The Infiltrator (2016) Movie Script

- Hey.
- Hey, there you are.
My favorite waitress.
Ah, you say that to every waitress.
Oh, no, no, no, you are.
Hey, you know, the last guy that paid me,
he paid me with a gram.
- A gram? Jesus...
- A gram.
This guy, he told me...
I know, right?
He told me that
he didn't carry money anymore
because money was old-fashioned.
- Really? Call me old-fashioned then.
- Old-fashioned.
Call me old-fashioned?
This guy says that...
He said that money was done.
- Yeah.
- And that what we needed was a new...
- Oh, fuck, what's that word?
- A new what?
Like a new...
- Like a, you know... Come on.
- Oh, I know. No, I know what you mean.
- But you're so cute when you struggle.
- Come on.
What we need is a new currency.
- Right?
- Shit.
Yeah, that's what he said.
I liked that guy.
I bet you did.
- I can't have that.
- Not right now.
Maybe later.
I'll come find you later.
I'm gonna keep your 20.
Keep the 20, that's for you, doll.
Now I am gonna watch you wiggle away.
Wiggle away-
Hey, keep your eyes off my girlfriend.
Hey, you believe I bowled a 240
in Monday's league?
Bowling. Mi fa cagare!
You know, my people say
they can handle more.
That's just what my people like to hear.
How's 10 keys?
- It's not too heavy for me.
- Great.
Hey, let's get the fuck out of here.
Yeah. It stinks like something's burning.
- Jesus. God.
- What?
- What is it?
- No, no, it's all right.
- It's all right. I just...
- You're all right?
It's like indigestion, or my gallbladder,
or something. It's all right.
You think I wanna
count 40 grand in ones, Mangione?
What, do I look like a banker to you?
It's all there.
Man, I swear something is burning.
What the fuck?
- Shit. Come on.
- No, no, no.
- It's like my appendix burst or something...
- Fuck.
Let me get you out of here. Come on.
- Get on the ground!
- Get on the ground!
- Get on the ground!
- Get on the ground now!
Let's go! Now!
Get your fucking hands off me!
Let's go, let's go.
Hey, don't worry, Bob.
Our people will get us out of this.
Shut it. Shut it.
You okay? You all right?
Come on.
Holy shit.
Okay, let's go, let's go.
- Hey.-
- Hey.-
What are you doing up?
Couldn't sleep.
- You couldn't sleep?
- No.
- Did it go okay?
- Oh, yeah. Piece of cake.
is Bob Mangione dead?
He's dead, all right. Deep fried.
So, my niece and nephew,
are they good?
Look at them. They're good.
Yeah, yeah. That's good.
Because kids need a lot, you know.
Tell me about it.
So, Bobby, tell me.
How much you get?
Come on.
Aunt Vicky, we have been through this.
I work for the government.
You don't get a piece of the action?
No. A piece of the action?
- What, 10, 20%?
- No, not a dime.
Ah... And they call us criminals.
Eh. You should have stayed
with the accounting.
You could have cooked your uncle's books.
You could have owned this place by now.
Everyone needs a beachfront address.
I got six of them.
Yeah, well,
I just don't live in your world.
I'm afraid you do.
A little advice, Bobby?
Yeah, sure.
When your Uncle Al died,
I didn't become a little old bag lady
in a bag dress.
No, no, no, I pulled myself up,
carried on in his name,
even when I didn't have enough
to buy a loaf of bread.
No one knew nothing.
I didn't have a pot to piss in,
but I had a Caddy,
20 Chanel suits, diamonds up my throat,
and season tickets to the Giants.
And nobody was giving me nothing.
- Nobody.
- Aunt Vicky, what do you want from me?
Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.
Please, dear.
Don't be Bobby Loser.
Be Bobby Somebody.
Listen up. It's bad out there,
so a couple of team changes.
Peters, you're with Sanchez.
Mazur, you're with Abreu.
What about Cooky?
You'll still report to Steve,
but he'll ride the desk on this one.
Hit the lights.
When I say bad, I mean the County Morgue had
to rent Burger King's refrigerated trucks
to ice all the dead bodies
littering our sunny streets.
Score. Cartel 100, Customs zero.
Meet with your connects,
talk to your informants, do your job.
All right, out, out, out. Everybody out.
You understand me?
Before I go to jail,
I swear on my fucking kids,
I'm gonna put someone on Jeff.
You tell Jeff to meet me
at his father's development.
We'll go in the big pool.
And I'm gonna go in naked
so he doesn't have to worry
about me having a gun.
'Cause I'm gonna bite
the motherfucker's cock off
- and I'm gonna spit it in his wife's mouth.
- Enough. Enough.
Bond denied. Take him away.
Hey, fuck you, buddy.
Order. Take him away.
- Get the fuck off me.
- Mr. Myers...
I wonder what Sunday dinner
is like at his place.
Advise your client that if there's another
outburst like this, he's going to...
I need to tell you
because of your wound, you're eligible
for retirement with full benefits.
I'd hate to lose you, Bob.
Once your children
walk out the door, they're on their own.
Say no...
Uh-huh. Huh...
- Okay. Uh, Colonel
Mustard, in the library...
- He's always the guy.
- (ON TV Do you want some reefer?
- Four.
- It'll make you feel good.
No, no, no.
Hello? Hello?
Help your children to just say no.
Hello? Anybody home?
I'm not a Jehovah's.
Hey, Mrs. Mazur, pardon.
- I'm sorry, but I'm with Customs.
- Stay here. No, no, it's okay.
- Who's that?
- I don't know.
We're gonna have a little chat outside.
- Why don't you finish the game?
- Okay. It's kind of cold.
I'll be in in a minute.
It's all right. We're fine.
Carry on.
Andrea, take your time, okay.
- You know, we have a front door.
- Well, then answer it, bro.
Just because we don't answer,
doesn't mean you can just...
- I was knocking for 20 minutes.
- If I don't wanna answer my door.
I'm sorry, bro. I'm sorry.
How about if we...
No, no. We're
not going inside.
What do you want?
Well, hey.
- Tea, gentlemen?
- Ah. Bendita, it's so kind of you.
I don't get invited to
too many houses with a wife and tea.
You weren't invited.
More like coke, whores and Schlitz,
you know what I'm saying?
- Right.
- What is this, Darjeeling?
- I'll be in in a second. Thank you.
- Okay. Okay.
All right, bro, check it.
I got this money broker, Gonzalo Mora Jr.,
- who can connect us with some...
- Okay, let me guess,
you have a Colombian snitch
who gave you that name?
- They prefer to be called informants...
- I know what they prefer to be called.
How long have you known him?
- Long enough. What is this, 20 Questions?
- Long enough.
- And how much is you offer?
- 250K. What do you care?
Is it coming out of your pocket?
$250,000 for...
Yeah, nobody said the war on drugs
was gonna be cheap, bro.
These people who sell information,
they walk on the dirty side of the street.
And then they cross over
to the side that's been swept.
But their shoes always stay muddy.
Is that Shakespeare?
Yeah. Shakespeare.
- All right. All right.
- You can see yourself out over the wall.
Okay. All right, be like that.
Hey, Abreu.
You trust this guy?
As much as I trust you.
