The Iron Claw (2023) Movie Script

It's over, Rick,
they're gonna disqualify you.
One, two, three. Come on.
Get him out of the corner.
Do you wanna quit?
I'll break it!
I'll snap his neck!
One, two, three.
Ring the bell!
It's over. It's over.
Let's go.
Hey, now.
Hey, Kevin. Hey, David.
-You crushed that guy, Pop.
-I sure did.
Oh! The Iron Claw.
Kevin's got me
in the Iron Claw.
You're getting strong.
Nice to have you guys here
for once.
-Did you see anything, Dottie?
-Not a chance!
But it sure sounded like
everyone was angry at you.
That's the idea.
What is that thing
attached to our home?
You guys like it?
Oh, Dad.
It's incredible.
Yeah, it's incredible.
where is our car?
I had the boys swap it out
during the show.
What are you thinking?
We can't afford this.
Well, hear me out.
I was talking
to the promoter,
and he said
if I wanna be a star,
I need to act like a star.
So, he told me to rent
a Cadillac.
I'm not even gonna ask
how much it costs.
How much does it cost?
It's gonna be fine, Dottie.
I'm almost there.
We need a real house.
A safe place
to raise these guys.
How does blowing
a bunch of money on a fancy car
get us a house?
The only way to beat
this thing--
There's no thing.
The only way to beat it
is to be the toughest,
the strongest,
the most successful,
the absolute best.
To rely on no one
but ourselves.
I will get us there.
I will be the NWA
World Heavyweight Champion
and nothing will hurt us
ever again.
Let the morning bring me
word of your unfailing love,
for I have
put my trust in you.
Show me the way I should go,
for in you, I entrust my life.
We've been
through hell,
and we're gonna leave
all that behind.
I promise.
-Let's go for a run.
-Go for a run?
-Come on. Let's go!
No, no.
I'm not doing that.
All right.
Ever since
I was a child, people said
my family was cursed.
We never talked about it.
And I don't know if
my brothers and I believed it
back then,
but bad things kept happening.
Mom tried to protect us
with God.
Pop tried to protect us
with wrestling.
He said if we were
the toughest, the strongest,
the most successful...
...nothing could ever hurt us.
I believed him. We all did.
We loved our father.
And we loved wrestling.
One, two, three, four!
One, two...
That's an eye gouge!
That's a trip.
And stay out,
you son of a bitch!
Or I'll come out of retirement.
One, two, three!
Ladies and gentlemen,
the winner and the new
Texas Heavyweight Champion,
Kevin Von Erich.
-Congratulations, son.
You did well.
Thanks, Pop.
This is just the start.
Tomorrow you're back
working harder than ever!
-Proud of you!
-Yes, sir!
-Morning, son.
Pants tomorrow please, David.
Sorry, Ma.
I couldn't find them.
They are in the wash.
Heard of it?
Michael, breathe.
Eat like you're starving mutt.
Good morning.
That's why I eat quickly.
They take my food, Ma.
Mike, you need to start
hitting the weights more, kid.
You're growing well,
but you need to bulk up,
get some strength
in those arms.
I'll always have
your back, Michael.
You won't always be
Mike's fine, Pop.
Kid won't be able
to defend himself.
Well, may not be the strongest,
but I still can eat the most.
It's not a joke.
Kerry is about to become
the family's first Olympian.
Kevin is the NWA Texas Champion.
-David is about to make
his ring debut.
-Pop, come on.
It's time for you
to start thinking about
what you're gonna be.
Now we all know
Kerry's my favorite, then Kev,
then David then Mike,
but the rankings
can always change.
Everyone can work
their way up or down.
Hold it up a little higher.
That's it. Now push forward.
Goddamn it, Mike!
Come on!
Come on, David,
I gotta take a dump.
-Hurry up in there, man.
-Mike, shut up!
Give me a second.
Come in.
-Hi, Mom.
-Hey, Kevin.
Hey, I've been thinking.
Can I talk to you
about something?
Baby, that's what
your brothers are for.
I know, but--
I don't want to be late.
Dad's too tough on Mike,
You gotta say something.
-Kevin, that's between them.
Now go, get ready.
We leave in 15 minutes.
All right.
-Hey, how are you?
-How you been?
Nice to see you.
Come on in.
-How are you?
Hi, how you doing?
-Hey, how you doing?
Howdy. How you doing?
All right, good.
-This is your biggest fan.
-Thank you.
It's nice to see you again.
Likewise. Likewise.
Thank you so much.
Thanks for coming out,
How are you?
Good to see you again.
See this guy?
Yeah, that was good.
That was... That was good.
All right, bye.
See you later.
How was
orchestra practice, Michael?
It was great. Thanks, Ma.
I'm starving. Uh...
Can we get burgers
on the way?
We got food
in the cooler.
I miss Kerry.
He would get burgers for me
right now.
I'll eat a burger with you,
little brother.
-Come on.
-Come on, Kev.
All right.
Hi, Kevin!
Welcome back,
ladies and gentlemen.
We have the newly-crowned
Texas Heavyweight Champion,
Kevin Von Erich here,
and he is scheduled
to fight in a tag-team match
later on tonight
against Gino Hernandez
and Bruiser Brody.
But his partner
is still a mystery.
That's right, Bill.
First off, I just wanna say
to Gino,
you've been running
that mouth of yours
way, way too long,
and I'm here
to take care of it.
Boy, oh, boy.
Do I have somethin' special for you tonight, buddy.
-Can we just do that again
from that top, yeah?
Yeah, absolutely.
-Thank you.
Take it
from the top, okay?
Welcome back,
ladies and gentlemen.
We have the newly-crowned
Texas Heavyweight Champion,
Kevin Von Erich here tonight,
and he's scheduled to fight
in a tag-team match
against Gino Hernandez
and Bruiser Brody.
