The Intruder (2019) Movie Script

Okay, is there a reason
you're trying to kill me?
Yeah, I had to get you here
by 8 p.m.
Annie's throwing
a surprise party for you.
Will you please try to act
surprised when you walk in?
Yeah, yeah, I got you.
I got you, man.
You think he'll be surprised?
I'm so excited.
It's gonna be great.
- Don't forget, surprised.
- Yeah, yeah.
Oh, oh, oh, look, look.
- You look great.
- Surprise!
Oh, shit!
It was all Annie.
- We got you!
- What's up?
Good to see you.
Come here.
- Come here.
- What is...? What?
I'm so proud of you.
I don't know how you did this
because I just closed the deal
like an hour ago.
Yeah, that's the thing.
I had this planned for weeks.
Because I knew
you were gonna close the deal.
You're, uh...
You really are something
special. You know that?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I need to borrow him
for one second, okay?
Hey, everybody,
grab your glass
because I'm about
to make a toast.
To my best friend,
and now the number-one earner
at the company,
Scott Howard!
- Wait, you need this.
- Thank you.
Appreciate you. Thank you, guys,
so much for coming.
This is not just
a victory for me.
This is a victory for all of us,
And to my wife,
I love you,
I love you, I love you.
- Thank you.
- I love you too.
Yeah, bud!
You remember
that conversation we had
about buying that house
up in Napa?
You sure that's
something you want to do?
I'm positive.
I want that house.
I want a family.
I want our kids
to be able to play outside.
Could be nice.
Get away from
all of this noise.
So this house has been
on the market for a while.
Let's just not
get our hopes up, okay?
I know, I know.
I'm just excited
that we're finally
going to see it!
This is it. 6741 Arbor Road.
Hope there's a house
at the end of this road.
Wow, this is so beautiful.
And here we are.
Doesn't look like
anyone's home.
No, I hear someone
in the back.
Come on.
Something tells me
Domino's won't deliver.
This is so pretty.
Watch your step.
Oh, honey, look.
I don't know.
This might be the one.
This is incredible.
- We need to go.
- Here he comes.
- Wait, wait.
- We need to go.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
I didn't mean
to scare you.
We have a bounty on deer.
They're eating up
all the gardens.
Go through them
in nothing flat.
But there's an upside.
You like venison?
I-I don't know.
- You don't know?
- I don't know.
I'm Charlie Peck.
Welcome to Foxglove.
Scott Howard.
This is my wife, Annie.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
I guess you want
to see the house, huh?
- Yes. Yeah.
- Come on up.
Sorry. Sorry about that.
We're gonna be laughing
about this soon. Come on.
- Yeah.
- You're gonna love my house.
It might need a freshen-up,
but, uh...
I think
you're gonna have to agree,
it's got great bones.
You guys got kids?
Uh... Not yet.
We raised two kids
in this house, my wife and I.
She's gone now.
I lost her to cancer
two years ago.
I'm sorry to hear that.
So, what do you do, Scott?
I'm a creative director
at Saunders and Ruddick
in San Francisco.
It's a branding
and advertising agency.
Annie, do you work?
I mostly write
for women's magazines.
Articles about injustice,
women empowerment,
self-love, that sort of thing.
This view is beautiful.
My great-great-grandfather
built this house in 1905.
It's the only house
I ever lived in.
Why do you call it
The entire valley used
to be covered with the stuff.
Now it's kind of rare.
Foxglove is poisonous,
isn't it?
Come on, I'm gonna give you
the grand tour.
The house, it backs up
to a wooded nature preserve.
Lots of privacy, huh?
- Nobody can build behind us.
- I love this marble.
Do you cook, Annie?
She's a damn good cook.
And a great baker.
And even better wife.
My grandmother
taught me to cook.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- That's a beautiful stone.
- Thank you.
- Is that an emerald?
- It is.
- Birthstone? No.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- So am I.
- No way. Really?
- Yeah.
We're not gonna get
into how many years.
That is crazy.
Wow, that's a good sign.
That's a good sign.
So here's where I rule,
And I watch a lot of sports
in here and read.
Hey, football's on.
You got a team?
Yeah, yeah. Raiders.
- Rams here.
- That's unfortunate.
- You watch on that?
- Yeah.
You got a big flat-screen,
- Yeah, a little something.
- We're basic cable around here,
but you can put in
He's got more guns.
- Nice-looking family.
- Oh, why, thank you.
After I sell the house,
Cassidy, my daughter,
she wants me
to move down to Florida
and live with them.
Your wife
was really beautiful.
We always had a lot of love
in this house.
It's not that bad.
- You want to see the upstairs?
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Come on.
Come on.
Coming, coming.
Just looking at...
all this old shit.
A lot of yellow.
This room hasn't been redone
in 20 years.
So I figured
whoever buys the place
will just make it their own.
Beautiful terrace,
- You scared me.
- You okay?
Night-blooming jasmine comes
through that terrace at night.
Oh, it's just heaven.
Oh, uh...
Here's your linen closet.
- Nice.
- Pretty much room for everything.
This is a great kids' room.
this was the nursery.
And then after the kids grew up
and left home,
we turned it
into Ellen's sewing room.
I'll give you a minute.
I freaking love this.
- Just be cool.
- I'm being cool.
- I'm being totally cool.
- Okay.
Take a breath.
Here we go. All right.
There's been a lot of
birthdays, cocktail parties,
graduations, weddings,
Fourth of July out here.
This is a special place,
isn't it?
You see it, don't you, Annie?
I'm gonna go...
check out this pond.
So, uh,
How, uh...?
How motivated are you?
