The Innocent (1993) Movie Script

I've never seen one
crowd of this nature.
Many of them are very young
to remember the day the wall
was erected 28 years ago.
10,000, maybe 12 thousand people
wait the minute.
THE INNOCEN Did you hear that?
"Did you hear us?"
We do not have any of them at 30.
Excuse me. We only have 20.
You can not use our microphone, sir.
Can you hear us?
We are not in a state of alarm.
That's all I can say for now.
There will be no official confirmation
even after the minister...
- Are you ready?
- Yes well. Right.
Do you listen to me?
I can not hear you.
Talk on the phone.
I was there.
I did not believe...
We have a schedule. He said that
would give us an exclusive...
It's all right. Thank you.
Tell us when it comes and...
Attention please!
The bus to the wall
It will be out in two minutes.
Sorry, Herr Martin. She went to
with your family.
"Could you make him receive it?"
- Of course.
Have a nice day.
Dear Leonard.
I do not think there is more
the slightest chance in this world...
that you receive this letter.
I do not even know if you're alive...
although something tells me so.
We plan a trip to
Europe in the fall...
Because I always promised my daughters
to meet Germany.
And what better opportunity than now,
in these times of change.
Then I'll be in Berlin
for three days...
since November 10.
If this is irrelevant to you in your current life...
if the memories
are very painful...
please come! It is less than
was 25 years ago...
accept this greeting
of an old friend.
And if this letter
do not get anywhere...
and never opened
or read...
Please God...
Forgive us for our terrible debt.
And be witness and bless
our love, as it was.
Look, Martin, there's no reason for you.
not knowing the situation here.
German or Russian
are not the problem.
- Not even the French.
- Sir!
It's the damn Americans.
They do not know anything
and do not want to learn.
They do not even know the first rules
of teamwork.
"They act behind our backs.
- Good day sir.
They hide information. They tell us
as if we were idiots.
- Good...
"Let me give you an example. "
I am the British liaison for
the swimming tests
next month.
Everyone knows that we have
the best pool in the stadium.
Where do you think they will go?
to carry out the tests?
In some greasy pond that
has in its own sector.
Here we are.
In Adolph's old room.
Used during
Olympics of 36.
Sit down. Boy.
- Hey, is my suitcase here?
"They came and took you last night. "
The damn Yankees. "I do not trust
in them, and you? "
We're all on the same side, right?
Please. Oh, you have one
nice place.
There must be some mistake.
Well, I hope you enjoy it.
your stay.
Oh! One last thing.
I'm afraid it was officially
transferred. You are all of them.
There is nothing you can do. "They
They are waiting for you tonight.
From now on, you will receive
instructions from the Yankees.
For me, that's fine.
Have you ever met any of them?
- Martin?
Push the door, push
- What?
'Push her!
- Welcome to Berlin.
- Thank you.
"Your name is Leonard, right?"
- Leonard Martin, yes.
Len. Good.
"Do you want coffee, Len?"
"Um... please. "
- Sugar? Three four?
- Thank you.
Um, huh? According.
What did they tell you at the stadium?
"That you have my bag. "
"Have you been informed?"
- No.
You do not know nothing?
You must be joking.
They just gave me your address.
Curse you!
You can believe?
They should have told him everything.
- Uh...
- Oh, well...
So... no one mentioned the
store for you, huh?
Or did you explain about the radar?
The British are busy
gentlemen. They do not do their job.
You reporters are different, right?
Look, about my things...
Do not worry about it.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
Come, Len!
Come on! This damn thing
still does not work.
Guys, make space!
We're coming down.
Be careful with the paint.
Mr. Glass, we were talking about the radar...
Quiet. Do not say anything.
Not in front of these guys.
We have a report from the last
month that says that almost...
10,000 individuals in the city
they work as spies.
At least one of these guys is
working for someone else.
"Is not that right, Fritz?"
- Oh, yes.
- Where are we going?
- For the Russian sector.
Back to the Stone Age.
- What?
- Passports.
Give me your passport.
We will not leave, my friend.
US Military
You see.
in the car, Fritz,
in the car.
Call them Fritz.
Save time.
Thank you friend.
An interesting place. The only bar in
world for spies without work.
All these guys are freelancers.
They sell you secrets.
for the price of
some beers.
They also buy.
Why do they allow this? Is better
for us. Good for business.
I like to keep myself
in touch. OK!
A little mission, I'll buy
one of those strong drinks.
You Communists can not
to make your cigarettes?
Get it another way, friends.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
God, I hate them.
Hello, Russell.
Hi, Bobby!
How are you doing? I'm happy to have you
to see. Leonard, Russell.
- American forces.
- How are you doing?
Come, join us.
Too talented tonight, huh?
I'll tell you something.
Old Bobby recognizes each one
them as a spy.
Each of them has a secret.
