The Isle (2019) Movie Script

[theme music playing]
[thunder rumbles]
I don't understand it.
Nothing on here
indicates land for miles.
What could we possibly have hit?
[man 2] Has it occurred to you
that we're not where
you thought we were?
[man 1] It doesn't
make any sense.
- Well, you're reading it wrong, sir.
- Jim.
The man's an idiot!
He can't even read
a chart properly.
[breathing heavily]
Well, I don't know what he's done what that.
Jim, enough!
It's all right, Ferris.
I don't know where we are.
[men exclaiming]
Row, Bickley!
Row! Row, man!
We need to get you warm, sir.
I could... try
and get a fire started.
I'll give you a hand.
Useless anyway.
We'll be lucky if this works.
It's all pretty damp.
But it's worth a shot.
I can try and find some flint.
Good idea, Cailean.
I'll go and see
if I can find any shelter.
We should stay together. We don't
know what's on this island.
Come off it, man!
Surely you couldn't
have got us so lost
that we're somewhere
off the East Indies?
I'm sure I can handle myself if I come
across a primitive Highland Pict.
Good morning, gentlemen.
I'm Fingal MacLeod.
Welcome to the island.
We're extremely relieved to make
your acquaintance, Mr. MacLeod.
Our ship sank in the mist, and our
row boat barely made it here.
Might I presume that we're somewhere
off the west coast of Scotland?
Thereabouts, aye.
Well, looks like you could all
do with a restorative, hmm?
Follow me.
Our ship hit some rocks
not far from here.
There may be some survivors.
Perhaps if we built a fire,
they might be able
to follow it to shore.
I'll tell you what.
You come and dry
yourselves at my cottage,
and I'll come back
and light a fire.
We'll make sure
if there's anyone out there,
they'll know where to swim to.
We do need to get you warm, sir,
and take a look at your arm.
There we go.
Have your fill.
There's plenty more.
We haven't much here,
but porridge we have.
We're very grateful, sir.
[Gosling] Bickley,
have you the, um...
Where'd you get this?
We managed to salvage a little from
the ship before she went down.
[Fingal] Thank you kindly.
Now, eat.
So tell me,
where are you from? Navy?
So you're on your own.
- Where were you headed?
- New York,
where I still intend to go.
The land of opportunity.
- You certainly can't say that about this place.
- Where are we exactly?
Do you know
what happened out there?
We got lost.
Quite spectacularly.
This island isn't on
any of the charts we had.
No. -[Ferris] And
then the mist came in.
We couldn't see a thing
except a light in the distance.
A light?
Yes. It seemed a long way
off, so we carried on.
- Even though the first mate said we should stop.
- It was the captain's decision.
We ran aground, the ship sank,
and you're still defending him!
- That's enough, sailor!
- Gentlemen.
My apologies, Mr. MacLeod.
We've been through
quite the ordeal.
Now, we need to get
that wound seen to.
There's a farm a little way off.
We'll get Lanthe Innis
to take a look at it.
Thank you, sir, but perhaps we could
organize that fire on the beach first?
Finish up. I'll see to it now,
and then we'll head to the farm.
They'll have space
for you all to stay there
until we can work out a way to
get you back to the mainland.
- I'll help you with the fire, sir.
- No, lad.
You rest,
get your strength back.
[Gosling] When is the next boat
to the mainland, Mr. MacLeod?
[door opens, shuts]
They're coming, Lanthe.
What? Who are?
Three of them. Survivors.
Wait. How?
I don't know, but they're here.
And they can help us.
Where are they now?
MacLeod got to them first.
[Fingal] Lanthe!
- Hmm.
- [Ferris] What, sir?
Just that our host has
excellent taste in literature.
[man's voice]
September 22, 1841.
Stop! Stop! Turn back!
[man's voice]
It's happened again.
Another ship has broken
upon the rocks.
You're headed towards the rocks!
I tried to help them,
but they couldn't hear me.
That awful, deafening sound.
[door opens]
Right that's done.
All set then?
[Ferris] How many people
are on the island, Mr. MacLeod?
[Fingal] "Fingal," please.
It's been a tough few years.
The food plight
of '41 devastated
what was once very fertile land.
