
The door. . .
Where do I look?!
Look everywhere! Go!
It is pointless to run.
It is pointless to hope.
You all, in the end,
disappear alone.
Emily! Zinzan!
Well done, young man!
You still don't get it?
How pitiful.
Even this is only imagination.
You Imaginaries
cannot change a thing.
- Get her inside.
- Stay with us, Emily!
Rudge. . .
Those goggles are something
my real friend. . . imagined for me. . .
- Get up, Emily!
- Emily!
Rudge. . .
Give Amanda. . . my best. . .
- I will. I will!
- Emily!
There is something
imagination cannot defeat.
And that is. . . reality.
Emily. . . Emily!
Rudge! Zinzan!
Welcome back!
You're late. Our town's
Dejima in Nagasaki today.
Snowflake, Emily. . .
Emily disappeared.
Because of me,
Emily disappeared!
Rudge, what happened?
It was him.
He made Emily disappear!
Him? Emily?
Who are you talking about?
Rudge's new friend?!
Can I be their friend too?
What's wrong?
Who do you mean?
Can I?
Bunting got someone?
Zinzan, it was just now,
right in front of us. . .
How terrible. . .
Was it someone close to us?
Can I be their friend too?
What is it?
You alright, young man?
No, I know of no such foreign damsel.
Not around here.
No, I've never seen her.
She was a good person.
Earnest and cheerful,
with such a cute smile.
You haven't forgotten?
How could I? Of course I remember.
So, what happened to her?
Bunting made her disappear.
"Disappear"? How could that be?
That would never happen.
Bunting only ever attacks Imaginaries.
He wouldn't hurt my Lizzie.
Who. . . are you talking about?
Elizabeth Downbeat.
My friend, Lizzie.
My friend's mum is called Lizzie too.
I knew it.
Now I'm certain.
Is my girl happy?
All grown-up now,
and happy?
Mum is. . .
She's happy, I think.
Tough time with work though.
Even so, she takes us
to the park and the pool.
And her biscuits are delicious.
Might I ask, has she ever
talked to you, about me?
About you?
Fridge. My name is Fridge.
Amanda's mum named the big box
in the kitchen after you.
She always says your name.
She does? She remembers me?
My friend. . .
I'm sorry.
To tell the truth. . .
Are her biscuits still delicious?
Never mind. Truth or not,
it doesn't matter.
If you want to believe in something,
it's worth believing in.
What matters is
the story that you believe.
You're right.
Thanks, Fridge.
"Real Friends Introduction Agency"
'Morning, Rudge!
Young man,
where will you go?
To Amanda's hospital.
A human friend will take me.
You don't know her hospital.
Bunting will sniff you out.
You'll be eaten before you arrive.
Even if she's alive,
she has forgotten you.
That's why you began to disappear.
Even if you find her,
you shall still disappear.
Humans forget us.
There's no getting around that.
Because we're Imaginaries.
Isn't being
"a not real friend" enough?
Young man,
you still don't. . .
Zinzan, disappearing scares me.
So does Bunting eating me.
But I'll go. Even if I disappear,
from everyone's sight,
my time with Amanda was real.
Even if the world says it's not true,
as long as I believe,
I'm glad I was Amanda's friend.
Rudge. . .
Zinzan, I want to see Amanda,
wake her up, and encourage her.
I want to tell her I am,
and always will be, on her side.
Before I disappear.
"Prima ballerina Julia"
Julia! Amanda's friend!
This is my. . . This is our battle.
For those not seen.
Zinzan, this is my answer.
Young man!
What's wrong with you?
You messed up the whole piece!
The recital's soon.
You're the star, Princess Aurora.
Princess Aurora?
Julia, I'm Rudger!
No. Amanda's friend, Rudger!
Please Julia, take me
to Amanda's hospital!
Amanda's friend? No you're not.
You're my Aurora.
Listen up. You're going to
captivate your audience here soon.
Julia, please!
It's urgent!
I really need you to. . .
Huh? I need you to. . .
My. . . Er,
take me to hospital?
What was it?
Julia has chosen Rudge
as her true Imaginary!
What to do? What to do?!
This is bad.
Now, Aurora, next,
the awakening pas de deux.
Julia! We'll be late!
Let go of the photo!
Young man, focus.
Rudge, you've got to go!
To see Amanda!
Amanda. . .
Who is Amanda?
Your friend!
Amanda. . .
You've forgotten?
Julia, time to go!
Daddy's coming too.
Really? He forgot
his own daughter's birthday.
They're going!
They're going!
This way!
Julia, wait!
Rudge! Hurry, hurry!
Quickly, young man!
Hurry, hurry!
Snowflake! Do it!
You got it!
Come, young man!
Come on!
You must see Amanda!
Amanda. . . Yes! I'm. . .
Young man! This way!
Rudge, good luck.
- Can you fly?
- You bet!
Mum, what was that noise?
Noise? Julia,
what noise do you mean?
The hospital!
The hospital!
Julia! You gave me a fright!
J-Julia! Please!
Go to Amanda's hospital!
Do your best, young man.
I'm Bunting.
Mr Bunting.
You have a girl here named
Amanda Shuffleup, don't you?
As I said, tell me how
you're related to the patient.
"Children's Ward"
- That way!
- She's that way!
That way! That way!
Zinzan, go back to the library.
I'm too big to fit through this hole.
I wonder if Rudge made it to Amanda?
Sure he did.
I sure hope so.
Rest assured.