Is not that right, Bob?
Speaking of which. You see these
two on table 36?
We love you.
Do you know the best course
What did I do at university?
Biology. Yes.
We study evolution.
I learned something very important.
Helped me choose my career.
By thousands...
No, maybe millions of years...
we used to get together all together
We lived in groups.
What Happened When Someone Quit
to have a private moment?
- He masturbated.
"And what if you saw a leopard coming?"
He knows something that
others do not know,
Truth? He has a secret.
I could tell others or
could expect the leopard...
take the initiative,
although this would be more complicated.
You have a secret plan!
Did you learn the story?
Secrets are
individuality, Leonard.
"The secrets made it possible. "
- Idiots!
What made us possible
It was a pussy, huh? A pussy!
Shut up. You know I hate it.
this kind of language.
Watch this, huh?
Eaten bread.
Len, you belonged to the Party.
Labor? Or some union?
Who did you vote for?
Did you vote for Churchill?
In fact, our family has always
voted for the liberals.
The liberals?
Are they legalized, Len? "
Thank you. Len
For you.
I'll use it...
It's ok?
Excuse me.
But, well, Len, it's for you!
For the young person with
the flower in her hair.
I've been watching you from my desk.
I wish you would come
and invite me to dance.
If you can not do it,
I would be very happy...
turn to me and
Honestly, table number 28.
There it is. Look.
Should I?
I must be losing my touch.
Kill them, kid.
In any case, maybe
have thick ankles.
We see.
- Hey, Len. Len.
- What?
- Be careful.
- Oh, Bob.
Let's Dance?
Would you mind very much.
if I sit down?
- Did he give you his number?
- And your address.
You know what, Len?
I do not want to encourage you.
In this project...
to have relationships
with the German civilians.
Do you realize that?
There it is.
The border is right there.
Over there.
Sorry, you'd mind.
How long have we stopped?
- Hello.
- We need to check those bags.
Do you iron your underwear, Len?
Well well.
In fact, my mother passed.
"Something wrong, soldier?"
- No sir.
Shoot away
- Hold it steady. Let's go guys.
- Throw it.
The Communists are watching us.
They think that all this is a kind of
radar station.
As you do not have
authorization, that is
also what you should believe,
you can?
- Good morning, Frank.
- Good day sir.
Hi, Al. Rosie. It's ok?
Good morning, Mr. Glass.
- Thank you sir
- Mineral water.
This is my room.
- Good day sir.
The canteen is there.
This is a kind of room
of unofficial dining.
Maury, Tom, Kevin, Ace.
"Lou, O'Meara, Commander Martin.
- Sir.
"Leonard, how are you?"
"Lou is your partner.
Leonard, this is great.
We count on you, man.
- Pleased. No thanks.
Coffee, Coke, anything?
How about a beer?
The deposit.
And this is the door that should not
go over until you
have permission.
Okay. Ah, the showers.
And this... it's yours.
Well, friends, thank you.
- What's that for?
- Home Sweet Home.
- I have my own house.
- Yes.
You know about activation
of the signs, right?
A 15D Machine Paragraph.
You will have to adapt to it.
You open up with that. The boxes
are behind. Right?
Who opened my bag?
What is going on?
Sorry, Len. Safety.
Oh, yes. This is it.
- Hey, look, Mr. Glass...
My field is circuits, not connections.
I do not mind doing this.
because I know it's important...
but I would like to go to my apartment
- Hey, wait, wait.
You've been talking for hours.
of the demarcation of labor, Len.
Do you think this is... the union
communist trading?
It has nothing to do with the unions.
Do not tell me you'd rather be
fucking this girl.
You can go saying goodbye to your butt.
the next six days.
Oh, and one more thing, Len.
- Leonard. It's Leonard.
"Yes, true, true.
Nothing that has to do with this work
You can take it home, okay?
not even a damn screwdriver.
Can you do that?
- OK.
- Good.
You British,
think that
we do not control these things, do we?
But, I'll tell you that we are
doing a great favor.
- Very lovely.
"Please do not thank me. "
I just ask you not to fuck
the security. That is all.
Come on!
They could...
Would you mind switching?
I'm doing you a great favor.
seven, four, eight,
two three.
seven, four, eight, two, three.
10h, God!
Hey! We have not yet given you
permission to enter.
Come on. You've got a break.
Check your apartment.
Come on!
Len. Come on, Len.
It's all right! What I want
that you do... Oh
I saw that your door was open.
Jeffrey Black.
Much pleasure. Leonard Martin.
"My wife and I live underneath.
I hope you have a rug here.
- Actually I have.
- Very well.
- Are you with the military?
- No, G.P.R. Phones.
How interesting.
Well... welcome.
Now I have to say goodbye.
Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Eme?
- Fraulein Eckdofl?
I'm not...