But his partner
is still a mystery.
That's right, Bill.
First off,
I just wanna say that, Gino,
you've been shooting
your mouth off way, way too long
about me and my family.
I got something special
for you, boy, oh, boy.
It ain't gonna be
all roses... Fuck.
It's okay.
We'll go again.
-David, I hear you. Stop.
-I didn't say anything.
Welcome back,
ladies and gentlemen.
We have the newly-crowned
Texas Heavyweight Champion,
Kevin Von Erich here
and he is scheduled to fight
in a tag-team match
later on tonight
against Gino Hernandez
and Bruiser Brody.
But his partner
still remains a mystery.
That's right, Bill.
I got something special for...
that the hometown crowd fans
are really gonna love...
You know, first off,
I just wanna say, Gino,
you've been
shooting your mouth...
shooting your...
shooting your mouth...
-Shit, sorry.
If it's so easy, you get up
here and do it then.
Yeah, I mean
I... I'd love to,
but it'll kind of ruin
the surprise, you know?
Yeah, I know.
-You're not helping.
-All right.
Just get out of here.
-Wanna try again?
-Yeah, yes. Okay.
I'll give you a big boot,
so I want you to really sell it.
I tag Gino in,
fight him back.
Give him a body slam,
an elbow drop.
He's gonna drive you
to the corner, stay there
'cause I'm gonna be
coming in and take the post.
And I'm a go straight up top,
so don't leave me there
too long.
-Okay. Cross body.
I'll still be sellin'
I'll heat up.
-And then double dropkick?
-Then the Claw?
-Right, yeah.
You been working on that
with your dad?
A little, yeah.
All right, just don't fuck
with my hair too much,
All right, David.
Welcome to the show.
One, two...
And a kick out
from Gino...
Let's go, David.
David picks up Gino,
but he pushes him
in the corner.
And here comes Brody
charging across the ring.
He misses him. He misses him.
And comes all the way back
over to the side.
Kevin getting up
on the top rope.
Brody dazed now.
And a huge
flying cross body
knocks down Brody.
The brothers line up
a double drop kick.
An incredible double drop kick.
Blowing the roof off
of this place!
Can you hear
these people?
And here comes
the Iron Claw,
his father's notorious
signature move.
Oh, and he slaps it on Gino.
Look at him.
The pain is too much.
Gino taps out,
and the Von Erichs win.
Look out, NWA.
David and Kevin Von Erich
are here!
David and Kevin Von Erich!
-No problem.
Excuse me.
Can you make it out to Emily?
-Emily. That's for you.
-Thank you, thank you.
Thank you.
Thanks for coming, guys.
-Thank you so much.
-Thank you so much.
Yeah, thanks for coming.
Come next week, all right?
I'm gonna go.
-Okay, bye.
-Bye, bye.
All right.
Hi, Kevin.
Hey, um...
Can I get your autograph?
-Yeah, sure.
Oh, don't you wanna ask me
who to make it out to?
Oh, yeah. Sure.
It's Pam.
You're supposed to say,
"Nice to meet you, Pam."
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Uh, it is nice to meet you,
It's nice
to meet you too, Kevin.
Did you, uh,
want my brother to sign?
No, just you.
Okay, then.
Your folks not teach you
how to ask questions?
Like what?
Well, like, you know,
"Who shall I make this out to?"
Or, um, or...
"Would you like to have a drink
with me sometime, Pam?"
Are you asking me out?
Make me feel a little worse
while you're at it.
No, no, no.
Sorry, no, I, uh...
I would love
to go out with you, Pam.
Wasn't that... Yeah, I just...
I've just never been
asked before.
Well, hopefully,
it will go well
and then no one else
will have the chance
to ask you again.
David's good.
David's good.
Got the Saturday ratings back.
Highest numbers ever.
And somebody called me
from over at ESPN.
They wanna offer us
a national slot
for Saturday nights.
That's great news.
Break it down for me.
Well, it's good
financial base.
Uh, we'll have ad revenue.
Bigger and bigger names
coming through.
But if we perform and we have
a World Heavyweight Champion
in our roster,
we could be
the biggest promotion
in wrestling.
Oh, we'll have
a World Heavyweight Champion.
I can promise you that.
-Let's move forward.
-There you go.
Yeah, have a good one.
Are you this famous
No, not everywhere.
-They're not such big fans
up in Missouri.
That's for sure.
You travel a lot?
Uh, yeah. Yeah.
We go out on the road.
But we don't have to
as much anymore,
because our show
is doing so well.
So, what do you want in life,
Kevin Von Erich?
More ribs.
I wanna be
World Heavyweight Champion.
Well, can you just explain
that to me
'cause ain't it all just fake?
There's nothing fake
about what we do.
Okay. All right. All right.
Not fake.
Um... prearranged?
Look, you move up
in any industry
based on your performances,
So a belt, like my Texas title,
is really just a job promotion.
The promoters keep you
moving up if you do well.
And if you reach the top,
you become World Champ
as a reward,
because you're the best
based on your ability
and on how the crowd
responds to you.
Is that all you want?
No. Of course not.
I wanna be with my family.
You know,
be with my brothers.
Mmm, that's sweet.
What do you like to do
with your brothers?
Anything. I don't know.
Just being together,
we can do anything.
What about you?
Well, I wanna be a vet.
I want kids.
I want my own practice.
I want a man
who's okay with that.
So, would you be okay with
Oh, damn right, I would.
We could be one of those
modern super couples.
We can have our own ranch.
Everyone could come
live with us.
All my brothers, their families.
You know, you have
oldest brother syndrome.
-Yeah, you wanna take care
of everyone.
I'm not the oldest though.
When I was five,
my big brother,
Jack Jr., he died.
Oh. Oh, my God.
