The Inventor (2023) Movie Script

What does that say?
Oh, I see. [chuckles]
It's backwards.
"What follows is based on events
in the life
of Leonardo da Vinci."
Ta-ta-ta! The story begins.
In rivers,
the water that you touch
is the last of what has passed
and the first of that
which comes,
so with present time.
[owl hoots]
Maestro Leonardo?
-Lost in your thoughts again?
You had something
you wanted to show me.
Sorry, Francesco.
I-- I was somewhere else.
See, I wanted to show you this.
[speaks Italian]
Bellissima questa!
these mirrors will allow me
to study the moon more closely
to discover if indeed
it is covered in seas.
Here and here.
Or maybe it isn't.
Who knows?
Find if there is a man
in the moon.
And-- and look here.
I can continue my study
of the cosmos.
Did you know,
Lucretius predicted other Earths
around these stars?
That we are not
the center of all things.
But I do know these ideas
will bring you much trouble.
Like, dead trouble.
Oh. [scoffs]
It's all just so fascinating.
There-- there's so much
to discover,
so much to learn, and--
-MELZI: But, Maestro...
Don't you worry that your desire
to know everything
might be dangerous
with the Pope?
Ah, yes, the Pope.
He'd like it if these mirrors
were a weapon
to fry his blasphemous enemies.
They could be used that way,
you know?
Just as the great Archimedes
demonstrated at Syracuse.
Of course, I'm using
the moon's reflected light here.
But if this were
the direct light of the sun,
it would be
a very powerful weapon
for his holiness.
[speaks Italian]
Ah si, terribile.
[loud thud]
[footsteps approaching]
Ah, Zoroastro.
Has the delivery arrived?
[laughs] Excellent.
We've not a moment to lose.
Nothing to fear
in truth and knowledge.
But not everyone
is a Leonardo da Vinci.
LEONARDO: [chuckles]
Well, no, they don't have to be.
They just have to open up
their minds and see.
See what can be unburdened
by what has been.
The Holy Father may differ
with you on this point.
It's late.
Maybe some rest.
Cecco, remember.
A well-spent day
brings a happy sleep.
[speaks Italian]
Uno, due, tre.
And I have much, much more
to do this day before--
before I sleep.
[speaks Italian]
Buonasera Zoroastro!
I see you prepared the delivery,
our new specimen.
Bravo mi amico.
Look, here.
See how all is in balance.
How all is interconnected.
Man is such a marvelous machine.
I will now journey
further into the unknown.
Bring the light closer, Cecco,
per favore.
Aristotle called it "Anima".
The spirit, the soul,
the animating principle
of all things.
If I can find its home,
I will find the answer
to life itself.
Who's that?
Could-- could it be...
Tell me your secrets.
[shrieks] I fear you.
But you will not stop me
until I find the answer
to life itself!
That's it!
Call in the executioner.
Make ready this heretic's pyre.
You. You.
You cannot hide
this sacrilege from me.
[shadows chuckles]
But, your holiness--
Florentine, this dissection
business is foul.
Tell him, Giuliano.
You are his patron after all.
Yes, your holiness.
Leonardo, what--
Why can't you just be satisfied
with painting pretty things?
Pretty things
for the everlasting glory
of the Lord,
like a good little artist.
Even Michelangelo agrees.
-Is that right?
-[blows raspberry]
With due respect,
your Holiness does only manage
to give the art commissions
to the younger talents.
Well, yes.
But he never finishes anything.
I mean, what do you expect me
to do?
[sighs] Your holiness.
I investigate these mysteries,
the cosmos,
-the human body--
Out of curiosity.
It's to learn.
The outside often hides
what is inside.
Would it not be wondrous
to find the answer?
The answer?
Some things are left unanswered.
Some things are only answered
by God and the church.
This is the end
of your curiosity.
No more dissections.
No more desecrations.
There is nothing else to learn.
At least not with a cutting
and the blood and awful
and the-- [gags]
I don't even want to think
about it.
My incense!
Bring me my incense.
[sniffs, sighs]
Your holiness.
If we are created in God's image
then certainly
Leonardo's abilities
are an exemplar
of God's creation of man.
Well, more like the devil's,
But like all men,
he is fallible.
And in need of a shepherd.
Uh, not this again.
Ah, yes, a shepherd.
My child...
The shepherd leads the way
Sheep go about their day
They grow their wool
They breed and then they die
And with each hour spent
Sheep are safe
They are content
They have no need to learn
Nor question why
For the shepherd
He will feed them
On the narrow path
He'll lead them
For evil wolves can tear them
Limb from limb
For the shepherd
Will protect them
Wolves? He will deflect them
They need only place
Their trust in him
It is simple.
Now, as your shepherd,
may I suggest you paint me
a nice altarpiece.
Or I know,
I have a lot of ceilings,
-you can paint me one of those.
-[gate opens]
It's urgent.
I must see his holiness.
[metal clanking]
Your holiness,
I regret to inform you
of the defeat
of your gallant army,
and that of your allies
the Milanese at Marignano.
The French?
-[canon fire]
-[soldiers clamoring]
A war council, your Holiness?
Yes, war council!
War council.
-War council. War council.
-War council. War council.
Ah, yes.
Now, you can earn your keep,
military engineer,
to the Papal court.
I want something really awful.
Something that will put
the fear of God
into that heathen
French King of theirs.
Um, what's his name again?
You know, he's the new one.
Charles? Henry?
Francis I, your holiness.
I just married his cousin.
-Oh yes, lovely wedding.
-Thank you, your holiness.
Florentine, let's show Francis I
what God Almighty is all about!
May I request a sheaf of paper?
Paper? Why for heaven's sake?
-Oh, I suppose.
