The Invisible Man Returns (1940) Movie Script

L... I can't believe
it's going to happen!
Just two more hours, and
they're going to kill him!
The way you take on, one would think
it was you they was going to hang.
I'd rather, do you hear?
I'd much rather.
He could still get the reprieve,
couldn't he, Mr. Cotton?
He will get it! I'm praying
he will. Oh, he's so young.
They don't ask a murderer
his age, Cooky.
Mr. Geoffrey didn't
murder his brother!
You know it as well as I do!
It ain't my business to know.
That's what we've got
judges for. They're experts.
What would he do
a thing like that for?
He and his brother was pals
like you never saw!
The Radcliffes
are no murderers!
You may be a good butler, but it's a
dead cert you ain't no psychologist.
What do you know what goes
on inside a man's mind?
Outside he may look
like a gentleman,
but inside he may have
the hankerin' for murder.
It's no good talking to a man
with an apology for a brain!
I wish it was over.
I've been worrying so long whether that
reprieve would go through or not that...
That you're all worried out, eh, Cotton?
Oh, shut your lip!
It's hard on all
of us, Mr. Cotton,
but what about
poor Miss Manson?
Instead of him leadin' her to the altar,
they're leadin' him
to the gallows!
And Mr. Cobb... He ain't too happy neither.
Morning tea,
Miss Manson.
So soon?
Helen, you can't go on like this,
you know, without sleep or anything.
You're not being fair
to yourself or to Geoffrey.
Now please have something,
at least a cup of tea.
Oh, Richard, they must
have news by now.
Surely the reprieve
has come through.
They'd be sure to phone
as soon as there's word.
Dr. Griffin is asking for you,
Miss Manson.
Have you any news? None. Mr. Cobb, isn't
there some ray of hope left for him?
There must be hope!
There has to be!
I don't see
what more we can do.
I've talked to dozens of
influential people in London,
old friends of whom I've
never asked a favor before.
But the Home Secretary... It seems impossible
that he shouldn't grant a postponement.
Richard, please try.
Helen, if it's "no," be brave.
You know what has to be done.
Yes, very well.
I'll hold on.
You know, Helen, I'd give my
right arm if it would help you.
I feel my position very keenly, not only
as Geoffrey's cousin, but as your friend...
Hello? Oh, yes,
may I speak to Philip, please?
Mr. Richard Cobb.
Yes, it's most urgent...
a matter of life and death.
Oh, I see.
Thank you.
It's no use.
He's away in Scotland.
It's impossible
to reach him.
Thank you for permitting
this last visit, Governor.
I wish I could do more.
It was his last request.
Take Dr. Griffin
to the cell.
Sorry, but I can allow you
just 10 minutes, Doctor.
Governor's permit.
Come in, sir.
He's gone! Who's gone? What do you mean?
The prisoner! Radcliffe!
What are you talking about?
I never took me eyes off'im,
sir, not for half a second!
Then will you kindly explain how
he can have gone? I wish I knew.
He just took wing
and flew, did he?
You're under arrest,
both of you!
Sound the alarm!
Come along.
Sampson speaking.
An escape, eh?
Uh-huh, I see.
Dr. Frank Griffin?
See if we have any file
on a Dr. Frank Griffin.
Uh-huh. All right, I'll be
along as soon as possible.
Well, here's how it was, sir. There
wasn't no way he could have gone.
When Griffin was talkin'
to him on the bed here,
I was over here playin'
cards with Bob. Wasn't I, Bob?
And when this Dr. Griffin went, the prisoner
started talkin' to me about what a rotten day it was.
You know, the way they do to keep
their spirits up a bit. That's right.
Then he went back over here, stepped
in here, turned on the water like that.
He washed his hands. He took a towel
like that, and he walked over here,
still chattin' about the weather,
just as offhand as you please.
Then he stopped talking,
and after a jiffy we go in.
And here's the water still runnin'
and there's nothing left...
but his clothes laying
there on the floor, sir.
That's just the way it was.
So help me, Bob!
Wasn't it, Bob? Just as
sure as I stand here, sir.
It's witchcraft. That's what
it is, sir. Don't talk rot, man.
The funny thing is
I believe it, word for word.
But he couldn't have
vanished into thin air.
Couldn't he though?
Where have you been? I've been trying
to get you on the phone all morning.
I'm sorry, Mr. Cobb. I gave
orders not to be disturbed.
You might have made an exception
in my case. I didn't expect you.
I'm doing some
extremely delicate work.
What work can be as important as
all that? Haven't you heard the news?
Geoffrey's escaped, noose
practically around his neck.
Yes, it's incredible, isn't it?
Well, that's an extraordinary
attitude to take, I must say.
What can I do? Do? You
must find him and help him.
And Helen.
Helen with Geoffrey?
Isn't that natural
for a fiance?
She went out this morning and hasn't come
back yet. He's escaped, she's disappeared.
