The Invisible Ray (1936) Movie Script

[Thunder clapping]
[Thunder rumbling]
[Thundering continues]
(Mother Rukh)
Yes, Mother Rukh.
Janos is still
in the laboratory, of course?
Yes. He's checking
his equipment
before the people
from England arrive.
I'm to let him know
when I see
the lights of the car.
[Thunder clapping]
It was on such a night
that Janos
first caught his ray
from Andromeda.
Your father worked the guides,
I held the detecting lens
and never saw again.
Dear Mother Rukh.
My son will not learn
until too late, I fear,
that the universe
is very large,
and there are some secrets
we are not meant to probe.
Janos says the electricity
will help the demonstration.
He is wrong to demonstrate
to these people.
Who are they?
Pigmies that scoff at a giant,
who have said
that he is only a visionary,
unscientific, a charlatan.
He's greater
than all of them.
He sent for them.
If he had waited,
one day
they would have begged,
begged to come to him.
[Thunder clapping]
[Thunder rumbling]
I see the car now.
I'll tell Janos.
[Rain pattering]
They are coming
up the grade.
Sir Francis Stevens
and the great Dr. Benet
from the University of Paris.
What do they know?
What will they ever know?
I'll take them somewhere
they have never been.
Back into time.
It will work well tonight.
I'm sure and I'm ready.
They'll never
laugh at me again.
They'll be here any minute.
You must prepare
to meet them.
Yes. Yes.
[Wind howling]
I'm Diana Rukh.
My husband will be here
I'm Lady Stevens.
This is my husband,
Sir Francis.
How do you do?
And this is Dr. Benet.
How do you do?
And this is my nephew,
Ronald Drake.
How do you do?
May I present you
to my husband's mother,
Frau Rukh?
How do you do?
Oh, what a lovely fire.
I hope you didn't have
too bad a time coming up.
It really is
rather a terrible trip.
Oh, I don't mind anything,
but my poor
sit-downish husband minded it.
Oh, thanks.
That will help.
Thank you.
Would anyone ever expect
to find anything like this
on top of
the Carpathian Mountain?
Sir Francis.
To see you again
after so many years
is interesting.
Dr. Benet, we meet at last.
But we already
know each other.
You've come to see me fail,
but you'll be disappointed.
I have come to see that
Sir Francis isn't deceived.
Your doubts
are very flattering.
They are mutual.
We have never seen
eye to eye.
That is because
I've always looked
200 years ahead
of your theories.
Dr. Rukh?
You haven't met me.
Lady Stevens.
Nor my nephew, Ronald Drake.
And you too
are a scientist, sir?
No, I'm afraid not.
He doesn't know a thing
about science.
But he's one of
the three living men
who crossed the mountains
of the moon,
made maps of the country.
And since
that's where we're going,
he'll come in useful.
Very commendable work, sir.
Good man. I've seen him
tested in Africa.
I read that you were
going to Africa.
That's why
I asked you here.
Because what I have
to show you after dinner
concerns Africa,
and the claim I made
many years ago.
[Switch clicks]
All of this
makes a man like me
feel quite small
and useless.
But you've gone
into uncharted places, too.
Oh, my explorations
have all been on this planet.
They reach into space.
This is the nebula
in Andromeda.
A ray from this nebula
will be caught here
and electrically transferred
to the projector
in my laboratory.
There I will recreate
what is recorded
on that beam of light.
From Andromeda?
From Andromeda.
Three-quarters of a million
light-years distant.
Can he do that?
He will not fail.
He must not.
It would kill him.
Have you seen it?
No one has seen it,
but Janos.
You'll wait here
a few minutes.
I'll prepare the projector.
He seems very confident.
Of course,
the theory of reproducing
vibrations from the past
is not new.
But if proved, would be.
This may be
very interesting.
Yes. Very.
Doesn't all this
sort of thing
ever affect you?
Oh, no. I'm used to it.
My father was assistant here.
When he died
three years ago,
I married Dr. Rukh.
Oh, I see.
[Electricity humming]
I am ready.
[Machine whirring]
A new development
of barium crown glass
which will protect you
from all dangerous rays.
[Machine continues humming]
[Electricity buzzing]
To reproduce what is written
upon the beam from Andromeda,
we must travel out into space
upon that ray of light
until we reach a point
at which we turn and look back
upon our own planet.
We approach the moon.
