The Influencer (2021) Movie Script

[gentle music]
[glass breaking]
[static & buzz]
[wind chimes & tape hiss]
[dreamy synth wave music]
[phone chiming]
[upbeat music]
Hi, guys!
It's me, Abbie Rose.
And today we're gonna be talking
about a new trend that I love.
Florals, sparkles, fur!
A female Nutrocon employee
settled out of court today.
[Both Reporters] Ending
the last of six lawsuits
filed against the cosmetic giant
over sexual misconduct
in the workplace.
Nutrocon stock continues
to ex-ex-explode!
The company executes its
growth strategy by acquisition,
buying four companies this week.
[mouse clicks]
[gentle music]
Hi guys, I wanted
to show you all
a behind the scenes look
at Studio Abbie Rose.
In the beginning, I
did this all myself,
but when you have so many fans
it is just impossible
to keep up.
So I have my amazing
team of interns
who help with my content
at Le house of Abbie.
[knocking on door]
Oh my God. It's really you.
Hi! [giggles]
You must be the new girl.
Trendygirl something, right?
99, Trendygirl99.
I have liked, like, every
single one of your posts
and I'm usually one of the
first people to comment too.
Come in and meet the team.
Use the smudge
tool, not the blur.
And fix that unevenness
in my cheek right there.
[groans] I am never using
that photographer again.
So, the team comes
in every Wednesday
from noon until around 6:00.
Once a week isn't
usually enough.
So you all get weekly
assignments to do remotely
on your free time, of course.
That's so cool.
Abbie, can we take
our lunch break now?
Uh, yeah, sure.
There's sandwiches
for you in the fridge.
Why are you using that photo?
The lighting is so inconsistent!
This is a brand you're
working with here.
I am a brand now!
If a single post doesn't fit,
that could be the
end of all of this!
Oh, no.
It is crazy the kind
of influence you have
when everyone knows who you are.
So did you have any questions?
Um, yeah, the
post didn't mention
if there was any pay.
Oh, uh,
yeah, this is an
unpaid internship.
But there is room for growth.
I have been thinking
about hiring
a full-time assistant.
I've just been giving
it a little bit of time
to decide who on the team
really fits my je ne sais quoi.
Okay, awesome!
Oh, okay. [chuckles]
Well, welcome to the team.
What was your name?
- Abbie?
There's only ham
sandwiches here.
Some of us are vegan, remember?
Can't you just
take the meat out?
There's veggies on there too
and cheese!
Everyone loves cheese.
Cheese is murder.
[Abbie] How are
you guys so picky?
[soft upbeat music]
What the hell?
I can't believe you turned
down a Nutrocon deal.
It's not about the money.
Oh, right.
It's about the
artistic integrity.
Well, the whole reason
I started doing this
was so I wouldn't have
to work a 9:00 to 5:00.
It was hard at first,
but I think I
finally figured out
a way to make it work for me.
At first?
You just said you
couldn't go out
because money's tight.
I have interns to feed.
And have you seen
how much they charge
for an avocado these days?
Well, you know who
just got a Nutrocon deal?
LisaXoX and she just
made another post
about how you copied
her summer trends video.
Oh, that bitch is
just trying to get me
to make some sappy
apology video.
Oh, I fucking hate that bitch.
And maybe you should.
It would get so many views
'cause she's like a full
blown celebrity now,
not just some
influencer vlogger.
No offense.
You need to engage in the drama.
Like what's the point of
having so many followers
if you don't do
something big like-
- Okay! Whatever.
There are way more important
things going on in the world
than some stupid feud
between me and Lisa.
[phone chiming]
Oh, it's them again.
[Skylar] Answer it!
All right!
All right, Skylar.
I'll talk to you later.
[Skylar] Milk 'em dry, girl.
Milk 'em dry!
Abbie, it's Brad,
one of the executives
at Digital Famous Media.
Yeah, I remember you
from the meeting.
My assistant Taylor told me
about your
conversation yesterday
and I just wanted to
reach out personally.
He did mention the offer
was for 200 grand, right?
Nutrocon wants you
all over this new line
with multiple posts a day
on different platforms,
a couple of events a
week, and there's nine
- countries to be-
- Look.
I don't wanna come off as
being ungrateful or anything,
and you guys have been
getting me great campaigns,
but I just feel like
I'm being a bit low-balled here.
- Low-balled?
- By the time I'm done,
75K goes to taxes.
I have a monthly
mortgage on a house,
six interns I have to feed,
and a shit ton of
freelancers to pay.
Abbie, I'm gonna lay this out
and you're gonna
shut up and listen.
[tense music]
Then you can decide to
take it or leave it.
The only reason we're
not passing the sale
on to the next girl in our
list of 400 influencers
is because we've already
invested years of our time
into making your name big enough
to even get an offer like this,
because that's what we do.
The point of all this is to
make you a household name,
a trusted name,
a name that sells.
If you don't want that,
then we can't work
with you anymore.
Uh, no I'm-
- You're how old now?
How much longer can you keep
running your brand like this?
People wanna party
where you party
in the clubs, in the
clothes you party in.
People want what is hot now.
Do you wanna go all the way
and secure your future
in this industry
or do you wanna
just get a real job?
[brooding music]
I knew you'd come around.
But I want 500,000.
[Brad laughs]
Both my channel
and my photo posts
have over 1 million
followers each
with an over 6%
engagement rate, okay?
These are loyal consumers,
not just people flipping
through a magazine, okay?
So I want 500,000.