Come on, man.
Come on, pick up. Pick up.
Mmm. Mmm.
These fucking things are so fresh, man.
Hey, I got a bigger connect.
- These guys are the biggest of the big.
- Oh, yeah?
You need to trust me on that.
Trust you, man?
I pay you for information, not trust.
That's what I give you, man.
That ticket to the Super Bowl, papa.
Yeah, Steve, I've been thinking.
I think that
we've been doing this backwards.
We've been following the drugs
to get to the bad guys.
What if we chase the money
to get to the bad guys?
- The real power up at the top.
- Okay.
Only thing is,
I cannot work with Emir Abreu.
That dude is nuts.
- Well, can I be honest?
- Yeah.
You can't work without him.
He's your way in.
Come on, watch out,
you're stepping on all the bodies, man.
You're stepping and it's disrespectful.
Hey, hey, look at this. Falconi.
Come on. It's the Italianist-sounding
name ever. Come on.
Look at the dates. You do the math.
I'd be 77 years old.
- That's about right. Leathery and craggly.
- Let's go. Come on.
- Are you even looking?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm looking.
Here we go.
Bob Musella.
Dates are perfect.
Hey, what about this one?
Emilio Dominguez.
Close enough to Emir, I suppose.
- Yeah, it's kind of sexy.
- The dates work.
- Sexy?
- Yeah.
- Who the hell cares if it's sexy?
- I care.
It's my name.
I wanted to have a sexy name.
I have developed
what I like to call my masterpiece.
There's a built-in noise reduction system
to eliminate all undesirable sound.
Eagle wings up, record. Horizontal, off.
He is a real entrepreneur.
Aeronautics, finance.
Even has his own line of wholesale jewelry.
- There he is. Eric Wellman.
- Got his hand in everything.
How are you?
Good to see you. Emir Abreu.
- Hey, man.
- What's up, my man?
I've set up phone lines on the switchboard.
- So, how did you two meet again?
- The IRS.
IRS. You two
must have got all the
pussy. "This is an audit,
drop the panties."
Don't encourage him.
You've got access to my secretaries,
free use of the conference room.
- Anything else, you only have to ask.
- Yes. Yes, sir.
Chacho, this is so much more like it. Nice.
You should have seen the apartment
Customs gave us.
Oh, my God. It was so filthy
even the rats ran from it, you know.
Thank you, Eric.
Welcome, everyone.
It's parents' night. This is second grade.
My lesson plan is a cooperative process
that I build with the parents.
And to have you here...
Oh, God, I'm sorry.
I have to get this.
- I apologize. I... Should I...
- No, it's okay. Um...
- No, it's... It's okay.
- Okay, sorry.
Very sorry to interrupt.
- Oh, hi.
- I'm Andrea's father.
I hope she's doing well in school.
She loves it.
- Oh, great.
- But I do have to go.
- Um, do you need money for a cab?
- No, it's okay.
You're okay. Okay. Sorry.
- Thanks. Bye.
- No problem.
- Ah!
- Eh.
Shut the fuck up!
- What the hell happened back there?
- What were you so pissed off about, man?
- What am I pissed off about?
- Yeah, yeah. Don't worry, man.
I called your wife and told her
you were gonna be late for dinner
'cause you were locked in a closet,
you know.
Bob, we're all waiting
for you to come out the closet.
You know that, right?
So, this is all just a joke to you?
Oh, come on, man. You need a beer.
You need to relax.
I don't want a beer, I want answers.
Bro, what do I have to do
to make you happy, man?
Just don't get me killed.
Oh, that's just... Hold it, hold it.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
I gotta write that shit down.
That's fucking brilliant.
"Don't get Bob killed."
Cut the shit, will you?
It's the little things that get you
whacked, do you understand that?
- I understand that.
- And that's why I plan.
And so when your snitch pulls a gun on me,
- a gun that he's not supposed to have...
- Okay, man, I didn't know. I'm...
I start to wonder,
"Is Emir on my side? Is he with me or not?"
Man, you never gotta question
if I'm on your side or not
'cause I'm always on your fucking side!
Do you have my back?
I got your back, man.
Do you have my fucking back?
Thank you.
- You look good, Dom.
- Thank you.
Sorry about the cuffs. Regulations.
What are you gonna do?
Don't worry about it.
You should put those on.
Could get a little messy.
You serious?
Fucking hell.
Get the fuck out of here. Bobby, come on.
Fuck. What, no coffee?
- Oh, shit.
- Fuck you, Bobby.
You didn't forget?
What's the matter with you?
Black coffee.
- Two sugars.
- Thank you, Bob.
Look, Dom.
I don't care who you work for right now.
I really don't. I'm not here for that.
- Right, so what do you want, Bob?
- When you cooperated before,
it led to drugs off the street,
and a lot of punks right here
in this shithole that you call your home.
- Sorry, Bobby, I can't rat.
- I'm not asking you to rat.
Can't do it.
I'm asking you to just act.
- Like fucking what?
- Like you.
Just be yourself. I need you.
You been sleeping
in your office again, counselor?
Why would I go home?
So many wonderful criminals and perverts
to hang out with.
- You all set out here?
- Yeah.
Okay. Flip him or fuck him.
All right.
You have an impressive portfolio,
Mr. Musella.
Musella. Thank you.
I manage the financial affairs
of a group of Colombian businessmen.
They've accumulated wealth
in foreign accounts
and would like me to invest it for them
in Florida real estate.
- Is that feasible?
- It's not a problem.
You think you'll need to move money
the other way,
from the US out of the country?
That would be something
we might consider.
- Hey. How are you?
- What's up, man?
Mr. Dominguez?
- I'm Lee Palmer.
- That ready?
- I like the way you work, sir.
- Come on, let's get to it.
- Follow me.
- All right.
All right.
Now, I'm gonna feed the wire.
Yeah. Yeah, I got it, Dad.
Pull it.
Now, you see that little tab of tape
on the end here?
- Yeah. Okay.
- You can come on down.
- There we go. Hey, look at that.
- Cool, Dad.
What are you doing?
What am I doing?
Well, Scotty and I are hooking up a light.
So, when someone calls Daddy's work line,
it flashes instead of rings.
Guys, go get ready for dinner.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Wash your hands.
- Yeah, Mom.
You Okay?
Promise me this is the last one.
I promise.
So, what's your UC?
- I launder money for the mob.
- Oh, that figures.
- Why?
- Oh, nothing. Nothing.
- What? You're looking at my hair.
- No, it, it...
Gentlemen, I sincerely apologize.
Family business got in the way.
Seor Mora, Gonzalo. Bob Musella.
Pleasure to meet you.
Please, let me make it up to you.
We are going to have a fantastic evening.
- I promise you that.
- Yeah.
Hey, Bobby, come here.
- You look fucking great, man.
- Yeah?
My financial structure is already in place.
So, you invest with me
and a portion of your money stays put
while the majority of your cash
gets filtered through my businesses
so that you are able to do with it
what you please.
We don't park cash.
That isn't the way we do business.
Mr. Mora, with all due respect,
it's the way I do business.
Now, I've checked your transactions.
Large sums to companies like
Southern Air Transport,
that raises the Feds' antennae. You know...
