The Initiation of Sarah (1978) Movie Script

- Come on, Patty, surf's up!
- No, I'm freezing.
- I'll warm you up.
- Yeah, so will the fire!
Ooh. Hi.
- You having fun?
- Sure.
Come on, level with me.
Well... actually,
I was thinking about tomorrow.
Tomorrow's tomorrow.
I mean, this is the last party
of the summer.
Loosen up a little bit.
It just seems so final.
The end of something special.
Nothing's gonna be any different.
Hi, how's it going?
Uh-oh, looks like we got a crasher.
I was watching you swim.
You looked pretty good out there.
Thank you.
Your body surfing's off a little,
- Yeah, like a rock.
- Want to try again?
Sure, why not?
Ooh, the water's cold.
It's not too bad once you're in.
Looks pretty rough.
- Hey, come on.
- Ooh, it's cold!
Let's have a little fun.
What are you doing?
Stop it!
Let me go!
What are you doing?
You're hurting me!
Stop it!
Let me go!
Let me go!
You're hurting me.
Hey, don't fight.
Uh... Uh!
- Stop it!
- What the...?
Did he hurt you?
No, I'll be alright.
You just are gonna love
sorority life.
You're gonna meet
all the kids who count.
Now, when you go through rush,
be sure and be on your best behavior,
'cause they want to see
if you can measure up.
Oh, Mom,
but that was twenty years ago!
It's the same today, believe me.
Now look,
this is Rose Reagan's number.
You be sure and you call her
the minute you get there
and mention that you're my daughter.
Ok, we'll pull all the right strings, Mom.
Oh, I know you will.
I just want it to be as wonderful for you
as it was for me.
Oh, it will be.
Oh, and you, too, Sarah.
I want you to have a good time, too.
Thanks, Mom.
You know, I've heard that sororities
go a lot by who your mother is.
Then we've got it made!
No, you've got it made.
What if they find out something terrible
about my mother?
Now, how can they do that,
when you can't even find out anything?
as far as they're concerned,
we've got the same mother,
the same father,
we were brought up in the same house.
Well, two out of three is not bad.
Hey, do you know where we are,
See French Hall anywhere on the map?
I'm sorry, I lost track. Um...
- Why don't you ask those girls there?
- Oh, ok.
Excuse me.
You look really lost.
- Does it show that much?
- Yeah, it does.
Uh, we're looking
for the freshman dorm.
Oh, it's down here,
two buildings on your left.
- That way?
- Yeah, right down there.
There's a parking lot right behind,
you can park there.
- Ok.
- I'm Bobbie Adams.
Hi, Bobbie. I'm Patty Goodwyn,
and this is my sister Sarah.
Well, welcome to Waltham U.
You'll probably see me later,
I'm giving the orientation lecture.
- Oh, good. Ok.
- Ok?
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
- Bye-bye.
- Good luck.
- What was your name again?
- Patty Goodwyn. Bye-bye.
- Patty Goodwyn?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, she's got real possibilities.
- I think so.
Would someone turn this down, please?
I can't really... I can't hear.
Ok, I can't talk over this.
You want to get that for me?
Thank you.
Ok, girls, tonight you're gonna be visiting
all the sororities houses on campus
as prospective pledges,
and you'll meet the girls who are actives,
that's the ones who already belong,
and you can look them over,
and they'll look you over.
And then, on Monday,
all the houses are gonna send a list
to the administration office
of those girls they want,
and you can choose from those
who've requested you.
And then the fun starts, pledging.
- Pledging?
- Mm-hmm.
That's the period of time
during the first quarter
when you're sort of on probation
with a sorority.
- How long is pledging?
- Two months.
Then Hell Week, then initiation,
then uh... then you're in!
What's Hell Week?
Ooh, it's uh...
Mm, you'll find out.
- Um, what house do you belong to?
- Alpha Nu Sigma.
You're kidding!
That's my mother's sorority.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Then we'll see you there later.
Thank you very much!
Ok, girls, everything understood?
Ok, bye-bye.
Can I borrow that lipstick back again,
Thank you.
Maybe we better
just forget the whole thing.
And live in a dorm?
It's just what I said -
what are we waiting for?
You just relax.
They'll take one look at you
and sign you on the dotted line.
You mean "us".
We're in this together, you know.
Hello, welcome to Alpha Nu Sigma.
I'm Jennifer Laurence.
Hi, I'm Patty Goodwyn,
and this is my sister Sarah.
- Uh, this is Kathy Anderson.
- Hi.
- Bobbie Adams. Laura O'Neil.
- Hi, we've met.
Uh, Patty is the girl
I told you about, Jennifer.
Her mother was in ANS.
Oh, so was mine. Well,
that makes us both second generation.
I'll tell you what, Patty,
why don't you come on over
and meet some of the other actives?
Um, Kathy, why don't you take Sarah
on over to the refreshment table?
I know you're gonna love
some of our girls.
What's your major, Sarah?
Thank you.
Um, what's yours?
Excuse me a minute.
Some new girls.
I'll be back.
She ditched me the same way.
Oh, I... I don't think
she meant it that way.
Oh, no?
Well, they call it tact.
Everything they do at Alpha Nu Sigma
must be tactfully done.
Even a slap in the face.
Anyway, the food is good.
You want to know
where they're coming from?
If you've got looks and bread,
you can flunk study hall
and they wouldn't care.
I'll see you around.
Well, since you've been here,
have you met any new people on campus yet?