-Paper. Paper.
-Paper. Paper.
What are they doing?
Your holiness,
I can easily create
the most effective
machines of war.
Lights please.
[Melzi and Zoroastro
making firing noise]
Oh, yes.
I love it. I really do.
Oh, that is just heinous.
Look at those French run!
Ooh la la!
Get those weapons, my spies!
[making buzzing noises]
I-- I-- I--
Wait, what just happened?
[Melzi and Zoroastro
making firing noise]
They're attacking
the wrong army!
[Melzi and Zoroastro
making firing noise]
Oh, that is horrible.
Well, certainly in war,
one must be prepared
for the enemy
to acquire and learn
your technology.
They then use your weapons
against you.
It has always been that way.
Oh, well, I don't love that.
I really don't.
It does seem that way,
your Holiness.
-Never ends, really.
-Ah, shoot.
Those weapons seemed
really fun, too.
Well, what do we do?
Can't let some brie-eating
namby-pamby get my weapons.
And I can't let him
trounce my army
and get away with it either.
Your Holiness, may I recommend
that you show
that you are greater than he
and offer peace?
Show him the power
of God's love to forgive.
Show him the way.
Be his shepherd.
Shepherd? Hmm.
using your curiosity,
I command you
to create a bauble.
A gift that will cement
the peace
between the Kingdom of Heaven
and the Kingdom of France.
If you are successful,
I shall allow you
to continue your studies.
However, search for the soul,
you will find
you and your curiosity
on the heretic's pyre.
[crowd clamoring]
Let there be peace!
[crowd cheers, applause]
[indistinct chatter]
[lion roars]
-[girl shrieks]
Una bestia.
It's a demon.
[metal clanking]
[crowd clamoring]
How does it come alive?
You see, your majesty,
it is powered
by a clockwork mechanism
based on springs.
Operating in an efficient,
elegant way.
Not unlike that
of a real animal.
Although, much simpler,
of course.
I don't understand.
How can one recoil in fear
at something as inventive
as your wonderful lion?
[distant laugh]
[both laugh, cheer]
You are a wizard,
Maestro Leonardo.
[lion growling]
[crowd clamoring]
Um, your majesty,
would you ever consider
an old wizard such as myself
welcomed in your kingdom?
A most generous offer, Maestro.
I would be honored.
However, you already
have a powerful patron
in Cardinal Giuliano de Medici.
Oh, forgive me, majesty,
for such a presumptuous inquiry.
Perhaps if your situation
should change.
[Giuliano coughing]
With Giuliano dead,
now what am I supposed
to do with you?
[bell tolling]
[mandolin playing]
Now the raindrops fall
and join the river's flow.
They heed the ocean's call
whose depths
we'll never know.
Can you ever forgive me?
Have I let you down, my friend?
What counsel can you give me?
Have we really reached the end?
We're out of time
We're out of time
There's nowhere left to go
We're out of time
We're out of time
Now we will never know
-[loud banging on door]
A message from
the royal court of France.
"Maestro Leonardo,
the Florentine...
-...mon pre."
-FRANCIS I: "Mon pre."
May I call you "mon pre"?
For I could very well see you
as a father to me.
I, King Francis I,
monarch of the magnificent
Kingdom of France,
have reconsidered your offer
and invite you,
the genius of all artists,
to join the royal court
of France
and become first painter,
engineer, and architect
to myself, King Francis I,
the King of France.
P.S. Do make haste,
for mighty fortune awaits.
[birds chirping]
Oh, how I love a black canvas
Far from the shadow of Rome
What fun it will be
To plan this
Arrangement of our new home
This will be
The perfect library
A study beyond compare
I could openly look
At any book
The Pope need not know
Nor care
The Pope will find out.
Over here we'll study optics
How this prism
Refracts our light
We'll investigate
So many topics
Even build
A mechanical knight
This room is for engineering
The physics of weight
And measure
Hydraulics, mathematics
Applied kinematics
We'll have no time
For leisure
Down here, this room
A place to perfect machines
Ornithopter, helioscrew
Secret hidden and out of view
Secure and remote
An underground location
The perfect place
To continue
My investigation
Of the ultimate goal
The discovery
And the whereabouts
Of the human soul
We're not sleeping down here.
Right, where will you stay?
Come, come this way.
The Chateaux de Cloux
Has got everything
Pure intellectual freedom
The trust of a young
And enlightened king
How I'll inspire
And lead him
-A new age
-A new age
-Of wisdom
-Of wisdom
-And freedom
Do you think it advisable
to begin your dissections again?
We don't know this king's views
on such matters.
Yes, your concern is noted,
but this king must be different.
He was born
in an age of discovery.
His mind is open
to new ideas and to--
[horn blows]
Most honorable Maestro
Leonardo the Florentine.
I am required to escort you
and your companions
to be received
by his royal majesty,
King Francis I
at Castle Remorantin,
a two-day journey.
[Leonardo grunts]
But we've only just arrived
at Le Cloux
and Castle Amboise.
By order of the king,
please prepare to leave
upon the hour.
Merci beaucoup.
Ah, I'm sure he has
an excellent reason.
[grunts] Is that you?
Is it really you?
Welcome to France,
Maestro Leonardo.
I thought
you would never get here.
How was your journey? Exciting?
Come, everyone is anxious
to meet you. [grunts]
As you can see,
we are building a modern castle
to project my new power.
It is going to be huge.
It is made of stone
and it will have cannons.
It is going to be grand.
Very grand.
Everyone, everyone,
he is finally here.
Leonardo the Florentine,
mon pre,
the greatest mind
in all of Europe.
-[kids chuckle]
-Shh, be quiet.
Maestro, may I introduce
my mother, Louise de Savoy.
