The Iron Giant (1999) Movie Script

I deliver perfection...
and don't brag about it! :D
Mayday! Mayday!
This is the "Annabelle".
I'm lost and I'm taking on water.
My last good reading is
44 degrees north, 68 degrees...
Portland Station to Annabelle.
What is your position?
I don't know exactly. Off the coast
somewhere near Rockwell! Wait.
The lighthouse! I see it!
Over here, honey!
Hey, Mom! You won't believe
our good luck. Guess what I found?
Hogarth, we've been
through this before. No pets.
But he's not a pet, Mom.
He's a friend.
We've got to rent a room
if we're gonna make ends meet...
...and no one wants
shredded upholstery.
You won't know he's there.
I'll cage him.
Until you feel sorry for him
and set him free in the house!
Do you remember the raccoon, Hogarth?
I remember the raccoon.
Please, Mom, at least look at him.
All right. Where is this guy?
I can't read this handwriting.
That one should have lettuce,
tomato, extra mayo.
I will go get him, okay?
So he wants us to hold the mayo
and the mustard.
How about just hold
the flavor altogether?
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Sir?
Excuse me...!
- What's that?
- Please don't move.
My pet's under your table.
Don't look!
If you make a scene,
my mom won't let me keep him.
- What kind of pet, kid?
- A squirrel.
He's friendly.
I'm telling the truth, dang it!
It came from outer space. I saw it.
And it was headed toward land.
I called the government
in Washington about it.
Maybe it was a Sputnik
or an invader from Mars.
That's what it is.
It's an invader from Mars!
A spaceship of some kind.
An unidentified flying object.
Unidentified? Knowing you, Earl,
I'd say it was either whiskey or beer.
I saw it too.
I rest my case.
I believe you.
What if it is Sputnik?
Or a flying saucer...
...from Mars?
I bet we could find it.
Sorry, kid.
I didn't really see anything.
If we don't stick up
for the kooks, who will?
Is my son bothering you, sir?
No! Call me Dean.
Hogarth, you were going
to get your pet, honey?
I will, Mom.
- Right after I finish talking with...
- Dean.
- Found your pet.
- Where?
Squirrel's up my pants, Hogarth.
I'm trying not to wig out here.
Don't wig out.
Okay. He's heading north now.
I'm sorry, kid. I'd like to apologize
to everyone in advance for this.
Check, please.
It's a rat!
Hello, this is Hogarth Hughes
speaking. Who's calling?
I'm really sorry, but...
Thank you.
I need to work late tonight.
There's chicken in the icebox.
You can have that and carrots...
I'm way ahead of you, Mom.
I'll make it up to you.
-I love you.
- Me too.
And, Hogarth... scary movies, no late snacks,
in bed by 8:00. Got it?
Come on, Mom.
It's me, remember?
Why, the porpoise can communicate
telepathically, Miss Melon.
If we can transplant 15%
of their brain matter into ours...
... we may be able to read minds.
Darn. A perfectly good brain wasted.
You've seen enough.
How about a nightcap?
Let's say my place.
I was thinking the same thing.
Mind reader.
Darn. I seem to have left
my keys in the lab.
You're gonna get it.
Who's there?
Come on!
Stupid antenna.
Invaders from Mars!
Help! Help! Stop! Help!
Don't you know better than
to wander off at night alone?
What if something happened?
I'm sorry, Mom.
Don't you ever do that to me again.
I was so scared.
I thought I'd lost you.
You won't believe this.
Something ate our TV antenna.
No! I'm serious!
It's not Sputnik,
like Mr. Stutz thought.
No, it's a robot!
No, really, it is!
And the robot, it's 100 feet high!
And it eats metal!
Stop it! Just...
I'm not...
I'm not in the mood.
Come on. Let's go home.
A peaceful, stay-at-home
kind of day in a town...
... very much like your own.
But then, suddenly,
without warning...
... atomic holocaust!
