The Insurrectionist Next Door (2023) Movie Script

PHONE) An incarcerated individual
at correctional
treatment facility.
This call is not
private. You may start
- the conversation now.
Hi. Is this Alexandra?
- RONNIE: How are you doing?
okay. Thanks for calling.
RONNIE: Yeah, I'm
interested in chatting with you
and telling my
side of the story.
You know, I'm
still incarcerated,
so logistically, we have
to work around that.
I think it's time to
take the Capitol.
I don't say that lightly.
I'm willing to do it.
I'm willing to go and
fight for this country,
even if that means
I have to sacrifice
in some capacity.
If normal, everyday
Americans don't stand up
for justice and truth
and are just willing to
listen to propaganda media,
tell them what to think...
we're gonna lose our republic.
Freedom is paid for with blood,
and tyranny always
masquerades itself
as safety and security, guys.
Do we deserve a republic?
Today is gonna be the test.
Yes, please. Another
beer. (LAUGHS)
happened on January 6th?
RONNIE: Me and a
couple of friends just said,
"Hey, look, you know, let's
go see what happens that day.
Trump said it's gonna
be wild, you know?
Let's see what happens."
We're out here
protecting the country.
You know, if shit goes down,
if Pence does what
we think he's gonna do,
then we're here
to defend this city.
You know, we're not
silent anymore, so...
The whole thing's a scam,
dude. The whole election,
they can't just
steal an election
like they are trying to
do in Georgia last night.
You either have conviction,
you stand up for
what you believe in,
or you sit down,
you shut the fuck up.
-RIOTER: Meet us there, over.
It's go time.
Time for us patriots
to do our job.
We need to occupy
the Capitol building.
We thought it was
gonna be the last hurrah,
the last Trump hurrah,
and we just wanted
to be a part of it.
- RIOTER: Let's go.
did you get into the Capitol?
just walked right in.
There was no barricade.
Yeah, I just walked right in,
I have a video of me
just walking right in.
would've happened
if you ran into Mike Pence?
I mean, you knew the
crowds were chanting,
"Hang Mike Pence."
were clearly different levels
- of crimes committed.
ALEXANDRA: So, the Left says
that you're domestic terrorists,
the Right says
you're all just tourists,
but the United States
government thinks
- you're all insurrectionists.
I've been on the road,
meeting the Jan Sixers
who were sent to jail
for what they did that day,
because I just wanna get to know
the insurrectionist next door.
RONNIE: Right. The
insurrectionist next door.
you, Heavenly Father,
for gracing us with
this opportunity.
the January 6th siege
on the U.S. Capitol,
federal investigators say
38-year-old Paul Allard
Hodgkins from Tampa
is standing feet away
from the man dubbed
the Q Shaman.
NEWSCASTER 2: Hodgkins
was captured on video
inside the Senate floor
waving a Trump flag,
carrying a rope with
leather armbands
and safety goggles.
federal judge allowed Hodgkins
to be released on a
25,000-dollar bond.
Tomorrow, he has a Zoom
hearing before a judge in DC.
it feel to be back in DC?
it's sentencing day.
You're the first January Sixer
to walk in and take
a felony charge.
What are you gonna say?
I do wish to express,
you know, sincere remorse
for what happened that day.
RIOTER: Thank you for
filling this chamber with patriots
that love you and
that love Christ.
ALEXANDRA: How did it
feel to be on the Senate floor?
a really overwhelming feeling.
At times, there, I felt like,
"Am I caught in a dream here?"
RIOTER: God for
surrounding and filling us with...
PAUL: It was kind
of like some type of...
I don't wanna go as far as
to say a divine intervention,
but some place that I never,
ever thought I was gonna be.
- In Christ's holy name we pray!
- RIOTERS: Amen!
ALEXANDRA: But what did
you think was gonna happen?
You thought you were
gonna walk into the Senate
- and talk to a senator?
- I had hoped so.
I knew that there might
not be a lot of likeliness,
but that's the biggest thing
that I had hoped to have done.
your dream to meet with?
Maybe Leader Chuck Schumer.
You know, again,
all these people who...
Any of them who
I did speak with,
even if I don't agree with some
of the policies they embody,
I was gonna speak with them
in a civil manner
and respectfully.
Hodgkins was sentenced today
after pleading
guilty to a felony.
He's the first insurrectionist
to be sentenced
on a felony charge.
eight months in prison.
How are you feeling?
PAUL: Well, as I
said in my statement...
could take your mask off.
As I said in my statement,
I'm grateful for any grace
that can be given to me.
And some grace was given to me.
You know, the government
had recommended and requested
that I serve 18 months.
after all is said and done,
you're going to jail
for eight months.
And Donald Trump,
what about him?
Some folks have said to me,
"What is Donald Trump
gonna do to help you now?"
I really don't see reasonably,
out of office, what he could do.
believe that you're going to jail
for eight months and
you're still defending
the president that sent
you there in the first place.
I sent myself there.
My decision making.
I take responsibility
for what I did, okay?
I'm not going to place
blame on the former president,
I'm not going to place
blame on journalism.
I made a poor decision
and I'm gonna be
held accountable
for my poor decision.
ALEXANDRA: Wait, so you're
still listening to Fox News?
- That's actually OAN.
- I don't have cable,
so I don't have Fox News.
you're still watching
- conservative television?
- Yeah. (CHUCKLES)
served eight months in jail
for everything you believe
in based on what you saw
on the shows and
you're still watching them?
I was supposed to turn
into a liberal with that
or something?
No, no. My, uh...
opinions on what's
good and what's not good
for our country
have not changed.
Hey, we got company.
Cat food.
- Hey, Charlie. That's Charlie.
PAUL: Do you want this?
Do you? (CLICKS TONGUE) Charlie?
then there's this one.
PAUL: Yep, he
heard that can open.
Okay, you can
have it. (CHUCKLES)
sentencing, you told the judge
that you couldn't go to prison
because you had to be home
to take care of your cats, but
he wasn't very sympathetic.
No, I mean, I thought I
would've lost my home
and I would have had
to put my cats elsewhere.
But people who
cared came through.
Made me kind of miserable
not having them every day
like I'm used to.
You had people, you know,
wishing death upon me,
saying, you know,
I should have been,
you know, shot
by a firing squad.
I've gotten hate
mail at my house,
leading up to when
I went to prison.
I got some hate mail in prison.
Uh, social media people said
all kinds of horrible
things about...
ALEXANDRA: No, hold on, hold on.
I do not have
sympathy for Jan Sixers
that complain about hate mail
because those are
the same people
that write hate mail to
Nancy Pelosi every single day
and say terrible things
about Nancy Pelosi online
- every single day.
- Yeah, well, I mean, I've...
I've never said anything
about Nancy Pelosi online,
much less wrote her a
letter saying anything hateful.
ALEXANDRA: So, what are those?
PAUL: Those are
pelvic bones from a steer.
The shape of
them is kind of neat.
I always thought some
time I might take them
and make like a mask
out of them. (LAUGHS)
- ALEXANDRA: How about this?
- PAUL: That is when I achieved
the rank of Eagle
Scout, back in 2000.
And, of course, my
favorite president.
I keep him right up there.
the end, you went to jail
for eight months in the
name of Donald Trump?
ALEXANDRA: Eight months in jail,
and you're still a true
believer in the cult of Trump?
It's not a cult.
(LAUGHS) It is not a cult.
Once we got
elected, it just felt like...
It felt better than sex
the night he got
elected. (LAUGHS)
funny you said "We."
"The night we got elected."
Like, we got him
elected is what I said.
When I voted for George W.,
when I voted for Barack Obama,
it really didn't feel
that way to me,
like we all were a
part of something
that we were all
pushing forwards
and working together towards.
But when it came to
Trump, it did feel like that.
ALEXANDRA: So, better than sex?
And there's not too many things
that I would give
that description to.
