The Informer (1935) Movie Script

Ah, Gypo, what's the use?
I'm hungry, and I can't pay
my room rent.
Have you the price of a flop on you?
Oh, what's the use?
Don't look at me like that, Gypo.
You're all I got.
You're the only one. You know that.
But what chance have we to escape?
Some people have all the luck.
Look at that thing, handing us the ha-ha.
Ten pounds to America.
Twenty pounds and the world is ours.
- What are you saying that for?
- Saying what?
- Twenty pounds?
- What are you driving at?
Oh, Gypo, what's the matter with you?
Twenty pounds.
Might as well be a million.
Go on! Go on!
Go and get your 20 pounds
from that scut I threw in the gutter.
Saint Gypo. Too good for me, eh?
Well, let me tell you something.
You're no better than any other man.
You're all alike.
Oh, Katie, I didn't mean that.
Go along with you
and your fine principles.
I can't afford them.
Throw a light in there, lads.
I bet he's not out tonight, boys.
Don't you know me, Gypo?
I don't wonder that you stare.
I'm lucky to be finding you here.
Man, what is it?
What are you staring at?
Nothing, Frankie.
You came up to me so sudden-like.
I guess I'm getting jumpy.
Finding out
there's a price on my head.
Twenty pounds.
Oh, so that's all I'm worth.
Six months is a long time,
me boy, to be on the run.
Sleeping out in the hills,
freezing to death.
And no decent grub.
So I says to myself, "I'll sneak
into town and see me mother...
...and I'll duck right out again."
And here I am.
Did...? Did you deliver my messages?
And what did my mother say?
She blessed the saints that you're alive.
She followed me out crying...
...and put a half a quid in me hand
to give to you.
Well, I was that hungry meself
that I spent it.
Ah, you big lubber,
that was her way of giving it to you.
She likes you, Gypo.
The Lord knows why.
What's come over you?
What are you gawking at?
Is there something queer about me?
No, Frankie.
You see, I've been court-martialed.
Man, what for?
You remember the Tan
that killed Quincannon?
We drew lots for it,
and I got the short match.
Well, I took him out in a lorry...
...and he begged for his life.
I couldn't do it, Frankie.
Not in cold blood.
Besides, he swore
he'd desert if I let him go.
And you believed him?
What did Commandant Gallagher say?
He near had me plugged
when I went back to report.
Then they threw me out
of the organization.
And now the British
think I'm with the Irish...
...and the Irish
think I'm with the British.
And the long and short of it is...
...I'm walking around starving,
without a dog to lick me trousers.
Ah, you poor fathead.
Think of all the jobs
we pulled off together.
The scrapes we've come through.
We were a great pair, eh, Gypo?
With your muscle and my brains.
When we'd get in a tight place,
it was me that formed a plan...
...and thought a way out. Remember?
And I'd leave you alone for a minute,
and you'd go and get in trouble again.
Man alive, I'm your brain.
But it's your help I'm needing now.
I looked you up first thing to find out if the
Tans are still watching my mother's house.
Is there any guard in the house?
Not since Christmas.
Well, I'm off.
If I get a chance to see Gallagher,
I'll put the word in for you.
Up the rebels.
Carry on.
Well, I...
- Like this, l...
- Well, speak up.
What do you want to say?
I've come to claim the 20-pounds reward
for Frankie McPhillip.
Frankie McPhillip?
Carry on, men. Let's go.
Mary, the bread's not fresh.
I can't cut it.
Look at the crumbs it makes.
Oh, me boy! Me boy!
- Mother. Mary.
- Oh, Frankie!
Oh, praise be to God.
You've come back to us.
Save your praises for this fog
that's upon us, Mother.
It's the best friend I have this night.
And me dodging down
dark streets to get here.
I was so homesick to see you.
I'd have walked down the middle
of O'Connell Street...
...just to get
a glimpse of the two of you.
Ah, bless you, me son.
Sure you must be starving.
Frankie, you shouldn't have come.
It's not safe.
What a long face for a sister.
I'm in with the fog,
and I'm out with the fog...
...and nobody will be the wiser.
- Nobody's seen you?
- Just my old pal Gypo Nolan.
You see, I had to find out if
the Tans had a guard on the house.
Here, now. Have a nice cup of tea.
You can do all your talking afterwards.
Go up there to the front door there!
Get up the door there!
Pick it up. Get out of here!
- No, no, Frankie!
- Stay where you are!
- I'm getting away!
- Stop it, stop it!
Stay back! Stay back!
Stay back! I gotta get away!
Frankie, don't!
- Where's McPhillip?
- He's not here. Get out!
No, Frankie! Frankie!
Mary, get out of the way!
Get out of the way and let me shoot!
Damn it!
Get out of the way! Move out!
Frankie, run!
Frankie, don't! Stop!
Yes? Yes.
McPhillip was killed. Trying to escape, sir.
Twenty pounds. You'd better count it.
Show him out the back way.
Why, you...
There's a lot of things
I'd like if I could afford it.
Good night.
I've got to have a plan.
I've got to have a plan.
Ah, Gypo, I'm your brain.