Most have moved on now.
[Gosling] You mentioned earlier about
getting us back to the mainland.
Is there a regular crossing?
I wouldn't say it was
particularly regular, no.
- I see. So...
- All in good time.
Leave them be, old man!
You can't keep them
for yourself.
You've come back for me!
You leave them be, Korrigan!
Leave! Leave now.
You mustn't be here.
Go home.
[whispers] Careful, Fingal.
Sorry about that. Ignore her.
Just the ravings of a mad woman.
Her brother was taken
by the sea a few years back.
She's never quite recovered.
Let's press on.
She certainly took
a liking to you, Jim.
Can you blame her?
[knock at door]
I've some guests for you.
Their brig hit upon
some trouble.
These poor fellows were the only
ones that managed to survive.
I thought they could
stay with you.
No. I don't think so.
Master Gosling here is in a
pretty bad way, Douglas.
Perhaps your Lanthe might be
able to take a look at him.
They can't stay here, Fingal.
Lanthe's not been well.
They managed to salvage a few
interesting supplies, Douglas.
[Fingal] Rum. -[Gosling]
Pleased to meet you, sir.
I'm Midshipman Oliver Gosling,
and these gentlemen
are Able Seamen Jim Bickley
and Cailean Ferris.
Rum, sir.
[Fingal] You'll have to
forgive Douglas.
We don't have
many visitors these days.
Thank you, MacLeod.
Aye, well, I'll be off then.
I'll let you know if we have any
luck with that fire of yours.
Thank you for your kindness, Mr. MacLeod.
And that boat you mentioned?
The boat?
- To the mainland.
- Oh, yes.
Good day.
[Douglas] You'd better
sit yourselves down.
[door opens, shuts]
I'll go make the room up for the young
officer, get blankets for the other two.
He is not staying
in William's room.
They can all sleep down here.
Uncle, he's wounded.
He needs a proper bed.
Aye, well, you get
yourself back upstairs
soon as you've tended
to him, hmm?
So how many were aboard?
- And you were the only survivors?
- [Gosling] We couldn't see.
It was thick with fog.
Couldn't even see
a yard in front of you.
Just hear the screaming.
It was chaos.
I didn't know
what was happening.
- But I thought I heard singing.
- [pot clatters]
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Was it something I said?
You're all right.
It's not you.
A few years ago now,
one of our fishing boats sank.
All the young men were drowned.
It hit this wee community hard.
Good night.
There's something
really weird going on here.
[wind whistling]
[faint tapping]
Pull yourself together.
Guide us home, eh?
[faint rustling]
- [Korrigan] Jacob!
- [startled gasp]
[door opens, shuts]
[thunder rumbles]
- [groans]
- [faint whispering]
[breathy whispers]
Did you sleep?
How's the arm?
Good, thank you.
Morning, sir.
Goodness, Bickley,
you look awful.
Thanks, Ferris.
I think we should have a look to see if
we can get off this island ourselves.
Why, sir? Didn't Fingal say he was
going to help us with a boat?
No, you're right, sir. We
should have a look ourselves.
We don't want to
burden these people
any longer than we have to.
We can see who else is
on the island,
bargain some rum
for a decent boat, but...
let's not mention
anything to our hosts.
Good morning.
I hope you all slept well.
Perfectly, thank you, Lanthe.
I trust your arm's feeling
better, Mr. Gosling?
"Oliver," please. And yes.
Yes, much better, thank you.
Remarkably so, in fact.
Good. I'm glad. I'll make a
start on breakfast then.
We were thinking of
exploring the island today.
Stretch our legs,
get some fresh air,
see what your lovely
home has to offer.
There's nothing out there.
Not anymore.
- Still...
- You should stay inside, Oliver.
Get your rest.
You won't heal if you don't.
Let the others go if they must.
We can report back anything we find, and you
can take a look when you're feeling stronger.
Very well. Thank you, Bickley.
You can tell me about your home.
- What's this?
- Mr. Bickley and Mr. Ferris
were going to have
a wee look around the island,
but I told Mr. Gosling
he should stay here and rest.
There's nothing
for you out there.
Just thought
we'd take the opportunity
of having an explore,
that's all.