ALEXANDRA: Wait and you
got your Donald Trump Jr. book
next to your bed?
Yeah, it was just recently
I've been reading that.
Wanna see something
that's kind of bizarre?
- ALEXANDRA: Always. What is it?
- PAUL: I'll show you, I have a...
In a jar, I have my appendix
that was taken out and...
- ALEXANDRA: I don't wanna see your appendix in a jar.
ALEXANDRA: That's a little
too up close and personal.
It's bad enough that I'm
sitting in your bedroom
with your Donald Trump Jr. book.
PAUL: I did work security
for President Trump.
I don't print all that
many of them out.
But if you can see,
there's one of me,
doing crowd control and
had a collared shirt and tie
with the sleeves ripped
off, showing off the big guns.
There he is at his
podium, speaking,
just behind my
shoulder, right there.
ALEXANDRA: You light up
when you talk about Trump.
It's like you're talking
about a love affair.
Oh, let me see your wardrobe.
Let me see those shoes.
My boots? (CHUCKLES)
You like my boots?
- ALEXANDRA: Love 'em.
do you wear those?
Uh, sometimes, when
I go out to the clubs.
These are my wrestling boots
from my days as a pro wrestler.
Kicked a lot of heads in
with these. (CHUCKLES)
PAUL: I competed in that
for right about 20 years.
It was about three years
ago or so where I retired.
PAUL: Felt it was
time to walk away.
I didn't get the thrill
from it that I used to.
I never had made it to the
mainstream, WWE, uh...
which is fine.
You know, plans change.
Your passions change, your
interests change over time.
ALEXANDRA: So, your dream
was to be a professional wrestler,
- but that never worked out?
- No, didn't come to fruition.
dream never came true.
And that left a deep void
that Donald Trump filled.
And you still like to look
at him every day, huh?
Yeah. You know,
I would say, uh...
his rise to, you know,
being our leader,
you know, was a
big part of my life.
I found a lot of cause in that.
All around, I like
his character a lot.
still idolize Donald Trump?
I still, uh, feel
that Donald Trump
was the very best US
president of my lifetime, at least.
his Facebook page,
Michael Curzio
posted this morning
"On our way back home.
Plus, I got arrested yesterday."
If anything happens
and we get (CENSORED)
arrested or killed,
just know, man, I love y'all
and I did what I believed in.
We're here for a
fucking revolution, man.
That's it. That's it, man.
Fight for Trump!
Fight for Trump!
Fight for Trump!
Fight for Trump!
Fight for Trump!
Fight for Trump!
"Free country," my ass.
"Free country," my ass,
that's what we're fighting for!
Not communist bullshit!
These motherfuckers, man.
"We the People."
They work for us, and
they're throwing tear gas
and motherfucking
flashbang grenades.
This is wrong!
see you storm the Capitol.
filming this video right here.
- MICHAEL: That's me right there.
MICHAEL: Mm-hmm.
- ALEXANDRA: Wait. That's you?
- MICHAEL: Mm-hmm.
you wearing a face mask?
MICHAEL: 'Cause they
were throwing tear gas.
you storm the Capitol?
MICHAEL: It's not that
I stormed the Capitol.
I was just... I
was in a big crowd
and everybody was
just going forward,
it was just like
the herd mentality.
It was like, "You know what?
We're gonna go in there
and we're gonna be heard.
They're gonna hear us."
MICHAEL: I really
like that picture.
That one right there.
ALEXANDRA: So, this is a
very proud day in your life.
MICHAEL: It was.
Believe it or not,
you know, I mean.
ALEXANDRA: So, you're
in the first group of people
- who were arrested?
- Yep.
I was actually one of the
first people to get arrested.
I planned on going there,
hooting and hollering,
and then going home. Never
once on the ride up there
or sitting in my hotel did
I think, "You know what?
It'd be a great idea
to storm the Capitol."
That's stupid.
It really is, okay?
I'm not gonna lie.
ALEXANDRA: So, it was just
a heat of the moment thing?
It... It was. And then people
started getting pissed off.
People started going and I
said, "You know what, man?
This is wrong. We have
every right to be here."
I used to be a Democrat.
I voted for Barack
O-fucking-Bama, okay?
You can go back to 2008
when that man got into office
and my name is on a
ballot for Barack Obama.
But they want to call
me a White supremacist
and they want to call me
a racist and this and that.
And I voted for the
first Black president.
- How does that work?
- ALEXANDRA: How did you get labeled a White supremacist?
Because of my prison
gang affiliation alone.
when you were in jail,
you joined a White
supremacy gang?
Yeah, I joined the
Aryan Brotherhood
while I was in there. And
it was either sink or swim.
ALEXANDRA: So, January 6th
was not your first run-in with the law?
I got arrested in
2012, April 23rd, 2012,
for attempted
first-degree murder.
I put a loaded gun in my mouth
and almost blew my brains
out because I got so depressed.
Right before I went
to prison in 2012,
three days before
I got in trouble
for shooting that man,
I put that nine-millimeter
in my mouth,
put the clip in,
racked around,
put it in my mouth,
close my eyes, and I
squeezed the trigger.
And guess what?
That bullet didn't go off.
And do you know what
happened after that?
I dropped that gun on the ground
and I put my hands in my face
and I cried. I cried
like a little baby.
Okay? And then I
picked up my gun,
took the clip out,
racked the bullet out,
looked at the primer,
and there was a dimple
on the primer in the bullet.
So, the bullet was a dud.
I put that bullet in
a fucking ashtray
and was gonna have a
necklace made out of it
with my name on it.
And three days later...
I shot somebody.
me about your childhood.
up as a little, fat kid.
Used to get picked on a lot.
And then when I
pissed my dad off,
he'd just beat
the shit out of me.
ALEXANDRA: Sounds like
you had a pretty tough childhood.
MICHAEL: I started smoking weed
when I was a teenager in school,
you know, in middle
school and shit.
And I had a real
bad cocaine addiction
from when I was
16 till I was 22.
I'd say about 80
percent of the people
that I grew up with are dead.
I only got like six
or seven friends left
- that I grew up with.
- ALEXANDRA: How'd they all die?
MICHAEL: A lot of them
drug overdoses, murders.
So, it's like a
lot of the people
that I grew up with are gone.
This is my second
home right here.
safe for me to be here,
standing here, talking
to you right now?
- Yeah.
- ALEXANDRA: You're the member of a White supremacist gang.
No, I'm not.
I'm a former member
of a prison gang,
that I did what I had to do
to come home in one piece.
Remember, I did eight
years of incarceration. Okay?
I had to wake up in the
morning in a hostile environment,
go to sleep in a
hostile environment.
I had to sleep with my
shoes on sometimes.
ALEXANDRA: I still don't
understand why you went.
because I was tired
of not having my voice be heard.
I could go to Washington DC,
and I could be heard along
with hundreds of thousands
or millions of other people.
And that's what I
did. That's why I went.
I was gonna lose
everything anyways.
I was literally, month to month,
scraping together my rent money.
I had to go to where, "Okay,
am I gonna put gas
in my truck this week
or do I got to pay my insurance?
Am I gonna pay my
electric bill or pay my rent?"
You know what I mean?
And that was the
decisions that I had to make.
And finally, I said,
"Enough is enough.
That's it. I'm... I'm gonna go."
far did you go in school?
Oh, ninth grade. I dropped out.
I was a fuckup.
But you know what?
That doesn't make
me a stupid person.
I learned trades.
Even though I don't have
a high school diploma,
I know how to run
heavy equipment,
I know how to weld, I know
how to do auto mechanics,
I know how to do carpentry,
and I don't do no office job.
Drive a frigging redneck
truck. Here, check this thing out.
This is the deplorable
patriot, man, it's a piece of shit,
but it's my piece
of shit. I built it.
- Red, white and blue, baby.
- ALEXANDRA: Show it off.
truck right here.
I bought this thing
with a blown motor in it
and built it up the way I
wanted it... because I could.