Not too much,
you guys are about the first.
Oh, great.
Well, listen,
as soon as you get settled in,
I've got a guy who'll
be just perfect for you.
Oh, you're kidding!
- Who is it? Tell me, tell me.
- Don't tell her. Don't tell her.
Come on, I want to know!
Listen, you'll love him.
He's about 6'2", jet black hair...
What's your major, Patty?
Well, liberal arts for the time being.
That way I can decide
which subject takes the least homework.
Well, we're so glad
that you came along, too.
I guess we better get going,
visit some of the other houses.
Of course.
You owe it to yourself
to make some comparisons,
- just to be sure.
- I suppose so.
Why don't you visit PED next?
They're the second house down.
What... What's PED?
Pigs, Elephants, and Dogs.
Laura, you are so bad.
It's, uh, Phi Epsilon Delta.
Very old.
And very, uh... intellectual.
Don't pay any attention to them.
Make up your own mind.
Good night, Patty.
I'm sorry,
I've forgotten you're name.
Of course.
Well, good night.
Goodbye, Patty.
Thank you very much, bye-bye.
Well, what do you think?
I think we've got a winner.
And a loser. Oof.
Well, Mom was right.
It's just like it was twenty years ago.
I think they liked us.
- What's not to like?
- Oh, Alpha Nu Sigma!
That's a definite nine and a half.
Look at that bod.
Come on, Sarah, don't worry.
What are you looking at?
- Sarah, are you alright?
- Yeah.
Well, you got past
the biggest exam at PED.
You got past old Azarak.
You do that to everybody?
No, you have to understand
Barbara's warped sense of humor.
You see, you can't let them know
you're scared of them.
See, dogs can sense
when you're afraid of them,
and then they'll try and bully you.
You sure got his number.
How'd he get out, anyway?
You know, one of these days
I'm gonna take a meat
cleaver to that mutt.
Mrs. Hunter's liable
to take one to you if you do.
Mrs. Hunter?
Our housemother.
She teaches magical practices
among primitive people.
Where is she?
Oh, probably in her room,
forever writing her thesis.
Where are our manners?
Sit down, you two.
Thank you.
Well, you've probably figured out by now
that rushing's not our thing.
We leave that up to the snobs.
But if you want to live here,
leave your name in the register, and uh...
You do have other actives?
Oh, sure, but they're out or busy
or something like that.
- Like she said...
- Rushing's not your thing.
Yeah, I got it.
This is a beautiful old house.
Yeah, I... I like it, too.
Well, Sarah, um...
I think we've seen enough. You ready?
It was, uh... very interesting.
I hope you can come back.
Oh, we have
a few other places to visit,
but this is a nice place.
Well, we'll... We'll show ourselves out.
Thank you again.
Leave your names at the register,
if you want.
Here you go.
I think that's our cue to exit.
Good night, everybody.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Five names,
that's two better than last year.
Oh, well, watch out ANS,
we're taking over.
Well, what do you think?
Uh, well, I liked a couple of them.
- That girl in the white sweater.
- Sarah.
Sarah... Sarah Goodwyn.
Yeah, she seemed pretty smart.
I thought she was nice.
You can have her sister.
Really, what would I want
with a snob?
I don't know. She's probably kissing
Jennifer Laurence's feet right now.
"Oh, Jennifer, oh darling, darling.
"I must get into this sorority.
Oh, top drawer, darling."
Didn't she introduce you
to anybody else?
She was busy with the new people.
It wasn't her fault.
But that's so rude!
I mean, Jennifer was busy, too,
but she took the time to introduce me to...
Well, she probably thought that I'd go
get some punch and then come join you.
She didn't mean anything by it, really.
Don't worry.
Come here a second.
Come on, sit down.
Now, did you notice
the way those girls wore their hair?
Here, hand me that clip.
Now, I think if you wear it up...
it'll look better.
We've got to really make 'em love you.
You know, we're really
gonna be gorgeous, you know.
They've got to love us.
You know, I thought when we
got to college, we'd split up.
But we're gonna do it together, huh?
Of course
we're gonna do it together.
I mean, what fun would it be
if we didn't?
Anybody home?
There's a long-distance phone call
for Patty Goodwyn.
Oh, that must be Mom.
- Thanks!
- Sure.
- I'll tell her the good news.
- Ok.
You know,
you really do look gorgeous.
And Jennifer Laurence herself
took me around to meet the others.
I knew you'd be terrific.
Did you mention who I was?
Well, I said you were an alumnus.
You didn't tell them
I'm head of the alumni committee?
Honey, that's very important.
Uh, Mom...
Mom, I'm afraid
they didn't like Sarah very much.
I'm... I'm afraid
they're not gonna take us both in.'
Well, sweetheart...
Uh, Sarah's not exactly
Alpha Nu Sigma material.
I know that, but we always planned
to stay together.
I'll say it again.
You're grown up now.
So is Sarah.
She can't expect
to share everything in your life.
I can't believe
I'm hearing this from you.
All I'm trying to say is,
you have to start thinking of yourself.
It takes a very special kind of girl
to get into Alpha Nu Sigma.
But you know what it'll do to Sarah
if she doesn't make it.
I just don't want to hurt her.
of course you don't, darling,
'but just don't ruin your own chances
by feeling sorry for her.'
But I do feel sorry for her.
'Well, then, think of her trying to fit in
with girls from Alpha Nu Sigma.'
