The Invisible Guest (2023) Movie Script

Officer Zheng.
The funeral of the
renowned architect Ming Hao
was held this morning.
One week ago,
he was killed in a hotel
suite in MiianSui Forest.
[YaaRon City Police Department]
CEO of Shaphat Group
and wife of Mr. Shaphat, Joanna Shaphat,
was arrested at the scene as a suspect.
But a week has passed
and the police have not
presented a chain of evidence
to file charges.
Joanna was released on bail this morning.
Shaphat Group is a key player
in the real estate industry.
So this case has attracted
public attention.
Mrs. Shaphat will arrive soon.
[The Invisible Guest]
Let's take a look at today's hot news.
Tonight, we will launch a special report
on the unsolved murder case of Ming Hao
that has caused a sensation
across the country recently.
The victim Ming Hao was a
well-known Chinese architect.
He was also the adopted son of
Chinese Councilor Ming Hecheng.
The suspect Joanna
married into the Shaphat
Group six months ago.
Since the murder, Shaphat
Group's stock price has plummeted
due to Joanna's involvement in the case.
Joanna has been active in
philanthropic endeavors
during her tenure as President
of the Shaphat Group.
She supported large numbers
of children living in poverty
and helped them access a
good educational environment.
The police have not solved the case yet.
But it is possible that
Joanna's murder of Ming Hao was framed.
At the funeral of the deceased Ming Hao,
his relatives were grieved and devastated.
I will bring the murderer to justice
and avenge my son's death.
The victim Ming Hao was the adopted
son of Councilor Ming Hecheng.
As the only Chinese congressman,
he expressed great anger
about the murder of his adopted son.
Excuse me.
Can you not smoke?
I'm Zheng Wei
from MiianSui precinct,
the sergeant for Ming Hao's case.
I know.
Lawyer Qiang asked you to come.
Mrs. Shaphat.
You're in an unfavorable situation.
Ming Hao's adoptive father
has been pressuring the police.
Lawyer Qiang told me everything.
Where is he?
He had something to deal with
and couldn't come back in time.
He should have told you this then.
At 10 p.m. tonight,
the police will hand over all
the evidence to the court.
Once the evidence is submitted,
it will be difficult to retract.
Be ready to say goodbye
to this comfortable life.
You treat me like a suspect.
But I'm a victim too.
You should find out the truth
and clear my name.
You will be convicted
based on the evidence.
Your case has received a lot of attention.
More than 60 police officers
in our homicide team
are working late every day
[Special Investigation File]
Just to convict you.
The thing that can change your fate
is right here.
This is the crime scene.
You invited the victim
to this remote hotel.
I was threatened to go there.
What exactly happened?
I don't want to talk about it anymore.
I've told the police many times.
Mrs. Shaphat.
I don't think you understand the situation.
I need details.
the details you left out in your statement
will make the facts you said
more convincing.
Everything I said is true.
Are you sure?
These are all the evidence the police have.
But I think
it's far from the truth.
Lawyer Qiang asked me to come here
in hopes that
I can find out the parts in your favor
to clear your name.
Why are you willing to help me?
A beautiful woman like you
has been wronged.
What injustice.
Especially someone like you
who lives in a mansion.
I'm here to help you prove your innocence.
You won't let me work
for nothing, will you?
I have handled many cases.
Actually this case is not difficult.
It is all about
trust and cooperation.
I've met two kinds of people.
The smart ones
are obedient and get away safe and sound.
The other kind, the self-conceited ones,
usually don't end well.
I suppose you're a smart one.
But time is running out.
In two hours,
[Evidence will be handed over in 2 hours]
Everything will become final.
It will be a dead end for you then.
Only I know
how to use the evidence
to your advantage.
You are so talented!
Very good job.
Ming Hao and I used to date.
But after I married Jack Sharphat,
someone wanted to blackmail us
with our old private photos.
[Call from: Unknown]
They wanted us to pay
5 million in exchange.
[3 p.m. afternoon, MiianSui
Forest Resort Hotel.]
The strange thing is that
no one contacted us
even when it was past 3 p.m.
I tried to calm myself down.
Ming Hao.
I was unconscious for a few minutes.
When I woke up,
the nightmare began.
What was the first thing you remember?
Someone knocking on the door.
Can I help you?
Is something wrong?
Ming Hao.
What's happened?
We actually called the police.
Where are they?
Be careful.
Open the door!
Open the door!
This is the police. Open the door!
Open the door or we will break in!
Open the door!
Open the door, please.
Open the door!
It's my final warning.
Get back.
Hands up! Police!
Save him!
Hands up!
Leave the body down!
I said, stand up!
Get away from the body!
I'm warning you.
Get up slowly!
Stand up!
It's not me.
Hands up!
Somebody is in the room.
- Get back!
- Somebody is in the room!
Get down on the ground!
Get down!
Get down!
Save him.
Well, according to our investigation,
someone heard a crashing sound
but didn't see anyone coming out.
Did you see anybody leave the room?
- No.
- No, we didn't.
The door was locked from the inside.
When the police arrived, they
had to break down the door.
The windows in the room cannot
be opened from the inside.
There were no signs of break-in either.
The hotel staff said that recently
the forest is being
sprayed with pesticides,
so they locked all the windows.
We did a thorough inspection of the site
and tried many ways to get in and out.
Every method left some form of a trace.
we got nothing.
The scene was a locked room.
Did the so-called killer you mentioned
vanish into thin air
after killing Ming Hao?
I don't know.
It must have been a trap.
Someone was trying to frame me.
I really didn't kill him.
Calm down.
Listen to me.
I didn't kill him.