ALEXANDRA: So, you did
six months for January 6th?
'Cause I'm an extreme picketer.
ALEXANDRA: Do you still
believe the election was stolen?
Yep. (LAUGHS) Yep!
ALEXANDRA: You still love
yourself that Donald Trump?
The man... Here's what I
liked about him, though, okay?
He reminded me of how...
real people are.
not a real person.
- He's a billionaire!
- He's a billionaire.
But I'm talking about
like the way he talked,
the way he thought,
I was just like,
"Man, you know what?
This guy's got some balls."
MICHAEL: Everything, in
my eyes, had gotten to a point
where it was affordable.
Things that you wanted
to do were in your grasp
and it got taken away.
Somebody save me
Me from myself
I spent so long
Living in hell
They say my lifestyle
Is bad for my health
It's the only thing
That seems to help
All of this drinking And
smoking is hopeless
But I feel like
It's all that I need
BAR PATRONS: Something
inside of me Is broken
I hold on to anything
That sets me free
I'm a lost cause
Baby, don't waste
Your time on me
I'm so damaged beyond repair
Life has shattered my
hopes And my dreams
I'm a lost cause
Baby, don't waste
Your time on me
ALEXANDRA: Do you still
feel like what you did was right?
I feel like what I did
was 100 percent right.
- ALEXANDRA: You don't regret it?
- Nope.
Not one bit.
you do it over again?
I probably wouldn't
have went in.
NEWSCASTER 1: Jason Riddle
is a US Army and Navy veteran
and a proud supporter
of President Trump.
Riddle took these videos
outside the Capitol building.
NEWSCASTER 1: And then
he followed the mob inside.
He says amid the mayhem,
he found a liquor cabinet
inside a lawmaker's office,
poured himself a glass of
wine and watched it all unfold.
NEWSCASTER 2: He stole
this book from the same office
and also took a small
Fox News football.
NEWSCASTER 3: Now, Riddle
is scheduled to be sentenced
February 17th in federal court.
not what I expected to see
at the home of a
domestic terrorist.
- The Trump-themed tree.
- Trump-themed tree.
And flamingoes,
big fan of flamingoes.
that right... Sorry.
Oh, that's my husband,
Robert Schoen.
Talking about wine,
that's actually the sign-in
for the wedding, you
signed a wine cork.
This was all the people
that came to our wedding.
you really like wine?
We both do. We're
big wine people.
realize that was Donald Trump.
JASON RIDDLE: Yeah, when you're
a Trump guy, people tend to buy you
weird presents.
Like... (LAUGHS)
ALEXANDRA: Okay, so who are you?
Okay, broken childhood,
typical daddy issues being,
you know, growing up gay.
Military out of high
school, I joined the Navy.
ALEXANDRA: Wait, you
should show us your pictures.
- Like that stuff. What is that?
- That's the Navy.
Basic training for the Navy.
me, show me, show me.
- Where are you?
- In the corner.
There I am.
Looking the wrong
you were in the Navy?
Yes, I was a quartermaster.
you were in the Navy,
the Army Reserves,
and you were a
correction officer?
what's a guy like that doing
storming the Capitol?
Um, well, I just went down,
honestly, basically
out of boredom.
The storming of the Capitol
was not part of that plan.
ALEXANDRA: So, what was it
inside of you that made you think,
"I'm gonna go
inside the Capitol"?
I just wanted
to... I had to see it.
I went in through a side door
and I walked through one office.
I walked through
that main hallway,
I went into another office.
And that's when I saw a fridge
in the corner with wine on top.
Saw people throwing
things and smashing things.
I kind of sat in the corner,
over by the fridge
where the wine was.
I looked down and there
were some wine glasses
and I poured myself
a glass of wine
and I just sat
and watched it all.
ALEXANDRA: But how did a gay,
married man who voted for Obama
end up storming the
Capitol for Trump?
I've been to a lot
of Trump rallies,
and they're a lot of fun,
and I thought maybe this
was gonna be the last one.
ALEXANDRA: So, how do
you feel about Trump now?
Oh, same way. Love the guy.
- ALEXANDRA: You still love the guy.
- Yeah.
Even though you're
gonna go to jail for him?
I'm not going to jail for him.
I didn't, at any time, think,
"Oh, Trump wants me to do this."
I think that's ridiculous.
you were in the Navy,
shouldn't something
inside of you said,
"I shouldn't go
into that building"?
A lot of judges are
saying to the defendants
when they get sentenced, um,
that are ex-military,
they're saying,
"Because you were military,
you should have known better."
And I think that is
the dumbest thing
I ever heard in my life,
because, you know,
what I did on January 6th
was probably one of the
most idiotic, um, moves
I've pulled since I
was in the military.
In the military, I
was an 18-year-old
that they handed a gun
and taught how to kill people.
Like... (SCOFFS) I...
You talk about immature,
the things I did when
I was in the military,
it was a joke.
Maybe with officers,
maybe with officers.
I'll give them credit. They
should have known better,
but enlisted, we just
do what we're told.
- ALEXANDRA: So, you're running for Congress?
- Running for Congress.
You can campaign
from jail, not literally,
but you can still communicate
with the outside world
and I can have supporters.
ALEXANDRA: So, why are
you running for Congress?
'Cause I wanna make New
Hampshire normal again.
ALEXANDRA: So, do you have
any regrets about January 6th?
If I could go back,
would I do it different?
I mean, who wouldn't?
But life's not a video game.
You can't hit reset.
I already did it,
so I got to keep playing.
does it feel to be back in DC?
It's nice. The weather's
a lot better, you know,
and there's not an angry mob
trashing the Capitol
building right now.
Should I have the
MAGA tattoo last time?
- The MAGA... Oh, yeah.
- ALEXANDRA: Okay, wait.
Hold on, you're wearing
your Trump socks
- to your sentencing?
No one will notice.
No one will notice.
ALEXANDRA: So, you're
rocking your MAGA tattoo
and your Trump socks.
There we go.
ALEXANDRA: I can see
you're taking the sentencing
very seriously.
Okay, best case, worst case.
What's gonna
happen in there today?
Best case, she'll
be like, "Good job.
Thank you for
trying stop the steal.
Have a nice day. Probation."
Worst case scenario, a
year and a half in prison.
you got 90 days in prison.
How are you feeling?
days in jail. Was it worth it?
I think so.
It was worth it to try
and stop the steal,
one sip of wine at a time.
VIDEO) Going over the bridge.
Oh, yeah.
(CHUCKLES) That's pretty cool.
This is pretty cool.
Just driving itself.
All the way to DC.
My Tesla says I'mma get
there by 9:00 a.m. on the dot.
Hopefully, I'll encounter
a sea of red hats.
Oh, my peoples. My
peoples, they're there.
- Climb the wall! Whoo!
FELIPE: There's goes my sign.
Trump won, baby. Trump won.
- Whoo!
Hey, hey, can I get a
fist bump on camera?
Whoo! Yeah.
RIOTER 1: No, fuck
them Democrats!
RIOTER 2: No! No Democrats. No!
RIOTER 3: We only broke
a couple windows. Whoo!
connection with the attack
on the US Capitol,
25-year-old Felipe Marquez
is charged with
knowingly entering
restricted grounds
and violent entry
or disorderly conduct
on Capitol grounds.
NEWSCASTER 2: Screenshots
from his own Snapchat videos
show Marquez smiling
while taking selfies inside.
He even filmed the moment
he and several others
sat at a conference room table
inside Oregon Senator
Jeff Merkley's office.
Marquez has been sentenced
to three months' house arrest
and 18 months' probation.
ALEXANDRA: Wait, so, they let you
out of the house to go buy Vitaminwater?
Groceries, medicine,
doctor's appointments.
ALEXANDRA: So liberal of you.
I believe in social programs.
Like, I'm a conservative,
but that doesn't mean I
wanna see the world burn.
