The Incident (2011) Movie Script

You are not familiar with the-fittest Hz' say more?
- I've got it you v0rf'L1nfMinuten said.
- Yeah, sure, you ass.
Your wife is on the bag.
The budget does not get baked.
I really knew now 'tolerate a couple beers.
Power Iockerer for the shootings.
- Beer will help you play better.
- And you, to sing better.
What the hell are you doing?
I mchte wilrzen already today.
It tastes better.
- That you can do it tomorrow.
- No, it should taste good!
Scheifie, bad?
Not very.
Okay, you knntest test as
enter the base drum, please?
La ute, please
- Iaut Not so!
- L'm not the scheif3 Drummer!
Where is the idiot?
- Call him at times but still.
- Certainly not.
- This band can forget you!
- Kick it again, please!
Okay, that's enough. Thank you.
Hey, Bob!
How much time do we have any Ubrig?
45 minutes.
When do wirjetzt conclusion, then we get
's discount?
You pay the amount of time you have booked.
Out of it what it does is not my thing.
Is it cheaper idiots, with
work, you ass? - Snout!
Bob, when did we know back in?
Nchsten Thursday after midnight.
L you do the same price.
Until then, we have the money together
. But I'll call you.
Disc! W0 were you, asshole?
Max, not now!
- I only 'a quarter of an hour I spet too!
- Are you disabled?
I'm talking about last night.
- I was with Amanda.
- The Yeti?
- Snout! l at least have sex.
- With 'NEM Yeti.
Why you do me like that?
We had rented the studio!
Rented and paid for!
All right, Max Work weather.
Scheil3e does, I'm really sorry.
L've got sweaty.
". Scheilz ~ e does, I'm really sorry l s
sweaty Have fucked n Yeti..."
- Okay, that's enough! Go to your work.
- Should we even talk about your old man?
- Max!
- Real mall
- The scheil3 women.
- Face and keep working!
Scheif $ e!
When finally getting to the point,
set the water heater right?
And then this
stench in our locker room. How's his ass stinks there!
I've given up calling there.
The council puts his money into football stadiums Iieber
lrrenanstalt as in 'ne.
- Would the schliefien the store here?
- L do wtmschte.
- Morning, gentlemen!
- Hey, JB.
- Smells of lndia.
- L smell often lndians.
What's today?
Hhnchengeschnetzeltes in a creamy curry sauce. - But not too spicy!
No, between mild.
Fl'Ul morning, "I come to the meat supplier
So I" you flUSSt6St fl'Clh be here.
When exactly?
7 clock.
But now we play tonight!
I had logged into the office. - I'm sorry.
- Scheifie! Yeah well, I'll be there.
- Are you coming to the concert too, Ricky?
- Got it? S start?
- Yes.
Then I let them in now.
Ricky! You kummerst you to the plate.
- Set up in a row on the left wall.
- Their gehrt have him! Go!
Come on!
A tray from the stack, and Leffel
plastic fork out of the basket!
Here comes our Schlafmutze.
Push your tray down through and thanks to you.
And remain in the series.
More like this!
- Thank
- Gem
Here comes Mister Happy.
- Thank
- Gem
Thank you.
Do not let's taste.
Bit more even.
You're welcome.
This is curry.
Hey! Zurilck in the Schlangel
You weil3t very well that you take by
not there may!
When I see you again ervvische here, there's
for you only soup, right?
The End of the line!
Do it!
Everything ok with you?
Yes, all right.
Okay, so people can go weather.
Hi, Pete!
- Thank you.
- Very much, Pete.
The stands on you, dude!
L Yfln!
- Lynn, I need a towel!
- Even seconds!
I dribble.
"Your Fleil3 LESST to wtmschen Ubrig."
- Lynn!
- I'm coming!
Scheif $ e!
Oh, God! Man, I'm cold!
- Are you excited?
- Yes.
We had to because of my finger the whole set indern.
- I hope it is still good.