If someone is trying to frame you,
who would that be?
What's their motive?
Maybe Ming Hao offended someone.
How would I know?
It's your job to find the murderer.
All I know is that
you are unjustly accusing me.
Now my husband's company
is in trouble.
- Jack.
- I will get you out of here.
How could you treat my wife like this?
Do you know who I am?
You need to leave now.
But the police have
identified you as a suspect.
Your fingerprints were the
only ones on the murder weapon.
I have the text message
proving that we were blackmailed.
As for the fingerprints,
when I tried to help Ming Hao up,
I must have touched the knife accidentally.
The text message was sent
from a fake cell tower.
You could have sent it to yourself.
As for being blackmailed,
we found your bag
and the money was still there.
Why didn't the blackmailer take the money?
Were you really blackmailed because
of your previous relationship,
or was there another reason?
[Missing: Leo Ping]
Do you remember Leo Ping?
Mrs. Shaphat.
Before I came here,
the police have just
learned of a secret witness.
he could tell everything he saw firsthand.
Councilor Ming will definitely
pressure the court about it.
I'll make her pay for what she did.
At that time,
with the evidence and witness
presented to the court
and his intervention,
what do you think would happen?
We are out of time.
We must quickly establish a
chain of evidence in your favor.
be prepared to go to jail.
Your only chance now
is to tell me the details
and let me help you.
Cooperate with me.
Use the police's evidence
[Missing: Leo Ping]
To prove your innocence.
[Evidence will be handed over
in 1 hour and 40 minutes]
It was six months ago.
I thought you were really that heartless
to just disappear from my world.
Ming Hao.
I agreed to meet you this time
[Call from: Shaphat]
Him again.
Hello, baby.
For our wedding,
which photo do you want to use?
Can you hear me?
Use the photo on the
invitation for the wedding.
Up to you.
Okay. Love you. Bye.
Okay, bye.
When will you stop acting like a child?
Who's getting married?
We can't go on like this.
What do you mean?
You're marrying him?
I was afraid you would react like this.
You finally agreed to come out with me...
That's why I didn't tell you.
Just to tell me this?
He's really good to me.
You can't marry him.
I don't want to make
the same mistakes again.
You can't marry him.
I don't want to hurt Shaphat.
I don't want to treat you unfairly either.
I will never...
Ming Hao.
Ming Hao!
Ming Hao!
Why the heck are you driving like a snail?
The speed limit is 40.
I was driving at the speed limit.
It was you who rear-ended
me while speeding.
You should take full responsibility.
Do you know who I am?
I don't care who you are.
I'll have to call the police.
Ming Hao!
What's wrong with you?
Joanna, are you okay?
Sir, are you okay?
Stop it!
Ming Hao. Come back!
Stop it!
I'm sorry, sir.
It's right there.
There is an orchard at
the foot of the mountain.
I just wanted to tell you
I will buy that orchard
and build a large house there.
Because you once told me
you wanted to
live in a house designed by me.
Let's not bring up the past anymore.
What exactly do you like about him?
Does he love you more than I do?
Does he know you as well as I do?
What should I do
to make you come back to me?
I know you're good to me.
But you can't always be
aggressive like you are right now.
I can wait.
Time will tell.
Time can solve all the problems.
It's not about time.
Don't you get it?
I don't get it?
It's you who don't understand.
The owner of the orchard is here.
You are
Mr. Leo Ping?
You're the one who wants
to buy the orchard?
It's not for sale.
Mr. Leo Ping.
Wait, let me apologize to you.
I'm sorry for what happened today.
And I'll compensate for all your losses.
I still hope you can
sell me the orchard.
I have nothing to say to someone like you.
I'll never sell the land to you.
You old fogey.
Can't you understand human language?
Sell me
the land.
Dream on.
Ming Hao!
Save him.
Ming Hao.
Save him.
What are you doing?
I'll go down there.
No. Don't.
No one saw it.
No one knows.
He made me do it.
It's his fault.
He deserved it.
Where am I?
How do I get to Ajiah village?
I just got here.
Thank you.
Okay, thank you.
Why did you drop your phone there?
Answer the phone.
Don't worry, man.
- Hello?
- It's her cell phone.
She was so distracted by the view...
You got the wrong number.
That she must have dropped it just now.
We are leaving too.
Have a nice day, man.
Have a nice weekend!
We need to dispose of the body.
There is a witness now.
He will recognize us later.
Ming Hao!
Are you okay?
My leg is stuck.
Slow down.
What are you doing?
We should go to the police, right?
Call the police.
No way.
If we go to the police,
we'll both go to jail.
Don't tell anyone about
what happened today.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
What's done is done.
We have no other choice.
I need to get rid of the body immediately.
Leave it to me, okay?
Had I broken up with Ming Hao earlier
Had I refused to go out with him that day,
the car accident would not have happened.
None of the terrible things
would have happened.
Where did Ming Hao hide Leo Ping's body?
I don't know.
I was terrified.
I just remember
I had to get out of there.
How did you get out of the forest?
I can't remember.
I only remember that
I walked in the heavy rain
for a long time.
Hey, Miss.
It's raining heavily.
Let me give you a lift.
Thank you, Madam.
Call me Sister Hong.
Everyone calls me Sister Hong.
By the way,
why are you here alone
in a weather like this?
I got separated from my friend
in the mountains.
You can drop me off at the main road
where I can get a cab.
In this weather,
it's hard to get a cab.
Besides, it would be hard
for you to walk here.
There are many slopes.
It's quite dangerous.
Why don't you
go to my house to get warm
and wait until the rain stops?
This is my son.