I welcome you, Maestro.
Aristotle to my Alexander,
Merlin to my Arthur.
Your prestige and wisdom
will aid our petit Csar
to be the greatest king
in the history of France.
THE COURT: [chants in French]
Vive le Roi!
Mother, you're embarrassing me.
Madame la Duchesse.
I am honored to be thought
of in such company
and humbled by your faith in me.
Um, now, with so much to do,
I'd like to return
to my new workshop.
Perhaps you have met the king's
current architect and engineer,
Il Boccador and Pierre Nepveu.
We are merely servants
in the presence of such a genius
as yourself.
Your reputation precedes you.
Grazie, signori.
-Your majesty, I would like to--
-Il Bocador, how about a tour?
Thank you, Your Majesty.
If you will all follow me
this way, mind your step.
Your Majesty, I would like
to return to my work.
Oh, yes, yes, of course.
But Maestro, you will find this
quite fascinating.
Notice here on the left,
to protect against
modern cannon fire,
we've angled
the curtain walls
following the latest
in defense thinking
and construction.
The idea being that when
a cannon ball hits the wall,
it bounces off
at a 45-degree angle,
clearing the lake and landing
on the enemy approaching.
This will matter for efficiency
in defense.
[kids laugh]
If you look outside the castle,
you'll notice
the digging of the trench
which was made...
[kids laugh]
Crocodiles, alligators and--
What is the Maestro doing?
Yes, do tell, mon pre.
Maestro Leonardo,
this is quite unusual behavior.
You see,
we are testing the ground,
your majesty.
Something that was not done
prior to construction.
Why, it most certainly was,
wasn't it?
It was. Of course, it was.
My best people tested it
and told me it was perfect.
In fact, solid.
-Did you not, Nepveu?
-Oh, yes, I did.
Perfect, solid.
Perfect and solid. Solid soil.
Well, my good man,
if you tested it yourself,
you would have found
that this ground
is completely unsuitable
to build a castle on.
[both gasp]
It is too soft.
One good rainstorm
and the castle will slide
right into the river.
-[thunder rumbling]
[laughs] Was I correct?
He's a genius!
Maestro, where should
this powerful castle be located?
I would propose you build it
Ah, yes, over there.
IL BOCCADOR: [laughs]
But that is full of rocks!
It would be too hard
to dig there,
what are you talking about?
I don't know.
His head must be full of rocks!
That's what I was going to say!
[Nepveu & Boccador laughing]
It has come to my attention,
that people of accomplishment
rarely sit back
and let things happen to them.
They go forth
and happen to things.
[laughs] Well said, Maestro!
Now that the location
of the castle has been decided,
we must consider my statue.
Maestro, let me show you
what I am thinking.
Il Boccador, Nepveu,
will you assist me?
Ow, my back.
Hey, what do you think?
Something like this?
Of course, we are representing
a scaled-down model
of the statue.
I should be more, more,
more, more big!
Something powerful and bold
to impress my fellow kings!
Uh-oh, Zoro,
I think the Maestro
is lost again.
-Is he alright?
-What is wrong with him?
Hmm, hmm.
Your majesties,
it will be revealed in
uno, due, tre...
Ha-ha-ha, of course!
An ideal city!
We will build the ideal city!
An idol city?
What's an idol city?
An ideal city, your majesty.
Imagine this.
On the lowest level,
canals and cart traffic
carrying goods
in and out of the city.
Up on that pedestrians
stroll the shops and galleries.
[gasps] A what?!
Gardens in abundance
to clean the air.
All the water
would be circulated
using Archimedes'
ingenious screw
and the waste brought out
away from the city
to the swamp sphere.
Where nature's own systems,
smarter than ours,
will clean the water again.
The city would be living,
breathing, healthy
and much better for the people
than another castle.
Your majesty,
something of that magnitude
and audacity is impossible.
Why, it is crazy talk!
It does seem ridiculous.
Hmm. No, I'm sorry, Maestro.
I just don't see it.
Seems far too expansive
and complicated.
Frankly, not very powerful.
What would King Henry
and King Charles think?
King Henry? King Charles?
Besides, where would
my statue go?
I believe it should be built.
[gasps] Marguerite of Navarre!
Why, young lady,
are you not back at Amboise
attending to your duties?
And with the children!
On the contrary, mother,
I would like to hear
what Marguerite has to say.
Ah, sister, a grand entrance.
If only you were permitted
to wear breeches,
you'd be every bit my equal.
Why, Your Majesty,
I-- I think it should be built.
All roads of France will travel
through this magnificent city.
A city for the people
at the center of the world.
It would be a new Rome.
A new Rome on the Rantin River.
Rome on the Rantin.
Why not rename Rmorantin
Oh, I like it!
Now, that sounds powerful.
Okay, let's give it a go.
THE COURT: [chants in French]
Vive le Roi!
And don't forget my statue
and maybe a big castle.
Ooh, this daft beggar's
picked a right cold night
to go on. Eh?
Well, I certainly
wouldn't want to go
-on a night like tonight.
-Oh, love, it's not your time.
Aw. How about a wee little kiss?
And a little dance.
-No dancing in the graves.
-[both laugh]
Who do you think he was?
Just a lost soul
with no kin or relations.
Ah, what's it all about then?
What's what all about?
This, life.
Eh, you don't be getting
all off philosophical on me--
You know, we just come here
come rain or shine.
All these questions
just hurt me head.
We'll all get eaten
by worms one day.
I don't know.
Here today,
gone tomorrow is all.
Let's put him in
before he gets away.
Ooh! Where did he go?
[both whimper]
[wind blowing]
[knocking on door]
[speaks Italian]
Uffa, che puzza!