Man alive! Doesn't it mean anything to you?
They're in danger! They're
hunting him, and she's with him!
They'll shoot him on sight. On sight?
Knowing your friendship
for Helen... and Geoffrey,
it's safe to assume that you wouldn't
be working here as calmly as you are...
unless you knew
where they were.
I don't think that you have
any reason for that assumption.
You're evading my question.
It's obvious you know where
they are. Put that stuff down!
Mr. Cobb, please
don't think me rude,
but I have an enormous
amount of work to do.
Now look here,
Dr. Griffin,
I've supported this laboratory in the tradition
of my cousins and their humanitarian ideas.
I must ask you to give me the same
consideration as you would give to them.
Very well then.
If they're together,
they have no money.
You must tell me how I can
help them. It's criminal not to.
I'm sorry.
Very well.
Sir Geoffrey's a right
smart lad. He'll get through.
And if he needs any help, he
knows where to come for it. Aye.
Come on, you men! Look alive there,
look alive! Can't have work interrupted.
Haven't you heard? Sir Geoffrey has
escaped. They do say it's a mystery.
Seemingly when a chap puts one over
on the law, it's always a mystery.
The mystery would be
if they catched him!
That's no business of yours!
Perhaps it occurred to you,
the company doesn't pay you to
stand here swappin' mystery stories.
Keep thee wig on, Willie.
Mr. Spears to you.
I'll thank you
to show proper respect.
Go on now. Get down that shaft
if you want to keep off the dole.
All right,
Mr. Willie Spears.
Get back to work, I tell thee!
Get outta my way! Here!
What can I do for you?
Where can I find Dr. Griffin?
Who might you be?
Scotland Yard.
Oh, yes, sir. I reckon you'll find
him in the hospital building, sir.
In his laboratory.
Right over there.
Thank you.
A couple of cops. Yeah,
a lot they'll find out.
Ah! Aye, they're up to something.
The gentleman wishes to
see you, sir. Dr. Griffin?
Yes. I'm Sampson, Scotland Yard.
May I come in?
What can I do for you,
What can you do for me,
Doctor? Very little, I'm afraid.
You and Radcliffe were great
friends, weren't you, Doctor?
We still are,
I'm happy to say.
Yes, Doctor, quite so.
The research on which you
and he were collaborating...
was interrupted
by the unfortunate, uh,
accident to Sir Michael,
shall we say?
And to carry on such important
work, a man like you...
wouldn't hesitate to
break the law, would you?
Suppose you come
to the point, Inspector.
I've been looking up the
file on your late brother.
That was nine years ago,
wasn't it?
Charming fellow...
and very ingenious.
He concocted a formula which included
a poisonous drug called duocane,
an extraction of
an East Indian herb...
that took the color
out of things.
Combined with other ingredients,
known only to himself,
it made the body transparent when
injected into the bloodstream.
Very ingenious.
He succeeded, didn't he,
in making himself invisible?
Really, you don't have to go through
all that. I can remember it very well.
Yes, it isn't a thing a mere nine
years can make you forget, is it?
You recall, of course,
how he went insane...
and never regained visibility
till after he was dead,
and how he was finally
killed by the police.
Shot down like a mad dog after
hundreds had lost their lives.
A most-hideous crime.
But, of course, Doctor,
you would never
make a man invisible...
with the danger
of him going mad,
unless you had a means of
bringing him back in time.
Surely, in all
those nine years,
you've found a method
of avoiding insanity...
or perhaps even
restoring visibility.
I was never interested
in my brother's activities.
Oh, I'm sorry, Doctor. I had
hoped that you might cooperate.
You must realize that
if the monster murders,
the scientist hangs.
Have a cigar?
No, thanks. I don't smoke. Try it.
In smoke or rain...
he becomes visible.
Cover this place.
I'll send some men out.
I tell you, Miss, you're the first
visitor to this cottage in nigh on a year.
Exceptin' Dr. Griffin, comin'
to look at my gouty old foot.
- When do you expect the patient?
- He'll be here very soon, Ben.
Ah, there's naught I won't be glad
to do for a patient of Dr. Griffin.
Aye, and I'll be glad
to have a body to talk to.
He's had a very
serious accident, Ben.
He needs rest and no
unnecessary conversation.
Oh, depend on me, Miss.
Old Ben never talks
except when it's wanted.
And I think he'd rather
that no one knew he was here.
That's old Towser. I
wonder what's come over him.
Getting old and talkative,
seems like.
What's the matter, you
old fool? Be quiet now.
Helen, darling.
Come inside quickly,
Will you stop!
It's not Buckingham Palace,
You're wrong.
It is.
At least it's comfortable
and safe.
How does it feel to have
a phantom fianc?
You're the best phantom
I happen to know.
I can touch you.
Oh, you poor boy.
I don't know what to say.
I'm lucky.
I can see you.