Dead ashes,
where there is no air
or water.
In the shadows,
colder than our Arctic.
In the sunlight,
hotter than any desert
of the Earth.
Saturn we pass,
with its twirling rings.
A vast cloud
of tiny movements,
each moving
in its own orbit.
Another constellation
speeds towards us.
The great nebula of Orion.
Five hundred light-years
But we travel at a speed
far greater than light,
the pace of
electric magnification.
Otherwise it will take
a million lifetimes
to reach our goal.
We move by this chaotic mass
and see Andromeda.
Our nearest neighbor
among the island universes
of space.
The light which we see
left there before man existed,
before our Earth had cooled.
We speed towards this nebula
and stop at a point
where we will see
our own planet, the Earth,
as it existed long ago.
[Machines droning]
Years ago, Sir Francis,
I voiced a belief
that a great meteor
bearing an element
even more powerful
than radium,
struck an uncharted spot
somewhere in
the continent of Africa.
If you will bear with me
for a moment,
I'll show you how I know
this to be a fact.
That is all.
A trick?
But where
has it gone?
Back into space.
What did we see?
What you saw tonight
actually occurred
a few thousand
million years ago.
I see.
A tour in time.
Everything that ever happened
has left its record
on nature's film.
Every sound
since eternity began
still vibrates,
recorded somewhere
in outer space.
The cataclysm you witnessed
tonight traveled back to us
on the ray from Andromeda.
Well, I'm dazed.
Dazed, that's all I can say.
You have
demonstrated something
that I have always regarded
as an unsupported theory.
I'm at a loss for words.
I congratulate you.
Perhaps you'd all
like some brandy.
Oh, thank you.
That would be most acceptable.
I'll join you
in a few moments.
Well, I, for one,
am just beginning
to recover
from what we've seen.
I don't think
I ever shall.
It was unbelievable.
Well, sir,
your discovery
is breathtaking.
When do you plan
to release it
to the world of science?
Oh, not for some time.
It's not nearly ready yet.
And if there should be
this meteoric deposit
of an unknown element
in Africa...
There is.
It'd be interesting
to discover what it is.
Will you consider
joining forces with us
and accompany our expedition?
You ask me
to join forces with you?
But you forget
I have no standing
with your scientific congress.
I believe I have even been
called unorthodox.
Oh, nonsense.
Our expedition
isn't under the auspices
of any association.
You will be
doing us an honor.
Yes, I'll go with you.
Why not?
No, Janos.
But why?
It will not be wise
for you to go.
I'm listening, Mother.
Even though you may make
a great discovery,
you'll not be happy.
You are not
used to people, Janos.
You never will be.
Your experiments
are your friends.
Leave people alone.
[Birds twittering]
Where do you suppose
that madman Rukh is, anyway?
After all,
it is his own business
if he wishes to go off on
an exploration of his own.
See, Stevens,
the little creature
is going to live.
See his flesh glow.
He moves his arm
with much more strength.
Very interesting.
This proves, I think
that human organisms are
only part of astro-chemistry,
controlled by radial forces
from the sun.
Oh, I never doubted
your theory.
Uh, what have you
been using?
One milligram,
drawn directly
from the spectrum
of the sun.
Turn it off.
[Birds cawing]
But I must admit
I'm quite ready
to leave Africa
the moment
that your experiments
are completed.
After eight weeks of this,
I admit that I'm fed up.
[Speaking native language]
[Speaking native language]
I know every wheeze
and every crack
of every record.
Glad to see
signs of rhino about.
We'll go out
after them tomorrow.
Yes. You've only got
six to your credit.
Oh, well, they're such
nasty-tempered beasts,
it is a pleasure
to dispose of them.
[Birds chirping]
This must be lonely
for Diana.
Of course.
It's your fault.
Why do you say that?
Oh, Ronnie, the way you two
avoid each other
is most pointed.
Why can't you be
pleasantly friendly with her
as you were at first?
Well, if you must know,
I don't dare to be.
Becoming interested?
I thought so.
You're in love.
what could be more natural?
An African moon,
two healthy young animals...
Oh, stop it.
We're not animals.
And that's just it.
And it isn't too easy,
so please don't make us
into fiction for your book.
Well, you are interested.
[Birds chirping]
Oh, so you're back, Arabella.
Yes. We got an antelope
and a fine leopard.
My ankles are worse.