There's nothing
for you to explore.
This is a dead isle.
We're only here
'cause we've no choice.
there's a storm coming.
We'll wrap up warm.
Suit yourselves.
[door slams]
I'll make a start
on the porridge then.
It's a good job I like porridge.
I can't find anything.
I'm looking, I am.
[ethereal whispering]
[ethereal whispering]
No, I don't want to.
Not this one.
Yes, of course I know they did.
No. It's completely empty.
Another one.
What on earth happened here?
[thunder rumbles]
[door opens]
Douglas was right.
There's nothing here.
The place is dead.
What do you think? Go back?
There must be an old
boat or something here.
Where did they all go?
- Why are you so desperate to leave?
- Because...
Because there are only four people on
this island, and they're all weird.
You'd be a weird too
if you lived here too long.
They've been kind to us so far.
Why did they stay
when everyone else
clearly had the sense to leave?
I suppose they...
[thunder rumbles]
- Maybe we should go.
- Let's split up.
We'll cover
more ground that way,
hopefully find something useful.
- Jim, I don't think...
- Cailean, just...
But if it starts to rain,
I'm going back.
Good lad.
See you in an hour.
[door hinge creaking]
[wind whistling]
[door opens, shuts]
[no audible dialogue]
[woman giggles]
[ethereal whispering]
What were you talking
to her about?
Nothing. She just wanted food.
Ah, don't give me that, Lanthe.
What was she doing here?
She's worked herself up
over the sailors.
You must've noticed
the resemblance to Jacob.
Aye. Well, I don't want
you getting worked up.
You stay away from her,
do you hear me?
I'll make a start on supper.
Where am I?
[ethereal whispering]
[ethereal whispering]
- He's not in.
- Jesus, man!
Oh I'm sorry, laddie.
How can I help?
Oh, I just, uh...
Where is everyone?
We've been all round the island.
- What happened?
- Oh.
That's a very long story.
And it's time
you got back to the farm.
It gets awful dark awful
quick around these parts.
Fingal, how do we get back
to the mainland?
There must be a... -Oh, I almost forgot.
Your matches.
You must have left
them yesterday.
Best get inside
before it gets too dark.
Mind your way.
Thank you.
What have you been doing out there?
I just got muddled as to
where I was, that's all.
It gets pretty dark quick.
You shouldn't be out after dark.
It's not safe out there.
There's cliffs and bogs,
rabbit holes
you snap your ankle in,
all sorts of things.
Anything of interest, Bickley?
Uh, no. The place is deserted.
I told you. There's nothing
for you out there.
Did Ferris find anything?
Is he not with you?
Why weren't you together?
Well, we... Uh, he...
he just wanted to have
a look by himself.
Explore and all that.
I thought he'd be back
by now though.
- We need to look for him.
- No, no, no, no.
You're not gonna...
[continues, indistinct]
[Ferris' voice] Bickley?
- Right, Lanthe?
- What?
Oh, yes.
He'll be fine.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry. I just need to...
- Miss Innis?
- No, it's all right.
She has bad nerves is all.
[Gosling] Stay here.
- What you doing?
- You should get warm.
Get you away from that window.
[demonic voice] Don't touch me!
- Come on!
- No! No!
[wheezing breaths]
[Douglas] Quiet!
[wheezing breaths continue]
[Douglas] Shh!
[wind howling]
[door opens, shuts]
[Gosling] So if you came back
past Fingal's cottage,
then you must have split up...
somewhere around here, correct?
At first light, we'll set
out along this route
and see if we can
retrace his steps.
[faint tapping]
[faint whispers]
Do you hear that?
[faint whispers]
[Bickley] Ferris?
There's no one there, Bickley.
[Douglas] Oliver?
[Gosling] I didn't see anything.
[Bickley] Cailean?
[ethereal whispering]
[tapping at window]
[voice whispers]
[footsteps approaching]
[footsteps stop]
[footsteps resume]
[door shuts]
[man's voice] Another ship
has broken upon the rocks.
This time it was one of ours.
I found the bodies washed up
on the shore this morning.
No. Not "washed up."
It was if they'd
been placed there,
all in a perfect line.
Poor Billy.
He should never have gone out.
