The Indian Fighter (1955) Movie Script

My friend Grey Wolf likes to play tricks.
Next time I kill you.
I'm glad you put it off.
- Any reason for this?
- Because you are here.
I'm here to see your brother.
Red Cloud and I happen to be friends.
There is no friendship between
red man and white. The fight is to the end.
Ride back to your people.
There is no room for you here.
You've grown a big mouth, Grey Wolf.
I didn't come to talk to a big mouth,
I've come to talk to a big man.
- Hello, Red Cloud.
- Johnny Hawks.
- I was told you were dead.
- Somebody lied.
I did a little fighting in the war.
White man against white. We were hoping
you would kill each other off.
- Didn't last that long.
- Too bad.
Where are the rest of your people?
Hunting what?
Why are you here?
I'm on my way to the new fort.
I wanted to say hello to an old friend.
Why are you here?
- There's a wagon train at the fort.
- I know.
Will you let it pass through?
Why not? I am at peace.
- Between killings?
- I kill only those who break my law.
What law is that?
White men must not come into our land
looking for gold.
Gold? I didn't know there was any around.
White men must not come
and trade whiskey for gold.
It takes two to make a trade.
I've punished both.
- They broke the law.
- They look sorry for it.
I'll help you keep your law.
But we'll punish our own lawbreakers.
You believe a man
who has killed so many of us?
He's killed twice as many of mine.
Is the captain of the fort to be trusted?
Come and speak to him.
You two might get along good.
- I will be there tomorrow.
- I'll tell him.
Johnny Hawks.
Not until you have eaten with your friends.
Thanks, Red Cloud, but I think I should...
I am kind of hungry.
Open it.
Looks like gold.
Feels like it.
Tastes like gold. Where does it live?
- I hope you will never learn.
- Why?
It would make me unhappy to see
your hair growing on a stick.
Any one of my people
who tells a white man, dies.
But you're rich. Gold will buy horses,
blankets. You're very rich.
Will it bring back the buffalo
your people will kill?
Will it clean the streams your people will
fill with filth as they search for yellow iron?
Will it bring back the beauty of the land?
I'm already rich in the only wealth I want -
that which you see about us.
Think of these things
while you are waiting for sleep.
Are you angry because
I saw you in the water?
I've seen your mother wash you
when you were that high.
I am not that high any more.
No, you're not.
Go away. No more gold.
No more gold for whiskey. I tell Red Cloud.
- Why are you killing people?
- I didn't kill anybody.
- Who did?
- What's it to you?
Who did?
- Fella named Chivington.
- Where are you from?
The new fort, the wagon train.
- What were you doing here?
- Just doing some night hunting.
- Shooting owls?
- Anything that showed.
Couple of Indians come by,
Chivington gets scared, starts shooting.
Next thing I know,
this redskin here jumps me.
I need this fool for a witness.
- I ask for the prisoner.
- He is my brother's prisoner.
What does that mean?
I gotta fight him for your hide.
- What happens if you lose?
- Then my troubles will be over.
Yours will just begin.
Take the white man and go.
Sure was close, I was kinda worried.
Never was so nervous in my life.
That'll settle your nerves.
- Will you come to the fort?
- I don't know.
The captain will punish
whoever's responsible.
I would like to see white man's justice.
Come to the fort and you'll see it.
I will be there tomorrow.
You got a fair fist, almost took my jaw off.
I realised you were doing it for my good.
Always like to give a stranger
a helping hand.
I appreciate that.
Funny how they enjoy burning men alive.
I don't care for it.
- Better stop shooting night owls.
- What do you mean?
These fell out of your pants.
I got these nuggets in a trade.
Hot lead for gold?
- All right, my partner shot an Indian.
- Willing to tell the fort captain?
That what you want me to do?
Get a lot of gold from the Indians?
At first. But this morning, nothing.
- Wanna try again?
- Uh-uh.
Be easier finding
where the Indians are getting it.
That's why you were soaping up the
big chief. I thought were after the stuff.
Be a shame to burn a smart fella like you.
- You know where it is?
- The gold field? I got a hunch.
You'll need help.
