The Invincible Dragon (2019) Movie Script

With a displacement of 19,000 tonnes,
it's one of the strongest
command ships in the world.
This is the first time since the war in Iraq,
a U.S aircraft carrier made a port call in Hong Kong.
The Hong Kong Tourism Board
has indicated the U.S. port call
will help promote local tourism,
especially for the bars in the Wan chai area.
A sizable income can be expected
for the next few nights.
Let's take a break
and stay tuned for our Sports News.
First name Loon
Last name Kow?
What a name! Don't you think?
Last December,
Customs confiscated my goods out of the blue.
I have every reason to suspect you.
Let me out! It's hot in here!
Damn you! I bust my ass for the company,
is this how you repay me?
Are you an undercover, tough guy?
This dragon...
How exquisite!
Whose creative job is it?
I saw this dragon when I was three years old.
My parents died when I was three.
One day when Grandma was asleep,
I heard a voice calling me.
I ran outside
and dived into the water.
As I went deeper and deeper,
a dragon appeared in front of me.
It brought me out of the water
and howled at me.
I laughed.
And the dragon laughed.
We had fun together.
It was a once in a lifetime adventure.
What was more amazing...
The dragon had nine heads.
Oh I'm so scared.
A 9-head dragon? Help!
Help me!
Damn it! I have that too.
And two more here.
Who called the cops?
Must be this asshole!
They're coming for us!
Boss, this looks like a tracking device.
He is a bloody undercover!
- Take Kowloon with us!
- Sure!
Hold them off!
Run, Boss!
- Go check it out!
- Yes Sir!
Out of my Way!
What's going on?
First, I'd like to thank everyone for coming.
I must thank my parents...
No worries, come with me
You won't get away!
Freeze! Drop the gun!
This is PC 3546.
Stop running!
Brother Kowloon!
Considering we're both
descendants of the dragon,
cut me some slack, OK?
But your tattoo is too ugly!
All right, Kowloon is not the name of a city.
Not the peninsula facing Hong Kong Island.
It is genuinely the name of a Police officer.
Because Kowloon shot the dope dealer
and compromised the reputation of the Police force
the brass has decided to take disciplinary action
6 months later, the rising star Kowloon...
was transferred to the
Lau Fau Shan Police Station.
The tiny station is on the hillside,
and has an exceptional view of the ocean.
There are less than 20 officers in the entire station.
It's far away from the city,
in the middle of nowhere.
After Kowloon arrived at
Lau Fau Shan Police Station,
serial killings started within 3 months.
The victims were policewoman.
This is already the second case.
The previous one is still unsolved.
She's not from our station.
Did you find Kowloon Sir?
Not yet. I texted him.
Tell Fong Ning to be careful.
Kowloon Sir is always missing in action.
Men are womanizers.
Don't be nosy.
Kowloon Sir is here.
We've been looking for you.
I know.
Another officer.
Same MO as the case from 2 months ago.
Suffocation from strangulation.
According to the coroner's initial assessment,
time of death is around 23:00 last night.
The killer should still have the gun.
CSP Lai is here.
Kowloon, your informer has no Intel for you?
Or you don't even have an informant?
Murder is a solo job. There's no informant.
You're saying the killer left
the body here on purpose?
That's declaring war on the Police!
I give you one month.
It's useless to threaten me.
Pass it to the Crime Unit.
Precisely because they couldn't be bothered
this petty case landed on your lap.
If you crack this one,
you'll get back in action
and I'll get promoted.
The whole world knows
I groomed you.
Put on a good show, 0k?
Mr. Kowloon.
I don't think you're that healthy.
Shall I take the dragon's pulse?
You think...
the dragon is alive?
I dare not say.
Your tattoo is so famous,
naturally I'd like to see your dragon.
I think you're crazier than I am.
I admit when your supervisor
referred your case to me,
I didn't try hard enough to treat you.
Because you were my first case of this nature.
But I'm certain
Chinese medicine can help you.
The way you keep counting,
means you have OCD,
Obsessive - Compulsive Disorder.
I can't believe someone my age has to queue up.
Dad, you should see me in Macau.
Why come all the way to Hong Kong?
He's your Dad?
Wong Bing-cheong,
the leading developer in Macau.
You know me?
Nice to meet you, Inspector Kowloon.
You know me?
There are no secrets in Chinese medicine.
Mr. Wong, it's your turn. I'm leaving.
Don't put off your treatment.
When can you come for your next appointment?
I'll call you.
- You have good news?
- I'm not telling you.
Take a guess.
You booked the banquet.
Do you know the meaning of romance?
Just once. Can you pretend to guess it wrong?