If you want to know how much,
the asking price is
3.5 million.
If you can't afford it,
you probably
shouldn't even be here.
- Hm?
- We're leaving.
Thank you for showing us
your home.
You bet.
What'd you think?
Well, it's...
Maybe not.
You have
to understand,
I've had people salivating
to buy this house,
but I'm very particular,
and I just like you two.
I will throw in the furniture,
all the equipment,
my tapestry,
and I'll knock off $200,000,
and you can have it for 3.3.
We still have a few more places
we got to see,
but we'll let you know.
I want you
to have this house.
And I know
she wants this house.
And you remember,
if Mama ain't happy,
nobody's happy.
- Thanks for the advice.
- All right.
And you look out
for the deer.
- Okay.
- Ha, ha.
I told you, you'd be laughing
on the way home.
- You... Yeah.
- Oh, man.
- Did you just roll up the window on him?
- Yeah.
Rolled up the window
on the Bambi killer.
So, what'd you think
of the house?
It's magical, right?
Yeah, if old is magical.
Come on.
You really want this place,
don't you?
I do.
But you gotta want it too.
It's an old house.
It's gonna require
a lot of work.
I don't do that kind of stuff.
But I don't
mind a lot of work,
and we could get someone
to help us.
And to be honest, I
already have a thousand ideas.
I could see it in your eyes
the whole time.
It'll be where our future is.
We get the house.
We get the kids.
We get the whole thing.
What do I say to that, huh?
All right.
I'll talk to Marvin
and the partners tomorrow,
see if I can swing it.
Do you think
we could move in next week?
This to the kitchen.
These are gonna go
in the bathroom.
Yeah? Got it? Thank you.
Okay, this is gonna go upstairs
in the master bedroom.
And you know that little piece?
We're gonna put that
in the other bedroom.
It's all yours.
It's all ours now.
Thank you.
Well, this is the big handoff.
Here's the keys...
to all the doors and locks.
I got it all marked,
Thank you.
Foxglove is yours now.
We'll take good care of her.
- I'm gonna hold you to that.
- I promise.
Cross my heart.
Ellen used to do that.
Cross her heart.
Listen, Charlie,
I know you have our e-mails.
Keep in touch, we'd like to know
how you're doing. Right, Scott?
Yeah, just let me call you back.
Okay, bye.
Did I tell you
about the sprinklers?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yes, I did. I did.
You take care.
Have a good,
- Good time in Florida, buddy.
- Yep.
- I feel bad for him.
- What?
Don't feel bad for Charlie,
you know?
Feel good for us.
Make me some eggs, woman!
Make me some eggs.
- We did it.
- We did it.
You happy?
- I am.
- Good.
Now the journey...
can begin.
Say goodbye to Charlie.
This house
looks good on you.
You're so beautiful.
Here's to us.
And our new home.
I love you.
And there's the owner.
He's just standing there,
staring at us.
I mean, he comes towards us
with a rifle.
- Bam!
- Oh, okay.
- Shot a deer right behind us.
- Yeah.
- Is this guy crazy?
- Man, he country.
Then he said,
"You like venison?"
Not this fresh.
I don't want to see it
get killed.
That's just the best way.
Watch the deer
out here in the country.
- Oh, yeah.
- Right.
They better watch this ride.
What the hell?
What's up?
There's a cigarette burn
on my car seat.
Dude, you gotta stop smoking.
That's you.
Me? This is my temple, Scott.
I would never smoke in here.
Nice going, Mike.
Rachel, please,
shut your magic lips.
I didn't do it.
- Did I say you did?
- Well, it made...
You made it seem
like I did.
Give them a year.
They'll be living next door.
I hope not.
That's so shady.
Thank you so much.
I am going to get us a booth.
- Okay.
- Okay.
And what would
you like?
Um, which do you prefer better,
the chocolate or the vanilla?
The swirl.
- Swirl?
- Swirl.
- Swirl!
- It's vanilla and chocolate together.
Okay, so it's all mixed up.
Like you?
- Yeah, like me.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Let me give you a taste.
I'll taste it.
Okay, so...
So now it's
like a crime to talk?
I don't have a problem
with you talking.
It's the way
that you were talking.
It's the what?
It's the way
that you were talking.
She just asked me
what flavor I wanted.
And it seemed like you might as
well have just given her a lick.
Can we just move on
with our day?
You know, maybe snuggle
on the couch a little bit?
Apparently not.
Annie, I left this on.
Did you turn it off?
So, essentially, when life
calls for that recharge,
you reach for Recover 180.
You see?
It sells itself, and what
we do is, we hammer that home
with the advertising that
already exists on the bottle.
Twice the electrolytes
at half of the calories.
- Scott's come up with a theory.
- I gotta take this.
Scott has a really interesting
idea for a dual campaign.
This is called
the cloud kicker...
Hey, baby, what's up?
You're not gonna believe this.
Charlie is outside
cutting the grass.
Wait, wait. What?
outside mowing our lawn.
Literally, right now.
- Why?
- I don't know.
Uh, I'll call you back, honey.
- Hey, hey.
- Hi.
- Good morning.
- What are you doing?
- What?
- What are you doing?
Oh. Heh.
Well, I noticed that the grass
was getting out of hand, and...
You really gotta
keep up with this.
So I just...
I just went ahead.
Did you just get this
out of the garage?
That's where I keep it.
What happened to Florida?
I thought you'd be
gone by now.
Well, you know, it...
Moving is a lot harder
than I thought.
I had, uh... I have a lot
of loose ends.
I'm gonna be leaving soon.
Yeah. Yeah, it's hard to...