He wasn't a fisherman,
but he wanted to help.
We're so desperate for food.
Was this our fault?
I can't help but think
we're being punished.
[shuddering gasp]
[exhales sharply]
[thunder rumbles]
Oh, no.
[door opens]
[no audible dialogue]
Do you think it's Ferris?
He must have fell in the storm.
These cliffs become
treacherous in bad weather.
[Gosling] What do you think
happened to his face?
[Fingal] Probably fell into
all sorts on his way down.
[sighs] He should be
buried at sea.
We need a boat.
Fingal, can we borrow yours?
[Douglas] Don't be ridiculous.
In this storm?
The boat's too small.
It's far too dangerous.
Help me wrap him, Bickley.
[Gosling] We bury him tonight.
We're not waiting for good weather. It
could be months in a place like this.
I have a bad feeling, sir.
It's this island.
It's not just the island.
It's the people.
I've been stashing
supplies, sir...
Food, oil, water.
I think we should make
a break for it tonight.
And we take Ferris with us,
give him to the sea.
It doesn't look like this ship's
going to materialize anytime soon.
I'll make a start in getting
things in order, sir.
Good lad.
Please don't leave.
Sorry. I didn't mean
to frighten you.
How long have you been there?
Don't go. Not yet.
We need to give Ferris
a proper seaman's burial.
You're not coming back.
I know you're not.
Why don't you come with us?
I can't leave.
You could have a life here.
Help us rebuild the island.
We don't belong here, Lanthe.
Neither do you.
- [shudders]
- Lanthe?
Are you all right?
[ethereal whispering]
[strange voice] Stay, Oliver.
Excuse me.
I'm feeling a little unwell.
Why don't you come inside,
and I'll take a look at you.
No! Leave him alone!
Lanthe, stop!
[rhythmic pounding on door]
[pounding continues]
[pounding fades]
Where have you been?
Let's go.
[whispering] Oh, shit.
It looks like he's in.
[whispering] Well, you take
Ferris down to the boat.
I'll go and check.
[whispering] Jesus, man!
[whispering] Sorry, sir.
Is he in there?
He's asleep. Let's be quick.
It's my shoulder.
- [dog snarling]
- Shh! Quiet, boy.
Sorry, Ferris. Cold hands.
[Gosling] This is as good
a place as any.
Oars in.
You were a good lad, Cailean.
Awful sailor, but a good lad.
I never heard you speak
a bad word against anyone.
I'm sorry I wasn't there,
I should have been.
Come on.
God be with you, Mr. Ferris.
[wind howling]
Maybe we should go back.
- Leave at first light instead.
- What? No.
We've got everything with us,
I'm not going back there.
[Gosling] I can't see
anything out here.
No, I won't be able to navigate.
We'll have to go back.
That doesn't make sense, sir.
We knew it was going to be hard.
Look, we can't give up now.
No. No, it's no good.
We'll have to turn back.
Stop! Stop!
[panicking] We have to get out of the mist!
We have to turn back!
It's her, isn't it?
What has she done to you?
We can't be out here!
Shit! Which way's South?
What? I can't hear you.
[voice shouting, echoing]
What was that?
- Bickley, what was that?
- Quiet, sir!
[shouting continues]
It's a ship.
Hello? Can you hear me?
[sailor] A light!
Head for the light.
No! No, turn about!
Stay away from the light!
[shouting, echoing louder]
Oh! Oh!
Oh, my God!
We need to help them!
[Gosling] I, I don't know where they are!
It's like they're all around us!
Where, where are you?
Swim to us!
[Gosling] Swim to us!
[Ferris] Bickley! Help me!
I heard him calling me.
- That's impossible.
- He called my name!
Ferris! Ferris!
Ferris! Ferris!
It's coming towards us!
[Bickley shouting]
[panicked shouting]
[Fingal] Oliver! Jim!
Can you hear me?
Come back to shore!
- Quickly! Come with me!
- [Gosling] We have to help them!
There's a ship that's
broken up on the rocks!
We need to do something, Fingal!
No, we don't!
- Get inside.
- They're drowning out there!
- We heard them!
- MacLeod!
Sit. -Fingal, why
won't you help them?
