The Intent (2016) Movie Script

As a child, I always knew
would hold a gun one day
My father is a weapon, so I had no weapon
And around the bad guys,
you do bad things
People killing, stealing,
selling drugs to income
It's in my DNA
It's in my blood
My mother always
says, Depth in life
I was born with the intention
When I grow
I appreciate all the team
I moved to London
And into groups TIC
The most powerful in South London
Our opponents called The Clappers
It hoodz
The captain of the group TIC
And this is money the
leader of the group Klapper
It's me Gunz
It was the name given to the police to me
You can call me Bigger
And as my father said, without position
You'll never be great
You confuse itu./Ya case
I confuse it, good now
Fuck that friendship
You know I
You see dia./Ya
She bastard who came kemarin./Jadi?
They robber
By kosong./Aku view it
Let me catch up
Hey friend
How are you? / Just
What is bro./Ada of something right yes
Long time no see
Yes, you still shine
Lau know me, come
Yes, you kemarin./10 dollar debt
10 dollars, 10 dollars for what I
It receh./Receh, you know
Who is behind you
He is with you, kan./Dia okay, he's okay friend
So what time
I do not know, but I like
I know, I want you to get
me wrong on that one.
Try it
You try ini./Coba that it
You know, you said my brother
I'll let you have ini./Ya
Be careful with that my friend
Come on let me see what else you got
What are you doing
What you got
That's what you gonna do, huh?
You got any more
Give the necklace
Well, I've seen what happens
Ya./Dasar traitor
See bro
I'm looking forward
Okay, stop knocking on the
door mama like you're fed
Fed./Aku We did not know friend
Do you still watch cartoons
What are you doing like crazy
Think of it
You and Leon
Diamond Lee
She had stopped
You're cruel
I'm not going to lie, I've
had a few weeks of eating it
We need that direction
What do you mean?
You want to rob and
earn much money
You'll leave the young in action
Wait, I do not need to do
Abangku he came from there
Eat at the table, pizza on the table
All the stores had no money
Siapa./Apa are you talking
They have 10 bags
That bank comrade
Listen, they were 10 thousand on them
We just need to
grab and go quickly
And we go, of
course we can do it
You know I feel so
The shop on the corner, then
We return to the game
Gunz, no one wants in the game
The money bro
I'll do what you're doing, bro
You know what? I do
I play
Mitch, you know I darimana./Kau friend
I ../ Oh... Stop sucks
What is wrong
In and out Mitch, believe me
You know
It's easy
Forget it
It's my job my friend, this
It's my business, you know me
Do not move
Open the drawer
Open the drawer
Come ayo./Polisi!
It's the police, let's
He pressed alarmnya./Aku
not press any
Police, let's just go
What tersisa./30 dollars bro
40 dollars, in and out like it
I told you
What do you see Mitch
You said no one would get hurt
He pressed alarmnya./Kau shoot him
Fuck you dude
What's wrong with Silent kau./Ada
Relax bro, we are family
Here are 40 bags here
What's with
I did not mean to shoot him
I told you I did not mean, he
pressed alarmnya./Dasar liar
You do not understand, all the cops in
this country will be looking for us
He's right, you know
We must turn away and let it go
We wear masks, we use gloves
Yes, the police will not find anyone
You know what I mean, you're good, man
Yes, Mitch, we're good, come on
Spend that money on marijuana
I'm out bung
Hey Mitch you were family, friends
I never kecewakanmu, friend
He will be fine friend
Put a call, comrades, we
will be 40 thousand friends
What is so important
Just try mengsms him, do not worry
Are you crazy, who would
want to spend this money
Hopefully your mother rest in peace, huh
I'll sell her shop
And we moved back to pakistan
Ayah./Tidak there but Neema
We have to go back
How are you? / Good
How is your mother?
He was good, he said he would pick me up at 5
Ya./Kau had to go to church
Why do you love the church?
Because it's fun and
people care for you
Come on, let's play
Dad, look at me
Be careful, you do not want to fall
Do this high
Mitch disappeared after
a corner store robbery
For me, we continued
We make more money than we
thought we would see in life
Open the drawer
All in rasuki by greed
He did it every day
It was the most dangerous
Get down on the floor
Listen, insert
They never saw the man
who was shot earlier
I never shot anybody
Yo Money
Sepupuhmu here, you know
Come here
What is it?