Hard to say goodbye.
- Yeah, I bet.
- Mm-hm.
Where are you staying?
I'm at The Royal.
It's a little hotel
just right in the middle
of the village.
Right. Right, right.
You know, Charlie,
I appreciate what you're doing,
but you don't have to do this.
We've got it.
Oh! Oh.
Here's the reason I came by.
Here's a list
of local numbers.
Plumber, an electrician,
emergency numbers.
Thought you might
want to have it.
You know we can
Google this now?
Yeah, but these people
know the house,
and they're not gonna
gouge you on the price.
You can't get that
on the Internet.
- You can't get that.
- No, you can't.
Well, he did a pretty good job.
He also said
it's probably the last time
the lawn will need
to be mowed this year,
and he left the grass seed
and the spreader
at the front
of the storage shed
so that you could find it
in April,
and that you're gonna want
to use steer manure,
but that,
you should buy that fresh.
Oh, yeah, yeah. When I do
my spring planting. Yeah.
Is that it?
I feel like you're not
telling me everything,
so spit it out.
I invited him
to Thanksgiving.
- What?
- It just slipped out of my mouth,
but you should've seen
how happy it made him.
Baby, we don't know him.
I know, but he's lonely,
and he doesn't
have any family here,
and he's getting ready
to be gone anyways, and...
Anything else?
He's gonna bring the pies.
He's gonna bring some pies.
- He's gonna bring some pies.
- Is that right? Okay.
- Evidently.
- Oh, that makes it all better.
Okay, the doctor's here.
Let's do it.
- Don't drop it.
- All right, here we go.
- Okay.
- Yes.
- Boom. What does that look like?
- Yes.
- Is it good?
- Perfect.
We made it.
Oh, okay.
Hey, the Bambi killer's here.
Hey, Scott.
- How's it going?
- Happy Thanksgiving.
- You too.
- Hey. Thanks for the invite.
It was her idea. Come on in.
- Hi, Charlie.
- Hello.
How are you?
the house feels so alive.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Here, as promised.
- Oh, perfect.
I got an apple and a pumpkin.
Oh, I love pumpkin.
- Oh, smells so good.
- It's definitely going down.
- Uh-uh.
- Okay.
I'm gonna finish.
Okay. Okay.
You really know
how to make a house a home.
- Thank you, Charlie.
- Come on.
I'll show you
what progress we've made.
Look, we still got
a couple more rooms to...
- To paint and everything.
- Yeah.
But we're pretty close.
- It's a work in progress.
- Oh, my.
Oh, wow.
- Yeah.
- Jeepers.
I could just get lost in that.
- Just take a look around.
- Okay.
Annie said that your trip
got delayed to Florida.
So you're still around
for a little while, huh?
Yes, uh, my daughter,
she wants to fix up
a special room for me there.
Of course,
it has to be perfect.
But, uh, that's my Cassidy.
She's Daddy's little girl.
So, uh...
Here you go.
- What happened to the tapestry?
- The what?
The tapestry that conveyed
with the house.
It was my gift to you.
Oh, yes, yes, yes, um...
Didn't really feel like
it was us, you know?
This painting, though, this is
what makes Annie really happy.
Something that we bought
when we first got married.
She likes to see this
every morning when we wake up,
and I can't blame her.
It's pretty stunning,
don't you think?
Yeah, it's not for everybody.
We were talking about
changing the floors.
Maybe go with
a dark wood throughout, but...
I haven't quite gotten
to that yet, so...
We'll figure it out.
That's it.
We got to make it our own,
That's what...
That's what we're here for.
Well, happy Thanksgiving, man.
What should we toast to?
Here's to Annie's meal.
- Here's to Annie.
- To your new house.
- All that hard work.
- Happy Thanksgiving.
I'm so happy for you guys.
Oh, this is great.
First of all, we just want
to thank you guys for being here
on our first Thanksgiving
in our new home.
When you're done with
the changes,
the place will be great.
Oh, really? Really?
- Break out this back wall, right?
- Totally.
You guys are
wasting square footage.
That dining room in there,
it's small by modern standards,
but if you start expanding it
and knocking it out
and everything,
you're gonna... You're gonna
ruin the integrity of it.
- Houses have integrity?
- Of course they do, Mike.
- Yeah?
- Yes.
- Some people don't, but...
- Oh...!
At least the houses worth
living in do, that's for sure.
I was a structural engineer.
I don't know
if Scott told you that.
That's... I'm retired.
I built roads and bridges,
and I believe that
every one of them I built,
- I put my soul into it.
- Mm.
And I believe that
they have souls themselves.
- Mike. Stop it.
- Listen, I think he has a point.
But isn't this kind of
the way of the world?
Out with the old,
in with the new.
Let's rebuild the Taj Mahal,
This is not the Taj Mahal,
- You're a little crazy.
- Right?
You having trouble with that?
Just give me a minute.
Hey, Charlie, top me off.
- I'm gonna go out for a smoke.
- Sure.
All of it. Giddyup, cowboy.
Thanks, Charlie.
Charlie, no! No!
Why would you do that?
- Ah! Got it.
- All right.
let's give a hand for Scott.
- There you go.
- All right.
Who's having white?
Needed some fresh air.
What a meal, right?
- Oh, Annie, she's a great cook.
- Yeah.
- Smoke, Charlie?
- Oh, no, thanks.
Gave it up 30 years ago.
Good for you.
Must have been
hard to give all this up.
Yes, it was.
Trust me.
Have you?
Given it up.
Scott said you came over
to mow their grass.
Had to be done.
Grass was getting
out of control.
So you keep an eye
on the place. That it?
