The Invisible Guardian (2017) Movie Script

Forgetting is an involuntary act.
The more you want to leave something
behind, the more it follows you.
At what time?
I'm on my way.
At 11:00 p.m. her parents
reported she hadn't come home.
That's a bit soon
to report a disappearance.
At 8:00 she texted her brother
saying she'd missed the bus.
He didn't say anything until 11:00,
by then the mother was hysterical.
Where's the body?
Next to the river, but first...
No one's touched them.
- Have them photographed.
- I've ordered that already.
- Good morning, Fermn.
- Good morning, Inspector Salazar.
This way.
The rope isn't even knotted,
he just tightened it
until she stopped breathing.
Always a pleasure to see you,
Inspector Salazar,
even under these circumstances.
Likewise, Dr. San Martn.
The position of the hands isn't natural,
they were placed like that deliberately.
There are incrustations on the rope,
have them isolated and analyzed.
We'll have to wait
till the autopsy,
but I'd put asphyxia
as the cause of death.
And given the deep rope marks
on the flesh,
I'd say it was very quick.
What's that on her pubis?
It looks like a cake.
It's a txantxigorri,
a cake typical of this area.
Have it analyzed.
I don't want this getting out,
it's reserved information.
Was she raped?
In theory I'd say no,
although the staging
has an obviously sexual component,
and if I'm not mistaken,
the attacker shaved her pubis
as part of his ritual.
- And he did it here.
- Fuck.
- Are those her hairs?
- Not all of them.
There are some that look very different
mixed in with the girl's.
We have to call her friends.
Find out where they were,
who they were with,
and when they last saw her.
I can smell cigarettes.
- Did she have a purse?
- Yes, she had a purse.
I found it a few yards further up.
Ainhoa Elizasu.
13 years old,
she's from Elizondo.
- Have her clothes appeared?
- No sign of them.
The girl's friends
are 13 years old, Salazar.
We needn't wake them up
and alarm them even more.
We could do it
in a few hours' time.
In 30 minutes.
Sir, good morning.
- How are you?
- Good morning.
She liked rough sex:
Biting, scratching, slapping...
It wasn't like really hitting,
it was just screwing but doing it rough.
Why did you
put her out of the car at night
if you knew
she'd be alone on the mountain?
She got out.
I kept asking her to come back
but she wouldn't.
Were you annoyed she got so coy
just on New Year's Eve?
No way.
When she shot up, she'd go crazy.
One minute she'd be all horny,
wanting a threesome,
then she'd get all paranoid
and go off on her own.
Did you two ever do
a threesome with a stranger?
She asked me a few times
but it was all talk.
I didn't kill her, I swear.
Carla was really awesome.
Why would I kill her?
That's fucking crazy!
I believe you didn't kill Carla.
Why now? I've been here a month
and no one's believed me?
They'll let you know.
It's a common packing rope,
sold in any hardware store,
but what makes it definitive
is that both pieces
came from the same roll.
The man who killed Carla Huarte
six weeks ago
is the same one
who killed Ainhoa Elizasu.
I think we're looking
at a serial killer.
You're from Elizondo,
aren't you, Salazar?
Amaia, I need you to go there
and take over the investigation.
Your experience with the FBI
will be a great help.
And what, may I ask, does the FBI
have to do with a town in Baztn?
Inspector Iriarte
and Deputy Inspector Zabalza
were in charge
of Carla Huarte's case.
They'll give you
all the help you need.
Very well, captain.
Do the rest of us
have to call her chief?
For fuck's sake, Montes.
Good evening, I'm Inspector Salazar,
regional homicide department.
Deputy Inspector Zabalza.
At your service, inspector.
- Inspector Iriarte, a pleasure.
- Likewise. Shall we go in?
Yes, this way.
Tomorrow we have to film
everyone at the burial
and check them against the people
at the first victim's funeral.
Was that filmed?
No, we thought
that was an isolated incident...
Don't worry,
that's normal with the first victim.
Try to get all the films
and photos of the first funeral:
Security cameras,
cell phones, whatever.
I'll do that, inspector.
There's something
we noticed on the new body.
If the hairs match the ones
found on Carla Huarte,
we're talking about deer,
goat, dog, boar,
bull, fox, sheep
and even bear hairs.
It's rare that all those animals
were there at the same time
and didn't disturb the body.
We think the killer
might work in a rural setting.
Forestry, hunting, livestock,
and that the hairs were on him.
Thank you, we'll bear that in mind.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Hello.
- Hello.
How are you doing?
- How are you?
- Fine. What are you doing here?
Hugging you.
- How was the road?
- Fine.
How are you?
- And Freddy?
- At home.
Come inside.
- Aunt!
- At last!
Welcome, sweetheart.
- How are you?
- I'm fine. I see you're fine too.
- And how's James?
- Very busy preparing an exhibition.
- Amaia...
- What a pity...
They said on the radio
that the killer could be
the boy who killed his girlfriend
on New Year's Eve. Is that true?
No, he's innocent, but you know
I'm not allowed to talk to the media.
Sweetheart, I'll make up your bed
with the flannel sheets.
Thank you, aunt. I'll help you.
No, you rest. She'll help me, OK?
OK. Thank you, aunt.
That's enough, it's late.
Everyone to bed, come on.
Where's Montes?
I haven't seen him all morning.
Don't you think
he smelled of alcohol yesterday?
Behind us, run.
Black hood.
- Shit!
- Are you all right?
This is Freddy, my brother-in-law.
My sister Ros's husband.