You can't think without me.
You're lost. You're lost.
What you wanna sneak up
behind a man like that for?
I've been looking all over for you.
I'm sorry I blew up on you like that.
Out in the street, I mean.
Ah, Gypo, you know I love you.
You're the only one. You know that.
But sometimes I get so crazy
I don't know what I'm doing.
I got it. I did it for you.
You did what?
You forgot your change, me boyo.
Gypo, where did
you get that money?
Look at it.
And not an hour ago, you hadn't
a penny to warm your pocket.
Did somebody die
and leave you a pot of gold?
- What are you saying that for?
- Well, did you rob a church, or what?
That's it.
You... You mean you robbed a church?
Ah, Gypo.
No. No, it wasn't a church.
It was a sailor off an American ship.
Not so loud.
I went through him at the back
of Cassidy's Pub on Jerome Street.
He was drunk.
But if you say a word of it,
you'll get me into trouble.
Who, me? What do you take me for?
An informer?
- What are you talking about informing for?
- Gypo!
- Who's an informer?
- Gypo!
- Don't say things like that.
- What's the matter here?
What's the matter?
Oh, it's all right, Barney.
Let him alone.
He didn't mean any harm.
Oh, come on. Let's get out of here.
Come on up to my room.
There's a nice warm fire there.
Come on. Here's your money, Gypo.
You'll be all right.
Ah, darling, you don't
want any more of that.
Come on. Let's be getting in the car.
All right, Gypo.
I'll take you back to... Ah, no, Gypo!
Gypo, you gave him a pound note.
I forgot something.
They'll be wondering
why I'm not there already.
'Tis easy to see
it was the work of an informer.
'Tis surely. 'Tis the work of an informer.
Oh, Frankie.
Oh, Frankie!
I'm sorry for your trouble, Mrs. McPhillip.
What are you shouting for?
Don't you know there's a wake going on?
Let him alone, Bartley.
Sure he was a friend of me dead boy's.
All the same, you should show
more respect for the dead.
Leave them alone!
Sure, I was only going to give
them back to you, Mr. Nolan.
I swear by all that's holy, I warned him
to keep away from this house.
Good heavens, man.
There's no one suspects you.
Sure, that's right, Gypo.
No one suspects you.
You've been very good to me,
Mrs. McPhillip.
I'm sorry for your trouble.
Gypo, Gypo, Gypo!
- Man alive, what are you hurrying for?
- Who's in a hurry?
- What makes you think I'm in a hurry?
- Don't be getting your rag out, me boyo.
'Tis a free country, and a man can ask
questions without all this gusting.
Especially from an old pal.
- Are you working now?
- No!
Don't be shouting at me
like an aboriginal.
You can't blame Bartley and me for taking a
friendly interest in you for old times' sake.
Seeing as how you were
one of us at one time.
You don't seem to be in any need
of money tonight, Gypo.
What's wrong, boys?
What are you up to?
- He suspects me.
- Suspects you of what?
- I didn't say anything, Bartley. I only...
- Liar! You did!
Both of you. And well I knew you,
Bartley Mulholland and Tommy Connor.
You're Commandant Gallagher's
right-hand men...
Gypo. Are you mad?
Don't you know
there are people listening?
- Don't be accusing me then.
- Come on, let's get out of here.
- No!
- Commandant Gallagher wants to see you.
- Well, I'm not going.
- Come on, man. He's not going to eat you.
Is it afraid of the commandant, you are?
Afraid? I'm not afraid of the finest man
that was ever whelped.
- Come on, man, let's get out of here...
- Keep your hands off me.
Come on.
Captain Mulholland, sir.
Gypo Nolan.
Well, Gypo, you don't seem glad
to see me.
You've got a grudge against me. Why?
There isn't a thing I wouldn't do
for you, Dan Gallagher...
...and you had me court-martialed
and expelled from the organization.
You disobeyed orders,
endangered the organization.
You had a fair trial, Gypo.
Only for me, you wouldn't have
got away as easily as you did.
There were others who wanted
to give you this.
Forget that.
We've got something on hand now
that is as much your business as ours.
Frankie McPhillip was your pal.
Wasn't he?
I want your help, that's all.
This looks like the job
of an informer.
We have to get that informer,
If you don't help us with this job,
people might think...
It isn't that. It isn't that!
Look here, commandant.
It's how... It's how...
I don't know what I'm doing.
- What's the matter, Gypo?
- What's the matter?
The last six months, I've been starving,
that's what's the matter.
I've been living
from hand to mouth...
...on whatever I could borrow
from sailors and dockers.
I got no clothes, I got no money.
I got nothing.
Look here, Gypo. I'm going to make
a fair deal with you.
Last October, you put us all
in a very dangerous position.
We'll call that quits and reinstate you
on one condition:
That you find the man that has informed
on Frankie McPhillip.
- Do you mean that?
- Indeed I do, Gypo.
Put it there, Danny me boy.
Put it there. What did I tell you?
What did I tell you, Bartley?
There isn't anything
I wouldn't do for you, Dan.
There isn't anything I wouldn't do.
Can we have a drink on that?