Drive by from time to time,
And I also hunt.
Right here in these woods.
You ever hunt at night,
hunting after dark
is illegal.
Oh, okay.
- Because I don't know.
- Yeah.
Oh, what am I doing?
Wouldn't want to ruin
your nice lawn.
I'll toss it in the garbage.
See you inside, Charlie.
Nice vest.
That was probably the best meal
ever made in this house.
And good thing
because I made you a doggie bag.
This is gonna be gone
before midnight.
You truly are
the lady of the house.
Thank you.
Enjoy the food.
Have a great
rest of the evening.
Have a great
retirement in Florida.
"Enjoy your retirement."
Hey. Mike's drunk.
- I just had a theory.
- Tell them what you told me.
- All right. I'm gonna tell you.
- Go ahead.
- Annie.
- What? What?
I think it was
that old dude
who put the cigarette burns
in my upholstery.
- What? Charlie?
- Mm-hm.
Why would he do that?
and I apologize ahead of time,
when I went out
to have a smoke,
- I took a piss on your roses.
- Of course.
We got four
different bathrooms...
Here's the point.
Charlie thinks
those are his roses.
He thinks
that I defiled his lawn.
He still thinks
this is his house.
How would he know?
- He's watching from the woods.
- Okay.
- Come on, man.
- Okay.
Look, Scott, I bet you,
if we went out into the woods,
we would find proof
that I was right.
Wanna put your money
where your mouth is?
- Yeah. How much?
- Five.
- Don't do it.
- Five hundred. Let's do it.
- That's a bet.
- Oh, God.
There's a senior
citizen in the woods.
We gonna take care of this
for you.
Good luck!
- Oh, yeah.
- Okay, tough guy.
- That's right, baby.
- This...
This is some Scooby-Doo shit
right here.
Why did you move
all the way out here?
We had it wired
back in the city.
You know, Annie wanted
to start a family.
I love her, so...
What's wrong?
You can see right
into the house from here.
Told you.
Look at that. Scott.
There's a path that leads
right into the woods.
that's where he shot Bambi.
Right over there, man.
So where do you think he is?
Come on.
- You sure about this?
- Come on.
How much you wanna bet
they got lost?
Don't even tell me.
Maybe we should have
given them
some bread crumbs
or something,
find their way home.
What did you think
about Charlie?
I think he's...
- kind of hot for an older guy.
- What?
- Rachel.
- Oh, come on.
Tell me you don't
think so too.
No. Okay. You know what it is?
I think it's this...
The manly man thing
that he has, you know?
Like, it's something
our grandfathers had
and our dads had.
I don't know.
I feel sorry for him.
He's such a sweetheart.
Our poor city boys.
You know they're lost, right?
This looks like
some sort of fire road.
That's convenient, huh?
Charlie parks the car,
leaves it here,
walks through the woods.
He's at your place
in no time.
there's fresh tire tracks.
Might be
hunters, man.
There's hunters out here
in these woods.
Who's that?
Is he coming at us?
No, he's backing away.
Scott, he's backing away.
- So what? We going? We going?
- Hey!
Who was that?
This is not
how I saw us living here.
Me either.
I just feel like
this is unnecessary.
You want this tied
to your landline
or your cell phones?
Cell phones. Thank you.
- Oh, shit.
- Hey! Hey!
- This guy.
- Randall!
Stop drilling holes
in my house.
- Hey, hey. Keep working.
- What the hell are you doing?
What are you doing here?
I was down the road.
I was fishing.
I saw the security van
go by.
You been having a problem?
I got a prowler in the woods.
It's kids.
- What kids?
- It's high school kids.
They sneak out into these woods,
and they party after dark.
- No.
- This is not necessary.
What is necessary is
that I protect my wife.
If you wanna protect your wife,
get a gun.
No guns on my property.
You understand?
What do you got
against guns?
I know what guns can do,
and I'm not talking
about killing
a defenseless deer
in the woods, okay?
When I was 12, my brother was
gunned down in the street.
I know what guns can do,
I'm sorry for your loss.
Enjoy Florida.
Hey, Randall. You be careful
with these vines.
It took 50 years for these
things to grow on the house.
Okay, Mr. Peck.
It's not your house.
Babe, what are you doing?
I can't sleep.
I keep hearing
this creaking sound.
Honey, it's an old house.
Creaking is what they do.
Let's go! Get in the truck!
Oh, come on.
What is he doing now?
I thought he left.
I don't know.
Why is he in the shed?
- Just stay in the car.
- Scott.
- Hey, Scott. I was out...
- Put the gun away!
All right, all right.
I was hunting along the creek.
The deer tore up
your flower bed.
I was just getting
potting soil, Scott.
No guns on my property.
I've asked you that.
Anybody can hunt along
the creek. Not just me.
- Anybody.
- Charlie, I'm telling you
right now, you.
No guns on my property ever.
- All right, Scott.
- Ever.
I didn't mean to ruin
your afternoon.
- It's okay. It's okay.
- Annie, I...
- Is that a spruce?
- It's a Christmas tree, Charlie.
Well, they don't lose
their needles so quick.
Here, let me help you with that.
Here you go.
Here. Use this.
There you go.
Did you find
the Christmas decorations yet?
Oh, you've gotta
see this.
Oh, my God.
All that for one tree, huh?
No, most of these lights are
for the outside of the house.
do you see all this stuff?
- Yeah, I see it.
- Here.
Let's get this inside,
I'll show you what's what.
- Yeah, yeah.
- No, no, no.
Look, Charlie,
Annie and I
will take care of this
on our own time.
Thank you.