There was no boat tonight!
We heard... -What you heard
happened five years ago.
When the food plight
really took hold,
our boys stayed out
at sea for days,
trying to catch
anything they could.
One night, they got caught
in a dreadful storm,
the likes none of us
had witnessed before.
- And you think that's what we heard?
- I know that's what you heard.
I hear it.
Hear them calling for my help.
I think you've been
alone here too long.
A few years back,
I found the body of a young
woman washed up on the shore.
[men chuckling]
[Douglas] Aye, it was
a fine evening.
Ah, but I think
my dancing days are over.
Did you ever have any?
I'll have you know I cut
a fine caper in my day.
Here, your Korrigan
was in fine form.
Aye. Had to drag
her away in the end.
Jacob was in a strange mood.
Our Billy's always
in a strange mood.
What's he up to now?
Better go and fetch him.
Aye. Come on then.
[dog barking]
It wasn't long after that
that the crops started failing.
Nothing would grow.
The livestock took ill
and slowly died.
People's livelihoods
were destroyed.
Whole families were starving
and had no choice but to leave.
It's a curse placed
on the island...
by her.
By who? The drowned woman?
I call her Persephone.
[Gosling] After the Greek myth.
I read it in Fingal's book. She was
known as the goddess of death.
Persephone was
abducted by Hades,
and it was believed that,
because of this,
nothing grew
and the people starved.
What's that got to do
with shipwrecked fishermen?
[Fingal] It's her curse.
She torments us
with the sound of death.
Where have you been?
What are you doing
sitting in the dark, man?
Where are they?
- I don't know.
- Where are they, Lanthe?
I was out looking for them.
- Don't lie to me! Lanthe.
- [cries out]
- [gasps] No!
- No! Upstairs.
- No!
- It's for your own good!
No, Uncle! Please don't!
I can help! No!
[ethereal whispering]
[Douglas] You!
I want a word with you.
I've warned you before.
I don't want you going
anywhere near her!
I saw the two of you
up by the farm.
You know you can't be
talking to Lanthe.
I know what's happening!
- You keep away from her!
- [screams, echoes]
You go back to the cottage,
and I'll go and see
what the commotion is about.
Would you like me
to come with you?
No, you go back.
And stay inside.
[Gosling] "Persephone had
two sirens as companions."
When they failed to stop
her abduction by Hades,
their song, a beautiful,
sad melody,
eternally called for her return.
"It lured ships onto the rocks."
[man's voice] Stop! Stop!
Turn back! Turn back!
[man's voice] I tried to help
them, but they couldn't hear me.
That awful deafening sound.
I still hear it constantly
in my head...
The cries of all those poor,
lost souls.
More families have left.
Fled in fear.
This is going to have to stop.
You're gonna end up killing her.
I'm trying.
What are you doing, man?
What's got into you,
for goodness sake?
Come off it, MacLeod.
You know as well as I do
this is happening again.
We don't know that.
Your daughter is dangerous.
You to keep a closer eye on her.
And I suppose your Lanthe is
doing well, is she? Coping?
We just need to keep them
away from each other.
Aye. Agreed.
[door opens, shuts]
- What have you got there?
- We were right.
There is no supply boat.
The last boat logged
was a year ago,
almost to the day.
Look what happened to it.
"All souls lost."
Here's another.
Almost the same date
the year before.
"All souls lost."
- Bickley...
- [door opens, shuts]
Now, what do you say
to another drop of rum,
to keep the nightmares at bay?
You go on ahead, Bickley. I...
I think I might explore
the island a little.
Are you sure, sir? I really
think we should stick together.
I just want to try and find out a little
more about what actually happened here.
Something's very much amiss,
but I refuse to believe that
a mythical being is to blame.
I'll see you back
at the farmhouse, Jim.
I won't be long.
[whispered female voice] Oliver.
[woman giggles]
[woman giggles, faint]
[ethereal whispering]
[man's voice]
September 20, 1840.
Tonight is the Mabon dance.
The village is alive
with comings and goings,
everyone gathering what they can to
celebrate the last of the harvest
and stockpiling
for the long, dark days ahead.
Morning, Lorna.
Our bounteous isle giving way
to the inevitable
cold grasp of winter.