And if you think you're gonna
get more than that, you're out
- of your goddamn mind.
- 400,000 and I will
shove that makeup so
far down their throats
they will be gagging for weeks.
[Brad sighs]
[foreboding music]
That's why we love you, Abbie.
We're totally going to send you
to a rave on an island for this.
[intense music]
Oh, can you get a pic
of me with these earrings?
The brand just paid me
to tag them in a post.
They're so hot.
You can have them.
I only wear genuine silver.
Everything else
hurts my ear holes.
[camera clicking]
[smooth upbeat music]
Oh, shit.
There's this girl
I've been texting.
She tryin' to smash, bro.
- Is that her?
- Yeah.
Yo, Abbie!
Oh, shit, shit.
It's Justin.
Why won't this guy
just leave me alone?
His friend though.
Oh my God.
- Yo Abbie. What's up?
- Oh, hey, Justin.
So glad to run into you.
Hey Skylar, this is
my buddy Juaquin.
Hi, Juaquin.
Hey, let's take a selfie.
[camera clicks]
Yeah, you look so good.
Hey, I got some bomb
ass coke and a booth.
Let's hit it.
I'm gonna need another
one of these, please.
- [upbeat music]
- Abbie!
Oh my God, I actually found you.
I was in the area and
then I saw your post
and I thought it'd be cool
to come and try and find you!
Oh my god, that's so funny.
I love your outfit.
It looks a lot like mine.
Uh, look, sorry.
I'm actually with
some people over there
and it's their table, not mine.
So I can't really just like
invite just anyone over there.
So I'm gonna have to go.
But it was so nice of
you to come and say hi
and I will see you next week.
Yo, this place sucks balls
and not in the good way.
Let's go back to my place.
I gotta call it a night.
I have work to do.
Oh, come on.
Yeah, come on.
Sorry, guys.
You know I have my weekly
vlog upload on Wednesdays
and it's almost midnight.
My place isn't even that far.
Just come for a little bit.
It's not like you gotta be
anywhere in the morning.
Uh, what does that mean?
I work my ass off, okay?
Talk to me after
you've spent 72 hours
editing a video on suspenders.
Okay, just sleep it off, okay?
Well maybe I'm not that tired.
Well, maybe I am.
Well, then we can just cuddle.
How about next time?
Mm, never.
Or when you least expect it.
Okay, get off, asshole.
She's probably on her period.
[Abbie sighs]
[phone chimes]
[tense music]
[water dripping]
[Abbie chuckles]
[Abbie sighs]
[synth wave music]
I swear to God, Justin,
I will mace the shit out of you!
This isn't funny.
[lock clicks]
[computer warbling]
[Computer Voice]
You are not alone.
[dramatic synth wave music]
[Abbie screams]
[Three] Don't fucking scream.
[Abbie whimpering]
[Abbie screaming]
[Five grunts]
[Abbie groaning]
That was easy.
[Five] Speak for yourself.
She just kneed me in the dick.
[Five groans]
[rhythmic drum music]
God, I get so tingly down there
whenever an assignment
starts, don't you?
Only when I watch Marie
Kondo tutorials online.
Yeah, I don't watch that shit.
[tense music]
Who chose these anyways?
A little on the nose,
don't you think?
[dramatic music]
[Five laughs maniacally]
[Four screams]
[Five grunts]
What the hell, Five?
[Five chuckles]
Oh, I'm sorry. I
couldn't help myself.
These things are
just too creepy.
What are you doing out here?
Aren't you supposed to be
in there helping Three?
She's fine.
She can hold down the fort.
She knows some
serious kung-fu shit.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
I will kung-fu you
right in fucking half
if you mess with me again.
- Okay, okay.
- Don't you ever
jump up on a lady like that.
[Five sighs]
So worth it.
[soft dreamy music]
[Abbie whimpering]
[Three] We heard the big news.
They probably didn't mention
this in your contract,
but there are some
extra responsibilities
that come with a job like this.
[Abbie screaming]
You know, I've heard
you haven't been late
to post in eight years.
I really admire that dedication.
[Abbie crying]
[Four] Why isn't she ready yet?
[Three] I've got
this under control.
[Four] It's already 1:00.
We need this
thing up by 6:00 AM.
[Three] Four, calm down.
[Four] It takes
her an entire week
to make one of these videos.
If we don't hurry
the fuck up right...
[Three] Do you know
anything about negotiation?
You've gotta lay the groundwork
before people will
do anything for you.
So either chill
or get the fuck out.
[soft funky music]
On the spectrum much?
I know this is
your first assignment
but if you want this to work
don't touch anything!
[computer chiming]
[keyboard clicking]
[cell phone vibrating]
[soft pop music]
[brooding music]
[One] Do it.
- Ooh.
- Yeah.
Hey, everyone.
I had such a great
birthday weekend.
I am.
Such a great birthday weekend.
A great birthday weekend.
I am wiped!
And it didn't quite
go exactly as planned
but it was a blast.
And I was still able to find
this random nail polish line
that has the coolest colors.
[dramatic synth wave music]
[Three] We don't wanna
have to hurt you, Abbie.
But I think I've proved that
I can if need be, right?
Look, all you gotta do
is a couple of videos
and we'll be out of your hair.
[Abbie] What the fuck?
[Three] Now, don't
fucking scream.
[Three] I can tell
that you're a tough one.
You're gonna be okay.
[Five] We're linked up!
Please don't hurt me!
Whatever I did,
I swear, I swear,
I won't do it again.
[Three] It's all
part of the job, Abbie.