Kevin, I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
Oh, it's all right.
I don't really
think about it.
Not anymore.
What was that like?
I don't know. It was strange.
As a kid, he just, uh...
He just wasn't there
to play with one day.
So, I'm not the oldest.
I must have the, uh...
the second oldest brother
I'm so sorry.
It's a part
of the family curse, I guess.
What's that?
Oh, I'm just joking.
What, you never heard
of the curse of the Von Erichs?
Oh, it's uh...
it's a silly story.
My dad changed his last
name to Von Erich,
which was my grandma's
last name.
And I don't know,
I guess her family
had all sorts of tragedy.
So, when my brother died,
people started saying that
it was this curse.
But I don't believe
in any of that.
I know it was all
just bad luck.
Well, I don't believe in curses,
and I don't believe in luck.
I think we make
our own luck.
You're lucky then.
-Hey, Pop.
Get in here.
Come in, son. Sit down.
Big news for you.
I booked Harley Race
to come to the Sportatorium.
You are gonna fight
the World Heavyweight Champion.
No way.
You kidding me, Pop?
Your first match will be
a non-title fight,
but if you put a whooping on him
and show the world who you are
and what you can do,
you will become
the number one contender
for the World
Heavyweight Championship
and get your title shot.
Pop, thank you.
Thank you.
I... I will make you so
I've dreamed of having that belt
in this house my whole career
but the NWA never gave me
the chance I deserved.
I got close many times,
but they always robbed me
at the last minute.
So you have to take
this opportunity.
You can be the one
to bring it home for us.
Yes, sir.
I am the four-time
World Heavyweight Champion.
Me, Harley Race,
the real
World Heavyweight Champion.
Not any of this plastic nonsense
that you all parade around with
out there.
You have all these guys
walking around
talking loud about
how they are the man.
Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes,
Tommy Rich,
or one of your snot-nosed
Von Erich kids.
this belt is the only measure
of who is the man.
And that man is me.
The World's
Heavyweight Champion,
Harley Race.
Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen,
and welcome
to an exciting night
of World Class
Championship Wrestling
on ESPN.
Tonight we have
a momentous main event,
NWA World Heavyweight Champ
Harley Race is in town
to take on Texas Champion,
Kevin Von Erich.
And here we go, folks.
You can feel the excitement here
at the world famous Sportatorium
in downtown Dallas, Texas.
As that man right there,
local hero Kevin Von Erich
faces his biggest challenge
to date.
Four-time World Champion,
the indomitable Harley Race.
What an occasion this is
for Von Erich family.
The 3,500 fans in the building
and everyone watching at home
as we are broadcasting
in 62 countries
around the world.
All eyes are on this contest.
Now this is a non-title fight.
The belt cannot change hands
here, tonight.
But it is a tremendous
opportunity for Kevin.
If he can win, he would become
the number one contender.
And they lock up,
Harley Race overpowering Kevin
into the corner.
And he delivers a big blow
to the mid-section,
knocks the wind
right out of him.
Not a great start
for the young man
looking to make an impression
here tonight.
And a devastating shot
to the lower back
puts Kevin on the mat.
He's lining up a big shot
and Kevin blocks it
and returns a punch.
Connects once. Twice.
And three times.
Hits Harley Race again
pretty hard on that one.
Kevin coming off the ropes
with a clothesline.
The champ doesn't budge.
Kevin again off the ropes.
Oh, and he knocks him down.
He knocks down the old oak tree,
Harley Race,
with a spectacular
flying clothesline.
But the champ is right back up.
Shaking it off.
Kevin goes straight
into a bear hug.
Looking for that
belly-to-back suplex.
Hey, break it off.
Break it off!
Oh, and a low blow.
Oh, I don't think
the Ref saw that.
Kevin's struggling now.
A vicious tactic from Race
who looks to get back on top
in this contest.
Let's go for a ride, kid.
Oh, and he...
he tosses Kevin
over the top rope.
My goodness.
Kevin crashes down
on that concrete floor.
Race, absolutely ruthless,
gets Kevin in a suplex.
Oh, no. I hope he doesn't do it.
And he does!
Harley Race puts
a standing suplex
on Kevin Von Erich,
directly onto
the concrete floor.
Kevin is down.
This crowd is stunned.
Kevin is not moving, folks.
Kevin Von Erich is not moving.
Harley Race
gets back up to the ring.
Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!
Come on. Get up.
Four! Five!
Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!
He's starting to step up.
He's starting to come up,
slowly but surely.
He crawls up. Kevin Von Erich.
What this man has been through.
He's seen it all. He's--
Well, he's self-sacrificed.
He's worked very, very hard,
and here he is,
back in the ring
with Harley Race.
Kick to the ribs.
That has to do some damage.
And this is why Harley Race
is the most dominant champion
of our time.
Kevin's gasping for air
as Race gets him
into yet another suplex.
But Kevin spins out
and a knee right in the jaw,
knocking the champ flat
on his back.
He's back in this match.
And here he comes
off the ropes.
And a big splash.
This could be it.
-One, two...
-One, two!
And Race gouges
Kevin's eyes.
The Ref cautioning,
but he doesn't wanna hear.
Oh, and he throws the Ref out.
And that's it.
Surely, he will be disqualified.
Yes, and there's the bell,
The boos ring out.
The fans did not want
to see it end like this.
And the winner
by disqualification,
Kevin Von Erich.
Oh, oh,
here comes David Von Erich.
Get out of here!
Get out of here!
I dare you to come back in!
Harley Race, I dare you!
Go on. Get out of here.
You ain't got no place here.
Harley Race.
You coward.
You afraid I was gonna beat you
Harley Race,
tonight we showed you
what we're made of.
All right?
You came into
our building with our fans...
And my brother here
put a good old fashion
Texas whooping on you.
You are the past, my friend.