I come to you
Do you know who sent you
The biggest?
If it is not important
just let them take care of
I want to take the money
What? You know there are missing?
Who is she? / Do not worry about him
What do you mean?
I'll buy a drink
for everyone, yes
Arguably sepupuhmu've come
you want to go in my
team or not, yes or no
Quiet, acting with
no good emotions
It's about strategy, grab a seat,
have a drink, I no strategy
How to we get the best, yes
I Believe
I will eat, I'm starving
I know
He sendirian./Aku know, I know
You're the same as Mitch
Mitch, do not
He left us
There are a million stacked disana./Ya
That's one less person
to share his money
Fuck you can dia./darimana
I'm on the road, you know the
road is long aku./Aku brother
Never heard 1 million
in a place like this
Money there, we are here
We will enter
kantornya./Dimana office?
Heart hati./Ya
Come on motherfucker
Come friend
Big gun in the house, What is it? How many?
Come on. come on ..
Come on ..
1.5 juta./1.5 million. gosh!
It was incredible
We have a lot of money now, but
Someone will be very angry
It's a lot of money, drugs are much
What are you talking about,
no one will look for us
What would you do with
1.5 million pounds
And 50kg of cocaine
What are you doing?
You need a gun
Say we have a lot
That's a lot of money, and
drugs a lot, I know that
The point is, no one came to us
And even if they find us,
as they say in the movies
We need a name for this team
Fuck it
It's not a tic, mate, but TIC
What stands for
We make money on this, bro
We can itu./TIC, fuck them
Who's the boss
I told you
Yo, G, phone
Yes, who?
What? Tell me again
Million Cash
Yes, well
Months, and none of the big names
I take it you people at weekends
Criminals ten pounds
What am I paying you
Stop disappointed me, and
bring me the results
6 weeks to bring me the name of the
cocaine supplier in southeast London
And who is responsible for
armed robbery, do you hear me
And why did not you wear penyadapmu
If you chaps, you wear
penyadapmu, if you
Love, you wear penyadapmu,
I do not care what you do
I want to hear everything
And this money you wanted
What is it you came to me bro
How are bro./Baik, Good
What are you talking about big business
You know I'm the man for
itu./ltu's why I came to you first
I respect
I heard it, yo, shasha
Do not look like it
Do it for me, check the box that make
sure everything is there, please
Yes, tentu./Ya
All there, saudaraku./Apa
I talk to you?
He's my brother
Tell me, what is the price at which
You know harganya./Jangan so
I can not remember
It mad
You know
I'm proud of you, my brother
Tell me one thing
What is stopping me detonates
two of you head now
That's no way to do business, right
Look, this is the second time you've interrupts
You'll say
Do you want to do
business or not, which
We can be both, you know,
I thought you knew that
Tell me
Yes, oke./Semua wrong
All of these original
Where do you see money
like this, feel, bro
Huh, never seen this
much money in your life
Huh, see
Nice business with you Barney
Good bro
I like to know your face
from somewhere, you know
No, you do not know my face
You sure? / I'm not from here,
you do not know my face
I'm going to throw up at the sight of her burned
In fact, it seemed to me
The membinggungkanku
We do all it can to
protect the family
I crossed the bridge, from
friendship into the family
See there
We stayed there
Now I'll pay
At the time I was finished
We are going there this all
Motta great german
I've been in this business all my
life, inherited from my father
He was the story of everything
I've never stolen anything in
my life, whatever I have left
I work hard for it
So a group of young
And I say children
Coming ketempatku
Taking goods that are not theirs
And to kill people who work for me
That makes me no problem
The big problem
You understand that, right
Yes, yes
I want to think about my business with fair
So how business
Bring me the villain
You do this
Alive or dead no difference to me
I give you 500 thousand
And a box of our
food, how it sounds
That's just true
It depositnya./Bagus
Do not frustrate me
I owe a great debt to you, man. clapers
Everything there
My partner
Let me show it
What news
Is that you? / Yes
Why do you see so
Do you want to make him pay
Listen to me
You continue to do this,
you can find a good job
Do you have sex with a girl
in the car ini./Dengar I
Do you benaran./Ya
Just go
Remember what I said to you
Everyone's talking about how
Woodz driving a new car
You get money to buy the car
where my car begitu./ltu
Car at 80 thousand, parked outside
It just mobil./Tidak No
It's something Dwayne./Aku will pergi./Pergi
That's what you told me not to
go home after weeks and weeks
I was kerjaan./Lakukan what, selling drugs
Because the car was
like a car dealer to me
So how did you get the
money for the car?