Now clean yourself up.
You don't want your fans
to think you forgot
this week, right?
[Abbie yelps]
Hey, everyone.
If you're a night owl like me,
you might've noticed
that I'm posting
a little bit late this week.
That's because I,
I am doing something
a little bit-
- [Three] Start over
and act natural.
I can't!
I don't understand what the-
- [Three] Start over.
- Hey, everyone.
- Again!
I can't just say whatever
you want me to say!
[Abbie screaming]
[Three] Why not?
'Cause we're not paying you?
Is this your job?
You're just the messenger?
Well, we have a message
that means something.
One that we're
willing to die for.
Are you willing to die?
[Abbie crying]
Well then what are
you fighting for?
Just give us that winning smile
and read.
Hey, everyone.
If you're a night owl like me,
you may have noticed I'm
posting a bit late this week.
That's because I have
a special announcement
going up later this morning.
So, be sure to check back in.
Love yas!
It's up.
Jesus, she already
has 400 comments
on this video being late.
Girl's got reach.
No wonder One picked her.
Oh, God!
Oh, oh.
Some dude named Justin
just sent her a naked
bathroom selfie.
[Two groans]
What are you gonna say?
No, no, no, don't let him
think he has a chance.
I mean, we're like torturing
that poor Barbie enough.
Oh, he is not gonna wanna
talk to her after this.
Well maybe don't be too cruel.
He might have a nervous
breakdown or something.
[Three] Now, I don't
know much about fashion.
So you tell me
what would you wanna wear
for the biggest advertising
video of your life?
This one?
Are you forcing me
to make a sex tape?
[Three] What? No.
Well, you only wear sequins
when you're trying to
sleep with someone.
The fragmented light puts
guys in a trance-like state
and you can get them to
do whatever you want.
[Three] Huh.
Does he have to be in here?
How do I know what you're
looking at with that thing on.
[Three exhales sharply]
Interesting choice, by the way.
Were they all out
of Guy Fawkes masks?
[Three] I thought you'd
like the sexy clown look.
All right. What about this one?
Girl, that is way too
dressed up for a vlog.
That is like red carpet casual.
[Three] What?
Your ignorance must be bliss.
[smooth music]
Where's Four?
This should be like
a joyous occasion.
Why is she so on edge?
We're not supposed to
exchange personal information.
The less I know about
any of you, the better.
Mm-hmm, I'm going
to Cancun after this.
Have you ever been?
It looks like
really, really dope.
Actually, could you
check the weather?
Just type in Isle of Women.
Island of women?
Anyway, I have a reservation.
Okay, that's never gonna happen
if you keep distracting me.
And what are you even
contributing here?
All you did was make
some crappy makeup.
[Five laughs]
I made an exact replica
of Nutrocon's line
with some very
innocent formula tweaks
just as One requested
and it's still untraceable.
It's called chemistry.
I hope you didn't blow
up too many trailers
with your chemistry.
Okay, seriously?
Who uses air quotes
in the year 2020?
Who wears sweat pants
on a secret mission?
Hey, these are,
they're not sweat pants.
This is knitted denim.
[tense music]
How do you like it, girl?
Say that you like it.
Say that you like it.
How do you like it?
Say that you like it.
[glass cracking]
How do you like
that, motherfucker?
I would have never
signed up for this
if I knew it was gonna
be a bunch of girls.
One must be some like crazy
feminist or something.
Ew, don't use that word.
Okay, whatever.
Just, the isle of women
better not be like this.
[beads clattering]
[Four muttering]
[Four] What is taking so long?
- Start filming this shit.
- Oh, my god.
Open the box.
Well, what do we do next?
Uh, is this like a tutorial
video or like a promotion?
[Four] Whichever's shorter.
Okay, so promo.
Okay, okay, okay.
[Three] Yeah.
Okay, yeah, this is good.
I guess I should
get some close ups.
[Three] You keep
looking into the camera.
You're doing this
shitty on purpose.
[Abbie scoffs]
[Abbie whines]
[upbeat dance music]
Give us a woo.
[Four] Like you mean it
[Four] [laughs] Yeah.
I hope your video sucks ass.
[mouse clicking]
[upbeat dance music]
[crowd chattering]
[Three] Hmm.
It's all smoke and
mirrors, isn't it?
[Abbie] Woo!
[smooth upbeat music]
[sirens wailing]
[Three] You know what?
I thought about
this moment a lot.
What moment?
[Three] The shot of
you holding up the makeup
in contrast to the
lights in the background.
You know, kind of out of focus.
Did you learn how to make
those cool lens flares too?
[Four chuckles]
You know what?
Just hold it up!
[Abbie yelps]
You know what?
Fuck you.
[Four] You're gonna
wanna keep your voice down.
Why shouldn't I
just start screaming?
What are you gonna do about it?
Oh, and by the way,
the Tiki theme doesn't
even match the disco theme.
So none of this even
makes any fucking sense.
[tense music]
What are you doing with that?
That is very, very, very,
very, very bad lighting.
[Three] We have access
to everything, Abbie.
We don't have to break
your bones to hurt you.
[Four] We'll just
post every humiliating,
incriminating, poorly
lit thing we can find.
What should we caption this?
I'm feeling myself, literally.
- Water drop emoji.
- No!
[Four] There. Posted.
[Abbie gasps]
Now let's finish this.
Eight years of work.
My entire life.
My entire everything.
[Abbie sobbing]
[Three] Get up.
[phone chiming]
Look, it's already got
120 like and 12 comments.
Fuck all the slut shamers.