He's not in good health.
Don't worry.
It's not contagious.
By the way,
what is your name?
Ming Ian.
Just call me Ming Ian.
Ming Ian!
Ming Ian. Come on.
Thank you.
You are injured.
Enough talking.
Get in.
Ming Ian.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Where are you hurt?
Apply some ointment.
I'm not hurt.
I just got covered in mud.
Have some hot tea to warm you body up.
Thank you.
You seem to be interested in these photos.
These are old photos.
I was once in a small troupe.
I played Wudan.
Luckily, I knew Kung Fu back then.
Come on, touch me.
My body
is still in good shape.
My son.
He used to perform on stage as well.
He loved watching me in the show King Cat.
His father and I met in the troupe.
But he got sick
and stopped performing.
I've put away all his photos from the past.
I'm afraid he'll feel bad if he sees them.
Have a seat.
Where's Dad?
Has he not returned yet?
Did he go out again?
Let me call him.
[Incoming call: Hong]
[Incoming call: Hong]
[Incoming call: Hong]
Did you hear a phone ringing?
Sounds like
it's over there.
Leo Ping is never without his phone.
I think the rain has stopped.
I should go.
Thank you.
So soon?
Don't you want to rest a bit longer?
It's getting late.
I won't bother you any longer.
After that,
I found a public phone booth
and contacted Ming Hao.
I think I dropped my necklace down there.
We can't go back. It's too risky.
We need to leave this place now.
That man...
Foget about him.
From now on,
just pretend nothing has happened.
We shouldn't contact each other anymore.
His expression terrified me.
When I got back home,
I became seriously ill.
[Ming Hao]
I cut off all contact with Ming Hao.
[Cancel] [Confirm]
But I couldn't stop thinking about it.
Not long after that,
I got married.
I struggled mentally a lot.
But it took a year to
prepare for the wedding.
I couldn't let everyone down.
So I had to pretend to be happy.
My new life began.
I thought the nightmare had ended.
[Joanna is about to become
the president's wife]
But I didn't expect that...
[Missing: Leo Ping]
MiianSui Chinese Children's
Elementary School confirmed that
the principal
Leo Ping, who has been uncontactable,
has embezzled a large sum of
the donation from Shaphat Group
and absconded.
This is ridiculous.
As a result, the school
is facing bankruptcy
and classes have been suspended.
Most of the students in this school come from
low-income Chinese working families in MiianSui.
Most of them will not be able
to attend school anymore.
They might never receive
any education again.
You should do a better job
at managing our charity fund.
The school has not responded
to this at present.
Angry parents are gathered
in front of the school.
This is about our family
legacy for God's sake!
Ming Hao is so unscrupulous.
I've implicated these innocent children.
I felt so guilty.
Mrs. Shaphat.
Whether these children go to school or not
has nothing to do with me.
The people I want to help
are wealthy people like you.
Let's get back to your case.
Slandering Leo Ping for
absconding with the money.
I immediately realized
Ming Hao was behind this.
That's how he is.
He never quits
once he makes up his mind.
That's why
when I saw the news about Leo Ping,
I hesitated for a long time
but still decided to ask Ming Hao out.
[Calling: Ming Hao]
I got this when I disposed of him.
I pulled some strings
and found an accountant in his school.
I cooked the books.
A non-existent transfer and withdrawal
can solve all problems.
In this world,
money can solve all problems.
How about this?
Let's turn ourselves in.
Don't be stupid.
Let's turn ourselves in.
Don't be stupid.
The police will investigate us.
Is it worth ruining our great future
for the sake of a nobody
People are divided into
various grades and ranks.
He has no power
so he doesn't matter.
It's no different from crushing an ant.
No one will care.
If you dare to call the police,
I'll take you with me.
Don't forget
someone saw you with me then.
Hello, Lawyer Qiang.
How's it going?
I think we've found him.
I'll handle him.
I'm talking with Officer Zheng right now.
Let me talk to him.
It's Lawyer Qiang.
It's me.
How's it going?
You can handle it, right?
Don't worry.
I'm out now.
Let's talk later when I get back.
What did Lawyer Qiang say?
He told us to make good use of our time.
Keep going.
[Special Investigation File]
is the critical evidence
which can help you a lot.
The blood test showed
it was Leo Ping's.
Your initials are engraved
on the necklace.
I think it should be an engagement gift.
The diamond pendant alone is
worth more than five million.
This is the only one in Yalong.
If Councilor Ming gets this,
it will become the evidence
of your murder of Leo Ping.
It shouldn't be odd that my
necklace was tainted with blood.
I told you I dropped my necklace.
I didn't kill Leo Ping.
Ming Hao is the murderer.
Ming Hao is dead. Dead men tell no tales.
But the evidence is a double-edged sword.
With this, we can identify you
as the murderer of Leo Ping.
It's quite easy to convict you.
Once we convict you,
you'll have two murders on your hands.
I can help you out.
I'll make sure
the necklace does not
appear in the police file.
But accordingly,
you have to pay a little price.
Ten million.
You are asking me to use money
to buy my own possession back
to prove my innocence?
Your innocence is priceless.
[Evidence will be handed over
in 1 hour and 25 minutes]
Money is not a problem.
Without the necklace in the evidence list,
you'll be off the hook for Leo Ping's case.
But you're still the only
suspect in the Ming Hao case.
all this time
you've been overlooking someone.
The person who disappeared
from room 0706.
There are two cases
and two bodies.
There is a connection between them.
If we can use the invisible killer
to establish Ming Hao
as the murderer of Leo Ping,
no matter how powerful Councilor Ming is,
there's nothing he can do.