Your home is now disarmed.
Your home is not ready to arm.
- ALEXANDRA: Home, sweet home.
- I like my home.
ALEXANDRA: You're spending
a lot of time here now, huh?
FELIPE: Mm-hmm.
ALEXANDRA: Oh, I didn't
even see that. Hold on a second.
So, what do you do
under house arrest?
FELIPE: I got my needles.
So, I take testosterone
replacement therapy.
do you take testosterone
- replacement therapy?
- Well, because I had,
like, a low testosterone level,
and I was wondering why
I always felt so depressed
my whole life. And,
you know, I just...
I tried working out.
Couldn't really gain muscle.
I tried to diet. I tried to
do everything I could.
So, I went to the doctor
and they prescribed
me some testosterone.
These are the needles
that I use to inject myself.
were you on testosterone
when you stormed the Capitol?
Unfortunately so.
Ooh, my neck kind of cracks
sometimes when I do that.
- ALEXANDRA: How do you look?
- Uh...
I think I look better
than when I was a vegan.
I weighed 130 pounds,
and now I weigh 160.
you won money on a lawsuit,
you became a conservative?
It's really weird
how that works.
It's like, "Oh, crap,
I don't have to do
pornography anymore?
Oh, man, this is great.
Oh, I don't have to... Oh, cool."
did you do pornography?
I don't know. Because
when people are desperate,
they'll sell their soul and
they'll try to do anything
for ten bucks, you know?
ALEXANDRA: How much money
did you make doing pornography?
Nothing. Zero. Like two cents.
you were bad at it?
I didn't do enough.
me about the transition
from wannabe pornstar
to Christian rioter
that storms the Capitol.
I got heartbroken by an ex,
and I thought that the Left
was destroying the family unit,
and I felt that she was a
victim of human trafficking.
ALEXANDRA: Did you pay her?
No, I never paid her
directly. But she's like,
"Can you give me an iPhone?
Can you give me some jewelry?
Some clothes?
- How about Air Pods?"
So, a hooker broke up with you
and that turned you into
a Christian conservative?
I thought she was
just a regular woman,
that was gonna
have a family with me,
and we would watch
conservative news together.
ALEXANDRA: Thought you said
you were gonna make me a cake?
Yeah, we can make a cake.
tell me the story.
- What's up?
- ALEXANDRA: Tell me
how you ended up
storming the Capitol.
I fell in love with a
woman, she betrayed me,
and I felt that it
was the Left's fault.
You're trying to tell me
- that you're blaming the Left?
- Solely responsible.
Solely respons... (CHUCKLES)
ALEXANDRA: You're telling
me that the Left is responsible
for your prostitute
girlfriend leaving you,
and therefore, you
took it out on the Left
- by storming the Capitol...
and participating
in an insurrection?
Men are weird.
Men are weird, uh...
ALEXANDRA: I don't know if
men are weird. I think you are weird.
I am weird. There we go.
you stormed the Capitol
to impress a prostitute?
Nothing... Nothing was working
in my brain at that moment.
Nothing. As I'm walking
over the broken glass
to enter the building
because people
have already walked in,
I'm thinking to myself,
"Hmm. If I get in trouble,
this is gonna be like
a Martin Luther King,
Rosa Parks moment for me."
- As I'm...
walking over the broken glass.
ALEXANDRA: Do you have any idea
how offensive it
is, you saying...
I get... I get it.
You had a Rosa Parks moment
crashing into the...
Storming into the Capitol?
Okay, look, if... if, um...
You know, it is offensive,
and I fucked up on that point
'cause I don't
wanna be offensive.
Not in that regard.
Especially not in that regard.
Because I love Black women.
I wanna have my
own interracial family.
And that was offensive.
one bad girlfriend
and you took it out on the
United States Congress?
Things got out of hand.
I made a lot of bad
decisions in my life.
ALEXANDRA: Why do you
call yourself a conservative?
'Cause I believe conservatives
believe more in
the family structure
than the liberals do.
That is such bullshit.
I hate when conservatives
belittle liberals
by saying you guys
don't have family values.
- I get it.
- ALEXANDRA: I got a house
and kids and a mortgage,
and everything else.
I have only been married
once, happily, for decades.
And your patron saint, of
your conservative movement,
how many times
has he been married?
More than once.
ALEXANDRA: And he likes
to grab women by the...?
- Thing.
- Grab... Yeah, thing.
- Thank you.
- Yeah. Yeah.
ALEXANDRA: Do you feel like you were
a little brainwashed by President Trump?
Yeah. Yeah.
That... That would
be fair to say.
Most people that
went to January 6th
were because they were stupid
and bought the lie that
Trump was pushing.
All I want is to
start my own family.
And because I don't... have
my own, like, wife and kids,
you know, that kind of hurts.
I guess I've been broken
a million times over
and I don't wanna
be broken anymore.
got your cake and I got mine.
- But we can still coexist.
- Here's some cake.
- ALEXANDRA: Thank you.
- FELIPE: You're welcome.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Cake is good. (CHUCKLES)
-Cake is good.
We breached the
building. God is on our side!
RIOTER: You good, pal?
ALEXANDRA: So, are you
just with the January Sixers?
what is the worst thing you did
on January 6th?
Tell me the truth.
RONNIE: The worst? Okay, so...
Grab the door! Grab the door!
Yo, grab the door!
ALEXANDRA: But, Ronnie,
if they have video of you
pulling on a Capitol
police officer's helmet,
what makes you think
you're not gonna be
called guilty in a court of law?
ALEXANDRA: Don't you
feel like Donald Trump
just left you behind?
ALEXANDRA: So, what's
gonna happen to you?
RONNIE: Uh, I'm looking
at some serious time.
I mean, I could spend
five to nine years in jail.
I shouldn't have walked
in the Capitol that day.
I don't know what
compelled me other than,
you know, the mob mentality.
First time I got locked
up, I was 12 years old
and I spent most of
my childhood locked up.
ALEXANDRA: So, how much
time have you spent in prison?
Uh... (SIGHS) I've
been in and out of prison
three different times.
The longest was probably
about three years straight.
I've been out for
like ten years now.
Over ten years. And...
were you in prison for?
Um, fighting, drinking.
Used to get into
a lot of trouble.
Just live in the streets.
Doing street stuff.
me about your tattoos.
(SCOFFS) Just a
bunch of old street stuff.
If I could get rid of all
of them and start over,
I probably would, honestly,
'cause I don't like any of them,
they all suck. (CHUCKLES)
ALEXANDRA: Okay, but how
about the one on your head?
- Show it, show it.
- That one, my third degree.
ALEXANDRA: So, why did you get
"Proud Boy" tattooed on your head?
I'm just very proud
of the organization
or the brotherhood.
you become a Proud Boy?
Um, so, it was after DC.
At the time of DC and the sixth,
I was not affiliated
with the Proud Boys
- at that time.
- ALEXANDRA: What happened?
I'd been interested,
and I've seen we shared
a lot of the same beliefs.
A lot of the guys are like me
and rough around the edges.
Not like a PG group.
It's not anything soft.
So, I was drawn to that
and just the brotherhood.
you see how that tattoo
is offensive to people?
This is a moment
in American culture...
- Where the Proud Boys
have been identified
as a hate group.
- Yes, ma'am.
- ALEXANDRA: And you are
identifying yourself
as the poster child
of the hate group.
If they knew what
Proud Boys was,
they would not be
offended whatsoever, no.
ALEXANDRA: So, you're trying to tell
me the Proud Boys is not a hate group?
- No, it's definitely not.
- ALEXANDRA: What is it, then?
a love group if anything.
You know that, like, literally
where we're at right now,
this is called the
Bro Love State.
In South Dakota,
these guys don't even
really get involved with rallies
or anything like that. It's
just about brotherly love.
All it is, it's a brotherhood,
men's drinking club.