I mean...
Leonard. I'm...
What do you want?
Do you remember Resi? You you...
gave me your address
Where is the flower?
of your hair?
There are... some flowers.
- In between.
- Thank you.
The English are very delicate.
regarding his tea.
I learned from an English commander
for whom I work.
Commander Ashton says...
always prepare the teapot
and the cups too.
I tried to call you,
but never is.
A nice place.
It's very, uh...
Thank you. Sit down.
on here...
Milk. First milk.
Yes. You learned well.
Thank you.
take it.
Split this with...?
I mean, live...
Do you live alone here?
How do you get without glasses?
- As?
- Please, take them off.
You have very beautiful eyes.
Well, when you say nice,
It means beautiful.
Has anyone told you before?
How beautiful are they?
No, no one had said that.
No other girl?
So I'm the first one.
to discover you.
You know, I...
I was not sure if you wanted to see me.
or remember me.
Do you have any other friends in Berlin?
No. Oh, no. No, no.
You have a lot of girlfriends
in England?
Not many, no.
How many?
Well, actually, none.
"Have you had any?"
- I had a kind of...
girlfriend once, but...
- Have you ever?...
- No! Never.
Yes. Well, I should.
go back to...
work and everything.
He made a magnificent tea.
- I want you to stay.
"I-I must meet someone. "
Thank you.
It was a pleasure to see you again.
Me me...
Look, I really...
I really have to go.
I have not finished looking at
your eyes.
If this is your first time,
I'm a very lucky girl.
Slow down.
We have a lot of time.
Well, that's fine.
"Does she like it better without glasses?"
- I dont 'want to say...
After what I said,
I'm very disappointed in you.
I think it's my business.
One word of this and you're out.
- Hello John.
Hi, Bob.
"Is this the genius?"
- Yes
- John Macnamee, chief scientist.
Yes. Nice to meet you.
I wish you would lend me,
if you allow me.
Hey, John. John! Hang on!
Excuse me. there is a problem
Your authorization
it did not arrive yet.
- Ah. That will work out.
- Wait...
You do not need to worry.
Come on, forget it, okay?
It belongs to us.
Okay, it's British,
but it belongs to us.
It's on our list.
Come on.
Take it.
Look, Lou, come on.
Come on.
All this was done by hand,
in 11 months and 4 days.
They did it in three shifts
of eight hours each.
In the beginning, we went through
sewer drains.
We dig through the
our own excrement.
I do not know what Sigmund Freud
I would say about it all.
We advance about
a quarter of a mile.
About a hundred yards into the Russian sector.
We're right under your feet.
Thank you friends.
I'll tell you what I like about this project.
The attitude.
Once Americans decide
do something, they do it at all costs.
I have everything I wanted.
- It's beautiful.
- Yes here.
God, it's very beautiful.
Close it.
There they are.
The Soviet telephone lines.
cost 4 years of work and 20 million
of dollars to get.
Operation Gold.
You'll enjoy your
classified phone traffic...
between his command east
and Moscow.
Do you think you can do it?
"That will not be a problem. "
- Good.
And there is a small favor
I would like to ask you...
Of course, all the important information
will be encoded.
We have to live with it.
Because the lighter echo of the original
travel with the code...
at least in the early
20 miles of cable.
The Yankees have discovered a
way to read this echo.
Oh. Then it's okay.
Oh well, they promised to share
the information, but not the technique.
We're not happy to pick up
the crumbs from your table.
This is unacceptable in this type
of relationships.
We would like to know how it was done.
We need someone
with technical experience...
in a high position
and with full access.
You know how careful
the Yankees can be.
You should get something
that damn Glass.
These are the details we're looking for.
I dont understand.
Berlin is full of telephones.
That's nice.
Oh, do it again.
So, why did they bring you...
from England?
What do you really do?
I'm a secret agent.
Oh, but, Leonard, here the other military
know everything.
Is it an interrogation?
For who you work?
I know everything about you.
If you keep insisting
with these...
idiotic questions, do not leave me
another option...
that bite you very hard.
- Oh!
- Oh sorry. It's ok?
Tell them it's all clean.
All clear, sir.
We're downloading now.
As soon as we count on you guys.
Do not worry, sir.
Everyone still.
Come on, let's get on with it.
OK now.
Take it, did you get it?
We are doing
the first cut.
We are bridging
on the first channel.
bridging the last
channel now...
at 2:49 p. m.
That's 11 minutes on
the established time.
Gentlemen, I think I can say...
Oh, shut up.
Well done, Len.
- Come on, let's dance.
"No, no, no, not now.
- But I love this song!
"Maria, I can not.
Okay, okay.
Wait, wait.
Let's start from the beginning.
- OK.
- Hang on.
- That's right, fine.
- I'm getting the hang of it, huh?
- So, and so on.