There'll be plenty for both of us.
- What about your partner?
- Chivington?
I ain't particular what happens to him.
My lucky piece. We can go far
with a little luck, partner?
So right... partner.
It's Wes Todd!
Hey, Wes, you're supposed to be dead.
He ain't even wounded.
Chivington said there was a massacre.
- Who got massacred?
- Him!
I would've, if not for Johnny Hawks here.
Johnny Hawks?
Didn't we hear about you back in Laramie?
- I've been there.
- I'm sure glad to see you here.
How soon will the troops be here?
- Where's, er, Chivington?
- He was in the saloon.
What are you running for?
With the Sioux on the warpath,
I'm staying inside.
We're wasting our time.
Chivington knows where them Indians are.
Captain should wipe 'em out,
every man, woman or child.
Ever do much Indian fighting?
I fought enough Yankees to know
how to deal with any kind of skunk.
We just lost one war,
you want to lose another?
Step down off that horse.
Sam, that's Johnny Hawks,
the Indian fighter.
Well, I wouldn't want to harm nobody
that kills Indians.
Hold it, Wes.
The captain can't make us
wait here to be massacred, it ain't human.
You gotta remember,
Indians are wild animals -
when they taste blood, you gotta kill 'em.
- Right, Chiv.
- Let me tell you,
when I seen my poor friend Wes
lying dead in a pool of blood,
being scalped in front of my eyes,
I knew what my duty was -
to fight my way out of there,
come to the fort and warn the people.
Give me another drink, Jim.
That's an interesting story. I'd like you
to come and tell it to Captain Trask.
I already told him.
Let's tell it to him again.
I ain't taking orders from strangers.
Maybe an old friend could persuade you.
- Wes Todd.
I thought you was dead.
Well, I just ain't, Chiv.
I guess he's persuaded.
Let's see the captain.
- What did you hit me for?
- Shut up.
- Play along.
- I don't get this.
When the reinforcements arrive,
we must fight, teach Red Cloud a lesson.
Sir, I agree.
I'm trying to prevent a war, not start one.
Man from Laramie is here. Johnny Hawks.
Send him in.
About time.
- Howdy, Captain.
- Mr Hawks.
- How many men did Laramie send?
- Just me.
One man can't handle an uprising.
I don't care who he is.
What uprising?
A band of Sioux ran amok last night,
scalped one of our men.
- They did?
- Chivington saw it.
He's right outside. Come in.
Take off your hat.
- Who's he?
- The man who was scalped.
- What's the meaning of this?
- Well, sir...
Is this the man you said was scalped?
Yes, sir, but I didn't have...
Have they finished the guardhouse yet?
- Just about, sir.
- Lock him up.
Yes, sir.
- I'm glad you weren't scalped.
- Lock him up.
I would've been burned alive
if it weren't for Johnny.
- You were there?
- Thought I'd see the Indians first.
Now you know the trouble we're in.
The trouble's not with the Indians.
It's settlers like Chivington
trading whiskey for gold.
I wish I could get rid of that wagon train.
I was sent to guide them
through the Sioux country.
I can't send women and children out
with Indians on the warpath.
They're not on the warpath.
Red Cloud wants to
settle things peaceably.
You think we can trust him?
He's worried if he can trust you.
Any of his people break the law,
Red Cloud puts them to death.
- You want me to hang Chivington?
- We're not Indians, we're civilised.
- But you gotta do something.
- I put Chivington in the guardhouse.
Sure, but don't neglect his partner.
He was with him.
Lock him up.
Now, where do you suppose
I can meet Red Cloud?
- Lock this one up too.
- How about right here?
It would be a mistake
to bring the enemy here.
- I agree.
- I disagree. I'll take responsibility.
- But Captain...
- It's all settled.
How long would it take you
to get Red Cloud here?
He's on his way now.
Excuse me.
Wonderful, got it finished just in time.
- How many Indians you kill?
- Just enough to stay alive.
Russ Jenkins said you killed more Indians
than Davy Crockett.
Ma don't like Indian fighting, says it's silly.
- What's your pa say?
- Ain't got a pa.
