The Intent 2: The Come Up (2018) Movie Script

[reggae music plays]
Stick by me
Hello. You all right?
Stick by me
And stick by me...
Sorry, sorry.
Break up the party and all that.
- [woman] Hey!
- Beverley.
Hey! What you saying, Jase?
Hello, Dwayne.
Or should I say "Jay and Hoots"?
you know I don't like them stupid names.
[Beverley] Boys, your friend is upstairs.
Don't just push past,
say excuse me as you're going up.
- [boy] Excuse me.
- OK.
Right, who need food?
Auntie, you hungry?
- [kids chattering]
- Shut up! Shut up!
What you talking about?
- I can do better than this.
- That's a lie!
- My grandad can play better than this.
- Nah, nah, nah, shut up, shut up.
- Why don't you shut up?
- You should.
- No, you.
- Shut up, you idiot!
[girl] You guys, stop!
[tense music]
OK, I'm sorry.
[Beverley] Go on.
Shoot him.
If you're not a pussy.
Shoot... him.
[tense music fades]
You pick it up,
you have to use it.
[gun clicks]
Out of all of my foster kids,
you have got to be the stupidest.
Don't you dare touch my gun again.
Now go downstairs...
...and cut your cake.
Go on!
["Creepin Up" by Remedee plays]
Yeah, yeah, it's peak, ya know
My niggas outside creepin' up
With the big .45
when you're sleeping now
Yeah, my bruddas all slide
on the streets, ya know
Me no lie, we creepin' up
The big .45, I sleep with that
Me no lie, they creepin' up
They did their time
but they are free again
In the morning hit the belly,
hit the ropes
Brothers talking really tough
but I don't know
Your belly gone,
shudda kept it on the low
Talking to the federally when you fall
You're telling me to come through
Out for the belly but you
wanna have my babe
Tell me who you're on to
Fix it quick, send it on the ring,
oh, yeah
My brother's really making money
on the regular
We don't talk no brother man
where you're stepping now
Move like a general
Loose like an animal
Don't test me,
I make you move for the minimal
Yeah, yeah
It's peak, ya know
My niggas outside creepin' up
With the big .45
when you're sleeping now
Yeah, my bruddas all slide
on the streets ya know
Me no lie, we creepin' up
The big .45, I sleep with that
Me no lie, they creepin' up
They did their time
but they are free again
over side cah riskin' cabbaging
They don't throw no O's,
they throw things like javelin
Leave a boys to mannequin,
no flying the mannequins
Carry the weapon,
you know I'm beating rounds
Running from the jakes
is for my freedom now
Niggas wanna conversate,
that's treason now
Every other day is gun season now
Yeah, yeah, it's peak, ya know
My niggas outside creepin' up
With the big .45
when you're sleeping now
Yeah, my bruddas all slide
on the streets, ya know
Me no lie, we creepin' up
The big .45, I sleep with that...
[man] Oi!
- Fucking hell's going on here then?
- Easy, fella. Delivery.
- I don't know nothing about a delivery.
- I'm just doing my job.
Fuck's sake, the fork-lift truck's
on the blink.
Jamal, Pete,
you go and help him unload,
I'm gonna find out what the fucking hell's
going on.
["Big Man Ting" by Ayo Beatz plays]
[music stops]
- Yo!
- Yo, G.
- Everybody dead.
- [laughs]
- We'll get money now, yeah?
- Where's Shane? Where's J?
[rap music plays in headphones]
[music stops]
Yo, you, man, I'm in there!
I'm coming, man. Yo, G, come!
[laughs maniacally]
- Yo! My brothers!
- [all laughing]
My brothers!
["Lemme Go" by Julian Marley plays]
[slow clapping]
Mm, yeah, clappers, come on.
You're later than I expected.
if you'd seen how I was moving in there,
you wouldn't be complaining about nothin'.
It's a real cowboy business.
[all chuckle]
What's our percentage?
15 per cent.
Some joke ting.
What you say?
Give me your gun.
I said, "Gimme your gun!"
[gun cocking]
Who teach you how to use this?
Are you me I talk to?
You ever speak to me like that again,
I'm gonna put three bullets
inside this ear.
[soft urban music]
[woman] I just want to do something
better, do you know what I mean?
For us both.
You know I love him.
You love him?
He means a lot to me.
- So nice to see you.
- [chuckles]
- We should do this more often.
- We should.
- I know.
- We should definitely.
How many clubs have you got?
- Hm, now you're asking.
- [she chuckles]
Must be late to this party.
This is looking very cosy.
Very cosy.
Jason. I want you to meet Mustafa.
Mus is one of my most valued clients
and he dabbles in your line of work.
Nice to meet you, bro.
Ready to go?
Come on, Jason, just sit down.
[Mus] Surely
you don't have to rush off yet.
There's so much we could be talking about.
Selene has been filling me in with
all the information about you and Bev.
- Oh, has she?
- Yeah.
And that beautiful work you done
at the warehouse. Nice.
Clinical... but desperate.
I've no idea what you're talking about.
Of course you don't.
Of course you don't.
What I'm trying to say is,
Beverley's been running East London
for a long time now.
You see, every good thing
must come to an end, rude boy.
Mind how you talk.
Nothing ain't coming to an end, rude boy.
Are you sure about that?
I'm just giving you a chance to jump ship.
Seeing as we've got mutual friends
and all that.
Mutual friend?
- I'll speak to you later, OK?
- Yeah.
[distant siren]
How do you do this?
- What, you don't need some help?
- Yes, please.
You need to put your body weight on it,
that's why it weren't moving.
- Girl, he's beautiful.
- He is.
- Who sent this man from Heaven?
- Exactly.
[both laugh]
I think he's traditional.
- You finished there?
- You know what, yeah?
I'm done.
You're gonna need a new spare tyre,
but you should be good for now.
- Thank you. You saved my life.
- That's cool.
- I just moved in to flat B.
- Yeah?
Be nice if you come round,
get a hot chocolate.
Know what? I don't think my girl
would appreciate that.
- You got a girl?
- Yeah.
- That's fine.
- You take care, man.
See you round.
- Girl, he just swerved me.
- That was rude!
He don't want all of this? Come on.
[quiet chatter]
[woman] Wagwan, G-Money?
- You all right?
- Mm.
- When you taking me out to dinner?
- Why you cook?
What happened to cooking,
that's what I'm saying?
Can't cook? Listen...
Any word on the shipment?
Expecting something to come in today.
I need you boys to go and get the bill.
Man outside a primary school like some...
Come on, bro, where's this youth, bruv?
He's there, man.
Man like Mitch.
What, he's got them machines
and the money in the bag?
Don't ever pick me up
this early again, you know.
You know I like my sleep still.
All right, Sleeping Beauty.
[kids chattering]
Hey, Vincent, sit down.
- Morning, Cosmo.
- Good morning, Mr Bryant.
- [dad] See you later, alligator.
- In a while, crocodile.
Have a good day.
[rap music playing]
Oh, my days, look.
Money Ting's Insta, yeah?