But I'm just trying to
help, Scott.
I appreciate your help,
but, look, the next time
you wanna stop by,
you call or you text first.
You don't just show up.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I'm sure where you come from,
people don't just drop by,
do they?
- No.
- No. All right.
I'll honor that. We good?
We're good, Charlie.
We're good.
Merry Christmas, Annie.
Thank you.
what is the problem?
Something is really off
with that guy.
Do you have to make him
feel so unwelcome?
He is unwelcome.
He spies on us from the woods.
You said you went back there
and you heard kids.
Okay, that one time,
yes, but...
whose side are you on?
Whose side am I...?
What is really
the problem here?
The man acts like
the house still belongs to him.
Oh, my God.
Come on, Scott.
Give the guy a break.
He's lost his wife.
He lost his house.
This is our house, not his.
- He doesn't live here anymore.
- I get that.
I drive an hour and a
half to the city every day,
and I'm back every night.
I get up, I go to work,
I come home, I go to bed,
and then I go
back to work again.
How is this place
supposed to feel like it's mine
if he won't leave?
Do you still want this?
- What?
- Do you still want this?
Still want what?
This. Our home.
I just need some time
to adjust.
Because I love it here.
I know.
We can agree these
fourth-quarter numbers,
they're staggering.
Thank you for a great meeting.
- Thanks.
- Congratulations, Scott.
They all believe
that you're a marketing genius.
Yeah, that was, uh...
That was part of the plan.
Ms. Richards, one thing
you should know about me.
I am very passionate
about what I do.
You won't be disappointed.
A few of us are gonna go
and have a drink afterwards.
Would you like to join us?
Season's greetings, Annie.
- Charlie.
- Hi.
I brought you and Scott
a bottle of wine
from my neighbor's vineyard.
Oh, wow.
I wanna make amends
for causing any kind of drama.
Thank you. It's okay.
I tried to call him.
But his cell phone said
his mailbox was full.
- About the other day...
- Yeah.
That wasn't your fault.
Scott's brother was killed,
and it's a trigger for him.
- Guns are...
- Yeah. Yes.
It must have been devastating
for him, so I understand.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah.
So you're putting up the lights,
are you?
I am. I am.
- Beautiful job so far.
- Thank you.
- You're doing this by yourself?
- Yes.
Do you want to help?
- Oh, yeah.
- Nice.
- Teamwork makes the dream work.
- Yeah.
- Hopefully we can...
- Where is Scott?
Uh... Actually, no.
- He's at work.
- Yeah?
Yeah, he'll be home later.
Thank you so much for the help.
- Glad to do it.
- You want something to drink?
Would you like me to open
this bottle of wine?
It needs to breathe anyway
before Scott gets home.
- Yeah, that's a great idea.
- You know? All right.
You don't really strike me
as a city girl.
- You could tell?
- Hm.
I grew up in a small town
in Indiana,
so I'm really
a country girl at heart.
- Really?
- Yeah.
The city's great,
if you're single
and you're young, but...
I wanna raise my kids
in the clean, fresh air.
- So you are gonna have kids.
- Yeah.
You got any glasses?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Sorry about that.
Nobody tells you
how hard it is
to raise children,
that's for sure.
I mean, I know that my kids
caused a few gray hairs on my head.
You know, in the end,
are your biggest challenge
that you will ever have
and the greatest blessing.
That needs to breathe.
I'll be right back.
Oh, okay.
Hey, I just texted you.
I know you sent a text,
but why didn't you call?
I'm in a meeting,
and it's loud,
and I didn't wanna step out.
Are you at a bar?
it's just drinks with clients.
Yeah, but you know
why I'm upset, right?
The text. Yes.
I get it. Um...
Look, it's not like that,
all right?
This is a part of my job.
All right?
It's how we pay for your house.
My house?
Annie, look, let's just not
- get into that again, please.
- You know what? Never mind.
Sorry I bothered you.
- Everything okay?
- Yeah.
Scott's just gonna be late.
Trouble at home?
You've got the look.
I really,
really should get home.
I can't do this.
I need to get my ass
back to Napa.
- I'm sorry.
- That'd be best.
Good night, then.
Good night.
Thank you for being
such a sweetheart, Charlie.
Appreciate it.
Officially, merry Christmas.
Thank you. Merry Christmas.
- See you.
- See you.
Bravo, Annie.
House looks fantastic.
How'd you do all that
by yourself?
I didn't.
Wild guess...
We both know you weren't
gonna help me with the lights.
This is about the texting?
You know what's funny?
I'm sitting here,
waiting for you to call,
like you usually do,
and you don't.
- Sitting here with Charlie.
- What?
You're sitting here
with Charlie.
No, we're not doing that.
We're not doing that.
Instead of calling, you text.
- You're worried about a text.
- What happened last time?
It's not okay for me
having drinks with my client,
That's not the point.
It's okay for you
to sit up here
and share wine with the man
that I specifically asked you
not to have in this house.
You text instead of call.
The last time you did that,
- you were with somebody.
- I apologized for that, okay?
Look, we went to therapy.
Then we got married.
Then we bought this house,
and now we're here
to start a family.
Do you trust me?
You know what?
Sleep in a different room.
I don't wanna talk about
this shit.
Living the dream.
Honey, what are you doing?
I can hear sounds upstairs.
You scared me.
Okay, come here.
Come here.
- What?
- Hey.
You said you...
You heard sounds?
- Yeah, I heard sounds.
- Do you know what it was?
I thought it was you.
I think I saw him
in the house.
- Who?
- Charlie.
How could he even
get in the house?
You changed the locks.