We are the future of this sport.
So, you keep on running,
but everyone sees you.
Oh, yeah. Everyone sees you.
And we'll catch you
whether you're man enough
to stop back through Dallas
or if we have to chase you
down in Missouri.
My brother here
deserves his rematch
and he will fight you anywhere,
anytime for a fair shot
at that
NWA World Heavyweight title.
You were long getting up.
Yeah. I've just never hit
the floor that hard before.
You gotta take it
and get up.
Yeah, I know.
He wasn't supposed
to throw me out the ring.
Caught me off guard.
There was nothing I could do.
I physically...
I just couldn't move.
This is how they test you.
-Did I do enough
to get my rematch?
-Of course, you did.
We'll see.
Those rat bastards will use
any excuse they can
to screw us over.
But I'll chase 'em.
Great on the mic, son.
Really great.
We'll get you out
on the road,
get you some more
Hey listen.
Dad's downplaying it
'cause he doesn't wanna
get your hopes up.
But you were incredible
out there.
Why didn't you let me
Well, you didn't.
You should've let me talk.
Yeah, I'm sorry, Kev,
I thought I was helping.
Hey, smile, man.
You just beat
the World Heavyweight Champion
out there.
All right, Kerry,
let's make this a big one.
You all set?
In my judgement,
what we are doing
is preserving the principles
and the quality of the Olympics,
not destroying it.
It is absolutely imperative
that we and other nations
who believe in freedom
and who believe in human rights,
let our voices be heard
in an absolutely clear way
and not add the imprimatur
of approval
to the Soviet Union
and its government
while they have 105,000
heavily-armed invading forces
in the freedom-loving,
and innocent,
and deeply religious country
of Afghanistan.
And I hope
recognition of a grateful nation
will at least partially make up
for the sacrifice
that you'll have to make
this summer
in not going to Moscow
for the Summer Olympics.
I can't say at this moment
what other nations will not go.
Ours will not go.
Welcome home, Kerry.
I'm sorry
it didn't work out, Pop.
Me too, son.
-Hey, Ma.
-Hey, boys. Hi.
Come here, man.
Oh, Mikey. Look at you.
Ready, set!
You're the fastest
in the family, Kev.
No one could ever catch you.
You still got it, son.
Gotta put him on his ass
before he breaks past you,
Blue 82. Hut, hike!
-That's how you make
a hit on someone.
-What? Come on!
Hut hike!
You gotta dive
for them, Mike.
You gotta lay out for that.
Come on, son.
Oh, my God, look at that!
That's why you're the best
linebacker in the state, Kerry.
Coach Royal called me from UT.
He said, "Why is the best
linebacker in the state
watching from the stands?"
Good job, son.
-Hey, Pam.
I can pour you some more...
more lemonade or something.
Sure, thanks, Mike.
You keep a hold on her, son.
She's a good one.
You put that down,
someone else will pick it up.
Yes, sir.
Hey, I, uh...
I saw the new show, Pop.
It's great.
And I was real proud
watching you fight Harley, Kev.
Thanks, Kerry.
Now, when's the rematch?
Uh, not sure yet.
We just haven't got the call.
-I'm working on it.
Hey, Ker, you see
all the new camera angles?
-They're cool, right?
We're talking about wrestling,
not camera angles.
Your brother fought
the World Champion
on national TV.
Who gives a damn about
camera angles?
Hey, how's the music coming,
Hey, what do you play?
Lots of things.
Um... viola, violin, piano,
some other instruments.
Musical like his father.
Dad's musical?
When I first met
your father,
he was classically trained
on the clarinet
and had a Music scholarship
to University of Texas.
But he gave it up
to play football
at Southern Methodist.
Decided there was
no future in music.
I chose sport and I was right.
He used to play
the most beautiful pieces for me
when we first dated.
Such a well-rounded man.
Not like anyone I ever met.
Dottie, please.
I've been meaning
to tell everyone, I...
well, I got this...
I got this quartet
that I'm a part of from school
and, um, well, we...
we actually have a gig.
-Michael, that's great.
That's the thing.
It's... well it's tonight
at UT, Dallas.
No. You're too young
to set foot
on a university campus
on a Saturday night.
Ma... Kev... Kev went
on national tour at 17.
Excuse me.
That was for work.
Your mom said no
and that's the end of it.
This is work.
We're... We're getting paid.
I mean, we could take him.
Yeah. Yeah, we could.
We could...
He could play the gig,
and we'll leave right after.
No. The answer is no.
Get down, get down.
Okay, come on.
Watch out.
Oh, yeah.
He knows what he's doing.
...five, six, seven, eight,
nine, ten!
Yeah! All right!
Look at my beautiful brothers.
He's got an appetite.
Yeah, Kerry can put 'em
back for sure.
That's good.
He's letting off steam.
So, what do you think?
Like we're a lot.
I love your family, Kevin.
You know, you're beautiful.
Yeah, come on.
-Oh, my God.
-I got it.
-This okay?
-Oh, yeah.
-Hey, uh...
Have you ever?
What? Why?
Why, would that be a problem?
What. No. No, no, no.
Not at all, no.
What is it then?
I just, uh... I just...
Honey, never?
Not never, never.
Oh, Kevin, you sweet thing.
One, two, three!
He did it! He did it!
Ric Flair has just defeated
the NWA World Heavyweight
Champion, Harley Race.
There you see,
he's up on the screen,
you folks.
Ric Flair, the new--
-Yes, sir.
I don't know if you've been
thinking about your future,
but you should think
about wrestling.
Now, I wouldn't wish wrestling
on any of you.
I only wrestled
to provide for you all.
And I always hoped you boys
would choose another profession.
But the Olympics has been
taken from you
the way professional football
was taken from me.
The world keeps taking from us,
and I'm sick of it.