- Is that the ting, yeah?
- Yeah, look at her.
You're loved up, you're not even meant
to be looking at that.
That don't mean I can't preview.
Look at that car behind.
It's been following us.
- It's a five-door.
- That's Jake's.
New plate.
Brah, they're speeding up.
- Oh, my days.
- Fuck's sake.
Get out the car, please, boys.
Out the car.
Turn the engine off, please, sir.
Jason, can you get out the car, please?
I'm arresting you on distribution
of class A drugs
and possession of firearms.
Let's go for a walk, son.
If you'd like to put your pencils down,
Keep quiet. Get up. That's it.
In twos, by the door.
Nice... Nice and quick now.
That's it, darling, this way. That's it.
There we are.
Quickly. That's it, file out. Out you go.
It's all right, we'll get it later.
That's it. Well done. Quick as you can.
Nice and quiet.
There we are. Hurry up.
[quiet chatter]
[indistinct chatter]
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.
Forget it, forget it, forget it.
Relax, bro, relax. Relax.
Come on. Clappers.
- Who, that Robocop one?
- What's he got a towel on his head?
- Who the fuck is he?
- We fucked up his brother
when we was younger.
Fuck it, man.
- What's the problem, bruv?
- What's going on, bro?
Is there a problem, bruv?
Nervous. Nervous.
[all shouting]
[guard] Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Seven... eight... nine...
Mad ting.
I need a shower, man.
Hey, let me get a shampoo, brother.
- Hey, man, that is low.
- Low?
- Low.
- You work for Bev. What does that mean?
She's been taking care of herself,
she don't care about us, man.
What's going on with your brother,
you heard from him?
I have, you know. They shipped my man
to some jail in Wales.
- Wales? They're handling men like that?
- [indistinct mumbling]
But she's saying they haven't been able
to visit him still, sad.
My man's only got, what, 18 months left?
Yeah, he's gonna be a D-cat soon.
18 months. He'll be home in a minute, man.
Man go every day, my brother. Trust me.
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.
- You gonna get involved?
- In what? Man's controlling this area.
- Go back over your side, bro.
- Just wanted to use the weights.
Fuck that, bruv.
Step over to your side, bro.
- Be easy, G, man.
- No, fuck that, man.
Can't man bang weights in peace?
You fucking mug.
Get off! Get off!
The London boy catching on
the fucking gym. Good though, bruv.
- Up on that, rude boy. What's good?
- [indistinct chatter]
You see my man?
My man look like Robocop.
You see when he was over me?
- The little small one?
- Nah.
That's the one I don't like. Him.
I heard them running up and down the wing
the other day, fam.
Yeah, but now he's rolling
with them Birmingham ones.
I'm gonna bust his head open,
trust me on that one.
- You say the face is bad?
- Yeah, it's bad, rude boy.
I've got a visit coming as well
to check me.
Don't worry who I got visiting me.
I see you on the visit
the other day, though.
- I see how you're moving, dog.
- The little skirt?
The one in the short skirt?
What do you mean, fam?
What? Fam.
Being in jail, you talk about all these
girls, they ain't seen one ting. Not one.
- I ain't seen not one.
- They're in the ghetto waiting for me.
One minute. What's going on?
- Why you coming over here, rude boy?
- I ain't come here for that, fam.
- What you come for then?
- To speak to the big man.
You don't speak to no big man, fam.
What you talking about?
- Yo, G.
- Hey, shall we get this cracking, fam?
- You're talking to no one.
- You forget all of that, fam.
- What you looking at?
- Brother, take the bass out your voice.
- What bass out of my voice?
- Where's your fucking sleeves, fam?
You think you're in Marbella
or something?
- Comedian, innit?
- Yeah, joker, fam.
What? Talk then, what's going on?
- How can we sort this out?
- Sort out what?
- See what you've done to my face?
- That's what I'm trying to sort out.
You want to sort out?
Come on then, let's go sort it out.
- [indistinct chatter]
- Forget all of that.
It's cool, it's cool, it's cool.
All right, we'll sort it out.
- Me and you, then?
- Yeah. We'll talk.
- All right, cool.
- He looks excited.
Yeah, I'm excited about everything,
big man.
- Catch you on the rebound.
- Catch me on the rebound, rude boy?
He speaks.
You see my man, I don't like him.
I'm gonna bust his head open.
Don't like him at all.
[Jason] Wagwan? I come in peace.
Calm down, brother. Panicking.
You shook.
You don't mind
if I make myself comfortable?
Let me apologize on behalf of G.
My misunderstanding.
Apology accepted.
Now get the fuck out of here.
I heard you got a Tec flying about.
If you let me use that,
I'll make sure you and your people
are well looked after here, bruv.
My people are good, G.
Don't need no looking after.
Very aggressive.
Anyway, this Tec,
you know what the powers are.
Let me make one or two calls... with what I got to deal with,
and I can pattern something for you
in the process.
Think about it, innit.
- [classical music]
- [phone ringing]
Who's this?
Hey. Why are you calling me
on this dodgy number?
[Selene] Look, whatever big move
you're doing with Bev,
needs to lead to result,
because now we have responsibilities.
I'm pregnant.
Aren't you gonna say something?
[phone beeps]
Behind the doors, lads, come on.
["Sunrise" by Jaz Karis plays]
Your hand is my hand
Your heart is my heart
Your eyes see what I see
So do you promise
not to leave me lonely?
You've been around
You've been around, hmm-hmm
But I can only hope it's me you found
It's like the sun is risin'
with the heavens, am I really flyin'?
It's like the ocean's bloomin'
Every moment I can feel it movin'
It's like a fire burnin' deep inside me
I can feel it churnin'...
[Mitch] How'd your man get out, though?
They didn't find no food on us.
No guns on us.
What, that teacher?
My son liked that teacher, still.
Your son don't like us?
Bro, bro, bro, what would you rather?
Live a basic life as a teacher,
or go to jail,
sit down for a little bit of time,
and know that your family's
well looked after?
I'd rather be a teacher, blood,
man heard you get bare holidays, fam.
The teacher's good, man,
don't worry about him, he'll be all right.
- Mitch, jail's not for you, you know.
- I know fam, I'm not trying to go to jail.
No offence, man, but...
You man our back, so what's the motive?
My work's here in London.
Bruv, come on, you know work's slow
when you men are not about.
Anyone making moves, I don't care
if it's big moves, small moves, whatever.
You gotta be on to them.
Get this money back up.
Welcome back, my brothers. Chase!
[man on mic] Don't do it, don't do it
Body bag, body bag
Don't do it, don't do it
Body bag, body bag
Don't do it, don't do it
Body bag, body bag
Body bag, body bag
Body bag, body bag...
[song continues indistinctly]
So answer.
It's the boy I was telling you about,
he's gonna work for...
With us.
Welcome to the business.
So how's this gonna run?
You're gonna tell us about Bev's set-up.
Logistics, storage, alliances.
Any businesses that exist as a front.
- Snitching.
- Far from it.
If you're getting cold feet,
the door's there.