- Yes.
Like this.
It is assumed that it is the man who
must drive.
You do. As I said.
- Ah yes.
- Take off your clothes.
- What? Again?
Do what I say.
Come on.
Come on, take off your clothes.
You're a devil,
Do you know?
Hello, Bobby, how are you?
Sorry sir.
You really like her, do not you?
Get a drink and shut up.
I called this girl last night.
A friend of a friend?
It is supposed to be fleeting.
I said: You do not know me.
I'm a friend.
from Harry. We can go out?
She said, "For what?" I said:
"Well, you know, let's get out. "
She told me, "Do what?"
Suddenly, my life is
falling apart
- Wait a moment.
- What?
- Where are you going?
- Be right back.
Who's a beautiful show?
Thank you.
"Do you know that boy?"
- No.
- Is that you?
I saw him somewhere.
"Who was this man?"
- You said you knew me.
I wanted to dance with me.
I told him, "No, I'm with the man.
that I love".
Did you tell him that?
I want to be alone with you.
How about your apartment?
Which you never took me to?
Okay. But I can not.
ensure their safety.
- Take it.
- OK.
Turn the light on, there.
Now we can see.
"Can I lower it gently?"
Like this?
Can I get her out of this
little black thing?
But look. Look at this.
- It's too big, huh?
- Yes.
- You did not tell me.
- What?
"You had a secret. "
It was confidential information.
Come here.
"I want to go to bed. "
- And I.
What is there.
Take off your clothes.
Yes, in the living room.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah...
Do this here.
You drank too much.
"You think Tarzan?"
- Come here.
Come here!
- Leonard!
"Do as I say.
Stop! Who is it? What do you do
to achieve all this?
Take off your clothes or I'll go
do it for you.
Come here.
Leonard! Stop!
What the hell are you playing with?
Please please.
Are you happy now?
Violent soldier.
The Germans receive
What they deserve, is that it?
- What is going on?
Tell me, Len.
- God.
"Do not touch anything.
What are you doing here?
Who let you in?
Well, she's not at work.
Nor with his parents.
Oh, she had a visitor.
And... where is she, Len?
What happened to her?
I do not know.
"She's not what you think. "
- No?
"She's not a spy. "
Oh, come on, Len.
We are all capable of
Little mistake.
Have you ever been?
in your home?
- We always came here.
- Yes.
I wanted you here if
was connected.
- right?
"Oh, for the love of God. "
Look, you do not know what it's all about.
You do not know her, Bob.
Is right.
Look, Bob, this is ridiculous.
Yes, I know it's difficult.
I know it hurts.
I've seen it before.
Glass, what the hell do you think?
what are you doing?
Trying to know what it is
Happening, Leonard!
A girl you did not know...
makes an unconventional approach
in a dance place.
So you stay with her.
But she chose you, right?
Are you doing a job?
very confidential, Len.
Top secret. You move with her.
We lost track.
Fades away. Call to work because
Your parents are sick.
It's not like this.
Do you realize that?
What we will say to your superiors,
which you like a lot
and therefore we decided not to investigate?
Well, I warned you about it.
But you would not listen to me.
Now, let me do my job.
Hope you have not
if you forget me.
We need to know how the Yankees
are reading this echo.
Your friend Glass is
perfect to know.
Grumpy, pompous shit.
Very careless.
Martin, I want results.
We are all capable of a little mistake.
Oh, I was looking for
You were looking for news of Maria.
I talked with her.
Where is it?
I'm not interested in her...
From the point of view
It's clean.
I had already told you.
Yes, that was subjective.
This is official.
This boy with whom she was...
That's him.
You two have to talk, Leonard.
- Do not turn on the light.
- Maria?
For God's sake, where have you been?
- Are you alright.
- I'm very tired.
I've been looking for you in
all the places.
I know.
He followed me here.
Quick, Leonard. Quick, Leonard.
Oh, God, quick, Leonard!
I thought there were thieves here.
Oh my God.
I'm sorry I let you leave the house.
Everything is in order.
Lets go in.
You know, some people think
that these women were raped.
I say it's bullshit,
Why did not you call me?
I did not know if you were all right.
- I was not well.
- I know.
I know '.
I... I know.
Excuse me. Did not know.
I did not know what to say.
I... I was drunk. I...
I ruined everything.
When I went home,
he was expecting me.
He was drunk, too.
- And began...
- Hang on. Who was drunk?
- Otto.
- Otto? Who the hell is Otto?
It's my husband.
- You are kidding.
- We're almost divorced.
You told me... You told me.
that he died in the war.
You lied to me?
"Yes, I lied to you. "
"Yes, I lied to you. "
Well, that's great. "We are even
now, are not we? "
You lied.
Now he decided to tell the truth.
Excuse me. The roles of divorce
They are about to arrive.