Why? We're like an old married couple already.
Says who? I'm not old.
Come on...
We were only engaged for 3 months.
Ok, I'm old.
You're young.
Don't forget September 18.
If we start planning in June,
3 months should be enough.
But the boss said if I don't crack the case...
Of course you will.
Don't use that as your excuse.
- I'm warning you, Kowloon.
- I know.
Marriage is a major step in life.
I really do.
But don't forget,
the lady cop killer is ruining our lives.
I don't care.
We're getting married whether
or not you catch the killer.
Please give me your guest list soon.
It takes time to print the invitation.
I don't have that many friends.
I'm glad you realize that.
You missed a thing.
Next stop Tin Sau.
For the sake of other passengers,
please fold up the baby carts before boarding.
Ng Ka-yin
was killed last night when she was signing in.
Butterfly Estate is outside our jurisdiction.
It falls under Tuen Mun.
It'll be dark soon.
Is the hunt still on tonight?
Why? You want to go home?
Who says we're not going?
"11:00 p.m. Tin Yat Light Rail Station
in Tin Shui Wai"
So shiny!
You're looking good!
Look at you!
- You bet!
- Gorgeous.
The boss and I are perfect for each other.
It's so unfair, kid!
Are we ready?
Don't take advantage of him!
We're all set. Open the door.
Haven't seen you in uniform in a while.
There's still time. Be patient!
Listen up!
I don't believe the killer has all the luck.
We're counting on Jane tonight.
Let's check the walkie-talkies.
Testing, 1... 2... 3...
It's no good.
If you don't fix it by tomorrow,
we can't get things done.
Jane, take the path in the middle.
First one at Tin Shui Wai Estate Tower 8,
second one on the Light Rail.
The killer moved the body closer to our station.
That means he's showing off.
The third one in Butterfly Estate.
I'm certain the killer will strike again.
Let's focus on the Light Rail
and the nearby platforms.
We have a situation!
Hey. gorgeous!
Kowloon Sir!
Kowloon Sir!
Shui, we have visual of the target.
I wanna wear it too.
I'll go check it out.
Can I have your uniform, I want to take you home.
He's here! Boss! Shui!
We have company!
- I heard you.
- Jane is in trouble.
I came out for a walk. I was passing by.
Asshole! Revenge on police?
Police brutality!
Stop it!
He's not the killer.
He is the killer?
The killer is here... in the command car.
Command car!
Go! Hurry back!
Go save her!
Yes, Sir!
Boss, Panther is down.
Fong Ning is gone.
"Kowloon Sir, can you make the
appointment in tomorrow morning at 11am?"
Kowloon was suspended after he was shot.
The killings seemed to have stopped as well.
Time crept on and a year has gone by.
Another murder took place a year later.
But not in Hong Kong.
It happened in Macau.
The victim was a member of a gym,
frequented by Dr. Wong.
Continue... split!
Keep going... dancing pose...
Good! Keep going...
Cheng Wing-vi!
- Hello
- What's up?
I don't think the gym is right for you.
What do you mean?
It's just not right. Go somewhere else. OK?
This is outrageous! What have I done?
I'm not leaving.
I'm coming back tomorrow.
I'm with the Judiciary Police.
I'm not scared of you.
I will file a complaint against you.
Superintendent Tso,
the victim Cheng Wing-yi
was a fellow officer from Coloane.
Sir, the Hong Kong Police is here.
What happens here is none of their business.
This case has a similar MO as the serial killings
of policewomen in Hong Kong.
They're probably here as consultants.
Let them through.
This is Superintendent Tso Chi-tak.
Hello, I'm Chow Mo.
This is my first case in Macau.
What took you so long?
The ferry took an hour. That's pretty standard.
No chopper?
No budget.
It's not the budget. They just won't let you.
Your turn.
Same MO as the cases in Hong Kong?
Exactly the same.
I mean... the victims were policewomen.
I read the files on your cases.
What happened to those two officers
was your fault.
I was too reckless and left my post.
After the investigation,
it has been proven I left my post
because of an emergency.
Looks like I'll have to pick up the pieces for you.
Superintendent Tso,
allow me to help you crack this case.
You're not part of the Judiciary Police,
you have no authority in Macau.
the victim was last seen at a gym.
The observation deck of the Macau Tower.
Lai Sir!
We have a lead.
Obviously the lady cop killer
moved to Macau.
One month. You have one month
to crack this case.
Sir, I can't do anything.
This is Macau.
I'm warning you.
Don't use Kowloon's tone with me.
You fired him anyway.
Only because he's gone,
or you'll never make Inspector without a Degree.
Degree? You don't either.