Mrs. Shaphat,
I am here
to help you.
But you need to tell me the truth.
You made up those private
photos, didn't you?
Think about it.
How did that man
blackmail you?
My assistant sent me a letter
the day at the elementary school.
[I saw it!]
[I saw it!]
[Call from: Unknown]
I saw what you have done.
If you want to keep the secret,
prepare five million cash.
Go to the front desk.
Ask for the key for Joanna.
Room for Joanna.
That guy
also called Ming Hao.
Ming Hao?
Once Ming Hao died,
you were framed as his murderer.
The truth is hidden in the
connection between these two cases.
Who do you think
the real killer can be?
There was someone there that day.
I heard a voice at that time.
What if that was not a monkey?
he took the photo on purpose.
He may have noticed something
and didn't leave afterwards.
Have a nice weekend! Goodbye.
He came back on purpose,
and saw everything.
I suspect
he's the one who blackmailed us
and the murderer.
If he were the murderer,
he must have been
blackmailing you for money.
Why did he kill Ming Hao
without taking the money?
I have no idea.
something else happened.
Then how did he leave the locked room?
It doesn't make any sense.
[Evidence will be handed over in 1 hour]
You've already wasted an hour.
Who else could it be?
hatred can be in the corners you overlook.
Some people
never let go of their hatred for you.
At that time,
I just joined the MiianSui precinct.
Principal Leo is not a bad guy!
Find out the truth.
Where is the justice?
We need the truth.
My dad usually worries a lot about things.
But he never leaves his phone behind.
It's impossible that he just
disappeared without his phone.
As soon as that woman came to
our house, the phone showed up.
It must be that woman.
How could she have my dad's phone?
At least two hundred people go
missing every year in this city.
You're interrupting us from doing our job.
But my dad isn't just a
number in your records.
He's a living, breathing person.
It's evident here that in Leo Ping's case,
that he took the money and he ran away.
He has never acted against his conscience.
Do you know how many students
he subsidized with his salary?
He couldn't have embezzled.
Stop making up stories.
Someone's framing him.
I'll lock you up! All of you!
Please get him back.
He must be innocent. Do you hear me?
Did you stop looking for him?
Where's the justice?
Does nobody care about the truth?
How could you
So unreasonable.
Somebody get them out of here.
Someone fainted!
My son.
Get out!
What happened?
That woman's husband embezzled
a large amount of money.
We have not found the man.
How much?
At least ten million.
That school
received nearly 15 million
worth of donations.
I was thinking
if Leo Ping took that much money,
he would definitely leave
some for his family.
I'm Zheng Wei, a MiianSui sergeant.
I made an excuse to ask them
about the disappearance.
In fact, I just wanted to
make some money from them.
In order to find him,
you will have to pay a price.
Mobilizing police forces
costs a lot.
If you can pay for some of it,
we'll be able to find him faster.
We really can't afford it.
It's not that difficult.
If you can find him,
no matter how hard it
is, we will find a way.
Just use some
from the money Leo embezzled.
What did you say?
My husband has never acted
against his conscience
in his life.
He would even sacrifice himself
to save others.
When people in the village are in trouble,
he always helps.
Don't cry. Don't.
We don't believe
that accusation.
Neither does anyone who knows him.
Your son's treatment
costs a lot, right?
My father borrowed the
money for my treatment.
We used to have a piece of wasteland.
My dad wanted to farm it
to pay off his debts.
He worked in the fields day and night.
His body hasn't recovered yet.
Stop explaining to him.
He won't understand.
How could my child have this
disease at such a young age?
I can't take it anymore.
I have a kidney in my body
that was given to me by my father.
The rest of your life
depends on your own vitality.
Hold on.
So even if all of you don't trust him,
I won't betray him.
Even if you stop searching,
I'm going to get him back.
If it was not for my dad,
I wouldn't be alive.
He always told me...
Be like a tree.
Always grow towards the sun.
Never give up.
No matter what the problem is.
- Accept it.
- Accept it.
- Face it.
- Face it.
Then fight it.
Then fight it.
Hatred and anger
are like trees
that fall to the ground and take root.
I pretended to believe their words
and gained their trust.
I thought that
in time,
I can find a way to get them
to hand over the money.
I'll have the technical
department unlock the phone.
We are all Chinese.
I will do whatever I can to help.
Before leaving that day,
I noticed
Leo's car has a dent on its rear.
He must had been in a
car accident recently.
So I quickly unlocked Leo Ping's phone.
I found a new lead through
the road surveillance.
Zoom in here.
What's this sign?
I have seen this before.
It's a car rental agency.
Check the next crossroad
the car has shown up.
This is where the photo
on Leo Ping's phone shows.
Officer Zheng.
We have found the car.
That's a rental car.
I'll send you the rental information later.
[Ming Ian]
Ming Ian.
You rented the car.
I did rent the car.
But I didn't drive it that day.
It might be my brother. He
travels for work all the time.
Who is your brother?
Her brother
is Ming Hao.
After that day,
I have been keeping an eye
on Sister Hong secretly.
A month later,
I found out something unexpected.
The day
was June 18th.
It was your first public event
after you became Mrs. Shaphat.
It was on that day
that the seeds of revenge were sown.
Do you remember
what happened on that day?
Mrs. Shaphat, sorry to bother you.
Someone from the yacht
club is looking for you.
Are you from the yacht club?
Do you still recognize me?
I gave you a ride once.
It was raining heavily that day.
Sorry, you may have
gotten the wrong person.
You told me
your name is Ming Ian.
But you are not Ming Ian.
Why did you lie to me?
You must be mistaken.