But how does one survive
an atomic attack?
Did you hear about crazy Mr. Stutz?
He says his boat
ran into a sea monster.
I heard it was sunk by a meteor.
It was a metal meteor.
It ate his boat. My dad says...
It wasn't any of those.
What would you know about it,
Don't make me come over there.
Hands over your head
Keep low to the ground
Time to duck and cover
The bombs are coming down
Duck and cover
It's about 50 or 60 feet high
and it only eats metal.
Shut up, you little spaz!
It's been sent by foreigners
to take over the country.
We should bomb it to smithereens
before it does.
'Cause all the kids who don't
Will cease to be around
Thanks for the scrap.
Sorry I can't pay you more.
But it's got this...
...this large bite out of it.
That's why I'm selling it.
It's got a large bite out of it.
- What could've done this?
- I told you what.
Strange invaders.
Thanks for believing me.
I really did call the government.
They're sending someone
to take care of the whole thing.
Jeez, Earl.
You really are crazy.
Who in the hell would
the government send?
Kent Mansley,
Unexplained Phenomena.
- Marv Loach. L...
- What happened?
Not sure. Sometimes the line'll snap
if the weather is bad, sure.
But for a whole tower to get
twisted up like that...
It's got me beat.
It's almost like it was bitten off
by some enormous beast.
Enormous beast.
What do you think?
Escaped gorilla?
What department is that again?
I'm not at liberty to reveal
the particulars of my agency...
...and all that that implies.
You mean national security?
Let's put it this way.
Once in a while, things happen...
...that can't be rationalized
in a conventional way.
People wanna know
the government has a response.
I am that response.
So were there any witnesses?
Well, sir, if you'll just follow me.
We did find this.
United States Government, huh?
Guess that means something big's
happening here.
No, Marv. Big things happen
in big places.
The sooner I fill out my report,
the sooner I can get back to them.
Enormous beast, yeah...
Biggest thing here is
the homecoming queen.
Oh, my God!
Come on, I need a witness.
- It's around the corner.
- Don't pull so hard.
It's like a chomp
out of the side of the car.
It's like a bite out
of a sandwich, like a...
What are we looking at here,
Mr. Mansley?
Something big, Marv.
Something big.
Come out!
Hey, big metal guy,
I got food here for you!
Crunchy, delicious metal!
Come and get it!
So I guess you're
not gonna hurt me, huh?
The shutoff switch.
You saw me save you.
So where are you from?
You came from the sky, right?
From up there?
Don't you remember anything?
Maybe it's that bump on your head.
Do you talk?
You know, words? "Blah, blah, blah",
like that? Can you do that?
Well, you get the idea anyway.
Let's see.
See this? This is called a rock.
That is a tree.
Rock. Tree.
Get it?
That's right!
My own giant robot.
I am now the luckiest kid in America!
This is unbelievable.
This is the greatest discovery since,
I don't know, television or something.
I gotta tell someone. I should call...
No, they'll panic.
People wig out and shoot
at something big like you.
Wig out. It means crazy.
You know, like...
No, no! Don't do that!
That's the stuff
that makes them shoot at you.
Two nights ago, at approximately
1,900 hours, sat com radar...
...detected an unidentified object
entering Earth's atmosphere...
...losing contact with it 2 1/2 miles
off the coast of Rockwell.
Some assumed it was a meteor
or a downed satellite.
But Washington received
a call from someone...
...who reported an actual encounter
with the object.
This is no meteor, gentlemen.
This is something much more serious.
We can't call "Ripley's Believe It Or Not"
because they wouldn't believe it.
It's getting dark.
And if I don't get home soon...
...Mom's gonna wonder where I am.
If she comes looking for me
and sees you...
...we got the screaming problem again.
So for now, would you,
you know, just...
...just stay here, okay?
I'll come back tomorrow.
No, no.
Me go.
You stay.
No following.
I told you!
I'll come back tomorrow!
Now, stay!
Bad robot!