Think of her trying to carry on
a conversation with, uh...
well, somebody like Jennifer Laurence,
for example.
'She just doesn't fit.'
She could learn!
Patty... please!
Don't get carried away by pity.
What's wrong with pity?
I've got to go, Mom.
Who put in the black one?
I did.
- Why?
- She's flat-chested.
Look, if that's the only reason,
I think we should go ahead and take her.
I mean, we can fix that.
her mother was a member,
and she puts a lot of money
into this place.
Thank you, madam.
- Done.
- Alright.
Uh... who's next?
Uh, Regina Wilson.
That lard-o in the tent?
Forget it.
Well, one unanimous vote.
That's for sure.
Alright, Patty Goodwyn.
She seems awfully close to her sister.
Do you think she'll come in
without her?
Patty is ANS all the way.
She'll come without her sister.
What's the matter?
You've hardly said a word all day.
I guess I'm not too talkative today.
I know what you heard last night
must have sounded awful.
I didn't mean it that way,
I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
Guess I was a little tired,
and it got out of control.
Let's forget it, ok?
Ok, it's forgotten.
Come on,
let's go get the bad news.
Patty Goodwyn.
Goodwyn, Patty.
Gamma Gamma Kappa,
Alpha Phi Beta...
Oh, and Alpha Nu Sigma!
Oh, ANS! Alpha Nu Sigma,
I can't believe it!
- Ok, I'll wait for you outside, alright?
- Ok.
Now pledging starts!
Uh... Sarah Goodwyn.
Ah, here it is.
Goodwyn, Sarah.
Phi Epsilon Delta.
Phi Epsilon Delta.
Next, please!
I was, uh...
hoping you'd be with us.
Thanks. Um...
Could you excuse me
for just a minute?
Now do I get to meet that guy?
Of course.
They're right next door.
Did you get chosen?
Oh, you did!
Which one?
Well, it's better than the dorms, right?
Miss Goodwyn,
as a pledge of Alpha Nu Sigma,
you must be loyal.
This is the first test of your worthiness.
- Are you ready?
- Sure.
You must address all actives
as "ma'am".
Are you ready?
Yes, ma'am.
Alright, as you know,
a pledge must obey any order given to her
by an active member
of Alpha Nu Sigma.
Only then is she worthy
to be called "sister".
Do you understand?
I didn't hear that.
Oh, yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
Alright then, repeat after me:
"I will uphold the high standards
of Alpha Nu Sigma."
"I will uphold the high standards
of Alpha Nu Sigma."
"I will not eat while walking in public."
"I will not eat while walking in public."
"And I will not associate..."
"And I will not associate..."
"With PED - Pigs, Elephants, and Dogs -
Say it.
If you don't say it,
I'll get you blackballed from ANS
and every other sorority on this campus.
Say it.
"With Pigs, Elephants,
and Dogs."
Louder, please.
Please, Jennifer.
"With Pigs, Elephants,
and Dogs."
Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?
I don't think
I'm cut out for manual labor.
It's ok, Freddie, it's good for you.
- Keep that corner straight.
- I got it.
Will wonders never cease, huh?
- Sigma Delts at common labor, huh?
- Hey, Teach.
What we need's muscle, not mouth.
Well, I'll give you
a little expert supervision here.
Oh, that's ok, you just stand back and
watch this feat of mechanical engineering.
Come here, Freddie, give me a hand.
Keep it straight, Ben.
That's good, Freddie.
Just a bit further.
- Just a little more.
- Want to take a break?
Hi, pretty lady.
We only gave her a four,
Aw, I'm just rehearsing.
Knock it off, Scott.
Aw, she's not your type.
Come on, Freddie!
Why can't we be lifting
a guitar or something, huh?
Sarah, please!
- Are you alright?
- Are you ok?
- Yes.
- I don't know what happened.
I thought I had that rigged perfectly.
I thought it was completely safe.
Thank you, Sarah.
Listen, maybe you better come inside
and sit down and fix yourself up, huh?
Just a minute, ok?
Are you sure you're alright?
Look, uh...
- I wanted to explain something to you.
- You don't have to explain, Patty.
it's all a silly game they play.
It's a part of pledging.
They make you do horrible things
to test your loyalty.
It doesn't mean anything.
maybe I better not even pledge ANS.
I mean,
if it's gonna come between us...
No, you have to pledge.
It's so important to you.
We could get an apartment together
Look, it's something you've been
looking forward to your entire life.
And I like the girls at PED,
and maybe it's a good idea
that we spend some time apart for once.
We can still see each other.
Well, it'll all be over
in a couple of months.
As soon as I get through Hell Week
and the initiation.
Then everything will be
the way it was.
Nothing can keep us apart then, ok?
- You coming?
- Just a minute.
Look, nothing's changed, Sarah.
Not between us, not ever.
That was good going.
She could've been killed.
My name's Paul Yates.
I'm a teaching assistant here.
- What do you teach?
- Psychology.
You gonna be taking Psych I
this semester?
You're probably gonna be
in one of my classes.
What the hell happened?
I don't know.
Sure was a close call.
Listen, um, I have to go.
Excuse me.
Well, what's your name?
Sarah Goodwyn.
I'll see you around, Sarah Goodwyn.
Oh, hi, Sarah. Um...
Girls, this is our new pledge,
Sarah Goodwyn.
Regina, new like you,
Barbara, and Mouse,
you've met before.
Well, what do I do now?
