The Immortal Wars: Resurgence (2019) Movie Script

I'm gonna kill you.
They said
the wars were terrible
and sectors were built
to keep the people safe,
led by men who value
knowledge and logic,
one man called Dominion
led people to think
he was honorable and honest.
Many still believe that.
The truth is, he
has created anarchy.
Over a billion people
have been murdered
under the hands of
Dominion Industries.
Growing up, I tried to
figure out who I was.
Now, more than ever, I
don't know who I truly am,
but I, along with
other deviants,
have already been labeled.
We've already been cast out.
We were the ones
blamed for the wars
and each and every
single day, we fight.
We fight for what's right.
We fight for our lives.
We fight to survive.
Let's move.
Is this a part of your plan?
Where are we going?
What now?
I don't know.
You just don't
give up, do you?
You know, watching you
kill those other fighters
almost makes me feel
Not yet.
Not that way.
Did you really think
defeating me would
grant you your freedom?
You feel that?
That's death creeping in.
The end is rising.
Don't worry.
I'll make it quick.
I didn't ask for this.
I don't want to do this, but...
Dominion will fall.
I win.
It is revealed.
It will return.
We are witnessing
history in the making.
The tale of a young
fighter has flourished
into a legendary moment.
The world's most powerful
deviant stands before us.
United States has once
again proven to be
the strongest sector
on the planet.
I told you she'd win.
When are you gonna
learn to just trust me?
We're on.
We're on.
Tonight's events will change
the world as we know it.
Let us recap this
year's battles.
Please stay with us
because when we return,
the annual victor
walk will commence.
And we're out.
We need to hurry.
It's this way.
Trikalypse, I'm
your biggest fan.
Trikalypse, I love you!
We need a win, Trikalypse.
Oh shit.
I'm keeping it running.
You're coming with us.
Let's move.
Scramble the security teams,
sweep the corridor with
a UV light immediately.
Sir, they got away.
They got away.
They have also taken
Fresno with them.
Is there anything else?
We found the body
of Major Bid, sir.
We were betrayed.
Lieutenant Jankins
led them to escape.
Major Hart,
You're in command now.
Assemble Alpha Team and find em.
Have my daughters go
to the south quarters.
Yes, sir.
Move out.
This is the main
entrance checkpoint.
Are you okay?
I mean, I don't know.
I thought sanctuary
camps no longer existed.
Above ground they're illegal,
but we've learned to
survive down here.
Is that her?
They've been following you
throughout the entire show.
Some of them look up to you.
We're saved.
Others well,
they're not so supportive.
It means freedom.
It's a reminder of why we fight.
You and the others
are more than welcome
to stay for as
long as you'd like.
You should get some rest.
We're still waiting for
the second team to arrive.
They should be back
from D.I. Soon.
It's our way of saying
Dominion Industries.
We don't acknowledge
his name entirely.
are they still there?
Our first objective
was to get you out.
The second was to
take D.I. down.
Get some rest.
I'll have someone notify
you when they return.
This is how they treat us.
This is where they
want us to die.
Do not fear.
For I am born of death.
You have all been
trapped in darkness,
but you are all much more
powerful than you think.
Reach down.
Reach down into your
inner core and live.
You will see that they
only made us stronger
and everything
that they have done
will turn to ashes
beneath our feet.
That's impressive.
So you're the winner.
It's just, I didn't, sorry,
I just never thought of you
as uh, well anyway, I watched
you throughout the whole show.
I knew you'd be the winner.
I mean the way you
took out D.K. was...
Don't mind Evan here.
This sapian is
somewhat of a fan.
You mean you're...
Yeah, one of the few down here.
I want to introduce
you to someone.
Go on.
All right, fine, fine.
Dominion Industry's headquarters
have collapsed due to
a series of explosions.
The attack happened
less than an hour ago.
Authorities are still arriving.
The number of casualties
is still rising.
Again, Dominion Industry's
headquarters has collapsed
due to a series of explosions,
only 24 hours from
the previous attack.
Authorities believe
these attacks
are linked to the disappearance
of T.V. personality,
Chris Fresno.
Is it true?
It is.
Innocent people are dead.
That makes us no
better than them.
You're right.
I'm Calera.
I run this place.
For us, this is a safe haven,
a place where both humans
and deviants are one.
Follow me, I'd like
to show you something.
Everything that's
happened was set in motion
even before the show began.
Winning comes with sacrifice.
We knew what the
consequences would be
even before it all started.
Were the
consequences worth it?
We got you out.
The second team found
her barely breathing
along with a few more.
how is this possible?