ALEXANDRA: So, what inspired
you to crawl through the window
and go into the Capitol?
Okay, so, that's where
things get interesting, right?
Knutson, who lives in Mitchell,
is accused of
entering the Capitol
through a window and
recording video of the riot
that he later used
in music videos
on his YouTube channel.
BILLY: Reason
we supported Trump
Is because he fought for us
And those conservative values
And beliefs That we
believe in so strongly
Give me freedom
Or give me death...
me about your music.
BILLY: I used to do gangsta rap.
I used to be into more
just like, lyrical type stuff.
But after I made a song called
"Stand Back and Stand By,"
that's when pretty much
everything changed after that.
It's kind of like a classic
amongst the patriotic community.
Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.
ALEXANDRA: So, you've
had over a million downloads
of this song.
BILLY: Because there's
a lot of people that relate
to what I'm speaking on.
I'm locked and loaded
Ready for a civil war
Don't try to tread on me...
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
So, you said, "I'm
locked and loaded
- and ready for a civil war."
- Yeah, that's hypothetically.
That's speaking in metaphors,
basically, I'm not really,
you know... I can't
even have guns.
I'm a felon. So, yeah.
ALEXANDRA: So, do you think
we're gonna have a civil war?
I think we're already
in, like, a civil war.
But it's a culture
war right now.
ALEXANDRA: You still
believe the election was stolen?
BILLY: I do.
there's nothing I can do
- to convince you otherwise?
- No.
ALEXANDRA: January 6th
- really activated you.
- Yeah.
don't you play me a song
you think the kids
would really like?
All righty.
They say let's go, Brandon
I say fuck Joe Biden
I'm a real Proud Boy,
homie I ain't never hidin'
I be ridin' with that .45
Trump and the handguns
Stand Back and Stand By
That was The
motherfucking anthem
When I say fuck
Joe You say Biden
- Fuck Joe
- SINGER: Biden
- Fuck Joe
- SINGER: Biden
Cover up your
ears for this part.
ALEXANDRA: Why do you
hate Nancy Pelosi so much?
Gotta see who's knocking
on the door real quick.
ALEXANDRA: Some nice,
family friendly music there.
- Hi.
- BILLY: What's going on, guys?
guys, your dad was just
playing his music for us.
What do you guys
think of that song,
- "Fuck Joe Biden"?
It's a good song.
- BILLY: It's a good song?
Yeah, it's a good song.
ALEXANDRA: It's a good
song. You guys like that?
BILLY: What's your
favorite song by Daddy?
- BILLY: Huh?
- "Fuck Joe Biden."
- BILLY'S WIFE: Oh, Lacey!
- BILLY: Lacey, don't say that.
- BILLY'S WIFE: Don't cuss.
- Oh my gosh.
wonder where she gets it.
BILLY: That's why I'm
working on the cussing.
- What's wrong with my baby?
- BILLY'S WIFE: He's fine.
Baby boy, it's okay.
It's okay, buddy.
Okay. I don't know if...
I'm gonna take him
back downstairs.
He's so tired, I might
try to lay him down.
Did you say bye?
"Fuck Joe Biden."
What kind of message is
that sending to the kids?
Uh, hopefully,
people, you know...
I guess I don't know, I'd
have to think about the lyrics.
It's not the best
song for kids, no,
but it's not meant to
be hateful, though. No.
ALEXANDRA: Wait, "Fuck
Joe Biden" is not meant
to be hateful?
(CHUCKLES) I mean,
it's not like hate speech.
I mean, I understand,
well, that's a
disrespectful statement,
but, um, that's just what it is.
You know, it's fine.
That's how I feel.
Fuck Joe Biden.
-BILLY: Family.
(GROANS) Oh, I got a headache.
ALEXANDRA: How do you
feel about his Proud Boy tattoo?
I wish it wasn't
on his forehead,
but it's something that
he's very passionate about,
I mean, and I'm
not gonna tell him
he can't do something
that he's passionate about.
you think of Dad's tattoo?
Um, I mean...
You can be honest.
BILLY: You can say it's
stupid if you think it's stupid.
- Like, I'm fine with it.
But if he didn't...
It's like it'd be better
if he just didn't
get it on his head.
Oh, yeah. I was gonna
get it just right here.
Yes, you were gonna
get it on your arm.
And I would prefer
it on your arm,
but smack dab in the
middle of the forehead...
have to look at that every day.
I mean, he has a
bunch of tattoos.
I've gotten... I'm so used to it.
I don't judge him
for his tattoos.
have you been together?
- Twelve years?
- Yeah.
Twelve years.
why do you like him?
I don't know. Why do I like you?
- BILLY'S DAUGHTER: Oh my God. He's face.
- Interview's over.
Uh, well, I met
him when I was 17.
I was almost 18 when I met
him. We were from the same town.
I got pregnant
pretty, pretty quick.
Where I'm from,
a lot of the dads
are not in their kids' lives,
and he has made sure
that he's been there,
every step of the way.
ALEXANDRA: So, you're
trying to tell me this is the most
- stable guy you've met?
Before I met him, yes.
Before he met me, he was...
You were kind of a troublemaker.
Yeah. Oh, it's definitely
been a process,
but she's stuck with me.
don't think your dad...
Your dad looks
really scary, though.
- No, he's not scary.
- BILLY'S WIFE: No, he's not scary.
Like, if you live with him
and see him every
day, he's not scary.
He comes off that way
to you when he talks.
But he doesn't... I think
it's just from his past,
like being in and out of
prison when he was younger.
- Yeah.
- I think that's put a lot
of wear and tear on him
to where that's just
how he comes off.
And he's really not like that.
ALEXANDRA: So, are you
a Democrat or a Republican?
ALEXANDRA: You're not
gonna kick her out of the house.
What if she's a liberal? Are you
gonna kick her out of the house?
- Depends.
- Depends how liberal.
- No, no.
I mean, if she cuts her hair
and dyes it blue and comes home
and says she's a boy one day,
we might have to... (CHUCKLES)
No, we're not... See...
- (CHUCKLES) It's a joke.
- And that's the people...
Well, no, that's the
thing that people say
about conservatives,
that we, you know, we're
against other people.
I believe that everybody is
gonna be their own person.
If you're a Democrat,
that does not mean
that we don't like you.
My mom's a Democrat.
- My mom hates Trump.
- And we supported Trump.
Yeah, his mom hates Trump.
She's pro-vaccine,
all that stuff.
of these kids vaccinated?
Man will spend six months
behind bars for his role
in the January 6th attack
on the US Capitol.
Billy Knutson will
also spend 12 months
on supervised release.
Knutson initially faced four
charges, but made a deal...
There you go.
Your water bottles.
ALEXANDRA: So, how do
you feel about your dad going
to prison for six months?
I just, like, for some reason,
I don't feel like it's real.
It doesn't, like... When it
comes to mind, it doesn't feel like
it's actually happening.
happened at the sentencing?
Sentencing was complete crap.
It was 99 percent... was
talking about his lyrics.
And then they did
put a little note in there
that he was not
violent or destructive.
They made it sound
as if he enticed,
he could have been an enticer
for the whole
January 6th song thing
with his "Stand Back
and Stand By" song.
what did the judge say?
Basically, saying how my
lyrics, the rhetoric in my lyrics,
inspired people to
go do negative things,
- the insurrection and stuff like that.
Because I say that,
"I'm locked and loaded,
ready for a civil war."
That's not saying...
- I'm gonna go, "Yeah..."
- He's ready in case it comes at him.
"go start some shit, let's
go start some violence."
That's saying, "If you fuck
with me, I'm not scared.
I'm not backing down. If
you fuck with me, I'm ready."
ALEXANDRA: So, in the
statement of offense, it says...
You sing a song, you say,
"Fuck them all, fuck them all.
It's a lost cause now.
Line them up like dominoes
and watch them all fall down."
"This refrain is
repeated several times."