Nah, I'm good.
Let's start with the warehouse robbery.
[phone vibrating]
Answer your phone, bro.
Yo, G.
No, I'm tied up, you know.
Let me hit you back.
[Mus chuckles] G-Money?
If he weren't Bev's little skivvy,
he'd actually get somewhere, you know?
So you do know the...
The warehouse was ours, right?
Don't stress. We're not out for revenge.
Looks like you got somewhere else to be
Like I told you, Mustafa... I'm good.
[man] Listen, listen, I'm in
a good mood, innit. I'm gonna let you off.
[girl] Thank you.
Make sure you tell all your friends
about Jason.
I run this block, do you understand?
- Who runs this block? Huh?
- Jason.
- Huh?
- You. Jason. Jason.
- Jason runs the block.
- Jason runs the block.
- Get out of here. Wagwan?
- Listen, listen.
Our man's fucking block, are you mad?
- [grunts]
- What you doing?
Pig in the city. Get up!
G-Money, I thought you was lock, fam.
You thought what? You thought what?
- Empty your pockets.
- [grunts]
- Don't hit me, fam.
- What's this?
- Is that everything?
- King of the block with a bus pass,
- you clown.
- [laughs]
Give me the rest.
Where's the grub?
Where's the food? Where's the food?
I want the rest of the food, yeah?
Or I'm gonna stab you. You hear me?
- All right...
- Where's the rest? Now.
Where'd you get this food from?
Where you get the food?
Can't hear what he said?
The Turks, the Turks.
The Turks?
So you're running with the Turks?
- They got better food, fam.
- OK.
Don't let me catch you with no food again,
do you hear me?
- Not even chicken and chips, rude boy.
- What did he say?
- Not even chicken and chips, innit.
- Now, cool. Come on, get out of here.
Don't let me catch you around here again.
- Did you hear what he said?
- Turks.
What you thinking?
- [gunshots]
- Get the fuck down! Get the fuck down!
[screaming and indistinct shouting]
Get the fuck down! Face down!
Oi, you, get me a drink.
Get me a fucking drink.
No ice, no ice.
Yo! Where's the fucking food, man?
- We don't serve food back here.
- I'm not talking about kebab!
- Where's the fucking food, bro?
- Do you know who I am, my friend?
I don't give a fuck. Now where's the food?
- Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What the fuck is this?
Big Turkish dealer like you
and one fucking brick?!
Hey, get on your knees.
Get on your fucking knees!
Hey, listen, I can give you a job.
My nephew was here this morning
talking to one of your people,
I know you have drought problem.
You work for me, I make you a rich man.
Get on the floor, motherfucker.
Where's the food? Where's the food?
Listen to me, blood,
I only work for one person, yeah?
That's cos she raised me. You don't
look like no Jamaican woman to me.
Now, talk, yeah!
- Talk now! Talk!
- I...
- Where? Fucking talk up!
- Drawer.
Drawer, drawer, drawer, drawer.
Where's that bag? Where's that bag?
Mm, what's this? Yeah? What do you say?
Nothing there, blood.
- Bricks, fam.
- [laughs]
OK. This is what you was hiding, yeah?
You, man, hurry up!
- [woman crying]
- I told you, put your fucking head down!
Quick, quick, quick. OK.
Do you smoke this shit?
You need it, you're in pain.
You, man, hurry up! Hurry up!
I said, don't look at me!
[panicked cries]
I offered to step out tonight,
I'm not gonna lie.
Yeah, trust me.
I was going on at them Turks
like anything. They're light, bruv.
- The moves were mad, still.
- It was mad, G, I'm not gonna lie.
Man should all have got a kebab in there.
And halloumi cheese,
you know what I'm saying?
[all laugh]
- Trust me.
- Know what's so funny though?
Every time I link with man dem,
I just make money.
Come on, Blacks, man,
you know we're the dream team.
Clappers to you, clappers.
- What's going on?
- Wagwan?
Your man [indistinct].
What, Bev come through all this food,
Nah, man got this off some Turkish people,
A little Turkish delight,
you know what I'm saying? [chuckles]
- All of it?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- With a little persuasion.
- You robbed them?
Yeah, I robbed them, and what?
- Why the fuck you rob them?
- Cos I wanted to. What?
I called you, bro.
- How'm I meant to know you're calling me?
- Bro, bro, listen.
We spent our money on the lawyers.
The police took man's grub.
No connect though
when I give my no consignment.
I use my fucking initiative.
What are you doing?
- Fucking...
- [indistinct chatter]
- What's wrong with you, man?
- Chill out, man.
- The fuck, man?
- Why mention money?
Calm down, you mad man.
Bev's gonna be happy,
we got all the food, man.
- Mitch, get your head out of Bev's batty.
- [giggling]
I'm scheming, man.
You see the next time you go on a move,
have the common courtesy to let me know,
innit. Yeah?
And I will be liking my cut.
Thank you in advance.
Man wants his cut
and he didn't even come on the move.
[indistinct chatter]
I use my fucking initiative.
Where you from, bro?
[Mustafa] It's the guy I was telling you
about, he's gonna work for... With us.
[man] Welcome to the business.
[indistinct voices]
You're three hours' late for your trim.
You're not getting no trim.
Your hair was like that
before you ever come here, bro.
Bro, you got pepper grains anyway, man,
suck your girl, you dickhead, man.
Anyway, anyway, anyway,
listen, listen, listen.
I must've been out last night, yeah?
I see my man's gal in the dance, fam.
- Who's "my man"?
- My man from...
- Who, the lanky lad?
- Yeah.
Always trying to act like he's bad.
Fam, the way his gal was moving,
I knew it, you know.
One time, she come in here,
she smelt like fish.
[all laugh]
What's going on? What's going on?
What's going on?
- So, wagwan, cuz?
- Wagwan, cuzzy?
- Business booming as usual.
- Business is booming, yeah?
G, make sure you warn me before you bring
people to my shop, you know.
- Who you talking about...
- Cool, cool, cool.
He's family.
Wagwan for my man?
You know what, let's go over there
and talk comfortably, man.
G, come, man.
So what you saying?
- You ain't got a drought?
- What you mean, drought?
That's some East London talk.
I ain't even gonna lie,
Bev's ting's low right now, cuz.
You lot still getting food
from the Yardies, yeah?
Who your man picking up off?
I mean, no one wants to find his uncle,
- Turks as well.
- I see you're bridging over there still.
- What bridging?
- You know J, man? He's linking Mus.
J. What I tell you about J?
Fucking snake, bro.
You don't know that for sure yet.
I don't know if Mus has got
some special shisha in the office,
- but he was 100 per cent there.
- That guy's been sly.
J, yeah, you see him there.
- Respect, cuz, always a pleasure.
- Yeah?
On the rebound, my brother.
Any time you need a trim,
just pass through, my brother.
You, be safe, my brother, yeah?
Mandem all safe, man.
[banging on door]
Fuck's this? What you doing? Huh?
What you doing?
- Swear to God, I...
- Sit down.