Exactly. It looks like
one big money laundering machine.
And that's not what you want.
That's not bueno.
However, smaller sums with more
frequent deposits through my companies
fly right under the radar of the Feds.
You know why?
Because all of my companies are legitimate.
I cannot allow my businesses
and your money to be compromised.
What you say is reasonable.
- We have to speak to our bosses.
- Of course.
Yeah, nothing more can happen
without their okay.
- I will set it up.
- Thank you. Thank you. That's all I ask.
Okay, I promise. No more business.
Okay. Here we go.
Here we go. Just fun from now on.
And this is on me
because I'm ashamed I was late.
And you know,
I got a surprise for you tonight.
She's my present for you tonight, Mr. Bob.
Your friend paid me for
anything you desire.
You're beautiful.
But I'm good. Okay?
Mr. Bob?
- Hey.
- Everything okay?
Yeah, yeah.
No, no, no. Stay, stay, stay.
Yeah, well...
You don't know me very well, my friend,
but I'm engaged
to be married. You know, so...
You know, I...
I shit the bed on the first marriage.
Does that... Comprende?
Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
And I don't wanna fuck this one up.
You know what I mean? So, I...
- Oh, yeah, go ahead, laugh. Go ahead.
- Okay.
All right, all right.
A fiance, Bob?
Are you kidding me? A fucking fi-an-ce.
I'm a married man.
Bob, you're undercover.
You gotta do
whatever the fuck you gotta do, man.
You should have fucked that stripper,
fucking do a line of coke,
anything to stay alive, man.
You got the best fucking job in the world.
I can't believe
I have to talk you into this shit.
Bob, I know these people, man.
You gotta play with them, you gotta
drink with them, you gotta fuck with them.
That's the way you get their trust.
Hey, I'm alive, aren't I?
Oh, my God, you're a piece of work, Bob.
You're a fucking piece of work.
I mean, why are you even doing this, Bob?
Why do you even bother?
I mean, I heard about
the retirement they offered you.
You, the wife, and kids, you guys could be
playing cricket on a yacht, eating early...
Whatever it is that fucking white people do
when you retire.
Why are you doing this?
Man, because I love this shit.
That's why, baby.
It's my fucking drug of choice.
Let me tell you something, nobody,
nobody does it better than me.
So, listen to me sometimes, will you?
My friends, welcome to the United States.
- Mr. Bob.
- Gonzalo. Pleasure.
This man here is Javier Ospina.
He does laundry for Escobar.
Robert Musella. Pleasure to meet you, sir.
The pleasure's mine.
And you are?
She's with me.
- She's with him? She's with him.
- She's with him, yeah.
How about that, huh?
Hey, I don't know if you know this,
- but Bob owns all of Oceanbird Airlines.
- Boss. You need to sign these.
Thank you.
Oh, I'm sorry. This is Dominic.
He's my cousin and also an
executive with Oceanbird.
No, tell them the truth. I'm your asshole.
Any time Bob's ass is in a hole,
mine better hop straight to it.
I'd do anything for my cousin. All right?
All right, who's ready to go to Jersey,
Let's go to Bob's mansion.
It's a nice little place, but, please...
- Well, welcome to my home.
- Thank you.
Because of the family's business,
I have access to foreign banks,
including Panama,
which has strict secrecy laws
that protects us all.
Your business will boom
if you work with me.
I'm sorry, Mr. Bob. But what is "boom"?
Boom... Uh...
You gotta understand that Bob's a gardener,
and he sprinkles a little water on the
money, and all of a sudden it blooms.
What is "bloom"?
Bloom, it's...
It's rooms and rooms full of cash, chacho.
Rooms filled with cash.
- Si, something like that. Yeah. Yeah.
- Sounds good, man.
- May God bless you with that problem.
- Yeah, amen to that.
Well, my people in Colombia
have always been
very, very comfortable
with the Panamanian banks.
Noriega has handled
some of our most sensitive business.
I promise you that I will make it
my business to enhance yours.
And when I do, I need a promise from you
that you will make it your business
to let the right people know my name.
Money makes money.
Here's to that.
Now, no one can put me in jail
because I make a bad loan.
However, if I'm dishing out cash
to a client like Southern Air Transport,
which has no cover,
and one of their planes goes down
with a load of powder,
I am fucked.
And so are you. And you, and you.
So, I need a face-to-face with the man
who runs Southern Air Transport
so I can clean up this mess.
Mr. Bob,
I think we should walk before we run.
Everything will happen in the right time.
Mr. Mora, are you okay?
Dom, can you help us out here?
- Are you okay?
- Are you all right.
Help him out here a little bit.
I told him not to drink.
He has sugar in his blood.
- Get him a nice cold washcloth.
- Right. Right.
- Help him out.
- Are you all right?
- Oh, Mora Sr. all right?
- Yeah, he's gonna be fine.
He'll be down in a minute.
Get your hands off me!
Gonzalo, I cannot live
with Ospina touching me.
- Touching you?
- Yeah. He grabbed me.
- You find that funny?
- He likes you.
- That's...
- Wow. No, listen,
actually Ospina's nickname
is La Mina, you know.
It means two things in Spanish.
Gold mine or land mine.
With him you never know.
But, my friend, a condition of
doing business with us is doing Ospina.
Are you saying that
you want me to fuck Ospina?
- Or have Ospina fuck me?
- Yeah.
- To make a deal? Are you serious?
- Yeah.
- He's our family, you know...
- Fuck that! There's no deal.
- Okay, no deal. Okay, okay. Let's go.
- I'm out. No deal. Sorry.
- He'll take you anywhere you wanna go.
- Okay.
Oh, shit.
Got you, man.
You son of a bitch.
- You son of a bitch.
- He's fucking with you.
- He came on to me...
- Did you know about this?
He came on to me, too. Fucking Maricon.
But the cartel loves him.
He is the favorite son, Mr. Bob.
So, even if you see him fucking a goat,
which you might,
you must say,
"That's a fucking nice-looking goat, man."
I will keep my hands off you,
if you keep your eyes on my bosses' money.
The Moras have staked
more than their reputation,
they have staked their lives.
And yours, I'm afraid.
Let me remind you of something, Bobby,
all right.
You're a fucking poser, and so are you.
And that faggot out there...
You fuck this up, he'll kill you,
he'll kill your fucking wife,
and your two kids.
And do the same to this asshole here,
and then he's gonna kill me.
You understand?
- You understand?
- Yeah.
Jesus Christ.
I will keep my hands off you,
if you keep your eyes on my bosses' money.
The Moras have staked
more than their reputation,
they have staked their lives.
And yours, I'm afraid.
Idea of the month goes to Mazur.
Operation C-Chase. Capital "C" for cash.
Washington wants to make C-Chase
the biggest bust in US Customs history.
These guys need no introduction.
Pablo Escobar
and his little bitch, Don Chepe.
His top finance guy, Rudy Armbrecht.
And his main distributor, Roberto Alcaino.
AKA the jeweler.
Let's stop this poison.
All right. Out, out, out. Everybody out.
Oh, oh, wait.
You're all on administratively
uncontrollable overtime, so I own you.
Mazur, not so fast.
You stuck your foot in your mouth
with the Moras.