That was pretty bad,
honestly. Like... (LAUGHS)
That was one that just...
- Hmm, it could've been worse.
- Yeah, it could have been worse.
- I made him change the lyrics.
- She actually made me change
the lyrics on that one,
because it did sound
- a little too aggressive.
- ALEXANDRA: It says,
"Knutson clearly
affiliates himself
with the Proud
Boys extremist group.
'We Proud Boys
ready for a civil war.
Seventy million armed civilians.
Y'all ready? Wanna brawl?'"
"Fuck around and
find out." That's it.
That's all that
means. Same shit.
He's talking about the 70 million
armed civilians. He's talking about...
- BILLY: Trump supporters.
- Trump supporters.
- Seventy million Trump supporters that...
- Because he...
ALEXANDRA: So, I get it.
It's your free speech
right to sing these things.
But it seems like the
judge didn't like this line.
You say, "Had to
storm the Capitol.
Nancy don't like
us in her office."
But, clearly, Billy did
not go in her office.
But there was
people in the office.
He was just talking
about what people did.
I thought it was hilarious. I
thought it was a genius line.
I'm artistic. I think
I'm a great lyricist.
like any of your songs.
ALEXANDRA: But I support
your right to sing them.
Yes. And so, I feel
the same way about
if somebody is completely
against what I believe in...
That sucks. I don't
agree with you,
but you should
be able to say it.
I don't believe that
just what I'm saying
should be allowed to be said.
Like, everybody should be able
to say whatever
the fuck you want to.
That's freedom of speech.
One person doesn't get to
say, "Oh, that's hate speech.
- I don't like that, so that's hate speech."
That's not how that works.
What's hate speech to you
and what's hate speech to me
might be two complete
different things.
So, why does your opinion
matter more than my opinion?
These are yours now.
has snacks in it, okay?
You guys take care
of each other, okay?
Take care of each other,
be nice to each other,
have each other's backs, okay?
We're gonna get through this.
We're gonna get through this.
We're gonna get through this.
- I love you so much.
- I love you.
The Proud Boys
Ready for a civil war
Seventy million
Armed civilians
Y'all don't really
Want to brawl
United we stand
Divided we fall
But half of y'all
Gon' get fucked up
We gon' ride to this song
Man, I'm so tired
Of the slander
The fake news and propaganda
Rollin' with some Proud Boys
Time to respect the commander
I'm not lyin' when I
say Joe Biden should be
In the slammer in a
cell Right next to Killary
Hold up, cut the cameras
Red, white and blue bandana...
OFFICER: Be advised,
there's probably about
300 Proud Boys.
They're marching towards
the United States Capitol.
Fight for America!
Tucsonans were arrested today
after an FBI criminal
complaint placed siblings
Felicia and Cory Konold
at the January 6th
riot at the Capitol.
witness provided information
for Felicia Konold's
Snapchat account,
where the report says
she talks about being recruited
into a Kansas City chapter
of the Proud Boys.
The report also says
Konold posted a video saying,
"I never could have imagined
having that much of an influence
on the events that
unfolded today.
We did it."
ALEXANDRA: So, are you
guys, like, best friends or what?
- I mean, we're pretty close.
- We're pretty... Yeah.
We're like within a
year of each other.
ALEXANDRA: So, would you
follow her to the end of the earth?
- I mean, I followed her into the Capitol.
- Feel like we just did.
I just feel like we
already did that.
CORY KONOLD: My sister
wanted to go on a road trip
and I, at first,
didn't want to go,
but then rethinking about
it, I was like, "All right,
that sounds like a good deal."
You know, I'll
keep my sister safe,
have a fun road trip.
Wasn't working anyways.
you weren't on a road trip
just to go to DC
for this protest.
You were just on a road trip.
Yeah, we were
just on a road trip,
and we ended up being
in DC on the same day,
seeing that there was a protest.
And we were like, "Well,
we've never been to a protest."
CORY: I'd heard about all
these Black Lives Matter protests
and all these other protests
that can end up getting violent.
So, you know, a little bit
of forethought on my end
was at least, like, I
wanted to be able to
be and protect her,
get her out of a situation
'cause I'm a very
strong individual myself.
So, I knew if worst
things came to worst,
I could pick her up and run.
And I've learned this
because of my parkour.
I trained throughout high
school every day, day in, day out,
doing parkour,
and it became a
part of who I am.
So, this is a court.
It's a really beautiful thing
when you watch someone do it.
It's just natural to me.
ALEXANDRA: What does that do
to your ankle bracelet? Let's see.
CORY: I mean, I'm not sure.
It has a little bit
of movability, but...
it's hard to do parkour
with your electric
monitoring bracelet.
It is because part of parkour
is landing on your
toes and being very soft.
ALEXANDRA: So, what kind of
legal troubles are you facing now?
It could be a variety of things.
I'm going through
the whole court system
and I could be facing, you know,
a sentence of up
to 36 years in jail.
ALEXANDRA: So, you had no idea
what you were doing on
January 6th was wrong?
I mean, I could presume
at some level it was wrong,
but I didn't quite
understand the extent of it.
You know, I'm not the brightest.
I was in special education
in school growing up.
I grew up on eating Bagel Bites
and pizza rolls and Hot Pockets.
ALEXANDRA: Are you saying
you come from a broken family?
I come from a
very broken family.
NEWSCASTER 1: The report
provides evidence that shows,
both Felicia and Cory Konold
participated in helping crowds
pass police barriers and
obstruct law enforcement
from securing the
Capitol from the protesters.
believes that they are linked
to the Proud Boys.
ALEXANDRA: So, how did
you end up with the Proud Boys?
On that day of the
protest, me and my sister
went to go walk around
just the Washington area.
We came across a group
of very nice, friendly people
that seemed competent
in protecting or helping
if things were to go south.
Walked up to them
and I shook their hand.
I said, "Hi, how are
you guys doing?"
And they introduce
themselves by their names.
ALEXANDRA: Were you a
member of the Proud Boys
- before January 6th?
- No.
I... I heard of them in passing,
but I didn't know
what the group was.
I didn't know what
it was made out of.
I didn't know their mission.
I just thought it
was a guy group.
how come the government
is saying you're a Proud Boy?
FELICIA: Because I
was walking with them.
And I had orange tape,
I think it was on my hat.
And they also were
wearing orange.
NEWSCASTER: Video from
inside the deadly Insurrection
in January shows a woman
preventing security barriers
from closing, in turn,
allowing a crowd of rioters
to storm inside.
RIOTER: Oh, you're
scared now, motherfucker!
you find out that you fell in
with some really
bad dudes that day?
I don't think they're bad dudes.
They're painted as a bad
group, but these people were nice.
you get the tactical gear?
FELICIA: I owned it.
I live on the Mexico border,
so whenever you go
out hunting or stuff,
there's cartel out there
and they don't mess around.
you bring your tactical gear
on your road trip?
'Cause we were going to DC, too.
That was part of the road trip.
ALEXANDRA: Have you had
any contact with the Proud Boys
- since January 6th?
- No.
And I never had any
contact with them prior, so...
RIOTER: This is your
chance to fight for your country.
ALEXANDRA: Your sister's
story does not add up.
She's not telling the truth.
She's lying to us.
She does have a history
of lying, but at this point,
I think she's realized
where her flaws
and lying has gotten her.
And I don't think she's
gonna be lying anymore.
What do you think the truth is?
I think the truth is that
we were in the wrong
place the wrong day.
No, she had a Proud Boy hookup.
Are you 100 percent
sure that she didn't know
any Proud Boys before
she got there that day?
I am 100 percent sure
she knew no Proud Boys.
We didn't even know the
Proud Boys group existed.
We didn't know where
they were gonna be.
her matching ankle monitors.
Love it.
Sounds like you're falling
on the sword for your sister.
CORY: I mean,
to a certain point,
I did fall on the
sword for my sister,
but at the same time,
I'm not gonna throw her
under the bus for anything.