Oh, well, um, find an empty room,
pay your dues, and relax.
Yeah, we don't have many rules
around here.
Everybody does pretty much
what they want.
Come on.
I'll help you find a room.
Thank you.
So, Mouse,
what's your real name?
Alberta Kianowski,
I'd rather be called Mouse.
Well, hello, Sarah.
Welcome to our sorority.
Oh, Sarah, this is Mrs. Hunter,
our housemother.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Well, find yourself a room that you like
and get yourself all cozy,
and then come over
and we'll have a talk...
and get to know each other.
What's that door?
No one knows.
Mrs. Hunter's the only one
who has a key,
and I've only seen her use it once.
It's kind of creepy.
Maybe it's one of those
secret ceremony rooms.
You know, like sororities use
for their initiations?
Well, it could be, but PED hasn't had an
initiation ceremony in about twenty years.
This one here is empty.
Who's next door?
I like this room the best
it looks out
on the Sigma Delts' backyard,
so you can check out the foxes
without their knowing it.
I wanted you to have it.
I asked the others to reserve it for you.
Oh, this is just, uh...
a little welcome from all of us.
Thank you.
Um, Jennifer,
why do you hate PED so much?
I mean,
have they done something to you?
It's just a game.
Um... traditional rivalry,
like the Hatfields and the McCoys.
Hey, Mouse, what started the rivalry
between Phi Epsilon Delta and ANS?
I don't know. Mrs. Hunter seems to have
a case against them.
I'm glad you're here.
- Oh, don't stop.
- Was I playing too loud?
No, I loved it.
Come in.
Sit down... if you want to.
How long have you been playing?
- Since I was three.
- No wonder you're so good.
The music...
keeps me from freaking out.
What happens when you freak out?
Oh, I...
Well, I tried to bail out
a couple of times, you know?
So, they sent me away for a while.
But I'm fine now.
I'm really fine.
I know you're fine.
I can tell.
What is that?
Mrs. Hunter.
- What is she doing?
- Singing.
You'll get used to it.
She's a little, uh...
But I hear she's a good teacher.
I sure wouldn't want to take
one of her courses.
Why not?
Because she really believes
all that stuff she teaches.
Weird stuff like spells and witchcraft.
Would you play something for me?
Hey, enough in there, already!
Sarah, Mrs. Hunter
wants to see you in her room.
If you're through practicing,
we'd all appreciate it.
I asked her to play.
Yeah, well, when you have to listen to it
day and night, the charm will wear off.
Listen, thank you.
Very much.
Azarak, come here!
Sarah, don't worry about him.
Come on in.
Out! Stay out!
Azarak knows better...
than to fool around with you or me.
Well, would you like a sherry?
No, thank you.
Well, I'll have one.
Sit down.
[, uh...
I thought...
you know, we ought
to get better acquainted.
You know, you have turned out
to be such a pretty young lady.
Thank you.
But wasn't your mother, uh...
a member of, uh, Alpha Nu Sigma?
My adoptive mother was.
She still is quite active
in the ANS alumni.
Really? Haven't you ever wondered
what happened to your real mother?
I don't know.
Nobody really knows
what happened to her.
She seems to have,
um... vanished.
And Mr. Goodwyn?
He died.
Oh, too bad.
The Goodwyns adopted me
when I was very little,
so Mrs. Goodwyn was
the only real mother I ever had.
Aren't you curious about your mother?
You know...
Sarah, um...
she could have married,
changed her name.
Um, the stigma
of an illegitimate child is...
quite different now than it was then.
She could be living some place else.
She could be.
I'd give anything to know.
Or maybe she...
isn't living some place else.
Well, then I'd like to know that, too.
I'm sorry, dear.
...I've upset you.
Um, tell me something,
what have the girls told you
about Phi Epsilon Delta so far, hmm?
Only that there's some mysterious feud
going on between ANS and PED.
Oh, that old thing.
You know, that feud was going on when
I was an undergraduate at this college.
As a matter of fact, I was president
of Phi Epsilon Delta in my senior year.
- Really?
- Yes.
Oh, and we were the sorority then.
Everyone wanted to pledge,
the beauties and the brains.
I think that was the year
that I was voted sweetheart
of your father's fraternity.
You knew my father?
Oh, yes.
This... This is how I looked then.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, everyone knew your father,
anyone who was anyone.
Patrick Goodwyn, well,
he was a big man on campus.
Have you ever seen the garden,
uh... from up here?
The hedges look like a maze.
It is.
We used to have the final part
of our initiation down there.
You know, I think we should start...
doing it again this year.
I think they were important.
I think Phi Epsilon Delta should take
its rightful place in this college again.
And I think the ritual
will have new meaning with you.
I don't understand.
Oh, Sarah, forgive me,
but I know certain things about you.
You are one of the very special people.
Dear, you are gifted, lucky.
With you, the ritual
would have new meaning.
I could show you
how to use your powers.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I have to go.
Oh, it's alright.
We'll talk again.
We have plenty of time.
So, you believe that a person
can be both good and evil?
Well, uh,
that's kind of oversimplifying it,
but yeah, I believe a normal person
can have, uh...
elements of conflicting
character traits, sure.
Do you believe that, um...
a person can seem to be one way
and also be different
and still be considered normal?
Well, uh...
Yeah, sure, I think a healthy person
can have these conflicts to work out
on a day-to-day existence, sure.
Were you thinking
of something specific?
No, I was just curious.