I wanna fight back.
And the more of us
in it together, the better.
So, Kerry, I want you to join
your brothers in the ring.
Yes, sir, I'd love that.
Glad to hear it, son.
Thank you.
Get you training,
little brother.
Whoo! Okay.
One, two...
We get Kerry front-row St. Louis
and the crowd was electrified.
He's gonna be
World Heavyweight Champion
one day.
You aren't pressing.
This is pressing.
You feel that? You feel that?
Now push.
Damn it!
Well, you gotta get this!
Freebirds, ever since
you've arrived in the WCCW,
you've done nothing but lie,
bully and cheat your way to
victory. And we're sick of it.
There you go.
Now, you've made this
about Georgia versus Texas
and it isn't.
It's about filth versus decency.
And you know it.
And we're here today
to restore justice and order
to the wrestling federation
that our father built
with his own two hands.
The hands that were passed down
to us.
The hands that will deliver
the Iron Claw to you.
Welcome to WCCW.
The only promotion
being broadcast worldwide.
To my left at a combined weight
of 740 pounds
from Bad Street, Atlanta,
The reigning NWA
six-man tag team champions,
The Fabulous Freebirds.
And the challengers
from Denton, Texas,
weighing in at a combined weight
of 690 pounds,
Kevin, Kerry,
and David Von Erich.
It's total mayhem.
Gordy kicks out
and Hayes elbows his own man.
Kerry moving out of the way
just in time.
All hell has broken loose.
Kevin tossing Michael Hayes
through the ropes,
the Ref trying to restore
some order here.
He forces Kevin
back to his corner.
Buddy Roberts comes in.
Two-on-one on Kerry.
Oh, no. But Kerry flips Buddy
over the top rope.
Kerry off the ropes
with a cross body.
Terry Gordy catches him.
What he's going to do with him?
Here comes David
with a drop kick.
Kerry falls on Gordy.
And that's it.
That's it!
The Von Erichs win!
What a special moment
-The winners and new NWA World's
Six-man tag team champions,
Kevin, Kerry,
and David Von Erich!
You did it.
I'm real proud of you.
tonight you saw
the strength and resilience
of my family.
We're sending a message
to Sam Muchnick
and every other territory
out there in the NWA.
WCCW is the best
in the business.
The Von Erichs are the best
in the business.
And we're coming for you all.
Well, Fritz, calling out the man
who runs the NWA on air
by name.
That's a bold
and unprecedented move.
It's necessary, Bill,
because I will make it
my life's work to see to it
that David Von Erich
will be the next
NWA World Heavyweight Champion.
And then each and every
one of my sons
starting with Kevin,
then Kerry, then Mike.
All one day will lift that
World Heavyweight title belt,
because the Von Erich's
are and will forever be
the greatest family
in the history of wrestling.
Congratulations, boys.
I'm sure he doesn't mean
me first.
Pop doesn't make mistakes
like that.
Is there a problem?
No, sir.
I've got good news.
We are finally getting
a World Heavyweight title shot
with Ric Flair.
And they want it to be you,
Don't look to your brother.
This is your time,
your opportunity.
You've been chosen.
You earned it.
You'll go on the road
and feud with Flair
in every territory in America
over the next six months.
Then you'll go to Japan.
You can't be World Champion
unless you win over Japan.
Then you'll fight with Flair
at Parade of Champions in May
at Texas Stadium.
Are you up for it?
Of course I am.
I love you, Pop.
I love you too, son.
I've waited my whole life
to have that belt.
We've had a couple of setbacks,
but I can feel it.
If you perform,
the title will be ours.
Now, this wouldn't be happening
without the two of you.
You've made your brother better,
and your collective effort
has pushed him to the top.
Keep it up out there.
You never know
when your opportunity will come.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Fuck yeah, David.
Fuck yeah.
Too much already? It's early.
Who is it?
Shit, brother. You all right?
Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, we got just
some stomach cramps.
Jesus, man.
-You need to see a doctor.
-No, I'm fine.
You're not fine.
No, it's just a bug
I picked up on the road.
Don't worry about it.
Maybe you're pushing too hard.
You need to rest.
I'm almost there.
You think it's gonna slow down
when you become world champion?
I'm fine, Kev.
Seriously, I'm just sick.
I'll be good.
I don't think you should go
to Japan next week.
Okay. All right, yeah.
-For sure.
-Hey, Dave.
I just wanna say,
I didn't take it so well,
you jumping me and all.
I understand.
I got pretty angry.
Not at you.
Just at the whole situation.
Thing is, I didn't even really
want it that bad.
I just love being out there
with you guys.
It's the only thing
that matters to me.
Look at you, man.
Married two hours
and already losing
your competitive edge.
I'll be pretty happy to focus
on my family though.
Turns out
this is a shotgun wedding.
-You rat bastard.
-Don't tell anyone.
God damn it, Kev.
Oh, man, that makes me
so happy.
-I'm gonna be an uncle?
-Yes, sir.
Gonna be an uncle, all right.
I'm happy for you guys.
Now we got
some dancing to do.
Come on.
Hold on. Let me look at
you real quick.
No, I'm good.
Let's go. Let's get out there.
Look how lovely she looks
when she puts a little effort
into her appearance.
They're a great couple.
Reminds me of a couple
I knew once.
How about we get out of here,
Well, I could use some air.
We could take advantage
of the situation.
No boys in the house.
And I don't have to worry
about you getting me
pregnant anymore.
Big stud.
Pop, what is it?
What happened?
He died in his hotel room
in Japan.
A ruptured intestine.
How does that happen?
Take those sunglasses off.
All of you.
No hiding.
And I don't wanna see
any tears.
The Lord decided it was time
for David to move on.
We have to accept that.
In his 25 years, he lived
75 years' worth of life.