Deputy Inspector Etxaide.
A pleasure.
Where were you racing off to?
- I got nervous when I saw you.
- Why?
I guess Rosaura has told you.
No, what's going on?
The other day we had an argument.
She hasn't been home for a few days.
- Are you all right?
- Well...
Doing a lot of thinking.
I'm off.
Take care.
Flora was going to come
but she said she was too busy
to leave the bakery.
You're speaking again?
In a way.
We have a drink occasionally,
bit by bit, you know.
How's James?
He's fine,
busy with the exhibition.
- Say hello to him for me.
- Of course.
Well, I'll leave you to it.
Now you know my brothers-in-law.
They're kind of different.
Long time, no see.
How are you, Flora?
Busy. You want a coffee?
Yes. Thanks.
Didn't you say
you wanted to be a mother?
- I'm here on police business, Flora.
- You?
If you're the best they could send,
we're in trouble.
I'm here to see you as an expert,
not as a sister,
so what you're going to see is secret
and you mustn't tell anyone about it.
Not even the family.
It's police evidence.
A txantxigorri?
This was at the crime scene?
How do you know it?
Where else does police evidence
come from, inspector?
Let me see.
Any chance it's poisoned?
They analyzed it and it's clean.
Top quality ingredients.
Fresh and mixed in the right proportion.
Baked this week.
I doubt it's more than four days old.
From the color and porosity
I'd say it was baked
in a traditional wood oven.
How can you tell all that?
Because I know how to do my job,
Apart from you,
who else makes these cakes?
Anyone who has the recipe.
It's no secret.
But everyone makes it their own way.
Does this one tell you anything?
Whoever made it
knows what they're doing.
The balance in the proportions
is admirable.
I need a list
of all the stores, bakeries
and patisseries in the valley
who make them.
The only ones who make them
with this quality are us,
Salinas in Tudela, Santa Marta in Vera
and a bakery in Logroo.
Give me the most complete list you can,
please, it's important.
The soonest I can do it is tomorrow.
You can imagine I have lots to do
since our longsuffering sister
went on sick leave.
Tomorrow is OK.
Are you Rosario's daughter?
Aren't you Rosario's daughter?
The one who moved to America
because she didn't like the bakery?
Yes, I'm Amaia.
I'm very sorry about your mother.
Thank you.
I want you to remember one thing.
When you find
whoever is killing the girls,
you know...
Have you seen Anne, my daughter?
I'm a policewoman, calm down.
- Anne!
- What's happened? Calm down!
I went to pick her up at school
and she wasn't there.
Her friends told me
she didn't go to class this morning.
Calm down, we're going to help you.
Jonan, another girl has disappeared.
Anything else, inspector?
Be on the lookout
for any anomaly you may see
and tell us immediately.
You'll have the best idea
if he knows the area
or the way he operates.
You can count on us, inspector.
About those hairs
that were on the bodies,
if they're really from a bear
you can be sure
that they got there some other way.
There are remains that show the presence
of large animals in the area,
but there have been no reports
of any bears coming down
to the valley since 1700.
They could have been carried
on a hunter's clothes
or by another animal,
but definitely not by a bear.
Or by a basajaun, Alberto?
Don't fuck with me, Gorria.
Years ago he told me
he'd seen a basajaun in the forest.
Now he's embarrassed
to talk about it.
What is it?
There's something here!
Thank you.
False alarm!
False alarm!
No, we'll focus our efforts
on the Bidasoa river,
but I want the patrols looking for
a pair of shoes on the roadside.
No, Zabalza.
Not first thing tomorrow, immediately.
I'm operational 24 hours.
Rosaura, don't put so much ham there.
- And did you enjoy it?
- Yes, a lot.
I've got them for a month.
Fears that the girl could be
another victim of the Basajaun,
- Lord, that's terrible.
- The authorities fear the worst,
as the girl has still not been found.
She told her parents
she was visiting a friend after school.
Is this some kind of joke?
They are crazy.
Has she appeared?
Amaia, whose idea was it
to call that killer "The Basajaun"?
The media, I guess.
Basajaun means
"lord of the forest" in Basque.
He's a protective creature
who makes sure the balance of the forest
remains intact.
He is harmony and collaboration.
Putting his name on a killer
goes against nature.
What is a basajaun exactly?
I'll tell you now.
A gigantic creature covered in hair.
A mythological being
who protects the forests.
- Like the bigfoot?
- Sort of.
But older.
Take good care of it,
it's a first edition.
Of course.
Don't be so silly.
You'll be much cooler in the summer.
But, mom...
Close your eyes
and stop making a fuss.
Shut up!
Don't make me nervous.
It's impossible!
- Amaia!
- Rosaura, what are you doing here?
Your shouting wakened me.
What's happened?
- Did you see a girl in a hood?
- No.
What is it?
Jonan, Anne was outside my house.
Send patrols to look for her
and tell her parents.
Yes, Zabalza.
It doesn't make sense that
she's in the town and doesn't go home.
That's right.
We swept the whole town
and no one saw anything.
She was outside my house,
she couldn't have vanished.
- Someone must have seen her.
- I don't know what to say, chief.
Say that they'll keep searching
until they find her.
Of course, the patrols
have been active since 5.00 a.m.,
but so far...
What about
the videos of the funerals?
Iriarte and Zabalza
have men checking them.
And Montes?
He went to the station
while we were at the cemetery.
He said hello to all the officers there,
he left,
and no one saw him again
for the rest of the day.