Ertz, get in here.
So, meet your soon-to-be wife.
Kathy Ertz, Bob Mazur.
I wish you many happy years.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Nice to meet you.
Um, Tischler asked me
to give you my profile.
- One page?
- I'm not too complicated.
Damn, I need a fiance. Oh, shit.
Hey, Bonni.
Bonni, wait up.
Look, I know I invented a fiance,
but I work better alone.
You think I have women lining up
around the block wanting to marry you?
- How many undercovers has she done?
- She's a virgin.
On, my God.
Look, she's just window dressing.
So is this. Compliments of
your government's impound authority.
- Mercedes?
- It's who you know, Mazur.
Now go out
and get to know whoever it takes
to make me look like I
rubbed the right dick.
It's a metaphor.
Mr. Musella,
it's Akbar Bilgrami
at the Panama branch
from BCCI Bank on line three.
Okay, thank you.
- This is Robert Musella.
- Mr. Musella.
Akbar Bilgrami, BCCI, Panama, here.
I see your accounts are quite active.
- Is that a problem?
- No, no, quite the opposite.
But we do have a problem
with two of your checks.
Now, on one,
the payee is blank.
And on the other the amounts are different.
I'm so sorry.
I'm not at my desk at the moment,
sol... I can't...
Sir, in the future
I will manage this personally.
We do this for our customers
who handle special clients.
Do you understand?
Yes, I think I do.
At BCCI, we're a full-service bank.
Mr. Bilgrami, as long as I have you
on the phone, I wonder if you can help me.
Is there anyone on your team
who can help me here, in the States?
I'm afraid that if not, I might have
to keep the money flow to a minimum.
Well, I'm sure our Miami execs could
assist you. Would you like to meet them?
Yes. Yes, I think that
might be very helpful.
Mr. Palmer will arrange it.
Well, thank you very much.
You've been most kind. Goodbye.
In the future
I will manage this personally.
We do this for our customers
who handle special clients.
Do you understand?
It's so nice to have you in Miami,
Mr. Musella.
Gentlemen. Gentlemen.
This is Mr. Awan,
President of our North American division.
Hi, Bob Musella.
And Mr. Bilgrami,
who you've spoken with on the phone.
Head of our Latin American division.
We are a very important institution,
Mr. Musella,
in America and worldwide.
We are owned
by Middle Eastern businessmen
with very strong ties to your government.
Your money is safe with us.
That's what I wanna hear
because my clients are businessmen, too,
like yourselves,
only their business is selling cocaine.
Could you excuse us for a moment, please?
Of course.
Mr. Ian Howard
is one of our BCCI European executive.
Mr. Bilgrami and Mr. Awan
have taken good care of you?
Yes, yes. Excellent.
Good. Because BCCI is a reputable bank.
Look, I assure you...
No, no. No assurances from you.
Only from us.
Please, take a seat.
We buy gold or diamonds,
keep them in our secure vaults
or we could send your money to Paris
or our headquarters in London,
other banks around the globe,
deposit it, wire transfer to Panama.
We like to be nimble with our
clients' cash. How does that sound?
Sounds like I came to the right bank.
Illegal cocaine is coming into our country
at alarming levels. ..
- Sorry I'm late.
- What happened?
- I'm being followed.
- What?
- You got the plate?
- Yeah, I did.
Here, here. I'll handle it.
- You all right?
- Fine.
I'm fine. Let's do this.
Okay, here we go.
Let's play this newlywed game.
All right, Kathy, what do you know
about your handsome fianc Bob?
Favorite drink?
- He's a whiskey kind of guy.
- And she's a Manhattan girl.
All right, that was too damn easy.
All right. Food she hates?
- Uh... Yogurt.
- No. I love yogurt.
- I thought you said you hated yogurt?
- I hate sour cream.
- And mayonnaise.
- Sour cream and mayonnaise. Noted.
Perfect. You already sound like
a married couple.
- All right, favorite sport?
- Uh, she loves tennis.
Football. The Bucs.
Season tickets on the 20-yard line.
Damn, woman, you're good.
Look at that memory.
All right, how'd you meet?
We were friends.
I was trying to fix him up
with a friend of mine,
he was trying to do the same.
And then love struck and we were thinking,
"What are we doing?"
And we cut out the middleman.
Wait, that's how you met
your wife, isn't it?
It is. Stay close to the truth,
makes it easier to lie.
- Strangest sexual position?
- Hmm. What?
All right, I'll let you slide On that.
I'll let...
Yeah, right, Bob,
how many times you been in love?
Just once.
You never let me play with it.
You always say that.
- I'm always playing.
- But whenever I wanna play...
- Happy anniversary.
- Happy anniversary.
You look great.
- Are you finished, ma'am?
- Yes, thank you.
- How did you like your swordfish?
- It was good.
Thank you.
Can you believe this,
put us way in the back here?
I don't... They can't put us further back.
We're, like, in Alaska or something.
Bob, we didn't have a reservation.
It's fine.
It's not fine.
There were three or four tables
that were empty on our way back here.
Did you notice that?
- It's fine. Really.
- It matters. It's a special occasion.
- I know.
- And I want it to be special, okay.
I'm just wondering
where my little Bobby the accountant went?
- Nowhere, I'm right here.
- Kinda liked him.
Hey. Kinda like you.
You look beautiful tonight, by the way.
I have never seen you with a pocket scarf.
- You like that?
- No, I hate it.
- You hate it? It's a special occasion.
- Yeah.
You're starting to look like them.
Mr. Bob, you are practically
in the fucking toilets.
- Tell them who you are.
- Tell me about it.
I give the guy a 20, I
still end up back here.
- Gonzalo, I'd like to introduce you to...
- She's your beautiful fiance.
Well, no, actually,
this is my secretary, Evelyn.
This is Gonzalo Mora Sr.
She is the best secretary
I have ever had in my life.
She types faster than you fart, my friend.
Listen, why don't you join us? Join us.
Hey, pal.
Your best bottle of champagne, please.
Here we go. Have a seat.
We are celebrating tonight.
It is Evelyn's birthday.
Speak of the devil, here it is.
Look at that.
Look at the size of that fucking cake.
Whoa, whoa. Hang on, hang on.
- This says "Happy Anniversary."
- Yes, sir.
- I ordered a birthday cake.
- No, sir, you said it was an anniversary.
Whoa. Excuse me. What?
Why would I say it's my...
I'm not even married.
- Why would I order an anniversary cake?
- I thought it was an anniversary...
Now you're fucking this up.
What are you, a moron or something?
- Bob, It's okay.
- It's not okay.
We pay top dollar coming in here
for good food and good service
and we got neither.
Except I get this motherfucker
telling me that I'm a liar?
- You calling me a liar again?
- No, sir, I'm not calling you a liar.
- You're not calling me a liar?
- No.
But you said that I told you
that I wanted an anniversary cake.
Sir, I'm sorry.
We have to understand something,
you and me.
- You can read? All right.
- I can read, sir.
When I look at this cake
it says to me, "Happy Anniversary."
What does it say to you?
It says, "Happy Anniversary!"
"Happy Anniversary," doesn't it?
- Stop!
- Get that fucking thing away from me!
What the hell's wrong with you?