After all, I'm not much
to look at anyway.
Even when I...
Even when this...
It doesn't make any difference,
dear. We're together.
Soon it'll be as it always was.
All this is just a dream.
Now come.
Sit down and rest.
I'll get some tea.
You must be famished.
Oh, no, thanks just the same, darling,
but I don't want anything to eat.
Just sit down
and talk to me.
It's all right.
You must have thought
I'd never get here.
It was kind of awful
wondering if something
had happened to you.
I couldn't find the spot where Frank
had hidden the bag with the clothes.
You can't imagine how cold
I was until I found them.
You know, I'm beginning to understand why
ghosts moan so in this sort of weather.
You haven't changed a bit.
That's a slight exaggeration.
But if the worst comes to the worst, I
can always get a job haunting a house.
There's not going to be any
"worst. " Frank won't let us down.
- He's working day and night
on the antidote.
Stop that infernal row!
I'm sorry, darling.
It's just that...
all these months...
I've thought about this day,
mentally adjusting myself,
certain that I'd be able to
accept the change quite casually.
But now that it's happened,
now that it's become a reality,
I don't know.
I can't stand it
any longer, Helen!
He'll rouse the whole
neighborhood! Stop him!
Darling... you know there's
no one around here for miles.
Oh, I say, Ben, can't you take that dog away?
Tie him somewhere
where we can't hear him.
Oh, don't pay no heed
on him, Miss.
Hey, you gert blunderhead!
I can't say I blame you.
I'd better be on my way again. Where?
Darling, I can't just sit around
here with Michael's murderer at large.
Geoff, I understand, but you've
got to take it easy for a few days.
You've been under
such an awful strain.
I've almost forgotten
how to relax.
I suppose I'll get used to this.
You won't have to,
Frank's sure he'll have the
antidote within a few days.
Yes. Yes, of course.
Promise me something.
Frank gave me his word that,
if my mind should begin to go...
before he found
a way back for me,
he'd prevent me
doing any harm...
chain me if necessary.
Help him keep his promise.
I don't know, darling.
I feel...
You know, I feel...
I... I feel...
Hello there!
What do you want?
I was wondering whether a bite
to eat wouldn't be welcome, sir?
Thank you.
Helen, don't look
at me like that!
Lt... It was just waking up...
and hearing Ben's voice.
And then seeing me. Oh,
Geoff, nothing's changed.
Oh, I should have
let them hang me!
Darling, darling,
you mustn't say that!
Who was ever faced
with a choice like that?
To be hanged by the neck
until I was dead...
or to take life on the terms
of this fantastic drug!
Invisibility at the price of almost
certain madness! Today, tomorrow...
You must be patient! It was fear,
nothing but fear that decided me.
Oh, Helen,
my life isn't so valuable...
that I should
endanger yours and Frank's.
Oh, I'm sorry, darling.
I didn't mean to upset you.
I'm a worm to treat you like this
after all you've been through.
Here. Now, we'Il...
We'll wipe away those tears.
I'll try and act
like a normal person.
Hello there! Ben!
Hey, Ben,
isn't this your dog?
Aye. Daft old fool!
I had to put him out.
Put him out?
What for?
Shut up!
Keeping the whole place
awake! You have visitors, eh?
Uh, uh, visitors? What would
I be doing with visitors?
Nobody visits
poor old Ben.
Then who were the dog
keeping awake?
Oh, the neighbors.
Are you soft, man?
Why, there isn't a neighbor
closer than the Higginbottoms,
More than a couple miles
from here.
Look at him barking and
barking like a mucky old fool!
Who's inside? Isn't nobody here,
and nobody hasn't been here.
Who's in the upstairs room
then? Neither nobody nor nothing!
Here, be off, you! I don't want
any nosy coppers around my house!
All right, Ben. Here! I pay my rates regular.
Here, here!
You can't go in there!
What are we gonna do? Don't be afraid,
darling. I can leave any moment.
Come along now. I doesn't need
you to search the whole house.
I wants to search
that room upstairs.
I want a warrant before
you can search my house!
I don't need no warrant
for that. Get out of my way.
I couldn't stop him.
It isn't my fault.
Neither nothing
nor nobody, eh?
going on here?
You know that you're
intruding in a private house?
Yes, sir, but... Then leave quickly,
or you'll find yourself in trouble!
Come on,
you silly old fool!
I'd better go now, darling. You'll
have to be brave. I'm trying to.
Better turn around. This
may not be very pleasant.
You mucky old fool! You
doesn't know what you're doing!
Oh, I doesn't, eh?
Geoff, where shall I see you?
Where will you go?
I'll meet you at the manor
after I've seen Frank.
Take care of yourself, darling. I will.
It's bright and warm
outside, thank goodness.
I'll be all right.
Helen! Helen, darling!
His face is all wrapped up like,
and he won't give me his name.
Will I arrest him?