Seems like she's healing
herself from the inside out.
Find them and end them.
Bring her to me even if
it's her head on a stick.
Yes sir?
Are you settled in?
Yes, sir.
You heard what he said,
aim to kill.
Dead or alive.
Oh I can't believe this
is it, our first mission.
You do understand the
importance of this mission, right?
You make one mistake
and it'll be your head
I take back to Dominion.
You may be used to the way
Bedsor did things around here,
but I'm in charge now.
And if any one of you make
the slightest mistake,
you'll be tasting the
bottom of my boot so fast,
you won't see it coming.
All of you have been
given a second chance.
It may not seem like it now,
but you all were
chosen for a reason.
I could not imagine what
you all went through,
but you survived and
we'll continue to fight
and bring down D.I..
Today's events were
just the first steps
to bringing peace and
order to the world.
And you?
You will be the one that
brings an end to it all.
With violence?
By going through
this all over again?
Look, we got you all out.
Some of us didn't make
it, Dominic, Costa,
Alios, Bloodshed, they
died for what's right.
They died for all of you.
Each one of them
believed in you.
They did what they needed
to do for the mission,
even if it meant death.
you guys gotta see this.
People of the
world, I address you as one.
Since the wars, the planet
has found a way to survive.
It is survival built
on trust and order.
In the past 48 hours,
you have watched
a great amount of violence
following the actions
of some of the chosen
deviants in this age
of the Immortal Wars.
They have caused a great
amount of destruction
as well as taking the
lives of my fellow leaders.
Which brings me to announce,
effective immediately,
I am honored and privileged
to step up as world leader.
These are dark days and those
who follow this dark path,
your actions are based
on misleading beliefs,
beliefs that go against the law.
Deviants are the reason
this planet cracked.
We stopped them from
bringing us down.
We taught our children
the right way of life,
with peace and humility.
Disbelieving in that
puts the system at risk.
Dominion Industries
provides for the people
security and order.
Without it, the world as we
know it will cease to exist.
It'd be filled with crime,
destruction and death.
The individuals you
see are not human.
They cause destruction.
They bring death
and that is why,
from this day forward,
all deviants will be
taken into custody.
Those who follow their paths
will be considered a traitor,
traitor to the people.
Showing support or
displaying civilization
with these criminals
will be considered
an act of treason as
well, punishable by death.
Justice shall be served.
Trikalypse and
our fellow futures
must pay for what
they have done.
I promise, to the people of
Lambent and fellow sectors,
this will end.
Hand over Trikalypse, or
everyday death shall follow.
What's the plan?
We continue on.
Objective three will commence.
Let's go.
Hey Charge,
looks like we found your match.
You got an army
around here, huh?
I agree with Mr. Tall,
Dark and Dangerous here.
Come on, man, why?
Why what?
Why now?
Why us?
The fact that you
are all still alive
makes you the group
that will save us all.
You brought us back to life.
We all died already.
Yes, I brought you all back,
but it can only happen once.
It won't happen again.
Your death was already gonna
happen because of this.
What's that?
This bug was planted
into each one of you
during processing.
Your death was set the
moment it entered your body.
He controls it, your
strength, power, healing.
It was already gonna happen.
Once your time is up, it
releases a toxic pesticide
into your bloodstream that
silently takes you out,
but for some reason,
their system malfunctioned
which gave us the
window to move in.
Unfortunately, it
made you all targets,
but your bug wasn't set.
Dominion knew you would win
so he never turned it on.
Ah, let me introduce you.
Spike, Lucas, Lash,
Tiphoid, Ryon, and Edmond,
these are your freedom fighters.
Freedom fighters, yeah.
They've also witnessed
the wrath of Dominion.
Now, Trikalypse
will be leading us.
Why me?
You're the strongest
deviant ever recorded.
You shook the ground
beneath Dominion.
You cracked their system.
It's true.
You're the only one that
can end all of this.
I believe in you.
Believe in you.
Yes, sir?
Any updates?
I was able to track
the faint signal
a few miles from
the east quarters.
I'm working on pinpointing
its exact location.
Patch me through to Hart.
This is Hart.
Round up a few
of the innocents.
Round up a few
of the innocents.
Make it live.
The people of Lambent must know
that she's taking our
kind down with her.
You got me?
You're set.
It's okay, have a seat.
You okay?
You know, during the shows,
kinda had a hard time keeping
my composure around you.
Yes, slipped a few times.
Oh really?
Just a little.
They're awake.
I'm alive?
Yeah, you're back.
Yeah, you're back.
Looks like the
team's now complete.
Let me go, let
me go, baby no, no.