People don't lie for no reason.
There's only one reason to lie.
To cover up the truth.
Why didn't you tell the
truth about the phone?
I don't know what you're talking about.
You have met Leo Ping.
You have met Leo Ping.
They said he was corrupt
and absconded with the money.
This is impossible.
My husband has been upright all his life.
He never ever lied.
He never slept out either.
He has disappeared for such a long time.
I know
he must be gone.
My son and I
went to the police again and again.
You rich people are all dishonest.
You conspired with the
police to frame my husband!
But you'll never know
what we poor people can do
for our family.
Because family is all we have.
Where is my husband?
I really don't know.
Was it my husband's blood
I saw that day?
- Please be clear...
- You have parents.
And you'll have children in the future.
Can't you tell me the truth?
Where is my husband?
I don't know.
You won't tell?
I really don't know.
I'll tell them everything.
See what they would think of you.
I'd like to help you.
Where is he?
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'd like to help you.
I just want him to rest in peace.
You can't do whatever you
want just because you're rich.
God is watching your every move.
You have to pay for what you've done.
I'm just a poor old lady.
But I'm not afraid of anything.
Your lives are worth more.
You'll get what you deserve.
As long as I have a breath left,
I won't be done with you!
She's a murderer. Why don't you arrest her?
Shut up.
You are disturbing the social order today!
Name? And address?
Is there really
no justice in the world?
I don't want her to harass Mrs.
Shaphat again.
Do you think
it'll be over that easily?
I got the record of Sister
Hong's interrogation.
She said...
I know she is the murderer.
Even if I lose my life,
I'm going to make her pay.
When Sister Hong knew that
the person who killed her husband
was rich and powerful,
she could only risk everything.
She stalked you every day.
She learned
everything about you.
And then
she devised a scheme
to seek revenge.
The murderer
is that woman?
Once a person is cornered,
she can do anything.
She killed Ming Hao first,
then framed me.
As a result,
your enviable family, career,
and reputation
will be ruined.
After you got bailed out,
Lawyer Qiang came to me.
Because I have enough evidence
in my hands to convict you.
In other words,
these evidence
can also prove your innocence
help us find that invisible killer.
I'm really grateful for your help.
how much...
is this worth?
How much do you want?
Twenty million is decent, right?
With the necklace, it's
a total of 30 million.
You pay half first, and we'll continue.
Lawyer Qiang
has already given your
account number to me.
I will transfer the money now.
[How are things going?]
The money is already transferred to you.
But according to what you said,
how did that woman
leave the room?
I told you.
It's all in the details.
If you think from a different perspective,
a lot of things
become different.
What is this?
Why did the blackmailer
choose this hotel?
You should be very clear now, right?
With her son's help,
they had a perfect chance to
retaliate fiercely against you.
Based on this inference,
there was indeed a disappearing killer
in room 0706.
You and Ming Hao fell into
her trap step by step.
After all the traps were put in place,
they just needed to wait.
Ming Hao.
Don't kill me!
Room service.
Can I help you?
After that, she followed a
pre-designed route and left.
Get back! I said get back!
Somebody is in the room.
I'm warning you, I'll shoot you!
Get back!
Save him!
Get down.
Get down!
I said get down.
Save him.
They didn't take the money
because they wanted to frame you.
the case is very clear.
The murderer is Sister Hong.
They cooperated
to make her disappear.
That's why the police
misunderstood me as the murderer.
If I hadn't discovered this detail,
you'd have no chance to clear your name.
Hey, Lawyer Qiang.
I'm with him.
Don't worry.
He has taken the money.
There will be no more problems.
Officer Zheng.
It seems that
there is a chance to clear my name.
I fully agree with
your speculation.
You asked Lawyer Qiang to
find the secret witness?
He was the eyewitness at the time.
If someone has a motive to hide the truth,
then I won't be able to get a fair trial.
So after being released on bail,
I asked Lawyer Qiang to
look for him immediately.
I told you about the secret
witness from the beginning.
Why didn't you tell me first?
You even asked Lawyer Qiang to find him.
You're so self-conceited.
You didn't tell me who
the secret witness was
when you came in.
I put my life
in the hands of strangers like you.
I also need time
to determine
if you're reliable.
How can you be sure
Lawyer Qiang will find
him before the police do?
Of course I can't.
I had to take the risk.
I've been charged with murder.
The police has all the evidence.
Just like you said,
the police have all the power
to frame me or exonerate me.
If I don't find a way to save myself,
am I supposed to just wait for my death?
You think that's gonna help?
This witness won't get you off the hook.
Why not?
Because the surveillance
camera caught your car.
The crash marks on your car
match those on Leo Ping's car.
In addition,
you met Sister Hong in person
but pretended to be Ming Ian.
Your story is full of loopholes.
What else can I do?
I have told you.
We need to tell a different story.
Since Ming Hao is already dead,
we need to find a breakthrough from him.
We can't give Sister Hong any chance
to accuse you of anything.
Ming Hao was unstable
and very impulsive.
He was the one who killed Leo Ping.
Then, he coerced you
to make up all the lies.
You're a victim too.
In this way,
everything makes sense.
Since we can't disprove your involvement,
we will leverage your involvement
and blame the murder on Ming Hao.
there's only one thing missing.
We need direct evidence.
We need Ming Hao's personal belonging
to be found on Leo Ping's body.
We went to Ming Hao's house
after he was murdered.
For you,
Ming Hao's bracelet
will be the best evidence to be planted.
As long as his bracelet
appears on Leo Ping's body,
regardless of Sister Hong's suspicions,
the murderer can only be Ming Hao.