- If already.
I'm sorry I do not have time.
I knows but that you still need to correct
But I've never 'n concert you
versiumt. but l am your luck charms.
Mind if I
my Glflck now fetch it?
- Nem Nem Nem Nem!!
- Dosh!
No, I have to go. No time for 'n Quicky!
- I'll Speter dominant.
- I want to advise you too!
Good luck!
- That was really scheil3e.
- Yes, unfortunately.
Here, the istf'L1r you. And now
forgave you, tomorrow you have to get out early.
- I can go really?
- Yes.
Thank you, man!
See you tomorrow.
Barrel at times with the Scheif $ e!
The forecast: Today thundery showers
strong west wind,
some with VI /
indgeschwindigkeiten of up to 200 km / h
Temperature: 15 degrees. Over the course of the day with fa
/ lumbar temperatures to expect
Sttirmische The weather is still up tomorrow anha
/ th friih
friih tomorrow at about four degrees are
from cigarette!
Leuft Because of what? Hey!
- Good morning, Wendall.
- Morning, Boss!
Oswald! Tim! Jennifer!
Any problems, the auller
oppression of blacks Cuber Oswald reads? - No.
Nine problems?
No, Tim takes German lessons!
The meat supplier is KUCl'I6.
Hand over her mouth!
I'm tired, man
I'll take you down quickly.
Put that book away and do your lap.
You will not be paid for furs here reading.
- What?
- Her on to read!
There are still K6pfe it.
At the chickens.
- Why the Kpfe are still there?
- So now the liuft.
Oh, this scheifb
Daniel Stokes, please me / you on the
Anme / education
Daniel Stokes, please me / you on
the application. Thank you
What is that supposed to be please?
No, man!
- Alone!
- Hey!
Silence! Remain seated and be quiet!
Stand at the back!
Path of him! Sit somewhere else!
You Take a tray from the stack, a plastic fork and
'nen Leffel from the basket.
Fucking storm! Could hardly see the
Stral3e. How Lief this morning?
With the storm I had no problems.
But deliver us
Hflhnerjetzt with the head.
Stuck in a Fleischtute the skull of any animal.
Do not know what that was.
But not the skull of Behindi-Ricky?
This Schedel
Do we make because of BrL'lhe?
Each cadaver-loathing, the
provide to us, you ask:
"George, we're doing k6nnen Bruhe from?"
Look: brain! "We're doing K6nnen
Brflhe from?"
Rotten meat, "Bruhe!"
I'm glad that I no longer live together with you
Do you like our humor is not?
True. You are comfortable at home you only really well-
. The bottom of your old slippers!
Honestly, Max! That's enough!
Lynn is cute! When you consider how little I deserve
and who my friends are
- He says you, Spasti!
- No, you, Max!
H6R on to be as aggro!
You rst hC ' never! Enough is enough!
Fuck! Fuck!
It is enough! Fuck!
Hey, George! Reil3 yourself together!
Path with this gentleman!
It is enough! Fuck!
It is enough! Fuck! Enough is enough!
Fuck! Enough is enough!
I'm sorry, man!
Types as they should the residues on the
electric chair to coal.
Such a mess.
If I were on the other side of the disc
I was a bit more
wtmschen respect from you.
George ! Hey, George!
George! George! All right
I'm just tired.
've Slept too little.
Well, the weather.
Hi, Pete!
Thank you, George.
Tonight it Hhnchen-Scarparella,
is this pasta with eggplant saut, right?
The way I get alone. You only sleep.
- No, man
- Yes! Lie down!
And you zihlst the pills after every time?
If the weather!
- I can not see my FUI3e.
- You do not have to! Just go!
Do not bring me to beat you.
Make you want to?
To get him.
Since when do the 'n base?
Back! Back with you!
- Speit What is it?
- The power goes off!
Is assumed only the light and then there's drauflen
's loud bang.
But there are still 'ne
emergency power supply. - Broken.