I tell you, I'm getting
heartily sick of Africa.
And I don't see any use
in waiting for Rukh
any longer.
It's evident he has
elected to desert us.
Well, we can't go
and leave his wife
here alone,
even though he's forgotten
she came along.
After all,
she is Rukh's affair,
not ours.
She is my affair.
I'm fond of her.
Well, I'm not fond enough
of anyone
to make this
my permanent abode.
Temba, more water, please.
[Electronic signal buzzing]
[Man shouting]
[Electric signal
beeping rapidly]
[Volcano rumbling]
[Men chattering
in native language]
Choco. The small package.
[Speaking native language]
Boss, put on hat.
Very hot here.
Boss found place he look for
many days now, maybe?
There's no doubt of it.
No doubt of it.
Safari boys
no like this place, boss.
Why not?
Look in pit,
fall in, many devil.
Pick me out a runner.
I want to send a letter
to the main camp immediately.
Me do.
[Speaking native language]
This boy go.
He very fast.
Hold box.
How long will he take
to reach the main camp?
This time tomorrow night,
he get there.
All downhill.
Boss, wants him to wait,
bring back answer paper?
Now, give this
to the young mistress.
Don't say a word
about where we are.
And make sure
he understands.
[Speaking native language]
[Speaking native language]
[Drums beating]
Francis, are you asleep?
No, my dear,
I was merely trying
to imagine myself at home.
I'd give 10 for...
Antelope stew again.
Take it away.
I'm not up to coping with it.
Oh, stop feeling so sorry
for yourself.
[Tribals chanting]
What new secrets did you draw
from the sun today,
Dr. Benet?
Proof that the sun
is the mother of us all.
Is she? I wonder
why she bothers about us.
What are we
all about anyway?
my friend.
[Speaking native language]
[Speaking native language]
It's from Janos.
Excuse me.
[Chanting continues]
He says very little.
We're not to expect him back
for some time.
Where is he?
He doesn't say.
He hopes
he is on the trail
of an interesting
new discovery.
Runner boy
want take paper back.
Yes, tell him to wait.
Will you all
excuse me, please?
But your dinner, dear?
I'm not really hungry.
I want to see
the runner boy in my tent.
You come, too,
and talk for me.
I'll be ready in an hour.
I want three boys
for safari.
[Speaking native language]
What are you going to do?
There's only one thing to do.
I'm going to him tonight.
[Insects chirping]
It's cooler.
Besides, there's a moon.
You're going alone?
I can't stay here now.
He's a great man, Ronald.
I'm his wife.
He needs me.
And I can't let him down.
You wouldn't.
You're not the sort
to let any man down.
Goodbye, Diana.
[Volcano rumbling]
[Speaking native language]
[Grunting in native language]
[Men chattering
in native language]
More power
than man has ever known.
Well, what do you want?
Safari boys want go away
this place.
No like him.
So, they want to leave me,
do they?
Me wanna go, too.
Do you see that rock?
Yes, boss.
I want you to keep
your eyes on that rock.
Tell the boys to do so, too.
[Speaking native language]
[All exclaiming]
[Men chattering]
[Speaking native language]
You can all go
if you want to,
but you won't go far.
All that will be left of you
will be like that.
Me stay, boss.
[All pleading]
We'll all stay.
All right.
Then get back to work.
[Speaking native language]
Take the lamp inside.
Draws the pests.
It's poisoned me.
[Tribals murmuring]
Boss house there.
Me take you.
No, I'll go alone.
What are you doing here?
You must go away at once.
At once. Do you hear?
But it's Diana.
You shouldn't have come.
I wrote you
I had important work to do.
I don't want to be bothered
with anyone.
Oh, you must be ill.
What's happened to you?
Nothing has happened to me.
What makes you think
anything has happened to me?
It's been weeks
since you left.
Don't you want to see me?
I don't want to
see you here.
This is no place for you.
You must leave here
at once.
My place is where you are.
I won't be a bother.
I suppose
you'll have to stay the night.
My headman
will find shelter for you.
But I want you out of here
the very first thing
in the morning.
Do you understand?
I understand.
I'm leaving
as soon as it's daybreak.
Yes, missy.
Me tell your boys.
Thank you.
[Diana crying]
Don't let anybody know
I'm here.
You're exhausted.
Don't touch me.
What has happened?
I made the runner
guide me here.