Everybody should embrace
their body like Abbie Rose.
Huh? It's great.
[Four] You are so brave.
You think I don't
know my ass is fire?
It's not about that.
It's about my brand, branding!
Why are you doing this to me?
It's LisaXoX, isn't it?
She's trying to make
me lose my deal.
Please, just let me go.
Whatever she's paying you
- I'll pay double.
- Oh my God.
Oh my god.
We do not have time for this.
[Abbie] Lisa!
That fucking bitch!
[Four] Look.
[Four] Is this one of
those photos you took
to see if you have a pimple?
Because I do that.
[Abbie crying]
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I will, I will cooperate.
I will cooperate.
Please, just don't
do anything crazy.
[smooth music]
What are you guys doing?
[Abbie grunting]
[Abbie screams]
[Five] How much longer?
[Two] Shh!
- [loud popping]
- Did you hear that?
I heard you being
an anal control freak.
Using the words anal and freak
in the same sentence to a
coworker of the opposite sex
is most definitely
a microaggression.
[Three] All right.
Just try and relax while
we finish this thing.
You know,
I got a degree in
musical theater.
It's not like there
were a ton of jobs
just a waiting for me
when I got out of school.
This was paying off
my student debt,
paying the bills,
and I didn't have to wait
tables on Hollywood douche bags
just to split a studio
apartment in Pacoima.
You can call me a
sellout all you want.
I worked my ass off
to get where I am
and I don't deserve to
be treated like this.
[Three] Cry me
a river, princess.
[Abbie whimpers]
Oh, fuck yes.
What kind of sick freak
are we dealing with here?
[Justin] Yo, Abbie!
[knocking on door]
- What the fuck?
- Oh, thank God.
[Three] Don't
even think about it.
[knocking on door]
[tense music]
Just wait. He'll leave.
Yo, Abbie.
I saw that sexy
selfie you posted
right after telling me
that only desperate people
with no personalities
need to send nudes, really?
[Three] Is that your
boyfriend or something?
Ew, no!
I know you posted it
just to get my attention.
So we doing this or what?
[intense music]
The sexual tension's been
building for too long.
I know you want this.
Come on, babe.
I know you want it.
Oh shit.
[Justin grunts]
Who the fuck are you?
[Justin grunting]
I'm gonna kill you,
you motherfucker!
[fist thudding]
[Justin grunting]
[Four yelling]
You fucking piece of shit!
You piece of shit!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
[Five] What the
hell just happened?
Oh my god!
What do we do now?
Fuck this.
[tense music]
[Abbie whimpering]
This is what happens
when you hurt people,
when you don't think
about how your actions
affect anyone but yourself.
I saw you at the
Women's March downtown.
You wanna hop on the
feminist bandwagon,
posting about equal
rights for women,
and then go and sign a contract
with a cosmetics company
that is known to
fund organizations
that oppose a woman's
right to choose.
Don't you think that's
a little hypocritical?
You have an internet rando
tied up in her
house, you psycho!
At least I'm not a
complete narcissist
that survives off the
perils of humanity.
[Three laughs]
It's like how you brag about
using only cruelty free makeup
when entire species
are being wiped out
because the rainforest are
being eradicated for palm oil
which is pretty much
in half of the products
that you promote.
Fast fashion.
You tell millions
and millions of kids
to spend whatever
money they've got
on cheap clothes being
made in sweatshops
and you profit from all of it!
This has nothing to do
with LisaXoX, does it?
[tense music]
- Two?
- You couldn't have kept
your shit together
for one night?
- Dude.
- I'll call One.
I'll tell him how you
completely derailed his plan.
All right!
How much coffee did you have?
[Justin groaning]
Shut up.
[Five] Um, I'll be right back.
Uh, I cannot be
in there right now.
You messed that
dude up real bad.
Well, what do you, what
do you think we should do?
Uh, well he saw our faces.
So you know what we have to do.
I am not killing anyone.
Well, you screwed us.
Maybe you don't
get to choose now.
Oh, typical.
Blame the victim just
like everyone else.
You don't know what it's like
seeing some fucking
creep everywhere you go.
[Two] We're not killing him.
Not us. Three.
She's obviously some
like special forces
secret ninja assassin.
She's totally killed
people before.
Three's not gonna do it.
How do you know?
She doesn't care if
they see her face.
She's totally killing them.
She's giving away
her entire share.
She's in this for the
cause, to help people.
Oh my God.
How are you all so fucked up?
You know what? How
about we just call One?
You can get him
to go easy on us.
- You're his friend, right?
- What makes you think
I'm friends with One?
Nobody knows-
- You're on those dark
web message boards
where he recruits
people online and stuff.
I never talked to One
before I got that call,
the same creepy
phone call you did.
We can finish this.
I can finish this.
No shit, we are.
I'm not having my reputation
destroyed over this.
There's a lot more at stake here
than your reputation on
some online message board.
Okay, I still have to finish
editing this stupid video.
Hey, hey!
Your one job was to protect us.
So the two of you
freaking figure out
how to fix this while I'm
over here doing all the work!
We are so fucked.
This is worse than
when I got caught
wrestling alligators
on bath salts.
Yeah, Broward county
sheriffs, right?
Clean up all this blood.
I can't work under
these conditions.
[Justin groaning]
[Abbie] Are you okay?
Who was that?
I'll beat his ass.
He needs to go to a hospital.
Trust me.
I've been through way worse.
Plus you're not
really in a place
to tell me what to do.
So here are your options.