Look, you can't go stomping around
and you can't come with me.
My mom will wig out.
That's right.
So you have got to stay
in the forest...
...and I'll bring you
some food tomorrow.
But I gotta go home now.
So goodbye.
Hey, wait a minute!
What do you think you're doing?
Look at this mess!
Put it back!
Put it back right now!
Help me! I need your help!
Good, good!
Put them together. Like this.
This one here, that one there.
Okay, over, over. Good, good.
Now the other one.
Okay. Good enough.
Let's go!
What the...?
That's fine! Leave it alone!
The train is coming!
The train is coming!
Come on, let's go!
You're alive!
- Anybody out there?
- We're in trouble now.
Are you all right?
I've changed my mind.
You can follow me home. Let's go.
Mayor's office.
What? A train accident?
He hit a giant creature?
What creature could
be big enough to...
I need your car.
You can fix yourself? Neato!
Mom's home. Just stay here, okay?
I'll be back. Bye!
What happened here?
Go on. Tell him what you saw, Frank.
You're not gonna believe this.
But it was a giant metal man.
Does anyone know where
I can get to a telephone nearby?
Would you say grace?
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God...
...we thank you.
...the food that Mom...
...has put in front of us and...
The devil...
...from doing bad things and...
Get out of here!
Go, so...
...that we may live in peace. Amen.
That was really unusual, Hogarth.
Forgot to wash my hands.
Stop, stop!
All right. Come on. Over here.
Come on, over here. Come on.
Hey there, scout. Kent Mansley.
I work for the government.
Hey, there. Kent Mansley. Work for
the government. Your parents home?
We're eating.
Who's there, honey?
Hello there. Do you have
a telephone I could use?
- In the kitchen.
- Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Pretend you're a gangster.
- You call me at home for this?
-You don't understand.
- It ate my car.
-And you saw this happen?
No, I didn't actually see it.
It went off into the woods.
So you don't have any evidence?
But I've got an eyewitness!
An eyewitness with a concussion.
This thing is a menace.
It tore up the power station.
It caused a train wreck!
What did?
Tell me again, Mansley,
and this time...
... listen to yourself.
A giant metal monster.
Please, sir. I've got
a feeling about this one.
That's lovely, Kent. But let me
try to explain how this works.
If you told me you'd found,
say, a giant footprint...
...I'd send an expert
to make a plaster cast of it.
Get me a photograph and
I could get some troops over there!
But you tell me
you've got a feeling...?
All right, fine. You want evidence?
I'll get you evidence.
And when I do, I'm gonna want
a memo distributed.
That sounds swell.
I'll want that memo carbon-copied
and redistributed...
Hi. Thanks for
the use of your phone.
Thank you for the use
of your phone, Mrs...?
Hughes. Annie Hughes.
And this is my son, Hogarth.
Thank you, Annie. Hobart.
That's Hogarth!
What an embarrassing name.
Might as well call him Zeppo.
What kind of a sick person
would name a kid Hogar...?
Hog Hug.
Hogarth Hughes!
Kent Mansley.
You work for the government.
I wasn't gonna say that.
I have something for you, Hogarth.
Your BB gun.
Where did you find that?
At the power station.
- Hogarth was there the other night.
- Really?
See anything unusual, Hogarth?
...unusual, really.
Gotta use the bathroom.
Strange he's tightlipped. The other
night he couldn't stop talking.
I mean, 100-foot robots and whatnot.
A hundred-foot robot?
That's nutty!
What else did he say?
No, wait, stop!
Excuse me.
What is going on in there?
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
You know, this sort of thing
is why it's so important... really chew your food.
A little privacy?!
He's been acting strange lately.
That hurt.
Thank you again, Annie.
Good night, Hogarth. I'm sure
we'll see each other again real soon.
If you're gonna stay here... gotta keep better track
of yourself.
Anyway, I thought you'd like
a bedtime story or something.
I've got some really cool ones.