I will watch over you.
Julia! Honey!
I remembered!
Her ballet recital's today!
Just in time.
Mrs Shuffleup.
Her condition's stable.
Thank you.
I'll go buy some cocoa.
Amanda. . . It's all my fault.
I'm sorry.
I know. . .
. . .you're alive.
Your imagination's alive,
isn't it?
I came back.
I came back, Amanda!
Time to open your eyes.
Wake up.
Never disappear,
protect each other,
and never cry.
No more running!
Amanda, wake up!
Who have you caught?
Really? Is that you, Roger?
What a sight for sore eyes.
I knew you'd come.
Am I. . .
My dear, you have awoken?
Who are you? A doctor?
Hey, don't struggle so much.
Everything has an expiration date.
Yours happens to be today,
Who are you talking to?
Hear that?
This girl can't see you.
She does not remember you.
Whoops! How sad.
Isn't it, Roger m'boy?
Ro. . . ger?
Who are you? Who. . .
Why are you fighting?
I'll take what she's given you,
and kindly eat it all up.
As well as her sad,
painful memories.
Ro. . . Roger?
No. Not Roger.
You're right! It's me!
His name is. . . Rudger!
Rudger! Come here!
- Amanda!
- Hey!
Impressive, little girl.
I was right to set my sights
on you, Roger!
Ow ow ow! Ow!
Let's go, Rudger!
Roger that!
Hang on tight!
I know!
So that's your style?
I love it!
I've been imagining
much longer than you, little girl.
Amanda, this boat can't fly, can it?
Of course,
it can't!
But don't worry!
Doctor! It's Amanda!
Please do something!
Well well, Ms Shuffleup.
I am merely carrying out a survey
of today's hospitals and children.
You came to see us before. . .
Oh my. It is an honor
to not be forgotten.
My daughter's in pain!
Please leave here at once!
Amanda! You're awake!
Mum, don't believe him!
He's. . .
I'll call a doctor!
Mum! That man is
trying to swallow Rudger!
Little girl, I am not
trying to swallow him.
I'll simply nullify him
and restore reality.
What are you. . .
This is nothing,
if you do not interfere.
Amanda! Mum'll believe you!
She'll help you!
Ask her about Fridge!
If she calls him,
Fridge will come!
- Mum, Rudger. . .
- Amanda!
- Don't speak!
- Rudger told me. . .
. . .Fridge. . .
Fridge. . .?
A dog. . . A dog called Fridge.
Rudger met him. . .
Rudger. . .?
He's waiting!
Mum, call for Fridge!
A snake?!
How do you like that,
Ms Shuffleup?
Welcome to
the world of the Imaginaries!
Mum. . .
Amanda! I'll save you!
I'll save you!
Save Rudger!
Let that. . . boy go!
Let that boy go. . . I said!
He stays with us!
He's our friend!
I won't let you have him!
Go, Fridge!
What a bunch of meddling busybodies!
All this for one mere Imaginary?
Back off,
and let me eat him in peace.
Live your life, with Mum!
So this is
a taste beyond imagination.
Quite difficult to describe.
Not so much fresh as. . .
. . .thoroughly rotten.
And yet, I have done it.
Eaten an exceptional Imaginary.
Yes, this is what I wanted. . .
"Mr Bunting"
I'm okay. I'm okay now.
Welcome back, Amanda!
I'm back, Mum.
Rudge, you told me the truth.
She's all grown up,
and looks so happy.
Yeah. My Amanda
looks so happy too.
Has something happened?
Um. . . No.
- She's awake!
- She is.
I'll tell her doctor!
Thank you, Rudger!
Thank you, Fridge!
Rudger, thanks for coming back.
It wasn't just me.
My library friends helped too.
Zinzan, Snowflake. . .
and Emily.
Amanda, you'll be happy
and sad, over and over,
and you'll grow up.
Amanda, I always am,
and always will be, a part of you.
I'm glad you came.
3 months, 3 weeks,
and 3 days ago.
Amanda. . .
Never disappear,
protect each other,
and never ever. . .
Never, ever cry.
Rudger, let's go!
On our last adventure!
A bird not ever seen.
A flower not ever seen.
A breeze not ever seen.
A night not ever seen.
Ever seen anything. . .
. . .so wonderful?
Well. . .
I have!
Directed by Yoshiyuki Momose
Screenplay and Produced by
Yoshiaki Nishimura
Based on the Novel "The Imaginary"
by A.F. Harrold
Illustrated by Emily Gravett
(Bloomsbury Publishing)
Music by
Kenji Tamai & agehasprings
Supervising Animator Kenichi Konishi
Art Director Kosuke Hayashi
Texture and Lighting Director Anael Seghezzi
Director of Photography Susumu Fukushi
Digital Imaging Director Atsushi Okui
Sound Design Kouji Kasamatsu
End Theme Song
"Nothing's Impossible"
performed by A Great Big World
featuring Rachel Platten
written and composed by
Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino
Rudger Kokoro Terada
Amanda Rio Suzuki
Lizzie Sakura Ando
Emily Riisa Naka
Aurora Hana Sugisaki
Zinzan Takayuki Yamada
Granny Downbeat Atsuko Takahata
The Old Dog Akira Terao
Mr Bunting Issey Ogata
In-between/Clean-up Chief Yuka Chomei
Character Color Design Naoko Koge
CG Production Director Hiroyuki Yoshida
Subtitle Production by AURA
A Studio Ponoc Film