Don't get cocky with me!
Only because the killer in this case
is probably the same perp as the earlier cases,
or you'd never be part of this investigation.
Excuse me!
I'm Superintendent Tso Chi-tak.
I'm in charge of this case.
The coroner wants to see us.
One month!
You make quite a pair.
Those without a Degree, behave alike.
The killer should be a pro.
The victim was overcome by
the killer's incredible brawn,
like Formula I arm strength...
Judging from the wounds on the neck,
she was strangled to death.
I believe the killer used chloroform
to knock her out.
But she woke up halfway through.
I don't think she was unconscious
when she was killed.
What kind of logic is that?
The victim was relatively strong for a woman.
She managed to fight back on the brink of death.
She sustained wounds on her neck and shoulders.
The fatal blow is this bullet hole.
Right through here.
It went in from the front
and came out from the back of the skull.
It was a fatal shot.
The bullet is still missing.
But we have... have combed the entire crime scene.
"10:00 p.m. Underground boxing match
in Yuen Long, Hong Kong"
1... 3... 5... 7... 8... 9... 10!
The winner is Chan Kin-tak!
The lady cop killer showed up in Macau.
Exact same MO.
Maybe we can still find Ning.
Forget it!
Ning is dead.
What if she's alive?
Then give her back to me.
I want her back.
Not knowing if Fong Ning is dead or alive
is haunting Kowloon like a nightmare.
He rides the Light Rail several times a week,
hoping to find Fong Ning.
Even though everyone knows
Fong Ning is probably dead.
But Kowloon is hoping against hope,
waiting for a miracle.
This is how he lived his life
after he was suspended.
Other than fake boxing,
finding Fong Ning is the only thing he can do.
The killer appeared.
I'm sure it's the same killer.
He used a gun this time.
What are you looking at?
Move! Get away...
So what if he used a gun?
That's something fishy.
You taught me to look into anything fishy.
It won't be the same killer.
The killer could have used Panther or Ning's gun.
The killer won't stop.
The sooner we nail him,
the more innocent lives we can save.
What's the matter with you?
"12:00 Midnight East Lane, Patane, Macau"
Welcome back, Kowloon Sir!
CSP Lai reinstated you.
But you must keep a low profile.
You also can't carry a piece.
Where did you find it?
Don't bother to send it to the lab.
It's obviously from the 9mm Colt pistol we use.
Jump, jump, 1... 2... hook!
Hello, can I help you?
Where's the reception?
This way, please.
You're here to sign up?
We're hereto investigate
the death of your member.
I'll tell the boss.
Don't bother!
1... 2... hook... knee!
Come back!
1... 2... hook... knee!
Come back!
Alexander Sinclair!
You know him?
Is that you, Kowloon Sir?
His Chinese name is...
Sin Lik-shan.
Dr. Wong!
- Officer Mo!
- Long time no see!
Remember Kowloon Sir?
Inspector Kowloon?
Inspector Kowloon!
How are you?
You come here often?
I work out 3 times a week.
You're on a case?
You know the victim?
No, I think she's new.
Inspector Kowloon!
You're counting again.
What's that noise?
This is the highest commercial
bungy site in the world.
Everyone screams on their way down.
Anyway... I'm happy to see you both.
Wait up.
No need to perform, go to the birthday party.
It's at the clinic.
They're cops on a murder investigation.
This is Lady.
She's the yoga trainer.
Excuse me, I have to go.
I need to go to Sands soon. See you later.
Why did she call you Lady?
It's my name,
so it can't be Man, right?
It means woman in Chinese.
My Chinese name is Lam Dik-fong.
Is that a man's name or a woman's?
- I have to go, bye!
- Bye
Lady is in charge of the casino's shows.
Mr. Kowloon.
Mr. Kowloon.
You look terrible.
Here's the address of my clinic in Macau.
Drop by this afternoon if you're free.
Don't forget!
What a small world!
I was worried you didn't recognize her.
Kowloon Sir!
What happened?
Kowloon Sir!
Kowloon, is that really you?
You still recognize me?
What happened to you?
I run this place,
so I moved to Macau.
Its feng shui is good.
Are you afraid of height?
No, I'm good.
Come and look.
That dragon on your body
is a bit sad in comparison.
I know a little bit about Kowloon's legend.
In Hong Kong, people like animal tattoos.
Yup, we love animals.
Well, I am too.
But the dragon is considered evil in the West.
Kowloon, do you remember the fight
a few years ago?
I lost. It wasn't my lucky day.
To fight with you again is my wish.
Shall we do it now?
No! You already made a grand entrance.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
When I'm training, I just stay up here.
You're a boxer,
you know how demanding it is.