Well, I'm going to give you all
your first assignment now.
I would like everyone to write a paper
on the duality of personality.
That is, how these conflicting elements
can be embodied in the same person.
Now, you can all start writing now,
"cause I want it in by Thursday.
Sorry I'm late.
I had to tell them I had a headache
to get away from them.
It's ok.
So, is it what you, uh...
you hoped, ANS?
Yeah, it's fantastic.
How about you?
- I'm making a few friends.
- Yeah, great.
- Want to go get a cup of coffee?
- Sure.
A headache, huh?
Look, I wanted to talk to my sister,
and I knew you wouldn't let me.
You could get kicked out
for lying to an active, you know.
- I know that, but...
- Patty, we're your sisters now.
Come buy me a cup of coffee,
I'll forget all about it.
Come on!
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hi, Sarah.
Do you want to go for coffee?
The whole damn world's drinking coffee -
no, thanks!
Mouse, wait a minute, I'm...
- Hi.
- Buy you a cup of coffee?
I've been trying to talk to you
ever since you ran off the other day.
I guess I was upset.
Well, it was a pretty upsetting,
uh... accident.
- Want to talk about it?
- Uh...
Listen, maybe another time.
I've got to go.
My arm, it's my arm.
What were you doing?
Oh, I guess I just wasn't with it,
as usual.
Stop it, Mouse!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
What I mean is, maybe...
Maybe we should try
being more positive.
Do you know what I mean?
Like, instead of saying things like,
"I guess I wasn't with it, as usual."
- Oh...
- I'm... I'm not picking on you, Mouse.
I'm not, I'm your friend!
It's just, it's a perfect example
of the way we've all been acting!
Yeah, well, let's hear it for Sarah,
the cheerleader.
Come on, Barbara, quit it.
She's right.
You know, maybe if we all started
being nicer to ourselves,
we'd be nicer to each other.
- Sure.
- We could try.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. It wouldn't hurt.
Do you know why she got hit by a car?
"Cause I yelled at her.
That's why she wasn't paying attention.
Shh! Quiet, quiet!
What a commotion!
I haven't heard so much chattering
around here since the 1950s.
Oh, Alberta!
Darling, what happened?
She tried to fight the world's problems
Well, I must say, you're all
in a very good mood over her accident.
Well, old Sarah just laid
some very heavy truths on us.
Yeah, looks like we're gonna be
a real sorority again.
At last!
Of course, you are the best one
on the campus.
- That's right.
- And Barbara, you listen to Sarah.
- We haven't gotten much time, you know?
- Time for what?
- Hell Week.
- We're gonna have a Hell Week?
Of course, it's only a week away.
And after that,
we have a very secret initiation ceremony.
Oh... what happens
IN the ceremony?
You'll find out soon enough.
You know,
I'm glad you asked me to meet you, Sarah.
I was fascinated with that paper
you were working on.
Have you ever written
anything like this before?
No, but I think about
things like that a lot.
I was especially interested
in your notion about...
evil powers being present
in basically good people.
Do you believe it's true?
A person can have a special power
like that and still be considered normal?
Well, uh... we could get into
a long philosophical discussion
about what's considered normal.
But I think I know
what you're asking, and, um...
basically, yeah, I think it's possible.
We read about these things all the time.
I've got it.
The power.
Well, I... I'm sure you do.
We all have our unique
abilities and talents.
No, you're not listening
to what I'm saying.
I have this special power.
whatever it is that's troubling you,
I think we ought to talk about it.
If... If you dwell on these things,
you're just gonna cause
a lot of trouble for yourself.
Oh, look, I have class
in about five minutes. Um...
Why don't we talk about this
a little later, ok?
Like, uh... over dinner?
- Ok.
- Ok.
I'll pick you up around seven.
Well, Hell Week
hasn't been too bad so far.
Mrs. Hunter's probably saving
the terrible things for the initiation.
Oh, Mouse.
Oh, no.
Now, Mouse, come on.
We're not gonna let them
push us around anymore, remember?
But look how many there are.
Looks like ANS
takes Hell Week more seriously.
It's time to stand up to them.
Now come on.
You got a quarter?
A nickel, a dime?
Hi, Patty.
Hi, Sarah, how are you?
Initiates are not allowed
to speak to strangers.
That stranger happens to be my sister.
Oh, Patty, the members of Alpha Nu Sigma
are your sisters now,
not some little lowlife from P, E, and D.
Please don't, Jennifer.
Hey, look, little old Mouse
has her little old violin.
- Why don't you play something for us?
- No.
Oh, come on.
What's a matter,
you got a little violin elbow?
Leave her alone.
Jennifer, uh...
I think you better stop it.
I just want to hear her play something.
Let's see what you've got there,
what kind of...
Huh! A little set of Satie,
a little Paganini...
Give it back!
Can you really play all this stuff?
I bet you don't need
this music at all, do you?
I bet you play by ear.
Isn't that what happens
with those prodigies,
the child prodigy who
can just play by ear?
That's supposed to
be the mark of a genius.
Stop it!
My first day here I saw you,
and I thought you were beautiful.
But I was wrong.
All you care about
is how popular you are.
Everybody gives you everything.
You don't have to work at anything,
like friendship.
You don't care about
how other people feel.
All you give a damn about
is how good you look!
Well, I'll tell you something, Jennifer.
One day all these poor, stupid girls
who laugh at your cruelty
are gonna see
how ugly you really are.
And they'll hate you.