I can either
cut you free
and you can have
your beauty rest,
or I can force you to be quiet.
No bags under your eyes,
body in a bag.
No bags, body bag.
[Abbie whines]
[Abbie grunts]
[Justin groans]
Hold me.
[Abbie groans]
[upbeat music]
Hey, everybody!
Big news!
I finally signed
that coveted, yes,
Nutrocon deal!
And as your new Nutrocon girl,
I get to show you
their newest line
before it even launches.
It's the perfect makeup kit
for that '70s throwback vibe
with just the right
amount of glitter.
That makes the hot
item of the week
Nutrocon's new disco
themed makeup kit!
[Abbie screams]
I got to test it out
this week at Skyline L.A.
and I looked so hot with
my ponytail hairpiece
from Downtown Hair.
I stopped by the
city's newest bar
with an amazing patio,
Atomic Goldmine,
for '70s night which
was the perfect chance
to try out the the
white gold eyeshadow.
The lip stain totally stayed on
even after a few cocktails.
Now that I've joined forces
with one of the biggest
makeup companies,
I am in celebration mode
and everyone is invited
to celebrate with me.
Use the code #abbierose
at the link in the video details
and the first 50
of you lucky ones
will get a sample kit for free.
Love you guys!
[Two sighs]
[Five] I am so hungry.
How long do you think
before somebody sees it?
It still early.
I just need a little, a
little napski, you know?
Just a little shut eye.
[guitar music]
Sum 41!
- Dude.
- Come on, man.
Get a life.
What, you guys are acting
like you've never been
on an all night home
invasion before.
[phone chiming]
[gentle chiming music]
[electronic warbling music]
[Abbie] Uh, good morning.
[Taylor] Hi Abbie, I saw
the video that you uploaded.
[Abbie] Oh, don't worry.
The office sent it to me.
It was an authorized
sale. [giggles]
Oh, I've gotta run.
I'm late for my morning yoga.
- Wait-
- Thank you so much. Bye!
There's 230 orders already.
That's national.
I just need to filter.
It'll take forever to
deliver 50 of these boxes.
You'll only be hitting
targets within a 10 mile radius.
One never called, right?
[gentle music]
[Five] So what are you gonna
do about that guy back there?
If you bring it up
again I will end you.
Good morning, people.
It's Norm coming at you from
bell to bell on my channel.
It's 6:00 o'clock and the
market is open for business.
Now a couple of years
ago, it was crypto.
This year it's options.
So much money to be made.
It's like a fresh printer
printing fresh money for you,
making that money machine go
[imitates machine whirring].
So this options
trend fascinates me.
It's pretty much like gambling,
but if you do your due diligence
and get in a good price,
you can make an
absolute killing.
This year 800,000 new people
have gotten into
the options game.
You can scoop up contracts
for pennies per contract.
We have an earnings report
coming up pretty soon,
and with all of buzz around it,
it should pay.
Trust me, in a year you'll wish
you had been paying attention.
Now let's take a
call, call, call.
Consider this a detox.
It looks like your
boyfriend's a real bed hog.
[Justin snoring]
He is not my boyfriend.
He could have fooled me
the way he was using
you for a pillow.
Well, some people just
can't take no for an answer.
Why are you still here?
Don't worry.
We're leaving soon.
I'm so hungry.
[stomach growling]
Can I have something to eat?
We need you hungry and weak
so you're easy to control.
I'd offer you some coffee
but you might shit yourself.
[Abbie groans]
[stomach growling]
I'll go make us
some breakfast, babe.
[Abbie whines]
[stomach growling]
Did you just fart?
I'm hungry.
Okay, good.
Because when guys
fart, it's funny.
When girls fart,
it's disgusting.
[Abbie sighs]
[upbeat music]
[Abbie] Hi, Taylor.
How's it going?
[Taylor] I asked
everyone in the office
and no one's heard about a
Nutrocon video this week.
Does Brad know about this?
- He's gonna flip out.
- [Abbie] Oh, uh,
I'm at the Nutrocon offices.
[Taylor] What?
Like they contacted
you directly?
[Abbie] Duh.
Sorry, Taylor.
I really need to go.
These glutes aren't
gonna work themselves.
I'll talk to you later.
[phone chimes]
[rhythmic drum music]
[soft pop music]
Oh my god.
[Abbie] What?
Hey, girl.
Sorry if I woke you up.
I just wanted to
borrow those earrings
before I head to work.
[Abbie] No, no!
Now is not a good time.
Well, Juaquin is
taking me out tonight.
His profile pic is of him
with this red sports car
and you know how guys
relate their dicks to cars.
So I need to wear something red,
but I don't have anything hot.
[Two] Um, the red earrings.
Um, the red earrings.
- What the fuck?
- Um, yeah.
You know, the furry
things are really sweaty,
um, from dancing up
a storm last night.
Whoa babe, how
are you doing that?
You didn't even
dance last night.
It's fine.
Your natural musk
smells like apricots.
Hopefully I won't be
wearing them too long anyway
if you know what I mean.
I'm at the front door.
[phone beeps]
Get rid of her
otherwise we're gonna
have to fuck her up
like we fucked up your boy-
[Abbie spits]
Ah, fuck!
He is not my boyfriend.
We don't subscribe
to society's labels.
- Isn't that right, baby?
- Oh my god, shut up!
You're so fucking lucky
that your friend turned up.
Keep him quiet!
Hi, why is Justin's
car still here?
I mean, he said he
was going to come over
after you posted that
hot bathroom selfie,
which I thought
was kind of weird,
but clearly it was a sign
for him to come over, right?