How the automatic doors and everything else here.
We have included here?
My God!
- Speit What is it?
- Six.
- Could JB einschliefien people still?
- Some wait there in the dark!
Hatjemand maintenance people called or the Stromgesellschafi?
JB tries to figure out degree,
what's going on. He is in the next room.
- What is he doing?
- Checks to the lamps.
The lights are off! It's dark!
- Befurchtet How: We are fucked!
- Why?
A flash of the power supply has shut down.
It works just the emergency lighting.
- Smtliche cables are scorched.
- Gtterspeise is all.
Are they here in Gebude everywhere only Glflhbirnen?
Some of the lighting consists of Neonrhren. I prufe yet.
- It's dark!
- Alone!
Otherwise there's the whole week
for you all just soup!
The current society, where there's
's emergency response team?
Kflmmern Zunchst we must ourselves to the occupants.
This is not right.
Will not work.
Bobby! Shut up!
W0 are Llberhaupt the other security guards?
Probably on the other side of the Gebudes.
Wendall brings just the tvvo
occupants in their cells. l need your help,
and imprison the rest again.
- Forget it!
The mflssen in their cells! The
are full of drugs, there is no risk.
It's not my job!
Call but the cops!
There is here a
gefhrliche exceptional situation, the
affects us all. - L'm here!
- I do not.
- George!
The you know, you see every day
by the glass. You are safe.
I take the tough hides.
Come on, George.
- Okay.
- Go ahead.
You need to keep them in line. George, you go ahead
. William, you're going at the end.
If you are in the cells
, let go to
and schliel3t from. If someone steps out of line
threatens him to her, that her
bring him to me.
The round is for the cafeteria
And the Square for the cell block.
We get along.
So 'ne Scheifie.
All herh6ren! The light will soon tackle
again. We promise!
- K6che What you doing here?
- They bring you to your room!
You have permission to discipline any
who steps out of line.
Food and medicine's in the rooms.
- Who where the permits? You?
- This may not carry the no!
Darfur need 'ne Ausbildungl
If he touches me, I cry.
Keep face and sit down!
To you I kilmmere myself!
Residents of Tract B shall be
in a row at the door. George and William
now bring you to your rooms.
The goes on by itself.
Are you the first time in 'NER Pats?
It is his first time!
Stop it!
Heillt your name? Now say it!
James Harper.
- Okay, did you see him?
- L got it.
Hey, you can get up?
What do you think when we have power again?
Do you think JB and Wendell have the situation under control
? - I do not know.
- See Should not we? For security?
- We wait until the lights!
Only really get why the weil3e guard 'nen Taser?
It's only fair. In such 'a situation of
you can get a better disguise than I am.
Kiss my ass, Spackol
rather pass on what you do!
Come here, Bimbo!
Bob Kistler.
Martin Hauden.
Arthur West.
James Harper.
That's you
Stephen Gordon.
Man - Hey!
There comes out of.
Hey, man, what's happening?
All right, dude?
What's gotten into him?
No! l want to get out!
Hey! Hey!
Go immediately to your room!
What the push for 's movie, dude?
Whatever it is, 'ne repetition
I do not need it.
We Bring Back the.
Oh, man
blood I?
No. lf only a little red.
- What is the out come?
- No Plan.
Kijlmmert From now on, any self-re
to his Scheif2. - J.
nothing away like!
Come on, man!
$ E Scheif...
- W0 is JB?
- I do not know.
We get the knife from the KiJche!
Hey, Carter.
Hey, boss. Do you like my Kochktmste?
- The Tur.
- Yes.
- The table in front!
- Yes!
- That they will not stay permanently.
- No.
In the pantry!
Max, you're in there?
George! Fuck!
You've scared me to death!
Why it took so long?
I tell 's you, Ricky is shot by vdllig.
He has gone mad!
- Hey, Ricky!
- L'm not out. Never.
W0 is JB?
Do not know.
- FHUSSGH We call the police.