And they'll turn on you.
Then you won't have
any friends left at all!
I wish I'd had a movie camera.
She was beautiful.
- Yeah, well, how'd Jennifer take it?
- Like a punch in the nose.
Right from the punch,
she didn't know what to do.
I wish I'd been there.
I know that chick.
She just won't let this go.
Well, if she wants a fight,
we'll give her one for a change.
Right, Sarah?
Finally it's happening!
Yes, yes, girls, look at each other,
really look at each other.
You are finally sisters!
You are a sorority.
You have a leader.
Sarah knows how.
She will show you the way.
Come in.
I came to apologize.
Look, sometimes
I just get so carried away
with the initiation and our silly feud
with PED that...
I guess I just forget
about other people's feelings.
When things have gone
your way all your life...
sometimes you start to think maybe
you really are better than anybody else.
Until someone comes along
and sticks a pin in you,
like your sister did this afternoon.
Oh, I know Sarah didn't mean all that.
She's really nice!
She meant it!
But it's alright.
I deserved it.
Could I tell her you said that?
Maybe I'll tell her myself.
You really mean that?
Look, this is not easy for me.
Don't make me repeat myself, ok?
Patty, I've been thinking,
maybe I made another mistake...
in not pledging her.
That could still be remedied.
Yeah, but how?
That's easy,
I'll just talk to the other girls.
Oh, if you could do that,
everything would be perfect.
Ok, it's set, then.
I'll talk to them.
And in the meantime,
If I'm gonna break through that shell
she's got built up against me, ll...
I need to know something about her.
What kind of food does she like?
What kind of music?
Who's she seeing?
Gee, I don't know where to start, um...
ok, now, I know
she likes classical music,
and she really loves exotic foods,
and she's been seeing
a lot of Paul Yates lately.
Paul Yates?
Sarah, telephone.
I think it's Paul Yates.
Thanks for the loan.
Sure, you're welcome.
It's interesting, but I don't think
it has anything to do with my problem.
Oh, no?
Well, how is it different?
Sometimes things happen.
Sometimes people get hurt.
Well, do you think you're responsible
for those things?
I think there's something wrong with me,
something that makes bad things happen
to other people.
Sarah, don't you think those things
would happen to those people
even if you weren't around?
Mrs. Hunter seems to think
that I make them happen when I get angry.
Mrs. Hunter?
It's our housemother.
Erica Hunter?
She thinks I have a special power.
Sarah, I'd, uh... like to hear a little
more about your Mrs. Hunter, hmm?
Alberta, that was beautiful.
Really, dear.
You know, I've thought of a wonderful part
for you to play in the initiation.
What do I have to do, Mrs. Hunter?
Oh, well, Sarah and I discussed it,
and we know you'll just be
marvelous at it.
You're really...
Alberta, why are you frightened of me?
You know, you are a mouse.
A little, timid, scampering little mouse.
Go on, keep practicing.
Practice with your little broken wing.
Some sort of investigation?
Yeah, I found these old clippings
in the library.
Miss Erica Hunter was Queen
of the Phi Epsilon Delta then.
Apparently, she used the initiation ritual
in a strange way.
Changed it, I don't know.
Anyway, one of the girls died.
They say it was suicide.
Are you gonna
make that phone call for me?
Tell me why.
I will, later.
It's just a dumb joke.
- Please.
- Jennifer, I just don't want to do it.
It's just one little favor.
And it's got to be tonight.
Please, you've just got to do it.
But I don't like it.
But you won't be sorry.
Oh, yeah?
You know, I'd remembered reading something
about a scandal involving Erica Hunter.
Well, if it was really true,
then why didn't they kick her out?
Nobody knows
whether it was true or not.
She disappeared for a couple of years,
and then there was a new administration
that came in,
and suddenly she appeared again.
You know, the interesting thing is
that it was Jennifer Laurence's mother
that made the accusation.
Now, that would give Miss Hunter a
hell of a motive for hating Jennifer, huh?
it could've been suicide like they said.
- Mm...
- Or an accident.
Why do you want to believe she did it?
Why do you want to believe
she didn't?
Because it's a terrible thing
to accuse someone of.
- You of all people!
- Look...
If she really has something to hide,
and she believes
you have some sort of ability...
Well, I just don't want to see you hurt
or misused for anything.
So, will you do me a favor?
Quit PED,
move back to the dorm,
and stay away from that woman.
- I don't trust her.
- You don't know what you're asking.
PED is the only house that wanted me.
Those girls are my friends now.
They're people who like me
for who I am.
Paul, for the first time in my life,
they wanted me.
Think about it though, huh?
No. Not now.
No, I'm sorry, I don't...
I don't know where she is right now.
Oh, wait a second,
here she is now.
- Sarah, the phone's for you.
- I'm not here.
It's Scott Rafferty.
'Hi! How's Wonder woman?'
Don't call me that, please.
Oh, sorry,
I didn't know it bothered you.
Hey, listen, um...
There's gonna be a party tonight.
Can you come?
No, I... I can't.
"Why not?'
Well, first of all, I don't think
Jennifer would like it very much.
- 'It's for Paul Yates.'
- What?
Paul Yates - it's his birthday.
And, uh, since he's everybody's
favorite teaching assistant,
we thought we'd throw a party
and celebrate.
"Can you come?"'
I guess so.
Great! Pick you up at seven thirty.
See ya!
Oh, and um... don't tell him.
I won't.