We have
the security system.
I'm tripping. I don't know.
All right.
I think maybe you've been
drinking a little too much.
I'm sorry for waking you up.
It's okay.
I'm also sorry about earlier.
I'm sorry too.
Come here.
I love you.
You look good.
Thank you.
So, what do you say
we go on a real date tonight?
We'll go to that Italian spot
that we read about.
I'd like that.
All right.
Could I get a medium latte?
- Name?
- It's Scott.
Thanks, man.
I don't mean to stare.
Grady Kramer.
You just bought the Peck house,
- Yeah.
- My wife and I, we live, like,
a mile down the road
from you.
Oh, nice to meet you.
We heard you got a...
A damn good deal
on Charlie's place.
- Well, we did okay.
- Yeah.
Charlie's quite a guy.
Just don't look
too close under the mask.
What do you mean?
You know his wife
died in that house.
Yeah, yeah.
You know, cancer.
Well, maybe she had cancer,
maybe she didn't.
All I know is
that one fine day,
Mrs. Charlie took
Mr. Charlie's shotgun...
...shoved the barrel
in her mouth.
At least, that's how Charlie
explained it to the police.
- Grady.
- Ah.
Medium latte for Scott.
I don't know.
You think that's blood?
Honey, when did you become
a detective?
And why are you
trying to scare me?
Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
I'm not trying to scare you.
- It's just...
- Okay.
the details surrounding
Ellen's death are sketchy,
to say the least, so I
looked it up on the Internet,
and the DA was considering
a murder charge.
A murder charge.
But then why
didn't they pursue it?
- Lack of evidence.
- Honey,
this doesn't make him
a murderer.
Okay, well, we don't know
anything about this man,
and I've seen the way
that he looks at you.
Now Charlie is after me?
Since day one.
That's ridiculous.
Oh, my God.
You don't see it?
What does it matter? He's going
to Florida any day now.
Is he? Because his departure
date just keeps moving.
So, what do you
want me to do?
Okay, it's simple.
I want you to tell him...
Tell him that
he's not welcome.
And if you can't tell him,
then-then I'll...
I'll tell him myself.
You gonna tell him?
You don't think
I'll tell him?
I think we should
go to dinner.
- We're gonna be late.
- Okay.
That was it.
Yeah, that was it.
Oh, this place
is definitely a keeper.
Good pasta,
good wine.
Honey, you gonna be
able to drive?
Yeah. Not only
can I drive, I...
I was thinking maybe we could
stop for a little nightcap.
Oh, baby,
everything is closed.
What about
The Royal Hotel?
I don't think
that's a good idea.
Come on, let's just take
a little sneak peek.
To see what
old Charlie's up to
when he's not
haunting our house.
Honey, yeah,
I don't...
- I don't think... No.
- Yeah.
- Oh, come on, honey, let's go.
- No, no, no.
- Annie.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Charlie.
- What are you doing downtown?
- Hey, man.
We were just, uh... Just
having dinner at Fellini's.
I'll buy you a drink.
Annie, what are you having?
I'm good.
I'm actually gonna drive.
Oh, well, Scott,
pick your poison.
- Tequila shot.
- You know what?
But we're not gonna stay late,
Scott has work in the morning.
It's okay.
- What were we drinking to?
- How about Florida?
When are you leaving?
- Scott.
- No, no.
I'm not trying to be rude.
Just... Just remind me of this.
Your, um, daughter...
Your daughter, what part
does she live in, again?
Fort Myers.
Can we get another round?
This time, it's on me.
All right.
I'm... I'm going to pass.
You have mine.
Because tequila has a way
of sneaking up on me.
So do you, Charlie.
So do you. You... You have a way
of sneaking up on me.
How's that?
You looking for a new wife,
Okay, l-let's go, honey.
It's getting late.
I need an answer.
Your question does not deserve
an answer, Scott.
If you wanna talk,
we can do that some other time.
- Perhaps I'll drop by the house?
- No.
God, no. Damn it, no.
See, that's the problem, man.
No, your days
of dropping by are over.
All right. Well,
then someplace less public.
Stay away from my wife,
She's just too nice
to tell you herself.
So I'm telling you.
You've made your point.
Let's go.
Be careful on the road.
So long, Chuck.
Gotta go.
Come on.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Your husband
has a mild concussion.
We need to make sure he doesn't
have internal injuries.
I can get out of here
tonight, right?
Depends on the lab.
Unfortunately, that means
we gotta keep you overnight.
The only problem
with that is,
I gotta go
to work tomorrow, so...
It's protocol.
All right.
The lioness
sprints towards her prey,
a zebra just outside
the grasslands...
Why don't you go home
and get some rest?
I'll be fine.
- Honey, I can stay.
- I know, I know.
But I'll be all right.
You just want me
to get out of your bed
so you have more room.
That's not the case.
I'll pick you up in the morning
when they discharge you.
Yeah, I'll call you.
- Love you.
- I love you too.
As for the
zebra, there is no escape.
Powerful jaws
slowly and swiftly
bring imminent death
and darkness.
What's up, Scott?
Listen to me very
carefully, all right?
I can't prove it...
but I-I got this feeling
that it was Charlie
who ran me off the road.
Why would he do that?
Because you were right.
He's obsessed with the house,
and now he's obsessed
with Annie.
Well, have you told Annie what
you're telling me right now?
I tried.
I tried, man, but she just won't buy it.
Look, I need you to do me
a favor, all right?
I need you to get Brian in I to discreetly
find out everything he can
on Charlie Peck and his family.
I really need to know
who I'm dealing with.
If there's anything to find
on Charlie Peck,
we're gonna find it.