I've traveled day and night.
But why?
I found the place
where the meteor fell.
I've discovered an element
a thousand times more powerful
than radium.
But it's done something to me.
Something horrible.
Look at me.
Look at me in the dark.
Why, you're poisoned.
And everyone I touch
is poisoned.
They die.
Yes. I know.
Let's get back
into the light.
Perhaps the metal cloth
did not protect you.
No, no, it gave me
complete insulation.
I must have been careless
Benet, you know more of
the chemistry of the body
than any man alive.
Something must be done for me
so that I can go back
and solve the power
of this element.
There is a counteractive
for radium poisoning
derived from radium itself.
Have you a sample
of this new element?
Yes. Yes.
Do you think I can be helped?
I can't say until I deduce
the atomic structure of this.
I've done that.
You'll find
my calculations there.
All right.
I'll begin at once
to work out
the counteractive.
No one must know
what's happened to me.
Is there any place
where I can hide myself?
Oh, yes.
There's a little tent
in the back
where I store
my instruments.
You can keep
out of sight there.
I'll show you.
[Insects chirping]
Wake up, Rukh.
Wake up.
You've been asleep
for an hour.
Look at yourself.
I gave you the counteractive
exactly at midnight.
My hands are not glowing.
your hands aren't glowing,
nor your face.
I can touch people now?
But remember
what I've told you.
Nothing can ever cure you.
At best,
your state of poisoning
can only be checked,
And now that
a counteractive has gone
into your bloodstream,
you can only live
if you use a small amount
of it
at regular intervals each day
all the days of your life.
Here's the formula.
And if I exceed the time,
what happens?
Your body again becomes
the deadly machine it was.
Your touch will kill.
Shortly after that
you will become
deadly to yourself as well.
If you do not use
the counteractive in time,
you will literally
crumble to an ash.
Remember, I told you
all the conditions.
You accepted the risks.
Yes, yes. But at least
after each treatment,
I should be immune.
As I told you,
I don't know enough yet
to say what effect
the violent surcharge
of poison and antidote
will have upon the brain.
I took that risk.
This is the counteractive.
Guard it carefully.
And what do you
plan to do now?
Go back to my camp,
complete my tests,
and return here
as quickly as possible.
Tell no one of this.
Promise me.
I promise.
[Monkeys chattering]
[Birds cawing]
There's no use
pretending any longer.
You know that I love you.
I have known it
for a long time.
That's why
I have been afraid.
Of me?
No. Of us.
Oh, Diana,
why fight something
that's so much stronger
than we are?
We must.
Do you love him?
My father idolized him.
When he died,
I promised him
that I would marry Janos.
What are we going to do?
I don't know.
[Bell ringing]
We must go.
[Birds chirping]
Yes, boss.
Where's Dr. Rukh?
Boss tent there.
Oh, yes,
I want to see him.
[Drums beating]
Dr. Benet.
How did you find this place?
We listened to the drums.
They talked of a white man
who made magic
in the mountains.
How are you feeling?
No ill effects so far?
So far, none.
You'd better
get out of the sun.
Huh? Oh, yes. Yes.
Some water?
They expected you back in camp
long before this.
Yes, I know.
There was always
one thing more to do.
Days passed,
and before I knew it, weeks.
I have harnessed
it at last, Benet.
I could crumple up a city
a thousand miles away.
I could destroy a nation.
All nations.
You have harnessed
its power to destroy.
Have you harnessed it to heal?
That will come later,
when I devise a filter
to curb its power.
But in the meantime,
it's mine to experiment with.
Stevens and I felt
that would be your attitude.
That was why we decided
your discovery
was too important
to be in the hands
of one man.
Just what do you mean?
Stevens is now on his way
to the International
Scientific Congress
that opened in Paris
last month.
He's taking with him
the specimen you left with me.
Why, you thieves! Thieves!
You forget we came to Africa
for a common purpose.
I discovered it.
Oh, the credit will be
given you for the discovery.
Never fear.
Oh, thieves! Thieves!
We couldn't wait
for you forever, Rukh.
your wife has been quite ill,
so we decided
to break up camp and go.
My wife?
She is on her way to Europe
with the Stevens.
I join them at Lake Nyanza.
Diana gone?
Stevens' wife
is looking after her.
She asked me
to hand you this letter.
She doesn't believe
I love her.
She loves someone else.