We found him. He's at the gamekeeper's
house... a chap named Jenkins.
Don't do anything foolish.
He must not get away.
Under no circumstances allow
him to take off his clothes.
Take off his clothes? He won't do
that, sir. There's a lady with him.
Do as I tell you!
I'll be over right away.
Don't let him take off his clothes?
Is he daft?
Take off his clothes.
Here! You can't go upstairs!
It's no good, Ben. I have me
duty to do. Get out of my house!
Oh, assaulting the law! What
do you know about assaulting...
You've no business... Here! Come here!
You have no business... Here! Come here!
The law!
And I have to uphold it!
That's what I call
bodily assault!
He took off his clothes!
No wonder she fainted.
So you just let the lady
walk out and ride away, eh?
I had nothing to hold
Miss Manson on, sir.
I had no instructions
about her.
And her looking
so ill, sir.
Tewksbury, you're a credit
to the force. You used brains.
Watch her but don't scare
her too much. That's our game.
We can't expect to catch the
quarry if we shut up the bait.
Aye, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Here we are, sir.
Here. You can check
with the prison records.
They match.
Well, that clears up any doubt
as to his identity anyway.
Helen! Helen!
Thank goodness that
you're safe and sound.
I've lain awake all night worrying
about you. Oh, I'm sorry, Richard.
I should have thought.
You're so pale and exhausted.
You must consider
yourself, Helen.
Where have you been?
I'm quite all right. Helen, you don't
know what it means to me just to see you.
When you're away, I...
You're tired.
Go upstairs and rest.
I'll see you later
in the study.
Who is it?
Who is it?
I don't know.
I was sure I heard
a knock too.
Hello. Radcliffe Accident
Home. No, I'm sorry.
Mr. Champion was removed to the
county hospital this morning.
I must have been
Headline news, eh?
Of course.
- They don't know that I...
- Ah, but they do.
The police got out the file on my
brother and twigged the whole thing.
An inspector was here to tell
me all about it. Charming fellow.
Why didn't they arrest you? How could they?
First they have to prove there is an
invisible man, then that you're it,
and finally,
that I'm one of the... gang.
That sounds enough to
keep them busy for a while.
How are you getting on? Splendidly.
But I need a little bit
of your blood, old boy.
Gladly... if you can find
it. Here. Sit down here.
Now, we'll get
some alcohol.
See if we can find your vein without
putting a tourniquet on your arm.
This feels like it.
It's gonna hurt.
What is it?
How long do you think
I have before I go mad?
Oh, two days, two weeks.
Who knows?
Do you think you'll find
the antidote before I...
Oh, I'll find it, all right.
Don't you worry.
Here it is, I hope.
Now we'll put
some color in this.
ByJove! That's
what I call neat!
Comes of practicing
on guinea pigs.
Dr. Griffin!
Come back later!
But it's important... about the men
working where Champion was injured.
Let him in.
One moment.
Oh, so he wouldn't see me.
I were thinking it would be nice
if we could have a little talk.
That's a matter of opinion. You've been
interfering again in the pit, I hears,
tellin' the men not to work
in Number 3 Tunnel.
Glorified as usual, eh?
I'm doin' my duty,
Dr. Griffin.
And if you do yours and not
meddle where you're not wanted,
happen Radcliffe pit
would get along better.
Listen, Mr. Spears,
my duty is the men's health.
Any child would know
that tunnel was unsafe.
It's a sheer miracle that Champion got off
with a pair of crushed legs in the fall!
Happen so, Dr. Griffin.
But Mr. Cobb gives the orders in
Radcliffe pit, and I get 'em carried out.
Happen also, Mr. Cobb says
we don't need no laboratory,
nor no doctor neither.
We're going to give you
a nice little holiday. We?
You can tell Mr. Cobb
I'm not leaving.
I take orders
from Sir Geoffrey Radcliffe.
Sir Geoffrey.
They'll shoot him down
like a mad tyke.
I'll thank you
to get out.
Mr. Cobb's the heir and the owner.
He'll have you out pretty quick.
As long as Sir Geoffrey's alive, Mr.
Cobb knows he has nothing whatever to say.
Now get out of here before I bash
your ugly head in! You'll pay for this!
Mr. Cobb will chuck you out! See if he don't!
What's come over
this place?
An imbecile like Spears
talking to you in that manner.
Hmm, a night watchman. He
never even did thatjob well.
Cobb made him superintendent.
His idea of superintending is to
ignore every one of the safety rules.
I don't understand it.
A man of that type.
Why on earth should Cobb...
You know, Frank, it's
surprising how invisibility...
heightens one's
sense of smell.
Where are you going?
I think I smell something dead up a creek.
Whole place going
to the dogs, that's what.
Old crock.
Oh! Ow!
You can't repair it,
Mr. Spears.
I had but one glass of whiskey.
Only one?
Well, two.
You can't escape either,
Mr. Spears.
Where are you?