Charlie, you scared
the shit out of me.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I am so sorry.
I-I heard about Scott,
and I just wanted to drop by
and-and, uh, give you this.
I thought
you might be hungry.
How is he?
He's okay.
They're gonna keep him
When I heard
he was in the hospital,
it made me think of Ellen,
and when she was
in the hospital with cancer.
And I'd come home, and the house
would be dark and empty,
and I was pretty blue...
and lonely, so...
Anyway, I got you, uh,
an everything pizza.
You just pick off
what you don't like.
- All right?
- Okay.
And I'm... I'm sorry, uh,
that I scared you.
It's okay.
- Uh, good night.
- Good night.
All right.
This pizza is huge.
You're not gonna make me
eat it alone, are you?
- You want some company?
- Come on in.
Brian and I found out
that old Charlie boy is
- in some deep legal shit.
- What?
Yeah. You know, his
entire construction business,
it went under.
There were lawsuits,
government liens,
charges of tax fraud.
I mean, this guy was looking
at some serious jail time.
Yeah, he didn't wanna sell it.
He had to.
And he owed everybody.
- What have I done?
- I'm sorry, man.
He's not
the upstanding citizen
that he wants us
to think he is.
Not exactly your traditional
holiday meal, is it?
No, but I'm starving,
so this is perfect.
On your way
back to the city,
just go by the house
and check on Annie for me, okay?
Make sure she's all right,
call me back.
- Of course, of course.
- Cool?
Yeah, I got you.
You know those guys
that wear yellow vests?
- Oh, yeah.
- You know, that stop traffic?
- I was... That was me.
- Mm.
- And... Yeah.
- No.
And it just so happened
that I turned my stop sign
around for traffic,
and she was
the first car in line.
And she was so...
What the hell
is Charlie doing here?
And she had said...
She had told me that,
"I have to be somewhere,"
and I came over
to her window...
After 15 minutes of talking
to her, I had a date with her.
That's so sweet.
Yeah, from there we
just, like I said...
- This is great wine, isn't it?
- It's good.
Would you like
another glass?
Yeah, that'd be great.
Annie. Don't look over
your shoulder, all right?
But there's someone
watching us...
from outside
the kitchen window.
- Should I call the cops?
- No.
I'm sure it's those
high school kids,
- but I'm fed up.
- Okay.
I'm gonna go check it out.
- All right.
- All right.
- What are you doing out here?
- I can explain.
If I'd had a gun, I could
have blown your head off.
I know, man.
Right now
I feel like a damn fool.
What did you
expect to see?
- I don't know.
- Mike.
This is not the suburbs.
This is the country.
People have guns.
You've got to be careful.
I know, man.
I do not belong here.
Where's your car?
I just parked at
the end of the driveway.
I'll walk you to it.
- You scared me to death.
- Yeah, I know. You scared me.
You're shaking
like a leaf.
You wanna have a cigarette,
calm your nerves?
- No, man. I'm good.
- Go ahead, have a cigarette.
- No, no, I'll just go...
- No, no, no. I insist.
Have a cigarette.
May I have one?
I thought you quit.
Yeah. Right.
Thank you.
Here, let me help you.
I'm gonna save mine
for later.
- Think I'm just gonna go.
- All right. Hey.
Do you believe
in second chances?
Yeah, sure. I think everybody
deserves a second chance,
even Peeping Toms.
No, I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about in life.
Like, if you lost everything
that was important to you,
and then you had a chance
to get it all back,
wouldn't you just go for it?
- Hell, yeah.
- Yeah.
Well, that's like me.
I have a chance
to get it all back.
All I have to do
is just get rid of Scott.
What the...?
All right.
Where am I gonna put you?
- Hi.
- Are you okay?
Oh, I-I twisted
my damn ankle.
Oh, my God.
Okay, just...
There we go.
I think
I just hit something.
Idiot. I was...
Oh, let's put this up.
I was chasing
those kids.
Then I hooked my foot
into a tree root.
I'm gonna, um,
take your boot off
- and just see if...
- Yeah.
- Here we go. Okay.
- Ah, all right.
- Right here. Just...
- Ow!
- Is it okay? Did that hurt?
- Yeah.
It's all right.
Yeah, it's all right.
I'm just gonna see if...
I mean, it doesn't...
Doesn't seem like
it's swollen or anything.
You might just have to rest it
when you get to the hotel.
You definitely didn't break it.
Thank goodness.
Yeah, I think
if you prop it up,
maybe elevate it,
you know, then it'll...
it'll be okay.
Feel like you might need to just
double-check and see a doctor.
You know...
those kids might come back.
You think maybe I should stay?
No, I think,
you know, it's kids.
I don't think I'm in any real
danger or anything.
Do you?
I don't.
And I need
to get cleaned up.
- Yeah.
- I'm dirty.
I'm so sorry.
Could you just give me
my boot, please?
Yeah, let me help you.
- You got it? Here.
- Yeah, I have...
I have things to do
in the morning.
Let me put it
here for you.
- You got it?
- Yeah.
- You help me up?
- Help up?
- Sure.
- Yeah.
Here we go.
Okay. Okay.
Here, let me.
There we go, there we go.
Okay, here. Come around slowly.
Just push... There we go.
You've reached Annie. Leave a message.
How you feeling?
You're bringing my wife
flowers now?
It's foxglove.
I haven't seen it
around here
in a long, long,
long time.
You okay?
Look, I know about you.
Your losses,
your bankruptcy,
why you sold us the house.
get the fuck off
of my property.
Babe, I would have came
and got you. You okay?
What's wrong?