What? Did you go back
to Italy to get this one?
Hurry, get inside.
What is this?
[distant chattering]
[nose sniffing]
The senses?
These must be the senses.
You must be sight.
And you are smell.
[nose sneezes]
Hearing. Hello.
[echoes] Hello, hello. [laughs]
I don't taste so good.
[laughs] Touch, of course.
How do you do?
The mind's eye,
the window to the soul.
[Marguerite laughs]
The senses,
the ministers of the soul.
They should lead me
to the common sense
and to the soul itself.
[speaks Italian]
Come possibile?
Princess, forgive me,
Mathurine did not announce you.
Oh, quite alright,
I found my own way in.
These are wonderful.
I've never seen such
imagination realized.
Si, si! Realized as just toys.
Prototypes of the Maestro's
unfinished projects.
Speaking of projects,
I was hoping to share
some thoughts I had
on the Ideal City.
The Ideal City.
Uh... [chuckles] um...
I believe the Maestro
would be most interested.
-Whoa, whoa. Wait--
-No need to announce me.
The Maestro is not finished...
-the drawings.
-[Marguerite gasps]
He's dissecting dead people.
The soul appears to reside
in the seat of judgment.
Where all the senses
come together,
which is called
"the common sense".
The "senso comune."
It is the seat of the soul,
the ruler,
the sovereign of life.
Ha ha, you will not stop me!
O' Death!
Does he do this often?
And he has so many other
interests to explore.
Cecco, I was in the cave
of the mind,
the sense of comune.
I envisioned the five senses
and how they all converged
toward the common sense and--
Oh, princess. [chuckles]
A city much like the human body
hums and pulsates,
flexes, stretches, beats,
even sings.
Everything is interconnected.
Thus, the purpose
of my anatomy studies.
That's how that works.
Maestro Leonardo,
you do not perform these studies
to benefit the Ideal City.
No, no, you are correct.
I am an anatomist to learn
what makes us work.
Is there something inside?
Aristotle called it "anima",
the breath of life that--
that makes us--
that makes us who we are.
What we might call "the soul"?
Si, anima, soul.
The question is,
why are we here?
What is our purpose?
What is the meaning of life?
I understand now
why you left Rome.
Your questions carry with them
Do you not have faith then?
Not that of blind faith,
I assure you.
That is too easy.
Oh, come now.
Faith does not make things easy.
Rather, faith makes
things possible.
Don't you agree?
All I know is that blind faith
cannot prove the existence
of a soul.
Using the power of reason,
observation and experiment,
I endeavor to find that soul,
that meaning,
the one that lives on
after we die.
The immortal one.
And when I find
this immortal soul,
I hope it will share
its answers about life.
So, you will not die?
No, I--
I don't know.
Hmm. Interesting.
I wonder if this great question
can be answered.
Bring me more paper!
I need something to show
his majesty in the morning!
[wind blowing]
LOUISE DE SAVOY: [speaks French]
En garde! Prts!
-Madame la Duchesse.
[speaks French]
Avance. Engager.
[Francis I grunting]
Majesty, if I could-- oh.
-Nice thrust, sir.
-[speaks French] Cercle-Parer.
I have these sketches.
Would you--
[speaks French] Balestra.
Maybe-- maybe you could
just glance.
Sir, if you would--
Would your majesty care--
[speaks French]
Reprise de l'attaque.
Mon pre, ha-ha!
To further promote myself
as King of France,
I have invited
Emperor Charles V
of Spain and Germany,
an expert with sword.
And Henry VIII of England,
more a wrestler,
to visit us at Amboise
and partake--
Oh, lookout!
In several weeks of festivities
and excitement.
There are my equals,
you know?
It is a king's job
to be strong for his people,
cementing a peace
with these kings
like I did with the Pope.
And you shall help me
by knocking Charles and Henry
clean out of their crowns
with your dazzling contraptions.
Oh, ah, I thought
you had summoned me
to view the latest sketches
of the Ideal City.
These project powerful
forward thinking.
Of course, of course.
We can show them that,
as well as battle re-enactments,
and I know, a big party!
A grand fete!
You are good at that.
Just no jousts.
Jousts are very last year.
Ah, yes.
But what about the city?
LOUISE DE SAVOY: [speaks French]
Prise de Fer!
Of course, the king
would like to see your city.
-En garde!
-You will show me.
But first, make plans
for a celebration.
One that will show the world
my petit Csar, the king,
to be reckoned with.
-FRANCIS I: Touch!
As you wish, your majesties.
-[Leonardo coughing]
-MELZI: Fammi capire.
You are tasked
with the Ideal City,
battle re-enactments,
a grand fete
for the kings of Europe,
all while hiding your studies
into the secret of life.
Isn't the king asking
a lot of you?
Yes, but all easily manageable.
-What are you looking for?
-Your twin.
The only way
you could do all of this
is for there to be
two or three of you.
Come along. [laughs]
It's about balance.
Now, that he asks for this
big show for these kings,
we concentrate on that.
And I'll continue to hide
my investigations.
And um, what if the king
wants to see the Ideal City?
He won't. Not for some time.
Why? He never even looked
at these sketches.
It's one-- it's one less project
to worry about.
[speaks Italian]
Si, bene.
You had me worried.
Ah, Maestro Leonardo, wonderful.
The way I see it, the people,
they want to work,
they want to create.
Annette, Samuel,
we'll need bread
to feed the workers.
Oh merci your highness,
we are ever grateful!
The people want
to be appreciated,
remembered for what
they can accomplish.
Pierre-Luc, we will need
your beautiful stonework.
Merci, your highness.
See you at the Ideal City!
The Ideal City?
Yes, you are such a genius.