Please get off me,
somebody help me!
It's okay, it's okay,
baby, it's okay.
These individuals have had
contact with the fugitives.
No, nobody's done,
no miss, no, baby no.
We haven't done anything.
Let go.
These individuals
have committed treason
by helping these criminals.
That was, let me go.
Witness what she
is doing to us.
She's killing us.
She's killing our children.
No, oh god, please
no, no, no, no baby, look.
Baby, look at me.
No, no, look at
me, look at me!
She has to be stopped!
I will find her and she'll pay
for what she did to my family.
She's killing us!
In a few hours, nothing but
the objective will matter.
Some will die.
Others will continue forward.
Prepare yourselves mentally.
Physically you're ready.
Otherwise you wouldn't
be here if you weren't.
What you are all
about to go through
is something that you have
never experienced before.
All of your powers
have been charged.
What Dominion doesn't
know is that the UV lines
and the UV rounds
suppressed your powers,
made them dormant.
But in some way, all of your
powers have been charged.
All of you have new abilities
that need to be discovered.
Reach deep inside.
Pull out the pain, the anger,
all that is inside of
your heart and soul
and use it.
All my fault.
It's my fault.
You did this.
How long have
you been standing there?
Long enough to see you fly.
You lifted off the ground.
Can you do it again?
I don't know.
I can't.
Yes you can.
I know you can.
When did this happen?
Oh don't worry, he
didn't see anything.
Let's suit up.
Shut up.
Well well well, looks like
little Chrissy's finally up.
Hey freak.
All right,
guys, that's enough.
Leave him alone.
You're lucky.
You know it's people like you
that split me and my family up.
They were killed by
Dominion and his soldiers.
That night you came on
the nightly coverage
and explained that a massive
cleansing was successful.
This is where you
forced us to hide.
Our kids aren't able
to see sunlight,
unable to live a normal life?
Just think about that.
How did you get all this?
Calera's been assembling
the team for some time now.
Working undercover played
a big part in this.
And that's where I come in.
Before meeting Calera, I got
word there was a facility
that was genetically
enhancing humans,
trying to create the
ultimate soldier.
So naturally, I had
to see for myself.
I broke into D.I. and
did a self-guided tour.
Security cameras,
hallways, ventilation shafts,
Typhoid basically
created a map in his mind
which we now have.
But this map is
useless though.
The whole facility
was destroyed.
It was a decoy.
That's right.
You see the location he
held this year's show
was at a building
Dominion just dressed up
for the Immortal Wars.
Well, you see, Dominion
has these fake distractions
built all over the sector.
When we got into their system,
we discovered that
their main headquarters
is just south from us.
It's the exact
same building only,
Oh hell no.
Oh no, no, no, it's one
thing to be 100 levels up,
but to be 100, 200
feet underground,
you may as well be walking
to your own graves.
He's right.
That doesn't sound safe.
That's why you're
not coming with us.
You will help us get there.
Trikalypse, Iro, Leo
and myself will go in.
The rest of you,
take the exterior.
And remember the facility is
rigged with security cameras
that have all of our faces
recorded and targeted.
Once we're inside,
we have to be quick.
We have codes that
need to be entered
into Dominion's system.
Once these codes are entered,
it will give us access to all
of Dominion's top secret files
and will destroy any
security firewall.
We do this, we expose Dominion
Industries to the world.
That is the objective.
Now we must stay off grid.
Dominion has the area
tightly monitored
so we travel by foot.
All right, let's move out.
She'll be safe.
I'll be waiting
at the checkpoint.
I never said thank
you for everything.
It's part of my job.
You're not coming with us?
I don't fight.
I stick with what
I'm good at, living.
Come on, let's get you ready.
When you spot the fugitives,
you hold your formation
and you take no prisoners.
Prime targets, Lieutenant
Jankins, Iro, Leo,
Project Blackout,
and Trikalypse.
So soldiers, whatever you
come across out there,
understand one thing,
you'll be in a
fight like no other.
Move out.
You heard her, move out.
Let's go.
Leave Trikalypse to me.
But Dominion say to...
I'm sorry, say again?
Dominion isn't
here on the ground.
Believe me,
if she comes across
any of our subjects,
she will end us.
If you see her, you
better notify me.
Do you understand?
This way.
It's roughly 100 yards
ahead to the left.
Come on.
Let's go.
What is it?
It's a quarantine area.
When Dominion's science
projects go wrong,
he disposes of them.
He just throws them
out in the streets?
It's his way of
population control.
This guy gets more
twisted by the second.
If we split up, we
continue to the checkpoint.