I love my sister.
I could have kept myself
out of this position fully.
But push comes to shove,
like, I made my choices.
And those choices
led me to here.
ALEXANDRA: You might
just end up in jail for 35 years.
Yeah, exactly. You know,
and that's horrid hearing it.
That... It keeps me up at
night. I have nightmares about it.
ALEXANDRA: You don't
resent your sister at all?
I mean, she's pregnant,
and she has a
ten-year-old child,
and she went and got herself
into some real deep trouble.
Well, from what she was
hearing, the election was stolen.
And a lot of Americans believe
- that the election was stolen...
Do you believe the
election was stolen?
I don't think the
election was stolen.
you feel about Donald Trump
after all this?
CORY: He told everyone
the election was overthrown
and to come to the Capitol
to protest it.
And not only that,
but apparently,
he had said
something about 1776.
And as far as I've learned,
that's a date when...
there was a war that
went on for... something.
I haven't looked
into it too much.
have you ever voted?
This was actually the
first election that I voted in.
And you know who I voted for?
feel bad about the fact
that you dragged your
brother into this criminal mess?
I didn't drag him.
We wanted to go
on a road trip
together, and we did.
NEWSCASTER: Felicia and
Cory now face a slew of charges,
including conspiracy
and entering a
restricted building.
CORY: I'm a fool
at the wrong place
at the wrong time.
If I could have sat there,
knowing that that's
what the building was,
that going on was
the voting count,
and interrupting it
would cost me this,
would cost me that,
I wouldn't have let myself go in
and I wouldn't have
let my sister go in.
know you were pregnant
- when you got arrested?
- No.
ALEXANDRA: But if you have to go to
jail, what's gonna happen to your son?
That part I haven't
even thought about
because that part is
uncomprehendable to me.
Like, if I have to go to jail, what's
gonna happen to my unborn baby?
Like, those are things that I
cannot mentally comprehend.
Some guy pulled down the
Speaker of the House plaque
and Emily got part
of it. (LAUGHS)
- You bitch.
Here you go. Here
you go, brother.
Nancy, Nancy, Nancy!
Missouri woman seen carrying
House Speaker Nancy
Pelosi's nameplate
in last week's
riot at the Capitol
is facing charges tonight.
Emily Hernandez
of Sullivan, Missouri,
near St. Louis,
was identified
through tips to the FBI.
shows Hernandez holding up
a wooden plate from
Nancy Pelosi's office.
NEWSCASTER 3: A Sullivan
woman, accused of stealing
from the US Capitol
during the January 6th riots,
turned herself in to
authorities in St. Louis,
late this afternoon.
She's a 21-year-old girl,
and she's got her
whole life ahead of her.
She knows, you know,
this was obviously a mistake,
but she's ready to move past
it, ready to, um, do the things
that she needs
to do to correct it.
Franklin County woman
who pleaded guilty
to her involvement
in the January 6th
Capitol insurrection
will be sentenced today.
NEWSCASTER 5: Hernandez
is charged with entering
and remaining in
a restricted building
in the January 6th riot.
ALEXANDRA: Emily, you
were with an angry mob.
What do you think the
angry mob would have done
if they saw Nancy Pelosi?
I don't know.
They probably would
have maybe tried to hurt her.
ALEXANDRA: Emily, did you go to
the Capitol to assassinate my mother?
No. Oh my God. No. No.
did you take her sign?
EMILY: Well, it was
being smashed down.
Smashed down on the ground.
EMILY: My uncle was
like "Get a piece of that."
WILLIAM: Get a piece
of that! Get a piece of that!
And so, I just went down and
grabbed a piece and held it.
WILLIAM: Emily, show the plaque.
ALEXANDRA: Would you have
known who Nancy Pelosi was
if you saw her with your
own two eyes on January 6th?
Uh... no.
No. I actually looked
her up a lot after
and she's just
like a little old lady.
(CHUCKLES) She's just little.
study government in school?
I've taken government
classes and whatnot,
but it's not like...
I didn't really
follow along with it.
I mean, I've been
taught, but I mean,
it's not like I really
remember that much.
But no, I don't follow
any politics or anything.
why did you say yes
to going to a Trump
rally in Washington?
'Cause I was getting out.
Getting out of the house,
being able to leave Missouri.
My uncle asked
me if I wanted to go
to a Trump speech,
and I said, "Sure."
I didn't necessarily
want to watch the speech.
I just wanted to see the area,
just get out of
Missouri for a little bit.
EMILY: My uncle wanted to go.
- WILLIAM: Look at that!
I mean, I was with my uncle
and he made me feel safe.
I have never followed politics
nor cared about
them at that age.
When my uncle asked
me if I wanted to go
to Washington DC, to
watch a Trump speech.
I've always looked
up to my uncle
and I've always trusted him.
I tried calling the cunt, Nancy,
but she wouldn't answer.
- Nancy? Nancy? Cunt!
you do learn something
about the company you keep.
I mean, your uncle was
saying terrible things.
you were giggling.
Yeah, but I felt like I
did that to save face.
you're from a small town,
little farm community
in Missouri?
EMILY: Yeah.
January 6th change you?
Once people started, like,
posting things about me
and saying really bad
things, it made me start feeling
like I was just a bad person.
I don't know, I got more anxiety
and never wanted to show my face
in... public anymore.
People that I thought were
my friends weren't anymore,
like so many people
were letting what I did, like,
define me as a person,
and I just felt hate
from everybody.
So, like, I deleted
all my social media
because I didn't want to see
what people were
saying about me.
And I'm glad I did
because I didn't
want that negativity.
I just went into a deep
hole of depression.
I don't know. I didn't do much.
Just, life wasn't the same, I
didn't go out or do anything.
I just stayed at home and
tried to ignore my phone.
I didn't feel welcome anywhere.
And then I thought, "Oh,
I'm just gonna start drinking.
Like, I'm just gonna take
a drink to forget about this."
NEWSCASTER 1: Truck driver,
Jeff Barlow, recorded this video
of this car going the
wrong direction on I-44
and cars swerving
to get out of the way.
flashing my headlights,
to try to warn
eastbound about the car.
said the car was going
around 60 miles an hour
and he tracked it for six miles,
trying to get the
driver to realize
they were in the wrong lane.
The collision, he says,
sounded like an explosion.
JEFF: The two
cars were airborne.
Wilson of St. Clair was killed
and her husband,
Ryan, was seriously hurt
when their car was hit
head on in Franklin County.
NEWSCASTER 1: According
to the Highway Patrol,
22-year-old Emily
Hernandez was the driver
of the wrong-way car.
And according to
the crash report,
she was driving drunk.
her to sit in jail and suffer
for what she's put
everybody through.
are you charged with?
DWI resulting in death
and DWI resulting
in serious injury.
ALEXANDRA: All on the
anniversary of January 6th?
On, like, the eve of it.
I think they're connected
because the stress that I had
from January 6th
weighed on me for so long
and I just started
letting it destroy my life.
That turned into something else.
Something else that was
bad that destroyed my life.
Excuse me. No, no.
Donald Trump won
this election. By far.
We're not gonna let
it be stolen from us.
ALEXANDRA: We're driving
by the White House now.
Hey, Donald! (LAUGHS)
not in there. He lost.
Yeah, to some people.
- ALEXANDRA: Not to you, though.
- He's not a loser.
No, no. He got... cheated.
He got fraudulently
cheated out of the election.
It's my opinion.
ALEXANDRA: You still
believe that two years later.
You even believe it.
You know that the...
You can't rightfully
say that Joe Biden
won the election
fair and square.
It's just not possible.
I don't think they'll
let me go in, huh?
ALEXANDRA: No, because you're
a domestic terrorist, remember?
I'm your favorite
domestic terrorist.
Get it right.
- ALEXANDRA: Dude, you just ran a red light.
- I know.