As you said,
the city is human,
so it also provides.
A city like this excites minds,
it gives hope.
It's just so extraordinary.
[giggles, sighs]
-Princess, perhap--
-MELZI: Hey.
-Perhaps you'd like--
-Perhaps you'd like to see more?
-[both grunt]
-Hey, look, it's Michelangelo.
-What? Where?
Princess, perhaps
you'd like to see
more sketches of the city?
Yes, please.
The city was diverting funds
from the poor and others in need
so I've had to scale back
on certain things.
The statue, for instance,
no longer seems necessary.
Also, lord knows we don't need
more cannons in this world.
of military spending
seemed the obvious
course of action.
A wise decision, my lady.
His Majesty has approved
these funding changes?
No, but he will.
The court is worried about
the European kings and power,
public relations,
the big picture.
We are helping by concerning
ourselves with the day-to-day
and making change happen.
So, Maestro, does the city
capture your studies?
Quite impressive, indeed.
I was thinking you should
publish these ideas.
That way innovation
and cities like this
could be created everywhere.
Perhaps, but, princess,
there are three classes
of people in this world.
Those who see,
those who see
when they are shown,
and those who do not see.
When those who do not see
are in power,
which is often,
they fear those who see.
You're implying my brother
cannot see?
I'm beginning to have my doubts.
We will just have
to make him see then,
-won't we?
-Ah, yes.
[hammering in distance]
So, what about this one?
Any idea what he's all about?
-Pierre le petit pois?
-[gasps] He was a thief!
And a killer!
-A monster!
-A monster!
Well, seems like a right waste.
To have just one life
and to use it for bad.
But an honest day's work
is something to strive for.
Let's dance! Huh?
-Oh, nope, nope, no, no, no.
-No dancing in the grave!
That's right.
[both gasp]
Isn't it said, my love,
the dead don't talk,
but do they walk?
-Maybe they can.
-[Jeanne whimpers]
Remind me again why we needed
to take this dirty
secret passage?
Oh. Why, mama?
Because we have a passage secret
and can make a big surprise.
-It is fun.
-If you say so.
-Ah, mon pre.
-[indistinct chattering]
-[banging on door]
-I wonder who that could be.
are Leonardo's apprentice,
-Aren't I correct?
Ha! I never forget a face.
It appears your friend
isn't well.
This must be...
Now, don't tell me.
It sounds like um, Melvin?
-FRANCIS I: Melon?
What kind of a name is Melon?
I don't know.
You said it sounds like Melvin.
Melbo, Marlo, Marzo,
Marvin, Marzipan!
Or is the R messing me up?
You know, how you can
have that one letter
-that just throws you?
-MELZI: Zoro.
Yes, your majesty.
Meltin, Melvin, Melzin, Melzina.
Argh! These flies are upon us.
Mama mia, Zoroastro.
I don't feel so good.
Oh, poor Signor Melzi.
Signor Melzi! Ha-ha! See?
-I never forget.
Very good, your majesty.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Zoro, I need my bed.
-Too much of our local wine?
-MELZI: Eh, si.
-It is good, isn't it?
-MELZI: So good, que buono!
where is the cadaver--
Royal majesties.
I've-- I've been expecting you.
-You have?
-Ah, yes.
I uh-- I thought
I'd show you my work.
Ah, Maestro.
But first, allow me,
as it were,
to paint a picture for you.
What do you think of that?
Is it not a most audacious plan?
One to impress
the kings of Europe?
So-- so this plan is to remove
the Last Supper painting,
wall and all,
and bring it to France?
Perfect timing, gentlemen.
Why don't you set up over here?
We have laid out
detailed diagrams.
-It is foolproof?
-It is foolproof.
We'll have the painting
in Amboise six months tops.
-Should take ten--
-NEPVEU: Ten, maybe 20.
Twenty oxen to cart the fresco
over the Alps.
Yes, correct.
We are going over for sure
and oxen is the best way.
Yes, definitely oxen.
We tested different animals,
chickens, hogs--
Not chickens.
Oxen should be--
Chickens were not strong at all,
but we thought having eggs
along the way,
supplying ample protein
for the journey.
A simple experiment.
We learned much from it.
Very flimsy animals.
Turns out chickens
can't pull carts.
No need to worry
about the chickens.
We'll have 20,
which is much more than we need.
-NEPVEU: Twenty oxen.
-IL BOCCADOR: Oxen, yes.
To be clear, not the chickens.
Very similar to cows,
but mightier.
We'll be diagramming this all
out more thoroughly soon.
Come with me. I told you,
don't mention the chickens.
Uh, I'm endeavoring
to comprehend
why this is a good idea.
I want something big,
mon pre.
Something to impress
Henry and Charles.
In fact, we can
add the presentation
of the Last Supper
to the grand show.
How are your preparations
for the battle re-enactments
and the grand fete proceeding?
Oh, quite well.
Very well indeed.
You see, this model here
depicts the Ideal City.
Now, as you can see,
every building will be
surrounded by gardens,
regulating temperature
and reminding us
of our connection
to the natural world.
Zoro, hand me that bottle.
Powered by water.
It's like the human body.
The city's canals
act like arteries.
They not only circulate
the water,
but automate the bridges,
pumps and locks.
moving goods from here to there.
Is this all there is?
Where is my statue?
I do not see that represented
on this-- this toy!
Well, this is just a model.
The construction
of the Ideal City
is going well.
Perhaps a visit to--
to-- to show you--
Maestro Leonardo,
the kings arrive this spring
and it appears
that rather than focusing
on His Majesty's celebration,
you have focused
on this ridiculous city.
On the contrary, I--
I have all these ideas here.
Where did I--
Ah, grazie.