Here I am, Mr. Spears!
Not over there.
Show yourself, you coward,
and I'll fight you!
Help, help, help!
Faster, Mr. Spears!
Why don't you fly,
Mr. Spears?
Help, help, he...
I told you there was no
escape, didn't I, Mr. Spears?
Where are you?
Where are you?
Here beside you.
B- But I can't see you!
Of course you can't.
I'm a ghost.
Can a ghost sneeze?
It's cold in the otherworld, so cold!
Lend me that handkerchief
of yours, Mr. Spears.
Who are you, ghost?
What do you want of me? They
were going to hang me, Mr. Spears.
- Remember me?
Geoffrey Radcliffe.
But I escaped the noose. I
ran blindly out into the mist.
I didn't know the marshes were
there. I stumbled and fell.
It pulled me down...
inch by inch, down.
It was a horrible death,
Mr. Spears!
I can't find peace
in the otherworld.
Here, I must have
had a nightmare.
I've been imagining things. It isn't a
very comfortable feeling, is it, Mr. Spears?
H- Have pity, Sir Geoffrey!
Have pity! Did you have any pity on me?
Had you one thought for me, lying day
after day in that prison of despair?
No... Feeling the rope around my throat,
choking the very breath
oflife out of me?
What was it to you?
You were promoted. You
were made superintendent.
There's an account to be settled, Mr. Spears!
I'll tell everything!
I'll tell everything!
Mr. Cobb made me lie! He were in the
shaft when Sir Michael were killed!
I saw you come out, sir, and I
heard Sir Michael call after you.
Then, after you'd come out,
Mr. Cobb come out!
I couldn't help meself, sir.
Mr. Cobb told me
he'd kill me if I told on him!
Sir Geoffrey, you've always
been such a kind man and all.
Have mercy
on a poor, ignorant man!
Sir Geoffrey!
Sir Geoffrey!
Where are you?
Where are you?
That's exactly
what I've been looking for.
No, no, no, no!
Sorry your little trip will have
to be postponed, Mr. Spears.
But don't worry. I'm going
to make you quite comfortable.
And after I've got you
all tucked up for the night,
I've got an appointment to keep with
a certain gentleman named Richard Cobb.
I must say, I wouldn't have given
Richard credit for so much ingenuity.
I'm so glad you've come.
You know, you really
are amazing, Helen.
It's hard to believe you've had
so little rest. Thank you, Richard.
Now come and sit down
and tell me all about it.
How's Geoffrey? Geoffrey? I don't know.
I'm sorry. L...
I assumed you'd be with him. Lucky
I got back before the rain started.
Helen, I want you
to trust me.
Without our help,
he hasn't a chance.
The police are sure
to find him.
We'll get him to the continent or to America.
You must tell me where he is, for his sake.
All right, Richard.
I'll start from the beginning.
I'll start from the beginning,
if you don't mind, Helen.
Geoffrey! Yes, Richard,
I've come for a little chat.
Geoffrey, where are you? You're
amongst friends. There's no danger.
Friends like you
are a great comfort.
Where are you, Geoffrey? Show yourself.
I'd have a little difficulty...
doing thatjust now.
Where are you hiding?
Perhaps that will show you
where your friend is hiding.
Sit down.
Now, Richard,
start to write.
Write what?
A confession,
of course.
I- I-I don't know what
you're talking about. No?
Well, then, I'll help
revive your memory.
- You recall my brother, Michael, no doubt?
- Yes.
- And surely you remember killing him?
- It isn't true!
Geoffrey, he didn't kill
Michael! Oh, didn't he?
That shows how little
you know dear old Richard.
It was his charming way of
getting rid ofboth of us...
killing Michael,
implicating me!
No! Don't shoot! No!
No! Don't!
No! Don't!
Oh, Mr. Cobb!
I'm Inspector Sampson.
Can I be of any help?
I don't understand.
Oh, he's here, is he?
He's invisible!
Why can't I see him? Smoke a cigar,
Mr. Cobb, and perhaps you will.
Is everyone mad? You must catch
him, Inspector. He wants to kill me!
Hmm? What makes you think
he'd want to do that, Mr. Cobb?
Because he's mad, completely out of his mind!
I must get away!
Your safety means as much to us
as it does to you, Mr. Cobb.
I think you'd be wise to stay.
In fact, I'm sure
you'd better stay!
Out! Out!
You take five men with nets and
smoke cylinders to the upper floor.
You take five men to the
servants' quarters. Very good, sir.
You watch the front door.
You see that all doors and windows
are covered from the outside.
The rest follow me. Now, Mr.
Cobb, I'd be very happy...
to provide you with a cordon
of police to ensure your safety.
Just a moment.
Now, Mr. Cobb,
if you'll just sit down.
Thank you.
You, the door. Close it. Stay there.
You, the window.
You, the back door.
The rest of you
around him close.
Guard this man carefully.