To come like thieves
in the night
and steal everything
from me.
Get out of here, Benet!
Get out before I...
[Machine humming]
Don't move, Mother.
Sit quite still.
In a few moments,
we will know.
Yes, I see.
I can see.
You see everything?
More clearly
than I ever saw before.
I am frightened
by what I see.
I have harnessed it.
Harnessed it.
It's mine at last.
You have work to do
that will take you
all your life.
Tomorrow I leave for Paris.
No. Stay here and work.
I must go, Mother.
You will find tragedy there.
I know.
In case I do find tragedy,
I leave my secret with you.
It is all there.
More power
than man has ever possessed.
Power to heal,
power to destroy.
Guard it for me.
Don't be afraid, my dear.
You will be all right.
I'm not afraid.
That is fine.
Load it, please.
I'm Dr. Janos Rukh.
Come, please.
Baby. Baby.
Can you see me?
Yes, Mommy. I can see you.
My baby.
Where does one find
Dr. Benet?
I am Janos Rukh.
Janos Rukh?
Dr. Benet
is in his laboratory.
I will show you there
Now you must go,
make way for the others.
Prepare the next patient.
[People chattering]
Thank you.
My baby can see.
My baby can see.
Yes, Mommy, I can see.
Oh, baby, baby.
I seem to have arrived
at an interesting moment.
You have arrived to see
what your discovery
has done for this little one.
She was blind.
It has made her see.
Thank you. Oh, thank you.
[Mother sobbing]
Thank you, Doctor.
Thank you.
That's all for now.
It seems, as usual,
I am a little late.
No. All Paris is waiting
to pile honors on you.
You know, of course,
the Nobel Prize
was awarded to you.
Yes, yes. I know. I know.
Everybody considers you
and Sir Frances Stevens
very generous men.
I wondered about your health.
The counteractive
is still effective.
And Diana?
Oh, she is well.
She has become
Lady Arabella's secretary.
She and Drake
plan to marry, of course?
They are in love,
but she declares
she will do nothing
until she hears from you.
She will hear of me,
I will not stand in the way
of their happiness.
This is
very fine of you, Rukh.
Well, I must leave you
to your ministrations.
You see, I was right, Rukh.
Your discovery is too great
for one man to control.
Some day you will realize
that you haven't even
scratched the possibilities
of Radium X.
And I am still the only man
to control it fully.
[Speaking French]
Yes. You'll do.
Same height, same width.
[Speaking French]
What do I want?
I want to do you a benefit.
[Speaking French]
[Speaking French]
The greatest benefit
one man can do another.
[Speaking French]
Those who have never seen
the moonlight
over the African veldt
have missed
a thrilling vision
which can be witnessed
in no other land.
A lion caught
in the thorn bush and...
you have been instructed
never to interrupt me
when I am at dictation.
But the paper, milady.
The papers?
You know I never read them.
This is important.
Oh, very well.
What is it?
[Church bell tolling]
##[Organ playing]
"With all my worldly goods
I thee endow."
With all my worldly goods
I thee endow.
Whom God
hath joined together,
let no man put asunder.
Goodbye, dear.
Goodbye, darling.
Ronnie, dear.
Goodbye, dear.
I'm sure you'll both
be very, very happy.
Au revoir.
(Mr. Stevens)
Goodbye, my boy.
Six of us.
Are you the manager?
Have you a room vacant?
A front room?
A room?
Providentially, sir, I have.
Step this way, sir.
It's Mrs. LeGrand, sir,
I'm British to the backbone,
though misfortunes
and a French husband
has brought me
to Paris lodgings.
You'll like the room.
It's a lovely fireplace
and it don't smoke,
and the bed is excellent.
Me poor husband,
he died in it so comfortable.
I'll take the room.
And I'd like the Paris Herald
every morning.
Yes, sir.
That will be, uh,
50 francs a week, sir.
Huh? Oh, oh.
Thank you, sir.
Sir Francis Stevens:
Have you ever seen anyone
so incredibly happy
as Diana and Ronald
when they started
on their honeymoon?
I hope they will be happy.
We should be late
if Francis doesn't hurry.
Go to Sir Francis' room
and tell him Dr. Benet and I
are waiting.
Poor dear.
When he came
from his lecture tonight
at the University,
he was so utterly exhausted
that I told him to lie down.
He is feeling better
since we returned from Africa?