Fuck, it would be good to know
if we can count on him.
If he's got personal problems, he should
say so and go back to Pamplona.
I agree.
We have to revise every case
of men with a record for exhibitionism,
stalking and prowling.
Men who lost their families violently,
orphans, weirdos, loners...
We have to build up a data base
that includes every abuser in Baztn.
OK, chief.
We need to get all the cases
over the last 20 years in Baztn
where there is even one of the elements
that make up this guy's M.O.
Yes... When someone has
a ritual as precise as this,
it's very likely
they've rehearsed it before.
Are they charging this to your room?
- Yes.
- Then let's go.
I'll give you a list of bakeries.
Get a sample of flour from each one.
Have them analyzed and compared
with the flour in the txantxigorri.
That way we'll know where...
What is it?
Let's go.
- Inspector Salazar.
- Dr. San Martn.
It's like seeing the other girls.
How long do you think she's been dead?
I can't say for definite,
but about 24 hours.
- She's got two broken nails.
- She fought.
With luck we can find
her attacker's skin under her nails.
Halt! Who's there?
What is it, Montes?
There's someone there!
Halt or I'll shoot!
- Fuck it, Fermn!
- What the hell is this?
It's a coypu,
a kind of South American otter.
A few years ago some of them
escaped from a farm in France
and they've adapted perfectly
to this area.
Shit! I thought I saw someone.
A tall guy looking at me from the
At least today
you were here to see him.
She was pregnant,
the shots killed her young.
Did she act strangely,
out of the ordinary,
the days prior to her disappearance?
My daughter behaved like always.
Had she met anyone recently?
A boy or a new girlfriend,
maybe someone older than her.
No. She always went around
with the same friends,
the girls from school
and her cousins.
Her friends really loved her.
They often came here
to do their homework.
And Anne would explain things
they didn't understand.
That's why we weren't surprised
that she went to a friend's house
to revise for the exams.
Do you know
if Anne took any kind of drugs?
No drugs, no alcohol, nothing.
I know it's hard, but, really,
if you try, can you remember
if there was anyone new in her life,
on the social networks, in class,
- or anyone in the town?
- I told you no, nobody.
She had a totally normal life.
Was she dating anyone
or was there an ex-boyfriend?
She was very young.
Her friends had kissed boys, but...
she told us she hadn't.
She even got nervous
talking about it.
Do you need anything, inspector?
We'll have to take her computer.
He removes their make-up
as part of his ritual.
That's why none of them
had any traces of make-up.
Not even Carla Huarte,
who was killed on New Year's Eve.
- Why does he do that?
- He's purifying them.
Look at this image
of Mary's Immaculate Conception:
Her hands are by her body in an attitude
of surrender, palms upward,
like the girls at the river.
He doesn't like that they grow up,
that they become corrupted and dirty.
That's why he washes them
in the river.
The guy is completely nuts.
So, he brings them to his house,
he kills them,
then he takes them to the river
where he removes their make-up,
strips them, lays them out, shaves
their pubis and places the little cake.
He must be strong,
he can carry a body down to the river.
He must carry them because
they don't have any scrapes or
and no girl in her right mind
would go down to the river at night.
That rejection of youth
doesn't fit with a young man.
Good thinking, Jonan.
But I don't think
he kills them in his home.
I doubt the girls
would go to a stranger's house.
Either he stalks them and attacks them,
which doesn't seem likely,
or he takes them
in a large vehicle, a truck,
that he uses afterwards
for transporting the body.
In a town,
everyone knows and trusts each other.
Getting into a neighbor's car
wouldn't be so crazy.
That's right.
A man aged between 30 and 45,
with a very strict education.
Perhaps he still
lives with his parents,
or maybe he was feral
when he was young
and created his own moral code
which he now applies to the world.
If we're right
and that's what's tormenting him,
he won't stop until we catch him.
We only know she liked a boy.
She liked a boy?
She never told you his name?
No, she never said anything.
She was a slut.
She had everyone fooled
with that innocent virginal image.
But she'd been dating
a married guy for over a year.
She'd say she was going
to a friend's house to study
and she'd take off with him.
Did she tell you?
Yes, she said he gave her presents,
he screwed her everywhere
and they had plans for the future.
Do you know who he is?
I've got no idea.
She told me
that it was something between them
and they'd decided not to tell anyone.
How was her relationship with
your teachers? Did she behave in class?
Hello, sweetheart.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- And how are you?
- Tired.
I see...
Last night I thought
I saw the missing girl
at a time
when she was already dead.
Did she say anything?
No. She looked at me
and when I went up to her she left.
I see.
Who gave you that walnut?
It was in the girl's coat.
Her pockets were full of them.
I see.
You know that walnuts
symbolize the power of witches.
Inside its small brain,
the witch gathers her evil desire,
and when she gives it
to someone to eat
she is able to possess them,
make them sick,
erase their willpower
or curse them.
You know
I don't believe in such things.
Many of us don't believe
until we see.
I was like that until one day
I was lucky enough to see.
What did you see?
When I was 16
I went to the forest every day
to get firewood
until it got dark.
One night, coming home,
I heard his whistle.
I looked up
and I thought I saw a very tall man,
and with long grey hair.
But when my eyes got used to the light
I could see that it wasn't a man,
it was a magic creature.
An extraordinary vision
in front of me
that seemed to be warning me
of something.
I went closer to him
and our eyes met
for the most intense and relaxing
instant I've ever lived.
Then he turned
and disappeared through the trees.