Sibyl and the others
will meet us there.
Let's go.
So how do you create it?
I can't create it on my own.
I can conduct the charge from
any power source around me.
Have you tried to
create it on your own?
It doesn't work.
I'm sure you can.
I had that problem
when I was younger.
I practiced a lot
and eventually,
It began to spark.
Maybe after all this,
I can teach you?
I'd like that.
Come on.
No, I don't want
to end up like these people.
Did you hear me?
Yes and you won't, okay?
None of us will.
How much
further do we have?
Just another
couple of blocks.
Straight this way.
You good?
I'm sorry, I have to ask.
Are you completely blind?
I'm just curious.
How do you know
where you're going?
I see movements,
vibrations, sound.
It's kind of like radar.
Every few seconds, I
see vibration waves.
That's cool.
Have you always been blind?
What is it?
I thought I saw,
You sure?
It's just up here.
No, no, no, no, wait!
No, no!
We have to do something!
Let's go, let's keep moving.
What are you crazy?
What if there are more of
those light things out there?
Get it off us, move!
This way, come on.
This way, this way!
Watch out!
You are entering
a high security area.
All citizens must pass
through both scanners.
Family members must pass
through security check.
Once you have, proceed
in an orderly fashion.
Confessions are being taken.
The situation is under
high surveillance.
okay, let her pass.
We've got movement
in quarantine zone three.
I got you.
I got you.
Through here, here!
You, you killed her.
You killed her, why
did you do that?
I was trying to help.
I was helping
her, you killed her.
That's enough!
That's enough!
Come on.
Come on, we have to go.
We have to keep going.
You okay?
Come on, let's go.
Where the hell are they?
Is this it?
This is the checkpoint.
They should be here by now.
The grounds are
crawling with guards.
We'll have to pick
it up at sunrise.
You okay?
where's Edmond?
No, not Edmond.
No please, no please,
not Edmond, please, no.
No, please.
Damage report.
There definitely was movement.
Radar detected high levels of
energy about 40 minutes ago.
Scan the perimeter.
Yes, ma'am.
This is Hart.
I was able to pinpoint
that signal from the tracker.
I'm sending over
the coordinates now.
Three miles from headquarters?
She must have found
a way to take it out.
Where are you?
All right, guys, we'll
rest here for the night
until things calm down.
Get some rest.
You all right?
look, it's not your fault.
You did your best.
She was dead before
your power hit.
Don't worry about him.
Every time I use my
power, someone dies.
It's more like a
curse than a gift.
Maybe Dominion's right.
Maybe I should be
locked away or dead.
No, you don't mean that.
I know you don't.
You're the reason
we're all still here.
You need to believe,
just like we all do.
This is it, isn't it?
What do you mean?
Those things out
there, they were once me.
Just another one of
their sick projects.
It's only a matter
of time before I
change back to...
You'd have changed by now.
What did they do
to you in there?
I don't know.
My powers went from seeing
red to black and white.
It's as if they
put a veil over me,
something took over,
something dark.
So you did see once.
You know what the color red is.
You see?
All of this blood and
death is because of you.
What's wrong?
Let's go.
Let's move.
Hey man, wake up,
we're moving out.
Poor guy, died angry.
Let's go.
Come on.
This way, let's keep moving.
Hey right over
here, stick close.
Hey, come on.
No, you guys go ahead.
Are you sure?
We both know I don't fight.
I'll head back to camp,
see if I can help Clara
tap into Dominion's system.
Let's keep moving.
make sure you stop this asshole.
You hungry?
We have movement,
30 yards out.
They're here.
Notify everyone.
Mr. Fresno.
Glad to see you're okay.
No sign of Trikalypse, but uh,
the mission wasn't a total loss.
We're here to rescue you, sir.
Mr. Fresno?
Sir, are you okay?
It's okay, you're okay.
They found our plans.
We need to warn the others.
There it is,
that's how we get in.
Let's go.
No, we have to keep going.
How did she find us?
Well, well, well,
if it isn't Trikalypse
and her band of freaks.
Thanks to our secret operative,
we were able to jump in
front of your current path.
What have you done?
A man's gotta survive and
Dominion made an offer
I couldn't pass up.
How could you?
Easy, like this.
You'll die for this.
We are not going with you.
Oh really?
Says who?
It's about time,
round two.
You seem a bit weak.
Why are you holding back?
I'm not trying to kill you.
I promise I won't hit hard.
Is that it, come on!
Don't hold back.
She's mine.
Snap out of it!
You're not human.
Not your typical human.
Stay down or I'll make you.
You know, I never understood
why you were the leader.
You're pathetic.