Oh, yes. He has even forgotten
to complain about his ankles.
[Celeste screaming]
What's that?
[Pierre chattering]
Celeste. Celeste.
Speak, you fool.
What is it?
Dr. Benet, come up, please.
At once.
Sir Francis.
Sir Francis.
This is awful.
Look at his eyes.
What hideous thing
did he see, do you think?
The police must be sent for
at once.
But before they come,
I would like to try
an experiment.
It must be done
before the eye tissues glaze.
Have I your permission?
Is there
an ultraviolet camera here?
Yes. I'll get it for you.
I knew it.
[Glass shattering]
[People chattering]
[Newsboy shouting]
...ln New York, in Rome...
[knocking on door]
Come in.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning,
Mrs. LeGrand.
Oh, there's more excitement.
What has happened
across the street?
Vandals, sir.
They come in the night
and they smashed
the entire one
of them figures.
They didn't leave nothing
but a little pile
of melted stuff.
But that's impossible.
That's what everybody says.
But a fact's a fact, sir.
If you'll excuse me, sir,
I'll just pop across
and see what the latest is.
Yes, Mrs. LeGrand.
Do come back
and tell me more.
Well, I'll find out, sir.
Won't be a second.
I'll find out all I can.
Lady Stevens:
Radium X claims third victim.
Paris edition
of the New York Herald.
Radium X claims third victim.
[Speaking French]
Radium X claims third victim.
Radium X claims third victim.
Radium X claims third victim.
No, please.
It will be better, I think,
if you take Diana away.
I will answer
any questions.
We'll be downstairs
if you do need us.
Now I will explain
why I insisted
the Medical Examiner
and his assistants
wear insulated gloves
when they touch the body.
Will you turn out
the lights?
Look closely
at the neck of the victim.
Lights, please.
You observe
those finger marks
cannot be seen
in the light.
It is phosphorus,
Radium X.
Inflicted by the grasp
of someone contaminated
by the poison.
Do you know such a person?
Only one, he is dead.
But there Is a story
behind all this.
And I am going to ask you
to listen to some facts.
There's some curse.
Diana, my dear, there are
no such things as curses.
Well, they needn't look
any farther for the murderer.
Here she is.
Stop it!
I won't let you
talk like that.
If I hadn't left him,
they would all be alive today.
Janos, Sir Francis
and Arabella.
Stop it.
We loved each other.
We belong to each other.
You never belonged to him.
And no law of nature or man
can make it anything
but right to do what we did.
He shan't
reach out of his grave
and spoil our lives.
I'll fight it.
But what are you
going to fight?
Something you can't see?
Something you can't reach?
Something you can't touch?
Oh, darling.
Hold me tight.
We're going to need
each other so very much.
Yes, I have feared
something like this
ever since the day
he left my laboratory.
And I always
doubted his death.
So now, you know all
I have to tell you.
You believe that the man
who was buried as Dr. Rukh
was not Dr. Rukh?
I believe that Rukh is alive
and in Paris.
I believe that this city
is at the mercy of a madman
whose body is
an engine of destruction.
I talked to his mother
on the telephone
a little while ago,
and it is also her belief
that Rukh is alive.
We will take immediate steps
to locate him.
A figure melted
while a crowd of people
Only one element on Earth
could have done it.
Diana and I were married
at that church,
and there were six of us
in Africa.
Do you suppose
Rukh's crazy brain
drew some analogy
between that fact,
and the six figures
of the saints on the church?
He killed two of us
and destroyed
two of the six figures.
A man and a woman
in each case.
You and your wife must go
into seclusion immediately.
Also you, Dr. Benet,
while we comb Paris
for this madman.
It might be simpler
to get him to come here.
How do you propose this?
Ask him for dinner?
No, not quite.
But that's the general idea.
Let the newspapers
give out a story
that the three
remaining survivors
of our African expedition
are leaving Paris immediately
for an unknown destination.
But before departing,
there will be a meeting here.
What sort of meeting?
Well, what do you think
would draw him, Doctor?
A lecture concerning
my recent experiments
with Radium X,
and a chance
to reach you and me.
You are both willing
to take such risk?
Of course.
I will invite a limited
number of scientists,
to be admitted
by card only.
Do you think it's fair
to expose them to the danger?
There are only two people
he wants to destroy.
Two, or perhaps three.
My men can check
the list of invitations
at the gate
and maybe capture him there.