The next day I went back there
and I saw that
if his whistle hadn't stopped me,
I would have fallen into a cave
from which I could have never got out.
Do you understand?
Do you understand, Amaia?
The basajaun warned me.
He preferred to reveal himself
rather than let me fall into the cave.
He helped me.
I know what you're thinking
in that little head of yours.
The answer is yes, Amaia:
I'm as sure of what I saw then
as I'm sure now
that I'm seeing you.
Have I ever let you down?
And I'm not doing it now.
No, aunt.
Some other day.
- I promise.
- All right.
- Here, sweetheart.
- Thanks.
There, there.
It's all right.
She told me to put it on.
And the shoes.
You know what?
I'm going to talk to Aunt Engrasi
and she'll see to your clothes.
Would you like that?
Here. This is for you,
to buy whatever you want.
Mom will take it from me
and scold you.
Not if she doesn't find it, love.
That's why
you have the key of the bakery now.
Your key.
There it goes.
Keep your money here
and you can come and get it
while mom is in the house.
If you always close the door
and don't spend it all at once,
- your mother will never realize.
- Thank you, dad.
Don't be afraid of mom,
little bitch.
I'm not going to eat you today.
What do remember exactly?
I know that a foreign girl
was found dead,
with lots of candy
scattered on top of her.
And I seem to remember
that she'd been raped.
You seem to remember?
It should be in here.
Our profile doesn't include
rape or sexual assault.
Don't pay too much attention
to the reports from back then.
At that time detectives
had a pretty basic training
and there were none
of the new scientific advances.
What do you mean?
If the semen was visible,
there was semen.
If it wasn't visible,
there wasn't.
If the panties had been pulled down,
that meant sexual violence.
It was all very rudimentary.
Follow me.
When did the case
of the girl and the candy happen?
Do you remember anything else?
It was 14 years ago.
At that time
I was the head of the National Police
and the investigation
was carried out in my station.
The girl's name was Teresa Klas.
The autopsy said
she'd been abused,
but like I said, the reports back then
were very relative.
Why do you remember it so well?
Well... I used part of that case
for "Intruders from the Sewer".
My first novel.
The first one I wrote
with Jaime Cajigas as the protagonist.
Destino Editions
published the whole saga.
It's one of the few novels I wrote
that ends well.
People love it
when things end well,
although that doesn't always happen.
No, take them.
Do you remember
where the girl had the candy?
Yes, on her legs.
We presumed they fell out of her purse
when she was strangled.
- She was strangled?
- Yes.
Were her hands placed
in any special way?
But I remember we were surprised
that she had two very neat pigtails.
The body had been
dragged through the forest
and was in a terrible state,
but her hair was very tidy,
as if the pigtails
had been done there.
We found another neatly combed girl
a few months later:
Another neatly combed girl
two months later,
left by the river
at a campsite near Vera de Bidasoa.
Did you find
any more neatly combed girls?
Really, I have it all around here...
It might seem a bit disorganized,
but I have an exact map in here
of everything and where it is.
Was there an arrest or a suspect?
There were no clues
and no suspects.
We questioned everyone.
The girls' friends,
ex-boyfriends, families,
teachers, neighbors,
but we never found anyone.
In fact we couldn't even prove
that the deaths were related.
There were obvious patterns,
but they were scattered
all over the province
which made it very difficult.
Be sure to read it.
What is it?
He seems to think
we should celebrate our anniversary
even though we're separated.
Yesterday I waited until late for you.
You know that another girl was found.
It's heart-warming that
you go to those girls' funerals,
but you don't visit mom.
What's the use?
None at all, now.
Mantecadas Salazar isn't here.
It's just police routine.
- What do you need?
- A sample of the bakery's flour.
You'll have it in an hour.
You can send your squire to collect it.
Having the key doesn't mean
you can walk in here when you want.
She isn't having a good day.
I've just finished
restoring this marvel.
I suggested Flora we take it out
for a spin when the rain stops falling
and she told me
she can't waste the time.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Yes, Jonan.
Freddy, it's Amaia.
My God, Freddy!
Wait! Hold on, Freddy! Hold on!
Hold on!
- Amaia!
- Jonan, in here, hurry!
Cut it! Hurry up!
You hold him?
He's alive! He's alive!
Call an ambulance!
This is deputy inspector Etxaide!
I need an ambulance.
17 National Road 2540.
17 National Road 2540, KM 15.400.
It's an emergency.
He has no drag abrasions,
or defense wounds or bruising.
It seems clear that Mr. Belarrain
tried to take his own life.
And the cut on his hand?
All I can say is that it's very recent,
but it certainly
doesn't seem like a defense wound.
Thank you.
Did you know he was having an affair
with Anne Arbizu?
I knew he was seeing someone,
but I didn't know who it was.
Freddy is lazy and useless,
but he's no killer, Amaia.
I know, but I need facts that prove it,
and he can't make a statement.
Hello, ngel.
I need to talk to you for a minute.
I'm here because of Freddy.
He's in trouble.
I need you to tell me
if you were together last night.
We learned he was having an affair
with Anne Arbizu,
the last girl to be found dead.
Once the news comes out
he'll be accused.
Your help is essential for his alibi,
both for last night and also
the days the other girls disappeared.
Freddy could never hurt anyone,
you know him.
I know.
And he isn't bright enough
to do all that on his own.
I need to prove it with facts.
I need to know where you were last night
and if anyone saw you.
We were in the Rosso.
- And in the hospital.
- The hospital?
I went to see him
and he was kind of weird.