Shit, Maria!
I can not believe!
I can not believe how you can...
Do not you believe them all?
You sent the police to my parents.
"I did not send anyone.
"They took me to interrogate me!"
- What?
- All night!
"Then tell me about yourself. "
About the phone repairman.
Let me hear you lie
another time.
Why do not you tell me about Otto?
Could help.
You do not understand.
Baby, get jealous
and is violent.
The police do nothing.
They think he's a hero.
They feel sorry for him.
It's disgusting.
I do not want you to know
nothing about it.
I was expecting a divorce.
You have no idea how much I missed you.
I've been desperate since you left.
I love you Maria.
Excuse me. "I was stupid. "
You forgive me?
You go?
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
He must have behaved like a madman.
I thought if I knew anything about him,
You would not stay with me.
You could say that I
I come from the trash.
- What?
- That I'm second hand.
Silly girl
I love you.
I want to take care of you.
I want to be with you all the time.
- Hello!
- Hello Maria!
"Do I look awful?"
You are wonderful.
I'm the one who should be worried.
No, they will worship you.
I promise you.
"Apples, you know?
- Yes.
- Try it. Homemade.
- Thank you.
Oh, not much, please..
- Not much.
- Enjoy your food.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- A toast.
- A toast.
1916, you know?
5 mm.
Do not understand.
Yes, yes.
- Maria.
- Maria.
What are you saying?
Is saying that
he never forgives anyone.
The English shot at his throat.
A toast.
"I'll drink for that. "
- A toast.
"Shall we drink the whole bottle?"
- Of course.
Is not he a beautiful baby?
"Oh, no, no, no, no.
Oh! Thank you. Thank you.
- Hello.
- A toast!
A toast.
You did it.
- Cups, please.
"You told me, I must apologize... "
that all Balt brothels
are displayed in their bathrooms.
I can?
Nice tie, Leonard.
- Can I, too?
You heard?
- Hello?
- I was going out.
I hope you do not mind.
I heard noise and passed.
No, no... Yes, that's okay.
It's ok. In between.
In between. We have champagne.
I promised myself.
Oh, congratulations.
This is very good.
Oh, my bride, Maria.
Oh, you already know her, of course.
- Have it.
- Thank you.
And... this is Bob Glass.
- Pleasure.
Hey, Jeffrey Black.
- The neighbor underneath.
- Cheers.
- Hey, Lenny, more bubbles, huh?
- What? Oh!
Yes... just...
Please wait.
John, are you okay?
Something for me?
- No not yet.
"We still have you. "
- Good.
Oh, how's it going?
- The American? How did you know him?
- Work with me.
I want to warn you of something.
If you tell me you work
with Bob Glass,
Tell me what you do.
Operation Gold in the Altglienicke.
- You made a security mistake.
- Wait.
Look, I do not know who these are.
other people
but this is a small town.
My warning is that you must separate
their professional and social life.
"Listen, I do not think-"
- Hey, Len! Get out, huh?
- Excuse me, will you?
- Let's go!
Well, I mean, friends, what?
I am against this commitment.
I would like the girl for me.
I think you're joking.
What was I going to say?
We are all in this room...
German, British, American...
with our different...
types of jobs...
we are committed to building
a new Berlin.
That's true. Listen!
A new Germany,
a new Europe.
Eh, Leonard and... Maria,
both belong...
to countries that ten years ago
were at war.
And by the commitment of marriage,
They are bringing peace.
your way, to
their own nations.
A wedding like this
will make it more difficult...
that their countries
fight in a war.
Is not true?
That's why friends, who always
I'm looking for a Russian girl...
to return to the old
So... there goes my toast.
by Leonard and Maria.
Long and happy life
- Thank you.
C'mon C'mon!
Come here.
Do not do it!
"Aha, that's not going to be it.
Oh, no, you do not...
God! Maria!
Turn on the light.
He broke the bed.
And now he's going to pee on her.
You better call the police.
They will not come.
"What is he doing here?"
- Do not know.
- How the hell did you get in?
- Does not matter!
- I just want you to leave.
- It's in our bed.
What's going on, Maria?
What does he want?
I do not know what he wants.
I'm going to throw it downstairs.
You are so drunk that he
Nor will you wake up.
Maria, I want an answer.
- What are you doing here?
- Stop yelling!
Do you think that
I invited my husband?
Her ex-husband.
You will not sign the papers.
I begged,
but he wants to know...
What are you talking about?
Papers were ready
And he says...
What the hell is happening to you?
Let's get married.
But he said he would sign...
He said! He said!
Lying slut! I'm full!
What are you doing, Leonard?
I believed in you, as always.
You say she's your husband?
He's waiting for you.
Go with him. Finish the wine.
Talk about the old days.
- It's your style.
- Where are you going? At where?
Yes, my wife is a liar.