- We have no telephone.
Come on!
The kitchen is complete.
Nobody comes inside. We are safe.
How do you know?
A Scheil3 weil3t you!
Ricky, that's a fact!
Here you can come in no one.
But it is also 'ne fact that there is no
Come on, dude! Everything will be fine.
Come out if you're ready, okay?
W0 is JB?
I know not.
Scheif $ e!
There are a few of which drauflen!
I come!
Did he see us!
WeiB not.
Scheifie, Scheme!
I see nothing here!
Max, come!
The disc does not get the breaks, right?
Oh, God!
KUCHG Our three stars!
They have offered my grandfather a car.
Four Tflren, air conditioning, weil2 s turn.
- Max, look at him not!
- Is the JB?
Come, boys!
If the weather.
Hey, look.
Are their drugs?
- I've watched Harry Green.
- Where?
He has one occupants made to
spit his pills.
- Sure?
- Scheille, no! I do not know.
As well as I see it either.
What fl [] S '[6f'l her anyway? That's albernl
your torch burns,
who know us can see.
Should we wander around in the dark?
Here we do not know to stay! Go!
- What are you doing?
- The Tflr on!
Scheme, which is never without power!
Take the flashlight off, otherwise we have gleichl
Does nothing.
What a Scheifkteil!
- What do wirjetzt with Ricky?
- What do we do?
Okay, him forth.
I schtze times, so far no one has yet
called the police.
Okay, where are the phones?
As far as I know, is one in
Bilro by JB.
And in the registration room is perhaps one more thing.
So the office.
Yes, there are also different conclusion I.
- Let's run through it?
- We have some 'choice ne?
He) '-
What is it?
What is it?
Was anything. Weather.
He) '-
- Does it help me? l collect vouchers.
- Coupons?
Yes, if I'm going to dismiss did not
I have saved a lot Ubrig.
- We'll be back.
- Cool.
Bring me then with newspapers.
- Schliel3 off!
- Quiet!
- Okay.
- LESST final step, the only of aul3en.
all of their medications are not taken.
- Normalervveise betubt are like zombies.
- Today's zombies are on speed.
What do you think?
Why should all start pltzlich
, spit out their pills?
- Auflerjemand has told them
- Harry Green?
- Yes, I've watched him.
- Is Scheib but no matter!
- The lrren are of ruckus!
- L saw it exactly!
- He has incited the others!
- And? Want it vorknfjpfen dirjetzt?
We have to get out of here.
At best before they're done with
do whatever it since.
When to eat is it?
Soon, okay?
- For how long?
- 15 minutes.
- Hey, what's so funny?
- Is your first time here with us!
- What did they do to JB's body?
- I do not know.
Fuck, man!
We still have to JB's in office.
Do it!
JB's office is still 's stucco weather, but from here normalervveise
is completed!
- Then have the Schltlssell
- Yes.
Looks like there were
a nurse in the office.
But I do not know.
Did you call the police?
See you then.
Have killed the JB. Because
draufien lot's going on.
Do you have verstndigt the police?
Because of the blackout?
Have you called anyone yet? - What for?
Because we 'NEM lrrenhaus stuck with wrong
Not shout at me!
Okay, then let me call.
- Okay?
- Disc, fuck off!
You motherfucker!
- That's it! l get ready!
- Fuck!
Mieses Scheib asshole!
It's enough. He has had enough.
Come on.
If you give me the phone?
Max, to see whether the type is Schlilssel at
, to ensure that we know the door abschlief3 s.
Come on!
Yes! Okay.
This is an emergency call from the Sans-psychiatry.
My name is George Marshall, I
The Psychiatric Clinic, yes. Exactly.
failed the entire stream and the occupants run amok.
You have at least one security guard and the other gettet
The electronic locks are, therefore,
Yes, of course we tried that!
Yes, my colleagues and I, yes.
This is I do not care!
Here Iiegt the body of a Wrters,
which they have cut off his head!