Let's have a little drink on that.
Have a drink on the commandant, Tommy.
Bartley, me boy,
this is a drink for you.
That's great stuff.
It's good stuff, my dear.
Danny, there isn't anything I wouldn't do
for you. There isn't anything.
It's nice to be friendly.
I'd go through fire and water for you.
Who informed on Frankie McPhillip?
I'll tell you.
It was that rat Mulligan.
- Mulligan?
- Mulligan the tailor?
Sure as you were born, it was him.
How do you make that out?
I'll tell you, commandant.
I didn't like to say it meself.
A man can't be too sure
about a thing like that.
But as you said it yourself, commandant,
and the way you put it...
Hurry up, man, make your statement.
That's fine stuff.
How didn't I think of that before?
Think of what?
- Well, it was the grudge.
- What grudge?
Why, the grudge. The grudge.
That Mulligan had on Frankie.
About what?
It's a long, long story.
It's a long story.
- There's another little drink in the bottle.
- Take it.
Man alive, you've eradicated
the whole bottle.
Tommy, Tommy, Tommy.
Come on, now, Gypo, out with it.
What grudge are you talking about?
You remember his sister Susie?
- Whose sister?
- Why, Mulligan's.
- What has she got to do with it?
- "What has she got to do with it?"
Why shouldn't she
have something to do with it?
Wasn't she in trouble?
And wasn't Frankie
the boy that was named?
I never heard that.
Well, well, it's true anyway.
Well, here, figure it out.
Figure it out for yourself.
That's why Mulligan informed.
That's why Mulligan informed.
I saw him go into the
Tans' headquarters tonight.
- What time?
- What time?
Half past 6.
Are you taking me back, Dan?
If your statement checks up,
you'll get back.
There will be a court of inquiry
at the ammunition dump.
Be there. You take him up.
Arrange to meet him somewhere.
All right, Bartley, me boy.
You'll find me at Katie Madden's.
I'll see you boys later.
Bartley, me boy.
Show him out.
It's him, Dan. I'd stake me life on it.
He's the one that did it.
He's drunk.
Drunk, is it? It's a wonder
he can walk at all.
Tell me, how is Mary taking it?
Her heart is dying inside of her.
But you'd never know it.
She's waiting for you, Dan.
Look, it would be God's own mercy
for you to go and see her.
One thing is certain,
we must destroy this informer.
It may be Gypo,
though I don't believe it.
He was Frankie's friend,
and he had no motive.
Or it may be Mulligan,
though I doubt it again.
Whoever it was, we've got to find him
before this night is over.
One traitor can destroy an army.
It's his life against ours.
You understand, Bartley?
- I do.
- Then get started.
Keep at Gypo's heels like a pot of glue.
Find out all you can
and bring him to the ammunition dump.
- Right.
- You, Tommy, find Captain Conlon.
He's to mobilize his company
and round up Mulligan.
- I'll attend to the rest. Get started.
- Right.
Time, time! Come along, it's closing time.
I know. You heard what he said.
Go on, out you go.
Stand up, man. Stand up!
Shake hands with Gallagher's right hand.
Come on.
What are you looking at me for?
I'm not looking at you.
You're a liar. You're a liar.
Can't you know that
I can see you looking at me?
Well, a cat can look at a king.
- What are you talking about kings for?
- Here, here.
Don't be talking about kings
around here.
- That's right, Gypo.
- You tell them. That's my boy.
You'll be getting yourself into trouble.
You're drunken.
Oh, there was a great fight.
Come on, break it up. Break it up.
Hey, what do you think you're doing?
I saw you hit that man.
You've got no business
hitting men in the street.
You'll have to come along
to the station.
What a blow, Gypo. What a blow.
Will you look at the two of them,
lying there, sweet and peaceful... the babes in the wood.
And, gentlemen, there's the hand
that rocked the cradle.
Me old Gypo!
Hurry, hurry.
Run, Gypo, run!
So you'll try and beat up
a policeman, will you?
Let me go. I had nothing
to do with it at all.
What's the matter with you?
I want to get me pipe and me hat.
I paid 3 shillings for that pipe, now.
Will you let me get back there
and get me pipe and me hat.
Gypo, me old son,
I watched everything.
- Gentlemen!
- Quiet, people!
I have an announcement to make.
With me own two eyes,
I saw Gypo knock the scrapper Maloney...
...flying across the road,
like a man diving off the Bull Wall.
Who is he? Who is he?
Who is he? He's Gypo Nolan,
and he's as strong as any bull.
Gypo, am I right?
Didn't you ever hear of him?
I tell you what this boyo is,
he's a king.
That's what he is, King Gypo.
Am I right?
Used to be pals with Frankie McPhillip...
...who was shot
by the Black and Tans tonight?
Is that true?
Hey, when you mention the dead,
you might add:
"May the Lord have mercy on his soul."
Unity, boys. Now, unity.
- Did you hear what he said?
- I did.
Did you hear what he said?
"May the Lord have mercy on his soul."
He died fighting for Ireland to be free...
...and every man here
should do the same thing...