I'm sorry, Ev.
That was the most degrading, vicious,
disgusting thing I have ever seen you do.
I know. I'm sorry.
I never wanted you to see that.
So, what's she like?
I hardly know her.
Bob, I checked out
that license plate you gave me.
Luckily your stalker
and I got the same taste.
Wait a minute? You found him?
Listen, Emir, follow protocol, please.
No antics.
Just relax, all right.
I got close enough to know that
he didn't smell like a perp.
He had that familiar government scent.
- So, where are you from?
- Kansas.
Who the fuck
are you working for? Huh?
Who do you work for, motherfucker?
Oh, shit.
Hey, that license number
you gave Emir, I searched it.
Took me a while
'cause the car's registered to a company
with an address on a vacant lot.
The property records tie back to
what I've confirmed as a CIA front.
- Emir was right. Unbelievable.
- Yeah.
Here, take the tapes.
Ospina authorized pickups
in Detroit, LA, Houston and New York.
- He bought in?
- Yeah, he bought in.
In a big way.
You okay, Bob?
- You don't seem yourself.
- You wanna talk to the psychologist?
- No, I'm fine.
- Just wanna make sure you're okay.
- What, I'm fine.
- Okay.
Come on. Come on, baby.
Come on, number two.
Come on, number two.
Come on, number two.
Come on, baby. Come on.
Come on, come on, run God damn it.
Run, run, run.
Come on, baby. Come on.
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Yes, yes, yes. Come on, baby.
Ah, shit.
Never trust an animal
without a jockey on its back.
Who is there to fix the goddamn race?
I've got a tip in the fifth.
You got a tip, huh? Who from, the mutt?
It's a nice-looking ring.
What's that, a coca leaf?
You know, most of the assholes I meet
think it's a maple leaf.
My paperwork for Southern Air Transport
has to be in place.
In order to do that we need to make it
look like I manage your money.
Listen, friend, I never
fuck on the first date.
Evening, ladies.
Walmart on every block.
Smack dab in milk and honey land.
America the beautiful.
Only we don't get to the see the filth
on the other side of the store.
The sewage of civilization.
Hell, man, if it wasn't for the churches,
this whole fucking place would just die.
You know, the Good Book?
It says, "Don't steal, don't lie."
Well, who's that written for?
You know, we pray for a good clean life,
a list of do's or don'ts,
and we act like animals. All of us.
And Nancy Reagan with her holier-than-thou
"just say no to drugs" bullshit.
Ronny, you know,
he should've stayed the Gipper.
He's nothing but a two-faced drug pusher.
Whatever happened to good old integrity?
Do you think that half homo Ospina
knows what's coming? Good luck.
You, me and every other prick
is sucking on the tit of that golden calf.
Now listen to me.
If one of those bullets was meant for you,
I wouldn't be talking to you now, would I?
Look, Dominic, I...
- Who sent you, Ospina?
- No.
- Was it that fucking Mora kid?
- No, no, I went on my own.
Jesus, Bob, you sprung me
out of jail to watch your back,
and now look at you, you're waist-deep.
- You having fun without me?
- No.
Now, listen to me,
they're fucking meeting tonight.
- It never happened, do you hear me?
- Okay, it never happened.
Bobby, say it like you mean it.
I mean, that it never happened.
Do you think
that I'm doing a good job for you?
MORA SR; Excellent.
Then why don't you do right for me?
You know that I'm only protected
if more people buy in.
You promised to extend our network
if I delivered. And I have.
If you can't convince your bosses
to meet with me,
then our arrangement is over.
Mr. Bob, the drug business
is a waiting game.
I know.
I've been trying
to teach this man some patience.
Your fiance is a very wise woman.
And if I may be so bold,
incredibly ravishing.
So, I think I will grant you the meeting.
We have reached
a point of no return, Mr. Bob.
Have a great evening.
Mr. Musella, it's time.
Go forward.
So, you are Robert Musella?
I am.
And you are?
This way.
Go to padrino.
- What is your name?
- Joshua Baron.
What is your name, sir?
Your name?
Robert Musella.
Eshu Elegu is protecting you today.
You're good.
You are free to go.
Get up. You can leave. Get up.
It was an audition. You got the part.
Be ready in five minutes.
I was...
So, Mr. Musella, what can you do for me?
So, how do you feel
about the stock market?
No, no, too risky.
It's like going to Vegas.
We like to take, not to be taken.
Well, if you place funds
that are earmarked for investments
into one of my firms here in New York,
we can split the fees evenly.
Or, you can simply put your money
into one of my mortgage accounts...
Oh, hey, hey.
See, that way, it'll look like a loan
and then you just use the loan proceeds.
Now, there's a number of ways
that we can make this work.
Wait till you meet her.
Hello, sweetheart.
Watch this, Bobby, and learn.
- Roberto Alcaino, this is my Aunt Vicky.
- It's a pleasure to meet you.
- Mr. Alcaino...
- Call me Roberto, please.
Well, I love being
on a first-name basis with a gentleman.
Come on.
I love this park. It's my playground.
See those buildings over there?
They're mine.
The one on the right's a piece of shit,
but I can't flip it.
And the other one, Bobby and I just sold.
For how much, Bobby?
Oh, my God.
We made a lot of money on that one.
Actually a shitload of zeros
starting with the number 8.
But I hate to brag.
Oh, my nephew here
is in charge of the finances.
Bob has a real nose for business.
And women.
Well, thank you. I've always
had a thing for Latinos.
So, you want an apartment?
Ooh! Here comes the close.
Well, I do have a place upstate,
but my wife is thinking
about an apartment in New York.
If you're interested,
I can set that up for you, no problem.
Okay, Kathy,
time to go, spend some money.
- Hmm?
- Yes.
It was so lovely to meet you
and I cannot wait to meet your wife.
I mean it.
I wanna have dinner, the sooner the better.
- I would like that.
- All right.
Listen, escort these
lovely ladies to the car, please.
- So nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Have a good time.
- All right.
- Nice to meet you.
- And you.
- Bye.
- Are we gonna go to Neiman's?
Your aunt reminds me of my tia Inez,
a wild horse,
- a breath of fresh air in a cruel world.
- Hmm.
And I thought she was one of a kind.
You know, I'm thinking about
financing and promoting a boxing match.
That's very risky business.
Or maybe
a shipping company in Buenos Aires.
Or a beach house.
Now that I can help you make happen.
Are you and Kathy free tonight?
Yeah, as far as I know,
we're free as birds.
Can I ask you a question?
Have you ever had your palm read?
Well, my wife Gloria believes in it,
but, sad to say, I am more of a skeptic.
Well, my father was a diplomat,
so we traveled a lot,
and this one time in India,
a yogi came to visit us
and he taught me how to read the future.
May I?
Mmm... Oh, wow.
Is there a problem?
No, I've just never seen quite
so many stars align at the fate line.
- Okay.
- It's more than okay.
It means destiny
has marked you for success.
Well, I like that.
- It's so beautiful.
- It is.
It is Roberto's favorite painting
in our New York home.
- Really?
- Mmm-hmm.
Kathy was an art major in college.
I remember Sotheby's was
selling this to a private collector.
Is there anything I can do?