"Mad Magazine", very funny.
"The Spirit", very cool.
"Boy's Life"?
Oh, here.
This guy is Superman.
Sure, he's famous now...
...but he started off just like you.
Crash-landed on Earth.
Didn't know what he was doing.
But he only uses his powers
for good, never for evil.
Remember that.
That's Atomo, the metal menace.
He's not the hero.
He's the villain.
He's not like you.
You're a good guy.
Like Superman.
You're hungry, aren't you?
But I don't have any metal here.
Just follow me.
Pick me up, okay?
Okay, now, march!
Oh, yeah. That's Rockwell.
Nice place, huh?
Yes, I was born right down there.
No, stop!
Look out for the cow!
Come on, no, not there!
Please stop. No, stop!
We can't go there yet.
People just aren't ready for you.
That was close.
We can't go running around
like that, okay?
That would be okay to eat.
It's been there for months.
We gotta hide!
You know, hide?
It's when you...
You know, when you...
Just get behind something, quick!
Don't move.
Our troubles are over.
This is it.
All you can eat.
Turn it off!
Come on, turn it off!
All right, who's out there?
I know you. Squirrel boy.
By night, known as Hogarth. Got it.
Come on inside, kid.
Sorry about the crowbar.
You'd be surprised how many people
wanna steal scrap.
But, man, once I turn it into art,
I can't give it away.
I mean, what am I?
A junkman who sells art
or an artist who sells junk?
You tell me.
I like it, I think.
Listen, you're not gonna call
my mom, are you?
She doesn't know I'm out.
Don't worry, kid. It's not my style
to report a guy to the authorities.
I'm gonna have coffee.
What do you want, some milk,
or what? Milk?
Coffee's fine.
I drink it. I'm hip.
I don't know.
This is espresso, you know?
It's like coffee-zilla.
I said, I'm hip.
She moved me up a grade.
Now I'm more not fitting in.
I was getting A's.
Mom says, "You need stimulation".
- I go, "I'm stimulated enough now".
- That's for sure.
"You need a challenge."
So now I'm challenged... keep my lunch money because
of the mooses who wanna pound me...
...since they think I'm smarter.
But I'm not,
I just do the homework.
If everyone did, they could move up
and get pounded too. More coffee?
Look, it's really none
of my business, kid...
...but who cares what
these creeps think, you know?
They don't decide who you are.
You do.
You are who you choose to be.
- Did you hear that?
- No, wait. Stop!
It's okay!
My God!
- He isn't gonna...
- Run, kid! Run!
It's okay. He isn't...
It's okay.
He isn't gonna hurt me.
Don't squash him!
Do not...
...squash him.
His name is Dean.
We like Dean.
...where'd he come from?
He doesn't remember.
He's like a little kid.
Little. Yeah.
Wait a minute.
You can talk to him?
He can't say a lot of words yet,
but he understands things pretty good.
I see.
He needs food and shelter.
You got plenty of room here.
- This place is perfect.
- Go away.
I can have him push the door down.
You know I can.
I can't hide it here.
- "Him", not "it".
- Whatever.
You don't even know where "he"
came from. Or what the hell "he" is!
He's my friend.
Yeah, what am I?
Am I your friend?
Bring a Franken-bot with out-of-state
plates, make me change my tune.
I don't like that jazz.
God, I'm tired.
So, he can stay?
Tonight. Tomorrow, I don't know.
I don't know about tomorrow.
Sleep tight.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- You're up?
- Just making the bed.
That's nice. Come downstairs.
I have a surprise for you.
Morning, sport. Sleep well?
Isn't it wonderful?
We finally rented our room.
I'm not very hungry.
- This is Hogarth Hughes.
- I said he could stay the night, kid.
It's morning now.
I'll try to come over. But there's
this weird guy here who's watching me.
What's that mean?
I got this big, giant...
Giant thing out here.
I can't talk right now, okay? Bye.
Who was that, sport?