Ew, no.
Wait, yes. Yes, it was.
Look, here are the earrings.
Look at you flaunting
your sexcapades online.
I thought that was against one
of your rules or something.
All right, Skylar,
have a great day.
I will see you later.
[Justin screaming]
[upbeat music]
Yoo-hoo, Justin!
- You hoe.
- Drop it, drop it.
[Justin screaming]
[Skylar laughing]
Drop it.
Skylar, stop it.
Was it everything
you ever dreamed of?
Dude, would you stop being
such an obnoxious
bitch right now?
[phone chiming]
Just take the fucking earrings.
Jesus. Sorry.
I mean, I didn't
think you would care
since you got them for free.
Oh my God.
It's not about the earrings.
It's about you
being this hanger on
just using me for
attention and likes
and to meet these douchey guys
who I would never sleep with
if they paid me more
than a Nutrocon deal.
I am so confused.
I'm just gonna go.
Please do.
You really think you're
saving the world, don't you?
One mindless teenager at a time.
You know what?
Apricots smell like cat pee.
[Abbie yelps]
I bet you really enjoyed that.
[fist thuds]
[Abbie yells]
You're right.
I did.
[Abbie whimpering]
[intense music]
[Abbie screaming]
[Justin groaning]
Baby, I gotta come clean to you.
I owe people some money.
I swear I never thought
they would come for you.
But we're in this
together, okay?
It's like a bonding experience.
We'll have so much
in common after this.
We are fucking doomed!
Do you not see that?
Let me comfort you.
Oh my God.
How do you not get
that I do not like you?
We just haven't hooked up yet.
I have over a million followers.
Someone is gonna notice
that I am missing
and you are going
to fucking jail!
But you're not missing.
We're manning the
empire for you.
Just give us a reason to
completely destroy it.
Go ahead.
Do it!
Because everyone knows that
I would never post that photo
and that I have been hacked
and that something is wrong
and there will be
a mob of people
banging down that
door any minute.
[soft pop music]
[Two] It's One.
[One] Put me on speaker.
Go to the door.
Outside you will find a girl
in a fabulous new outfit.
Let her in.
[upbeat music]
Hey, bitches.
Nice job totally fucking
up my brilliant plan.
Forget these.
Who are you?
Did One send you?
Whom the fuck did you expect?
Arnold Schwarzenegger?
How long have the
others been gone?
They should be back anytime.
Get me a laptop.
We can't miss this window.
I'll just have to do it here.
[intense music]
What's your password?
Oh, uh,
it's kittentickler312
and the I's are
exclamation points
and the T's are capitalized.
[Abbie grunting]
[Abbie] Okay.
Please, please, please, please.
[Justin groaning]
Babe, how'd you
know how to do that?
Women are threatened
enough in our daily lives
that we look that shit up.
You're like a
hot Lifetime movie.
[grunts] They jammed it.
I will go out there
and distract them
then you make a run for
the door and go get help.
But I have to protect you.
Oh, okay.
Would you like to go face them
and I'll run and get help?
Well, I mean, you know
them better than I do,
so you probably have
a better chance of-
- That's what I thought.
Hi, Abbie.
[Abbie screaming]
[Justin exhaling deeply]
I can do this.
You can do this.
Come on, bro.
Justin, you useless
piece of shit!
You're light, you're
love, you deserve love.
You got this, bro.
You got this. Oh shit!
Please, don't hurt me!
Please, please don't hurt me!
- I'll do whatever you want!
- Calm down!
- Okay, okay, okay. I'm sorry!
- Turn around!
[Abbie screaming]
No, no!
Damn it!
[intense music]
I'm sure this feels
pretty weird right now.
I have done
everything you wanted.
There's nothing else I can do.
That's your problem.
You always tell us to
use our intrinsic power
to manifest our own greatness
but you can't even
recognize your own.
You're using me to
tank the Nutrocon stock?
How are you doing this?
I started mining cryptocurrency
when I was in high school.
By the time I got to college,
I had mined around $9,000.
[sighs] I thought that was
so much money at the time.
Then one day I
look at my account
and that 9,000 in crypto
went up to 5.2 million.
I was gonna cash out.
You know, get
invited to a party,
get a guy to ask me out,
make over my life to
be more like yours
but then you made that video.
What video?
The weekly vlog
right before your
birthday last year.
You said you were gonna throw
this huge party in Hollywood
and that all of these
influencers and celebrities
- were gonna be there.
- I have literally
made thousands of videos.
How am I supposed to remember-
- The week after your birthday
you barely mentioned it.
You just changed the subject
and talked about jersey cotton
for like the entire video
and I thought that was
just like so, so weird
because even if you hadn't
thrown this huge party,
you would've still done
something awesome and,
and that was when
I finally saw it.
You were pretending
that everything was okay
but I could tell that it wasn't.
You were lying.
You were sad.
In that moment I knew
that everything you
promoted was fake.
Soon after news broke about
those women suing Nutrocon
and I thought for
sure, for sure,
they were finally going down.
I realized that this money
was my chance to
do something big.
So I put out several
shorts on Nutrocon
over the past six months
under a bunch of-
- What are you talking
about right now?
It's like betting
on a company to fail.
It's so basic.
Oh, hello no.
Are you seriously mansplaining
my plan right now?
Can somebody please
get some tape on this?
Come on, now.
I did prepare a little
something for you.
[gentle music]
So you have two
options in options.
If you think a stock
is going to go up,
you buy calls.