...and I'll do it when my time is called,
and so will King Gypo.
So will King Gypo.
Am I right, Gypo, me lord?
Silence! Quiet!
Silence, there. Quiet, everybody.
Gypo, you have the floor.
I want ever... I want everybody
to come and have some chips...
Fish and chips with King Gypo.
King Gypo's having fish and chips.
Silence! Quiet!
Silence! Quiet, he said!
Quiet! Proceed, Gypo.
Come on, every man,
Jack and woman too. It's all on Gypo.
You hear that? You're all guests
of King Gypo. Am I right, Gypo?
Right. And before long, I'm going
to be cock of the walk around here.
Me and Commandant Gallagher.
It's a secret.
You hear that? It's a secret.
Come on, chuck them out. Come on.
Every man, Jack.
I'm paying for the lot.
It's a lot of people, governor.
Yes, but they're a lovely crowd.
A lovely crowd.
And every Tom and Judy
is a friend of Gypo's.
Now, now, do you get that?
Come on, you little scut, get busy.
Now, come on here.
Here, this will pay for the lot.
Now, do you hear that?
He's gonna pay for it.
Blimey. Two quid.
Come on, let them have it. Come on.
Order, please. Ladies first, ladies first.
Come on. Come on, gentlemen.
Gypo's buying fish and chips.
Don't cost a penny. Get in there.
Come on, get some grub.
- Leave me alone, let go.
- Come on in.
- Let go. I don't want any.
- It don't cost...
Leave me alone!
Get back or I'll smash you.
It's a fight you're looking for, are you?
That's what's the matter with you?
It's a fight you're looking for?
- Hold me hat.
- Why are you...?
- Stand back.
- Let me have at him.
Now, let me have him. Let me.
What's the trouble?
What's the trouble?
Bartley, me boy.
Leave him alone.
He's a friend of mine.
Get inside there.
Lay a hand on me friend?
Come on, man.
Come and have some grub.
I'm in a hurry, Gypo.
But I'll see you at 1:00.
You know where I mean.
Sure, me boy, sure.
Oh, it's a fine night.
The finest night of me life.
That reminds me.
There's somebody waiting for me.
You know what I mean.
Good night, all.
Gypo, Gypo, Gypo!
Wait for me, you darling.
Wait for me, wait for me.
Gypo, you have a sweet voice.
A sweet voice.
Even the birds are still.
Where you taking me to,
you little scut?
Ain't we getting to Katie's yet?
There you go, there you go.
Talking about Katie.
And we, having a fine little jamboree.
Now, don't worry about your little Judy.
She'll be all right on the streets,
never fear.
Hey, what are...? What are you...?
You big stiff!
You're drunk and bedazzled,
that's what you are.
You're as drunk as a fiddler's dog.
Hey, take your hands off me.
Think you're the king, do you?
Why, you're a big lump of beef,
that's all you are.
A big lump of beef.
You're drunk,
and your last penny is spent...
...and I have no further use for you,
Mr. Gypo Nolan. Ipso facto.
And another...
By the holy,
where did you get it, Gypo?
There's enough there to choke a horse.
And me joking you about it
a few minutes ago.
Gypo, me boy, you're a king,
and the descendant of kings...
...and I'd fight for you and die for you
if the time comes.
And there's me hand on it, Gypo.
The hand of a man that's loyal and true.
Am I right, Gypo?
Come on, you little scut.
I'm going to find Katie.
Yes, and I'm the boy
to lead you to her.
Come on. She's a lovely girl, Gypo,
a lovely girl.
You should be proud of her.
You should be proud of her.
Come on. Don't waste
the whole night on her. Come on.
I tell you, it's not the place.
Will you listen to the man?
Are you trying to insinuate
that I'd lead you astray?
Lead King Gypo astray? Never!
Up the barricades first.
Up the barricades and die like a man.
I don't know where I'm at.
Listen, you're in front of Aunt Betty's,
the finest shebeen in town...
...and your little Katie is inside.
You hear her laughing and singing,
and the whole of them playing the piano.
Open up. Open up,
or I'll put me fist through the door.
- What do you want?
- Open up and find out.
Open wider or I'll smash you
to a molecule.
- Oh, you will, will you?
- Gypo! Show him he can't intimidate us!
Up the rebels!
What do you want?
What does he want?
What does he want?
Now, now, don't be
disrespectful to me friend Gypo...
...or you'll have me to settle with.
Shut your gob!
And what do you mean,
breaking in here?
I'm looking for Katie Madden.
Well, you won't be finding her here.
Shut up! Stop!
Wait, Gypo. Come back, Gypo.
Come on back and face them like a man.
Get out! Get out!
Throw him out! Throw him out!
- Get him out of here!
- Over here.
You're in the wrong place,
my young man.
Can't you see we're having a party.
Now, get out.
Get out before I throw you out.
My name isn't Katie.
What is it you want?
That's what I'm asking.
What do you want?
What do you suppose, you old harridan?
He wants a drink.
You'll get no drink here,
you social climber.
Why don't you go back to the gutter.
Now, don't talk to Gypo
and me like that.
And don't be looking down your nose,
either, you old squint.