She lied to me and to you.
- Be careful.
Get out of here before I call the police.
God! What are we going to do with it?
Give it to him.
Maybe I'll leave.
Oh, God.
Get out of here
or I'll kick you out.
Maria did not tell you anything about me...
about me...
What are you saying?
What did he say?
What you want?
He wants 10,000 DM
and you want to know things
about your work.
Then you will sign the divorce papers.
Are you selling me?
I told Maria to
find out something about your work.
She tried?
She said yes.
But she's not a very good spy.
She's very stupid.
- Maria?
- But that is not true.
When I refused to do it
That's when he hit me.
Not when you refused,
but when it failed.
This is not true.
So the money...
and one or two things that you
Will you tell me about your job?
Then you can have it.
- I'm worth a lot of money, too.
I'll get you arrested. I swear.
Sorry for you,
my insignificant friend.
But it seems that your work is
more important than you.
Are you sure?
Then it will continue
being my wife.
You're a liar!
A stinking drunk!
Maria! Please stop!
Stop! Enough!
Han! Stop, Otto! Stop!
Han. Otto.
This is enough!
- Leonard, remove it.
Get him out, Leonard.
Take it off.
Take it off.
Oh God.
Oh God...
No, no! Do not.
We must call
for the police.
What shall we tell them?
It was self-defense.
- Maria, it was in self-defense.
"They knew him.
Then you will understand.
No, they liked him.
They thought I drove him crazy.
It does not matter, it's ours.
word against his... Look.
All we have to do is
tell the truth.
The truth!
Hug me.
No matter what happens.
We will be always together.
"You're drinking a lot. "
"Stop saying that. "
I think we should
talk to Bob.
"That we should talk to Bob.
"Bob?" Bob Glass?
You are crazy?
You do not know what it says.
You do not know him.
Live to standards.
He will execute us.
You do not know him.
Or am I wrong?
Leonard? Leonard,
are you listening to me?
Please. Please,
do not go to sleep.
"They will not believe us. "
- What?
No one will believe in legitimate
defense. No one!
If we tell them,
We'll go to prison.
- It's murder.
- What?
You do not understand?
Are you with him?
- Hello, Len.
- Hello, Len.
Hey, friends.
Hey, what a night you had.
Oh, yes, I fell down this morning.
Tell me the truth later.
Let's go.
I have problems. Need you.
Oh, no, Bob.
I can not...
Come on. Three circuits have fallen.
I need you now. Let's go.
This Macnamee is a clown.
Do you know where he made his calculations?
for the production of heat?
In the back of a fucking envelope.
Jesus, this kid is an idiot.
Do you know? We ourselves should
have done it.
Collaboration involves many errors.
We have our own
amplifiers and
circuits, by God.
We just let them participate
We are in this because we have rights!
Nobody fought Hitler so much
time as we do.
We saw the whole damn war!
We gave it all, then
we have the right to be here!
If you do not understand, this is
that you are on the other side!
You look like an idiot, boy.
Come on, let's drink.
"No, Bob.
- Come on!
I invite you.
Here it is.
- Hey! Great party last night!
- Yes.
What happened?
Washington is happy.
Yes we did.
A great success.
The summit wants to celebrate.
A great dinner.
Anglo-American, blah, blah,
special relationships and all that.
And you, Len, will take care of the
No. No. No. Bob, no, please.
I can not. I have something...
You're sleepy, Len.
I have to take care of the damn menu.
It will have 120 turkeys and two days to
get the best of the city.
"We'll have some fun. "
- Wow!
Yes man!
Good fun!
Oh God. Please God.
Oh, Martin.
Hi, I keep trying.
I'm sorry.
"On vacation, boy?"
"Oh, no, I'll take you there... "
Oh well. By the way, we hear
What are you in charge of?
of entertainment
for the big night.
How about a piper?
A gang of bagpipers.
Good idea.
Can I take you to a colleague?
and you decide.
Right? Yes.
Let's put it here.
OK good.
One two Three.
Let's start? Did you get it?
Leonard, please.
Okay, okay...
Well I...
I'll do everything.
This is my cab.
Take the.
Remove it.
Take this stinking animal,
Did you hear me?
Here it is.
- Thank you.
Excuse me, sir.
I did not want to scare you, sir.
Mr. Macnamee sent me
to do a demonstration.
Oh, I... Thank you.
No, I can not.
I can not. I do not have...
The idea is that you could
start afar...
from outside the building and then
approaching slowly.
"Do you understand, sir?"
- Thank you.
They will be eating and
drinking and then one or two...
They'll hear me play.
And then everyone will hear me.
approaching me.
The problem is...
Then you will enter the room.
- I have work.
- To get an idea...
No no no no.
could play "Scotland The Brave".
- It will not be necessary.
"It's always very well known. "
Oh no. Should not.