That's the beauty of Chinese medicine.
I bathe in herbal water every day.
Chinese medicine
and the gym?
Yes, I have an expert to help me out.
Dr. Wong?
I learnt so much Chinese culture from her.
What does a death
in Macau
have to do with cops from Hong Kong?
We're interested in Macau culture.
Sure win.
Do you think there's something odd
about Dr. Wong?
She's everywhere.
Celebrities are like that.
She's the daughter of a local tycoon.
The lead dancer is Lady, the Yoga trainer.
I'll drop by the victim's home in Coloane
and see if there are any leads.
Sir, someone just reported two men
from Hong Kong
showed up on our turf posing as Judiciary Police.
Let the Tourist Office deal with the casino.
Not the casino.
The gym inside the Macau Tower.
I saw Chow Mo.
The Inspector from Hong Kong.
He went inside the victim Cheng Wing-yi's flat.
What about the other one?
No idea.
What relationship do you have with this guy?
We box together.
Of course in the ring, not in the bed.
Hey! Lose your attitude!
He asked you where.
In Hong Kong and Macau,
a few years ago.
Where are you from?
Your nationality!
I'm Brazilian American.
I was stationed in Okinawa, Marine Corps.
I served in Fallujah, Iraq, 83rd Unit.
Those two cops came earlier,
they're from Hong Kong, right?
I can't tell.
All you guys look the same.
Excuse me!
Sir, Chow Mo left.
Where did he go?
I followed him to Old Town.
He checked into a tiny hotel.
Anyone else with him?
He's alone.
Keep an eye on him.
Inspector Kowloon!
Great! Where are you?
I don't know. I'm on a case.
If you have time, drop by my clinic.
I'll be there when I'm done.
Did you know you were being followed?
No way!
See for yourself!
What now?
How would I know?
Let's go to Dr. Wong for help.
A celebrity in Macau will have her ways.
She won't bother.
She feels bad she couldn't help you.
I think she's trying to hit on you.
She'll come right over if you call her.
She won't. She's a typical Hong Kong girl.
She's from Macau.
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to Kay, happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday!
You're here, Mr. Kowloon?
I'm sorry, I can't make it.
You can't?
Your condition is very serious.
Can you come over?
Where are you?
In a small hotel.
A small hotel?
Don't get the wrong idea.
My colleague booked a room in a small hotel
for us to get some rest.
You shouldn't be there.
Move out at once.
I'll find you the best hotel for free.
I'll check you in right away.
Calm down, Dr. Wong. Listen to me...
Anything but help you with the case.
That's precisely the idea.
Say no more. I know what's in your mind.
Thanks, Dr. Wong.
Sir, I saw Chow Mo leave the hotel.
He got inside a Mercedes Benz.
Mercedes Benz?
Alone. Two including the driver.
The driver is a woman.
First a man, now a woman.
Don't lose him.
Yes, Sir!
Inspector, something exciting going on?
Just relax!
You must be someone special.
My daughter is having a birthday party,
and she snuck out to see you.
Mo said Tso Chi-tak's man is following him.
You know him?
Yes, but not well.
See if you can ditch him.
I can't.
Where are you now?
Circling around near The Parisian Eiffel Tower.
Calm down and see what they're up to.
H's him!?
He's known for his bad temper.
He stinks.
I'll force her into The Parisian.
Seal off the exits and we'll see what she's up to.
Yes, Sir!
Sir, I cut her off.
They blocked the exits.
You stop right in front of The Parisian.
Pretend to take Chow Mo to the casino.
Kowloon Sir, I have no money.
I know what to do.
Kay Wong?
You brought a friend.
Superintendent Tso on active duty?
No wonder Macau has a low crime rate.
Is it illegal to gamble at the casino?
You're most welcome to gamble.
But I'm sorry, Miss Wong,
because of your friend's special status,
we must escort him.
No thanks.
I insist.
Don't worry, Mo.
He wouldn't dare lay a finger on you.
I'm going in.
Mind your manners, boys!
Yes, Sir!
Very well.
If there's nothing else,
I'm leaving.
Bye, Miss Wong.
Happy birthday!
my daughter has not been this happy
in a long time.
Thank you!
Me too.
Don't thank me.
If there's a next time,
be sure to let me tag along.
Stop him!
Don't let him go in.
How dare you toy with me!
Posing as the Judiciary Police! Frisk him!
Let go of me!
- No monkey business.
- What are you doing?
Where did you find this bullet?
That's none of your business! Give it back!
Don't move!
Give me his phone.
What do you want with my phone?
Shut up!
Who are you?
And who are you?
Everyone calls me Superintendent Tso in Macau.