I suppose you think
we have no money?
Well, we have lashings of it.
Am I right, Gypo? Or am I wrong?
What did I tell you? What did I tell you?
He's as rich as Crassus.
Give everybody a drink.
I'm calling for drinks for the house.
Glasses for everybody!
Glasses for everybody!
- Glasses for everybody.
- Gypo!
Music, music.
Music for me old friend
and bosom companion.
Music for King Gypo.
And if there's any one here
thinks he's a match for us with his fists...
...will he kindly step up?
Am I right, Gypo? Or am I wrong?
You're right. You're right.
Quiet! Quiet! Silence!
Go to the devil, all of you!
- There's more drink where this came from.
- You hear that? There's more.
Hey, get some more drinks.
Stop it! Stop it, stop it, stop it!
Want to get me
picked up by the police?
Hey. Hey, I'll keep order for you.
Who's making all the row?
The first one that opens his mouth
above a whisper...
...I'll crack his skull open.
- And he'd enjoy doing it.
- Yeah. Gypo!
Come on.
I'll teach you to behave
like a gentleman amongst ladies.
Hey, excuse me.
Can you play
"All Those Endearing Charms"?
"Believe Me If All Those
Endearing Young Charms."
That's what I said.
Do you hear? That's what he said.
Now, that's what he said.
Commandant wants
to see you outside.
- Oh, Dan!
- Mary, darling!
You shouldn't have come here.
What if the Tans should come back?
It's all right, dear.
My lads are outside.
Poor darling. I know how you feel.
And there's nothing I can say or do
to help you, except that...
...well, I wish it wish could have been
me instead of Frankie.
If I lost you, I would only want to die.
Poor Mother.
Dan, when is this trouble
going to end?
This killing and more killing.
It's hard on you women, I know.
You're braver than we are.
- I'm sorry, dear.
- I love you, Mary.
I love you, Dan.
I must ask you some questions
about Frankie. May I?
Of course.
There must have been an informer.
You know that.
The man who knew about Frankie
knows enough to destroy us all.
The moment he's frightened,
he'll run to the Tans and tell everything...
...and they'll wipe us out
with one sweep.
Why, I'm not thinking about myself.
It's the organization. It's Ireland.
- You know that, don't you?
- I know that, dear.
I have to find that informer.
Tell me, did Frankie think he was followed
when he came home tonight?
No, he was sure he wasn't.
- Had he seen or spoken to anybody?
- Nobody.
Only his friend Gypo Nolan.
Said he had to find him first
to see if there was a guard on the house.
- Where?
- Let's see.
At the Dunboy House, I think he said.
I see.
Did he mention a man named Mulligan?
No, I'm sure not.
We're holding a court of inquiry at 1:30.
Can you come? I need you.
If you need me, I'll come.
I'll come back for you about 1:00.
Can you slip out the back way?
Oh, Dan, Dan. What should I do
if anything happened to you?
Whatever happens to you
happens to my own heart.
Commandant, there's a patrol of Tans
in the neighborhood. You'd better hurry.
I forgot something.
I gotta be going.
- Gypo.
- Gypo. Gypo!
Gypo, come on back now.
Come on and I'll get you a nice drink.
Yes, and I'll sing you another song.
Come on.
Oh, how contemptible you are. You only
tolerate him because of his money.
Watch out what you're saying,
my fine lady.
I know you hate me
simply because I'm not coarse.
- Simply because I'm...
- Nothing of the kind.
I hate you because you're
a stuck-up, ignorant person...
...who thinks you're better
than anybody else.
I had no right to come in here.
- I should have gone to the police.
- Police? None of that talk.
Now, keep away from the police.
What do you want the police for?
I want to get back home.
Where's your home?
It's near London.
Now listen, Gypo.
Now listen, Gypo, be very careful.
Don't do anything you'll regret.
How much will it cost to get back there?
There, there's your fare.
Five pounds!
What are you after doing, Gypo?
Now, don't be afraid now.
Get out of here and go home.
Keep the money. Go on.
But keep away from the police.
You're a good man. A good man.
Five pounds, on me immortal soul.
- Gypo, do you know what...?
- That's all right, dearie.
But she owes me 4 pounds
for board and lodging.
Now who's going to pay me that?
Shut your gob!
And not another word.
Now listen, Gypo,
don't start this all over again.
Two and 5 is 7,
and 4 is 11.
Eleven pounds.
Ladies and gentlemen, you've seen
the wonders of our generosity.
Money scattered like snuff at a wake.
Now, I want you to drink
a head to King Gypo... brave as a lion
and as strong as a bull.
I'd go through fire and water for him,
and he'd do the same for me.
And from now on, from this night...
...wherever you see one of us,
you'll see the other.
Or vice versa, as the case may be.
- Am I right? Or am I wrong, Gypo?
- Right.
I ask you to drink
to the undying friendship...
Shut up!
And who, may I ask,
has the impertinence... tell me and Gypo to shut up?
Make way there. Make way.
Bartley, me boy. Come have a drink.
Come along, Gypo.
It's time to be going.
Be off with you.