I went out this morning.
Managed to hit
a couple more brace of grouse
and bumped into Lorna Elliot.
Morning, Jacob.
How are you on this fine day?
Very well, thank you.
I hope I'll be seeing
you at the dance.
I wouldn't miss it for anything.
I'm off to pick flowers
for the hall now.
I actually managed to pluck up the
courage and ask her for a dance.
Save a dance for me.
Maybe she does like me.
Running away with myself.
She only smiled at me,
for God's sake.
And there's Billy Innis,
of course.
He'll be prowling around her,
marking his territory
as if she belongs to him.
- I was hoping I'd see you here.
- Oh!
I didn't see you there.
- Hope I didn't frighten you.
- No. No.
I just need to get these
flowers picked for tonight.
Funny you should mention that.
What time should I pick you up?
Oh, no, I'm fine.
I'll make my own way there.
Thank you.
But I'll see you there.
Good day.
[tapping at window]
[ethereal whispering]
Come on! Show yourself!
Where are you?
[floorboard creaks]
[inhales, exhales]
[Jacob's voice]
It was a bonnie night.
Everyone was in high spirits.
Douglas Innis could
barely stand by the end.
I saw something on my way home,
and I've been turning it
over and over.
At first I couldn't make out
who it was with Billy.
And then I saw her dress.
It just doesn't make any sense.
She'd been dancing
with me all night.
- What are you reading?
- [gasps]
- I'm sorry I left. I...
- It's fine.
We had to bury Ferris.
I said it's fine.
Lanthe, I...
Why did you go out in the dark?
It isn't safe.
What happened?
It's nothing.
We have to get off this island,
and you have to come with us.
They won't let me.
Who won't?
It doesn't matter.
You have to stay away from me.
Lanthe. Lanthe!
Lanthe, please.
Let me help you.
[Lanthe] Leave me alone!
[key slides under door]
[ragged breathing, wheezing]
[wheezing gasp]
[Korrigan's voice] Jacob! Jacob!
[Korrigan sobbing]
God's sake.
Were you born in a field?
You're letting...
Oh, damn it. Bickley!
[whispered female voice] Jim!
- [gunshot]
- [gasps]
[Korrigan wailing]
[scream echoes]
You need to get up.
Something's happened.
[sobs] No.
Jacob, please, no!
[Fingal] That's not Jacob, Korrigan.
Leave him be.
[sobs] But she killed him!
Please, Korrigan, darling,
come away now.
- [Korrigan] No.
- Oh, dear God.
Please, no, no!
She did this.
[Korrigan] You killed him.
You know I didn't do this,
Korrigan! Take hold of her!
- Get hold of her, Fingal.
- [Korrigan screams]
[Gosling] Lanthe?
What's happening to her?
- Fingal, please!
- Hold her still.
Hold her head steady.
Shh, Lanthe.
Lanthe, it's all right.
It's all right. Shh.
- Lanthe?
- [roars]
[Douglas] Lanthe! -Where the
hell have you been, Innis?
Lanthe! What happened?
She had one of her fits.
Where were you?
I had to go out searching
for that idiot, Bickley.
He took off in the night.
Then the mist came down.
My lantern went out.
I had to shelter till light.
Well, "that idiot Bickley"
is dead.
No more excuses.
What the hell is going on? You tell
me the truth, and you tell me now!
Calm down, Oliver.
You're scared. I understand.
- Of course I'm fucking scared!
- Will you...
- You stay away from me.
- [Douglas] You be quiet, Oliver.
Lanthe is upstairs sleeping.
Now, get control of yourself.
I want to know what is going on,
and then I want to get off
this God forsaken island.
And we want to help you, Oliver.
Will you just listen?
Remember that drowned woman
I told you about?
The night before I found her,
there'd been a dance.
- Evening, Billy. Good night for it.
- Aye.
Good to see you're
pacing yourself, lad.
[people laughing, chattering]
[man] Take it easy, son.
I haven't seen you dancing
much this evening, Billy.
You're dancing enough
for the whole family.
Oh, you're such a killjoy,
William Innis.
Well, I might consider it if
my woman would dance with me.
Oh, and who might
that be, Billy?