The Judiciary Police is roughing me up!
This is Kowloon.
If you're Kowloon, I'm Hong Kong!
Is that him?
- Don't move!
- Stay!
How dare you tread on my turf!
Superintendent Tso, right?
Let's decide how we can work together.
But you just set a bad example.
How bad?
Conducting an investigation without informing us.
Is that bad enough?
We serve on disciplined services,
because we are fellow officers
don't let me see you
digging around again in Macau.
You heard him.
Or you just might have another dead fiance.
- Freeze
- Stop the car!
Calm down, Kowloon!
Put that away.
Don't you dare joke about this again!
Hurry up and apologize!
Sorry, ex-inspector!
You have a gutter mouth!
You're in trouble if you piss off my boss.
Shut the hell up!
Now that's what I call a bad example.
Still mouthing off?
I can press charges for that bullet.
Go back to Hong Kong.
You're most welcome
if you're here to promote tourism.
Take the ex and current Inspectors on board.
Yes, sir!
This is information on Lady from the internet.
Someone was tailing me earlier today.
I was attacked soon afterwards.
You got to play cool.
He's the real dragon.
I don't believe it.
The Hong Kong cops are moving in on us fast.
I'm worried they're going to
come on us sooner or later.
If she might say something to them.
They're so close.
Don't think like that. She's our good friend.
She helped us a lot.
You trust her?
Do you know how much that hurts me?
Keep an eye on her.
She doesn't look like the perp
on the bike in Tin Shui Wai.
The victory in the ring is mine.
Men are all the same.
Chasing after victory in the ring all their lives.
The reality is
we can only survive fighting outside the ring.
Enough! Stop!
You have 2 weeks.
2 weeks?
Mo said one month.
If you don't can't crack the case in 2 weeks,
and Interpol gets wind of it,
you're finished for good.
You used to be brilliant.
Show the Judiciary Police how good you are.
You're the showman, it's your show.
You bet I will.
I'll get married and have a kid for their benefit.
Get married and have a kid? At your age?
At any age.
Whenever I think of what that Superintendent said
about... bloody hell grass roots background,
I'm really pissed.
So what? It's not like he said you were gay.
Don't get so worked up.
How do you know I'm not gay?
"1:00 a.m. Lau Fau Shan
Police Station in Yuen Long"
Hi, this is my girlfriend Bonnie.
Meet my opponent, Mr. Alexander Sinclair.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- It's my pleasure.
And this would be...
My son, Admen.
Hi, little guy!
What a good boy! Can you speak Chinese?
I can. Can you?
How cute!
Mr. Sinclair, you have to go easy
on Kowloon in the next match.
That's not my plan,
but for such a beautiful face,
I can be gentle,
I try.
Don't worry, I'll be gentle to her.
Thank you very much.
See you at the match.
See you!
Admen, go to Auntie.
Where are you off to?
I want to video something over there.
We met in Hong Kong.
Let me introduce you...
She changed my life.
So what happened?
It's love.
Kowloon returned to Lau Fau Shan
to look up his former colleagues.
Check with Customs and Immigration,
to find out where Lady worked,
where she lived.
The biggest pressure for Kowloon
came from his supervisor who stood by him
and his 2-week deadline to crack the case.
Very good!
Head... body... head...
Enough! Don't kill him!
You seemed very hyper just now.
Because you found new leads
and your adrenaline is pumping.
You can tell? You're very good.
I brought Mo some Chinese medicine.
You must take it on time.
On time? How?
I drink it while in pursuit of the perp?
Because you have OCD,
you're obsessed with the demons inside you.
You keep counting, people, objects, lovers...
your responsibilities, killers etc.
You can't stop counting.
You apply your imagination to real life,
It's a form of perversity.
So I'm a lunatic?
Why are you afraid to show me
your dragon tattoo?
Why should I show it to you?
You should tell me about Lady.
There's a discrepancy in your judgment.
After you were injured...
Injury and memory are separate issues.
I don't have a problem. No problem...
No problem at all.
You're still prone to violence.
You simply can't make yourself
exercise any self-control.
Control what?
Let's talk about this lady cop killer.
She's really sick.
Her illness... must be worse than mine.
She needs your treatment more.
Let's make a deal.
I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.
Show me what?
Show you...
There's nothing worth seeing,
you're flat as a board.
What you said complies with human nature.
And I...
have devised a behavior
modification program for you.
Behavior modification?
This is your second dosage.
Listen to it, it can help you with your case.
"The water splashes"
"away the years."
"With more jokes,"
"are you flying too high?"
"The squandered tears"
"are gone with the wind."