My husband loves to be in charge,
even in the kitchen.
Really? You hear that?
I'm sleeping at Amy's.
See you later.
Not until you say hi, we have company.
Kathy, Bob, this is our daughter Bianca.
- Hi, Bianca, nice to meet you.
- Hi.
- But of course.
- How many languages does she speak?
- Four.
- Four.
Well, if you
count Pig Latin as a language, but...
Kathy, I wanna show you something.
Your fiance is remarkable.
Yeah, she is.
I got to tell you, I would have been a
chef, but America put me in this business.
It's their fault I'm not wearing an apron,
sweating my balls off
in some kitchen somewhere.
But no demand, no supply.
And there are a lot of folks with noses.
God gave us free will,
so who am I to stand in the way
of someone who wants to indulge
in self-destructive behavior.
- Salud.
- Oh, thank you.
The politicians think it's a drug war,
shoot them up, Dirty Harry,
but I say it's a business like any other.
Profits up, people come,
profits down, they leave,
by any means necessary.
The only difference is, in my business,
nothing good ever comes
in the absence of trust.
Without it there is no loyalty.
And when there is no loyalty,
it never ends well.
It's actually amazing
how much these little things pick up, huh?
Isn't it?
Hey, I wanted to tell you,
you were pretty good today.
Yeah, well, you're here because of me,
and I feel responsible for your safety.
I appreciate that.
You don't have to worry about me.
I'm a big girl.
It's not about that, it's...
One wrong word, one slip and...
We have to be very careful.
We got into the Alcaino house, though.
That was all you.
Studied the family,
found out about the aunt.
Speaking of aunt...
What was that?
I thought my Aunt Vicky
was a little over the top.
I mean, Academy Award performance.
"I love Latin men."
The headpiece like this.
- You sure about that?
- I don't know.
Kathy, I really love your engagement ring.
It is so special to me.
It's been in Bob's family
for over 100 years.
- Really?
- Mmm-hmm.
- Anyways, should we go?
- Yeah, let's do it.
Bob, I'm taking Kathy to buy some flowers.
what's that flower you didn't like?
Lilies, because they remind me
of my grandmother's...
Grandmother's funeral, that's right.
- No lilies then.
- Please.
All right. See you later.
- Bye, honey. All right, have a good time.
- Bye.
How lucky are we?
He used to smuggle drugs.
Then he got caught
and he became one of the government's
most valuable informants
in the war against cocaine.
But Barry Seal's enemies
caught up with him and killed him.
Tonight, three men are in custody.
NBC's Brian Ross reports
that Seal was about to
testify for the government once again.
Authorities believe
machine-gun killing
of top drug informant Barry Seal
was ordered by drug bosses
in Medellin, Colombia,
who sent five men to kill Seal.
You know, that son of a
bitch was my friend.
He prayed with me, he sat at my table
with my wife and ate my food.
I wasted my knives on the meat.
I gave him this ring.
Made only two of them.
You should have
ripped it off that motherfucker's finger.
Looks like I will have to be more careful
about who I give jewelry to.
I'm risking my life
for pennies, man. 250 won't cut it.
Come on, you knew that was the deal.
That's the max.
You want more money,
get a fucking law degree.
- No, no, man.
- No?
- It's not like that.
- So, what is it like?
You pay me or I rat.
I'll fucking tell them
you're a piece of shit...
I can't believe that Bob
warned me about you, you know that?
I should've listened to him.
I'm such a fucking idiot, the fucking...
You shut your fucking mouth.
You fuck this up and I swear to God...
What the fuck is going on?
You two coming in or what?
Yeah, yeah.
Shut the fuck up and follow my lead.
- Who's your friend over here?
- He's family.
You got some ugly family, man.
- What's wrong with you?
- Nothing's wrong with him.
- I got a problem with you, man.
- You don't got a problem.
- I got a problem with you.
- You don't have a problem with me, man.
You don't have a problem.
- No?
- No.
- It stinks in here like a fucking pig.
- Now you're talking shit.
What's this fucking shit you saying?
Nobody believes a word you're...
This is a fucking cop!
This is a fucking cop, man.
Shut up! Shut up!
Come on,
you don't believe this fucking asshole...
What's going on here now? Tell me.
He's fucking robbing from us...
- This is a fuckin' cop.
- I'm telling you.
I'm going to kill you, man.
- I'm gonna kill you, man. Fucking idiot.
- You're going to kill me?
Okay. Yeah? I don't have anything, man.
- Come on, turn around...
- This is a fucking cop!
The money's right there. There you go.
I don't have anything.
- Whoa. Whoops.
- Fuck.
What is that? Green shit?
This is your fucking money!
Fucking asshole!
I'm so scared of you
with your dick hanging out like that.
I love you, man.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck me? Then fuck me. Oh, yeah.
- Fuck you.
- To fucking me.
You know, I really like you, man.
Because the only thing I care about
is money.
Oh, fuck.
There's a cut
on the forehead of Sugar Baby Rojas...
Move, move. Hit him, you son of a bitch.
- I told you, no?
- He looks good.
Whoa, whoa.
- See?
- He nailed him there. Wow!
The champion got the worst of it.
Dear Father in Heaven,
we were cursed tonight.
Colombia fell to Mexico,
but we are also blessed, dear God,
that you have brought into our lives,
Bob and his Kathy.
We love them.
Like family.
I feel good tonight, Bob.
Well, it is a good night, my friend.
All of my cash,
this economic renaissance, this new Miami.
The economy is addicted to drugs.
You know who's
the biggest money launderer in the US?
Well, I thought it was me.
Your Federal Reserve Bank.
It's called the anonymous window.
They accept pallet loads of cash
that used to be drug pesos,
hundreds of millions of dollars
from my country's central bank,
no questions asked.
If your government
didn't have my dirty money,
your economy would collapse.
You know, Bob, I think
I'm going to introduce you to Pablo.
But there's a little problem
I need you to fix first.
Alcaino says
Don Chepe's $10 million is frozen,
which is actually Pablo Escobar's money.
And he doesn't give a rat's ass
that our government did it.
He wants his money and it's not
gonna be over until he gets it.
There's a Senate
investigation into Noriega.
You're not getting money
that went through Panama!
Frozen is frozen. Accept it.
Mark, it's fucking up our operation.
We need you to fix this for us.
How am I gonna fix this?
You want me to call Senator Kerry?
"Hey, John,
could you drop your investigation
"that the President has sanctioned?
"'Cause, my friend Bob's
getting really upset?"
Reagan wants Noriega's ass.
Are you listening to me?
Hey, hey. You know what Alcaino said?
"That's not an answer
that keeps you alive, my friend."
- Okay?
- Hey. What did you say that for?
No. Wait a second, hold on.
Did he threaten you?
- No.
- Did he put your neck in a noose?
Yeah, and he's squeezing.
No, he didn't. Roberto didn't say that.
He wouldn't say that.
It's Escobar.
Wait a second.
Bob, are you in danger from Pablo Escobar
if his money doesn't come through?
I'm home.
Don Pablo is not happy.
10 million of Don Chepe's money,
which is Escobar's money,
is stuck in Panama.
It seems your President Reagan,
he's frozen all Panamanian accounts
in an effort...