Car Companies
Who will pay you money
to drive a car so
I have come to give this to
you tahu./Tak can accept it
Do you know how hard I worked
for this money? / Do what?
I told you work
Do what Dwayne. What to do?
/ I'm in financial
I'm in the financial and stock
I know you much studying Dawyne
Do not think I'm an idiot
I have a high expectation for you Dwayne
I work two jobs to send you and
your sister to a good school
And what I got, drug
dealers as a child
You know what
You can take the dirty money that you like
Just do not take it here
Close the door when you go out
I'm more concerned about me than
my boyfriend's crew TIC own
She became more like a nuisance to me
There is a moment you know
I'll be home late this week
Give me
When is this going to end
Immediately dear, wait, please
I wait 2 years
When will we get there normal life
We are Family
We met each other
before and after work
Went on a weekend
How to vacation you promised us
When you know me, you know I do not
What do you hope happens, huh
More than this
I always see you in a
random hotel and flats
All my friends are there children and get married
It's not kemajuan./Sayang
I'm doing this for us
For our future
I read something in the day
Remind me on
Never be too busy
looking for earnings
You forget for life
Hello, G Money
Yes, I know who
Time to talk to
Talk about what? / I got
a call from my friend
Big John, you know Big John, a mechanic
Yes, I know John, yes
Big John called me, he told me
There were stealing money 1.5 million in cash
This Kill all workers.
So what is the relationship with me?
Joni much you like in it.
Good cool, I like to see,
when you are dealing with.
Shoot artisan message.
You know me, do part of me, help
continue the communication.
Prevent crime even more black.
Yes, I heard it very clearly pal.
You take care of yourself well.
Yes you also take care of yourself.
Captain hood / Sweet.
You have a lock.
Hey what are you doing?
You let him.
Are you stupid?
Do you know who I am?
Yes I know you / Good.
Who send you?
You tell me.
Well what about drugs?
You keep everything.
Yes it was nice.
So we're okay? / Yes
Please, please someone help me
Help me.
There is the return / Yes.
What is good for me, how are you
I'm annoyed at you / Why?
How long does it.
Two years / Is not there a visit?
Change whatever it is.
You send me the letter
Listen well my cousin, my family.
I know you have.
I never forget it / How?
That does not mean anything
to me now / You know.
How do you do that, I'm broke.
What is this? / Open it.
Okay cousin.
Now you're talking / I told you already
You finally come true yah / Yes.
Oh I know you have.
The headlines you're crazy.
You're kidding, why are
you screaming very loud.
You know it is not funny / funny.
You know sherine blurred / No.
That change something.
You know I do not beat
up any since I came out.
You know not funny / You're sick.
I get you.
Too bad you arrive.
Yes dear.
Busy you know / You came.
I know / Hei already bung
Silent bung / What about your friends?
New here, why hurry hurry.
Listen to this new person out of prison
he did not know how to talk to women.
Maybe I can help it.
That silly girl / Listen.
Stop stop the program, just calm down.
You coming or not / Yes.
We're twenty minutes.
Yes bung.
Make you uncomfortable.
I'll be back soon okay.
Good cool.
Come out.
Relax dude why are you.
Do you know this girl
/ Stop acting so.
Do you know where they are / It
has been two months of chatting.
You kill it, let's get out of here.
Quiet why with you.
Stop acting tense,
what's your problem?
What is this for tasty
Hey it's me.
Meet me tomorrow, I have business to discuss.
What did you say / Wait a minute.
Make sure yah.
Oh my goodness
What are you talking about?
That weapon.
What do you say now
everyone federal.
I swear it was a weapon.
Who is this?
Brother to me.
Ever see him before you know.
Very sexy / That's what I thought.
She's sexy / Stay away girl.