"Perhaps I should not have done it"
"the silence I chose to ignore"
"How can I take away"
"the ever changing rules?"
"Sometimes I want to run away."
"The sadness of the waning lights"
"will eventually stop"
"where it's closest to the heart."
Open the door.
Are you listening to me?
You're the one who's not listening.
I'm going back to Hong Kong.
"The sail that wants a break from destiny"
"wallows in smooth water"
"craving for bright colors,"
"fighting for the last bit of warmth."
"Unable to walk out of an ideal life"
"but accidents happen too frequently."
"Unable to change anything."
"So many things left unsaid."
"Perhaps I should not have done it"
"the silence I chose to ignore"
"How can I take away"
"the ever changing rules"
"Sometimes I want to run away."
"The sadness of the waning lights"
"will eventually stop"
"where it's closest to the heart."
Kowloon Sir!
We have Lady's address in Hong Kong.
A village house in Shui Pin Wai in Yuen Long.
The neighbors said they lived there
for several years.
Lady and Sinclair seldom go back now.
Put a tail on her.
Yes, sir!
Not this match.
Call the Judiciary Police in Macau.
Ask them for the video for
a charity boxing match a few years ago
between me and Lady's husband Sinclair.
Kowloon Sir, look at this.
You told me to check online for
any accidents on that day.
A black kid called Admen
was hit by a bus.
His full name was Admen Sinclair.
It should be correct.
It should be?
I'll double check.
You're sure it's Lady?
"11:00 p.m. Shui Pin Wai,
Yuen Long, Hong Kong"
Did you put in the bug?
Kowloon Sir!
Any phone calls?
No. I've been monitoring the line.
This road leads up to Lady's house.
Where's Hap?
Jane had a bit of problem with the baby.
He went to the hospital. He'll be right back.
Jane has no one else?
Does he know what's going on over here?
Calm down, Kowloon Sir!
Whatever you say.
I'll call him right now.
Whatever I say on everything.
Get him to come back.
Lady came back to Hong Kong today,
there has been some sort of a breakthrough.
The case is miraculously making progress.
A few days ago, Kowloon lectured his men.
He told them harshly
if no other cop is killed,
this case cannot close file in 2 weeks.
Lady is the only hope of solving the case.
Someone had doubts
about Kowloon's conclusion
and wondered whether he was having a relapse
or he was plagued with a different illness.
She doesn't look like the perp
on the bike in Tin Shui Wai.
She's tiny.
Why kill me?
Kowloon Sir, are you feeling alright?
I'm fine.
Take it easy. We still have a chance.
What are they saying?
What are you doing?
They're watching me.
What the hell!
- I don't care.
- I know this one.
I need to act now.
I know... where are you now?
I promised to go back to the U.S. with you.
Too late!
I must kill Kowloon.
Or we'll never have peace.
I know, it's Brazilian.
Sorry, I need to go back to the terminal now.
I saw a glimpse of a fire.
She's probably destroying the evidence.
The case is still unsolved, I don't... want to die.
I know.
Keep an eye on him.
Yes, sir!
Mo, hang in there!
What's with the racket?
Who's lighting firecrackers at this hour?
Don't g0!
"Sir, Mo is gone."
Kowloon, looking at Fong Ning's pretty smile,
I still can't shoot you.
Go to hell!
Kowloon Sir! It's in the room.
What's in the bag?
I think it's meant for you.
They left a nasty note.
I dare not open it.
I'll do it.
Are you sure you want to open it?
What if it's a bomb?
Don't let anyone near.
Be careful!
Tell everyone to stay away.
When did you kill her?
We're very much alike.
You killed my Lady too.
I'm nothing like you.
You're a nightmare, a psychopath.
It depends on your point of view.
I have given so much to society.
Yes, you have given it hell and sins.
It's fun! You're in hell with me now
the way you're screaming and kicking.
Where is hell exactly?
Hell is where you die.
Are you the one who killed those policewomen?
I'm not sure.
But I'm sure my son died because of you.
Because of me?
What do you mean?
Maybe you'll know after this.
Thanks to you,
I'm now much stronger than you expected.
That's my line.
Bring it on, asshole!
That's my line.
If you really exist,
come out and help me.
Just this once!
Everyone knows our story,
but nobody believes it.
Even I...
haven't seen you in years.
Come out!
Come out if you have the guts.
I don't want another colleague to die.
I beg you.
Come out again and save me.
I'm over here!
The story of Kowloon
and the dragon is absurd enough.
It's even more absurd for Kowloon
to summon the dragon.
Luckily nobody knew about it.
Because everyone at the Police Station
was out working.
this was the first time Kowloon howled like that.