Once the evidence is established,
you'll be able to recover your innocence.
So now,
we're just missing one
more piece to the puzzle.
Where's the body?
Only Ming Hao knows that.
If you want me to help you get exonerated,
you have to tell me where the body is.
Ming Hao dealt with the body.
I really don't know.
Stop lying.
It wasn't Ming Hao who took
care of the body that day.
It was you.
What did you say?
Ming Hao had an injured leg.
He couldn't even move the body.
So you think a tiny woman
like me could have done it?
You have a stronger motive to
kill Leo Ping than Ming Hao.
Because Leo Ping will
always be a threat to you.
If he revealed the truth
about you and Ming Hao,
would Shaphat still marry you?
The life you yearned for
would just turn into a pipe dream.
That day,
you didn't expect
Leo Ping to recognize you.
I won't sell the orchard.
I really want to buy that orchard.
We want to build a big house
that belongs to us on it.
Please sell it to me.
If Shaphat Group wants to buy my land,
I won't say a word.
It's because of the funds
from Shaphat Group's charity
that our school can keep running.
I have seen engagement photos
of you and Jack Shaphat.
You're Joanna.
You got the wrong person.
If you've decided to get married,
let me suggest
that you clean up your act.
It's because of the funds
from Shaphat Group's charity
that our school can keep running.
What exactly do you want?
Do you want more money?
Why did you make up such a horrible story?
Forgive me.
I have confessed everything to you.
What else do you want?
The person who blackmailed
you didn't kill Ming Hao.
You did it.
You're talking nonsense.
This is ridiculous.
What exactly are you trying to...
I'm the one who blackmailed you.
Go to the front desk.
Ask for the key for Joanna.
It was me.
Use that key to enter the room.
You've been making up stories
since the beginning.
Just like how you put on an act at
the poverty-stricken elementary school
to enhance your reputation.
But in fact,
you've never really given
a lesson to the children.
This is how you behave.
This is ridiculous.
I grew up in an orphanage.
[Shaphat Charity]
I want to use my own resources
to make more people care
about these children.
This is defamation.
Well, let's talk about your feelings then.
You knew Shaphat is a philanderer
before you got engaged,
but you still wanted to marry him.
After reuniting with Ming Hao,
you used his feelings for you
to maintain your love affair.
When you invited Ming Hao to MiianSui,
it was not to break up with him.
Ming Hao.
On that day...
I would never...
You were the one driving.
I think we can use the photo on
the invitation for the wedding.
No worries.
Okay, bye.
What's wrong with you?
I'm just
tired of living.
Don't think too much.
Nothing has changed,
hasn't it?
You know I love you.
We're always happy
when we're together, aren't we?
I came out today just to tell you
that although I'm getting married, I
Since you are getting married,
let's stop contacting each other.
I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Why the heck are you driving like a snail?
Did you do it on purpose?
You were speeding and rear-ended me.
You need to take full responsibility.
What do you want to do?
Film me.
Film me.
What are you doing?
All right.
Why won't you film me?
Sorry, sir.
Film me!
Sorry. So sorry.
Driving recklessly
and also trying to cause
trouble for others.
Quit it.
What's wrong with you?
After you killed Leo Ping...
What have you done?
He threatened me.
It was also you
who manipulated him.
We can't call the police.
If we call the police,
we'll both go to jail.
I don't want my life to end like this.
You'll never see me again.
Someone died.
There's no other way.
Leave it to me,
After today,
we'll never see each other again.
Ming Hao saw the news about Leo Ping.
So he contacted you.
Leo Ping, who has been uncontactable,
has embezzled a large sum of
the donation from Shaphat Group.
What have you done?
2 p.m.
See you at the usual place.
I took it when I dealt with his body.
You took Leo Ping's ID.
With your power...
Leave it to me.
You can handle the aftermath easily.
What a wonderful story.
you can't prove what you said is true.
Let's talk about Ming Hao.
We learned from Ming Ian,
that although Ming Hao is usually stubborn
and impatient,
he is actually
nothing like you described:
cold, ruthless and calculating.
On the contrary,
he's sensitive and fragile.
He can't handle a lot of pressure.
You and Ming Hao grew up
in the same orphanage.
You know that better than anyone.
He's been suffering a lot inside
because of Leo Ping's death.
But you probably don't know
he's suffering from severe depression.
It is documented in his
medical certificates.
He needs to take a lot
of psychotropic drugs
to keep himself alive.
Mrs. Shaphat, may I inquire
about the current progress
of the Chinese Medical Charity Fund?
Mrs. Shaphat, do you plan to establish
other new charitable organizations?
Mr. Shaphat, could you please share
how you and Mrs. Shaphat divide
roles and manage the company?
He wanted to end your relationship
but he couldn't get rid
of his feelings for you.
He gradually realized
the only way to ease his conscience
was to tell the truth.
If Ming Hao had told the truth,
why didn't Sister Hong call the police?
Instead, you're making things up
to threaten
and blackmail me.
Because you're rich and powerful.
Because you've put a price tag
on the justice in this world.
She knows you have your
methods to suppress it.
By then,
she would lose even
the last glimmer of hope.
But none of this has
anything to do with me.
I'm just a businessman.
I like price tags.
Sister Hong was sure
you left the phone at their house.
This also made me turn my focus to you.
Joanna married into the Shaphat Family,
which is one of the richest
families in the country.
Their family fortune is still a mystery.
Shaphat Group is a big fish.
Unfortunately, there is no direct evidence.
But as soon as Ming Hao confessed,
I realized that the opportunity
to make a fortune had arrived.