I hope that's not me
you're referring to.
I'm nobody's woman.
- Aye, until it suits you, Lorna.
- Says you, you strumpet.
I'm not the one that's been flirting
with Davey Campbell all evening.
Oh, ho, ho! -I'll have no sister
of mine talking to a Campbell!
Well, I'm ready
for another reel.
Aye. Maybe a wee bit more
of that punch as well.
I think I might head back.
I'm feeling pretty tired.
As you wish. Mind how you go.
[fiddle playing reel]
[Jacob] I'll keep you
company if you like.
- No, I'll take her home.
- Billy...
No worries.
I'll be fine on my own.
I'll see you
in the morning, Jacob.
Come on. Let's have a drink.
Listen, MacLeod!
She and I have an understanding.
She doesn't think so, Billy.
Are you saying I'm lying?
[door opens]
What's going on here?
Nothing, Uncle.
Jacob, your da wants to...
Better go in to...
I'll be in.
[humming tune]
[cries out]
- [muffled scream]
- Stop, you...
Stop! Stay quiet, woman!
Shut it!
We don't want anyone to hear.
This has to be our secret, okay?
[muffled screaming stops]
[humming tune]
- [twig snaps]
- [gasps] Quiet!
[muffled screaming]
Stay still, for fuck's sake!
[muffled gasps]
[gasping stops]
No. No, please don't.
Wake up. Wake up! Please...
No, please don't.
I'm s... I'm sorry.
[sobbing] I didn't mean to.
Lorna Elliot.
Poor thing.
She must have fallen over the cliffs
on her way home from the dance.
This was no accident, Douglas.
Look at the bruising.
What if this was
one of our lads?
You said you'd caught them
arguing over her last night.
God, Fingal.
You know what this'll mean.
They'll come here
looking for who did this.
Someone will hang.
We'll bury her properly at sea.
Then we'll never
speak of this again.
We can't do that.
What about her family?
What about our families?
Billy? Your Jacob?
They're young men.
They've both got
their lives ahead of them.
[Gosling] So you covered it up.
And no one knew
what happened to her?
Aye. And now she haunts us.
She uses the women.
She controls them.
Lanthe and Korrigan
don't know what they're doing,
and we're powerless to stop her.
Then all of you need
to get off the island.
Do you not think we've tried?
Where are they?
No, no, no, no, please.
Please. Korrigan. Korrigan!
Korrigan! It's Jacob. It's me!
It's your brother!
[choking gasps]
[gasping stops]
Stop! Please stop!
[Korrigan] Jacob! Jacob!
- [Fingal] She'll never let us forget.
- Jacob!
This is our punishment...
To have to watch our innocent
girls take everyone we care for.
We'll have to try and get you away
from here as soon as possible.
I'll make sure
Lanthe can't get out.
Oliver, you get
your things together.
Fingal and I will then make sure
that Korrigan's locked up.
We'll meet you on the beach.
See that Lanthe
gets that, please.
I'm sorry.
I know.
It's all right.
Good girl.
[door lock clicking]
Quick, lad. In.
Oliver! You need to get away.
Keep true North for six miles,
then North-Northeast,
and the gods willing, you'll
find the mainland eventually.
Here. You're going to need these.
Put them in your ears.
Don't take them out till
you're away from the mist.
It's their song.
- That's why we wrecked in the first place.
- Aye, aye, aye.
And if you hear it, you'll be powerless.
Now, come on.
The wax. It worked
for Odysseus laddie.
Whatever happens,
don't take them out.
Good luck. Try not to think
too harshly of us.
Thank you, gentlemen.
We have to stop him.
They've helped him escape.
- You...
- He must not leave!
You know what'll happen to us.
I'll not help you anymore.
Let her go.
Lanthe, listen to me.
You have to fight her. Lanthe!
[wheezing gasp]
[altered voice] You will
do as we want, Korrigan.
[Siren singing]
[singing continues]
He's on his own now.
[singing continues]
[singing continues]
[singing, whooshing]
[singing continues]
[singing continues]
[both gasp]
[dramatic Scottish
music playing]
[woman singing
in foreign language]
[song ends]
[dramatic orchestral
music playing]