That is not an answer that keeps you alive.
You should work this out
before Don Pablo does.
- Something's dripping.
- If you know what I mean.
Did you cut yourself?
Come here. Come here.
Daddy will take care of it.
No, it's all right.
- Come on, here we go.
- Are you okay, baby?
Are you hurt?
- I don't see any...
- No, she's not cut.
Okay, all right. All right, it's okay.
It's all right. Here we go.
- No, she's okay.
- I don't see any cut.
Are you all right?
Okay, that's good. Here we go.
What is that?
- What is it?
- I'll take care of it.
- Are you okay, baby?
- Okay. It's all right. Shh, shh.
No, it's okay.
Just a misunderstanding, that's all.
It'll be all right.
- You okay, sweetheart?
- Let's go get a Band-Aid.
These people are fucking nuts.
I know I sound like a broken record,
but I fucking heard it and I've seen it.
You think you understand.
You fucking don't.
These people
are not fucking cops, Bobby, all right?
They will make you die for days
and they've got fucking good at it.
You know what? They cut off your fingers.
They cut off your toes.
They inject you
with that fucking adrenalin shit
so you don't pass out before any of that.
Man, they cut open your fucking eyes
so you can't shut them,
and then they're gonna
bring in your little fucking family.
They'll cut your son's head off
with a cheese wire.
They'll do the same to your little girl.
And then, they'll cut your wife's tits off
right in front of you
and they won't feel a fucking thing.
Last but not least,
they're gonna cut your fucking head off
and send it
to your buddies down at Customs.
You could have retired, couldn't you?
You made a choice.
And this is mine.
Now, I hope you don't mind,
but I got you something.
I saw these and, of
course, I thought of you.
They are Japanese Akoya pearls,
prized for their elegance.
You don't find these in lagoons,
you have to dive deep to get them.
Oh, my God, they're gorgeous.
Let me help.
How do they look?
Like they've been stuck inside a shell
waiting to be around your neck.
Roberto, thank you so much.
Of course.
I gotta go look at it. Oh, my God.
Well, you certainly know
how to make women happy.
Thank you.
I don't wanna talk about business
on such a beautiful day,
but I must have that money.
Escobar sent me his calling card.
A bloody coffin.
I apologize for my
associate's indiscretion,
but as your friend,
I beg you to get him his money.
Without it, he is an animal.
And I'm asking you to tell Don Chepe
to deliver a message to Escobar
that I do not do business under threat.
Well, at this point, unfortunately,
neither you nor I are in a position
to dictate terms to Don Pablo.
Ah! Mr. Awan.
Thank you very much
for having me to your home.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
Well, it's a weekend,
I'll just get right to the point.
If you consider me
to be important to the bank,
then please find a way
to get my client's money out of Panama.
It's your government, not our bank.
We can do nothing.
Adjust your records to show
that my client's $10 million
was deposited into your bank
before the date of the freeze.
You're asking us to falsify our records?
Yes, that is exactly
what I'm asking you to do.
Consider it done.
In exchange for our efforts,
we need you to increase your deposits.
I will have Mr. Howard set up a meeting
with our European executive.
Mr. Awan, I thank you.
- Now, Mr. Bilgrami, as promised.
- Thank you.
May I have a look?
I was admiring your briefcase.
Of course.
I wouldn't mind one of these.
Is it expensive?
- Curtains up.
- Mmm-hmm.
Good to see you again, Mr. Howard.
I'd like to introduce my fiance.
Kathy Eriksson, Mr. Chinoy.
But I can assure you, Mr. Chinoy,
that my clients are all professional,
as professional as anyone that BCCI...
Do you like escargot?
Of course, I can introduce you
to my friends whenever you want.
Mr. Chinoy,
that would be greatly appreciated.
Boys, enough of the working.
Bob and I have an announcement to make.
We've decided on a date for our wedding.
October 3rd.
- Oh, congratulations.
- Thank you.
It would just mean so much to both of us
if you could join us on our special day.
Wonderful. Brilliant.
- Really?
- Yes.
I mean, now that's our answer, the wedding.
It's in three weeks.
We got a lot of work to do.
I already confided in Gloria.
She's totally willing to help.
So, you thought of everything?
Mr. Chinoy, Rudy Armbrecht is
one of our most important clients.
Here, this will give you some background.
Thank you.
Bob, you started the meeting without me.
No, no, no.
Mr. Chinoy, Mr. Javier Ospina.
Nice to meet you, sir.
My friend, what a great pleasure
to meet you.
- I've heard beautiful things about you.
- Thank you.
What they did not tell me was
how handsome you are.
Bob, I wanna
ask you something very quickly.
This guy is the creep we gave our money to?
Where do you think
this guy parked his camel?
Okay, sit down. Yeah. Sit down.
Tell me I'm not telling the truth.
Am I right?
Have a seat. Have a seat.
We have 30 million
parked in Charleston, South Carolina.
The Bible Belt? A good place to hide money.
It's where the Baby Jesus hides.
He only comes out at night
so he can watch the money, protect it.
We could have 100 million more.
But such amounts need to be concealed
to everyone but a select few.
No problem, Mr. Musella.
BCCI has $25 billion in assets.
25 billion?
25 billion, yes.
Tell me, how would you
guarantee that the funds cannot be traced?
Let me put it this way.
We have a protocol.
All we need from you is a signature.
And don't you worry about a thing.
Why, what's he gonna worry about?
Bankers, all they are
is crooked men with capes.
Only they have suits, like Superman.
- Except, they're maybe like the Joker.
- Go for a walk.
They are crooked thieves
with crooked cocks.
Why don't you go take a walk, huh?
That's what they are.
Their penises are crooked.
I'm gonna come back to this table,
and when I come back,
I'm gonna be completely invisible.
- Ospina.
- That's enough.
You broke my heart, Bob.
- How are you, Ospina?
- What?
- I'm really good. How you doing?
- Yeah? Good.
- Would you dance with me?
- She wants to dance with me.
Are you kidding me?
I'm gonna dance with you right away.
Oh, oui, monsieur!
That Ospina's quite a character.
He can fuck whoever he wants,
as long as it's not me or my people.
- Would you dance with me for a little bit?
- Okay. Oh.
- You all right?
- I'm good.
- You okay? Okay.
- I'm good.
Oh! Okay.
Gentlemen, if you'll excuse me,
it's my bedtime.
Mr. Bob, the night is still young.
Yes, it is, but not for a man
who trades money in 10 time zones.
Good night, Gonzalo. Get some rest.
Mr. Armbrecht.
Right. Okay.
Good night.
Excuse me. Ospina, I need to
steal away my future bride, my friend.
Have a good night.
I know. I know who the fuck you are, Bob.
What did Ospina do?
He embarrassed them.
I'm gonna sit in your fucking
hotel and then I'm gonna kill you.
I don't care if it offends people!
What? I'm gonna kill you, man! Fuck!
Hey, Mr. Bob.
We were going to have breakfast.
Well, I thought with
everything that happened last night...
A real tragedy.
Still have to eat.
- We have to get back for the wedding.
- Yeah.
- You have a date?
- Yes, October 3rd.
We really hope you can join us.
It would mean the world to us.
We'll be there.