Sit down.
Muscle, huh?
What's all this about then?
You're not really in the position
to start asking questions, are you?
[Mus] Yeah. Now relax, get comfy.
Come in my yard with these two buffoons
talking about relax,
- that's mad disrespectful.
- Mad disrespectful.
I'll tell you fucking disrespectful.
The last time we spoke, we were supposed
to be doing business together.
Now my uncle's lying in intensive care.
That's fucking disrespectful.
I'm sorry to hear that
but it had nothing to do with me.
Don't fucking lie to me, boy.
When they move, you move.
[sighs] You know what, yeah?
I'm gonna take care of them.
In the meantime...
- Hey.
- Chill out, man.
Go reimburse them for food.
Put your little money away, man.
See... I got a vision.
And in my vision,
the whole ras clart of London
picks up off of me.
And right now, there's only one person
standing in my way.
And that's why
you're gonna get rid of her for me.
- Ah, funny guy.
- [chuckles]
I don't mind giving you info and what not.
Bev's like family, I ain't killing her.
It ain't happening.
OK. You do what you gotta do.
She ain't easy to touch, you know.
["Cadet" by Andale playing]
If it ain't under there
Kind of lit, kind of lit
Growing up in my bits
Trying not to go jail
And trying not to get shit
Try and find you a wifey
A strong girl, not a bitch
And if you wonder what saucy niggas
Let it drip, let it drip
Robberies, nigga, robberies
Yeah, that's my kind of lit
I run up on them like
Fuck, boy, run this shit
Living life, living life
I'm trying to toast to this shit
But I need my money right now
I ain't trying to wait on this bitch
So andale, andale...
- [woman] All right, boys?
- Yeah, you been in the gym, yeah?
You know, gotta work out.
[G-Money] You know my man's
having a baby.
[Bev] What?
And you never tell me?
When's the baby shower?
Soon as we find out
if it's a boy or a girl.
Well, congratulations.
I'm gonna spoil that baby
something rotten.
[Bev] I got a final solution for our...
I'm listening.
Me want you boys to go to Jamaica.
[tense music]
Take care of our little rat infestation.
That's suicide.
- Suicide...
- [drawer opening] being seen in broad daylight...
...with the opposition.
- How long you been working for the Turks?
- It ain't even like that.
[Bev] Get up!
- [woman] What?
- That's right about her style.
Now you are jumping on that plane... Jamaica.
Make sure he gets on that plane.
And when you're rich... know what to do.
[TV on in background]
Is everything all right?
Definitely had better days,
you know, darling.
Fucking G-Money and that.
I can believe Bev
but G, that's my brother.
They robbed the Turks, innit.
- And now this.
- Now what?
Bev wants me to go Jamaica
and kill someone.
I'm feeling like it's a set-up.
Like, if I go there,
they're gonna kill me.
Yeah? And if I don't,
they're gonna kill me here.
Either way, I'm a dead man walking.
J, why would they kill you?
I don't know.
Seriously, J, why would they kill you?
I don't believe that for a second.
Do you know what I think?
I think you should go there.
- Serious?
- Yes.
I think you should go to Jamaica.
And meet the main connect.
Seriously, think about it.
You don't wanna go from being
a soldier for Beverley
to being some slave for Mustafa.
So, go.
- [J] Who this?
- Yeah, my brother.
- How's the play?
- Gunz.
My brother.
What you saying, you on the roads?
Moving to your bits with my gal, bro,
in LON.
Into my bits.
It's all right, you can take me out,
you know.
You reached my phone in jail.
Take me for food or buy me trainers, bro.
Oh, definitely, it would be an honor,
but I'm flying out tomorrow, you know.
Yeah, that's a mad coincidence still.
My nan just passed away in Jamaica,
so I'm gonna take a little trip.
I'm sorry to hear that, you know, bro.
I'm gonna be all over the place.
Oh, definitely, shout me, brother.
Soon as you touch. You get me?
- Link up.
- Mad.
It's gonna be a mad link-up,
my brother.
Oh! Result.
["Welcome to Jamrock"
by Damian Marley plays]
Out in the streets,
they call it murder
Welcome to Jamrock camp
Where the thugs dem camp at
Two pound ah weed inna van back
It inna your hand bag,
your knapsack...
[G-Money] Swear that's my man, there.
- Brah, is that my man in the orange?
- [laughs]
Looking like a Tango or something.
Mind how you're talking, you know.
Is that the man named G-Money?
Yeah, it's me still, wagwan?
- Wagwan, fam?
- Yeah, man.
- Er, er, man's J.
- Oh, J, how's things, man?
[G-Money chuckles] Nah, he's a boss still.
Man like Shane, you know.
You need anything, Sour Sap, it's done.
[chuckles] For Sour Sap. Make sure
don't put to that to the test already.
He's a shooter, he's one of my shooters.
- [indistinct]
- Yeah.
[indistinct chatter]
We have a situation where Sour Sap
and his sister, Beverley,
they're moving bare cocaine in England.
[police officer] This boy want mansion,
Mansion, Montego Bay.
Mansion, uptown Kingston.
I am working, solving crime for 15 years.
My car is a Chevrolet.
I have a little always
what I am solving crime.
I live like a decent man.
I take down lots of criminal.
But you know who me want...
...Sour Sap!
Yo, my brother.
Can't believe we're in Yard, you know.
Now this ting is beautiful.
- Hello, miss.
- Hi.
Can I get four digital top-up cards,
- And your number?
- 500 dollar.
- What, I can't get your number?
- No.
Wanna come to London,
do some real life stuff.
- On a promise?
- Candice.
Lined out for them.
- Boss.
- [Shane] Wanna give me your number?
Vexer, vexer.
Just on WhatsApp, you know.
- Let's try Sour Sap.
- Got the powers!
-Yeah, bruv.
- G, you need to bust them in London.
- Remember G-Money,
I'm the London Sour Sap.
Shame, yeah?
- You done your ting.
- Come on.
- I respect it highly.
- Put on your best dress.
- What you say, you got a friend for me?
- No, nobody for you.
- You got no friend?
- No.
Come on.
[indistinct chatter]
Peaches. Wagwan?
- [indistinct]
- Mm-hmm.
- My London killer.
- Mm. Wagwan, English boys?
My name Peaches, you all right?
- Yeah, we're good.
- Mm-hmm.
No disrespect, Mr Sour Sap,
but where can I find a gal like this?
Yo, bad man, you can't find no girl
like Peaches. No, not for better.