Friend of yours?
Yeah. He's a new kid.
Stop! Stop that! Stop it!
Mind if I ask you
a few questions, buckaroo?
Why would you tell your mom
about a giant robot?
What was at the power station?
Tell anyone else?
How big is this thing?
Been in the forest lately?
Champ? Slugger? Cowboy?
Where you going?
I'm going out!
Why not take Mr. Mansley with you?
Show him the sights.
Oh, Mom, the sights?
I'd love that. Give us
a chance to get acquainted.
There are two kinds of metal.
Scrap and art.
If you gotta eat one,
eat the scrap.
What you currently have
in your mouth is art!
Forget it. Forget it!
It's gone. It's...
That's not bad.
First, you take a chocolate bar.
Any bar'll do.
Do you mind if I...?
Knock yourself out, skipper.
You crumble up the chocolate
into little pieces.
Then you kind of stir it
into the ice cream. See?
Yes, I see.
What do you call this again?
Landslide. It's new. Very new.
You know, Hogarth, we live
in a strange and wondrous time.
The Atomic Age.
But there's a dark side to progress.
Ever hear of Sputnik?
Yeah, it's the first
satellite in space.
Foreign satellite, Hogarth,
and all that that implies.
Even now, it orbits overhead.
Watching us.
We can't see it, but it's there.
Much like that giant thing
in the woods.
We don't know what it is or
what it can do. I don't feel safe.
Do you?
What are you talking about?
What am I talking about?
What am I talking about?!
I'm talking about
your goldarned security!
While you're snoozing...
...back in Washington,
we're wide-awake and worried. Why?
Because everyone wants what we have!
You think this metal man is fun.
But who built it?
The Russians? The Chinese?
Martians? I don't care!
We didn't build it,
and that's reason enough... assume the worst
and blow it to kingdom come!
Now, you'll tell me about this thing.
You'll lead me to it.
And we are going to destroy it
before it destroys us!
Hold that thought and stay there.
Little lower. Little bit lower...
I thought you were in trouble.
That sucks. Let me...
I ditched this weird guy
staying at our house.
It took me hours to shake him!
I kill myself to get out here!
And you have him doing
arts and crafts.
You got a problem with
arts and crafts, little man?
He's a giant robot, Dean.
It's a little undignified.
Well, smart guy,
what would you have him do?
Main systems on. Main engines.
One, two and three.
All systems go.
Five, four, three...
...two, one!
Blast off!
We're landing. We're landing!
We're landing!
Say, can you guys
cool yourselves a little?
We're pressing our luck here.
Hey, baby, we are cool!
Welcome to downtown Coolsville.
Population: us.
Well, can you move Coolsville
to some place less conspicuous?
How about the lake?
Come with us. It'll be fun.
This can't last forever.
We gotta tell somebody about him.
You worry too much.
Watch this!
All right, we're watching.
This one's for professionals only!
Come on in!
The water's great!
No, thanks.
You weenie!
Come on in.
It's really, really refreshing.
What? You too?
...big baby!
You're right in
the middle of the road!
All right.
I think that's enough fun
for one day.
Are you okay in there? I'm back
with the toilet paper you needed.
Thanks! I think
I'm feeling better now.
Much better.
It's beautiful, huh?
Hey, look!
It's a deer.
Let's get closer.
Well, I guess he decided to...
It's the monster!
It's dead.
Don't do that!
It's dead. Understand?
They shot it...
...with that gun.
What's wrong?
- Gun.
- Yes. Guns kill.
Guns kill.
I know you feel bad about the deer.
But it's not your fault.
Things die.
It's part of life.
It's bad to kill.
But it's not bad to die.
You die?
...yes, someday.
I die?
I don't know.
You're made of metal...
...but you have feelings.
And you think about things.
And that means you have a soul.
And souls don't die.
Mom says it's something inside
of all good things...
...and that it goes on
forever and ever.
Souls don't die.
You're late for dinner.