Who are you to be giving me orders?
Bash him, Gypo, bash him.
Who does he thinks he is?
Giving orders to us.
I said, shut up!
They're not my orders,
they're Gallagher's...
...and you'd better be careful
about disobeying them.
You're right. You're right, Bartley.
- Is it 1:00?
- It is.
I know who they are.
They're with the Republican Army.
The Republican Army.
I'm no friend of Gypo's.
He wormed his way into me confidence.
I'm a true son of Erin, and I'd never
lift me hand against the crown.
Crown or no crown,
army or no army...
...who's gonna pay me
for that last round of drinks?
Come on, Gypo, let's go.
You ought to be thrown
into the Liffey, you old hag...
...for serving liquor after hours,
and on the holy day of obligation.
Not so fast, you little snake.
You can pay for the drinks yourself.
Now, listen, Aunt Betty,
you're a lovely, quiet decent little woman...
...and if you'll give me till tomorrow
till I raise the wind...
Tomorrow, is it?
Mickeen! Mickeen!
Oh, dear, oh, dear.
I have a queer feeling there's going to be
a strange face in heaven in the morning.
Katie. Katie, I've been looking
all over for you.
- Where have you been?
- I was in my digs. I waited for you.
Why didn't you come?
What's wrong, Gypo?
Where are they taking you?
Katie, it's all right. It's all right.
Don't you worry.
Gallagher's taking me back.
Shut up, Gypo.
- Come on, let's go. Come along.
- Hey, wait a minute.
- Wait, wait.
- Let's get him.
Will you stop it?
Keep your hands off me, will you?
Hey, do you remember the 20 pounds
I was talking about?
The 20 pounds?
I got it. I got it for you.
I got it for you. Twenty pounds.
Twenty pounds.
Come on, you've had
enough of that talk.
- Come on, come on.
- Come on, Gypo.
All right, sir.
Our case is prepared, gentlemen.
Look out below!
- Come.
- Let me alone, will you?
Hello, boys, here I am...
...and I can fight the best six men
that ever walked the earth.
Come on.
Danny. Danny, me boy, am I right?
You and me, we can put them
on the run, huh? Come on.
What's the matter with your eye,
He got in me way
and I gave him a back-hander.
Sit down. Come on.
Give me my hat, will you?
Where's my hat?
Bartley, me boy.
Bartley, me boy.
Mulligan, what brings you here?
Man alive, you ought to be in bed.
This is no hour
for a sick man to be out.
Dan, I...
Listen, men...
...I had a drop taken
before I came here...
...and I didn't know what I was saying.
But now I remember.
That's the one that informed
on Frankie McPhillip.
- I saw him, and he knows it.
- It's a lie! It's a lie!
I swear on me knees
I never left the house...
...except to go to the chapel
to say me prayers.
Me fine boyo.
It's easy work for an informer
to be swearing oaths.
It's a lie, it's a lie!
Sit down, Gypo.
Sit down.
Peter Mulligan, do you recognize
the authority of this court?
I do. I do, commandant.
- Heaven knows I do.
- Will you stand over here, please?
Give the court an account
of your whereabouts from noon today.
Gentlemen, could you
find no better man to arrest...
...and carry off
in the middle of the night...
...than me, that's having
to work me hands off at me trade...
...a- tailoring and a-stitching
in a basement so cold and damp...
...that I've caught me death of cold?
Sorry, Mulligan.
Start at noon. Where were you?
At noon today, I was lying in me bed.
I had a bad pain in me right side
from bronchitis all morning...
...and I had to stay
in me bed with it.
Then, at 1:00 about, the old woman
give me a cup of tea and an egg.
I remember I couldn't eat the egg.
A good egg too.
But, good or bad, no matter.
I had to get up then
on account of a suit...
...that had to be finished
for Mick Foley, the caster.
It's got to be ready by Friday, mind you,
because his daughter's getting married...
Never mind about Foley.
Tell us about yourself.
There you are. Hear what he says?
Hear what he says?
Come on, Mulligan, now.
Make a clean breast of it.
It's not for me to condemn you, Gypo.
Maybe you're not responsible.
Why, blast you, what do you mean?
What are you driving at?
Sit down, Gypo, and keep quiet.
- Do you think I'm going to...?
- Sit down, sit down.
- Bartley, me boy.
- Shut up.
Continue, Mulligan.
Well, I worked on until about half past 3,
or maybe a quarter to 4 it was...
...when Charlie Corrigan come in
and said Dave was out of prison...
...after being on a hunger strike
for 18 days.
"Where is he?" says I.
"Upstairs," says he.
We went up there, and we talked over
a cup of tea until about 6:00.
Yes, it was just 6.
I remember I heard
the Angelus begin to strike...
...and me on me way down the stairs...
...because I remember I stopped
to cross myself.
Then I ran down home
and put on me overcoat.
This same one it was.
Second-handed it is.
And I went out to the chapel to...
See, I'm making the Stations of the Cross.
How far is the chapel from your house?
It's maybe 100 yards, maybe it's more.
If you go around
the corner by Kane's, it's less.
- But if you go the long way around...