["Yu Zimme" by Stylo G plays]
Laying to di side like Ding Dong, ouff
Chain dem a swing like swing song,
Yuh light skin girlfriend like mi
Even though mi black like King Kong
She like every picture pon mi Ingram
So right away she a sing song
Mi tell her fi call me a Yardie
A me put di G inna England
Limited space fi di man dem
Wuleepa space fi di gyal dem, yo
Bottles alone, so put your cups down
If a table dog, a straight shut down
Stylo make you whine up your body,
Bumboclart, whine up your body, gyal
You nah fi ask wen you see me
Wen you see me
Every gyal you see me with a fi mi
Yu Zimme
Yu Zimme
Hey, yu Zimme
Yu Zimme
Yu Zimme
Yow, every gyal you see me
with a fi mi
Yu Zimme,
every gyal you see me with a fi mi
You Zimme, every gyal
you see me with a fi mi
You Zimme, every gyal you see me
with a fi mi
You Zimme, you nah fi
ask wen you see me
My girl or my girl or your girl
or mine
Sit down and kick back
and wait till your time
You keep on trying
you're wasting your time
Camera, you zimme...
- Wagwan, little man?
- [speaks Patois]
- You know where Lady [indistinct] is?
- Give me 100 dollar first.
- How much?
- 100.
- Where is it?
- Give me it first.
That way.
Where's Shane, asleep?
The guy don't sleep still.
Yeah, cos you was moving wild last night,
Gonna have to slow down.
Could you live out here?
What, and leave London?
Boy, I run London, I come out here,
I'm, like, some contract killer.
You run London?
Bro, you know what I mean.
We run London.
Yeah, we.
Sour Sap is taking us around today, yeah?
Gonna show us about.
I'm gonna shower and get changed,
you ready?
["Hi Grade" by Angel plays]
So if you come into my place
Baby, we can smoke at a hi grade
Them kind of weed make you feel like
Really making love till you feel right
Why don't you come over my place?
Baby, we can smoke...
Lord, I'd like to thank you for everything
that you've provided for us,
I'd like to thank you for the General,
for showing us the time of our lives.
I'd like to thank you
for the beautiful women
that you've brought around us,
and I pray that all the mandem get to
draw girls with big bums and big batty
at Peaches' birthday.
Somebody say, "Amen."
[all] Amen!
- [man] Let's eat.
- No, man. No, man.
Hey, woman. [laughs]
Who want a drink?
Who wants the dragonstone?
["Ding Dong" by Fling plays]
[speaks Patois]
So, yo, blood.
Do you think we can trust the new guy,
We not know enough.
We not know them.
No, the only one I know is G-Money.
Only one I heard of.
I don't know none of the rest of them.
[speaks Patois]
- The one with the glasses?
- Yeah.
Nah, man, never heard of him, bro. Never.
The next one, his name's Shane
At the end of the day,
we'll put them to our local test, blood.
You don't want a man to let you down
in the streets, bro.
- Yeah.
- We have to do that, you know.
[tyres screeching]
[siren wails]
Licence and registration.
- I haven't got my licence, I left...
- Shut up!
Put your hands on the car.
Put your hands on the car!
Turn round.
He is a smart ass? Eh?
Till you step out. Where you from?
- England.
- Where are you from?!
- London.
- Why you so smart?
You're a smart ass, eh? Eh?
You're a smart ass, eh, boy?
Step out of the car. [indistinct]
You were speeding.
- So?
- I want your licence and registration...
[both speaking in Patois]
Shut up! Shut up!
- [speaks Patois]
- Yeah, big drug dealer.
Land Rover, Jaguar.
[both speaking Patois]
I feel like you ate a bombaclart still.
[indistinct] Yo, follow.
[speaks Patois]
All right, Mr Sour Sap.
Sour Sap.
We'll finger Peaches in a few days, sir.
Just gonna chill out
and fuck some Jamaican pussy.
- You ever fucked pussy in Jamaica?
- No.
- Never thought about it?
- No.
Ask him [indistinct].
I have a place name, back road.
- [she laughs]
- 2,000 dollar.
Get your whistle washed cos... [yells].
He's a regular. Very often.
Yeah. Take my advice, man.
- He knew it all.
- All right.
Big up, everybody coming out tonight.
The great Peaches' birthday. Peaches.
We have something special for you tonight.
["Ben' Ova" by WSTRN plays]
- Wagwan, Sour Sap?
- I do good.
I was thinking, still.
Bev... Is that your real sister?
Yeah, man, she my family, wagwan?
She a blood family, is what I'm saying.
Yeah, wagwan?
I was thinking, me and you
could be like family, still.
They have to prove theirself.
For instance, the deal you got with Bev.
It's you taking the risk.
You sourcing all the food.
And all she doing is getting me and my
brothers to distribute it, and for what?
So what do you have?
Me and you can do some business.
So about your people. G.
Let me worry about G.
Just remember this, man,
I was once ambitious like you.
["December" by Jules plays]
[music stops, screaming]
You owe me, you know.
Owe you for some carpet burn.
Man up,
you're meant to be a bad man, blood.
- I nearly got shot, innit.
- Key word in the whole sentence, "nearly".
On a serious note...
...I need you to drop someone for me.
Drop as in how?
Come on, blood, you know what I mean.
[chuckles] So you want me
to kill somebody?
Dead serious.
- The General.
- Sour Sap?
Boy, you know the man's ruthless.
Kill your momma and your poppa.
You're dealing with a chess player,
let me worry about all that shit.
You don't even know.
I ain't interested.
Listen, I've got something nice for you
lined up. Deal with that thought.
Or at least sleep on it.
Do you know what?
Forget I ever said anything.
[Sour Sap sings to himself]
Yo, General, wagwan?
- [indistinct]
- We good?
Minding my daily.
I just wanted to see if...
You know, the other night was a bit shit.
If that were my family, you know.
You're automatically a part of my life,
- Listen...
- That way I get what I deserve.
- You see the ting that I had last night.
- Mm-hmm.
She was doing some pillow talking still.
It turns out Romey and Peaches
are doing a little ting, still,
I don't know if you knew about that.
That's how we roll, me and Peaches.
- [J] Huh?
- Mm-hmm.
You know what,
I'm gonna handle both of them for you.
If Romey and Peaches are not back
by six o'clock in the morning,
you are dead by seven.
No one getting Sour Sap.
[sniffs] Me man blessed, yeah?
- Wagwan?
- Wagwan?
- You men know where J's at?
- That's G-Money's people, you know.
Who gives a fuck?
If you mind the shock,
I'll get one of my other boys to do it.
[both chuckle]
- Shock.
- Man said "shock".
You know what we're about, Mus.
- Yo, brother.
- Yo, yo.
Wagwan? Listen,
remember that thing we talked about?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Time is of the essence. What you saying?
- We had this conversation already.
- Yeah?
Brother, listen, you ain't gonna
get caught, fam, it's in and out.
You do your ting, you go home. Simple as.
What time?
Right, I'm gonna send you all the details
you need, yeah?
Look out for that. I'll shout you.
- Ha!
- We never said queen's a slag.
- You're always cheating, Jem. [chuckles]
- I'm not.
You're just pissed
because I've won three times.
- Pack it in.
- [knocking on door]
Jem, get the door.
- Why do I always have to get the door?
- Because you're the youngest.
- Baby!
- [both laugh]
[mimics laughter] You're so funny.
[muffled shouting]
- Jem?
- Jem?
What's going on? Hmm?
I got no fucking money!
- Where's the fucking money?
- Harmony!