Nice to see you again.
I'm gonna deal with the luggage.
Excuse me.
Bob, this is Gerardo Moncada.
Don Chepe, it's a pleasure to meet you.
I hope that if
you're in Tampa on October 3rd,
you would do us the honor
of attending our wedding.
I will if it can be arranged.
Thank you.
I like Paris. Alcaino said I would.
But more importantly, I like you.
We are authorizing the release
of 150 million to BCCI.
Thank you, Rudy.
- Who was that young guy?
- That was Don Chepe.
More importantly, the other man,
is Pablo Escobar.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
I'm not.
Kathy, listen to me.
I'm not going back home with you right now.
I'm going to London to BCCI headquarters.
- Trust me on this, okay.
- Bob. Bob.
We're supposed to get married.
We need to end this.
I know, and we will.
But we can get these guys.
Come on, I'll put you in a cab.
Thank you.
I'm Kathy.
I know who you are.
Are you sleeping with him?
You know the answer to your question.
If I did, I wouldn't ask.
Your name's Evelyn. He calls you Ev.
You met in eighth grade, remained friends.
Married, had two children.
You don't like loud parties
or people who brag.
But you do like pineapple and pizza.
You're a lucky woman.
And you don't have to worry.
The last time he wore it
was on our wedding day.
Well, hope it still fits.
Thank you.
We have a highly reliable source
telling us about a huge shipment
arriving tonight
in the port of Miami.
It could be your boys.
We are talking 2,500 pounds
of pure cocaine worth $23 million.
That's the largest seizure
ever in the Southeast.
Bonni, listen, I need more time.
A bust this size right now and all
these guys will be running for cover.
We can get senior management at BCCI.
We can get
the founder and chairman, Abedi.
But I need more time.
There is a beginning, middle
and end to everything.
- Bonni. Bonni...
- This is the end, Mazur.
We live each day in divinity.
The power and the quality of divinity.
It rains on us.
When we live in humility,
God's providence pours into us.
We are truly blessed.
All of us.
We live in majesty.
Police, search warrant, open the door!
Each and every one of us
who work on such a glorious endeavor...
Police! Get down!
Get down!
God pours his infinite benevolence
on Bank of Credit
and Commerce International,
because we have the humility to receive it.
- Hey.
- Bob.
Okay, it's all right.
Roberto told me
you are the only one I can trust.
You need to keep his operation alive
while he's underground.
Do you even know where he is?
He wouldn't tell me.
He just told me that
you would know what to do.
Okay, I can do it.
Can I have a knife or something to...
Thanks, Kathy.
There are 30 distributors
holding product and money.
To pick it up, you use codename Primo.
I'll do what I can.
Thank you.
I feel so terrible inside.
Gloria, I need to talk to you. Come here.
Listen, it's too crazy right now,
there's too much going on.
I think you should go back to Colombia.
I can't. This won't be enough.
Roberto needs the money for the lawyers.
- And the US will freeze all his accounts...
- I know. I know.
And try to destroy our businesses.
Gloria, please, listen to me.
It's too dangerous.
I know it's dangerous, but I have to do it
for Bianca and for her father.
Just give me a minute, please.
It's like you get close to people,
you know them.
Yeah, well, that's what happens
when you're doing your job.
I know you don't believe that.
It's not just a job. I
feel so terrible for her.
I know.
I know.
It's enough to make me cry.
Mazur, tux looks good.
Kiss the bride for me.
- Ready?
- Oh, yeah.
Sherman, get over here.
- She's a classic.
- Jesus.
Sorry I didn't tell you sooner, Bob.
Tell me sooner for what?
She sent me to Washington headquarters.
She set this up.
They're NBC.
The wedding photographers?
Yeah, they got an exclusive on the bust.
So, prison isn't enough.
She wants humiliation, too.
No, they want publicity.
She forced me to meet with the press
and now she's gunning for me
since I wouldn't give 'em your name.
Well, thank you.
Think DEA has any openings?
Hey, Bob, Bob,
can you help me with this goddamn thing?
- Here, here, here, here, you're messing it up.
- All right.
We only had one tie in Aguadilla,
so I never got a turn,
so never learned, you know.
I just hate wearing suits,
I always feel like I look like a waiter.
Yeah, well, run, get me a cup of coffee.
Yeah, I got your creamer right here.
Hey, other than when Junior was born,
this is one of the best days of my life.
This is my brother-in-law, Steve.
This is Gonzalo.
Nice to meet you, Gonzalo.
- See you on the other side.
- All right.
Hey, guys.
Do you think I'm gonna get fucked later?
You're gonna get fucked
like you never been fucked before.
- So glad you're here.
- Good to see you.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
Musella, I think you wear red.
Tischler's orders.
Good guys are in white today.
Well, then shit,
I'm wearing the wrong color over here.
Just haven't had a chance
to show your true colors.
You're too kind.
I'll be glad when this shit is done, Bobby.
Yeah. One last hurdle, Dom.
Armbrecht's not here.
How you doing? You all right?
- Move it, piss ant.
- All right.
Get out of my face.
What are you doing here?
When the heat is on, you
get out of the fire.
Except, I'm a chef, I'm always in the fire.
Besides, you're not talking
to Roberto Alcaino.
I am now Fernando Alvarez.
Wanna see my Argentinian passport?
Roberto, I'm glad you're here.
But there is a part of me
that wishes you hadn't taken that risk.
Without family or friends,
what kind of world would this be?
There would be no reason to be alive.
It's a good day.
Okay, here we go.
Where's Ertz? You got eyes on Ertz?
- Yeah, right here.
- Where?
Just there.
- Roberto.
- Surprise.
Please be seated.
Bob. Kathy.
I'd like you to turn around and take a look
at everyone that's gathered here today
to celebrate your love.
Does anyone here have any reason
why this couple should not be wed?
Speak now or forever hold your peace.
Here we go. Here we go.
These guys first! They're right here!
Get them!
Bob! Get down! Get Down!
Don't move!
You traitors!
You will fucking regret this!
You hear me!
You'll live to regret this!
Take them away.
You will regret this.
- Go on. Please, take 'em out.
- All right, get them out of here!
Clear it out! Clear it out!
Get all the cuffed people out of here!
the drug dealers have said that,
your children are
the business of their future.
America needs to stop this scourge.
And these arrests
are a big step in that direction.
A beginning to an end of those who seek...
- Bob.
- Hey.
Armbrecht was taken down at the airport.
Al right. Thank you.
- Good job.
- You, too.
Ain't that some shit, Bob?
Tischler bails when the shit goes down, and
then she shows up to take the credit, huh?
- Are you surprised?
- A little.
You know, you were right.
Of course, I'm always right.
The informant.
Okay, all right, I'm 99% right.
I loved Bob Musella.
Me, too. Me, too.
Hey, Bob.
Not all your friends
went to jail today, all right?
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, Customs is letting me keep the dress,
but not the pearls.
Too bad you got jilted, you look so hot.
Did you get him to talk?
I'm sorry. I'll catch you guys later.
You wanna help me?
Well, it's still a pretty good ending.
It was, wasn't it?
Go home, Bob.
You okay there?
Harley, you're up next.
Here, catch.
- Hey.
- Hi.