Ming Hao
wanted to leave some
money for the Leo family
to ease his guilt.
He also wanted to give you a
chance to change your mind.
I'm just doing everyone a favor
by setting up the blackmailing.
I saw what you have done.
If you want to keep the secret,
bring five million cash.
The address is on your phone.
[I saw it!]
I invited you
to the hotel.
I'm already in the room.
Don't hang up.
Why are you here?
You got the call too?
I want to turn myself in.
You can't.
If you turn yourself in,
we will lose everything.
Come with me, okay?
You'll destroy everything we have.
Why do you have to go to this extent?
He made me.
He threatened me.
Don't you know what I did all this for?
For money and power.
Only with money and power
can we live a good life
and build the house you want...
Isn't it?
You are not doing this for us.
I didn't cause this.
You're just doing it for yourself.
For myself?
For money and power.
All these years, I've been
the one providing the money...
You just want to be the wife of Shaphat.
It was you who told me you were tired.
You killed Leo Ping.
You wanted to break up with me.
All of this now...
I listened to you, didn't I?
You're just trying to...
You ruined me.
Someone died!
People die every day.
I can't close my eyes.
Is it that big of a deal?
Every time I close my eyes,
Leo Ping would stare at
me with his eyes open.
When my mother died,
she was also staring at me
with her eyes wide open.
You have to have a conscience.
Is it useful?
You have to have a conscience.
Is it useful?
Someone died!
Someone died!
Every man for himself and
the devil take the hindmost.
I've recorded everything you just said.
You have two choices now.
Turn yourself in with me.
Or I'll hand it over to the police.
Let's turn ourselves in.
I promise you,
that no matter if it's 10 years
or 20 years,
as long as I'm still alive,
I'll wait for you, okay?
Let's turn ourselves in.
I'll listen to you.
After Ming Hao hung up the phone,
I didn't hear from him again.
Ming Hao gave you a chance
because of his feelings for you.
He didn't expect you to kill him.
Room service.
Not long after that,
the police came.
It's the police.
Open the door!
Get back!
That day,
I could have made five million.
But after Ming Hao died,
the plan changed.
If I took another step forward,
I could have arrested you.
But I know
that before the trial of this case,
I can make more money from you.
You're such a self-righteous rat.
You want to set me up
and demand an exorbitant price, right?
This photo is the evidence
that proves Sister Hong is the murderer.
Just as you deduced.
We can only find out the truth
through the clues.
The truth is that Sister
Hong was at the scene.
She killed Ming Hao out of hatred
and framed me for it.
Sister Hong wasn't on duty that day.
So why did she appear in the photo?
Take a closer look.
Take a closer look.
Do you see Sister Hong
in the mirror?
Photoshopped the photo.
It's fake.
You bastard.
I have already transferred
the money to you.
What else do you want from me?
Now, you have no choice
but to blame Ming Hao
for Leo Ping's death.
Only I can
make the evidence valid.
In view of this,
I want more.
A total of 100 million.
You are insatiable.
Have I reached your limit?
You planned this whole thing
to blackmail me.
You have no shame.
In your presence,
I feel like a novice.
You didn't even mind killing Ming Hao.
Let me guess.
After Ming Hao hung up,
just like in the past,
you used your sweet words
and your fake love
to make Ming Hao drop his guard.
At that moment,
just like in the past,
you were the only one in his world.
Just like in the past,
he was loving you
without reservation.
But he didn't know
this time would be different from the past.
Isn't it?
Femme fatale.
It's just your baseless speculation.
Do you think everything you say is true?
My relationship with Ming Hao
was not as simple as you said.
When we were young, I remember
we were always bullied.
You always said
to just hang in there.
It'd be over soon.
When we were in college
and living a poor life,
I once cried while asking you
when these days would come to an end.
That I'm at my breaking point.
You still held me
and said...
Just hang in there.
It'd be over soon.
You see that orchard?
You've always wanted
to build your own house
as we used to envy others.
Then we'd live inside together.
I relied on him.
He knew everything I've gone through.
He knew how I got to where I am today.
He never looked down on me.
I thought he would never change.
But I didn't expect that...
What are you doing?
He betrayed me.
You're still lying to me.
Have you been lying to me all this time?
I'm no different from those men to you,
Give me the phone.
What are you doing?
Give me the phone.
Give it to me.
You promised to turn yourself in with me.
What are you doing?
Give me your phone. Do you hear me?
What are you doing?
Give me the phone!
Where is the recording?
Where is it?
Answer me!
What do you want to do?
Let go of me.
Let go of me!
You said you'd come with
me to turn yourself in.
Do it, or just kill me.
You definitely won't turn yourself in.
I know you won't.
You don't want to give
up your money and power.
Then kill me.
You're going to be Shaphat's wife.
So you won't turn yourself in.
I can't sleep. I feel so terrible.
Please help me.
I feel so bad.
Anyone in the world can coerce me.
Shaphat can coerce me.
Leo Ping can coerce me.
But not you, Ming Hao!
Ming Hao.
Ming Hao.
Ming Hao.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to do it.
Ming Hao.
I brought you here today
to tell you
that I will buy it.
We finally have the money.
We can fulfill our wish.
Hang in there.
It'd be over soon.
Ming Hao's death did hurt me badly.
But I also figured it out.
Whether it's my mother
or Ming Hao,
they wouldn't have died in vain
if I ended up living my dream.
Life is unfair anyway.
Not everyone
has the privilege to be kind.
You killed Ming Hao yourself.
Your sophistic arguments
will sound like gibberish to the judge.
That's why I asked you to come.
As long as I get rid of these troubles,
I will have nothing to worry about.