Kev, sorry I sent this
to the house.
I couldn't remember
your new address.
I miss you, brother.
You gotta come with me
next time.
It's wild over here.
Someone asked me
for an autograph today
because they thought I was you.
It made me very happy.
I'll probably be home
by the time you get this,
so this is stupid.
But just wanted to send.
See you soon.
Come on, hon!
I am here if you wanna talk.
No. I'm good.
It's hard to see clearly
in this dark moment,
but we cannot let this tragedy
define us.
Our greatness will be measured
by our response to adversity.
Now, David's title match
against Ric Flair
at Parade of Champions
is a moment of a lifetime.
We still have a chance
to bring the World Heavyweight
Championship home
if one of you will step up
and wrestle in his place.
Everything we have
ever worked for in the ring
is riding on this moment.
I'll do it.
I can do it, Dad.
I can do it, too.
Kerry, I'll do it.
I'm ready, Dad. I want it.
You don't have to.
It's my mess.
No! I deserve it, too!
Boys, boys.
It's a tough decision.
You are the oldest Kev,
but Kerry's been getting
the most heat lately.
We're gonna flip a coin.
That's the only fair way
to decide.
Heads for Kerry.
Tails for Kevin.
Texas Stadium,
please welcome
the modern-day warrior,
Kerry Von Erich!
35,000 people here to celebrate
the life of David Von Erich.
Make sure you're on
for his brother,
Kerry Von Erich.
Ric Flair here,
can't find a handle.
The champion is always
the favorite
in a match like this.
Here on the biggest stage.
Stepover to the hold from Flair,
and Kerry puts a stop to that.
He knocks it away.
Here's Flair, to the ropes.
Wants to toss Kerry, but...
Kerry's... Kerry's got him.
He's got him in a backslide.
There's the pin. Two, Three.
The dream has come true, yes!
Kerry Von Erich, the NWA World
Heavyweight Champion.
He wins it
for his brother David,
for his father Fritz.
And for the whole
Von Erich family.
-The Winner and new
-World Heavyweight Champion,
Kerry Von Erich!
Hey, I didn't know
you were still here.
Yeah, just helping Pop.
I'm about to head home.
How you doing?
I'm having trouble
coming down.
Yeah. Yeah, I bet.
I can't believe
it's finally in our family.
You know what?
I think I'm gonna go for a ride
or something.
All right. Yeah, be careful.
-Hey, Ker.
You were great today.
Thank you.
Is everything correct?
Actually, his last name
will be Adkisson.
That's my birth name.
Do you have
your birth certificate?
Yes, I do.
Let me update it
and I'll be right back.
Are you sure
you wanna do that?
I just... I'll feel safer
for him, I think.
Kev, you know
it's got nothing to do
with the name.
Yeah, I know.
Don't cross your damn feet.
Yup. Stand tall.
Use your height!
Hey! That doesn't mean anything,
all right?
Twist it again,
make it mean something.
Keep that S grip tight.
I don't wanna see any windows.
There's no air in there.
Switch your hips.
Switch your feet.
Come on, God damn it.
Switch your feet.
-Like that?
There it is.
Let's do it again.
It's... it's still not...
It's fine, Mike.
You're doing fine.
Just keep going.
Circle up.
Michael Von Erich,
moving around the ring.
He looks ready for this match.
Hey, Hey.
Come here. Where does it hurt?
-Hey, Doc.
-Kevin. Fritz.
How'd it go?
Um, we completed
the surgery as planned.
We repaired the shoulder,
but it was trickier
than we anticipated.
Mike's temperature skyrocketed.
We worked really hard
to bring it down,
but it was close to 107 degrees
for almost two hours.
We believe he suffered
toxic shock syndrome.
What does that mean?
I'm sorry to say that
Mike is in a coma.
What? How?
It was a routine
shoulder surgery.
Well, it's rare,
but it happens.
All we can do now is wait
and pray he pulls through.
I'm very sorry.
Why is this
happening to us?
Why does it
just keep happening?
-Okay, baby, stay with me.
But it keeps happening.
It's taken over.
It was a terrible accident.
Nothing more.
He shouldn't
have even been in the ring.
This is not your fault.
If you want to blame someone,
you blame your father,
but it is not your fault.
-I should've stopped him.
No. No.
What could you do, Kevin?
There is no getting through
to that man.
Hey. Hey, hon.
I'm late for work,
and I can't get him to settle.
Can you take him for me?
I can't.
What? Just...
Okay, just take him
till your mom gets here.
I gotta go.
I can't.
Kevin! Come on.
Yeah. Sorry.
Here. Oh, honey, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Thank you all for coming,
and thank you
all the love and support.
Hey, Mike,
are you feeling okay?
We're all just so excited
that Mike pulled through.
Shows how much
of a fighter he is.
And, uh...
after losing David, it's just...
it's too much to think
that we almost lost Mike, too.
I... I'm moved that, uh,
my whole family is here
with me through everything.
And, uh...
that y'all out there
sent flowers.
and, um,
I'm thankful to everyone.
So what's
the timeframe for your return
to the ring, Mike?
I know I'll be back, uh,
Yeah, soon.
Mike's a fighter
more than people even realize,
I think.
And he's gonna be back
in the ring in no time.
One, two, three!
-Here you go.
That's the house I grew up in.
I painted that.
What, what?
Why didn't you tell anyone?
I had my reasons.
Just don't remember
'em anymore.
I'm scared, Ma.
God loves you, Michael.
There is nothing
to be scared of.
I'm not David.
Everybody wants me to be David,
but I can't replace him.
Come on!
I see how much pain you're in.
We can't rush this.
It's gonna take time, Kerry.
I'm ready. I'm ready. Again!
Maybe this is God trying
to tell you to slow down.
Maybe you should do
something else
with your life.