From a medical perspective,
a patient under pressure
will feel despair,
lonely and utterly helpless.
Such behavior is the last resort to let off steam.
Sinclair showing up is an opportunity.
Give me permission to arrest him in Macau
and bring him back.
We found Ning's gun.
Don't forget the killer had two more.
Mo's death came to light.
The Crime Unit is taking over.
Ask the Secretary of Security.
The halo of the Hong Kong Police
has long disappeared.
They're downstairs already.
This will be your last day.
- Sir!
- Hurry up and pack your things.
I was this close to nailing that asshole.
This close!
Kowloon was right.
This case cannot be solved
without another victim.
DNA tests have proven
Fong Ning is dead.
A funeral for one becomes for two.
Sorry! I'm truly sorry about your fiance.
This is the disk Chow Mo asked for.
We should work closer together from now on.
I'll swap Lady's body for Sinclair.
Can I?
Not Lady?
My men found out
Lady tried to persuade the victim
to go to a different gym.
I think Sinclair is the killer.
Did you know he came to Hong Kong to kill me?
Let me arrest him in Macau and bring him back.
But our laws are different.
You need evidence to prove his guilt.
We need evidence to prove his innocence.
I hate those girl cops.
They were laughing at me.
I hate them.
I know you don't like to watch me lose.
You said you're the best.
I still am, son.
Why did you lose?
Because... sometimes it happens.
You lied to me.
You're not the best. You're weak.
I'm the best.
No, you're not.
Kowloon is the best.
Do you know how much that hurts me?
You will always be my Lady.
You're cooped up in here for 3 days
and refused to go back to work.
That won't solve anything.
What's the use of going back?
I'm off the case.
You must go back.
You call this being a man?
You should keep your head up.
Are you mad?
I had breast cancer,
and had a mastectomy on the left side.
It felt weird wearing a bra
and a prosthetic breast,
so I took out the right side as well.
Keeping up with the charade
is a real hassle.
In the back...
that's me,
and my Morn.
Breast cancer took her from me.
I guess...
It's probably genetic.
How beautiful!
This is the gunshot wound?
It took the bullet for me.
I see...
It is alive indeed.
You can still fix it.
Cover it up with human skin.
Tattoo a new one over it.
Where am I going to find human skin?
Plastic surgeries
often use the most delicate skin from the butt.
No way!
My butt is all wrinkled.
Sinclair served in the U.S. Marine Corps
and was seriously injured
by artillery rockets in Iraq.
He went through skin grafting.
I used Chinese medicine
to help alleviate the after effects.
That's how you became his consultant?
will you become Batman
like you see in the Batman movies?
Wear a body suit and
your underwear on the outside.
You've been reading too many comic books.
You confused? That was Superman.
Why are you here today?
To see my tattoo?
Sinclair the killer is on the loose.
What's the use of talking about this?
Yes, I'm sure it's him.
No way!
Why not?
Dr. Wong, you're close to him,
you must have evidence against him.
I'm just a doctor.
I know that.
Patient, caring and noble.
If you don't have the guts
to testify against a killer,
what's the point of saving other people?
I will never get involved.
Then you should leave.
' No!
' Out!
Listen, I'm cop.
It's my job to catch the killer.
But I won't say I'm just a cop.
Get out!
' No!
' Out!
The cruel reality is
Kowloon has been officially taken off the case.
Superintendent Tso flatly turned him down.
And Dr. Wong refused to get involved.
Kowloon is once again in distress.
This time,
will he summon the dragon for help again?
"4:45 p.m. K0wloon's home, Yuen Long"
The annual Police charity events
are about to come to a close.
The competition between Hong Kong
and Macao will start soon.
We're excited to be here
at The Venetian Macao
for this boxing championship.
This is from the Macau Judiciary Police.
It was a charity match in Macau
between me and Sinclair.
Representing the Hong Kong Police,
Kowloon, the rising star.
Let's see if he can extend his winning streak.
Please give a big hand to Kowloon!
Representing the Macau Judiciary Police,
fighting to reclaim the title,
we have an ex-Marine
from the U.S.
A boxer stationed in Okinawa,
Alexander Sinclair!
Fast forward!
Play the disc we found in Lady's flat.
Who shot this?
It's shaky!
Sinclair's son.
The kid left without turning it off.
The other one was the official coverage.
You can't lose, Dad! Get up!
Kowloon Sir, the lady cops are crazy about you.
You bet. If I was Sinclair,
and had a gun
I'd shoot you.
He wanted to kill
those lady cops.
Is the boxer your daddy?
He represents the U.S. Marines? What a loser!
You're cute. Why don't you go?