I took him to the Rosso for a drink.
But he was in a bad way,
hung up on some girl
he called a hundred times.
I don't know who she was.
Then he went into the washroom
and punched the mirror
and cut his hand.
So I took him to the hospital.
He was bleeding badly
and I was freaked out.
Thank you, ngel.
So has Freddy been arrested?
He's in Intensive Care.
He tried to kill himself.
And you tell me now?
I don't know
which is better, Amaia,
that you left without a word
or seeing what you've become.
I need you to go personally
to Freddy and Ros's house,
take a flour sample
and analyze it with the rest.
And send someone
to take ngel Ostolaza's statement.
Thank you so much.
He's one of the kids who found her.
He told his father
and the man came to check it out.
How long have you been bringing flowers?
A week..
This way.
- Inspector Salazar.
- Dr. San Martn.
Johana Mrquez. 15.
Born in Santo Domingo.
She came to Spain aged 4,
and to Lekaroz aged 8,
when her mother got remarried
to another Dominican.
She had problems with them
and she ran away a few times,
so it seemed be more of the same.
Her mother reported
her disappearance several days ago.
Why didn't we know about it?
She reported it
to the Civil Guard in Lekaroz,
and you know how it goes.
So we never hear when things
are reported to the Civil Guard?
What kind of
collaboration is that?
I'll see that it doesn't happen again.
I'd like to think that.
She entered the emphysematous stage
a few days ago.
I'll confirm it at the autopsy,
but I'd say she's been dead for a week.
Some of these are fresh
but a lot are older.
The kid confessed
that they found her days ago
and they kept coming
to watch over her and bring flowers.
The arm was amputated with a very sharp
object, she has blows on her face,
scratches, a punch,
and those bruises on her neck
were made by two thumbs.
He strangled her with his hands.
The rope is different
from the one on the other girls.
And she was raped.
And there's no cake on her pubis.
This killer isn't the one
we're looking for.
He read about the other deaths
and he's trying to disguise his crime.
The autopsy will confirm it.
The judge should be here soon.
Are you the lady investigating
the basajaun crimes?
Yes, that's right.
My name is Ins Lorenzo.
I'm Johana's mom.
I'm very sorry about
what happened to your daughter.
You know that the basajaun
didn't kill my little girl, don't you?
And that she's been dead for a week.
I know who killed her.
His name is Jason Medina.
Really, I knew it all the time,
but I didn't want to believe it.
Did he tell you?
He was obsessed with her.
He put a tracer on her phone
but the day she disappeared
he said he'd removed it.
That was a lie. He killed her.
Who is Jason Medina, Ins?
How does he know your daughter?
Jason is my husband.
Locate Jason Medina immediately.
- You have to find him.
- We'll do that.
You should hurry.
This morning
he went off to the mountains.
He knows the whole valley,
he worked there as a shepherd.
That's how he knew
the hut in the forest.
If he knows the valley,
he can cross it without being seen
and get to France
crossing the Muga in the Pyrenees.
Ins, do you know who employed
your husband as a shepherd?
- It was Mr. Paco, here's his number.
- Thank you.
You're a very brave woman.
but without my daughter, ma'am.
Jason wasn't her birth father.
At first he loved her,
but when my little girl
started to grow up,
he started to look at her differently.
And he stopped saying "our daughter",
he said "your daughter".
I'm so sorry.
I've got them.
The officers who looked at the films
of the funerals didn't find any
The flour samples
from all the bakeries are in the lab.
We'll have the results in 48 hours.
Including those from your sisters.
Are you all right?
Yes, yes..
Remember the incrustations on the rope
used on Ainhoa Elizasu?
It turns out that it's goat skin.
Goat skin?
And that's not the most important thing.
I've just made some coffee.
There are seven cases with similar
characteristics to the present crimes.
None of them was solved
and no attacker was ever found,
but with all the differences
they could have been by different
Or by someone who acted
differently on each occasion.
Someone who now wants to reclaim
what he'd practiced.
It's someone who's repeating
his ritual down to the last detail.
The case that Alfonso mentioned
was the first one, 14 years ago.
Teresa Klas, the girl with the candy
scattered between her legs
and her hair perfectly combed.
He started 14 years ago,
moved by anger,
protesting against the perversion
and debauchery of the girls in the
That's why the first deaths
are the most violent.
He thought what he was doing was just,
but he may have felt guilty.
But after a while
it didn't seem so bad,
he reflected, he did it again,
and he liked it.
He was doing a social good.
But years later he got blocked.
He was doing something that satisfied
him or that eased his inner rage.
Why do you say that?
For 7 years there were no victims.
Maybe he was in prison
for a minor offense.
Maybe he got into drugs or alcohol.
The fact is he stopped
and didn't kill again until a year ago.
A year?
Remember the girl who fell off a cliff
while hiking in Peas de Aya?
What's that got to do with it?
When they found her,
her hair was combed,
and look at the position of her hands.
Isn't it too much of a coincidence
that she was smashed on the rocks
but her hair was combed
and her hands turned upwards?
7 years later
he feels the impulse again,
something unleashes his anger
and he has a mission again.
Perhaps he didn't plan it beforehand,
but he liked
what he was feeling again.
He thinks,
he perfects his ritual,
he kills again and now he wants
people to know he's doing it.
And that explains
the elaborate staging.
Now his work has a meaning
and he wants everyone to know what it
Now it's a warning.
No, it's not a warning.
It's a threat.
Get the newspapers
from the days of those murders,
and from the 3 days before and after.
We need information on each town.
Markets, fairs, auctions,
circuses, plays, exhibitions...
Whatever was happening
in those towns and round about.
Very well.
If each girl was killed
in a different town
and the killer was passing through,
maybe he didn't choose
the places at random,
maybe there's something
that links all those places
and that could give us a clue.
It's obvious that
this person is clever,
but perhaps years ago
he wasn't quite so clever.
Good work, Jonan.
Amaia, it's me.
Do you know
what you're going to ask?
What you must know
will be revealed
and whatever remains dark
belongs in the darkness.
Very well.
Cut with your left hand.
Give me three.
- What do you want to ask?
- What's he looking for?
What is who looking for?
- Please, ask the question properly.
- Sorry.
The girls' killer.
What is he looking for when he kills?
He's on a mission.
He has a job to do
and he's committed to it
because it gives meaning to his life
and extinguishes his fury.
Give me three.
Tell me about his past.
He was suppressed,
enslaved, but now he is free.
He thinks he's administering justice.
When he kills
he is the guardian of purity.
Give me three.
Where is he?
He's very close.
Anything else
I should know about him?
There is another element in the game
infinitely more dangerous.
That element is your enemy
and it's coming after you
and your family.
After me?
What does it want with me?
It wants your bones, Amaia.
Who is it?
Aunt, who is it?
All right.
- Hello.
- Good morning. Go ahead.
A forest ranger found him
early this morning,
lying unconscious on a forest trail.
I tried to kiss her in the car
but she wouldn't let me.
Then I hit her
and she passed out.
I started to abuse her,
but she woke up and hit me.
Then I hit her.
And she hit me.
And the more I hit her,
the more aroused I got.
Then I started squeezing her throat
until she stopped moving.
You killed her, Jason.
- What did you do next?
- I carried her body to the hut.
I put her there like I'd read
in the paper that the basajaun does.
Did you abuse the body?
I didn't want to.
But I had to undress her
and I got really aroused.
I knew it wasn't right,
but I couldn't help it.
For Christ's sake!
Where did you get the rope?
I had it in the car from when I put up
the clothesline at home.
Why did you cut off her arm,
with what, and where is it?
Why did you cut off Johana's arm
and what did you use to do it?
Why would I cut off her arm?
Mr. Medina, what makes a father
abuse his own daughter?
I only ask God to forgive me
and have mercy on my soul.
For God
the concept of time doesn't exist,
and while you're asking for mercy
he's seeing you raping your daughter.
Let's go.
One last thing, inspector.
Who carried me to the trail
where they found me this morning?
Last night
I went to sleep in the forest.
I kind of remember
someone carrying me in his arms.
- Mr. Flores.
- I'm sorry.
You wanted to know
if we saw anything strange in the
Yes. Has something happened?
Yesterday we were in the forest
and we heard a strange whistling.
We followed it up to a crag
and when we got to the top it stopped.
We looked around
and in the distance
we saw the figure of a man
going down to some caves
with a sack on his back.
We went down to talk to him,
but when we got down
he had disappeared.
We hadn't heard anyone leaving,
no sound of a car
or a motorbike, nothing.
He just disappeared.
Thank you.
Have a good Saturday.
You too.
Are you saying that it's their fault?
These things don't happen
to nice girls who are home by 10.
Are you listening to yourself, Flora?
Don't act all surprised now.
You of all people.
- Me?
- Yes, you.
- We've talked about this many times.
- I can't believe it.
I'm sick of seeing how they dress,
how they behave, how they move.
- They look like sluts.
- Flora, please!
Aunt, you've seen them
even in the square.
All day straddling the boys,
sitting with their legs spread.
It's like they're asking for it.
I'm not surprised
they end up like this.
Are you justifying
someone killing those girls?
I just say that death
doesn't turn a slut into a saint.
Flora, Johana was raped and killed
by her father.
Her father.
She was a nice girl
who was home by 10.
She was killed by someone
who was supposed to protect her.
That man is a bastard
and nothing can justify what he did.
Has he confessed?
Now look.
What's going on in the valley
can't be justified in any way.
And that's an end to it.
There's to be no more arguing.
- Sorry, aunt.
- Thank you.
There's salad and lamb in the kitchen.
Thank you, I'm not hungry.
Alright, dessert time, then.
I shouldn't say this,
but these are really exquisite.
I love them!
They smell wonderful.
Will you try one, Amaia?
I made them thinking of you.
You know I don't like sweet things.
Maybe you're pregnant.
Don't be so insensitive.
Amaia has been dealing with some very
unpleasant things these last few days.
Amaia has come here
to protect all of us.
- Amaia protecting us?
- Yes, protecting us.
The one she should have protected
was mom when she got sick,
but she ran off
searching for a new life.
And how could she do that?
Because Ros and I stayed here
to carry on the family business.
You're welcome, Amaia.
So don't tell me she's the savior
who's come to protect us.
I offered to send money for the clinic.
- Money.
- Yes, money.
I was the one who spoon-fed her,
I bathed her,
I put her to bed,
I changed her diapers every night
like she was...
the child I could never have.
And you were off somewhere
living your life
and Ros walked her
in the park for an hour
and felt like she'd done her bit.
This isn't the time
for this conversation.
Oh, no, sis?
Are you on sick leave from talking too?
Flora! That's enough.
I should have never let you
put mom in the clinic.
If I'd treated her pneumonia at home,
this wouldn't have happened,
but no one listened to me
and it all ended badly.
No one asked you to be
the family's martyr heroine.
You're the one who decided that,
so you could have an arsenal
of reproaches to throw at us.
what happened to your mother was sad,
but you can't hold Amaia responsible
for her dying in a clinic.
Is that what you're saying
happened to mom?
You dare say that our mother is dead?
For me, she is.
You're evil.
You're an evil, manipulative witch.
I'm very sorry.
Yes, Jonan.
I'm on my way.
None of the samples of flour analyzed
matches the one in the txantxigorris.
- You're 100% certain?
- 100%.
The analyses were done
with two samples from each batch,
to be certain.
We just have to send you
the results of the last sample,
the one we received later.
- When do you think you'll have them?
- Within the hour.
I didn't want to wait for them
before giving you the results
from the other bakeries.
Thank you.
On a Saturday?
What are you doing?
Appropriating evidence relative
to an investigation is a crime.
What are you talking about, Salazar?
About the analyses of the flour
you've just passed to the manager
of one of the bakeries
being investigated.
You've got a lot explain.
You'll have to come with us
to the station.
If you want to question me,
you'll have to arrest me.
You're screwing up, Amaia.
You're making a mistake.
Flora Salazar, you are under arrest
for appropriating evidence
regarding an investigation.
You have the right to remain silent.
You have the right to a lawyer.
And you have the right to one call.
Please, accompany me to the car.
Why didn't you give us the flour
you use in the bakery, Flora?
I don't know what you mean.
The sample you left for us
isn't the kind you use in the bakery.
I must have made a mistake.
We change our flour constantly.
And your supplier too?
What are you accusing me of?
Of giving you a more recent flour?
Is that my crime?
Why don't you bring in my manager too?
He's the one who collected it.
We spoke to him, he said that
you gave him the sample.
Those are the results
of the flour that Rosaura had at home.
We both know that Rosaura
uses flour from the bakery,
so those are the results
you would have had
if you'd given us the correct sample.
The flour from Rosaura's house
is the same one used in the
txantxigorris on the girls' bodies.
They were made with flour
from Mantecadas Salazar.
Remember that
I collaborated with the police.
I analyzed the txantxigorri
that you brought me
and made a list of bakeries
that could have made it,
just as you asked.
So I'm asking you once more.
What are you accusing me of?
What were you trying to hide
by giving us a different flour?
Perhaps subconsciously I wanted
to protect the family business
and the publication of my next book.
I don't know.
A lot of workers
take flour from the bakery.
Perhaps I didn't want to be implicated
if, by some chance,
that flour ended up
in those txantxigorris.
Is that so serious? Tell me!
It was a subconscious
business mistake.
- It's obstruction of justice.
- Involuntary.
You used Montes to get information
about the case.
Before I met up with him,
you had already involved me.
Also, my dear sister,
what I do with my personal life
is no business of yours.
Inspector Salazar,
I need to speak to you.
- Of course, sir.
- Now.
Sit down, inspector.
A 16-year-old girl
has disappeared in Berroeta.
What are we waiting for?
Sit down, Salazar, please.
We're taking care of that.
I've learned that you hid the fact that
your brother-in-law Alfredo Belarrain
was having an affair with Anne Arbizu
until you managed to exonerate him.
Your sister Flora tried to fool us
by providing a sample of flour different
from the one used in her bakery.
And if that weren't enough,
the analyses have shown
that the flour
from your sister Rosaura's house
is the same as the one used
in the cakes found on the victims.
Don't you know that with
your family's direct implication
the evidence would never
be valid in a trial?
Yes, I know that, captain.
Then what are you waiting for?
The only option we have for the evidence
to be accepted as valid
is for you to remove yourself
from the case.
- Captain, listen to me...
- This conversation is over, Salazar.
The facts speak for themselves.
Inspector Montes will take charge
of the investigation.
Inspector Montes has been taking
information regarding the investigation
and passing it to Flora,
with whom he is also having
a personal relationship.
From what he has just stated,
he was investigating a suspect.
You sent for me, sir?
Yes, come in, Montes.
Captain Salazar has decided to remove
herself voluntarily from the case.
So you'll be heading the investigation.
Ask Mr. Flores
for the location of the caves
where he saw someone suspicious.
It could be a useful lead.
Stop telling me how to do my job,
Yes, ask everyone,
we need to find that girl right now.
- There's no time to waste. Let's go!
- Hold on a minute.
Everyone out now!
Amaia Salazar.
What are you doing here?
I just came looking for something.
- There's nothing of yours here.
- Yes.
Are you stealing from your own family?
It's mine, I saved it up.
This is too much money for you.
Anyway, if it's yours,
why don't you keep it at home?
- Why do you have a key to the bakery?
- Dad gave it to me.
Your father always spoils you
and lets you have your own way.
He's going to ruin you.
I bet he gave you the money
so you could buy this rubbish!
Don't start crying like an idiot.
I'm doing all this for your own good,
because I love you.
- You don't love me.
- What did you say?
- You don't love me.
- I don't?
No, you don't.
You hate me.
I don't love you?
You little bitch!
You don't!
You've never loved me!
What happened?
Are you all right?
And Amaia? Where's Amaia?
Where's Amaia? Where is she?
Amaia! Amaia!
No... No... Amaia, please.
Please! No, no!
Please! No, no, no!
She was very lucky.
The flour formed a crust
that covered the wounds,
and stopped her bleeding to death.
Will she be all right?
As a doctor,
I should report what happened tonight,
but I know the harm
it would do to your family.