I do not care who they send:
It must go away quickly!
Faster you know not to be here? Oh great!
When k6nnen to be here?
In an hour. Frflhestens.
Oh great.
I'm fine.
Do you really think that Harry
Green is behind it all?
- Weil3 I do not.
- Bullshit.
Harry Green is well 'n
lrrer like the others. He will be their Anfilhrer?
Any reason there has to be yes.
You think they need a reason?
We are in the 'NEM lrrenhaus. You are
inmates. There you have the reason!
Hey, Max, I'm sorry that I
you have a job offer here.
I's sorry to have taken it.
If I keep this here About Live,
I am on my guitar.
I'll just make music.
Yes, you're right.
- Then we will finally finish the album.
- Oh, come on, man!
Do not be Scheib.
You go to Lynn Back.
To your elders. The istjetzt your thing.
But I knew that! Since
I wasting my life Iieber weather
What's soil, man
ran Go on!
Hey, it's me.
Yes, at work.
If you also failed at the current? Yes, yes.
Yes, here he is from.
No, do not worry.
We are safe here.
I wanted nurfragen if you are okay. All right, good
See you there.
I love you.
See you soon.
No! No!
No! No!
It's Ricky!
Do not move!
H6rt on!
What do you want? Hert on!
Aufhren! Will you come out here?
Is that
Is he alive?
I think he...
Scheifie ! Let me see, Max!
Oh, Scheif $ e!
Scheif $ e!
- George!
- Yes.
Get more 'n Towel!
Turn it on its side so that
he did not suffocate.
Let's go.
Oh, God!
- I got it.
- Okay.
Okay, go easy.
What are you doing?
Help me!
Help me here!
George! What the hell are you doing?
George! George!
Quick! Grab the K6che!
Hey, there is one of the K6chen!
The cops mflssen be here any minute!
You're dead, asshole!
$ Welf I, that it was you.
Harry Green.
"weifl it.
Max! Max! Max!
Wake up!
Max! Max!
Max, wake up now!
Aufh6ren Hey! Max!
Max, wake up!
Max, wake up, man!
Max, down there!
H6rt on!
- H6rt that!
- Rotary h6her times.
Max! Max!
Pete, what are you doing, man?
Pete, what are you doing?
Pete, do not!
- Pete, please!
- Hold still!
Pete, come on! No!
Pete, look at me!
Why did you do that?
Do not do this. Why do you do that?
What did the guy before me?
Green's behind it?
My friends Max and Ricky are dead
And JB also killed.
They were always nice to you.
- And I also.
- L weil3.
Help Well, then me.
Please help me.
I weil3, Green has told you to do that.
Help me to simply, Pete.
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- Get Harry Green to come here.
Do you do that?
Harry Green bring you to me?
Thank you.
- W0 is the pig?
- Come out of there!
Fuck you all!
Scheif $ e!
It smells like gas.
We will all die.
You can save us, Harry.
Turning the gas off.
Come Back!
Come Back!
- Come back, you motherfucker!
- George!
- Sofortl
- This is it!
Come on, George! Everything is good!
We have to bring him to fresh air.
Is it , George?
Are you George Marshall?
No, I'm not George Marshall
Come on, George, we outta here.
Harry Green.
My friend Max is still in there!
Please stay liegenl to
lhrer own safety.
Hey, Rockstar.
How are you today?
How are you? Are you okay
Are you okay, honey?
As you fflhlst you?
Is it better today?
Everything will be fine.
I'll help you.
I love you so much.
Hette This happen to anyone familiar with. You have no guilt.
It's not your fault.
I was helping you so much, honey.
Everything will be fine.
What are you doing?
I want it today root from time to ensure that the
taste better feeds.
What you can do it tomorrow.
If I do something, do it right!
Real, here in the store
that's pointless.
Everything has a meaning, Max
Work weather.
In narrow W'L1rfel, okay?
Stop it, man!
You have got in!
You are here!
You are here!