And if you think it's
going to go down,
you buy puts.
If you think a stock will go up,
you buy call options
that give you the right
to buy shares of a stock
at the strike price on
the expiration date.
So when the contract expires
and the stock is going up,
you're still paying
that lower strike price
for 100 shares per contract.
When you think a stock
is going to go down
you buy a put option.
A put is similar to
shorting a stock.
You buy contracts
to sell those stocks
at the strike price on
the expiration date.
So when the stock
price has gone down
you're still selling
those hundred shares
per contract at that
higher strike price.
So I took a huge gamble
and traded my 5 million crypto
to buy thousands of
these put contracts,
which added up to hundreds
of thousands of shares
and figured when the
Nutrocon stock dropped
after all those lawsuits,
I was going to
sell them all off,
capitalizing on
Nutrocon's demise.
- Sounds pretty great, right?
- Right.
- Wrong!
- What?
Turns out no one cares
what evil corporations
do to regular people.
They paid their way out of it
and didn't have to face
a single consequence.
Their stock just kept going up.
Meanwhile, I was losing money.
So I had to figure out a way
to make sure their
stock dropped enough
to get that money back.
And enough extra to
make a statement.
So you're a sellout,
just like everyone else.
I wasn't lying when I said I
was one of your biggest fans.
You would talk about your
life and your relationships,
the fun stuff you would
do with your friends,
and crafting but now all you do
are sponsored posts
for dumb things,
stuff that doesn't even
fit with your aesthetic.
[upbeat music]
No, no, please.
We can, we can [whimpering]
Hey, Brad.
[Brad] What the fuck is this
I'm hearing about you
selling Nutrocon product
without authorization?
Oh, I already told you,
Nutrocon sent it to me.
[Brad] Bullshit, Abbie.
I don't know what the
hell you're trying to do
but you can consider
your relationship
with this agency done.
Now I am on my way to
your house right now
and you better fucking be there.
We gotta go.
What do we do about them?
[One] We'll have
to take them with us.
You nearly hit like seven people
- on your way here.
- It's called
a California stop.
We're in California.
Nice to finally meet you, Adam.
Uh, why does she know my name?
[Four] Oh my God.
You really messed
this one up, Tory.
I know. I'm sorry.
[One] You're lucky
he deserved it.
Did they call you?
I've been listening to
everything since yesterday.
Oh, and by the way,
the fact that
everyone just assumes
that I'm a guy for
absolutely no reason?
Super offended.
Okay, but what are you
gonna do about these two?
Let's get them to the van
and let's move to the second-
- Yeah but they saw our faces.
Dude, we don't have
time for this right now.
I already put myself on the line
coming here to help you guys.
So just do what I say
until we're in the clear.
[energetic upbeat music]
[Abbie screaming]
I know things got mixed up,
but we can't kill them.
Oh, come on.
What the fuck is
that supposed to mean?
You are obviously some
government spy gone rogue.
Are you fucking serious?
He's seen us!
This idiot?
He's never gonna be
able to identify us.
Please don't kill me.
I'll get you your
money, I swear.
My uncle owns a car
wash in Crenshaw.
See? He thinks
we're someone else.
- Guys, guys, it's on.
- A mysterious new makeup line
has users running scared
in southland today.
Early this morning,
mega popular social media
influencer, Abbie Rose,
began giving away 50 free
samples of a new makeup line.
Seven of the young women
who tried the products
were rushed to the ER with
varying degrees of skin damage.
[Abbie crying]
[Abbie] What did you do?
Oh, shit.
It was just
supposed to be a rash!
It is!
Authorities are
searching for Abbie Rose
but she was not found
at her Hollywood home.
Oh my God!
[Reporter] Handcuffs, bloody
sheets, sex toys, condoms,
and male enhancement
pills found in the house.
What, babe?
I was just trying to be prepared
when we had our
love making sesh.
Oh, you fucking creep!
What? I brought condoms!
I was being considerate, okay?
Nothing I do is ever
good enough for you.
And now I gotta do the one thing
that's gonna get us out of here.
Look, man, you're clearly
the one in charge here.
I don't know why she didn't
offer you this before, but...
Okay, I'll suck your Dick.
Oh no, no, no, no.
Come on.
[Reporter] A kilo
of cocaine was found
hidden in the trunk
of a silver sedan
registered to a Justin Hyman,
suspected to be a
cohort of Abbie Rose.
Your last name is Hyman?
Fuck! My coke!
You asshole!
[Justin grunts]
Oh my God.
You know what?
Skylar was right.
You are just a bitch.
[Abbie screams]
[Justin groans]
You internet sluts
are all the same.
You're just a fucking whore.
All of you are just...
[Justin yells]
[all screaming]
[car horn honking]
I'm not going back to prison.
No one was supposed to get hurt!
Should I go back there?
No, keep going.
You asshole! I told you to wait.
[Five gags]
I already got my
ticket to Cancun.
It's nonrefundable.
Super fans of the
social media star
suspected some sort
of mental breakdown
after unusual photos were posted
to her account earlier today.
Commenting that she
would never post
the, quote unquote, "Ugly pic."
[intense music]
[Abbie screams]
I had to do something.
What? What else-
- You really think I would
be here without a plan?
You guys are the
biggest fuck ups.
Do you know how many people
want to be a part of this?
I gave you an opportunity
to better yourselves
and this is how you repay me?
Videos were sent in
by some of the women
affected by the makeup.
Please be warned that
these are graphic
and may be sensitive
to some viewers.
It was like the
best day of my life.