Now, that didn't hurt, did it?
Yes, they do.
Allison, they do.
You want to know something -
I can't get over the change in this place.
Well, it isn't the place.
It's us.
You know, I can't tell you
how proud I am of you girls,
and especially Sarah.
- Yeah, Scott Rafferty of all people.
- I know.
Here she comes!
- Oh, wow...
- Wow!
It's unbelievable.
Knock it off.
You've all helped me so much. I feel
like I'm representing the whole sorority.
Oh, you are.
You're us, kid!
Sarah, are you sure
that you want to go?
Yes, I am sure.
No! No, I'll get it.
Here goes...
Now how do you like this, honey?
Go for Miss America.
Come on, honey!
Where you going, honey?
How do you like Hell Week, Sarah?
You look like you got your dress
in a pigpen!
You gonna wear that?
- That's enough, Jennifer!
- Oh, stop it.
Where's your Scotty-Wotty!
Piggy, oink, oink!
Where's your Scott-Wotty!
Did you see the look on her face?
Nice work, Scott.
That was a cheap shot, Jennifer.
Oh, come on,
what does she mean to you?
I'm beginning to wonder
what you mean to me.
Hey, what's going on?
Just a prank.
You, uh... missed all the fun.
What'd you do?
We just put them in their places.
What happened?
What did they do?
Your sister was set up.
Scott, it was just a joke!
Sarah, your choices are clear now.
Either you can crawl right back
into that hole you've been living in,
you can make Jennifer
pay for that vicious,
so-called joke that
she just did to you.
Please, I need to talk to her.
'Sarah's not feeling well right now.
'She can't take any calls.
'I'm sorry.'
Make them scared.
You can do it, use your powers.
Why are you worrying about Patty?
Did she worry about you tonight?
Where was she?
She could've stopped this.
Can we talk?
Come on.
- Get angry!
- I can't control it.
No? Alright, we'll see.
We'll see.
We'll see if you can control... We'll
try some little test tonight, shall we?
- Some little thing.
- A test?
Yes, yes, a test.
Alright, now how did it happen?
Well, all Scott would say was...
that he called her and invited her
to a surprise party for you.
- Oh, no.
- What?
- I told her about you and Sarah.
- You what?
Oh, Jennifer said
she wanted to make it up to Sarah
for the rotten way
she'd been treating her.
So, she wanted to know
what made her happy,
so she could get closer to her.
Oh, Sarah!
If it goes alright,
then tomorrow night...
- you'll have revenge against all of them!
- No.
Now, this rivalry has gone
just a bit too far.
It's gonna destroy both of you.
You hear me?
- It may already be too late for Sarah.
- Oh, no.
Now listen, I want you to get her
out of there.
But I can't!
I don't even think she'd talk to me.
She thinks I'm a part of it,
I know it.
Has she ever refused to talk to you?
Then try.
I'm afraid.
I don't know if you know it, but...
I think there's something very strange
about my sister.
Think of Patty, think of Jennifer,
and their beautiful lying faces!
Get angry.
Even when we were younger, I can
remember strange things that Sarah did.
- Yeah?
- Things moving.
Was it when she was angry?
Yes, you're right!
I never made that connection
before, but...
she was always angry
when those things happened.
Get angry, Sarah, get angry.
You can begin by leaving
those girls at ANS.
Scott's helping me move out
in the morning.
I'm gonna go tell Jennifer tonight.
Forget Jennifer,
just get out of there.
I have to tell her.
Relax, Sarah.
Relax, dear.
Now, come on now, concentrate.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes
and think about Jennifer.
Think about Jennifer Laurence,
beautiful Jennifer.
The stupidly cruel Jennifer.
The Jennifer who mocked you
and humiliated and shamed you.
Think of her. Think of her voice
coming out at you in the darkness
and that filth they threw at you.
They covered you with that awful filth.
Think of it!
Think of how much you hate her!
You hate of all of them.
Think of your hate.
Think of it, concentrate
on your hate and think of it!
It's open.
Sarah, let her feel your anger.
Let her feel the scalding sting
like scorpions.
Sarah, do it.
Do it.
Nobody walks out on this sorority.
Who put you up to this?
No, I've had enough people telling me
what to do for one lifetime.
- This is my decision!
- Don't give me that!
What's happening?
Oh, help!
It's hot!
What's happening?
I can't shut off the water!
It's hot, turn it off!
I can't shut off the water!
It's scalding hot!
Hot water!
Help me!
Please, help!
- Jennifer!
- Help me!
The handles are broken!
The door won't open.
It's jammed, Jennifer!
I need help!
I can't get the door open!
I can't get the door open!
It won't open, it's jammed!
And then the handle came off
in my hand.
I couldn't stop it.
And the water was scalding hot.
Look at this. Ooh!
I tried and tried to get out,
but the door was jammed.
And then all of a sudden,
it just stopped.
I mean, the water just stopped!
Come in.
Sarah, Allison just got back
from her first class,
and there's been quite an accident
at the Alpha Nu Sigma.
No one was burned badly, were they?
Their white lily skins are a little pinker
and sorer than last night,
but they're fine this morning.
You knew all about it, didn't you?
Oh, Sarah.
This is marvelous, I...
Oh, just in time, just in time!
Tonight's the climax of Hell Week.
What happens tonight?
When it gets dark,
a few sororities meet in secret rooms,
and they have their
little secret initiations,
but the important thing is Phi Epsilon
Delta, at last, after twenty years...
she is going to have
her traditional ceremony.