You see, a mechanical horse
like the lion.
And uh--
Oh, oh, this knight.
-[metal clanking]
Oh, oh.
This here is a cannon
that shoots bouncing
sheep-bladder balls.
We'd make larger ones
for the grand fete, of course.
Alright, Maestro.
I expect you to apply
all of your energies
to the presentation
of my monarchy
to my fellow kings.
Do not fail me, mon pre.
Of course not, your majesty.
I will not fail you.
[ball squeaks]
Oh, oh, oh, forgive me.
I-- [clears throat]
I regret that I cannot do more
with the city.
I must focus on
the king's event.
It was Seneca, wasn't it?
Who said we are but dogs
on our leads,
our freedom only extending
as far as the leash is long.
Only to have fate pull us back.
[gasps] Yes.
Driver, turn us around quick.
-Oui, Your Highness.
-[all laughing]
Cheer up, Maestro.
We will help you.
Simple melody
Sing along with me
Soon our melody
Becomes a harmony
First we make a start
Each one plays a part
Find a path with heart
But first we make a start
Each one chose your role
Each part forms a whole
Body, spirit, soul
Each part will form a whole
Each fulfils their role
Each part forms a whole
Our community
Exists in harmony
[Marguerite grunts]
-[all laugh]
What are you looking for?
A... a seed?
Si, from a tiny seed
to the great cosmos,
everything is interconnected.
For it is from
the smallest things,
the smallest gestures,
the kingdoms of the wonderful
are born.
From this tiny seed
Knowledge is growing
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
[both laugh]
[Leonardo] Whoo-hoo!
[Leonardo] Ha-ha!
[wind howling]
Ha-ha! Run!
Maestro, you have
outdone yourself.
The kings will be impressed,
[Francis I thuds]
[metal clanking]
[Francis I coughs]
This will not do.
I cannot be seen ridiculous
in front of Charles and Henry.
Maestro, didn't you mention
showing us this city of yours?
Uh, yes.
Well then, on to Remo--
I mean, Romorantin.
But mama, we must redouble
our efforts here.
The Ideal City.
I don't think
we have the time.
Humans in balance
With God's creation
To all the world
An inspiration
That's what's in store
For our Ideal City
And what's more
It's charming and pretty
Imagine the elements
Of our town
Each one a part
Of a healthy body
Each road an artery
Flowing around
Carrying nutrients
Near and broadly
Fresh water fountains
Are centrally placed
Ensuring there's always
Clean water to drink
Sewers invisibly
Expel our waste
Securing our health
Without having to think
Come see
We'll be humans and nature
In harmony
Because our King
Is the city's heart
He will reside
In its most central part
No remote palace
Crowned with a steeple
Our king will want
To live 'mongst his people
We'll all reside
Perfectly pleasantly
Arm and arm
Monarch and peasantry
All work together
A unified whole
Then we can say
This city has soul
Come see
We'll be humans and nature
In harmony
You'll see
We'll be city of peace
And unity
Bravo, bravo, bravo.
There are some
fascinating things here.
A word comes to mind
to describe it.
Unique. It is unique.
And curious.
Curious I never saw once,
never even so much
as a pedestal saw my statue.
-Your majesty, with all due--
-I canceled the statue.
-[gasps] You what?
We needed the funds
to build the city.
I diverted funds from
the military as well.
You did wh- wh-- what?
But what about my show
of strength to the kings?
If you were creating
a peace with them,
you don't need weapons.
Creating a city of ideas,
of innovation, will bring peace.
Innovation? You are so nave.
These kings don't care
about cities and ideas.
They only care about power.
Their power.
Get rid of it. Tear it down.
I will be the laughing stock
of kings!
I'm disappointed in you.
I thought you had better sense.
I'm sending you to Paris.
You will attend
your proper duties,
away from the influence
of these blasphemous new ideas.
And as for you, Maestro,
you are to serve your king,
not yourself.
No more of this witchcraft.
No more of your heresy.
You will create war machines,
a grand statue.
You will create
a symbol of power
for the everlasting glory
of your king.
Like a good little artist.
[Marguerite sighs]
I guess our leashes are shorter
than we thought.
-[Leonardo grunts]
-[objects shatters]
No one wants to know the truth.
The real truth.
All they want
are worthless baubles,
war machines, and statues!
-[breathing heavily]
-[heart beating]
No, don't go!
I must know!
[loud thump]
[wings flapping]
[Leonardo grunting]
[angels vocalizing]
Oh, really?
Michelangelo, my spies
have informed me
Leonardo is back at it.
He's looking for the soul again.
-I agree.
is too good for him.
I should boil him
in his own drawing ink.
This talk of science and reason,
of exploring and discovering,
makes my stomach go
all queasy-wheezy.
That's it!
His heresy must be stopped.
He is forbidden
from finding the soul!
[thunder rumbling]
[trumpet blowing]
[Indistinct chatter]
Oh no. Maestro Leonardo.
[crowd screaming, clamoring]
-Perhaps, if we wait.
-Until winter.
We can slide.
The Last Supper down.
The ice of the Alps
on a herd of sheep.
Oh, maybe we can use sheep
instead of the oxen.
Cushioned by their
winter wool coats.
Yes, slip the painting
on a herd of sheep
and send them down the Alps.
The perfect transport
for the painting.
Sheep? Winter?
-We don't have until winter.
The kings will be here
in a fortnight.
If we can't manage
the Last Supper,
we need something else
impressive for them.
I know you don't like 'em,
but how about a joust?
Always a crowd-pleaser.
No jousts.
Why did Maestro Leonardo
fall ill?
[blows trumpet]
A carriage of the Papal court
A cardinal?
Stand straight, shoulders back.
Fix this. Look taller.