I got Abbie's new box.
I was so excited to try it out
and look what happened!
I got the box from Abbie,
but then I put on
and now my face looks like this!
Abbie, I trusted you.
I trusted you.
Look, look!
What is this?
I've been following
you for so [beep] long.
There are little
girls everywhere
who look up to
you, including me!
[beep] You Abbie!
You ruined me.
You mutilated innocent people.
You're sick!
I only hear your name.
You forced me!
Did anyone force you
to take those other jobs,
to cash those checks
from companies that-
- Would you please?
I need to pay attention.
[Burn Victim] What
the [beep] Abbie?
The statement is out.
Not yet.
I bought them at 75 a share.
It needs to go under 60,
otherwise this was
all for nothing.
It's time.
It'll go lower!
It'll hit 55!
Do you really wanna
pussy out now?
If it's not enough
to make a difference
then why the fuck are we here?
[Two screams]
Go for it now!
- No!
- You gotta do it now!
[One] No! It'll go lower!
Stop it!
- Stop!
- You're crazy!
I'm One! I'm One!
- You're not One!
- You're crazy!
- Do it now!
- No!
- Do it now!
- No!
Do it now!
[upbeat stirring music]
I think it made a mistake.
Who's Six?
Who do you think?
Regardless, their use of
dangerous chemicals in the past
has clearly made
stock holders nervous.
- What?
- That's it Abbie.
There's an off shore escrow
account waiting for you
with just over $10 million.
I don't want your money.
I just want my old
life back, please.
It's over, Abbie.
You won't get a job spritzing
perfume at a mall after this.
No, no, no, no!
But you can think of
this as one final deal
that will set you up for
the rest of your life.
I'm offering you the
chance to start over.
With you?
After everything
you've done to me?
You have nothing left to lose.
You are totally and completely
culturally irrelevant.
[soft music]
What happened on your
birthday last year, Abbie?
You already know.
[soft music]
So, this promoter I knew
said I could throw my
birthday at his club
and it was gonna
be this huge thing
and everyone was so excited.
But then a few days before
I got in a huge
argument with him.
I guess I was drunk
and I didn't tag
his club in a post.
So I couldn't throw my
party there anymore.
And I just, I
messaged my friends
and I told them that we
were gonna just do something
like low-key instead.
And I didn't want anything
to go up online about it
because I was already so just
annoyed with the situation.
So I told everyone
that it was going to
be a 1920s themed party
and they didn't have
phones in the 1920s.
So no phones allowed.
No one could post any
pictures at the party,
no live stories, nothing.
Just live in the
moment for one night.
Nobody showed up.
And that's when you realized.
That it was all bullshit.
It's crazy the kind
of influence you have
when nobody knows who you are.
[Abbie sobbing]
Have you ever
looked in the mirror
and wished she could be
someone else for a day?
Well, now you can
with the new
Nutrocon contour kit
with super blendable powders.
Slim that sexy face
and get that razor sharp jawline
you've always dreamed of.
Nutrocon's contour palette
will have you red
carpet or selfie ready
before someone can
say "Yes, queen!"
[static crackling]
[smooth music]
I guess this is it, guys.
You guys are gonna have to
all come visit me in Cancun.
I'll have girls around the pool,
that music video shit.
Hard pass but thanks.
Yeah, don't forget,
you're supposed to give
a bunch to charity.
It's just few mil,
and, besides, I am charity.
And sorry about like throwing
that guy out the van.
Let's just...
Okay. Well, goodbye ladies.
I hope to never get into a fight
with any of you ever again.
What about you?
I'm getting my think
tank off the ground.
Artificial intelligence.
I'm gonna be like
the next Elon Musk.
You can call me Lady Musk.
Once I find a place of my own,
I'm gonna get a woman's
center up and running.
We're gonna need
counselors and all that
and since you're
totally fucking insane
giving your entire share away.
A real job?
Sounds good.
You never do
anything wrong, do you?
[all laughing]
Whoa, you're so bad.
[gentle music]
So what do you wanna do?
I make a call and
the money is yours,
but if you go back and
tell them what happened,
then this is all over.
They'll freeze or
reverse the trades
and it'll all be for nothing.
But I don't think
you're gonna do that.
How do you know?
I think I know you
pretty well by now,
which is why I'm
upping my offer.
We'll add my 20 to your 10,
split the 30, 15 million each.
They deleted everything.
Every single trace of me online.
That means you're free.
[dreamy music]
Fuck it.
- Really?
- Make the call.
That's so cool.
Do it.
If it means anything,
there are a lot of people
that are gonna
love you for this.
There just isn't a number on
an app to tell you how many.
I guess I've
always wanted to live
on an elephant sanctuary
in Thailand or something.
So what do you want
me to call you?
Or what's your name or?
[dreamy music]
[smooth upbeat music]
You may have noticed I'm
posting a bit late this week.
Whoops. [giggles]
[crew laughing]
Why can't I get this?
[gentle music]
Crossed my fingers
learn to lie
Trade my soul for
the right price
In the name of a dream
Power fame and money
Don't believe what you see
Nothing's what it seems
If everybody knows me
Why am I so lonely
When you're up this high
It's like falling
from the sky
Catch me on the way down
There's one way to go now
Catch me on the way down
Only way to go now
I'm under under
I'm under under
I'm under under
Six feet under under
I'm under under under
The influence
Catch me on the way down
There's one way to go now
Catch me on the way down
Only way to go now
I'm under under
I'm under under
I'm under under
Six feet under under
I'm under under under
The influence