He is extremely valuable.
I appreciate your good
intentions, Inspector,
but I'd rather have an escort
to take me to London.
You're perfectly safe here,
Mr. Cobb. I can assure you.
What assurance can you give me while I'm
in the same house with him? Calm down.
Inspector, you must help me!
I can't stay here!
Take me into protective custody.
Take me to prison!
Plenty of time,
Mr. Cobb.
Plenty of time.
Orders to shoot on sight. I thought
he said the bloke was invisible.
Ya missed him.
How do ya know I did?
You watch the door!
I know.
We nearly got him, sir! As soon as he
steps out in the rain, you can spot him!
Where is he now? We've chased
him back in the house, sir.
Good! Keep at it! We've
got him bottled up now.
Beg your pardon, miss.
Get to work, men.
You've no right here.
Sorry. We have our orders.
You'd better get
out of here, miss.
Will you please leave me alone?
I'll never leave you alone, darling.
Geoffrey! I can get out of
here, if you'll lend me a hand.
Just, uh, faint,
will you please, darling?
There's nothing
in the servants' rooms, sir.
Stay here till
they finish upstairs.
When they come down, we'll do
the ground floor and the cellar.
I know he's here.
Hey, shut that off!
What's the matter with the blasted
thing? It's the safety valve!
The safety valve!
The safety valve!
Make way, you men!
We need air!
Come! Get her out!
Quick! She needs air!
Get her out! Get out of the way! Bill! Harry!
Come quick!
We've got him!
There you are.
Come on.
Put your shoulders
into it.
It isn't him, sir.
A profound observation.
Evening, Briggs.
Evening, sir.
Everything quiet?
Quiet as the grave.
Rain's stopped.
About time too.
Not so lovely for you if our
friend drops in. I'm ready for him!
Fat lot of good that will be
against something that isn't there.
I don't hold with no spiritualism.
This isn't spiritualism.
This spook's alive! How can
he be alive if he isn't there?
You'll know soon enough
when he suddenly...
leaps on your back and
starts sucking your blood!
Get off.
See ya later,
I hope.
Briggs! Briggs!
What's the matter?
Something moved!
Did it?
Who's up there?
Come down now
or you'll cop it.
See you later,
I hope.
Answer it, Helen.
Hello? Geoff!
Sorry, Helen, I couldn't come
to the lab. I'm at Frank's house.
Of course the place is guarded, but little
things like that don't stop me any longer.
Tell Frank this house ofhis is chilly. I'm
going to get into his best suit of clothes.
Just a minute. He's at your house.
He wants some of your clothes.
Tell him to go ahead.
Help yourself, dear.
I will. You and Frank come over
here. We're going to celebrate!
Well, yes,
we'll be over soon.
What on earth does he want to
celebrate? That he must go mad?
That his friend, the great scientist
Frank Griffin, has utterly failed him?
Frank! Oh, Helen, I
never should have done it.
Imagine me thinking I could
solve this riddle in a few days.
I'd need a lifetime.
Oh, Frank.
What an utter fool I've been!
Oh, Frank, you're exhausted.
You mustn't lose hope! The harder I
work, the more endless the job looks.
How can I possibly succeed? My brother
was the foremost chemical engineer...
in the country, and all he ever
succeeded in finding was madness!
Oh, but, Frank... How can
I face Geoff with nothing?
Whatever happens, you mustn't let him
know that! Oh, I've let you both down.
You should have seen them
searching for me, Frank.
Smoke bombs and gas masks and the fishnets!
They must have thought
I was a herring!
And I marched straight
through them with Helen,
took her politely out to
the car. Softly, old boy.
Don't forget the wolves are prowling
outside. Yes. You know, Frank,
I'm beginning to get a new perspective on
this crawling little animal known as man.
Why, a dog or a cat or a bird
is cleverer than any human!
They sense me immediately! But
these shrewd detectives of yours...
Take away one of man's senses
and you render him helpless.
Geoff, you don't really think Richard
could have killed... Could have? He did!
I have proof of it.
Dear old Inspector Sampson.
He's turned out
to be my best assistant!
He's keeping Richard prisoner
for me... until I'm ready for him.
And Richard's boyfriend, Spears, is
anxiously awaiting me at his home.
Does Sampson know that Cobb and
Spears are mixed up together in this?
No, not yet. Then why
not produce the evidence?
Give Sampson the information,
and you'll be free. Free?
I am free! I've never
been more free in my life!
You know... You know, being
invisible has distinct advantages.
It gives one a sense
of power that's exciting!
Power for good,
if you are so inclined.
Or, should you feel
perverse, for evil.
You hold the balance and
decide which way life shall go.
No one can stop you.
No one can touch you.
You don't need any infantile little
Sampsons to carry out your will.
You're much greater
than any of them.
Rather a magnificent idea
to play with, isn't it?
More wine, Frank.
I'll get it.