- Let's say it's 100 yards.
You arrived at the chapel
about three minutes past 6.
- How long did you stay?
- I stayed there till about half past 6.
Then I stayed outside the door talking
to Father Conroy for about 10 minutes.
- Talk to anyone else?
- I was coming to that.
Then, after I left Father Conroy,
I met Barney Kerrigan there.
- Near the chapel?
- Yes.
It must be within 50 yards of it,
if you're going by measurements.
- But we never...
- Never mind that.
Then you couldn't have been near the
Black and Tans' headquarters about 6:00?
Heaven forbid.
I hope to die right here if I was.
- You liar. You liar.
- Sit down.
- He's lying, Bartley.
- Shut up.
Tell us what you did
after you left Kerrigan.
Well, I went back to the house
and did a bit more work until about 8:00.
Then I felt the pain in me side again,
and I went to me bed.
Till three men,
under Mr. Tom Connor there...
...came in and bundled me into a car,
without a by-your-leave... if I was a criminal.
One more question.
Did you bear anyone a grievance?
About your sister Susie, I mean.
Me sister Susie, is it?
Sure me sister Susie's name
is Mary Ellen.
For the past 28 years she's been
living in Boston, Massachusetts.
She's the mother of eight.
- That's enough.
- It is that.
- Did you bear any man a grudge?
- I bear no fellow man a grudge, on me oath.
You had no grievance
against Frankie McPhillip?
The Lord have mercy on his soul,
what for?
I hope his sorrows are over him.
I swear on me immortal soul,
Miss McPhillip...
...I bore no grudge against your brother.
- Kerrigan.
- Yes, sir?
Did you meet Mulligan
about half past 6 this evening?
- I did, sir.
- You're sure about the time?
I'm certain about the time.
It was just about half 6. I was...
- As you were.
- Yes, sir.
Bartley, Bartley, Bartley. l...
You will be taken home
in the car that brought you.
I'm sorry this had to happen, Mulligan.
For the present, this may help you.
We'll see what can be done for you.
Good night.
Show him out, Kerrigan.
Hey, hey, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
- Hey, Dan. Hey!
- And now, Gypo...
...suppose you tell us
what you did from 6:00...
...until Mulholland picked you up.
- What's it to do with you?
- Feel like telling us what you did...
...after meeting Frankie McPhillip
at the Dunboy House at 6:00?
It's a lie!
I'm sorry, Mary. Will you repeat what Frankie
told you when he came home tonight?
He said that he met him
at the Dunboy House.
He said he had to make sure
there was no guard in our home.
Is that true, Gypo?
If not, why did you shout at the wake
that you'd warned him to stay away?
- That's what I did. That's what I told him.
- You did see him, then.
What do you mean by telling all those lies
about Mulligan? Were you drunk or what?
Well, I...
I had taken me a drop. I...
Maybe two. I...
What did you do
after leaving Frankie? Tell me.
- Well...
- What did you do after leaving Frankie?
Well, you see...
Suppose I don't tell you.
What will you do?
Suit yourself. If you don't want to tell me,
Bartley Mulholland there can do it for you.
Come on, better tell us.
I'm all mixed up.
I don't know what I'm doing.
I was... I'm drunk.
Dan, I'd like to...
I don't know what I'm doing, that's all.
I don't know what I'm doing.
Where did you get all that money?
I can't make nothing out, Dan.
I tell you, I'm drunk. I can't.
You broke your first pound in Ryan's.
The blind man there
says you gave him a pound.
He did, he did, the poor man.
A pound note he gave me.
Two pounds you spent
in the fish and chips shop.
Another 2 pounds went for drinks in the
shebeen where Mulholland picked you up.
Five pounds you gave to some woman.
Four pounds you gave to another woman
known as Aunt Betty.
And finally, you gave 5 pounds
to Katie Madden.
That makes just 20 pounds.
Me head is sore, Dan.
Me head is sore. I'm drunk, I tell you.
- Where'd you get that 20 pounds? Tell us.
- I can't remember.
I can't remember, Dan.
I don't know...
Confess, man. Ease your soul.
Who was the informer?
I didn't know what I was doing, Dan.
I didn't know what I was doing, Dan.
I didn't know what I was doing.
You can see what I mean.
Bartley, boys.
Isn't there a man here
that can tell me why I did it?
Me head is sore. I can't tell him.
I can't tell him. I can't tell him.
I don't know why I did it.
I don't know why I did it.
- Dan!
- No.
Lock him up.
- Come on, Gypo. Come on, get up.
- I don't know why I did it. I...
Bartley, I didn't know
what I was doing.
Oh, the Lord have mercy on him.
The Lord have mercy on him.
Mary, I'm sorry you had to see this.
Why must we be killing one another?
What good will it do?
Oh, why can't we have peace?
- Have mercy on us all.
- It's all over now, dear.
I'll take you home in just a moment.
It's not a matter of revenge. You know that.
When a man turns informer,
it's his life or ours.
Bartley, carry on.
You're next, Donahue.
Come on, Dennis, draw.
- No, you go first.
- Oh, I'm not afraid to draw the last.