Your mom's working late tonight.
So it's just us guys.
And we're gonna have a little chat.
Sit down!
How's that? A little too bright?
Forgive me. I wanted you
to learn something.
What can I learn from you?
You can learn this:
I can do anything I want,
when I want...
...if it's in
the people's best interest.
The giant metal man, where is it?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
You don't? Well.
Does this ring a bell?
How about this?
You've been careless.
It doesn't prove anything.
It'll get the Army here
with one call.
What's stopping you?
Where's the giant?!
You can't protect him...
...any more than you can
protect your mother.
My mom?
It's difficult to raise a boy alone.
We can make it more difficult.
In fact, we can make it
so difficult... would be irresponsible
to leave you in her care...
...and all that that implies.
- You'll be taken away from her.
- You can't do that!
Oh, we can. And we will.
He's in the junkyard.
McCoppin's Scrap, off Culver Road.
The junkyard. Of course!
Food for the metal-eater.
I wouldn't worry about this.
It isn't really happening.
This is only a bad dream.
Where's the giant?
This is only a bad dream.
Yes, sir.
This thing is real, sir.
I not only have incontrovertible
evidence, I know where it's hidden.
I don't know who built it, but it's
massive and we're running out of time.
No doubt we should act.
The question is...
...can you afford not to?
Excellent, sir.
You won't regret it.
Thank you, sir.
The Army arrives in the morning.
Don't get cute.
I gotta warn Dean.
I'll be watching you.
Morning, Kent.
For some reason, the Army is
in our front yard, Mr. Mansley.
Please, call me Kent.
- All right, where is it?
- What?
You know darn well what.
The monster.
The giant thing. The metal man.
The metal man. Jeez, you were
scaring me there for a second.
I thought I was under attack
or something.
He's in the back.
Come on. I'll show you.
You guys got here just in time.
This rich cat, some industrialist...
...wants him for
the lobby of his company.
He whipped out his checkbook.
I said, "Hey, you got him
for the rest of your life."
"But, what, I gotta let go the moment
I give birth? I mean, come on."
"Give me some time
to cut the umbilical."
Here he is.
Anyway, I haven't sold him yet.
So if you really want him
and if, you know, you throw in...
...a competitive bid...
Sir, listen.
Step outside, Mansley.
You realize how much hardware
I brought out here?!
You just blew millions of
Uncle Sam's dollars out of your butt!
I gotta admit, I'm relieved that...
...this is what
Hogarth was talking about.
I mean, I was beginning
to think it was real.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
I like it.
But do you need all this stuff
on the surface?
No, actually.
It seems kind of slapped on.
Not as thought-out
as this other piece.
You like that one?
You'll be inspector of toilets
when I'm finished with you!
Pack up. I'll expect you back in
Washington to clear out your office.
Yes, sir.
I see why Hogarth sneaks out here.
You mean, you know about that?
Now I do.
Bye, Kent, and all that that implies.
Okay, you can move now.
Nice job!
Thruster to base.
I'm going in.
Only one creature could create
so much destruction.
The hideous, people-eating...
...killing machine, Atomo!
No Atomo.
I Superman.
Okay, Superman.
Take this!
Stupid gun.
What's wrong?
As I was saying, take this!
What happened? What...?
Stay down and follow me.
Get back!
I said, get back! I mean it!
No, stop. Why?
It was an accident.
He's our friend.
He's a piece of hardware.
Why do you think the Army was here?
He's a weapon!
A big gun that walks!
I not gun.
Yeah, what's that?
You almost did that to Hogarth!
Come back!
- Stop!
- Giant!
Come back!
It was defensive.
He reacted to the gun.
You won't get there
fast enough on foot.
See, I told you it was a big hoax.
Give me the binoculars.
There it is. I see it!
It's big. It's walking away.
- Give me those.
- There! See it?
The monster! Holy cow!
Watch it!
Somebody help me!
I don't wanna fall!