Sorry. Just what we needed...
seven days good luck.
Geoff, you can't mean that about
having power for good or evil.
Of course I can. Just think
what I could do for my country.
Or, let's say, with my country,
control it!
Other nations would tremble before us
as this nation will tremble before me!
Don't you see what my power
does for me?
I could sit in on the councils
of kings and dictators!
It makes me king!
It makes me... nemesis!
Geoffrey, do you remember a
promise I made you? What promise?
To restrain you if the effects of
the duocane disturbed your mind?
Are you, by any chance,
trying to be amusing?
No. It just occurred to me
that... You're not mistaking...
my good spirits for madness,
I hope. I just wondered...
if you remembered. You
needn't worry about my memory.
Geoff's right.
No worrying this evening.
A toast! To the quick conviction
of the ambitious Mr. Cobb.
What's the matter with you?
Why are you looking at me like
that? Please, Geoff, take it easy.
You know they're watching the house. If
they hear you, they'll break up our party.
You aren't afraid for me, are
you? No, you aren't. Well, I...
You know they can't get me.
You're afraid for yourself.
Afraid of what they might do to
you! Geoff, don't talk like that!
Oh, my dear friend,
Dr. Griffin.
Has it ever occurred to you that friendship,
at best, is a rather doubtful asset?
I don't want friends! I shall
have worshippers and followers...
people who will obey me because
they recognize my greatness!
Those who are loyal will be
rewarded, and the others... destroyed!
Hail, invincible leader!
We follow you!
Let's drink to the coming Golden Age
which you will provide! I don't think...
I care to drink
with you.
Somehow I don't feel very
comfortable with you any longer.
Don't worry.
I'll be back.
Frank, is... Helen, you
mustn't lose your head now.
You mean he... I never thought
the duocane would work so fast.
He's mad!
Oh, no, Frank, no!
I was hoping he'd take that
drink. It's drugged. Why?
I can't control him by force.
What are we going to do?
When he comes back, we'll
have to play up to him.
Get him to take the drink.
Don't stand
there cowering.
Sit down and finish your supper.
I feel better
this way.
In a second,
I'm safe.
And not only
from the police.
I can roar my head
off if I want to!
Let's drink
to the Golden Age!
Well, drink!
Drink to me!
Drink to my invincible
power, to a new era,
to a changed world with
me as its guiding genius!
Well, why
don't you smile?
That's better.
Now, I'm sorry
to leave...
your two smiling,
happy faces,
but I have business
to attend to.
Richard expects me.
I hate disappointing
Oh, Frank!
Don't worry.
The drink will wear off.
No, he'll be violent when he
comes to. I was prepared for it.
I'll take him into the study. Open the door.
Please don't come in, Helen.
Stay where you are.
Four cylinders, and only
missing on three, eh, Inspector?
Is he all right, Frank? There's
only one thing to do. Get Sampson.
Give him up? We can't! But if Geoff
has proof that Cobb is the murderer...
and he has Spears as a witness...
But how do we know he has?
It may just be
his imagination.
Oh, I don't know!
Better let me.
I'm sorry, Geoff,
but it was necessary.
I was just keeping my
promise. Oh, that's all right.
I suppose I drank too much.
With all the excitement,
well, I passed out, didn't I?
Yes. Sorry I can't remove those.
I feel much better
with them on. Safer.
I'm glad you did it.
Listen to me, Geoff.
You've got to tell me what
proof you have against Cobb.
Then we can put Sampson to work
on it, and that'll leave us free...
to give all our time to the
antidote. Yes, of course.
That's the right idea.
I say, Frank,
the wine left me awfully dry.
Do you suppose
I could have some water?
Of course.
I'll get it.
Is he better, Frank? Much. It
was only a temporary attack.
He's quite normal again now.
Here you are.
Geoff! Don't!
Geoff! Geoff! Don't!
Geoff! Geoff!
Hello? Open up! Open this door!
We're police officers!
Get in that window!
What happened?
In there.
Dr. Griffin!
Good morning, Richard.
Geoffrey! Don't raise your voice, Richard.
And don't touch that bell rope, or I
might have to wind it around your neck.
No one can help you now
except yourself.
I'm not afraid of you, Geoffrey. Aren't you?
It's... It's only
that I can't see you.
I'm not a coward.
You would be afraid of me
if you couldn't see me.
On the contrary,
it would be a pleasure,
and one that I hope
soon to enjoy.
Get up.
Get up!
We're going out,
you and I,
for a breath
of fresh air.
Turn around.
Put up your arms.
Now, put them down.
So. Now walk quite naturally
as if no one was with you.
Be charming and clever when you speak
to the guards, and be careful, Richard.
I may press the trigger
in my excitement.
Open the door.
I'm sorry, sir,
but you can't leave.
But please, I... I...
I told you
to act cleverly.
Surely, you can still lie.
I recall your being an expert.