So, you're the only brother
left in the ring?
You get all daddy's attention?
Fuck you.
I want you in the ring.
I can't do this by myself!
Come on! Come on!
Can't just hide this, Kerry.
You want back in?
Then get up.
You want back in, then get up!
Get up!
I'm sorry if I hurt you,
but I'm going to a better place.
Doris, honey, we should go.
I can't put it on.
Everyone will recognize it.
I can't.
I can't. I... I need a...
a new dress.
Honey. Honey, listen to me.
People here love you.
All right? They don't care.
Doris... we all love you.
All right, come on.
-All right.
-Come on.
Today we are here
to lay to rest our son,
Michael Brett Adkisson,
my sweet, beautiful boy.
Kind, funny,
and, uh, truly good.
Are you coming home tonight?
I don't know. I'm not sure.
Um, I know how painful this is.
I do.
And, uh, I'm trying
to be patient but this...
this doesn't work for me.
-I know.
So, just come home, all right?
Just be with us.
I don't want him to get it.
I don't want you guys
to catch it.
Kevin, you can't be serious.
I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.
Come home.
I can't, okay?
Ever since I was a child,
people said
my family was cursed.
It never seemed to worry
my father.
He said if we were the toughest,
the strongest...
The toughest,
the strongest...
...the most
...the most successful,
-the absolute best...
-...the absolute best,
nothing could ever hurt us.
I believed him.
We all did.
This match
is scheduled for one fall
and it's for the NWA World
Heavyweight Championship.
Now, Ric,
there's been a lot of talk
that you've been resisting
coming down to the Sportatorium
to defend your title
against Kevin Von Erich.
It is so hard to be humble
when you're looking
like Ric Flair.
You see the difference
between me
and a lot of these
so-called big-time stars
is that I'm custom made
from head to toe.
That's why I've got
the biggest house,
on the biggest hill
on the biggest side of town.
That's why this sports coat
costs $800.
And I don't know
what that costs!
I'd be ashamed to wear it!
That's why I've got
on lizard shoes
and a Rolex watch,
and I've got
a limousine out there,
a mile long
with 25 women in it
just dying for me to go,
Now, let's get to
the less pretty facts of life.
Kevin, your daddy got together
with the powers that be
and ordered me back down
here to Dallas
a nothing-happenin',
second rate sports community.
I am the World's Heavyweight
because I am the greatest
wrestler alive today,
the toughest wrestler
alive today.
I have bled and sweat
for this title
and no daddy's boy
is going to take that from me.
This is
professional wrestling.
It is the most grueling of all
professional sports.
I've been stabbed,
hit by chairs,
beat up by everybody.
I don't cry.
I don't complain. I carry on.
But the bottom line is...
You're denying--
I am talking
right now.
Hey, listen to me.
Listen to me.
I'll tell you what, you like
talking to me on the show.
You'll listen to me talk
while I'm out here.
The bottom line is,
if you're a man,
you take the ups and downs.
If you're a real man,
you'll never go down.
You'll just stay up.
That's why I am the World's
Heavyweight Champion.
And I can go through
Kevin Von Erich,
or any Von Erich
in the worst day of my life.
Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
Walk the aisle, daddy's boy!
Walk the aisle!
And here comes Kevin.
A meteoric rise
these last two months
to become
the number one contender
for the NWA World
Heavyweight title,
the most prized belt
in all of wrestling,
the only title
that escaped his father,
living legend Fritz Von Erich.
Ric, come on.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
Come on, now.
Come on.
Kevin, come on, now.
Kevin, no, no, no.
Kev, Kev, come on.
What are you doing?
Okay, Kevin,
come on now. Break the hold.
One, two, three...
Come on, Kev, break the hold.
-Come on, Kev, back up.
-Leave me alone!
-Come on, Kev!
-Leave me alone!
Ring the bell.
Ring the bell.
Winner by disqualification
and still NWA World
Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair.
-What are you doing?
-Come on. Hey! Come on, Kev.
Get off of him!
Kevin Von Erich
has been disqualified.
What the fuck happened, Kev?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Ah, Kevin.
Oh, man. You were great.
You were one
crazy son of a bitch.
I mean,
I always thought
you were a little soft,
but, baby, you got it.
I'll give you a rematch
any day.
Christ, let's get a drink.
Where can we get fucked up
around here?
Oh, I'm... I'm good. Thanks.
All right, well,
if you change your mind,
let me know.
I'll be down
at the Holiday Inn. Phew.
Come on, son.
Hang on, I hear you.
Hang on, I'm just gonna
have to...
-What's up?
Hey, guys. How you doing?
-How was your day?
It was amazing, yeah.
-What'd you learn?
-We have learnt...
Hey, boys,
come set up for dinner.
A couple more pieces of it.
-Hey, Mom.
-Hey, Mom!
Hi, Mom.
Oh, hello, hello. I love you.
May I be excused?
Have one more piece
of broccoli.
-All right.
-Make it two.
All right. Get out of here.
Hey, how was your day?
It was... long.
-Yeah, all right.
We need to make a change.
We need a bigger boat.
So, what did you decide,
I think we need
to cut down again
to one show.
Two is still too many.
We can get the guys touring
during the week.
Bring 'em home
for a Saturday night.
That sounds painful,
but smart.
The numbers just haven't been
there since Kerry went
to the WWF.
Jerry called again this morning,
It's a good offer.
You should think about it.
Hey, Dad.
So, we have an offer
on the table
from Jerry Jarrett.
He wants to buy us out.
Son, I didn't give you
the company
so you could turn around
and sell it.
I need to think about
my family, Dad.
I'm almost broke.
We need a house.
And we can't fit
in that apartment anymore.
If you sell, you can forget
about stepping through
these doors again.
Damn, you're almost
40 years old.
Still can't take care
of yourself.