Oh God.
If that makes you happy, leave the
melodies for me, sir.
Some cheerful, some sad.
- According.
After a few drinks, if you
forgive, there is nothing like the sad.
Thank you very much.
- Hello!
- Oh, Maria.
- You already did?
No. No, I...
I could not... It's still here.
- I go there.
- What?
- I will go there.
- No! What? Do not come, please.
Do not come, right?
I'll wait for nightfall and then...
And then, what?
Yes of course. I will get some sleep.
I'll call you.
"You promise me?"
- OK.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Oh God.
- On vacation?
"Yes. I need a break. "
Airtight cases.
Good heavens, what have you got there?
- Well I...
"Did you take them out of the tunnel?"
Do not worry.
You can talk to me.
John Macnamee and I are
old friends.
I worked with gold, you know?
Well, actually, as a team
Oh really?
This is my field.
Do you mind if I make a
fast decoding? It's safe.
No, no. "It's very secret. "
Excuse me. It is necessary
dismantle them to pieces.
We are... using
in the tunnel tonight.
I should take them there.
You see.
"Well, maybe another day?"
- Yes.
Oh God.
I've been trying to find you
All day, Len.
Hey, those are ours.
What brings you there?
In the suitcase.
- What are you going to do with it?
- Oh, I...
I've been working.
All night.
"You know the rules, Len.
I know you.
- Let's get them back.
- Oh no! No, Bob.
- Come on, Bob.
- What's wrong with you? Come on.
What's in here?
I will not feel safe until
this will return to its place.
I'm strict, Len.
I'm not happy at all.
- Oh?
- No.
I heard that Macnamee sold to
you a stupid idea.
Some guy playing bagpipes.
You want us to sit down.
An hour listening to this shit?
- Eh?
- We could dance.
It is a night of celebration,
Len, by God.
What will they say? Eh?
When everyone drinks too much,
there is nothing like a regret.
I'm sorry, you're fine.
Goddamn it.
Do you have any other ideas?
To vanish.
That's not funny, Len.
- I know, I'm sorry.
The whole idea sucks.
Oh, God.
- Good day sir.
- Good morning, soldier.
I need to examine these bags.
- OK.
- Oh well.
Come on, make it quick.
The keys, please.
- OK.
- Thank you.
Listen, this is a material
highly sensitive.
I want to call the central, to
that passes unchecked.
What's in those bags?
has reserved classification.
You heard that, soldier.
Well, gentlemen.
You can put them underneath.
Make sure that
The safest place in the world.
"I can believe you, right?"
- Yes.
"Len, what's wrong?"
- Good man.
- Hey, Leonard.
- What? Oh
I want to take a look at the team.
Will you join me?
No, Bob. I'll wait on it.
I'll be in my room. "
- Well, I'll see you there.
- Good.
Mr? Sir?
What are you doing?
- Yes? Bob Glass.
- Yes sir. It looks really bad.
Visitors are expected
any time.
What is going on?
Thank you.
Oh, no, I'm sorry. I...
- Do you speak English?
- Yes.
"You're new here, yes?"
- Yes.
Do you want to buy something?
really special?
Eh, no.
Hey, I got something for you.
"Very good, very cheap. "
"Yes. No. You do not understand.
Under the ground.
The tunnel.
Do you like tunnels?
In Altglienicke, it looks like a
of radar, but it is not.
It's a tunnel. Long, a long tunnel.
This one... for the phone lines.
- What? Where did you hear that?
- My Russian friend.
The Russians are there now.
It's incredible.
Yes thanks.
- I gotta go.
- My friend, 200 marks.
Oh yeah. I'm sorry.
- That's 500.
- Yes Yes...
I'm 150 and a pound
Thank you.
Maria, where are you?
Is not here.
Maybe at home?
I have to find him.
You are in serious trouble.
Well, do you know anything about it?
Come on, tell me.
Looks like he's involved, Maria.
You can tell me.
Come on.
You can trust me.
I am your friend. Come on.
Okay, what happened?
I've been at this job for 10 years, Maria.
ten years.
Do you think I do this for
emotions? Eh?
What do you think of the Germans?
after 10 years?
Oh, God.
Well, for very strange things.
we did
you'll see them in the newspapers
"Whatever we do there,
It's a fight...
between truth and lies.
Bob, I do not want to hear one.
speech of propaganda.
He said he was my friend.
I beg you to help us.
You do not know what it is.
asking me.
Self-defense, is that it?
Suppose they bring it.
What do you think a military court
will do, let it go?
Ask me to be complicit
of crimes that have no name.
- I was 15 years old, Maria.
It is?
That I stay here, hold on...
- while you're gone...
Until dawn,
it is?
There's something I want to tell you.
It's all over between Leonard and me.
Even before all this,
was difficult.