- But I got a grandpa.
- What's he say?
He's in Oregon.
Have you got a real Indian arrow?
- Not on me but I'll get you one.
- Off a dead Indian?
- Off a live one, if you don't mind.
- Ah...
Or you can get one yourself tomorrow
from Red Cloud.
- He's coming here?
- That's right.
- Tomorrow?
- That's what I said.
- Smokin' sassafras...
- Tommy!
- Where have you been?
- The Indians are coming!
Stop that nonsense. Get down.
They are too.
Johnny Hawks just told me so.
Russ Jenkins! Russ Jenkins!
Russ Jenkins!
So you're the Indian fighter fella.
Why's a man like you scaring
little boys about Indians?
They're coming to sign a peace treaty.
Last treaty didn't do me much good -
my husband died at Vicksburg.
- Sorry to hear it.
- It ain't your fault.
Or is it?
Which side of the war were you on?
- I'm kind of afraid to mention.
- Don't be scared of me.
Care to have supper with us?
Thank you. Won't put you out?
Feeding a man never put me out,
providing he's got an appetite.
Thank you. I got the appetite.
Wash your hands.
I can't figure you.
I can't figure Johnny Hawks.
- I can't figure nothing.
- Don't you see what he's doing?
I figure I owe you a bust in the nose.
- Johnny's a smart operator.
- I owe him a bust in the nose too.
He puts over this peace powwow
so he can have the field to himself.
Anybody else goes after gold
gets shot or hung.
That's the way he fixes the peace treaty,
to scare off everybody but Johnny Hawks.
I'm plugging him when I get out of here.
You're plugging nobody till I tell you.
He's our partner.
- Shut up.
- Hold it!
How many apple trees
to an acre in Oregon?
- 500?
- And that ain't counting taters.
They're twice as big
as the ones in Michigan.
? When a captain runs, he's a mastermind
? When a corporal runs,
he's the coward kind
? Though the captain he may drink a lot
? It's the corporal who's a drunken sot... ?
Howdy, Captain.
Susan, if we was to put
our heads together in Oregon,
- we could grow apple trees...
- Terrific.
Susan, there's been nothing like 'em
since the Battle of Shiloh.
Hey, I ain't finished talking yet.
Look at that contrast.
Real black and white.
Notice the grouping. Absolute artistry.
Captain Trask.
Didn't know he was that handsome.
How do you like this one of Red Cloud?
Looks he swallowed a stick.
- I gotta get him one.
- I printed six of each.
Look at that. Absolute art, isn't it?
You can read the buttons on their uniform.
These are going into the history books.
Howdy, Captain.
Come on, Johnny.
Johnny, what's the idea
hiding yourself in the saloon?
You were dancing with another,
I was trying to forget.
Make up for it now.
Come on, Johnny Hawks.
Mom, he shouldn't dance,
he's an Indian fighter.
That's all right, Tommy,
this is a war dance.
- How far will you come with us?
- Up to Shoshone country.
- Be safe to leave us there?
- Shoshones are friendly.
- But they can be stirred up.
- I'll see to that.
You can hold me tighter,
I ain't made of glass.
Too bad you're getting such a late start.
Quite a brawl last night.
It's all right. We'll make
Spring Rock by sundown.
Todd and Chivington?
What are they doing here?
- Nothing I can do.
- Send them to Laramie for trial.
What good would it do? Wes Todd
changed his story, claims self-defence.
We should shoot 'em now, try 'em later.
- Not while I'm watching.
- You could turn your back.
They'll behave.
If they're seen here again,
I'll turn them over to Red Cloud in person.
You're real generous with
something you don't want. Be seeing you.
- Thanks for getting us
out of the jailhouse, partner.
Don't thank me. You carry
your luck around your neck.
Could be you're right.
Maybe some of it'll rub off on you.
It might. We're gonna be
real close on this trip.
Me and Wes'll be right behind you.
That's a pleasant thought.
- Johnny.
Look at that scenery.
- What's the matter with it?
- Needs photographing.
I like it the way it is.
When I was working for Mr Brady,
photographing the Civil War,
I said to him, Mr Brady...