[indistinct aggressive shouting]
I haven't got any cash here,
I haven't got any cash here!
Sis! Sis!
- Sis!
- Fuck your sis.
Fuck your sis. Where's the money?
Fuck your sis. Where's the fucking money?
Oi, stay there.
Hm? Where's the money?
Get over there.
- Oi, oi, oi, oi, oi, oi, oi, oi.
- [she shrieks]
Stay there!
Hey, D. Hey, D, D, D, D, look at this.
Bust your gun then.
- Shoot me then.
- Fucking let her go.
Go on. Shoot me.
What the fucking good are you?
Get on the fucking floor,
you dickhead, man.
- Fuck you, man.
- [she sobs]
- Let him pull a gun on you, man?
- You dickhead, man.
What the fuck, man?
You're not even like that man,
look at you.
What you saying, you're a gang man now,
- Hey, get off of him!
- Don't fucking pull your gun on me, man.
- Stay over there, man.
- Fucking pull a gun on me.
Fucking dick! Fucking dickhead!
[man speaking indistinctly]
[speaking Patois]
[muffled voices of the men]
No, I true am in love with you, boy.
I really like the way you made me feel
at the party.
How me make you feel?
You know Sour, a pretty white ting.
[indistinct chatter]
- So you're home tonight?
- [Peaches] Mm-hmm.
Sour's your ex.
- Sour Sap ain't an idiot.
- Sour pussy.
- [Peaches] Come!
- Go, go.
Hey, what's up, pussy boy?
[speaks Patois]
Not yet ripe enough for the sinner, huh?
Yo! G-Money!
[Romey] I can smell your stinking fam
from here.
I bet you go back to England in a box.
How much you want to bet me?
Eh? Show your face, pussy.
Show your face.
Show you about bad boy.
Who's hiding?
Talk too much, that's why tonight, you get
a bullet in your little pissing mouth.
[tyres screech]
[indistinct chatter]
[shouting, gunfire]
Back up, back up, back up!
[gun clicks empty]
- Stupid sket.
- [gunshot]
What happened?
We have a bloodclart dead police officer.
Where's Sour Sap's body then?
[shouts in Patois]
Kingsley, let me speak to you.
You and your men had one task.
- Shut up!
- One task.
Don't point that thing at me.
You do that one more time,
I'll murder you like that dead officer.
I will kill you and send your body back
to England.
You had one task, which you failed.
Don't you ever come to my island
and disrespect none of my officers
down here.
We solve crime, don't you bloodclart
disrespect my officers, don't!
- Don't fucking...
- Find Sour Sap!
Shit, Mitch has been shot! You, man!
Quick, Mitch, get up, man!
- Come on, man.
- Who the fuck shot you?
- A fucking pussy...
- Hold your gun, hold your gun.
- Stand up!
- What the fuck, man?
- Fucking hell.
- Come on.
Where'd you get shot,
in your arm or your leg?
Walk, man, man up.
No mercy!
No mercy!
No mercy!
Come to the boot, come to the boot.
- [all speaking at once]
- I'm sick of them fuckers.
Come, Mitch, man, hurry up.
[indistinct shouting]
- [Mitch wails] Shit.
- Mitch, you're good, blood, you're good.
[Mitch] God, please,
deliver me from this situation.
- Mitch, stop chatting shit!
- Shut up, man, I'm talking to God!
Roll me, fam.
Fucking beating Sour Sap's ting.
- Taking the pick, boy. She's nice though.
- She's fire, fam.
- She's fire, fam.
- I might have done her dance as well.
Bruv, she's fire. Bruv, you [indistinct].
- I had to, bruv.
- Fam.
She pulled the ting out on me, bruv.
I wasn't sure if I was gonna fuck her
or dock her after this.
Fucking flick her down, blood.
[laughing] You're mad jokes, you know.
You, man, hurry up!
[cockerel crowing]
Chill out.
Chill out.
- I'm not gonna beg for my life.
- Yes, you are.
Hear me out.
Just hear me out.
Sour Sap's whole operation is done.
You hear me?
It's done, G!
Beverley's whole operation
is finished, dog.
We can still...
- We can still do this ting together, bro.
- Who the fuck's "we"?
G... just hear me out.
I've got all of Sour Sap's contacts.
I've got all of his links.
We can still... Bro...
[stammers] I'm tired of
these fucking Yardies anyway. [chuckles]
We're all from the ends, dog. [laughs]
Shut the fuck up.
[gun cocks]
Put your guns on the ground, yeah?
G, what you doing?
- Put your guns on the ground.
- G, what you doing, blood?
Hurry up.
Beverley sent us out here for?
To kill a rat,
and that's what we're doing.
You forget to say,
my cousins, they roll with Mustafa.
And your point is?
You think I don't know everything
you're dealing with?
Anything I'm doing is for us, G!
Don't listen to this pagan, G.
For us. Running around town,
mashing works for peanuts.
Boy, you're running round town
doing tings behind my back.
- For us, G!
- Lower your tone when you're talking,
- what's wrong with you?
- Yeah, pussy.
That's how we deal with the snakes.
Careful how you're moving things.
Pick up your guns, man, let's go.
Pick up your guns, let's go.
- Come on, man.
- General.
Careful, bro, careful, man!
Fuck's sake, man.
- Sit down.
- Bro, just...
Yo, General! Where the fuck's everyone?
Let me check out the back, man.
- You good?
- Yeah, man.
- It's empty, man.
- I know, I know, relax, man, relax.
Let's blow, man.
- Where's General? Where's Sour Sap?
- Yo, chill.
That's what I'm saying,
no one is here, bruv.
We chill till the morning, yeah?
The General don't come by morning,
we cut.
Them Yardies are booky, blood.
This ain't our place,
what you talking about?
Where's Sour Sap? Where are they?
- Place is empty, blood.
- What am I meant to do?
Yo, J?
Right now, they're our options.
Sounds like the best plan to me.
You, man, have gone mad.
We men are the bosses, innit.
[officer] Ma'am.
If we leave them long enough,
they're bound to give in.
Unless your hunch
forms a legal basis for detention,
we have to let them go.
Goodness, this is proving to be
a very expensive joke.
Ma'am, they're running a tight operation
here in Jamaica.
If you leave, I will solve the case.
But I really don't want you to.
But we got to get this guy, man,
we have to get the boy.
We have to get him
as every last rough club wanna bet.
[R&B music]
Sir, I'm looking for Selene Abraham.
- Er, she's right in there.
- Thank you.
Can I get a minute, please?
It's fine.
- What do you want?
- How you feeling?
What do you mean, how am I feeling?
I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.
What? Is that all you've got to say?
You know my job comes with hazards,
Are you kidding me?
J, we've just lost our baby
and you're talking about fucking hazards.
- I never meant it like that.
- J, we lost our baby.
Get off me.
G, I've been thinking.
- I'm out.
- [G] What do you mean, you're out?
I got children, man.
Hold on. A man just lost his fucking baby
and you're talking about you got children.
Are you hearing yourself, bro?