I'm slipping!
I can't hold on much longer!
- Dad!
- Daddy!
- He saved those boys!
- It's friendly!
Stop! Look!
Behind you!
The giant, it's attacking!
It's stomping the town!
I was right!
- Sweet Mother of God.
- Look, damn you!
I am not a gun.
Let's get out of here!
Stop! There's a kid in his hands!
Stop shooting!
He only reacts defensively.
If you don't shoot, he's harmless.
Tell the general!
This is your fault, beatnik.
If you...
Shut up and listen!
You've gotta make them stop.
The giant's got the kid.
I'll take care of it.
He says the monster's killed a kid.
Sir, we must stop it at all costs.
Go to code red. Repeat, code red!
Mr. President,
we have a situation, sir.
Watch it, lady!
Look out for the bus!
You can fly?
You can fly!
Try pointing your arms straight ahead,
like Superman!
I've lost visual.
Repeat, lost visual!
Man, that was close!
Good call, Mansley.
Secure the area. Let's find out
what this thing is and who sent it.
- It's still alive!
- Shoot at it!
Retreat! Retreat!
Let's get out of here!
He's unconscious, but okay.
Let's get him in the car.
Drive, baby, drive!
Step on it! Floor it!
It's gaining on us.
Faster! Faster! Hurry!
All battleships fire!
Now, damn it, now!
Nothing can stop it!
We've hit it with everything!
Not everything, general. The bomb.
The "Nautilus" isn't far offshore.
You scare me.
You want us to bomb ourselves
in order to kill it?
The giant follows whatever attacks it.
We can lure it away from the town,
then destroy it.
Tell the "Nautilus" to target
the robot and await my command.
This is "Nautilus".
What's the giant's position?
67.71972 degrees west...
... by 44.50177 degrees north.
Locked and loaded.
My baby, I'm so sorry.
- Stop the car.
- You're all right.
Go back! We've gotta help him!
Are you crazy?
You're lucky to be alive!
You're going to a hospital.
Out of the car!
We're evacuating.
We gotta get this boy to a hospital.
What boy?
Hogarth, no!
No! Stop!
This is General Rogard.
Ready the attack and
retreat to the fallback position.
No! Stop! My son is out there!
No, wait. It's me...
...Hogarth. Remember?
It's bad to kill. Guns kill.
And you don't have to be a gun.
You are what you choose to be.
You choose.
It's okay. It's okay.
We gotta show them you're good.
"Nautilus" to Rogard.
Missile ready.
What are you saying, he's friendly?
Attacking him triggers
a defense mechanism.
Don't listen! Destroy the monster
while we still have the chance!
You shoot and
the whole thing starts over.
Stop it now!
Our future's at stake!
Orders, sir?
Which is why you have got to stop.
It's getting closer!
Orders, sir?!
Don't shoot!
Hold your fire! The boy's alive?
It's a trick! Launch it.
Are you mad, Mansley?
All units, stand down!
Rogard to "Nautilus".
Come in, "Nautilus".
"Nautilus" standing by.
Launch the missile!
It's targeted to
the giant's current position!
Where's the giant, Mansley?
We can duck and cover.
There's a shelter right there.
There's no way to survive this,
you idiot!
You mean, we're all going to...
To die, Mansley, for our country.
Screw our country! I want to live!
Hold him, men.
Make sure he stays here,
like a good soldier.
It's a missile.
When it comes down...
...everyone will die.
There it is!
- Shouldn't we get to a shelter?
- It wouldn't matter.
I fix.
You stay.
I go.
No following.
I love you.
You are who you choose to be.
Let's go home.
Your best work yet, honey.
No doubt about it.
You think this is my best? Really?
You know, next to that bug thing.
You know, the one with the shovels...
Come on, honey. Time to go.
See you later, guys.
See you later, Hogarth.
- The general sent this.
- What is it?
He said it was
the only part recovered.
He thought you should have it.
I miss him.
See you later!