In the end,
it still came down to
just throwing money at it.
I am already free.
I just have to pay a bigger price.
Don't gloat too soon.
It's not time to celebrate yet.
It may cost you more than you can imagine.
Time is really running out.
I must know
where the body is now.
Otherwise, I won't be able to help you.
You would be spending the
rest of your life in prison.
I've already told you.
I don't know where the body is.
You still won't tell me?
I'll tell you one more thing.
This necklace
is also fake.
How dare you try to fool me?
The real necklace is in Sister Hong's hand.
After Ming Hao told them the truth,
they found the necklace.
I'm really the only one who can save you.
On the day of Ming Hao's murder,
surveillance cameras couldn't capture
whether you were wearing the necklace.
As long as you insist you
were wearing it that day
and the necklace was found
at Sister Hong's house,
it'll be the evidence
that she killed Ming Hao.
Of course,
you still need me to tamper with
the details in the report.
First, we'll prove that
Ming Hao killed Leo Ping.
Then we'll use the necklace to
exonerate you from the case.
If you win, you take all.
If you lose,
prepare for the worst.
We have less than half an hour
before we hand over the evidence.
Stop delaying
or you leave me no time to
tamper with the evidence.
I'll ask you one more time.
Where is the body?
If you don't want the deal, then forget it.
It's none of my business if you
just want to wait for your death.
Got it.
Lawyer Qiang has been arrested.
Lawyer Qiang, can you hear me?
This is MiianSui Police.
Your lawyer is suspected of a bribery case.
We have the witness and evidence here.
About 30 minutes ago,
we stopped a suspected vehicle.
Do you know who I am?
You cannot make a phone
call right now, sir.
You are under arrest for suspected bribery.
I'm going to arrest you.
We will sue him in accordance with law.
Ms. Joanna.
You need to understand
your current situation.
Once the murder is pinned on you,
you will be immediately
kicked out of Shaphat Group.
Everything you have now
will no longer exist.
taking two lives
would mean a life sentence.
It seems
I can only wish you good luck.
Go and handle the matter right away.
Get me out of both cases.
Once it's achieved,
I won't withhold a single
dime from what I owe you.
Right now,
I'll tell you where the body is.
There's a small cabin there.
Next to it
is an orchard that is still being planted.
The body
is buried under those three saplings.
I know that place.
But that orchard is at
the foot of the mountain.
How could you move the body so far away?
Of course I couldn't.
Get out of here.
I thought
he was already dead.
I had no other choice.
I'll donate more money
to their school
in the future.
In that case,
he didn't die in vain, did he?
You have received the deposit.
If you don't get things done,
the deposit is evidence
that you took bribes.
Don't try to be clever.
All right, Officer Zheng.
Everything's clear.
Now get to work.
Don't forget about the rest of the money.
Officer Zheng.
I'm depending on you.
Wait for my good news.
Ms. Joanna.
You are suspected of murder.
You're under arrest.
It was Zheng Wei who set me up.
He blackmailed me.
He has money in his account.
You can verify it.
I'm the real Zheng Wei.
I just started my job in MiianSui
[Zheng Wei]
And immediately took over Leo Ping's case.
After you were released on bail,
Lawyer Qiang found me.
We have already found a witness
before Lawyer Qiang did.
He fully cooperated with
our operation tonight.
The account you transferred
the money to is mine.
The transfer record
will be used as evidence of
your bribery of the police.
The person you talked to just now
is Leo Cheng,
Leo Ping's son.
Take her back.
I'm innocent.
I'm innocent.
I'm innocent!
- What's going on?
- Son!
What's going on?
The medical examination report is out.
The results are not good.
He needs a new kidney.
My son is so young. How
did he get this disease?
This is the only way to survive.
I'm sorry.
What should we do?
You'll be okay.
- Don't be afraid.
- Don't be afraid.
It's okay. We're here.
Dad is here. Everything's gonna be okay.
Don't be afraid, my son.
Don't move.
Be good.
- Be good.
- I'll go.
Listen to Dad.
No matter what problems we face,
we have to accept it.
Face it.
Then fight it.
Your future is in your own hands now.
You must perservere.
Be like a tree.
Always grow towards the sun.
Never give up.
At least two hundred people go
missing every year in this city.
[Missing: Leo Ping]
But my dad isn't just a
number in your records.
He's a living, breathing person.
Someone is framing my dad!
You guys have to investigate it!
One of my kidneys
is from my dad.
If it was not for my dad,
I wouldn't be alive.
Whether you will find him or not,
I'll bring him back.
I'll help you.
We are dedicated to assisting...
What's going on?
Help children in need, help our future.
She is not Ming Ian?
I'm Joanna Shaphat.
She is not Ming Ian?
Ming Ian.
Just call me Ming Ian.
Where's your dad's phone?
Joanna was so angry.
She pushed Mr. Leo Ping off the cliff.
we went down to find Mr. Leo,
he wasn't breathing.
I'm sorry.
Joanna and I are sorry.
I'll find a way to convince
Joanna to turn herself in.
I have a plan.
[Zheng Wei]
I cannot give my consent to your plan.
This doesn't comply with our procedures.
It's very dangerous.
Once you're exposed,
not only will you never find your father
but it could also bring
deadly consequences.
About this,
you need to consider carefully.
I won't give up any possibility.
a murderer is capable of anything.
It's hard to convict her
without the body.
Let's go.
Your future is in your own hands now.
Never give up.
Officer Zheng.
From now on,
you are Officer Zheng.
I'll leave Lawyer Qiang to you.
I finally found you.
You can rest in peace.
I will take care of Mom.