Bro, answer me this,
what are you gonna do?
I've been speaking to my pastor, you know.
You been... Mm.
You been speaking to your pastor, yeah?
You been speaking to your pastor?
So, tell me, what's your pastor saying?
I'm gonna focus on church
and getting a job, bro.
What are you gonna write
on your application?
What you gonna do on your CV?
You gonna say, "I got previous history
in doing a bit of robbery
and selling some drugs"? Are you mad?
- Jesus my vibe, man.
- You know what, fuck off.
You see when it gets on top for you?
See when it gets on top for you
like it did when your babymother
starts getting in your ears,
talking about she needs money
for fucking petrol,
and you can't even get your daughter
a birthday present or a party.
Don't come back around here,
and remember,
when your friend fucking needed you,
you was too busy talking to your pastor
about I need money and I need a job.
Fuck off, man.
Dickhead, Mitch.
This guy's a dickhead, man.
Taking the piss, man.
Come out of there, man.
["Sum of Us" by Canjelae plays]
I got an empty heart
Where you were supposed to be
Where you were supposed to be
I got an empty heart
That's where you were supposed to be
Where you were supposed to...
- Wagwan, my brother?
- Wagwan?
You need my goods, yeah?
You got them tings, yeah?
You say more machines
and no bodies ain't dropping.
It's fucking mealy, fam.
Don't worry, man,
I'm gonna lick some later on tonight.
Better do that. Tell Bev
that's an extra five racks as well,
cos those were meant to go
to the Russians.
- Five rack, G-Man like that?
- Yeah, fam, take...
- What's wrong with this?
- Get the fuck off, man.
- You drive that, man?
- Get off that, you prick,
before I strangle you, man.
Wagwan, man?
Are you meant to be a killer
or fucking worrying about grills?
Go catch a buddy or something, nigga.
When I was in Jam,
you know Beverley's brother, Sour Sap?
- Sour Sap, ain't that a fruit?
- Obviously, it's a fruit,
but Bev's brother's nickname
is Sour Sap as well, bruv.
Come on. Stop acting like
you don't know what I'm talking about.
You're acting stupid right now.
What did we go Jamaica for?
To put in work.
Who for? Bev and Sour Sap.
Come on, bro.
- Yeah, you drink Sour Sap.
- Obviously, I drink a lot of Sour Sap.
What? [laughs] You's drinking Sour Sap?
- Bruv, are you stupid?
- Oh, my days.
Sour Sap the fruit, not Sour Sap the man,
you dickhead.
You're a dodgy guy, bruv,
been drinking a man called Sour Sap.
- What were you lot doing, bruv?
- You're so stupid.
- I'm telling the mandem about this.
- What are you talking about?
All the mandem were drinking Sour Sap.
It's a juice, fam.
- [laughs]
- It's a good juice, it makes you strong.
You were drinking Sour Sap. [coughs]
You're not serious, fam,
you're stupid, you know.
- I swear that car is following us.
- What car, man? Just drive.
Focus on the road, bruv.
Let me build you a spliff, bro.
You're pissing me off.
Well, every time I turn left,
it turns left.
- Must be feds.
- You're paranoid.
- Go left, man.
- [siren wails]
- Told you it's the feds, bro, I told you.
- Drive, drive, drive! Drive, drive, drive!
- Shut up!
- Don't fucking tell me to shut up!
I'm so sorry for your loss, son.
What them boys did was fuckery.
I seen you and G-Money
grow from wise to men.
I've been doing your mum's hair
for 20-something years.
Right there.
I'm not gonna lie to you.
Out of you and G-Money...'re my favourite.
Yeah, he's my foster son.
But you're like a real son to me.
Is that why you killed my unborn child?
And just the other day I was giving
D'Angel and Shane those machines
to go and hit them dirty Turks back.
Come on now, man.
I gonna fix this.
You know I will.
It's all right.
Gonna fix this, darling, don't worry.
Fix it.
- Wait here and watch the camera.
- What?
You heard me, wait here
and fucking watch the camera!
Fuck off, Smith!
Come on, let's clean this shit up.
My turn. Let's go and do this,
let's go and ride out on these Turks,
Trust me.
Good to have you back, bro.
- Wagwan?
- Is that G? Wagwan, brother?
You ready to go ride out on these Turks,
Bro, you're good. We ain't gotta
do nothing if you ain't ready, you know.
- Bev's dead.
- What?
- [chuckling]
- What?
- Man said, "Bev's dead."
- What do you mean, Bev's dead?
Don't joke like that.
Bev ain't dead, man, what's the matter?
What's wrong?
I walked past her shop and
they was carrying her body out in a bag.
[gun cocking]
- What?
- Nah, nah, nah.
He's chatting shit.
Bro, don't joke like that. Bev ain't dead,
bruv, what you talking about?
This is what I mean, I've had enough.
It's time to go ride on these Turks.
- Fucking Turks!
- Time, blood.
First your baby and now Bev?
To fuck with the chatty-chatty ting.
We've got the machines coming right now.
["Swingin' In Da Whip"
by Da Beatfreakz plays]
Are you ready? J?
Let's go, we got shit to do, man.
Hollowman ain't no goddamn hero
I'm just getting more crunker
Niggas getting softer than Bambi,
yeah, they getting more Thumper
Giving that flexy
Big up that stunter
This is that OG
So I give them that hunger
Flexy, flexy, flexy, flexy,
flexy, flexing
I got sexy, sexy, sexy,
sexy bitches sexing...
Just saying, Bonesy, live, yeah?
- OK.
- ["Cool Kid" by Loksi plays]
Cool kid, I got the block hot
I have your dons shocked,
when I pull up where you hang
Barbies on the kid
and they flex with the gang
Ooh, I got another check in the bank
Cool kid, I got the block hot
I have your dons shocked
when I pull up where you hang
Barbies on the kid
and they flex with the gang
Ooh, I got another check in the bank
G checks if them boy move shifty
Diss me?
I'm aiming nuttin' lower than a kidney
Got me feeling Big Shaq
when we step with them waps
Yeah, my brother got the pumpy
not a frisbee
We love lurk where 'dem pricks be
And fuck gym, I make a hench boy
run from off this .15
Jump off or jump out
we get them quickly
Mask on my face,
the witness thought I was Biski...
I've been here for six hours, fam.
No-one's come in or out.
- You sure this is Mus's spot?
- I told you, he owns this spot.
Brother, why you in this big white thing
- Why, where's your car?
- Back here.
A'ight, let's go in your ting.
Blacks, let's roll.
- Where you goin'?
- What do you know, where am I going?
- Come in the back, man.
- It's my car, bruv.
In the car, mate. In the back, brother.
Come on. Come on, com on.
- Come on, jump in, man.
- Come on, get in the back.
J, you're good, yeah?
Yeah, I'm just thinking about Bev
and my unborn.
You know what, to hell with that.
What you see right now,
it's serious times right here.
Can't have you fleeking out on us,
- You're a talker.
- Fleeking, brother.
- Wanna compare resumes?