Good morning,
Mr. Cobb.
Good morning. Have you been took ill?
I'm not feeling very well.
I'm just going out for some
fresh air. I'm sorry, sir.
Bill up there had no right letting
you through. Inspector's orders.
I'm not a prisoner. I'm
under protective custody.
Suppose this invisible chap
is hiding about?
Aren't you afraid
of that?
Why, of course not.
No more am I, sir.
Between you and me, sir, I'll have to see
him before I'll believe he's invisible.
Oh, just to keep the record straight, sir,
I'll have Bill phone the Inspector. Bill!
He's in the kitchen again
with his head in the icebox.
You wait here a minute, sir.
I'll phone the Inspector myself.
Here we are.
Recognize the place?
Good morning, Mr. Cobb.
Good morning.
Good morning to you.
Get out. Geoffrey, give
me a chance to explain...
I intend to immediately.
Move along now.
You'll find the key
under the mat.
Unlock the door.
Light that candle.
Yes, Richard,
it's your friend, Spears.
Move over to him. I want you
to take a good look at him.
Go on!
Now take the gag out
of your friend's mouth.
I'm sure he wants
to talk to you.
Do as I tell you!
Go on! Go on.
Please, Sir Geoffrey,
let me down.
My dear Mr. Spears, surely you
can't be so exhausted already,
with the rope around
your neck only a few hours.
The pair of you had it
around mine for months!
Out with it! I said it once, and
I'll say it again. I saw Cobb do it!
Hit Sir Michael over the head with a
wrench and shove him down the shaft!
He promised me money and a good
position if I kept my mouth shut.
I'm innocent!
Ha! Where is
your power now?
Now I'm as invisible
as you are!
I'll show you where
my power is!
Take that!
I'll get you!
What's happening? He's
breaking the place up again.
Who's he fighting? Pink elephants, as usual.
He's a proper menace, that Willie
is! May the best elephant win!
Come on,
let's see what's up.
Now I've got you, you swine!
I'll choke the life out of you!
Mr. Cobb! Mr. Cobb!
What's he running from?
- What's he running for?
Stop him!
Now I've got you, Richard!
There he is!
There he is now!
Now I have you, Richard!
Now I'm going to force
the truth out of you!
Choke it out of you!
Tell them the truth now!
These people are going
to see you for what you really are!
Stop that escalator!
Stop it! Tell them you killed my brother!
Tell them
you murdered Michael!
Tell them!
- Tell them! Tell them or I'll...
- Oh, no, don't shoot!
You got him! You got him!
Look out! Look out!
You got him!
Geoff, where are you?
Look lower in the pile.
Search with your hands,
not your eyes!
Mr. Sampson! We can't find
him up here, sir! What is it?
Keep on searching! He must be
about here somewhere. Miss Manson.
Mr. Cobb is asking to see you. I
don't want to see him. Geoffrey!
But Dr. Griffin says
he's hurt very bad, Miss.
I killed...
Do you mind if I borrow
your clothes, old man?
It's cold,
and I'm a bit shaky.
You don't mind,
do you?
Nice suit of clothes
you've got there.
You know,
I really shouldn't do this.
I really shouldn't.
They'll be able
to catch me now.
Slender waist you've got.
Not a bad fit, my friend.
You wouldn't refuse me now,
old man?
No. Thanks.
You know,
they've hunted me
all over the country.
They shot me too.
I'm a murderer.
Don't be scared,
old crow, I...
I only want your clothes.
Yes, that's right.
I'll have
to have your hat too.
I'm really freezing.
Thanks for... your help.
Why don't you find him? When
you thought he was a murderer,
you tried every way you knew
to trap him and to kill him.
But now that
you know he's innocent,
probably dying somewhere,
alone and deserted,
you've lost all interest,
haven't you?
Why don't you use your
cleverness now to save him?
I've got all my men out, Miss Manson.
You know what we're up against.
Oh, what is that?
You can't see his head!
It's Geoffrey!
His pulse is almost gone. There must
have been a tremendous loss of blood.
I believe he'd stand a chance if he
could have an immediate transfusion.
I'm ready. Shall I prepare
Miss Manson for a test?
Yes, but we need more
than she can supply.
How is he? How is he? How is he, Doctor?
Please, please! Sir Geoffrey has to have
a blood transfusion to save his life.
Who'll volunteer?
I will! I will!
Just come in quietly.
I'll have to make some tests.
Transfusion successful,
Doctor? Well, complicated.
How is he?
He'll die. Internal bleeding. No.
If only I could operate! But
how can I when I can't see him?
Sampson, I'd like
to try this antidote.
There's a very small chance that it'll work
and a far greater one that it'll kill him.
But if I don't try it,
he has no chance whatever.
Prepare a hypodermic,
please, nurse.
Frank! Frank!
The new blood itself
was the antidote!
- Helen.
- Geoffrey!
Helen, darling!