Breathe. [taking deep breaths]
Puff out your chest.
[horses neighing]
Perhaps he's come to drag
the Maestro back to the Pope.
-You are the king.
-Yes, I am.
-Find out what he wants.
-Okay, mama. On my way.
[birds chirping]
Get out, you quack,
you murderer!
No one is putting leeches on me!
You have suffered a stroke,
[pot shatters]
But I must purge your blood.
Learn something about
the human body first,
you vampire!
-Good luck.
-[objects clattering]
He never finishes anything.
Could it be Marguerite?
[footsteps approaching]
And these notes,
as you can see,
are of the Ideal City.
And these?
Why are they not
with the others?
Oh. [chuckles]
[clears throat]
Cecco, open the folio.
Let them see the notes.
Are you certain, Maestro?
But the studies--
Let them see the drawings.
-[Cardinal gasps]
-[Francis I chuckles]
Oh. That's how that works.
I have dissected at least
30 bodies, you know?
You have, have you?
I must admit it is not
for the faint of heart.
As my assistant can attest,
it is a most macabre affair.
-Thirty bodies?
How did you find them?
Oh, we just find them
lying around, you know?
In this, I have been impeded
neither by avarice
nor negligence,
but only by time.
Signore da Vinci,
I have been charged
by his Holiness
-to escort you back to Rome.
-No, no, no.
Excuse me, gentlemen,
I believe the Maestro is tired.
We should allow him to rest.
But his Holiness insists.
You've seen the drawings?
-They're disgusting!
-His Holiness
made peace with France,
did he not?
And the Maestro was a reward
for that peace.
He belongs to my court
and serves at my pleasure.
The Pope has seen all
that there is to see here.
[foots stomping]
Kings, kings, kings, kings
Kings, kings, kings, kings
Kings, kings, kings
On your knees
Pay tribute to the kings
Bow down to he
Bow lower still
You simple little things
They'll squeeze you
With their taxes
Each percent
Of pound and pence
Their armies
And their treasuries
Are frighteningly immense
Bow down to he,
Henry number eight
You can not flee
England's head of church
As well as state
His navy is so huge
It fills his enemies
With dread
Be sure to keep
Your distance
Or you're sure to lose
Your head
Bow down to he
Charles number five
The emperor to be
He's the fanciest
And fiercest king alive
Conquistadors are conquering
Sending gold
And we are proud
To report his treasury
Is extremely well endowed
On your knees
Pay tribute to your kings
Distract us please,
With knights and jousts
And other kingly things
Don't ask me who elected them
For God himself selected them
To fulfill their divine right
As kings
[laughing, grunting]
Kings, kings, kings, kings
Kings, kings, kings, kings
Kings, kings, kings, kings
Kings, kings, kings, kings
[rumbling, grunting]
[crowd cheering]
[speaks Spanish]
Hola Bella.
[laughs, grunts]
[both grunting]
[speaking indistinctly]
Ho, ho.
[both grunting]
-[loud thud]
You've been practicing,
you little salamander,
but I'll get you next time.
[laughs, clears throat]
Gentlemen, can we show you
to your accommodations?
No need, little salamander.
I've brought my own.
Comforts of one's own court,
you know?
[crowd cheering]
And I have brought mine.
[crowd cheering]
[clears throat]
Gentlemen. Ge--
my fellow majesties I--
My fellow majesties,
dinner is served.
You can continue that later.
Allow us to adjourn
to the banquet.
I am sure you are famished
from your journeys, huh?
I hope there's enough food,
little salamander.
I could eat an elephant.
You look like you could eat
two elephants, and a moose,
and a cow, and a whale,
and a dolphin, a giraffe,
rhinoceros, a little chinchilla.
-Why you stuck-up rooster!
-Stork, snake.
[making rooster noise]
Crow about this.
-[rumbling noises]
-[crowd cheering]
This should go well.
[nervous chuckle]
[coughs] Merci, Mathurine.
Yes, Maestro?
It uh... [coughs] appears there isn't
enough time in this life
to find all the answers.
It's time to put my affairs
in order.
As you wish, Maestro.
[Leonardo coughing]
[mandolin playing]
I carried you all this way
from a distant land.
Looked at you every day,
I still don't understand
the secret behind your smile.
Now, I will never know.
I am reconciled.
It is time to let you go.
We're out of time
We're out of time
I'm out of time.
There's nowhere left to go
We're out of time
We're out of time
I'm out of time.
Now we will never know
Maestro, you should see this.
[roosters crowing]
Come, I'll help you.
[children laughing]
Oh, come on, girls.
[all laughing]
Now, do you understand?
Do you understand
the secret of the soul?
It is not difficult.
You have been looking
at the answer the whole time,
right in front of you.
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
[laughs] Cecco!
I know the secret of the soul.
The secret to life itself.
-You do?
[speaks Italian]
Fantastico! Buona fortuna!
Could it be that simple?
Could that be the ultimate goal?
To share our passions
with others.
That is the gift of the soul.
Now I can see
From this tiny seed
The greatest of trees
May grow
Now I can see, now finally
And I can let you go
Mona Lisa
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
The soul, the soul.
Life's meaning is
not something you find.
The soul is something you give.
You give your soul.
[laughs] I guess it is.
When I heard you were ill,
I rushed back
as quick as I could.
I never imagined.
Wonderful to see you up
and on your feet.
[trumpet blowing
in distance]
He may not see it.
He may very well fear it.
But our king needs us right now.
Well then, we shall help him
see the seed.
-[metal creaking]
-[crowd cheering]
[horse snorts]
I need to show these two
that I am as powerful
as they are.
What you are proposing
is simply too small.
On the contrary, Your Majesty,
it is the grandest idea.