You picked the
wrong side, Jankins.
Just give it up.
There's no way you can beat me.
I'm stronger than you.
Wake up,
wake up, Jankins, wake up.
Hey, we got something.
Seems like a pretty big pulse,
about three miles from D.I..
Finally, only she
can cause such a spike.
They are only a
couple miles away.
Yeah, now we
have to figure out
a way to scramble security.
I have an idea.
I can shut down the system
the moment they are detected.
That'll give em 15 minutes
to make their move.
After that, they're
on their own.
El controls everything
from the inside
and it'll be
impossible to stop her.
Well then, Trikalypse
will have to figure it out.
Be ready for when they arrive.
What is it?
You know we can't stop her.
She's programmed to kill.
They're walking
into a death trap.
Yeah, but that's
why we chose her.
They can do this.
As one of his failed programs,
you know there's
always a glitch.
God help them.
I can't bury him yet.
Maybe Sibyl can bring him back.
He's not one of us.
We have to try.
You be brave, okay?
Spike's gonna take you back
to camp and you'll be safe.
Go now.
I can't.
This one hasn't
moved in a while.
I think it's expired.
What the fuck?
Yeah, it's dead.
Must have broke its
neck in the blast.
Cut it down.
You're disgusting.
I'm going to kill you.
We'll see about that.
You really thought you
could beat us, didn't you?
Subject one,
sanitization complete.
Subject two,
sanitization complete.
So what's the plan?
You two find the control room,
scramble the system,
find an exit plan.
Me and Iro will go for Dominion.
We got this.
Oh god.
These are humans.
He's creating weapons.
Let's get the
hell out of here.
The subjects
are in holding.
Let's get them transported
to separate labs
so we can start the
draining process.
Subject five
five has escaped.
How did this happen?
Come on.
They didn't make it.
We would have received
the security alert by now.
Please, please.
I got something.
Claire, you guys there?
Yes, yes.
Glad you guys made it.
Not all of us.
Just me, Lucas, Iro and
Trikalypse that are left.
Not sure how long we're
gonna have a connection.
We need an exit plan.
Sending it now.
Lucas is inputting the codes.
You guys get out of there.
I got it.
We're in.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I just can't imagine
what all these people
went through down here.
Watch out!
Can't you see we should
be fighting together?
They're trying to kill us.
That may be true,
but you killed me.
So I'm going to kill you.
Well, well, well,
look who got loose.
Help me.
All of them?
Help me!
Get them out of here.
Take her with you.
Go with them.
You win this.
You end him.
You know, when I
first laid eyes on you,
I knew you were the one.
I knew you'd win.
Ah, not so fast.
You're one of us.
As much as it
pains me to say, yes.
Yes, I am.
You know, I asked that
too when I lost her.
She was all I had.
I had a beautiful little girl,
had her whole life
in front of her.
All she ever wanted
was to help people.
Ever since she was a
kid, all she ever wanted
was to see everyone happy.
But that all came to
an end and I lost her
to someone of your kind.
Our kind.
The deviant
population was rising
just as the human wars began.
It was the perfect opportunity.
The government needed to
pinpoint those responsible.
I saw it as my chance
and I ran with it.
No hard feelings, just business.
Hello father.
Hello darling.
I was able to save
one part of her,
the part that would never
forget who I was to her.
You did all this for her?
It makes no difference.
The world's gonna
know what you've done.
Dominion Industries will
be exposed to everyone.
You think it's easy?
For over a decade, Dominion
Industries has run this planet.
It's not going anywhere, even
after I die, it continues on.
did you come down
here to kill me
or are you going to continue
to talk all this nonsense?
You think I'm
going to fight you?
You're gonna fight them.
Typical Dominion,
getting others to fight
his battles for him.
Too afraid to face
the fact that you're
One of us?
Not bad.
Now before I let you kill me,
I wanna show you something.
Yeah, what's that?
I need you to see the real me.
There it is.
Is it over?
We just got word
that D.I.'s files
made it out to every
sector, every news outlet.
Everyone's seeing the
truth about Dominion.
That's good.
That's real good.
Come back to me.
how is this possible?
I don't know,
but you're back.
What's that?
The new head of Dominion
Industries, Lori Harvey,
breaks her silence.
We'll correct the
mistakes made by my father
and I promise to help those
suffering under the
hands of the gifted ones.
In other news, the
manhunt continues
for the criminals which
rebel groups have deemed
the vanquishers.
Fugitives Trikalypse, Iro, Leo
and other unidentified
deviants are still on the run.
It's her.
My dear sister, welcome back.
I don't think so.