He issues / Remind me about problems.
Let me stop for you well.
He is brother to me, that it means.
Beyond the limit, as
you can not go there.
Not tomorrow, not today
Bring out your list / Whatever.
Yes / I'm fine.
This is the girl I / Yes.
It's good.
You know she's been / Yes.
It's my friend Alison
What mother cook?
Yes tough time
Must bring her justice.
Yes definitely.
I have money for you.
I still have money you gave last
week is not anything / Download.
We do not need the money / So what is the take.
Back in the day of the week well.
Why are you always in this place
if you're free seats? / Chair.
Bit hungry.
Yes I'm good man.
What do you want / Can I
get macaroni and cheese?
And gini punch / OK
Thank you.
You message much / I'm hungry.
Let's say that you've got.
Why bung
It beat.
Good food, good price.
I'm a little weak right now.
I need you to sign.
What do you hear? / Yes
Know you talk.
Do you believe them?
Let this man I
Do not ask me so seriously.
It's something / Yes
Well As okay.
You go?
You know?
It messed things.
You know, you and me.
Do two years on you.
What do you think, of course I entered.
Nona where the food I had.
What's with you
It's entirely, I'm there.
Run to the office, rob.
How long am I doing this?
It's crazy.
It's connected.
There is a good price you know it.
I hope you can show me.
I know about your business.
You're the person I could trust.
How do you think.
Start plans / Good.
Good / It would be upset about this.
We must do what we must do.
Come on.
I'm here.
What made you old? / Traffic.
This is my friend I am.
Do not listen to this man.
Why with you man?
It comes / Yes
It's for you, you know I
do not play the game.
Yes quickly yah.
He's on the way? / 2 minutes.
The exchange of quick, make sure the money was right.
Unfortunately this fella goods
It's a mess.
Try robbing me yah?
Give money / No
Not get money / You're playing a game?
Give money
Remember something well, you my cousin.
Family you know, know
what you're doing?
I thought we were family.
I was in prison two years
you did not visit me.
Not send me a letter,
you call me family?
Give the money before I blow
your head / You want money?
People fall, Bigin officer.
I need an ambulance and help now, 34
Building autrid, suspect
Armed out of the building now.
I need help now.
Do not die.
We're clean here. I want to talk.
Sure, okay.
Okay bye.
So I told the clerk Lee Bigin.
How you suspect.
You fingerprints month so dead.
And in your presence.
This is nonsense.
I was the boss asked me on this operation
It is clear chaotic from the beginning.
I need results.
Not corpse.
I need you to take the
responsibility for this.
Or I jail you for murder.
Do you hear me?
Catch me then.
Do not miscellaneous with me.
Are you more officers?
What is it tenser you?
I believe you, do not disappoint me.
Hey Mitch.
Mitch / Leave a bung.
Let her go / you where.
You disappeared.
Not the time is not respected.
What do you mean the
angels, you can die now.
What's your problem?
See you, you...
Do you know what the hell with you.
Get out of the side of me.
See who it is.
The original.
I can explain bung / Yes what?
It does not need to explain.
Where is the money? you no money?
I said you have to get the money,
do not come back without money.
Federal arm shoot me / What?
You accuse cousins were alone anyways.
Tell me do it / That cousin.
This team anyways, because you're crafty / Yes.
You're weird, you're weird types.
Please bung / Do not fuck it please.
Come on.
Please bung.
I promise get your money.
We're a family.
Family yah?
Hey dude rest.
Hey what bung.
Hey you with my sister.
You're crazy what are you doing here?
/ Halo as well.
Club / What are you doing in here.
Excuse me do that to her
/ It's hard to come out.
Hey / Come on.
I think we should go.
Let's do it.
Why do / Hey calm.
You said.
Not deserve, I can not join.
That again you know what.
You can stay, I came home
Hey let.
Why do you, I think you'll get it.
Excuse me?
Listen to me / Are you crazy?
Come on in.
You lost your money, you
remember you talking to?
Relax pal
You know.
I call you back.
You sure it's okay?
Let me among you home.
Well already.
I have reason to believe
that, you're no information
More to the robbery and
death of your mother.
I think I know who did.
One name Hood / Hood.
Gang of TIC?
What do you think he did?
I was at his house overnight.