- [phone vibrating]
- Yo, baby.
- Some guy is literally shutting it down.
- Who's on the phone?
- Shut up, man.
I think his name's, like, Muf...
Mus... Mustafa.
The one that owns the shisha spot?
Send me a picture, right now.
All right, I'll send one now. Bye.
All right.
- Wagwan, babe, where's this Mustafa?
- I don't know.
What do you mean?
You told me my man's there,
- now you're telling me you don't know.
- Hey, bro!
- Is she wasting my time or something?
- Let's get the fuck out of here.
It's a fucking joke ting.
- Babe, come, I need you...
- Fuck off, Sarah.
- What are you doing, you waste man?
- Shut up.
- Dickhead!
- Waste man.
You look like you come from Mars, blood.
Hear what I'm saying,
it's five in the morning, fam.
The girls have seen us,
people have walked past the car.
Don't make no sense, fam.
We're overforcing it.
We're gonna go to jail like this, fam.
I didn't bring my machine out tonight
for nothing.
- Man, I know.
- I ain't sleeping.
But all I'm saying to you
is it's bait now, it's bait.
We're forcing it.
This is how man go to jail, blood.
Look, people walking past us now,
they can see in the car,
we've argued with the girls.
Let's just do it tomorrow.
Comes circle, innit.
A man's gonna come out the rave,
he's gonna need to get food, yeah?
- Grab food.
- That makes more sense, man.
- Auto car. This is just a joke ting, fam.
- I ain't sleeping, bro.
Blue needs to shut his mouth
or I'll throw him in the boot, fam.
Hands on my munch.
See a cab?
Man, no smoking fag.
- Sure that's my man, there.
- Where?
Hey, pull up outside, G.
- [G-Money] Mustafa!
- Oh, shit.
[tyres screeching, gunshots]
[indistinct shouting]
Hey, Mustafa?
[indistinct shouting]
Fuck's sake.
- Fuck! [gunshot]
- [screaming]
You ain't even looking in my eye, blood.
Go on.
You don't need to find me
if you're not looking after me.
You know I'm gonna be looking after you,
that's not a problem.
- Really?
- Where's the fucking exit? Huh?
[both shouting]
- Why the fuck would I pay you, huh?
- Fucking snake! [indistinct]
- Get the fuck out of here now!
- Let go of me.
Are you out, yeah? Pussies.
Oh, shit.
Shove me your G,
are you taking the fucking piss, blood?
- Fuck you!
- Fuck you!
Hey, J, we got the pussy all cornered.
- Ah!
- J!
- [Mus] You, man.
- [gun clicks empty]
You, man. You, man.
Get me out of here, cuz,
you gotta get me out of here now.
I've run out of bullets.
- I pay you enough money, man.
- Who the fuck you talking to like that?
- Walk, man, dickhead.
- What?
I've had enough of you, man,
walk, rude boy.
- Yeah?
- All right. That's what it is, yeah?
- That's what it is, bro.
- [Mus] You're gonna regret this, you know.
Go down there, man.
You know they're my family, bro.
G, man, you're busting it, man.
What's that about, man?
Trying to catch this snake.
Oi, J? Raise your arm and bang him!
- Nah, J, you don't wanna do that, man.
- J!
Look at the plans we had together, cuz,
we coulda been running London together.
You wanna know about your uncle?
Let me tell you about...
You're talking too much, man.
Gimme your gun.
I can't look at you, man. Gimme your gun.
They're gonna carry you out.
Bro, gimme your gun, you got him.
Gimme your gun, bro, don't you trust me?
It's time, bro.
It's funny, this moment.
I remember one day, when we was kids,
you pulled out a gun on me.
And my mum said,
"That boy's gonna be the death of you."
[J spluttering]
[J] You're harsh, blood.
That's why your mother left you.
Went and looked after
the rest of your siblings.
[J breathing heavily]
You should've listened to your mum.
Finally. [indistinct]
Sorry about your youth.
["Creepin Up" by Remedee plays]
Yeah, yeah, it's peak, ya know
My niggas outside creepin' up
With the big .45
when you're sleeping now
Yeah, my bruddas all slide
on the streets, ya know
Me no lie, we creepin' up
The big .45, I sleep with that
Me no lie, they creepin' up
They did their time
but they are free again
In the morning hit the belly,
hit the ropes
Brothers talking really tough
but I don't know
Your belly gone, shoulda kept it
on the low
Talking to the federally when you fall
You're telling me to come through
Out for the belly but you wanna
have my babe
Tell me who you're on to
Fix it quick, send it on the ring
Oh, yeah
My brother's really making money
on the regular
We don't talk no brother man
where you're stepping now
Move like a general,
loose like an animal
Don't test me
I make a move for the minimal
Yeah, yeah
It's peak, ya know
My niggas outside creepin' up
With the big .45
when you're sleeping now
Yeah, my bruddas all slide
on the streets ya know
Me no lie, we creepin' up
The big .45, I sleep with that
Me no lie, they creepin' up
They did their time
but they are free again
over side cah riskin' cabbaging
They don't throw no O's,
they throw things like javelin
Leave a boys to mannequin,
no flying the mannequins
Carry the weapon
you know I'm beating rounds
Running from the jakes
is for my freedom now
Niggas wanna conversate,
that's treason now
Every other day is gun season now
Yeah, yeah, it's peak, ya know
My niggas outside creepin' up
With the big .45
when you're sleeping now
Yeah, my bruddas all slide
on the streets, ya know
Me no lie, we creepin' up
The big .45, I sleep with that
Me no lie, they creepin' up
They did their time
but they are free again
Yeah, yeah, it's peak, ya know
My niggas outside creepin' up
With the big .45
when you're sleeping now
Yeah, my bruddas all slide
on the streets, ya know
Me no lie, we creepin' up
The big .45, I sleep with that
Me no lie, they creepin' up
They did their time
but they are free again
Cos me nuh pop it off fi guh
talk to people
Park the vehicle, boom
Claat the eagle, smaddy dead
Tell the doc seh nuh draw fi needle
Kojo Funds
Wul a my thoughts a evil
Anyway dem flip up
you a deh suh me leave yuh
Fuck gyal, mek money,
dawg dat a weh we do
Me gun a buss clean
and me step out clean too
From yuh diss, watch yuh head dawg,
pussy you need to big links, big gun
Hey, London Kingston,
tun up di income
Pussy, gyal a bring come
Same flame, smaddy run up,
get fling dung
Cryps in a cup, hut mi nuh drink rum
Smaddy gyal a bruck it off
inna me kingdom
Pussy, dem a pray dawg
fi we ting dung
Pull up, window tint down,
get yuh skin bun
Genahsyde, yow a suh the ting run
Yeah, yeah, it's peak, ya know
My niggas outside creepin' up
With the big .45
when you're sleeping now
Yeah, my bruddas all slide
on the streets, ya know
Me no lie, we creepin' up
The big .45, I sleep with that
Me no lie, they creepin' up
They did their time
but they are free again
Yeah, yeah, it's peak, ya know