I'm watching you film me here,
so I'm getting ready to
get a special invitation
to the Capitol jail,
running red lights up here.
- Straight?
- ALEXANDRA: Straight.
All right.
ALEXANDRA: So, for two years,
you've been trying to prove to me
that January 6th was staged.
January 6th was an attempt
to frame Donald Trump
for the so-called
- ALEXANDRA: Okay, prove it.
- I am.
I don't have all of
my evidence here,
but I have enough that's
gonna make you say
something strange went
on there that day. So...
starting in Nancy's office?
- ALEXANDRA: You don't think
that's gonna offend
me in the first shot?
If you can make it this far,
you can make it the
rest of the way, all right?
These two are Antifa.
And they're trying
to direct traffic.
They're trying to send
people to your mother's office.
These are definitely
Go here, go there,
directing traffic.
That's what we have here, too.
I'm sold on them being Antifa.
A lot of Antifa that day,
they had on gray toboggans,
dark glasses, hoodies, masks,
everything, no Trump
wear whatsoever.
Who dresses like that
to go to a Trump rally?
Who wears a Lexan mask?
I know I sound
a little bit crazy,
but I've evaluated everybody
in this building that day.
And let's see if we
can zoom in on this.
I mean, what is this
gray? What is this?
Who dresses like
that at a Trump rally?
We don't hide our faces.
You only hide your faces
when you're ashamed
or you're trying to...
When you're doing
something illegal.
Again. Toboggan. Hoodie.
Face diaper. I find it strange.
So many pictures of
these people doing this stuff
or this type of people,
provocateur type.
When I show you these
next couple of clips.
You're gonna be like,
"This is really suspicious."
NEWSCASTER: the armor,
and is carrying a baseball bat.
Boom! What's that?
The very first flag that
was in the Capitol that day
was a rebel flag.
Was it for the optics?
Who... I mean, who
carries a rebel flag
to a Trump protest, you know?
I mean, it was to make
us look like a bunch
of Southern rednecks
from the South
taking over the Capitol.
That's the narrative they slung
as soon as they
found a rebel flag.
ALEXANDRA: But the guy who had
the Confederate
flag in the Capitol
got prosecuted.
I believe he's a Democrat.
I can't prove it, but, uh...
think he said in court
that he was a Trump supporter.
This is what I saw at
the top of the bleachers
when I got to the
top of the bleachers,
I was really just trying
to get this shot right here.
I wanted that shot.
But this I couldn't understand.
Cops just standing there,
allowing all these people
to walk in peacefully.
They never tried
to secure the door.
They never made any effort
to stop the people
from going in.
They could have easily screamed
or just said, "Hey,
don't go in there."
But they never made any
attempt to stop anybody.
ALEXANDRA: There were
clearly bad people mixed in.
Well, this is just some of it.
It goes on and on
and on, you can't...
ALEXANDRA: Okay. I can't go
down the wormhole with you anymore.
You're taking me down
the wormhole, man.
(CHUCKLES) You like
being down the wormhole,
or you wouldn't
be here right now.
ALEXANDRA: So, you're
okay with going to jail for a year
for Donald Trump?
Donald Trump opened
my eyes to a lot of things.
I'm thankful to Donald
Trump. I love my president.
ALEXANDRA: Johnny, what if
you're wrong about everything?
I've been wrong before.
You can't be right
about everything.
But am I right about 2020?
You're damn right I am.
It was a peaceful
protest. It was hijacked.
And to use this
against Donald Trump
to try to impeach him with.
Okay, just stop talking.
I don't want to hate you.
Every time you
start, you go too far,
- I start to hate you.
- Okay. Okay.
don't wanna hate you.
- It's just fine.
- ALEXANDRA: We have to get along.
Hey, I have to be hated.
You know, somebody's
got to hate me.
I'm loved by 80
million Americans,
but I'm gonna be hated
by 80 million more.
So, let's call it
60 million more.
there's nothing I can do
to convince you
that you're wrong.
No, no. And you're
not gonna convince me
and you're not gonna convince
the 70 or 80 million Americans
that feel like I do.
maybe not 80 million.
Eighty million or more.
ALEXANDRA: I understand
that there are questions
about January 6th,
but you can't accept the
fact that the Proud Boys
and the Oath Keepers were
planning something that day.
I mean, three or four
people can be, you know,
I would say stupid
like that, all right?
But was the overall majority
of the people there that day
there to overthrow
the government?
No, there's no
overthrowing the government
with bullhorns and flags.
Do you realize that the
militant organizations
that were there to
overthrow the government
needed a chorus
of little people,
they called them
"normies," people like you
that were just the fools.
They were using you.
Nobody used me.
I went there on
my own free will.
Nobody come up and
said, "Hey, norm, normie,
we're gonna do this today."
Nobody approached me,
trying to get me to do anything.
I did stupid shit on
my own, all right?
You better not play this shit
on TV, I swear! (LAUGHS)
If you make me look like a fool,
I'm gonna be so... pissed
off at myself. (LAUGHS)
ALEXANDRA: I'm not gonna
make you look like a fool.
- Because I don't think that...
- I make myself look like a fool.
ALEXANDRA: I don't think
that advances the conversation.
-ALEXANDRA: We have to try
- to understand each other.
- Right.
to listen to each other.
And we have to try to
understand each other.
We can't make fun of each other.
We can't, you know,
hate each other.
You called me a normie. (LAUGHS)
An insurrectionist, huh?
That's big words for
somebody with a flag.
A flag? How do I take over
a government with a flag?
How? It just don't happen.
So, this whole thing is...
is... is, uh,
insurrection, not mine.
Alexandra. How are you?
ALEXANDRA: Ronnie, how are you?
RONNIE: I'm all right.
I've been better,
but I'm all right.
ALEXANDRA: What's happening?
RONNIE: It's crazy in here.
Uh, these people are nuts.
- These people are fucking nuts.
- ALEXANDRA: So, what changed?
It sounds like
something changed.
Thought you said
they were good people,
last time we talked.
know, a lot's changed for me.
I mean, I think the
hearings really affected me.
Seeing the first
day of the hearings
and seeing them
cheering on the violence
and all the terrible
things that we did.
I was so disgusted
watching them do that.
I mean, I'm the only
one here that's just, like,
actually processing
the hearings.
And any time, you know,
any of the riots come on
they're cheering like
it's the Super Bowl.
These people have no remorse.
They have no regret
for what they've done.
I'm so disgusted by them,
like, just watching them,
'cause I feel so remorseful
for what I did that day.
They don't want to
hear any of the facts.
it just bothers
me that I'm, like,
"Wow, I guess I used to be
one of these people," you know?
And it has made
me feel terrible,
just... terrible.
And I told them, I
said, "Look, you know,
aren't you guys ashamed
of what you're doing?
Aren't you ashamed of
what happened that day
and your actions and
what you did, like I am?"
And of course, they
didn't wanna hear that.
They didn't wanna
hear that from me.
And I'm like the
most hated person
in this unit now
because, you know,
I'm digesting the information
and actually taking it to heart.
And now they're
calling me Rhonda.
I mean, they're just calling
me hateful things now,
racist things.
You know, there's a
Black guy and a brown guy,
and we're both just
like subjected to racism
all the time now.
You know, they still believe
Trump's gonna come back
and election fraud
is gonna get proven.
All this crazy conspiracy shit.
The crazy mental acrobatics
these people do in here.
PHONE) You have one minute left.
RONNIE: I'm a category three,
which means they're
considering me
the worst of the worst.
I mean, I did what I did.
I did assault two
officers that day.
I mean, I made a mistake.
You know? And I'm
willing to take responsibility.
Pretty bad.
Yeah. Anyway, that's
my time, I got to run.
I'll call you some
time sooner than later.
- AUTOMATED VOICE: The caller has hung up.
Somebody save me
Me from myself
I spent so long
Living in hell
They say my lifestyle
Is bad for my health
It's the only thing
That seems to help
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh