The Invisible Guest (2016) Movie Script

- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Mr. Doria?
Virginia Goodman.
I was sent by your lawyer,
Flix Leiva.
A pleasure.
- Come in.
- Thanks.
- Give me two minutes to
get dressed. - Sure. members of armed groups
that have demobilized
and are contributing
to the search for the missing.
In national news,
the main news this morning
is the funeral held in memory
of Laura Vidal,
the renowned photographer
and visual artist,
allegedly murdered by
her lover, Adrin Doria,
recently awarded
in the prestigious
European Awards for Innovation
and Business Development
as businessman of the year.
Doria, who recently made inroads
into the Asian market
with his company
Global Go Tech Media,
is pleading innocent and states
he is the victim of a plot.
I was expecting you later.
Yes. We've had a setback.
I tried to talk to Flix,
but his phone's off.
He's out of town.
But he said everything was
under control, that he had a lead...
- That would change everything, yes.
- Exactly.
That's what he said
when I last spoke to him.
But I didn't know then what I do now,
and what he still doesn't know.
It's very likely you'll be
called to testify tonight.
One of my courthouse sources says
the prosecutor has a last-minute witness
who could turn
your case around.
We don't know who it is yet,
but they're being taken to the court
to testify in three hours.
I told the truth.
Your testimony has holes,
and I need details.
Plausibility is based on details.
I can use them to convince
the world that you're innocent.
I assure you, I can do it.
So far I've never lost
a case before any judge.
But I need you to cooperate.
The police have turned this place
into a cell, I'm watched 24 hours a day.
Don't you think if had anything to add
I would've done it by now?
They're going to request
your immediate arrest, Mr. Doria.
We have 180 minutes
to start over,
so I advise you to stop whining
and let's get to work.
Right, let's go back to the start.
What were you and the deceased
doing at that hotel?
We were told to go there.
We'd been seeing each other
for a few months.
Someone was trying
to blackmail us.
We were following
their instructions.
They wanted 100,000 Euros.
It's better to buy someone's silence
than face a million-dollar divorce.
I never wanted to divorce Sonia,
I love her.
Why that hotel, 200 miles away
from your lives?
I don't know.
Weren't you surprised they chose
somewhere so out of the way?
Who cares which hotel it was?
Had you and your lover
been there before?
The problem here is someone
pinned a murder on me.
Everything is important, Mr. Doria.
But it's alright,
first let's talk about
the message on your phone.
We'd been waiting
for two hours when it came.
Something wrong?
He has your cell phone.
He just sent a message
from your cell phone.
It's a trap.
Let's go.
I was unconscious
for a few minutes.
And when I woke up...
the nightmare began.
What's the first
thing you remember?
Banging on the door.
Are you alright?
Open the door.
Out of the way.
Do you hear me?
We know you're in there!
Open the door!
No, no.
Laura! Help!
Help, please!
Get up!
Hands up! Get up!
There was someone in the room.
Hands where I can see them.
I didn't do anything.
Hands up!
- I didn't do anything.
- Get down!
- There was someone else here.
- On the floor!
Don't resist.
Everybody out!
The police report says that
witnesses heard screams,
but didn't see anyone leave the room...
So you didn't see anyone
leave the room.
Which was locked from inside
by a chain.
The report also said that no window
could be opened from the inside
because in the cold months
the hotel removes the handles,
and they hadn't been forced.
They checked every way to get out
without being seen,
but it was impossible
without leaving traces.
And they didn't find any.
So, according to your version,
- your lover's murderer evaporated.
- That's right.
- Before he got out, he had to get in.
- He was there when we arrived.
But he had to get in somehow.
And the hotel staff said
only you had access to the key.
The whole crime scene
was set up to frame me
and give the police the false theory
that Laura fell in love with me
and to protect my marriage
I tried in vain to buy her off.
So I killed her.
- But it's absurd, a trap...
- Whose trap?
- I don't know.
- Why?
I'm telling you I don't know!
I just know my wife's left me
and taken my daughter.
And someone's getting away with it.
Unless you pay attention
and look for answers in the details
of your life, you know what?
- What?
- You're saying the police are right.
They say that nobody
had a motive
to destroy you like this,
so your version
sounds like make believe, Mr. Doria.
- It's not my job to find
the culprit. - No.
It's Felix's job and yours,
and the police, of course.
They're meant to catch
the culprits, not me.
You are their culprit.
Mr. Doria, if you were me
and I told you about this secret plot,
what would you think?
I'm telling you what happened,
I don't know what else you expect.
Do you know what?
In my 30-year career
I've met two types of clients.
Those who accept their situation
and cooperate,
even if it means going
where they don't want to go,
and those that think
they're smarter than I am
and want me to get them off
without getting dirty.
You're the second type.
But let me be clear on this:
There'll be no salvation
without suffering,
and you're not smarter than I am.
Have you wondered what would happen
if the state's witness is involved?
We've already wasted 10 minutes.
I'll ask you this just once:
Do you know who
the man in your room was?
If you want to find out,
if you want me to get you
out of this without jail time,
don't lie to me again.
It all started three months ago.
- Honey.
- How's Paris?
- Full of nasty French people.
- Did the meeting go badly?
- I don't think we'll get it.
- My dad called.
He invited us sailing on Sunday.
I said we'd go.
- He's dying to see Alex.
- Okay.
It's Daddy. Say Daddy.
Say Daddy.
Sonia, I have to leave
for the airport.
Okay. Are you coming home
or staying in Barcelona?
I'm coming home to you.
Tell me when you've boarded.
I love you.
I love you too.
- Who was that?
- Sonia.
What time is it?
Almost six.
We overslept.
- Shall we go?
- Daddy.
- We were doing fine.
- Sure, but this way is faster.
You could drive faster, eh?
- Shall I drive?
- You drive.
I do nothing but lie.
I think when you're with me,
you don't.
The rest of the day
I lie because I'm with you.
Being with me makes you happy.
And I love the way I feel
when we're together.
Remember what we said
when we started this?
That we both wanted
the experience.
We also said that when
the time came...
- Adrin, do you want
to leave Sonia? - No.
I don't want to leave Bruno either.
That's why what we have is perfect.
But you can't have everything.
You have to sacrifice something.
We're doing fine.
It's fine.
No, what we're doing is wrong,
and you know it.
That's it.
I'm sorry.
Are you alright?
I think so.
Are you alright?
- What are you doing?
- Calling the police.
It's wasn't our fault,
it was the damn deer.
I cut into his lane.
He had no belt on
and he was texting!
You made me drive too fast!
You told me before,
there's always a sacrifice.
- What are you saying?
- It's him or us.
If you call the police,
we've had it.
Listen to me, please.
Nobody saw anything,
nobody knows anything.
Everything's still the same.
Your life, Sonia,
your daughter, your career.
You don't want to lose it all?
Do you?
Let's go.
It won't start up.
Come on, please start.
Start! Start, for God's sake!
Let's go!
- Shit.
- What is it?
Someone's coming.
Get out of the car.
- What do we do?
- Leave it to me. Do what I do.
Where are you going?
He'll figure it out.
What are you doing?
We had an accident, okay?
- We had an accident?
- Follow my lead.
Need any help?
What happened?
I skidded and hit him,
but we're just trading details.
Do you need an ambulance?
No, really, we're fine.
Are you sure?
It must be the insurance company.
I'll be right back.
A good scare?
A deer ran in front of us
and I'm still shaky.
Hello. Yes, we called.
- Are you sure?
- Thank you.
How long will it be?
Okay. Thanks. 'Bye.
It's all sorted.
I'm glad nobody got hurt.
- See you.
- See you.
- What if he saw something?
- He didn't.
He stopped,
he could've seen the kid.
- We have to get rid of him.
- Are you crazy?
There's a witness.
If we leave him here,
he'll know we lied.
It's best if I stay here
and send for help.
You take care of the body.
What do I do with him?
I don't know.
But we have to get rid
of everything, okay?
And then, if you want,
we can stop seeing each other.
It's over.
I drove for nearly an hour.
And all I could think about
was why I was there
instead of with my family.
If I hadn't been with Laura,
if we hadn't overslept,
if I hadn't taken the detour,
that deer would never have
crossed my path.
What did you do with the car?
I buried it.
The kid too?
I kept hearing Laura's words
in my head.
It was an accident.
We couldn't do anything for that kid.
He had no future. We did.
We did.
He was like one of those blotches,
and I had to look at it like that
to keep from going insane.
What then?
I called Laura with a prepaid
phone card and told her where I was.
We always used them
to talk to each other.
It was horrible.
What happened?
Hello, my car broke down.
No, I'm fine,
but I need a tow truck.
Where am I?
- Hello.
- Hello. Everything alright?
Yes, a deer ran in front of me,
but I'm fine, thanks.
You're lucky.
You could've died.
It won't start.
The engine won't start.
I called road assistance
but they're overrun.
Everything has a solution.
I know these cars in and out,
they're good machines.
What a coincidence.
I was an engineer at
their Spanish factory years ago.
Toms Garrido.
I've got a garage now.
Nice to meet you.
- I need to get to Barcelona.
- Got a flashlight?
It's my sister's car.
She lent it to me and I don't know...
Don't worry. I'll get mine.
It's the starter system.
The engine sensor's probably
stuck on "stop".
If the impact didn't damage
anything else,
you just reconnect the control
module and reset it.
The rest looks alright.
If you want, I can tow it
to my house
and fix it there.
If you prefer,
I'll call a tow truck
and tell them where to find you.
- How long would it take?
- The tow truck?
- No, for you to fix it.
- A couple of hours, tops.
So you live in Barcelona.
What brings you here?
My sister lives in Barbastro.
My wife worked near there,
in the nature reserve.
Now she works near Bierge,
in the valley, 20 minutes from home.
She used to teach literature,
but she had to give it up.
That's why we moved here,
for a more peaceful life.
What do you do?
I've got a bookstore.
I love reading.
Especially plays.
The classics are my weakness.
My wife introduced me to them.
That was how we met,
in a theatre group.
She was very good, but I...
I just joined to meet women.
You haven't told me your name.
- Raquel.
- Raquel.
Raquel, your phone's ringing.
You're right.
- Hi, honey.
- Hey, Laura.
How was the shoot?
When's your flight?
I was about to call you.
I'm going to be late.
Don't worry.
I was about to take some work home.
You can't concentrate here.
Too many interruptions.
How come you're late?
Nothing, a setback.
Engine trouble.
Relax, just tell me
when you're taking off.
No, you don't need to get me.
I'll get some dinner here
and work till it's time to get you.
- Don't come, please, Bruno.
- Laura, are you alright?
Sorry, sorry, no,
I'm fine, I really am.
Sorry I didn't call you before.
Okay, don't worry.
See you at home.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- Hi.
- Hi, honey.
Elvira, my wife.
This is Raquel,
she ran into a deer
and it blocked the car's starter.
I'm going to fix it.
- Nice to meet you.
- Same here.
Are you hurt?
You have blood on your hand.
- It must be from the deer.
- The deer?
- Let me see. A cut could get infected.
- I'm not hurt.
Sorry, I'm in a big hurry.
Then we'll cut the chatter.
I'll get to work.
- Like a coffee?
- Yes, please.
- Come in.
- No, I can wait here.
Wait here in this cold?
Come in, woman.
You can clean that up.
Come on.
Everything alright?
Yes, thanks, everything's fine.
I'll take Toms some coffee
and be right back.
Okay, thanks.
We had a couple of scares too
when we came here.
- You don't want anything to eat?
- No. Thanks.
It's a good place to live,
but you have to adapt.
Do you have any children?
I see that...
Oh, no, no.
My husband wants to, but I...
Well, I do too,
but I work a lot, I don't know...
Don't let it get to you.
I had Dani, I mean Daniel,
he doesn't like Dani,
when I was nearly 40.
A child changes your life.
But they give it all back too.
Excuse me.
So handsome. He'll be home soon.
Maybe you know him.
Clara? Hello.
No, I'm waiting for him.
He went out with the boys.
You're with the boys?
And Daniel's not there?
That's strange,
he left here at 6.
Yes, he got back from work,
changed, and ran out.
- Right. - You're all set.
I went over it and it's fine.
Are you staying for dinner?
I'm sure my wife convinced you.
I'll get my coat,
I'm really late. Sorry.
Yes, okay, Clara,
I'll call you right back.
Clara says the boys haven't seen Daniel,
they thought he was with her.
- What do you mean?
- He should be with his friends.
But nobody knows anything.
Did he say anything to you?
Okay, don't get nervous.
Maybe he had other plans.
Nervous no, Toms,
he told be he'd be with friends.
- Maybe he didn't tell
you the truth. - Why?
What if he met another girl?
No, Toms, no.
This is all very strange.
I'm going to call him.
Leave him be.
He's a big boy.
- Do you hear that?
- Yes.
Did you hear a cell phone?
I'm calling him again.
My son's not with his friends
and my wife's imagining things.
Here it is.
That's strange. Daniel never
goes out without his cell phone.
He must've dropped it.
You tell her, Raquel.
I have to go. I'm really late.
No one's heard from Daniel.
What do we do?
Tell me what we should do.
I thought of something.
But I'm in your hands.
It depends on you.
The look in her eyes scared me.
I got rid of my car,
without a trace.
I don't know,
it's in front of a scrapyard.
Then I said goodbye, agreeing that
it was the last time we'd see each other.
I reported my car stolen,
pretending I just got
back from Paris.
I told Sonia the same thing:
I'd stayed overnight
in our city place.
But are you alright?
I spent a sleepless night.
I felt like a fraud, an impostor.
It had taken me ten years
to reach the top,
but I could lose it all
in the blink of an eye.
The next day, I went to work.
We were preparing the entry
of Global Go Tech Media into Asia
and it would've been strange
if I wasn't there.
I'd been trying to close
the deal for a year,
and now it was about to happen
I couldn't screw it up.
Before going home,
I tried to gather my thoughts
in order to face my wife
and daughter.
I needed to put on a mask
to hide the man I wasn't
but would be again.
And when I thought I'd done it...
the inevitable happened.
Daniel Garrido, 23,
left work in this
bank around 6 p.m.
He went home and minutes
later went out again.
His parents expected him for dinner,
but they've heard nothing from him.
Family and friends
have united to search for him,
believing he had a car crash
and perhaps his car is hidden
down a ravine in the area.
The father's face
engraved on my retina.
I saw myself in his pain.
I swore it'd be the last mistake
I'd ever make in my life.
- Excuse me.
- Go ahead.
Are you sure?
Tell me if there's any news.
The state's witness
is in the courthouse.
His identity is unknown,
but the judge is on his way.
I have to talk to Felix.
- What is it?
- Flix, where are you?
Bilbao airport,
getting off the plane.
Virginia Goodman's here because
the prosecutor may be ahead of us.
- The prosecutor...?
- When will you be back?
Tonight on the last flight.
Put her on.
He wants to talk to you.
- Flix.
- What's going on?
A last-minute witness.
- He just got to the courthouse.
- Virginia?
Mr. Doria will probably
have to testify tonight.
Send me the details in writing,
but I leave him in your hands.
I'm going after something big.
It may be crucial to the case.
- I'll call back in a couple of hours.
- Alright.
Thanks, Flix.
What did he say?
It's all under control,
don't worry.
Good. Let's continue.
Where were we?
I focused on my life.
But the police came around.
Mr. Doria, you have visitors.
It's the police.
That's not on any file.
How do you know?
The details, Mr. Doria.
The Bierge police found debris
from two collisions
five miles from where
the missing man lived.
But there's no record
of either of the accidents.
Strangely, the kid's father picked up
a woman who'd had an accident,
right there, the same day
his son disappeared.
Do you know her?
What is this?
Look, why would my client care
about what happened in Bierge
when he was in Paris?
She told the missing kid's father
that she'd hit a deer.
But debris from a second
vehicle on that road
leads us to the theory
that something happened
and she covered it up
with someone's help.
The license plate of the vehicle
this woman was driving
belongs to a BMW
in your client's name.
It was stolen from a private
carpark that weekend.
Are you insinuating
the Mr. Doria is lying
to hide an accident about
which you have no proof?
According to the report,
you couldn't produce the parking
card to prove the car was there.
I lost it.
I usually keep it in my wallet,
but I must've left it in my jacket
and it fell out on the trip.
I know, it's in your statement.
Very convenient.
Hold on, did the license plate info
come from the missing kid's father?
Now that is convenient,
and uncorroborated.
That's what we're trying to do:
corroborate it.
You needn't have bothered my client
to corroborate his Paris trip,
you just had to ask his secretary
for the details.
Are we done?
Why are you so nervous?
Tell me or I won't be
able to help you.
Do you have anything to do
with this kid's disappearance?
Well then?
I wasn't in Paris.
I was with a woman.
So Eva can't prove to the police
that you were in Paris?
Can you make them believe I was?
Can you buy me an alibi?
- Do I have a choice?
- I ended it, it was a mistake.
I can't let this damn coincidence
ruin my life with Alex
and Sonia. I can't.
Next time you call me,
start by telling me everything.
I need something else.
The police file.
I don't want this to haunt me.
I'll take care of it.
Later, my Paris alibi
was checked out
and the police dropped
the matter.
Flix fulfilled the first part of
the deal, but not the second.
One of my sources found
your name in the police files,
and I'm afraid that the prosecutor
may have done the same.
I'd never have gone so far
if it weren't for Laura.
What did she do when you told her
the police asked you to ID her?
I didn't tell her.
I know you contacted her.
The rich want to stay rich,
protect themselves and their property.
Wherever there are rich people,
there are surveillance cameras.
How'd you get the police to think
Daniel Garrido was on the run?
- Where are you calling from?
- A phone booth.
Talking in a place with so much
surveillance isn't very smart.
My nerves gave me away, I know.
But don't think I'm stupid enough
to contact Laura
right after the police
tried to link me to her.
When and why then?
When I saw
how far she could go.
Laura never stopped
when she knew what she wanted.
- Hello.
- Say hi to Grandpa.
She did it with me when we met.
Can I pay up?
And she was doing it again
to put it all behind her.
There you go.
The police have ruled out
that Daniel Garrido,
the young man from Bierge
missing for 3 weeks, had an accident.
The latest investigations say
he could've faked his own
disappearance in order to run away.
Police sources state
that he took 50,000 euros from
the bank branch where he worked.
Daniel Garrido
redirected small amounts...
All ready to set sail.
I just got a call.
An emergency meeting with Mr. Lee.
- Where are you calling from?
- A booth.
See you in four hours in the
bar in front of the scrapyard.
What's this?
The kid's wallet.
I got it before putting
the kid in the trunk.
I thought it might be useful to us,
and it has been.
After the accident,
Bruno worked at home for a few days.
I used one of those mornings
to end this the only possible way.
What are you telling me?
Your lover was a computer banking
expert as well as a photographer?
Do you want the jury to think
you're taking them for idiots?
Laura met her husband while
she was working in that bank.
Technology makes giant leaps,
you know that better than anyone.
Did your love keep up to date
while she was a photographer?
Maybe her husband helped her.
Maybe she told him the truth
but wanted to keep me out of it.
You didn't know Laura.
She can highly seductive.
The perfect femme fatale prototype.
Do you realize what
you've done?
What do you think?
Don't worry, if I'd left any trace,
we wouldn't be here right now.
Don't look at me like that.
You didn't call the police because
we were doing the right thing.
No, we weren't.
if I go down,
you're going down with me.
The police came to see me.
Don't threaten me.
Don't you threaten me.
I have photos that show
that you weren't in Paris.
The following days
weren't exactly relaxed.
My company entered the Asian market
with the world's top technology firm.
I was given the Businessman
of the Year award.
I entered a media blitz.
Mr. Doria, how do you feel?
Very happy.
I was sold as the
man of the hour.
A model for young people like me,
winners who came from nothing.
But it was all a sham.
I'd felt rotten on the inside
for some time.
Because I taught her.
- To do what?
- To say "Papa".
She's with her parents now...
Mr. Doria, excuse me.
A reporter insists on speaking to you.
- He says he knows you.
- Yes.
- Please.
- If you'll excuse me.
Be careful with that.
See you soon.
On the right, please.
Thank you.
Mr. Doria? Sorry to bother you
on such a special day.
Do you know who I am?
Just that you're not Ivn Souto.
I'm Daniel Garrido's father.
I don't know if you've
seen the news, but...
they say he ran away
and I have some questions,
if it's alright with you.
I only know what I read
in the paper, I'm sorry.
My son is no thief
and he's not on the run.
My son is dead.
Someone is laughing
at my wife and at me.
The day the police spoke to you,
Elvira and I were there.
I know what I saw.
Our son used his cell phone
shortly before Toms picked up
that woman on the road,
so it's impossible that
the phone was at home,
unless she brought it.
And that could only happen
if she ran into my son
at some point.
And she wasn't alone,
someone was with her.
How can you be so sure?
I've already told you.
She adjusted the driver's seat.
She wasn't driving.
She lied to me!
It's my sister's car.
She lent it to me
and I don't know...
She lied and nobody lies
for no reason.
She lied to protect herself,
or to protect you.
Got a light?
That woman was
hiding something.
And so are you.
I don't know anything, really.
I was in Paris at the time.
That's what the police said.
But some plane tickets
and a hotel reservation
don't prove anything.
Still, we trusted the police
and went home.
Until a few days later
when the news accused my son
of being a thief...
and we knew it was a set-up,
it wasn't Daniel.
He was never bad to anyone.
My wife was devastated
when she saw what that meant.
But I wasn't giving up.
And I followed the only lead left.
And I saw that you could
lose it all over a setback.
What it would mean if you
admitted you weren't in Paris
but with another woman.
I went back to the police
but they still didn't believe me.
There I realized
how powerful you are.
Power makes the wolf
bigger than he is.
But I'm not scared
of wolves like you.
When you have the most terrifying
experience a parent can go through,
having your child taken from you,
vanishing without anyone caring,
fear doesn't exist anymore.
Nothing exists anymore.
They'll soon discover
that I'm an intruder,
so tell me the truth:
Where is my son?
I assure you, you're mistaken.
You were in that car,
with that woman not called Raquel.
You had an accident
in the place where I found her,
and my son's car was there.
Did you get rid of him?
Was it that easy?
Mr. Doria,
was that what happened?
From one father to another.
My wife and I know
our son is dead.
We just want to find him, bury him
and let him rest in peace.
- Sir, you have to come with us.
- Don't touch me.
- Please.
- Don't touch me!
Please, Mr. Doria, I'm begging you.
Don't touch me! Please!
If your girl had disappeared,
you'd want the culprit to know
he wouldn't get away with it.
Son of a bitch!
Do you know him?
Do you know him?
Let's go inside.
- Address?
- 5 San Ramn St., Bierge.
No one linked him to me.
Nor did he.
He knew it'd just
complicate things.
And Flix had cleared my name
from his son's case.
- What town was that?
- Bierge.
He went home with just enough
strength to look after his wife.
After that, he vanished.
I never heard from him again.
Fine. Now we have all the cards
on the table.
Two dead people
and two bodies.
Your lover's murder
seems to be a direct result
of the death of Daniel Garrido.
But for the police
there's only one murder
because they only have one body,
Laura Vidal's.
And the suspect is you.
But for us and for
Daniel Garrido's parents,
there's another body and
another death: the missing kid.
And the Garridos suspect that you
and your lover are the culprits.
She's dead, so all that's left...
is you.
What does this puzzle
suggest to you?
What does it suggest to you?
It makes me think of
the mystery in the hotel room,
of the man you say
killed your lover
and then vanished,
as if by magic.
Someone linked to Daniel Garrido.
There's someone unnamed
who knows more than the parents.
Need any help?
Do you want the jury to believe that
this driver lured you to that hotel?
To what end?
To blackmail us with what he knew:
that we were guilty.
Why he didn't know who I was
and that Laura wasn't my wife.
Details, Mr. Doria.
A jury will only believe
your twisted theory
if the details are plausible.
I haven't told you how he
lured us to the Hotel Bellavista.
This came for you.
I know what you
and you little friend did.
The price for my silence
is 100,000 euros.
In small, unmarked bills.
Unless I get them today,
I'll send this photo
to the police so that
they find Daniel Garrido.
At 5 o'clock sharp
both of you are to go to
the Bierge train station.
Be punctual.
I'll call the phone booth
in the carpark
and tell you where to
hand over the money.
Don't come alone,
without the money,
or try anything,
or I'll call the police.
The package was sent
from Bierge three days ago.
The sender signed it:
Daniel Garrido.
- Was this where...?
- If it isn't, it looks a lot like it.
Mr. Doria.
Did you notice the moon?
There's a huge
full moon tonight.
As big as the hole
in your story.
How do you know
unless you let me finish?
How did that driver
know about the swamp?
The noise I heard
before the car sank.
What if it wasn't just the deer?
What if Laura hadn't
convinced him we'd crashed?
I'm glad it was nothing.
Maybe he saw something
or suspected our attitude,
then pretended to leave
in order to hide.
Sure. I understand your problem.
You're trying to lead your story
away from Daniel Garrido's death.
- Excuse me?
- The driver was motivated by money.
If you focus on
the blackmailing driver
and people ignore the poor kid,
you'll look less guilty.
Have you got a better idea?
I'm going to ask you
three questions.
If you answer just one,
we'll go on with your
far-fetched story.
One: Why the incriminating message
on your cell phone?
Two: Why didn't the killer take
the money if that was his main aim?
And three: How did he get
in and out of the room
like a ghost?
Do you see?
You're giving the prosecutor
just what he wants:
unconnected crap that will
shatter the illusion
that you have a solid story
without cracks.
Don't give me that again.
- Surprise me, solve one
of the questions. - Alright.
I'll tell you what could've happened
from what you've told me.
- Please.
- Let's go back to the station,
where the blackmailer
had to contact you at 5 pm.
It's 5 o'clock.
It must be him.
We shouldn't be seen together.
I'll wait for you
in the Hotel Bellavista.
It's only accessible by using
the cog railway around the valley.
I reserved room 715 for you.
Another thing:
Leave the cell phone in the bin.
Take the train that's
right in front of you.
If you don't leave the cell phone,
the police will discover
the body of Daniel Garrido.
I'll ask. Wait here, okay?
- Hello, good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
I have a reservation.
Room 715, please.
Yes, in the name of Adrin Doria?
Fill in this form
and I'll get your key.
Did anyone see you?
Did he leave instructions?
We have to wait.
Something wrong?
He just sent me a message
from your phone.
It's a trap.
Let's go.
No, no, no.
No, no. Please.
I don't know where he is.
It wasn't me.
It wasn't me,
I don't know where he is.
Hold on.
Hold on.
You suspect that Toms Garrido
was the person in the room?
Don't you?
It's a plausible option
to use to build your defense,
something the judge could buy.
Toms Garrido has a powerful motive
for committing murder.
If a father knows
that the police
are protecting those responsible
for his son's disappearance,
he has only one option:
force them to face up to it.
And killing one to incriminate
the other is a way to do it.
And it worked out perfectly.
Everyone thought you were guilty.
The police, your own wife,
and your financial partners.
Toms Garrido not only framed
you for your lover's death,
he destroyed your life
and your company.
And only Flix could get you
out of jail on a million-euro bail.
Together you set up
the theory of the plot
and I suspect he hired me
because he wasn't confident
it'd be enough.
Your lawyer knew that
if your story convinced me,
it'd convince a jury.
You hired someone to tell me
what to say in a trial, Felix?
She's the top person
at preparing witnesses.
She retired two weeks ago,
but she's taking this as a last case.
And I assure you,
she doesn't want to lose it.
The only way you can show
that you didn't kill your lover
is to implicate Toms Garrido,
and that means confessing
what you did to his son.
Sure, but that does us no good
unless we work out how he
got out of the room without a trace.
And when I came to,
there was no one.
Are you familiar with
the concept of lateral thinking?
It consists of changing
the perspective from which
one analyzes events.
For example: in a wooden barn
that is completely empty
a man is found hanging from
the middle of the main beam.
The rope he hanged himself with
is 10 feet long
and his feet are 10 inches
above the floor.
The nearest wall is 20 feet away.
You can't climb the walls
or reach the beam,
yet the man hanged himself.
How did he do it?
He climbed onto a block of ice
that melted from the heat.
This is our barn.
The police photo file on your case.
The answer has to be
in the nature of your own story.
I don't know what
you expect me to see.
The details, Mr. Doria.
Focus on the details.
They've always been
in front of our eyes,
but you have to analyze them
from a different perspective.
What if the answer to the enigma
was never inside the room,
but outside?
Now she works near Bierge,
in the valley,
20 minutes from home.
Being lured to that hotel
so far away is no coincidence.
Toms Garrido set
a trap for you.
He could've sent you
that package himself
so you'd put the pieces
of the puzzle together wrongly
and make you doubt
what really happened,
because it was the only way
he'd find the missing piece.
I'll wait for you
in the Hotel Bellavista.
He couldn't have known
about the swamp.
The area where you buried him
is full of swampy lakes
and the locals know it.
Toms Garrido only had to
toss a coin in the air
and wait for you to bite.
And you did.
- Was that what happened?
- You revealed yourself
and gave up Laura.
Here's your key
and have nice stay.
- Thanks a lot.
- Thank you.
- Good afternoon.
- Hello, good afternoon.
I have a reservation.
Room 715, please.
That was how Toms Garrido
was able to get into the room
without leaving a trace.
All he had to do
was wait for you and Laura
to go up to the room.
From there he could send
the message from Laura's phone...
He just sent me a message
from your phone.
...knock you out
to keep you out of action,
and carry out the perfect crime.
- Did you hear that?
If it was like that,
Tomas Garrido only had to
prepare the scene to frame you
and vanish the way out
his wife had set out.
He left the money to frame you,
put Laura's cell phone
back in the room...
and made sure they found your
prints on the murder weapon.
Hello? Is everything alright?
No one's come out.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Where did the noises come from?
A suite. Number 715.
Out of the way!
Out of the way, please!
Open the door.
Everyone out!
Come on, out.
Call Forensics.
- Guys, tell Forensics, we've
found a body. - Roger that.
The kid's mother was why
they took us to that hotel.
All she had to do
was make her husband vanish
so that I'd look guilty.
And the police
never linked her to you
because Flix erased your
name from his son's case.
Excuse me.
One hundred per cent?
Good. Alright, thanks.
The prosecutor's witness?
We still don't have his name,
but we know who he is.
The driver.
It means we have to think fast.
- It also means I'm screwed.
- Not totally, if you obey me.
Suppose you weren't in the cabin
with your lover that day.
You were in Paris,
as your alibi says.
Laura rented it,
it's only in her name.
So you weren't at the accident
that killed Daniel Garrido.
The license plate and the other
evidence is circumstantial.
Therefore, it was Laura
who carried out the plan,
faking that the kid was fleeing
because of embezzlement.
We have to convince the judge that
you were one more of Laura's victims
and you ended up in that hotel room
because she asked you for help.
Perhaps you knew nothing about
Daniel Garrido until that moment
and the father is unjustly
accusing you of his disappearance.
You want to turn me
into Laura's victim?
The only piece we're missing
is a way to link her directly
to Daniel's body.
Tell me one thing.
How will you do it?
Hiding an object of Laura's
in the submerged car.
We have to incriminate only her
in Daniel's disappearance.
Your only crime
will be having
covered it up unwillingly.
Where did you sink it?
We'll inform the police about
the body's location anonymously.
You won't have to admit a thing.
But no body, no crime,
and without a crime,
we can't convince a jury
that Laura's murder
wasn't a crime of passion.
We'll get close enough to the truth
that you don't get burnt.
How can I not get burnt if the
prosecutor holds the trump card?
The driver will place me
at the crash scene.
Need any help?
Flix has been looking for
him to neutralize him.
The prosecutor has no witness.
What's that?
No one's seen the judge.
I made it up and adjusted it
in line with
the details you've given me.
Are you kidding me?
Why didn't you tell me
the truth from the start?
To find out if you could get Toms
Garrido to vanish from the room.
I've always known
he was guilty.
And it wasn't hard to find out
that his wife works in the hotel.
Why did you wait
for me to tell you?
To make sure I can put my life
in your hands, Ms. Goodman.
Where did you sink it?
It was here.
I have something else to tell you.
We thought he was dead, I swear.
Laura had taken it so far,
there was no turning back.
If the police found the kid,
the autopsy would give me away.
I had to be sure
you'd help me stop it.
It's my duty to save you from jail,
not from who you are.
Rubbish, Mr. Doria.
And you'll take what I say
because you need me.
The kid was virtually dead, I had
to decide in a split second.
Don't lie to yourself.
You're a murderer!
You're testing me again, right?
So I can handle
the prosecutor's attacks.
What you've said
changes everything.
Now you're on my hands.
You've told me enough.
If I tell the judge this,
you're ruined.
But you can't do that!
You hear me? You can't.
That's what the prosecutor
will look for, your despair.
And look how easy
I got it out of you.
You want to insult me?
Go ahead.
The prosecutor will be
looking for that too,
to bring out the arrogant fool
you have inside.
That's enough!
Aren't you here to defend me?
Then defend me.
I won't let my record be tainted
on my last day.
From now on,
we'll do things my way.
For that I need to be sure
that there are no more loose ends.
- There aren't.
- There aren't?
But I think you're still using me.
Testing your adulterated version
of the facts on me, like I'm a puppet.
Which part doesn't fit?
True, it all could've happened
the way you said.
But what if it wasn't you
who broke the promise
not to meet again, but Laura?
How did you make the police
think Daniel Garrido had fled?
See you in 4 hours in the bar
- in front of the scrapyard.
- Okay.
- Don't be late.
- Okay, yes, I'll be there.
...redirecting small amounts
from his customers
shortly before disappearing.
You could've gotten
the kid's things too.
Adrin, what is all this?
The kid's wallet.
I got it before I put him
in the trunk.
- Put a price on it. - You've always
had the means and contacts
to change the course of events
without leaving a trail.
I'll take care of it.
That's not true.
- You can't prove it.
- Nor you the opposite.
Let's look at it backwards.
Wouldn't the pieces fit
if you'd taken the initiative
in all of this?
- What are you doing?
- Calling the police.
Listen, it wasn't our fault,
it was the damn deer.
Are you crazy?
- What if he saw something?
- He didn't.
We have to get rid of him.
What if Laura was the one
dragged into a desperate situation
impossible to control?
According to this medical report,
your lover had acute
anxiety attacks
after her return from
your supposed trip to Paris.
Even someone as heartless
as her can break down.
That's exactly what doesn't fit
for me, Mr. Doria.
That she instigated it all,
would support that you
would've saved that kid.
But you drowned him.
And guilt of it bore down on her,
slowly dragging her down.
Where Adrin Doria just
received the European Award
for Businessman of the Year.
Until she saw there was only
one way to regain her dignity.
She couldn't give those poor
parents their son back...
- My companion was there.
- ... but something she could do
was tell them the truth.
So she arranged to meet them in
the hotel where the mother worked.
An out of the way place
to carry out her plan.
She went to Bierge alone
and crossed the valley.
When she got to the station
by the hotel,
she called you from a public phone
so you wouldn't suspect anything.
Somebody knows something.
She made you believe
the driver had seen something...
Then why answer the phone?
...and had found her
and was blackmailing them.
It was her way of compensating
those poor people for their loss.
She hadn't the courage to confess it
with her hands empty.
Once in the hotel room,
she just had to wait
and put the second part
of her plan in motion.
She programmed a message
into her phone
as a protective measure.
Laura knew you'd
refuse to confess,
because you only care
about one thing:
You made sure no one saw you arrive
at the room where Laura was waiting.
But Laura had already crossed
the point of no return.
And when she told you her plan,
you lost your head.
When you got her
programmed message,
you realized that you'd
fallen into her trap.
The reservation's in your name too.
We're going to give
them the money.
We're going to tell them
where you buried their son
and we're going to
turn ourselves in, Adrin.
There's no turning back.
I didn't kill her
and I'll never testify
before a jury. Never.
You killed her and you were trapped
in a room you couldn't escape from.
Hello? Is everything alright?
You thought the message
could be useful to you
and you searched for elements
to back your wild theory.
Are you alright?
Fine. You want to play?
Let's play.
Why haven't Toms Garrido
or his wife spoken up?
If Laura was going to tell them
the truth, why not call the police?
They know you'll never
incriminate yourself
by digging up their son's body,
and without a body
it's hard to prove a crime.
And they also know
you'd do anything
to get away with it,
even framing them
for your lover's death.
Come with me.
Second window on the right
of the second last floor.
Take a good look, Mister Dorian.
Toms Garrido stopped trusting
the police a long time ago,
and since then
he's been watching you
in order to take justice
into his own hands.
You assume things you can't know.
- I know more about him
than you think. - Why?
You're smart. Work it out.
I want an answer.
When Toms and his wife
got to the hotel
and found out about
Laura's death,
they understood what
had happened.
They probably studied their chances
and hesitated about what to do,
but with no faith in justice,
what was left for them?
Watch their enemy and wait.
All they could do
was watch you.
Toms Garrido became your shadow.
He found a vacant room
opposite your building
and took it over anonymously.
Since then, he's had you
and anyone near you
in his sights.
Every meeting,
every conversation,
every move you've
made to get free,
Toms Garrido has been
there to witness it.
And of course he got to me.
Who was he and what was
he doing in front of my office?
I realized that he was
following Flix,
so I had him watched.
The kid's father brought you
to me, not the reverse.
He gave you the thread to pull
to reach Daniel Garrido.
This photo proves it all could've
happened the way I said.
You're still not listening or
paying attention to the details.
The kid's mother
was in the room.
She was off that day.
She went there with her
husband to meet Laura.
This photo proves that...
This photo is a fake.
It's been manipulated,
it's a set-up.
Look at the mirror.
Now tell me:
Do you want my help?
For the judge to believe you?
Then admit that you killed Laura.
I killed her.
Adrin, are you there?
Your phone's off.
Call me when you can.
The miracle we hoped for
has happened.
Here, this is your boarding card.
Seat B52.
Talk to him,
it sounds important.
10 minutes break
and we'll start over.
I know the strategy
for your defense.
Don't worry.
I'm going out to
clear my head.
- Do you have coffee?
- Yes.
We'll need it.
It's going to be a long night.
Ms. Goodman.
Thank you.
- Flix.
- I've been calling you.
My phone went off.
What is it?
I found him.
You were never on that road.
Can we trust him?
That's perfect.
How is it with Virginia Goodman?
I had to tell her everything.
- Everything?
- Everything.
How do you feel?
You're right, she's very good.
We can trust her.
What was that prosecutor story?
The plane noise drowned you out.
Nothing, don't worry.
What the hell was that?
What's going on?
Flix, can you hear me?
- Are you there?
- I'll call you back.
No one's seen the judge.
The prosecutor has no witness.
I made it up and adjusted it
in line with
the details you've given me.
- This photo shows...
- This photo is a fake.
It's been manipulated.
You assume things
you can't know.
- I know more about him
than you think. - Why?
You're smart. Work it out.
My wife and I know
our son is dead.
We just want to find him,
bury him and let
him rest in peace.
But with no faith in justice,
what was left for them?
Watch their enemy and wait.
That was how we met,
in a theatre group.
You've told me enough.
If I tell the judge this,
you're ruined.
Now you're on my hands.
Adrin, are you there?
Your phone's off.
All under control.
And the Garridos suspect
that you and your lover.
Are the culprits.
She's dead,
so all that's left... is you.
Where did you bury him?
There'll be no salvation
without suffering,
and you're not smarter than I am.
Police. Can I help you?
Mr. Doria?
My name is Toms Garrido.
I'm Virginia Goodman.
I'm Daniel Garrido's father.
I want to tell you the truth
about what happened to my son.