I always call him mister.
I said, Mr Brady, I'm not a genius like you,
but you're gonna be proud of me cos I'm
gonna photograph the whole Wild West.
I want everyone to see it.
When they see it, they'll come, thousands
of them. Isn't that reason enough?
That's reason enough
to bust that camera over your head.
Don't you want to open up
the West to civilisation?
Come here.
Ah, maybe you won't understand this.
To me, the West is like a beautiful woman.
My woman.
I like her the way she is,
I don't want her changed.
I'm jealous, I don't want
to share her with anybody.
I'd hate to see her civilised.
Would you rather I didn't take any photos?
If you don't, others will.
It's so beautiful.
Come on, there's plenty more up ahead.
Oh, here, I'll give you a hand.
Come on. Give me your arm.
Angel with us? Come on, let's go.
- Come on, Angel.
? Two brothers on their way
Two brothers on their way
? Two brothers on their way
? One wore blue and one wore grey
? One wore blue and one wore grey
? As they marched along their way
? A fife and drum began to play
? There on a beautiful morning
? One was gentle, one was kind
One was gentle, one was kind
? One came home, one stayed behind
? A cannonball don't pay no mind
? A cannonball don't pay no mind
? Though you're gentle or you're kind
? It don't think of the folks behind
? There on a beautiful morning
? Two girls waitin' by the railroad track
Two girls waitin' by the railroad track
? For their darlings to come back
? One wore blue and one wore black
? One wore blue and one wore black
? Waiting by the railroad track
? For their darlings to come back
? There on a beautiful... ?
That's an Indian knife, ain't it?
- Used to be.
- Did you fight for it?
Yep. Quite a tussle.
Tell us. Will you, Johnny? Tell us?
No stories now. You get to bed. Come on.
I don't wanna go to bed.
Good night, Tommy.
In you go. See you tomorrow.
Think we'll see any Sioux
before we get through?
Hope so. They're good for trading.
Stealing and killing.
No more than most people I know.
- Like Indians, don't you?
- Yeah, I like Indians.
I like whites too.
- Johnny.
- Yeah?
Why don't you come through to Oregon?
What'll I do in Oregon?
It's rich country. Every man's entitled
to 640 acres, free and clear.
- I can't see myself behind a plough.
- Why not?
- I'm no good at plantin' seeds...
- Why not?
Cos he's a Indian fighter, that's why!
You get back to bed and you stay there.
Boy's getting to be a problem.
You're a fine woman, Susan.
I wish I had half your character.
I got enough for both of us.
It'd take more than you think. I'm shiftless.
- Training would take care of that.
- It's in my bones.
When I'm supposed to be tending crops,
I'd be off fishing. I'm no good for farming.
Who's talking about farming?
I'd want my husband out shooting and
trapping, bringing home fish and game.
Farming wouldn't hardly interfere.
Some men are
natural born husbands but...
- I just ain't good for that.
- You ain't never tried.
Well... Well, Susan, it hurts me
to own up to this, but...
I ain't fit for marriage.
Sure hate to hear a man run himself down.
I've given it a lot of thought...
Hiya, Will.
Thanks for the apple.
I've got some horse inspecting to do.
See you in the morning.
As the old saying goes,
two's company and three's a crowd.
Should've thought of that
before you came crashing in here.
Susan, any place you are is where I belong.
There's something I'd like to tell you
but I ain't had the chance.
I'm the best apple grower
ever to come out of Michigan.
Hey, that's a big fella.
About six rattles, he must be five feet long.
- What you got?
- Rattler.
I'll show you how to kill a rattlesnake.
- Hey, Johnny!
Blew his head right off.
I told you. That's the best way
to kill a rattler.
Flipped that snake right at him.
What if he'd missed?
No chance.
I never miss a snake.
Tommy, catch.
Thanks, Johnny!
Look, Mom, Johnny killed a rattler.
All right, everybody, let's move on.
- Yah! Yah!
- Giddup there!
- Giddup! Yah!
That was a close shave.
But I was ready,
I got good medicine for snakebites.
Hey, you mean I have to go
find another snake?
- What are they palavering about?
- Did you fix it up with Trader Joe?
He'll give us blasting powder, shovels,
everything, for an equal cut.
Too many coming in for an equal cut.
- I don't trust him.
- Who, Trader Joe?
- No, Johnny Hawks, you meathead.
- Oh.
- Mr Hawks!
- Ain't the main trail down there?
- Yep.
Why go this way?
It's a hard pull up them hills.
Think how easy it'll be
sliding down the other side.
That's right in the middle of Sioux country.
- We're friendly with the Sioux.
- Are they friendly with us?
We've got this far, haven't we?
I ain't seen no Indians.
Depends how you look. I've counted 39.
- See that mountain top?
- I see it.
That's six more. That makes 45.
Haw! Get 'em up! Come on!
- Thanks, Johnny.
- What for?
Taking us close to the Indians.
I'll get great pictures.
Glad you're happy. That makes two of us.
Come on, Angel.
How come we're bedding down early?
The horses must be tired.
Uphill all the way.
Ain't the horses give the orders.
Johnny's got a gold bug in his head.
Let's see where it takes him.
Keep your nose out of
here, you Peeping Tom! Some people!
Brought your knife back.
Don't you want it back?
Throw it.
- He back yet?
- Uh-uh.
You lummox,
how could you let him get away?
How'd I know he'd be so crooked?
He won't dig gold at night.
Might as well be working with a blind man.
We'll follow him tomorrow, won't we?
Just like we was tattooed on him.
Susan, I've been wanting to tell you
about something on my mind.
New kind of fertiliser. Off'n them buffalos.
Oughta be as good as
horse and cow fertiliser, wouldn't you say?
Mom, what's fertiliser?
Something Mr Crabtree has in his mind.
- You finish. It's past your bedtime.
- Ahh...
- Just a minute.
- They seem friendly.
- They'll slit our throats.
- They want to trade.
- Don't let them go.
Don't let them inside this wagon circle.
Maybe you're right, Sam.
Build a trading fire outside the circle.
Mom, buy me something from the Indians!
Stay here. They've got mean faces.
It's all right, Susan.
Just act like they was neighbours.
They're here for business.
I'll get my merchandise.
Don't waste no time, they're all cheats.
You fellas want to trade?
- Look at the canoes.
- More Indians.
- They want to trade.
You got beans? You got flour?
You got cloth?
- Nice fresh meat they got.
I'll give you something for these ducks.
- What do you want?
- Beans.
- You see him?
- Who?
- Our old pal Crazy Bear.
- Who's he?
That's our fella with the gold.
- I'll trade with him.
- No, keep the others busy.
Get ready.
You with the ducks, hold it!
A historical picture entitled
The Trading Scene.
Higher. It's going to be famous.
Hold it.
- Beans?
- They're bean crazy!
- You got beans?
- Yeah.
We got beans. That deer for these beans?
Big deer, little beans. No.
That's a pretty necklace.
I don't want a necklace,
I want a bow and arrow. Please, Mama.
Just a minute, mister.
Why don't you smack your lips
good and loud?
I'll give you a half sack
of the finest beans for them.
- Let's go.
- Is he coming?
Hold still, I'm not going to hurt you.
No trade.
He's coming.
- Ma, Ma, look what I got!
Indian feathers, real Indian feathers!
All I traded was one shirt.
Look who's here, Chiv.
It's our old buddy, Crazy Bear.
You give me drink for this?
We ain't trading, Crazy Bear.
We're just having a little party.
Care to join us?
Very funny.
- Too bad I didn't break my neck.
- Where were you going?
To get a drink.
Fella gets thirsty sleeping.
- You think I'd go without saying goodbye?
- Yes.
I'm leading a wagon train.
I know, you told me. Goodbye.
Can't you give me a little smile?
- You were happy a while ago.
- Because I forgot.
- What?
- You're white, I'm Indian.
- What's that got to do with it?
- You go away and forget.
- I stay and remember.
- I gotta go.
When the wagons are through, I'll be back.
I don't believe you.
Look, I took 20 wagons, 70 head of stock,
94 people up a mountain,
two days out of their way, just to see you.
Now do I get a goodbye smile?
- More?
- We're not asking you to take us,
we're just asking you to tell us
where it is so we can dig it up.
That's not too much
for one friend to tell another, is it?
Good friends like us.
No, Red Cloud kill. More?
- Listen, you dumbhead...
- Shh.
- How's the transaction going?
- We're getting somewhere.
We ain't getting no place.
- More.
- No, Crazy Bear.
Tell us where we can find the yellow iron,
then you can have all of it.
- Both jugs.
- Come on, Crazy Bear.
And Red Cloud will never know
you said a word.
Draw it right here on the ground.
- Give me jug.
- Draw it first.
- Go on.
- Go ahead, Crazy Bear.
Go ahead.
You go up dry river to mountain.
- Yeah? Yeah?
You ain't finished. How high do we climb?
- Give me jug.
- Go ahead, you'll get it.
You go... halfway...
then turn.
Which way do we turn from the dry river?
- Go to big rock...
- Yes, yes?
...with falling water.
- Big rock.
- There.
Now give me jug.
Don't try to find gold.
You will find only death.
Just like Crazy Bear broke the oath.
I ain't got time to roast you now, fire boy.
- Ambush! Head for the fort!
- Indians killed Trader Joe.
Dirty skunks, we'll kill 'em all.
- We'll go on ahead for the cavalry.
- All right.
- Head for the fort!
Hitch up the wagons.
That was a short peace.
Lieutenant Schaeffer, take two men
to Fort Laramie, make it fast.
Tell them to send
all the reinforcements they can.
- We got some wounded.
- I'll get you stretchers. Jackson!
- Stretchers!
- Yes, sir.
Who attacked you?
It was a trading party, maybe 15 of 'em.
Didn't Chivington and Wes say?
- Nobody got here.
- They rode ahead.
- Indians must've got 'em.
- Where's Hawks?
- That's what we'd like to know.
- Rider approaching!
- Who is it?
- Looks like Johnny Hawks.
That is Johnny Hawks,
and on an Indian pony.
- Where was he?
- Working with the Indians.
- Are you sure.
- He set us up.
Led us a whole day off the trail
into their hands. You murdering traitor!
- You're gonna pay for it. Get a rope!
- He was with the Indians!
We're stringing him up!
The next volley will be more accurate.
You're sticking up for him
after what he's done?
Close those gates!
I need every one of you on the parapets.
I've sent for reinforcements.
We'll fight till they come.
- We'll finish Johnny Hawks first.
- Shut up!
I'm in command of this fort.
Assign the men to their posts.
Give your names to the corporal.
Detail, dismissed.
Follow me, men. Line up.
- What happened?
- Where's Wes and Chivington?
- Apparently they went for help.
- Where are they?
- They didn't make it.
- Tell me what happened.
Todd and Chivington killed Grey Wolf,
I think that started it.
You think? Weren't you there?
Where were you when the fight started?
- In Red Cloud's camp.
- You quit your post
while in Indian territory?
- To see a girl.
- An Indian girl?
I'm beginning to wonder
what side you're on.
Lieutenant Schaeffer and the scouts!
I don't see any Indians, sir.
- Issue extra ammunition to the settlers.
- Yes, sir.
You won't need ammunition today
but you'll need plenty of water.
I can't see 'em through the dust.
Get Tommy under a wagon
and tell him to stay there.
- Get down.
- Johnny, my camera!
Stay down!
It's mean what the captain's doing
to Mr Hawks,
making him shoot at his Indian friends.
The Indians ain't gonna like him no more.
What's that?
One of our wagons!
Get some volunteers
and pull that wagon out.
- How many wagons did they lose?
- Two.
Here comes the other one.
- Hawks.
- I'd like to report on the battle.
- We saw the battle.
- The one that's coming up.
I see no reason to listen to him.
Go ahead, Hawks.
They'll start the fire arrows again,
keep them up all night.
In the morning, just as the sun hits
our eyes they'll attack us from the east.
- We haven't got a chance.
- What do you suggest?
- I'm asking to leave the fort.