I'm sorry?
I found a mask in the bathroom.
The same used in the robbery.
And he came the day before.
Ask a question about my mother.
Did you ever see him
with this individual?
Morning clerk / Morning.
It left me Dwayne vincent
known as hoodz also
He was the leader of a notorious gang TIC
Robbery, drug trafficking,
you call him behind it.
He is also the brains behind the
operation and I would have thought.
Make sure that the robbery as well.
It was a great officer Lee Biggins
Also known Gunz you know well.
And to be led today's meeting, but
lost contact in a matter of weeks.
Yes he did in the palanquin /
Nice, if you can get / Yes.
He was not in evidence in
our report, and responding.
Until he please call us,
he's a suspect now.
And he was arrested at the scene
as the other gang members.
Micheal Brown is known also as Mitch.
He was not seen in the gang in 9
months, but believe intelligence.
Present in the first robbery
so we had to bring him in.
Recently he viewed at the
funeral Daren angelo
And this we have Darren Angelo.
Also known as D angel and die.
It bastard / Yes / course.
Remember officer.
This is a dangerous individual, I
do not want everyone to be a hero.
Take this bastard to
prison it would be safer.
So sergeant for details.
If the clerk Lee Biggins go get him
too / Until notices to the front.
She suspects in this case, you get
him one look, so what we clear?
Yes sergeant.
Puja God.
Puja Lord / Alleluia.
As you know in the past.
I'm involved in a crime
I'm a criminal.
My friend and I consumption
By desire.
From the stuff that is not got us.
World tell you you need a new coach.
The new changes, new cars.
You're not happy in your
job, get a new one,
If you're not happy at your
boyfriend, get another.
Never satisfied with what we got.
The desire of what we had.
And I adored it sin.
You to base, all that you say.
Hey he's innocent / I can not do it.
Let's give it to DJ.
Nine, eight, seven, six.
Five, four, three, two, one.
It whore / Yes
I love all the friends I had.
You all.
Every day is crazy, man.
Come dear.
I want everyone lifting his glass.
For the richest.
All party until morning, 2014
TIC, TIC....
Move aside.
Get down now.
Ducking / Hands behind.
Get down.
We found this in your
home / It's not a mask.
You know.
Tell me in 2 februari in one
to three hours where you are?
Did you rob the store Miss Ann
No comments / Did you kill Miss Ann
when robbing the store / Guess what.
There are no comments / Listen you damn / Sgt.
You catch my client,
we no solid evidence.
No weapons, which you were a mask.
Please do not spend your
time and release my client.
Not anything, you can be smart.
But we find a million in cash.
We hold it until you tell us
how did you get this money?
You better hope this money is
not connected to the robbery.
Guess what
You're fucked.
It takes time.
Officer Lee Biggins
It's nice to meet you.
Please tell me why I did not
have to jail you / Shit.
You and people you almost
killed me last night.
Because you suspect / suspects?
I ask you, which part you do
not understand the disguise?
I can not response to you when you want.
I clean up operation this
close, you caught us two days.
Before we planned a big robbery.
You can not wait for me between me proof.
I have a photo of all, you can keep your mouth shut.
You've no weapon to kill the mistress Anna
Who brought.
All weapons, because you're fucking.
There are no headquarters, no weapons / OK.
About us no evidence whatsoever
ye, we have to remove them all.
We're a month away
solve this case,
Or your job or the
job I'm finished.
Scottish yard, I do not
want to hear any more.
Someone should be in prison for
the murder of mistress Anna
It could be like a brother to me.
I have a responsibility
to obey the law
Or me.
Where is the money?
Give your money tomorrow.
Damn dude.
Where the money.
You payable money or what? / Yes / Talk.
Yes / How much money are you?
Fuck lucky / I told you
stay away from the road.
What is / With me bung.
Take it with you to go / Go.
Remember this well environment.
You know / Talk to me
You know come on.
We're you.
No dude, listen...
Not anything bung
So you see your guard.
What is he responsible for you when you pray,
We are not, we are here silent.
Perhaps silence is liable.
Not with one-way conversations.
You like to pray for me
and all the fraternity.
Pray for us all.
You think would forgive us.
If evil so.
And get what he took by robbery.