But later
this horrible thing...
it's impossible.
Is dead.
But if he goes to jail for me...
I can not do it.
I also know you have feelings for me.
He could not talk about it.
But because I know,
I ask.
We can help Leonard.
- Hello.
- Maria.
Are you alright? Yes, listen.
I'll go as soon as I get dressed.
You will not guess.
He was in charge of the Russians.
- Maria.
- Leonard, it's me.
Bob? What about?
They went into the tunnel, Len.
Yeah, yeah, I heard.
"They have their bags.
- Listen to me, Bob. It was just...
I know what's in the suitcases.
I know what you did.
Two hours ago the Russians...
Sent them to the police.
of West Berlin.
There is an investigation
for murder, Len.
At least 10 people
They saw you with these suitcases.
Do not.
Are you listening to me?
Because I want to
listen carefully.
There is a military transport that
will leave Tempelhof in 90 minutes.
Go to the military reception
Do not talk to anyone.
Do not go anywhere.
"Just do as I say, okay?"
As soon as I get there, I'll talk
with the researchers.
Bob, I can not.
I can not... I... I have
to see Maria. I...
He'll meet you there.
He'll be at the airport.
Go now.
You do not have much time.
Bob, wait, I...
Bob, where are you?
Bob? Bob?
Does not matter. Let's go.
Leonard! Here you are.
Thank God.
I've been waiting for you.
This is urgent work.
"Did you see Maria?"
"I suppose she's on her way. "
Now, sign here, here
and here in the end.
I'll take care of it.
You know, I'm dating.
this girl, Charlotte.
"You'll meet your parents soon enough.
She's a good girl.
Good. The Yankees will have him back.
You're back with us.
- Back to sanity.
- Yes.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Pay attention, please.
Your flight is ready.
Follow me please.
There it is.
God was worried. I thought
that you could not.
"Bob, I do not know what to say.
- OK.
I did not want to involve you.
- This way.
It's been a nightmare. You do not do
idea. Everything has been horrible.
You did it right. Bob is incredible.
It's ok?
"I feel terrible.
- Me too.
"Well, good dreams, old friend.
- Yes.
Well, thank you, Bob.
- Have a good flight.
- Thank you.
You told Bob how
really happened?
What about self-defense?
- I wanted to help. Leonard?
- Yes.
- We need to talk.
- I know. We can fix everything.
We can stay with my parents.
for a while.
Maria I love you.
That's what has supported me.
"Leonard, I want to give you that. "
- Oh God! Of course, I feel...
That's all I could find.
of your things.
If I find more, I'll
send them to you.
- What? Where are your things?
"I'm not going with you. "
- Please, embark.
- What are you talking about?
Excuse me. After all this,
we can not continue together.
We can talk about this in England.
"Can not you see what I'm trying to say?"
- Does not matter. I love you.
- We have to be together. Come on.
- I do not want you.
- Go.
"What the hell are you talking about?"
- Go away, please, go.
- Listen to me.
- You do not understand?
- What?
I hate you!
I hate you.
I do not believe you.
Let him go, Maria.
Let's go.
- Sir, we should go.
- Then that's it?
- Please sir. Please.
Please, we must go! "Bob Glass?"
If it's easier
For you, yes.
Please sir,
sit down.
Tourism and shopping
luxury goods beyond the
your wildest dreams.
Prices that only
can pay with their imagination.
And two or three hours waiting in a bank
to get 100 marks.
A warm regatta of the
government of West Germany.
What are they buying?
Newspapers, of course,
without censorship and cigarettes.
And in supermarkets, food
fresh from all kinds.
The best sales seem
be bananas and oranges.
Oh, well, Bobby,
Laura, Diane.
- Nice to meet you.
- Bobby, delighted.
- This is Leonard Martin.
- Laura, Diane.
"An old friend. "
Mom, we're going.
Good. See you later.
See you later.
Could not say
that you have not changed.
You look like an American.
Is it an accusation?
No, no!
You were German when I met you.
Oh, God, Leonard.
You got it, right?
I never really believed
that I do not
I believed exactly in what you
You wanted me to believe you, right?
that over the years
became clearer to me.
But it was not easy.
I wanted to write for you. I wrote
many letters in my head, but I...
Glad you did not do it.
I arrived at...
to think there was a chance...
Once I moved to the USA. UU
and Laura was born...
This has become my life.
Your children are beautiful.
- Yes they are. Thank you.
And Bob?
"You knew he was dead. "
- I'm sorry.
He knew I did it.
for you to leave.
I could not talk about it.
I drank a lot.
But he was a good father to the children.
Is that you?
I never thought about finding anyone...
Well, you know.
Oh God.
Too much time wasted.
No, I do not have money.
This is amazing.
When we planned the trip
we do not think
that this would happen.
The wall is about to fall!
Look! There's your daughter!