I've been through the books.
It doesn't add up.
I didn't make nearly
what it says I did.
I did what was right all along.
You think living here
was a free ride?
Don't you dare question me.
One, two, three!
Atta boy, Kerry.
That's how you do it.
Look at your uncle, boys.
-Welcome home, champ.
We've been watching
every match on the TV.
Thanks. Thanks, Pop.
Oh, hands-man.
Hey, Pam.
Where's the babies?
Where's the babies?
-They're asleep.
It's so nice to meet you.
-You're late.
-Yeah, I know.
-Who's this?
-That's uh, that's Tania.
-How do you do?
-It's so nice to meet you.
Let me get a look at you.
You look strong, son.
WWF Intercontinental Champion,
second biggest title
in wrestling
since your brother ruined
our promotion.
Knew it was time to retire
when I did.
Kerry, Kerry.
Can you get me a drink, honey?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Dad, I got you, um...
I got you something
for Christmas
and I... I don't wanna wait.
I wanna give it to you now.
Is that all right?
No. Kerry, no.
We wait for Christmas.
Oh, come on, Mom.
It's so good, it's so good.
And Tania and I,
we're going to, uh,
to Mexico for Christmas. Right?
I thought you were home
for Christmas.
I'm here now,
but we got this great deal
on a Christmas day flight
to Mexico.
And, you know,
I need the rest.
Been hitting it hard.
That's, um... That's for you.
Go ahead.
Now, that's a...
a Smith & Wesson .357
25th anniversary.
What do you think?
Hmm. It's beautiful, son.
Thank you.
Don't... don't do that.
Don't do that.
What are you doing?
You gotta shoot that.
Oh, I don't wanna
shoot it now.
Well, you always shoot a gun
when you get it.
I don't wanna shoot it, Kerry.
Why the fuck not?
what is wrong with you?
What, me?
What's wrong with him?
Watch it, son.
You brought company
to the house.
Now, we don't wanna be rude.
Just settle down and we'll have
a nice dinner
that your mother worked hard
to prepare.
Yeah, okay.
Now, come tell me.
When are you getting
your world title shot
over there?
I see your old tag team partner
Hellwig's holding.
That guy's got nothing on you.
Never has.
Oh, soon. Soon, Pop. Soon.
Are these the boys?
They're so cute.
Oh, I'm so excited to be home.
Yeah, I can see.
Let me look at you. Hmm.
-You look good.
-Yeah, you too.
Hey, stop. Stop.
-Hey, you okay?
-Yeah. Never been better.
Yeah, okay.
-Oh, hey. Good. Good.
-You're still up?
Yeah, yeah, I'm up.
Where are you?
Oh, I'm in some hotel
in Dallas.
Why didn't you go home?
You okay?
Oh, I'm scared, man.
I'm scared. I'm out of control.
Well, you've got
to get some help.
I'm in pain.
I'm in pain all the time.
I'm fucking deformed.
It takes too much to hide it.
Well, it doesn't show
in the ring.
They're not giving me
a new contract.
And they got me
in house shows
from now on.
They don't want me anymore.
Well, I've got...
I got nowhere to go.
I got no one.
Where's Tania?
Ain't... That was nothing. I...
I need someone.
You know, I need a family.
Just come here. Stay with us.
No, I can't.
I can't let your boys
see me like this.
Well, then let's get
breakfast somewhere.
Or meet me at home.
Mom can make us pancakes.
You know, I want it all to end.
No, you don't. No, you don't.
You don't mean that.
I do.
I'm fucking cursed.
I wanna die.
How are you gonna
say that to me, huh?
After everything?
It's in me now.
It's got ahold of me.
Kerry, just tell me
where you are,
and I'll come and get you.
Dad. Dad, all right.
Sorry for the early call.
It's okay.
I'm heading out
to do some work.
Where's Mom?
Hey, I just talked to Kerry.
He's in a pretty bad state.
I'm worried about him.
I'm gonna come out there.
We need to figure out
how to help him, okay?
You boys need to work it out
between yourselves.
Just look out for him,
okay, Dad?
I'll be there as soon as I can.
No! No!
Kerry, Kerry, Kerry.
Come on. Hey, Kerry.
I told you to look out
for him!
You didn't take care of him!
You didn't take care
of any of 'em!
He called you,
and you didn't help him!
I don't know
what's on the other side,
but I can't be here anymore.
I walk with my brothers.
Hey brothers!
There he is.
Hey, Mikey.
World champion
of the afterlife, huh?
Oh, finally.
Hey, where's Jack Jr.?
You must be
my oldest brother, Jackie.
So nice to meet you.
Come here.
I love you, Kerry.
Thanks, Kevin.
No, I'd love for you
to stay on wrestling
if you want.
I appreciate it.
I could use the extra work.
Just so you know,
your dad called me
out to his ranch.
Tried to intimidate me
out of buying this from you.
Oh, he never stops.
-Well, glad it didn't work.
I'll give you a minute.
In here.
What are you doing?
What's for dinner?
I didn't make anything.
I'm not hungry.
Wake up! Wake up!
Wake up!
Whoa, okay.
-Careful, careful.
We want pancakes!
How about a good morning?
Good morning!
You okay, Dad?
Hey, I'm sorry.
I... I'm sorry, boys.
You shouldn't see me
like this.
A man doesn't cry.
I'm sorry, boys.
It's okay, Dad. You can cry.
Everyone cries.
Yeah. What are you
talking about?
We cry all the time.
Do you think you know
why you're sad?
Well, I guess it's because
I used to be a brother
and, uh...
and now
I'm not a brother anymore.
Oh, well.
We'll be your brothers, Dad.
Yeah, Dad.
We'll be your brothers.
Thank you, boys.
Thank you.
Thank you.
All right. Thank you, boys.