Kid, your old man is losing.
Go rescue him.
Get up! Hang in there!
Let's assume...
Sinclair's son watched me defeat his father.
He ran outside and was hit by a car.
Losing the match
became a permanent loss of his son.
He wants revenge.
That's why,
killing the lady cops is the first step.
Killing me is the second.
But Sinclair is not very smart.
He gave himself away.
The Macau Judiciary Police found out
that night Lady tried to persuade the victim
to go to a different gym.
I made a mistake of suspecting Lady.
She asked her to go to another gym
because she was trying to save her life.
But she was too late.
Sinclair knocked her outwith chloroform
and took her to the garbage station.
The victim woke up in the rain,
and Lady's car was hit by a branch,
the alarm went off.
She was well trained and able to fight,
and he had to shoot her.
Sinclair was injured in the battlefield
and was ostracized in the U.S.
He met Lady in Hong Kong
and Lady loved him very much.
But love is selfish
and can make you lose yourself.
The domineering Lady is jealous
of Sinclair spending too much time on me.
So she came to Hong Kong and tried to kill me,
and Sinclair tried to stop her.
He went to Zhuhai then Shekou
and finally to Lau Fau Shan.
During the whole time...
"4:00 a.m. Waters off Lau Fau Shan"
Mr. Kowloon.
Come to Macau again and try out your luck.
Dr. Wong says hello.
Dr. Wong?
What do you want?
What is your offer?
Will you come save her in Macau?
She's got nothing to do with this.
Good luck!
Yeung, call Dr. Wong.
See if she's at the gym in Macau.
Yes, sir!
He kidnapped her?
How would I know?
No answer.
Dr. Wong maybe in real danger.
We go to Macau right away.
It's done tomorrow.
Take the chopper.
Shall we call CSP Lai?
No! Yeung, keep calling until she picks up.
- Call her every 5 minutes.
- Yes.
- Call her every 5 minutes
- Yes, sir!
1... 2... 3... 4...
1... 2... kick...
Jump... 1... 2... 1...
Pick up...
Shall we alert the Judiciary Police?
We're going to the casino
to gamble, OK?
Kowloon Sir, are you having a relapse?
I guess Dr. Wong is performing at The Sands.
Superintendent Tso!
Kowloon is back.
Hap, go to Sands.
Protect Dr. Wong.
Yes, sir!
We're closed.
Let her go.
Are you crazy?
Your luck runs out today, right here.
You are under arrest, monster!
I'm the monster?
I'm the monster you created.
You must die or be killed.
If you want to blame me for Admen's death,
you can.
Shut up and fight me.
I survived Iraq. You lost nothing.
You lost one person you love.
I lost both.
You have no right to play God.
I am God.
I can shoot you 1,000 times
and it would never be enough.
Then kill me.
Kill me!
You just want victory on the stage.
What are you waiting for?
Come on, Kowloon!
That's the dragon?
Just a useless pile of scales.
That's no legend.
This is the legend.
Legend my ass!
Your tattoo is too ugly.
Come on, Kowloon!
Don't look!
It's 0k...
You're scared?
- It's 0k.
- It's too high for you?
I am not scared.
I doubt if your dragon can fly.
Shut up!
I am the dragon, the dragon is me.
There's no difference.
You will die today.
- You die!
- You die!
Let's fly.
Kowloon, what are you doing?
You invited me here to gamble.
Not like this.
Shoot that son of a bitch!
Hey, that's my boat!
Give it back!
Are you a cop or not?
You can't even shoot?
You said it's your case.
I'm leaving the shooting to you.
You're coughing up blood?
I want to too.
He's in international waters now.
Everything went down the drain.
You're overreacting.
What the hell happened?
Keep looking, he can't hide in Macau.
Was it raining?
Looks more like a tsunami.
A real dragon!
You saw it with your own two eyes?
you know who I am.
Wake up! Don't die on me!
Wake up!
You believe him?
He was swept ashore from the water...
I believe him.
But logically,
I can't.
The dragon appeared.
Sinclair, who saw the real dragon, is now dead.
Kowloon is still the only one
who has seen the dragon.
Isn't that a bit selfish?
Do you have an appointment, Sir?
No. But I'm very sick.
Dr. Wong, this gentleman is very sick.
But he doesn't have an appointment.
I told you I won't see anyone
without an appointment.
Very well. I'll send him away.
What's his name?
I saw a dragon head tattoo on his arm.
Send him in.
Very well.
Batman is here!
Who's Batman?
You can't ask me to leave halfway
through consultation.
Mr. Kowloon!
You finally came.
Dr. Wong!
How do we do this?
Same as before.
You'll never be normal.