No one will die this time, will they?
Now listen,
you and I must not fight
and quibble over ancient gossip.
Now, especially now,
on this most important night of our lives.
We must work together, dear.
Tonight, your gifts will reach
their fullest potential at our ceremony.
I promise you.
You must remember
that those cruel girls
for twenty years have humiliated
and degraded your sisters.
Be proud,
you're a special person.
Well, you all made it through Hell Week.
I wonder why they don't want us
to wear any clothes under these.
You'll find out.
It's all part of the ritual.
- Just probably trying to scare us.
- Sure.
Come on, girls,
we gotta get this stuff ready for tonight.
Where's Patty?
Patty is back at the dorm
where she belongs.
Didn't you hear what happened
last night?
Patty tried to scald her to death.
- Yes?
- I want to see Sarah.
She's not feeling well.
It's ok, Allison.
How are you feeling?
I heard there was a little accident
last night at the ANS house.
You didn't believe me when I told you
someone could get hurt.
You think you're responsible for that?
I can control it now.
Mrs. Hunter taught me.
Mrs. Hunter is only teaching you
how to hate,
and hate is the only real evil power.
Don't give in to it.
Don't let them win after all.
Now, I saw Patty last night.
She's resigned from Alpha Nu Sigma.
Her mother will be furious.
Don't you care anymore?
I'm free of Patty now.
Thank you for coming.
you must wear these blindfolds
because no one is allowed
to witness the secret ceremony
until she is a full-fledged member
of Alpha Nu Sigma.
Where's Mouse?
Mouse? Um...
Mouse wanted to, uh...
skip this part of the ceremony and rest.
She's going to meet us at the maze.
Young women...
tonight you are going to see
a demonstration of a power...
that science does not yet understand,
and if you can see it and understand it
and believe in it,
your futures will be miraculous!
This hood represents
the darkness of ignorance,
But this candle...
represents the light
that can dispel that darkness.
Girls, put on your hoods.
You are being led from one plateau
of your life to the next
with this important step.
Follow your guide
to the next part of our ceremony.
Get your candles
and light them from Sarah's.
I am going to give you the words
to help you... pass
through the dreaded darkness.
Echo, echo, Azarak.
The eye of the cat,
known for its cleverness, agility,
and independent nature.
May this symbolize your desire
to pursue these qualities.
We will now proceed to the maze.
Taste the eye of the cat.
I will now show you
the treasures of Phi Epsilon Delta.
First, here is the Pentacle.
Its arms represent
the arms of mercy and justice.
The legs, they represent
the pillars of wisdom,
and the head,
the truth at the top of the tree.
From now on, this is your symbol by
which you will always know your sisters.
And this,
this is the ritual dagger
that will protect us from evil
and defend all that is good.
And this is the blood of the animal.
Sarah, step forward.
You have been chosen to lead us.
I will now anoint you...
with the blood of the sacred animal.
you have been chosen the leader.
You must use your powers now
against the people who will destroy us.
Sarah, use your powers, destroy them.
Use them!
And now the hour of reckoning
is at hand.
You have examined these women
who would become our sisters
and tested them.
Each one you have found worthy.
You may light her candle.
If any of you has found
any of these unworthy,
speak now,
or forever hold your peace.
Use them!
Destroy them.
The wind.
What's happening?
Where's that wind coming from?
Come on, let's get out of here!
There must be a sacrifice.
Concentrate on Jennifer.
Concentrate on hating her.
Destroy Jennifer!
You must be supreme!
You'll have the power.
The women of Phi Epsilon Delta
will rise up.
It's already planned!
You all will have the power,
the real power.
What's happening?
Help me.
And it will be done.
Please help me.
First, there has to be...
There has to be a sacrifice.
A ritual calls for a sacrifice.
She wants to kill me.
Girls, get her out of there!
No! No!
Stand back now, stand back!
You can't take her away.
Don't you understand?
What is going to be will be fulfilled!
Girls, get her out of here!
Stand back now, stand back.
Release it!
You are profaning
the sacrificial knife.
You are a traitor!
I won't let you Kill anyone this time!
You've betrayed all of us.
You are evil, Sarah.
I thought that you were
one of the anointed ones,
but you're not.
Sarah, stop it.
I won't let you kill anyone else.
Use your power to stop it.
Stop it, Sarah. Stop it.
Where's Sarah?
She's still in there.
It's horrible,
you can't find your way out!
I won't let you destroy me!
- I'm in this place!
- No!
We'll both die!
Then so be it.
- Stop.
- No, let me go. My sister's in there.
Oh, hi.
I didn't mean to startle you.
I didn't know you were here.
That's ok.
This had to be done. I...
just couldn't bring myself
over here till now.
I know.
The last few days I keep expecting
to see her everywhere.
I still can't believe it happened.
Well, uh...
I guess that's everything.
She was a real sister to me, Mouse.
I'll never forget her.
Neither will I.
She was a special friend of yours,
wasn't she?
She saved my life.
In more ways than one, she helped me
see how down on myself I was.
I, uh... heard you left ANS.
Yeah, I, uh...
I guess I don't think
like they do anymore.
Where are you gonna stay?
Mm, I don't know.
Dorms, I guess.
There's, uh...
This room's free.
If you like,
we'd like to have you.
Oh, Mouse, ll... I don't know.
We'd really like to have you.
Thank you.
I'd really like that.