I just ran into Charlie.
He was bringing you flowers.
Nobody knocked on the door.
Did he come by here
last night?
He came by
to see if I was okay.
I think he's the one that tried
to run me off the road.
You think Charlie tried
to run you off the road?
Look, he's not
who you think he is.
What time did Mike
leave last night?
- Mike?
- Yeah.
Mike didn't come by
here last night.
No, no, no. I sent Mike
to come check on you.
Mike left straight
from the hospital to come
- check on you.
- Honey, he didn't come here.
So you were here alone
last night
by yourself with Charlie?
- He came by to see if I was okay.
- Why?
He knew you weren't here.
He brought some food.
There was somebody
in the backyard.
It turned out to
be the kids.
I called you
a bunch of times.
- Listen to what you just said.
- I sent him home.
How did he know?
How did he know I wasn't here?
Think about that.
How did he know?
This... This guy
is dangerous. Okay?
Charlie is
very dangerous.
Okay. Okay, babe,
I believe you. I do.
He shows up again,
you just...
Just call the police,
- Just call them.
- Okay.
Napa Police.
Hi. I'd like to get
a restraining order.
Hey, this is Mike Renfro.
Leave your name and number
after the beep.
I'm calling for Mr. Scott Howard.
This is he.
Mr. Howard,
I'm curious if you have
an alternate address
for Mr. Peck
because we've not yet been able
to serve the restraining order.
- What?
- He's not at The Royal Hotel.
What are you talking about?
Can you double-check, please?
I'm sorry, sir. We've gone
through all their records,
and Mr. Peck has never stayed
at The Royal Hotel.
- Brian.
- Hey, Scott.
Tell me, did you
hear back from Mike?
No one's seen or heard
from Mike.
What about Charlie Peck,
his kids?
Did you...? Did you find
anything about his kids?
I did a lot of digging.
There's not much there,
but I did manage to find
a work cell for a Vanessa Smith.
His daughter's name is Cassidy.
I told you this.
It was. She changed it
two years ago.
I lost her to cancer
two years ago.
- Two years ago?
- Yeah.
Text me the cell, all right?
I'll call her from the car.
Sure. Hey, let me know
if you hear from Mike.
- Hello?
- Hello. Have I...?
Have I reached Cassidy Peck?
- Who is this?
- My name is Scott Howard,
and my wife and I bought
the house that you grew up in.
I'm calling in regards
to your father, Charles Peck.
Damn it.
What are you doing?
I just...
I just wanted
to see you alone.
It seems like we just never get
a chance to be alone.
You know,
just the two of us.
Charlie, I think
you need to leave.
I, uh...
I'm sorry,
but I screwed up.
I didn't see coming.
But I handled it, and...
I just want you to know
that from now on,
I'm gonna handle everything.
You might be hearing
some pretty bad things
about me.
About us.
And they're liars.
And I want you
to know right now
that everything I do,
I do for you.
For us.
I think
everything's gonna be okay.
And, um...
Why don't we...? Why don't we
talk about this later?
I don't think
I'm feeling that good.
- Oh.
- And I'm gonna go upstairs and lay down.
- Yeah.
- Um...
So maybe you should
leave the house
and let me rest
for a while.
Well, look at me. I'm filthy.
I'll just go clean up.
What the hell?
Annie, stop!
Hey! Come here!
- No!
- Who are you calling?
- Who?
- I already called Scott.
The cops
are on their way.
I think
that's the first time
that you ever lied to me.
Let go!
Please, get out!
No! No, please!
Kiss me. Kiss me.
- Tell me he's dead.
- No.
No, look,
he's very much alive.
Then what do you want?
I'm calling because
he keeps telling us
he's coming to Florida
to live with you.
- Florida?
- Yeah.
I live in Maine,
as far away as I could get.
If my father were to ever
show up at my doorstep,
I'd kill him.
Okay, but why is
he telling us that...?
Because he's
a pathological liar
and a monster.
He murdered my mother
and fixed it
to look like suicide.
All she did was threaten
to file for a divorce
and take away his house.
It's all about his house.
If you're in his way,
your life is in danger.
Please don't call me again.
I love you.
We've had this date
from the beginning.
Hi. You've reached Annie.
Leave a message.
Annie, listen, it's me.
I-I-if Charlie comes by,
do not let him in.
I... Just do not
let him in.
Call the police
and then call me, okay?
Okay? Call me back.
Oh, Annie.
I'll make you so happy.
And when Mama's happy,
everybody's happy.
Get off of me!
Get off of me!
Oh, no. Annie!
This is my house!
I took care of Scott.
Come out.
Open the door.
Annie, open the door.
Open the door!
Get off of me!
Get off of me.
Don't fight.
Don't fight.
Oh, I love you.
Let go.
Let go.
Okay, okay.
Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
- Thank God.
Oh, God.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah. Are you?
- Are you okay?
- Baby, he killed Mike.
- He what?
- He killed Mike.
He's been living
under the house the whole time.
It's okay. It's okay.
Listen, I need you to trust me.
We're not dying today.
I want you out of my house!
Okay, okay.
We gotta go. All right.
Come with me. Let's go.
Lights out!
Come on, get your phone.
Get your phone.
You're not gonna shoot me.
You can't shoot me, pussy.
You know why?
You know why?
Because it's not loaded.
Check your pocket.
Go ahead.
You had one left.
I got it.
Make the call.
Make the call. Make it.
911. Emergency.
Please send the police
to 6741 Arbor Road.
Annie, baby.
What is the
nature of your emergency?
My husband just shot
an intruder.
You don't deserve Foxglove!
Go to hell.