And living life on the statue
did not do it justice.
Obviously life.
Not dead.
Although we give everything in the capture.
I can not bring back the dead.
Obviously can not bring back Miss Anna
Do you think I'll go to jail?
Make sure you do not.
Ask your Lord
You have / He's a good man.
I said.
For what? / Come
I told the team was not crazy.
You know my cousin.
We're a family.
That leave me.
The family did not, we are not brothers.
There is no face messed up again.
That fucking man.
That's it.
Federal Screw do not do anything.
Where are we going?
Not Federal again bung.
Fuck it. we can leave.
I'm in it / course.
There is a new security.
The new camera, a ticket to jail.
Why with you man?
There will think it's crazy.
We can not do this.
It's crazy.
I do not know / We do not know still that.
Say what.
We do the movement.
When we get.
Two birds one stone.
Makes sense.
There you say.
You're in the
We do yourself, there is money
for our own / Believe me.
That's it.
I still have the money.
Go a little, quiet.
Get Andre.
Think about it, stop this business.
Dead, a ticket to jail.
I create a movement or not
You go or not?
What are you doing?
Do not take his business.
I want to talk to your boss.
Wait here.
It entered.
Jess, captain Hoodz
The big money / You're a
big man now my friend.
There are businesses inside it.
I miss you / Yes
I need a little help.
It seems you're no help / Come on.
Let you come to us yes.
Come on buddy serious.
Why spend time with this person.
Want to make money or not?
You warrior / Yes.
Allow / Yes
We do not like each other.
You're talking about business.
It's serious
Business yah
Go along great
We finished 5050
5050? / Business associate.
5050 Business partner / You know what.
I provide, you decide.
You'll either / always / already know bung.
A business associate well.
You said trust this person.
Come on people.
Can we solve the money and
/ That's why I like you.
Officer Lee will lead a
business meeting today.
Hello proper officer at 2 am tomorrow.
Crew Klapers TIC and crew
will execute great job.
You wait, in the robbery.
You do not arrest any suspects,
until complete robbery.
And what went out of the building clear?
Please remember our indifference
of public safety number one.
We want to take the suspect alive,
so the shot was the last result.
Excuse me.
I'm glad you're back.
I guess we lose you a minute.
What do you see?
This guy sucks.
Be careful you talk / Are you stupid?
What are you doing? / You are the children?
We are moving, but you're
a nag like a girl.
We're in and out, so
nobody took the mask.
Why did you create your own boss?
Quiet well.
What is important.
The barking continued / Yes, hell.
Let's do this.
Get down.
Go to the second floor.
Your hands on your head.
Damn fast.
Back off, do not you look at me.
I shoot
Pause / Fast.
Finish / Good.
Let's go.
Spinning lying.
Get down stay there / Let's go
You coming?
I love it / Hey black.
The money you know
Yes bung.
Do not move, police / Down.
Hands on your head / Down.
Get down all of you now.
You all / Come on.
Damn / Quiet.
Damn dude
You're crazy.
You know, it does not pick up the phone.
Hey casual / Silence on relaxing.
5050 We do this well.
Change plan.
What did you say change the plan.
Change plan
Do you think I'm going for the money with you?
And kamu./Oke.
What is / There is a weapon.
Great man.
All put his gun / Diam.
Put the gun / Fuck who pay you, I
pay double / I'm coming for you.
This place is surrounded by police.
What is your relationship to the enemy's
communications police / I personnel Lee Biggins.
What are you talking about / I'm a police officer
We are working in the disguise
of 2 years / You're federal.
Put the gun / You're federal, you're crazy.
Let me show badges me /
Do not play with me.
What are you talking about / I said.
Police, get down.
Hands above your head.
Get down.
Get down now / Stay down.
As a child, I always knew
someday carry weapons.
My dad weapons.
I have a weapon.
I know I'm around bad people.
To make matters worse, people to kill, steal.
Selling drugs for life.
It's in the DNA of me.
It's in me blood.
Hey what are you doing.
I said what about the
weapons touch me, here.
Weapons not what you understand.
That cop like me.
We have a responsibility to
keep their arms you know what?
Because in use to help people.
You do not have to take anything
that took the life / Yes.
And grab weapon lives.
Main with this okay? come on.