What difference does it make?
You're nearest. Draw.
- Why should I?
- Come on. It's your turn.
How do you make that out, man?
How do you?
Come on, man, draw.
Are you afraid or what?
It's your shot, Dennis.
Commandant! Bartley! He's gone!
Halt. Who's that?
Hurry. Hurry up.
Take him down below, lads.
Come on, all of you. Down below.
He got away. The fog is so thick
you can't see your hand.
The man is a devil, I tell you.
- Who's that?
- It's Kerrigan.
His jaw is smashed to a jelly.
- That Gypo is an inhuman monster.
- We've got to work fast, lads.
If he reaches the Tans before we get him,
we're finished. Understand?
Yes, sir!
Tommy, you and Daley
cover the Tans' headquarters.
Right, sir!
Mulholland, take the rest in the van and try
to head him off before he crosses the river.
Flaherty, get reinforcements
for Mulholland.
Now, jump to it. And remember,
we're done for if he gets away. Out you go!
They're after me, Katie.
You put the heart crosswise in me.
Where have you been?
They're after me, but they're not going
to get me. We'll get away.
Where's the 20 pounds I gave you?
What are you talking about?
What's wrong with you?
I done it for you.
That's what I couldn't tell Gallagher.
They wouldn't understand.
You understand.
You did what?
What have you done?
I informed on Frankie.
May God have mercy on your soul.
We'll get away. They won't get me.
That's how I love you, darling.
I sold out me old pal for you.
Oh, that's a lovely fire.
That's a lovely fire.
Lie and rest yourself.
This is good. Good.
You don't know what it is to be running
around in the fog on a night like this.
Katie. Katie.
Sit down beside me, darling.
Yes, darling.
Darling, you're the only one
I can trust now.
Do you love me, Katie?
Yes, I love you, Gypo.
I'll love you when I'm clay.
You don't know
what you've done to me.
You don't know what you've done.
I'd lay me life down for you.
You poor, blind boy.
- What time is it, Dan?
- Half past 5.
Who's that?
Mother's going to church next door.
Dan, what if you don't find him?
I'd die if I lost you too.
I couldn't stand it.
Oh, I'm not thinking
about myself, darling.
It's all the others.
The movement.
That poor fool knows so blasted much.
If only there was something I could do.
It's this horrible waiting.
- Can't I do anything?
- Sure.
Tell me you love me again.
Oh, I love you, Dan. I'll always love you.
No matter what happens,
there will never be anyone else.
- Commandant?
- Yes?
She wants to see you.
Insists on seeing you.
- She won't talk to a soul...
- Who? Who?
I'm Katie Madden. I'm Gypo Nolan's girl.
Shut the door.
Commandant, I've come
to beg of you on my knees.
He didn't know what he was doing.
You can't hurt him
if you know how it was.
You know what he did?
There's a dead boy lying across the hall.
And I know why he did it.
He didn't know what he was doing.
For me. For me, I tell you.
Almighty Father, forgive me
for saying the words I did in anger.
Shaming him for his poverty
and blaming him for mine...
...and putting the idea into his head.
Forgive him.
Forgive him.
He didn't know what he was doing.
Leave him go, commandant.
He'll be punishing himself
for the rest of his days.
And I with him.
You're asking something
not in my power.
- He'll never harm you again.
- Dan.
Think the Tans will let him alone now?
They'll drag everything he knows
out of him.
His own fear will drive him to them,
make him a weapon to destroy us all.
- I'll take him away.
- Please, Katie.
- I swear by all that's holy, I will.
- Please!
You're the one that's been hurt.
I'm not the kind of girl you are.
There was a time when I was.
And I love Gypo no less
for being what I am.
And I can see by your eyes
that you love him too.
Suppose it was his life
you were begging for.
Wouldn't you be wanting mercy then?
And won't you be giving it to me now?
A sinner.
Where is Gypo now?
Poor lad.
He's in my room.
The other side of the church.
Dan! Tell me you'll be
giving him a chance.
There's no harm in him.
He didn't know what he was doing.
Miss McPhillip,
for the sake of your own love...
...won't you be asking him
to give my man a chance?
Katie, Katie, this is no time
for sentiment. This is war.
I tell you, I gave Gypo the benefit
of every doubt, every chance.
He confessed.
I didn't pass sentence on him,
the court did.
Don't you see how helpless I am?
Suppose it was his life
you were begging for?
It is mine, and the lives of other men
who are fighting for what they believe in.
Can't you see what you're asking?
He won't do it.
I see you won't do it.
You won't!
Come on now, Dennis.
It was you that drew the match.
- Don't be afraid.
- I'm not afraid.
I'm sure he's not afraid.
The door is locked.
- Shall we force it open?
- It is locked, I tell you.
Katie? Katie?
- I can blow the lock off.
- Yes.
- Shall I?
- Yes, that's a good idea. Go on.
Mother of God!
'Twas I who informed on your son,
Mrs. McPhillip.
Forgive me.
Aye, Gypo, I forgive you.
You didn't know what you were doing.
You didn't know what you were doing.
Your mother forgives me.