- To go for reinforcements?
- It's too late for that.
- Going back to your Indian friends?
- What for?
- To find Todd and Chivington.
- I'm not interested in them.
- That's our only chance.
- Get back to your post.
- There's only one way to survive.
If we hand over the men
who killed Red Cloud's brother...
I don't want to hear your Indian palavering.
You led that wagon train to them,
deserted your post.
You're responsible for what happened.
If any of us get out of this alive,
you'll pay for it, Mr Indian Fighter.
Indian fighter, hell - Indian lover!
Get back to your post.
- Johnny.
I didn't think anyone was talking to me.
- Sorry what the men did.
- I had it coming.
Russ Jenkins says
we'll be dead by morning.
Don't believe everything he tells you.
You take care of your ma.
- You going away?
- For a while.
- Where are you going?
- Finish a job.
- Make sure you get to Oregon.
- Wish you wouldn't go.
- He wouldn't go unless he had to.
- I don't want him to.
Can't he take us to Oregon
and stay with us?
- I can't, Tommy.
- Why not?
Cos he's an Indian fighter, that's why.
Take good care of your ma.
You'll come through.
You're a hard fella to catch, Johnny Hawks.
Man going over the stockade!
It's Johnny Hawks!
-Shoot! Shoot him!
I knew he was yellow,
running away saving his rotten hide!
- What's going on?
- Johnny Hawks is running off.
Put up that gun.
I warned you a week ago
to get reinforcements.
But you listened to him
saying what fine people Indians are.
Now he's leaving us here to die.
We'll all be scalped like Schaeffer!
Sorry, sir.
Onahti, I need your help. Your father's
attacking the fort in the morning.
- You must go.
- We've got to stop the massacre.
- It's too late.
- It can't be.
Take me to where the gold comes from.
You want the gold.
No. I want two men who've gone there.
I must hand them to Red Cloud.
- I was warned not to tell.
- Take me.
Onahti, the massacre must be stopped.
Or there'll never be a life for us,
you and me.
Trust me.
I trust you, Johnny.
- Powder's all in.
- All right, we'll set her off.
- How much gold you think is here?
Don't move, Wes. Drop your gun belt.
Thought you might be
here already, partner. What kept you?
I was delayed. A little Indian trouble.
- Too bad.
- Left in a hurry, didn't you?
We didn't even have time to say goodbye.
You left something behind.
Grey Wolf was holding that for you.
Put up your gun,
there's plenty here for us all.
I'm not here for gold,
just you two nuggets. Come on.
Where we going? To the captain to tell him
we shot another Indian in self-defence?
I'm gonna let you tell it to Red Cloud.
- Can't do that.
- Oh, yes, I can.
- They'll burn us alive.
- It'll be in a good cause.
I didn't kill him, Wes did.
Keep moving.
We're equal partners. If you don't trust us,
we'll give you your share first.
Nothing to worry about.
This is the man
who killed your brother Grey Wolf.
- You fought my brother for his life.
- I was wrong.
Take him now and stop the massacre.
Do you think he is worth Grey Wolf?
Johnny, you're a white man.
Don't let them burn me!
Take me to the fort!
Where did you find him?
The place of the yellow iron.
Who took you there?
- I did.
- You?
Yes, Father.
You took the oath of death.
Your own daughter. You'd kill her?
Is she any different
than others of my people?
Very different.
Because she is, maybe someday there'll be
a lasting peace between our people.
The others will not die so easily.
My brother will be avenged.
If you burn all those at the fort,
will your brother live again?
Will his spirit be happy
that another war has started?
Yes. We will fight to the end.
My brother's cry is now mine.
- We fight to the end.
- The end of the red man.
The white man armies will stamp you out,
build towns on your hunting grounds,
shoot down those who are left
like animals.
Your words do not frighten me.
When you make your war, Red Cloud,
tell me, on which side will our son fight?
I'm sure that someday she'll give me a son.
For this will be the long war.
All of us here will have joined your brother
before peace lives again
between red man and white.
Here they come.
- They're turning off.
They're going away!
- Well, I'll be...
- The Indians are leaving!
He did it.