However, as a friend
I'm saying get her out of your house
and far away from your wife.
If the child continues to live near her,
her life is in serious danger.
Is there no possibility that it was
an accident? Rosario came...
She went to get you
so you could be her accomplice
because she knew
that you'd believe her.
She went to get you because
she thought the child was already dead.
Juan, your wife
needs treatment urgently,
and the first part of that treatment
is to get Amaia away from her tonight.
The child has two broken fingers
in what is obviously a defensive wound
from trying to stop the first blow
with her hand.
But the most disturbing blow
is the second one.
Your wife hit her
when she was already unconscious.
She hit her to make sure she was dead.
Welcome home, darling.
We're nearly there.
It's the next pavilion.
Are you the daughter
who lives away from here?
Be careful when you wake her
if she's asleep. She might be startled.
This way.
Do you...
have anything to do
with what's happening to those girls?
Amaia Salazar?
I'm Dr. Basterra.
I'm sorry that on your first visit
you see your mother in this state.
We had to use restraints
after the attack.
What attack?
I thought you'd know about it.
Your mother attacked a nurse
the other day.
Yes, while the girl was changing her.
She sank her fingers into her eyes,
she bit her face
and tore off several pieces of flesh
which she swallowed.
I informed your sister Flora
and she authorized
the sedation and the restraints.
She said she would tell you,
and give you all the details.
What details?
While she was attacking the girl
she kept saying your name.
She said it over and over.
"Amaia, Amaia, Amaia".
Just as well your brother-in-law
arrived earlier that day.
He can always calm her down.
My brother-in-law?
Yes, the one who visits every week.
He always brings flowers.
Oh, my God!
How far are we?
We're almost there.
Not much.
This is the place!
I'm on my way to his house.
The last one going up by Bertiz Erreka.
I'm leaving now.
Wait for me.
- Call Montes and tell him.
- OK. But don't go in alone.
I should call Iriarte and Zabalza.
There's no signal
in this area, inspector.
If you want to talk to them,
we'll have to go back.
This is the answering service of
Fermn Montes, of the Navarra Police...
That way.
I'm at Victor's house, chief,
but he isn't here.
I don't know where to go.
Call me, please.
Be careful!
What the hell is this?
There are more over there.
Why do you always have to interfere,
Where is she, Vctor?
Upstairs, waiting for me.
She got into my van
without even hesitating.
Even though she barely knows me
and with all that's happening.
I offered her a lift and she got in,
just like any whore.
I stopped the van upriver,
but there was too much movement.
Even the forest seemed to have eyes.
So I decided to come home
and today I had to bake again.
Were you in the kitchen?
Did you smell them?
Yes, I did.
They're asking for it, Amaia.
Always provoking men.
Destroying the valley with their drugs,
their music and their sex.
Someone has to teach them
about tradition,
purity and respect for your roots.
What Flora always defended.
And what your mother always did.
They're just children, Vctor.
- You think they're children.
- They are children.
That Anne was the worst of them all.
She offered herself to me like a whore.
And when I was finishing with her
she looked into my eyes
and cursed me, the bitch.
Even when she was dead,
I couldn't get the smile off her face.
She scares you.
Is that why she isn't
with the other girls?
Because she scares you.
None of them scare me.
Police, I'm here to help you.
If we keep waiting for you
to catch him,
the valley will be covered
with dead girls.
Are you all right?
14 years ago he killed his first victim:
Teresa Klas.
He thought her morals were a threat
to the stability of the valley.
His guilt drove him to drink
to try to control his impulses.
But he ended up giving way to them,
convincing himself he was doing good.
A good that would become his mission.
Over the next six years
he killed 8 girls,
without following any pattern,
so we never thought
it was the same killer.
But there were certain elements that
would later form his modus operandi.
- I'll see you at home, okay?
- Are you sure?
- I'll see you now.
- Okay.
8 years ago he met the woman
who would become his wife:
Flora Salazar.
That relationship eased his anger
and for 7 years he didn't kill again.
But the marriage failed
and his anger returned.
Then he killed Sonia Edroso
almost on impulse,
but he couldn't resist
carrying out part of his ritual,
repressed for so long.
This time guilt had the opposite effect,
and he had to reaffirm his mission:
restore purity to the valley.
Unlike in previous years,
he now wanted his message to be known,
so he perfected the staging of the crime
and enjoyed it.
He thought that, in that way,
he'd get his wife's pardon and respect.
Carla Huarte,
Ainhoa Elizasu
and Anne Arbizu
were his last victims
here in Elizondo.
Is your sister Flora available?
We're going to need her statement.
24 hours a day, sir.
Also, Inspector Montes has found a cave
that seems to be connected
with the case.
But it's a mystery
we are still working on.
- Inspector?
- Yes, that's right.
We found the bones of several victims
who have still not been identified.
They date from before Vctor's crimes,
but among them
we found bones from his victims
and also Johana Mrquez's missing arm,
which obviously
hadn't been amputated by him
or by the girl's stepfather.
It will take us time to determine
the origin of those bones,
but as far as Vctor is concerned,
the case is closed.
Very good work, Inspector.
Thank you, sir.
She'll hate that we're celebrating
its publication without her.
To my mother Rosario, the true guardian
of the purity of the Baztn Valley.
I don't think
Amaia gathered us here for that.
Then, why?
- I thought so.
- What is it?
You should do it.
In a few months
there'll be a new family member.
- Are you sure?
- Have I ever lied to you?
Thank you.
- I'm so happy.
- Sister!