Dear sister,
I know what I need to do.
-[horse neighs]
-[loud thud]
-[crowd gasps]
Little Salamander, this is fun.
I love a good joust.
Let's have another go.
Okay, what do we do?
Your Majesty,
don't miss rehearsals.
Madame la Duchesse,
you just have to keep
Charles and Henry entertained
while we get things ready.
Oui, Maestro Leonardo.
[sings in French]
En Garde Prets Allez
If you lose a fight
Then smile, say touche
Then you pivot and you parry
And you leave no time to tarry
Soon you'll find
A perfect repartee
[buzzing, hammering]
[sings in French]
En Garde Prets Allez
First you're winning,
Then your plans will go stray
Then the world
Makes you feel dizzy
Don't go into a tizzy
Turn your spinning
Into a ballet
[sings in French]
En Garde Prets Allez
Politics is a game
We all must play
If at first
You don't succeed
Change your tactics
Don't concede
I win!
Until you can proceed
Another way
[clears throat]
En Garde Prets Allez
Do whatever is required
Win the day
When you have
A clear objective
You're sure to be effective
When you make
Your family a forte
En Garde Prets Allez
-CROWD: Bravo!
-[all applauds]
[crowd cheering]
[crickets chirping]
[indistinct chatter]
Excuse me.
[crowd chattering]
Are you sure about this,
mon pre?
Oh, yes, yes,
it will go off perfectly.
-But I look like everyone else.
-Yes, that's the point.
You are just an--
an ordinary star at first
and then you give birth
to the five planets
becoming our great sun,
giver of life.
I am not exactly comfortable
that as a man,
I would give birth.
Well, it isn't exactly
that kind of birth.
It's fiery and exciting,
you know, chemical.
I am all for fiery and exciting,
but still,
I am unclear how
this projects power.
It's a different sort of power.
The power of ideas,
the power of inspiration.
-But how will I-- but how--
-Places, your majesty.
[crowd applauding]
[crowd gasps, chatter]
-WOMAN 1: Is that the king?
-MAN 1: Yes, that's the king.
[crowd laughs]
[all laugh]
[indistinct chatter]
-Oh it's so embarrassing!
[both laugh]
This is not me.
I cannot go on.
You must!
The people
were connecting to you.
You were with them.
No, Maestro Leonardo,
they were connecting to you,
not me.
You sly magician.
I do not belong on this stage.
You have tricked me
into realizing
that I belong out there
with the people,
looking up at your inspiration,
your ideas, your power.
Strength, power.
They used to count
for something,
but now it seems old and tired.
Ideas, thought, science.
Like in your anatomy sketches,
that is the future.
As king,
I will from this day onwards
set France on a course
of artistic
and scientific renewal.
A rebirth, a renaissance.
All thanks to you, mon pre.
A renaissance?
Hmm, I like the sound of that.
But first, how about
I set off the pyrotechnics?
I like watching things explode.
Zoroastro is behind the stage.
Mind you,
don't blow yourself up.
Merci, mon pre.
I am king, dear sister,
I do not blow up.
Faith, Maestro.
We have to have faith
that some can see after all.
Yes, faith. [laughs]
-You are very wise.
Are you ready, Maestro?
It is almost our cue.
Si, into the future.
[crowd gasps]
[wheel whirring]
[angelic vocalization]
[crowd gasps]
Isn't this magnificent?
Maestro Leonardo
is a true wizard.
Yes, powerful and inspiring.
It makes me feel kind of small.
Si, beautiful.
Aww, does little Chucky
have something
in his little eye?
I am moved.
-The same as you are.
-Hey, I'll move you.
Let's wrestle.
-[wrestling noises]
-[both grunt]
THE COURT: [chants in French]
Vive le roi!
We bid you join us,
oh guests of the king
The melody's simple
if you care to sing
Eyes filled with wonder,
with science and art
with caring, and sharing,
and heart
See things unseen,
behind the screen
Ever beyond our reach
Thank you, Zoro, Francesco.
My Cecco.
It is my time.
You two have been
like sons to me.
Until we meet again,
remember a life
well spent is long.
Adio, Maestro.
See things unseen,
behind the screen
Ever beyond our reach
Expand our mind,
then share in kind
This is the lesson we teach
The joy to discover,
discover the joy
A childlike wonder
that all can employ
As long a day of toll
Earns smiles and song
A life well spent is long
See things unseen,
behind the screen
Ever beyond our reach
Expand our mind,
then share in kind
This is the lesson we teach
I'm trying not to sound
like Gary Kunis.
These are not the drawing
you want.
[laughs] That sort of thing.
[film camera rolls]
Put a stone in the river
And you have the water float
Something as simple
As a stone
Can sure change
How the story goes
change how the story goes
Oooh, ooh, ooh
Oooh, ooh, ooh
Find a stone and toss it far
In a deeper lake
Stand back
Can you count
The ripples it make?
All the ripples it make
Oooh, ooh, ooh
Oooh, ooh, ooh
Oooh, ooh, ooh
Oooh, ooh, ooh
Take a turn down
A wrong long road
And see what you can find
Turn around and retrace
Your steps
If you change your mind
And change the story
They'll tell about you
And change
The world around you
And change
The world around you
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
Knowledge is growing
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
Could it be that simple?
Could that be the ultimate goal?
To share our passions
with others.
That is the gift of the soul.
Now I can see
From this tiny seed
the greatest of trees
May grow
Now I can see, now finally
And I can let you go,
Mona Lisa
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
From this tiny seed
[film camera rolling]
You're getting
your money's worth,
I'll say that.
You're getting vibrata,
you're getting singing.
You're getting the lot.
Yeah, it's an extra 10 quid.