Also mingle with your guests.
I will set
the hour of midnight
for the lecture.
At that time his luminosity
will be strong,
as he will delay
taking the counteractive,
hoping for a chance
to use his deadliness
upon Drake and me.
If your men fail
to capture him at the gate,
then at midnight
we bolt all doors
and darken the entire house.
His face and hands will appear
like... like phosphorus
regardless of any disguise.
And if he touches anyone?
They die.
Prof. Lemaire.
Prof. Lemaire.
Prof. Gothe.
Prof. Gothe.
[Speaking French]
Dr. Benet.
Prof. Reinhardt.
A very strange hour
for such a meeting,
don't you think?
But Radium X is
a very strange subject.
Benet has his reasons.
He must have something
of importance to show us.
Even the president
of our Congress is here.
Professor Michaeljohn,
if I am not mistaken?
Yes, I am Michaeljohn.
Who are you, sir?
of the University of Wales.
We met once, but perhaps
you don't recall me.
I... I think I do.
One meets so many people.
I shall never forget
your treatise
on radiation, sir.
Oh, you...
you remember that, huh?
No doubt, you are on your way
to Dr. Benet's demonstration.
Yes. It should be
a most interesting evening.
It should indeed.
I understand
that no one is to be admitted
without a card.
Oh, that reminds me.
Yes, yes, I've got it.
Forgetful sometimes.
under the circumstances...
Of course.
A nasty night.
Most disagreeable indeed.
I think I've caught a chill.
Napoleon brandy, sir.
I believe a sip or two
would help us on our way.
I suggest
that we step in here,
out of the rain.
I am not very much
on spirits,
but considering the night,
[Metal clanging]
Dr. Reno.
Dr. Reno.
Dr. Fergie.
Dr. Fergie.
[Speaking French]
Prof. Michaeljohn.
Prof. Michaeljohn.
[Speaking French]
[Speaking French]
All are here,
except one name.
To be admitted instantly.
Beaudine, you will stand
at the main house switch.
It is to be thrown
at exactly 12:00.
[People chattering]
[Speaking French]
[Speaking French]
No stranger
has tried to come in,
and all invitations
are accounted for.
Perhaps he won't come.
He will be here.
Probably he's here now.
[Man coughing]
Monsieur le Prsident.
Oh, Dr. Benet.
If you will be patient
for just a few minutes longer,
I will make final adjustments
in my laboratory
and be ready.
[People chattering]
We expected you.
I knew that.
Five thieves.
Two are gone,
three are left.
Do you intend
to kill us all?
I felt it was better
to let things alone
when you were first poisoned.
I warned you
about your brain.
It began to affect my brain
almost immediately.
I could feel it coming,
crawling for cells.
Aren't there ever moments
when you think
as you used to think,
when you were human?
Not often now, not often.
And because of that
we must die.
No, because you are thieves.
Five thieves. All thieves.
It will be easiest
just to shake hands.
It will all be over
in a second.
My wife?
In her room with Mrs. Noyer,
as you desired.
But she is nervous, sir.
So am I.
Still, it will soon be over,
one way or the other.
Yes, sir.
One way or the other.
I know something
awful has happened.
Try to compose yourself,
I can't stand this
any longer.
Find Mr. Drake
and tell him I must see him,
if only for a moment.
I was ordered
to remain here.
Oh, please go.
Oh, as you say, Madame.
[Knocking on door]
[Rain pattering]
Madame Rukh.
It's good of you to come.
It's my duty to be here.
Where is Diana?
Oh, she is upstairs
in her room.
[Clock chiming]
[People chattering]
[Glass shattering]
Strange Dr. Benet
doesn't return,
don't you think?
Yes, very strange.
[People muttering]
[Knocking on door]
Dr. Benet?
Dr. Benet!
He isn't here.
Yes, he is.
And so is Rukh.
Don't go any closer.
Max, Louie,
the front stairs.
No, I can't kill you.
I can't.
But he must die.
No, Janos!
[Door closing]
I must have time.
I must go on
to reach one more.
Don't fire.
My son.
You have broken
the first law of science.
Yes, you are right.
It's better this way.
Goodbye, Mother.
[People screaming]
My darling. You're safe.
Madame Rukh, permit me
to pay you my homage.
Janos Rukh is dead,
but part of him
will go on eternally
working for humanity.